Best Microphone Shock Mounts

When you’re in the music business, or a podcaster, or just playing around, it is important to have a quality microphone that captures clean signals. One vital part of this is having a quality microphone, but another critical part of achieving beautiful and quality sound is having a microphone shock mount that is reliable.

What microphone shock mounts do is isolate and secure a microphone while isolating it from most mechanical noise. Mechanical noise includes low-end rumble and any kind of impacts that could cause sound vibrations in the physical objects tangentially connected to your microphone (ie: mic stand, floor, etc.). Thus eliminating, least reducing, mechanical noises which helps in capturing clean mic signals that is possible with a mic shock mount.

So what are the best microphone shock mounts?

This will depend on the type of microphone you plan on mounting, and like microphones, shock mounts come in various shapes and sizes. Some microphones in the market even come with custom shock mounts designed specifically for them (which is really a treat!)

What Makes A Great Microphone Shock Mount?

Compatibility: Choose a shock mount that is capable of holding a variety of microphone shapes and sizes. Alternatively, if you have the option, choose the shock mount that was designed for the specific microphone.

Mechanical isolation: Choose a shock mount that will effectively isolate the microphone it holds from the potential mechanical noise from the mic stand.

Durability: Choose a shock mount that is built to last. If it has elastic isolators, ensure that they are designed to hold up and not sag over time.

Top 5 Best Microphone Shock Mounts For You:

Rycote InVision USM 

The Rycote Invision is one of the best microphone shock mounts in the market. The company is well-known for its Lyre technology and universal fit of shock mounts. They use Lyre, a thermoplastic material, best for suspending vibrations and stabilizing the microphone. It also includes rubber tips to hold the mic in place and microphone clip to contain the external noise.

Pros: Because it is a universal shock mount, it can be used in any orientation for best experience, especially in podcasting. Also the Lyre technology works well for sound isolation. Lastly, it is an affordable choice for beginners and professionals alike.

Cons: Although it’s perfect for microphones, some reviews say that it falls short on the setup of base screws. Overall, you still need to try this product to prove the reviews.

Rode PSM1 Shock Mount

If you want to invest in Rode microphones, you should also include the Rode PSM1 shock mount to your collection. The company is known for their durability and practicality best for podcasting and recording.

Pros: The Rode PSM1 definitely suits Rode microphones especially its design and shape. The product is also priced lower than other Rode products which could be an advantage for new buyers. 

Cons: Because it is solely made to be compatible with Rode accessories, the company has not released products compatible outside their company. It might restrict other buyers who do not have Rode microphones.

Sabra Som SSM-1 Universal Shock Mount

The third best option is the Sabra Som SSM-1. They are definitely in line with the Rycote InVision for its design and universal features. What sets it apart from other shock mounts is the engineering and design of the mount. It has two adjustable mounts to keep the microphone balanced and in an accurate position.

Pros: They are known for their durability and stability. Sabra Som SSM-1 banks on their strong engineering technology to assure their customers and potential buyers. The strong and durable shock mount support keeps them in every top list in the market.

Cons: Although they are the best, it might be really expensive to beginners and professionals alike. 

LyxPro MKS1-B Condenser Spider Microphone Shock Mount

For our fourth best option, we have the LyxPro MKS1-B. The shock mount is proven to be compatible with other condenser microphones in the market. It is famous for its spider-like design perfect for larger microphones. 

Pros: Because of its unique design, the product suits microphones with larger diaphragm and weight. They are also proven to be durable.

Cons: However, one flaw of its design is the compatibility with small microphones. Another disadvantage for this product is its incompatibility with Blue Yeti microphones. Buyers are restricted if they have Blue Yetis and small microphones in their studio.

Auphonix Silver Shock Mount 

For the last best option, we have the Auphonix Silver Shock Mount. This piece of equipment is specially designed for Blue Yeti microphones. The Blue Yeti, on the other hand, is known for its unique and durable design. They complement each other. 

Pros: It is definitely worth the price for Blue Yetis. It works well to reduce noise distortion and produce good audio quality. 

Cons: Obviously, the Auphonix Silver Shock Mount does not work with other microphones. It is not a universal shock mount which limits potential buyers.


The Top 5 best microphone shock mounts are a stunner and definitely worth your investment. It is also up to the potential buyer to ensure that you have the best product in the market that will fit your need. 

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