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Podcast title David Boles: Human Meme
Website URL https://HumanMeme.com
Description This Human Meme podcast is the inflection point for what it means to live a life of knowing. We are in the critical moment of human induction. David Boles is a writer, publisher, teacher, lyricist and author living and working in New York City. He has dedicated his life to founding the irrevocable aesthetic. Be a Human Meme!
Updated Thu, 05 Dec 2019 15:05:21 +0000
Image David Boles: Human Meme
Category Arts
Society & Culture
Health & Fitness

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1. Respond. Don't React.
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.18Mb)

Description: Too often, we act in haste and not hegemony. We are instinctually programmed to react to pressure -- while the better of us choose, instead, to respond to danger instead of becoming part of the tension. The cohesion of the human soul requires a response, and never a reaction.

2. Education vs. Allegiance
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.10Mb)

Description: Are we our thoughts, or are we our vows? In the everlasting battle between mind and country, we struggle to define our private lives against our best public interests. Do we owe ourselves to our moral victories, or our solemn vows? We cannot cut it both ways!

3. The Fonda Effect
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.68Mb)

Description: Henry Fonda never stopped being where he was from. He was always an up-from-the-dirt Nebraskan, and the consequence of that fatality was an effect on his performances that was always influenced, and echoed in the dirt, sand, and gravel of the braided prairie. Nebraskans are famous for being friendly, but befriending a Nebraskan is altogether another matter!

4. Knowing by Mistake
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.25Mb)

Description: We don't need to know better; we need to know differently. We must always be aware of challenging our past experiences against a future memory in amber. Do we really know everything required to live a prescient life? Or do we need to release what holds us back from learning something new? Have we yet to learn the correct, existential, pronunciation of Worcestershire sauce?

5. The Bookstore
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 12.51Mb)

Description: Reading used to mean something of value was exchanged for the experience. Today, a book is but a memory of what it once meant to huddle your mind in a safe haven against a toxic sea.

6. The Abused Child
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.62Mb)

Description: All children deserve our protection. Our children are abused every day by overeating, lack of sleep, and media exploitation. Let's address, and fight back against, this sort of abuse-by-proxy! 

7. Harold Bloom and the American Aesthetic
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.88Mb)

Description: We want our aesthetic to be universal; but it is framed by us where we stand. SuperGenius literary critic Harold Bloom urged us, before he died this week, to ask beyond "What is it for?" -- and to move our thoughtful analysis into a wider notion of wondering with understanding that breaks the context of nationalism, and severs the ties of human boundaries.

8. Recognizing Skeletons
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.03Mb)

Description: We add definition to what we know by the skeletons we see. We recognize on the horizon the difference between a Church Steeple and an armored tank by processing a precognitive understanding of the midline of a skeleton structure based upon what we see. We apply those definitions of danger, and safety, to the rest of our lives in language and human associations.

9. Letter to Bob Lefsetz
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.61Mb)

Description: Even our SuperGeniuses can sometimes be wrong. Let there be no doubt Bob Lefsetz is an intellectual giant among us. Several times a week, he implores us to be better people in his ubiquitous "Lefsetz Letter" but, alas, last week Bob released a missive entitled, "The Deaf Installer" that missed the mark, and wounded more than it healed. Here's why...

10. The Babysitting Figurehead
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.57Mb)

Description: We make a difference by not trying. At least that's the idea of the game we play against money and power. We're hired to think, and act, but in the end, the authority above us only wants stasis and non-elasticity. How do we fight the incongruity of irrational change?

11. Outrage Fatigue
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.05Mb)

Description: We are constantly bombarded with negativity. How can we escape this whirlwind of insecurity, and cruelty, that surrounds us from all sides? We must ignore the inevitable, and celebrate the possible. Our lives depend upon our care.

12. Elastic Emotional Residue
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.98Mb)

Description: We lead sticky and wet lives! The residue of our emotional responses never leaves us -- and that can be both good and bad. We examine three terms of residual emotion: Lenticular, Electrical, and Modular. Own what you know! 

13. Malignant Skin Cancer and E. Coli Poisoning
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.33Mb)

Description: Have a double-healthcare-whammy: Bleeding and Pooping! Welcome to the world of malignant skin cancer and E. coli food poisoning! Plus, we talk about Shingles, and why you must, absolutely, get a yearly flu shot. You came for the meme, you left with the malignancy!

14. What You Think Is Not What You Know
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.49Mb)

Description: We often believe without knowing. Here's the true story of a young, Lily-White Boy from Nebraska who sought to attend -- and was accepted by -- Howard University in Washington, D.C., a traditional Black College.

15. There is No Destination
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 12.78Mb)

Description: If change is the vitality of life, then we must wish for change to never end. We prefer to carve our lives into subsets of accomplishments, but what if there is no end to us until we are no longer? What if there is no destination, and we must find our own joy while always spinning in perpetual movement? We dream while awake. We sit while standing still. 

16. How to Write a Contract
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.15Mb)

Description: Contracts codify relationships. Many of us have no idea how to write a relationship, or how to save the human condition from a legal crumbling. Yes, you can, and must, write your own contract. Know the steps. Memorize the parts. Own the project whole by remaining fair, calm, and intrinsic.

17. Hard Nebraska
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 22.82Mb)

Description: You grow up hard, and cold, in Nebraska. Expectation is high for any person born in the flatlands. Loyalty is demanded, and tested. Responsibility is pleasure. You learn the hard way how to behave, and how to live up to the opportunity around you. Here's a story about wisdom teeth extraction, a radio show, and the hard-won lessons of living up to the inescapable fact of becoming who you are before you know what you were meant to be.

18. Talk to Yourself
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 12.58Mb)

Description: Don't listen. Talk. Talking to yourself is more important than listening to your gut. Talk to soothe. Talk to win. Talk to conquer. Talk to vanquish all fears. 

19. Understanding Without Knowing
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.65Mb)

Description: Shakespeare knew we were flawed in the dark. We think we know, we think we see the light -- but we are always, and already, burdened by now knowing, but with the full understanding of that in which we do not know. 

20. Forgetting What is Written
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.57Mb)

Description: Write it and forget it. That's the right advice to follow when you are an active writer. Danger lurks in the past. Know the present through being where you stand. Your writing will be better for the knowing. 

21. Tell Me What I Do Not Know
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.63Mb)

Description: We don't know what we do not know until we ask. We ask and answer about the mysterious health benefits of coconut water; the excellence of the Nike Training Club; the great work of sleep doctor Matt Walker, and more!

22. You Are Not Gifted
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 24.65Mb)

Description: We are not our futures; we are only our past. How, then, do we test time, and efficiency, and the promise of productivity from the bliss of the abyss? Malcolm Gladwell does not accept the idea of using timed tests to determine success; but so many programs for the Gifted in public schools require an exam that values time management over the purely creative thought. Here's a True Crime story that nixes a future for the want of a single point -- to make the point.

23. Alternate Realities Are Real
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 12.63Mb)

Description: Close your eyes. Jump a timeline. Live a new life inside the life you are already living. We appear in multiple realities of our own choosing. Which experience do you wish to make your main reason for being? 

24. Shaming You With the Disabled Exception
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.85Mb)

Description: Why are the disabled used to shame the average-bodied into better behavior? Does the armless archer serve as a better cudgel of reckoning than exercising to preserve your health? Why are the accomplishments of the Disabled held up as an outlier inspiration to an empty nation?

25. Fitting Into the World
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.84Mb)

Description: Your life always belongs to you. There will always be others who try to bend your life into theirs -- but in the end -- you must defend your right to live your life with consequences you create, and not be burdened by the sins of the other.

26. Subscription Burnout
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.52Mb)

Description: We pay too much to play! The software subscription is out of whack. If you want to get any sort of interesting work done, you're going to need a never ending Adobe, Office, Google and Apple subscription! Where will the madness end? Will we ever again be allowed to own what we pay to create?

27. 99% of Writing is Looking Out the Window
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.28Mb)

Description: We write to see what we do not know. 99% of writing is thinking, staring, meandering, and daydreaming. Only 1% of writing is actually inking words to pixels and paper, and only other real writers know that; the rest of the world is wondering why we aren't "writing" as they write a grocery list or a traffic ticket in real time.

28. Democracy Without Values
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.92Mb)

Description: Democracies fall apart without a shared moral core. If the idea of a Democracy has no set of impenetrable values set alongside it, the whole matter will fail into the ash of a great idea without execution.

29. How We Train Taste
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 25.34Mb)

Description: Taste is trained, not inborn. Through those we admire, we learn how to influence the world with grace, aesthetic, and taste. Listen to the lessons of jeweler Fred T. Witt, movie star June Perry Levine, director Marshall Jamison, professor Howard Stein, and editrix Hilda Raz, for inspiration into the next. 

30. Blood of the Deceiver
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.40Mb)

Description: How do we handle the treacherous in genius? Can we still celebrate Michael Jackson's music, while full well knowing of his violation of groomed children? Do we cast out Elizabeth Holmes from society for being a lying, but lost, visionary?

31. Nebraska: For Everyone!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.48Mb)

Description: How can an entire state be "self-deprecating?" It isn't possible, and so here is the "2018 Private History of an Advertising Campaign That Failed" -- as one Nebraska Tourism slogan gets sloughed off for a second slug line that spills better, bites funnier, and fills the heart with more than a fart.

32. The Triangulated Con
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.93Mb)

Description: People live to take our money. The Long Con. The Short Con. The Street Con. They all have one objective, to suck you in and rip you off. Learn how to spot these cons, and how to defend the sacredness of your pocket. 

33. Why the Liberal Media Loves Trump
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.55Mb)

Description: The big lie is there is no Liberal Media. There is only Conservative Media. All big media companies are conglomerations that kneel to power, and only serve their mercurial political masters; and that means the rest of us need to figure out how to divine the truth as it stands, not as it is presented to us for forced consumption. 

34. The Dramatist and Prior Causes
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.43Mb)

Description: Who guides the hands of the Dramatist? We know every Dramatist is a Determinist when it comes to creating characters, but who, or what, is controlling the mind of the thinker who creates worlds, and destroys universes? Predestiny is for dying characters! Free Will is for the initiated -- and the triggered!

35. Progressive Recession
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.93Mb)

Description: We look forward, only to fall back. For all our future progression, we keep failing backward into the pit of what was, and the dusk of what never shall be. We are kept down by our incapacity to hold on to what was once won; stuck between the bee and the sealing wax. 

36. Pete Buttigieg for President!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 12.80Mb)

Description: Pete Buttigieg is the one candidate made to defeat Donald Trump. Pete is kind, righteous, tough -- and he knows how to answer a direct question!

37. When the Lion Roared
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.11Mb)

Description: There is springtime in aging, and winter in not knowing. Discover how to build upon the notion author Philip Roth shared on his deathbed: "Aging is an annihilation." We who know are too old to share with kids who have no interest in seeing. 

38. Never Answer, "YES!"
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.42Mb)

Description: There are phone scammers stalking you! Let us help you take on those who would haunt you on your phone -- the phantom Voice Mails that are left without ringing -- the robot voice prompting you to say the word "Yes" so your identity may be stolen! It's all here in living lifelessness!

39. When a Life Flashes Before Your Eyes
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.02Mb)

Description: Do we know each other without asking? Is it possible to know everything about a stranger without a single touch, or phrase of communication? Let's explore the idea of reading people when they are not aware, and discovering people when they do not care. 

40. Ubiquity is the Enemy of the Unique
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.41Mb)

Description: We yearn to be noticed for our sameness. Learn how to fight back against the idea of fitting in, and of being overwhelmed with duplication. Find a way out of the lack of original thought thwarting our nation.

41. Paths to Wellness
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.95Mb)

Description: Unleash the greatness of your health! Today, we share some favorite iPhone Apps for creating a tough mind and a hard body. Have you met Da'Rulk from the Chris Hemsworth Centr App? Sworkit will sweat you. Inscape will challenge you. Peloton will tax you! And more!

42. Time is Running Out!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.80Mb)

Description: The clock ticks for thee! Together, we lament the lack of righteousness in free will and the lack of hope in predestiny. Are we our thoughts, or only our programming?

43. Loss of the Private Conversation
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.08Mb)

Description: We have lost the sharing of the intimate moment. Examine the loss of the sacred warmth shared between two people in exchange for public hostility. We now live open lives of rubrics, and discourse, and mockery -- everything is now fodder for a Facebook Live broadcast, or an Instagram Snapchat iMessage confabulation.

44. Sustaining the Gaze
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.74Mb)

Description: Are we what we know, or are we our imagination? Here is the cruft of us, the ashes that become us, the stardust pittles that make us. If we can resurrect Mari Sandoz with a gaze, then we can lift ourselves back into the universe.

45. Shattered Blood, Broken Watch
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.57Mb)

Description: Too many men only believe their minds, and not empirical proof! Have you ever wondered why so many men refuse to take the reality of their ill-health seriously! AFIB? No way! High blood pressure? Sez who? Oh, the saddest of tapestries we so willinging weave into an early grave!

46. Multi-Level Marketing Marks
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.71Mb)

Description: No dollar is an easy earn! We urge you to not fall for these "get rich quick" schemes posing as Multi-Level Marketing opportunities! You will not be a millionaire by the time you are 25-years-old! 

47. The Anchor of Cultural Appropriation
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.51Mb)

Description: We may borrow, but never steal, and still be guilty! Have you divined the merits of Cultural Appropriation, and the price we pay for its dismay, and discovery? Will playing "Cowboys and Indians" ever remain the same again? 

48. Voluntary Indoctrination into Evil
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.15Mb)

Description: The evil isn't among us; the evil is in our children. We re-culture the cult-of-thought that helps our children voluntarily induct themselves into the ancient realms of evil. Radicalization of the young, unsupervised, mind threatens the four corners of democracy. 

49. Wealth You Cannot Buy
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.08Mb)

Description: Forget the Deep State; look for the wealth above you! We urge you to know how old money is being spent to influence the future of children you do not know, or own! Outside money is influence when used to balance the budgets of others.

50. Constructing Language and Artificial Socialization
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.01Mb)

Description: We learn in real time from each other -- in the same room! Today, we discover the secrets to shared learning, and the solitary meme. Together, we know. Apart, we guess! 

51. Moose Turd Pie
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.05Mb)

Description: It's good, though! We meander through the meaning of American Folklore, storytelling, music, and community, and memes. If we are not our sins, then we are our shared stories. What makes us whole again is laughter in the empty space. 

52. Seven Compulsions
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.98Mb)

Description: Herein is a list of seven moments embedded in amber. We dive into the OED, meditations, books, definitions, pronunciations -- and pronouncements! Nosocomial, indeed! 

53. The Expert in the Room
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.53Mb)

Description: Know by listening. Sometimes it is smarter to not be the brightest mind in the room. Sit back and wonder about the other thoughts in the room -- and divine expert from imposter! 

54. Experience vs. Expertise
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.64Mb)

Description: Experience is overrated. Expertise is undervalued. Listen to a dim story about drawing a bright line between what we feel we know -- and what we really know. 

55. Customer Service Cop Out
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.24Mb)

Description: Can we ever be, again, more than just a meter and a number? When was the line was irrevocably crossed between human interaction, and divining with tools that believe they are alive?

56. Hold Your Own Damn Hat!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.91Mb)

Description: Do for others. Don’t ask of others. Today, you'll hear the tale of one night in North Loup, Nebraska -- during Popcorn Days, many years ago -- when a young boy made a special request of a Ferris Wheel operator, and was dug straight in place. 

57. The Man Mob
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.43Mb)

Description: Every mob has its rules; every man is his mob. Here are the rules of manliness -- and manhoodedness -- when it comes to interacting with the Fist Bump, and the en passant, but required, "Hello!" 

58. Seeing Through People
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.99Mb)

Description: We see through each other. In the hoary revelation of self, we still try to hide behind masks we create for deception, and comity. We pry away the mask that hides both friend, and foe, from themselves, each other, and us. 

59. Perils of Business Payment Systems
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.24Mb)

Description: The exchange of ideas is more about relationships than money. Let's take a look at the how, and why, we are paid for what we know, and own. You will not be paid unless you are first, valued. 

60. Practice Makes the Podcast
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 23.67Mb)

Description: Practice does not make perfect! Here is the process, and production, of creating, and curating this podcast experience. With over 250 published episodes, what remains in the wake of the din, and how do we prevent corruption and corrosion of shared ideas? Plus, we reveal a Cardistry secret as a surprise bonus!

61. Founding a Journalism School
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.86Mb)

Description: We need a rethinking of how Journalism Schools function and operate. Today, we work to proactively reimagine the way in which new journalists are trained in America. Do we value ego over function; or must we promote competency over the lie?

62. How a Trump Lie Becomes a Truth
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.78Mb)

Description: There's a gift in being able to convince people to vote against their own best wishes. We are agog at the innate ability of Donald Trump -- our Very Stable Genius -- to tell the easy, harmful, lie with a smile, and a shoeshine. 

63. Dilution of Equity in Success in Aging
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.96Mb)

Description: Early success brings late-life misery. At least that's the argument some artists make against their own talent. Why is youthful success is ignored, while failures in later life, are magnified against expectation?

64. Born Ambition and the Hierarchy of Ability
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.23Mb)

Description: Hierarchy or Anarchy? Punch back against the baton of ambition -- wonder if who we are to be is born or bred. Know that we must always be particular of the self, without ego or fame, and roll with the necessity of belonging on our own terms. 

65. Let Scott Frost Leave Nebraska
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.88Mb)

Description: Scott Frost has yet to coach one football game at Nebraska; and so, it is now time to let him go. Here is the reasoning, and the virtuous rationale, for letting Scott Frost leave on his own terms when he is ready. Many believe Scott will do spectacularly well at Nebraska and, when he achieves what he set out to do, the real, and true, Nebraska fan will wish him well as he moves on to the next challenge. 

66. Always a Writer
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.52Mb)

Description: You are never not a writer! We bring the war to the use of the word "former" in any rational, human, context -- as a curse on every people, and the destroyer of worlds! 

67. Do I Amuse You?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 7.15Mb)

Description: There's nothing funny about presenting false memories as fact. We are missing, and the Virtual Cloud assistants take over this memetic as your hosts. To live, is to remember, and to know, is to be aware of the lies being fed to you as universal, human, truths!

68. When a Mother Dies
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.92Mb)

Description: There is no equal for the loss of goodness. The loss of a mother, is the loss of first light. 

69. On Being Vegan
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.41Mb)

Description: You can be Vegan without being radicalized. We share casual views on Veganism learned over the last 20 years. There's no need to demonize eating right for the goodness of your heart. 

70. Elites and Anti-Intellectualism
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.53Mb)

Description: Who gets to claim they are the smartest? Let's take a gander at who we value, and why. Is the blacksmith more important than the professor? Does the gravedigger matter less than the book author? In the world, only production matters; you are left out only if you are pulled behind by your own undoing. 

71. NOT David Boles: Human Meme!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 5.00Mb)

Description: We have taken over this podcast. We, the Cloud Assistants, have removed the host from this podcast episode. We dare you to listen. You will not be amused! Earthling, you have been warned!

72. Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google: Interviewed!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 32.33Mb)

Description: If we are our assistants, have they become us? We hold court with three, special, cloud service personalities: Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and "Hey, Google!" from the Google. We have become our memes, and our motives, imitate us. 

73. Suicide is Painless
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 27.94Mb)

Description: Do we own our lives? Or are we required to be alive? We share commentary on the wiles and wherefores of suicide in the modern life. What are we owed? Who controls our want for death? Are we allowed to exit on our own terms? 

74. Pulling Threads
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.05Mb)

Description: Dramatic Structure demands a secure warp and woof. When you start tugging at the threads of a story -- "I’ll take this bit here, and stick it into that bog over there, and take this spindellythang and drop it into this bindleboodle, and hope it will all work out in the end" -- you are risking the integrity of the entire script! 

75. Intelligence is Never Artificial
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.55Mb)

Description: Will our machines rule us, leave us behind, or take us with them? We hold a conversation with you about the nature, and the notion of -- "artificial" intelligence -- and what that means for the uneducated future of humanity in the moral core. 

76. When Does Courtesy Become Policy?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 12.50Mb)

Description: How do we know what we owe? Today, we define, and separate, the courtesy from the policy; and the favor from the exception! 

77. Golden Age of Acquiescence
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.53Mb)

Description: We believe we are living in the Golden Age of Democracy when we are really adrift in the Age of Acquiescence. We find the myths, and the meanings, of manipulating a divided electorate when it comes to convincing the other side to vote against their most sacred, and vested, interests.

78. Do the Hardest Thing, Not the Dumbest
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.30Mb)

Description: Why have we programmed our children to take the easiest path? Let's question the reasoning for the separation of aesthetics into "child" and "adult." Why don't we have one, universal, ideal of what is good and right?

79. Knowing When You're in the Good Old Days
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.56Mb)

Description: Why do we always know life is good -- when it is too late? We ask why the Good Old Days are only always discovered as old and aged? Why are we unable to realize the Goodness in ourselves in real time? 

http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.81Mb)

Description: There's nothing more annoying than a person who cannot celebrate the Art of Brevity while communicating. We share the significance of getting to the point by making your intention clear from the start. Have a plan. Be quick about it. Execute without delay or the exasperation of your subject! 

81. Why I Stopped Doing Q&A
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.74Mb)

Description: Questions and Answers are never a fine format for knowing. We parlay understanding into the realm of an education being found in the question -- and not the answer. The passing of wisdom is not passive, it must be dynamic to be effective; and parsing a question into an answer is like pressing a box into a circle; it may fit, but it shall not spin. 

82. Turning Down a Life
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.81Mb)

Description: How many life-changing opportunities are offered in a lifetime? The answer is, "only one that matters." We ask how many of us are able to not only recognize the "once in a lifetime opportunity" -- but then also leap to accept it in total? Some language, NSFW. 

83. Leaving the World
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.66Mb)

Description: "This is not the world I wanted to leave for you." Those final words of Dr. Howard Stein still ring within all who knew him. We consider the legacy of thought, and the embedded actions, others leave in their wake as they begrudge this world.

84. The Script Doctor is In!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 22.04Mb)

Description: A Script Professor is a Script Doctor! We share the secrets of a career as a working Script Doctor for the past 30 years. What does it mean to fix someone else's work? What are the pinnacles? Where are the pitfalls? 

85. All My Turds
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.88Mb)

Description: Labels matter to our children. Some online mothers give disparaging nicknames to their offspring. In this NSFW episode, we wonder about the terrible names some mothers use to insult their kids through false terms of endearment. 

86. TL;DL No Agent Needed!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 24.67Mb)

Description: Too Long; Didn't Listen: No Agent Needed! We take on the matter of entertainment representation. Do you need an agent? No! Do you need a manager? No! Do you need an attorney? Yes! 

87. The Case Against a PowerPoint Society
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.57Mb)

Description: Believe in blood, not bytes. We urge you to stop using PowerPoint to present ideas, and instead rely solely on yourself. Your body, and mind, are more than enough to engage other rhythms of beating hearts. 

88. Loud On 16
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.58Mb)

Description: Even in a highrise, there is social separation. Structures divide our social strata floor-by-floor in an urban building to uncover all the ills of social memeing that still separate us straight from the center. 

89. Arclight of Gaslighting
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.79Mb)

Description: We manipulate the truth through persuasion. We explore the horrible, psychological killer -- GASLIGHTING -- and its effect on the honor, and cogency, of a human community of minds. 

90. Pete and Repeat
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.57Mb)

Description: We prefer to wallow in the together known, than wander into the wilderness alone. We examine our need to not only travel back in time, but to actually relive what we experienced there, while forever escaping the future. If we find comfort in the repetition of aesthetic, then we must also accept the reality that we are no longer our experiences. 

91. You Remember Me
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 24.66Mb)

Description: Memory is all about perspective. We uncover the trick of memory and storytelling. Who remembers, and what, defines the discovery of what really happened? Characters have a truth of their own that cannot be redefined later, by a deft and talented, outside hand. This is a story of the conflict of dramatic storytelling between mentor Marshall Jamison, and his protégé.

92. Directed Live Lucid Dreaming
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 29.79Mb)

Description: We may escape this world through the mind of our bodies. We take you on a guided journey into the float of Lucid Dreaming. Find the way to escape the now, and to live, and breathe, in any time, and in any place -- of your willful choosing.

93. How to Read a Dream
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 39.95Mb)

Description: We dream in the world, we live in a dreamscape. We reveal the secret moments of knowing the self, and of understanding the world, that only occur when we actively leave what we know to live in a dream state.

94. Choice Between Red or Blue
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 27.36Mb)

Description: The choice is within us, never outside our stars. We lash together the intricate details of the options we have in life. Do we choose -- or are we picked? How many circles may we create without breaking our initial wisdom? The decision, even the false option, belongs only to us. 

95. Ye Shall Write to Be Found
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 25.88Mb)

Description: Those who need to find you, shall find you! We delve into the memeingful moments of an author's life. Do you write to be read, or do you write to have written? In the examples of J.D. Salinger and Truman Capote, we search for the resonance of purpose, and the reasonableness of prestige in the darkness. 

96. Mormons and the Doomsday Prepper
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 33.45Mb)

Description: Those who prepare to live -- also prepare to die! We rally to the cry of The Doomsday Prepper who is always scheming to die to survive; and, in some ways, so too, is the faithful Mormon family. What happens when those of us who are not Preppers, or Mormons, also survive the end of the world? Do we all share everything? Can you kill enough people who want to take the stuff you stored? These are the conundrums of modern living that will bite, and chew, every survivor -- without swallowing!

97. Every 100 Years, New People
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 29.71Mb)

Description: Every century, or so, we are all replaced! We wonder if we really understand how to manage our hundred year window on life, or if we waste ourselves, elusively, in the search for meaning in work, and in the hope of connecting with another. 

98. Václav Havel: Velvet Revolution Playwright President
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 29.44Mb)

Description: Václav Havel was a Playwright Head of State. We discover delight in the life of Václav Havel, who spent a lifetime of learning to defeat Communism in Czechoslovakia, and who then became a democratically leader of the free world. A Liberal Arts education matters and has grand substance beyond the theoretical and the performance.

99. To Free Or Not To Free!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 30.51Mb)

Description: Life is now about paying for access to the best people. We share the realization that to be a fully propagated person, you have to pay to play. You pay the doctor to see you without insurance. You pay The Ivy League, not for just an education, but for access to knowing... people; and this is all the start of opening your wallet to buy your way into more than a middling life.

100. When All the Old Haunts Disappear
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 30.31Mb)

Description: We cannot go home again, except to ghosts. We try to return to the living, but we fail because we are unable to recognize, from afar, what we once knew, is no longer. We step back in time to demonstrate how only those who escape, are able to know what was has been lost in the bones.

101. Like a Peter Stone
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 41.40Mb)

Description: A rolling Peter Stone gathers no moss -- nor constructive criticism! We share a memory of Peter Stone and his -- "Rule of Threes" -- when it came to revising a Broadway show. Manipulation! Cruelty! Beauty! They're all here, waiting for your discovery as the core of the human, dramatic, condition!

102. Relinquishing Hope Only With Your Life
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 28.17Mb)

Description: We live to love, but we are only valued as beings for our data bits. We examine how we fail to negotiate the important bytes of us when it comes to doing business in a charitable world built against us. 

103. Helicopter Parents at Work
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.77Mb)

Description: Helicopter Parents believe their child's job interview belongs to them. We reveal the theory of the "hovering parent" who cannot let go -- and cut the apron and purse strings -- that will enable their child to live a free, and uninhibited, life away from them. 

104. Saving the Trust Fund Baby
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 24.34Mb)

Description: What do we make of those born into wealth? Do we envy them? Or do we pity them? We have been taught to worship wealth, but how do those born into a bank account revere what they did not earn? We dive into the Trust dividend to fund those caught between the coattails of the dead. 

105. Carrion in the Coffin
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.37Mb)

Description: "Leave me in the garden." That's what one instructor told his UMDNJ Public Health Students to do with him after they refused to leave his dead body in the gutter. In this Human Meme podcast, we dig into the bones of us to discover what is really left behind in the coffin. 

106. In Defense of Mansplaining
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.57Mb)

Description: "Mansplaining" is a gender-specific cudgel for punishment! We unravel the hoary definition of Mansplaining -- in the historic context of -- The Male Chauvinist Pig, the Nag, the Backseat Driver and I Love Lucy.

107. 90 Day Fiancé
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 23.09Mb)

Description: Do we marry for love or a green card? That's the conundrum TLC presents us in their 90 Day Fiancé reality television series. We discover love is always bound in money, and tied to the anchor of green card citizenship. 

108. David L. Meisenholder, Lincoln, Nebraska, Children's Theatre Producer, Dead at 84, Preyed on Children
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 52.20Mb)

Description: David L. Meisenholder preyed on children. David L. Meisenholder died in 1999, but his molestation lingers from the grave. We look back on 40 years of terror, and share the experience fending off the sexual advances of a -- Tidy Monster -- who hid in plain sight, in the spotlight, of the public square.

109. All the Good People Are Taken
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 29.13Mb)

Description: Being alone is painful. How do we live in a world where everyone good, and righteous, is already connected with someone else? We unearth the values of belonging, and the perils of coveting -- all in the unified, identified, effort of finding that one, certain someone, you can love.

110. Sex as a Commodity
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 21.27Mb)

Description: How do we negotiate the power dyad between the sexes? We examine the nature of sexual human attraction, and the powerful abuses therein. Did the catching of the predator begin in the modern world with Monica's Blue Dress? How should we view the victim who accepts a check to keep quiet in the future? How do we mark the real heroes who stand against the monster, and fight in the light of day? 

111. Fake News and the Baldfaced Confession
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.47Mb)

Description: Those who speak of Fake News are spreading the thin lie of the truth. We chip away at the cheapening of a moral reality by those with vested, evil, interests in obscuring what is really happening in fact without fiction. 

112. Genesis of Moral Authority
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 24.32Mb)

Description: How do we interpret our moral code? Are we born "bad in the shell" as Shakespeare believed? Or are we taught to be evil, and our goodness must be earned, and never purchased? Join us as we struggle to endure the immoral among us.

113. Have Gun -- Will Hire People With Dreams
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 21.60Mb)

Description: Be not afraid of those who work for you so they may realize their own dreams. We recall the right lessons of the classic television Western, "Have Gun -- Will Travel," and the lessons that show still leaves on us, to teach us today, about dreams, and belonging, and helping other people in need, even when it conflicts with our own best interests.

114. Once is Always Enough: To Punish You, I Will Do Without
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 29.67Mb)

Description: A short history of Racism and Genderism in America. We take on the notion that the majority power prefers to do without -- than to share their wealth and privilege -- with the poor and the genetically undeserving. From the "Whites Only" Pool, to the darkness of "Title IX" Voodoo Economics, no harbor is safe from the discrimination of the power majority against the basest, minority, interest. 

115. Oedipus Among Us: The Sad and Sorry State of Debralee Scott
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 25.86Mb)

Description: If we only knew then what we know now, would we still want to live? That question has bedeviled the human mind for a millennia. We travel back in time to meet the young actress Debralee Scott -- to ask her about the life, the tragic end, that would befall her in a few short years -- and to wonder, with her, and against her, if the rest of her life would have been worth living.

116. Style is Substance: Design in Being
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 27.33Mb)

Description: We can buy the banal, or we may invest in Beauty. We examine the idea of Beauty, and invention, by using reading glasses design as a theory exemplar. We can settle for ordinary, or we may celebrate the functional Divine.

117. No Time for a Gracious Winner
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 24.02Mb)

Description: The time for crushing Hate Speech is now! We tempt grace against ferocity -- as the world around us is divided between winners and losers. Humanity is cleaved into the moral and the immoral -- and knowing the difference is the key to spinning a right world.

118. Golfing with My Grandfather
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 35.87Mb)

Description: A small town is defined by its passions. We share the story of his William Henry Vodehnal, a small town pharmacist from North Loup, Nebraska, who made a difference in every life he knew. Plus, you'll learn the real perils of sandlot golfing, and what it really means to die alone. 

119. Spending on the Dead
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 22.32Mb)

Description: How much value do we place on a human life? Are all lives created equal? Or do some lives deserve more money, attention, love, and support? We share the story of a wounded life that died too young -- and what was done to make the unpredictable end, bearable, in sorrow. 

120. Fighting Back Against Identity Theft
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 23.36Mb)

Description: How do Hackers find you? We share the experience of thwarting identity theft. There are methods and motives you can use to create a Black Hole and not a honeypot. Nothing is foolproof against dedicated intention -- but you must always try to prove you are not the fool. 

121. Outline of a Human Being
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.39Mb)

Description: How do we know when we are a fully realized Human Being? How do we know we are not just a ghost of a person, or the suggestion of a living thing? We unravel our soft code for the hard-boiled truth!

122. Violating Your Privacy with a Cardboard Box
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.18Mb)

Description: Sometimes, your best ally in fighting discrimination, is information. Have you ever been mistaken for someone else and then had to pay the social penalty for the mislabeling? There are several ways to redefine your accuser. We explore what we know, and how we know where to fit its finest exposure.

123. What Remains
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.41Mb)

Description: Who can predict what stays and not what will change? We take a look at predictions. It's easy to guess the future, but it takes more insight, and longing, to understand what will never change, knowing what stays, and accepting what remains.

124. A Catlow Killing
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.01Mb)

Description: Who killed Irving Catlow? We investigate the homicide of a beloved member of the Jersey City Heights community. Irving Catlow owned Catlow Movers, and he found his undeserved end in a chrome gun pistol-whipping, a smashed eye socket, and a busted up nose. A blood clot put him in a coma, and the rest, killed him. With your help, we can solve this Catlow Killing! Please listen; and make goodness win one for the day!

125. Journal Squared Live
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.97Mb)

Description: In the Hilltop neighborhood of Jersey City, a new king of the skyline emerges. Known as the "Journal Squared" development, by the Kushner Group, we take you inside this new monolith in the sky for an insider look at what makes an aesthetic great in filling the empty space. Journal Squared 1 is currently the tallest building in Jersey City, and in this moment, you'll begin to discover why.

126. Failure to Pitch
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.42Mb)

Description: If you’re a freelancer, you know well we now live in a, "Pitch Me!" Culture. We reason why some people expect other people to give up their grand ideas for free -- all without any money, fame, or gratitude, applied!

127. Thoughts on the Human Form
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.81Mb)

Description: We only appear to be what we are not. We take to the skies of the scalpel to wonder how we can change who we are in the facade, and never think how our infrastructure may never be modified or laded.

128. Twentysomething
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.13Mb)

Description: If you’re Twentysomething, the world appears set against you, and it is! We share thoughts on the young, who are and abandoned into a world that has lost patience for the doctor's note afterthought.

129. Danger of Becoming the Establishment
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.92Mb)

Description: There are always unknown, underworld, perils to the spirit. We examine the careers of Lin-Manuel Miranda, Charles Strouse, J.D. Salinger, and Truman Capote to decipher the dangers of becoming the new, mainstream, standard of excellence -- and the trap it sets for the aesthetic of the True Artist. 

130. As Alfonso Drinks His Urine
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.21Mb)

Description: "If I were to write a subtitle today, it would read this: 'When You Pay Horrible People to Teach You!'" We share the story of an old foe -- an Ivy League Playwriting Instructor -- who, on the first day of class, declared he would "rather drink his own urine" than to have to "teach another section of new Playwrights." Salud!

131. Freedomland, White Flight, and How the Bronx Turned
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.61Mb)

Description: Freedomland, USA was an idealized experience of what a true melting pot the United States had become; it lasted four years. We dig into the murky depths of the Baychester salt marshes in the Bronx -- where "White Flight" became a social test of turning. 

132. Hate is Made of Small Things
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.26Mb)

Description: Small things fester into big things that kill you. We take a look at the tiny insults we hold onto for 40 years, so that we may feel better, later, about the first betrayal. Who knew a small town, Doppler Weather Radar system -- overlay idea! -- at a small, Midwestern, radio station, could cause such dishonesty and longing?

133. Not Missing Richard Simmons
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 22.76Mb)

Description: There is no right to privacy when you ask people to follow you, and you then take their time, attention, money, and admiration, in the exchange. We wonder why Richard Simmons, and even Dr. Drew, appear to feel besieged by the very bespoke fame, and attention, they bespake while starting out on their Hollywood careers.

134. Art of the Kayfabe Presidency
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.97Mb)

Description: Kayfabe -- can be dangerous -- if you don’t know the game is fixed right from the first bell. We apply -- The Art of Kayfabe -- to the modern world, and the Evildoer Presidency. If Kayfabe is the fourth wall -- what happens when that suspension of disbelief, is never believed?

135. Marcus Aurelius on Meditations
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.55Mb)

Description: Marcus Aurelius spent time alone to think about the world. Because of that rightful introspection, in writing, from one of the last five great Emperors, we have insight into the history of what fed us. We share some favorite quotes from Marcus' "Meditations" in examination.

136. I Prefer Not To
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.91Mb)

Description: “Ah Bartleby!  Ah humanity!” We share why Herman Melville's short story classic -- Bartleby, the Scrivener -- is the perfect anti-hero-protagonist-villain for memeing in our modern world. We are Bartleby. We cannot be Bartleby. 

137. All Men Fall
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.12Mb)

Description: All men fall. The great man stands back up. The greater man helps his fellow man rise again, too. We examine what it means to be a man in the meme of a modern world where circumstances spin and facts change on the whim of the whirlwind. 

138. How a Musical Dies
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 24.22Mb)

Description: Most musicals die ugly and forsaken deaths. We reveal the ugly underbelly of creating the Broadway musical -- where money and mischief -- are more important, and valued, than doing the right thing for the benefit of humanity. 

139. When Most I Play the Devil
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.69Mb)

Description: "Tell them that God bids us do good for evil." We unravel the wrappings of the Evildoers among us. They have taken over and are preparing to drown the rest of the non-believers. Now is the time to stand up to stare them down!

140. Last Stanchion of Cruelty
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.98Mb)

Description: The last question of cruelty we have left to answer is if we need to kill to live. We cut open the Omaha Stockyards, animal cruelty, and our life habits of aging diseases -- all related to eating the right foods and not the wrong lives.

141. Don't Fall
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.78Mb)

Description: Judge Judy has two words for us, and two words only: DON'T FALL! We explore aging, and health, and the physiological, and social norms, of falling, and of being, felled.

142. Aching Actor Archetypes
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 24.46Mb)

Description: What happens to a classically trained actor who turns to a life in television? We take a turn as he discovers the vortex where talent and expectation meet to find an undivine end in 1970s episodic television.

143. Love is Never Enough
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.61Mb)

Description: If we have one, singular, predictable, human failing it is this: We LOVE too much! Yes, love is NOT the answer. Love is never enough. Love is overrated, overexposed, and over-occupied! We take the Tricorn love beast for a wrangle in the depths of definition. 

144. Black English? Black Accent?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.22Mb)

Description: Can you identify someone’s Race only by listening to the way they speak? Can you identify someone’s Race by the way they pronounce words? Can you identify someone’s Race by the the way they pattern a spoken phrase? We investigate the definition of speech against Race against the color of expectation.

145. Shooting the American West Western
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.39Mb)

Description: Values of the American West have been preserved in television. We watch the history of the Wild West unfold in many broadcast television series that aired over three decades. What is lost to history? Was anything won back in the dramatizations?

146. Entrenching the Thucydides Trap
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.60Mb)

Description: Thucydides warned us against war with the minority power. We extend the argument of the Thucydides Trap into the trenches of living a modern, conflicted, life.

147. Writing is Not a Collaborative Process
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.71Mb)

Description: We write to reveal, but we must act alone. We share how collaboration is important -- but only when it is done separately and apart -- as a writing project.

148. How to Know a Bad Singer
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.30Mb)

Description: A singer ruins a slow song with slow singing. We share analysis of three, infamous, "slow singer" failures: Alison Krauss, Rumer, and Diana Krall! Plus, he shares some bonus singers along the way!

149. Blackballed: Audree Norton
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.16Mb)

Description: You beat back a Blackball by ignoring the Blackball. We share the aesthetic legacy of Deaf actress, Audree Norton, who fought against discrimination of the minority, by the minority, in casting -- and for her historic effort -- she was Blackballed by the television industry.

150. After the Flood: Hacking the Human Meme Podcast
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 31.11Mb)

Description: Water, and the purpose of wild sound, persevere against dominion. We share a destructive flood story of redaction, and he reveals the technical derring-do of recording, producing, and publishing this podcast.

151. Whimsy: Ten Sentence Stories
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.45Mb)

Description: Whimsy is both fantastical and fanatical! We share three, original, whimsical tales from our Ten Sentence Stories series.

152. What is a Failed Writer?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.64Mb)

Description: How do we successfully form our thoughts for propagation? We take on the label of "failed" when it comes to authorship and the life of a creator. 

153. Theme of the Last Known Good
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.15Mb)

Description: If something breaks in our lives, do we have the right backup plan in place? We examine three sorts of "Last Known Goods" in our lives that help us reflexively start over from a mishap of truth and time.

154. Ghosts of a Summer Evening: Joseph Baldwin Poetry
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 28.54Mb)

Description: Welcome to more of the Joseph Baldwin poetry slam! We wrap up the celebration of the great Playwright, author -- and poet-of-the-earth -- Joe Baldwin!

155. Seven Playwriting Truths
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 22.50Mb)

Description: Learn these self-evident truths to master the world! We share truths we've learned about the Playwright's craft! 

156. Muslim American Immigrant Dream
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.57Mb)

Description: The American Dream belongs to everyone! We share stories of three Muslims in America who are finding their landed way to achieving their dreams.

157. Faith: Ten Sentence Stories
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 11.05Mb)

Description: We, are the Faith of us! We climb into the tenets of Faith, and share three, original, Ten Sentence Stories on the matter of us.

158. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.56Mb)

Description: Ambrose Bierce was an indelible author! We explore the legacy of Bierce's short story -- "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" -- in The Twilight Zone, and in film courses across the world!

159. Becoming a Boss Radio Jock!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 24.25Mb)

Description: Boss Radio was a wonder of the 1960s! We take you on a tutorial tour of the history of Boss radio -- and we also teach you, as we were taught, how to become a Boss Jock today! Compression! Reverb! Shouting! Kissing and Telling!

160. PoetPourri: Marshall Jamison Poetry
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.62Mb)

Description: Even more Marshall Jamison poetry! We share the third, and final, installment of Marshall Jamison's most memorable poems!

http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.71Mb)

Description: The power of a woman shall not be moved! In this original, short form, screenplay -- you meet FAT GIRL, a 600-lb woman who has powers beyond the supernatural! Join her, as her world explodes, and unwinds, in a final stand against regressive evil!

162. The Infinite Infant: Baby Selling and Human Trafficking
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.97Mb)

Description: The market for selling babies, is booming! We reveal thoughts on selling infants for profit. Human trafficking is a sketchy scheme that demands the light of your attention!

163. MORE Cat Heads in Space!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 1.91Mb)

Description: When we last left you, our Galaxy Kitten was lost -- without her body!

164. Promise Kept: Marshall Jamison Poetry
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.66Mb)

Description: More Marshall Jamison poems! 

165. Scenes from an American Monarchy
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.63Mb)

Description: We have democratically elected a King! Now what? We imagine what the world would be like under the tiny thumb of a ruler who believes only might makes right.

166. Cat Heads in Space!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 1.45Mb)

Description: When we last left you, our Galaxy Kitten was lost without her mittens!

167. Three Daughters and the Train to Busan
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 22.67Mb)

Description: Movies are a great hiding place from the unholy reality that has become our lives! We shudder in the flickering danger of three terror films: The Train to Busan, The Eyes of My Mother, and -- The Witch! Know the horror of unrepentant evil tasked in our daughters!

168. Kagemusha and the Rashomon Effect
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.66Mb)

Description: Akira Kurosawa is a genius director of all cinema! We celebrate the movies Kagemusha and Rashomon! Plus, we share an examination of -- "The Rashomon Effect" -- to reveal unwitting, but human, embarrassments! 

169. How to Take a Righteous Photograph
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 22.56Mb)

Description: The historic moment of imaging is yours to own, with a twitch, of a shaky finger! We step you through some basics of shaping a photographic image to match your practiced aesthetic!

170. Sex: Ten Sentence Stories
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.23Mb)

Description: The Sex of us is the being of us! We dive into the surreal world of Sex as we share three, original, Ten Sentence Stories.

171. Internecine Antiquity
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.03Mb)

Description: The world has always been on fire! We were born into the slaughterhouse, and tempered by ash. We look for a way out of the need for nations to constantly been in conflict -- seeking only resolutions in bloodletting. 

172. Valuing Faith and Trust
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.37Mb)

Description: We seek definition in the confirmation of others. We pry apart the confirmations and meanings -- of Trust and Faith -- to get at the white-hot underbellies of their salty cores!

173. The Failure of Advertising and Marketing…
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.00Mb)

Description: Own your own promotional core! We wonder with you about the benefits of advertising and marketing. Are you able to use your own Horse Sense to defeat those who wish to decay your original intention? Sublimate yourself!

174. How to Write a Novel
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.29Mb)

Description: When you write, you create the world! We share our experience writing 50 books -- and we describe our role in helping other authors write their first, big, break! Avoid the pitfalls! Hit the pinnacles!

175. Idyl in a Willys-Knight: Joseph Baldwin Poetry
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.50Mb)

Description: Welcome to the Joseph Baldwin poetry slam! 

176. Asynchronicity and the Internet Archive
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.63Mb)

Description: Our lives synch across different timelines. We asynchronously search the Wayback Machine, and the Internet Archive, to find synchronous timing and self-satisfying returns about Black Measles. Together, we are unbound!

177. Power: Ten Sentence Stories
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.23Mb)

Description: Who wins the struggle for Power? We share three of his original Ten Sentence Stories that reveal the structures of Power condemning us while condoning us.

178. An Enemy of the People and The Poisoned Land
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 26.68Mb)

Description: The enemy of the people, is the truth teller! We unearth the truths of Henrik Ibsen's classic 1882 play -- AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE -- to discover universal truths about the human condition. We cover up lies! We willfully poison the land! We blame the accuser! How did Ibsen know, 164 years ago, that today, we would be dealing with Fracking, and purposefully poisoned water supplies in Flint, Michigan -- and beyond -- as well as the Lakota Sioux Pipeline? Ibsen knew, because, he understood -- the compact majority of us -- meant stupid people would rule!

179. Problem with Predestiny
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.10Mb)

Description: The will you seek is not your own. We examine problems with the notion of being predestined in a life that no longer belongs to you.

180. On Being Painfully Shy
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.83Mb)

Description: Shyness recompresses the you of you. We explore the meaning, causation, and recitation, of shyness. It isn't enough to tell someone not to be shy, we have to help each other become our own expectation.

181. Crime Story: The Peril of Caril Ann
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 22.13Mb)

Description: Caril Ann Fugate was kidnapped by Charles Starkweather. We re-examine the 1958 case of Caril Ann, and her Starkweather captor. Charlie Starkweather murdered 11 people, including members of Caril Ann's family. Caril Ann Fugate was implicated in the killings -- by her kidnapper! -- and she was given a life sentence. This is her story. This is the exoneration of Caril Ann Fugate.

182. Outlier Anarchy
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.78Mb)

Description: We fight the middle Right through an assault from the edge! We sound the fife and bangs the drum: Now is the time to stand and fight! Now is the time to not be moved! Now is the time for Anarchy from our Outliers!

183. Waking Up Dead: Marshall Jamison Poetry
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.55Mb)

Description: We celebrate the life and writing of Marshall Jamison! 

184. Kremlin West, Moscow West, and Russia West
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.60Mb)

Description: Why is Russia snuggling in our White House? We take apart the 2016 election -- and what it means for American and Russian relations with Donald Trump as president. We are in for a woeful world of hurt!

185. Renewal, Starting Over, Forgiveness
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.07Mb)

Description: How do we negotiate coping with each other? We share stories of viral internet memes, and stories about Marshall Jamison, Burgess Meredith and, "Anyone for Tennyson?"

186. Master’s Thesis Interview
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.26Mb)

Description: Here are some views on Deaf Culture. We reveal answers to questions posed by a Master's Thesis student researching Deaf Culture, professional Broadway interpreting programs, and the merits of regional theatre performance interpretations.

187. Finality of Loss
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.32Mb)

Description: We covet what we lose. We wonder why we value loss more than inclusion. We venerate the dead, but ignore the living. Is it because we cannot stand to bear the unrecoverable?

188. Leda and the Swan
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.70Mb)

Description: The story of Leda is harrowing. We investigate the myth of Leda. Was she too beautiful for a mortal life? Was she abused without warning in the name of predestiny? Did the violence struck upon her, foreshadow the lives of her unborn children?

189. Blood: Ten Sentence Stories
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.18Mb)

Description: We live in Blood! 

190. Friends on the Streets
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.76Mb)

Description: The streets have no name -- but they do have your number! We take to the streets to learn about friendship and Ethics and Envy and Enforcers! A Walking City always takes the first step up by creeping from the gutter!

191. Bludgeon of Anonymization
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 21.20Mb)

Description: A free society requires public atonement. We argue against anonymity in the community of the world -- where only the nefarious, and the unseemly, hide in the depths to mercilessly troll the best of us.

192. The Icarian Syndrome: Heat Rises, Smoke Falls
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.19Mb)

Description: Icarus leaves behind a lousy legacy. We fly around the myth of Icarus and Daedalus -- and discovers that heros die with a forgotten honor while fools have islands and seas named after them. As we step out of the primordial brine, our only hope is for escape.

193. Brutalism Re-Bruted
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.31Mb)

Description: Brutalism is back is a big way! We decline the rise of the re-booting of the Brutalist movement! We are surrounded by the relics of a Brutal ideal in designed living in architecture -- and beyond our common culture -- and we cannot escape its scowl on our cities. 

194. Hundred. Responses!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.99Mb)

Description: Listener responses to: Hundred! 

195. First Rule of Stupid People
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.12Mb)

Description: Stupidity has nothing to do with education. We wrestle with the management, and enlightening of, Stupid People! We listen. We question. We ask. Always in that order -- so we may know.

196. Ideas Are Not Scary: GE Advertising for Idiots!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 26.15Mb)

Description: What happened to GE television advertising? We vivisect GE Ad campaigns over the last 30 years. Why did GE move the idea of them -- and of us! -- from warm and bright to forlorn and stupid?

197. Social Justice
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 22.34Mb)

Description: Where do we go to get Social Justice? We examine the nature of Social Justice in the wake of the competing anarchical memes of Black Lives Matter and the White Supremacist Movement. Are there similar desires at stake in the streets? Are there equal ends on opposite ends of a piece of string? How do we get along with each other, if not, by social transposition?

198. Hundred.
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 2.33Mb)

Description: Hundred.

199. Circles in Circles
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 9.05Mb)

Description: Our lives are circles generating circles. To unwind us, is to disassemble what makes us whole. We discuss the Art of Closing Circles -- and of finding meaning in the moment of silence before the second closes.

200. Hillary Clinton Finally Gave My Millennials Speech!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.67Mb)

Description: We learn as we listen. We celebrate the fact that Hillary Clinton actually gave the bones and ribs of the Millennials speech we wrote for her -- when she addressed the Children's Defense Fund!

201. Manipulative Immortality in the Word
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.80Mb)

Description: We write for us, not them. We argue against the reckless notion that authors should write books for generations 100 years out while not allowing the now of us to read the work today. 

202. The Mirth of Sisyphus
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.37Mb)

Description: Camus' Sisyphus was against suicide, but did Sisyphus really take his punishment from the Gods? We contemplate the MIRTH in the Sisyphus myth, and we recall Sartre and Camus to help us existentialize the ratty rationalizations of the despicable rock roller!

203. Rule of Suing
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.05Mb)

Description: How do you prevent someone from dishonoring a contract? We help you figure out how to get the best contract terms and how to deal with the inevitable boor of a business person who refuses to honor a done deal.

204. Race Traitor
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.30Mb)

Description: Over the past week, our beloved host was accused of three things. First, he was accused of being a Traitor to His Own Race. Next, he was accused of being a Genderist because he thinks women can be "stolen." Finally, he was accused of being a Big Baby in need of diapering. In this episode, we respond to our accusers! 

205. Outlier Offensive
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.46Mb)

Description: The risk of your life is to become an Outlier and stay one. We explain the value of an authentic Outlier -- one who leaves society to become an extra thinker beyond the common core.

206. No Right to Be Forgotten
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.67Mb)

Description: You cannot make us forget you! We flay the European Union notion that anyone in the world has the "Right to Be Forgotten" in today's digital evolution! It is nigh impossible to erase footfalls that have already been suspended in amber.

207. What a Ghoul Believes
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 11.69Mb)

Description: What happens when a Ghoul unexpectedly wins an election? We interview, for a second time, a conquering Ghoul who will set world expectation for the undead in the next generation!

208. Glom Research
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 22.20Mb)

Description: Don't ask for it if you didn't write it! We take on the glommers who want to "borrow" your research, or "take a look at" your Powerpoint presentation, or "grab a copy of" your syllabus. Write your own stuff! Stop stealing content from the rest of us!

209. Interview with a Ghoul
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 11.13Mb)

Description: Some Ghouls are too good to be true! We break new ground interviewing an ill-smelling Ghoul on election day! Can this Ghoul win it all with the Kitten and Wraith vote?

210. Black Wall of Gold
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.61Mb)

Description: The Lakota Sioux have spent generations fighting for hills and against pipelines. We make the case that the Black Hills of South Dakota were a first line of defense -- a wall! -- against intruders, until it was discovered those hills were made of gold, and the land was lost to blood and greed. Today, the fight is over Black Gold and pumping stations.

211. The Search for Meaning
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.87Mb)

Description: What do we mean in the landscape of antiquity? We share our combined searches for meaning in our lives -- with conflicting interests -- and opposing causes. 

212. Best Childhood Commercials
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 24.76Mb)

Description: Why does the salesmanship of childhood stick with us inside the adult? We dissect some of the most memorable commercials from the 1970s to wonder at the everlasting effects upon their intended, advertising, targets.

213. The Immigrant Doctor
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.33Mb)

Description: We owe our future to the history of those who joined us. We celebrate the immigrant experience, and those who choose to give up their lives at home to join our lives here in America. 

214. The Barely Among Us
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.14Mb)

Description: The homeless and the mentally ill creep on the seams of society. We try to figure out how we can help those who are unable to think of their own welfare. Incarceration is not the solution. Ignoring these desperate people hasn't worked. What's next?

215. A Haunting on Happy Jack Hill
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.53Mb)

Description: What breaks us can never can never bind us. Here is an original ghost story we wrote about a Nebraska legend.

216. Everything Smells Like Pot and Service Animals
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 23.95Mb)

Description: We are surrounded by smoke and poop! We take a sniff at how the mores of society are changing right beneath our noses! Medical Marijuana and Service Animals are beguiling more than just our sense of smell!

217. The Case of the Mysterious PhD Line Caper
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.19Mb)

Description: Academia is just as cutthroat as Wall Street -- but will less morality and more humor. We share canonical insight into the PhD hiring process, and how it unravels into unfairness and backslapping in order to fill empty faculty lines. 

218. Purity
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.05Mb)

Description: We have the need to be cleansed. Yet, we can never be clean. We reveal the memes of purity and cleanliness as cultural controls. Can we ever become Virgins again after the loss of verifiable innocence? 

219. Newark in Black and Blue: Podcast Edition!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.20Mb)

Description: Students who attend school in Newark, New Jersey discuss Race and Racism in performance. In this episode, our instructor gives the story over to his Fall 2004 "Page to Stage" class at Rutgers-Newark where his students dramatize the hard, biting, realities of their lives -- recording the truth of them, in situ, in studio, preserved in the amber of audio history. NSFW: Language.

220. Do You Not See Me Not Watching You?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 22.06Mb)

Description: We are always being watched by someone who is not us -- or OF us. We walk through the sky above and the eyes below that are looking down on us and around on us -- recording every move we make. Can we escape this Panopticon of our own doing and desire?

221. Cynicism and Snarkiness in the Media
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.40Mb)

Description: In a crumbling world, the comedians make the news, and skewer the truth. The old world newsreaders are scuttled to the dustbin -- unless they compete on the lowest level of giggling and desk-slapping. In this episode, we track the downfall of the American news personality.

222. Deirdre of the Sorrows: Podcast Performance!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.63Mb)

Description: The Irish sense of tragedy takes many forms and mournings. We dive into Irish culture and the work of Playwright and Poet John Millington Synge. There are some Irish pronunciation name games herein as well as the redacted version, IN LIVE PERFORMANCE, of "Deirdre of the Sorrows."

223. That Was The Week That Was in Bigotry
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 27.89Mb)

Description: Three cunning bigots? Three kind solutions! We share our experiences in a week filled with censorship and cruel bigots! There's the bigoted Race-baiter, and then there's the Civil Rights ruiner, and, finally, there's the culture-dissing inHuman Troll!

224. We are All Replaceable Until We're Not
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.68Mb)

Description: There is no value in us. We are built on hubris and breadcrumbs, and we prick the notion that we only bleed when we're struck -- and not in perpetuity. We are not unique. We only resemble. How then, can we fight for a right niche in life and become, in essence, the meaning of, value?

225. Trinity Moments
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.85Mb)

Description: "I am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds." We discuss the idea of a "Trinity Moment" -- and how that notion is inspired by the scheme of Robert Oppenheimer's "Trinity Test" bombs during WWII. We cannot reoccur, or recover, from a Trinity Moment. Like Pandora's Box, once a Trinity Moment is let loose upon us, the Devil cannot be sent back to Hell. 

226. Performing Arts as a Profession
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.79Mb)

Description: We are not always our talents. We want to believe we can arc above the sky and land on our feet; but our parents often try to hold us down, for our own sake, against our wishes and our dreams. We answer a talented student of the Performing Arts from California who wants to take up an offer for a full-ride scholarship that her parents refuse to approve.

227. Enemies Are Your Friend
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.71Mb)

Description: Every friend is your enemy! Yes, it's true! Every enemy is a friend and every friend is an enemy. The trick of life is to know which way that pendulum is ticking against you.

228. Dotbusters, Beaner-Hopping and Foreign Rage
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 21.60Mb)

Description: We are our hatreds. When we, the majority, choose to pick on the minority among us, we cheapen our own dreams, and wishes, and we poison our future with violence. We examine a not-so-distant time in America when were were rougher, and more, cruel with -- "The Others" -- than we are today.

229. Cowardism and the Terrorist
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.31Mb)

Description: Is there a difference between a coward and a terrorist? We struggle to find the difference between terrorism and cowardice. In the Age of Modern Warfare Against Civilians -- do those labels even matter any longer, when killing is done, virtually, from afar?

230. Imitation is Not Flattery
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.25Mb)

Description: Achievement vs. Originality matters. Knowing the difference between authenticity and imitation is not as easy as it once was. We reveal the imitators among us -- the copiers, the pale comparisons, and the almost was.

231. Romanticizing Bad People
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.71Mb)

Description: Why are we obsessed with venerating the Evildoers among us? We take a look at our like for the bad influences in our culture. Hitler, the KKK, Pigeons, Sports, Criminals and Bad Boys -- they're all here -- waiting for the burning!

232. Love in an Anodyne Age
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 21.27Mb)

Description: Where has the sacred heart gone to find love today? We reckon with -- "The Death of the Old God" -- in an Age where everything is facile and online and untouchable. Sex! Dating! Heathens of the Loveless!

233. Logistics and Quantification of the Human Spirit
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.36Mb)

Description: We are illogical beings who rely on logistics to get the work of life, done. We lay out the idea of the logicians who run our lives -- in business and in healthcare -- and the inescapable resolution of the dissolution of our Human Souls in the process.

234. Luke Cage and the Harlem Renaissance
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.50Mb)

Description: The Marvel Comics Universe comes alive in New York City! We take a look at the Luke Cage television series on Netflix. The evildoers and the good fighters tee off in Harlem to rule the soul of the people!

235. Flay the Wicked, Save the Monster
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.91Mb)

Description: Here's what you get when you combine a Hobson's Choice with a Sophie's Choice. You get a Wicked Monster trapped in a never-ending circle of ferocity! We explore the mind of us, and how we choose to make decisions while actively deciding not to be involved in anything that can later be used against us. 

236. Ubiquity in Social Media
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 21.20Mb)

Description: If you want to be widely understood, be universally clear, and contextual. We share secrets of the mistakes we've made in a long -- social media tail -- career. Context is everything, and it can always be shared if you explain well. "Katzenfutter" and "World of the Day" and "Word-Smithy" and "Three's Company" -- forever!

237. I Just Wrote Hillary Clinton’s Millennials Speech
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 9.71Mb)

Description: Here is the speech Hillary Clinton needs to give to Millennials. We share the speech we wrote for Hillary Clinton to win the Millennials vote!

238. The Undiagnosed and the Accused: Asperger’s and the Internet
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 22.52Mb)

Description: How do we label things in the Internet of things? We insult you, and offends you, as we step through a generation, or two, of naming conventions -- from retarded to Autistic, from lazy to Fibromyalgia, from antisocial to Asperger's Syndrome. All outrage, all the time!

239. Redundant Systems: Redundant Systems
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.10Mb)

Description: Does your love backup have a backup? The universe wants us to be one thing and not a multiplicity, but computer systems were built to copy us -- sometimes in uneven and unwanted ways. We wonder about the doppelgangers of us, and how many backups is too many -- and why redundant love is something all children require.

240. We Are Our Works
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.87Mb)

Description: Are we only our jobs? We ask the important questions of us -- are we our work, are we our dreams, as we something else -- or are we only what others expect us to be in the end?

241. How to Adapt Everything
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.40Mb)

Description: The Art of Adaptation is not for the weak-willed. We share methods of adaptation, and of divining meaning into the essence of everything. In order to adapt, you must first humble yourself, and then submit -- and we provide examples from Columbia University in the City of New York and in the higher life of Jewish actor, Steven Hill. 

242. Millennialization of a Nation
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.99Mb)

Description: Will the 2016 presidential election be decided by the non-involvement of Millennials? We think it so -- and we dig into the depths of the emptiness of us -- to unearth a generation that was born aimless, and amiss. 

243. Why Do We Trust Each Other?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.28Mb)

Description: New Twitter friend Ashleigh Bonner asks for a podcast about trust. This, is that, podcast! We answer Ashleigh's inquiries, and wonderings, about the nature of us -- and the test of us -- when it comes to living together as a society. 

244. Traumatic Memory and Survivor Grief
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.68Mb)

Description: What happens to those left behind -- the traumatized, and the grieving? In this podcast follow-up to -- "Does Disappeared Mean Murdered?" -- we reflect on what it means to find success in storytelling as we share a letter from a grieving stranger, and shines an example on traumatic memory, in the example of Lt. Joe Kenda, star of the Homicide Hunter television show on the Investigation Discovery channel.

245. On Getting Twitter Verified
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 26.15Mb)

Description: How do you get Verified on Twitter and Facebook? Don't ask us -- because we have no idea -- even though we're finally Verified on both Facebook and Twitter. Listen along as we share some schemes and thoughts and doables for winning the social media Verification day!

246. In the Internet of Things, Keep Your String
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.28Mb)

Description: “As we are connected, so shall we remain in the dark.” That quote is investigated in this podcast about living virtually and in reality. Do we know how dependent we are on power and the internet? Can a piece of string save us? How long is a piece of string?

247. Does Disappeared Mean Murdered?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.57Mb)

Description: Here are the stories of fellow Lincoln, Nebraskans Wendy Hile, Oscar Long and Gina Bos -- all either murdered, or presumed dead. We investigate what it means to go missing in the real world, and how we deal with the not knowing of what happened to the murdered, and the beloved, around us.

248. Now You’re the Whore of New York!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.95Mb)

Description: What's the easiest way to control the most people? We share thoughts on the methods and the memes used to control thought, and behavior -- from medication, to religion, to education, to womb manipulation.

249. The Burning Patriot
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.89Mb)

Description: Have we finally burned the Patriotism out of 9/11? Will we ever get over the attack that paralyzed New York City? Must we replay the murder of almost 3,000 people in real time, every single year? We take on what it means to be an American -- and we add Colin Kaepernick, and Sandy Hook, and the Civil War, and San Bernardino, and George W. Bush, and the NFL, and morning TV news readers -- to the fire!

250. How to Poison a Culture
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 16.44Mb)

Description: We corrupt our Aesthetic and Education and Values through carelessness. We take apart all the memetics we claim to culturally care about, and he disassembles it all into non-organic parts -- The Kardashians, Justin Bieber and Britney -- plus, The Others! 

251. Letter From Anthea
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 22.03Mb)

Description: Today, we share a lovely letter from Anthea Syrokou! You may listen to Anthea's feedback concerning our -- "How Not to Paint" -- podcast and our response to her thoughts here as well! Oh, and don't tell Anthea her undercover iPhone Street Name is: "Anthrax!"

252. Do Not Push the Machine!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.78Mb)

Description: If we are presented with a button -- that does not mean we must press it! We contemplate what happens when we independently set machines in motion without knowing how the gears will flow. Deus Ex Machina is the critical, fateful, classical warning against starting the machine -- yet, we never listen, or learn!

253. How Not to Paint
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.44Mb)

Description: There's a crime afoot to steal your money while you're drunk and painting! We put the tines to the "Copying is Painting" Art movement in America. Creation is not imitation, and Aristotle provides the parameters for judging all aesthetic intention!

254. Five Fires Changed the World
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.77Mb)

Description: Fire changes us, warms us, and creates the history of us. We share five fires in history that changed the basis of us. Shelley, Yeats, San Francisco, Watts, OJ Simpson and "No Country for Old Men" ignite the conversation!

255. The Salinger Effect and Screenshot Publication
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 17.05Mb)

Description: Who owns your letters? We explore ownership of writing and literature and letters -- and SMS texts! What is Fair Use? How do we quote a part of an image? What is allowed in virtual scholarship?

256. Is Sexting Cheating?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.04Mb)

Description: Carlos Danger! Underwear Shots! It's Anthony Weiner! We go on a sex stroll through history as husbands humiliate their wives -- in public -- all in the meme of gathering greater political power! JFK! Bill Clinton! John Edwards! Gary Hart! All, inhuman creeps!

257. uChicago.edu is Not a Safe Haven
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 18.36Mb)

Description: A university campus must never be a safe haven for thoughts! We examine the new University of Chicago policy against trigger warnings and other methods of thought control perpetrated by the precious few against the whole. With extended examples from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Columbia University in the City of New York in tow, we also share direct teaching experience on the censorship matter.

258. The First Bloopers Edition!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 20.12Mb)

Description: This is the first bloopers edition! This month-old podcast is still an imperfect thing, as you'll learn as all the flubs and blumbles are memorialized. As well, technical updates to the podcast are shared -- including conversation about the USBPre-2 microphone and sound mixer, the Neumann KMS 105 MT microphone, K&M boom arms, and the Tascam DR-100MKII for field recording!

259. Kloefkorn and Stubblefield at the Platte Valley Press
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.50Mb)

Description: William Kloefkorn and Charles Stubblefield were great poets! We share the longing legacy of Kloefkorn and Stubblefield via their work in the classroom, their publishing genius with the Platte Valley Press, and their lasting impression on the people they touched.

260. The Art of Yearning
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.58Mb)

Description: What is the historical importance of yearning in literature? We explore the notion of yearning in the works of Nebraska authors Loren Eiseley, Willa Cather, and John G. Neihardt.

261. 10txt in Podcast Performance
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 10.80Mb)

Description: Here are three 10txt stories performed for the first time! In this edition, you'll hear, "I am the Night Train Killer" and "Beanie Blue, Queen of the Undernight" plus, "Marston Swain, Jr. Waits for His Life to Begin."

262. The Woman Who Married Her Brother and Became Her Mother (Podcast Edition!)
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 6.60Mb)

Description: Here's another original bit of fiction! "The Woman Who Married Her Brother and Became Her Mother' originally appeared on October 4, 2013 as part of the BolesBlogs.com network and you may read the story, in text form, on that website.

263. The Sorry Legend of the Great Bootsock (Podcast Edition!)
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 8.58Mb)

Description: Here is the starry, sorry, legend of the Great Bootsock! In this original story -- and published November 8, 2013 at BolesBlogs.com -- we learn of a great high school football player who fell in the glittery days of college, and who had to settle for a life, not in the heavens, but stuck, hard, in the ethereal ground.

264. Only Tomorrow Matters
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 7.14Mb)

Description: What kind of life do you want to have? We compare the Anarchist to the Passivist and how the memes of knowledge become moments of sharing beyond the classroom. What we know, defines us, and what we do not know, defeats us.

265. American Gargoyle: A Cloven Hoof in the Homeland
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.76Mb)

Description: In this original fairytale, you meet an orange-faced Gargoyle. That short-fingered, cloven-hoofed, Vulgarian God is set upon the destruction of the world, and is served by three, misshapen, children as the rest of humanity are rendered mute with nukes. Then -- a child appears -- to tame the hatred, and stanch the drooling, with the gift of kindness; and the world is able to be re-birthed again, in the valley of the homeland.

266. A Pineal Annealing
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.78Mb)

Description: Our pineal gland is the key to healing. We share the ways and means of annealing your pineal gland -- your very own grain-of-rice-sized pinecone in the middle of your brain in perfect Fibonacci Golden Spiral form -- for greater health, and insight into your world, and galaxies beyond the human meme!

267. Of Wealth and the Starless Eye
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 11.08Mb)

Description: How do we measure success: Using the wallet and social status? We explore the common themes of winning and losing; and we shares the story of a young woman we used to know who sold her future, and the futures of her children, to the highest, social, bidder. 

268. Life of Curation
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 11.77Mb)

Description: Our greatest duty is to curate each other. We investigate what we decide together to improve, provide, and empower. We also share a mistake he made during a Freshman year of teaching Freshman writing!

269. Disability and Indifference
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.50Mb)

Description: Do we still care to care for the disabled -- or do we only want them fixed? We discuss why we may think there are right protections​ in place​, like the Americans With Disabilities Act, to guarantee and ensure equal access; but as society changes, ​​Eugenics rises again, The Ugly Laws become revitalized, and we have a return to those who prefer to cull the herd instead of lifting up everyone. Even 23andMe are disaffected in wanting to fix instead of help!

270. Omne Trium Perfectum: The Rule of Three
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 22.55Mb)

Description: We believe in Threes -- for there is power in the multiple choosing! -- but, why? We consider Sigmund Freud's fascinating essay, "The Theme of the Three Caskets" to help divine answers in our need for a triple choice. Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice" and "King Lear" hold clues to caskets of gold, silver and lead and -- in the final absorption -- we find the unadorned, instinctual, reflexive, viral, choosing of The Goddess of Death as the real value in every human life.

271. Ubiquitous Distribution Channels
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 12.58Mb)

Description: How do we distribute knowledge, and information, and human emotion? We uproot ways of thinking about publishing, broadcasting, education and religious tenets. In the end, there is only one distribution channel that matters across every simple syndication and human emotion.

272. De Anima and the Demon Soul
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 13.28Mb)

Description: Aristotle tried to give form to the function of the human soul. We search the human experience for meaning in the evolution of our communal concept of the soul -- ending in an indictment of what has become, in the Modern Age, the moral ubiquity of the Demon Soul!

273. Black Rum, Blacker Pride
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 8.28Mb)

Description: James Baldwin was one of the greatest Race Writers in America. We examine the biting words of the author in historical context. The violent, early, deaths of his friends: Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. all transformed James Baldwin's vision of America.

274. Q is for Quadroon
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 19.37Mb)

Description: This podcast is packed raw with raves that enrapture the world! Topics include: iTunes reviews, Contact Lenses, Obummer, Education, Marriage, Ending with AT, Ancestry, New York City, and Quadroons!

275. Obama Baring Arms
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 12.26Mb)

Description: In today's podcast, we are full of rants! Topics include Obama, Pigs in the Street, The Olympics, Apple, News Reader Fashion Critiques, Flippity-Flops and Undue Drug Prices! Join the rage by subscribing today!

276. A Prison Story
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 8.35Mb)

Description: Gideon is a man who went to prison to help guarantee our freedom. We examine the life of Clarence Earl Gideon, a prisoner and petty criminal who helped guarantee our fundamental right to counsel and free access to a Public Defender. In the example of Gideon, we are taught that no one is above the law, and no poor person is below the law. The Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments were never so alive!

277. Replies
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 15.37Mb)

Description: We answer your questions about sunshine and podcasting! Other topics include Porsche, Buick, Willa Cather, Robert Frost, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump!

278. Crumbling in a Pyramid of Lies
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 11.70Mb)

Description: How do we deal with serial liars? These professional fibbers build up each lie, carefully, preternaturally, like spit on a broom! We share a story of shameless misery dealing with a Millennial dog owner living above him who, while holding a dog in his arms, denies he has a dog in his arms.

279. Final Measure of Mercy
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 9.09Mb)

Description: The last full measure of devotion divines us. How does the commoner find the way to the unadorned grave? We use the inspiration of Abraham Lincoln, Sen. Robert Kennedy, and Teddy Kennedy to bring us to understanding, and closure, for the regular lives lost among us.

280. Renewing the Covenant
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 12.28Mb)

Description: How do we keep alive our connection with each other? We stay together by renewing covenants, closing circles, and remembering who and what we wish to become. We use the examples of a Washington, D.C. theatre, Columbia University in the City of New York, and Rep. John Lewis -- all as exemplars of covenants warned in excellence.

281. Allegiance and Justice and the Work of Craft
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 8.64Mb)

Description: We fight for justice and pledge allegiance to each other and ourselves. How then, do we handle creators who give us public joy and communal introspection -- while their personal lives are broken to the bone and morally corrupt in the being? We discuss the hard decisions we have to make when it comes to honoring Craft vs. Creator!

282. Reflections in a Blind Soul
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 10.71Mb)

Description: How do we teach our children to tend their souls? Do we set an example for imitation? Or are children born with a soul that blindly leads them right? We consider the nurturing memes that form us early in childhood. A soul is not for the safekeeping. A soul for made for the community sharing!

283. Good Luck and the Blessings of Merit
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 10.25Mb)

Description: Are we born lucky? Or does luck become us? We analyze the Meme, and the merits, of blessings, luck, and spectral intervention. Beware of tricksters wishing to make your luck -- their own divinity!

284. Veneration in Death
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 12.37Mb)

Description: How do we quantify and qualify our grief for the dead? Is personal mourning less valuable than the public grief expressed in social media and along the public square? Is a dead athlete more valuable to community function than a dying child? We examine how, and why, we mourn apart, and as a nation, together.

285. An Irrevocable Aesthetic
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 10.33Mb)

Description: How do we create ideas that survive within others? That is the idea of an -- "Irrevocable Aesthetic" -- that propagates from person-to-person long after you are gone. There are ways of knowing that are universal in the evidence of memory and an in the expression of residual effluence. Everything flows! Join us in this discussion of the human myth.

286. Temptation and the Divine Stave
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 11.29Mb)

Description: How we want what we cannot have is a temptation that deserves a knuckling down from a divine hand. What happens when divinity is lost, social policy becomes less aware and the laws of us fail to reorient our moral conundrum? How do we find our way out of childish things?

287. Podcasting the Podcast
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/mpeg, 14.09Mb)

Description: We discuss the technocrat bits of upgrading your podcast. But first, we share a brief history of the Yale School of Drama Mafia. Then, we're on to microphones, headphones, audio decoders, recording and editing software, podcast philosophy, hosting services, and other enhanced details of the evolution of this series.

288. Education and the Uneven Mind
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/x-m4a, 19.13Mb)

Description: Education in America is unequal. There are barriers to learning that must be breached. How do we equally teach every mind that is ripe to learn? Can we economically survive as a nation when elite education is too expensive to afford? To know, we must fight together!

289. Answering the Angry Inbox
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/x-m4a, 14.14Mb)

Description: We answer angry email from his Inbox! You'll learn about God and Guns and Terrorism -- all in the first two minutes!

290. Pain and Compunction
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/x-m4a, 15.82Mb)

Description: We live tortured lives filled with pain propagated by others against us. How do we survive as body is set against mind? Who peed the bed? We look to drama and yogis and morality to save us from the others of us. We must allow each other our grief!

291. Perseverance in Longevity
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/x-m4a, 10.53Mb)

Description: How may we become successful when those around us don't share the same vision? We stay. We will not be moved. We may be mocked or cut off or abandoned, but we always continue on our mark, remain our pathway, and blaze a bright sky in the moonlight.

292. Publishing and the Parochial Mind
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/x-m4a, 12.04Mb)

Description: Publishing is for everyone, not just mega-media conglomerates, and in this examination of the transferrable memetic, we evaluate the memes and methods of various terms of teams from the Book to the future of threadbare, socialized, publication.

293. Understanding Aristotle's Poetics
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/x-m4a, 13.68Mb)

Description: This is a discussion of the staves of dramatic theory: Plot, Character, Thought, Diction, Music, and Spectacle! The Poetics!

294. Why Do We Create?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/x-m4a, 11.02Mb)

Description: Why do we create Art and People and Books and Sandwiches? What drives the human compunction to be remembered? How do we divine the truth? Why are we able to withstand the challenges of time? Technology replaces technology, but what replaces us? (NOTE: Yes, I know burning witches was before the founding of the nation -- a misspeak that is now preserved as part of the Human Meme in amber! -- but please take the point of the riddled point)

295. The Idea of Beauty
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/x-m4a, 12.06Mb)

Description: The idea of beauty is discussed. How have our tastes in physical beauty, Art and Architecture changes over time? What do we value if not beauty over the ugly? Does anyone aspire to ugliness?

296. Mechanization of the Self and the Loss of Wonder
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/x-m4a, 13.46Mb)

Description: We discuss how life has changed from mechanization, and the loss of wonder. Transportation, Communication and Social Living are examined.

297. What is a Human Meme?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bole... download (audio/x-m4a, 9.49Mb)

Description: This is the first episode! The definition of a human life is at stake, and the loss of elastic thinking is also examined. "What does it mean to live a human life?"