Best Soccer Podcasts in 2021

Soccer is an international sport with international fans. We cannot deny the impact of soccer in how we watch and pursue sports today. There are famous soccer leagues from the US and Europe which give fans options to assess and support strong teams.

Soccer podcasts offer live updates and team standings from different leagues. They also provide entertainment and discussions to keep the listeners engaged.

Top 5 Best Soccer Podcasts in 2021

#1. The Total Soccer Show

It is one of the sought after podcasts today. They feature all things about soccer, from game results, top teams, and game analysis. Hosts Taylor Rockwell and Daryl Grove keep the podcast light and informative for league fans. The podcast is centered on news and interviews about American and European soccer. If you want a general approach to soccer, you should try listening to this podcast.

#2. Men in Blazers

If you want a perspective on the Premier League, you should try this podcast. Featuring the bald and funny duo wearing blazers, they keep the show fun, relatable, and educational. They provide an overall American perspective on European soccer and Premier League.

Some soccer podcasts are specific and country-based, we could hear from Mexican football, women’s football, and Bundesliga. Here are some of the podcasts:

#3. The Mexican Soccer Show

This is a Mexican-based podcast featuring news and analysis from Mexican soccer teams. They provide an overview of the soccer scene in the south and discuss game results and analysis. Overall, the podcast is informative and gives us a cultural perspective of Mexican soccer.

#4. Women’s Soccer Review

As the soccer scene gains momentum, women’s soccer also deserves the hype and recognition from international fans. Duane Rollins and Jonothan Tannenwald provide news and commentary on women’s soccer around the world. They share their analysis on game strategies and results to keep the listeners updated and engaged. It is well-rounded and surely worth the time listening to. 

#5. Steilcast

For the last podcast, Steilcast gives us an overview of the Bundesliga or German football league. Raphael Honigstein is a well-known Bundesliga expert and commentator who handles the show with professionalism and enthusiasm. He educates the listeners about German football tactics and history. Overall, this podcast keeps the listeners informed and entertained. 

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