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Updated Thu, 08 Mar 2018 07:08:18 PST
Category Comedy

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1. Custerstuff ep 04 - Ghosty special
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Description: In this weeks episode we chat about all things paranormal. Data a friend, sits in on our show, quietly though most of the time and tries not to laugh at us. We have a special guest interview, 86 yr old marion, an old family friend and a very accurate tealeaf reader. We also have our freakiest stories and of course our weird and wonerful news. Then we finish off with a few jokes and our latest song parody. This week it's shake shake by Metro station re-done. Don't forget to vote for us at Podcast alley and become a member of our site at www.custerstuff.webs.com

2. Custerstuff Ep 3 I be lookin' at sum big chests
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Description: In our 3rd 'pirate themed' episode we have:
- Our welcomes in piratey fashion and our thanx again to our listeners.
-We discuss pushing back our most embarring stories competition untill we actually have some entries.
-We tell a few silly pirate jokes and have a short discussion on some of the stranger pirate facts.
- We ramble on about twilight and transformers.
- We feature our prank call for the week. Rather hilarious if i do say so myself.
- We discuss the shuttle Voyager, and then have a short movies review
-We talk about 3d, 4d and the future of TV.
- We have our weird and wonderful news and then say our goodbyes.
-Then it's time for our parody song. This week it's Love shack re-done as Cock slap.

3. pca feed
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Description: My Podcast Alley feed!

4. Custerstuff Parody song #2 "I saw your bits"
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (, 0.00Mb)

Description: Poxy's first parody song Ace of base's I saw the sign redone Kath and Kim style as I saw your bits.

5. Custerstuff Cast ep 02 "Aussie as mate"
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (, 0.00Mb)

Description: In our second episode, we have more hillarity as we discuss ducks while we podcast by the river.
We discuss our plans to hold a most embarrassing moment competition and tell some of ours. We tell some really ridiculous jokes and Russell Crowe is in our spot light for this weeks Aussie as news broadcast. For this weeks discussion topic, we talk all things Aussie from vegimite to koalas, then we say our goodbyes and it's Poxy's turn for her parody song "i saw your bits" Ace of Base's I saw the sign, done in Kath and Kim style.
Dont forget to visit our website for more hillarity at www.custerstuff.webs.com

6. Custerstuff parody song #1 "Lice"
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Description: Roobi's first ever parody song "Lice". George michaels "Faith" redone Custer style.
Think this is funny, check out our site for more crazyness.

7. Custerstuff Cast ep 01 "Custard Pizza"
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (, 0.00Mb)

Description: In our first ever episode, we discuss who we are, and what we want our poadcast to be about.
We do our first prank calls (a little lame but hopefully they'll get better) and Our weird and wonderfull news segment. We also talk a fair bit of random jabber. We discuss the worst names ever, and then say our goodbyes for our first episode before playing Roobi's song "Lice" parody of George Michael's "faith".
Please be gentle with us as this is our first episode, and don't forget to vote for us at podcast alley and become a member of our site at www.custerstuff.webs.com