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Podcast title Wired For Success TV
Website URL http://www.wiredforsuccess.tv
Description Staying Wired For Success is easier than you might think. For the most part it simply requires an understanding of how you can re-educate the voices in your brain that can in an instant either Empower you, or create weakness, limitation, fears … stop you believing in yourself. This is the point at which life could become repetitive, predictable … even boring, thus tarnishing your wiring for success. Instead, we’d like to invite you on an adventure that is in no way predictable - because it can become anything you want it to be. Enjoy!
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Category Health & Fitness

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1. Anxiety 51949131948
http://traffic.libsyn.com/wire... download (audio/mpeg, 8.31Mb)


2. Sleep Secrets with Beatrix Schmidt
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 29.76Mb)


The importance of Sleep on every aspect of our lives is only just beginning to be understood by Science.  

Ahead of the curve is Health and Well-Being Consultant specialising in Sleep and Energy Levels, Beatrix Schmidt. 

In this in-depth conversation, Beatrix enlightens Beryl and Mel on

Why we might be looking in the wrong direction for the answer to our Sleep issues What else can upgrade in our lives once our Sleep disruption is addressed How we run unconscious patterns of behaviour that once revealed, can lead to easy solutions to Sleep concerns


Join the Sleep Programme with Beatrix here  http://www.beatrixaschmidt.com/sleep-deep/

Tweet Beatrix here https://twitter.com/beatrix_schmidt

3. John P Morgan
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 35.95Mb)


@ https://twitter.com/jpmorganjr

John P Morgan is not only an Explorer, Creator and Connector but also an in demand Speaker and Inspiring Coach.  He also belongs to the exclusive set of Ted Talk speakers too.


John talks to Beryl and Mel about the sure-fire ways of creating business success.  He tackles the sticky issue of how to 'charge' what you are worth - watch out for how he challenges Beryl on semantics!


What you will discover in this interview are some of John's very top tips of how to expand your mindset to take your business to a whole new level.


4. Tipping Sacred Cows with Betsy Chasse
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 34.61Mb)


Hollywood filmmaker, Author and Speaker Betsy Chasse joins Beryl and Mel of Wired For Success TV to spill the beans on life as the Producer/Director /Writer of the ground-breaking film 'What the Bleep?'.  

Betsy pulls no punches when it comes to being upfront about her own life challenges and with great humour she shares how whilst she could make a film about the hot topic of quantum physics, her own life was making quantum shifts in a way that she found alarming.  

Like many of us, Betsy put on a front of having the 'perfect' life and 'having it all' and yet, beneath the surface she was having as many emotional wobbles and uncertainties as the rest of us.

Betsy opens her book 'Tipping Sacred Cows' and Beryl and Mel get to hear some of the hilarious stories that messed with Betsy's head and encouraged her to write this genuinely helpful book that supports us in identifying and tipping the sacred cows in our own lives. 

Join us:




5. Becky Walsh: Back Stage on Intuition
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 43.32Mb)


Becky Walsh, author of 'You Do Know - Learning to Act on Intuition Instantly' takes us 'back stage' on Intuition.  

Transitioning from Theatre Stage Manager to Mentor and Stand-Up Intuitive Comic was an intuitive -led and life-changing step for this natural comedian.  

This explorative interview was such a delight for us, Becky really does shine the light on where and how we take ourselves way too seriously, and yet she is deeply empathetic too - a rare and delicate blend that definitely hits the spot.

Find out....

What led Becky to enhance her 'psychic' powers?

Which TV celebrity reviewed her as a 'brazen cow' ? 

How Becky make self development a subject that gets plenty of laughs and yet... can create seismic shifts in her audience too?

How Beryl's Oxytocin 'addiction' keeps her stuck and playing small.   


If you are ready for change, then sit back and listen in.  Be prepared to ask yourself where are YOU stuck in your life. Becky is an 'Intuition Expert' and helps individuals and her audience recognise that by connecting with their Intuition, life can become a whole lot more fun and fulfilling.  

So please accept our 'free ticket' to hearing Becky Walsh, 'Back Stage on Intuition'....

WARNING: Unsuitable viewing for those not ready for change and who have an aversion to laughing at themselves!


6. Franco DeNicola - How to Create A Successful Business Environment
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 57.94Mb)


Franco DeNicola states:

"Freedom is the basic construct of the Universe. It's the consciousness with which life itself has been created. It's the very nature of who we are. Everything else is a made up concept of structure that is optional." 

This statement got us excited.  At Wired For Success TV, we most definitely believe that humanity has bought into a construct that is not real, that is limiting and that is gradually going away.  Franco generously shares with us exactly how those constructs have been keeping us playing small in every area of our lives - and nowhere more so than in the Business world.

This informative interview blows away the myths of conventional business thinking.  It exposes as an untruth, the idea that we have to 'fight' for our market share.  Franco works with businesses who see their bottom line becoming healthier as they become more 'aware' of how they may have been constricting and limiting the very life force of their business by following traditional business beliefs.

If you are in business or thinking of setting up in business, we urge you to listen in to Franco's wise words so that you can begin to expand your thinking way beyond just creating a successful business that keeps the wolf from the door, and move into a space where your whole life is expanding and you yourself are becoming more of who you really are. 

7. Confessions of an Economic Hitman John Perkins ' We're More Powerful Than We Think'
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 38.83Mb)


John Perkins, author of 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man', 'Hoodwinked' and 'Shape Shifting' joins us to explore ideas of how we can, as individuals, influence the big Corporations to look at a wider perspective than just the 'bottom line' and still be financially successful.  

As more and more of us 'wake up' to the knowledge that we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams, we are looking for ways in which to create positive change for humanity and the planet.  

John Perkins has created the Dream Change organisation which is dedicated to changing the way modern societies 'dream' the world and shares....

"We are mistakenly taught that the way to business success is through maximizing profits regardless of the social and environmental costs. However, we now know that this has created a failed global economy, one where shockingly, less than 5% of the population (the U.S.) consumes nearly 30% of the resources, while billions live in abject poverty. This is not only an unfair system, it is not conducive to a sustainable world for future generations."

We discuss with John how it is entirely possible for us to come together and not only envision but create a future that is environmentally sustainable, is spiritually fulfilling and allows social justice for everyone.

If you only know John Perkins from 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man' (as we did - and what a great and enlightening read it is!) then you are in for a real treat as John Perkins reveals the the reasons and passion for his new project forward.   be ready to be inspired to join in with this new era of 'Conscious Business'.



8. Aura Transformation with Anni Sennov
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 49.85Mb)


Aura Transformation is a powerful way to expand your consciousness.  Anni Sennov is the person behind this 'one-time' activation. Having suffered chronic health issues for many years, Anni Sennov had an ah-ha moment and realised that all her years of searching outside of herself for the answers to her physical problems were taking her in completely the wrong direction.  Looking on the 'inside' became her priority and  'Aura Transformation' was born out of Anni's inward focus.

Her journey sparked off  a 'knowledge' of what Anni calls, the New Time Energies on the planet that are embodied in children born from around the mid-80's onwards.  Often known as Crystal and Indigo children, these young people are 'holding' the energy for the rest of us to 'catch up' and have our own awakening to 'who we really are'.

An Aura Transformation is said to help you to 'remember who are you' in terms of unlocking your potential and power so that everything you do post-Transformation will create more Success in your lives. We could have gone on talking with Anni on this topic for hours - totally fascinating.

We explore how different countries are holding a different vibration and how gradually and sometimes not so gradually (!) these countries and hence the vibration of their population are changing.

With over 20 books to her name (translated into many languages from her native Danish), a busy schedule as a Lecturer and supporter of those who are training Aura Transformation 'Mediators', we were blessed to pin Anni down to spend time with us.

As we enter a new year and for those who are looking to raise their vibration in 2014,  this is a very timely interview.   


9. No More Business As Usual
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 54.13Mb)


No More Business As Usual drew our attention.  We love out of the box thinking and all the signs were that Steve and Chutisa Bowman were breaking old paradigms in Business.  And we were not wrong. Our first chat with them blew our minds.  Here were a couple who had an impressive business pedigree in corporate and public companies who were talking our language.

Authors of 'No More Business As Usual', 'Conscious Leadership' and 'Prosperity Consciousness', they strip naked the old business ideas that hold businesses back from exploring and playing in the field of 'conscious business'.  

Working globally with individuals and board execs, this couple excel at skewing our minds to take on a totally new perspective on Creativity and how we access our own inner, unlimited creativity.  Blasting through 'business speak' that may have caused many of us to limit ourselves, Steve and Chutsia share how a change of mindset can usher in a radical and positive change in your business. Bringing you more choice, more possibilities, more contribution and maybe even more fun! 

So here we present to you our chat with Steve and Chutsia Bowman who are willing us to 'Lead from the Edge of Infinite Possibility'.  Prepare to have your gaskets blown.  Refreshing people and attitude in every single way. 


10. Access Consciousness Gary Douglas How Does it Get Any Better Than This?
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 16.15Mb)


Access Consciousness, conceived by Gary Douglas is absolutely sweeping the planet as it catapults us into a space where we start to discover what is REALLY possible in our lives.  

If, up to now, you have lived your life feeling as though you have a greater calling; experience a need to step into your greatness; and once and for all nail those demon voices in your head, then you will love this chat with Gary Douglas.  

Like us, at Wired For Success TV, Gary passionately believes that each of us is already 'wired for success' if only we could find our way through the many layers of society's 'conditioning' that stop us from being the amazing, infinite beings that somewhere deep inside us, we already know that we are.  It is time to break out of this prison mind and Gary Douglas is one of those who is ready to show us just HOW.

We first stumbled across Access Consciousness a while back and were lucky enough to meet (and interview) Dr. Dain Heer in London and were blown away by the success stories we were hearing. 

Gary shares with us how Access Consciousness 'found' him, how it has developed and what is possible in our lives once we begin to ask ourselves 'How Does It Get Any Better Than This?'

11. Accessing Your Joyful Life
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 42.61Mb)


A joyful life is what we all crave... and yet allow great chunks of our thinking to take us in the other direction.  Why?  It's crazy!  

Maureen McNamara reveals all in this chat.  This human dynamo is such a breath of fresh air as we explore together why we keep repeating the same patterns of thinking and hence doing.  She has such a fun and vibrant way of easing us into 'challenging' the thinking and hence the 'story' that we broadcast.  

You'll hear me ask her how it is that up to now nobody has punched her in the face as she asks them to challenge their precious story!  Interesting replies....

Maureen is most definitely a lady to get you back on track with your life, as she packs out workshops sharing her fun and yet profound wisdom.

Listen in and find out how to STOP MAKING MYSELF WRONG.... and so much more...

12. Consciousness Healing: Grabavoi's New Russian Knowledge
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 45.81Mb)


Dr. Grigori Grabovoi and the New Russian Knowledge is being unveiled to the English-speaking world.  Behind what was known as the 'Iron Curtain' pharmaceutical were little known and beyond the pocket of the Russian citizens.  As so often, when one door is closed to us, the human mind finds another way, and so it happened in Russia.

Dr. Grigori Grabovoi was a friend of Mikhail Gorbachev and was encouraged to research ways to find an effective and affordable way to heal the people of Russia.  This plea was rewarded with what has become known as the New Russian Knowledge and it is physically and emotionally healing people all over the state of Russia. 

"Out of Russia will come the hope of the world" predicted America's sleeping prophet and psychic Edgar Cayce. In the 1930's Cayce predicted the coming of the Russian Knowledge and how it would become humanities great hope.

Believing from our very core that each of us is innately ‘wired for success’  we have been intrigue by, researching and following up on the scanty information available about this ‘new Russian Knowledge’. 

Said to be a knowledge that will take each of us into a state of limitless creation where we can raise our consciousness to a point where we could literally heal ourselves physically and emotionally and wait for it…. even grow back teeth, knees, restore hair colour, vision and much more.

This cell regeneration rumour really got us curious….and thankfully our search has paid off.  

We found that a Russian Scientist, by the name of Dr. Grigori Gabovoi has been developing what has become known as  the ‘new Russian Creator Consciousness Knowledge’…..

Marion Mace and Brian Power from E=VS are running courses in the southern hemisphere and are having remarkable results, including Brian's own extraordinary recovery from stage IV cancer.   

In this podcast they share with us how this new knowledge can be used in every area of your life, even business!  Look out for an online course in association with Wired For Success TV early 2014. 

13. Lee Harris 'Opening Up to Your Highest Potential'
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 43.86Mb)


Ever feel as though you are holding yourself back from your own greatness? Do ever day-dream about being the Superhero of your own life?  Yes? Great! Lee Harris is a man with a message especially for you!

Lee Harris felt, like many of us growing up, that he just didn't quite fit in.  It took him some years to discover that his gift to the world was as an Energy Intuitive sharing wisdom and information to help others achieve greatness in their own lives.   

Travelling the world as an Energy Intuitive and Channeller, Lee Harris runs seminars, workshops and retreats. His fabulous monthly video updates were what first alerted us to his very special energy and we eventually  tracked him down in Slovenia to share his insights on how to Open Up to Your Highest Potential - the title of his latest workshop.  

Way back in the late 90's Lee Harris first heard the voice of 'Zachery' and realized that life would never be the same again. He went on to hold daily conversations with this spirit guide and by 2006 was a full time channeller and energy intuitive with other channeled voices (the Z's as Lee calls them) joining the chorus a year later.

Lee Harris believes that each of us has power beyond our wildest dreams and his passion is to help each of us remember how powerful we are and to be able to step into that greatness and live from the heart at all times.

Today he is going share with us how we can ALL awaken that inner energy. 

Says Lee Harris: 

 'You have the power to elevate and transform your own life and the lives of others. You are everything and when you remember this, everything and anything is possible.'

14. Sex, Intimacy and Sensuality with Ande Lyons
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 37.42Mb)


Sex, Intimacy and Sensuality with Ande Lyons is all about Bringing Back Desire into your relationship. A juicy topic that stimulates all kinds of thinking and yet... touches some of our deepest fears and insecurities.

How many of us are really comfortable and even delight in our sexuality? How many of us are OK with asking for what we want in the bedroom?

Topics from 'between the sheets' are aired in this fun and lively chat – and all tastefully done. We get to ask her the questions that she hears all the time, but that we rarely voice. Her ease in discussing 'issues of the bedroom' is refreshing, fun and informative.

Ande Lyons calls herself a Passion Curator and she tastefully and playfully shares ideas, tools and resources with women who want more to get more in touch with their sensuality and sexuality.

As the host of After Dark Radio Show, Ande Lyons guides couples towards staying tuned in and turned on through her lively and informative conversations with ‘sexperts’ and relationship experts.

Of her long term marriage she says..
"We lost babies, businesses, all our money and our hormones, but we never lost our passion and love for each other." 

So thankfully Ande Lyons could take time today to explore with us all manner of heady and delectable insights into how we can bring back desire in our relationships! We were all ears on this one….


15. Mooji - Ditch Your 'To Do' List
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 51.82Mb)


Mooji is one of the Spiritual community's most well-known leaders.  Once he was an artist on the streets of London who went through a spiritual awakening and became a disciple of the Indian Guru, Papaji. 

His remarkable story of 'awakening' led him to give up his 'conventional' life and spent six years in a state of near permanent meditation, accessing that part of him that knew no bounds and was in complete peace.

In this short time we spent with Mooji, we felt extremely tranquil as we explored why people get so caught up in their drama and how we can begin to step outside of our 'stories' and become the observers of our own lives.

The practise of 'I am' is something that Mooji shares with us and we are able to find that stillness and peace in ourselves.

This was truly a delightful interview to record and we felt beautifully 'held' in a sacred and yet fun space throughout - we hope that you do too. 


 “I have no other reason to be Here
than to be in service to the recognition
of your own Self as the Heart of existence!” 

                                                                     ~ Mooji

16. I'm Kipper Eldridge not Sting
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 35.61Mb)


Kipper Eldridge is a Grammy and Emmy award winning producer and musician who is perhaps best known collaboration as a producer and performer with Sting.  

His strumming began when he was given a guitar as a 7 year old and by age 19 he had his own band, One Nation, and by 1986 he had a recording contract that spawned two albums.

Writing and producing became a passion for him and amongst the people he wrote and produced were Catherine Zeta Jones, Curtis Stigers and Gary Numan.  

His talent also spread into the film world where he became well-known and respected for writing and producing scores for Hollywood feature films.

Kipper's collaboration with Sting began when he was invited to Tuscany to collaborate on what was to become Brand New Day, the album that gave birth to the global hit Desert Rose. 

From 1998 to 2005, Kipper produced and performed on all of Sting's musical output.  His role as musical director and band keyboard player created a deep friendship between these two men.

Over 15 million copies have been sold of the albums he has produced.  Apart from Sting, Kipper has gone worked with Stevie Wonder, James Morrison, Mary J Blige, James Taylor, Richard Marx, Clay Aiken and Chris Botti.

His recording studio in Leafy Surrey in UK is where Kipper hangs out now.  His days are filled with producing and writing with both new and existing talent.

What is not so well known about Kipper is his interest in the mind.  He is on the cusp of completing his training in counselling and in between his music is supporting clients with personal issues. 

We pinned him down for an hour or so to delve into the mindset behind the musician and explore how his newly acquired transpersonal skills aid him in drawing the best out of the musicians and artistes with whom he works.  He reveals how his creativity has blossomed from being back in the studio and how much he enjoys supporting artistes through the vulnerability that comes with performing. 

We loved our time with him! 

17. Revealing Your Natural Voice with Nikki Slade
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 67.19Mb)


Nikki Slade pioneerd sound work in the UK as far back as the 1990's.  An early and prestigious career as an actress and singer, led her to perform in some of the top UK venues, eg Royal Albert Hall and Royal National theatre – honing her skills with audiences large and small audiences.

Nikki then became aware of the 'power' of sound through the sacred chants of Eastern traditions and went on to study with a variety of teachers, including the renowned Chloe Goodchild, to specialise in the power of the voice to Transform, Heal and Grow. 

Nikki’s work is now global, with both groups and individual …. and ranges across the spectrum from working with blue chip companies, to Prison inmates, Addiction programmes, Bankers, The Central School of Speech and Drama in London, the London School of Musical Theatre and really people from all walks of life who are in need of transformation.  She was even flown to San Francisco recently to perform at a wedding!

 Nikki's Mission Statement

'My mission with Voice work is to provide an empowering and safe space that unconditionally encourages individuals to connect with their true inner voice so that they transcend all the limiting beliefs that prevent their authentic and free self-expression.'

We are thrilled that Nikki will be performing at our forthcoming Living Without Limits workshop Nov 30 and Dec 1 in Central London - check out site for more news on this event!

18. Birthing a New Earth with Drunvalo Melchizedek
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 67.51Mb)


Drunvalo Melchizedek  is a globally renowned Spiritual Teacher and Leader.  

In these times of unprecedented change on the planet, Drunvalo has dedicated himself to guiding us in ways we can support ourselves and the Earth  raising of the consciousness of humanity and the planet towards lives, that he says, will be of such wonder that it is beyond our present comprehension. 

For those of us who are struggling with fear issues around the breakdown of relationships and systems that we believed were keeping us safe, Drunvalo has words of encouragement and hope. 

Over 30 years travelling the world, studying with over 70 different Spiritual Teachers and every known spiritual practice on the planet, Drunvalo is now facilitating 'Awakening the Illuminated Heart' workshops in his home town of Sedona, Arizona. 

His work with indigenous tribes from every continent gave him a unique perspective on the cosmic alignment between the Earth, the Sun and the centre of our Galaxy on December 21st 2013.  

Drunvalo is a rare breed indeed.  An avid researcher, everything he shares is backed up by Science.  He has unique insights into what is going on both ON and OFF the planet, and his teachings are a promise of spiritual renewal

giving strength in uncertain times; and raising our awareness of the responsibility we have to educate ourselves about what is really going on in the world and not allow our leaders to pull the wool over our eyes as they merrily lead us along the path to destruction.

Hold fast... it is not all gloom and doom.  In fact the very opposite is true.  We are indeed on the brink of BIRTHING A NEW EARTH.  

19. Discover Your Soul Mission with Susana Norte
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 34.83Mb)


Ever had a Soul Plan Reading?  There couldn't be a better time to Skype call up Susana Norte - a world expert in this renowned art.  

So if you have every wondered....

Why you are here on earth at this time?

What is your Soul Mission in helping the planet and humanity move through this massive shift? 

Are you curious as to why life can be so challenging and what is the message in our struggle? 

Most importantly....

How would your life be different if you had answers to these questions?

Well after our very detailed readings from the highly intuitive Susana, Mel and myself had our eyes out on stalks!  

Just on our names, Susana was able to give us spookily accurate information on our childhood, our strengths, our areas of challenge and the reassurance that we are both on track for our Soul Mission - so I guess that means that we will be bringing you many more interviews, Meet Ups and Living Without Limits seminars!

If you are at all curious about your own Soul Mission, get in touch with Susana - she books up fast so don't delay. 

20. Trust Your Vibes with Sonia Choquette
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 27.67Mb)


Sonia Choquette is a Dynamic Spiritual Teacher and a renowned Global Leader in the emerging world of Spiritual Enlightenment.  As a Six-Sensory Consultant, Enchanting Storyteller, and Transformational Visionary Guide, and known for her delightful humour, she is skilled at quickly shifting people out of difficulty and into flow.

Sonia is the author of a massive 19 International bestselling books on intuitive awakening, personal growth, creativity, and transformational leadership including the New York Times bestseller “The Answer is Simple.”  

Her work has been published in over 40 countries and in 37 languages, making her one of the most widely read authors and experts in her field in the world.

Sonia is undoubtedly a highly skilled and intuitive person - she also has the knack of making you feel safe and nurtured. 

In this lively interview Sonia took us through a fun and transformative exercise and we think you will love it as much as we did.  Get ready to be transformed! 

Let us know how you felt.


21. What if Business was Joyful and Fun? with Simone Milasas
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 37.49Mb)


Simone Milasas is a dynamic business leader, Global Organizer for Access Consciousness, workshop facilitator and author of 'The Joy of Business'.

It's probably fair to say that most of would agree that we would love life to be an adventure…. And yet when the rubber hits the road many of us run scared when the adventure turns into uncertainty.  Due to the repeated patterns of our behaviour, we are programmed to look for certainty and uncertainty looks scary …. When actually we could see it as exciting! 

Simone is a fabulous example of living the joy of adventure and she penned her book 'The Joy of Business' this for those of us who would like to be in business and generate something entirely different for ourselves and for the planet - maybe that's you? 

She generously shares with us how we too can open up a space to do business in an entirely different way – challenging us with questions such as if you were to create a business from the JOY of it – what would you choose?

22. Set Yourself Free with Zach Rehder
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 65.40Mb)


Zach Rehder, creator of Vibrational Alignment Healing, is an international teacher, speaker and healer. He has been given the gift of channeling ‘space’ through his body.

Many who have experienced his work describe this space as a field that is beyond energy. When he shares this space with others it dissolves the positive and negative charges of energy, allowing people to free themselves from their blocks and limitations.

Many of us are ‘stuck’ in lives that just don’t seem to ‘fit’ us and more and more people are waking up to this feeling and are unsure what to do about this.  As a society we have bought into certain ideas about how life ‘should’ be and when we accumulate all the ‘stuff’, and have the so-called perfect life – it can be a bit of a shock to find that we are not happy.
One of the reasons Zach is on this planet is to assist others in finding their path or purpose. He assists people in removing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles so that they are able to clearly hear and follow their guidance with ease. This empowers people to fully embody who they came here to be.

23. Aura Transformation to Change The World
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 53.04Mb)


Aura Transformation with Mediators Berit Reaver and Sophia Barta join us to enlighten us on exactly why they are so excited to be sharing Aura Transformation with the world and why it is so necessary at this moment in the evolution of the planet.

A 'one time' 2-3 hour treatment, Aura Transformation helps you to really become more of who you really are by powering up the synergy of Mind, Body and Spirit.  Not a healing modality per se, more of an awakening tool - awakening to who you really are.  

Having said that, Sophia Barta shares her riveting story of how Aura Transformation helped her to ease out of the clutches of death and heal from Multiple Sclerosis.  She went from literally being advised by her Medical Consultant to make a will to now flying around Europe helping others on their journey by being a Mediator for Aura Transformation. 

This is a juicy and lively conversation full of nuggets of wisdom and learning that take us from exploring how healing our own personal healing on the inner/micro level is helping the outer/macro world to raise its vibration and take humanity and the planet towards a higher consciousness.  

We have no doubt that Aura Transformation will soon be one of the better known and loved Energy Treatments that people will be searching out. 

24. The Art of Money with Bari Tessler
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 49.66Mb)


Bari Tessler is a Financial Therapist, Mentor Coach, Mama-preneur and Chocolate Lover.

All of this allows Bari to help people build their own bridges between Money, Body, Mind and Spirit. – and plenty of chocolate seems to get eaten along the way!  We engage with her in a fascinating conversation about the 'mind programmes' we run in our heads about money and how with some gentle acceptance and guidance we can transmute any negative energy stories that we run about money into some really useful energy that can transform our relationship with money. 

Bari shares her own journey of developing a positive relationship with money and it has taught her that we need to learn to be OK with the ebb and flow of money in our lives.  For example Bari tells the story of how she decided to reduce her working hours when her baby arrived - and hence had to revamp her spending habits. 

It’s an exciting time for Bari as she is about to launch her ‘Art of Money’ programme – a year long school experience created to heal your relationship with money at the deepest level. 

25. Cancer: A Healing Mechanism with Fiona Shakeela Burns
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 46.10Mb)


Medical Herbalist, PSYCH K and EFT Practitioner Fiona Shakeela Burns healed from cancer twice, both times the doctors had pronounced her terminally ill.  She had Plasma Cell Leukaemia aged 11 and then as an adult, metastasised cervical cancer which had spread to the ovaries and the brain - and she is still here! 

Her childhood cancer recovery, which was due largely to the Gerson Therapy, led to her becoming a Medical Herbalist and she was able to bring this experience to her own healing process 31 years later when cancer struck for the second time in the cervix, ovaries and brain.

The combination of a plant diet, juicing, high-dose vitamin C infusions, cutting-edge cancer treatment in a German clinic as well as the Energy Psychology treatments: EFT and PSYCH-K that enabled her to be cancer-free in only ten months.

Listening to Fiona, you can't help but be open to the possibility that each of us is able to heal ourselves! We have been brainwashed to believe that drugs and radiotherapy are the only way to heal from cancer.

Clearly it is time to think for ourselves and to not buy into a set of beliefs foisted on us by the medical and pharmaceutical industries that cancer is a condition only of the body and that the mindset is not part of the equation. 

Having discovered for herself that there is no such thing as an incurable disease, she delights in supporting others to connect to their own path back to wellness. She Coaches and supports those who are faced with chronic health issues to make empowering choices.

In 2013, she ran the highly successful ‘Back 2 Health Conference’ in Bristol which provided cutting edge information for those with a cancer diagnosis and also for practitioners supporting those on a healing journey.

The next one will be a much larger event (due to ticket demand) and is due to run in Bristol, March 14th – 16th 2014 and will feature well- known Phillip Day, author of 'Cancer - Why We Are Still Dying to Know the Truth'.

As well as her own busy clinic, Fiona runs Potions Classes for children, showing them how to make and prepare their own herbal remedies - sounds fun.

Currently she is writing a book about her profound healing experiences and we interviewed her as she was in the throes of organising the Back 2 Health Conference for 2014.

Join us in this lively interview where Fiona is extremely generous with her knowledge and experience of healing from and preventing cancer. 


26. Remembering the Future with Steve Straus
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 58.49Mb)


'A greater perspective is worth 20 points of IQ' 

Life, Business Coach and Speaker Steve Straus openly admits that he doesn't know how to make you 20 points smarter, but he is highly skilled at unravelling something in you that can begin to offer you far more choices in your personal life and in your business. 

Steve was there at the very dawn of Coaching and had the honour of being coached by the man often termed the 'father of coaching' Thomas Leonard of CoachU and Coachville.  

For over 25 years Steve has been Coaching his clients towards success and if you are wondering what makes a good Coach a great Coach, then listen in as Steve shares how he got started and has helped hundreds of clients to grow their businesses in exponential ways and to achieve success in their personal lives too.  

Like any successful Coach, Steve was open to develop his skill set and the story he shares with us about discovering the power of the work of Tom Stone (EvolveExpress.com) lifts the lid on the tools he uses to enable people to move through their blocks with ease and grace.  

In 'Remembering Your Future' Steve shares a powerful exercise with us that takes us both (Beryl and Mel) into a space where we begin to glimpse pictures of what our future could look like.  

The enlightening aspect of this exercise is that you begin to realise that you really don't need to 'know' the 'how' of what you need to do to achieve your desires. Steve helps us to understand that we can 'employ' powers far beyond what the mind can conceive and fast-track ourselves towards success in any aspect of our lives.  

If you are thinking about a start-up business or wondering how to turbo-charge your business, it is important bring clarity and focus into play. Steve that when your 'inner landscape' is clear then your 'outer landscape' will begin to take form.  

Look out for more from Steve and us in the future!

27. The Cancer Journey with Polly Noble
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 33.61Mb)


Polly Noble is an Holistic Health Coach and co-author of 'The Cancer Journey - Positive Steps to Help Your Health Heal', and she joins us to share her story of how she developed a positive mindset to learn the lessons of her own cancer diagnosis and what practical steps she took to be healthy in mind, body and spirit.

With a myriad of different choices out there on 'how to be healthy' Polly distills the essence of her beliefs and experience to us in this interview and we delve into all kinds of issues that have arisen for Polly on this journey.  

Perhaps one of the most fascinating parts is where Polly shares how she healed herself of Lymphodema (a side effect of her cancer treatment) by eating mega-healthily. 

Her indomitable spirit shines through as she is clearly an extremely determined young woman who is inspiring others to recognise that they are powerful beyond their wildest dreams and can daily take small steps towards embracing their immense greatness.  

28. Discover and Embrace Your Genius with Michael Stratford
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 63.70Mb)


Our uniqueness, our genius is just waiting to be discovered.  Michael Stratford is a Provocateur of Transformation, Author, Master Coach and International Speaker and shares with us his own transformational journey to unveil his Genius.  

Literally at the brink of taking his own life, he suddenly reconsidered what he believed to be true.  He began to question his judgemental thoughts of himself and crucially asked, 'What if I am wrong?'  This turning point resulted in him checking himself into a psychiatric unit and beginning the long road to emotional competence and discovering his unique gift that he had to share with the world. 

Each of us has that spark inside us that is yearning to burst into flame and let us shine our light.  Many of us are now 'waking up' to the truth that we are each of us bubbling with potential and that if only we can find a way to be released from our 'conditioning' from all those layers of beliefs that have kept us playing way to small... then we can fully blossom into the amazing beings we always were.

Michael jam-packs this interview with valuable nuggets of information.  So if you are ready to discover and embrace YOUR genius then listen in and begin that wonderful process of discovery. 

29. Financial Alchemy with Morgana Rae
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 50.55Mb)


Financial Alchemy with Morgana Rae is a real one-off interview.  Morgana urges us to create a new relationship with money.  She reveals to us her secrets of creating financial success.  

Alchemy is the Art of Transformation and Morgana has herself experienced a massive transformation from a Coach who was making barely $100 a month to someone who is widely viewed as the top 'Money Relationship' Coach. 

Delving deep into her beliefs around money, Morgana came to realise that she had been brought up in  family who would swing between rich and poor and created in her all kinds of mixed messages that resulted in money not showing up for her!

If there is such a thing as chance, Morgana 'chanced' upon a Coach who suggested that she create a 'Money Monster'. And so began the game of giving money a 'personality'.  Money to her looked like an unkempt, Hell's Angel Biker guy who got into fights and generally was not great to be around - no wonder she stayed as far away from money as she could.

Instead she began to create a much more appealling 'Money Honey' someone she would really want to be around - you'll have to listen in to the interview to find out what this gorgeous man did for her! 

So have a go for yourself, if you were asked to give money a personhood, what would he/she look like?  How would they behave?  Would you want them around you?

You'll find out how to get rid of your 'Money Monster' and draw to you your 'Money Honey' in this lively episode! 


30. Chinese Energetics with Paul Wong
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 69.44Mb)


Chinese Energetics with Paul Wong is a chance to open up your heart.  Paul has a unique approach to healing using both ancient wisdom blended with modern healing modalities such as Body Talk, Vortex Healing, Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Qigong and a wave of mystical practices.

He has developed his own healing programme, The Art of Neutrality ™, which has grown out of his teachings and learnings and very recently has extended into a 'heart healing' process that he recognises is a major tool is shifting the consciousness of his clients into a space of love and oneness.

Paul's own journey began with his own asthmatic condition that he wanted to heal.  Over 15 years he has worked with thousands of people all over the world with their emotional and physical challenges.

During this interview with Paul he very generously offers to take us through a session to release 'unhelpful' emotions from our hearts.  In this session he focuses on clearly issues relating to our mothers - just by listening to this interview, you too can clear these maternal issues (and to some degree we all have them).  

Notice how you can literally 'feel' the layers of emotions float away and you feel lighter and more energised at the end of the interview.   

31. Questions to Ask for Success with Noah St. John
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 49.03Mb)


Have you faithfully adorned your bedroom, bathroom and office with little 'post-it' notes with affirmations saying 'I am rich', 'I am successful', 'Wealth flows to me'....and found that nothing really changes in your life and that essentially you don't believe a word of these affirmation?

Well you are not alone!  Noah St. John, Author and mega-successful Businessman had exactly this experience.  Twenty years of affirmations and a fortune's worth of post-its had him $800 in debt!  Fortunately he had a 'shower moment' and a flash of inspiration hit him like a tsunami and he realised that he had things back to front - and the 'Afformation' was born.  

Instead of making statements that were patently untrue, Noah began to ask himself questions and his brain went to work looking for answers.  For example, ask yourself : "Why is the sky blue?"  What happens next?  Yes, your brain goes off searching for an answer and once an answer comes up it can trigger a whole new raft of thinking and the domino effect kicks in.  

From that day Noah's life began to shift towards what he really desired.  Instead of affirming, he began afforming.  In fact he wrote a book on the subject that became a best-seller, 'Afformations'.

In this chat Noah gives us step by step instructions on how to begin using your brain in an extremely powerful and effortless way to shift you out of the 'I can't' thinking mode into the 'I can' stream of thinking.  

We had a delightful and fun time with Noah exploring all kinds of possibilities of what we could change in our thinking use his Afformations.  Here's a taster:

Why am I soooo confident?

Why am I successful in business?

Why am I so gorgeous?

Have a listen and try it out... let us know your results please! 

32. Quantum-Touch with Richard Gordon
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 52.25Mb)


Richard Gordon, has a whacking nearly 40 years experience in the arena of Holistic Health.  Quantum-Touch is his baby and as the founder, he has spoken internationally at medical conferences, medical centres and Chiropractic Colleges.  

Dr. C. Norman Shealy, MD PhD (founding President of the American Holistic Medical Assn) clinically tested and endorsed Quantum-Touch, calling it 'the first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers'.   With over 300 certified practitioners in over 50 countries - the word is definitely spreading. 

Innovation is his definitely Richard's thing. He is passionate about exploring new ways to make healing simple, powerful, accessible, reliable, easy and fun for people of all ages.  

During this interview we hear incredible stories of almost instant individual AND group healings that have puzzled the medical experts.  We also learn that anyone can train in Quantum-Touch, no specific background training is necessary - in fact you can even learn it on-line and share it with your friends and family as well as becoming a Practitioner.

His latest book 'Quantum-Touch 2.0 The New Human' presents his discoveries of revolutionary breakthroughs, not only in the power, speed, and practice of healing, but also in the capability of individuals to enhance and transform their lives and the world.

33. Filmmaker Leon Stuparich on the Road to Peace with the Dalai Lama
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 58.62Mb)


Unprecedented access to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama was granted to Award-winning Filmmaker Leon Stuparich as he unknowingly embarked on his own journey towards inner peace when he took a film crew to follow the 14th Dalai Lama around the UK. Little did Leon know that he would find out as much about himself as he did about the man he was shadowing. 

The plan was to capture the essence of his Holiness as he interacted with his followers, though as of course the spiritually aware amongst you will recognise, plans have a fun time of morphing into something much more!  

As many of us are 'waking up' to an inner calling, Leon was no different and his work in mainstream television just wasn't as fulfilling anymore and events unfolded in an extraordinary way for him and before he knew it - he was on the 'Road to Peace' himself. 

Be warned, this conversation with Leon is quite likely to awaken in you your greatness that may have been laying dormant and awaiting a gentle prodding.  It may be that like Leon you too, are less than enamoured with the life you are leading and are looking for a sign, a symbol, an opportunity to step through a portal to a life which may not be 'easier' but where you begin to feel more at 'ease' with yourself.  

Like it or not, we are all in a space of transformation now.  The world is changing and each of us at some level is seeing and experiencing change around us.  During our chat with Leon, we explore how each of us is more powerful than we had imagined, we are infinite beings with unlimited potential and the world is waiting for our gift.

The time for separation has passed and we can each of us follow in the footsteps of his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and take the message of peace and non-violence into our own lives.  All changes comes from within.

Finally, Leon says of this great man: 'When he talks to you, he pays you full attention, and for those few moments it feels as though there is nobody else but you and him'.

To help spread the message of peace and non-violence, Leon invites you to organise a screening of his film within your community or family/friends circle.  You can order the DVD here http://www.roadtopeace.co.uk/dvd/

34. 4 Steps to Outrageous Health with Pete Pure
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 58.80Mb)


Peter Pure is a Raw Food Enthusiast and you just can't help but be inspired and get excited by his zest for living a great life - and that of course comes with great health.  

This interview comes with a health warning - and that is....  that we all have a compulsory health examination but it comes at a time when it is too late to do anything about it - yes, when we are laying there on the slab for a post-mortem!  To live our lives of complete 'greatness' we really are better equipped if our bodies have a bit of 'get up and go' too. 

So probably most of you are a lot like Mel and myself, we so absolutely mean to eat healthily just sometimes we lose motivation and let things slip.  Listening to an expert like Peter gives us the push most of us need!  

He is a Top Celebrity Health Coach who pulls no punches and reminds us that we need to look in the mirror ask ourselves some really important questions about what kind of life we really want.

'Lush Salads' is his book that helps us to 'turn our lives around one salad at a time'.

Not only does Peter Pure give us his easy 4 Outrageous Steps to Health in this interview, he also sheds light on practical steps we can take to improve our eyesight with nutrition and even how to stop our hair turning grey. 

So if you are looking for some sensible advice on how to power up your energy and live a long and 'healthy' life, listen in...

35. Living Consciously with Human Design J R Richmond
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 41.07Mb)


Living Consciously with Human Design is what J R 'Randy' Richmond is keen for us to do.  

In a world where so often we are contorting ourselves to be what others and society want and expect of us, it is such a relief to gain an understanding of how you really here to show up in your life through Human Design.

If you ever feel as though you don't quite 'fit in', that life does not seem to be 'flowing' for you, or that life is just plain hard work, then the insights of Human Design will leave no stone unturned.  

As a new science, Human Design has established the relationship between the zodiacal wheel and another ancient study, the 64 hexagrams of the I' Ching, which are also related to the 64 codons of our DNA.  Thus, through the synthesis of ancient methods with current sub-atomic particle physics and modern genetics, Human Design shows us our unique individual place in the larger whole. 

Randy was privately trained by Ra Uru Hu, the creator of Human Design and was a close friend and neighbour of Ra until his death. 

A personalized chart by Randy reveals your unconscious nature, which is keyed at a point in your fetal development, as well as your conscious nature, which begins at the moment of your birth.

Taking these two data points, your conscious birthday (the one you've been celebrating since you were born) and your unconscious birthday (approximately three months earlier), he draws up a chart showing the specific planetary imprinting at those times.

And if you are questioning,  "Why should I care where the planets were when I was born?" In the grand scheme of your life, it actually turns out to be extremely significant.

In this lively interview Randy looked at both of our charts to see what kind of fit we are in business together.  So not only is Human Design helpful for the individual, but also relationships and businesses too.  For example, discovered where we balanced out each other's strengths/weaknesses and what was missing in our combined chart.  An eye-opener for sure! 

Human Design deals directly with our Energetic Systems,  and your personal birth details will allow you to see which of the four types of Energetic Systems you are, eg Generator, Manifestor, Projector or Reflector.

Within those four systems you can be an 'energy' or 'non-energy' type - which may explain for some of us why we just crash out when tired or resist tiredness and keep going.  

Entirely fascinating and after listening to the show you can go on-line, type in your birth data and find out which of the Energetic Systems you are. 

36. Anti-Aging & Raw Vegan with Mimi Kirk
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 37.10Mb)


The Secrets of Longevity are no more! Mimi Kirk, Raw Food Chef, International Speaker, Raw Food Coach and Author of  'Live Raw' is the most fantastic advert for eating Raw and Vegan to achieve anti-aging.  

Hard to believe but at the time of recording this interview she is almost 75 and recently was voted 'America's Sexiest Vegetarian over 50'!  Her boyfriend is 19 years her junior !

Our lively chat with her turned into a fun and enlightening coaching session for us in the hope that we too could achieve the looks and energy that this 'babe' has - and we listened closely for sure.... 

Just the way she drools about raw vegan food as she describes it - including a savoy cabbage sandwich and courgette lasagne - made us get out the juicer again in the hope that we too can ease the pounds and the wrinkles away.

This woman is an absolute legend and is also extremely generous in this interview with tips and secrets to achieve the youthful looks and vitality that she enjoys today.  You just have to listen in to this one.... an hour of longevity secrets....

37. The Goddess in You with Samjhana Moon
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 37.24Mb)


The Goddess in You is what Artist Photographer Samjhana Moon of Goddess Portraiture promises to reveal. Samjhana takes us on an exploration of what it means to be a goddess and how each of us is divine and beautiful.  Her skill lies not only in taking beautiful photographs of women but also in find the appropriate 'nature' setting for her clients - anything from a bluebell wood to a field of poppies.  Samjhana finds that the energy and beauty of nature is the perfect setting to enhance the natural femininity of women. 

Breaking out of the corporate mould, Samjhana travelled the world as the restlessness she felt inside her could no longer be ignored. Her journey brought her up-close to her own insecurities and lack of confidence.

Meeting women from various continents she came to develop an empathy with the women who felt held back by their fears.

This has led Samjhana to offer an extra and integral service to her clients - her Women's Empowerment Mentoring programme where she shares her coaching skills to help women rediscover who they really are and connect with their inner beauty. 

She says: 'My deepest wish is for every woman to have a love-filled life and that she journey through it with a confident heart'

38. Rikka Zimmerman Money Abundance
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 53.72Mb)


Infinite Abundance is our natural way of being says our friend Rikka Zimmerman.  This dynamic lady asks us some loving but tough questions and encourages us to examine where in our lives we are blocking that flow of abundance of money.  

As both of us have spent time with Rikka in person, we well know her propensity for asking the kind of questions that make your brain rattle and question if all that up to this point you held as true .... may not be after all.

Here's a taster....

What if we already are everything we want in life?  

What if we were open to and could receive money in the way that we are open to and can receive nature?  

What if your beliefs about money are not even yours, but are from your parents?

What if, just for a few moments you stepped into a place where you were secure without money?

Yes, we know that is all a complete 'mind mash' ... and watching the interview is very likely to wipe your 'internal hard drive' on what money means to you...

Mel and me had to do some very serious and personal internal questioning of around what each of us believed about money during this interview - talk about being put on the spot!   

In the nicest possible way, Rikka holds us accountable - she wants for each of us to be open to having the life we truly deserve and to the end she has the ability to with laser like focus, direct her questions to that part of you that is sick of not having the life you want.

It's an extraordinary and unique way that Rikka has of just 'knowing' what is going on for you and asking the right question to create the dynamic shift you need.  

Once you have watched the video you are bound to want to spend more time with Rikka and luckily she is about to offer an 8-week Teleclass (July 15-Sept 3 2013) that is going to unleashe the secrets of how to ACTIVATE  the FINANCIAL WISDOM within you so that you can call a halt on searching outside of yourself for answers to your financial worries. 

So if you are looking for prosperity abundance.... Click here to secure your place http://bit.ly/infiniteabundanceRZ


39. Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 46.17Mb)


Charles Eisenstein, International Speaker and the author of the The Ascent of Humanity and latterly, Sacred Economics joins us for a liberating discussion on the present economics system of the world.  His book Sacred Economics  traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has fostered competition and scarcity, destroyed community and necessitated endless and unsustainable economic growth. 

He is willing to speak the truths that are staring humanity n the face - that in the pursuit of a higher GDP we seriously risk losing our natural resources and even the planet and consequently our very lives.  As King Midas forewarned – we will be dead – but very very rich.  

Charles believes that despite the many negative connotations that money has attracted, now is the time to redress the balance.

Here he shares with us how he believes that if we embrace the ‘gift world’ then we can usher in the practice of Sacred Economics where each of us have a higher chance of having our economic and… possibly our emotional needs too as each of us are called to acknowledge our own gifts.  

Without dwelling on the fear issues, we explore the weaknesses in the finance and education system that keep people playing small and stop them developing their own innate gifts and creativity that could have a very positive impact on society financially and... emotionally. 

When people stop 'buying' into the idea that this world has to be a 'certain way' and that in order to survive we need to 'get a job' and a job that is not necessarily doing what we love, then each of can become more empowered and fulfilled. 

There is distinct optimism in Charles' message as we discuss what each of us can do as individuals to usher in this new age of economics and how the inner work we do will ultimately be reflected in our outer world.  

Look out for his new book due Autumn 2013 : ' The Beautiful World that Our Hearts Know Is Possible'. 


40. Money Emotions with Financial Coach Simonne Gnessen
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 39.39Mb)


Money Emotions are now the study of psychology and this guest is helping us to continue on our recent theme of money.  We're exploring where our personal beliefs around money originate and if we want to be savvy with money then what we need to recognise about our own emotions around money to have a balanced relationship with it.  

Simonne Gnessen’s mission is to demystify the world of finance, relieve you of the stress of any money worries and help you use your resources effectively so you can achieve your highest aspirations in life.


She is founder of Wise Monkey Financial Coaching and co-author of ‘Sheconomics’ - a finance book for women where she has identified 7 laws to help you with money. It's all in there ladies, including the woman who claims to 'lie back and think of shopping'! 


In 2002, disillusioned with the financial services industry, she left her role as an adviser and broke new ground by designing a money-guidance service which is different to traditional financial advice.


Simonne majors on the sometimes difficult area of guiding and supporting individuals and couples through the money side of their lives on a practical level, while also helping them address and transform their relationship with money.  Financial stress is often a reason for marriage break-up. 


In this enlightening chat with us she will open your eyes to alternative ways of looking for financial guidance, of how of she is pioneering this new concept of financial coaching to help us all to understand ourselves around money and feel empowered by it.  

41. Asara Lovejoy - One Command Cash Creation
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 56.56Mb)


One Command Cash Creation with Asara Lovejoy is our treat for you today.  This acclaimed Speaker, Internet Marketer and Executive Success Coach, ITunes podcast show ‘Activate your Rich Mind for Wild Success’ and best-selling author of ‘One Command’, and not surprisingly Asara is also a multi-million dollar business owner.  

Now we are always hearing that we live in a world of abundance and that money is mere energy and we can easily attract it into our lives…. However that is not everyone’s experience of money.  For some, whatever course they take, book they read, mindset they try and shift – still money is elusive. 

Like us at Wired For Success TV, Asara firmly believes that every human being is ‘hard wired’ to be wealthy and it is their birthright to enjoy a life of Abundance and Joy.   She says, “You are hard-wired for success right within your brain, biology and DNA and in 6-easy steps and One Command we show you how to access that power.”   

Asara passionately believes that by accessing your ‘Rich Brain,’ men, women and children can move beyond the Law of Attraction, made popular by the global phenomenon The Secret, and shift into the ‘Law of Creation’.

In this entertaining and transformational interview,  Asara shares with us how attracting wealth is very simple and that anyone who is willing, can gain access to their theta mind and forever change the course of their life and financial future.  In fact she takes us through a simple exercise during this interview that left us both feeling quite spaced out and Beryl with a hot flush!

Her 5 week course: ‘Commanding Cash and the Emotions of Money’ is your step by step guide to bringing wealth into your life and here Asara fills us in on what you can expect from her teachings.

  “Don’t ask for what you want, don’t wait for what you want Command it!” is her pet phrase

42. Rikka Zimmerman 'Adventure in Oneness'
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 44.47Mb)


Rikka Zimmerman is our very special guest in this episode. We could not help but be captivated and entranced by her radiant smile, warmth and sincerity.

Acclaimed international Speaker, author and singer/songwriter Rikka explores with us the nature of consciousnessand also gives us a sneak preview of her new album where she has created specific frequencies of sound to enhance the raising of our consciousness. 

As a child Rikka had a difficult time 'fitting in' and her 'energy talk' drew worried glances from her family.  Nevertheless the created success in her life and lived 'the American Dream' with all the material trappings her successful business could buy.  

However it soon all turned out to be worthless as Rikka discovered that she had been living a life 'looking for herself where she was not', ie looking outside of herself for happiness and fulfilment.  

And so began her journey to explore this new world of 'consciousness' where her understanding of her own infinite powers began and life took on a far deeper and more powerful meaning for this young woman.

As Rikka became more and more comfortable and at ease with who she really was, incredible opportunities unfolded - hear the tale of Elton John's producer appearing from nowhere to offer her a recording contract!  

This is an episode that all those who are intrigued by the meaning of consciousness, and who are ready to enquire more deeply into the questions of beliefs, judgements and transformation will absolutely delight in.  Rikka has such an easy way to express what this all means and how each of us can learn to access our true power.  

There is no doubt in our minds that Rikka is 'ahead of the game' in the world of personal development and is an inspirational leader as you feel the energy of her work wrap around you and Beryl certainly had the tingles and shivers as the interview went on. 

We also had the homour of hearing and sharing with you an excerpt from her new album - 'Remember Who You Are'.  Rikka describes how she composed this recording with layers of 'healing' frequencies that have been known to aid healing in the listener.  

Rikka's life now revolves around sharing her 'Adventure in Oneness' programme with students all over the world.  Much in demand as a speaker, we caught up with her just as she had arrived in the UK for her 19-23 June 2013 classes in London.

You are in for a treat! 

43. Getting Paid For Your Passion with Matt Kendall
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 64.50Mb)


Passion for Business is something Matt Kendall knows plenty about.  His tips for starting a business are generously shared in this interview.  Owning your own business is the dream of many and the achievement of few.  

Getting started can be fuelled by enthusiasm, but sustaining that drive when the going gets tough is a different matter and one that Matt guides us through.  

What super impressed us about  is that Matt Kendall ‘consistently’ makes money in all the businesses he starts – not a very common story! 

An entrepreneur himself,  Matt Kendall delights in setting up businesses for fun – with the crucial caveat that they must ‘always’ be profitable.  

One of his main ventures is his London event company ‘Interesting Talks’ where, up to 8 times a month, he offers a platform for speakers on topics that cover business, personal development, psychology and as he says, ‘interesting things’.   

So if you have ever wanted to start your own business, or you are struggling to make a business pay for itself then stay tuned as Matt enlightens us on where most of us go wrong and what we need to do to create Business and Entrepreneurial Success.  

Be warned Matt is direct, to the point and 'says it like it is' which could well save a lot of us from taking wrong turns and wasting time and money on our way to Success.  You are in for an informative and entertaining hour for sure!  

So whether you want an on-line or off-line business, a home or office based business, a one-man band or plans for a Richard Branson type global empire - you can delve into this conversation and come up with something juicy to move you forward.

Be brave and share your businesses successes and not such successes with us and maybe we can all learn a thing or to.  

What has been your greatest learning in business? 

44. Inspirational Stories of Success with Angela Schaefers
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 30.07Mb)


Inspirational Stories of Success is a passion of TEDx Speaker Angela Schaefer.  

This Speaker, Writer and the host of 'Your Story Matters’  Radio Show, was catapulted into the limelight when she published her first book 'Grief to Grace'.  As a Mum who discovered that she had stage IV cancer, she wanted to share how it felt and how she learned to deal with the emotions that emerged - both in herself and those around her.  

Clearly her story was so laced with feeling that readers were moved to contact her and share how much they were inspired and felt supported by her simply sharing her own struggles. 

With a new awareness of how her openness was helping others, she began her Radio Show where she interviews those who are also willing to allow a portal to open into their world of challenges.  

Her latest book 'Give the Gift of Your Story', is the theme of her Radio Show and encourages us all to think about how simply by sharing our highs and lows, our moments of doubt and of courage, we can change the worlds of people who we don't even know.  

When you are in the dark night of the soul, and it seems as though no one else but you has suffered loss and trauma, you can be lifted out of your place of despair into one of hope simply by knowing that someone else has 'been there too' and had the strength to come through.  

What really inspired us about Angela is that she epitomises one of the truths that Wired For Success TV is keen to share - that we are all connected.

Science can prove that what affects one affects the whole.  The times when we feel most alone, are the times when we need to remember that we can never be alone, that there is a thread that runs through us all.  

Angela's work is a perfect example of how by sharing our vulnerability, we actually demonstrate our strength and the positive impact it can have on others is enormous.  Her Radio Show can be heard by thousands and the ripple effect can be profound. 

Where in your own life have you been inspired by the story of another?  

Know that each of us has our own unique story - though few of us recognise that. 

How can you share your own story?  How would you feel if you did, and found that by doing so, it pulled another back from the brink of despair?  You see how incredibly powerful each of us really is?  One of the ways to exercise your power is to connect with others, perhaps by writing about your own story.  It doesn't have to be in the form of a book.  

Angela shares with us a myriad of ways that you can do this.  It could be a blog, a song, or any kind of composition.  The possibilities are there for you to explore.  And when you do share your story, please let us know all about it.  

Maybe you could write a guest blog post for us at Wired For Success TV on it?  The invitation is there for you, just email us at info@wiredforsuccess.tv.


45. BEing Yourself In The Game of MOney! with Michael Stratford
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 80.17Mb)


Money Mind Set is a tricky thing.  Speaker, Author and Master Coach Michael Stratford takes us on a journey to explore the stories we run about money in our heads and the emotions we associate with money.  Michael's belief that we can choose to treat life as a big game and the winning and losing is all in our minds could bring you a completely different perspective on your life. 

A seasoned and highly skilled Coach, Michael helps Beryl clear some of her 'ancestral' money issues and releases some blocks in her money mind set.  Using the work of Tom Stone (episode 38) Michael uses the Precision Intuition Tool to assess exactly what Beryl's issue actually is - and intriguingly it's not what she thought it was, though nevertheless it was a very profound healing for her.  

If you have an issue around money, and most of us do, then as you 'listen in' you could try working on your own problems, money or otherwise. 

This interview highlights how our problems are NEVER about the story but just the ENERGY that has become locked in the body.  No amount of talking through 'problems' can clear this.  We have to go INTO the energy without collapsing into the emotion.  You will see how Michael very skilfully stops Beryl from going into floods of tears and directs her into the heart of the energy with compassion yet firmness.  All the while Beryl felt 'held' and supported. 

46. Raw Food Benefits with Saskia Fraser
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 56.91Mb)


The benefits of Raw Food are explored here with Raw Food Expert and Coach, Saskia Fraser. Although it can be tough to be completely 'Raw', the benefits of giving up some processed foods are  becoming more widely known.  

Alkalising, detox, weight loss, skin disorders and chronic health issues are all subjects that Saskia discusses with us.  Maybe not so well known are the emotional benefits that can come from consuming raw food - as the body begins the cleanse then so does the mind.  Saskia excels at supporting her clients through whatever issues bubble to the surface as they take up a more positive way of treating their body.  Definitely not the raw food 'police', Saskia encourages people to go at their own pace in their journey towards raw food and to be flexible in their attitude towards it rather than becoming totally rigid in their 'raw foodism'. 

Saskia regularly runs Raw Food workshops in the UK and is available to coach anywhere in the world. She generously gives away her free e-books, 'The Path to Raw Freedom' and 'Raw Food Tips for Busy Women' from her site. 

47. Anita Moorjani Dying To Be Me
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 45.63Mb)


Anita Moorjani is a living legend.  Her Near Death Experience took her from the arms of a cancerous death to just two weeks later dancing at a friend's wedding.  This was a spiritual awakening of the most extreme kind and one that changed the course of Anita's life forever.  

Why and how did this happen? How could someone be filled with cancerous tumours and in a coma one day and the next have the deepest 'knowing' that she was NOT going to die and in 'coming back' she would be completely healed?

The medical profession had theories but no explanation.  Anita has chronicled her journey in her book 'Dying To Be Me' and tours the world speaking from the stage not only about her remarkable recovery but also the profound effect this has had on the way she approaches life.   

Not many of us have miracles on the scale of this young woman, but we do all have the opportunity to 'go inside' ourselves and access that part of us that knows 'exactly' how to heal our mind, body and spirit.  That place inside us that is free of all the conditioning, the programming, the 'buying into' other people's expectations of how we 'should' lead our lives.  The voices in our heads are so present and so  loud for most of us that we are unaware that the 'real' us, that being of immense power, joy, magnificence, adventure and love is patiently waiting to be accessed. 

Anita Moorjani generously shares with us her belief that each of us can have our own 'spiritual awakening' that will unleash in us a force that can never be capped and that will allow us to live a life of freedom - on our own terms.   This is a story of rejection, emotional pain, fear, illness, love and eventually choice. 

48. 'Natural' Success with William Whitecloud
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 42.79Mb)


Our unending quest to bring you fresh thinking to help you on your journey to reconnect with your own greatness has once again brought us to the door of William Whitecloud.  

A few episodes back , William inspired us all, with his story of how he overcame an illness that brought him close to the arms of death, and how this was a catalyst for him to become an Author, Coach and International Speaker.  

Thousands of people have now been helped by his work including his coaching programme, Living From Greatness.  His books, The Magician’s Way and the The Last Shaman, are compelling reads as well as best sellers.  They llustrate how we are all innately ‘wired’ to be successful if only we can find ways to let go of our past conditioning – and William can definitely help us do that.

We have invited him back to share with us his insights into how to create Success ‘naturally’.  Many aspire to be successful and yet it is not always easy to define what 'Success' really means.  To some it is purely financial, for others it is great relationships or recovering their health. In this in-depth conversation with Williams we explore the labels we put on success and why it is so difficult for many of us to achieve on a material plane what we see as success.

Measures of success, steps to success and critical success factors are all up for discussion with the inimitable William Whitecloud. No one can deny that William has made an in-depth study of the subject of success. 

William is based in California though he will be running workshops in London at the end of May 2013. 

49. Natalie Sisson: WHY you must play a bigger game online
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 21.89Mb)


Top women in business are what we at Wired For Success TV love to hear about.  

Now because we KNOW that each of us is already designed to be creative, resourceful and empowered, we love to discuss the subject of business and entrepreneurship – as a route towards a life lived on own terms with the lifestyle to match.

Today’s guest is highly successful online business woman Natalie Sisson and she is just perfect for this topic, as she styles herself the Suitcasepreneur.  Many of you will have seen our previous interview with her.   She travels the globe on a schedule of her own choosing, running her online business from whichever city she decides is going to be her short-term home.

She is on an absolute mission that has her laser focus as she is aiming to build a 10,000 + community of empowered women who are growing businesses with incomes of 6 and 7 figure incomes - and is wondering if you would like to be part of that community?

When we got to hear that for the third time running about her 'WE' Mastermind program  for the third year running,  with equally successful Natalie McNeil and we just had to find out more …..to share with all you women out there looking to get yourselves building an online business. And by the way, guys can join too.  

50. Angelic Healing with Stewart Pearce
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 50.59Mb)


Spiritual awakenings and shifts in consciousness going on all around us and in a bid to help us grasp a better understanding of all this we are delighted to present to you today’s guest, Stewart Pearce.

Stewart has had over the past 25 years, the most extraordinary experiences with the Angelic Realms and has been generous enough to share these experiences and profound messages, allowing his audience to grasp a better understanding of this massive Consciousness Shift that we are all caught up in.

An esteemed background includes being a world renowned Voice Coach working with Vanessa Redgrave, Diana Princess of Wales and Anita Roddick to name but a few.  Seventeen years at the Webber Douglas Academy as Head of  Voice and also Master of Voice at the Shakespeare’s Globe from 1997-2008.  You will find few who speak with more clarity than Stewart!

Today he is joining us as a Sound Healer, a Seer and Angel Medium.  His published works include : THE ALCHEMY OF VOICE, THE HEART’S NOTE, THE ANGELS OF ATLANTIS BOOK AND ORACLE, designed to open the left brain, and the new Oracle is the Angel Heart Sigils – to complete the process by opening the right brain.

Today Stewart is going share with us insights into his communications with the angelic realms, the healings they can impart and all manner of angelic communications that Stewart has been fortunate enough to experience.

51. The I Am Experience with Panache Desai
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 42.36Mb)


Panache Desai, recent guest of Oprah Winfrey is a young man who everyone is talking about.  We just HAD to pin him down for a conversation to bring you his refreshing and simple philosophy to rediscover your ‘success wiring’.  His understanding of Spirituality is so in alignment with ours at Wired For Success TV that he really is the perfect guest!

Panache is from London town, yet his calling means that he is travelling the world to impart his extremely powerful gift. 

Recently featured on Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday, he is an emissary of Divine love, a vibrational catalyst and an old friend you asked a long time ago to remind you of your brilliance, perfection and connection to limitless potential.   

He is a contemporary spiritual teacher and inspirational visionary whose gift of vibrational transformation has drawn thousands of people from around the world.  

Recently appearing on Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday, he is not aligned with any religious or spiritual tradition he acts as a direct line to divine consciousness empowering people to free themselves of pain, suffering, sadness, and self-limiting beliefs through shifting one’s energy and vibration. 

Panache understands that the time for gurus is over, that we are our own gurus, we don't need to spend hours in meditation, or contorted into a yoga position to reach enlightenment - we all are already enlightened. 

His form of Spirituality is humble, fun, vibrant, down-to-earth and relaxed.  We absolutely loved our time with him and are already looking forward to the next interview.  Enjoy this delightful young man's sharing. 

If you are in the UK, then you can treat yourself to seeing him live for his I AM EXPERIENCE 3 day event, 17-19 May.  Secure your seat here http://www.panachedesai.com/products/detail/the-i-am-experience-london


52. Soul Biographies with Nic Askew
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 82.70Mb)


Peeking into people's souls is what Nic Askew does rather well.   His movie camera is his tool and he captures a little - in fact rather a lot, of his subject's soul on black and white film.  He does it lovingly and without intrusion, and yet it does feel as though some layers have somehow been lifted. Soul Biographies is an apt name for these short vignettes into a space that is rarely seen.  

Nic creates these films for individuals, for companies, for organisations and all sorts really.  To say Nic is a film-maker does not do him, or his films justice. 

The time we spent in conversation with Nic was simultaneously strange and delightful.  You will see a montage of his work here and also how he turned his 'imaginary' camera on Beryl as we all struggled to find words to understand his journey into the soul of his subject.

Utterly beautiful. 

53. The Essex Boy Who Cried On Facebook with Steve Trister
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 45.76Mb)


Going Vegan is for most people a pretty gradual process. Not for Steve Trister.  Earthlings, the documentary of how humanity mistreats animals marked a turning point in Steve's life.  He clearly remembers the date, 18th January 2013.  

Immediately after the viewing  he felt so traumatised by what he had witnessed that he posted his reaction to Facebook via a two and a half video he filmed on his iPhone.  His intention simply being that if one or two people saw it, maybe they would rethink a few things. From that moment his life changed forever.  He believed he had a purpose before, now he knows he does. 

What happened next, blew him away. Thousands of shares on Facebook later and hundreds of messages from people all over the world.  Steve now has a focus on revealing the truth about the suffering, that as a race we are inflicting on not only our animals, but also ourselves, each other, and our planet.  He knows that he can no longer be, nor does he want to be, a by-stander. 

Steve is a young man who is breaking the mould.  Born as a London 'Eastender',  he grew up in Essex, is a 'mad' West Ham United supporter, has shifted from hard core carnivore to vegan and is deeply spiritual.

His perhaps most prominent gift is his flair for communication.  A professional comedy actor, he has created the hilarious personal development trainer, 'Guru John Popolini'.  As an accomplished actor, he has performed well over 850 times to audiences of up to 1,000 people all over Europe.

A passion for truth is now what drives Steve on in his life.  When we interview him here he is still visibly reeling from the impact his reaction to Earthlings has caused across Facebook.   Unsure of where this is all taking him, he is nevertheless prepared to trust that by following his heart he will be just where he needs to be. 

This is an interview that eases between pathos - as we include that Facebook video and hilarity as Steve entertains us with his unique brand of humour.  

Look out for the kisses at the end....x 

54. How 'Theta' Healed Me with Beata Aleksandrowciz
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 50.87Mb)


Theta Healing has become a passion for Beata Aleksandrowicz.  Despite training in many energy therapies, Theta Healing has become the most powerful for this dedicated lady.  

Having experienced much trauma in her own childhood which left her emotionally scarred - she bravely embarked on a journey of self-discovery, searching for answers as to 'why' she had had to suffer so badly and find out how she could 'heal' and live a normal life.  No distance was too far to travel to learn more 'truths'.  She spent time on the African continent with tribes where she experience Shamanic initiations and was haled as 'the one they had been waiting for'.

'Giving back' and being of service to humanity and the planet drives her on and has led to set up a number of charity projects in the UK and Africa.

All of this has allowed her to become a therapist, healer, writer, and teacher in the field of Massage and Healing.  Previous incarnations have seen her as a columnist for the UK newspaper, The Sunday Telegraph and a place on the panel of experts for 'Psychologist' magazine

In 2002 Beata founded Pure Massage, the first company in London dedicated solely to massage based on 12 Principles of Massage created which she developed.  She is now fully occupied as the co-owner of Pure Massage and director of the Pure Massage School and working with her Theta Healing Clients and running Theta Healing Training Courses in the UK. 

Beata is absolutely charming and you can't help but feel the delightful and calming 'theta' energy she exudes as she shares her powerful story with us. 

55. Healing Intention 'the Eyes have it' with Ken Graydon
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 37.35Mb)


Organ regeneration might seem a bit far fetched but suspend judgement until you have heard some of the remarkable stories that Ken Graydon has to share.  

Out of the stable of 'Energy Workers' working with consciousness ,such as founder of Matrix Energetics - Richard Bartlett, Wendy Down, JP Farrell and the Russian healers Arcady Petrov and Gregori Grabavoi, Ken is quietly doing cutting edge energy work with clients all over the world as he works 'remotely' from his home in Australia. 

Ken has written an in-depth ebook 'Healing Intention' : a handbook of cell and organ regeneration processes.

When had our chat with him he was just launching his 'Manifesting Moments' which offers a high-speed healing experience that includes the best of organ regeneration and conscious creation processes. The results his clients are experiencing are breath-taking.  His site includes testimonials from the healing of a colon tumour to the disappearance of an operation scar in just two days.  

Ken treats Melanie and myself to a 'remote healing' for our eyesight (we are both gradually doing away with our glasses using natural methods).  

Towards the end of the interview he gives a wider healing using intention from which we all can benefit and we make a SPECIAL REQUEST that you the viewer feedback the results that you experience from this healing within three days of listening.  

We had a most informative, relaxing and healing time with this lovely, generous and open-hearted man.  Thank you dear Ken. 

56. 'Easter for Atheists' with Sanderson Jones
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 16.76Mb)


Moving and grooving in the aisles in 'Celebration of Life', singing along to Bonnie Tyler's 'I Need A Hero' and listening to Alice in Wonderland readings is just part of the joy, fun and uplifting things that go on in the Sunday Assembly, co-founded by stand-up Comedian, Sanderson Jones.  

So what IS this all about? How does someone go from touring Australia, gigging at the Edinburgh fringe being part of the London comedy scene, suddenly out of seemingly nowhere begin a monthly 'church service' for atheists?  No worship, no altar, no communion wine - a need breed of spiritual gathering in a traditional setting.  As Sanderson says, 'we kept all the good stuff of church services'. 

We managed to track  down and interview this bushy bearded non-vicar who is now drawing in the crowds with over 200 people worldwide to set up their own Sunday Assemblies. 

Living up to his comedian status, Sanderson keeps us in stitches of laughter with this short and spirited chat.  If this is a taster of what goes on at the Sunday Assembly then no wonder it is packed out and becoming more popular by the month...look out for them coming to a Church near YOU!!!  These guys are on fire. 

57. R U Playing the Game or is the Game Playing U? with Michael Stratford
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 57.01Mb)


'Approach Life and Business as a great Game'to Play or Win' - is just one of the philosophies of this man who calls himself the 'Provocateur  of Transformation'.  

An author, International Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and Coach - Michael Stratford had our minds in overdrive as we struggled to get our heads round some of his very new thinking about how to play the game of life. We totally loved his approach!

He is definitely into creating a playground in which to interact with life and is very successful at helping his clients unleash personal and business transformation.  

It has to be said that Michael is not your 'usual' Coach.  Provocative he definitely is.  His way of looking at life is both expanding and extremely refreshing.   The winding path of life led him through all kinds of dark times and eventually pushed him into the light and thank goodness the Universe did its bit in dropping him into our laps! 

We had the most wonderfully spirited conversation with this man, in fact our minds veritably 'danced with delight' at his viewpoints on classic personal development topics eg he calls himself the 'Goal Killer' and expands on why goals for the 'big' things we achieve in life happen without the need for goals and so how about taking a more empowering approach to creating the life we want and deserve.  

This is an absolute 'must' if like us, you want to blast the brain cells of your thinking with new ways of looking at Coaching and Personal Transformation. 

We are certainly going to bring Michael for some more mind gym very soon.

Listen in for some fun!


58. Make Each Day a Masterpiece with Phil Drolet
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 42.54Mb)


'On Becoming Superhuman' is Phil Drolet's 'Uncommon Guide to Unleashing your Super Powers and Achieving Extraordinary Performance. 

We had the honour of spending time with this young man who has taken massive steps in his life to be able to give up the 9-5 and make a living doing what he absolutely loves.  Like so many on this path, he had to trawl through frustration and self doubt to emerge the other side with more of a 'knowing' of himself and to gain clarity that he is on the planet to teach the principles of  Optimal Living.

We caught up with him just as he returned from a speaking engagement at Stanford University who he extolled the virtues of Entrepreneurship and thinking 'outside of the box' about the kind of life that would delight you.  

With his unique Potential-to-Performance formula he Coaches Entrepreneurs to develop empowering habits and release their fears. 

Phil is breaking the mould in so many ways - not least he has hooked up with a group of young Entrepreneurs in Colorado that have established a community called 'the Village' , which are looking to become a global organisation.

Check out this chat as had some fun delving into Phil's mindset and learning how he gets his clients into that 'extra gear' to turbo charge their lives.


59. Beyond the Law of Attraction with William Whitecloud
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 67.42Mb)


Success is an inside job - so says William Whitecloud, International Speaker, Author, Workshop Facilitator and Coach.  William's fascinating story begins with a chronic illness that left him at death's door - indeed he was on the edge of receiving the 'last rites' when the Universe came up with a new plan for him, a chance meeting (if there is such a thing) and a total recovery of his health.  He them embarked upon a quest to understand how to access and 'better direct' the power of focus. 

Two decades on, and after much self-discovery, he is travelling the globe helping other troubled souls to break out of their 'mind prisons' so that they are then fully able to embrace their own talents and inner joy.  He has distilled down into an essence his breakthrough programme, that he calls 'Living From Greatness'.  

'The Magician's Way' was his first publication which went to the top of the Australian metaphysical best seller list and his much-awaited latest book, 'The Last Shaman' : a riveting story created to heighten your vibration and consciousness and shift you into the greatness that 'has long been waiting for your return'.  

He helped us to more clearly understand why the Law of Attraction works so infrequently for most people.  We explore with William 'why' we seem to hold 'ourselves back' and he helps Melanie through something in her life that has caused her much stress and frustration.  

So listen in for a 'live' session where Williams gives a demonstration of his powerful Coaching. 


60. Befriending Fear with Mary Daniels
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 49.80Mb)


Playing with Fear may not seem like much of a fun game, but suspend your judgement until you have listened to the inimitable Mary Daniels share her story and her personal philosophy of life.  

Mary is a Social Entrepreneur, Life and Business Coach, Speaker, Writer, Workshop Facilitator and the newly appointed Co-Director of Alternatives - the non-for-profit London-based organisation that is the forefront of running workshops and events for those hungry for 'spiritual' nourishment.  

When she first found 'Alternatives' many years ago, it was something of a sanctuary for her as she tussled with who she was and how to move forward with her life.  Little did she know that she would transition from attendee, to volunteer, to workshop organiser to co-director!

Like so many who work in the personal development arena, Mary has had her fair share of life challenges.  And yet, she shares her story with the spark of humour for which she is much admired, and instead of dwelling on what went wrong, she has learned from those times and what a gift her early life actually was.  

A real beacon of light for those who are finding it hard to move on from past traumas, Mary is a lighthouse of hope as she describes how she has learned to master her emotions and she generously shares with us her secrets on how to get comfortable - and even play with fear.  

The mood of this interview shifts between pathos, humour and hope and is an absolute 'must' for those who are facing anxiety, uncertainty or fear, and are unsure how to make friends with these difficult emotions.  

The transformation that this woman has gone through is remarkable and very very inspiring.  We hope that by listening to Mary you are able to look at the difficult parts of your past in a fresh light. 


61. Creating a Divine World with Luke Hancock
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 39.62Mb)


A 'divine world' is the dream and hope of all of us, however it takes some big steps towards making it happen and so many of us believe that as an individual we are powerless.  Well think again!  This young man is taking massive action towards creating a world that we can all be proud of. Author of the 'Inner Revolution' Luke Hancock went through what he calls a 'crash' of the emotional kind in order to become aware of what he really wanted to do to create meaning and purpose in his life.  

With some trepidation, he said goodbye to his executive corporate life and set out on his travels to clear his mind and make space for some paradigm shifts to happen. 

Time away from the western world and his travels around South East Asia aroused in him an acute awareness that humanity and the planet need to very soon discover a way to Thrive not just Survive.  His meandering around Asia alerted him to the fact that the new found wealth of these countries meant that its people were starting to become just as trapped as westerners, and allowing materialism to start taking control their lives.  

Luke and his partner Susana Norte, were literally about to board a plane to Thailand when we managed to pin Luke down for this interview.  Their mission is to set up an Eco-Centre dedicated to education, healing and sustainability.  Keen to implement permaculture, organic horticulture, free energy and other 'planet friendly' ideas, they are looking for volunteers to join them for hands on help and also Spiritual and Professional Leaders to run workshops from the centre from the Fall of 2014.  He is eager to hear from you if this appeals!

Well done Luke for following your heart and walking away from all that some would consider 'safe' to create something that has the potential to benefit so many, in so many ways.  The centre is to be named 'Mundos Divinos' - Divine World, and Luke has agreed to give us regular video updates on its progress. Worth a mention that regular holiday makers will be made very welcome too and can relax with delicious home grown organic food, and a dip in the pool. 

Listen in on our chat with him as we learn more about his amazing journey.


62. 'Access Consciousness' to Heal your Life with Dr. Dain Heer
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 55.48Mb)


How would it be to embrace an experience that you have always been frightened of?  Maybe it is a new business, a new relationship, re-locate abroad, learn to fly...at least metaphorically...  Dr. Dain Heer helped us to understand spent time what is really holding us back from leading the most incredible life where we can play full out, experience joy and be happy and feel an incredible lightness on the inside that tells us we are doing just fine.   

'Access Consciousness' is a process that creates energetic shifts in us and hence our world. Dain travels the world to teach and share his tools.  

And here's the really exciting and liberating part of it. Dain believes that we should not need to do the  'feeling the fear and doing it anyway' style self help, that can worsen our feelings of self-worth and leave us feeling even more disempowered literally exhausted.  What if you no longer heard the voice of fear going off in your head every time you wanted to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone?   Imagine just been really excited like a kid going off on a new adventure?  

We adored our time with Dain.  He definitely speaks our language.  Dain is on a mission to make the world a happier place and is very generous with him time and his tools for effecting long lasting change. This is a really fun, lively and transformative interview.  Treat yourself to some time out and tune in to Dain's joy and wisdom - you will love it. 

63. How to Enter the Prosperity Zone with Rachel Elnaugh
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 50.28Mb)


Prosperity in austere times IS possible, with the right mindset and support.  Rachel Elnaugh, well known for her company Red Letter Day and for her role as a fiery dragon in BBC TV's Dragon's Den, joins us for nuggets of insight from her business brain. 

Rachel's vast and hard-earned business experience of how to create success in economic circumstances that most 'perceive' as difficult is shared in this interview.  

We also are privy to Rachel's thoughts on what businesses needs to do to survive and even thrive in a world that is literally 'waking up' to the knowledge that the 'old ways of doing business' are gone forever - and that entrepreneurs and big business must begin to focus more on what supports the planet and humanity, rather than just making the shareholders happy.  

Women in business is close to Rachel's heart, herself a mother of five, she knows that a high powered 'job' would have been too inflexible for her lifestyle, so entrepreneurship has been the ideal option. 

Rachel's message is ethics is 'where it is at' and sustainable prosperity can be achieved by looking at business in this way. 

Rachel herself, admits that she has undergone change since her Red Letter Days and Dragon's Den experiences and is now clearly in her element as she draws to her coaching clients and speaking engagements that allow her to share her new and inspiring ideas around successful business development for 2013 and beyond. 

Her 2013 Lucky Prosperity Spiral Mentoring Group is a great place to connect with others who are excited by the idea of exchanging ideas and supporting each other in prosperity creation.

A powerful interview, Rachel has lost none of her passion for business, she has just refined and distilled the essence of what is important in this exciting 'new age' of business. 

64. Ditch Your Emotional Baggage with Dr. Bradley Nelson
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 85.99Mb)


Stress, heartache, fear, anger it all goes into the melting pot we call Emotional Baggage. How much more could you achieve in your life if you were able to unhook the ball and chain of these 'unhelpful' emotions and just dance your way through life?  

Dr. Bradley Nelson has 'cracked the code' of these emotions and is the expert at how to shake these off and get on with the job of feeling light, joyful and free!  

In this enlightening interview Dr. Brad takes us through the simple steps of  'The Emotion Code' where we learn just how quick and easy it can be to identify what is holding you back, where it came from and how to let it go.  

The Emotion Code has a very powerful sister - The Body Code.  These healing tools come from the stable of 'energy healing' and tap into our unconscious in easy to understand ways. The exciting new healing science of Epigenetics, pioneered by Dr. Bruce Lipton, features here -  as even emotions and physical illnesses that have been passed down genetic lines can be cleared within minutes by using these codes.  

Online trainings to use the Emotion Code on yourself, friends, clients and family are affordable and easy to learn. 

So now is your opportunity to tune in and discover some of Dr. Brad's healing secrets....


65. Harnessing the Power of Intention with Lynne McTaggart
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 51.91Mb)


Lynne McTaggart's latest book 'The Bond' is another best seller from one of the world's foremost voices in the 'new consciousness' movement.  Lynne is an international speaker, author of many books, and architect of the Intention Experiments, the largest number of mind-over-matter experiments in history, totalling 25 to date.  Not to mention her newsstand magazine, 'What Doctors Don't Tell You'. 

We have long been admirers of Lynne's work and were thrilled when she agreed to share with our audience her very latest research.  She is renowned for her interviews with countless masters of intention including Buddhist and Qigong masters along with hundreds of pioneering scientists studying the nature of consciousness and the latest developments in the new physics. The cutting edge of where Science and Spirituality meet is where Lynne loves to hang out! 

Her work has featured prominently in Dan Brown’s book ‘The Lost Symbol’ in fact - Dan even loosely based a character on her.  She was also featured in the documentary, I AM, and in the iconic movies ‘What the Bleep?’, ‘The Living Matrix’ and ‘Down the Rabbit Hole.’  As the host of many workshops and teleconferences discussing health and spirituality, she is generous is sharing her knowledge and wisdom.

We can't believe the range of topics we touched on here from quantum physics, the power of group energy in healing and reducing crime rates, to new non-drug cancer cures and stories of the amazing power of intention in creating the life you desire. 

You will also hear us unashamedly pin her down to agreeing to come back and talk some more about these juicy topics!  

66. Love? Getting to the Heart of it with Tom Stone
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 56.90Mb)


'What becomes of the broken hearted?' is the title of a song I (Beryl), as a teenager used to play over and over again on my record player as I nursed one 'heart-smashing' after another.  For many, a broken heart can last for years.  In fact some never heal and often avoid repeating the experience by staying away from intimate relationships for the rest of their lives.

Tom Stone returns to Wired For Success TV to reassure us that we can pull back the pieces of a broken heart within a few minutes.  His technology offers us ways to develop 'Emotional Competence' and free ourselves from sometimes, life-long, unhelpful emotions that can shackle us to a life that holds us back from our own 'amazingness'. 

In this lively, uncut and candid discussion, we probe Tom on the destructive emotion of jealousy; the slippery slope of relationship expectations; why we repeatedly and unconsciously look for the same 'type' of partner; how we can attract the type of partner that will enhance our lives; Love versus Lust; and also how we relate to other 'partnerships' in our lives such as with money and business. 

Tom shares his views on what Love really is and how we can attract more of it into our lives, how we can feel love for ourselves and for life itself - and when we do, what a playground of love life becomes!

Beryl also shares her experiences of clearing her issues with Tom and how her life is changing as a consequence. 

67. From Cityworker to Lightworker with Vaz Sriharan
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 39.23Mb)


A playground of opportunities is one of the ways that Vaz Sriharan describes life. A Clairsentient, Reiki Master and Spiritual Activist is how he describes himself.  

He is also the founder of the non-for-profit organisation, the London Spiritual Movement, that he conceived after coming out of more than a decade of depression. 

He is also the author of 'Infinite Beings' in which he shares his channelled spiritual wisdom that led to his journey back from chronic illness.   His team at the London Spiritual Movement, offer a gateway for Conscious Souls and a warm welcome to all those hungry for spiritual nourishment.  

His own intriguing journey from Cityworker to Lightworker began in a central London book store coffee shop in 2007...and he has never looked back.  Something of a 'pied piper' in the spiritual world, he naturally draws to him those who are waking up to the knowledge that there is more to life than they have been led to believe. Individuals who are searching for a better understanding of themselves and their world.

He has a gentle and humble demeanour, and a deep passion for supporting and guiding others on their path of discovering their own inner source of peace, wisdom, love and joy. 

We had the most delightful time with Vaz and we are certain that you will too. 


68. Why Awakening? with Sidra Jafri
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 37.94Mb)


Spiritual Awakenings are sweeping the planet! Relationship breakdowns, depression, job losses...all in the melting pot.  Sidra Jafri, knows first-hand how it feels to break out of a life that no longer was a good 'fit'.  With the empathy of one who has  'trodden the path',  she is using her 'gifts' to help as an Energy Healer to help others through their dark night of the soul. 

Her deep wisdom gives her a gravitas that belies her youth.  Awakening Facilitator, Speaker and Coach, she is drawing crowds to her London events and stories of transformation are widespread. 

Sidra shares with us here her thoughts on why so many of us are having such painful awakenings right now, how we can use them to our advantage and what will shift us through to a place where we can be our authentic selves, living lives of joy and fulfillment and on our 'own' terms. 

69. What If It All Goes Right? with Mindy Audlin
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 38.49Mb)


Imagining possibilites of Success is a speciality of the effervescent Mindy Audlin.  

Founder of the 'What If UP? Club', author of 'What If It All Goes Right?', Speaker and Leader of Mastermind Retreats.  

Mindy is the expert in integrating the 'What If UP?' philosophy into your life to encourage you to question your thinking and where necessary, recalibrate to create mental pictures of how your life would be if things really did turn out well.  So whether you are part of a group, a business or want to spend some time on 'you', Mindy is a brilliant facilitator. 

If you are raring to access more creative potential to fast forward your life in any direction, the dynamic Mindy can help  you to acknowledge where you are stuck, and dust out those corners of your mind where your vast potential has been patiently waiting for this moment...

70. Is Change Weird? with Tam Veilleux
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 36.35Mb)


Law of Attraction goes mainstream - is the goal of Tam Veilleux. Witty, wise, wonderful and, by her own admission, a little weird is this lady. Author, artist, alchemist, speaker and transformational coach are hats she wears.  

Her first love is her pint-sized creation, Molly Kite, the star of her book for kids aged 4-99! Molly travels with Tam as they share the story of how it is OK for little kids (and big kids) to dream, and even dream BIG. Passionate about creating a world where everyone can play full out in their own lives, she recognises that revealing a world where anyone can achieve anything is the way forward - and she is not shy about playing her part!  Her biggest dream is to coerce Disney into turning Molly Kite into a big screen star - and we have no doubt that she will achieve it.

Listen in for a lot of fun, provocative discussion and fired-up energy...

71. Removing the REAL Inner Barriers to Your Success with Tom Stone
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 53.43Mb)


Anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, seemingly incurable illnesses are just some of the insidious, life-crippling issues that stop us from creating Success in any area of our lives.  

The pioneering work, of Tom Stone, of Great Life Technologies, has helped thousands heal from very deep-rooted, emotional damage, that can also manifest as physical illness.  As a past sufferer of PTSD himself, Tom well understands the nightmare of living with this condition. 

Tom developed Human Software Engineering to create a fast track, easy, painless, 'non-talking' way to shift these energies - and like everything else in the Universe these emotions are 'just energy'.  

Thousands of people have experienced powerful and dramatic healings with his work and he is now running workshops all over the world via webinars and live events as the demand for this cutting edge technology, that literally gives people their lives back, escalates. 

Once these emotions are cleared then the path to Success, in all areas of your life, can become crystal clear...

Beryl puts herself up for healing during this episode...find out how it all turns out...

72. The Mystery Experience with Tim Freke
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 41.89Mb)


Spiritual Awakening and 'Stand Up Philosopher' Tim Freke go hand in hand.  International Speaker, respected author of over 30 books on spirituality, and with more than 40 years as an 'Explorer of Philosophy', Tim is supremely qualified to lead 'The Mystery Experience' Retreat where he playfully and lovingly creates a safe space for guests to saddle up for an exhilarating journey into their 'deepest self' to embrace their own greatness.

If you are looking for straight forward spirituality talk, this probably is not for you.  On the other hand...if spiritually speaking, you're a little bit 'out there' and could be up for a portion of science with your spirituality then you are in for a feast - this is spirituality at its 'coolest' and we loved every minute of our time with Tim.

Kick back and listen in for a dollop of philosophy, a helping of mind expansion and a bit of exploding heart....you're in for a treat. 

73. Where Money and Meaning Meet, with Rasheed Ogunlaru
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 47.90Mb)


Making money and feeling good about it is how we all want to feel.

Rasheed Ogunlaru, speaker, author, media and performance Coach, life and business Coach draws together his wide skills set to take us on a journey to discover the real meaning of success, what money really is and the perceived value we put on it.  His many clients come to him with issues related to their view of money and he helps them to unravel why they have such a hard time making it, spending it or keeping it!

We explore with Rasheed the dance between creating or earning money to pay our bills and the authenticity with which we do that.  Is how we relate to this energy we call money a mirror to the way we relate to many other parts of our life?  

An intriguing exchange with some very surprising 'ah-ha' moments...

74. Wealth: Hitting the Target, Missing the Point with Nick Haines
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 42.41Mb)


Nick Haines of Five Institute and developer of Five Energy Dynamics, a unique and powerful business development tool that enables entrepreneurs and small entrepreneurial businesses to better understand their strengths and weaknesses and to overcome their challenges that keep them stuck and stop them from being as successful as they deserve.  

Chinese ancient wisdom states that each of us, and our businesses, have a dynamic mix of five energies: Wood, Metal, Earth, Water and Fire.  Nick, with his decades of knowledge of Chinese Philosophy and Medicine created Five Energy Dynamic to measure the relative strengths of these five Energies within you and your business.  Knowing the dominant energies in our profile helps us to understand why we react in certain ways in any given situation, to play to our strengths, and create teams that complement each other in powerful ways. 

Nick shares with us 'how' he analyses where within a business the issues lay and how this reveals 'exactly' what needs to be implemented in order to move the business forward in a dynamic way. 

We learned so much about ourselves and our business through this conversation with Nick and we hope that you do too!  



75. Astrological Trends for 2013 with Tom Kaypacha Lescher
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 61.12Mb)


Ayahuasca, relationships, karma, free energy, breakdowns in society and much more from Astrology and Kundalini Yoga Expert, Tom Kaypacha Lescher.  It's almost impossible to ignore that Dec 21 2012 came and went with no 'visible' global drama.  

However...what happens in the 'unseen' world is a different matter.  As a society we have been suppressed, controlled and learned to live in fear. The tipping point has now been reached and an unstoppable cascade of new information will bombard us this year that has the potential to set us free.  

Tom shares his interpretation of the trends as suggested by planetary positions, and serves up for us how we can best ride the wave of these potent energies, using this time to build a stronger relationship with 'self' and stay in the 'eye of the storm' when all around us is in a massive paradigm shift.  

Buckle up for an awesome ride with the inimatable Mr. Tom Kaypacha Lescher...

76. Burglar to Buddha with Simon Paul Sutton
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 58.64Mb)


Drug dealing, house breaking, car stealing and thieving of just about any kind was the life Simon Paul Sutton was 'addicted to' as a young man.  Prison life for him was much the same as on the 'outside', a regime of living in fear of upsetting the hierarchy of the criminal 'class'.  What a shift this young man has made since those days!

The story Simon shares with us takes us from an early life, dogged by domestic violence right through a remarkable transformation to a man comfortable with who he is and now interacting with the world through the eyes of love instead of fear.

In 2009 he started an independent project "Simon on the Sofa" which led to the exploration of what he terms, 'transparent communication'.  In the spirit of  knowing that in our vulnerability lies our strength Simon is unafraid of touching on topics from which many of us shy away.  He believes that by questioning everything we thought was true, we become closer to the truth.  'Transparent communication', he feels, will change the way we  interact with each other, and support the evolution of our species.

His passion, through his web TV show, workshops and one to one coaching, is to help individuals to produce and support new stories about themselves so that ultimately we can collectively stop regurgitating past stories, built on fear and which do not serve us, and express ourselves in ways that make us, and those around us feel empowered and supported.

Please join us as Simon shares with candour and 'transparency' his journey from 'Burglar to Buddha'.

77. Is Aging a Thing of the Past? with Wendy Down
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 42.77Mb)


Wendy Down of Consciousness Playground is an award winning Life Coach, gift healer and Consciousness Pioneer  who is taking anti-aging to a whole new level.  Get ready to have your paradigms blown away as Wendy shares with us cutting edge ways to re-sculpt the way we look without creams, supplements or the scalpel...but with intention alone.

Wendy is one of the growing movement who believes that  beliefs that physical matter, including human tissue,  can be altered through your consciousness alone.  

Her money-back guarantee Youthening Program has been beta-tested with some astounding results (both of us at Wired For Success have experienced Wendy's program and Mel definitely has the skin of a woman half her age!).   The benefits are varied with noticeable changes in body shape and structure, decreases in wrinkles, lines with dull and saggy aged skin being revitalised, tightened and lifting - a dream come true!   It stands to reason that inner changes in outlook towards life will occur too.

Upfront about not understanding the reasons why this program works, Wendy tantalises us with tales of how powerful this energy work is becoming and where it might be leading.  During the interview watch out for the impressive and exclusive images of the pioneering work of another of the emerging consciousness pioneers, her colleague Joseph Pierce Farrell, author of 'Manifesting Michael Angelo'.

So suspend all judgements and dive into this fun, lively and mind-expanding session with the lovely and very youthful Wendy Down!

78. Creativity and WordPress Unmasked with Geoff Hoff
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 33.77Mb)


Geoff Hoff, writer, publisher, public speaker and trainer is a very special guest to our show.  Fascinated by Creativity, Geoff brings his life-long creativity skills to the arena of the internet where he is an expert is awakening in others the idea that they are innately creative, they probably just had too limited a view of what being creative really is.  

In this conversation Geoff takes us through gentle exercises that make it impossible to hang onto any old beliefs that each of us cannot be creative.  Through a light peppering of exercises, we are encouraged to think really expansively about how and what we can create in all areas of our lives, once we start the magic of focusing.  

This warm and gentle journey entices us straight into the arms of the powerful WordPress computer software, which Geoff is the master of teaching how to find your way around WordPress themes and plug ins galore!  Here we are reassured that 'anyone', and YES even the most 'untechy' of you who are reading this... can create a quality website/blog of which you can be super proud! 

So here we offer you the gentleness of Geoff as he encourages us to believe in ourselves and our creativity, and to understand that all skills are learnable and he is there to help us through it.     

79. Living On Purpose with Jacob Sokol
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 51.59Mb)


Journeying to the darkest, deepest depths of his soul, Jacob Sokol went to hell and back to discover who he was and what he was supposed to be doing with his life.  On the outside all had been looking as 'others' thought it should.  On the inside was destruction, searing pain, and an emotional cavern. His emotional holocaust had begun.  

Jacob then did everything against the grain, just for the fun and the hell of it!  Old patterns were shed, despite the cries of 'you're crazy' from his loved ones.  Piece by piece the jigsaw of his life, his job, his girlfriend and almost his mind, disintegrated.  Piece by piece he slowly created a new one, examining each piece carefully to be sure it was a good fit.  

On the way he discovered  and studied, thousands of hours of Philosophy and realised that there was a whole  life raft of crucial learning that College had not given him.  This gave birth to his coaching business, Sensophy.

In this, heart lifting interview, Jacob is enthralling as a raconteur of his story.  Never shying away from sharing his emotions with us, he lays his soul bare in his passion for guiding and supporting others to find a way to 'Living on Purpose'.  

Join us on this voyage of peeling back the layers and discovering how each of us has the same desire and drive to create magic and joy in our lives.  

80. Living Sexy with Allana Pratt
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 48.62Mb)


Living Sexy with Allana Pratt was an interview into the unknown! 

This Juicy and Succulent topic is with International Relationship Coach and Expert in Sensual Empowerment - Allana Pratt.   Allana is the author of “How to be and Stay Sexy” and she has a unique and effective way of inspiring confidence in men and women.

She is also an a Professional Speaker, has an exclusive client base - has been coach to the stars, and has made many TV and radio appearances - as well as having her own weekly live shows.

She invites you to get ready to be turned on to life - and be sexy and confident again.

Today we will explore how she is redefining relationships and sexuality from the inside out - and how sensuality fuels our success from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Be warned, today’s conversation is just Part 1. This fabulous lady has so much to share about how you really can reclaim your mojo and expand your sexual confidence - and, more importantly, recognise its beneficial impact on every other area of your life, from the spiritual to the financial!

81. The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Natalie Sisson
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 44.75Mb)


The Suitcase Entrepreneur is how Natalie Sisson is better known by her many followers.  An iconic business woman with a strong online and offline business pedigree under her belt, she is walking her talk by rapidly growing her laptop business, whilst travelling the world.  Her aim was to achieve the freedom to live out of a suitcase and she is certainly achieving that having travelled to 23 countries over 4 different continents in the last year!

Passionate about her topic, Natalie coaches her clients to build a brand with the help of social media and use all the power of the internet to leverage towards a big dream business. This sassy business woman majors on the mindset to be able to take your business global and be portable.  

At the cutting edge of where 'On Line' business, and a keen follower of the upcoming trends in business, Natalie shares her knowledge with an unparalled generosity of spirit.  Tips and tricks that really shortcut business for you abound in this session, so be sure to listen in! 

82. Occupy Wall Street - Strike Debt
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 33.50Mb)


The Occupy Wall Street Movement has been a powerful force in representing the 99% who are controlled by the 1%. Strike Debt is an off shoot group who have taken it upon themselves to highlight the gross inadequacies of a system that requires people to go into debt to pay for basic human needs such as housing, education and medical care. 

Disgusted by the stories of personal debt that they heard during their time occupying parks in New York, this group of volunteers decided to circumvent the system and began investigating how they could take positive action and make a positive difference to people's lives. 

Rolling Jubilee is a very successful initiative managed by the Strike Debt group to help people become free of the burden of debt. Recognising that debt is what bonds 99% of Americans and that by joining forces, with everyone donating a little, large amounts of debt can be bought and literally written off.  

Aaron Smith is representing the Strike Debt group in the following interview.  A young man passionate about this cause and intent in creating waves in a system that is crippling the American people.  It is an enthrallling conversation and an issue that we must not wait for others to take action on, but look for ways in which we can play our own part in creating a new world that is fair to each and every one of us.   

83. Leave Law Behind with Casey Berman
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 40.25Mb)


Attorney Casey Berman followed on in his grandfather's footsteps to enter the legal profession.  A few years of law practise left him empty and unfulfilled.  He envied those who were pushing the boundaries in business, creating deals and making things happen.  Whereas Casey found his world of law to be about playing it safe, protecting assets and pointing out what could go wrong.  

So he embraced his 'inner entrepreneur' and stepped into the world of business where he could be creative and forward thinking. 

Casey is now in his 'natural habitat', running more businesses than he has confessed to his wife(!) and coaching others who are ready to dip a toe in the waters of leaving law behind.  His upbeat personality, 'can-do' attitude, and love of people, along with a healthy dose of realism absolutely lends itself to his new vocation.  With Casey by your side, all of your 'success wiring' can light up!  

Join us for this very positive interview as we explore with him how he made 'his' transition and how he helps others take their first steps towards a life of empowerment and fulfilment too. 


84. Spiritual Awakening: The Big Transition
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 45.97Mb)


Spiritual Awakenings taking us into a life transition are happening all around us.  As the planet goes through a transition then so do we as a society, and as individuals.  Steve Nobel has for 12 years been a Director at 'Alternatives' in London, a non for profit organisation hosting regular international speakers such as Deepak Chopra and Byron Katie.  

However in 2010 his life started to show signs of collapse.  Things were not as they had once been, how he had known and loved them.  Over the following two years he had to draw on all of his learnings to see him through this massive spiritual awakening.  

Steve talks very candidly about this difficult time, his dark night of the soul and how he struggled to find his way forward through his despair.  And yet, it is a story that is so common amongst many of us and there is great comfort in listening to his journey and his learnings about life, himself and what he has found on the other side of this awakening.  

As an established author, Steve is ideally placed to write about these experiences in his soon to be published book:'BigTransitions: spiritual advice for the times when nothing makes sense and everything falls apart.’ 

85. The Eat, Art and Travel Team
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 48.74Mb)


Travel the world on an adventure to explore local cuisine, art and a wealth of creative characters! This is what self-styled 'captains' Melissa Rachel Black and Hannah Rowbotham set out to do.  Their mission was to find, unite, and expose the world’s great upcoming chefs, artists, entrepreneurs and other creative minds and bring the fruits of their labor into your home in the form of a cookbook stuffed full of original graphics and yummy recipes that they heard about and often tasted, along the way. 

In each city they sought out local 'creatives' learning about their craft and favourite local dishes as they gathered their stories for their own work of art.

A mega experience of 'being in the now' these two feisty young women learned much about people, life, each other, but mostly themselves as they wended their way from New Zealand, Australia through Asia and back to the US.  Now about to publish their inspirational narrative they share with us their top travel tips, their highs and lows and everything in between!  

Meet the EAT (Eat, Art and Travel) Team!


86. How To Create A Business From Mountain Biking
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 37.15Mb)


Mountain Biking through the San Francisco mountains and being paid for it must be a dream come true!

A dream which filled many hours for Mark Baeder, until he finally walked away from a corporate finance job to create a 'business start up' from his passion for mountain biking.  Mark was one of the many people who are finding corporate life is not all it is cracked up to be and set aside some time to allow in a little fresh thinking.  

It is said that whatever the mind can conceive, then it can achieve.  This was definitely true for this young man.  Being unprepared to sell his soul to corporate life in exchange for a few years in retirement, Mark decided instead to saddle up and head out on a new trail, figuratively and literally.  With careful planning and due diligence done, plus a large dose of trust, Mark began his new life running his San Francisco-based Mountain Bike business.   Hear how he literally pedalled his way into a new life...

87. The Empowerment of Breakthrough Free Energy
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 46.17Mb)


Free Energy is about to change the face of our lives forever...  imagine no more energy bills!  Your domestic energy, your car, travel of all kinds, including anti-gravity space travel - all of this will be available to us within a few months or maybe a year.  Sceptical?  Well the main stream media have done their very best to suppress this technology, often in dark and sinister ways but also by ridiculing anyone who thought it is possible.  

Sterling D. Allan is the CEO of Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network, the premier news, directory, and networking service whose mission is to find and facilitate the best exotic free energy technologies.  Here he shares what free energy is, how close we are to having it in our own homes, the costs, and most importantly the impact on society as we no longer are slaves to oil and thus to the cabal who run the world.    

Sterling believes that each of us has the ability to contribute in some way towards heralding in technologies that will be even more impactful on our lives than the computer and internet age.  A really fascinating stream of information - you will be left breathless by the possibilities!

88. Mobile Medicine for the Modern Entrepreneur: Cory Annis MD
http://wiredforsuccess.libsyn.... download (audio/mpeg, 48.39Mb)


Entrepreneurs are used to getting things done, pronto!  Not for them hanging out in a doctor's waiting area - time = money.  Cory Annis, MD has a heavy dose of the Entrepreneur in her DNA.  She decided to buck the system, a system that she admits does not always serve patients well, and create a health service that could be easily accessed by her globe trotting patients.  

Better still, Cory LOVES Entrepreneurs!  She loves that they have a 'can do' attitude, it lights her fire and she is passionate about helping those who are 'out there' helping to grow the economy.  

So arming herself with the latest communication technology, Cory is offering this special group of patients their very own doctor, health coach and confidante - all rolled into one.  And remember this is all accessed via your smart phone. 


89. Holistic Healing with Arielle Essex
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Holistic healing was fortunately, very familiar to Arielle Essex when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  As a complementary health practitioner Arielle set out on a journey to discover the message that this 'dis-ease' had come to deliver. Eagerly she signed up for all manner of courses, including NLP, which might offer enlightenment as to what this message was offering. What unfolded for this feisty woman was a path of understanding of why she had been visited by this tumour and what steps she could take to manage, and eventually heal from it.  

A very determined Arielle, travelled far and wide to learn as much as she could about 'mind-body' healing and was overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of love and sharing of information that she encountered along the way.  Her extensive training and knowledge has now been distilled into her teachings through workshops and one to one coaching programmes as well as her writings - including her soon to be published latest book, 'Practical Miracles: Choices that Heal and Build Resilience'

Her story is one of real courage in facing the unknown and coming face to face with parts of her that had been suppressed. Few would have chosen this route.  Inspiring in every way, Arielle gives us this frank and uncapped interview.  

90. How To Live Your Dream
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Living his dream life seemed the most impossible thing Izzy Arkin could think of!  Highly educated, late 20's, successful teacher, Californian lifestyle - he had it all...or so it appeared to others.  For Izzy it became like a living death.  In his head was a thought that just would not go away -  'I want to be a Ninja!'.  

So despite all the obstacles, Izzy set his compass on course for Japan and by developing a powerful mindset and taking action in small steps, he arrived in this foreign land.  Thinking this was the end and he had achieved his goal, it turned out to be only just the beginning and a whole new set of learning ensued.  

Izzy shares his highs and lows, his deepest insights into what it takes to live a dream - no matter what that dream is.  He lifts the lid on how it is done and exposes the secrets behind his success.  Sharing his knowledge has become a driving passion for him and we are privileged to bring you his story, the story of a real life Ninja.  

91. Autism: Busting Loose From The Limitation Game
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Autism is an issue for many children and their families and the truly inspiring Suzy Miller has dedicated her professional life to pushing the boundaries on how to help these children and their carers.  An author, speaker and trainer, Suzy has teamed up with Dr. William Tiller of Stanford University to pioneer the implementation of some cutting edge science and technology (Quantum Physics) to transform the lives of those labeled as Autistic, and those of their families.  Their joint project creating the 'Autism Intention Experiment' works with consistent and coherent intention to support the integration of children diagnosed with Autism.  

Despite a conventional training as a Pedeatric Speech and Language Pathologist, Suzy had some unusual and life-changing experiences whilst working with a  4 yr old patient.  The way she worked changed forever.  Telepathy as a means of communication with these children became quite usual for her.  Gradually she came to view these children as having a very special message for the world.  Her experiences are documented in her book, 'Awesomism: a new way to understand the diagnosis of Autism'.  

The training programme offered by Suzy is called 'Awesomism Certification Programme' and is gradually being offered globally. 

92. Transformational Renegade
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Personal Development and Self-Help don't usually come packaged in this way!  Transformational Renegade, AE Gix has written about all things 'Metaphysical' in his book 'Attack On All Fronts'.  

Life is not too be taken too seriously, according to AE Gix - and certainly we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously either. Full of humour and the push to take a look at life from a new perspective is where you will be taken with Mr. Gix! 

This interview delves into the rocky terrain of his own life, an immigrant child, being bullied and then becoming a trainee renegade!  It all led to him questioning everything from the Big Bang to Law of Attraction.  Influenced by diverse sources such as Tony Robbins, David Icke, Abrahm Hicks, Bashar and 'The Secret', AE Gix has reduced and distilled the essence of these teachings into his unique and compelling style that will challenge your thinking about what is real, what is true and who you really are.

93. Adventures for Introverts
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Benjamin Jenks of 'Adventure Sauce' is a modern day adventurer who is passionate about helping others to ‘wake up’ to see that they can be the hero of their own adventure.   Describing himself as a Swagger Coach, he is also a video artist, author,  and calls himself  'a dude with a Monster Beard'! 

A true leader, Ben leads by example.  He came to terms with some of his fears by going on his own 'hairy adventure' and hitchhiking 23,000 miles across America twice…..!  and included Canada on his walkabout too! 

However…Ben didn’t come out of the womb as an Adventurer.  He had a slow and torturous journey from being a painfully shy college kid - too shy to even get a date, to the pioneer he is today. 

Passionate about helping other shy, introverts who are hesitant to step into their own greatness……he shares with us how he has come to understand and live a life of meaning and purpose and how he is devoted to quickly growing a 'posse' of like minded, shy, would-be adventurers whom he is inspiring to live a life where they are OK  coming out of their shell,  taking some risks, having fun and playing full out to be the awesome beings they were always…. 'wired' to be.   A few lessons in this interview for the extroverts too! 

94. Art As Therapy
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Art Therapy and Art Healing are relatively new to Nina Heaton.  Wonderfully gifted, she shares her recent realization that her art is a source of healing and transformation for her clients -  moving them from where they are (or don’t want to be) and transporting them to where they need to be -  so they can continue to evolve and  lead more successful and vibrant lives.

In essence, her paintings are a powerful and yet gentle way to encourage others to step into their truth.  Trust (let go), accept that there are things bigger than us that will facilitate us, we do not have to be in control 100% -  infact if we loosen the reins for more movement and explore more, great and unexpected things will happen.


95. Personal Fitness - More Than Just A Great Body
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Justin Miller of Limitless365 is a charismatic young personal fitness trainer, who is ‘passionate’ about coaching people to take a serious and really honest look at their health and vitality. He avidly believes that if we take control of our nutrition and implement a bespoke exercise regime, then we can kick-start an enriching life ‘without limits’.   

Justin knows that deep inside each of us is a fit and energetic person struggling to get out, demonstrate their magnificence and live a thrilling life. 

He believes that….. ‘As human beings we may have our limits, but our spirits are truly limitless’  A natural leader, he knows that clients can do so much more than they ever dream possible.  He loves getting them starting with baby steps that guide them into becoming a truly magnificent being, in mind as well as body.   His clients get insights into how they can channel their new found vitality into finding more passion, and purpose in their lives - way more than just a great body! 


96. Friends of Uradi Paradise
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" We can all make the world a better place, because l believe there's a drop of paradise in each of us - let it show!"

...is a quote from Father Opiyo Benard Didacus (Father Ben), a remarkable young man with an extraordinary vision.  A Kenyan Catholic Priest, he is instigating inspiring changes in the education of girls in his homeland.

 In 2008 he became aware that young girls were dropping out of formal Kenyan education.   Deeply concerned by this, he drew on his passion for personal development, and recognized that these girls were missing out on opportunities to maximise their true potential, access their inner and limitless resources, and so grow up to create choice and enrichment in their lives, and be 'wayshowers' for others...

 And so Father Ben was inspired to build a school with a difference, especially for these girls.  His determined efforts have been rewarded by nearly 100 girls attending this school at present with great plans for the future, so fund-raising and donations are crucial. 

A small town in Germany have become 'friends of Uradi Girls School' and regularly donate to the school to allow more girls to attend school on a regular basis.

The cost of sending a girl to this school is just €150 a year, and yet that is still out of the reach of many Kenyan families. 

97. Music Medicine from 'SacredFire' (previous 'Chants & Drums')
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Musical artists, Marie Josee (aka MJ) and Dean, of  'SacredFire' are unique in their approach to music.  A blend of their talents as healers, teachers and musicians brings the listener to a space where they can let go of that which stops them from connecting with their higher purpose and stepping out to live it.  They refer to their spontaneous improvisations as music medicine.  Their heart-centred intuition fuels the powerful and beautiful sounds they produce in the form of chanting, drumming and a myriad of instruments.   

Perfect examples of living their purpose, this couple are inspiring to listen to both when talking about their own lives and when sharing their moving sounds.  To be in their presence is an absolute delight and privilege.  You cannot help but feel the vibes of their love for each other, and for what they share with the world.  You are in for a treat!

98. Creativity: The Spine of Learning
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Musical pioneer and genius, Lawrence Ball take us on a journey of exploration into his world of composing music to stimulate creativity and the raising of consciousness.  Dance, orchestras, film and choir are all areas which have benefited from Lawrence's unique work.  A sought after Maths tutor, Lawrence shares his thoughts on how we can be in the best state to enhance learning. Free energy, including the work of Keshe, is a passion of his and we learn of new and exciting ideas in the free energy arena that are about to be shared with the masses. 

99. Choose Your Own Adventure
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Breaking out of the 9-5 and creating a lifestyle that is funded by a laptop business often sounds like something only ‘others’ can achieve.  Kelly Dunning and Lee Carter are living this dream lifestyle, travelling the world on a schedule of their own choosing whilst running their online business from beach fronts, buses, planes or boats. This 20 something couple have chosen not just a gap year but a gap decade.  Hear how with planning and organization, it is not so very difficult to create.  If you have a yearning to travel and are wondering how to fund it then listen in as we caught up with them in Borneo, to find out exactly 'how' it can be done. 


100. Smart Media Marketing to Grow Your Business
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Calling all SME's!  Social Media is a quagmire of information that is easy to get sucked into and watch it eat up hours of our day for questionable return.  Entrepreneur and million pound business builder, Jane Frankland unwraps her secrets of why small businesses must 'strategize' their social media activity to support their brand, boost their sales and save hours of valuable time.  Join Jane as she shares her highs and lows of building a 'sustainable' business.