Best NBA Podcasts in 2021

Basketball is undeniably one of the most popular and loved sports around the world. Kids, teenagers, adults, and even oldies play basketball with their friends and dreams to meet famous basketball players. Today, basketball maintains its popularity among the fans even during the pandemic. NBA Podcasts feature all about basketball by providing an in-depth analysis of games and players and keeping the athletes inspired to train and push themselves.

Top 5 Best NBA Podcasts in 2021

The Woj Pod

Hosted by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the podcast features exclusive interviews and updates on the NBA scene. Famous basketball coaches and players join the podcast to provide their hot take on different games and recaps of basketball techniques on the court. They also invite newsmakers and executives to offer a perspective on the impact of basketball in the economy and media.

The Bill Simmons Podcast

One of the longest running best NBA podcasts, ESPN’s Bill Simmons narrates NBA’s history and its impact on the strategies of teams in the league. He is one of the highest-profile NBA historians to date and fans look forward to his analyses and perspectives on the game. 

While podcasts offer a general overview of the NBA, some podcasts are player-hosted, team-specific, and journalist-hosted podcasts. Here are some of the podcasts that belongs in our top five list:

The JJ Redick Podcast with Tommy Alter

Also known as New Orleans Pelicans Podcasts, it is hosted by JJ Redick, a player from the New Orleans Pelicans. He interviews some of the most famous players and fellow teammates about their experiences inside and outside of the court. Together with Tommy Alter, they keep the podcast light and relatable to fans and listeners. 

The Rights to Ricky Sanchez 

It is a team-specific podcast that features everything about the Sixers in the NBA league. They talk about the performance, players, and analysis of the Sixers. It is more of a fandom where Ricky and other invited guests share their thoughts and personal stories about basketball.

Posted Up with Chris Haynes

As part of the top five and journalist-hosted podcast, Chris Haynes shares his experiences and knowledge about the league as a NBA Reporter. Because of its in-depth discussion and analysis, fans bookmark this podcast along with the Woj Pod as trusted sources for the NBA league. 

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