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Podcast title Rapportselling Tips Podcast
Website URL http://www.paularcher.com
Description Weekly practical tips and ideas to help in your selling and coaching
Updated Mon, 16 Dec 2019 10:47:35 +0000
Image Paul Archer Speaker
Category Business

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1. 10 Essential tips for salespeople when negotiating
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Description: Before entering the negotiation phase, brainstorm your key differentiators that the customer would have latched onto. In addition, note down your strengths and weaknesses and predict their strengths and weaknesses. Remember to put together your walk-away power, in other words, the realistic alternative to achieving a negotiated settlement. That’ll give you mental and physical strength...

2. Inbound Marketing for the 2020’s
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Description: For years now, marketers have been advising us to ensure our content is picked up on the internet when potential customers search for their problems to be solved. They find our content, like it lots and zoom over to our website. This, unfortunately, won’t work anymore. Why? Alexa and Google’s answers have killed it. Let...

3. What’s Your Resting Face?
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Description: What’s Your Resting Face? Its often said that first impressions last longest and the first things we see about people is their face. More precisely, their resting face. Politicians, in the election campaign period, have to be very careful of this as photographers can catch them off guard and capture them when their face is...

4. 5 Listening Diseases and the Cure
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Description: 5 Listening Diseases and the Cure Interruptitis Interrogationitis Premature Solutioneering TAABB Question Absenteeism Have you ever been infected? All of us have been from time to time, we take a cure, but the disease is virulent and will return. Follow these tips to ensure you incubate yourself from all five in the future. Interruptitis My...

5. The Snowdon Guide and the Modern Salesperson
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Description: Many salespeople still run their selling processes; sales trainers still teach their selling methodology; sales managers still preach using the phone at every opportunity. Perhaps they’re stuck in a space-time continuum. The world has changed and no longer are we the salespeople of old placing our customers within a selling cycle, customers have moved on....

6. The Compass and the Right Tool
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Description: I love the sun, always have, but in this country, we get very little, and in the winter, it’s grey steely skies that predominate. So when we started viewing properties during the winter, very few agents could answer the question “Is the garden south-facing”. We all looked to the steel sky, couldn’t see the sun...

7. Are You Feeling Sleepy
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Description: Paul spends 3 minutes looking at why some salespeople literally put their customers to sleep with their voice and how you can prevent yourself from doing the same

8. The Needle in a Haystack and Closing
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Description: It’s an age-old conundrum – how can you search for a needle buried in a haystack? Virtually impossible, I’d say. That’s the problem with selling and especially closing for the business. Indeed closing has a bad rap – visions of Alec Baldwin from the 1990’s – always be closing – don’t do it justice. The...

9. Learn Anything with Modelling
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Description: Not the fashion kind or for those that appear on Love Island or the catwalk, but the NLP version. Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP was conceived by two Californian dudes who modelled a handful of exceptionally talented people. They found a way of copying or modelling them with such accuracy that they were able to use what they learnt and...

10. Freebies Don’t Work
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Description: Today I was running a training course for a corporate client who White Labelled me with their own branding and sold the course for free to their customers. We had 14 people booked, but only 8 turned up, those people who cared to phone the organisers had various excuses. The simple fact that because this...