Best Paranormal Podcasts in 2021

We get bored and sucked in our beds as quarantine locks us down in our homes. It then leads us to explore the Internet to distract ourselves, interact with online users, and add spice to our quarantine life. 

One of the leading social media apps today are Spotify and Youtube. We spend hours listening to music and watching videos in our homes. So today, we found out that most YouTube and Spotify users have a knack for Paranormal Podcasts. 

As we spend more time on the Internet, we see conspiracy theories, ghost sightings, true-crime documentaries, and scary paranormal encounters. It fuels our curiosity to know more about people who has a background in that field. Internet users also participate in the trend and lay out their findings and interact in the podcasts. 

Now for this post, we found out these top-rated podcasts for paranormal stuff and documentaries. These are great if we are in for the thrill, scare, and discovery. Here are our picks for the top 5 best paranormal podcasts in 2021.

Top 5 Best Paranormal Podcasts in 2021

This Paranormal Life

One of the best-selling podcasts is This Paranormal Life. It features two hosts, Rory Powers and Kit Grier, who are good with their comedic punchlines. They keep the listeners entertained as they listen to paranormal discoveries and cases in store. 

The NoSleep Podcast

For listeners to enjoy the podcast, it should have a lasting and chilling effect to keep them coming for more. The NoSleep Podcast gives the listeners a scare for their lives. With a grueling three-hour scary narration, listeners will surely get chills and curiosity from every episode. 

They hire the best and professional voice actors to do the narration, encourage listeners to focus on the details, and allow them to participate in the debates. 

Astonishing Legends

Another feature for paranormal podcasts are the opportunity for listeners to participate and hear the truth from the survivors themselves. 

Astonishing Legends involves two hosts, Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess, who invites and interviews paranormal survivors. They have roundtable discussions and an objective approach in finding out the truth and mystery of the event. They encourage dialogues and commentaries to prove the truth. 


Frightday is a paranormal podcast that features and reviews films, horror stories, legends, and supernatural encounters. They are the best with injecting humor to keep the listeners entertained throughout the 1 hour podcast.

Mysterious Universe

For the last podcast, we featured the Mysterious Universe. They are prepared with their research and arguments to attract potential listeners. What is great about this is that they allow the listeners to speculate and find the truth themselves. They keep every episode light and welcoming for their listeners.

In Conclusion

Paranormal podcasts keep the listeners engaged in every episode. They also make the paranormal enthusiasts involved and provide an opportunity for debates and discussions. If you are interested in everything paranormal, weird, and scary, these podcasts are the right ones for you.

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