Best Gaming Podcasts

The Internet and gaming scene have been surviving for the longest time together. With the help of technology and media, we’ve seen their progress and popularity among teens and young adults.

We see how games evolve every year and it is really hard to keep up with it if you are a newbie. You need a community or people to help you pick the right kind of game that fits your personality.

Gaming podcasts are popular for all things gaming and business. They feature video games and present ideas from an economic perspective. These best gaming podcasts will give video gamers tips on how to buy and what to buy based on high demands.

Top 5 Best Gaming Podcasts in 2021

#1. Triple Click by Maximum Fun

The podcast launched in April 2020 and they are popular with video gamers today. Kirk Hamilton, Maddy Myers, and Jason Schreier are all well-known gaming journalists who excel in the industry today. They provide gaming analysis, culture, and perspectives. It is definitely worth a shot to listen to this podcast.

#2. GI Podcast by

Video gamers should try listening to this podcast before buying a game. The narrators offer a background and history in the video which gamers will be interested in. Overall, this podcast is sharp, intelligently structured, and essential to every video gamer.

#3. Gamertag Radio 

Launched in 2005, it is one of the longest running gaming podcasts. With almost 1,000 episodes, gamers will feel like they are searching on Google. Gamertag Radio has everything you need to be updated in the recent video games and developments in the industry.

Gaming Podcasts also offer discussions and debates from different gaming enthusiasts and journalists to offer buyers a perspective on every video game. Here are two podcasts that fits our top 5 list:

#4. Giant Bombcast

Giant Bomb is well-known and famous for their gaming news and updates. They also interview journalists and gamers themselves to keep the podcast entertaining. What is funny in this podcast is that they also include food reviews in between to keep it lighthearted for listeners. 

#5. Waypoint Radio by Vice 

For the last podcast, Waypoint Radio offers a holistic perspective on the gaming industry. They thoroughly research and interview professionals to get the wider effect of the gaming industry in politics, culture, and society. Even though it is a heavy topic, they still keep it light for listeners to keep them engaged. 

The gaming industry has come a long way from simple arcades to PS5 and now online gaming. Gaming podcasts offer an opportunity for enthusiasts to share their knowledge and experience today.

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