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Podcast title Self Indulgent Podcast
Website URL http://www.selfindulgentpodcas...
Description Comedy Internet Radio Show
Updated Fri, 13 Jul 2018 23:57:45 +0000

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1. Ep 392 A Message to B-Man
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 63.05Mb)

Description: Bradman had last weeks episode taken down off Periscope Shaun wants Bradman to succeed Bradman has been crushing his vlog schedule DO NOT HARASS OR REPORT BRADMAN Super Cringe political ad Ridiculous Music Sexxy Red Three Beat Slide Dobre Brothers – Stop That Super sexual songs by “Cupcakke” www.selfindulgentpodcast.com

2. Ep 391 B-Mans Revenge
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 57.54Mb)

Description: Shaun’s new Vlog Lil Sassy is twerking on mountains Lil Sassy gets interrupted by a bus Bradman365 is back! Bradman comes in the chat and tells Shaun he doesn’t have permission to play his material Bradman tweets Boogie way too much Marc Ruffalo spoiled Avengers or was it fake? The most awkward news segment ever, […]

3. Ep 390 Woke Kids & Rideshare
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 55.56Mb)

Description: Shaun’s thinks social media is programming everyone after watching some talks A tweet Shaun needs help understanding ABC Comedy is out of control and needs to be stopped Cringe Rap about trolls Another Cringe comedian from ABC Comedy Ray William Johnson getting pissy with negative comments CNN Covers Trump’s Pants Twitter is triggered over Apu […]

4. Ep 389 Stop Crying
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 53.54Mb)

Description: Sorry, audio is a bit wonky Some Pre-Show Shaun has a new video where he calls the devil Shaun is pumped Rick & Morty wont be renewed for another season and then gets bad news Andy T doesn’t know who ReviewBruh is Greg the Virgin’s Food Review FouseyTube gets mad when his friend doesn’t agree […]

5. Ep 388 Wearing Jeans So Tight cause it feels so Right
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 61.84Mb)

Description: Youtubers are saying “Fuck the Haters!” Bradman inappropriate tweets? Kids calling people Nazis over basic facts Nerds are overreacting to Super Smash Bros Women make International Women’s Day all about how much men suck The song, “Most Girls” is ridiculous Songs about Weed www.selfindulgentpodcast.com

6. Ep 387 She’s My Best Friend!
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 58.42Mb)

Description: The Half Gallon Mega Jug at KFC/Taco Bell Shaun loves the song, “Lit Right Now” Dave Anthony from The Dollop podcast still cant stop tweeting about how stupid everyone is Why you should Love your Saggy Boobs An Article titled, “We Need to Start Barking at White People Who Speak Out of Turn” Utah House […]

7. Ep 386 You’re Not Welcome in SEARS Anymore
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 62.90Mb)

Description: Shaun had a pretzel dog before the show and regrets it Shaun does a Vlog Shaun’s Amy Schumer video gets taken down Bradman tweets BannedManTV on instagram The Bitconnect Remix Kid Quits his SEARS job with style and returns later DarksydePhil gets caught jacking it on stream twice www.selfindulgentpodcast.com

8. Ep 385 Jimmy Fallon
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 61.98Mb)

Description: Men yanking their wieners at urinals People saving seats for nobody on the train Is Devon Sweeney going to Jail again? Shaun & Bradman’s first encounter Bradman’s first video response to Shaun ever BobbyDee gets Bradman man on Twitter Greg the Virgin Goes on a Rant Howard Stern is getting out of control with his […]

9. Ep 384 Crying is For Babies!💪
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 57.61Mb)

Description: Shaun gets stuck on the train Is the new Bradman260 done? Ed Tommasi stealing more tweets?! White Men are the WORST AT SEX!!!! CNN thinks Cuckolding can be good for a relationship Shaun makes fun of crying and makes people mad on Twitter The word Marijuana is now racist according to NowThis The Zuckerberg VR […]

10. Ep 383 Deleting Humans
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 59.08Mb)

Description: Shaun doesn’t go out of his way to get new listeners anymore. The Dollop Podcast’s Twitter account blocks Shaun James Stebick thinks Dave Anthony and Shaun are the same Shaun just found out about the App, “SING!” Anonymous has a Facebook page, they ask a question and the answers make Shaun want to puke Bradman […]

11. Ep 382 Swipe Up
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 55.49Mb)

Description: What’s more cringe? Shaun loving Taylor Swift or loving Fall Out Boy Shaun’s a train man now Man at the train station had pet rats Shaun sits next to a man perched on a toilet seat while taking a duke Shaun’s old co-worker follows him into the bathroom Faking that you’re listening to music Cam […]

12. Ep 381 People Read
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 62.52Mb)

Description: Shaun leaves in all the mess ups AL Nation DM’s Shaun and asks him to stop making fun of him Shaun decides to be more fair with AL Is talking on the phone with another man gay? Are Shaun and AL cool now? Cool Guy Malchis interrupts a live news segment in the name of […]

13. Ep 380 Banksy Cringe
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 53.86Mb)

Description: Getting banned from Periscope Periscope bots Greg the Virgin apologizes to and thanks Businessman Fritz Greg the Virgin reviews the $5 dinner box Dave Anthony gets in Twitter war with Bobby Dee Dave predictably makes fun of your religion Banksy is Cringe now Owen Wilson “WOWs” PussyScouts puts out the cringiest vid you’ve ever seen […]

14. Ep 379 Pablo
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 56.47Mb)

Description: Shaun can’t do comic book movies anymore Greg the Virgin loses his food review contract with Businessman Fritz Cool Guy Malchis calls in and talks being kidnapped into recovery Johnny Bats records an intro for the show Dave Anthony has a new theme song Dave is still calling everyone a moron and idiot on Twitter […]

15. Ep 378 Dave’s Thanksgiving
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 62.73Mb)

Description: AL Nation invented everything Backwards hats and sunglasses Eminem is upsets D. Trump isn’t paying attention to him Dave Anthony spends his whole Thanksgiving calling Twitter eggs “stupid” Greg the Virgin gets a 3rd party offer for his food reviews Spirit Airlines threatens Shaun & Ali w/ a $250,000 fine for bringing their own alcohol […]

16. Ep 377 Vegas Shout Out
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 49.84Mb)

Description: Scotty Lew sits in this episode Shaun’s brother, Scott is a Booger Eater Drama w/ Greg the Virgin’s Food Reviews Did Greg steal his tagline? Lil Sassy gives a shout out to the Vegas Victims There’s a new App called MakeApp & writer, Heather Schwedel doesn’t like it Heather was the same writer that praised […]

17. Ep 376 It’s OK to Be White
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 62.47Mb)

Description: The News is freaking about Signs saying “It’s OK to be White” Greg the Virgin reviews Papa Johns Garlic Knots Craig the Surgeon won’t open a package from Shaun because “It Smells” Craig the Surgeon tries to redeem his $100 prize through Papa Johns gift cards “Who’s the Douche” Johnny Bats Leaves a voicemail for […]

18. Ep 375 Cool Guy Contest
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 56.44Mb)

Description: Shaun wants to make the show only about AL Nation because it makes so many people mad AL Nation goes to bed tweeting about Shaun, wakes up tweeting about Shaun AL flips out when someone brings up Shaun COOL GUY CONTEST FEATURING Sneakers: @gbsc_sneaks Malchis: @back2champagne.creukdtruth Craig the Surgeon The guys flex off, show their […]

19. Ep 374 Awfully Hawt Cawfee Pawt
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 54.22Mb)

Description: Shaun can’t watch Season 2 of Stranger Things AL Nation ignores Shaun in a chat room AL thinks Shaun is a Baldist People on Periscope think they’re famous Chatter “Johnny Bats” hates Shaun Tweets from AL Nation Greg the Virgin gets distracted during his “Words of Wisdom” segment Dropping Popcorn on Andy T’s Head Eminem’s […]

20. Ep 373 Personal Vids from Bald Men
http://www.selfindulgentpodcas... download (audio/mpeg, 54.11Mb)

Description: Shaun’s a Milkman today AL Nation sends Shaun a personal video message? Bradman sends Shaun a personal video message? Shaun gets messages from people taking Periscope way too seriously Greg the Virgin reviews the new Mint Oreo candy bar Words of Wisdom w/ Greg 911 Calls www.selfindulgentpodcast.com