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Podcast title Kenism
Website URL https://www.facebook.com/NewKe...
Description It appears that the politically correct police (PCP) have taken America under siege! So where do you turn for that unfiltered honest conversation? Look no further. Welcome to the Kenism podcast! Hosted by the self proclaimed "cruel philosopher", Kenan.
Updated Tue, 20 Aug 2019 17:47:45 +0000
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Category Society & Culture
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1. Ep. 147 - Capitalist First. Activist Second. (ft Mr. Barkley)
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-14... download (audio/mpeg, 85.48Mb)


Kenan is back from his summer break and decided to bring on the one and only Mr. Barkely. The two discuss Jay-z's deal with the NFL, Political conversation in the Trump Era, If black extremism is a real concern for the FBI and more!

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Show Notes

(5:50) - Did Jeffery Epstein really commit suicide? 


(15:05) - Trump has gotten every black person into politics


(30:35) - Jay-z’s Partnership with the NFL


(48:35) - Is Black Extremism a real concern?


(53:05) - Ripple effect of the NCAA “Rich Paul” Rule

2. Podcast Summer Break?
http://kenism.libsyn.com/podca... download (audio/mpeg, 7.08Mb)


Hey guys, I know you're all wondering where the new episodes are so I thought I'd fill you in on why you MIGHT not be getting a new episode until September. 


3. Ep. 146 - Embrace The Fat!!!
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-14... download (audio/mpeg, 87.80Mb)


Kenan is joined by Haunz and the two discuss body image from the male perspective (2:35), Why comedy shows are one of the best places to meet women (26:10), and Chris Brown makes the news again (49:10).

Have any thoughts on things discussed? Send us those emails at kenismpodcast@gmail.com or tweet using the hashtag #Kenism or #Kenismpodcast and we'll read your tweets on the show.


4. Ep. 145 - Harvard Can't Judge Me!
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-14... download (audio/mpeg, 92.76Mb)


Kenan and Jules are back and this week they're discussing Harvard rescinding an applicants acceptance letter because of teenage behavior (16:00), Whether or not we have an obligation as a society to kill someone who attempts suicide but fails (41:15), and Tokyo's problem with men being perverts (52:30). 

Want to give your thoughts on the topics discussed? Send an email to kenismpodcast@gmail.com or tweet using the hashtag #Kenism. 


5. Ep. 144 - When They See Us Can Wait
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-14... download (audio/mpeg, 84.19Mb)


Apologies for the late release. Kenan and Jules are back and on todays show they discuss women and their hypocritical dating rules (8:15), whether or not we can move forward as a country if we keep making films and tv shows about our past oppression (20:20), Youtube's new fight against "discrimination" and "misinformation" (36:50), and why you should love your partner more than your kids (49:05). 

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6. Ep. 143 - You've Got A Friend In Me
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-14... download (audio/mpeg, 96.71Mb)


Kenan and Jules were honored to be joined by a special guest for today's episode. Haunz Noire joins the show to chop it up. On Todays episode they discuss black pre-teen boys having sex earlier than other groups their age (7:43), a husband finding out his cop wife tried to put a hit on him (22:45), Dating in 2019 (32:43), and what should a man do if he's in the car with his sister but is on his way to pick up his girlfriend...who should sit in the back (53:35) ? This was a good one. 

As always you can shoot us an email at kenismpodcast@gmail.com for any advice you need or even critiques for the show.


7. Ep. 142 - Women Been Miserable Since 1994
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-14... download (audio/mpeg, 83.07Mb)


Kenan and Jules are back for another week giving you their thoughts on an article that says women are happier without a spouse or children (12:35), why judging white politicians on their votes for the 1994 crime bill is stupid (26:20), Jada Pinkett Smith's porn addiction (34:40), and why no one should be held responsible for the 16 year old who killed herself after asking her instagram followers if she should (51:25).

Have any thoughts on these topics? You can always email the show at kenismpodcast@gmail.com or tweet using the #KenismPodcast or #Kenism and we might read some of your comments on the show.

Please remember to keep spreading the word about our podcast. We appreciate everything you guys have done so far but we're just getting started!


8. Ep. 141 - 'til porn do us part
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-14... download (audio/mpeg, 85.41Mb)


Kenan and Jules are back discussing a bunch of fun topics today which include a bride who broke off her wedding because of her fiancé's porn viewing history (14:05), a twitter thread stating men only care about paying for dates if they're broke or not really interested (37:00), and this new "adversity" score students will now be receiving when they take their SAT tests (46:35). We introduce our new "wheel of topics" today so hopefully you guys enjoy the new addition.

Remember to email us at kenismpodcast@gmail.com and follow us on twitter and social media @kenismpodcast 

9. Ep. 140 - Don't be an A**hole
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-14... download (audio/mpeg, 102.90Mb)


Kenan and Jules spend today's episode speaking about a variety of topics. They discuss Jules' run in with his "30", Steve Harvey getting in trouble for saying rich people work hard, Ayesha Curry yearning to get hit on by gas station workers, and MTA news. 

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Show Notes

(3:30) - Jules find’s his “30”

(17:10) - Steve Harvey thinks rich people work hard

(27:10) - Ayesha Curry Wants strange men to want her

(39:45) - Kenan loves the Georgia “heartbeat” bill 

(51:40) - Do black and latin people really steal from the MTA the most?

(58:45) - Author gets MTA worker fired for eating.


10. Ep. 139
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-13... download (audio/mpeg, 89.70Mb)


Apologies for coming a day late. Kenan and Jules spend this week's podcast discussing Facebook's ban on "dangerous" people (10:10), Why black men need to put their spouse OVER their mother (24:04), and why you need to force yourself to do things if you believe your life has gotten a bit dull (39:35). 

***Podcast starts at the 2:37 minute mark***



11. Ep. 138 - Put Some Clothes On!
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-13... download (audio/mpeg, 121.64Mb)


On today's episode, Kenan and Jules argue over a new dress code policy that one school in Texas has implemented for parents (13:10), if we should teach kids that their attire matters (46:00), How stupid people will kill us all with the measles (1:08:00), and why you should choose your friends over your family (1:18:05).

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12. Ep. 137 - Funerals Bring Out The Baddest Chicks
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-13... download (audio/mpeg, 78.92Mb)


Kenan and Jules are back again and would like to thank Kodak Black for shooting his shot at Lauren London because that allowed them to ask an interesting question...How soon is too soon to spit game to a widow. They also talk Joe Biden dodging these #metoo hoes and Kenan goes on an anti-Canada rant. Yeah, this was a fun one!

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Kenan's twitter is @CruelPhilosophr


Show Notes

(6:00) - Kodak Black Comes For Lauren London

(18:09) - What are the rules for approaching women at funerals?

(27:55) - Why America Has earned the right to be globally arrogant 

(30:30) - #metoo coming for uncle Joe Biden?

13. Ep. 136 - Let's Talk About Sex Baby
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-13... download (audio/mpeg, 97.32Mb)


Thanks for rocking with us for another week! On today's episode, Kenan and Jules discuss the unfortunate passing of Nipsey Hussle (1:21), Porzingis' rape case (6:05), An article about young American men not getting laid (21:50), Kenan's current religious beliefs (39:20), and finish the show discussing the growing toxic gender war (49:00).

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***Note*** I re-uploaded the podcast and took out a portion of our conversation so if the time stamps given are off you just have to delete and re-download the podcast again.  

14. Ep. 135 - Can I Be Your Side Dude? (ft Mr. Barkley)
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-13... download (audio/mpeg, 90.62Mb)


Kenan and Mr. Barkley are back for another week and are discussing Mr. Barkley's departure from the group chat (2:00), Jess Hilarious and her racism (13:55), Tucker Carlson and apologizing to the mob (19:00), Mr. Barkley running for congress (23:05), Complimenting another man's wife (38:15), and down low African dudes (49:45).

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15. Ep. 134 - Give Head Not Headaches (ft. Tony)
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-13... download (audio/mpeg, 127.22Mb)


Kenan and Jules are joined by previous co-host Tony to discuss Kenan fumbling a potential date opportunity (3:00), What nobody wants to say regarding the New Zealand shooting (36:15), and why women should be the main ones putting on their male friends with their hoe friends (46:35). Also, Kenan and Jules have a heart to heart with Tony before they wrap up the show (57:35).

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16. Ep. 132 - Watch Out For The Big Girls
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-13... download (audio/mpeg, 112.59Mb)


Kenan and Jules discuss Future's fat girl ban and why women are the last people that should be talking about discrimination, Jordyn woods being a sucker, and why Kanye not being able to retire is nuts! Remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and wherever else they have podcast at. Also feel free to send an email to kenismpodcast@gmail.com with all of your comments, questions, and suggestions for the show.


Show Notes

4:15 - Future vs Big Women

26:10 - Jordyn Woods Pulled A Punk Move

39:45 - Kanye west CANT retire…according to his contract

49:50 - Black People WILL never get reparations 

56:45 - Millennials and depression 

17. Ep. 131 - It's All A Spectrum (ft Mr. Barkley)
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-13... download (audio/mpeg, 77.05Mb)


Kenan is joined by Mr. Barkley and the two discuss R. Kelly's inducement, acceptable sexual desires varying by location, their theories on what happened to Jussie Smollett, and more!

Remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast and to send all questions and comments to kenismpodcast@gmail.com


Show Notes

(1:00) - R. Kelly Indictment

(14:00) - Sexual practices across the globe

(20:15) - Kenan’s new Jussie Smollett Theory

(28:40) - Mr. Barkley almost lost an Oprah event

(39:50) - Why is everyone afraid to criticize anything Jewish?

(50:00) - Black people need to stop looking in the past


18. Ep. 130 - I Left The Wire Home
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-13... download (audio/mpeg, 128.24Mb)


Kenan and Jules recorded a podcast outside of Kenan's normal location for the first time and...well...Kenan forgot a wire so they had to record the episode on his iPhone. The two discuss Jussie Smollett, Victimhood syndrome, Floyd Mayweather's anti-boycott stance, and Kenan speaks about the incredible experience he had going to a Dr. Umar Johnson event a couple of days ago.


Remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast and to send your emails to kenismpodcast@gmail.com


Show Notes

(5:40) - Jussie Smollett situation

(16:15) - There's an addiction to victimhood 

(24:00) - Floyd Mayweather thinks black celebs are exploiting black pain by calling for these boycotts

(36:00) - Takashi 6ix9ine's snitch-a-thon

(47:45) - Kenan Recaps his Dr. Umar Johnson event experience

(1:23:30) - Kenan now sees that he can't be with some women he was entertaining. 

19. Ep. 129 - I LOVE Valentine's Day
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-12... download (audio/mpeg, 101.65Mb)


Kenan is joined by the one and only Mr. Barkley for this week's late (my apologies) podcast. The two discuss a variety of issues from taxing church and abortions to whether or not black men should impregnate white women as a way to fight against white supremacy...yeah. Remember, we want one more rating or review each week so go ahead and do your thing to help the show grow!


Show Notes

(3:55) - Kenan avoids “fuckboy” behavior 

(9:30) - Black Women don’t want no Russel Wilson

(22:20) - Are you a “nice guy”?

(29:55) - Abortion talk

(42:55) - This is the Cardi B generation

(1:04:50) - Mr. Barkley is pro interracial dating

20. Ep. 128 - Black Elites Have Failed Us
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-12... download (audio/mpeg, 86.43Mb)


On today's episode Kenan and Jules start off the show on a more serious note discussing Kamala Harris and why the black elite's support of her shows how much they don't care about black society. Later, Kenan asks Julien why is it sexual harassment to ask a woman for a sexual favor in return for a product or service instead of money?

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Show Notes

(3:00) - Would MLK jr be proud of the current state of Black America?

(14:20) - Kamala Harris is the chosen one by the black elites

(23:20) - Black Christianity makes black people susceptible for manipulation by the black elites.

(36:00) - The #MeToo movement will be a failure if it doesn't redefine the sexual rules men and women should live by.

(45:45) - Why is monetary exploitation okay but sexual exploitation immoral?

21. Ep. 127 - Always Get Your Sex Report!
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-12... download (audio/mpeg, 135.38Mb)


Kenan was joined by Tony as the two discussed why men should seek a "sex report", Kenan vs his body odor, Tony spitting in some girl's mouth, Re-falling in like with a woman from your past, Teanna Trump, and much more!

Remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on iTunes and send those emails with your questions and/or critiques to kenismpodcast@gmail.com

Show Notes

(5:10) - Kenan asked and received a "sexual report card".

(16:00) - Kenan vs his body odor

(31:40) - Tony and his spit play during sex

(45:45) - She's been fine since Junior High 

(57:55) - Speaking about your exes when they're in a new relationship is wack

(1:09:20) - Something is wrong with Teanna Trump

(1:19:00) - Michael Jackson's Sundance documentary



22. Ep. 126 - I'd Kill My Wife For $500,000
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-12... download (audio/mpeg, 126.16Mb)


Hey everybody, thank you for listening to another week of the Kenism Podcast. Jules is back and the two discuss Jeff Bezos divorce and how much money they'd have to be at risk of losing before they'd consider killing their wife. They also speak on Netflix's new show "YOU", why women ignore red flags, and Kenan and Monica try to sort out their issues. P.S. Kenan was sick for this one so apologies in advance for the sniffle noises.

Need some relationship advice? Have some comments for the show? Send an email to kenismpodcast@gmail.com 

You can also follow Kenan on twitter @CruelPhilosophr


Show Notes

3:35 - (Topic #1) Jeff Bezos Divorce and how much money would you need to be at risk of losing in a divorce before you think about killing your wife.

25:20 - (Topic #2) Discussing Netflix's new show "YOU" and why women look past obvious red flags just because they like the guy.

44:00 - (Topic #3) Kenan calls Monica and asks her how does she decide who to give pussy too which eventually leads to him asking Monica why they aint together


23. Ep. 124 - Blackizard Needs A Pokeball
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-12... download (audio/mpeg, 161.77Mb)


Kenan and Julien spend Sunday morning together with a friend and her friend and had what started as an interesting conversation but eventually turned into a verbal bludgeoning. The two recap all that was discussed in this week's episode. Enjoy. 


Show Notes


6:25 - How to ask a woman for a blowjob 

15:30 - Good men and women to date are EVERYWHERE

23:40 - How to decide who you “deserve”

32:30 - “Taking Care of Yourself” helps you get far with women.

39:30 - “It’s Cold Outside” is a song about seduction NOT RAPE

56:00 - Kenan’s previous "gray area sexual encounters"

1:03:40 - Kenan tells Jules how he lost his virginity

1:12:40 - It’s a thick link between Seduction and Coercion 

1:18:15 - Recapping a horrible trans debate

1:36:00 - Kenan enjoys seeing women get hit that deserve it.

1:41:15 - How much patience do we have for people who are ignorant to certain topics?


24. Ep. 123 - Tekashi Needs A Caravan
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-12... download (audio/mpeg, 123.72Mb)


Kenan and Julien are back discussing the Trump Caravan media coverage, Tekashi 6ix9ine getting what he deserves, and Dwight Howard being outed by a trans person. Enjoy!


Show Notes

(2:20) - Frustration with Media Coverage of Caravan 

(14:00) - Rules of engagement for dealing with illegal immigration

(24:30) - Tekashi 6ix9ine earned all of his charges 

(34:05) - Do women just want men to be their personal Ken dolls?

(51:20) - Dwight Howard being outed by a trans-person

(1:07:40) - Bejing's new personalized rating points system


25. Ep. 122 - The Complications With Voting
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-12... download (audio/mpeg, 130.10Mb)


Kenan and Jules are back discussing why cheap women are a blessing,  why they are or aren't voting in the midterm elections, and Kenan gives a recap on the party he and Julien attended during the weekend. 


Show Notes

(0:55) - Kenan's love for cheap women

(10:10) - It's impossible to be an "informed voter"

(21:50) - The 3 types of black people

(31:10) - Black pride is useless

(41:50) - The party recap

(1:04:50) - Jules' rules for partyin'

(1:18:00) - How you should approach people at parties


26. Ep. 121 - Welcome Back
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-12... download (audio/mpeg, 91.48Mb)


Kenan aka the "Cruel Philosophr" is finally back recording the podcast with Julien. Together the two discuss their dating woes, why men should try dating without trying to have sex, and Kenan's plan to start a speed dating service. We're back in action for the foreseeable future!


Show Notes

(5:00) - Julien tells us about his "dating while celibate" journey

(29:00) - Kenan discusses his recent dating debacle 

(1:02:40) - Julien lists the 3 things that make you feel lonely

(1:23:40) - Kenan talks about his speed dating experience

27. Final Kenism Episode?
http://kenism.libsyn.com/final... download (audio/mpeg, 16.04Mb)


It was a great ride guys!

28. Ep. 120 - Community Violence
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-12... download (audio/mpeg, 32.16Mb)


Kenan is back and he's decided to use the unfortunate bronx gang stabbing to speak about a larger issue. What will be done about the negative relationship between Law Enforcement and the communities they serve? Is this negative relationship responsible for the levels of crime in low income communities? 


Remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on iTunes!

29. Ep. 119 - The Black Elite Circle Jerk
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-11... download (audio/mpeg, 42.05Mb)


Kenan decides to record a solo podcast to get some things off of his chest. He discusses #MetGala and the black elites that control how most black Americans think. He then goes on to discuss the new target of the #metoo and #timesup movement...R.Kelly. 

Follow Kenan on twitter @KenanRnB

Send an email to kenismpodcast@gmail.com with your questions, and comments. 

Show Notes

(2:00) - In house business. New podcast format? 

(12:30) - Met Gala, black elitists and controlling black thought

(24:15) - #TimesUp vs R.Kelly 

(35:00) - Catching R.Kelly vs Damning the rest of us




30. Ep. 118 - The Black Culture Change Is Upon Us
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-11... download (audio/mpeg, 72.09Mb)


Kenan and Mr. Barkley are back discussing some passionate topics. They discuss the Fab/Emily situation now that some time has passed, an article about MLK and if black Americans need some self discipline, and Mr. Barkley harassing the Haitians. Indulge!

Show notes

(2:00) Fabolous & Emily/Domestic Violence

(14:50) Our problems with black women

(23:30) Black Americans need a culture change

(52:40) Dead Pigeon found...Was it a Haitian? 

(1:10:00) Kenan's passionate plea to bring back Backpage.com

31. Ep. 117 - My Gun Ain't Shootin'
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-11... download (audio/mpeg, 68.52Mb)


 Kenan and Dion are back and Kenan speaks about the possibility of his gun being dysfunctional (it'll make sense once you listen). Later in the show, the two also discuss the latest police shooing in crown heights and what needs to be done to lessen these shootings. 

Please remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast. 

Show notes

(5:30) - Sex but no orgasm story

(18:35) - Using erection pills

(26:50) - Crown heights police shooting and solutions

(36:15) - Blacks and media role in these police shootings

(1:03:00) - Cynthia Nixon policy talk

32. Ep. 116 - Welcome To Mr. Barkley
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-11... download (audio/mpeg, 83.18Mb)


We're doing something a little bit different for this week's podcast. Kenan is joined by a personal friend who goes by Mr. Barkley. The two record a trial run through of what Mr. Barkley hopes to be his new podcast. Together they discuss places where a black man can find some respect, Why putting the toilet seat down is reverse sexism, and why black people are so damn emotional. Trust me, this is a MUST LISTEN!

33. Ep. 115 - The State Of Black America (ft @thelonerang3r)
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-11... download (audio/mpeg, 57.52Mb)


Sorry for the late upload. This was a special episode of the Kenism podcast. Kenan was joined by @thelonerang3r to discuss all things associated with black America. Where are we now? Where should we be headed? Should we be Capitalist? Socialist? A lot of information in this one. Hope you enjoy!


34. Ep. 114 - Men In The World Of Pornhub
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-11... download (audio/mpeg, 56.92Mb)


Kenan, Julien, and Tony are discussing porn! Kenan admits that he's having a hard time detoxing from it while they go on to a broader discussion regarding the effects porn has on men today. They also go on to discuss why nobody wants to help men become better lovers.


Show Notes

(2:00) - The importance of having a foundation of truth

(6:30) - Effects of Porn

(11:55) - Porn impacts your penis self-esteem

(21:40) - Sex Is NEVER as convenient as it is in porn

(26:20) - Is Post-porn depression a thing?

(32:30) - Nobody wants to help men be good in bed

(43:00) - Julien had to tell a woman her punani stank 

(48:00) - The scent of a woman

(54:00) - Animosity amongst the genders


35. Ep. 113 - Ain't No Chicks In Wakanda
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-11... download (audio/mpeg, 74.71Mb)


So to make up for there not being a show last Friday, Kenan linked up with Julien and Gus (special guest) to talk about some things. Together they discuss Monique and whether or not she's race hustling, Black Panther and the phenomena surrounding it and if black people should be shooting for a "black community". Finally, they end the show discussing women...that is all.

Show Notes

2:00 - Monique/Netflix Discussion

8:30 - Black Panther thoughts

20:30 - Black People Shouldn't strive for a unified "black community"

32:00 - The Myth that white people are unified

40:30 - Women Talk



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36. Ep. 112 - The Black Panther Hype
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-11... download (audio/mpeg, 57.03Mb)


Michelle is finally back on the podcast! Together, Kenan and Michelle discuss the Black Panther hype and why white validation might playing a role. This leads to a broader discussion regarding why black people are searching for "white acceptance" so much in which Kenan believes it's due to the rise of women. 


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37. Ep. 111 - Women, Art Thou Loose
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-11... download (audio/mpeg, 69.17Mb)


As Michelle continues to recuperate, Kenan brings on Tony and the two discuss Kenan meeting the hosts of the "Black Girl Podcast" (2:00). They then move on to discuss why Kenan hates Martin Luther King Jr. Day (24:00) and what annoyed him most about the Aziz Ansari sexual harassment story (43:30). 

Thank you for listening and please remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast. 

38. Ep. 110 - Young Black Men Speak (Part 2)
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-11... download (audio/mpeg, 108.62Mb)


Kenan, Tony, and Julien continue their conversation by discussing the #metoo movement and Kenan's issue with it. They also discuss male/female relations and discuss the women they know and how they feel about them. Listener discretion is advised!

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39. Ep. 110 - Young Black Men Speak (Part 1)
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-11... download (audio/mpeg, 55.61Mb)


As Michelle recovers from her procedure, Kenan decided to bring on some old friends. They discuss death, having kids, and dealing with loneliness. 


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40. Ep. 109 - So, About That Kid Keaton...
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-10... download (audio/mpeg, 54.86Mb)


Apologies for being gone for two weeks again. Kenan and Michelle are back this week and they're discussing the Keaton situation. Why were so many people so moved by his video?

They then go on to discuss their overall thoughts on bullying and what can be done, particularly in schools, about it. 

Show Notes

2:30 - “Guess That Rapist”

5:35 -Keaton bully controversy

13:55 - How bad is bullying?

18:45 - The effects of Bullying on your adult life

24:00 - Black people value white pain over black pain

30:15 - How should schools handle bullying?

38:00 - What happens to the GOFUNDME money!?

41:00 - Aftermath of the Alabama election


Kenan's Twitter - @KenanRnB

Michelle's Instagram - @thekoreamichelle

41. Ep. 108 - The Past Is No Longer The Past
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-10... download (audio/mpeg, 51.52Mb)


Apologies for the hiatus!

Kenan and Michelle are back and pick up right where they left off...rape talk. They discuss the latest in the Hollywood sexual assault scandal, Al Franken, and if you should be punished today for past actions.


Show Notes

1:45 - Hollywood Sexual harassment update

7:15 - Kenan discusses a possible sexual assault situation where he may have been the perpetrator. 

13:00 - Al Franken situation 

17:50 - Louis CK

20:00 - Should we punish today’s people by past actions?

23:35 - Kenan thinks the days of “normal sex” are over

27:20 - Random transgender story

30:10 - News Media is turning into TMZ

32:35 - Meek Mill’s jail sentence

38:00 - Kenan is starting to feel old…at 24. 

44:00 - Kenan reveals he’s afraid to love

52:00 - Kenan and Michelle brainstorm for the next show

42. Ep. 107 - The Hollywood Rapist
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-10... download (audio/mpeg, 58.90Mb)


Kenan and Michelle are discussing sexual Harassment, sexual Assault, and rape this episode. They start out by discussing Harvey Weinstein and the allegations against him to branch on to a broader discussion about sexual assault and why men rape. 

Follow Kenan on twitter @KenanRnB


Show Notes

2:50 - When does "cat calling" become sexual harassment?

6:45 - Defining Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, and Rape

8:00 - Harvey Weinstein is just a victim of time

13:30 - There's no such thing as sexual Normalcy 

21:20 - You can be a good person and do an awful thing

27:00 - Women who wait to report rape are confusing

31:30 - Kenan and Michelle discuss an article published in Psychology Today titled "Why Do Men Sexually Assault Women?"

52:30 - Kenan explains why men don't like talking about sexual assault

56:10 - Men want to control women because they're afraid of being left behind



43. Ep. 106 - Can't Black Men and Black Women Just Get Along?
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-10... download (audio/mpeg, 58.03Mb)


Kenan and Michelle are discussing interracial dating and the (perceived?) disrespect black women take at the hands of black women. 

Follow Kenan On Twitter @KenanRnB


Show Notes

2:00 - Michelle has a problem with black men dating white women

7:00 - Kenan explains why black women appear to be “harder” than other women

10:30 - Black men and their issue with black hair

13:00 - A black person is not racist if they want black people to only date black people.

18:45 - Kenan reveals he used to hate black women.

24:00 - White billionaire men and black women

28:50 - Black women just aren’t as approachable as white women

32:20 - Michelle thinks the complains black men have about black women aren’t reason enough for the treatment they receive. 

38:45 - Kenan believes a lot of black men resent black women because of their relationship with their mothers. 

43:15 - Some black women say white men treat them better

48:00 - Michelle discusses how many of her ex black boyfriends were “good black men”.

55:45 - Michelle reminds us all that she ain’t racist. 

44. Ep. 105 - Safety Or Freedom...You Choose
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-10... download (audio/mpeg, 55.76Mb)


On Today's podcast, Kenan and Michelle discuss the Vegas shooting and whether or not they want more freedom or more safety. They also go on to discuss If we're witnessing the beginning of the end of America, and why Puerto Ricans are treated like unwanted step children by the U.S.


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Thank you!

45. Ep. 104 - Good Ole American Propaganda
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-10... download (audio/mpeg, 81.94Mb)


Kenan and Michelle are back again discussing more serious issues this time around. The two discuss the NFL anthem protests and Kenan reveals that he's disappointed by them. They also go on to discuss why the flag is not a symbol of the military and Kenan finds out that Michelle may not even know the national anthem...right.


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46. Ep. 103 - Sex Lives Are Suffering
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-10... download (audio/mpeg, 53.20Mb)


Kenan and Michelle are back again discussing the top complaints men and women have about their partners in the bedroom. Whether it's erectile Dysfunction or lack of creativity, it appears that the sex lives of Americans aren't nearly as "hot and steamy" as we are lead to believe.


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47. Ep. 102 - Did Men Or Women Ruin Dating in 2017
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-10... download (audio/mpeg, 87.51Mb)


Welcome to episode number two of the Kenism Podcast. On Today's episode, Kenan and Michelle discuss dating in 2017 and who's to blame for all these dysfunctional relationships. Are men set up to fail with all of today's relationship standards? Kenan seems to think so. Michelle? Not so much.


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48. Ep. 101 - If you're anti-immigration, does that make you racist?
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-10... download (audio/mpeg, 86.53Mb)


Kenan is finally back after being off for about a month. He's back with a new co-host named Michelle. The two discuss Trump, DACA, and why the immigration debate is such a hot button issue. 

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49. Ep. 100 - Usher, R. Kelly, And The Fallen R&B Singers
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-10... download (audio/mpeg, 73.81Mb)


Sorry for the hiatus, but we finally made it to our 100th episode!!! On today's podcast, Kenan and Tony discuss if Usher's (alleged) herpes' crisis is overblown, R.Kelly and if Kenan will ever stop listening to his music, and why were people mad at Rick Ross.


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50. Ep. 99 - A Democracy of Idiots
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-99... download (audio/mpeg, 69.30Mb)


Kenan and Tony don't believe Americans are smart enough to pick their leaders, but who's to blame? The government? The media? Or the people? Later on, Kenan and Tony argue over whether or not people are born great or achieve greatness through hard work. 



Show Notes:

(4:45) - American’s are to stupid to pick Leaders

(14:10) - The Government is responsible for stupid Americans

(25:30) - We can’t rely on Politicians to make moral decisions on our behalf 

(32:30) - American un-education is the biggest issue in America

(38:15) - Are some of us meant to be average?

(41:22) - Can anyone achieve greatness?

(46:00) - Is greatness earned or a gift you’re born with?

(58:00) - Talent + work ethic = extraordinary



51. Ep. 98 - Miguel's 30 for 30
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-98... download (audio/mpeg, 110.05Mb)


Kenan and Tony are back with another crazy episode. Two of Kenan's old co-workers stopped by (Miguel and Jonathan) and Miguel brought along a friend of his. Miguel talks about how his last relationship and if he's dating anyone new. This leads to Kenan asking some questions about if whether or not Miguel and his "friend" (Lashay) are more than friends. 



52. Ep. 97 - Should Your Woman Have Wifi?
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-97... download (audio/mpeg, 58.11Mb)


Kenan and Tony discuss if you could date a woman who doesn't have wifi in her house. This leads to a conversation about how reliant are humans in 2017 on technology and if we could survive without it should something drastic happen.


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53. Ep. 96 - Street Harassment In The 1st Degree
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-96... download (audio/mpeg, 77.55Mb)


Kenan is joined by Tony as the two discuss a situation in NYC where a man was killed for catcalling. Kenan doesn't think men should talk to women in the street period while Tony believes women do their own form of catcalling as well. This was a good one. 


Show Notes 

(1:50) - Clearing the air with Tony (8:00) - 18yo kills old man for catcalling his cousin (17:00) - Tony explains the female version of catcalling (24:00) - There are degrees to street harassment (30:30) - Men need to view women as if they were women we known (39:00) - The male mind (45:00) - Don’t bring fists to a verbal fight (47:40) - Men should want other men to like their woman (59:00) - What happened between Tony and Toya? (1:00:30) - When a girl you love get’s pregnant (1:09:30) - Being attracted to family members


54. Ep. 95 - Culture Wars
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-95... download (audio/mpeg, 52.23Mb)


In the first half of the show, Kenan gives his thoughts on the republicans repealing Obamacare and why we need to acknowledge we're in the midst of a culture war. The second half of the show, he discusses Lavar Ball and whether or not black people should buy his $500 sneakers. 


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55. Ep. 94 - Kenan Speaks #1
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-94... download (audio/mpeg, 37.19Mb)


Kenan comes to the people all on his lonesome. On this show, he discusses why he's looking for a new co-host, A video he uploaded on youtube speaking on black women devaluing fatherhood, and touches on why men feel the need to look at a big butt when one passes by. Hope you enjoy.


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56. Ep. 93 - I Love Her
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-93... download (audio/mpeg, 59.76Mb)


On This week's podcast, Kenan and Tony talk about personal issues. While Tony speaks on pursuing a particular woman he wants, Kenan discusses how he's beginning to feel that desire to start a family yet still wants to date a bunch of different women. Do men eventually grow up from that or is that a feeling they live with forever? Hope you enjoy this one. 

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Show Notes

(2:00) Weekly Recap, (7:50) Kenan coping with a woman he likes having a baby, (9:00) Tony and Latoya, (23:55) Tony/Mike/Latoya, (28:40) Kenan sucks at online dating, (34:30) Wanting to start a family, (43:00) The importance of living life to the fullest, (45:00) When is it Time to settle down, (51:00) Kenan doesn’t believe the mother of his child matters, (54:00) Kenan and Shannon


57. Ep. 92 - Are You Clean
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-92... download (audio/mpeg, 54.04Mb)


Apologies for the late upload. On today's episode, Kenan and Tony discuss STDs. Do you know the latest HIV statistics? Do you know there are STD's you can catch even with a condom? IF not, this one is for you. Also, Kenan gives the latest statistics on who in America is actually having all this sex we all hear about. 



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58. Ep. 91 - Where Are We Going
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-91... download (audio/mpeg, 81.55Mb)


Kenan and Tony talk about the direction of the podcast and where they would like for it to go. Which leads to the realization that about 70% of Kenan's episodes are about women. Should he just switch to exclusively speaking on sex and relationships? 


Follow Kenan on twitter, snapchat, and Instagram @KenanRnB. Have a question or comment? Tweet using the hashtag #Kenism or you can send an email to kenismpodcast@gmail.com.


Show notes

2:30 - video game talk

6:00 - Video games they need to create

8:00 - The difficulty picking topics for the podcast

18:00 - Difficult for Kenan to commit to something

22:00 - Why do Men continue to get married knowing it’ll break them

25:30 - the Bible shows a woman’s true nature

33:00 - It’s hard for men view women as evil people

35:45 - The power of Vagina

38:30 - Kenan’s attraction to “abusive” women

41:00 - Why do women act so goofy?

46:15 - Kenan explains life as a woman from his p.o.v.

50:50 - Women don’t have that “magic” that they use too

55:10 - Pussy Power

57:10 - Women from different areas respond to men differently

1:00:00 - Marriage is nothing but a bad business deal

1:02:00 - The type of relationships Kenan wants to have

1:09:20 - New Podcast direction? 


59. Ep. 90 - The White Women Totem Pole
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-90... download (audio/mpeg, 60.96Mb)


Kenan finally got the whole gang back together. On Todays podcast episode the fellas spend the entire episode discussing women. Although a particular amount of time was spent discussing if white women are "easier" to date than black women. Hope you enjoy.


Show Notes

(4:00) New Upload Date for podcast (5:55) Are white women easier to date than black women? (16:30) Low Totem Pole Analogy (21:30) Southern vs Northern Black Women (26:45) Why Kenan wants to date a white girl (29:00) Kenan thinks “fat asses” have become overrated (30:00) Kenan and Tony hate the way women move (35:40) Women and manipulation (39:00) The Dynamics between Men and Women (44:10) Men have more power than Women (50:00) The power of the female form’s impact on men (53:50) Tony is getting sexy (1:00:00) Women like what men do not what we look like



60. Ep. 89 - In Defense Of Milo
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-89... download (audio/mpeg, 25.58Mb)


On today's podcast, Kenan discusses:

- Milo Yiannopoulos and when is free speech no longer free
- Should Pedophiles really be going to jail
- Donald Trump leaving "bathroom bill" to the states
- Where I land on the "where should transgender people use the bathroom" debate

61. Ep. 88 - All Women Are #hurtbae
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-88... download (audio/mpeg, 27.03Mb)


Did this one solo (might be this way for awhile, depends on some circumstances) and I'm talking #hurtbae, why women get cheated on, and why it's always the woman's fault when the man leaves after the baby is born.

62. Ep. 87 - This Is War!
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-87... download (audio/mpeg, 103.79Mb)


Kenan, Tony, and Brian are back and discussing whether or not Martin Luther King Jr. day is recognized for the right reasons. That leads them to discuss ways they can destroy the oppressive systems in American government, the importance of education the youth, and why the key to ending racism is to attack it like you are fighting a war. 

On the second half of the show they discuss if men can be monogamous and why women will now be called "goofy" on the Kenism podcast from this day forth. 

63. Ep. 86 - The Episode Brian Showed Up
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-86... download (audio/mpeg, 108.75Mb)


Happy New Years Everybody! For the first podcast of the new year, Kenan and Tony welcome a special guest to the show...Brian. The two have been trying to get Brian on the podcast for awhile so this was a fun one. Tony finally admits that Kenan has been right about women and "nice guys" all along, Brian talks about what it's like having two daughters at 26 and Kenan reveals that he wants to have a bunch of kids by a bunch of women...yeah.


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64. Ep. 85 - The Kenan Dating Plan
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-85... download (audio/mpeg, 58.53Mb)


Kenan and Tony open the show with a rendition of "You're gonna love me" which would set the atmosphere for our topic for today's show, rules for dating. Kenan decided to take it upon himself to layout a step by step series of decisions and actions a man should take to avoid that "what are we" conversation. If you're tired of "situation-ships" this one is for you.


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65. Ep. 84 - Will Nice Guys Ever Get The Turkey?
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-84... download (audio/mpeg, 58.23Mb)


Kenan and Tony are back discussing their thanksgiving where Kenan gave his younger cousin the sex talk. They also discuss Tony's sense of pride with the nice guy label while Kenan thinks being a nice guy is just a cop out for standing up for yourself.


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66. Ep. 83 - I'm Mr. Lonely
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-83... download (audio/mpeg, 72.07Mb)


Kenan and Tony discuss where does a man find a good woman in 2016. Kenan reveals that he's on Match.com and the two discuss dealing with loneliness when you're a man.

67. Ep. 82 - Guess Who Grabbed Us All By The Pu$$y?
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-82... download (audio/mpeg, 87.26Mb)


We're Back!!! Me and Tony return and guess who's president? Yeah, I don't think this video needs a description. Donald Trump is the 45th president of America. Yeah, smh.

68. Ep. 81 - PPP (Pretty People Privilege)
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-81... download (audio/mpeg, 69.62Mb)


In light of the latest police shooting of Terence Crutcher, Kenan and Tony discuss how white women were able to escape their responsibility in perpetuating white supremacy. This leads them on to discussing women and whether or not they benefit from pretty privilege.



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69. Ep. 80 - Jouvert Is Non-Consensual
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-80... download (audio/mpeg, 81.91Mb)


Sorry for the 3 weeks without a podcast! Kenan and Tony are back discussing the shooting at Jouvert in NYC, Donald Trump attending a black church in Detroit, and the battle going on between black men and black women. Also, Kenan gives a detailed story about the first time he was sexually assaulted at basement party. You don't want to miss that


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70. High School Flashback (Saryn Vyo)
http://kenism.libsyn.com/high-... download (audio/mpeg, 69.46Mb)


Kenan is joined by an old friend from High School. The two discuss a white woman admitting she was "uncomfortable" with her daughter marrying a black man. Should she be applauded for sharing her prejudice feelings or excoriated? The also discuss why Kenan was such a jerk to a particular woman back in high school and whether or not that's just young boy behavior or if he has a problem.



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71. Ep. 78 - LoveAnInmate.com
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-78... download (audio/mpeg, 59.87Mb)


Kenan and Tony discuss a Canadian dating website for men who are incarcerated. Is this an awful idea or should this website have been popular ages ago? Also, Kenan argues that the right to have sex needs to be considered a human right instead of a privilege and ponders the idea of why women seem so attracted to criminals.



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72. Ep. 77 - Purging With Street Smarts (Jaay Parks)
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-77... download (audio/mpeg, 64.08Mb)


Kenan brings on his old friend Jaay Parks to discuss purging. Kenan claims he'd assassinate two people and rob a bank. Parker claims he'd be some Purge superhero actually doing some good for society. Kenan's friend Michelle gives advice on Kenan's baby mama drama which leads to an argument between Kenan and Jaay about raising children in the hood.


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73. Ep. 76 - Trump Towers and Clinton Plantations
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-76... download (audio/mpeg, 94.15Mb)


Donald Trump is OFFICIALLY the republican nominee. Kenan believes that Donald Trump might be on the greatest "career run" of all time. The two also discuss immigration (again), If Trump is showing the American dream is possible, and if the democratic party really cares about it's base.


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74. Ep. 75 - Women, Women, Women (Miguel)
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-75... download (audio/mpeg, 61.39Mb)


Kenan and Miguel discuss why they both are reluctant to trust women, remember the "one's that got away" and Miguel tells the story about how his new lady managed to not save him a seat at the movies.


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75. Ep. 74 - The Rage Of Blackness
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-74... download (audio/mpeg, 52.91Mb)


There was a shooting in Dallas. Some are calling it the deadliest shooting against police in American History. Racial tensions are at an all time high, the country is divided, and everybody is continuing to preach the same old "violence is not the answer" rhetoric. Kenan is joined by his friend Miguel and the two discuss if it's true violence is NEVER the answer, why the shooting of police was a long time coming, and what are the solutions to heal the black community if they're any at all.


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76. Ep. 73 - Becky Needs Love Too
http://kenism.libsyn.com/becky... download (audio/mpeg, 55.83Mb)


Kenan and SB discuss all the social media complaining going on regarding Kyrie Irving's white girl boat party. They also discuss Iggy Azalea airing Nick Young's dirty laundry on twitter and try to assist a friend with some relationship advice.


(1:45): Kyrie's beck boat palooza

(13:45): White girls are the best party girls

(15:25): we're too hard on white people

(21:10): Iggy airing dirty laundry

(32:00): The dangers of getting caught cheating

(41:04): his girlfriend didn't save him a movie seat!!!

77. Ep. 72 - The Thin Line Between Harrassment & Game
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-72... download (audio/mpeg, 73.38Mb)


Sorry for the wait! Kenan SB, and Jonathan are back discussing #NoWomanEver and and street harrassment. Is it really a big problem? Where is it okay to approach women? Also, the fellas ask SB who'd she date...The answer? Well, it's interesting.


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78. Ep. 71 - Sports Fans Are Probably Losers
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-71... download (audio/mpeg, 80.55Mb)


Kenan brings on Tony and the two discuss the NBA finals and more specifically LeBron James. They delve into why media and fans are so obsessed with his life and why he seems so polarizing. Also, Kenan claims that the majority of sports fans are miserable. Fair or Foul?


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79. Ep. 70 - Feminists Are Sexists Too
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-70... download (audio/mpeg, 71.32Mb)


SB is back!!! She joins Kenan and Jonathan and they discuss whether the 15 year old girl who had sex with a group of boys in a school bathroom. Is she sexually liberated or suffering from low self esteem? Were the boys participating taking advantage of the girl? In the second half they discuss the T.I. shooting, why Kenan avoids urban concerts, and racial stereotypes.

80. Ep. 69 - P.C. Sex Roller Coasters
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-69... download (audio/mpeg, 75.06Mb)


Jonathan is back while SB continues her vacation. The two discuss why people seem to have lost their minds in this whole transgender bathroom debate, Why forcing change isn't a good idea, and give their thoughts on Brazil's new sex them park having everything except an actual place to have sex.


Remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast! Follow Kenan on twitter/snapchat @Kenanrnb and Jonathan on snapchat @xxjoker439xx

81. BONUS EP. - Can a Successful Man Be Faithful?
http://kenism.libsyn.com/bonus... download (audio/mpeg, 46.24Mb)


This bonus episode is actually the 2nd half of the "The 6 rings of White Girls" episode that I did with D Lils. In this episode we discuss him getting married and how difficult or realistic it is to expect a married man to be faithful when he's successful. If you're a man in love or getting married soon, this is for you.


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82. Ep. 68 - The 6 Rings Of White Girls
http://kenism.libsyn.com/the-6... download (audio/mpeg, 56.26Mb)


Kenan is joined by a Special guest! He goes by the name D Lils. Together the two discuss his "6 types of white girls" theory. If you're a black guy and has some jungle fever inside, this is a must listen. Download now!!!


Remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast. You can follow Kenan on twitter @Kenanrnb and D Lils on twitter @hiphopNhomeruns.

83. Ep. 67 - Niggas Love Some Lemonade
http://kenism.libsyn.com/ep-68... download (audio/mpeg, 74.61Mb)


Kenan and Tony discuss Larry Wilmore's N-word moment at the white house which leads to a bigger discussion, Why do black people even use the word? Also, Beyonce released her Lemonade project and Kenan doesn't like one implication that's being made based on the short film.


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84. Kenan, You Are The Father (technically)!
http://kenism.libsyn.com/kenan... download (audio/mpeg, 83.25Mb)


The crew is back once again! Kenan, and SB sit down and discuss the Ashley Madison lawsuit and whether or not it's worth losing your marriage if it means more money in a court settlement. Later, Jonathan arrives late and jumps right into critiquing Kenan's plan to become a father with a female friend of his. Download now!!!


P.S. Apologizes for the audio quality. Next show will be better!

85. Black Love Is Hard To Find ft. Monica
http://kenism.libsyn.com/black... download (audio/mpeg, 91.77Mb)


Kenan sits in with Tony and an old guest of the show, Monica. They discuss Black issues including if Black men treat "their" women with less respect than other groups do, the importance of being successful for you're children's sake, and why no good comes from the hood. Also, Monica had a break up and found love all in the same month. Yup.


Remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on iTunes! Follow the host Kenan on twitter, instagram, and snapchat! KenanRnB

86. I Hate Superheroes and Feminist ft. Tony
http://kenism.libsyn.com/i-hat... download (audio/mpeg, 65.01Mb)



Kenan is joined by Tony and the two discuss Kenan's issues with the Batman vs Superman movie. They also debate whether or not Batman is an actual superhero, Why Kenan hates modern feminists so much, and teaches sleeping with their students.



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87. Race Doesn't Mean Shit
http://kenism.libsyn.com/race-... download (audio/mpeg, 86.67Mb)


Kenan, SB, and Jonathan sit down and discuss the young woman who took a shit in her purse, What we should all learn from the Deangelo Russel/Nick Young situation, and who would win the inevitable race war coming in 2045.



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88. Sex And The Twitter
http://kenism.libsyn.com/sex-a... download (audio/mpeg, 101.57Mb)


On this episode of the Kenism podcast, Kenan is joined by Jaay Parks and a long time mystery woman called Martasia. The three discuss the Kehlani situation, the impact of social media on relationships, Why men need to view women as sexual beings, and much much more!!!



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89. I Do...Or Do I?
http://kenism.libsyn.com/i-doo... download (audio/mpeg, 63.93Mb)


Kenan brings back one of the OGs of the podcast, Mr. Jaay Parks. The two discuss his engagement and why Kenan is against it...That's pretty much the entire podcast. Enjoy!



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90. The SB Show (ft Sabrina)
http://kenism.libsyn.com/the-s... download (audio/mpeg, 67.94Mb)


Welcome to a SPECIAL edition of the Kenism podcast. We finally were able to get SB (Sabrina) on the show! Kenan, Jonathan, and SB ran through a number of topics. A few of the topics discussed were the different stages of dating, Falling for family members, and whether or not SB had some "hoe" friends. Are they REALLY hoes? Kinda? Sorta? Download and find out!



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91. Presidential Dicks
http://kenism.libsyn.com/presi... download (audio/mpeg, 84.87Mb)


VWayne joins Kenan and the two discuss Donald Trump's penis defense. Is there a correlation between male leadership and penis size? Also, which president had the biggest Johnson?  Plus Kenan confesses that he's feeling lonely these days.



Follow the host Kenan on twitter @KenanRnB and feel free to e-mail the podcast at Kenismpodcast@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.

92. Republicans and Adolf Trump
http://kenism.libsyn.com/repub... download (audio/mpeg, 55.09Mb)


Kenan brings back his good friend Jonathan as the two discuss whether or not Donald Trump is what Adolf Hitler was before he became THE ADOLF HITLER. They also discuss why do republican women look better than democratic women and what your political ideology says about your sexual preferences.


Follow the host Kenan on twitter @KenanRnB and feel free to e-mail the podcast at Kenismpodcast@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or concerns.

93. Sexism Run Rampant
http://kenism.libsyn.com/sexis... download (audio/mpeg, 66.00Mb)


Kenan, Tony, and Lexi discuss sexism between the genders and whether or not women have become the sexists, why women should be proactive in the dating game, and why do we allow emotional pregnant women to decide whether they want an abortion.

94. Sexual Taboos
http://kenism.libsyn.com/sexua... download (audio/mpeg, 59.35Mb)


Kenan is joined by Tony and an old guest,(Lexi), as the three of them discuss Amber Rose's allegation that Kanye west enjoys some anal action. Does that make him gay? They also discuss the many sexual taboos each gender has to deal with, the fascination black men and white women have with each other sexually, and even confess to some twisted fantasies of their own.


Remember so subscribe, rate, & review the podcast and follow your host Kenan on twitter @KenanRnB

95. Slightly Consensual
http://kenism.libsyn.com/sligh... download (audio/mpeg, 57.87Mb)


Kenan brings in Jonathan, an old friend of his, and the two discuss sex robots, why watching porn isn't considered "creepy behavior" and Kenan takes the two down a dark, funny, yet slightly worrisome path of "fantasies".


Remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast. Also, remember to follow your Host on twitter @KenanRnB and e-mail the podcast for advice at kenismpodcast@gmail.com

96. Sex Sells...Or Does It?
http://kenism.libsyn.com/sex-s... download (audio/mpeg, 56.07Mb)


Kenan and Tony discuss whether or not it's realistic for rape cases to be proven "beyond a reasonable doubt". Also, Kenan tells Tony how he would regulate his own brothel if prostitution were legal and Tony introduces Kenan to a new genre in porn.



Have any comments or questions for Kenan? Just send an e-mail to KenismPodcast@gmail.com. Who knows, maybe your question will be answered on the show!!!

97. I'm Still A Cosby Kid
http://kenism.libsyn.com/im-st... download (audio/mpeg, 29.35Mb)


After a month layoff (Sorry...once again) I'm back with the original member Cris. We discuss the latest details of the Bill Cosby story, Donald Trump and his appeal, and why the great ones seem to always be accused of assault of some sort. That and much more!!!


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98. He Lives!!!
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Fresh out the hospital, Kenan is back and he's joined by his new co-host Dionna. The two discuss Kenan's hospital situation and Dionna's man trouble. Also, Kenan announces the podcast is going back to it's original focus. Helping Men conquer love, sex, relationships.


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99. Main Chick, Side Chick, Your Chick, My Chick
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Kenan and Tony discuss the victor Cruz situation, if women should expect fidelity from their rich partners, and whether or not you could make the argument that most women can be classified as prostitutes.


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100. Dispicable Men and Presidents
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Kenan and Tony are back after another 2 week disappearance and they're talking Donald Trump! They also discuss the August Alsina dilemma and discuss the Patrick Kane rape case.


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