Best XLR Cables for Microphones

Getting your microphone a new set of XLR cables today? Luckily, in today’s post we will be sharing with you our top picks for the best XLR cable in the market. Starting by defining what an XLR cable is and why do you need it in your life.

What is a XLR cable and what does it do?

An XLR cable is a microphone cable. It is a usual connector positioned below the microphone that balances noise and sound inference. This happens by maximizing the use of its three components – conductors for signal, shielding for protection, and three-pronged connectors (XLR) to make the microphone cable work. XLR cables then completes the process and makes the microphone function properly.

For the designs, most famous brands are looking into new types without sacrificing its functionality and looks. Some musicians and podcasters swear by using a XLR cable to make their recordings sound as flawless as possible.

Another reason why we love these XLR cables are their neat feature of copper braid and cable jacket to ensure the cable quality and sound flow. Now you get clean and clear vocals, while also taking care of your mic from electrical damage. 

Top 5 Best XLR cables For You

 LyxPro LCS

This reliable and balanced cable is a high-quality microphone cable we can recommend any day. Featuring multiple colors and sizes, it has that variety and cable management to ensure proper conduction of electricity and sound. It also features a braided shield perfect for noise and static cancellation.

Pros: The LyxPro LCS XLR cable continues to wow us with its exceeding expectations feedback that is not only a great value for money but also for your events. Lots of reports state that the varieties of cable and designs leave buyers with options that suit their needs. People also found its reliability and adjustability perfect for live stage performances.

Cons: Because of the great feedback from customers, it only falls short for customer expectations of designs. It also depends on where you will buy the product to ensure quality cables. Overall, you still need to manage your expectations for this top tier XLR cable.

Mogami Gold Studio

Yes, you read that right. The Mogami Cable company produces microphone cables and of course, the signature XLR cable also known as “Mogami Gold”. It is not like any standard XLR cable, it features Japan technology and engineering to ensure quality and performance of their cables.

Pros: It is on the aesthetic side, the high-end looking XLR cable for most users. It has a strong 4-conductor cable which provides ultra-sturdy noise cancellation and cable design. Its durability is unparalleled by anything else we have used.

Cons: The biggest con we had with it is the high-end price of Mogami cables. For $61.95, you might want to save a lot of money especially if you are on the beginner stage. 

GLS Audio 25-foot Mic Cable Patch

On the third best today is the GLS Audio 25-foot Mic Cable Patch. This is great for people using home recording setups and looking for cheaper microphone cables. The GLS Audio 25-foot Mic Cable Patch is the practical choice for beginners and professionals alike who are on a budget. Featuring a 25’ length and 21-gauge dual copper conductors, this is also designed to transmit and produce sounds perfect for live stages.

Pros: The affordable and reliable choice, the GLS Audio MC25 is reviewed by users to meet their needs. They also appreciate audio quality and flexibility for any events or production needs.

Cons: Because of the great feedback from customers, it only falls short for customer expectations of designs. It also depends on where you will buy the product to ensure quality cables.

Cable Matters 2-Pack Premium

On our second to the last best, the Cable Matters 2-Pack Premium XLR cable features a compact surface and flexible design to follow the shape of commonly used studio microphones. Equipped with an oxygen-free copper with braided shield and soft PVC jacket which does a great job securing cable connection while giving you a controlled grip to avoid damaging your microphone.

Pros: It has an extremely solid cable management you will love for easier set-up. You can also use it for different events and gigs for a long time.

Cons: Even though cable matters, there is a problem with the soldering or joining process from cable to plug. Some reviews also say that the cable can be sometimes too thick. Overall, the built can be better to suit customers’ needs.

AmazonBasics XLR Cable

The AmazonBasics XLR Cable is probably in the list of the best microphone cables options out there. For an affordable price and Amazon endorsed, you can get a basic but quality microphone cable. It stands out because of its durability which earns a good review from its users.

Pros: It is the affordable option for beginners and sometimes professionals. It is backed up by Amazon 1- year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. It also has good reviews from sound technicians from live stage performances.

Cons: Of course, some users review the product as “basic” and shoddy. It has some inconsistencies with the connector and plating which affects plugging and unplugging set-up of microphones. Overall, if you really want cheap microphone cable, using AmazonBasics is a good start and comparison for other XLR cables. 

In conclusion

XLR cables are an inexpensive quality equipment you need in your life. It serves its purpose to make the user has everything they need as they record or stream in studio or in live stage performances. XLR cables are perfect for basic microphone protection and balanced audio quality. 

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