Creating Podcasts:

How does one create a podcast? In a nutshell, creating a podcast is simply recording whatever content you want to share on your computer, editing it, and then converting it into an audio file. The finished file is then uploaded to a website for downloading. For easy podcasting see our exclusive Podcasting Package that can get you started in a matter of minutes.

Creative uses for Podcasts

With the rising popularity of podcasting, more and more people are finding uses for it that go beyond its initial purpose of distributing a “personalized” radio show. Some of the innovative uses of podcasts that have been found all over the world are:

  • Some individuals are using podcasts to broadcast content and topics that would normally not pass broadcasting regulatory bodies.
  • In Singapore, an opposition politician is using podcasts to deliver his message to the public.
  • Religious groups are using podcasts to further expand their evangelization missions. These types of podcasts are called Godcasts.
  • Ron Moore, a writer and executive producer for hit Sci-fi show Battlestar Galactica, distributes “commentary” podcasts for every episode of the show.
  • Podcasts are also being used for education purposes – like audio tours of museums and foreign language studies.