Best Blue Yeti Shock Mount

Are you interested in buying microphone accessories for your best microphone? Are you looking to amplify your audio set for a fully professional experience? You found the right post. Today, we will be talking about the best Blue Yeti Shock Mounts for your Yeti Microphone. Let us start by identifying the five best shock mounts for the best microphone in town.

What is the advantage of using a Blue Yeti Shock Mount? 

A shock mount is used to hold the microphone in place. It is an audio accessory that reduces noise, shock, and vibrations from your microphone. Having a shock mount works well for a full studio setup. It is definitely worth a shot to try and install a shock mount for your microphone. 

Here is The Five Best Blue Yeti Shock Mount For You: 

Blue Radius III

Yes, the Blue Microphone Company tops our list with the Blue Radius III. It is a perfect match for the Blue Yeti microphone. Beginners and professionals know it is good because of the dozens of good reviews from microphone users. It has a dimension of 9.6 x 7.3 x 2.4 inches and weighs only 10.1 ounces. It is perfect for on-camera streaming and other online podcasts.

Pros: It is extremely lightweight and durable. Most users applaud the Blue Company for creating accessories fit for Yeti and standardized microphones. It is also customized to fit Blue Yeti microphones.

Cons: However, one fault for this product is the poor fitting of base screws for the microphones. Some users are having a hard time fitting and complete the structure of the shock mount because of poorly made screws. 

Blue Radius II

Another stunner, Blue Radius II is the pioneer of the Radius III. Both accessories dominate the list because of their quality and compatibility with the Blue Yeti Microphones. It is best for recording and streaming productions. It also comes with a hinge design that secures the microphone in place for better sound quality and noise filtering. 

Pros: Apart from the hinge design, it leaves the user with colorful designs and options. The microphone has a silver, black, and white color to suit the studio design of buyers.

Cons: Users report the shock mount to be heavy and restricting at some point. Some struggle to position the shock mount which distracts the user. 

Auphonix Shock Mount for Blue Yeti and Blue Snowball

On our third-best today, we have the Auphonix Pro. It has durable suspension bands to keep the microphone in place and ensures only premium protection for your mic. It does not any adapter and compatible with Blue Yeti, Blue Yeti Pro USB, & Blue Snowball. It also includes multi-sized threads for better fit and quality. It is ideal for musicians and podcasters.

Pros: It is an affordable and versatile microphone for daring musicians and artists. You can guarantee its quality and noise repelling features for long periods of time. 

Cons: Some reviews say that there are minor issues with the base screws and manufacturing of the product. Overall, you still need to buy this product to see it for yourself. 

Knox Gear Blue Yeti Shock Mount

The Knox Gear definitely belongs to this top five list. The accessory is customized and built for Blue Yeti microphones. It has high-tension flexible cables designed for sturdy and long-lasting use. It also includes 3/8″ threads compatible with boom arms and extensions. 

Pros: It is an affordable shock mount that competes with high-end microphone shock mounts. It is durable and sturdy.

Cons: It can be very confusing to set up the shock mount. Some also struggle in placing the suspension bands.

Blue Yeti Shock Mount by Vocalbeat

For the last best option, we have the shock mount by Vocalbeat. It is made up of sturdy aluminum alloy with a lightweight finish. It is also portable for music/video streaming, gaming, podcasting, and recording. It includes 3/8” and 5/8” threads to easily be used with other generic microphone boom arms.

Pros: It is easy to install in your studio because it is portable and compact. Users could easily upload their recordings, minimizing editing time.

Cons: One flaw of this shock mount is that it does not guarantee versatility in other audio accessories like boom arms. 

In conclusion

Shock mounts are important to pump up your podcast or music career. It is an audio accessory that enhances sound quality and ensures clean audio from start to finish. Buyers should definitely invest in this product to get the best out of their Blue Yeti microphones. 

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