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Podcast title BraveheartUncut
Website URL http://BraveheartUncut.com
Description Hi, my name is Jessica and welcome to my Storytime-Style Podcast channel!!!!!!! Everyone loves a good story, but it's much better when it's told in detail and kissed with biblical influence!!!! Thanks for listening, and Please dont forget to hit the subscribe button to my podcast and follow me!!! You dont want to miss any future UNCUT episodes!! :)Have a beautiful day!!
Updated Tue, 28 Mar 2017 00:51:09 +0000
Image BraveheartUncut
Category Society & Culture

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1. 3. StoryTime #1 - Did I Use Love? Part #1 - February 26th 2016
https://soundcloud.com/bravehe... download (audio/mpeg, 11.56Mb)

Description: When we go out of the way to show love, we should check to make sure that it measures up to God's definition of love. The world’s definition of love is selfish and self serving. It only cares about what oneself can get, what it can achieve for itself,a and how to get itself ahead of others. That's a really flawed and messed up definition of what is supposed to be love, isn't it? Thankfully, God’s love is pure, raw and unapologetic and most of all forgiving. The very essence of 1 Corinthians 13:4 through 7 gives the true definition of love. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A very warm welcome and shout-out goes to www.bensound.com for the beautiful background music in this track. Thank you!!

2. 1. Voices (An Inspirational Call To Humanity) - February 14th 2016
https://soundcloud.com/bravehe... download (audio/mpeg, 1.12Mb)

Description: This is my humble introduction to the the world through pod-casting. I am on a mission to change the way people think, speak and understand one episode at a time. If you plan to listen, I want to thank you in advance for spending your precious time with me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A very warm welcome and shout-out goes to https://www.bensound.com for the beautiful background music in this track. Thank you!!