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RSS Feed Generator

Free Online Podcast
Feed Generator!

Once you have created your Podcast try our free podcast feed generator. This free online tool allows you to easily create the complex RSS files needed to publish your Podcasts. Traditionally many Podcasters manually create their own RSS feeds, but the task is moderately complex for the average publisher.

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More details

Podcasting is THE latest and greatest sensation on the web today! Anyone can have thousands of listeners giving you an audience that was previously unattainable!

  • No broadcast license required!
  • No censors to worry about!
  • No expensive equipment to buy!

It's easy to achieve professional results in minutes! Take a moment and listen to our 5 minute demo Podcast. This was recorded using the same podcast software and sound files that are part of this system!

Podcasting is internet radio. The files are obtained from the web, but can be listened to offline. With TIVO and other Digital Video Recorders available for TV, Podcasting is THE best solution for radio on demand. You can listen to programs on YOUR schedule. If you want to pause a show, you can do that. If you want to rewind or fast forward a show, you can do it. It's programming that fits YOUR needs!

Not just iPods

Podcasting is not limited to iPods. You can listen to a Podcast on any computer or any MP3 player. Your programming is limited ONLY by your imagination! Podcasts can be entertainment for music and comedy, or informational, to promote and sell a product or service.