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Podcast title Orthodoxy Live
Website URL https://www.ancientfaith.com/p...
Description Answering Pointed Questions About Orthodox Faith, Tradition, and Practice - Orthodoxy Live with Fr. Evan Armatas offers listeners an opportunity to ask pointed questions about the Orthodox Church. Perfect for seekers, converts, and cradle Orthodox Christian alike, this program is your chance to ask the tough questions about the Orthodox faith.
Updated Mon, 12 Aug 2019 02:53:39 +0000
Image Orthodoxy Live
Category Religion & Spirituality

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1. August 11, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 122.34Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan tackles several of the hundreds of emails he has received for the show, including questions about the role of godparents and culture and Orthodoxy.

2. Guest Co-Host Fr. Jordan Brown
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 88.73Mb)

Description: Fr. Jordan Brown joins Fr. Evan Armatas as guest co-host tonight and their very first call is from Australia!

3. July 21, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 90.21Mb)

Description: A variety of topics are addressed tonight from listener calls and emails. Included were questions about the eucharist, evangelism, and Orthodox unity.

4. July 7, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 86.71Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan Armatas fields questions by email, pre-record, and telephone on this episode. Among the questions, listeners asked if we will remember our sins in heaven, if a life calling before being Orthodox needs to be approved by the Church after entry, and a helpful reflection on the Church's response to sexual identify issues.

5. June 23, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 83.35Mb)

Description: Phones were jammed with calls in this episode as Fr. Evan Armatas took a variety of questions ranging from weeping icons to the presence of sin in the world.

6. June 16, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 76.87Mb)

Description: On this Pentecost Sunday as well as Father's Day, Fr. Evan Armatas addresses a variety of questions including one from a Baptist pastor exploring Orthodoxy. Can someone find salvation using only the Bible?

7. June 9, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 86.44Mb)

Description: Incense allergies, the atonement, corporate strategies in the Church, and the definition of the Apostles Doctrine are all covered in this episode.

8. May 26, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 83.38Mb)

Description: Calls, pre-records, and email questions make for an interesting and informative show with Fr. Evan Armatas. Questions include transgender pronouns, tattoos, and clergy vocations.

9. Guest Co-host Dn. Paul Zaharas
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 87.42Mb)

Description: Dn. Paul Zaharas is the Chancellor of the Denver Metropolis of the Greek Orthodox Church in America. He is also on the board of IOCC. Together with Fr. Evan Armatas they field questions on stem cells, toll houses, icons depicting Judas, and more.

10. May 12, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 113.64Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan answers questions about the Holy Spirit and the Trisagion, divisions of Christendom, including Byzantine Catholicism, head coverings, and more.

11. May 5, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 79.86Mb)

Description: Lots of great questions tonight including ones on confession, autocephaly, forgiveness, and a wife who is not as ready as you are to become Orthodox.

12. Guest Co-Host Fr. David Thatcher
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 83.07Mb)

Description: Fr. David Thatcher is the co-host with Fr. Evan Armatas tonight. They take on some knotty questions that take some time to answer including the dilemma of an Orthodox mom and her out of wedlock pregnant daughter. They also address the question of Yoga and the first of the 55 maxims of Fr. Thomas Hopko - Be always with Christ.

13. April 7, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 31.58Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan answers questions about the authority of the Church Fathers, the issue of stoning in the Old Testament, baptismal names, and much, much more!

14. March 17, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 92.79Mb)

Description: Calls, emails, and pre-recorded questions made up tonight's show including one about the eternal fate of the non-Orthodox.

15. March 11, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 31.65Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan tackles a number of listener questions, including topics on same-sex attraction and divorce.

16. Dr. Timothy Patitsas and Thomaida Hudanish
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 88.86Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan Armatas welcomes guest co-hosts Dr. Timothy Patitsas from Holy Cross Hellenic College and Thomaida Hudanish from the Metropolis of San Fransisco Mission and Evangelism Ministry. to take listener questions but also to talk about the Beauty First Films project. If listeners would like to subscribe to the Beauty First Films email news list, here is the link: https://mailchi.mp/37d8ba4d0802/beautyfirstfilms Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beautyfirstfilms/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beautyfirstfilms/

17. February 24, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 90.22Mb)

Description: Phones were active tonight for Fr. Evan Armatas: My parish doesn't seem all that interested in bringing me into the Church; when do blessed things become unblessed; do the Orthodox believe we get a 2nd chance after death; how often should I take communion; and I'm a former Baptist minister - please tell me more about the Orthodox Faith.

18. February 17, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 84.07Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan Armatas answers caller's questions tonight ranging from closed communion to the Holy Spirit.

19. February 10, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 95.73Mb)

Description: It was non-stop calls on tonight's episode of Orthodox Live with Fr. Evan Armatas. Questions about self-care, healing grace for non Orthodox, closed communion, and others. Don't miss the question at the end from an anonymous listener in the chat room who is coming to the Church from a life of organized crime. He's fearful for his life and his soul before he has a chance to get baptized.

20. February 3, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 82.46Mb)

Description: Many calls in this episode dealing with toll houses, universalism, the life of faith, and a question about self-care at the end that will be dealt with next week.

21. January 27, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 57.14Mb)

Description: On tonight's program, Fr. Evan Armatas answers questions on ethnicity and the Church, universalism, real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, and the "sure hope" of salvation.

22. January 20, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 83.57Mb)

Description: Suffering, the current break in communion between the Ecumenical and Moscow Patriarchates, fasting practices and more are covered in the questions on tonight's episode.

23. January 13, 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 85.18Mb)

Description: A question from Bulgaria on bringing up our children in today's world. A caller asking about the proper procedure when the Eucharist is accidentally spilled. Questions about Orthodox unity and more. Another informative show with Fr. Evan Armatas.

24. Theophany 2019
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 83.92Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan Armatas begins the new year on the Feast of Theophany and takes a variety of questions including when to read the Bible, what do the Fathers say about dreams, the Septuagint and more. You can now listen to Fr. Evan every Sunday at 7:00pm Central/8:00pm Eastern.

25. Guest Co-Host Fr. Michael Tishel
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 92.76Mb)

Description: Lines were jammed as Fr. Evan and his guest co-host Fr. Michael Tishel took calls with questions on sharing the Orthodox faith without arguing, Mary the God-bearer, Phyletism, and much more.

26. Guest Co-Host Fr. Gregory Mathewes-Green
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 101.63Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan Armatas is joined by guest co-host Fr. Gregory Mathewes-Green as they tackle questions about spiritual reading, contraception, and more. Listen for a special "cameo" appearance by Kh. Frederica!

27. Guest Co-Host Fr. David Thatcher
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 94.72Mb)

Description: Fr. David Thatcher joins Fr. Evan Armatas as guest co-host to take questions about church structure, the Gospel message, disillusionment, and more.

28. November 4, 2018
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 97.92Mb)

Description: Phones were buzzing as questions came in from all across the country ranging from what goes on the altar table to how we are to understand God's wrath.

29. Fr. Evan Armatas with Fr. Chris Rowe
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 48.96Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan interviews Fr. Chris Rowe and answers questions about introducing Orthodoxy to outsiders, the Orthodox situation in Guatemala, etc.

30. Guest Co-host Bishop John
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 92.94Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan Armatas welcomes Bishop John Abdallah of the Antiochian Archdiocese to talk about pastoral counseling, the OCAMPR Conference, and several questions from the audience. Included were questions about the Western Rite and Halloween.

31. Guest Co-Host Fr. John Strickland
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 37.80Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan and Fr. John answer questions regarding the Ecumenical Patriarch and the Russian Orthodox Church, Greeks and the English language, and the Orthodox teaching on praying for the dead.

32. Church New Year
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 86.29Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan Armatas opens the new Church year by addressing questions from listeners. Topics included were the so called "rapture", repetition in the liturgy, loving our handicapped community, and more.

33. Guest Co-Host Fr. Philip LeMasters
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 86.57Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan Armatas welcomes Fr. Philip LeMasters as his guest co-host. Together they take questions on the sacraments, the rapture, and more.

34. August 5, 2018
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 84.47Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan Armatas takes questions from the phones, emails, and pre-recorded callers on a variety of subjects including frequent communion, eastern and western mindsets, and choosing a Father Confessor.

35. July 1, 2018
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 57.44Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan answers questions about the various levels of clergy, anger, serving in the Liturgy without communing, and much more!

36. June 17, 2018
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 88.60Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan welcomes surprise guest Fr. Gregory Pelushi from Albania and tackles a variety of questions including one about the epistle read at the sacrament of marriage.

37. Guest Co-Host Fr. Alexander Rentel
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 90.18Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan Armatas welcomes Fr. Alexander Rentel from St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary as a guest co-host. Fr. Alexander is an expert on canon law and together they tackled a variety of listener questions from calls, email, the chat room, and pre-recorded.

38. Guest Co-Host Fr. Nabil Hanna
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 86.01Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan Armatas welcomes Ancient Faith Spiritual Advisor Fr. Nabil Hanna to guest co-host the show as they tackle questions about the Old Testament, Prophets, trans-gender issues, and more.

39. May 6, 2018
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 85.82Mb)

Description: A lively show as Fr. Evan Armatas answers listener emails and takes several calls. Questions included were on the daily prayers, wedding rings on the right hand, the numbering of the Psalms, the lectionary, and more.

40. Guest Co-Host Fr. Patrick Cardine
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 72.19Mb)

Description: Guest co-host Fr. Patrick Cardine joins Fr. Evan Armatas fielding questions about Orthodoxy and learning about the Western Rite.

41. Guest Co-Host Fr. Stephen De Young
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 59.23Mb)

Description: Fr. Stephen De Young joins Fr. Evan to answer listener questions about fasting, evangelism, and the Atonement.

42. Forgiveness Sunday
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 57.59Mb)

Description: As we begin our Lenten journey, Fr. Evan Armatas shares some thoughts on Forgiveness Sunday and takes calls and questions from the audience on a variety of topics.

43. February 4, 2018
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 56.40Mb)

Description: Despite being Super Bowl Sunday, Fr. Evan has a lively show with calls, chat room, pre-recorded questions, and email questions. Included topics were economia regarding the Eucharistic fast, spouses who have no interest in Orthodoxy, and Hades.

44. Guest Co-Host Fr. Chris Salamy
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 59.23Mb)

Description: Fr. Chris Salamy joins Fr. Evan Armatas to answer listener questions including questions about confession, Byzantine chant, and fasting.

45. January 7, 2018
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 70.20Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan Armatas had several questions tonight related to the differences between Orthodox and Roman Catholic understanding of the "keys to the kingdom." Please forgive the poor audio from Fr. Evan's studio. It appears it is time to replace a microphone cable!

46. Guest Co-Host Fr. Lou Christopulos
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 67.49Mb)

Description: Together with Fr. Lou, Fr. Evan takes questions related to friendly parishes, purgatory, and how to best relate to a spouse who is not interested in Orthodoxy.

47. December 3, 2017
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 57.18Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan asks John Maddex to join him at the beginning of the show to reminisce about the beginnings of Orthodoxy Live five years ago. He then takes calls from listeners. The first one on prayer followed by an inquirer trying to choose between Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism.

48. Guest Co-Host Steve Christoforou
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 61.60Mb)

Description: Steve Christoforou joins Fr. Evan tonight as guest co-host as they tackle several questions together including salvation outside the Church and forgiveness. Send Fr. Evan a note of appreciation as it was five years ago tonight that Orthodoxy Live started!

49. November 5, 2017
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 57.00Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan takes questions on the future of Orthodoxy in America, the Protestant objection to the adoration of Mary, prayers for the dead, science and faith, and confession

50. October 15, 2017
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 55.43Mb)

Description: Penal substitutionary atonement, the diaconate, Church councils, and the acquisition of the Holy Spirit are among the questions fielded by Fr. Evan tonight.

51. Guest Co-Host Dr. Philip Mamalakis
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 64.88Mb)

Description: The author of Parenting Toward the Kingdom, Dr. Philip Mamalakis joins Fr. Evan as co-host tackling parenting questions—especially for parents of teens. They also talk about a new resource for parents and teen workers from Faithtree resources.

52. Guest Co-Host Fr. George Dokos
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 62.00Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan welcomes co-host and dear friend Fr. George Dokos to join him in answering listener questions tonight.

53. September 3, 2017
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 55.11Mb)

Description: On this holiday weekend, Fr. Evan digs into his vast backlog of email questions.

54. Transfiguration
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 57.08Mb)

Description: After a brief meditation on the Feast of the Transfiguration, Fr. Evan takes calls and answers email questions from listeners.

55. Guest Co-Host Fr. Stephen Freeman
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 63.47Mb)

Description: The hour flew by as Fr. Evan and Fr. Stephen address questions about the "myth of progress" as it relates to Fr. Tom Hopko's 55 maxims, systematic theology and the Orthodox faith, styles of worship in the broader Christian realm, and much more.

56. Guest Co-Host Fr. Nicholas Louh
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 63.92Mb)

Description: How are we saved through the Eucharist? Why don't the saints depicted in icons ever smile? What holy sites can I visit on my trip west? Was the Holy Spirit active before Pentecost? Those and other questions were presented to Fr. Evan and his guest co-host Fr. Nicholas Louh.

57. May 7, 2017
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 57.00Mb)

Description: A lively program with many calls asking questions about transitioning to Orthodoxy from a Southern Baptist background, the differences between Eastern Rite Catholic and Eastern Orthodox, eschatology, death, and more!

58. Guest Co-Host Fr. Seraphim Aldea
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 64.59Mb)

Description: Fr. Seraphim joins Fr. Evan to tackle questions and also talks about the founding of the first Orthodox monastery in the Celtic Isles of Scotland in a thousand years. Hear Fr. Seraphim on his own podcast, too: Through a Monk's Eyes.

59. Parenting Toward the Kingdom
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 87.01Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan welcomes Dr. Philip Mamalakis for this special extended version of Orthodoxy Live. Many have found Dr. Philip's new book, Parenting Toward the Kingdom, to be a very helpful resource in raising their children. The two of them discuss child rearing, family life, and the joys and struggles of parenting. With far more questions than they had time to get to, look for a followup program down the road.

60. March 5, 2017
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 61.46Mb)

Description: A variety of questions on tonight's show including from Catholic seeker who is looking for guidance on fasting and a listener grappling with a friend about to enter into a same-sex marriage.

61. Guest Co-Host Fr. Anthony Perkins
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 59.10Mb)

Description: A fascinating hour with Fr. Anthony Perkins who is the rector of St. Mary Protection of the Holy Theotokos parish in Allentown, PA. He is also the Director of Vocations, Associate Academic Dean, and a professor at St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Seminary. He and Fr. Evan talk about Orthodoxy and military service and take a call from an explorer into Orthodoxy who spends part of her time in Italy.

62. Orthodoxy Live - with guest Co-Host Fr. Stephen Freeman
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 68.02Mb)

Description: A lively program with a great variety of questions including questions on confession, spiritual maturity, chanting, and modernity. Be sure to listen for a "cameo" appearance by Fr. Barnabas Powell!

63. Guest Co-Host Fr. Gabriel Rochelle
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 65.31Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan welcomes Fr. Gabriel Rochelle to join him as co-host as they tackle questions together ranging from missions in the early Church compared to today, leavened bread in the Eucharist, and humility.

64. Orthodoxy Live - December 4, 2016
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 55.04Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan discussed the priesthood, today's Gospel reading, and exorcisms.

65. Orthodoxy Live - November 20, 2016
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 55.93Mb)

Description: On this 4th anniversary program, we begin with a nice greeting from a listener and daughter who listen in England followed by a mix of calls, pre-recorded, and email questions.

66. Guest Co-Host Fr. Philip LeMasters
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 92.94Mb)

Description: Fr. Philip LeMasters joins Fr. Evan to take a wide array of questions from callers and email including an intelligent question from a 13-year-old Chicago-area listener.

67. October 16 - Fr. Michael Gillis
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 94.37Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan welcomes Fr. Michael Gillis to co-host with him as calls flow in from Spokane, Phoenix, Tulsa, and Memphis. The Tulsa call was from an Oral Roberts University student looking into Orthodoxy!

68. Orthodoxy Live With Guest Co-Host Fr. Ted Paraskevopoulos
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 65.76Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan welcomes another guest co-host tonight: Fr. Ted Paraskevopoulos. Fr. Ted is heard on AFR with his iSermon and Fr. TedTalks podcasts. They field listener questions on the role of pain and suffering, making your home an Orthodox home, liturgical translations, and, from both of them, a statement of what makes Orthodoxy so special.

69. September 4, 2016
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 63.41Mb)

Description: Non-stop calls tonight with questions ranging from free will to groups known as the "True Orthodox" and their claims.

70. Orthodoxy Live - August 21, 2016
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 63.91Mb)

Description: Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick teams up with Fr. Evan in this episode to tackle a wide range of questions including the role of a spiritual father and speaking to a non-believer about the Faith.

71. August 7, 2016
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 67.83Mb)

Description: In the first half hour, Fr. Evan speaks with Fr. Jim Kordaris, Director of Stewardship, Outreach and Evangelism for the GOA and Thomaida Hudanish, Assistant Director of C.O.M.E - the Commission for Orthodox Evangelism in San Francisco. They give information about the upcoming Bringing Orthodoxy to America Conference in Portland. In the 2nd half of the show, Fr. Evan takes two calls - one on the Orthodox perspective on the sin nature and the other on understanding the role of suffering in our lives.

72. Orthodoxy in Guatemala
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 65.11Mb)

Description: In this special edition of Orthodoxy Live, Fr. Evan welcomes Fr. John Chakos to talk about the huge influx of parishes into the Orthodox Church in Guatemala. Learn more at Mayan Orthodoxy and The Word From Guatemala.

73. Orthodoxy Live - June 5, 2016
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 56.60Mb)

Description: A variety of calls, emails, and pre-recorded questions tonight to make the show interesting. Including questions about the marriage ceremony, prayer rules with your children, and the right time for chrismation.

74. Orthodoxy Live May 15, 2016
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 85.47Mb)

Description: A great program to put a dent in the backlog of email questions to Fr. Evan on a variety of interesting topics.

75. Orthodoxy Live - April 17, 2016
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 82.30Mb)

Description: Another full night of calls with questions about living with a spouse who is not supportive of Orthodoxy, original sin, church etiquette, and much more.

76. Orthodoxy Live - Bishop Athanasios of Kenya
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 100.60Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan welcomes His Grace Bishop Athanasios of Kenya to join him and even answer some of the listener questions.

77. Orthodoxy Live - March 20, 2016
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 106.39Mb)

Description: It was non-stop calls for this program as Fr. Evan talked with a listener who is joining the Roman Catholic Church, a 17-year-old catechumen, a 12-year-old boy, and several more.

78. Orthodoxy Live - Feb 21, 2016
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 86.31Mb)

Description: Lots of calls and questions on this episode! A nine-year-old asks about shapes of crosses, a teenager about old calendar and new calendar, and much more.

79. Orthodoxy Live - January 17, 2016
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 55.29Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan discusses universal salvation, the symbol of the cross, and more!

80. Orthodoxy Live - Jan 3, 2016
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 93.26Mb)

Description: How do the saints hear our prayers? Why was Jesus so hard on Judas? Plus a call from the United Arab Emirates!

81. Orthodoxy Live Dec. 6, 2015
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 58.61Mb)

Description: Non stop phones tonight as Fr. Evan tackles a wide range of questions including ecumenical dialog, the Trinity, and the Evil One.

82. Orthodoxy Live Nov 15 2015
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 56.33Mb)

Description: What do you do when you need to dispose of a sacred image? Can sacraments be performed in an unconsecrated church? What is the Orthodox view of transubstantiation? Fr. Evan answers these questions and more on a new "Orthodoxy Live."

83. Orthodoxy Live Nov 1 2015
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 60.41Mb)

Description: Among the questions raised for Fr. Evan tonight were: Difference between compassion and love? Discerning God’s will in certain situations. A healthy description of spiritual fatherhood.

84. Orthodoxy Live October 18, 2015
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 56.21Mb)

Description: A nice variety of topics tonight including the intercessions of the Theotokos, dialog with the Roman Catholics, and how we react to various styles and approaches in Orthodox parishes.

85. Orthodoxy Live Sep 20, 2015
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 57.19Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan catches up on email questions plus a call about the closing phrase of the Lord's Prayer.

86. Orthodoxy Live September 6, 2015
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 57.25Mb)

Description: Interesting questions called in as well as pre-recorded including "what is the status of our marriages in heaven?"

87. Orthodoxy Live August 16, 2015
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 59.92Mb)

Description: A fast-moving show beginning with guest Fr. Lawrence Farley addressing questions about Bible prophecy. Then calls from listeners ranging from the biblical character Potiphar to apostolic succession.

88. August 3, 2015
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 143.85Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan begins with a conversation with Fr. Tom Tsagalakis, from Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church in Seattle. They discuss together a sensitive question written in by a father who is struggling to communicate with his daughter. She has expressed confusion about her sexual identity. In the second half, Fr. Evan takes a live call about the post resurrected Christ and his appearance on earth.

89. July 5, 2015
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 56.49Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan returns to the microphone and catches up on some email questions as well as a live call from an inquirer into Orthodoxy. She asks "If the Orthodox Church is One Church, why are there so many jurisdictions?"

90. Orthodoxy Live for May 17, 2015
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 58.29Mb)

Description: As the Paschal season winds down, Fr. Evan takes calls and email questions on a variety of topics including "How do we deal with the struggles of life and embrace them instead of dismissing them?"

91. Orthodoxy Live for May 3, 2015
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 57.63Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan just returned from the country of Georgia where he met Ancient Faith Radio listeners! Here a little about his trip but also listen in as he takes questions from young Justin, Charlie, and David by email. The program ends with a Georgian rendition of the Paschal Hymn Christ is Risen.

92. Orthodoxy Live for April 19, 2015
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 136.70Mb)

Description: What is Personhood? Should we read the Philokalia? What about using force to protect our families? These questions and more were on the minds of Fr. Evan's listeners tonight.

93. March 15, 2015
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 141.87Mb)

Description: Some interesting questions posed to Fr. Evan tonight including: How do I get forgiven for losing my faith?

94. March 1, 2015
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 137.49Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan takes questions via email, Facebook, pre-recorded calls, and a live call from a former Muslim. Don't miss it!

95. Orthodoxy Live for January 18, 2015
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 57.36Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan chats with four different listeners on a variety of topics. Especially interesting is his conversation with Ed from the UK on science and Christianity.

96. Orthodoxy Live for January 4, 2015
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 56.26Mb)

Description: On this episode of Orthodoxy Live, Fr. Evan answers questions from listeners on a variety of topics including contemporary Christian music, monastic titles, and more.

97. December 21, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 55.78Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan answers some questions that came in via email and text but also has a delightful conversation with 12-year-old Ben about the reason we celebrate the Nativity of Our Lord on December 25.

98. December 7, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 55.91Mb)

Description: On this episode of Orthodoxy Live, Fr. Evan addresses questions from listeners on fasting, speaking in tongues, and more.

99. November 16, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 59.97Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan welcomes Fr. James Bernstein to tackle the first question of the night which was about the way to explain to non-Orthodox that the Orthodox Church is the true Church. After that, the lines were jammed with callers asking about fasting, prayers for the dead, connecting with youth and singles, and more.

100. November 2, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 56.05Mb)

Description: On this episode, Fr. Evan takes questions on administrative unity, prayers to and for the dead, the day by day provision of God, and entrance into Orthodoxy by a gay man.

101. October 19, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 62.98Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan Armatas talks to an Orthodox doctor about Ebola and then takes questions on a variety of topics including women's roles in the Church and praying for the dead.

102. October 5, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 56.25Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan discusses the Resurrection with Fr. Barnabas Powell and then examines the Old Testament texts that the New Testament writers used, the role of women in the Church, and the kissing of icons.

103. September 21, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 56.02Mb)

Description: After sharing some thoughts about the Feast of the Cross, Fr. Evan addresses questions about speaking in tongues, too many icons, why one would choose to be Orthodox, the "just war" theory and more.

104. September 7, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 76.90Mb)

Description: A full program today including Fr. Evan's thoughts on the beginning of the Church year, special guest Fr. Pat Reardon talking about evolution and creation, and John Maddex joining Fr. Evan to address listener questions.

105. August 17, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 55.78Mb)

Description: On this episode, Fr. Evan tackles questions about people who have left their Orthodox roots for Protestant churches, suicide, the anger of Jesus, violence in the Old Testament, and the placement of icons.

106. August 3, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 57.02Mb)

Description: Fr. Tom Soroka joins Fr. Evan as guest co-host as they take questions about Orthodoxy as the true Church, Gnosticism, social media, and "love not the world."

107. July 20, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 59.68Mb)

Description: Fr. Theodore Dorrance joins Fr. Evan tonight to take calls on topics including the interpretation of New Testament accounts that vary from gospel to gospel, finding the right Orthodox parish, Christian persecution, and more. Fr. Theodore is priest at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Beaverton, OR.

108. July 6, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 54.62Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan begins a new segment on Orthodoxy Live by welcoming Fr. George Dokos, priest at Sts. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church in Boulder, CO. This feature will introduce various priests from a variety of jurisdictions to answer specific questions asked by our listeners.

109. June 15, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 59.71Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan tackles questions about the Holy Spirit, Early Church worship, altar girls, and anthropology.

110. June 1, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 56.25Mb)

Description: Guest host Fr. Steve Tsichlis tackles a number of questions dealing with the differences between Orthodoxy and other faiths, prayer to the saints, theosis, and much more.

111. May 18, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 70.17Mb)

Description: This was a pre-recorded program where John Maddex joined Fr. Evan to answer email and voice mail questions. The questions dealt with Theosis, Purgatory, did God create evil, and grace.

112. May 4, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 58.35Mb)

Description: In this first broadcast after Pascha, Fr. Evan reflects on the resurrection in his opening comments and then takes calls. The topics tonight were about the divinity of Christ, His exclamation on the cross about God forsaking Him, and the Orthodox position on witchcraft. A late question on Same-Sex Marriage was deferred until there is more time.

113. April 6, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 56.97Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan takes calls from the OCF chapter of Purdue University as well as other calls from San Diego and Memphis. Questions include why we fast, building a habit of prayer, the dates for Pascha, and more.

114. Holy Week Special - Part 2
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 76.14Mb)

Description: In part two of this special pre-recorded Holy Week edition of Orthodoxy Live, Fr. Evan Armatas and John Maddex discuss Holy Wednesday thorough Saturday as well as Great and Holy Pascha.

115. Holy Week Special - Part 1
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 67.83Mb)

Description: In this special pre-recorded edition of Orthodoxy Live, Fr. Evan Armatas and John Maddex discuss the first part of Holy Week including Lazarus Saturday, Palm Sunday, and the Bridegroom.

116. March 16, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 58.47Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan takes questions about how the Fathers viewed women, the 2nd commandment and icons, the supposed anti-semitism of St. John Chrysostom, and more.

117. March 2, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 57.10Mb)

Description: On this Forgiveness Sunday edition, Fr. Evan takes calls on a wide gaiety of subjects tonight from snake handling to usury.

118. February 16, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 59.06Mb)

Description: In this episode which aired live on Feb. 16, Fr. Evan takes calls from listeners dealing with the real presence of Christ in the eucharist, the humanity of Christ, and more.

119. Orthodoxy Live Lenten Special
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 56.83Mb)

Description: In this special episode of Orthodoxy Live, Fr. Evan welcomes John Maddex into the studio and they give an overview of the Lenten Triodion and Great Lent itself. This is a perfect primer for the newly Orthodox or the inquirer. Learn about the history and current significance of Great Lent and how to best prepare for it.

120. January 19, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 72.96Mb)

Description: This episode was pre-recorded with no live calls but questions came from listeners who used the message line and email. Topics included Holy Water, the Ever-Virginity of Mary, the Jesus Prayer, and the importance of the Church Fathers.

121. Jan 6, 2014
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 56.39Mb)

Description: On the first program in the New Year, Fr. Evan takes questions on salvation in the Orthodox Church, transmitting disease or germs in the Holy Eucharist, head coverings, and the practice of saying Lord Have Mercy 40 times.

122. OCF College Conference Edition
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 71.51Mb)

Description: On this special edition of Orthodoxy Live, Fr. Evan chats with OCF students from College Conference East and West.

123. December 15, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 60.94Mb)

Description: On this episode, Fr. Evan takes listener calls asking questions about spouses in heaven, purgatory, confession, and the real presence of Christ in the eucharist.

124. November 17, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 60.44Mb)

Description: A lively show tonight with questions about infertility, confession, and more, including a call from an Australian ex-Mormon living in China who is exploring Orthodoxy!

125. November 3, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 60.56Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan takes questions about the nature of prayer, feeling a slump in your Orthodox faith, and more.

126. October 20, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 55.93Mb)

Description: Calls from across the country on subjects ranging from the Orthodox perspective on Halloween to a 10 year old's question about our age in heaven.

127. October 6, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 60.46Mb)

Description: Contemporary christian music, funerals, and kneeling in church are among the topics in this episode.

128. September 15, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 66.00Mb)

Description: The University of Pittsburgh OCF makes up the majority of calls with questions on icons, ethnicity, being single, and more.

129. August 18, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 56.82Mb)

Description: Calls were abundant on this episode on topics like Hades, the atonement, the immaculate conception and more.

130. August 4, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 57.70Mb)

Description: A mix of live calls, pre-recorded calls and email questions make up this episode with questions ranging from capital punishment to being a witness to our atheistic friends.

131. July 21, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 60.33Mb)

Description: On this program, Fr. Evan tackles questions about language used in the Liturgy, the role of the Holy Spirit in Orthodoxy, how to know you are called to the priesthood, and much more.

132. July 7, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 140.78Mb)

Description: In this episode, Fr. Evan takes calls from Manitoba to the United Kingdom on subjects ranging from Godparents who left Orthodoxy to explaining the eternal Nature of God to a 9 year old.

133. June 16, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 109.81Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan tackles questions about re-baptism and more on the June 16 version of Orthodoxy Live.

134. June 2, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 39.79Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan addresses Orthodox music, commentaries on the Scriptures, the Orthodox understanding of Hades, and the forty days after childbirth that women must wait before returning to church.

135. May 19, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 41.75Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan discusses the responsibility of wedding sponsors, ways to enhance prayer, dialoguing with Evangelical friends who don't value the physical world, and C.S. Lewis.

136. Orthodoxy Live - Special Pascha Edition
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 72.90Mb)

Description: John Maddex joins Fr. Evan in this pre-recorded Pascha edition of Orthodoxy Live. Fr. Evan give some reflections on the resurrection and then addresses some of the backlog of questions that have come in.

137. April 21, 2013 - OCF Edition
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 60.54Mb)

Description: The Northeast region of OCF was featured in this episode which aired live on Sunday evening April 21, 2013. Students gathered at the University of Connecticut to ask questions on behalf of students from all around the region.

138. April 7, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 68.33Mb)

Description: In this episode, Fr. Evan takes calls from listeners with questions ranging from the role of the Theotokos to prayers for our non-Orthodox loved ones who have fallen asleep in the Lord.

139. March 17, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 57.09Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan Armatas took some great questions from the audience in this episode ranging from the nature of repentance and confession to the sinlessness of the Theotokos.

140. March 3, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 62.11Mb)

Description: Sitting in for Fr. Evan tonight is Fr. Steven Tsichlis, pastor at St. Paul Greek Orthodox Church in Irvine, CA. He tackled questions ranging from organ donations to the Orthodox view of salvation compared to the Protestant view.

141. Orthodoxy Live - OCF Edition
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 57.36Mb)

Description: On this special OCF edition of Orthodoxy Live, Fr. Evan takes calls from college students ranging from why we cross ourselves the way we do to why so much money is spent on altar decor that could be spent on the poor.

142. January 20, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 56.92Mb)

Description: On today's program, Fr. Evan takes questions from Egypt, South Korea, Texas, Colorado, and more on topics ranging from establishing a relationship with God to the theology of dreams.

143. January 6, 2013
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 62.37Mb)

Description: Instruments in Church, writing books for profit, Angels free-will, and the nature of Salvation are among the questions Fr. Evan tackles in this episode.

144. OCF College Conference 2012
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 77.78Mb)

Description: On this special edition of Orthodoxy Live, we take you to the 2012 College Conference of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship where Fr. Evan takes questions from the students in attendance.

145. December 16, 2012
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 58.66Mb)

Description: After his thoughtful reflections on the tragedy in Newtown CT, Fr. Evan took calls on the Church calendar, pets in heaven, music, marijuana, and more.

146. December 2, 2012
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 62.32Mb)

Description: In this edition, Fr. Evan fields calls and emails about marriage, godparents, missions, and evil. Questions came in from Ireland, India, Alaska, and several states in North America.

147. November 18, 2012
http://feeds.ancientfaith.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 63.67Mb)

Description: Fr. Evan Armatas hosted his inaugral call in taking questions on a variety of topics including works verses faith, the alledged anti-semitism of St. John Chrysostom, why do we use leavened bread in the Eucharist, and many others.