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Podcast title Dragon the Dirt Show
Website URL http://shoutengine.com/Dragont...
Description It's Dragon the Dirt show! We talk politics and question why government even exists.  Stay tuned for funny stories and wild discussion.  It will make your head spin.  :)   -http://KMFBZ.com
Updated Sat, 23 Mar 2019 13:37:59
Image Dragon the Dirt Show
Category News & Politics
Government & Organizations

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1. 20051030 Dragon the Dirt Show - #10
http://shoutengine.com/Dragont... download (audio/mpeg, 207.55Mb)


This is the "Special Edition" (90 minutes!) / Dragon was inspired by David Spade / it's time for the stories! / Dragon drools over Rocketboom's Amanda - www.rocketboom.com / sick cat, healthy cat / Divine Melancholy / new job, no job / new boss: "take ownership" / the passing of "a child in a man's body" / new boss: "you're too opinionated" - WTF? / Dirt's advice: "CYA by confirming it in writing" / www.nanowrimo.org - National Novel Writing Month - www.nanowrimo.org / it's great to be with fellow creative people / Dirt's project: "Of Vice And Men" - like Neo at the payphone meets John Galt / Dragon's strengths and weaknesses / Nonconformist Film Fest / "not to be an Apple fanboy, but..." / Dragon's project: "Homecoming" / let's talk politics! / let's flip the tape! / two key sources of life force drainage / Ayn Rand and Robert A Heinlein: romantic storytellers depicting The Ideal Man / Dirt's message delivered: "Are you going to stay asleep?" / conditioned to fear, and to blindly trust the "experts" / a warning and a wake up call / freedom vs. restraint, hate vs. actual harm / LYOL: Live Your Own Life! / rights are simply powers, either inherent or derived / old-fashioned shunning / police: no *duty* to protect / group rights are derived from individual rights / solutions: http://www.mises.org and http://voluntaryist.org / is Alex Jones pro-government? / anything that restrains is anti-freedom

2. 20050915 Dragon the Dirt Show - #9
http://shoutengine.com/Dragont... download (audio/mpeg, 103.33Mb)


We're mellow, like NPR / Dragon Pesci asks, "Where's my crunkin' Whopper?" / patriots are lunatics / repeated multi-threaded conversations / 9-11 2005: no disasters or NBC problems / Dragon, will you please go now? / articles are more than 10 words / "living under the shadow of a mushroom cloud" / Dirt's boredom begets obnoxious rolling of dice / a fart in a teacup? / "it could never happen here" / 9-11: a sad list of "20 Things We Know 4 Years Later" / Despotism: a 1946 film, now playing in a modern nation near you! / Why is Dragon talking about "Logan's Run?" / serious consequences for thinking differently / I grok you speak rightly, brother! / dice explained, Dynamite praised / "You're The Man Now, Dog!" (YTMND) - gdsm.ytmnd.com: Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel, immortalized / www.purepwnage.com - is that pronounced Prawnage or Phoneage? / A "3" again? These dice are possessed! / Dragon finally reads the list / Dirt provides beatbox accompaniment and Beastie Boys stylin' / Dirt rattles off dozens of topics from the first 8 shows / why haven't you listened to the first 8 shows? / why do people put up with the State? (a list of 10 reasons -- 10 weak, fallacious reasons) / this is *our* declaration of independence!

3. 20050811 Dragon the Dirt Show - #8
http://shoutengine.com/Dragont... download (audio/mpeg, 100.52Mb)


Hyperactive intro courtesy of Mountain Dew / toe injury updates / we are such consummate professionals / Dragon is still the round peg that doesn't fit in the square hole / reminiscing about maturity / why "GAFFE"? / the SNL adult diaper commercial parody / yet another couch obsession reference / intentions revealed and revealing definitions / we are not "Bob Saget blue" funny / Aristrocats: a different movie than AristoCRATS / Dragon will fart in a bus shelter -- loudly. / GAFFE is all about promoting a voluntary society / asking simple but revealing questions of terrocrats -- oops, bureaucrats / Dragon is jokeless, he is without joke / "CRUNK" / Thanks, Ice T and/or Dave Chappelle (?) / censor stuff on our forums: it's just funny. / friggin' gubmint, a bunch of gorram dipspits :) / 25 question political spectrum test, summarized and reviewed / cLeRkS Amok! / George Lucas is not allowed to write dialogue / assigning authority that you yourself don't have / roads are *not* built by "government" / The Real Frank Zappa Memorial / individuals could provide anything that "government" claims to provide / a surprise visit from Tux, your friendly neighbourhood purr provider! / Ferris Wheel voting analogy

4. 20050804 Dragon the Dirt Show - #7
http://shoutengine.com/Dragont... download (audio/mpeg, 101.75Mb)


Catapult the propaganda! / what if they're lazy *and* stupid? / toe teaser / What's It All About? (not the book by Sir Michael Caine) / the voluntaryism ideal! / Dragon's post count="less than one" / has Dirt been fighting with Marc Stevens? / RantAcid: like a soapbox on paper / fond Kids In The Hall memories about Bruce's stolen bike wheel / Free Talk Live is "not libertarian enough" / what a "straw man" actually is / An Official Apology To Marc Stevens! / Mountain Dew Energy Drink -- oh yeah! / "Wonderstruck!" about the new Governor General / Dragon's skateboarding excursion and twin toe trauma / Dirt's blatant apathy / London survivor says bomb was *under* the train / Dragon sings, "scab flakes on my mic" / Dragon struggles to find Alex Jones "Martial Law" movie website / Many free 911 videos @ http://netctr.com/media.html / Dirt's "tip jar" seeding analogy / every episode, Dirt mentions the couch! / Dragon proclaims "Mallrats wasn't as bad as people say" / we're not as cynical, not as bitter... / TheNightlyPotato.com / "this has been the least political show" / Dragon keeps turning off the printer -- without Dirt's consent! / Sorry, Gord, what "contract"? / advice to bloggers applying for jobs

5. 20050721 Dragon the Dirt Show - #6
http://shoutengine.com/Dragont... download (audio/mpeg, 135.41Mb)


New and exciting website shortcuts / another London (non-)bombing / is Canada next? / this is not a London show / sign-up plea! / new shortcuts to the archives / the best Internet radio show audience in the world / Scotty beamed up / life can begin anytime / mid 30s or late 30s? / Dragon is not "old" / hey sycophants, stop sucking up! / Dragon's mad coding skillz / inspirational Kevin Smith stuff / "this is a challenge to you, Reese Witherspoon." / Atom Films: Nightly Potato / Dragon's thoughts on "the cat video" / Pope jokes and Catholic apologies / reasons to disbelieve London official story / 1. "Bibi" warning / 2. Olympic celebrants alive = you terrorists suck / 3. military withdrawal okayed / 4. easy to fake photos or videos / poor patsies / Fishing 101 / Dirt's couch obsession / What is poly-ticks? / Natural Law vs. natural law / There's No Government Like No Government / voting doesn't make sense / man made laws = opinions backed by guns / voting is a violent act / quiz answers / Dragon: "I've seen the light." / this is our E.P. ("Very Special Episode") / why do people obey laws? / Bush and Blair promote democracy / constitutions are not contracts

6. 20050714 Dragon the Dirt Show - #5
http://shoutengine.com/Dragont... download (audio/mpeg, 101.52Mb)


We talk about the aftermath of the London bombiing and much more! Enjoy. :)

7. 20050707 Dragon the Dirt Show - #4
http://shoutengine.com/Dragont... download (audio/mpeg, 101.09Mb)


Our thoughts on the London bombings and general nonsense going on in the world and what we can do about it.

8. 20050609 Dragon the Dirt Show - #3
http://shoutengine.com/Dragont... download (audio/mpeg, 109.62Mb)


More about freedom, conspiracies, and government silliness from Dragon and Dirt.  We're just getting started folks!  

9. 20050602 Dragon the Dirt Show - #2
http://shoutengine.com/Dragont... download (audio/mpeg, 102.70Mb)


Previously, on "24"... / no offense to transvestites / Manson Family rating / journey walk / what is the deal with the Queen? / 3 logical fallacies / The Rainbow Suspenders / what Fox News does / policemen are just doing their jobs / what does furtively mean? / jerk in an $1800 suit / O'Reilly: No Suit Zone! / Dirt has a research addiction / David Icke is not crazy / left-leaning conspiracy websites / Mulley and Sculder / geniuses vs. the rest of you guys / emotionally manipulated by films / Dragon is concerned about Jack Nicholson's "winkie" / what does "citizen" mean? / labels are powerful! / TheFreeDictionary.com definitions of "freedom" terms / Dirt has no interest in being a citizen / Word #1: "GOVERNMENT" / govern-ment = control-ment / Word #2: "CITIZEN" / allegiance and loyalty in exchange for protection? / Dragon is *not* looking forward to "Sex With Dogs" / politics is all about controlling people / Word #3: "OWNERSHIP" / In conclusion, therefore, a citizen is government property! / finally, "Sex With Dogs" / consent is necessary for true freedom / we're just doing our part to expose the lies

10. 20050512 Dragon the Dirt Show - #1
http://shoutengine.com/Dragont... download (audio/mpeg, 101.31Mb)


Time, date, and purpose / we were alive in the 70s / food jokes / family friendly - but what family? / Dragon is known for his interrupting / we're questioning things that nobody questions! / My Dinner With Andre / this is a "cerebral smackdown" / brilliant radio dramas, or waste of time diatribes? / "Cut his mic!" / Dragon is not a "9-to-5 monkey" / MLK as an example of revisionist history / tall blades of grass get cut / Sam Jackson is way cool / funny is just as important as AIDS research / salt and pepper family fun / dropping water as well as picking it up / a phone call with thousands of people / Dragon asks, "Can I tell you a story?" / giving people a mental "buzzcut" / people are actually afraid of *succeeding* / Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead" / Dirt doesn't want to be famous, but Dragon does / adding, deleting, and distorting our 5 senses / Slartibartfast asks, "Would you rather be right or happy?" / "Adventures In Legal Land": a mind-blowing book! / taking your neighbour's couch is wrong / labels hypnotize people / a contract is simply an agreement / enjoying the time we have / the best audience in the world / Dirt's lengthy and confusing disclaimer