10 best Buddhist podcasts

Buddhism is not just a religion, it’s a way of living. In order to achieve enlightenment or else known as nirvana, you have to master the Buddhist life. But how will you do that all by yourself?  Well, you can always take advice and help from other people, more experienced than you. But you have to find those people and begin learning from them. How will you do that? 

You could travel to China and live with a Buddhist monk until you reach the ultimate point. If you want something more convenient, you can start listening to Buddhist podcasts. By doing that, you can learn so many things. You can learn the history of Buddhism, you can learn about different practices that will help you reach your goal. It is always helpful when you learn from someone better than you.

By reading this article, you will learn where to find the best Buddhist podcasts that exist out there. You will learn where to find those more experience than you people. You don’t have anything to lose, only to gain. Keep reading so you can find out the top 10 Buddhist podcasts.

  1. Secular Buddhism

Noah Rasheta is a Buddhist teacher, lay minister, and author, as well as the host of the podcast Secular Buddhism. He teaches mindfulness and Buddhist philosophy online and in workshops all around the world.

 He works with others to make the world a better place as he studies, embodies, and teaches the fundamentals of Buddhist philosophy, integrating Buddhist teachings with modern science, humanism, and humor.

  1. Buddhism Guide

Karma Yeshe Rabgye is a Western Monk in the Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Originally from England, he now lives in Northern India. He now offers teachings freely to all in a manner that is unpretentious and clear. 

He does not demand students to blindly accept what he says, but instead invites them to examine their own minds and experiences to discover the validity of Gautama Buddha’s teachings.

  1. The Wisdom podcast

The Wisdom Podcast is a Buddhist podcast that features interviews with leading thinkers from the Buddhist world. Each episode takes you on a fascinating exploration of Buddhism and meditation as their guests share stories and discuss life-changing practices, timeless philosophies, and new ways to think and live.

 This website will help you find and engage with the teachers, teachings, and practices for developing a deeper, wiser relationship with your mind, your life, and the world.

  1. Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple podcast

Welcome to The Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center The Blue Lotus is a community temple located just off the town square in Woodstock, Illinois, an hour north-west of Chicago! 

They welcome all people and faith traditions to practice meditation, learn about Buddhism and share in community together.

  1. Buddhist Temple of Toledo podcast

The Buddhist Temple of Toledo is a Soto Zen Buddhist community with the Harada-Yasutani koan introspection tradition offering intensive Zen meditation training and a family-friend neighborhood sangha. Weekly podcasts include sutras, Zen meditation, dharma talks, and interviews with transmitted teachers

  1. Tricycle Talks

The Buddhist Review is the independent voice of Buddhism in the West. It is to create forums for exploring contemporary and historic Buddhist activity, examine the impact of its new context in the democratic traditions of the West, and introduce fresh views and attainable methods for enlightened living to the culture at large. Tricycle is an independent foundation unaffiliated with any one lineage or sect.

  1. Dharmaseed

Dharma Seed is an online resource dedicated to making the Buddhist teachings of Insight Meditation and associated practices available to all. Their intention is to be a support for meditation teachers, their communities, students and meditation practitioners, and to provide access to the teachings to those who might not otherwise have access to them.

  1. The Zen Studies podcast

These episodes are in a series, starting with ancient India at the time of Shakyamuni Buddha and continuing up until the present day. The series covers all areas where Buddhism has taken a significant hold and these episodes cover older (pre-Zen) or more general Buddhist teachings (not specific to a sect or school).

  1. Dharma Talks The Village Zendo

The Village Zendo is a Zen Buddhist community in the heart of downtown New York City. Their mission is to provide a way for realizing a life of awareness, wisdom, and compassion. This podcast is brought to you by The Village Zendo, which contains Zen dharma talks by Abbot Roshi Enkyo O’Hara, fully-empowered teachers (Sensei), and teachers in training (Hoshi).

  1.  Buddhist Geeks

The purpose of Buddhist Geeks is understood as an active exploration of Dharma in the Age of the Network. The Buddhist Geeks also portrays virtual practice & community forms, including the Buddhist Geeks Life Retreat and Buddhist Geeks Dojo.

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