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Podcast title Job Optional Podcast with Jenae Nicole
Website URL http://www.JenaeNicole.com
Description The Job Optional Podcast is created for Women of Color who are inspired to start a Small Business on the side of their current 9 to 5 grind. If you have a vision to use your passion to create a profitable Side Hustle, that will give you the Freedom to live Job Optional. Each weekly episode will share actionable steps, key resources and powerful advice to inspire and motivate you and your business to success!
Updated Fri, 13 Sep 2019 11:35:35 +0000
Image Job Optional Podcast with Jenae Nicole
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1. 035 Goals Setting for Success
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 10.94Mb)


Happy Birthday Trish Ann aka Mommy!

 Last week we got clear on why we are doing this, so with that in mind, our focused goal is in place.

 I covered creating SMART goals on the blog last week if you need more detailed help with goal setting check out that blog post.

Vision set , goals established , re affirmed the goal and vision with these answers and are super clear on why.

We take our 2 goals and Break them down into monthly objectives. 

Each month gets a clear focused assignment, for example, this month we are focused on Goals next month will be Planning and so on.

All of this is to help us create our master plan for implementation next year. 

The destination is far easier to reach with a roadmap and plan in place. 

Specific -Measurable -Actionable- Realistic- Timely

 Without a clear goal, we are not going to be very effective in our business because we will lack a central focus. 

Make sure the goal that scares you a little. Stretch yourself to reach further.

 Next episode we will begin creating the plan to help up reach these goals.



 Smart goals

2. 034: Clear Goals Start With WHY
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 14.18Mb)


Our WHY is now coming into play, this is going to give our GOALS  direction


We should have two main goals at all times.  

An overarching ultimate goal and the current year goal.

This may sound counterproductive at first like chasing two rabbits end with none.

But in this case these two are mutually beneficial yin and yang


A simple example is a blog and a blog post you have the main carrier the blog but it’s the blog post that makes it viable you can't have one without the other both are necessary for the other.


Everything  you do moving forward needs to lead to both of these goals.


What is that you really want? Be honest with yourself. This is your chance to create exactly the type of lifestyle.


I wanted to be a hair stylist until I realized that was not the life I really wanted.

A business that is solely dependent on my singular abilities, plus crazy hours and crazier client expectations! No thank you.


Why is it important to you?  Keeps you up at night.


Why is it important to the person you want to serve?


This is important because these answers are going to drive our decisions with the goals and objectives we set in our strategic planning exercise.




3. 033 Clarity with Mind Maps
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 11.40Mb)


The last episode we did a brain dump and let our imagination run wild to get the vision piece out of our heads.

Now that We have the vision, let's get clear and put these thoughts and ideas into Order that make sense.

Mind mapping is basically a visual tool to help structure your thoughts into Logical next steps using drawings and words.

For a visual example of what this looks like just google mind mapping and look at images results.

Not the creative type like me then you can use outline type of format or my favorite colorful post-it notes to create a cohesive framework for our detailed strategic plan for the year. However you decide to create your framework make sure that everything Leads to one main focused idea, goal number one so to speak. Mentions International Podcast Day

However you decide to create your framework make sure that everything Leads to one main focused idea, goal number one so to speak.



International Podcast Day

4. 032: Creating Vision for Strategic Business Plan
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 14.01Mb)


Side Hustle month we're talking all things side hustle and starting at the beginning.

Vision and Mission are the topic on the show this month.

September begins the fourth quarter of the year, and I want us to go into the new year with a clear vision goal and plan.

With us being at the beginning of football season, like I tell hubby in the 4th quarter plenty of games have been won and lost.

Not just getting started that's ok too every year we need to reboot so to speak and still have a fresh plan for the year just the same.

Get a piece of paper and pen, get in a quiet space and just imagine what you would like the next year to look like.

That's it it may seem simple but quieting our minds and just focusing only on the end results can be a challenge... especially if you have kids or husbands lol!

stay there until you have the vision write down only points to remember with no limits. We tend to have what I call a "Dream Ceiling" it's possible for someone like Oprah… remember she wasn’t always "O", so why not for us?

Vision is from God, limits come from us.

"Anything a man imagines in his mind to do he can do it" -Napoleon Hill

Visioning what we want to see in our business in the next year is complete,
then we move into
Creating a tangible vision board that we narrow down our focused goals to accomplish.
Preferably using actual paper and supplies but if not you can use Pinterest, Just try and stay focused on the task at hand as Pinterest can lead down the rabbbit trail of lost goals.

While creating your vision board ,think about ways to diversify our income by things you are already doing and include these ideas.

5. 031: Are you a Broke Entrepreneur or just Broken?
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 10.03Mb)


While reading an email from Michelle Talbert from Her Power Hustle with the question is your target audience broke?

Made me think about my own "broken" mentality of Being cheap and over protective is holding me back.

Broken in your mindset of lack. We buy what we want to buy. We find resources for what we want.

I truly believe what you think about you bring about and what we say is what we see.

Don’t give everything away. This is a business folks ain't gonna ask Chanel to take 20 dollars off them bags. Be mindful of this while pricing your products


Michelle Talbert

Her Power Hustle

6. 030: The Power of Story
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 16.07Mb)


Listening to Lisa Nichols talk about the  Story we will leave and the inspiration I got from it.

7. 029: The Feast and Famine of Entrepreneurship
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 12.85Mb)


Being young and idealistic can make you shoot for the moon, without even a dirty mattress to catch you.
At least that's my story of early failure or as we tried and true Entrepreneurs say... lessons.

There are no failures only a lesson on what not to do the next time!

On today's show I share how a false sense of security shook me in my 1st attempt at launching a Business.

How using your Side Hustle as a Launching Pad to financially support you in the early transition.

Never begrudge small beginnings in business or life.

Don’t let somebody else's journey make you try to follow suit. Their journey is theirs you have your own path to follow.

Dale Partridge podcast Startup Camp : How to grow an online business with Amy Porterfield



@jjenaeni or @jobopt Twitter

Job Optional Podcast page Facebook

8. Reality of Racism in America
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 20.81Mb)


Race and Racism in America is such a hot bed topic and it is getting harder everyday to see yet another sad case of brutality and injustice.

This episode I share my heart with you in hopes that we can begin to heal our deep seated wounds and shed this issue of racism.

As a global community it is our responsibility to leave this world better than we got it.

9. 027: Stand Out from the Crowd
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 16.97Mb)


There was a great analogy about being your Authentic self in Business on an episode of Podcasts sessions by Podcast Movement 15. It spoke about what is your "est"?

Like Garyvee is the crazi'est' and
Ellen Degeneres is the funni'est'.

You Differentiate yourself from the market with what makes you special.

Is it your wit, sweetness, Whatever it is it's in Your DNA. Your unique fingerprint so to speak.

When u don’t use your individuality you become Cookie cutter and add to the noise.


Podcast sessions
Podcast movement

10. 026: Dreaming is key to Business Success
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 31.87Mb)


You must have a dream to first to be able to see it become a reality.

In today's show Jenae will share some personal struggle and how to stay focused in the midst of adversity.

The reasons why you need to keep a clear focus on the dream and what is really important to have it become a success.

Also, how Entrepreneurs deal with the blessing and curse of having the gift of Vision to see possibilities.

"Discipline becomes dormant in the absence of a dream" Rory Vaden

Can't walk where you can't see and being an Entrepreneur is Hard.

Not wanting to work for somebody else is not a good reason to start a business because ultimately your customer is your new "Boss".


Thee dream must be top of mind or priority otherwise we loose clarity and focus which leads to the dreaded shiny ball syndrome.

As they say you can't chase two rabbits... well you can but not to any success.


 Hope  deferred Makes the heart sick but when the desire comes it is the tree of life. Prov. 13



Gary vee



11. 025: Create or Consume
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 9.87Mb)


Are you creating a legacy or busy stuffing yourself on consuming more than is necessary?


Getting fat on the meat of the land.


Today Jenae is talking about how to use Just in time learning to

FOCUS only on what is applicable to you and your business at the stage you are in right now!


When we are stuffing ourselves with information it only Leads to overwhelm and stagnation in our Business.


Information with no application is useless.



12. 024: Radio is Dead
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 24.96Mb)


In this episode Jenae shares her case for why Terrestrial Radio is officially the "Walking Dead".


With today's microwave society, nobody wants to listen to a million commercials and wait forever hoping the song they wanna hear actually gets played.


Besides, why not use the valuable time while commuting and doing mundane task becoming a better (insert hobby, passion, interest here).

Yeah, I pick that.


13. 023: Power of the Paycheck
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 14.99Mb)


Perspective matters

When you begin to look at your day job as your first investor in your dream business you have a new perspective on it.

Don’t begrudge humble beginnings

I personally am not built to jump ship with no lifeline, I am more productive having the "stable income" as I build on the side.

Done it hated it - so focused on income I never could build.
It was paralyzing to me, but some folk can and need to burn the boats to really see it through and they thrive in that sink or swim atmosphere.

Baby chicks or Eaglets need their wings to develop before they can fly and leaving the nest.

Horses walk almost immediately and if they don’t there is a problem

My tribe are chicks and that’s okay.

Everything is not for everybody!
Know your truth.


14. 022: We are ALL Marketers
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 15.09Mb)


Whether you're trying to get a Man, land a dream Job or secure a client contract, it's ALL Marketing!


In Today's episode we talk about…

 Being Authentic in our Marketing

Why the next new thing is not necessarily the best for you and your audience

Video Marketing is not for everybody specifically Livestreaming


Michael Stelzner

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Marketing World Conference

Podcast Movement


15. 021: Mastermind & Shine
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 12.85Mb)


In Today's episode Jenae Nicole talks about how elevating someone else's shine will not dim your own, but enhance it.

- Why you should be first in line to support your friends Hustle

- How Diamonds sparkle best in groups

- Why a Mastermind can be what seperate you from the rest

#We AllWin Michelle Talbert


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16. 020: 6 Months & 10 lessons
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 15.79Mb)


My top 10 lessons learned from my first 6 months podcasting.

1. Save file before you say your first word
2. Just start already
3. Be your own truth, it'll show
4. Invest in your project
5. The real work begins after New and Noteworthy
6. It's not about you
7. Be proud of your lil show and tell everybody
8. Notice others shine
9. Implement fast
10. Don’t give up


17. Don't be a Cheapskate
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 17.43Mb)


Why being a cheap Bast$@# is keeping you from progress with your Business.

The how and why to getting and accepting help with your Entrepreneurial journey.

Closed hands dont get fed,

Stop trying to be a Superhero, take advantage of your resources.

http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 17.40Mb)


Like the great Entrepreneur on Fire John Lee Dumas we are going to FOCUS - Follow One Course Until Success and finish 2015 strong.
In this episode we talk about not getting distracted, Business ADD and what to do with all those million dollar ideas.
Appreciating the journey and accepting shortcomings.

19. 017: Business Cornerstone
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 16.08Mb)


I want to take a step back and make sure that we get the Cornerstone of our Business right.

Think about this Cornerstone. Now days you see them as decorative or commemorative parts of a building but the roots of the Cornerstone was to be the first stone laid in the foundation of a building, which determined the placement of each subsequent stone.

I want us to make sure that our Cornerstone is set in the optimal place so that once we have made it to completion our footing is sure. So before we pick a niche, a name, a WordPress Theme we will check the condition of our heart and set it toward gratitude with humility and unselfish love.

These ideas are indeed Biblical, Ephesians 4:1-2 exactly. I can guarantee if you align your most audacious goals with these core principals we will not waver when a price you never imagined comes with a price you  can never repay.






20. 016: Protect Your Brand
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 24.63Mb)



I share the steps you need to take today to protect your Brand.

By securing your Digital Real Estate including your

Website and Social Media profiles.

In  today's episode you will Learn why you need to install security immediately for your website, and how your email can be the  gateway or  backdoor into your defense system.


Why even though there have been over a thousand attempts to hack into my website, over the last two weeks, I am not freaking out.


How a simple hashtag search revealed Hijacked pictures of my Logo and how your Girl handled it with grace.




Last pass

Social Media Examiner

The doux





21. 015: Worth the Investment?
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 15.82Mb)


In this Entrepreneurial Journey you will be required to Invest Time, Energy, Resources and definitely Money.

Are you prepared to make the Investment ?




22. 014: Influence and Impact
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 22.32Mb)


In this episode Jenae shares some ah-ha moments she was wowed by while watching Michael Hyatt's Influence and Impact Summit.

The Summit features many of the top Entrepreneurs, Speakers and Digital Marketing experts in the field.


This awesome online conference is available free until October 15, 2015. The link below will get you access until then.

If you miss it, the videos will be available on Platform University only (paid program).



Influence and Impact Summit


Fawn Weaver


Rory Vaden


Twitter: @jjenaeni or @jobopt

Facebook: Job Optional Podcast

23. 013: Overworked & Underwhelmed
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 14.41Mb)


            Not only do we have the same business goals and objectives as well as home and family obligations we have a full time job that is a monster in and of itself to manage our time with.


And yes we chose this life and we can quit and throw in the towel at any moment if we want, but not us girls because we are World Changers and we never quit!


I know getting started with your Side Hustle has not been easy we feel overworked

 With our ever growing to do list - website, networking, social media, content, products or services, clients, etc.


Underwhelmed with results so far, not seeing the amazing results some of your Entrepreneurial friends? 


Your gift is for you; you were hand-picked for this mission, only you have the gifts, skills and talent to finish it.


But I digress this morning as my Pastor  was speaking about the Time we have here being a gift with an expiration date; being accountable with how we spend it.


So let that sink in them 2 bombs he dropped, we all know our time here will end for certain no one here is invincible and will live forever as much as the movies are selling that dream these days. As far as we know (side eye).


But he made such an impact on me today with saying we have time for what we want with the analogy of if you got free ticket to your favorite xyz you would find the time right oh all of a sudden a gap opened up in your calendar :)


 For every yes we say, there is a no to something else, let’s just make sure we value our Relationships and don’t miss out on what’s really important.


App I use for email sanity is called Unroll.me.  Check it out, I promise you’ll thank me later. Also it’s FREE!



Email me, I wanna know what you're working on. info@jenaenicole.com

24. 012: Fab 5 Favorite Apps
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 16.75Mb)


Awesome Apps for Social Media

Awesome Apps for Social Media that I use daily to keep me on top of my Social Media game.


Buffer- Content Curation scheduler: This app keeps me from doing social media all day every day, working smart and not hard by taking already created content that I find useful for my business and sharing it at specified times throughout the week.

· Feedly- Content Curator: Up to date Content from blogs that I love, that is laid out in a cool magazine style format.

· IFTTT: This tool is awesome for automatically doing some of those repetitive tasks.

· Word Swag: Create pretty Graphic quotes super simple and free with optional upgrade

· Groups: Wonderful Facebook group management that help me stay active and know what is happening within all the groups I am active in.


JenaeNicole.com for show notes

Job Optional Podcast on Facebook

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25. 011: Getting Started with Facebook Fan Pages
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 21.57Mb)


What is a Facebook Fan Page and why do you need one? A Fan Page is a page you can create for free on Facebook to promote your business or Passion Project.

The benefit of having a Fan Page on Facebook verses promoting yourself on the regular news feed is so you don't spam your friends with information that may not interest them. It also lends credibility to your business. A fan Page is a good starting option for folks just starting up a new business especially if its a "trial" project to see what kind of interest is out there for the business model.

In today's episode we cover the best practices to do when getting started with using Facebook Fan Pages, as well as some really common mistakes to avoid.

Key Takeaways

To Do's

Link your Website

Content is super important

Add Value

Post lots of pictures and video. live streaming services like Periscope and Blab make it super easy to utilize video on your page.

Add a CTA "Call to Action" button on your page. It can be anything you want your Tribe to do, such as sign up for your email list or subscribe to your Podcast.

No No's to Avoid

Do not SPAM your friends with your Fan Page. Yes, the Fan Page is for boosting your business, but be mindful not to only post "buy my xyz product/service".

Do NOT auto subscribe your friends to your page. send them an invitation to like your page once it's set up.

Do not post negative comments or go on a rant.

Post helpful content for your peeps on a regular basis.


[Tweet ""Become a Person of Value ""]

Book of the Day

The Book on Facebook Marketing: To help you set your business and life on fire by Nick Unsworth & Valerie Shoopman

Business Resources

Pinterest - link it to your  Facebook Fan Page
Feedly - for content curation
Buffer App - pre schedule your content posts
Hootsuite - pre schedule your content posts
Ifttt - recipes to do tasks automatically


@JobOpt on Twitter
The Job Optional Podcast on Facebook

26. 010: Side Hustle Website Creation Tips and Resources
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 18.79Mb)



There is no excuse in 2015 to not have a Website for your Business, with so many options available from free to paid, even everything done for you. I share my personal recommendations for Website Domain Name services to Web Hosting. Most importantly you will learn what to avoid and get awesome resources to get you started with your Website.


Domain Name Services:





Hosting options:

Free Website options for beginners that are not committed to their biz idea.

·         Wordpress.com

·         Wix.com


Paid Hosting:

·         Wordpress.org

·         Hostgator.com

·         GoDaddy.com

·         BlueHost.com




·         Podcastwebsites.com- All in one done for you option

·         www.2createawebsite.com

·         www.websitepalace.com





27. 009: Elevate Your Vision
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 19.24Mb)



Today’s show we will learn to Quit thinking small when it comes to the Vision we have

For our Passion Project. To become a Success at anything we do in life it will require us

To see things from a different perspective. It’s time to go to another level and we can’t get there

With the thinking that got us to now. We have to expand what is possible in our Entrepreneurial

Journey even to ourselves sometimes.  




What is a Mastermind and how will help you…


·         See the forest from the trees

·         Get different points of view

·         Get and give support



Elevating Mindset


·         Everyone is not wired to be a boss somebody gotta be a worker

·         Some people don’t have a reference of more

·         Can’t go where you can’t see.


Expand your Territory EXPECT MORE


·         Be mindful of your vision

·         You are a World Changer

·         From the ground you can’t see what’s happening down the road but from above you can see everything

·         Too close to see the reality of the situation

·         Put an expectation bigger that you can ever imagine


Everyone will not see your vision


·         You will have dream thieves

·         The reality of the situation, doesn’t negate the possibility

·         Never let anyone crush your dream

·         God puts everything you need for you to be successful with the vision


What’s your Vision Share it!



Go to JenaeNicole.com for the show notes and resources.

28. 008: Building Relationships for Successful Business
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 20.89Mb)


Todays show is all about helping you build relationships that are the foundation of a strong business. 


Quotable:  Your net worth is directly proportional to your network



5 points on Relationship Building 



 1. Foster current relationships 


· Appreciate current customers, friends and family that have your back!

· Don’t get too comfortable; business is Business

·  keep it professional, with the highest level of customer service



   2.   Be Present on Social Media


· Be consistent

· Be present : actively listening to your audience

· Be Relevant  to the conversation 

· Be Helpful; if you're not adding value just keep quite


 3. Get out and meet folks


• Build relationship within your community

• Meetups are a great source of networking

• Physical personal contact is endearing


  4. Engage with your Tribe


• Build your email list and nurture those relationships 

• Email is highly underused by most of our small business'

• Be consistent but not SPAMMY

• Don’t just contact folks when you have a sale.


 5. Take advantage of groups


•  Join Groups with your target audience 

•  Set up a FB Group

• Start a Twitter Chat with your peeps

• Participate in Google Hangouts 



Thank you so much for being an Sista on a Mission!, please don’t forget to leave me a review in iTunes.


29. 007: Podcast Movement 15 key Takeaways
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 40.89Mb)


What I learned from the best at Podcast Movement 2015


I am still reeling from information overload almost a month after Podcast Movement '15! 

The organizers did such an awesome job with bringing some of the best in the industry to impart massive Epic content to us.

 I and everyone I connected with at the conference and online afterwards have concurred that this is definitely the one you need to attend.

 Lord willing, I will definitely be in Chicago next year. I encourage you to buy the Virtual ticket and get what you can and make sure you don't miss out next year. 

Before you go though make sure and take my Conference  tips to help you be prepared.


Key Takeaways

PAT FLYNN: The Real Podcasting Struggle: You vs. You


We all keep this one Hater with us. Ourselves. Associate with the right people, Power of the whole is greater than the single Fear is a good indicator of what you should be doing; Transform by creating impossible goals. Its not about you, it's who is on the other side



ROMAN MARS: Designing a Career in Podcasting 


Telling the right story can change the feeling or perspective Quality is the best Business strategy Make as many good things happen as possible If you can save the World time you're doing god's work :) Own your work


LOU MONGELLO: 10 Questions


Success is measure by levels of happiness not money Be the book you want to read I don't have competition It's about real connections Legacy is not just money You don't know how you are going to affect somebody's life The only failure is quitting There's a fine line between brilliance and utter stupidity


AISHA TYLER: No Apologies: Creating Authenticity by Embracing Risk


Passion is the only ingredient Be relentless Don't be afraid to pivot: quitting is not failing if you don't enjoy it anymore. Listen and do your best work It's not how hard you hit, its how hard you can get hit and get up.


JOHN LEE DUMAS: Deconstructing Podcasting Success: Real life stories of failure turned into freedom


If you want to be; Do. What's your courage story? Share it. You want to be successful you have to be Consistent Invest. Learn. Teach


Book of the Day

The War of Art:  Steven Pressfield


Business Resources







Omni Hotel Fort Worth Texas

Sistah Speak Podcast - Game of Thrones

Podcast Movement 15 Virtual Ticket

Podcast Movement 2016


Job Optional Community facebook

Subscribe on iTunes

30. 006: Name It and Claim It
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 14.37Mb)

Description:  Name it and Claim it - Securing your Social Real Estate

So have you noticed most Brands these days have a certain look and feel to all of their Marketing material including their Social Media channels. Well Ladies, this is one area most big brands are on point with.

This is a great way to solidify your brand as well as keeping it simple for your target to find you across any social platform. Take my word for it,  these tips will help you keep your sanity once you get more involved with  your social media content.

I mention a great tool in this episode to help you lock down a name that will compliment your brand or verify your actual Business name is available still across most Social Media sites currently operating.

QuoteSpiration [Tweet ""Will you just pick out a nice sensible name for me - something not too long, not too fancy, and not too dumb?" ~ E.B White, Charlotte's Web, p182 @jobopt"] Key Take aways Cohesive name across all platforms Own your Domain name Secure top 3-4 social media platforms Be clear naming your Business not just clever


Book of the Day

Authority Positioning: How to become the leader in your niche by Leonardo Habegger

  Business Resources Godaddy.com Namecheckr.com Wix Blogger


Links  @JobOpt Job Optional Community facebook Subscribe on iTunes

31. 005: Find Your Niche
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 24.15Mb)


Finding your Niche and walking out your Purpose!


I'm sure, you have a million and one ideas and people you want to help.


I am super amped about helping black business succeed.  Period.


 But that is way too broad to tackle.


 Okay more specific, black women who are stuck in the idea zone, who have a passion (ok lots of passions :) just not sure what to do next.


 Bingo! You’re my girl.


Riches in the Niches


We have all probably heard this or some version of it. Unless you are Walmart it doesn’t profit us to try to be everything for everybody.


Step one

 Decide on one person you want to help


What are they struggling with that you know how to fix, cope, educate …


Step two


 How can you best help them?




> Coach/ Mentor


> Inspiration




Step three-


What is the best way to communicate the help?


 > Blogging


> Videos


> Service Based


 > Podcast



Key Takeaways


 Don’t you think you have 2 hours a week to devote to your own Legacy?


 Make a date with yourself to focus solely on what you want to see this business look like.


Take the first step.





32. 004: Conference Tips
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 23.62Mb)



"There are no secrets to success, it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from ." ~ Colin Powell



My key takeaways on how to prepare for your first conference


How to be prepared to get the most from your first conference. From planning to attending the conference great tips on what to be aware of when at you first conference.



The Job Optional Podcast on facebook  @JobOpt on Twitter

            Top Ten Tips


Take a backup battery Eat a good breakfast Wear comfy shoes or bring backups Business cards are not dead Plan your schedule Invest in a good camera Go early and Network Be camera ready  Prepare a question to ask each presenter popular sessions fill up fast, get a seat early





JenaeNicole.com for show notes Social Media day SFl Podcast Movement Conference 5 four digital Please subscribe, rate and review in iTunes




33. 003: Essential Plan for your Small Business
http://joboptional.libsyn.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 14.41Mb)


How an epic failure taught me to plan first and take action later. The five key areas to set up a clear plan that will guide your side hustle into a thriving business.


  Essential Plan for your Small Business 

Each business venture I tried on my entrepreneurial journey failed.

Why?  because I missed this most basic step, plan first then take massive action. Make sure you prepare your small business

for a winning start with these top tips.

Key Take aways PLAN then ACT A goal without a plan is a dream 5 key areas to plan (Content, Brand, Marketing, Financials, Launch) Keep it super simple QuoteSpiration "Failing to plan is Planning to FAIL" Book of the Day The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki Business Resources Square: for credit card payments Links  JenaeNicole.com @JobOpt The Job Optional Podcast

34. Can I get a hook up?
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How to deal with Clients who are constantly trying to get a "hook up". 

35. Introduction: Why Job Optional?
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Introducing the Job Optional Podcast and Host Jenae Nicole. Sharing why, Job Optional and what you can expect from the Podcast 

36. Just Start
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The steps you need to get started with your Side hustle and why you need to start now!


[Tweet "" Don't ask God to order your steps, if you are not willing to move your feet."Jenae @JobOpt #sidehustle"]

Key Take aways

Be clear to yourself on why you want this business You already have what you need to be successful Die Empty Take imperfect action, do the work and reap the rewards.

Book of the Day

Crush It!: WHY NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion by: Gary Vaynerchuk