Best Self Help Podcasts in 2021

When you take into consideration all of the hours we put into work, our family, our home, and other daily responsibilities, it makes more sense that a lot of us start to turn to self-help podcasts to get our lives in line. Self help podcasts are engaging, relatable, informative, and best of all you can tune in to it at any time of day.

These also offer a wide array of topics you can choose from ranging from how to deal with anxiety, procrastination, and depression, to grief and addiction, to how to live your life to the fullest. Today, we will share to you our top 5 best self help podcasts in 2021.

#1. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin is one of the top icons in the podcast industry when it comes to the self-help and personal development league. Rubin’s goal is to help her listeners find happiness in everything that they do, and to help them pursue their dream lives.

She is a New York Times bestselling author whose works include “The Happiness Project” and “Happier at Home”. Her podcast is live every Monday with her sister Elizabeth Craft. During this time, they usually talk about things that relate to finding real happiness.

People love to listen to their podcast because they can break complex ideas down into smaller details so that their general audience can understand easily. If you’re looking for a light, happy-go-lucky type of show which teaches people how to be happier, we recommend listening to this one.

#2. Not Another Anxiety Show

“A podcast for all,” is how the host Kelli Walker, describes the Not Another Anxiety Show. Although not a mental health expert herself, Walker really does an excellent job of interviewing psychologists, doctors, and other experts to give her listeners guidance and practical tips on how to manage their day-to-day struggles that come with living with all ends of the anxiety spectrum. This is a well recommended self help podcasts in 2021.

#3. The Minimalists Podcasts

Minimalism and Mindfulness have a lot in common. Being a minimalist means that you are being mindful of the things you buy that will fill your space and the art of living life simpler. Some interpret it and emphasize the need to get rid of things that you do not need, but we’d like to argue that the true essence is the exact opposite, to apply incredible amounts of care to the things that occupy your space (both physically and mentally). This show features and talks about everything from gifting, social media, and of course, mental health.

#4. The Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is known for his first book, the 4-hour work week. The gist is that we do not live to work, rather, work to live. He also says that work should also be meticulously optimized around the sort of life we truly WANT to live. Tim’s words to live by are to be present and aware of what drives you and what you deem to be truly important. 

#5. Ted Radio Hour

If you already enjoy listening to the TED Talks, then you’ll be guaranteed to love TED Radio Hour. TED Talks basically features small speech presentations that provide its audience with thought-provoking ideas, inventions, research, and awesome discoveries.

The TED Radio Hour hosted by Guy Raz takes topics and gives us an hour’s worth of insights that teases our minds. These presentations are then supplemented with side-interviews featuring their original presenters which only adds to the engaging nature of the content which makes it one of the best self help podcasts.

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