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Podcast title The Projection Booth Podcast
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Description The ultimate movie podcast coming to you weekly from Detroit, Michigan. Every Wednesday, Mike is joined by a variety of co-hosts and guests to examine a film. We cover everything from the art house to the out house.
Updated Tue, 10 Oct 2017 14:00:00 PDT
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1. Episode 344: The Tenant (1976)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 89.08Mb)

Description: Guest Co-Hosts: Alex Winter, Jamey Duvall Shocktober 2017 continues with a the 1976 film from Roman Polanski, The Tenant . Adapted from a book by Roland Topor (Fantastic Planet), the film also stars Polanski as Trelkovsky, a man in need of a new apartment. He finds one where the previous occupant has defenestrated herself. After her death, he's able to move in and finds that his neighbors don't like him being noisy... in fact, they don't like him being him at all. Some put this alongside Polanski's Repulsion and Rosemary's Baby as his “apartment trilogy” in which explores the terrors of urban paranoia. Jamey Duvall of Movie Geeks United! and writer/director/actor Alex Winter join Mike to discuss what many consider to be Polanski's most personal film.

2. Episode 343: Mad Love (1935)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 140.65Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Gregory W. Mank, Stephen D. Youngkin Guest Co-Host: Samm Deighan Shocktober 2017 kicks off with Karl Freund's final film as a director and Peter Lorre's film film in America, Mad Love (1935). Based upon Maurice Renard 's The Hands of Orlac, the film shifts focus from the titular Orlac to Dr. Gogol, a cunning physician who specializes in some questionable procedures. He’s fascinated by the actress Yvonne Orlac (Frances Drake) and, rebuffed in his advances, manages to enter her life after he backhandedly helps her husband, concert pianist Stephen Orlac (Colin Clive), by giving him a new pair of hands after his have been crushed in an accident. But what kind of gift are the hands of a murderer on a master musician? Samm Deighan joins Mike to discuss the unusual American debut from Peter Lorre along with special guests Gregory W. Mank (Hollywood Cauldron: Thirteen Horror Films from the Genre's Golden Age) and Stephen D. Youngkin (The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre).

3. Episode 342: Happy End (1966)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 74.19Mb)

Description: Guest Co-Hosts: Ben Buckingham, Kat Ellinger We wrap up the first Czechtember series with a film from director Oldrich Lipský, 1966's Happy End, an experimental comedy (which is as unusual as that sounds) that puts scenes in opposite order and runs motion backward from the death of our main character (Vladimír Menšík) while he gives the voice-over account of life from birth. Of course, this provides us with constant ironic juxtapositions. The film was co-written by Lipský and Milos Macourek, the screenwriter behind some of the best comedies out of Czechoslovakia in the '60s and '70s. Kat Ellinger and Ben Buckingham join Mike to discuss Happy End and other favorite Czech comedies.  

4. Episode 341: The Cremator (1968)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 95.44Mb)

Description: Guest Co-Host: Samm Deighan Czechtember continues with a look at Juraj Herz's The Cremator (AKA Spalovac mrtvol). Released in 1968, the year of the Prague Spring, the film stars Rudolf Hrusínský as Karl (or Roman) Kopfrkingl, a man dedicated to the idea of liberating the soul from the body through the practice of cremation. Samm Deighan joins Mike to discuss collaborators and the madness that gripped the world in the 1930s and '40s.

5. Special Report: Patty Farmer on 'Starring the Plaza'
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 31.03Mb)

Description: On this special episode, Mike talks with author Patty Farmer about her work including her latest books, Starring the Plaza and Playboy Laughs. Find out more at www.patty-farmer.com.

6. Episode 340: Case for a Rookie Hangman (1970)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 123.79Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Peter Hames Guest Co-Hosts: Kat Ellinger, Kevin Heffernan Czechtember continues with a look at Pavel Jurácek's Case for a Rookie Hangman (AKA Prípad pro zacínajícího kata) from 1970. Very loosely based on the third part of Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels, the film tells the tale of Lemuel Gulliver (Lubomír Kostelka) in the land of Balnibarbi, a surrealistic landscape where Lemuel has a hard time finding his footing, literally. Kat Ellinger and Kevin Heffernan join Mike to discuss the malleability of Swift's satire and The Key to Determining Dwarfs, or The Last Travel of Lemuel Gulliver. Links: Buy Case for a Rookie Hangman on DVD Buy Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift Buy The Czechoslovak New Wave by Peter Hames Buy Avant-garde to New Wave: Czechoslovak Cinema, Surrealism and the Sixties by Jonathan Owen  

7. Special Report: The Running Man (1987)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 215.71Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Steven E. de Souza, Kurt Fuller, George Linder, Rob Cohen Guest Co-Hosts: Andrew Nette, Aaron Peterson Set in the distant year of 2017, The Running Man (1987) is set in a dystopian world where reality television rules the airwaves and the most popular show pits criminals against muscle-bound, spandex-clad "stalkers". Based loosely on a novella by "Richard Bachman" (AKA Stephen King), the film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as Ben Richards, a man framed as "The Butcher of Bakersfield" and thrown Running Man game, hosted by Killian (Richard Dawson), and featuring a cadre of killers including Jesse Ventura, Jim Brown, Professor Toru Tanaka, and more. Andrew Nette and Aaron Peterson join Mike to discuss the film, its odd production history, and the resonance to today's world. We also discuss the work of Robert Sheckley and his influence on "people hunting people" films including The Million Game, The Price of Peril, The Tenth Victim and Freejack.

8. Episode 339: Closely Watched Trains (1966)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 140.64Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Jiri Menzel, Peter Hames Guest Co-Hosts: Jonathan Owen, Samm Deighan We kick off the first annual "Czechtember" with a look at the most-easily accessible films of the Czech New Wave, the charmingly disarming 1966 film Closely Watched Trains (AKA Ostre Sledované Vlaky or Closely Observed Trains). Co-written and directed by Jirí Menzel and based upon Bohumil Hrabal's novella, the film stars Václav Neckár as Milos Hrma, a young man from a family of eccentrics. Not wanting to work too hard, he gets a job at the local railway station where he's mentored by the earthly Hubicka (Josef Somr) and Nazi-sympathizer Zednicek (Vlastimil Brodský). Samm Deighan and Jonathan Owen (author of Avant-garde to New Wave: Czechoslovak Cinema, Surrealism and the Sixties) join Mike to discuss Menzel's subversive film and the way it plays with "sex comedy" themes against the backdrop of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia. Links: Buy Closely Watched Trains on DVD Buy Closely Watched Trains by Bohumil Hrabal Buy Closely Observed Trains (the script)

9. Episode 338: The Swimmer (1968)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 261.31Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Justin Bozung, Kate Buford, Preston Neal Jones Guest Co-Hosts: Rob St. Mary, Elric Kane The 1968 film by Frank and Eleanor Perry, The Swimmer (based on the John Cheever short story of the same name), stars Burt Lancaster as Ned Merrill, a Connecticut executive who decides to head back home by swimming through the pools of his neighbors, a "river" which he names "Lucinda" after his wife. Along the way, Ned is met with drinks, laughs, reminders of his affairs that went sour, and maybe even reminders that what he pretends to be may be no more. Elric Kane and co-host emeritus Rob St. Mary join Mike to discuss the trouble production and ground-breaking ideas of The Swimmer. Links: Buy The Swimmer on Blu-Ray Read The Swimmer: A prophetic modernist fable set in a fading Eden by Michael Atkinson Read An Analysis of "The Swimmer" by John Cheever by Rebekah Nydam Watch Man Fed Up with Commute Swims to Work Read The Swimmer by John Cheever  

10. Episode 337: Intacto (2001)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 106.05Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Andrés M. Koppel Guest Co-Hosts: Jamey Duvall, Heather Drain We're up all night to get lucky as we discuss the 2001 film from director and co-writer Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Intacto which stars Leonardo Sbaraglia as Tomás, a man who survives a plane crash and who may just be the luckiest man in the world. He's found by Federico (Eusebio Poncela), who introduces him to an underground world where luck is something of a commodity and the man who rules over this kingdom, Samuel Berg (Max von Sydow). Co-hosts Jamey Duvall and Heather Drain discuss the film as well as other related movies like 13, Fearless, and The Cooler. Buy Intacto on DVD Buy The Cooler on DVD Buy Fearless on Blu-Ray Buy 13 Tzameti on DVD Buy 13 on DVD Visit MondoHeather.com Visit MovieGeeksUnited.com Read about The Mist & The Maiden Watch The Mist & The Maiden teaser (with English subtitles)  

11. Special Report: Michael Lucker on Crash! Boom! Bang!
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 30.41Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Michael Lucker On this special episode, Mike talks with writer Michael Lucker about his career in Hollywood (including co-writing the screenplay for A Vampire in Brooklyn) as well as his recent book, CRASH! BOOM! BANG! How to Write Action Movies. Links: Buy CRASH! BOOM! BANG! How to Write Action Movies by Michael Lucker Visit Lucky Dog Filmworks Read An Oral History of A Vampire in Brooklyn Visit Michael Wiese Productions  

12. Special Report: Albert Pyun on Interstellar Civil War (2017)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 24.74Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Albert Pyun On this special episode, Mike talks with writer/director Albert Pyun about his latest film, the sci-fi epic Interstellar Civil War: Shadows of the Empire (2017). They also discuss Pyun's dementia and how he was able to use this as an artistic method in the creation of his film. Links: Visit the official Albert Pyun website Be sure to LIKE Interstellar Civil War on Facebook Listen to our Captain America episode Listen to our Mean Guns episode

13. Episode 336: THX-1138 (1971)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 222.28Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Brian Jay Jones, Matthew Robbins, Maggie McOmie, Bruce Chesse, Sid Haig Guest Co-Hosts: Jay Bauman, Chris Bricklemyer The first feature film from director George Lucas, THX-1138 (1971) features a world in which love is outlawed and mind-altering drugs are mandatory. The film stars Robert Duvall as the titular THX-1138 and Maggie McOmie as LUH-3417 as roommates who eventually develop into something much more despite the totalitarian regime in which they live. Co-written by Walter Murch, the film ponders materialism, religion, and love. Chris Bricklemyer (Outside the Cinema, Are You Serious?) and Jay Bauman (Red Letter Media) join Mike to discuss Lucas's freshman film, how its themes would echo in his other work, and how he revised it in the 2004 "director's cut." Download the original version of THX-1138 Buy THX-1138 (Director's Cut) on Blu-Ray Watch Electonic Labrynth: THX 1138 4EB Read about the differences between the original and director's cut of THX-1138 Read the THX-1138 script Buy The Original Movie Game - Blockbuster Edition

14. Episode 335: The Bellboy (1960)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 117.29Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Shawn Levy Guest Co-Hosts: Craig Bierko, Peter Flynn The 1960 directorial debut from Jerry Lewis, The Bellboy, also stars Lewis in the titular role. He's Stanley, a put upon hotel worker at the Fountainbleu hotel in Miami. The film doesn’t necessarily have a three act plot per se but is more an opportunity for a string of gags. Filmmaker Peter Flynn and actor Craig Bierko join Mike to discuss The Bellboy as well as many other aspects of Lewis's career. Special guest Shawn Levy is the author of King of Comedy: The Life and Art of Jerry Lewis. Buy The Bellboy on DVD Buy King of Comedy: The Life and Art of Jerry Lewis by Shawn Levy Buy the Pierre Etaix collection Buy Funny Bones on DVD Buy UnReal on DVD Buy Dying of the Light on DVD Hear more of Peter Flynn on the Dying of the Light episode Hear more of Craig Bierko on the Strange Brew and Thirteenth Floor episodes

15. Episode 334: La Marge (1976)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 221.28Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Jeremy Richey, Noël Véry, Michael Levy Guest Co-Hosts: Daniel Bird, Samm Deighan Also known as The Streetwalker, The Margin, and sometimes even as Emmanuel 77, La Marge film stars Joe Dallesandro as Sigismond, a loving husband who leaves his wife and child to head to Paris. While there he learns of the sudden, unexpected death of his aforementioned family and spends a few days living in fringes of society, spending most of his time with Diana, played by Sylvia Kristel, a prostitute. The 1976 film is one of several adaptations of André Pieyre de Mandiargues by director Walerian Borowczyk. Samm Deighan and Daniel Bird school Mike in the work of Walerian Borowczyk with the help of Jeremy Richey (author of the upcoming Sylvia Kristel in the Seventies: From Emmanuelle to Chabrol), cinematographer and cameraman Noël Véry, and Walerian Borowczyk's assistant, Michael Levy. Buy Walerian Borowczyk: The Book by Daniel Bird Buy Camera Obscura: The Walerian Borowczyk Collection on Blu-Ray Visit the Friends of Walerian Borowczyk website Buy Lost Girls: The Phantasmagorical Cinema of Jean Rollin edited by Samm Deighan

16. Episode 333: Akira (1988)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 151.21Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Jonathan Clements Guest Co-Hosts: El Goro, Chris Cummins Based on his manga of the same name, and released two years before the end of the comic series, Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira (1988) tells the tale of Kaneda -- a teenage punk in a motorcycle gang -- and Kei -- a member of an underground resistance -- and their adventures in NeoTokyo. They enter into a world of psychics including the titular Akira, the little boy with incredible powers that lead to the devastating explosion that opens the film. Special guest Jonathan Clements, author of Anime: A History, provides Mike with some much-needed background on Japanese animation while co-hosts El Goro and Chris Cummins describe their love of Otomo's groundbreaking film. Links: Buy Akira on Blu-Ray Buy Akira, the manga Visit the School Girl Milky Crisis blog Check out the books of Jonathan Clmenets Visit the Akira wiki Visit the Talk Without Rhythm podcast Read Chris Cummins's articles on Den of Geek

17. Episode 332: Visitor Q (2001)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 124.95Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Tom Mes Guest Co-Hosts: Kevin Heffernan, Patrick Bromley Written by Itaru Era, the 2001 movie from prolific director Takashi Miike Visitor Q tells the story of a family in disarray. The unemployed father (Ken'ichi Endô) a former newsman who laid off after an unfortunate incident, the mother (Shungiku Uchida) a heroin addict who prostitutes herself for money to get a fix, the son (Jun Mutô) is a victim of bullying who then bullies his own mother, and the daughter (Fujiko) who has left home to become a prostitute as well. When the titular Visitor Q (Kazushi Watanabe) shows up... things change. Special guest Tom Mes, author of Agitator: The Cinema of Takashi Miike, discusses Miike's career. Co-Hosts Patrick Bromley and Kevin Heffernan join Mike to examine Visitor Q as well as François Ozon's Sitcom and Pier Paolo Pasolini's Teorema (1968). Links: Buy Visitor Q on DVD Buy Sitcom on DVD Buy Teorema on DVD Buy Agitator: The Cinema of Takashi Miike by Tom Mes Buy Re-Agitator: A Decade of Writing on Takashi Miike by Tom Mes Buy Iron Man: The Cinema of Shinya Tsukamoto by Tom Mes  

18. Special Report: CinemAbility (2013)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 94.26Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Jenni Gold Guest Co-Hosts: Sean Gray, Steve Byrne On a special episode of The Projection Booth Steve Byrne and Sean Gray join Mike to discuss the documentary film CinemAbility (2013). Directed by Jenni Gold and co-written by Samuel Reed, the film looks at the long history of portraying disabilities on screen. Links: Visit the official CinemAbility website Read 14 Cisgender Actors in Transgender Roles from The Hollywood Reporter Read ‘Blind’ Director Addresses Backlash Over Casting Alec Baldwin And Not Disabled Actor In Lead Role by Michael Mailer Be sure to visit the Is This Venue Accessible website Check out the Freep Film Festival

19. Special Report: I'm Gonna Git You Sucka! (1988)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 121.10Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Antonio Fargas, Peter McCarthy Guest Co-Host: Chris Cummins Keenan Ivory Wayans's I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988) is at once a parody of and follow-up to Blaxploitation films of the 1970s. In it, Wayans stars as Jack Spade, the new blood trying to take down Mr. Big (John Vernon) with a team of classic heroes like John Slade (Bernie Casey), Hammer (Isaac Hayes), Slammer (Jim Brown), Kung Fu Joe (Steve James) and Fly Guy (Antonio Fargas). Chris Cummins joins Mike to discuss the film. Special guests include actor Antonio Fargas (Putney Swope, Cleopatra Jones) and producer Peter McCarthy (Tapeheads, Roadside Prophets). Links: Buy I'm Gonna Git You Sucka on Blu-Ray Check out Brown Sugar Visit the official Chris Cummins website  

20. Episode 331: The Cook The Thief His Wife & Her Lover (1989)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 102.54Mb)

Description: Guest Co-Hosts: Ken Stanley, Samm Deighan Peter Greenaway's The Cook The Thief His Wife & Her Lover (1989) tells the tale of Albert Spica (Michael Gambon), a monstrous gangster putting on airs as a gourmand. This loutish brute is the co-owner of a restaurant where he, his wife Georgina (Helen Mirren) and his crew are regulars. Also a frequent patron at the restaurant is Michael (Alan Howard), a book dealer who is secretly Georgina’s lover. Samm Deighan and Ken Stanley join Mike to discuss this controversial film as well as Greenaway's other work. Buy The Cook, Cook The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover on Blu-Ray Buy Peter Greenaway's Postmodern / Poststructuralist Cinema Paperback edited by Paula Willoquet-Maricondi and Mary Alemany-Galway Buy Peter Greenaway: Interviews edited by Vernon Gras and Marguerite Gras Buy Peter Greenaway: The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, Her Lover by Peter Greenaway Visit The Cinematic Endeavors of Peter Greenaway Visit Luperpedia Foundation Hear more from Samm Deighan at Daughters of Darkness Hear more from Ken at Ken's Loud Band  

21. Episode 330: Arrebato (1979)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 81.69Mb)

Description: Guest Co-Host: Elric Kane Elric Kane joins Mike to discuss the 1979 film from director Ivan Zulueta, Arrebato. The film stars Eusebio Poncela as Jose, a director who’s dissatisfied with his own work. He soon meets Pedro (Will More), a filmmaker of a different sort.

22. Special Report: Torchbearer (2016)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 130.18Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Zach Dasher Guest Co-Hosts: David Pace-Bonello, Chris Bricklemyer On this special episode of The Projection Booth we’re looking at the 2016 documentary from director Steve Bannon, Torchbearer. The film stars Phil Robertson, better known as “The Duck Commander”, and is an hour-long sermon which warns against the perils of secularism. This is the ninth film from Bannon as director, though he’s taken a bit of a break from filmmaking as he’s now advising the current President. Special guest Zach Dasher recounts the making of the film. David Pace-Bonello and Chris Bricklemyer join Mike to discuss the film, political correctness, and much more Visit the official Torchbearer website Listen to the JungleGate podcast series Learn more about The Movie Game  

23. Special Report: Don "The Dragon" Wilson
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 66.73Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Don "The Dragon" Wilson Mike talks to action star Don "The Dragon" Wilson about his careers in acting and kickboxing. They discuss the Bloodfist series, Red Sun Rising, Batman and Robin, and his latest work with director Michael Baumgarten, Paying Mr. McGetty and The Martial Arts Kid. Links: Follow Don Wilson on Facebook  

24. Episode 329: On the Silver Globe (1988)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 122.92Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Daniel Bird Guest Co-Hosts: Heather Drain, Joe Yanick Initially begun in 1977 and not released until (1988, Andrzej Zulawski, On the Silver Globe, is based on a series called The Lunar Trilogy by Zulawski's great uncle Jerzy. Joe Yanick and Heather Drain join Mike in an attempt to unravel the Polish sci-fi epic.   Listen to our Possession episode Listen to our Hard to be a God episode Listen to the Daughters of Darkness Zulawski series Read Film of the Week: On the Silver Globe by Jonathan Romney    

25. Episode 328: Over the Edge (1979)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 293.87Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Charlie Haas, Tim Hunter, Vincent Spano, Andy Romano, Harry Northup Guest Co-Hosts: Heather Drain, Leon Chase Jonathan Kaplan's Over the Edge (1979) tells the story of a group of disaffected youths growing up in the sterile confines of a remote suburb. Their folks dig on that almighty dollar, seeking to continue to build up the cookie cutter homes of New Granada, even if it means knocking down the local rec center, the only place the kids have to congregate in any sort of civilized manner. This episode features interviews with co-writers Charlie Haas and Tim Hunter along actors Vincent Spano, Andy Romano, and Harry Northup. Leon Chase and Heather Drain join Mike to reminisce about the film and their younger days. Buy Over the Edge on DVD Buy The Enthusiast: A Novel by Charlie Haas Visit Harry Northup's Times Times 3 blog Listen to our episode on Pump Up the Volume Listen to the Talk Without Rhythm episode on Over The Edge + Pump Up the Volume Visit the official Leon Chase website Visit the official Heather Drain website

26. Special Report: American Psycho (2000)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 215.02Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Mary Harron, Guinevere Turner, Roberta Hanley Guest Co-Hosts: David Rodgers Paula Guthat Based on the controversial book by Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho (2000) tells the tale of Wall Street's Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), his murderous rampage, and the world of the late 1980s Manhattan. The episode features interviews with one of the original screenwriters, Roberta Hanley, along with the film's director, Mary Harron and co-screenwriter / actress Guinevere Turner. David Rodgers and Cinema Detroit's Paula Guthat join Mike to discuss yuppie scum and how American Psycho still resonates today. Buy American Psycho on DVD Buy American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis Buy American Psycho (Original London Cast Recording) Read In Defense of American Psycho 2 by Chris Alexander Read How Mary Harron made a feminist film out of American Psycho by Joe Blevins  

27. Episode 327: Wings of Desire (1987)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 80.22Mb)

Description: Guest Co-Host: Joe Yanick Wings of Desire, the 1987 film from Wim Wenders, stars Bruno Ganz as Damiel and Otto Sander as Cassiel, two angels out of many that watch over Berlin. They are immortal observers, watching the goings-on of the myriad people around them. Yet, they can never experience the full world in which the humans live. They know not taste, touch, feeling, or love... Small Screen Cinema's Joe Yanick joins Mike to discuss Peter Falk, the sequel Faraway, So Close!, and the American remake City of Angels on this episode.   Buy Wings of Desire on Blu-Ray Buy books by Wim Wenders Visit the official Wim Wenders website

28. Special Report: The Fabulous Allan Carr (2017)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 46.70Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Jeffrey Schwarz  On this special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talks with Jeffrey Schwarz about his latest documentary, The Fabulous Allan Carr (2017) which follows the life and career of producer and caftan enthusiast Allan Carr. We discuss his triumphs like Grease and La Cage aux Folles as well as Grease 2 and Can't Stop the Music.   Visit the official The Fabulous Allan Carr website Be sure to like The Fabulous Allan Carr on Facebook Follow @allancarrmovie on Twitter Buy Party Animals: A Hollywood Tale of Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll Starring the Fabulous Allan Carr by Robert Hofler Buy The Guttenberg Bible: A Memoir by Steve Guttenberg  

29. Special Report: Jeremiah Tower - The Last Magnificent (2016)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 51.46Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Lydia Tenaglia On this special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talks to Lydia Tenaglia about her film Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent (2016), a documentary about culinary pioneer Jeremiah Tower and his travels and travails. Ms. Tenaglia also shares stories of her early career; working on medical reality shows (Trauma: Life in the ER) and her role in bringing Anthony Bourdain to television. Links: Visit the official Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent website Visit the official Zero Point Zero website Buy Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain  

30. Episode 326: John Dies at the End (2012)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 94.76Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Glynn Turman Guest Co-Hosts: Thomas Barker, Chris Stachiw Based on a book by David Wong, Don Coscarelli's John Dies at the End (2012) stars Chase Williamson as a character named David Wong while Rob Mayes plays the titular John. The film chronicles the otherworldly adventures of Dave and John as they ingest a new drug, Soy Sauce, and travel to other dimensions. Special guest Glynn Turman plays Detective Lawrence Appleton in the film. He discusses his "accidental" career and his groundbreaking appearance in "Peyton Place" as well as some of his favorite roles in Cooley High, The Serpent's Egg, and more. Buy John Dies at the End on Blu-Ray Buy John Dies at the End by David Wong Follow Don Coscarelli on Twitter Like Don Coscarelli on Facebook Visit the official David Wong website Visit the John Dies at the End Magnet website Visit the movie website Visit the Phantasm website Listen to the Shock Wave interview with Don Coscarelli  

31. Special Report: Jad Smith on Alfred Bester
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 51.93Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Jad Smith On this special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talks with Professor Jad Smith about his book, Alfred Bester, part of the University of Illinois Press series, Masters of Science Fiction. Bester, a master craftsman of prose, is best known for his seminal sci-fi books The Stars My Destination and The Demolished Man. Links: Buy Alfred Bester by Jad Smith Buy The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester Buy The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester

32. Episode 325: One-Eyed Jacks (1961)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 123.09Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Toby Roan Guest Co-Hosts: Paul Zimmerman, Jamey Duvall Based on Charles Neider's book The Authentic Death of Hendry Jones, One-Eyed Jacks (1961) tells the tale of Rio AKA The Kid, played by Marlon Brando, and Dad Longsworth, played by Karl Malden. The two are outlaws who take very different paths, the Kid being a "noble" criminal while Dad eventually becomes a servant of the law. We watch them spar in the coastal Californian city of Monterrey where the tumultuous water serves as a metaphor for the raging emotions inside each man. The film was originally supposed to have been a powerhouse production with Sam Peckinpah writing the adaptation, Stanley Kubrick directing, and Brando as the star. But things don't always work out the way they're supposed to. Instead, this became the first and only film that Brando directed. Jamey Duvall and Paul Zimmerman join Mike to discuss Brando, Westerns, and more. Special guest Toby Roan is the author of the upcoming A Million Feet Of Film: The Making Of One-Eyed Jacks. Buy One-Eyed Jacks on Blu-Ray Buy The Authentic Death of Hendry Jones by Charles Neider Visit 50 Westerns from the '50s Hear more of Jamie Duvall at Movie Geeks United! Read My Dinners with Demme by Paul Zimmerman

33. Special Report: Steven Shainberg on Rupture
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 68.56Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Steven Shainberg On this special episode, Mike talks with director Steven Shainberg about his career from The Big Hit (1996) to Secretary (2002), to Fur (2006) to his latest, Rupture (2016) starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Chiklis, and Peter Stormare Buy Rupture on streaming video Listen to our episode on Secretary  

34. Special Report: Cinetopia 2017
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 41.21Mb)

Description: Mike talks with Brian Hunter about the line-up for Cinetopia 2017, the annual film festival which takes place in Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit.  For more information visit http://www.cinetopiafestival.org/

35. Special Report: Nineteen Eighty Four (1984)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 181.83Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Michael Radford Guest Co-Hosts: Samm Deighan, Emily Intravia On this special episode of The Projection Booth we discuss Michael Radford's 1984 version of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four starring John Hurt as Winston Smith, Suzanna Hamilton as Julia, and Richard Burton as O'Brien. Emily Intravia of the Feminine Critique podcast and Samm Deighan of the Daughters of Darkness podcast join Mike to discuss Radford's 1984 as well as several other TV and film adaptations from the 1950s. Buy Michael Radford's 1984 on DVD Read 1984 by George Orwell Buy Michael Anderson's 1984 on DVD Buy V for Vendetta by Alan Moore Listen to the Daughters of Darkness podcast Listen to the Feminine Critique podcast  

36. Episode 324: The Lost One (1951)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 133.81Mb)

Description: Special Guests Stephen Youngkin Guest Co-Hosts: Samm Deighan, Daniel Bird In The Lost One (AKA Der Verlorene) (1951) we find Peter Lorre as Dr. Karl Rothe (AKA Dr. Karl Neumeister), working at a displaced persons camp after World War II. When a figure from his past, Hösch (AKA Nowak) (Karl John), appears at the camp the two men reminisce about their shared history during the war. The film is a tense film noir by way of the German trümmerfilm (rubble film) and the only feature directed by Peter Lorre. Daniel Bird and Samm Deighan join Mike to discuss The Lost One, Fritz Lang's M, and much more. Links: Buy The Lost One on DVD-R Buy The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre by Stephen D. Youngkin Buy Crime and Punishment on DVD Keep up with Samm Deighan at Diabolique magazine Listen to the Supporting Characters interview with Daniel Bird

37. Special Report: Karen Lunder on Gifted (2017)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 42.66Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Karen Lunder Mike talks to producer Karen Lunder about some of her work from the early days of working on Todd Solondz's Happiness, John Tucker Must Die and Mr. Woodcock to her recent string of successes including The Founder, Eye in the Sky, and Arrival. Ms. Lunder and Mike focus on the 2017 film from director Marc Webb and writer Tom Flynn, Gifted, which stars Mckenna Grace, Chris Evans, and Octavia Spencer. Links: Visit the official Gifted website Visit the official Film Nation website

38. Episode 323: The Ninth Configuration (1980)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 155.38Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Stacy Keach Guest Co-Hosts: Samm Deighan, Heather Drain Written and directed by William Peter Blatty, The Ninth Configuration (1980) has been known at points and was based on his novel Twinkle Twinkle Killer Kane. The film stars Stacy Keach as Col. Hudson Kane, a new psychiatrist at an unusual retreat for men who have cracked up during the Vietnam War. Also at this fog shrouded castle is Captain Billy Cutshaw (Scott Wilson), an astronaut who freaked out before his mission to the moon. The two men are at odds about the world, especially around the question of faith. Heather Drain and Samm Deighan join Mike to discuss the Blatty, The Exorcist, Legion, and starting a Joe Spinell street gang. Buy The Ninth Configuration on Blu-Ray Buy The Ninth Configuration by William Peter Blatty Buy Demons Five, Exorcists Nothing: A Fable by William Peter Blatty Buy All in All: An Actor's Life On and Off the Stage by Stacy Keach Visit the official Stacy Keach website Hear Tom Atkins's recollections of working on The Ninth Configuration Read more about Ed Flanders Visit the Ninth Configuration fan site

39. Special Report: Who is Arthur Chu? (2017)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 86.69Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Scott Drucker, Yu Gu Guest Co-Hosts Rod Lott Rod Lott joins Mike to discuss the 2017 documentary Who Is Arthur Chu?? The film is ostensibly about "Jeopardy" champion Arthur Chu but goes into larger discussions of race, gender, nerd culture, and more. Mike speaks to filmmakers Yu Gu and Scott Drucker about the creation of and response to the film. Links: Visit the official Wh0 is Arthur Chu website Follow Arthur Chu on Twitter Visit the official Arthur Chu website Visit the The Final Wager Visit the J Archive Read No Girls Allowed: The Lasting Rules of GamerGate and Toxic Misogyny by Sam Riedel Read I’m not “that creepy guy from the Internet”: How Gamergate gave the geek community a bad name by Arthur Chu Follow Ken Jennings on Twitter Listen to the Slanted Screen episode

40. Episode 322: Mommie Dearest (1981)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 175.24Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Rutanya Alda, Justin Bozung Guest Co-Hosts: Terry Frost, Joshua Grannell Based on the scandalous memoir by Christina Crawford, Frank Perry's Mommie Dearest (1981) gave the world a powerhouse performance by Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford. On this episode of The Projection Booth, Joshual Grannell and Terry Frost join Mike to discuss the movie and its reception. Guests this episode include actress Rutanya Alda who gives a behind-the-scenes account of the shooting of the film and Justin Bozung who is currently writing a book about director Frank Perry. Buy Mommie Dearest on DVD Buy The Mommie Dearest Diary: Carol Ann Tells All by Rutanya Alda Buy Mommie Dearest by Christina Crawford Buy Looking for Gatsby by Faye Dunaway Visit the Concluding Chapter of Crawford website Visit the official Peaches Christ website Visit the Paleo Cinema website Visit the Martian Drive-In Podcast

41. Special Report: Stories from the Trenches, The Official Sam Firstenberg Book
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 76.00Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Marco Siedelmann, Sam Firstenberg On a special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talks to author Marco Siedlmann about his upcoming book, Stories from the Trenches: The Official Sam Firstenberg Book as well as the subject of the book himself, Sam Firstenberg, the director of films sch as American Ninja, American Samurai, Cyborg Cop, and Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. Links: More about The Untold, In-Depth, Outrageously True Story of Shapiro Glickenhaus Entertainment Read about other books by Marco Siedelmann

42. Episode 321: Wanda Whips Wall Street (1981)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 117.41Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Larry Revene Guest Co-Hosts: Kevin Heffernan, Heather Drain In Larry Revene's Wanda Whips Wall Street (1981), Veronica Hart stars as Wanda Brandt, a serious business woman who plies her feminine wiles while taking over Tyler Industries, despite investigators Lou Perrini (Jamie Gillis) and Ed Drummond (Ron Jeremy) being hot on her trail... Professor Kevin Heffernan and Heather Drain join Mike in discussing the film as well as it's 1984 re-cut version, Stocks and Blondes. Be sure to read the interview with Wanda's screenwriter Rick Marx. Buy Wanda Whips Wall Street on DVD Buy Stocks and Blondes on DVD Buy Wham Bam $$ Ba Da Boom! : Mob wars, Battles and a View from the Trenches by Larry Revene Buy Life in a Film Can by Larry Revene Read Casey Scott's review of Stocks and Blondes Read Knot and Gender blog by Kevin Heffernan Read The Crawling Eye Cult Media Blog by Kevin Heffernan Visit the Mondo Heather website

43. Ego Fest 5: Planet Ego
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 274.49Mb)

Description: Special Guests: "Mondo" Justin Bozung, Rob St. Mary, Chris Stachiw Guest Co-Hosts: Heather Drain It's been over a year since we've pulled back the curtain and done an "Ego Fest." Rather than discussing a specific film, this episode is all about The Projection Booth itself. It's the real dirt, off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush. Heather Drain joins Mike to answer listener questions, thank Patreon Donors, go off-topic, and kvetch. Read the interview with Mike White on Outward Film Network Read Those movie nerds behind the video-store counter are back — and they’re doing podcasts by Stephanie Merry Listen to Heather on The Pop Culture Club Listen to Mike and Heather on the Supporting Characters podcast Read Kong: Skull Island – why do Hollywood blockbusters have such Trump-like politics? by James Robert Douglas  

44. Special Report: Tami Stronach
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 19.14Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Tami Stronach Mike talks with actress Tami Stronach from her early days and starring as The Childlike Empress in The Neverending Story (1984) to her dance and theater career as the co-founder of The Paper Canoe Company. Links: Follow Tami on Twitter Learn more about Beanstalk Jack Get the Beanstalk Jack album on Bandcamp  

45. Episode 320: eXistenZ (1999)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 142.37Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Ernest Mathijs Guest Co-Hosts: Jessica Kramer, Dustin Kramer eXistenZ, the 1999 film from writer/director David Cronenberg stars Jennifer Jason Leigh as Allegra Geller, a game designer who has been marked for death by a faction known as the “Realists”. After an assassination attempt she escapes with her ineffectual bodyguard, a PR nerd named Ted Pikull played by Jude Law. The pair eventually test out Allegra’s new game, eXistenZ, in order to make sure her biomass game pod is still functional. From there the film traverses many layers of game play, making viewers question what’s real and what’s part of play. Dustin & Jessica Kramer of the Popcorn Poops podcast join Mike to discuss existentialism, Freud, Philip K. Dick, The Matrix, and more. Buy eXistenZ on DVD Buy the eXistenZ novelization by "John Luther Novak" (AKA Christopher Priest) Buy the eXistenZ soundtrack by Howard Shore Buy The Cinema of David Cronenberg: From Baron of Blood to Cultural Hero Buy The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldrich by Philip K. Dick Buy The Days of Perky Pat by Philip K. Dick Listen to the Popcorn Poops podcast

46. Special Report: Faran Tahir
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 28.26Mb)

Description: Mike speaks with actor Faran Tahir about his early days and more recent roles in Iron Man, Star Trek, Escape Plan, Once Upon a Time, and more. Follow Faran Tahir on Twitter at https://twitter.com/farantahir123

47. Episode 319: The Red Shoes (1948)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 94.61Mb)

Description: Guest Co-Hosts: Daniel Bird, Maitland McDonagh Daniel Bird and Maitland McDonagh join Mike to discuss the 1948 film from Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, The Red Shoes. The film centers on the tumultuous world of dance, namely ballet. We follow Julian Craster (Marius Goring) and Vicky Page (Moira Shearer) through triumphs and misfortunes. A favorite of Martin Scorsese, the film is a triumph of melodrama and includes several breathtaking dance sequences, most notably an adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's The Red Shoes. Buy The Red Shoes on DVD Buy A Life in Movies by Michael Powell Buy Michael Powell: International Perspectives on an English Film-maker by Ian Christie (Editor) Buy the books of Maitland McDonagh Buy Tenebrae on Blu-Ray Read an interview with Daniel Bird by Samm Deighan

48. Episode 318: La Grande Illusion (1937)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 141.51Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Nick Macdonald Guest Co-Hosts: Tom Jennings, Ken Stanley Set during World War One, Jean Renoir's La Grande Illusion (1937) stars Jean Gabin as Lt. Marechal, an airman who, along with Captain Boeldieu (Pierre Fresnay), are shot down by Captain Rauffenstein, who’s played by Erich von Stroheim. The two Frenchmen then spend most of the rest of the film in POW camps, primarily Hallbach and Wintersborn where they meet an array of fellow prisoners. Tom Jennings and Ken Stanley join Mike to discuss this seminal humanist film. Links: Buy La Grande Illusion on Blu-Ray Buy In Search of La Grande Illusion: A Critical Appreciation of Jean Renoir's Elusive Masterpiece by Nicholas Macdonald Read Anarchist films of Nick Macdonald from '70s to get first Chicago showings by Michael Phillips Listen to Masters of Cinema Cast Listen to 24 Frames Cast Listen to Ken's Loud Band

49. Special Report: They Live (1988)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 236.67Mb)

Description: Special Guests: D. Harlan Wilson, Sandy King, Peter Jason, Keith David Guest Co-Hosts: El Goro, Patrick Bromley Yes, we're talking about John Carpenter's They Live (1988) wherein a man with no name -- or a name that means nothing -- Nada ("Rowdy" Roddy Piper) comes to Los Angeles looking for work only to find a vast conspiracy instead. We talk to the author of the They Live Cultography, D. Harlan Wilson, as well as producer Sandy King, and actors Peter Jason and Keith David. F! This Movie's Patrick Bromley and Talk Without Rhythm's El Goro join Mike to discuss this politically-charged film as well as Pizzagate, Wrestlemania, Shepard Fairey's use of wrestling, skateboarding, and politics via the "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" phenomenon, and morning in America. Buy They Live on Blu-Ray Buy They Live (Cultography) by D. Harlan Wilson Buy They Live (Deep Focus) by Jonathan Lethem  

50. Special Report: The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 39.42Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Nancy Andrews On this special episode, Mike talks with Nancy Andrews the director of The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes (2015), a short film cum feature cum web series. Watch the series at thestrangeeyesofdrmyes.com.

51. Epiosde 317: Kissed (1996)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 182.27Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Barbara Gowdy, Lynne Stopkewich Molly Parker Gregory Middleton Guest Co-Hosts: Rob St. Mary, Axel Kohagen Based on Barbara Gowdy's short story We So Seldom Look on Love, Lynne Stopkewich's Kissed (1996) is an unusual love story wherein Sandra Larson (Molly Parker) has an attraction to death while Matt (Peter Outerbridge) is attracted to Sandra. Axel Kohagen and Rob St. Mary join Mike to discuss necrophilia, zombies, and more. Links: Buy Kissed on DVD Buy We So Seldom Look on Love by Barbara Gowdy Read Fuck Dead by Peter Bowen from Filmmaker Magazine Read The Films of Lynne Stopkewich by Jason Anderson Visit the official Barbara Gowdy website Buy My Friend Dahmer by Derf Buy Apocalypse Culture by Adam Parfrey

52. Special Report: Miranda Bailey
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 20.96Mb)

Description: Mike talked with writer/producer/director/actress  Miranda Bailey about some of her past and future projects including Swiss Army Man, Super, Don't Thing Twice, Diary of a Teenage Girl, and The Pathological Optimist.  Find out more about Ms. Bailey at  http://www.coldironpictures.com 

53. Episode 316: Doctor Detroit (1983)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 147.07Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Michael Pressman, Carl Gottlieb, Robert Boris, Glenne Headly Guest Co-Hosts: Heather Drain, Aaron Peterson We wrap up '80s month with a housecall from Doctor Detroit (1983), the story of mild-mannered professor, Clifford Skridlow (Dan Aykroyd) and how he transforms into super-pimp Doctor Detroit. Based on the short story "Detroit Abe" by Bruce Jay Friedman, Mike talks to screenwriters Robert Boris and Carl Gottlieb along with director Michael Pressman. This episode also includes the third and final part of the interview with actress Glenne Headly. Aaron Peterson and Heather Drain join Mike to discuss this unusual comedy. Links: Buy Doctor Detroit on DVD Buy The Collected Short Fiction of Bruce Jay Friedman by Bruce Jay Friedman Hear more of Robert Boris on the Electra Glide in Blue episode Keep up with Heather Drain at Mondo Heather Be sure to check out The Hollywood Outsider Listen to Remake This Movie Right  

54. Special Report: Freep Film Festival 2017
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 31.75Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Steve Byrne Mike talks with Steve Byrne of the Detroit Free Press about the 2017 Freep Film Festival, the documentary-focused fest that runs from March 30-April 2, 2017. In the spotlight are films such as 12th & Clairmount, The 24 Hour War, Eero Saarinen: The Architect Who Saw the Future, The Force, Making Waves: Battle for the Great Lakes, Tickling Giants and On the Sly: The Search for the Family Stone. Mike is scheduled to moderate the post-screening Q&A with director Michael Rubenstone at the Cinema Detroit screening 5:30 PM on Saturday April 1.

55. Episode 315: Beverly Hills Cop (1984)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 223.11Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Daniel Petrie Jr., Steven Berkoff, Ronny Cox, John Ashton, Harold Faltermeyer, Steven E. de Sousa, Guest Co-Host: Elric Kane, Chris Cummins In Martin Brest's Beverly Hills Cop (1984), Eddie Murphy stars as Detroit police officer Axel Foley. He pursues the killers of his childhood friend to Beverly Hills where the local constabulary find his methods questionable. We talk to screenwriter Daniel Petrie Jr, actors John Ashton, Ronny Cox, and Steven Berkoff along with composer Harold Faltermeyer. As an added bonus, we talk to the original writer of Beverly Hills Cop III, Steven E. de Sousa. Mike's joined by Chris Cummins and Elric Kane to discuss the Beverly Hills Cop series as well as the Sylvester Stallone offshoot, Cobra. Buy the Beverly Hills Cop collection on Blu-Ray Visit the official Harold Faltermeyer website Visit the official Ronny Cox website Visit the official John Ashton website Visit the official Steven Berkoff website Follow Steven E. de Sousa on Twitter Follow Elric Kane on Twitter Follow Chris Cummins on Twitter  

56. Episode 314: Joysticks (1983)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 189.84Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Greydon Clark, Jon Gries Guest Co-Hosts: Chris Cummins, Heather Drain Are you ready for some Totally Awesome Video Games?!? We head to the arcade this week to discuss Greydon Clark's teen comedy Joysticks (1983) wherein the local gaming establishment is threatened by Mr. Rutter (Joe Don Baker). The film includes an incredible cast, featuring Jon Gries as King Vidiot. Heather Drain and Chris Cummins join Mike to discuss their favorite games, arcades, and making their money the hard way... one quarter at a time. Links: Buy Joysticks on DVD Buy On The Cheap: My Life in Low Budget Filmmaking by Greydon Clark Visit the official Greydon Clark website Follow Jon Gries on Twitter Visit the official Heather Drain website Read articles from Chris Cummins on Den of Geek Read the Joysticks review on House of Self Indulgence Visit the Jim "Dorfus" Greenleaf YouTube Channel

57. Episode 313: Making Mr. Right (1987)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 224.64Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Susan Seidelman, Ann Magnuson, Glenne Headly, Laurie Frank, Floyd Byars Guest Co-Host: Beth Accomando, Miguel Rodriguez In Susan Seidelman's Making Mr. Right (1987), Frankie Stone (Ann Magnuson) is an ad executive whose new client, ChemTec, needs a major PR campaign in order to make the Ulysses robot (John Malkovich) palatable to the American public. Laurie Frank and Floyd Byars penned this sci-fi romantic comedy. The episode features the second of the three-part interview with actress Glenne Headly. Hear the first part on the Dick Tracy episode. Beth Accomando and Miguel Rodridguez join Mike to discuss this delightfully quirky film. Links: Buy Making Mr. Right on DVD Visit the official Ann Magnuson website Visit the Frank Picture Gallery Read Beth Accomando's film reviews Visit the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival website

58. Episode 312: Never Too Young to Die (1986)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 162.45Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Gil Bettman, David Worth, Peter Kwong Guest Co-Hosts: Heather Drain, Josh Stewart "I kinda wanted it to be Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Rambo" - Director Gil Bettman An outstanding example of '80s Action Cinema, Never Too Young to Die (1986) stars John Stamos as Lance Stargrove, the "son of Bond", who teams up with Peter Kwong and Vanity to take down the evil intersex rock-n-roll cult leader Velvet Von Ragnar Gene Simmons. The brainchild of Steven Paul (Baby Geniuses, Slapstick of Another Kind, The Double 0 Kid), the film is getting a Blu-Ray release in April, 2017. Josh Stewart and Heather Drain join Mike to discuss this outrageous film. Buy Never Too Young to Die on Blu-Ray Buy Destroy All Movies by Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly Visit the official Gil Bettman website Visit the official David Worth website Visit the official Peter Wong website Visit the official Heather Drain website Follow John Stamos on Twitter Follow Gene Simmons on Twitter Follow Josh Stewart on Twitter  

59. Episode 311: The Cars that Ate Paris (1974)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 252.51Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Jonathan Rayner, Hal McElroy, Terry Camilleri, Bruce Spence Guest Co-Hosts: Ben Buckingham, Kevin Heffernan Peter Weir's The Cars That Ate Paris (1974) stars Terry Camilleri as Arthur Waldo, a meek man whose brother dies in a car accident outside of Paris, Australia -- a town whose economy relies on scavenging on the wrecks they create. Also released (in a truncated form) as The Cars That Eat People, the film is the first feature from Peter Weir and was produced by Jim and Hal McElroy. Ben Buckingham and Kevin Heffernan join Mike to discuss the film, Mad Max 2, and more. Buy The Cars That Ate Paris on DVD Buy The Films of Peter Weir by Dr. Jonathan Rayner Learn more about Mapping Cinematic Norths Learn more about Filmurbia Visit the Peter Weir Cave Visit the Trench website Visit Kevin Heffernan's Knot and Gender blog Visit Kevin Heffernan's The Crawling Eye: A Bloodshot Look at International Genre Film, Television, and Cult Media

60. Episode 310: Chilly Scenes of Winter (1979)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 219.55Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Joan Micklin Silver, John Heard,Amy Robinson, Griffin Dunne, Mark Metcalf  Guest Co-Hosts: Daniel Kremer, Bill Ackerman In Joan Micklin Silver's Chilly Scenes of Winter (1979) John Heard plays Charles, a lovelorn man who pines for Laura (Mary Beth Hurt), who's taking a break from her relationship with Ox (Mark Metcalf). Produced by Metcalf, Amy Robinson, and Griffin Dunne, the film was initially released as Head Over Heels with a ridiculous advertising campaign that didn't capture the true spirit of the movie. Fortunately, the film was given another chance with a new ending and its proper title. Bill Ackerman and Daniel Kremer (who's writing a book about Joan Micklin Silver) join Mike to discuss the film, which is finally getting a proper Blu-Ray release. Buy Chilly Scenes of Winter on Blu-Ray Buy Chilly Scenes of Winter by Ann Beatie Buy Sidney J. Furie: Life and Films by Daniel Kremer  

61. Special Report: Greg Travis on Dark Seduction
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 39.96Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Greg Travis Filmmaker Greg Travis discusses his career from his days doing stand-up, to his acting (Watchmen, Starship Troopers, Showgirls), and the 30 years-in-the-making Dark Seduction. Links: Buy Dark Seduction on DVD Buy Dark Seduction on iTunes Buy Dark Seduction on Google Play

62. Episode 309: Puzzle of a Downfall Child (1970)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 134.64Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Jerry Schatzberg, Barry Primus Guest Co-Hosts: Bill Ackerman, Daniel Kremer Jerry Schatzberg's Puzzle of a Downfall Child (1970) stars Faye Dunaway as Lou Andreas Sand, a model who has been used up and discarded by the fashion industry. Her former photographer and lover, Aaron (Barry Primus) interviews Lou, allowing screenwriter Carole Eastman to take the audience back and forth in a fracture time structure, allowing us to see the pieces of the puzzle that is Lou. Bill Ackerman and Daniel Kremer join Mike to discuss this fascinating and difficult-to-find film. Buy Puzzle of a Downfall Child on DVD (PAL, Reg.2) Visit the official Jerry Schatzberg website Buy Looking for Gatsby by Faye Dunaway Buy Sidney J. Furie: Life and Films by Daniel Kremer Listen to Supporting Characters from Bill Ackerman

63. Special Report: Future Shock - The Story of 2000 AD (2014)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 122.98Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Paul Goodwin, Sean Hogan Guest Co-Host: Josh Hadley Britain's ground-breaking 2000 AD comic introduced a raft of vital artists and writers along with indelible characters like Judge Dredd, Halo Jones, Strontium Dog, and more. The documentary Future Shock! The Story of 2000 AD (2014) tells the story of the ups and downs of this influential work. Director Paul Goodwin and producer Sean Hogan discuss the creation of Future Shock!. Josh Hadley joins Mike to reminisce about comics and the film adaptations of various 2000 AD stories. Links: Buy or Rent Future Shock Follow FutureShockDoc on Twitter Visit the official Future Shock website Visit the official 2000 AD website  

64. Episode 308: Stalker / Сталкер (1979)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 127.92Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Geoff Dyer Guest Co-Hosts: Elric Kane. Joe Yanick Andrei Tarkovsky 's Stalker (1979) is a deceptively simple film about three men who venture into the verdant and mystical "Zone" in search of a room where their innermost desires will come true. Based loosely on Roadside Picnic by Boris and Arkadiy Strugatskiy, the film becomes a meditative experience about art, religion, and logic. Elric Kane and Joe Yanick join Mike to discuss this unusual "science fiction" film. Buy Stalker on DVD Buy Roadside Picnic by Arkady Strugatsky and Boris Strugatsky Buy Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room by Geoff Dyer Buy Roadside Picnic, read by Robert Forster Visit the official Geoff Dyer website

65. Special Report: Ted Raimi
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 26.67Mb)

Description: Fellow Detroiter Ted Raimi discusses how he got into acting, what it's like having Michigan recreated in New Zealand, his work in Lunatics a Love Story, and much more in this interview. Learn more about Ted at his website: http://www.tedraimi.com/

66. Episode 307: The Rocking Horse Winner (1949)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 67.05Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Maitland McDongah The 1949 adaptation of D.H. Lawrence's short story, The Rocking Horse Winner (adapted and directed by Anthony Pélissier) is an intense family melodrama shot like a horror film. The film stars John Howard Davies as Paul Grahame, a young boy desperate to bring his mother happiness. Maitland McDonagh joins Mike to discuss this poignant work.   Links: Buy The Rocking Horse Winner on DVD Read The Rocking Horse Winner Visit the official D.H. Lawrence website Buy Maitland McDonagh's books

67. Inauguration Special: The Intruder (1962)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 121.92Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Jason V. Brock Guest Co-Host: Elric Kane, Chris Stachiw On this special episode of The Projection Booth, we're looking at the 1962 film from Roger Corman, The Intruder. The film stars William Shatner as Adam Cramer, a stranger who comes to the Southern town of Caxton, a town on the brink of school integration. Cramer is there to stop integration or, moreover, he’s there to stir up trouble. The film was written by Charles Beaumont who based the screenplay on his own novel of the same name. Elric Kane and Chris Stachiw join Mike to discuss this remarkable and disturbing film that demonstrates how a demagogue can rise to power by stoking the fires of fear and hatred. Links: Buy The Intruder on DVD Buy The Intruder by Charles Beaumont Buy Charles Beaumont: The Short Life of Twilight Zone's Magic Man on DVD Visit Jasunni Productions Visit Kulture Shocked Visit Shock Wave

68. Bonus Interview: Miguel Ferrer
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 45.01Mb)

Description: Sadly, Miguel Ferrer has passed away.  For some reson I have been sitting on the remainder of our interview with him from the Robocop episode.  Hear the rest at http://projection-booth.blogspot.com/2011/06/episode-16-robocop.html

69. Episode 306: Fantastic Planet (1973)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 83.48Mb)

Description: Guest Co-Hosts: Vincenzo Natali, Jeffrey Babcock Vincenzo Natali and Jeffrey Babcock join Mike to look at the 1973 film from René Laloux, Fantastic Planet . Also known as La Planète Sauvage, this animated film was based on a book by Stefan Wul called Oms en série with visuals designed by Roland Topor of the Panic Movement. The film tells the tale of a world where exist as pets and pestilence to the Draags, 39 feet high blue-skinned creatures who enjoy meditation. Links: Buy Fantastic Planet on Blu-Ray Buy Fantastic Planet by Stefan Wul Read Looking back at the animated films of Rene Laloux by Aliya Whiteley Learn more about the Panic Movement

70. Episode 305: Bonus Interview: Stu Phillips
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 60.45Mb)

Description: Here's more from the composer of the Beyond the Valley of the Dolls soundtrack, Stu Phillips.  Find out more about Stu at http://www.stuwho.com/ 

71. Special Report: Steven Okazaki on Mifune The Last Samurai
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 21.30Mb)

Description: Director Steven Okazaki discusses his latest documentary, Mifune: The Last Samurai.  The film highlights Toshiro Mifune's samurai films, especially those he made with Akira Kurosawa. Learn more at Strand Releasing:   http://www.strandreleasing.com/films/mifune-last-samurai/

72. Episode 305: Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 306.62Mb)

Description: Russ Meyer's first of two films for 20th Century Fox is a swinging quasi-sequel to Jacqueline Susann's tawdry Valley of the Dolls. Written by Roger Ebert, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) tells the tale of a female rock group who move out to Hollywood only to find it a cess-pool of broken dreams where only the strong and pure of heart survive. Interviews include Doyle Green (Lips, Hits, Tits, Power: The Films of Russ Meyer), Dolly Read-Martin (Kelly), Marcia McBroom(Pet), Erica Gavin (Roxanne), John Lazar (Ronnie "Z-Man" Barzell), Stu Phillips (Composer), and Lynn Carey (Vocals). Joining Mike this week are Heather Drain and Jordan Blossey.  Buy Beyond the Valley of the Dolls on Blu-Ray Buy Life Itself by Roger Ebert Buy Lips Hips Tits Power: The Films Of Russ Meyer by Doyle Green Visit the official Jim Rugg website Donate to Boxes of Hope Visit the official Erica Gavin website Visit the official Stu Phillips website Hear more of Lynn Carey on Soundcloud Visit the official Lynn Carey/Mama Lion facebook page Read the Cease and Desist Memo  

73. Special Report: Producer Randall Emmett on Silence
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 28.29Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Randall Emmett Mike talked to producer Randall Emmett about his career (Narc, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Lone Survivor) and the long journey Martin Scorsese's Silence (2016) took to get to the silver screen.   Visit Randall Emmett's website Download the Silence screenplay Learn more about Masahiro Shinoda's version of Silence (1971)

74. Episode 304: Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 146.16Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Dean DeFino, Jimmy McDonough Guest Co-Hosts: Beth Accomando, Miguel Rodriguez Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to violence, the word and the act. A trio of busty go-go dancers (Tura Santana, Haji, Lori Williams) kill a man in the desert and kidnap his girlfriend before attempting to rob a lascivious old man and his two sons in the heated melodrama Faster, cat! Kill! Kill! (1965) from auteur Russ Meyer. Beth Accomando and Miguel Rodriguez of the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival join Mike to discuss this paean to female power and fast cars. Guest Dean DeFino is the author of the Cultography on Faster, cat! Kill! Kill!, while Jimmy McDonogh penned Big Bosoms and Square Jaws: The Biography of Russ Meyer, King of the Sex Film. Buy Faster cat Kill Kill on DVD Buy Big Bosoms and Square Jaws: The Biography of Russ Meyer, King of the Sex Film by Jimmy McDonogh Buy Faster, cat! Kill! Kill! (Cultographies) by Dean DeFino Learn more about the Cultography series Visit the official Russ Meyer website Listen to the Cinema Junkies podcast Be sure to LIKE The Film Geeks

75. Episode 303: The Lone Wolf & Cub Saga
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 117.76Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Marc Walkow Guest Co-Hosts: Geoff Todd, Axel Kohagen The Lone Wolf & Cub Films (also known as the Babycart Films, the Kozure Okami Films, the Shogun Assassin series and more) are six movies released from 1972-1974 starring Tomisaburo Wakayama as Ogami Itto, the Shogun's decapitator. After he's framed by the villainous Yagyu clan, he travels the countryside with his young son in a tricked-out baby cart as an assassin and son for hire. Adapted from the manga by author Kazuo Koike, the films are both gorgeously contemplative and gory bloodbaths. Geoff Todd and Axel Kohagen join Mike to discuss the original manga, the television adaptations, the 1989 follow-up film, the 1992 reboot, and a handful of influences that the films have had on American popular culture. Buy Lone Wolf & Cub on Blu-Ray Buy the manga from Kazuo Koike Buy the TV series from Kuroto Kagigumi Buy Assassin on the Road to Hell (LW&C 7) on DVD Music from Hideakira Sakurai and Kunihiko Murai  

76. Special Report: The Thing (1982)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 251.62Mb)

Description: Special Guests: John Kenneth Muir, Jez Conolly, Dean Cundey, Joel Polis, Thomas G. Waites Guest Co-Hosts: El Goro, Patrick Bromley Initially lambasted by critics, John Carpenter's The Thing (1982) was a brilliant adaptation of John W. Campbell's novella Who Goes There?. The film tells the story of a dozen men in Antarctica who are infiltrated by an alien shapeshifter. Interviews include authors John Kenneth Muir (The Films of John Carpenter), Jez Conolly (Devil’s Advocates: The Thing), actors Joel Polis (Fuchs), Thomas G. Waites (Windows), and cinematographer Dean Cundey. Patrick Bromley of the F This Movie podcast and El Goro of the Talk Without Rhythm podcast join Mike on this very special episode. Links: Buy The Thing on Blu-Ray Buy The Films of John Carpenter by John Kenneth Muir Buy Devil's Advocates: The Thing by Jez Connelly Buy The Thing (BFI Modern Classics) by Anne Billson Visit Stuart Cohen's website  

77. Episode 302: Lemon Popsicle (1978)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 168.74Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Boaz Davidson, Zachi Noy, Diane Franklin Guest Co-Hosts: Oren Shai, Heather Drain Lemon Popsicle (AKA Eskimo Limon AKA Going All the Way) is a heartfelt 1978 coming-of-age sex comedy written and directed by Boaz Davidson and produced by Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus. Mike talks with writer/director Boaz Davidson, star Zachi Noy, and star of the Lemon Popsicle remake, Last American Virgin, Diane Franklin. Oren Shai and Heather Drain join Mike to discuss the original film, the American remake, and the 8(!) other films in the series.  Find Lemon Posicle on DVD Buy Last American Virgin on DVD Buy Diane Franklin:The Excellent Adventures of the Last American, French-Exchange Babe of the 80s by Diane Franklin Buy The Lemon Popsicle Book by Roy Mitchell and Paul Sutton Follow Diane Franklin on Twitter Visit the Diane Franklin website Visit the Lemon Posicle Fan Site Visit Oren Shai's website Visit Heather Drain's website Hear the interview with Oren Shai and Webb Wilcoxen about The Frontier  

78. Episode 301: Run of the Arrow (1957)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 165.40Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Samantha Fuller, Christa Fuller, Paul Talbot Guest Co-Hosts: Joseph Maddrey, Cullen Gallagher Sam Fuller's Run of the Arrow (1957) tells the tale of O'Meara (Rod Steiger) the man who shot the last bullet of the Civil War. Disenfranchised by Reconstruction, he heads west to live with the Sioux (lead by Charles Bronson). Relevant in 1957 when the U.S. was tearing itself apart over Civil Rights, the film is still as relevant in today's tumultuous times. Filmmaker Samantha Fuller discusses A Fuller Life (2013), the documentary about her father's life, while Christa Fuller offers insight about the making of Run of the Arrow. Paul Talbot, author of Bronson's Loose!: The Making of the Death Wish Films, discusses Charles Bronson's career and the times he played Native Americans in film. Joining Mike are film scholar Cullen Gallagher and Joseph Maddrey, author of The Quick, the Dead and the Revived: The Many Lives of the Western Film. 92vm9nds

79. Episode 300: Highlander (1986)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 181.64Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Russell Mulcahy, Gregory Widen Guest Co-Hosts: Mike Thompson, Josh Hadley There should be only one? The Projection Booth celebrates our 300th episode with Russell Mulcahy's Highlander (1986), a science fiction/fantasy film in which immortals fight through time until only two remain -- Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) and The Kurgan (Clancy Brown). Though originally a box office flop, the film found new life on cable and VHS before spawning a bizarre franchise. The film's director, Russell Mulcahy, and original screenwriter, Gregory Widen, discuss their relationship with Highlander. Josh Hadley and Mike Thompson join Mike White in unravelling the many incarnations of the film's progeny. Buy Highlander on DVD Buy Highlander II: The Renegade Cut on DVD Buy Women of Darby Pop #1 (featuring Mike Thompson) Visit Highlander Worldwide website Visit the unofficial Highlander website Read Mike Thompson's Highlander II article Find more of Josh Hadley at 12:01 Beyond 4cca2xsf

80. Episode 299: The Chase (1946)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 101.18Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Francis M. Nevins Jr. Guest Co-Hosts: Maitland McDonagh, Cullen Gallagher Noirvember 2016 concludes with a look at Arthur D. Ripley's The Chase (1946). Adapted by Philip Yordan from a Cornell Woolrich novel, the film tells the tale of Chuck Scott (Robert Cummings) a down-on-his-luck veteran who ends up working for gangster Eddie Roman (Steve Cochran) before falling for Roman's wife (Michèle Morgan) and stealing away with her to Cuba. Cullen Gallagher and Maitland McDonagh join Mike to discuss The Chase, Cornell Woolrich, and more. Links: Buy The Chase on Blu-Ray Buy Cornell Woolrich: First You Dream, Then You Die by Francis M. Nevins Jr. Buy books from Maitland McDonagh Read more from Cullen at Pulp Serenade

81. Episode 298: Stranger on the Third Floor (1940)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 106.44Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Stephen D. Youngkin Guest Co-Hosts: Maitland McDonagh, Samm Deighan Directed by Boris Ingster with a screenplay by Frank Partos , Stranger on the Third Floor (1940) defines the stylistic conventions that would come to be known as film noir. The movie stars John McGuire as a hot shot reporter and Margaret Tallichet as his best gal (who eventually becomes the protagonist). He's framed for a murder committed by the man only known as "The Stranger" (Peter Lorre). Maitland McDonagh and Samm Deighan join Mike to discuss this first entry in the film noir pantheon as well as what it helped spawn. Author Stephen D. Youngkin joins the program to talk about the captivating Peter Lorre. Links: Buy Stranger on the Third Floor on DVD Buy The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre by Stephen D. Youngkin Buy books from Maitland McDonagh Hear more from Samm Deighan on the Daughters of Darkness podcast Visit the Diabolique Magazine website  

82. Music Mix: 2016 Wrap Up / Music Mix
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 254.98Mb)

Description: 2016 has been one heck of a year for The Projection Booth. I've continued to strive for some stellar interviews as well as guest co-hosts while covering an eclectic mix of new, old, popular, and obscure films. Thanks to all of those guests and co-hosts, and thanks especially to everyone who's listened to the show. As I did last year, I've put together a compilation of music from nearly every episode (omitting some specials) from 2016. It's as eclectic as I like the show to be. I hope folks find it enjoyable! Find the tracklist at The Projection Booth

83. Episode 297: Decoy (1946)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 59.99Mb)

Description: Guest Co-Hosts: Maitland McDonagh, Christa Faust Difficult to find on home video for many years, Jack Bernhard's Decoy (1946) stands as a highly off-beat film noir in which Margot Shelby (Jean Gillie) plays the consummate femme fatale with designs on the $400,000 her lover, Frankie (Robert Armstrong), has hidden. She needs to break him out of jail in order to get her hands on the money and does so by allowing him to be executed, only to bring him back from the dead... Writers Christa Faust and Maitland McDonagh join Mike to discuss this usual film. Links: Buy Decoy on DVD (Film Noir Set) Buy Decoy on DVD (Double Feature) Read a great article about Decoy Buy Maitland McDonagh's books Visit the official Christa Faust website

84. Special Report: The Frontier (2015)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 39.12Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Oren Shai, Webb Wilcoxen Guest Co-Host: Jared Case The Frontier (2015) is a retro neo-noir in which Laine (Jocelin Donahue), a woman on the run, finds her way to a diner/hotel where the owner, Luanne (Kelly Lynch) hosts an amalgam of shady characters. Film archivist Jared Case joins Mike to speak to director Oren Shai and co-writer Webb Wilcoxen about this new film. Links: Buy The Frontier on Blu-Ray Visit the official The Frontier website Visit The Frontier on Kino Lorber Be sure to LIKE The Frontier on Facebook

85. Special Report: The Greasy Strangler (2016)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 54.57Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Jim Hosking Guest Co-Host: Skizz Cyzyk One of the most delightfully unusual movies of the decade, Jim Hosking's The Greasy Strangler (2016) is the tale of Big Ronnie (Michael St. Michaels) and Big Brayden (Sky Elobar), a father and son with a tense and greasy relationship. Trouble starts when Janet ( Elizabeth De Razzo), a disco tourist, enters the picture... Skizz Cyzyk joins Mike to talk about this hilarious film. Links: Buy The Greasy Strangler on Blu-Ray Buy the Greasy Strangler soundtrack Visit the official Jim Hosking website Check out Jim Hosking's Vimeo page Be sure to LIKE The Greasy Strangler on Facebook

86. Episode 296: Mulholland Dr (2001)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 166.59Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Laura Harring, Patrick Fischler Guest Co-Hosts: Jedidiah Ayres, Erik Marshall David Lynch's Mulholland Drive (2001) lived a double life as a television pilot and feature film. A neo-noir that plays with themes of identity, roleplaying, and obsession, the film stars Naomi Watts as innocent ingénue Betty Elms and Laura Elena Harring as Rita, a woman with a past hidden from herself. Mike talks to Patrick Fischler and Laura Harring about their roles in Mulholland Drive (and a lot more). Professor Erik Marshall and author Jedidiah Ayres help elucidate the mystery of Mulholland Drive. Links: Buy Mulholland Dr on Blu-Ray Buy the Mulholland Dr soundtrack Read the Mulholland Dr script Visit an invaluable Mulholland Dr website Buy books from Jedidiah Ayres Read Jedidiah Ayres's blog Hear more of Erik Marshall on the That's A Wrap podcast Listen to the Rena Riffel interview Listen to the Frannk Collison interview

87. Episode 295: Existo (1999)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 151.15Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Coke Sams, Bruce Arnston, J. Clarke Gallivan, Justin Lloyd Guest Co-Hosts: Skizz Cyzyk, Scott Calonico In Coke Sams's Existo (1999), the Moral Majority runs the U.S. while artists like Existo (Bruce Arnston) and Maxine (Jackie Welch) hide out in The Sewer, an underground club run by Colette Watchuwill (Gailard Sartain). Brought to us by some of the folks behind the Ernest films, Bruce Arnston, Coke Sams, and J. Clarke Gallivan, Existo is a hyperbolic, hysterical musical that is perfect viewing for this election cycle. Skizz Cyzyk and Scott Calonico join Mike to discuss Existo as well as the Ernest P. Worrell (Jim Varney) phenomenon.

88. Special Report: In Search of Lost Films
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 34.83Mb)

Description: Mike talks with author Phil Hall about his book, In Search of Lost Films, an invaluable resource for fans of film history. Published by BearManor Media, Hall writes about a few of the better-known lost films but, moreover, delves into dozens of obscure titles as well as several sequences of better-known films that have yet to be recovered. The book is now available! Buy In Search of Lost Films by Phil Hall Hear more of Phil Hall at the Online Movie Show Learn more about Finding Kukan  

89. Episode 294: Pontypool (2008)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 174.72Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Bruce McDonald, Tony Burgess Guest Co-Host: Maurice Bursztynski Mrs. French's cat is missing. In a rather different take on the typical zombie story, Bruce McDonald's Pontypool (2008) has the English language as the infectious agent which drives people mad. Written by Tony Burgess (and based on his novel, Pontypool Changes Everything), the film stars Stephen McHattie as Grant Mazzy, a shock jock from the big city now working in backwater Ontario with his audio engineer Laurel-Ann (Georgina Reilly) and producer Syndey Briar (Lisa Houle). Mike discusses Pontypool with See Hear's Maurice Bursztynski. Buy Pontypool on DVD Buy Pontypool Changes Everything by Tony Burgess Buy the audio version of Pontypool Changes Everything Listen to the CBC Radio Play Visit the official Claude Foisy website Visit the official Bruce McDonald website Follow Tony Burgess on Twitter Follow Bruce McDonald on Twitter Listen to Maurice's band, the Ice Haloes Listen to the I'm In Love With That Song podcast

90. Special Report: PIN (1988)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 157.76Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Caelum Vatnsdal, Sandor Stern, Andrew Neiderman, Cynthia Preston Guest Co-Hosts: Paul Corupe, Elric Kane Adapted from a novel by Andrew Neiderman, Sandor Stern's Pin (1988) stars Terry O'Quinn as a doctor who speaks to his children Leon (David Hewlett) and Ursula (Cynthia Preston) through the anatomical dummy, Pin. Guests on this Shocktober bonus episode include Caelum Vatnsdal, author of They Came From Within: A History Of Canadian Horror Cinema, as well as director Sandor Stern, author Andrew Neiderman, and actor Cynthia Preston. Canuxplotation's Paul Corupe and Shock Waves's Elric Kane join Mike to discuss this eerie Canadian thriller. Buy Pin on DVD Buy They Came From Within: A History Of Canadian Horror Cinema by Caelum Vatnsdal Buy Pin by Andrew Neiderman Visit the official Sandor Stern website Visit the official Andrew Neiderman website Visit the official Cynthia Preston website Follow Cynthia Preston on Twitter Follow Elric Kane on Twitter Follow Paul Corupe on Twitter

91. Episode 293: Martyrs (2008)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 101.32Mb)

Description: On this Shocktober episode, the subject of "New French Extremity" films are under discussion, specifically Pascal Laugier's Martyrs (2008). Alexandra West, co-host of The Faculty of Horror podcast (and author of Films of the New French Extremity: Visceral Horror and National Identity) and Elric Kane of the Shock Waves podcast join Mike to discuss Pascal Laugier's film along with the 2015 remake. Buy Martyrs (2008) on DVD Buy Martyrs (2015) on Blu-Ray Buy Films of the New French Extremity: Visceral Horror and National Identity by Alexandra West Read Fille Finale: The Final Girl in New French Extremity by Alexandra West Read FLESH & BLOOD: SEX AND VIOLENCE IN RECENT FRENCH CINEMA by James Quandt (Subscription Required) Hear more of Elric Kane on Killer POV

92. Special Report: Killer Party (1986)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 65.10Mb)

Description: On this Shocktober special, Kat Ellinger of the Daughters of Darkness podcast and Jim Laczkowski of the Directors Club podcast (among others) join Mike to discuss the 1986 horror comedy from director William Fruet, Killer Party in which a trio of young women (Elaine Wilkes, Joanna Johnson, Alicia Fleer) rush a sorority with horrific results including hazing, murder, and demonic possession. Writer Barney Cohen talks about Killer Party, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, and the unmade Spiderman film. Links: Buy Killer Party on DVD Hear more of Jim Laczkowski on the Pop Culture Club and the Now Playing Network  

93. Episode 292: The Shining (1980)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 239.12Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Douglas Milsome, Garrett Brown, Rodney Ascher, Rob Ager Guest Co-Hosts: Keith Gordon, Vincenzo Natali Adapted from a novel by Stephen King, Stanley Kubrick The Shining (1980) tells the tale of Jack (Jack Nicholson), Wendy, (Shelley Duvall) and Danny (Danny Lloyd) Torrance, a family who spend a winter at the Overlook Hotel in Colorado. Jack plans on writing a book but, instead, battles the inner demons of alcoholism and anger, slowly going mad perhaps with the help of the ghosts of the Overlook... Directors Keith Gordon and Vincenzo Natali join Mike to discuss Stanley Kubrick and The Shining as well as the many interpretations of the films (as presented in works like Rodney Ascher's Room 237 and Rob Ager's Collative Learning series). Along with Ascher and Ager, cameraman Douglas Milsome and Steadicam operator (and inventor) Garrett Brown reminisce about working with Stanley Kubrick. Buy The Shining on Blu-Ray Buy Room 237 on DVD Buy Studies in the Horror Film: Stanley Kubrick's The Shining edited by Danel Olson Buy the The Shining Mini-Series Buy The Shining by Stephen King Buy Dr. Sleep by Stephen King Visit the official Garrett Brown website Subscribe to Collative Learning on YouTube

94. Bonus Interview: Chris Gore on the Future of Film Threat
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 12.86Mb)

Description: Chris Gore dishes about the next steps after the recent successful fundraiser for Film Threat including a new project with Rob St. Mary...

95. Special Report: Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's the Fantastic Four
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 132.29Mb)

Description: In 1994, Roger Corman rushed to start the production of The Fantastic Four -- an adaptation of Marvel's quartet of superpowered beings who (somewhat) represented the four elements of earth (The Thing), Air (Invisible Girl), Fire (The Human Torch) and water (Mr. Fantastic).   The documentary Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's the Fantastic Four  tells the story of the making of -- and ultimate fate of -- the 1995 film. Interviews include writer/director Marty Langford, actor Carl Ciarfalio, and embedded journalist Chris Gore. Co-hosts Rod Lott and Rob St Mary join Mike to discuss the film and other "unmaking of" documentaries. Links: Visit the official Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's the Fantastic Fourwebsite Like DOOMED on Facebook Visit FlickAttack.com Visit Bookgasm.com  

96. Episode 291: Night of the Creeps (1986)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 154.64Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Fred Dekker, Tom Atkins Guest Co-Hosts: Heather Drain, Maitland McDonagh "What is this? A homicide, or a bad B-movie?" Fred Dekker's Night of the Creeps (1986) is a love letter to science fiction movies of the '50s. It's the story of Chris (Jason Lively) and JC (Steve Marshall), two friends who accidentally unleash a zombie plague from outer space onto their college campus. It's up to them, Cynthia (Jill Whitlow), and the grizzled Detective Cameron (Tom Atkins) to stop it. Maitland McDonagh and Heather Drain join Mike to discuss this wonderful film. Interviews feature writer/director Fred Dekker and star Tom Atkins Buy Night of the Creeps on DVD Buy the Night of the Creeps soundtrack by Barry DeVorzon Visit Mondo Heather's website Visit Diabolique Magazine Visit the Miskatonic Institute 

97. Quick Show Update
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 10.30Mb)

Description: Hey folks -- I've been posting on the PB page but not here in the group about the transition I'm making from hosting episodes via Dreamhost to BlogTalkRadio. I was getting a lot of complaints that people couldn't download things when they were being hosted on Dreamhost so I bit the bullet and changed to BlogTalkRadio as they're actually a real podcasting host. The pluses: Reliable hosting better metrics, potential ad revnue The minuses: Since Dreamhost was being goofy about downloading episodes not everything transferred flawlessly from them to BTR, meaning that I went through episode by episode to make sure that the full episodes were there, adding ads to them, and then updating the website with the new links. Be aware that BTR's RSS feed is only 300 episodes, meaning that only the last 300 episodes and specials will be listed via iTunes and the TBR app. Everything else will be available from the site. If people run across episodes that cut off at the end, let me know and I will make those an immediate priority.

98. Episode 290: Duck Soup (1933)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 206.01Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Robert S. Bader, Robert Weide, Joseph Adamson Guest Co-Host: Rob St. Mary, Jon Cross Directed by Leo McCarey, Duck Soup (1933) was the last of the four Marx Brothers' run at Paramount. A send-up of politics and warmongering, Duck Soup is an anarchic collection of sight gags, wordplay, and surrealism in which Groucho Marx plays Rufus T. Firefly, the man who will save Freedonia from disaster, despite the efforts of Chicolini (Chico Marx) and Pinky (Harpo Marx), two Sylvanian spies. Guest this week include Robert S. Bader (author of Four of the Three Musketeers: The Marx Brothers on Stage), Robert Weide (producer of Marx Brothers in a Nutshell) and Joseph Adamson (author of Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Sometimes Zeppo: A History of the Marx Brothers and a Satire on the Rest of the World). Rob St. Mary and Jon Cross join Mike to discuss Duck Soup and the Marx Brothers.   

99. Episode 289: Sonny Boy (1989)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 178.82Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Robert Martin Carroll, Graeme Whifler, Michael Boston Guest Co-Hosts: Maitland McDonagh, Mike Malloy Produced by Ovidio Assonitis, Sonny Boy 1989 stars David Carradine and Paul L. Smith as Pearl and Slue, two desert-dwellers who end up "adopting" Sonny Boy (Michael Boston). Slue turns his boy into a feral killing machine in something of a Frankenstein tale. Screenwriter Graeme Whifler, director Robert Martin Carroll, and star Michael Boston share the history of this fascinating film. Mike Malloy, author of the upcoming David Carradine: The Lost Auteur, and Maitland McDonagh join Mike White in discussing Sonny Boy. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter      

100. Special Report: Christopher Lloyd at Fanexpo 2016
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 35.65Mb)

Description: Rescued from the brink of disaster, the audio of Mike's Q&A with Christopher Lloyd from FanExpo 2016 may be a little rough around the edges but is, hopefully, still enjoyable. Mr. Lloyd discusses working in the theater, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Andy Kaufman, Back to the Future, and more. Thanks to FDBK for cleaning up the audio files as best he can.

101. Episode 288: The Mafu Cage (1978)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 93.48Mb)

Description: Directed by Karen Arthur, The Mafu Cage (1978) stars Carol Kane and Lee Grant as Cissy and Ellen, two sisters who live together in a large, sprawling house.  Ellen is a scientist with a potential boyfriend and a world outside the house while Cissy lives in the house and, really, in her own head.   Mike talks with director Karen Arthur about her early career. Josh Johnson and Kier-La Janisse join the discussion of this oft-overlooked film.

102. Bonus Episode: Oliver Stone on Snowden
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 29.71Mb)

Description: Mike is joined by Matt Zoller Seitz (author of The Oliver Stone Experience) to talk with Oliver Stone about his work from his recent Snowden film (starring Joseph Gordon Levitt) to his early days with Seizure and The Hand.   The Oliver Stone Exerience is available September 13, 2016. Snowden opens on September 16, 2016.

103. Episode 287: Straw Dogs (1971)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 190.58Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Gordon Williams, David Weddle Guest Co-Host: Maitland McDonagh, Eric J. Peterson No stranger to controversy, Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs (1971) examines the nature of man, marriage, and more. The film stars Dustin Hoffman as David Sumner, a mathemetician who moves to the south of England with his native wife, Amy (Susan George) where he upsets the status quo. The situation erupts in violence and terror. Maitland McDonagh and Eric J. Peterson join Mike to discuss Peckinpah's film as well as Rod Lurie's 2011 remake. A few Turkish remakes also are compared to the original and U.S. remake. The author of the book Straw Dogs was based on, The Siege at Trencher's Farm, Gordon Williams, and the author of If They Move... Kill 'Em!, David Weddle, discuss the background of the film.

104. Special Report 86: A Thousand Cuts
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 48.14Mb)

Description: On this special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike spoke with Jeff Joseph and Dennis Bartok about their new book A Thousand Cuts: The Bizarre Underground World of Collectors and Dealers Who Saved the Movies, available via the University of Mississippi Press. September 5, 2016 Special Report: A Thousand Cuts Special Guest: Dennis Bartok, Jeff Joseph Mike talked with Jeff Joseph and Dennis Barok about their book A Thousand Cuts: The Bizarre Underground World of Collectors and Dealers Who Saved the Movies, now available via the University of Mississippi Press. Links: Buy A Thousand Cuts by Jeff Joseph and Dennis Bartok Learn more about Cinelicious Read more about film collecting at David Bordwell's website

105. Episode 286: Vertigo (1958)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 140.35Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Patrick McGilligan, Dan Auiler Guest Co-Hosts: Tania Modleski, Susan White Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo is a tale of obsession which has sparked an obsession in many of its viewers. Jimmy Stewart stars as John "Scottie" Ferguson, a disgraced detective who's hired by an old friend to follow his wife, Madeline (Kim Novak), who seems to have become possessed by a spirit from San Francisco's past. Professors Tania Modleski and Susan White (no relation) join Mike to discuss the film which was ranked as the best film in the world in a 2012 Sight & Sound poll. Authors Patrick McGilligan (Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light) and Dan Auiler (Vertigo: The Making of a Hitchcock Classic)

106. Bonus Interview: Derrel Maury
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 34.46Mb)

Description: Mike spoke to Derrel Maury about his work with Norman Lear and in Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi, among other things.

107. Episode 285: Massacre at Central High (1976)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 183.21Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Derrel Maury, Rex Sikes, Jeffrey Winner, Robert Carradine, Andrew Stevens Guest Co-Hosts: Heather Drain, Doug Tilley Rene Daalder's Massacre at Central High is the story of David (Derrel Maury), a new kid at school, who falls in with his old friend Mark (Andrew Stevens), where he finds that the so-called cool kids are running the school with an iron fist. Mark is seemingly the level-headed one amongst the quartet of bullies who intimidate everyone else. As Spoony says, the scene around here is a real bummer. The episode includes interviews with Derrel Maury, Robert Carradine, Andrew Stevens, Rex Sikes, and Jeffrey Winner. Doug Tilley and Heather Drain join Mike to discuss this fascinating take on Lord of the Flies. Thanks again to Casey Scott for providing "Crossroads".

108. Episode 284: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 114.92Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Nino Castelnuovo, Anne E. Duggan Guest Co-Host: Ken Stanley, Rob St. Mary Jacques Demy's The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Les parapluies de Cherbourg) tells the story of two young lovers, Geneviève (Catherine Deneuve) and Guy (Nino Castelnuovo), and their ill-fated romance in a wall-to-wall musical with a score by Michel Legrand. Ken Stanley and Rob St. Mary join Mike to discuss the film as well as other films from Jacques Demy. Big thanks to Simone Oppi for helping with translations with Mr. Castelnuovo! Errata:: Mike speaks a bizarre mélange of Spanish and Italian. For example, the phrase for "of course" in Italian is "corso" not "por supuesto".  

109. Bonus Interview: Catriona MacColl
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 47.76Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Catriona MacColl Catriona MacColl talked with Mike about her work with Jacques Demy (Lady Oscar) and Lucio Fulci (The Beyond, City of the Living Dead, and The House by the Cemetery) and more.

110. Episode 283: The Hidden (1987)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 151.04Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Jack Sholder Guest Co-Host: Jamie Sammons, Eric J. Peterson In Jack Sholder's The Hidden, Tom Beck (Michael Nouri) is a supercop who gets paired with odd duck FBI Agent Lloyd Gallagher (Kyle MacLachlan) to investigate a string of strange crimes where seemingly ordinary people go nuts, indulging in fast cars, loud music, and more. Director Jack Sholder discusses the early part of his career at New Line Cinema including his work on Alone in the Dark, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and The Hidden. Jamie Sammons (née Jamie Jenkins) and Eric J. Peterson join Mike to discuss the film.  

111. Special Report: 2 Lava 2 Lantula (2016)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 10.51Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Steve Guttenberg Mike spoke to Steve Guttenberg about his role in the Lavalantula series as well as President Bill Clinton's love of the Police Academy series and more on this special episode. The second Lavalantula film, 2 Lava 2 Lantula, premieres on the SyFy network on Saturday August 6, 2016 at 9PM EST.

112. Episode 282: Dick Tracy (1990)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 169.88Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Glenne Headly, Garyn G. Roberts, Dan Kampling Guest Co-Hosts: Jared Case, Frank Santopadre Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy is a beautiful recreation of the four-color world of Chester Gould's square-jawed detective. It's also something of an uneasy marriage of Stephen Sondheim songs, Madonna, and a cavalcade of character actors as Gould's "Rogues Gallery." Interviews feature Glenne Headly who plays Tracy's love interest, Tess Trueheart, as well as author Garyn G. Roberts, and Dick Tracy afficianado Dan Kampling. We also hear just a bit of executive producer Floyd Mutrux from a previous interview. Jared Case and Frank Santopadre join Mike to debate if the film ultimately works. 

113. Episode 281: The First Nudie Musical (1976)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 109.37Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Bruce Kimmel Guest Co-Host: Angela Mac, Trevor Gumbel Released in 1976, The First Nudie Musical starsStephen Nathan as Harry Schecther, a down on his luck filmmaker who's reluctantly entered the world of ography to keep his father’s studio solvent. He gets the bright idea to shoot a musical and, at the behest of his backers, a nudie musical at that. With the help of his assistant, Rosie (Cindy Williams) and without the help of the wet-behind-the-ears director foisted upon him, John Smithee (writer/co-directorBruce Kimmel), we see the production of Come, Come Now the titular first nudie musical. Angela Mac and Trevor Gumbel join Mike to discuss this fun-filled film.

114. Special Report: Movie Freak
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 45.49Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Owen Gleiberman Guest Co-Host: Rod Lott On this special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talks with film critic Owen Gleiberman about his memoir, Movie Freak: My Life Watching Movies, which tells the story of Gleiberman's love of movies, his years at Entertainment Weekly, his family and love life, as well as his friendship with Pauline Kael. Rod Lott joins Mike in discussing the book as well as the place Entertainment Weekly once held for them. 

115. Episode 280: Sugar Hill (1974)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 143.61Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Paul Maslansky, Don Pedro Colley, Joy Bostic Guest Co-Host: Heather Drain, Chris Stachiw In Paul Maslansky's Sugar Hill, Diana "Sugar" Hill (Marki Bey) summons Baron Samedi (Don Pedro Colley), a voudou spirit, and his army of zombies to exact revenge on Morgan (Robert Quarry) and his racist thugs. Interviews include director Maslansky, star Colley, and vodun/voudou scholar Joy Bostic. Heather Drain and Chris Stachiw join Mike to discuss this horror/blaxploitation film.

116. Bonus Interview: Paul Maslansky
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 64.72Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Paul Maslansky As part of the discussion of Paul Maslansky's sole directorial effort, Sugar Hill, Mike talked to Mr. Maslansky about his long and storied career as a producer, focusing on Race with the Devil, Damnation Alley, and The Silent Flute.

117. Special Report: Korla (2015)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 62.26Mb)

Description: Special Guests: John Turner, Eric Christensen Guest Co-Host: Rob St. Mary Incredibly skilled at the keyboard, Korla Panditcame into the houses of California housewives during the '50s with his hypnotic stare and tunes. The documentary film Korla tells the story of Pandit's life and the secret with which he lived for years.  Special guests director John Turner and producerEric Christensen talk about making the documentary. Rob St. Mary joins Mike to discuss the film, exotica music, and more Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter .

118. Episode 279: House (1977)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 78.54Mb)

Description: Guest Co-Hosts: Rob St. Mary, Miguel Rodriguez Nobuhiko Obayashi's House (1977) is a surrealistic ghost tale from Japan that explores the dangers of domesticity and loss. Rob St. Mary and Miguel Rodriguez join Mike in discussing the film and its resurgence in recent years. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

119. Special Report: Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (1988)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 44.71Mb)

Description: Special Guest: David DeCoteau On a special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talked with David DeCoteau about a handful of films from his staggering filmography including Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (which has been re-released on Blu-Ray), Little Miss Innocent,A Talking Cat!?!, and more. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

120. Special Report: The Love Witch (2016)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 83.14Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Anna Biller Guest Co-Host: Heather Drain The Love Witch is the latest film from writer/director (and so much more) Anna Biller. Samantha Robinson stars as Elaine, a woman who might as well face it, she's addicted to love. The film addresses some important issues, delivered in a candy-coated wrapper. Heather Drain joins Mike to discuss the film, as well as Biller's previous feature, Viva. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

121. Episode 278: Eyes Without A Face (1960)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 107.65Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Kate Ince Guest Co-Host: Maitland McDonagh, Alexandra West Georges Franju's Eyes Without a Face (1960) is an atmospheric "anguish story" about a young woman who's lost her face and the overbearing father who works to give her a new one. Special Guest Kate Ince, author of the French Film Directors book Georges Franju, relates Franju's career and themes.  Maitland McDonagh and Alexandra West join Mike to discuss this influential film. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

122. Special Report: Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made (2015)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 81.81Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Tim Skousen & Jeremy Coon Guest Co-Host: Rod Lott Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made documents the making of the shot-for-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark by a group of high school kids from Mississippi. Filmmakers Tim Skousen & Jeremy discuss the making of the documentary about the making of the fan film about Raiders of the Lost Ark. Rod Lott of FlickAttack and Bookgasm returns to the Projection Booth to discuss the doc, the fan film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and a lot more. Note:Cleveland Smith: Bounty Hunter has a release date of 1982, a year after The Evil Dead.

123. Episode 277: Celine and Julie Go Boating (1974)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 136.31Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Jonathan Rosenbaum, Mary Wiles Guest Co-Host: Heather Drain, Chris Stachiw Jacques Rivette's Celine and Julie Go Boating(1974) tells a story of friendship, adventure, and magic between two women (Juliet Berto andDominique Labourier) in Paris. Interviews this week include Jonathan Rosenbaum(Rivette: Texts and Interviews) and Mary Wiles (Contemporary Film Directors: Jacques Rivette). Heather Drain (Mondo-Heather.com) and Chris Stachiw (Kulturecast) join Mike to unwrap the candy that is Celine and Julie Go Boating.  

124. Episode 276: Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 106.13Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Peter Hames Guest Co-Host: Nicholas Schlegel, Kevin Heffernan, Axel Kohagen  Continuing our discussion of fairy tales in films, we discuss Jaromil Jires's film Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, the story of a young woman coming of age. And who better to join Mike in discussing the film than Kevin Heffernan, Axel Kohagen, and Nicholas Schlegel? This week's special guest, Peter Hames, is the author of several books about the Czech and Slovak New Wave. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

125. Special Report: Tickled (2016)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 25.62Mb)

Description: Special Guest: David Ferrier, Dylan Reeve On this special episode, Mike talks to Dylan Reeveand David Ferrier about their documentary Tickled, a fascinating look at the world of competitive tickling... and so much more. Links: Visit the official Tickled website Read "That was the guy from the movie!" from Confused Monologues The hilarious attack site

126. Episode 275: Some Call It Loving (1973)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 118.80Mb)

Description: Special Guest: James B. Harris Guest Co-Host: Heather Drain, Aaron Peterson When Robert Troy (Zalman King) buys a "sleeping beauty" (Tisa Farrow) at a carnival and introduces her to the playscape of fantasy roleplay in which he lives every day, things don't necessarily work out inSome Call it Loving, a beautiful and unusual film from 1973. Writer/director James B. Harris discusses the genesis of the film as well as his work with Stanley Kubrick on The Killing, Paths of Glory, One-Eyed Jacks, and more. He also compares the volatility of Timothy Carey to Richard Pryor. Heather Drain and The Hollywood Outsider's Aaron Peterson join Mike in discussing the film as well as other interpretations of the Sleeping Beauty tale. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

127. Episode 274: Apocalypse Now (1979)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 152.70Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Fax Bahr Guest Co-Host: Paul Zimmerman, Rich Edwards We get off the boat and go all the way on this episode about Francis Ford Coppola's landmark 1979 Vietnam film Apocalypse Now. Based on a script by John Milius, the making of the film is nearly as fascinating as the film itself. To that end, Fax Bahr, director of Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse discusses the creation of the fascinating and illuminating documentary about Apocalypse Now. Professor Rich Edwards and former Film Threateditor Paul Zimmerman join Mike to examine the film, the "Redux" version, the nearly five-hour assembly version, and many of the parodies that the film has inspired from Porklips Now to Apocalypse Pooh and more.  Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

128. Episode 273: UHF (1989)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 126.64Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Jay Levey Guest Co-Host: Skizz Cyzyk, Cecil Trachtenberg "Weird Al" Yankovic stars as the hapless George Newman who turns his life around when he stumbles into owning a TV station in UHF. Somewhat lost among the blockbusters of 1989, the film has since been hailed as a comedy classic. Director/co-writer Jay Levey discusses creating parody videos, managing Weird Al, and the creation of UHF. Filmmaker Skizz Cyzyk and Good/Bad Flicks' Cecil Trachtenberg, two Close Personal Friends of Al, join Mike to discuss the film and Weird Al's career.  Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

129. Special Report: Cinetopia 2016
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 28.35Mb)

Description: Mike talked with Brian Hunter of the Cinetopia Film Festival about the 2016 line-up, events, and guests. The festival takes place around Southeast Michiganfrom Ann Arbor to Detroit to Redford to Bloomfield from June 3 to June 12, 2016.  Links: Visit the official Cinetopia website

130. Special Report:The Dying of the Light (2015)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 121.85Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Peter Flynn Guest Co-Host: Chris Bricklemyer On this special episode, director Peter Flynndiscusses his 2015 documentary about the art of projection, The Dying of the Light. Outside the Cinema and Are You Serious's Mr. Chris joins Mike to reminisce about days and nights in the multiplex.  Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

131. Episode 272: Barton Fink (1991)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 83.19Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Christopher Murney Guest Co-Hosts: Adam Schartoff, Rob St. Mary Also known as "How to Get Ahead in Hollywood,"Joel and Ethan Coen's Barton Fink proved a critical darling but a box office failure. The film stars John Turturro as the playwright for the Common Man andJohn Goodman as his neighbor at the Hotel Earle. Rob St. Mary and Filmwax Radio's Adam Schartoff return to The Projection Booth to discuss the film. This episode features the second part of our interview with actor Christopher Murney. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

132. Special Report: Death Game Redux
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 129.77Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Dyan Traynor Who would have thought that there were things left unsaid in the first episode about Death Game? On this very special episode, Mike fills in a few things that were learned about Peter Traynor'sDeath Game and Eli Roth's Knock Knock. He also gets the inside scoop from Dyan Traynor about her father's work. Additionally, the episode boasts a "table read" of the original script of Mrs. Manning's Weekend by Jo Heims from an original screenplay by Tony Overman and Michael Ross. The Cast: (Agatha) Jackson: Heather Drain Donna: Rahne Alexander  George Manning: Dave Pace-Bonello  Harvey / Delivery Man: John Walker Karen Manning / Mrs. Phipps: Marisa Young

133. Episode 271: Wake in Fright (1971)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 204.49Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Ted Kotcheff, Anthony Buckley,Jack Thompson Guest Co-Hosts: Maitland McDonagh, Maurice Bursztynski Based on the novel by Kenneth Cook, Ted Kotcheff's Wake in Fright stars Gary Bond as a teacher in the Outback who loses all his money and goes on a wild, bloody holiday. Maurice Bursztynski of the See/Hear and Love That Album podcast and Maitland McDonagh join Mike to discuss the film. The episode also features interviews with director Ted Kotcheff, editor Anthony Buckley, and actor Jack Thompson.

134. Special Report: The Slanted Screen (2006)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 69.39Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Jeff Adachi Guest Co-Host: Rita Su Jeff Adachi's The Slanted Screen (2006) examines the portrayal of Asian men in American popular film and television. Mike is joined by Rita Su to discuss the documentary, whitewashing, yellowface, and inscrutable "Orientals". Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

135. Episode 270: Stage Fright (1950)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 120.65Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Patrick McGilligan Guest Co-Hosts: Tania Modleski, Filip Önell Seen as one of the "lesser" of Alfred Hitchcock's films, Stage Fright (1950) is a fascinating update of the themes explored in Murder! (1930) as well as a interesting take on the reliability of narrators. Joining Mike this week are Professor Tania Modleski (author of The Women Who Knew Too Much) and Filip Önell. Returning for another interview is author Patrick McGilligan, author of Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light. The second part of the interview with Mr. McGilligan can be heard on the upcoming Vertigo episode. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

136. Episode 269: The Dybbuk (1937)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 119.92Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Yossi Chajes Guest Co-Host: Daniel Bird, John Walker Based on Sholom Ansky's 1904 play, Michal Waszynski's 1937 Yiddish-language Polish film, The Dybbuk, tells the story of a broken promise and its consequences. Joining Mike to discuss this expressionistic horror/romance film are movie scholar Daniel Bird and Movie Schmovie's John Walker. Special guest Yossi Chajes, author of Between Worlds, discusses Kabbalah and Dybbuks. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

137. Special Report: The Nitrate Picture Show 2016
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 42.58Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Jared Case On a special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talks with Jared Case, one of the head honchos of the Nitrate Picture Show festival at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York. The festival spotlights the wonders of film, particularly explosive nitrate stock. Hear why the Nitrate Picture Show is the world's most dangerous film festival. Links: Visit the official Nitrate Picture Show website Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

138. Episode 268: Hard to Be a God (2015)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 104.84Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Daniel Bird Guest Co-Host: Carol Borden, Travis Crawford Based on a book by the Strugatsky Brothers, Hard to Be a God is a three hour medieval sci-fi film fromAleksei German wherein the inhumanity of man comes to the fore. The material was also the source of Peter Fleischmann's 1989 film Es ist nicht leicht ein Gott zu sein. Both films inform the discussion this week with Travis Crawford and The Cultural Gutter's Carol Borden. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

139. Episode 267: Smile (1975)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 134.39Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Bruce Dern, Nicholas Pryor,Barbara Feldon, Denise Nickerson, Annette O'Toole Guest Co-Hosts: Carol Borden, Kevin Heffernan Get on your sash and listen to the discussion ofMichael Ritchie's Smile, a send-up of beauty pageants and small-town America from 1975.  We talked to a few of the stars of the film: Bruce Dern, Nicholas Pryor, Barbara Feldon, Denise Nickerson, and Annette O'Toole. Joining Mike in the discussion is The Cultural Gutter's Carol Borden and The Crawling Eye's Kevin Heffernan. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

140. Bonus Interviews: The Cast of Smile
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 79.74Mb)

Description: As a bonus to our coverage of Michael Ritchie's Smile, here's more of the interviews with Annette O'Toole, Denise Nickerson, Barbara Feldon, and Nicholas Pryor.

141. Episode 266: Ed Wood (1994)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 164.12Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Larry Karaszewski, Mike Starr,Lydia Kavina, Andrew J. Rausch Guest Co-Hosts: Rob St. Mary, Steve Sholtes Can your heart stand the shocking truth about Ed Wood? This week's discussion focuses on Tim Burton's 1994 film starring Johnny Depp and Martin Landau about the hapless B-movie director Edward D. Wood Jr. Guests include the film's co-writer, Larry Karaszewski, actor Mike Starr, musician Lydia Kavina, and author Andrew J. Rausch. Rob St. Mary returns for the episode along with composer/musician Steve Sholtes Errata: Mike mistakenly credited Roberta Findlay for Doris Wishman's Let Me Die a Woman.Yes, Bela Lugosi played Frankenstein in the 1943 Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man but definitely not in the more famous and successful 1931Frankenstein.

142. Episode 265: Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (1988)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 119.01Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Frank Collison, Sam Egan Guest Co-Hosts: Josh Hadley, John Pilate On a very surprising episode of The Projection Booth, Mike discusses James Signorelli's Elvira Mistress of the Dark with Josh Hadley and John Pilate. The film stars Cassandra Peterson as Elvira, a horror hostess desperate to break into Vegas. She's thwarted by the "good" people of Falwell, MA including her Uncle (William Morgan Sheppard) and henchmen. This episode features interviews with actor Frank Collison and screenwriter Sam Egan. Also, be sure to check out the bonus interview with William Morgan Sheppard. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

143. Bonus Interview: William Morgan Sheppard
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 86.69Mb)

Description: Special Guest: William Morgan Sheppard As part of the coverage of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, Mike spoke with actor William Morgan Sheppard, briefly touching upon a few points in his storied career. Mr. Sheppard speaks about his work on "Max Headroom", The Prestige, Wild at Heart,Gettysburg, The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission,Shogun, and more.

144. Special Report: Freep Film Fest 2016
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 29.30Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Steve Byrne On a special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talks with Steve Byrne, Arts & Entertainment editor at the Detroit Free Press, about the line-up for the 2016 Freep Film Festival which runs March 31-April 3, 2016. Be sure to check out the screenings with Mike White & Rob St. Mary: Roulette Stars of Metro Detroit - 8 PM Friday, April 1, 2016 at Third Man Records Cass Corridor (Rob St. Mary of the Free Press’ arts and entertainment podcast “Detours” will host)The Dying of the Light - 1PM Sunday April 3, 2016 at the Detroit Historical Society (After the film: Director Peter Flynn takes part in a Q&A with Mike White) Links: Visit the Freep Film Festival official site

145. Episode 264: Bad Timing - A Sensual Obsession (1980)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 180.55Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Nicolas Roeg, Yale Udoff,Anthony Lawson Guest Co-Hosts: Elric Kane, Adam Long Nicolas Roeg's Bad Timing tells the story of two people, Alex Linden (Art Garfunkel) and Milena Flaherty (Theresa Russell), who get together when maybe they shouldn't have. Guests include director Nic Roeg, screenwriter Yale Udoff, and editor Tony Lawson. Elric Kane of Killer POV and Adam Long of Movie Geeks United join Mike to discuss this sensual obsession. 

146. Episode 263: Science Crazed (1991)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 50.24Mb)

Description: Guest Co-Hosts: Josh Johnson, Angela Mac From the land of Canada and the depths of time comes the low-budget horror film Science Crazed in which a scientist creates a fiend with only one thing on its mind... murder. Mike's joined by Josh Johnson and Angela Mac to proselytize about this very odd film. Links: Buy Science Crazed on DVD Read the Canuxploitation review Read the Daily Grindhouse review Like Science Crazed on Facebook

147. Special Report: Room Full of Spoons (2016)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 63.72Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Rick Harper Guest Co-Host: Adam Spiegelman On a special joint Projection Booth / Proudly Resents crossover, Adam Spiegelman joins Mike to talk about Room Full of Spoons, a documentary from Rick Harper that chronicles the making and impact of Tommy Wiseau's magnum opus, The Room. Links: Visit the official Room Full of Spoons website Buy The Disaster Artist by Greg Sistero Buy The Room on DVD Visit Proudly Resents

148. Episode 262: Secretary (2002)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 134.00Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Judy Dodge Cummings, Claire Cavanah Guest Co-Host: Rachel Kramer Bussel Adapted by Erin Cressida Wilson from a short story by Mary Gaitskill, Steven Shainberg's Secretarystars Maggie Gyllenhaal as a young woman from a dysfunctional family who goes to work for Mr. Grey (James Spader), a lawyer with a penchant for kink.  Erotica writer and editor Rachel Kramer Bussel joins Mike to discuss Secretary and 50 Shades of Grey. Interviews include the co-founder of Babeland, Claire Cavanah, and the author of Self-Injury: The Ultimate Teen Guide, Judy Dodge Cummings. Links: Buy Secretary on DVD Buy Self-Injury: The Ultimate Teen Guide by Judy Dodge Cummings Buy Secretary by Erin Cressida Wilson Buy Bad Behavior (stories) by Mary Gaitskill

149. Episode 261: Night of the Comet (1984)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 194.80Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Thom Eberhardt, Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney Guest Co-Hosts: Angela Mac, Jon Abrams "I don't go around the Writer's Guild building much because there's too many people out to kill me." - Thom Eberhardt In Night of the Comet, a cosmic visitor wipes out nearly everyone on Earth save sisters Reg and Sam who discover a handful of other survivors; most of them psychos, zombies, or scientists. For the fifth anniversary of The Projection Booth it was fitting to cover a movie where a projection booth save our lead character's life. Jon Abrams of The Daily Grindhouse and Angela Mac join Mike to discuss the film. The episode features interviews with director Thom Eberhardt, and stars Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney.

150. Episode 260: The Changeling (1980)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 81.91Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Peter Medak Guest Co-Host: Axel Kohagen, Andrew Jupin Peter Medak's The Changeling stars George C. Scott as a professor / composer who lost his wife and daughter in a tragic auto accident. He moves into a new house where spooky things are afoot. Axel Kohagen and We Hate Movies's Andrew Jupin join Mike to discuss this chilling 1980 film. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

151. Episode 259: Pump Up the Volume (1990)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 132.45Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Allan Moyle Guest Co-Host: Rob St. Mary Allan Moyle's Pump Up the Volume, Christian Slaterstars as Hard Harry, a pirate DJ who rants about life as a high school student and the injustices of the world. Rob St. Mary returns to the Projection Booth to discuss this influential 1990 film. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

152. Special Report: The Ghost of Peter Sellers
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 21.05Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Peter Medak As part of our episode on The Changeling, Mike talked with director Peter Medakabout his upcoming documentary feature, The Ghost of Peter Sellers, about the nightmarish making of 1973's Ghost in the Noonday Sun. The film is currently being crowdfunded. Hear more about it and contribute or at least spread the word. Links: Visit the official Ghost of Peter Sellers website Contribute to the film's IndieGoGo campaign Read about Ghost in the Noonday Sun Read about the film's very own conspiracy theory  

153. Episode 258: Sholay (1975)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 79.76Mb)

Description: Guest Co-Host: Todd Stadtman, Beth Watkins Ramesh Sippy's Sholay may be the most popular Indian film ever released. The film mixes Western conventions from films like The Magnificent Seven and Once Upon a Time in the West with Bollywood tropes. Beth Watkins of Beth Loves Bollywood and Todd Stadtman, author of Funky Bollywood: The Wild World of 1970s Indian Action Cinema, join Mike in discussing the importance of Sholay. Links: Buy Sholay on DVD Buy Funky Bollywood: The Wild World of 1970s Indian Action Cinema by Todd Stadtman Buy Sholay: The Making Of A Classic by Anupama Chopra Visit Beth Loves Bollywood Visit Die Danger Die Die Kill  

154. Episode 257: Demon Seed (1977)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 134.64Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Gerrit Graham, Rebecca Umland, Sam Umland Guest Co-Hosts: Bill Ackerman, Maitland McDonagh In Donald Cammell's Demon Seed, Alex Harris (Fritz Weaver) creates Proteus, a super-computer that terrorizes Susan Harris (Julie Christie). Maitland McDonagh and Bill Ackerman join Mike in discussing the film, Dean Koontz's source novel(s), and more. We talk with Gerrit Graham about his role in the film as well as Cammell scholars Rebecca & Sam Umland.  Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

155. Bonus Interview: Gerrit Graham
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 61.48Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Gerritt Graham As part of our coverage of Demon Seed, Mike spoke to actor, writer, songwriter Gerrit Graham about his career including CHUD II, "Star Trek: Voyager", Used Cars, Phantom of the Paradise,Class Reunion, Home Movies, Beware! The Blob, "Seinfeld", The Creature Wasn't Nice, and more. Links: Listen to out Phantom of the Paradise episode Visit Gerrit Graham's web store Buy Used Cars on DVD Read The Crime and Its Victims by Gerrit Graham

156. Episode 256: Looker (1981)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 95.17Mb)

Description: Guest Co-Hosts: Marjorie Conrad, Heather Drain In Looker, writer/director Michael Crichton examined the allure of advertising. Plastic surgeon Dr. Larry Roberts (Albert Finney) has been performing millimeter-specific procedures on models including Cindy Fairmont (Susan Dey). When his patients start dying under suspicious circumstances, the trail leads to mogul John Reston (James Coburn).  Model/filmmaker Marjorie Conrad and writer Heather Drain join Mike in discussing digitized images, beauty standards, subliminal messages, and mustaches. Also, Marjorie Conrad gives us the scoop about her film, Chemical Cut and its Slam Dance premiere. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

157. Episode 255: Hudson Hawk (1991)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 127.36Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Daniel Waters Guest Co-Host: Stephen Scarlata, Jamey Duvall Catch the Excitement! Catch the Adventure! Catch the Hawk! Hudson Hawk, that is. Directed byMichael Lehmann, the 1991 Bruce Willis vanity project was considered by many at the time to be a disaster. Is that a little harsh? Was the film really a subversive parody of action films? Stephen Scarlata and Jamey Duvall join Mike this week to examine Hudson Hawk. The episode features an interview with the film's writer, Daniel Waters, who gives us the inside scoop on the making of the film.  

158. Special Report: Ego Fest IV
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 35.05Mb)

Description: It's that time of the year again where Mike Whiteand Rob St. Mary open up the mics and update listeners to what's been going on in our personal lives and with the behind-the-scenes of the show. Learn about the new "rotating co-host" proposal and how to help spread the word about The Projection Booth. Links: Read about the Michigan Notable Book Award Give us your money via Patreon Keep up with Rob on The Detours podcast Let the folks at NPR know about the Projection Booth Learn more about the end of the dark ages of podcasting

159. Episode 254: Showgirls (1995)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 165.66Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Rena Riffel, Jessica Flowers,David Schmader, Adam Nayman Guest Co-Hosts: Heather Drain, Jay Bauman Hey darlin's, was Paul Verhoeven's Showgirls just awful dreck from the pen of Joe Eszterhas or a subversive masterpiece about the subjugation of women? Guest co-hosts Dangerous Minds' Heather Drain and Red Letter Media's Jay Bauman debate the topic with Mike. Our guests include the writer/director/star of Showgirls 2: Penny's From Heaven, Rena Riffel, the author of It Doesn't Suck: Showgirls, Adam Nayman, the provider of theShowgirls commentary track, David Schmader, and former exotic dancer, Jessica Flowers. Put on your Ver-sayce, get yourself iced up, and prepare to be thrust into the world of Showgirls! 

160. Special Report: Death Game / Knock Knock
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 177.75Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Sondra Locke, Larry Spiegel, David Worth Guest Co-Host: Nicholas Schlegel We discuss the events of October 10, 1975 captured in Peter Traynor's film, Death Game (AKA The Seducers AKA Mrs. Manning's Weekend), starring Sondra Locke, Colleen Camp, and Seymour Cassel. The film should serve to remind us that fate allows no man to insulate himself against the evil which pervades our society. This episode features interviews with actress Sondra Locke, producer Larry Spiegel and cinematographer, editor, and the voice of George Manning, David Worth. Mike is joined by Professor Nicholas Schlegel on this special episode to discuss the film as well as its progenitors, Kitten with a Whip and Little Miss Innocent as well as the 2015 remake from Eli Roth, Knock Knock. Note: Per the Grindhouse Releasing Facebook page they are not releasing Death Game.

161. Episode 253: Salvador (1986)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 108.30Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Michael Murphy Guest Co-Host: Matt Zoller Seitz, Jamey Duvall Oliver Stone's Salvador stars James Woods as fast-talking journalist Richard Boyle and James Belushi as his friend, Doctor Rock. It’s kind of a "Fear and Loathing in Central America" with fewer drugs and more shooting of innocent bystanders. Despite being nominated for two academy awards, the film was not a box office success. Also it was overshadowed by another little film from Oliver Stone released the same year, Platoon.  Joining Mike this week is Movie Geeks United's Jamey Duvall and the author of The Oliver Stone Experience, Matt Zoller Seitz. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

162. Episode 252: The Last Dragon (1985)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 161.78Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Taimak, Christopher Murney,Mike Starr, Louis Venosta, Rupert Hitzig Guest Co-Host: Julian Boyance, Chris Cummins We start off 2016 right with a discussion of Michael Schultz's The Last Dragon, the story of Leroy Green (Taimak), a young man on a quest to find wisdom who's beset by gangsters and the Shogun of Harlem. On this star-studded episode we have interviews with Taimak, Christopher Murney, Mike Starr, Louis Venosta, and Rupert Hitzig. Mike's joined by fellow "Ultimate Film Fanatic" contestant Julian Boyanceand frequent collaborator Chris Cummins. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

163. Bonus Interview: Mke Starr
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 66.35Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Mike Starr Character actor Mike Starr dishes about working on GoodfellasEd Wood, The Ice Harvest, Cabin Boy, The Bushido Blade, Dumb and Dumber, and more. Hear the rest of our interview with Mr. Starr on our episode about The Last Dragon. Links: Listen to our Freejack episode Listen to our Cruising episode Listen to our Ice Harvest episode Listen to our Cabin Boy episode Listen to our Black Dynamite episode

164. Episode 251: Get Carter (1971)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 250.99Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Mike Hodges, George Armitage,Stephen Kay, John C. McGinley Guest Co-Hosts: Eric Zaldivar, Maitland McDonagh For the final episode of 2015, we look at Mike Hodges's 1971 feature film debut, Get Carterstarring Michael Caine as Jack Carter, a mobster from London who travels back to Newcastle after the suspicious death of his brother. We talk to Mike Hodges along with the director ofHit Man, George Armitage, and of the 2000 remake, Stephen Kay. We also discuss Get Carter with actor John C. McGinley. Mike is joined by Eric Zaldivarand Maitland McDonagh.

165. Bonus Music Mix: Get Carter
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 58.95Mb)

Description: As a bonus for our Get Carter episode, here's a collection of plays upon Roy Budd's terrific theme from Mike Hodges's film.

166. Special Report: Bruce Dern on Nebraska, The Hateful Eight, and More
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 61.32Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Bruce Dern For our upcoming episode on Michael Ritchie'sSmile, Mike talked to actor Bruce Dern. He spoke about his love of running and working withAlexander Payne in Nebraska and Quentin Tarantino in The Hateful Eight. Mr. Dern also talks a bit about two other Projection Booth favorites, After Dark My Sweet and The King of Marvin Gardens.

167. Episode 250: Boxing Helena (1993)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 134.06Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Jennifer Chambers Lynch Guest Co-Host: Heather Drain & Cecil Trachtenberg Obsession comes to the fore in Jennifer Chambers Lynch's controversial 1993 film Boxing Helena wherein Dr. Nick Cavanaugh (Julian Sands) aspires to win the love and approval of the titular Helena (Sherilyn Fenn). Mike's joined by "Mondo" Heather Drain and Good Bad Flicks' Cecil Trachtenberg to discuss amputation, women in peril, and Bill Paxton's leather pants.

168. Special Report: Anthony James: Acting My Face
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 33.60Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Anthony James On a special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike speaks to character actor Anthony James about his memoir, Acting My Face. The man who played criminals and misfits for most of his career is a thoughtful and charming man. Links: Buy Acting My Face: A Memoir by Anthony James.

169. Bonus Music Mix: 2015 Year End
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 65.44Mb)

Description: Frustrated DJ, Mike White, takes you through a year of The Projection Booth's "greatest hits"; songs that either were used for or speak to the movies covered throughout 2015. Get ready to go some strange places.

170. Episode 249: Contact (1997)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 209.69Mb)

Description: Special Guests: James V. Hart, William Fichtner, Lynda Obst & Seth Shostak Guest Co-Hosts: Jamey Duvall & Emily Intravia After nearly a decade of development, Robert Zemeckis's Contact came to the silver screen in 1997. The film stars Jodie Foster as a SETI scientist who discovers a message from space. Mike is joined by The Feminine Critique's Emily Intravia and Movie Geeks United's Jamey Duvall. This episode features interviews with actor William Fichtner, producer Lynda Obst, screenwriter James V. Hart, and science adviser Seth Shostak.

171. Bonus Interview: William Fichtner
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 13.51Mb)

Description: For a bonus to our Contact episode, here's more of our interview with William Fichtner who tells Mike about the favorite roles he's played in film (so far).

172. Episode 248: Phase IV (1974)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 172.58Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Michael Murphy, Mayo Simon, Brian Gascoigne Guest Co-Hosts: Robert Hubbard & Josh Hadley In a decade lousy with "nature strikes back" films (Grizzly, Night of the Lepus, Kingdom of the Spiders), visual designer turned filmmaker Saul Bass's Phase IV stands out as a hybrid of solid science fiction, nature documentary, and personal drama. This episode features interviews with the writer of Phase IV, Mayo Simon, along with actor Michael Murphy and composer Brian Gascoigne. Mike's joined in the discussion by writers Robert Hubbard and Josh Hadley.

173. Episode 247: Colossus - The Forbin Project (1970)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 108.21Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Eric Braeden Guest Co-Hosts: Maitland McDonagh, James Kruth, & Chris Bricklemyer This is the voice of world control. I bring you an episode of The Projection Booth about Colossus: The Forbin Project, the 1970 Joseph Sargent film based on a novel by D.F. Jones where man enslaves himself via a supercomputer. Eric Braeden sets the record straight on Piranha, The Rat Patrol, and Escape from the Planet of the Apes.

174. Episode 246: Shallow Grave (1994)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 139.38Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Mark Browning & John Hodge Guest Co-Host: Jeff Meyers Noirvember 2015 concludes with a little murder among friends in Danny Boyle's 1994 feature debut Shallow Grave which stars Kerry Fox, Ewan McGregor, and Christopher Eccleston as three prats looking for a new flatmate. When they find him and he dies, he leaves a suitcase full of money and a world of problems. We talked to the film's screenwriter, John Hodge, as well as author Mark Browning (Danny Boyle: Lust for Life: Critical Analysis of All the Films from Shallow Grave to 127 Hours). We're joined once again by journalist and filmmaker Jeff Meyers. Links: Buy Shallow Grave on DVD Buy Danny Boyle: Lust for Life: Critical Analysis of All the Films from Shallow Grave to 127 Hours by Mark Browning Visit Jeff Meyers's Moviemaker page Follow Jeff Meyers on Twitter Listen to Mike on Geek Juice talking about Danny Boyle

175. Special Report: 20 Years of Madness (2015)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 63.34Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Jeremy Royce & Jerry White Jr. Over a score of years, a group of Michiganders created the public access (now internet) show, "30 Minutes of Madness", under the leadership of Jerry White Jr. Jeremy Royce documented this phenomenon in his film 20 Years of Madness. In a special report we talk about video mix tapes, public access, and more. Links: Visit the 20 Years of Madness website Visit the 30 Minutes of Madness website

176. Episode 245: Elevator to the Gallows (1958)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 150.47Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Nathan Southern & Jack Chambers Guest Co-Host: Jedidiah Ayres Noirvember continues as we consider Louis Malle's debut feature film, Elevator to the Gallows AKA Ascenseur pour l'échafaud, which stars Jeanne Moreau as Florence and Maurice Ronet as Julien. Shot in beautiful black and white and featuring a legendary improved jazz score by the great Miles Davis, Elevator to the Gallows questions the nature of self, love, and life as only Louis Malle could. Our guests this week include Nathan Southern, author of The Films of Louis Malle: A Critical Analysis and Jack Chambers, author of Milestones: The Music And Times Of Miles Davis. Our guest co-host, Jedidiah Ayres, is a writer for page and screen.

177. Special Report: In the Company of Legends
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 59.42Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Joan Kramer & David Heeley On this special episode, Mike talked with filmmakersJoan Kramer and David Heeley about their book, In the Company of Legends. They recall the creation of a series of documentaries made for PBS as well as working with Dick Cavett and on Sesame Street. Links: Buy In the Company of Legends Hardcover by Joan Kramer and David Heeley Read more about the greatest moments of The Dick Cavett Show

178. Episode 244: Alphaville (1964)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 117.19Mb)

Description: Special Guest: David Sterritt Guest Co-Host: Cullen Gallagher Noirvember continues as we look at crime and detective films with a foreign accent. We're looking at Jean-Luc Godard's 1965 sci-fi philosophical noir starring Eddie Constantine and Anna Karina,Alphaville. We're joined by David Sterritt, the author of The Films of Jean-Luc Godard: Seeing the Invisible, and Pulp Serenade's Cullen Gallagher.

179. Special Report: Manos the Hands of Fate Redux
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 87.76Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Jackey Neyman Jones, Rachel Jackson, Ben Solovey The may be the first time we’ve done a sequel episode. Not the sequel to a film but the sequel to an episode we did back in January, 2012. On there we discussed the classic film Manos: The Hands of Fate and the fundraising efforts of Ben Solovey to restore the film to its former glory. We’re back to talk about the restoration with Ben again, to talk with Rachel Jackson about Manos: The Hands of Felt and with Jackey Neyman Jones for the scoop on Manos Returns. Links: Buy Manos: The Hands of Fate on Blu-Ray Buy Manos: The Hands of Felt on DVD  

180. Episode 243: Ghost Dog - Way of Le Samouraï
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 199.17Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Tim Palmer & Sara Piazza Guest Co-Host: Peter Rozovsky Noir November returns with a quartet of unusual titles. We kick off the month with a double dose from Jim Jarmusch's Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai and Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Samourai.  Our guests include Sara Piazza, author of Jim Jarmusch: Music, Words and Noiseand Tim Palmer, Professor of Film Studies at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington and author on many pieces on Jean-Pierre Melville/French Cinema. Our guest co-host, Peter Rozovsky, is the author of Detectives Beyond Borders.

181. Special Report: All Things Must Pass (2015)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 60.61Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Sean M. Stuart Guest Co-Host: Carol Borden The story of Tower Records is one of entrepreneurship. Opening in 1960, the store grew to a six billion dollar company before suddenly crashing and burning in the early 2000s. Was it a victim of digital downloading? Did it grow too big too fast? What did we lose when Tower closed its doors? Those are some of the questions that filmmaker Colin Hanks attempts to answer in the 2015 documentary All Things Must Pass: The Life And Death Of Tower Records. Our special guest, Sean M. Stuart, is the producer of All Things Must Pass and we're joined once again by guest co-host Carol Borden of The Cultural Gutter. Links: Visit the official All Things Must Pass website Read Mark Maynard's interview with Doug Biggert of Tower Records Hell

182. Episode 242: Häxan (1922)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 89.73Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Robert Thurston Shocktober 2015 concludes with a look at the 1922 film by director Benjamin Christensen, Häxan, an odd artistic mash-up of what can only be described as a university slide show lecture, a documentary featuring reenactments, and a horror film. That's what makes Häxan such a singular film over 90 years later.  Links: Buy Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages on DVD Buy The Witch Hunts: A History of the Witch Persecutions in Europe and North America by Robert Thurston Buy the Mallus Malfacarum 

183. Special Report: An Open Secret (2015)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 68.71Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Gabe Hoffman Guest Co-Host: Carol Borden On a special episode of The Projection Booth we look at Amy Berg's documentary An Open Secret, a hard-hitting expose about the exploitation of children in the entertainment industry.  We talked with the film's producer, Gabe Hoffman, and we're joined once again by Carol Borden of The Cultural Gutter. Links: Visit the official An Open Secret website Read Michael Jackson stockpiled ography at Neverland Ranch, documents show Read “Law & Order” Director Gets Probation On Child ography Charges

184. Episode 241: The Entity (1982)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 125.55Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Peter Tscherkassky & David Labiosa Guest Co-Host: Daniel Kremer Based on a book by and adapted by Frank De Felitta, The Entity was directed by Sidney J. Furieand stars Barbara Hershey as Carla Moran, a woman haunted by a malevolent spirit that sexually terrorizes her. We're joined by Daniel Kremer, the author of Sidney J. Furie: Life and Films. Links: Buy The Entity on DVD Buy Hawa on DVD Buy Sidney J. Furie: Life and Films by Daniel Kremer Buy The Entity by Frank De Felitta Visit Daniel Kremer's website  

185. Episode 240: The Beyond (1981)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 81.05Mb)

Description: Guest Co-Host: Troy Howarth Lucio Fulci's The Beyond stars Catriona MacColl as Liza who opens a hotel built on a hellmouth in Louisiana. This proximity to a center of evil only helps spur some pretty strange occurrences and maybe a few lapses in judgment along the way. Fortunately, we have Fulci expert Troy Howarth, author of Splintered Visions: Lucio Fulci and his Films, to help guide us through the surrealistic 1981 horror/art film. Links: Buy The Beyond on Blu-Ray Buy Splintered Visions: Lucio Fulci and His Films by Troy Howarth Visit the official Midnight Marquee website Buy The Beyond soundtrack by Fabio Frizzi  

186. Episode 239: Homicidal (1961)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 78.70Mb)

Description: Guest Co-Host: Jeffrey Schwarz In William Castle's Homicidal, "Jean Arless" stars as Emily, a murderess who may herself be a victim of abuse. We're joined by Jeffrey Schwarz, director ofSpine Tingler! The William Castle Story, to discuss the film. Links: Buy Homicidal on DVD Buy Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story on DVD Buy STEP RIGHT UP!...I'm Gonna Scare the Pants Off America by William Castle Visit the Tab Hunter: Confidential website Be sure to LIKE The Fabulous Allan Carr on Facebook

187. Episode 238: Ten Canoes (2006)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 122.63Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Rolf de Heer, Ian Jones Guest Co-Host: Miguel Rodriguez Ten Canoes is a story about stories. It tells the multi-layered tale of brothers in an Australian aboriginal tribe. It's brought to us by director Rolf de Heer and cinematographer Ian Jones, one of several of their collaborations along with actor David Gulpilil. We're joined again by Horrible Imaginings festival director Miguel Rodriguez.  

188. Special Report: I Lost It at the Video Store
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 18.78Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Tom Roston On a special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talks with Tom Roston about his new book, I Lost it at the Video Store: A Filmmakers' Oral History of a Vanished Era, a tale of working at or going to the video store. Links: Buy I Lost It at the Video Store by Tom Roston Visit the official I Lost It at the Video Store webpage Visit Tom Roston's website Listen to our VHS Extravaganza episode Listen to our Revenge of VHS episode

189. Special Report: Sven-Ole Thorsen
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 49.58Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Sven-Ole Thorsen Sven-Ole Thorsen has stories to tell. He spoke more with Mike about his work on the Conan films,Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe, Red Heat, and so much more. Links: Hear more Sven-Ole Thorsen on our Conan the Barbarian episode Visit the official Sven-Ole Thorsen Facebook page

190. Episode 237: Cleo/Leo (1989)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 207.28Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Scott Baker, Jane Hamilton, Ginger Lynn Allen, Larry Revene Guest Co-Host: Jill Nelson When a chauvinist pig (Scott Baker) gets shot for harassing women, he's reincarnated as a woman (Jane Hamilton) in order to learn a lesson about life. Chuck Vincent's Cleo/Leo is a terrific look at gender relations and institutional sexism. We're joined once again by author Jill Nelson to discuss Cleo/Leo, Blake Edwards's Switch, Roberta Findlay's Angel on Fire (AKA Angel Number Nine) and Vincente Minnelli's Goodbye Charley.

191. Special Report: The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened? (2015)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 117.64Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Jon Schnepp & Holly Payne Guest Co-Host: Chris Cummins The fifth feature Superman film took a dozen years and millions of dollars to come to fruition. Along the way the film was almost made as Superman Liveswritten by Kevin Smith, Wesley Strick, and Dan Gilroy, directed by Tim Burton and starring Nicolas Cage. The documentary The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened? digs into the production, from conception to the camera almost rolling. It's a wild tale of creativity, rampant egos, and one of the most eccentric producers Hollywood boasted. We're joined by nerdlebrity Chris Cummins along with the producer and director ofTDOSLWH, Holly Payne and Jon Schepp.

192. Episode 236: Dr. Caligari (1989)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 161.56Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Stephen Sayadian & Jerry Stahl Guest Co-Host: Heather Drain We see you looking at us... We're discussing the 1989 film, Dr. Caligari. Directed by Stephen Sayadian and co-written by Jerry Stahl, the film is the third in a series of sexy, surrealistic films. It's the tale of Mrs. Van Houten (Laura Albert), a patient at the CIA -- Caligari Insane Asylum -- run by the granddaughter of the infamous German doctor. Our good friend Heather Drain takes over the co-host chair this week.  

193. Special Report: Orlando Jones at FanExpo 2015
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 51.49Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Orlando Jones As mentioned on our recent EGO FEST III show, Mike led a couple of Q&A sessions at FanExpo Canada 2015. The first was with Orlando Jones. Mr. Jones discusses his work on MadTV, Sleepy Hollow, Evolution, and more. Links: Follow Orlando Jones on Twitter Read aboutOrlando Jones as Madea Visit the official Orlando Jones website Check out the Sleepy Halloween mix

194. Special Report: Danny Trejo at FanExpo 2015
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 38.32Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Danny Trejo As mentioned on our recent EGO FEST III show, Mike led a couple of Q&A sessions at FanExpo Canada 2015. The second was with Danny Trejo. Mr. Trejo discusses his work on Con Air, Breaking Bad, Runaway Train, and more. Links: Be sure to LIKE Danny Trejo on Facebook Visit the official Danny Trejo website Hear more about Eddie Bunker on our Straight Timeepisode

195. Episode 235: The Final Programme (1973)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 199.03Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Michael Moorcock & Sarah Douglas Guest Co-Host: Eric Cohen Welcome to the Multiverse! We're discussing Robert Fuest's The Final Programme where Jerry Cornelius (Jon Finch) helps a cadre of shadowy figures steal the formula for his father's work which may save humanity from the end of the world... We're joined by the author of The Final Programme,Michael Moorcock and actress Sarah Douglas who talks about her roles in The Final Programme,Superman, Solarbabies, and more.  

196. Episode 234: Blue Collar (1978)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 114.17Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Paul Schrader Guest Co-Host: Maitland McDonagh Just in time for Labor Day, we're looking at the 1978 film all about the working man, Blue Collar. Directed and co-written by Paul Schrader it tells the tale of three men played by Harvey Keitel, Yaphet Kotto, and Richard Pryor working the line in our fair city - Detroit - dealing with factory work, family, the union, fraud, race and more.  Links: Buy Blue Collar on DVD Buy Blue Collar by Paul and Leonard Schrader Buy Schrader on Schrader by Paul Schrader and Kevin Jackson  

197. Special Report: Ego Fest III
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 143.92Mb)

Description: Every once in a while we just turn on the mics and go. We answer listener emails, play some voicemails, and talk about how the Projection Booth sausage is made. Learn about Rob's new book, The Orbit Magazine Anthology: Re-Entry, and his upcoming live events. Hear about Mike's Q&As at FanExpo Canada, and find out what you can do to help support the show. Links: Buy The Orbit Magazine Anthology by Rob St. Mary Visit The Orbit Magazine Anthology website Be sure to LIKE the Orbit Book on Facebook Listen to Rob on Badasses, Boobs, and Bodycounts  

198. Episode 233: The Black Cat (1934)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 135.38Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Noah Isenberg, Edward G. Pettit Guest Co-Host: Maitland McDonagh The first big American studio film -- and last big American studio film - directed by Edgar G. Ulmer,The Black Cat is, uh, "inspired" by Edgar Allan Poe’s short story and stars Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff in a taut game of life and death. We talk with Noah Isenberg, author of Edgar G. Ulmer: A Filmmaker at the Margins and the "Philly Poe Guy", Edward G. Pettit to compare the film with the Poe story. And, we're joined by special guest co-host Maitland McDonagh. Superstitious, perhaps... Baloney, perhaps not.

199. Special Report: Just Desserts: The Making of Creepshow (2007)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 55.27Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Michael Felsher On a special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talks to Michael Felsher, the head honcho at Red Shirt Pictures and the Ultimate Film Fanatic, about his career crafting supplemental material for DVD and Blu-Ray releases including Just Desserts: The Making of Creepshow which is now available for pre-order via IndieGoGo. Links: Buy Just Desserts on Blu-Ray Visit Red Shirt Picture Read about Mike White's near miss on the Ultimate Film Fanatic

200. Episode 232: The Rocketeer (1991)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 102.18Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Joe Johnston, Paul De Meo,Danny Bilson, Jon Polito Guest Co-Host: Chris Stachiw We discuss the 1991 comic book film The Rocketeer starring Billy Campbell. We look at the film's production with its writers (Paul De Meo and Danny Bilson) and director (Joe Johnston). We also talk to the inimitable Jon Polito. We're joined by Chris Stachiw of the Kulture Shocked podcast to talk about this under-appreciated film.

201. Bonus Interview: Joe Johnston
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 39.18Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Joe Johnston As part of our coverage of The Rocketeer we talked with director Joe Johnston about several of his films including Jurassic Park III, Jumanji, October Sky,The Wolfman, Captain America: The First Avenger, and he gives his one and only statement about The Pagemaster. Links: Visit the official Joe Johnston website Subscribe to Joe Johnston's YouTube channel Buy The Star Wars Sketchbook by Joe Johnston

202. Special Report: Straight Outta Compton (2015)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 37.05Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Bill Straus NWA court is now in order and we're discussing F. Gary Grey's Straight Outta Compton with producerBill Straus.

203. Episode 231: Under the Skin (2013)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 150.94Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Alexander Stuart Guest Co-Host: Alexandra West A beautiful woman (Scarlett Johansson) stalks the streets of Glasgow, Scotland looking for men inJonathan Glazer's Under the Skin. Named one of the best movies of 2014, we're joined by Alexandra West of the Faculty of Horror podcast to dig into this enigmatic film. We talked with the film's original screenwriter,Alexander Stuart about his approach to the adaptation of Michel Faber's novel.

204. Bonus Interview: Alexander Stuart
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 24.44Mb)

Description: For our Under the Skin episode we're talking to screenwriter and novelist Alexander Stuart about technology and his latest work.

205. Episode 230: Solarbabies (1986)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 73.52Mb)

Description: Special Guest: D.A. Metrov Guest Co-Host: Patrick Bromley What was once "the kids' version of THX-1138",Solarbabies is the story of seven orphans looking for salvation in a water-starved post-apocalyptic world. The neon-colored film from second-time director Alan Johnson was originally conceived by the artist Metrov. The story behind Solarbabiesmight be more compelling than the final film itself. We're joined this week by Patrick Bromley of the F This Movie podcast to make our way through the wasteland of Solarbabies.  

206. Episode 228: Alien3 (1992)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 179.35Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Lance Henriksen, Holt McCallany, Vincent Ward, John Fasano, Mark Verheiden Guest Co-Host: Brad Jones One of the most hated -- and possibly most misunderstood -- sequels around, David Fincher'sAlien³ had contentious production history. We'll attempt to unwrap the behind-the-scenes turmoil and on-screen mayhem along with Brad Jones, theCinema Snob. We talked to Vincent Ward who brought the idea of "monks in space" to the game and the late John Fasano who worked on a few drafts of the Alien 3 script. We also spoke with actors Lance Henriksen and Holt McCallany about what it was like to be on the set. And, we're joined by Mark Verheiden who wrote the incredible Dark Horse comics Alien series. BTW, this episode was not very popular with hard core Alien3 fans.  

207. Bonus Interview: Lance Henriksen
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 25.28Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Lance Henriksen While interviewing Lance Henriksen for our Alien 3episode, Mike got to talking to Lance about other current and upcoming films including Harvey Lowry's Monday at 11:01 A.M.. Mike also discussed pottery, puppetry, The Blacklistand Max Landis with Mr. Henriksen. Links: Be sure to LIKE Lance Henriksen on Facebook

208. Episode 227: The Limey (1999)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 143.80Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Mark Gallagher & Anthony Kaufman We're looking at The Limey - the 1999 film from director Steven Soderbergh. The film tells the tale of Wilson (Terence Stamp) - a recently released career criminal from the U.K. who heads to L.A. to figure out what happened to his daughter, Jennifer. Along the way Wilson teams up with Eddie (Luis Guzmán) and Eliane (Leslie Ann Warren) as he seeks to get revenge from her former boyfriend, famous record producer Terry Valentine (Peter Fonda).  It's a tale of loss, revenge, the 1960s, and more.

209. Special Report: What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael (2016)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 21.42Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Rob Garver  "She re-invented the form, and pioneered an entire aesthetic of writing. She was like the Elvis or the Beatles of film criticism." - Owen Gleiberman Mike talked to filmmaker Rob Garver about the upcoming documentary What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael. They discuss the importance of film criticism and Pauline Kael's controversial career. Links: Visit the official What She Said website Donate to the What She Said Kickstarter Listen to NPR's tribute's to Pauline Kael Buy I Lost it at the Movies by Pauline Kael

210. Episode 229: Night Moves (1975)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 97.03Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Nat Segaloff Guest Co-Host: Carol Borden Arthur Penn's Night Moves (1975) stars Gene Hackman as Harry Moseby, a private eye trying to find himself in a post-Watergate America.  We're joined by Nat Segaloff, author of Arthur Penn: American Director and Carol Borden of the Cultural Gutter. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

211. Episode 226: Punisher: War Zone (2008)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 173.30Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Lexi Alexander, Gerry Conway & Doug Hutchison Guest Co-Host: Adam Spiegelman Marvel Comics' vigilante anti-hero The Punisher has been adapted for the big screen three times. We look at the third incarnation from director Lexi Alexander, Punisher: War Zone. This candy-colored symphony of violence stars Ray Stevenson as the titular "super hero." We're joined by Lexi Alexander to talk about the making of and reaction to the film. We also talked with the creator of The Punisher, Gerry Conway. And, as a surprise last-minute interview, we've also got LBJ himself, Doug Hutchison! We're joined by Adam Spiegelman of the Proudly Resents podcast to discuss the film and list our favorite (and least favorite) Marvel movies.

212. Special Report: Lost Soul (2014)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 60.50Mb)

Description: Special Guest: David Gregory On this Special Report we look at David Gregory's documentary Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau about the harrowing behind-the-scenes story of Richard Stanley and the making of 1996's The Island of Dr. Moreau.  Links: Buy Lost Soul on DVD Buy Richard Stanley's Dust Devil Visit the unofficial Richard Stanley website Visit Severin Films

213. Episode 225: Fear and Loathing in the Projection Booth
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 140.12Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Anita Thompson "When the going gets weird... the weird turn pro."  We were somewhere around Episode 225 when the drugs began to take hold. And suddenly there was a discussion of a trio of films based on the the works and character of the late doctor of Gonzo Journalism, Hunter S. Thompson: Where the Buffalo Roam, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and The Rum Diary. So, "buy the ticket, take the ride" and strap yourself in for this adventure into the savage heart of the American Dream!

214. Special Report: Ed Asner
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 20.47Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Ed Asner Legendary actor Ed Asner gave us some of his time to talk a bit about his career. his charity work, his support of unions, and pistol whipping Jack Lemmon. Links: Follow Ed Asner on Twitter Visit Autism Speaks

215. Episode 224: Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 122.64Mb)

Description: Special Guest: James Foley & Ed Harris Guest Co-Host: Chris Stachiw Put that coffee down! We're going to talk about something important. We're going to talk about Glengarry Glen Ross, the film from James Foley based on the Tony- and Pulizer-winning play by David Mamet. It's about a group of shady real estate salesmen in a big city boiler room trying to make the big money, get on the board, keep their jobs, and avoid winning third prize. This episode concludes our two-part interview with James Foley. We also talk with Ed Harris about his role in the film.  We're joined by Chris Stachiw from the Kulturecast podcast.

216. Special Report: Ex-Dominatrix
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 29.29Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Darren Cavanagh On this special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talks to Darren Cavanagh about his upcoming documentary, Ex-Dominatrix about Ira, formerly one of Europe's most extreme dominatrices. Links: Visit the official Ex-Dominatrix website Visit the Ex-Dominatrix Indiegogo campaign Be sure to LIKE Ex-Dominatrix on Facebook

217. Episode 223: After Dark My Sweet (1990)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 126.47Mb)

Description: Special Guests: James Foley & Robert Redlin Guest Co-Host: Robert Polito Based on a novel by hardboiled scribe Jim Thompson, James Foley's After Dark My Sweet is a neo-noir from 1990 starring Jason Patric, Bruce Dern, and Rachel Ward. The film tells the tale of Kevin "Kid" Collins, a punchdrunk palooka who falls in with a kidnapping scheme. We're joined by Professor Robert Polito, author of the definitive Jim Thompson biography, Savage Art  

218. Episode 222: Rock 'N' Roll High School (1979)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 193.22Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Allan Arkush, Dean Cundey,Russ Dvonch, Clint Howard, Joseph McBride, PJ Soles, Richard Whitley, Mary Woronov, Dey Young  Guest Co-Host: Adam Schartoff School's out for summer and we're talking Rock 'N' Roll High School, the 1979 film starring The Ramones. Riff Randell (PJ Soles), a rock& roll fan, wants to get her song to The Ramones. Meanwhile, her friend Kate Rambeau (Dey Young) searches for her first love. It's a tale of loud music, exploding mice, pizza and wheat germ. We're joined by a host of Rock 'N' Roll High School alumni from director Allan Arkush to cinematographer Dean Cundey to writers Russ Dvonch, Richard Whitley, and Joseph McBride to stars PJ Soles, Dey Young, Clint Howard and Mary Woronov. Also part of the discussion this week is Adam Schartoff of Filmwax Radio. We also talk about some of the subsequent Rock 'N' Roll films: Rock & Roll Hotel,Rock 'N' Roll High School Forever and Shake, Rattle and Rock.

219. Bonus Interviews: The Cast/Crew of Rock 'N' Roll High School
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 81.01Mb)

Description: Bonus interviews from our Rock N Roll High School episode: Allan Arkush, Dean Cundey, Russ Dvonch, Richard Whitley, PJ Soles, Dey Young, Clint Howard.

220. Bonus Interview: David Sherrill
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 75.41Mb)

Description: Special Guest: David Sherrill Dave Sherrill recounts his role as Skank in The Wraith along with his early days at NYU, working with Clint Eastwood, threatening Johnny Depp, nearly being an MTV VJ, breaking in Nick Jonas, and much more in a wild bonus interview. Links: Listen to The Wraith episode Visit the official Dave Sherrill website Be sure to "Like" the Skank & Gutter Boy fan page

221. Episode 221: Cruel Story of Youth (1960)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 133.36Mb)

Description: Special Guests: David Desser & Linda Hoaglund Guest Co-Host: Miguel Rodriguez Cruel Story of Youth (AKA Naked Youth, Seishun Zankoku Monogatari, and ??????) is a 1960 film from Nagisa Oshima at the forefront of the Japanese New Wave cinema movement. The film tells the tale of two youths who fall in love -- or lust, at least -- against the backdrop of the ANPO protests. We're joined by Miguel Rodriguez of the Horrible Imaginings film festival to discuss this groundbreaking film.  

222. Special Report: Cinetopia Film Festival 2015
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 24.86Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Brian Hunter & Barbara Twist It's that time again! The Cinetopia Film Festival hits Ann Arbor and the Metro Detroit Area to bring a bevy of world-class films to Southeast Michigan. Mike talks to Barbara Twist and Brian Hunter of the Michigan Theater about the programming in 2015. The Cinetopia Film Festival runs from June 5-14, 2015. Links: Visit the official Cinetopia website    

223. Episode 220: Brand X (1970)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 99.87Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Sam Chamberlain & Frank Cavestani Maudit May concludes with a discussion of Brand Xby Wynn Chamberlain (AKA Win Chamberlain). This counter-culture comedy skewers advertising of the day (1970) and stars a host of Factory players such as Tally Brown, Taylor Mead, and Candy Darling.  Links: Be sure to like Brand X on Facebook Visit the official Brand X website Read more about Brand X at Sam Shepard's website

224. Episode 219: Star Wars (1977)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 337.25Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Roger Christian, Michael Kaminsky, Chris Taylor, Alexandre O. Philippe, Harmy Guest Co-Host: Mr. Chris Continuing our Maudit May series, we look at George Lucas's Star Wars (AKA Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope), the sci-fi film from 1977 that has been rendered unavailable in its original form due to its creator's tampering. We're joined by Outside the Cinema's Mr. Chris to get nostalgic and discuss how Star Wars may (or may not) have influenced our lives.

225. Bonus Music Mix: Star Wars
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 83.28Mb)

Description: Title Artist Star Wars Dangerous Darrin Star Wars Buckethead Medley: Star Wars Meco Ne Jabba No Badda Supergenius Fett's Vett MC Chris Death Star The Presidents Of The United States Of America Darth Vader (Who Gives A Sith) The Left Rights Main Title From Star Wars Ferrante & Teicher Talk To The Wookie James Kochalka Light The Sky On Fire Jefferson Starship Cantina Band Ash Duel of the Fates (Blaksvn Yoda remix) Lord Rikter Blaksvn Imperial March Rage Against The Machine Ben's Death And Tie Fighter Attack The Electric Moog Orchestra Binary Sunset Evil Genius Orchestra Imperial Attack The Electric Moog Orchestra The Star Wars That I Used to Know Israel Curtis The Saga Begins Weird Al Yankovic Silent Night Chewbacca R2-D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas Star Wars Nothing But Star Wars Bill Murray  

226. Episode 218: Nothing Lasts Forever (1984)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 207.98Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Tom Schiller, Lauren Tom, Michael Streeter, Laila Nabulsi Guest Co-Host: Skizz Cyzyk Maudit May continues with Tom Schiller's Nothing Lasts Forever which tells the story of Adam Beckett (Zach Galligan), a disillusioned young man who wants to be an artist. He gets everything he wants... just not in the way he expects it. The anachronistic film also stars Lauren Tom, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Apollonia van Ravenstein. Links: Buy Nothing Lost Forever by Michael Streeter Visit the official SchillerVision website

227. Special Report: Dark Star - HR Giger's World (2014)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 39.17Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Belinda Sallin On this special episode we discuss Belinda Sallin's 2014 documentary Dark Star: HR Giger's World. We talk about HR Giger, his work, and his legacy. Links: Visit the official Dark Star website Buy Morbid Tales: Celtic Frost by Mark Rudolph

228. Episode 217: The Other Side of the Wind (1972)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 158.58Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Josh Karp & Joseph McBride Guest Co-Host: Andrew Rausch We’re kicking off “Maudit May” with a discussion of Orson Welles’s The Other Side of the Wind. A film some fifty years in the making, it has yet to be completed and released. The film stars John Huston as Jake Hannaford, an aging film director who is working on an artsy fartsy film to try to stay relevant with New Hollywood. Most of the film takes place on Hannaford’s seventieth birthday where he’s surrounded by sycophants, critics, friends and former friends. Populated by a star-studded cast, the film is a treatise on filmmaking, aging, and machismo. Links: Support Other Side of the Wind on IndieGoGo Buy Orson Welles's Last Movie by Josh Karp Buy What Ever Happened to Orson Welles? by Joseph McBride Buy Making Movies with Orson Welles by Gary Graver (with Andrew Rausch) Read more about Other Side of the Wind at WellesNet Buy the Other Side of the Wind script (in English and French)

229. Episode 216: Altered States (1980)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 112.65Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Bob Balaban & Charles Haid Guest Co-Host: Scott Clickers Based on the book by and adapted for the screen by Paddy Chayefsky, Ken Russell's Altered States tells the tale of Edward Jessup (William Hurt), a scientist who’s looking for answers to some of the big questions of life, memory, spirituality, and more. He meets, marries, divorces, and reconciles with Emily (Blair Brown) over the course of a decade of study where he ingests some questionable substances while subjecting himself to sensory deprivation. Here Eddie finds a way to travel back in time through his own body’s chemistry to the days of primeval man. We talk to two of the co-stars of Altered States and we're joined in our discussion by Scott Clickers from the podcast Married with Clickers. Links: Buy Altered States on DVD Buy Altered States by Paddy Chayefsky Buy Altered States: The Autobiography of Ken Russell by Ken Russell Buy Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond by Martin A. Lee & Bruce Shlain

230. Episode 215: Splice (2009)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 116.73Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Vincenzo Natali Guest Co-Host: Jamie Jenkins We discuss the 2009 film from Vincenzo Natali, Splice. Genetic scientists Elsa (Sarah Polley) and Clive (Adrien Brody) work for a pharmaceutical company making a new creature that could help lead to new drugs. They end up creating DREN (Delphine Chanéac) and problems ensue... We're joined once again this week by the podcast hostess with the mostess, Jamie Jenkins. Links: Buy Splice on streaming, digital download Buy Splice on DVD, Blu-Ray Buy The Biotech Century by Jeremy Rifkin Hear more of Vincenzo Natali on The Projection Booth Hear more of Jamie Jenkins on The Projection Booth Listen to the Talk without Rhythm episode on Splice

231. Episode 214: Baby, Baby, Baby
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 175.99Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Ian Jones, David Mooney, Skip, Todaler, and Chrissy Guest Co-Host: Fräulein von B On this special episode we're looking at three films -- Bad Boy Bubby, The Baby, and La Videa Lactee -- in which grown men either get treated like or actively choose to live like babies. Special guests include the cinematographer of Bad Boy Bubby, Ian Jones, the titular character of The Baby, David Mooney (AKA David Manzy), and a trio of Adult Babies: Skip, Todaler, and Chrissy, who share their personal experiences and thoughts on being AB/DLs. Links: Buy Bad Boy Bubby on Blu-Ray Buy The Baby on Blu-Ray Read the Shock Cinema magazine review of The Milky Life Visit the official Ian Jones page

232. Episode 213: Logan's Run (1976)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 142.58Mb)

Description: Special Guests: William F. Nolan & George Clayton Johnson Guest Co-Host: Eric Cohen Welcome to the future! Logan 5 (Michael York) and Jessica 6 (Jenny Agutter) live in the City of Domes where life seems idyllic with just one little catch: everyone dies at 30. We discuss Michael Anderson's Logan's Run, the dystopian sci-fi classic, with our friend Eric Cohen from The Cinefiles. We speak to Logan's Run authors William F. Nolan George Clayton Johnson about their landmark book and their astounding careers. Links: Buy Logan's Run on DVD Buy the Logan's Run TV series on DVD Buy Logan's Run by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson Buy Logan's Run: Last Day, a radio drama

233. Episode 212: Requiem for a Dream (2000)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 189.14Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Ellen Burstyn, Keith David, Christopher McDonald, Mark Margolis Guest Co-Host: Emily Intravia "Everyone is a junkie." - William S. Burroughs We talk about Darren Aronofsky's 2000 film, Requiem for a Dream. Based on the 1978 book by Hubert Selby, Jr., it tells the tale of four New Yorkers whose lives spiral out of control due to addiction. We've got a star-studded line-up of guests on this one including our co-host from The Feminine Critique, Emily Intravia. Links: Buy Requiem for a Dream on Blu-Ray Buy Requiem for a Dream by Hubert Selby, Jr. Buy Dopefiend by Donald Goines Visit the official Keith David website See Keith David in the new season of Community Read this great article on Christopher McDonald from Salon Listen to our Bonus Interview with Mark Margolis

234. Bonus Interview: Mark Margolis
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 39.94Mb)

Description: Look at me, Hector, and listen to a bonus interview of The Projection Booth with Mark Margolis. Mr. Margolis looks back at his 40+ year career from The Opening of Misty Beethoven to "Columbo" to Scarface to The Cotton Club and more. Hear the rest of the interview on our Requiem for a Dream episode. Links: Listen to our Opening of Misty Beethoven episode

235. Episode 211: Message from the Future (1981)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 83.77Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Oded Carmeli Guest Co-Host: Yaniv Eidelstein In Message from the Future (AKA Sheder Min Ha'Atid AKA ??? ?? ?????), a visitor from 3005 comes back to 1985 to encourage the world to engage in WWIII. Written and directed by (and starring) poet and futurist David Avidan, the film is a remarkable science fiction odyssey. Links: Learn more about "Zion's Fiction" Read about David Avidan by Eli Eshed Learn more about Oded Carmeli Visit the official Hava LeHaba website Keep up with Yaniv Eidelstein Be sure to LIKE An American Hippie in Israel Listen to our American Hippie and Big Gus episodes

236. Episode 210: Rollerball (1975)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 124.59Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Ashlie Atkinson Guest Co-Host: John Kenneth Muir In the future there will be no war. There will only be Rollerball. Writer John Kenneth Muir joins us in our discussion of Norman Jewison's 1975 dystopian film, Rollerball wherein Jonathan E (James Caan) is a star in a game where individual achievement is a threat to the Corporate powers that be. We discuss the 2002 remake, and the two adult versions of the film(s). We also talk to actress Ashlie Atkinson of the Gotham Girls about life as a present day roller girl. Links: Buy Rollerball on Blu-Ray Buy Rollerball (2002) on DVD Buy Rollerbabies on DVD Buy Roller Balled on DVD

237. Episode 209: The Quiet Earth (1985)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 137.86Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Geoff Murphy, Sam Pillsbury, Jonathan Rayner Guest Co-Host: Keith Gordon Zac Hobson (Bruno Lawrence) wakes at 6:12 one sunny morning to find that he may be the last man on Earth in The Quiet Earth, a compelling Kiwi film from director Geoff Murphy and writer/producer Sam Pillsbury. We're joined by actor/writer/director Keith Gordon to discuss this post-Apocalyptic film. Links: Buy The Quiet Earth on DVD Buy The Quiet Earth by Craig Harrison le" Buy Cinema Journeys of the Man Alone: The New Zealand and American Films of Geoff Murphy by Jonathan Rayner Buy more of Jonathan Rayner's books Learn more about Geoff Murphy's films Read more about Utu Redux Visit the Pillsbury Wine Company website Visit the New Zealand Film Commission website Hear our Freejack episode

238. Episode 208: Miracle Mile (1988)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 119.04Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Steve De Jarnatt & O-Lan Jones Guest Co-Host: David J. Moore In Miracle Mile trombonist Harry Washello (Anthony Edwards) receives a random phone call, tipping him off that nuclear Armageddon is imminent. He works to get across Los Angeles to his new love, Julie (Mare Winningham), and to safety. We talk about the Cold War, morning in America, and Apocalypse films with David J. Moore, author of World Gone Wild: A Survivor's Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Movies. It's the end of the world as we know it.

239. Episode 207: Conan the Barbarian (1982)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 378.01Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Edward R. Pressman, Sven-Ole Thorsen, Gerry Lopez, Roy Thomas, Paul M. Sammon, Mark Finn, Sean Hood, Josh Adkins Guest Co-Hosts: Josh Hadley & El Goro Let us tell you of the days of high adventure.... In a truly epic episode of The Projection Booth, we look at John Milius's Conan the Barbarian. The film put Arnold Schwarzenegger on the map and kicked-off years of sword & sorcery imitators. Along with El Goro of Talk without Rhythm and Josh Hadley of Radiodrome, we explore the fiction of Robert E. Howard, the Marvel Comics version of the Barbarian and the subsequent sequels and reboot to the 1982 film. Clocking in at seven hours, this is not a podcast for the weak.

240. Episode 206: Tourist Trap (1979)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 110.67Mb)

Description: Special Guests: David Schmoeller, Charles Band, Nicholas Von Sternberg Guest Co-Host: Alex Jowski We're talking about the 1979 film from David Schmoeller, Tourist Trap. When a quintet of young people meet creepy Mr. Slaussen (Chuck Connors) -- the proprietor of a roadside wax museum -- bad things happen. We talked to the co-writer/director David Schmoeller, cinematographer Nicholas Von Sternberg, and producer Charles Band. Joining us in the booth this week is Alex Jowski, head honcho at Geek Juice Media. Links: Buy Tourist Trap on DVD Visit the official David Schmoeller website Read an interview with David Schmoeller Read a review of the Tourist Trap DVD at DVDBeaver Hear the first part of our Charles Band interview on our Trancers episode

241. Episode 205: The Wraith (1986)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 121.26Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Mike Marvin, Clint Howard, Jamie Bozian Guest Co-Host: Patrick Bromley Released in 1986, The Wraith was directed by Mike Marvin and stars Charlie Sheen as Jake Kesey, a new face in the town of Brooks, Arizona. Jake makes his appearance around the same time as a dark-helmeted, supernatural figure arrives; the mysterious Wraith of the title. This figure takes out members of Packard Walsh's gang of goofs with his badass Dodge -- using the seemingly indestructible car as a weapon. We talked to writer/director Marvin along with Packard gangmembers Rughead (Clint Howard) and Gutterboy (Jamie Bozian). We're joined by Patrick Bromley of the F This Movie podcast.

242. Episode 204: Trancers (1984)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 100.55Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Charles Band, Danny Bilson, Tim Thomerson Guest Co-Host: Jay Bauman Listen up, squids. We're talking about the sci fi flickTrancers. Directed by Charles Band, the film starsTim Thomerson as Jack Deth, a detective in the future who travels back in time to track down a cultish criminal named Whistler. He ends up in Los Angeles, 1984 where he tries to save the relatives of those who run the L.A. of the future. We talked to the director, co-writer, and star ofTrancers and we're joined by Jay Bauman of Red Letter Media to discuss the Trancers series. Support The Projection Booth on Patreon Like The Projection Booth on Facebook Follow The Projection Booth on Twitter  

243. Bonus Interview: Tim Thomerson
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 45.35Mb)

Description: As part of our coverage of Trancers, Mike spoke to actor, comedian, surfer Tim Thomerson about his career. Hear him talk about working with Stella Adler, David Letterman, Clint Eastwood, Sam Peckinpah, Mel Gibson, Lance Henriksen, Brion James, Terry Gilliam, and more.

244. Episode 203: Tremors (1989)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 161.89Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Ron Underwood & S.S. Wilson Guest Co-Host: Jonathan Melville Tremors stars Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as Val McKee and Earl Bassett, two handymen living in the desert valley town called Perfection. They’re hoping to get to greener pastures but, before they can, they have to save themselves -- and the town -- from some new residents of Perfection, huge, voracious worms which they dub "Graboids." We talked to director Ron Underwood and co-screenwriter Steve Wilson and we're joined by Jonathan Melville, author of Seeking Perfection: The Unofficial Guide to Tremors

245. Episode 202: Juliet of the Spirits (1965)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 70.90Mb)

Description: Special Guest: John Baxter Guest Co-Host: Jim Tushinski We delve into Fellini territory again with a discussion of Juliet of the Spirits. This 1965 film was Federico Fellini’s first foray into the wonderful world of color film. The film is something of a flip side of one of Fellini’s most popular films, 8½. It stars Fellini’s wife, Giulietta Masina, as the titular character, a woman who’s at her wit’s ends when she finds that her husband is cheating on her. The film is something of a journey of self-discovery as Juliet works to unburden herself of her past. Links: Buy Juliet of the Spirit on DVD Buy Fellini by John Baxter Listen to our Satyricon episode

246. Episode 201: Saturday Night Fever (1977)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 150.70Mb)

Description: Special Guests: John Badham & Lloyd Kaufman Guest Co-Host: Mark Christopher Put on your boogie shoes and get ready to get down with The Projection Booth as we discuss the 1977 disco classic Saturday Night Fever. We're joined by the director of 54, Mark Christopher, to talk about Tony Manero, Norman Wexler, Staying Alive, and more. Links: Buy Saturday Night Fever on DVD Buy Staying Alive on DVD Buy 54 on DVD Visit the official Karen Lynn Gorney website Visit the official Mark Christopher website

247. Episode 200: Once Upon a Time in the West (1969)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 147.73Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Sir Christopher Frayling Guest Co-Host: Josh Johnson On our 200th episode we look at Sergio Leone's epic Western, Once Upon a Time in the West. Released in 1968, the film was a follow-up to his "dollars trilogy" and hailed as many as one of the best Westerns ever made. The film tells the story of four main characters: Harmonica, a man looking for Justice in the dying west, Frank, a gunfighter whose reign is ending, Cheyenne, a bandit, and Jill, a former prostitute who has come to the West with the promise of a new life. Links: Buy Once Upon a Time in the West on Blu-Ray Buy Sergio Leone: Something to Do with Death by Christopher Frayling Visit the Fistful of Leone fansite Check out the Christopher Frayling coat of arms Buy Rewind This! from Josh Johnson

248. Special Report: The Prosecution of an American President (2012)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 39.22Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Vincent Bugliosi On this special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talks to Vincent Bugliosi about his book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder and the 2012 documentary from David J. Burke and Dave Hagen, The Prosecution of an American President. Links: Buy The Prosecution of an American President on DVD Buy The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder by Vincent Bugliosi Visit the official Prosecute George Bush website

249. Episode 199: Batman Returns (1992)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 234.94Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Daniel Waters, Sam Hamm, Mark Reinhart Guest Co-Host: Mark Gledhill In this special year-end episode, we're looking at Batman, focusing especially on Tim Burton'sBatman Returns. We're joined by Mark Gledhill of Comic Book Consideration to discuss The Bat(Michael Keaton), The Cat (Michelle Pfeiffer), and The Penguin (Danny DeVito).  Our special guests include screenwriters Sam Hamm (Batman, The Watchmen, Never Cry Wolf,Monkeybone) and Daniel Waters (Batman Returns,Heathers, Vampire Academy) along with writer Mark Reinhart (The Batman Filmography). 

250. Bonus Music Mix: Seasons Greetings
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 63.54Mb)

Description: Happy Holidays from The Projection Booth. Here's some tunes to keep you going while you're "dashing through the snow" this season.

251. Episode 198: The Ice Harvest (2005)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 89.69Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Scott Phillips In The Ice Harvest, Charlie (John Cusack) is a mob lawyer in Wichita, Kansas who decides to rip off his boss (Randy Quaid) of just over $2 million. Charlie decides to bring in his pal, Vic (Billy Bob Thorton) to help on this Christmas Eve caper. Soon the partnership between Charlie and Vic starts to crack as a femme fatale gets into the mix. Links: Buy The Ice Harvest on DVD Buy The Ice Harvest by Scott Phillips Visit the official Scott Phillips website Read Harold Ramis's obituary Hear Scott Phillips on our Miami Blues episode

252. Episode 197: Death to Smoochy (2002)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 106.02Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Adam Resnick & Danny Woodburn Guest Co-Host: Mike Sullivan After Rainbow Randolph (Robin Williams) falls from grace, it's up to Sheldon Mopes (Edward Norton) as Smoochy, the singing rhino, to save the network. He quickly finds himself embroiled in the shady underworld of children's television in Death to Smoochy. Links: Buy Death To Smoochy on DVD or Streaming Visit the official Danny Woodburn website Buy Will Not Attend Listen to Adam Resnick talk about Will Not Attend Listen to Adam Resnick on our Cabin Boy episode Read reviews from Mike Sullivan in Shock Cinema magazine

253. Episode 196: Idiocracy (2006)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 116.37Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Luke Wilson Guest Co-Host: Jeff Wattrick You should listen to this episode because "Brawndo's got electrolytes!" This week we look at Mike Judge’s 2006 devolution satire Idiocracy. Find out what happens when Private Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson), the "average American", wakes up 500 years in the future. Sadly, he discovers he's easily the smartest man alive! Links: Buy Idiocracy on DVD, Streaming Buy Bottle Rocket on DVD/Blu-Ray Watch Luke Wilson's short film Satellite Beach Read The Marching Morons by C.M. Kornbulth Visit the official Brawndo website

254. Episode 195: Hamburger - The Motion Picture (1986)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 120.77Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Mike Marvin Guest Co-Host: Stephen Sajdak If sex addict Russell Procope can't get a degree from an accredited university he will miss out on his inheritance. So, Buster Burger University looks like just the place for him... especially with that "no sex" policy. Join us as we talk about one of the smartest sex comedies of the 1980s Hamburger: The Motion Picture. We talk to Hamburger director, Mike Marvin, and we’re joined by Steve Sajdak of We Hate Movies. Mike offers a mea culpa in regard to mixing up Sixteen Candles with Pretty in Pink. Links: Buy Hamburger – The Motion Picture on VHS Buy Hot Dog… The Movie on DVD, Streaming Learn about The Butkus Foundation Listen to the We Hate Movies podcast Listen to the We Hate Movies episode on Hamburger Listen to the We Hate Movies episode on Hot Dog Learn about Hamburger University

255. Episode 194: The Burglar (1959)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 67.53Mb)

Description: Guest Co-Host: Duane Swierczynski Originally slated for release in 1955, Paul Wendkos's The Burglar didn't hit theaters until 1957 when one of it's stars, Jayne Mansfield, had gained popularity. The film stars Dan Duryea as Nat Harbin, our titular burglar. He and his crew rob Sister Sarah, a Philadelphia spiritualist, of a pricey necklace. We'll be talking more about the film, it's screenwriter -- David Goodis -- and the 1971 adaptation, Le Casse.

256. Episode 193: In a Lonely Place (1950)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 136.41Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Patrick McGilligan, Steven Rybin, Will Scheibel, & Steve Anderson Guest Co-Host: Jared Case Noir November continues with Nicholas Ray's In a Lonely Place. Based loosely on a novel by Dorothy B. Hughes, the film stars Humphrey Bogart as a screenwriter on the edge of madness and Gloria Grahame as the woman who tries to love him. We're joined by Jared Case, Head of Motion Picture Collection Information and Access at the George Eastman House. We conclude our interview with Patrick McGilligan as we discuss his book Nicholas Ray: The Glorious Failure of an American Director.

257. Episode 192: Detour (1945)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 130.67Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Noah Isenberg Guest Co-Host: Richard Edwards Noir November continues with a discussion of Edgar G Ulmer's Detour. Tom Neal stars as a down-on-his-luck musician who picks up the wrong hitchhiker (Ann Savage) in a tale of fickle fate, phones, and flashbacks. We're joined once again by Professor Rich Edwards of the Out of the Past podcast and we spoke to Noah Isenberg, author of Edgar G. Ulmer: A Filmmaker at the Margins (9780520235779)

258. Episode 191: The Big Heat (1953)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 94.47Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Patrick McGilligan Guest Co-Host: Jay A. Gertzman We start off Noir November with a bang! It's Fritz Lang's 1953 flick The Big Heat, starring Glenn Ford as a straight-arrow cop who takes on corruption in Philadelphia. Links: Visit the official site for Jay A. Gertzman Buy Fritz Lang: Nature of the Beast by Patrick McGilligan Buy The Big Heat on DVD Buy The Big Heat by William P. McGivern Buy Destiny Express by Howard Rodman Be sure to LIKE Pulp According to David Goodis Buy Samuel Roth, Infamous Modernist by Jay A. Gertman Read a great article on Fritz Lang

259. Special Report: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 215.99Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Sal Piro, Larry Viezel, Shawn Stutler, Scott Michaels, Jeffrey Weinstock We would like... if we may... to discuss The Rocky Horror Picture Show; the cult film phenomenon. We're talking about the film, the audience partici--        pation, and more.  Links: Help support Rocky Horror Saved My Life Buy The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Blu-Ray Buy The Rocky Horror Treasury by Sal Piro and Larry Viezel Buy The Rocky Horror Picture Show Cultography by Jeffrey Weinstock Buy Rocky Horror: From Concept to Cult by David Evans and Scott Michaels Subscribe to the Home of Happiness YouTube Channel Like We Love Sadie Corre and Rocky Horror on Facebook Visit the official Rocky Horror fan site Find more Rocky music at the The Musical World of Rocky Horror When in Los Angeles, visit Dearly Departed Tours... ask for Scott

260. Episode 190: Election Special
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 104.39Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Herschell Gordon Lewis & Harry Lennix Guest Co-Host: Josh Gravel Vote early, Vote often!  With Election Day right around the corner, we're talking about three films of guitar-toting demagogues, A Face in the Crowd from Elia Kazan,Year of the Yahoo from Herschell Gordon Lewis andBob Roberts from Tim Robbins. We'll be joined again by the Arkham Film Society's Joshua Gravel.

261. Episode 189: Liquid Sky (1982)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 116.56Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Slava Tsukerman Guest Co-Host: Skizz Cyzyk Directed in 1982 by Slava Tsukerman, Liquid Sky tells the tale of Margaret (Anne Carlisle), a model who lives with her lover Adrian (Paula E Sheppard). The pair have a UFO above their apartment and live in a world steeped in sex, drugs, and that wacky New Wave music. Links: Visit the official Liquid Sky website Be sure to Like Liquid Sky on Facebook Buy Liquid Sky on DVD Buy Liquid Sk By Anne Carlisle (0-385-23930-0) Buy Liquid Sky by Anne Carlisle Visit the official Skizz Cyzyk website Buy Hit & Stay on DVD Find out more about Icepick to the Moon, the Fred Lane documentary

262. Special Report: Ego Fest II
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 114.01Mb)

Description: Rob and Mike answer your emails and voice mails on this special episode. Find out how The Projection Booth sausage is made and learn what Rob and Mike are up to outside of TPB like Rob's new book, Re-Entry: The Orbit Magazine Anthology, and Mike's Mad Movies with the L.A. Connection. Links: Give to Rob's Re-Entry: The Orbit Magazine Anthology campaign Listen to Rob on The Weedsmen Potcast Hear Mike on the latest Movie Geeks United Check out Noel Mellor's Adventures in VHS book Buy Mike Malloy's Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Films That Ruled the 70s Buy Skizz Cyzyk & Joe Tropea's Hit & Stay Find out more about Mad Movies with the L.A. Connection

263. Special Report: Tom McLoughlin's Strange Idea of Entertainment
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 39.87Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Tom McLoughlin & Joseph Maddrey Recently released by BearManor Media, A Strange idea of Entertainment (978-1-59393-560-3) chronicles the life and career of mime, musician, actor and director Tom McLoughlin. Written by Joseph Maddrey (Not Bad For A Human), the book gives an in-depth look to an often overlooked talent. Links: Buy A Strange Idea of Entertainment Like the Facebook Page for A Strange Idea of Entertainment Check out Tom's band The Sloths Buy A Date with an Angel on DVD Buy One Dark Night on DVD Buy Friday the 13th Part VI on DVD Listen to our interview with Joseph Maddrey about Not Bad for a Human

264. Episode 188: Let's Scare Jessica to Death (1971)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 98.74Mb)

Description: Special Guests: John D. Hancock & Lee Kalcheim Guest Co-Host: Cameron Cloutier We're looking at the 1971 film Let's Scare Jessica to Death. Directed by John D Hancock and based on a screenplay by Lee Kalcheim, the film tells the tale of... you guessed it... Jessica (Zohra Lampert) a woman who's back from a time away at an asylum and spending some quiet time in the country with her husband and their friend. Jessica is plagued with visions of a girl in white as well as a monstrous woman in their local lake. Are the unfriendly people of the country town trying to gaslight her? Is it the strange hippie girl they find living in their house? Or is it something truly supernatural? Links: Buy Let's Scare Jessica to Death on DVD Learn more about John D. Hancock's Filmacres Keep up with Mr. Hancock's new film, Swan Song Visit the official Lee Kalcheim website Visit Cameron Cloutier's Obnoxious & Anonymous Support Cameron's Bird with a Broken Wing Visit the Let's Scare Jessica to Death fan site Listen to the Terror Transmission episode about Jessica

265. Special Report: Candida Royalle
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 82.51Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Candida Royalle On this special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talks to entrepreneur, author, director and former adult film star Candida Royalle about her career and the upcoming documentary about her from director Sheona McDonald, While You Were Gone. Links: Donate to While You Were Gone Visit the official Candida Royalle website Buy How to Tell a Naked Man What to Do: Sex Advice from a Woman Who Knows Listen to Candida on The Rialto Report Read Candida's contribution in The Feminist Book

266. Special Report: Jason Reitman
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 16.75Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Jason Retiman Jason Reitman, director of Juno, Thank You for Smoking & Up In the Air returns with Men, Women & Children – a look at how the internet is changing and affecting our relationships. He spoke to our Rob St. Mary about the film, producing Whiplash, working with actor J.K. Simmons, his father – filmmaker Ivan Reitman, and more.  Men, Women & Children opens at a theater near you on October 17th.  Links: Visit the official Men, Women & Children website Buy Men, Women & Children by Chad Kultgen

267. Episode 187: American Mary (2012)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 115.52Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska,Tristan Risk  Guest Co-Host: Iris-Dora Saravia We're joined by Iris from the Badasses, Boobs and Bodycounts podcast as we look at the 2012 film,American Mary. Directed by the twisted twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska, the film tells the tale of a med student, Mary Mason (Katherine Isabelle), who is working towards becoming a surgeon but decides to pay her bills by doing body modification. American Mary takes the horror film into new directions and talks about such things as body image, ambition and more. Links: Buy American Mary on DVD Buy Dead Hooker in a Trunk on DVD Visit the official Twisted Twins website Visit Tristan Risk's official website

268. Episode 186: Working Girls (1986)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 147.18Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Lizzie Borden & Amanda Goodwin Guest Co-Host: Grace Smith Lizzie Borden's second feature film, Working Girls(1986) looks at the day in the life of a sex worker, her co-workers, her boss, and her clients. We spoke to director Lizzie Borden and actress Amanda Goodwin (Dawn) about this groundbreaking film. We're joined in our discussion by a real "working girl," Grace Smith, to help us understand how some sex work really works.  Links: Buy Working Girls on DVD Buy Born in Flames on DVD

269. Episode 185: Othello (1951)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 92.24Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Samantha White Guest Co-Host: Joseph McBride We conclude Shakespeare September with our look at Orson Welles's Othello. Filmed over a period of four years, the production was plagued with financial problems but ultimately proved a triumph of ingenuity over resources. The second of Welles's Shakespeare films, Othello is yet another of his works that has been tampered with. We're joined by Welles scholar Joseph McBride of our Magnificent Ambersons and Executive Actionepisodes and we talk to Samantha White of the Shakespeare in Detroit company. Links: Buy Othello on (all-region) DVD Buy Making Movies with Orson Welles by Gary Graver & Andrew Rausch

270. Episode 184: Richard III (1995)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 171.10Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Dr. Philip Stone & Richard Loncraine  Guest Co-Host: Ed Pettit Shakespeare September continues with a look at the 1995 film Richard III. Directed by Richard Loncraine and based on the historical tragedy of the same name by William Shakespeare it tells the tale of a scheming hunchback with a bad arm played byIan McKellen who, after the House of York’s victory over the House of Lancaster for the throne of England, works to set his brothers against each other and become king. Links: Hear more Richard Loncraine on our Haunting of Julia episode Buy Richard III (1995) on DVD Buy Richard III, the book, by Ian McKellan Buy Richard III (1955) on DVD/Blu-Ray

271. Episode 183: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (1990)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 107.03Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Jim Hunter Guest Co-Host: Ed Pettit Shakespeare September continues with the 1990 film from writer/director Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Based upon Stoppard’s own award-winning mid-sixties play, the film tells the tale of Rosencrantz (Gary Oldman) and Guildenstern (Tim Roth), two supporting characters from Hamlet. We see them as characters in their own right as they interact with the goings-on of the melancholy Dane, questioning the meaning of life and their own existence. Sounds like pretty heady stuff but the play, and the film, are clever, witty, existential and amusing.  

272. Episode 182: Strange Brew (1983)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 217.42Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Dave Thomas, Steve De Jarnatt,Lynne Griffin, Jeff Robbins Guest Co-Hosts: Craig Bierko, Skizz Cyzyk It's time to take off to the Great White North and officially kick-off Shakespeare September with The Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie: Strange Brew, an unorthodox take on William Shakespeare'sHamlet with Bob & Doug playing Rosencrantz & Guildenstern. Joined by guest co-hosts Craig Bierko and Skizz Cyzyk, we discuss SCTV, Canadians, and the many adventures of Bob & Doug. Please note that Craig Bierko is an ardent supporter of Loma Linda University Children's Hospital (LLUCH), pioneers of the first infant heart transplant. Please help LLUCH keep its pledge to never turn away any child in need by texting KIDS at 27722 and donating $10 instantly from your phone bill.   

273. Episode 181: Titus (1999)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 205.82Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Julie Taymor & Harry Lennix Guest Co-Host: Edward Pettit As Roman month comes to a close we look at the 1999 film Titus, directed by Julie Taymor and based on the bloody tragedy by William Shakespeare,Titus Andronicus. The film tells to the story of a Roman general (Anthony Hopkins) who returns home following a battle to find a Rome in transition. It's about traditions, vengeance, race, and more. Links: Buy Titus on DVD Buy The Tempest on DVD/Blu-Ray  Buy The Blacklist on DVD/Blu-Ray  Visit the official Harry Lennix website Learn more about Theatre for a New Audience - the company that helped to birth this version of Titus 

274. Episode 180: Fellini Satyricon (1969)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 116.44Mb)

Description: Special Guest: John Baxter Guest Co-Host: Jim Tushinski Roman Month continues with the 1969 film, Fellini Satyricon. Based loosely on the remaining fragments of Petronius's voluminous work, the film is a series of vignettes about Encolpio (Martin Potter) and his friend Ascilto (Hiram Keller). The film mixes sex, philosophy, and death in the era of Nero. Satyricon is one of the more fantastic and surreal of Fellini's films and one that definitely lives up to the term "Fellini-esque."  Links: Buy Fellini by John Baxter Buy Fellini Satyricon on DVD Buy On the Set of Fellini Satyricon : A Behind-the-Scenes Diary by Eileen Lanouette Hughes Buy the paperback of Fellini's Satyricon  

275. Episode 179: Life of Brian (1979)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 183.29Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Roger Christian, Will Yapp & Owen Harris  Guest Co-Host: Ken Stanley (Bloody) Roman Month continues with the 1979 filmLife of Brian – the second feature film from the legendary British comedy troupe - Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The film finds the lads in Roman occupied Judea circa 33 AD – a time when the Jews are being oppressed and a messiah is wanted. No, it’s not Brian. He was born in the manger down the alley from Jesus. Life of Brian tells the tale of Brian of Nazareth, a regular chap, who through a few twists and turns, ends up as sort of a fun house mirror version of the messiah.  Causing a scandal upon its initial release, Life of Brian is considered one of the finest comedies to come out of U.K. 

276. Episode 178: Caligula (1979)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 186.69Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Ranjit Sandhu & Alexander Tuschinski Guest Co-Host: Maitland McDonagh We begin "Roman Month" with the 1979 filmCaligula is a biopic about one of the most-wicked rulers of Rome. It was directed by Tinto Brass until he took his name off it. It was written by Gore Vidal until he took his name of it. And, it was proudly produced by Bob Guccione of Penthouse magazine who didn't take his name off it. Caligula tells the tale of “Little Boots” and his anarchistic rule over Rome between 37-41 AD. Malcolm McDowell plays the title role and the film features well-known and respected British actors Sir John Gielgud, Sir Peter O'Toole and Helen Mirren... to name a few… along with a swath of Penthouse Pets.  Over 35 years later, Caligula is still as notorious for what's on screen as what went on behind the scenes.  Correction: Victor Mature was not in Nightmare Alley.  

277. Episode 177: Zoom In: Sex Apartments (1980)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 75.98Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Jerry Chandler This week we're looking at Naosuke Kurosawa's 1980 Japanese Roman o film Zoom In: Sex Apartments (AKA Zoom In: Rape Apartments/Zûmu in: Bôkô danchi). The film tells the tale of a young married woman who gets raped on the way to visit an old flame. The assault appears to be a part of a series of similar rapes and gruesome murders taking place in an apartment block. The film is visually striking and seems inspired by Dario Argento's 1970s giallo films.  We're joined once again by VCinema's Coffin Jon to talk about pinku eiga, roman o, and more. Links: Buy Zoom In: Sex Apartments on DVD  Buy Jasper Sharpe's Behind the Pink Curtain: The Complete History of Japanese Sex Cinema Check out Synapse's Nikkatsu Roman o page  

278. Episode 176: Waterpower (1977)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 185.15Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Shaun Costello, Sharon Mitchell, Jeanne Silver A notorious adult film which blends the true crime of Michael H. Kenyon and the movie Taxi Driver, Shaun Costello's Waterpower stars Jamie Gillis as Burt, the Enema Bandit, who terrorizes women with his Bardex bag and nozzle. We spoke to director Shaun Costello about the strange history of the film (which is often credited to Gerard Damiano) as well as "patient" Jeanne Silver. We also continue our conversation with Sharon Mitchell from our Smoker episode. We're joined by Heather Drain to discuss this fascinating portrait of bicentennial New York City. Links: Buy Waterpower on DVD Visit the official Shaun Costello website Buy Shaun Costello's Wild About Harry Listen to the first part of our Sharon Mitchell interview

279. Bonus Music Mix: The Woman Chaser Soundtrack
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 64.95Mb)

Description: With the recently released digital version of Robinson Devor's The Woman Chaser, the original soundtrack had to be replaced due to rights and budget issues. Thanks to Mike's OCD, people can still enjoy the original soundtrack as a compilation.    Song Title Artist Bacoa Les Baxter Cuban Blues Chico O'Farrill Fiesta Time Chico O'Farrill The Asphalt Jungle Miklos Rozsa Ataypura Yma Sumac Mars, The Bringer Of War Gustav Holst Lotus Land Martin Denny Black Orchid Cal Tjader Dance Of The Headhunters Tito Puente Macao Anthony Collins Lust Les Baxter and Bas Sheva Night on Bald Mountain Leonard Bernstein Ritual Drum Dance Tito Puente The High Priest Of The Aztecs Les Baxter Poinciana Robert Maxwell & His Orchestra Voodoo Dreams Les Baxter Kon-Tiki Yma Sumac and Orchestra Slave Girl Chaino Ceremonial Feast Dance Chaino Autumn In Washington Square Dave Brubeck God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Jimmy Smith  

280. Episode 175: Planet of the Vampires (1965)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 59.34Mb)

Description: We examine this sci-fi classic from Mario Bava,Planet of the Vampires (AKA Terrore nello spazio) along with Troy Howarth, author of The Haunted World of Mario Bava. Links: Buy The Haunted World of Mario Bava Buy Planet of the Vampires on DVD Buy It! The Terror Beyond Space Learn more about the Midnight Marquee Press

281. Special Report: Dick & Harry
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 62.30Mb)

Description: Special Guests: Elijah Drenner & Sophie Huber Steve Byrne of The Detroit Free Press joins Mike on this special documentary double feature episode. We discuss a pair of films that look at two amazing actors, Harry Dean Stanton and Dick Miller. This episode features interviews with Sophie Huber, director of Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction and Ejijah Drenner, director of That Guy Dick Miller, as well as a discussion of the new Documentary Podcast from The Freep Film Festival. Links: Find out more about the Freep Film Festival Visit the official Dick Miller website Follow That Guy Dick Miller on Facebook Buy Harry Dean Stanton Partly Fiction on DVD

282. Episode 174: The Holy Mountain (1973)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 118.36Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Heatherleigh Navarre We examine Alejandro Jodorowsky's landmark 1973 philosophical film, The Holy Mountain, about nine adepts searching for immortality, undertaking a sacred journey. Joining us is Stephen Scarlata, co-producer of the documentary Jodorowsky's Dune.  Our special guest, Heatherleigh Navarre of The Boston Tea Room, discusses the history and significance of Tarot and reads Mike's cards.  Links: Learn more about The Boston Tea Room Buy The Holy Mountain on DVD Buy The Holy Mountain on Blu-Ray Follow Stephen Scarlata on Twitter

283. Episode 173: No Retreat, No Surrender (1986)
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 92.21Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Keith W. Strandberg Step into the ring and fight for your independence on this Independence Day episode where Jean Claude Van Damme plays an evil Soviet fighter - it'sNo Retreat, No Surrender! The 1986 low-budget martial arts film stars Kurt McKinney as Jason Stillwell - a young man who continues to learn karate despite his father's wishes. Jason not only has to navigate the ups and downs of being a teen but he meets up with Bruce Lee who gets him ready to square off against the man of muscle West Coast gangsters used to push his father of out of the dojo business. We are joined by the writer and producer of No Retreat, No Surrender Keith W. Strandberg.  Guest Co-Host this week is Zachary Oberzan - a JCVD enthusiast and filmmaker who played "The Muscles from Brussels" in his film Your Brother, Remember? Links: Buy No Retreat, No Surrender (Non-USA Import) Visit the official Keith W. Strandberg website Buy/Stream Zachary Oberzan's Your Brother. Remember?  

284. Special Report: Jonathan Ball on Crime Wave
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 45.39Mb)

Description: Special Guest: Jonathan Ball Mike talked to Dr. Jonathan Ball, author of the definitive book on John Paizs's Canadian classic,Crime Wave (AKA The Big Crime Wave).  Links: Buy Jonathan Ball's Crime Wave Visit Jonathan Ball's website Visit the University of Toronto Press website Listen to our episode on Crime Wave

285. Episode 172: Mother Night (1996)
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Description: Special Guests: Bob Weide, Gregory D. Sumner & Mary Kenny Perhaps the best adaptation of a Kurt Vonnegut work, Mother Night stars Nick Nolte as Howard W. Campbell, Jr. an American playwright whose Nazi broadcasts may have helped America win the war. But, at what cost? Mother Night stars Alan Arkin, Sheryl Lee, Frankie Faison, John Goodman and a great supporting cast.  Also, we'll be talking to screenwriter Bob Weide (who's currently wrapping up a documentary on Kurt Vonnegut), Gregory D. Sumner, author of Unstuck in Time A Journey Through Kurt Vonnegut's Life and Novels, and Mary Kenny, author of Germany Calling A Personal Biography of William Joyce Lord Haw-Haw. Our special guest co-host is the director and co-producer of Mother Night, Keith Gordon.

286. Episode 171: The King of Marvin Gardens (1972)
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Description: Special Guest: Ellen Burstyn Bob Rafelson's 1972 film, The King of Marvin Gardens, stars Jack Nicholson and Bruce Dern as David and Jason Staebler. Jason is a small time conman who's working on a big deal and wants to bring in his somewhat depressed radio monologist brother, David, to share in the score. Along the way they get tangled up with a gangster played by Scatman Crothers and a mother/step-daughter team, played by Ellen Burstyn and Julia Anne Robinson in Atlantic City. The King of Marvin Gardens is a contemplative film about ambition, love, and America played out during the final years of Vietnam. Links: Buy "The King of Marvin Gardens" on DVD/Blu-Ray or as part of The Criterion Collection Box Set Buy Easy Riders, Raging Bulls

287. Episode 170: Manhunter (1986)
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Description: Special Guests: Tom Noonan, Chris Elliott, Adam Resnick, Jonathan Rayner Have you ever seen blood in the moonlight? It appears quite black... Michael Mann's Manhunter was a stylish serial killer film that has proved influential for decades. Other than being known as the first film appearance from Hannibal Lecter (a sublime Brian Cox), Manhunterhelped give rise to the crime procedural ("C.S.I.", "Criminal Minds", "True Detective", etc.). We talked to Tom Noonan about his role as Francis Dollarhyde along with Chris Elliott (and Adam Resnick) about his early appearances in mainstream films. We also discuss the cinema of Michael Mann with Professor Jonathan Rayner. Our guest co-host is the mysterious Mister X; we discuss the entire "HannibalLec(k)tor Legacy". Links: Buy Manhunter on DVD Buy Red Dragon by Thomas Harris Buy The Cinema of Michael Mann by Jonathan Rayner

288. Special Report: Adam Resnick's Will Not Attend
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Description: Special Guest: Adam Resnick Mike spoke to writer/director Adam Resnick about his new book, Will Not Attend: Lively Stories of Detachment and Isolation, a collection of short stories from the misanthropic writer of Death to Smoochy. Links: Buy Will Not Attend Listen to Adam Resnick on our Cabin Boy episode

289. Episode 169: Black Roses (1988)
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Description: Special Guest: John Fasano Are you ready to rock? A cautionary tale of the evils of Rock & Roll, Black Roses tells the story of a demonic group who descend on unsuspecting Mill Basin to unleash a fury of Satanic music, claiming the souls of those who would choose to rock out. We're joined this week by Mike "McBeardo" McPadden, author of Heavy Metal Movies: Guitar Barbarians, Mutant Bimbos& Cult Zombies Amok in the 666 Most Ear- and Eye-Ripping Big-Scream Films Ever! By the way, Captain B.J. Hunnicutt was from Mill Valley, California. Links: Buy Heavy Metal Movies by Mike "McBeardo" McPadden Buy Black Roses on DVD Visit the Bazillion Points website Visit the official John Fasano website

290. Special Report: Cinetopia 2014
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Description: Special Guests: Sultan Sharrief & Brian Hunter Taking a look at the 2014 Cinetopia film festival taking place in Detroit and Ann Arbor from June 4-8, 2014.  Links: For more information see www.cinetopiafestival.org

291. Episode 168: The Devils (1971)
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Description: Special Guest: Richard Crouse It's fun for the whole family as we talk about Ken Russell's controversial 1971 film “The Devils”. Censored for over 40 years because of content, The Devils tells the tale of Urbain Grandier – the priest of Loudun, France who in 1634 was persecuted through an unholy mix of Church, State and Sex.  Joining us is special guest co-host filmmaker Vincenzo Natali. Our special guest this week is film critic/author Richard Crouse discussing his book “Raising Hell: Ken Russell and the Unmaking of the Devils.” Links: Visit the official Richard Crouse website Buy Raising Hell by Richard Crouse Listen to the director's commentary Buy on DVD (UK version)

292. Episode 167: Possession (1981)
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Description: Special Guests: Frederic Tuten & Daniel Bird We're joined by Mr. Chris of the Outside the Cinema and Are You Serious podcasts to talk about Andrzej Zulawski's 1981 film Possession, a beautiful and challenging tale of a marriage falling apart in Cold War Berlin. Links: Visit the official Frederic Tuten website Visit Daniel Bird's Cave Canem films Visit the Andrzej Zulawski fan site Read about the Mondo Vision release of Possession Order the Mondo Vision Blu-Ray of Possession    

293. Episode 166: Boss Nigger (1975)
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Description: Special Guest: Fred "The Hammer" Williamson Boss Nigger is one of the American Westerns that used the feel of the Euro-westerns that came to the fore in the mid-1960s, but with an African-American twist. The film stars Fred "The Hammer" Williamson as "Boss" and D'Urville Martin as "Amos" – two bounty hunters who become sheriff and deputy of a small western town. The twosome battles bad guys, civic corruption and racism with words and guns.  Our special guest co-host this week is David Walker of Badazz Mofo.  WARNING: You will hear the word in the title a bit. But, if you are offended by ANY USE of that word, skip this episode. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! 

294. Episode 165: The King of Comedy (1983)
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Description: Special Guest: Shawn Levy We're taking the stage and talking about Martin Scorsese's comic masterpiece The King of Comedy. Joining us is our old friend Skizz Cyzyk to talk to us about his Pride & Joy. Links: Buy Shawn Levy's King of Comedy: The Life and Art of Jerry Lewis Buy The King of Comedy on Blu-Ray Visit the official Jerry Lewis website Visit the official Sandra Bernhard website Visit the official Shawn Levy website Visit the official Skizz Cyzyk website Learn about The Film Foundation Follow Martin Scorsese on Facebook Follow Hit and Stay on Facebook Listen to our Last Temptation of Christ episode Listen to our The Day the Clown Cried episode Listen to the Mondo Film Podcast series on Jerry Lewis

295. Special Report: John Badham on Directing
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Description: Special Guest: John Badham Mike talks to John Badham about his book, John Badham On Directing: Notes from the Set of Saturday Night Fever, War Games, and More. Links: Visit the official John Badham website Buy John Badham On Directing Buy I'll Be in My Trailer: The Creative Wars Between Directors and Actors by John Badham and Craig Modderno Read about Short Circuit feature in SFX by Jonathan Melville

296. Special Report: Jodorowsky's Dune (2014)
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Description: Special Guest: Stephen Scarlata A secret report within the guild... Take a look at one of cinema's greatest tragedy's (and greatest influences), Alejandro Jodorowsky's Dune. The 2013 documentary Jodorowsky's Dune tells the incredible tale of the surrealistic filmmaker gathering one of the most impressive rosters of talent around in order to make an ill-fated attempt at adapting Frank Herbert's seminal science fiction tome. Links: Buy Jodorowsky's Dune on Blu-Ray Visit the official website of Jodorowsky's Dune Visit The Symbol Grows website Visit the Dune Info website Hear more of Spacekraft's score Read more about movie never made Read more about the making of Flash Gordon Read Scott Sentinella's Only The Strong Travel This Deep Read about Ridley Scott's The Train Listen to our episode on David Lynch's Dune

297. Episode 164: Blast of Silence (1964)
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Description: Special Guest: Allen Baron Danger signal! It's an episode all about Allen Baron's 1961 neorealistic Blast of Silence, the story bad boy Frankie Bono, a hit man who comes to New York City at Christmas to fulfill a contract. He's torn between his obligation to pull the trigger and his heart. We're joined this week by guest co-host Howard A. Rodman to talk about "Hart to Hart," Winky Dink, film preservation, and more. Links: Visit Allen Baron's official website Buy Blast of Silence on DVD Buy Blast of Silence: A Memoir by Allen Baron Read more about Blast of Silence

298. Episode 163: The Bad Lieutenant Films
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Description: Special Guests: Edward Pressman& William M. Finkelstein This week we're talking about Bad Lieutenant - the original and the sort of loose re-make by filmmakers Abel Ferrara and Werner Herzog. The 1992 original stars Harvey Keitel as the Bad Lieutenant in question who gets in over his head with drugs, prostitutes and a gambling debt. The 2009 The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans stars Nicolas Cage as the Bad Lieutenant in the days around and after Hurricane Katrina. He plays a cop who gets in over his head with drugs, prostitutes and a gambling debt. Our guests are producer of both films – Edward Pressman and the screenwriter of The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, William Finkelstein Guest co-host this week is Patrick Bromley of the F This Movie podcast. Thanks to Filip Önell for the Werner Herzog impersonation! Links: Buy Bad Lieutenant on DVD and Blu-Ray Watch Bad Lieutenant on Netflix Instant Buy The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans on DVD and Blu-Ray Buy the Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans book Check out Patrick's show F This Movie Podcast  

299. Special Report: Milius (2013)
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Description: Special Guest: Joey Figueroa On this special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talked to Joey Figueroa about co-directing the feature documentary Milius. Figueroa discusses his early work with Kevin Smith and the challenges of capturing the larger-than-life persona of writer/director John Milius.

300. Special Report: Of Gingers and Little Fishes
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Description: On this special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talks to Alexia Anastasio about a few of her current projects -- Little Fishes & Ginger Girls -- as well as crowdfunding and her earlier films such as Adventures in Plymptoons.