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Podcast title Grow your Small Business
Website URL https://mentalcompass.com
Description This show is all about Growing your Small Business. Sometimes we interview experts. Sometimes we shed new light on concepts and ideas. Sometimes we bring you something new. But, whatever it is, it’s always educational, inspirational, & entertaining. Enjoy!
Updated Wed, 19 Jun 2019 12:28:40 +0000
Image Grow Your Small Business
Category Business
Society & Culture

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1. Grow Your Small Business Podcast Episode 221 – To Create Lasting Change, Do You Need Outside Help?
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 17.72Mb)

Description:   Hi Everyone, this is the second installment in our conversation about creating lasting change in yourself or business.  Today we’re exploring the question of “can […]

2. Grow Your Small Business Episode 220 – Why Changing Yourself is Nearly Impossible and What to Do About It
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 15.05Mb)

Description:   Hi Everyone, have you ever noticed that creating lasting change in a behavior, attitude, or feeling is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do? […]

3. Grow Your Small Business Podcast Episode 219 – Do You Actually Know What You REALLY Want?
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 15.88Mb)

Description:   Hi Everyone, as business owners, we’ve all received the advice to set goals or create a vision.  The problem is, sometimes we simply don’t know […]

4. “Grow Your Small Business Episode 218, Getting things done, even when you don’t want to”
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 16.64Mb)

Description:   Hi everyone, we all have those times as a business owner when we know what we should be doing but we just don’t feel like […]

5. Grow Your Small Business Episode 217 – 11 Reasons Joining a Mastermind Group Will Grow Your Business
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 14.06Mb)

Description:   Hi Everyone, most business leaders have heard of a mastermind group or peer advisory board and how they can help you grow your business.  Today […]

6. Grow Your Small Business Episode 215 – Compromise: When to Negotiate and When to Stand Firm
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 15.96Mb)

Description:   Hi Everyone, knowing when to negotiate and when to stand firm can be a very tricky thing.  Sometimes it’s important to compromise but our ego […]

7. Grow Your Small Business episode 214 – 11 Reasons We Live the Definition of Insanity
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 14.21Mb)

Description:   Hi Everyone, we’ve all heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.  Today we’re […]

8. Grow Your Small Business Episode 213 – 12 Ways to Really Create Change
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 15.02Mb)

Description: Hi Everyone, creating change in yourself or your business is one of the hardest things there is to do.  And frankly, it doesn’t work out most […]

9. Grow Your Small Business Episode 212 – How To Stand Out in a Crowded Market
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 15.21Mb)

Description:   Hi Everyone, as we all know it’s getting tougher and tougher to stand out in a crowded market.  And we don’t just mean marketing.  Today […]

10. Grow Your Small Business Episode 211 – Self Pity…The Most Destructive Vice There Is
http://feedproxy.google.com/~r... download (audio/mpeg, 13.83Mb)

Description:   Hi Everyone, we all get a twinge of self pity once in awhile.  But today we’re discussing several reasons that self pity is highly destructive, […]