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Podcast title The Rowdy Chatter Podcast
Website URL http://therowdychatterpodcasts...
Description Discussing current events, sports, and everything else. Anything that comes to mind is going to get over analyzed and blown out of proportion. The blog will have postings hopefully twice a week or whenever I feel like ranting about something ridiculous. The Rowdy Chatter Podcast will be once a week and will have guests and be focusing on current events... for now.
Updated Fri, 15 Nov 2019 06:08:38 +0000
Image The Rowdy Chatter Podcast
Category Comedy

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1. Episode 24: Garrett all up in here!!!
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 200.85Mb)

Description: Garrett stops by and tells us about snake head fish and why they are such an invasive species and lets us in on their migratory secrets!!! We also talk about the NFL, our favorite teams, and NCAA Football. We keep bringing it up, but we continue our journey into transgender individuals competing in women's sports (The recent example of mixed gender 4x400 relay is discussed). Tacko Fall is from another planet and Britney Griner is never going to be able to post up on NBA centers. Also, Drake is not a thug and actually enjoyed a pretty legit childhood... so his father says. Thanks for listening to The Rowdy Chatter Podcast!!! Enjoy!!!

2. Episode 23: Richard hit the snooze button.
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 147.80Mb)

Description: Richard and I embark on a journey that includes too much alcohol and very little sleep. P.S. My wife does not talk like a valley girl.

3. Episode 22: Sometimes things get crazy.
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 163.85Mb)

Description: Richard and Tony are back!!! Don't sleep on this duo of comedic genius!!! Just kidding! We got too drunk again and bullshitted about nothing! Hope y'all enjoy!!!

4. Episode 21: Behind on the times.
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 169.93Mb)

Description: We are running behind on the uploads, but we are gonna catch up soon! Check out the newest episode of The Rowdy Chatter Podcast! NBA news! UFC news! O.J. got a twitter?!?! Chance the Rapper news! Also, the new Star Wars game looks legit! Thanks for listening!

5. Ep. 20 - Better late than never...
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 187.02Mb)

Description: We are back with another episode of the Rowdy Chatter Podcast!!! We discuss NBA trade rumors featuring Anthony Davis!!! Also, we talk about how huge Anthony Johnson has become after retiring from the UFC, not fat people, he literally is pure muscle... and it's scary!!! Thanks for listening!!!

6. Episode 19: Never try to finish a 5th of Proper 12 Whiskey and do a podcast... Never...
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 192.49Mb)

Description: Richard and I sat down with a bottle of Proper Twelve Whiskey and tried to do a podcast. It went a little better than expected. Let's just say this... we didn't finish the bottle... but we did finish the podcast.

7. Episode 18: Richard is in the house!!! Like, right on!!!
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 201.92Mb)

Description: Just getting back into the groove of things. Discussing things that kind of matter. Also, I'm trying my hardest not to say "like" every other word, so that is entertaining!!!

8. Episode 17: UFC Be Crazy
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 206.48Mb)

Description: Discussing some heavy stuff with Micah. UFC 205, Brock Turner, and movies. Check it out!

9. Episode 16: All Mic'd Up
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 219.45Mb)

Description: Finally!!! Back with another podcast! Oh man, we break down a lot! UFC, NFL owners, and shooting fish! Enjoy!

10. Episode 15: What about the Moon?
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 186.85Mb)

Description: Did we go to the Moon? Are we going to go to Mars? Is Von Miller an alien? Is Jon Jones a complete idiot? Are we real?!?! I don't know, you decide! Question everything!!!

11. Episode 14: By the way, it's tandem!
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 185.72Mb)

Description: Well... I'm and idiot. I mispronounce tandem for about 10 minutes by calling it dangem, so there's that. Anyway, I'm back with another podcast with Leann. Brushing the dust off and getting back into the swing of things. Attention: The Rowdy Chatter Podcast is back!!!

12. Episode 13: I own this, man!
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 177.05Mb)

Description: Solo cast my friends. Talking about everything you want to hear about ALWAYS!!! Casey Anthony is a whore... CALLED IT! Lakers hire Luke Walton as their head coach... NICE! Also, talking UFC 199 and a shit ton of other stuff... That's right... I like to talk to myself... suck it.

13. Episode 12: Micah, Ya Poop Mouth!
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 181.89Mb)

Description: Too damn long in between podcasts, but I got Micah back on today! We fucked off for over an hour and a half. Talking about UFC, Poop, Yellowstone National Park, the Assassin's Creed movie, and much, much more! If that doesn't make any sense... GOOD! Listen to the podcast. I gotta get my mics and mixer figured out cause my mic was way quiet on this one, sorry about that. Much love for taking the time to listen everyone. Thanks.

14. Episode 11: Micah got Respeck
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 174.32Mb)

Description: Just another day in the neighborhood. Got Micah back on the podcast and we got this shit.

15. Episode 10: Chicken Fried Steak
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 141.86Mb)

Description: I'm just hanging out with myself again on this one. Letting you guys know how I feel about some real shit... and some not so real shit. Enjoy!

16. Episode 9: Owen - No Internet, No Problem.
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 206.18Mb)

Description: Damn The Rowdy Chatter Podcast, back at it again with the white noise!!! I got Owen back on the podcast and we talk the night away while taking huge man swigs from our own bottles of moscato wine. Don't judge, the reason we went with wine was because we didn't want to get drunk quick. We just wanted to take the edge off. Yeah... that didn't work, cause we got white girl wasted.

17. Episode 8: Micah, Part Deux
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 188.57Mb)

Description: Got Micah back on the podcast this week!!! We didn't get to talk about a lot of the things that I wanted to talk about last week, so I had him on again. Guess what? We still didn't stick to the game plan of the notes (which is awesome). Anyway, Current events and bullshitting is the name of the game, ya dig?

18. Episode 7: Micah Assassinates the Gaming Game
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 145.58Mb)

Description: Micah is in the house!!! We talked about all kinds of shit. Gaming, Batman, and the Avengers taking on the Justice League. We also touched on Microsoft's failed attempt at a twitter AI chat bot. Good times! Check it out!!!

19. Episode 6: Owen, NFL, and Crown!
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 185.49Mb)

Description: I got Owen back on the Podcast! We can talk about the NFL forever, and that is exactly what we did!!! When you love football as much as we do and free agency happens... you get two bros talking the fuck out of some NFL!!! Enjoy!!!

20. Episode 5: Fuckin' planes and shit!
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 135.29Mb)

Description: Per usual! Me going on about crazy shit that is going on! Keepin' it real homies! This episode takes shit to another level... not really, just listen! Anything goes on The Rowdy Chatter Podcast!!!

21. Episode 4: It's me again!
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 176.80Mb)

Description: Breaking down the most difficult stuff. Getting to the core of shit. Talking about things that really matter... sort of. I'm back with another solo podcast.

22. Episode 3: Me, Myself, and I
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 140.31Mb)

Description: Episode 3 of The Rowdy Chatter Podcast! I stumble around trying to talk to myself for over an hour cause I couldn't get a guest together. It was a lot of fun and I'm sure I'll be doing more. So yeah, good practice right? Talking everything from movies to sports.

23. Episode 2: Leann
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 229.28Mb)

Description: Episode 2 of The Rowdy Chatter Podcast. My guest this week was my wife, Leann. We talked about everything from uses of hairdryers to the NFL.

24. Episode 1: Owen
https://soundcloud.com/therowd... download (audio/mpeg, 209.83Mb)

Description: The 1st episode of The Rowdy Chatter Podcast with my guest Owen. We discuss The Broncos, Marvel Comics, and More.