Product Details

This is the only complete Podcasting package available today! This has been developed from the ground up to be the fastest way to get your Podcast up and running. It would take you months of searching the web to acquire all of the resources you get here.

1. Podcast Manual
This will take you from the beginning to the output of the final product. Step-by-step you are shown, in non-technical language, how to record your Podcast with the included podcast software, what equipment you can get started with and how to expand, and how to prepare the recording so it is Podcast ready.

You will also be shown how to get an audience! We will give you some insider secrets and show you how to and who to promote your podcast to for MAXIMUM exposure!

2. Professional Recording Software
While there are many ways to record your Podcast, we wanted to make sure you were ready to go with EVERYTHING you need after downloading our package, so we've included an amazing software recording application that is intuitive and easy to use. It's compatible with Macintosh or Windows!

There are built-in special effects, easy to edit features (if you can cut and paste, you can edit audio!) and the proper export modules for transforming your recording into a Podcast.

3. Ready To Use Sound Files
Kick-up your Podcasts with professionally produces voice-overs, loops, background effects, stingers and Podcast-safe music. You will receive over 100 sound files - that's almost 40mb of professionally produced audio!

4. Web Resources For Podcast Safe Music
We will show you the best websites to download music for your Podcast. These are free downloads and the artists WANT you to take them!

After you hear what's available for free, you may never listen to the radio again!

A complete package like this is not offered anywhere except! But before you make your decision, let us answer a few questions for you:


1. Do I have to invest in a lot of expensive audio equipment to sound good?
Absolutely not! We will show you how to get started with either your computer's built-in microphone or an inexpensive (less than $20) microphone. As long as your Mac or Window's computer has a sound card, you're ready to go!

When you do get ready to move up to the next level, our Podcast manual will show you what steps to take and which audio components to purchase. Our total investment for a professional set-up was less than $200, but you will certainly get great results with what you already have.

2. Do I have to sound like a radio DJ to do a Podcast people will listen to?
Again, absolutely not! That is part of the appeal of Podcasting is that it breaks away from the traditional radio broadcast stereotype.

People who subscribe to Podcasts want to listen to real people and true voices. Be yourself and you will be perfect! You WILL find an audience.

3. Is Podcasting really open to anyone to do? No licenses or censors to worry about?
That's correct! The sky is the limit, with one exception and that is commercially available music. Popular music from major recording labels is really the only thing you cannot use on a Podcast. Never fear - we show you the best resources for getting Podcast Safe music that you can add to your show.

TV & radio can be censored by the FCC because the signal travels on publicly owned frequencies. Podcasts are downloadable files and are not broadcast in the traditional sense, so there are no licensing fees, or censors to worry about!

4. Am I restricted to how often I can use the system?
This is unlimited! You can use the system for as many Podcasts as you want, for as many websites as you want! There is no per-site or per-podcast limits!

5. Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes there is! We are very confident that this package will surpass your expectations. We put this complete system together so you would be completely satisfied with our service and help spread the word. We want you 100% satisfied and if you are not, and do not feel this package is right for you, let us know and your money will be refunded - 100%! This is a no-risk offer!

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