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Podcast title ADHD People | The Tom Nardone Show | An Enema of ADHD
Website URL http://thetomnardoneshow.com
Description This is an ADHD podcast but if you are looking for tips, strategies, or methods to become a better person, then I am afraid your search will not be ending here. In the ADHD community, there are plenty of people offering to help ADHD people be more productive. My wife and I are ADHD. We don't want to help you change. We want you to see you are not alone by allowing you access into our lives and into the lives of other ADHD people who are happy to be ADHD. We hope you will Join us as we put the awe in awesome!
Updated Tue, 10 Sep 2019 00:16:21 +0000
Image ADHD People | The Tom Nardone Show | An Enema of ADHD
Category Health & Fitness

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1. Ep101 Cancer Loses Tom Nardone Wins!!
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/mpeg, 27.50Mb)


Finally we have run out excuses and posted the first show in almost two years. Yvonne are looking forward this. Thanks for all of you who supported us.

http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/t... download (audio/mpeg, 16.37Mb)


TTNS 100th EPISODE. Thanks to All of you! You are the most beautiful people in the world.

3. Ep99 | Just a Bunch of Crap
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/mpeg, 10.27Mb)


I really just don't what to say about this episode.

4. Ep.98| We're Back Did you miss us?
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/mpeg, 35.45Mb)


We are back after nearly a 90 day hiatus. We have up stories and all the crap that makes The Tom Nardone what it is.

5. Ep97 The Amazing Marina Darlow
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/t... download (audio/mpeg, 15.78Mb)


Marina Darlow, great friend and listener to the Tom Nardone Show graces Yvonne and I for the second episode of a two day back to back episode extravaganza. I don't feel like writing all the crap we talked about, but it was awesome!

6. Ep96 The Vibe of the Tribe or CHADD Conference Reveiw
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/t... download (audio/mpeg, 35.27Mb)


Almost a month since our last show we welcome ourselves back in your lives with episode #96

7. ep.95 | First Day Back to Work Tomorrow!
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/mpeg, 12.71Mb)


Tom and Yvonne discuss a hectic and week in there and thank members of the community for there selfless generosity. Plus some argument and banter that so many of you all love so much.

8. Ep. 94 | Jenna Knight Never Defeated
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/j... download (audio/mpeg, 13.98Mb)


Jenna Knight has been a friend of mine for a long time and it was a pleasure to have her on my today. Jenna is one of the hardest working bloggers i know and it was my pleasure to have her on the show with me today. #adhd #drugaddition & #bingewatching

9. Ep. 93 Me, Tom Nardone. | Follow-up appoint in Charleston.
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/mpeg, 4.87Mb)


This is just me with a weekly update of about 12min. We be on the road at the time this posts at 7am Tuesday morning EST.
Update page is tomnardone.net/update

10. Ep. 92 | his name....is "Jason Bennett"
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/mpeg, 12.81Mb)


One of Dearest friends Jason Bennett enters The TNS Studios. We discuss my update and We celebrate his parent’s anniversary who have always been there him. These same people are here for Yvonne and me.

11. Ep.91 | This Episode Was Not Easy
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/mpeg, 9.03Mb)


My Hardest show ever.

12. EP 90 | Riding the Storm Out with Lisa & Patrick
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/mpeg, 16.18Mb)


Lisa and Patrick were guests to our show and guests to our home as they literally drove their car to safety. They found their refuge here in the studio of the The Tom Nardone Show.

13. Ep 89 | Hello Insult. Meet Injury.
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/mpeg, 5.16Mb)


Hello insult. I would like you to meet your friend misery. Yvonne insisted I see a regular Doctor and it would seem I now have to completely change the way I eat. Listen as Yvonne and I argue this out until high am defeated and and hang my head as the coward I am. Great Show. Inspired by my conversation with Alan Brown.

14. Thanks Home Depot!
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/t... download (audio/mpeg, 17.83Mb)


Home Depot's supportive gesture to my upcoming surgery. I was humbled beyond my imagination. I love all you guys.  I think I work for the Greatest company in the world.PLUS! Med update, Gifts from Kriss Mc Laughlin, Eclipse and dry ice bombs!

15. Ep. 87 Tom's Brain Tumor Update
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/mpeg, 9.34Mb)


Status update on Tom's Brain tumor, the prognosis and the plan of attack and of course the death defying trip as Yvonne through caution to the wind as she figuratively raped the american highways to get us to Charleston SC.

16. Ep.86 | A Potpourri of Awesome
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/mpeg, 12.36Mb)


Yard-work, dogs,the App, awesome fan-mail, and much much more. Give us a listen. You don't have anything better to do.

17. ep85 | New Tom Nardone Show APP!!!!
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/mpeg, 11.85Mb)


The Tom Nardone Show APP is discussed along with our recent yardwork activity. and there is the usual banter and all the reasons people listen to this show


18. ep84 | Phil Nardone Speaks About His OCD
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/p... download (audio/mpeg, 23.22Mb)



My little brother Phil Nardone is in many ways, everything that I am not. I am so proud of him and the things he has done. Has for many years been one of my heroes. It was a pleasure to have him on and also a very special thanks to Emily Nardone who is the youngest guest ever to grace our studios.

19. ep83 | Welcome Home Yvonne
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/w... download (audio/mpeg, 10.07Mb)



Hooray! Yvonne is home and Life is good. Here the play by play as Yvonne beats cancer for the second time.

20. EP.82 - Colonoscopies and Toms New Responsibilities
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/c... download (audio/mpeg, 12.23Mb)



Yvonne talks about her newly diagnosed colon cancer and her expectations of tom to take care of her. Also, an announcement of Kirsten Milliken’s new podcast show and some news about upcoming episodes of The Tom Nardone Show. Yes it is just a potpourri of fun and entertainment here on The Tom Nardone Show this week. Thank you all for listening.

21. Ep. 81 Chasing Kites Re-Launch and Vacation Achievements
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/mpeg, 11.17Mb)


Tom and Yvonne discuss the results of the Chasing Kites Re-Launch and Tom's lack of motivation on his vacation this past week. Also Katy's Bathroom Remodel.

22. The Actual April Fools Day Show with Tom & Yvonne
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/t... download (audio/mpeg, 12.07Mb)


Yesterday Jennie Friedman and I Switched shows for April fools day. We switched back and this is Yvonne and I doing the April Fools day Show!

23. The April Fools Day Switcharoo Podcast Show
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/t... download (audio/mpeg, 42.67Mb)



It's an April Fools Day Switcharoo!!!!!


24. Dianne Dempster with Tom & Yvonne
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/d... download (audio/mpeg, 16.60Mb)


Tom and Yvonne Speak with Dianne Dempster about Parenting and ADHD. Dianne Dempster is the cofounder of impact ADHD where they focus on the parents of complex kids

25. Matthew Kinne | Master of Bad-Assery
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/m... download (audio/mpeg, 35.50Mb)


Matthew Kinne is officially one of the most interesting people I have ever met. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan and continues to serve by publishing his home phone number to any vets needing some one to talk to. He has helped many of them deal with PTSD and a multitude of other problems. This was a fantastic show and I sincerely hope you listen to. Matt is a true hero as far as I am concerned and I know you are going to love him as much as I do.

26. Holy Crap! Its Kriss McLaughlin!
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/h... download (audio/mpeg, 20.71Mb)


Kriss Mclaughlin is as real as it gets. I have known her for a while now but only very recently has she become one of my favorite people to follow. She seemingly has no fear or reservations about being the person she is. She keeps me entertained with her morning video posts doing anything from updating us on why she is late, singing with her stereo in the car or even shotgunning a bag of oatmeal. Kriss Mclaughlin is a RockStar! I hope you will take a moment to meet her.

27. The Extreme Mom Returns
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/t... download (audio/mpeg, 29.99Mb)



Gina Fenton aka The Extreme Mom joins me on SuperBowl Sunday to discuss trending things of interest and of course of disinterest. Gina was the very first guest on TTNS and it was my pleasure to invite back and visit with one of my dearest friends.

28. Seamonkies, Oatmeal and Taxes
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/s... download (audio/mpeg, 9.08Mb)


Tom and Yvonne in there 74th episode discuss the Shotgunning an Oatmeal antics from one of toms favorite Facebook groups along with Yvonne's very funny questions people ask about deductions. oh and much much more.

29. The ALL NEW Tom & Yvonne Show
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/t... download (audio/mpeg, 11.70Mb)


Tom & Yvonne discuss their ideas and possibilities for the future of their newest endeavor, The Tom and Yvonne Show(working title) This will NOT be instead of, but only in addition to, The Tom Nardone Show

30. The Work Day/Snow Day Conundrum
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/t... download (audio/mpeg, 11.64Mb)



The Work Day/Snow Day Conundrum. Oh!!!! What to do. Fantastic Show today if I do say so myself. This is not the one to miss.

The Work Day/Snow Day Conundrum. Oh!!!! What to do. Fantastic Show today if I do say so myself. This is not the one to miss.

31. New Years Eve with Tom and guest Michael Ray
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/n... download (audio/mpeg, 25.12Mb)



First show of the 2017 recorded at midnight on new years eve. Michael is an interesting person and he and I discuss fireworks, Big Rigs and much more.

32. The Christmas Day Show
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/t... download (audio/mpeg, 7.60Mb)



Merry Christmas Everyone. Thanks for our second year.

33. Christmas Pains in the A$$ with Jennie Friedman
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/c... download (audio/mpeg, 17.57Mb)


Jennie Friedman joins Tom and Yvonne Nardone for a show about Christmas and the things that make it difficult and/or interesting. Show includes best and worst gifts, Christmas card etiquette and much more.

34. Rick Green of Totally ADD
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/r... download (audio/mpeg, 18.59Mb)


Rick Green of Totally ADD. Joins Tom Nardone. A few laughs and and some ADHD/depression talk.

Rick is a fantastic human being and through his videos and through his life he has inspired me greatly. It was truly my pleasure to have him on the show.

35. EPISODE 67
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/mpeg, 8.70Mb)


Yvonne and I talk about several things. We did not really want to do a show today so you people should just feel lucky to get what you got, Enjoy.


36. Climbing Out of My Head
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/c... download (audio/mpeg, 46.69Mb)


My 3 month battle with depression.

I have been out of contact with most of the world for the past three months.I had a pretty severe battle with depression. It effect my job. It effected my wife and it brought me to a place I never believed I would ever see.
I am proud to say that today I am happy. I feel fantastic and I am thrilled to return for episode 66 with the greatest wife a man could have.
Yvonne and I speak about the beginning and the end of this 3 month period and what it was like dealing with depression.
I am once again excited about my life.

37. Laurie Dupar & Tom Nardone Coaching and Binge Watching
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/l... download (audio/mpeg, 21.41Mb)


Episode 65

Laurie Dupar & Tom Nardone Coaching and Binge Watching


Yes! Laurie Dupar at great potential risk to her career and credibility graced The Tom Nardone Show to discuss Coaching and ADHD, but also a whole lot more.


Laurie Dupar has been an ADHD Coach for many years at Coaching for ADHD and has recently started an ADHD Coach training at The International ADHD Coach Training Center.


This was a fantastic episode and I would like to personally thank Laurie for being so forthcoming in sharing parts of her personal life that she has never shared before. Hear it first on The Tom Nardone Show.


Reach Laurie on

Facebook Coaching for ADHD Page

Twitter @lauriedupar


38. My Fellow ADHD Attention Whore: Shawn McGovern
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/g... download (audio/mpeg, 37.01Mb)


My Fellow ADHD Attention Whore: Shawn McGovern

It was truly a pleasure to spend some time with Shawn McGovern tonight. My new friend and fellow "attention whore", and I had surprisingly never met before this evening and I am amazed at some of the things we have in common. Shawn and I spoke about the worst jobs we ever had and the ways in which we got ourselves fired from them.

Shawn can be found using the links below



Musings Of Shawn

39. Gout, Third Shift, Iphones and a Cleaning Lady
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/g... download (audio/mpeg, 17.74Mb)


Tom and Yvonne have recently had several new changes in there live and in this episode they are discussed in detail..Blah blah blah....

40. Interview With Laurie Dupar (apparently we are experts)
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/i... download (audio/mpeg, 12.69Mb)


Interview With Laurie Dupar (apparently we are experts)


Laurie Dupar interviewed Yvonne and I for the 2016 ADHD Tele-Summit. Just in case you missed it never fear for Laurie after very little begging has allowed us to share our portion with you.

There will be a 2017 ADHD Tele-Summit next year and we have been pre-invited so I will expect all of you to be there.

Please enjoy this encore presentation of Tom and Yvonne Nardone with Laurie Dupar.


41. Five Star Culinary Rape
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/c... download (audio/mpeg, 10.29Mb)


Tom and Yvonne discuss their night out at a five star restaurant and and their reactions to it. Also Yvonne is writing a screenplay and Tom makes a guest invitation.

42. Household Hacks and Tips
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/h... download (audio/mpeg, 13.05Mb)


Tom and Yvonne Discuss Household hacks and tips to make things more fun or easy

43. A Trip to Myrtle Beach
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/a... download (audio/mpeg, 12.52Mb)


Tom and Yvonne went to Myrtle Beach South Carolina for a vacation. Learn of their most recent adventures on the this amazing episode of the Tom Nardone show!

44. The Preparation Show
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/t... download (audio/mpeg, 12.01Mb)


Tom and Yvonne banter about the divisions of responsibilities in the home for which there need be preparation. Also Yvonne goes a little gangster .

45. Friends and Family Can Be Inconvenient
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/f... download (audio/mpeg, 39.27Mb)


There are many days in our life where we are randomly called to action and there are some that happen on the same day every year. Yvonne and I discuss these days and the circumstances that surround them and why they suck so bad.

46. This is How an ADHD Marriage Works
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/s... download (audio/mpeg, 21.58Mb)


Tom an Yvonne discuss hacks and methods they use to keep the peace in the household. They also talk a little bit with the Amazon Echo named Alexa, and Tom explains why he loves her. This was a fantastic show.

47. Humans...The Scourge of Humanity
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/h... download (audio/mpeg, 26.96Mb)


Special Guest Joseph Arrowwood and Tom discuss the problems that exist when people interact. Show will cover dating, work and Parenting and much much more.

48. 3 Toms, No Waiting!
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/3... download (audio/mpeg, 16.66Mb)


 I am joined by two people with whom share very little in common. However we are all friends and do share the same name. Yes, Three Tom Nardones for the price of one. 



Tom Nardone Michigan

Tom Nardone is a prolific entrepreneur. He has founded four companies that each have more than $1,000,000 in annual revenue.

PriveCo is his most popular and he is very passionate about providing the utmost privacy. Since 1998 he has worked to keep your life as private as possible. Over 900,000 people trust Tom with their personal information and he takes the trust of every single one seriously.

His favorite quote is "To get one great idea you need one hundred ideas and a system to determine which one is the best." By Gurminder Bedi. This principle was used to launch PriveCo Inc. and has guided its success ever since.

Read More


 Tom Nardone (Florida)

Tom Nardone is an example of pursuing the American Dream of financial freedom. At age 19, he started working for the Post Office as a mailman. It didn’t take him long to realize that the security entrapment of “good job” is not a lot different from a 30 year jail sentence.

“You feel trapped, and your income is limited.” Realizing his “good government job” was not going to make his dreams of being financially free come true, Tom took some real estate investing courses and bought his first house in 1983 at just 23 years old. Shortly thereafter he recognized a valuable asset available to him that his real estate investor competition did not have.


Read More


49. Kristin Weicht, an ADHD Hoarder
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/k... download (audio/mpeg, 15.08Mb)


Tom is joined by a listener in the Tom Nardone studio as they talk about hoarding. Kristin Weicht is a real life hoarder.


50. ADHD People and People with Pets
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/a... download (audio/mpeg, 11.99Mb)


Tom whines about all the bad things involved with owning pets. Yvonne tries to explain the point to it and shares some of her stories about past pets and some close encounters of her own.


51. Kirsten Milliken of PlayDHD. Have Fun and Play.
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/k... download (audio/mpeg, 12.54Mb)


Kirsten Milliken of PlayDHD at great risk to her own credibility graced the Tom Nardone Show. Learn about her upcoming book, adult summer camp and How to play your ADHD away.


52. Episode #50 w/ Guest Host Eric Tivers
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/mpeg, 18.00Mb)


Thank You Eric Tivers and all of our listeners. This was our 50th episode. I thought it fitting to have The Tom Nardone Show's biggest influence and supporter take the helm and be our first ever guest host.

Yvonne and I have become closer as a result of this show and I hope we have made some of you who are challenged by the stigma of ADHD realize that if you do not want to change, that is okay.

Yvonne and I love you all and we hope to see a day when we celebrate episode 100.

Im Tom Nardone and your welcome.

53. A Life Changing Event
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/a... download (audio/mpeg, 15.08Mb)


With Yvonne's new Job come new responsibilities for Tom. In this episode. Tom requires Yvonne to spell out the things she will now require of Tom around the house.

54. The Christmas Show
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/t... download (audio/mpeg, 11.41Mb)


Today marks the end of our first year with the Tom Nardone Show. Yvonne and I discuss likes and dislikes about Christmas , our memories and revisit our favorite show memory. Thanks to all our listeners you are all amazing people.

55. The Awesome Version of Rudolph Red Nosed Reindeer
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/t... download (audio/mpeg, 9.13Mb)


Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is probably one of the most famous Christmas stories in the world. I find that sad. I cannot for the life of me, understand what it is about this story that any parent would like their child to learn.Christmas stories like that typically have an underlying message that teach kids some life lesson or help them to understand things about the world. Rudolph is no exception to that rule. It’s just the wrong lesson. Let me explain.

For those of you who have not heard the story. A beautiful reindeer is born, but he is a little different. He is not like the other reindeer. He had a shiny red nose that glows. It, through most of the story, causes him nothing but grief and bullshit; much like anybody who,God Forbid, is different than others and the world just can’t seem to grasp this.  With the exception of Rudolph’s mother, the entire town was on his ass for something he could not help, and something he could not change. He wasn’t like everyone else, so all the other asshole reindeer decide that they don’t like Rudolph because of this shiny red nose.

They laughed at him and they called him names. Rudolph’s father even covers his nose with a fake black one so that Santa Clause will find him acceptable. Yes, Santa. There is a scene where Santa, wobbles his jolly fat ass right into the shop where Rudolph’s dad was putting the finishing touches on his new black nose. Rudolph’s dad informs him that he has the nose problems well under control. He explains to Santa that it won’t be a problem, and that is son won’t embarrass him.

Rudolph had no friends, no family, and no support system. He for no reason was made to feel bad about himself. His own father and that White bearded, bag-toting, ho ho ho shouting, sack of shit who is loved across the globe, could not see the beauty in what was different about this gentle meek child reindeer.

Sometime later, a storm came in. It was a storm that could have halted Christmas. Santa was very concerned. (so he claimed) He was worried that all the poor little children in the world would have to go without the toys that his slave colony of elves has been working on all year. Yes, he was screwed. Santa did not have a clue, and he did not have a plan. he stood outside and watched the storm roll in with nothing, but his dick in his hand.

Then all of a sudden, Santa remembers Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. He thinks to himself “Yeah Rudolph! That is the reindeer whose balls I have been busting all year. He is the one that has no friends and whose life I have been ruining for the glorification of my ego.”

So now that Santa’s plans are shit side up, he thinks of Rudolph. Santa realizes that Rudolph’s shiny red nose can be of service to him and to the rest of the bastards who ostracized him and shut him out. Their lives can now be easier with Rudolph’s nose.

So Santa, and Rudolph’s father, and all the other Shit-bag reindeer went to Rudolph, humble for the first time. Santa looking at the ground says “Hey Rudolph, as you know there is a storm coming and we are all really up shit creek here. Would you mind using your nose so that we can all see where in the Hell we are going tonight?”

OK, Now here comes the Bullshit.

Rudolph proudly agrees, to escort these son’s of bitches. He just tucked his tail and bailed these assholes out. This basically the story of Rudolph.

I would like to apologize on behalf of Director: Larry Roemer, and Writers: Robert May, Romeo Muller. Literarily speaking they have corn-holed us all. All these years you have had to know the story as it is and it is all because of these three assholes

Well your pain ends today. I, Tom Nardone, and I would like to present a more proper ending to this story. I now present the Tom Nardone ending.

“Hey Rudolph, as you know there is a storm coming and we are all really up shit creek here. Would you mind using your nose so that we can all see where in the Hell we are going tonight?” Rudolph agrees. (Now stay with me) So on the night they leave, the reindeer get harnessed up, and they all take to the air from the North Pole. Santa is relieved; he could not believe that his gelatinous ass was finally airborne, and everything would work out okay, or so it seemed.

Presenting: Rudolph the Rad-Nosed Reindeer.

Rudolph was at the head of the pack leading the way to spread Christmas cheer to the whole world. About twenty minutes into the flight, they were clear of land. Then Rudolph, seeing, that they were now flying over the ocean, breaks a sinister grin. He detaches himself from his harness and flies around alongside the sleigh and says to Santa and all the reindeer.

Rudolph’s nose increased its brightness casting a fiery red aura around himself as he spoke:





Rudolph then flew away leaving Santa and the other reindeer without any hope of survival.

56. CHADD CONFERENCE 2015,.. Oh!!! and Shameless Name-Dropping
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/t... download (audio/mpeg, 15.52Mb)


Yvonne and are back home safely from the CHADD conference, and We have stories to tell. Please join us as we shameless drop names of some of the biggest and certainly most interesting names in the ADHD Community. 

57. CHADD 2015 Recap. Day One in New Orleans
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/c... download (audio/mpeg, 4.91Mb)


It was a rough start but the day was saved and we are looking forward to a fantastic weekend with all of our friends

58. Yes. I Was Wrong. Yvonne Was Right.
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/y... download (audio/mpeg, 13.13Mb)


My realization that I had no right to be angry with my wife had a very profound effect on the outcome of this show. Yvonne and I discuss the different types of anger and how we manifested them. This was a one of my favorite shows. I also learned that I have the greatest wife in the world.

59. Welcome Oz du Soleil | Excelling and ADHD on a Submarine
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/w... download (audio/mpeg, 22.75Mb)


A pleasure today to have Oz du Soleil of Datascopic.net on the show. Oz is one of few people who have earned the MVP Award from Microsoft for his expertise in Excel. Oz is a published author and is working on his second book. Oz is a brilliant man and he has a heart of gold. It has been and is a pleasure to call him my friend. I loved OZ the first time I ever met him and I hope you will too.

Reach Oz at:



The Videos:


60. Margit Crane on The Tom Nardone Show | Public Transportation
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/m... download (audio/mpeg, 12.09Mb)


Margit Crane of Gifted with ADD is our guest and we discuss public transportation among other things as usual. Margit is an ADHD coach and Blogger who primarily works with families more so than individuals with ADHD.


61. Life Beyond The Couch
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/p... download (audio/mpeg, 39.39Mb)



Life Beyond The Couch

Today my world took a sudden turn When out of the blue, my wife said to me. Hey Tom, let's go play Tennis. Ughhh. We I had a choice to get up and leave the house or feel guilty all day. I am glad I went.


62. ADHD Anger | That! is Entertainment.
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/a... download (audio/mpeg, 89.28Mb)


Sadly Yvonne was unable to do the Show BUT,

I am so pleased to have my very good friend Andrew Wilcox of Eat Live Dream ADHD. I have been reading Andrews Blog since he began and I will say he is one of the most sincere writers i have ever read.

It is for that reason and also his great sense of humor and status as a valued friend I asked him to join me as we discuss the may ways we have and do disappointed people and the ways in which they continue to be a source of disappoint to the both of us.



63. Alan Brown, Crusher TV
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/a... download (audio/mpeg, 66.26Mb)


The Tom Nardone Show welcomes its third guest ever. Alan Brown, along with Tom & Yvonne Nardone, discuss Alan's latest endevor. Crussher TV. Learn what is purpose and goals are and how it could be of bennefit to you. Alan also gets into the show in the usual Tom Nardone Show fassion and discuss some of his thoughts on motivation and sucess. Not the usual show for Alan Brown. 


Alan was a fantastic guest and did not miss a beat as the three of us went from sense to nonsense.


We love you Alan Brown. You are a Hero.

64. The Family F@#king Vacation
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/t... download (audio/mpeg, 10.95Mb)


Tom and Yvonne have completely different ideas on what a vacation should be. Tom makes some valid points. Can Yvonne withstand Tom's double dose of truth?

Special Thanks to Doug Harris for the intro bumper

65. ADHD People | Are We All Cheap Bastards??
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/a... download (audio/mpeg, 11.85Mb)


I am without a doubt a cheap bastard. Listen as Yvonne and I discuss The length to which I will go to pinch a penny.

66. ADHD Peope | Dining Disasters with Tom and Yvonne
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/a... download (audio/mpeg, 22.13Mb)


I would rather have a fishhook in my ass then to go out and eat. Learn of some of the reasons why an episode 36 of Tom Nardone Show

67. Public Restrooms Rules of the Road | ADHD People
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/p... download (audio/mpeg, 49.71Mb)


Tom and Yvonne discuss the proper etiquette and give for tips for a happy bathroom visit. 

68. ADHD People | Artificial Fan-Mail
http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/a... download (audio/mpeg, 13.37Mb)


Rather than depend on our fans and listeners to write in questions we thought we would save the time and trouble by having Yvonne come up with her list of things she wanted to know and things she thought you might want to know. This actually turned out to be a fantastic show. We hope you enjoy it.

69. Why must people Talk?
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Yvonne and Tom discuss the torcherous ordeal of having to listen to other people speak. Just because you have the right to speak does not mean you should.

70. The Talcum Fist of Mother Nature | ADHD People
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 37.59Mb)



The Talcum Fist of Mother Nature has made it a bad day to be Tom Nardone as a giant tree has fallen across his front yard. Join Tom and his wife as they discuss the seven stages grief and how they correspond Tom not wishing to get off his ass and deal with the problem.

See the video here.


71. The ADHD Episode, A Coach For Tom Nardone
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 37.82Mb)


Tom and Yvonne for the first time on their ADHD Podcast decide to actually talk about ADHD.

Tom has decided to take on a coach. He and his wife discuss Toms future with his good friend Eric Tivers who will have the monumental task of helping Tom get some of his stuff together.

This show is not particular designed to be funny but is very inspirational hearing of Tom finally making an effort to improve upon his awesomeness

72. ADHD People - The Best of Tom Nardone | w/ Justine Ruotolo
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 33.58Mb)


This is a compilation of shows I have Done with Justine Ruotolo on the Miss ADD Show. Justine was one of the people whio encouraged me and I am forever in her debt. I think this is a fantastic compilation.

This is only because Yvonne is on third shift this month and we should be back on a reguar rotation next week. 

73. ADHD People | Procrastination is my lifestyle.
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 20.11Mb)


I procrastinate. Yvonne and I have had the show notes for this show for over 3 months and we finally today got around to doing the show. We procrastinated about our procrastination show. There is a certain beauty to that.

This was also our first show that we broadcasted live on periscope. If you dont have the periscope app, it is pretty awesome.

74. ADHD People and Couples on the 3rd Shift
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 16.09Mb)


Some jobs reqire or ask that from time to time you work the third shift for one reason or another. Home Depot is no exeption to this and Yvonne has completed her first week of four in a row. It got me thinking that there are a lot of adjustments to a person's life that must result when they or a spouse works third shift. 

I of course being a model of consideration and Yvonne is far less than that. We will debate and discuss our behaviour and why.

Blah blah blah blah blah enjoy the show

75. ADHD People | Rewiring Fear and Failure.
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 121.22Mb)




My buddy Eric Tivers and I hash out fears and failures and other things in regard to our own ADHD. I really dont feel like typing anything else and I am not sure anyone ever reads this shit anyway. Please enjoy the show.

76. ADHD People | Brody Bricker (True Stories that Cannot Be Believed)
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 12.07Mb)


Brody Bricker was one of my best friends growing up. He lived to cause trouble. He would do anything to get a reaction out of someone. He had absolutely no conscience, and the only time I ever saw him smile, was after causing any kind of mayhem.

In this Episode we discuss why I would have been friends with such an incredibly bad kid. The things he did defy reason. I did not want to spend the time it would take to tell all the stories so dependng on the strength of this show, perhaps there will be a second and a third show to finish his resume of terror.

I have changed his name, the names of his victims, and the names of any businesses that might have suffered at the expense of his campaign of terror. I dont condone his actions but in a dark way I really still think much of it is funny.

Thanks to Rick & Ava Green of Totally ADD. Gina Pera of ADHD Roller Coaster and Deb Rowley of Madison Coaching & Therapy Services

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of my book, Chasing Kites (click here)



77. ADHD, A Book, and a Trip | Why Must Life Be an Endurance Test?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 17.22Mb)


I cannot believe this is our 25th show. My book was just released and we drove down to Atlanta to see my mother and the rest of my family. Without fail there were issues as there always are and Yvonne or I seem to always be the cause or get caught it the middle of them.

78. ADHD People | Lets get Irritated.
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 14.38Mb)




Tom and Yvonne Talk about things friends famiy and total strangers do that is annoying offensive and unsightly. ADHD people are known to be irritable and there are those people who are still doing plenty to perpetuate this.

79. ADHD People | Gina Fenton aka The Extreme Mom
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 20.73Mb)

Description: The Extreme Mom, Painfully Un-Perfect


The Extreme Mom is an online commentary of the actual conversation taking place inside the head of Gina Fenton’s head.

With over 100 Thousand likes on her Facebook page, and a successful blog, she is also a nurse, a mom, and an advocate for those of us with ADHD. Her work will be featured in an upcoming book called, “Mom for the Holidays” due to be released in 2015 and in 2016 "How to Survive Tantrums and Babysitters" both coming from Monkey Star Press

Gina is a beautiful person, and one of the kindest people I know, and the“Extreme” label is by no means a cliché.  Gina is humbled by the everyday adversity of ADHD, Depression, Bipolar, Autistic Spectrum Disorders; Asperger’s and Sensory Processing Disorder to name a few. She is a proud member of the Parental Special Forces. That’s like a Green Beret, but with more practical skills.

The Extreme Mom lives in NY with her husband, four children, two dogs and the infamous feline… “ThatGoddamnedCat.” She’s an active advocate for ADHD, Autistic spectrum disorders, and mental health. Gina’s a Registered Nurse specialized in pediatrics, obstetrics, mental health, school nursing and childbirth education. She loves children, animals and baby dinosaurs. I speak for myself and Yvonne when I say we both LOVE The Extreme Mom.

Learn More about the Extreme Mom

Extreme Mom's Blog

Facebook Page

Facebook Group


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80. ADHD People | You Don't Need Goals to be Awesome!
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Many ADHD People and non ADHD People, who are trying to achieve things, set goals for themselves. This is a practice employed by many people but not me. My wife enjoys setting goals and using them as a way to get things done. I look at them as something else at which I can fail. 

I have heard you are more likely to achieve goals if you write them down first. I dont think I would write them down because it is stilll failure only now there is documentation of it.

Join me Tom Nardone and my wife Yvonne Nardone as we hash this out.

Tom Nardone of ADHD People






81. ADHD People | We Judge Everyone, and It's Okay
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 13.29Mb)


We judge everything we see and hear and this is okay. Sometimes we are wrong and sometimes we are right. Join Tom and Yvonne as they discuss judgement in the world and in facebook groups. 

82. ADHD People | Take This Job and Shove it
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 21.08Mb)


Tom and Yvonne Discuss ways people have Quit jobs leaving. Why do some people choose to leave a job in a disrespectful or destructive manner. 


Are ADHD People more or less prone to do this? I dont know and I dont know and I dont even remember if we brought it up, but it is late and I am too tired to check into it.

83. ADHD People| Raping Mother Earth? I Think Not.
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 17.86Mb)



There is an idea that has been buzzing around for years now that we should all work together, and help to “Save the Planet” by recycling all of our discarded refuse. I don’t have a problem with people doing this. People should feel free to do whatever they want with their own garbage, but there are those people who have to make our lives unbearable.

They just have a need to be heard. They have a need to talk about it, and tell us what we should do with our trash. Some even have a need to spout off statistics about how many trees have to die for some newspaper to be printed. They seem to have no tolerance for those of us who have more pressing things to worry about.

You will never find a recycle bin in my front yard. Apparently the type of recycling that I do is not considered recycling by the recycling elitists. Here is the cycle:

1. I buy a can of soda 2. I drink a can of soda. 3. I toss it out of my car. 4. One of the dregs of our society who got assigned community service stabs it with a stick, and puts it in a bag.


I feel that what I do prevents these DUI sons-of-bitches from sitting around on their asses with nothing to do all day, and these people have the audacity to call this littering.

The truth is; I don’t recycle because it is a BIG pain in my ass. I am ADHD. I do not trade on that fact, and I don’t consider it an excuse for me to neglect my responsibilities. I choose to neglect the things that I deem unnecessary.

Nevertheless, I do well to remember one place to throw my garbage. I have trouble organizing my own life and the things I use every day. I am damn sure not going worry about organizing my own trash that I am all finished with. That includes my compact fluorescent light bulbs (which I love). I just don’t give a shit.

There are those who have a fear that every time you throw away a piece of plastic, a unicorn dies, but if you recycle it then the planet becomes just a little bit greener. I do not judge them. I just don’t want to join them when they head out to attend the Earth Day celebration. I am fine with their decision to trek across the country in their electric car, holding hands, and singing “This land is your Land”. All I ask is that they not tell me about it when they get back.

Not everyone who recycles is an asshole, but one thing I have noticed is that the majority of people I know that recycle are doing so out of guilt.

This guilt is for leaving their children to grow up in a world that has been stripped of certain
resources. They have guilt that the earth will be hopelessly destroyed and/or poisoned. I believe their guilt is grossly misplaced, and I do not feel the least bit obligated to do shit about it.

Some of you may be carrying this guilt. I know the burden of that, for you, may be heavy. I want you to take that burden, and toss it out the window. Trust me! Someone else will pick it up. Your guilt is unwarranted. None of this is our fault. Our parents are to blame.

My parents and your parents did not give a shit about this planet. They didn’t recycle. They didn’t worry about any of us not having what we need to survive. They littered and burned as much fossil fuel as they damn well wanted to, and so did their parents. In all of the littering, tire fires, oil fires, chemical spills, and oil spills, I can’t with any real conviction say that I felt the sting of it this week. I am doing pretty well as far as I can tell.

Their negligence has lit a fire under our collective asses to create many wonderful products such as; LED light bulbs, solar panels, electric cars (which are complete bullshit), and so on. Let me say that a different way. If it were not for the reckless neglect of our parents treating the planet like their own personal garbage can, we would have been denied the benefit of some really great innovations that have made our world what it is. So what does this mean to us? I will tell you what it means in the words of my brother Phillip Nardone who I once heard say “The world is my ash tray”.

If you think about it every drop of oil you pour into the rainforests of the earth is paving the way for technology to flourish. Every CFL light bulb that you haphazardly toss into your garbage can or out of a window is helping in some small way to make this world better by enticing scientists to come up with awesome products. Your negligence may be what truly saves the planet. Here is a real life example:

Car tires, which are a petroleum-based product, for years piled up and no one knew what to do with them. They would catch fire and burn for weeks. They would cast pollution into the air. We later discovered that if they were to chop them up into small pieces, that they would be a great mulch substitute for the yards and playgrounds of America.

Every American who discarded their tires helped little kids have a place to play. Because of your negligence kids across this great country got exercise and learned valuable social skills that made them better people.

These “earth first” hippies would rather smack these kids off of a swing set with the back of their hands, rather than participate in what we have seen make this country a place to be proud of.

You see, one generation screws us over, and then the next generation figures it out! That is the cycle of life. From tire fires to happy children we did that America. You should be proud!

Everything on earth came from the earth. Therefore everything on earth is natural. What some people call littering or pollution, I call relocating. We take natural resources from the earth and refine them, use them, and then we put them back into the earth when we are finished with them. That seems simple enough to me.

So the next time you are in the grocery store and they say “Will that be paper or plastic?” You proudly say “Plastic”. Say it with you head held high knowing that you are the one who is truly helping this planet, and not the tree hugging bastards that are only stunting its growth, and hurting it’s children with their paper bags and their so-called responsibility.

Recycle if it makes you feel better, but I feel great,

84. ADHD People | The Netflix Wars Vol. I | an ADHD Couple's impossible Task
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 20.02Mb)


I really hate it when Yvonne says “Hey honey! Let’s watch a movie on Netflix tonight!” Don’t get me wrong. I love my ADHD wife, and I love spending time with her. However, us watching a movie on Netflix does not consist of us watching a movie on Netflix. It is something entirely different. Both of us are as ADHD as Hell, and it usually goes like this.

We begin by queuing up the movies. Yvonne and I have standards for the movies we watch. There is one requirement that both of us have before it is even considered. The movie must be rated R. No PG, no PG-13, it must be rated R. If it is not rated r, then both of us know that the movie will only be a watered down version of what it could have been. We feel if the director had cared, enough about (his viewers they ) DECIDE ON THEIR OR HE. BE CONSISTENT would have included the right swear words and graphic violence that make a movie enjoyable for the whole family.

In True ADHD Fashion we will begin scrolling through the entire menu, from A to Z. We will stop here and there to watch a preview. This part of the process is much like the old TV program called “The Gong Show” As the preview starts we watch it intently. As the preview is rolling, if either of us sees a red flag, we say, “VETO”. That means stop the preview, and continue scrolling.

Yvonne will immediately veto a movie for the following reasons: creepy/evil children, the lighting in the movie is too dark, or movies about vampires, werewolves, zombies or Satan.

I will Veto any movie that has two people who are obviously going to fall in love. I will veto any movie that has Barbra Streisand, Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Ben Aflac, Ben Stiller or Jason Statham. I will also under no circumstances watch any tear-jerking sports movies. Yvonne will not usually enter my man cave because according to her, it is “gross in there”; therefore, we have to watch the “together” movies in the family room where we have only a modest entertainment system. Because of this, I automatically veto any movie I think should be viewed in High-Def or in 5.1 Surround.

This usually takes about an hour, and it is not even over yet. At this point, we will get up and take our bathroom breaks, get something to drink, and maybe pop some more popcorn.

Now an hour has passed, and we have gone through every movie that Netflix has to offer, and determined that they are all shit. Then Yvonne wants to go to the documentaries. She loves them. I have only one rule about documentaries. “Is this a documentary of a rock band?” If not, veto. Then it is on to TV series.

By this time, we have spent about two and a half hours together. We have walked through the muck and the mire that Hollywood has placed before us. We have taken an extensive in-depth tour at “The Museum of Shit-Box Entertainment”. We spent two and a half hours of our lives identifying all the programs that we never want to see. I have to be honest with you; I would not trade a minute of it.

I know that some of you would feel that this process would be like being beaten over the head with a bag of oranges however, it is not. During those two hours, we laughed, talked, asked questions, made comments, talked about the good or bad movies we saw together and apart. We talk of the times in our lives when we saw the older movies with our parents. Yvonne and I interacted and communicated and did not even realize or care where the time went. When we realized what time it was, we laughed about that. I then got up, kissed her, said goodnight, and went upstairs to play with my toys.

Yvonne and I spend some good quality time together. How tragic would it have been to find a movie that we both liked?

I am Tom Nardone, and you are welcome


85. ADHD People | Me First, The Rest of the World Second
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 24.18Mb)


There are circumstances we find ourselves in which we have a choice to do the right thing or do something else. Most of us most of the time to as we should in spite of what we want to do, but there are certain things of specific things that we simply say,"Screw this, me first the rest of the world can just deal with it."

86. ADHD People |"Hey initiative, Perhaps Someday We Will Meet"
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 18.55Mb)


My husband is Tom Nardone. Anyone in a relationship with a blogger might have the same issue as me. He is obsessed with blogging, but I think he is even more obsessed with bloggers. When I say obsessed I don’t mean He loves to play games or go to the gym (ha ha). I mean he has lost 40 pounds because he’s so busy blogging that he won’t stop to eat.


He not only blogs but now he has joined your community of bloggernaughts to interface with. For him It’s seemingly a blogger love gone cult. He knows and communicates way more online than in real life. But to Tom this is his real life. Don’t get me wrong I’m proud that he’s found a stage for his bizarre and controversial opinions. Blogging also makes him happy.


Tom is obsessed with his blogger stats and checks them like a 60 year old woman playing video poker. 300 hits is an all cherry day. His day is shot if people don’t like him or comment. I really liken it to a gambling addiction. Tom sits in front of his laptop after publishing a post, as if it were a video game. He used to bring me his laptop to show me a map of the world on goggle analytics, to brag to me about the wide span of his readers or as I will call them followers. “Hey babe! Check this out they love me in Australia” or “Hey babe! Look I am storming across Europe!!” He pretends not to care that I don’t read his all of his blog.


This happens to be true. I don’t read all of his blog. I think Tom is a brilliant writer and he connects well with his readers. The problem is that I have heard this shit a thousand times before, and since I don’t agree with half of the shit he says, I find it to be a reminder of the aggravation of his twisted and non-sense views. Sometimes when I read his blog I just want to pretend we are not related.


I have not been working, so I have enabled Tom to spend all of his free time on this. My Tom is ADD so I have been keeping track of the location of his wallet, and keys. I pay all the bills, I beg him to please bring me a load of laundry down to wash, and I am convinced that were it not for my involvement, that he would leave the house and go to work, with two unmatched shoes and not give a shit one way or the other.


I just bought him a new pair of shoes with the child-like Velcro straps (that I hate) which he insists on. Tom continued to wear this other pair of shoes that had holes in them because he says he likes them. I of course exercised my spousal privilege and threw them away. He cried like a girl about it. He actually said “Fine, I’m going to throw something away that you like to wear” Yah right! He doesn’t have the balls. I dare him to do it.


The only thing he has to do is put gas in his car and go to work for 40 hours a week. I have allowed this life style because I was laid off, but I am going back to work and Tom will have to become an adult.


Tom’s life is going to change dramatically. He will have to not only take the trash out to the garage, but also put a new bag in the can. He will have to match his own shoes and keep track of his own keys. He will even have to cook dinner as he will often get home before me. He will even have to take the initiative to put down his laptop long enough to take a shower, as I will not be here to prod him.


The truth is that Tom is a wonderful person, and he always steps-up just like he will when I start working. I have always known that I can depend on Tom to be there when I need him. He loves me more than anyone ever has, and it brings him to tears to see me disappointed in him.


It is also true that he is the funniest person I have ever seen when he gets mad. I am looking forward to the show.


The Tom Nardone Show Page

Read more at http://adhdpeople.libsyn.com/#3cI81jsdAiUAjzdC.99

87. Success & Failure. Niether are Garanteed
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 21.02Mb)


Some of us with ADHD have experienced a life of failure. We try, and we try, but in the end the scoreboard is the same. I am not suggesting we are destined to fail, or victory, for us is a fool’s errand. I am saying some of us with ADHD see it more than most.

I have realized through seeing my brother Phillip that it is a lot of work to be as successful. Phil is a real estate agent, and he brings home the bank. The other thing about Phil is that he works his ass off. He almost never gets a day off and he is always busy. He gets one day off a week and he spends a good portion of that day on his cell phone. Everything he does today affects tomorrow and everything he did yesterday affects him today. SCREW THAT!


I love and respect Phil very much. He loves what he does, and seeing him in action and hearing of the multitude of problems he must deal with every day has made me very comfortable being an underachieving slack-ass. I would not do what Phil does if they guaranteed me 150k dollars a year. I would rather just have my job where I go to work and go home. My day always ends at the end of the day. There is a great deal of value in that. I don’t think I would want to own my own business either. What if I had an asshole such as myself working for my company? Ughh!

88. ADHD People | The Best and Worst Liars
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 18.99Mb)



We have all been told since we were kids lying is wrong. I think it is a fine lesson. Kids lying should not be permitted by parents. They should admit their wrong doings and face the consequences. When I was a child, I did not ever consider lying to my parents. However, I am not a child any more.

There are times when Lying is necessary. We must sometimes, as parents lie to our own children. I know how terrible this must sound but you know you have done it. C’mon you have.  I don’t know who coined the phrase, “honesty is always the best policy”, but they were wrong.

As adults, we know or at least we should know, when to lie and when to tell the truth. I realize most of you have not had any formal training on lying or when to lie so it is my pleasure to be here for you in this capacity. Lets run through some life circumstances where lying is acceptable, fun or both.

Lying to a perspective employer

You are in an interview for a great job. It could pay you more than you ever thought you could make. The interview is going perfectly until the interviewer says “This job requires you have at least an associate’s degree”. The problem is you don’t have an associate’s degree so it is now time to make a choice.

Well here are your choices: You could tell the truth, and continue the agonizing job search, or you could just consider lying. You could simply appear dumbfounded and apologize for the absence of the paperwork for your associate’s degree. Then go home and manufacture it, fax it back to them, and follow it up with a phone call. Some of you may believe this could not possibly work, but I can tell you first hand, you are wrong.

If you decided to tell the truth than you could just take all of your integrity, honesty, morality and decency home to your spouse and hand it to them and say, “Hey honey can you take this and see if you can use it to prepare something for all of us to eat for supper tonight?”

Lying to those who disturb the sanctity of your home

From time to time, an asshole will come to your home asking
 for money or wanting to enter your home for the purpose of demonstrating some piece of shit vacuum cleaner they would like for you to buy. You are home and someone dares to come knocking on your door. Someone is trying to capitalize on this special day while you are off work. They have decided since you are home they have the right to enter your castle and disrupt the only thing that prevents you from being homicidal.

Whether they are interrupting time with your family or time with your Xbox, they are robbing you of that which you are in need of. You should not feel guilty lying to this person if you choose. You are within your rights as a human being to simply say, “Go to Hell!” or “Haul you ass from my sight!”. If you do not wish to be rude,  lying is a fine option. Lying will enable you to use your creativity to turn a bad situation into a fun story to tell your friends or write in your blog about.

It is okay, the world will understand. For instance, you can say, “Hey not to be rude, but you kind of pulled me off of my wife. We were just making whoopy. Would you like to come in and wait for 20 or 30 minutes for us to finish?” Trust me. They will leave.

 Lying to a controlling bitch of a spouse

As a result of my first marriage, I developed skills as a liar that, if there was a market for it, I could go on tour, giving seminars on deception to automobile salesmen all over the country. She had a problem with everything I ever did, and if you know me, you know I don’t really do a hell of a lot. The most important thing she taught me was the importance of lying. I would never to do anything without first getting my lie straight. I knew the lies I told her needed to be quick, rehearsed and executed as if pulled from a holster.

I never went out drinking or whoring around, I am too cheap to drink out at a bar, and too lazy to have an affair. I mean just regular guy stuff. If I wanted to go to a concert with a friend or anything that did not involve her then a lie would ultimately have to be told. So if you are trapped in this situation, where you are not allowed to be who you are. I support your fictional portrayal of the truth 100%.

Liars have more fun

Another thing about lying that perhaps you have never considered, is that it is fun. It is an opportunity for you to use your creativity to a live audience. Telling the truth, yes it is very moral and noble, and blah blah blah. It doesn’t however offer any type of creative outlet. It is actually quite easy. If I am somewhere and a total stranger decides to strike up a conversation with me, I don’t look at them as a person I might have something in common with, or even someone I might find to be interesting. I look at them as a blank canvas that I can paint the most outrageous stories on, and see how long I can hold their interest by gauging their reaction. I find it thrilling to view the outrageousness of my words in the reflection of their eyes.

For example; Years ago I was on a first date at a restaurant/theatre. A couple sitting at our table struck up a conversation with my date and me. I perked right up and could not believe the size of the canvas I was just given. This was a two-fold opportunity for lying awesomeness.

I jumped right in and told them we were married and lived in Chicago. I told this couple that all we do year round is compete in hot air balloon races all over the world. I told them that her dad was the CEO of DirecTV, and that he finances all of our equipment. I went on and on. I even made up a story about our balloon, while on an illegal night-time flight running out of gas got caught on a skyscraper in Las Vegas. I said we hung by the deflated balloon material for 14 hours until we could be rescued by helicopter. They were buying it all so I asked them if they heard about it on the news. I told them that I did six months in the Nevada state correctional facility for operating a hot air balloon in the city limits at night. You should have seen their faces. They were laughing until they were crying.

Where was the wrong in this? I had fun. My date had fun, and the couple sitting next to us could not have been more thrilled to have met us. Imagine how boring this evening would have been for everyone if I were like many people who are categorically opposed to lying on principal.

Lying is not always the best method. I would be remiss not to say it lying is wrong  in any case where someone else will end up paying for your deeds or actions. Lying is wrong when it jams someone else up. I should also say that I personally have never and will never lie to make a story more interesting. If I say something happened than you can be sure that it did. There are times when lying is not wrong and there are times when lying to people is wrong. It is up to you to do what you can live with.

I am Tom Nardone and you are welcome.


The Tom Nardone Show Page

89. ADHD Shopping Blunders
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 11.15Mb)


Tom & Yvonne why Yvonne has forbidden him from accompanying her to the grocery store, much to Tom’s approval. They discuss the foolish things they buy and the challenges they face when buying them. This is a hysterically funny show.


The Tom Nardone Show Page

90. ADHD People | I Don't Want What Others Want!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 21.17Mb)


Because of the way ADHD Adults live our lives, there are certain things we simply do not need or want. Yvonne Goes through her little list for me asking me to explain some of them to her. 

Special thanks to ADHD Coach and ADHD Podcaster Jeff Copper for the bumper intro. 

91. ADHD People | Lazy People, We Do Pave the Way!!!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/adhd... download (audio/mpeg, 21.05Mb)



ADHD and Lazy People

On ADHD People, Tom and Yvonne Nardone discus how Tom thinks it’s totally awesome to be lazy and believes it’s a perfectly acceptable way to live. Yvonne argues that it’s just a symptom of being ADHD and that laziness should be resisted. Listen to this ADHD couple banter about being lazy verses being productive in a humorous way.

92. ADHD People | Hell has Re-Located. Summer is Coming
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Yard work is a bitch. I really don’t understand why people care so much about their yard. There is nothing about yard work that I find fun, interesting or rewarding. As it happens I have a very nice yard. My wife works hard and has worked hard to make it so. Yes, yes I help her. I have sent my step-son out there many times to cut the grass or clean up, or do the things that his mother might need help with, after all I am a man.

Here are the problems I have with yard work. The sun is out, beating the hell out of the earth and everything on it. It is 98 degrees, suffocating humidity, and as miserable as a dental appointment. Also, the bees (which I consider to be tantamount to a flying hypodermic needle), and the mosquitoes and all the other bugs are out there flying around scaring the shit out of me laughing as they do it; knowing that at any moment they can sting me and cause me to go running into the house like a little girl.

Whenever there are flying insects, well, here come the spiders and the birds. You never know where the spiders are. You have to watch and inspect anywhere that you might want to put your hand. I know people say the birds are good because they eat the insects. Two things on that; one, they don’t eat nearly enough of them, and two when they are finished they just shit them all over my fence. I am supposed to go outside and clean my own fence that the birds shit all over, as if I work at the fucking zoo.

On a more personal note, I have a deathly fear of snakes. I don’t often see them but I believe, and know that they are out there. I don’t know which ones are safe or which ones are dangerous, so I err on the side of safety and treat them all as poisonous. People tell me that black snakes are good because they eat poisonous snakes. Is that supposed to make me feel better? I am not Steve Irwin. I don’t have the ability to identify snakes. If one comes near me, I scream, run inside, and then take a shower and throw my pants in the garbage can after wrapping them in a plastic bag.

Yard work poses a threat to my safety. I don’t even enter my backyard without doing a thorough search for nature’s predators. I literally crouch down and slowly walk as if I were sneaking up on someone. Getting bitten by a snake, or a spider is too great a cost for having a nice yard. The coolest thing we ever did to our yard was when we had 25×25 foot concrete slab poured in the backyard. That is a guaranteed 625 square feet of maintenance free real estate. It is the part of my yard I am most proud of. It is the only part of my backyard that I feel safe on.

If you think about it, people spend relatively little time in their yard. I mean besides the time spent doing yard work. Most of the time, people are indoors. They don’t even see their yard that much.

My wife told me one time as I was leaving to got to work, “Hey Tom I am ordering ten yards of mulch today, It will be on the driveway when you get home. Can you help me get it to the backyard?” I said of “course dear.” I did not know what ten yards of mulch was I figured I would help her for an hour or so and then just start my weekend off. When I got home that afternoon, I could not believe what I saw when I pulled into the driveway. I parked my car next to this steaming pile of disappointments, and got out to have a closer look. I remember thinking “Why does my wife hate me this much?” Yvonne usually gets this much mulch every year, and she refers to it as “Mulch Madness”.

Big Giant Pile of Disappointment

I will however say that I do understand the idea of a vegetable garden. I just think that it is not worth it. I realize that there is some satisfaction in knowing that you grew something and now it is on your dinner table. I also know that it is a lot of work having a garden. I just don’t think I could take the disappointment of working that hard knowing that I had worked my ass off in the heat, and at great personal risk, only to have the very work that I have done, sustain life to those little bastards.

Most people take a more offensive approach to yard work. I see them every day spraying for bugs or treating their yard. They declare war on the bugs and pests of the outdoors. I don’t have the energy to declare war on them. I just simply pull out my white flag of apathy and proudly wave it as I give up. I would just surrender my whole yard to them. To me, that is the only way to win. Besides even if I killed all the bugs, and all the weeds, and my yard just looked so good that it could be featured in magazines all over the country, there is still the core problem that would prevent me from working in my yard. I just don’t give a shit!

I am Tom Nardone, and you are welcome.

93. ADHD People - Yvonne Nardone, The Rain on Tom's Parade
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ADHD Couple Tom & Yvonne Nardone discuss some of the things Yvonne will not allow Tom to buy or own for various reasons. Tom defends himself and the reasons for which he feels he is entitled to such things. Tom believes many of them to be complete bullshit. Also in a unique twist, Yvonne performs in her debut performance on the accordion.

94. ADHD - Most Embarrassing Moments
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Tom & Yvonne Discuss the things in there lives which have brought them their most embarrassing moments.

95. ADHD or just an @##-Hole
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One characteristic of ADHD People is Irritability. This is my biggest struggle. I am impatient and I have said before the trouble with the earth is its inhabitants. It is usually strangers who give me the most aggravation. They are completely unaware what is going through my mind. When I see their buffoonery in the way that they drive their cars or complain about shit out loud, I have nothing but contempt for them and the air they breathe. I feel as a hostage when I am not able to get away from them. I believe that is my ADHD and while medication keeps it at bay, it is still difficult for me and many ADHD people to just blow off and dismiss.


Perhaps many of these people are ADHD. Does that matter while I am being aggravated? 

96. ADHD / ADD | The ADHD Kitchen, Where Trouble is Always Cooking
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ADHD / ADD | The ADHD Kitchen, Where Trouble is Always Cooking

In an ADHD household the kitchen is always a source of trouble. Whether it is the cooking the cleaning or the things that break and cause us to have to make unplanned trips off the couch. Yvonne and I in what will likely be a many part series will focus on the food and food preparation issues that plague ADHD households.
In a world that makes no sense to me but perfect sense to her is the source of this broadcast. I do not believe we made any progress but that is not the nature of what we do here at the Tom Nardone Show. We are here to celebrate our differences and prove to the world that in a happy marriage (particularly an ADHD marriage) the Kitchen is not a battle worth fighting.
I am Tom Nardone, and You are welcome.

(If you would like to get in touch with us)












97. ADHDADD | The Would You Rather Game
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What dose this have to do with
ADHD? I am Tom Nardone and I am ADHD! That is what it has to do with ADHD. My wife and I decided to play one of our favorite games this week. We call it what I guess everyone else who plays it calls it. Would you rather. I think it was funny so it became episode 5. Enjoy. Just a fun show nothing ground breaking.

98. ADHD / ADD | A New Years Resolution Battle Royale
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It is common for ADHD people to make new years resolutions for them selves. Yvonne have  made new years resolutions but not for ourselves. I made Yvonnes resolutions and she made mine. We revealed them to each other on the show.

This is one of two pilot shows we released early on. So please enjoy the ADHD couples New Years Resolution Battle Royale.

99. ADHD / ADD Dating Disasters
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ADHD Dating Disasters

We have all been on them and the stories while not pretty are hilarious. I could never seem to get a date and stopped asking girls out. I turned to dating services where I could meet other women who could not get a date. I have dated some real losers and even met the woman who I now refer to as my evil ex--wife

Yvonne talks about her blind dates because she too is ADHD. Yvonne found it difficult to get someone to ask her out.

We invite you to learn about why dating sucks and the people who made them suck. Hear about Yvonne’s worst blind date ever who she calls switch-blade Eddie. It is a potpourri of ADHD dating chaos.


I am Tom Nardone and you are welcome.

100. ADHD / ADD Tom Nardone's "Theory of Pants"
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This is our very first Podcast so please forgive the sound I assure you it is entertaining. I thought it would be fitting since this was the first podcast because it was also the first Blog post I have ever written

Whether or not we are ADHD, mostt of us don’t have the luxury of living our lives on our laptops, being accountable only to our followers. We have to get up and leave the house. We have to go to our jobs, therefore, we have to be around people. What that means, hygienically speaking, is that we have to be clean.

This is where my wife, Yvonne likes to butt heads with me and attempt to sway me in my unmovable, inflexible, unyielding, sound, well thought-out, and rigidly held theory about the pants I wear. My theory is as follows:

A pair of pants can go several days, even weeks, yes weeks, plural, before needing to be put in the washer machine. I know many of you are making a face. You are cringing, and/or twitching at the thought of this. You would never consider this as an option, but I would ask that you at least give me a chance to explain to you people why you are all wrong.

The human body simply does not treat a pair of pants in the same fashion that it does other articles of clothing. 

Whether or not ADHD is a factor in this or not, I couldnt tell you for sure. I have found in the ADHD circles I am involved with, Most of the people tend to agree 100% or disagree 100%. There is seemingly no middle ground.

101. ADHD /ADD | Meet Tom & Yvonne Nardone
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Greetings ADHD People. I am Tom Nardone and I am pleased to bring you up to date on a couple of things. My wife Yvonne and I have been working hard over the past month, and I am now pleased to officially announce “OUR” (ughhh) new Podcast’ on its own website.

 As many of you know we have already released 2 pilot episodes earlier this year and we were appreciative of the response  we got from so many of you.

We will be discussing the things that many ADHD couples discuss only we will be doing it on the show. Yvonne will disagree with me a lot because apparently she likes to argue. I will of course be all to willing to explain to her why she is wrong. We will speak about throwing food into the woods, letting the laundry pile up , and even the wearing of pajamas out in public. I am actually trying to convince Yvonne to do a show in a public store while we wear our pajamas.

 We will have interesting guests who will not be permitted to discuss brain scans, types of diagnoses, medical theories, medication, ways to become more efficient, or most words beginning with the prefix, “neuro”. We support, appreciate and understand the value of all of this, but it is simply just not the function of our show.

We are a real ADHD couple who really have ADHD and while we hope this show may somehow help you, its purpose is to entertain you and help you understand that you are not alone and having ADHD does not have to be a guaranteed miserable existence. I love ADHD people and it has been and remains my privilege to address so many of you. I am so excited to be able to communicate with you in this way. Please dont worry. Tom Nardone is still Tom Nardone.

I had to learn all about Pod-casting in a very short period of time and put a studio together. It looks a lot like my man-cave but with a bunch more equipment in it. If you look carefully you might be able to spot some of it a midst the debris.

Thank You Justine Ruotolo(Miss ADD), Jeff CopperEric Tivers, and Kim Trumbo. You have all inspired us to do this and without you believing in us first, it never would have happened.

Below you can listen to episodes one and two. Early this week we will be releasing episodes 0,1 and 2. We hope to release two shows a week for the next 8 weeks. I know it is an exciting time to be a live and to have ADHD.

The Tom Nardone Show is coming soon. ADHD is about to get a lot more fun.