Best USB Mic Mixer

Different Microphone Companies offer USB microphones as their basic accessory for audio recording. They are the versatile and durable piece of equipment beginners and professionals love. Microphone mixers are now in demand especially for beginners and home studio enthusiasts. 

In this post, we will give you the five best USB Microphone Mixers for your music career. It will also enhance your home studio for an affordable and quality price.

What is the advantage of using a USB Microphone Mixer? 

A quality audio mixer is used to balance and enhance the sound levels of your audio output. USB microphone mixers are used to edit and record your podcasts for better quality and finish. Professionals who use a USB microphone mixer can blend vocals and sounds with ease. It is one of their advantages and edges over other users.

Here are the Five Best USB Microphone Mixer For You:

Behringer Q1202

The Behringer 12 tops the list for the best audio mixer. It is perfect for home-recording artists and podcasters. It comes with a low-noise operating system and high-grade mic preamps to boost your audio and vocals during home or live recording sessions. 

Pros: They have the one-knob compressors for dynamic sound control and clarity. It also has a built-in USB interface which directly connects to your computer. Buyers will surely get the best out of this product for only below $200.

Cons: One fault that we found in this product is that it is prone to overheat during long hours of use. Overall, you still have to buy this product to see it for yourself.

Yamaha MG10XU-10

Yamaha is known for all things about musical instruments. It is no doubt they will also produce an audio mixer for music professionals and beginners. It has a Class-A preamp and 1-knob compressor for a natural and clear sound finish. It also has a sleek design that buyers really love. 

Pros: It is proven to be durable and effective for live and home studios. Buyers also liked its strong digital effects engine for easier control and manoeuvre.

Cons: Some reviews have a problem with the compatibility of the product with headphones. 

Pyle Professional 4-Channel USB Mixer

On the third-best option, we have the Pyle USB Mixer. It has a Bluetooth feature along with the USB and XLR options. It is a versatile mixer best for beginners and professionals. 

Pros: It has a portable design best for indoor or outdoor recording. Another feature is the cordless Bluetooth connection for easier input and processing.

Cons: Although they provide a Bluetooth connection, it does not produce the best audio quality. 

Mackie PROFX8V2

The Mackie PROFX8V2 is definitely in our list for the best mic mixer. It is a portable mixer best for live studio sessions. It includes a two microphone input and four line inputs for live setups.

Pros: They have a good recording software for easier sound effects conversion. They also have high-grade preamps for audio quality and control.

Cons: We noticed that there are static noises during low voice level performances. It could limit the user in using the product’s features.

Steinberg UR22C 2×2 USB 3.0 Audio Interface

For the last option, we have the Steinberg UR22C. They have the same high-grade preamps with Yamaha and are best for audio quality during recording and live performances. 

Pros: The best advantage is the USB interface perfect for solo recording and performance. It also makes it easier to record to a computer or laptop.

Cons: The product interface might be too overwhelming for beginners. Potential buyers should know the basics before buying this product.

In conclusion 

Having a USB Microphone Mixer makes your audio versatile and helps you unleash your creative skills. Buyers should really invest in this piece of equipment because they are affordable and durable. For better sound quality and control, we recommend you to try one of our top five best USB mic mixers. 

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