How to Find the Best Podcasts

Podcasts are the latest internet favorite. Podcasting is instant personal audio broadcasting just as blogging is instant personal publishing. With there being so many people on the web, each with their own strongly held opinion or relevant piece of information to share it can be quite bewildering out there.

They are both pulled by the audience instead of the other way around. Usually if you’re new to this, it’s either somebody recommended that you listen to a particular podcast or you stumbled on it, purely by accident. Finding the next one will be up to you unless your friends guide you to another one.

One of the best places to find podcasts is through search engines. There are quite a few that are dedicated to nothing but podcasts. Even yahoo has one called Yahoo!Podcasts.

Most will list down all the podcasts submitted to them. Usually they’d also have areas showing the most recent entries, an area with podcasts that the team behind the search engine recommends. There may also be an area that shows the podcasts with highest ratings as voted on by the listeners themselves. You definitely want to check out those that are highly recommended.

Of course, some search engines are really helpful and will lead you to the absolute best in the podcasting pond. These are the places that every podcast listener should go to in order to have the best and the latest podcasts that match their interest:

  • Podcasting News’ Podcast Directory has variety! The have podcasts for everything – music, news articles and of course. They have a list of links to the top 25 podcasts, the top 100 and of course the most recent ones. There’s also a forum area so you can ask interact with other listeners and ask for recommendations.
  • Podcast Alley is another favorite of podcast listeners. This portal has a featured podcasts area. They have a top ten podcasts list for the month as well as list of 5 random podcasts and the 5 newest podcasts to give variety to what you listen to.
  • is an interesting site to visit. They not only have podcasts, they have vidcasts as well. They have podcast picks of the day aside from their full directory. Best part is they have a community that you can interact with by forum or by chat.
  • is an eye catcher with its clean layout. They have a featured podcast of the week,  as well as lists of the podcasts top rated, podcasts with the most voted points, most subscriptions and more. For beginners, there’s a very easy and highly visible list on the left specifying the categories or topics that the podcasts are about. It takes the guesswork out of finding a podcast that is of interest to you.

Podcasts are as individual as their creators. They are all interesting. In the end you are the person who can truly tell which podcast is the best and then tell the rest of the web that it is so.