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Podcast title Oznog: Down the Rabbit Hole with Chris Plough
Website URL http://oznog.com
Description Choose your own path. I travel the world to have uncensored conversations with uncommon people. Fellow misfits and explorers whose stories will help you find your way when you don't fit in.
Updated Fri, 13 Sep 2019 12:34:22 +0000
Image Oznog: Down the Rabbit Hole with Chris Plough
Category Society & Culture

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Link to this podcast Oznog: Down the Rabbit Hole with Chris Plough


1. DTRH022: Chris Plough - Let's Help Travis
http://oznog.com/dtrh022 download (audio/mpeg, 44.67Mb)


#OznogDTRH IS BACK!!! In our return episode, I tackle a few things:

Where the hell have I been? The awesomeness that is the new Oznog studio. Where I see this show going in the coming year. Most importantly - I want us to help Travis. I share who Travis is and how we can help him. (the link to help him is http://oznog.com/helptravis)

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh022

2. DTRH021: Barry Goldberg - The World is the Artist's Studio
http://oznog.com/dtrh021 download (audio/mpeg, 101.62Mb)


I met Barry at the Brewery Art Colony. During his life-long pursuit of art, he was a sound engineer on some of my favorite albums (from Marilyn Manson, Smashing Pumpkins, Snoop Dogg) and is now exploring photography as a visual medium. We discuss the pursuit of art, overcoming fear and the power of self-expression.

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh021

3. DTRH020: Heather Morgan & Parsa Bastani - Experiencing the Egyptian Revolution
http://oznog.com/dtrh020 download (audio/mpeg, 84.18Mb)


Heather and Parsa were both in Egypt during the revolution in 2011. They share their experiences in living there during that tumultuous time. We then jump into a discussion of capitalism from two unique viewpoints and then shift into communicating and connecting with others.

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh020

4. DTRH019: Chris Plough – Would You Go?
http://oznog.com/dtrh019 download (audio/mpeg, 31.37Mb)


This week I’ve been thinking about a lot of movies in the same vein - 2001: A Space Odyssey, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Contact and Interstellar. In them - there is a core choice. Do you stay with everyone you know and love - or do you explore the unknown? Do you take the red pill or the blue pill? Well - would you go?

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh019

5. DTRH018: Gavin White – The Coming Convivial Economy
http://oznog.com/dtrh018 download (audio/mpeg, 86.56Mb)


Gavin and I explore the intersection of creativity and logic; therapy for businesses and making them healthy; plus he shares his thoughts on the upcoming shift to a convivial economy. In this episode, I say, "I didn't know that." ... A lot.

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh018

6. DTRH017: Chris Plough - Where Are We Going?
http://oznog.com/dtrh017 download (audio/mpeg, 26.31Mb)


Where am I going for the next 3 weeks? (Hint - it isn't Kansas, Toto) Where are we going? What 90's movie is the biggest inspiration behind this show? Lots of questions asked and answered this week. Oh - and a HUGE "Thank You" to everyone listening.

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh017

7. DTRH016: Dr. Kevin Cuccaro – "Why Aren't My Patients Getting Well?"
http://oznog.com/dtrh016 download (audio/mpeg, 76.21Mb)


Dr. Kevin Cuccaro is an anesthesiologist and chronic pain specialist whose life changed dramatically after asking one simple question:  "Why aren't my patients getting well?" 

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh016

8. DTRH015: Chris Plough – Do You Belong?
http://oznog.com/dtrh015 download (audio/mpeg, 17.18Mb)


This week, I pose three simple, yet revealing questions. Do you belong? If so, what do you belong to? Why do you belong to them? Easy, right? Follow that thread down the rabbit hole and it leads to an examination of your values, needs and desires. 

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh015

9. DTRH014: James Wallace – Seeking Truth and Disrupting Control
http://oznog.com/dtrh014 download (audio/mpeg, 106.13Mb)


James Wallace is one of my favorite people in the world. He is constantly searching for the truth, yet is full of humility. I never know where our conversations will go, but am certain they will be enlightening. If you enjoy going down the rabbit hole, this is one episode that you shouldn’t miss.

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh014

10. DTRH013: Chris Plough - 5 Laps with a Pro Moto Racer
http://oznog.com/dtrh013 download (audio/mpeg, 21.05Mb)


In this podcast, I tell the story of a 15-minute mini-adventure that had a lasting impact on my life and how you can use this technique to gain perspective and improve yours.

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh013

11. DTRH012: Jonathan Goodman - Personal Trainer to Social Media Maven
http://oznog.com/dtrh012 download (audio/mpeg, 61.85Mb)


Jonathan Goodman is an explorer who has written 3 books about his passions. He has gone from personal trainer, to entrepreneur, to social media marketing maven. Jon's open about the highs and the lows, including the 6-month hiatus that helped reset his life. It’s a compelling story and there’s a lot you can apply to your own journey.

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh012

12. DTRH011: Chris Plough - When Did You Become a Man?
http://oznog.com/dtrh011 download (audio/mpeg, 25.04Mb)


In this solo podcast, I share my thoughts on becoming a man and coming of age rituals. When did you become a man?

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh011

13. DTRH010: Jeremy Hendon - Human Connection and Authenticity
http://oznog.com/dtrh010 download (audio/mpeg, 96.23Mb)


Jeremy Hendon is passionate about human connection and I enjoyed having this multi-faceted conversation with him. He is open about the difficulties in life that led him to help others become healthy while developing deeper relationships with them. He’s honest about the self-imposed barriers that we face when putting ourselves out in front of others.

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh010

14. DTRH009: Chris Plough - Overcome Resistance
http://oznog.com/dtrh009 download (audio/mpeg, 27.75Mb)


In this solo podcast, I share the reasons behind this podcast's hiatus and give you ways to overcome resistance and move forward on your path.

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh009

15. DTRH008: Michael Gebben - The Real Hustle is Providing Value
http://oznog.com/dtrh008 download (audio/mpeg, 87.73Mb)


Michael Gebben is infectiously full of energy and enthusiasm. What I love about him is his hustle - a skill we can all learn from. He figured out how to use his creative skills to give others value and in doing so gained access to some of the most successful and influential people on our side of the globe. He puts himself forward, rather than waiting on others to choose him and has taken control of his destiny.

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh008

16. DTRH007: Neeley Koester - Bypassing Gatekeepers as an Artist
http://oznog.com/dtrh007-neele... download (audio/mpeg, 59.79Mb)


Neeley Koester is an talented pottery sculptor who is using entrepreneurial skills to bypass traditional gatekeepers and to get her art out into the world. There are so many parallels between artists and entrepreneurs. I believe at the core they’re both the same — risk takers and creators who simply express those traits in different ways. Neeley is at the beginning of her story - but there’s a lot you can learn from her path.

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh007

17. DTRH006: Michael Masterson - Techno Artist & DJ to Clothing Craftsman
http://oznog.com/dtrh006-micha... download (audio/mpeg, 83.89Mb)


Michael Masterson opens up in what is the most intimate conversation that I've done so far. In the past decade, he has become the finest clothing artisan that I know. We explore the roots of his passion and find that it is linked to the 17 years that he spent deeply involved in Electronic Music as an artist and DJ.

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh006

18. DTRH005: Jayson Gaignard - Building Genuine Communities
http://oznog.com/dtrh005-jayso... download (audio/mpeg, 72.41Mb)


Jayson is one of my favorite people on this planet. After self-sabotaging a business that he dreaded; Jayson found his passion and became the best person I know at building events where people genuinely connect. We joke around and then dig deep into topics ranging from building genuine communities to the mental models that hold us back.

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh005


19. DTRH004: Joey Coleman - Lifelong Relationships in Business
http://oznog.com/dtrh004-joey-... download (audio/mpeg, 58.01Mb)


Joey Coleman is hands-down the most passionate person I know about customer relationships. He shares a wealth of knowledge around turning your customers into raving fans. From there, we delve into more personal topics - from achieving our fullest potential, to investing in ourselves and successfully navigating the changes we need to make along the way.

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh004

20. DTRH003: Ameer Rosic – From Prison to Optimal Health Warrior
http://oznog.com/dtrh003-ameer... download (audio/mpeg, 96.22Mb)


Ameer Rosic shares his hero's journey that begins with him dealing drugs at a young age and later going to prison. Two things kept him tethered him while he was incarcerated, leading to his transformation into an entrepreneur and Optimal Health Warrior. From there, we're in deep and the conversation rolls through some fascinating subjects.

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh003

21. DTRH002: Chris Plough - Choose Your Own Path (My Story)
http://oznog.com/dtrh002-choos... download (audio/mpeg, 36.77Mb)


I wouldn't expect others to open up and be vulnerable if I wasn't willing to do the same. In this episode, I share my story - the highs and the lows that have forged my purpose over the last 7 years. It hasn't always been pretty - but it has lead me to where I am and has given me perspective on the various paths we choose through life.

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh002

22. DTRH001: Intro - Are You an Explorer?
http://oznog.com/dtrh001-intro... download (audio/mpeg, 16.24Mb)


What is Oznog: Down the Rabbit Hole about? (Here's a hint - uncensored conversations with uncommon people, such as entrepreneurs, artists and adventurers.) What exactly does that mean, though? Who is it for and, more importantly, who is it not for? Listen to this intro episode and figure out - are you in or are you out?

*** Full show notes and links at: http://oznog.com/dtrh001