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Podcast title My Shity Podcast
Website URL http://myshitypodcast.com
Description The show is basically a peek into the service industry or odd jobs of people blowing some steam off. We talk about the worst part about your job, sex, drugs, money, tipping, etiquette, and more. We always end the show with a poop story !
Updated Fri, 15 Dec 2017 07:33:12 +0000
Image My Shity Podcast
Category Comedy

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1. Ep.46 Evidential Medium Psychic -Tracy St. Croi
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 92.45Mb)


Tracy St. Croi not only deals with people here and now, she deals with the ones that have passed to the other side! ouija board (wee-geee board) we don't need no stinking Ouija board!(who knew thats how you spell it) Do you know what a spirit guide is? I hope you guys learn and enjoy this episode as much as I did! check out Tracy at WWW.TRACYSTCROIMEDIUM.COM



and check me out at www.myshitypodcast.com  

2. Ep.45 Improv Teacher -Michael Jastroch
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 50.98Mb)


Big thanks to Michael, Cold Towne, and the Victrola Podcast! for improv classes check out http://www.coldtownetheater.com    

on this episode we dive into some old questions I wrote when I first started the podcast and Michael tells about how owning a comedy theater isn't all fun and games and how he got into improv 

check me out at www.myshitypodcast.com 

3. Ep.44 Sex Positive Nudie Mag -PEACHFUZZ w/Kelly Dugan
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 48.69Mb)


What Nudie Magazine did you first see as a kid? What would you feel to be an appropriate way to expose your child to the human figure? For some it be in a museum on an oil painting, some will be in health class, maybe an innocent nip slip from a pool party and for some it will be a glimpse in PeachFuzz Magazine! After all What if you thought big chemical balls for breast were what was expected from you as a young attractive lady? PeachFuzz Magazine this is a shameless combination of pro gender, pro babe, art, and something sweet to eat collaboration that celebrates you for who you are without altering surgery, airbrush or photoshop! All photos are done with analog cameras giving you that retro truth we do not have the luxury of living in anymore! check out the site https://www.peachfuzzmag.com

IG: https://www.instagram.com/peachfuzzmag/


check me out at www.myshitypodcast.com 


4. Ep.43 Nonprofit chef- Chef Gabe
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 53.02Mb)


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Chef Gabe and I talk Turkey about his Nonprofit where he teaches the less fortunate about how to shop for food on a budget, eat healthy, and what inspired his dream and passion for cooking. 


check me out here www.myshitypodcast.com


5. Ep.42 Nurse so and so, lets call her Emma!
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 75.55Mb)


Have you ever killed someone? Emma has to do everything she can to keep you alive but when the time comes she also has to what is called for/doctors orders witch isn't always fun. Drama in the ICU, the morbidly obese, hobos, alcoholics, bodily fluids, and places you go to cry when your job is too much.


check me out at www.myshitypodcast.com 

6. Ep.41 Catfish Plantation- Ghost Stories
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 51.33Mb)


Amelia Landis-Sparks tells tales of working in a haunting work environment while also providing local fresh made to order food. listen to this episode to see why a past spirit keeps breaking wine glasses and who knew Bloody Mary could really happen right there in the Catfish Plantation's restroom! Check them out here at www.catfishplantation.com or on IG at https://www.instagram.com/catfishplantation/

check me out at www.myshitypodcast.com


7. Ep.40 MSP Ghost Stories
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 63.96Mb)


Happy Halloween! I hope you enjoy this weeks episode of my shitty friends telling ghost stories. I have 7 personal stories that will haunt your grave misunderstanding about the after life, or not


check me out at www.myshitypodcast.com

or https://www.instagram.com/adamcopeland9/


8. Ep.39 Knife Maker- Humble Blades
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 59.95Mb)


Knife making, working for yourself, staying motivated daily, and keeping your head above water. Chris and I talk shop at his shop! check out Humble Blades here http://www.humbleblades.com

or in Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/humbleblades/

9. Ep.38 Leather worker -Tressa Gilmer: Kaimera Leather
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 60.71Mb)


Leather work is a dying art form Tressa Gilmer from Kaimera Leather straps in on MSP to tell us all about it. her work here:


the Facebooks https://www.facebook.com/tbozilla?fref=ts

or IG: https://www.instagram.com/kaimera_leather/

check me out at www.myshitypodcast.com 

10. Ep.37 Cheesemonger -Kendra Birdwell
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 59.18Mb)


Its American Cheese Month! Kendra and I help to "spread" the word about cheese, and I hope that doesn't make you too "blue" . if you listen to this episode you will be more "cultured" in cheese or at the very least it will help you "pasteurize" the time   

Msp website: www.myshitypodcast.com 

Go see Kendra Birdwell at chizu in Portland Oregon or check out the website www.chizubar.com or info@chizubar.com 

11. Ep.36 Drummer for The Sweethearts-Rudy
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 46.80Mb)


Rudy and I take a trip down memory lane, we talk about when we first met in middle school and pooping with a Bidet! 

to help out my sister/family go to WWW.YOUCARING.COM/SCOPELAND  

12. Ep.35 Comedians- Mikey B & Kristina Romero
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 41.49Mb)


Dallas Comics Mikey B and Kristina Romero sit down and talk shop about some odd jobs we have had. Pursuing comedy and getting paid for it is not always that easy, enjoy the free Podcast... wink!


13. Ep.35 Change Your Definition -Roger DeLeon
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 90.24Mb)


Day in and day out we often do the same thing. What if I told you there is a format to change the way you act or could even correct the root cause of your personal anguish. Roger shares with what he has learned and tells us what it means to "Change Your Definition" check out his page at https://www.facebook.com/rogerdbnc?hc_ref=ARQsOctFIbi98CXLfD3v66rQfV1wjWddqSVKX7rUvTQT8ojp1YyUdIv1EY6_ l9qtF2U&fref=nf&pnref=story.unseen-section 

and check out my website at www.myshitypodcast.com 

14. Ep.34 Private Investigator -Cass
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 99.99Mb)


How much is you life worth? Is the court even willing to pay your PI for looking into your case? Its the cops word over yours until a PI gets involved to bail you out of hot water! 

help out your ole pal by donating to the show, email with an idea for a show, or come on the show yourself at  www.myshitypodcast.com 


15. Ep.33 Licensed Massage Therapist LMT-Natalie Bellers
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 58.47Mb)


The Human Body is wild! I always find it enthralling when I learn new facts about the bags of meat, skeletal, and brain that we call our bodies. Natalie tells us that muscle memory involves a lot more than just repetition, and she was transported back to a time that she forgot about when she was a child.

Book an an appointment with Natalie at www.vagaro.com/ReviveMeMassage.com or email her at Natalie.Bellers@gmail.com 

Ideas for the show, to be a guest, or to support MSP go to www.myshitypodcast.com 

16. Ep.32 Shitty Ninja Attack-DJ Miguel Angel
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 54.30Mb)


Have you ever ben attacked? Have you ever been attacked by a ninja? Have your ever been attacked by a shitty ninja with a katana sward from Amazon? I sit down with DJ Miguel Angel at his house while he tells us about the knife fight/katana sword fight with an allegedly cracked out ninja bar owner  

check out DJ Miguel Angel at www.ulovei.com 

check out me at www.myshitypodcast.com support the show in anyway and I will send you a MSP Koozie and or sticker 

17. Ep.31 Run for your Life Nico!!!
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 105.84Mb)


This is the a true story! Nico is focused on staying in shape the best shape of his life, but when drug-addicted predecessors step in it turns his world completely upside-down. When you abuse your power as a lawyer to get back at your crack hoe ex, you pay the price...or you literally get away with murder and continue doing you!

check out www.myshitypodcast.com to be a guest on the show, support MSP, live shows, videos. email your ideas for the show at Myshitypodcast@gmail.com 

Write a review on the old iTunes to help move the show along 

I don't have much but, if you support MSP I will make sure you get a My Shity podcast Koozie and or sticker 

18. Ep.30 Graphic Design -Ariel
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 50.25Mb)


Who do you think made that fancy pantsy card you just got in the mail for your stupid friends wedding that you have to go to in the summer when its hot as balls out and you have to wear a suit like a jack ass just so you can drink free booze? Ill tell you who made that card on this episode of MSP with Ariel the Graphic Designer 

19. EP.29 Cupcakes and scriptures with my Grandma and Beverly
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 44.81Mb)


A little character work (Matt Hanson's Grandma Beverly) my Grandmother take over my shity podcast to host Cupcake and scripture 

20. Ep.28 Chef- Jim Gilbert
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 60.83Mb)


Whats cooking on this episode ? Let Chef Jim tell you how he deals with people and other chef/cooks whats the difference you ask?...Tune in and see how you can still cook professionally and enjoy cooking for yourself leisurely. Also, is food sex? What ingredients are you cooking with that I would consider cheating? Are you too lazy to peel fresh garlic, then you don't deserve to eat it! I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

21. Ep.27 Tarot Card Reading -Carly Fischer
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 61.14Mb)


Tarot is analytic not Predictive! Carly Fischer talks about her book "The Lost Tarot", gives me a reading and answers all my questions about life! hahaha! I had a blast having her on and look forward to talking more about the spice girls with her!  

22. Ep.26 Festival/Event Photography- Tash Montlake
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 66.69Mb)


Festival/Event Photographer Tash Montlake tells us about projects and events she has worked and all the shit you shouldn't say to the person with a camera in their hands. This is one South African photographer that took the time to write out what she hears the most and what she dislikes about working these events so that we can talk about it right here on my shity podcast !

23. Ep.25 Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Hydration Clinic-Michelle Eades
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 60.51Mb)


Remove your shitty tattoo, Remove your unwanted body hair, Remove your hangover, Michelle Eades can make almost all of your fuck ups disappear but not all of them. we talk about her job/jobs and you can hear me get my shitty tattoo removed at the end of the episode 

24. Ep.24 Tattoo Artist -Wheatley Palmer
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 99.21Mb)


What is it like to put a picture on someones body forever, a living breathing aging work of art? what if you fuck up this said piece of art? I set down with Wheatley and talk ink with her and what its like to do this for a living also I end the show with a poop story of my own and Wheatley tells a diarrhea date story ... I also got drunk at the end oops 

25. Ep.23 Hairdresser April Kayganich
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 54.43Mb)


What is going through my hairdressers head when I go in for a haircut ... well not me I have no hair on my head but April Kayganich tells us what a day in the life of a hairdresser is like and we end the show with a poop story per usual follow April on Instagram  @_thehalfrican 

26. Ep.22 My Mom- Mothers Day Episode
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 70.22Mb)


Ever thought about having kids? I hope they turn out better than I did. I love my mother so much! she was a badass all my life and crushed it on this Mothers Day episode. listen to her tell awful stories of bringing up myself and 2 sisters. Shout out to all the moms out there! I love you very much Mom!!

27. Ep.21 Rideshare drivers -Myk Oconnor
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 70.38Mb)


picking up strangers in your car is not what what were taught as a youth, but lots of people make a living out of it! I talk with the host of "Can I Get A Ride" -Myk Oconnor about what it is like working for a ride share company  

28. Ep.20 Sushi 101- Chef Jeremy Diaz
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 81.58Mb)


Eating and ordering sushi correctly ? I don't know ...are you using soy sauce, wasabi, ordering all your sushi at once or to go, nigiri in one bite or two, cleaning your plate? beware of too much escolar bigger is not better (in sushi) avoid the spicy tuna roll/cali roll. cheap sushi is an oxymoron. don't be high maintenance be respectful! order of fish to be consumed: fatty or lightest in color to silver to red to orange

chef Jeremy and I talk sushi 

29. Ep.19 Aerial Photography -Travis Chimera
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 59.85Mb)


Aerial Photography for real-estate, abortion, DMT, meaning of life, and much more! Travis wrote a poop song in spirit of the show 

30. Ep.18 Gaming -President of GL33k -Matt Piersall
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 62.95Mb)


Grandmas boy the movie is not an accurate depiction of how you make a video game. Matt Piersall breathes life into so many video games with his original sounds and his own voice sometimes. 

31. Ep.17 Nurse Jessica Grisel
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 64.63Mb)


Flight Nurse, ICU, ER, is there anything this girl can't do?! we talk about the crew she works with, no of sleep, high pressure life and death situations, naked people, staff sleeping with one another, and poop stories 

32. Ep.16 General Retail -Michael Dolan
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 74.76Mb)


Dealing with customers, helping people with technology, changing room, store policy, and playing drums in a death metal band vs gospel band. all is gone over in this episode we end this one with 2 poop stories 

33. Ep.15 Mixed Martial Arts -Priscilla
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 61.00Mb)


I think I want to be a ninja. Priss and talk about Jiu Jitsu, Muey Thai and a few other Mixed Martial Arts we also touch on some conspiracy theory and there is an Elmo impression at the very very end of the episode ha ha ha! enjoy!

34. Ep.14 Musician Jonathan Terrell
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 50.77Mb)


Special SXSW episode with the talented Jonathan Terrell. We talk about the struggle of a Musician coming up in the ranks and what it means to a band when you tip, buy a record, or buy merchandise at a show. He also plays his new song Color Me Lucky and as always we end with a poop story  

35. Ep.13 Bartender/Server/Manager Justines Brasserie- Mark Lippert
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 99.92Mb)


Mark and I got pretty dunk before this episode and came to the conclusion that this was the best way to record a podcast. We talk about French cuisine, ghosts stories, and end with a poop story 

36. Ep.12 Alcohol Distribution
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 60.04Mb)


Ever wonder how your favorite booze gets to a store or bar in you neck of the woods ? well this episode is not gonna help much! Tom and I talk a lot of shit and dish out a poop story right at the end I even throw in an extra story about how much of a dirt bag I am/was for leaving a date with the bill and no ride home

37. Ep.11 Barback-Vito Pascolla
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 80.66Mb)


Barbacks = the guys behind the guys making sure everything is taken care of and moving smoothly. Vito and I get a little off the rails and start doing impressions! We also talk about hand jobs and peeing your pants with a fake out poop story...enjoy!

38. Ep.10 Realtor -"Ernest Buys A House" Jaclyn Lefkowitz
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 74.52Mb)


Jax names this episode "Ernest Buys A House" and walks us through buying a home. We talk Golden Girls, new cars, Real Estate, Yiddish, Coffee, and poo! Also I may have to change the name of the podcast to mouth full of lies 

39. Ep.9 Bar owner (multiple)-Max Morland
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 71.18Mb)


Max is the reason/inspiration for me ending every episode with a poop story. he has the best/worst poop story I have heard and probably ever will. we share some old bar stories from the past when we worked together and touch on the lack of music for Austin TX being the "live Music Capital of the World"  

40. Ep.8 Medieval Server Performer-Graham Dickerson
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 99.13Mb)


Medieval server and performer goes into some details about how terrible his old boss the king/duke of the show was to him and the staff. stolen Ideas form Medieval Times. sexism and racism is an issue for the staff. always end with a poop story 

41. Ep.7 Volume Bartending- Andrew Freeman
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 85.32Mb)


Bringing your dog to a busy bar screaming at the TV calling soda seltzer or club urinal trash these are just a few things bartenders are not super happy about we play a game who said it Steven Segal or Nick Cage movie quotes and end with a poop story 

42. Ep.6 Motorcycle Mechanic Trevor Rathbone
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 86.06Mb)


What is it like owning your own Mechanic shop, how is it interacting with your customers, why do you own/ride motorcycles? we see how many boat names we can come up with, terminator gets brought up once again on the show. Trevor poops in a house being built that he will one day revisit 

43. Ep.5 Barista -Cynthia Young
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 59.41Mb)


How much do I tip a Barista, how long should I hang out in this coffee shop, is it cool if I park here, is Starbucks making local coffee shop Baristas want to shoot their brains out? Cynthia answers some of the question I often wonder when I am getting coffee. We always end with a poop story 

44. Ep.4 Yoga instructor-Michelle Quintanilla
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 57.46Mb)


I Make Michelle do a warm up round of ice cream flavors with me before we talk about the every day in and outs of being a Yoga instructor, and a little bartending on the side ... always ends with a poop story 

45. Ep.3 Bar Manager-Ayron Vandergriff
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 88.11Mb)


Ayron and I go over what it is like to manage a bar, share some past stories of working together, father hood, a few sexual experiences he has had in the past, and some late night after hours shenanigans...always end with a poop story  

46. Ep.2 Sales-Alonzo Rios
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 55.56Mb)


Alonzo and I talk about his job,(apparently I have no idea what he does for work) we go into some details about the WWE and the Mega Force. We play a new game where he has to guess what menu items are higher in calories and we end the show with a poop story 

47. Ep.1 Bartender-Cassandra Hayes
http://myshitypodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 57.67Mb)


I sit down with Cassandra Hayes and we go over death, sex, tipping, past relationships and as always we end with a poop story