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Podcast title The F Me Podcast
Website URL http://www.facebook.com/fmepod...
Description Blurring the lines between Sex & Comedy. Sketches, rants, and interviews with adult film stars, drag queens, and maybe even a celebrity or two - talking about sex! You know you like it.
Updated Fri, 02 Aug 2019 09:49:15 +0000
Image The F Me Podcast
Category Health & Fitness
Society & Culture

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1. #9: F Me Returns! - Sinn Sage & Brynne
http://fuckmepodcast.libsyn.co... download (audio/mpeg, 66.02Mb)


After a loooong loong (long) break, The F ME PODCAST RETURNS!!!  Sinn Sage is back to co-host, and we have Certified Sex Geek, Brynne, to help dispell some of those messed up sex myths out there!  So sit down, lube up, and listen up - we got lots of sex to talk about.  (424) 250-3825

2. #8: Sex Advice with Sinn Sage
http://fuckmepodcast.libsyn.co... download (audio/mpeg, 99.25Mb)


This episode is all about you, baby, uuuuh huh.  Sinn Sage and Jacob are here to listen to you, ooooh yeaaahh, gonna make you feel all goooooood.  Sinn Sage sits down with Jacob on the ENTIRE SHOW to talk about current events and answer audience submitted sex questions. This is as raw as it gets on The F Me Podcast - no padding, no editing, just Jacob, Sinn, and you.  So pour yourself a glass of wine, relax yourself, turn on the fire, ... and maybe get naked. (424) 250-3825

3. Special Announcement / Parade of Fake Commercials
http://fuckmepodcast.libsyn.co... download (audio/mpeg, 31.19Mb)


This is a special announcement about the upcoming episode of The F*** Me Podcast!  Jacob and Sinn Sage will be doing an entire episode dedicated to audience questions!  They will be calling some of you back to answer live on the show!  Also a few suprise guests will make an appearance to answer a few questions as well.  So if you want to talk to Sinn Sage and Jacob CALL IN! 424-250-3825 - and they just might call you back!

But that's not all.  How about a parade of F*** Me Podcast fake commercials?  Why not?!  You might have missed some!

4. #7: The Podcast Strikes Back! - Sovereign Syre
http://fuckmepodcast.libsyn.co... download (audio/mpeg, 101.77Mb)


The F Me Podcast returns after a short break - totally recharged with new comedy, new sexy, new guesty! This week, Jacob sits down with Indie Adult Film Performer, Sovereign Syre, and they talk about the blurring of the line between art and porn.  Also, the triumphant return of F Me Radio Theatre, with an all new TRUE SEX STORY!  And of course, fake commericals as always.  424-250-3825

5. #6: Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! - Greydon Square
http://fuckmepodcast.libsyn.co... download (audio/mpeg, 106.04Mb)


A change of pace for the F Me Podcast.  Greydon Square is on the show, and he's the first non-sex centric guest we've had.  He is a Los Angeles based underground rapper, whose lyrics promote science, knowledge, atheism, and sexual freedom.  We talk about sex, but about many other aspects of life as welll.  It gets a little serious.  Also, Jacob gets a wee bit personal and heavy on his monologue - so yeah, we're relaxing on the comedy a bit this week.  But, we also have Sinn Sage back to answer more of your advice questions! 424-250-3825

6. #5: I Dream of Sister Fisting - Odette Delacroix
http://fuckmepodcast.libsyn.co... download (audio/mpeg, 71.32Mb)


Fetish model and all around petite hottie, Odette Delacroix, stops on by The F Me Podcast. She let's Jacob know what it takes to be a fetish model, what it's like to be sat on by 300 pound women, and divulges some of her deepest, darkest fantasies.  Also, brand new skits, fake commercials, and a special announcement about future episodes of The F Me Podcast!

7. #4: Male Pornstars Have Feelings, Too - Dane Cross
http://fuckmepodcast.libsyn.co... download (audio/mpeg, 107.52Mb)


Dane Cross drops by the show to talk about what it takes to be a male pornstar, and how regular life can collide with the adult profession.  Also, Jacob complains about people who hate rainbow cookies and explains why he thinks homosexuality is completely natural.  And finally, Sinn Sage returns once again to answer your calls on F Me Advice!

8. #3: Little Bro Hugs - Wee Matt McCarthy
http://fuckmepodcast.libsyn.co... download (audio/mpeg, 91.82Mb)


The raunchiest little person you've ever met, Wee Matt McCarthy, drops by The F Me Podcast to talk about how little people do it!  HELL YEAH!  And Sinn Sage comes back to answer YOUR sex questions on the first edition of F Me Advice with Sinn Sage!  If you would like your sex and relationship questions answered, call the show at 424-250-3825!

9. #2: Hot Girl on Girl Action! - Sinn Sage
http://fuckmepodcast.libsyn.co... download (audio/mpeg, 83.78Mb)


On this episode of The F Me Podcast - Jacob presents all new skits, rants on about porn, interviews girl on girl adult film star, Sinn Sage - and presents the VERY FIRST installment of F ME RADIO THEATRE!

10. #1: The Virgin Podcast - Vicky Vox & Detox
http://fuckmepodcast.libsyn.co... download (audio/mpeg, 58.42Mb)


The very first episode of The F Me Podcast!  Get to know the host, Jacob Ward.  He'll let you know his stance on sexuality right off the bat. He interviews the newest youtube sensations, "Chow Down (At Chick-fil-A)" stars and creators, Vicky Vox and Detox.