Best Dynamic Microphone 2021

Whether you’re a musician, a podcaster, or just looking for a reliable dynamic microphone to use for a quick project requiring recorded vocals then you’re on the right page! Today we are giving out our Top 5 Best Dynamic Microphones pick from the various choices in the market.

Let’s start by defining first what a dynamic microphone is. Dynamic microphones are microphones that convert sound into an electrical signal by means of electromagnetism. It is the best choice when your environment is noisy (festivals, concerts, etc.)

Advantages of Dynamic Microphones

First things first, it is relatively affordable. The exterior of it is also built to withstand high sound pressure levels and external sounds, thus providing overall good sound quality in all areas of microphone performance. Plus, most dynamic microphones do not require a power source to run.

Dynamic microphones, unlike condensers are also less transparent which can sound like a negative aspect but in fact a quality that can be put to good creative use.

Here are our top picks for Top 5 Best Dynamic Microphones in 2021

Shure MV7

The best dynamic microphone option for those who would like to take podcasting seriously. The Shure MV7 is a well-priced, well-made mic with a huge amount of genuinely useful functionality. Easy enough for a beginner, yet with enough quality to impress the pro-user, the MV7 is an outstanding option.

Connection: USB, XLR 
Type: Dynamic
Polar pattern: Cardioid
Includes: Microphone, cables

Pros: High-end design and build. Genuine versatility and affordability.

Cons: This level of quality isn’t cheap. Lightning cable sold separately.

Blue Microphones Yeti USB

The best and easiest option for any user! (regardless of your media).

Connection: USB
Type: Condenser
Polar pattern: Cardioid, bidirectional and omnidirectional 
Includes: Microphone, stand

Pros: Superb value for money. Versatile. Can record directly to your PC without an audio interface. Tough as old boots, will grow old with you!

Cons: USB connection only. No XLR output on the standard version. Accessories are a bit pricey.

Rode Procaster

A speciality dynamicrophone mic that’s built to work! Built for podcasting, voice-over work, and or any other speech-driven medium, this is a microphone we’re glad to recommend.

Connection: XLR
Type: Dynamic
Polar pattern: Cardioid
Includes: Microphone, stand mount, zip pouch

Pros: Rugged exterior. Solid upgrade from the USB setup. Shock mounting built in

Cons: The XLR mic is only as good as the preamps it feeds! Not the most versatile.

Audio-Technica AT2035PK

A high quality podcasting starter kit. Good for vocal recordings, guitars, and even drums when you’re on a budget. The Audio-Technica AT2035 is one of the easiest lav mics to recommend. It thrives on its versatility, solid construction and great sounds at an affordable price.

Connection: XLR
Type: Condenser
Polar pattern: Cardioid
Includes: Microphone, headphones, boom arm, XLR cable

Pros: Dynamic Mic is superb (good for vocals and instruments). Kit adds value (includes shock mount). Will last a lifetime.

Cons: Competition is fiercer today than ever at this price bracket.Single polar pattern reduces versatility. 


Dynamic microphone specialist and a classy offer! A computer’s perfect match for recording vocals and acoustic instruments with a minimal fuss.

Connection: USB
Type: Condenser
Polar pattern: Cardioid
Includes: Microphone, pop shield, ring mount, tripod desk stand

Pros: Sounds a step up from entry level. Versatile. Can be used with an iPad.

Cons: One of the pricier USB-only options

In conclusion

Each brand of dynamic microphone has its different characteristics and attributes. There will also be two things to consider when scouting for the best dynamic microphone which are: your budget, and your recording environment. So it is best that you do your research first to know which will work best for you and your needs, whether it be for podcasting or for other audiovisual projects. 

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