Best Podcast Mixer 2021

Looking to upgrade your hobby in podcasting into a career? Well, you are in luck. In today’s post, we will be sharing with you our top picks for the best podcast mixer in the market. But first, let us start by defining what a podcast mixer is and why do you need it in your life.

What is a podcast mixer and what does it do?

A podcast mixer is a piece of audio equipment. It is a gear used to mix different audio elements on your computer. What happens is during sound recording, different elements are controlled via faders and can be used to produce sound effects for your project. Podcast mixers then make sound clearer as you record at your home.

Some musicians and podcasters swear by using a podcast mixer to make their recordings sound as flawless and versatile as possible.

Another reason why we love these podcast mixers is their neat feature of audio recording and streaming. Now you get clean and clear vocals, while also taking care of your gadget and mixer’s life. 

Top 5 Best Podcast Mixer For You

Rodecaster Pro

If you can splurge to get the best podcast mixer today, then this one may be right for you. This all-around podcast mixer is a high-quality device we can recommend any day. Featuring Bluetooth functionality and microphone preamps, it allows users to access its key features while ensures a variety of pre-recorded sounds. It also an SD Card slot and programmable pads.

Pros: The Rodecaster Pro continues to wow us with its exceeding expectations feedback that is not only a great value for money but also for your project. Lots of reports state that the unique material of this mixer works very well, which results in cleaner recordings and interviews. People also found its reliability to be well worth the extra investment.

Cons: This is in a higher price range for a few users. It is not for everyone and some also claim that it falls short on post-processing systems but hey! Overall, you still need to practice proper recording techniques and earn money to get the most out of this premium podcast mixer.

Yamaha MG10XU

Yes, you read that right. The Yamaha company produces quality accessories for any gadgets and of course, the high-quality podcast mixer known as Yamaha MG10XU. Like any standard podcast mixers, it features quality microphone preamps and an excellent choice for USB mixers.

Pros: It’s on the traditional side, the old-school-looking podcast mixer for most users. It has a strong and portable frame perfect for direct recording on your computer. Its durability is unparalleled by anything else we have used.

Cons: The biggest fault we had with it is the short channel range of the mixer and additional equipment for the USB interface. You might want to maximize its use before switching to another mixer for bigger projects.

Mackie 402-VLZ4

On the third-best today is the Mackie 402-VLZ4. This is great for people who want more functionality and portability in their microphones. The Mackie 402-VLZ4 is the versatile and flexible choice for beginners and professionals alike who are on a budget. Featuring an Onyx microphone preamps, this is best designed for users who want crystal-clear audio and noise-free recordings.

Pros: The reliable choice, the Mackie 402-VLZ4 is reviewed by users to meet their needs. They also appreciate grime-resistant high-contrast knobs (same as faders) since other mixers in the same price range don’t usually provide versatile features.

Cons: Some users say that there are no mounting options for the mixer. It has also a limited amount of input channels to continue your podcast mixing.

Behringer Xenyx Q502USB

On our second to the last best, the Behringer Xenyx Q502USB features a one-knob compressor and 5-channel mixer designed to follow the shape of commonly used podcast mixers. Equipped with a USB interface, you can easily compare it with a wide range of Windows and Mac devices.

Pros: A compact mixer with a USB interface suited for recording and USB microphones. It is affordable for beginners and professionals.

Cons: It has a limited number of channels. It has some poor scalability issues.

Soundcraft Signature 12MTK

The Soundcraft Signature 12MTK is probably on the list of the podcast mixture options out there. Professional podcaster and radio broadcasters can get it for numerous channels for better control and flexibility. It includes eight XLR microphone inputs and recording software to maximize features and product use.

Pros: It has a superior-quality audio. It is a versatile and flexible option for podcasting, recording, narrating, and reporting.

Cons: It is challenging to master the channels because of many options. It is expensive.

In conclusion

Podcast mixers will serve their purpose and it is on you to make the choice on whether you can invest in an expensive one or prefer the affordable but reliable choice. It is built to make the user comfortable as they record or start a podcast in their studio or homes. Podcast mixers are perfect for beginners and professionals who want to try a portable and unique mixer.

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