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  1. The HWR Roundtable last updated: 2020-02-23 17:01:02
    The 2nd podcast under the Honest Wrestling Review umbrella. This is a roundtable discussion on the best and worst of wrestlings past. Everything from best rivalries to worst gimmick. It's all up for discussion and brought to ...

  2. Honest Wrestling Review Flagship last updated: 2020-02-16 15:59:08
    Your weekly breakdown of all things with the current product in cronilogical order. WWE Raw AEW Dynamite NXT and Friday night smackdow. If a ppv happens that will be the first thing covered the following week.

  3. The Official Perfect Impact! Podcast last updated: 2018-08-28 12:17:36
    Perfect Impact! is a podcast that covers all things TNA! From the weekly episodes, to the Pay-Per-Views, to the special announcements, speculation, and rumors in between....you can find it all right here!

  4. Gus and Gus eat the world and its money... or something like that last updated: 1969-12-31 19:00:00
    a brand new podcast with Ring of Honor star Shane Taylor and J-Rocc Daddy hosting, and talking about wrestling of all ilks, plus current affairs, social issues, sports, and all sorts of random chicanery!

  5. Birra & Wrestling: il Podcast last updated: 1969-12-31 19:00:00
    Il Podcast di WrestlingRevolution.it, punto di ritrovo dedicato a tutti gli appassionati di wrestling in Italia! Ogni settimana discutiamo a cuor leggero degli show e degli ultimi avvenimenti del nostro sport/spettacolo prefe...

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