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Podcast title Made in China Podcast: International Business | Crowdfunding | Entrepreneurship
Website URL http://sourcefindasia.com/made...
Description Hear the ins and outs of sourcing, procurement, product development, and brand building as two international entrepreneurs based in South China share a free-flowing conversation and bring experts on the show. Hosted by Michael and Rico, both of whom have lived and worked throughout the world before ending up in the world’s largest manufacturing hub, which is Guangdong province. Besides sharing their expertise in sourcing they focus on online & social media marketing, crowdfunding campaigns, consulting, team management and overall life as an expat in China. Whether you’re just visiting China, living there or planning to relocate, this podcast is for you. Especially if you’re either an aspiring entrepreneur, or a serial one...
Updated Fri, 14 Jun 2019 09:23:22 +0000
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1. Ep 100 - Extravaganza! What's Your 80/20 Rule?
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 94.59Mb)

Description: LET'S CELEBRATE THE 100th MADE IN CHINA Episode with a special podcast where we Compiled Every Guest's Answer to their 80/20 PARETO PRINCIPLE Question. Let's walk through this memory lane with Rico and Mike as they give their reviews and observations on the common takes from different personalities. Topics Incl: People, Family and Relationship The Power of the Internet to Reach out and Market your Brand "Mastering Successful Habits" Law of Energy/ Positive Karma/ Mind over Matter Networking and Being Present Evolving, Adapting and Committing 

2. Ep 99 - China Sourcing War Stories w/ Aakash Chugani
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 67.43Mb)

Description: On this VideoCast, We have a fellow Sourcing Guy, Aakash Chugani to share his Outrageous War Stories running a sourcing business in China.   Topics Incl: Supplier's Factory got Closed down Selling Big Ideas to suppliers while Client's Business Closed Double Checking Factories and Clients Meeting Felipe Biggest Success Giving Enough Trust to your Chinese Staff Online Presence of Sourcing Companies Being Involved with every aspect of the Business Organizing A Busy Schedule Fashion Industry Online Businesses in China Sourcing in China Vs Other SEA Countries 

3. Ep 98 - #ThisisChina 5 "Factory Bosses"
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 36.15Mb)

Description: After Last week's #ThisIsChina Episode where we heard stories about Employees, this week we cross the other side of the Fence and listen to Mike's and Rico's Bizarre Experience with different Types of Factory Bosses that they had dealt with from the Beginnings of their Sourcing Experiences. Topics Incl: Factory Boss 1 - The Band Man - Party Hard Boss! Factory Boss 2 - The Egostistic MuthaF*%$#@ who won't admit his mistakes Factory Boss 3 - Swapping Materials for Cheaper Material

4. Ep 97 - #ThisisChina 4 "Memorable Employees"
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 31.17Mb)

Description: Here we go again. The 4th Installment of #ThisIsChina Episode is back! Mike and Rico discusses and share their memorable experiences with different notorious "Chinese Employees". Some Funny, Ridiculous and even Scary. Let's Join in and Listen. Cheers! Topics Incl: Employee no.1 - The Scheming Employee Employee no.2 - The Favourite Employee "the feminine" Employee no.3 -The C.B.A Employee "The Lazy Gamer" Employee no.4 - Roy A - "I Don't Give a Sh*t" Guy Employee no.5 - Roy B - WTF!!! Drinking Beer While at Work!?! Employee no.6 - Mr B -The Smoothest Talker

5. Ep 96 -Disrupting the Hong Kong Banking Industry w/ Iris @ Neat HK
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 38.02Mb)

Description: In this week’s Video Cast, We sit down with Iris to talk about Neat HK, an Online Bank Service aimed to offer small businesses and startups the right technology to make life easier. Iris, who is now Head of Marketing Department was the First Employee of Neat, She shares us stories about the progression of the Company from it’s beginnings and later on Explains the Different platforms that Neat has to Offer. Topics incl: * Coming from a Finance Background * The Appeal of joining Neat * The HK Banking System still behind compared to Europe * Neat's Demographic * The early challenges opening an Online Banking System in HK * Partnering with other Banks * Digitizing to minimize cost * Neat's Application Process * Company's challenges in the beginning * Neat Personal Account and Business Account * Multi Currency Account * Expansion Plan in China * China's Withdrawal Limit * Neat's Technical Support Team * Customers visiting the Office to check if they are Real

6. Ep 95 - Original Design Management 2 Year Retrospective w ProdigyGame Part 3
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 155.01Mb)

Description: In this last part of our 3 hour long special podcast, Bryan and Rico Broke Down the workflow even further up to the 3rd production run. An episode that can help bring knowledge of what to expect when Sourcing for an Original Design. It was a Unique Experience especially having to produce 5 existing toys and simultaneously  designing another 4 more. We will also get to know what advantages there are when Coming to China vs Working Remotely. Topics incl: * Implementing QC * Being Detailed but not too specific on Instructions * Having a toy facing the wrong way * F.R.I -Final Random Inspection * Translating Western English "Idioms" to Chinese English * Designing a new toy after BIG HEX * The Difference of manufacturing a new toy vs Big Hex * When Factory Increase Per unit  Cost * How The relationship Progessed Between ProdigyGame and SFA as they were growing respectively. * Coming to China for the First Time after Working remotely for 2 years * The progress of Prodigygame during the 2 year process of Manufacturing * Revenue from Toys Vs Revenue from Softwares * Observation on SFA during the 2 1/2 years as it Grew.

7. Ep 94 - Original Design Management 2 Year Retrospective w ProdigyGame Part 2
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 63.96Mb)

Description: Continuing on the Podcast, We have the 2nd of 3 episodes with Bryan Paratian  who was Lead Hardware Developer of ProdigyGame, An Educational Technology Company, which so happened to be the company that baptized Rico as his first Clients. Here they revisit their initial experiences that came with challenges they had to endure in order to have an Original Design Successfully Manufactured. On this sequel, they broke down the work flow  of the process that took 6 months to a year for “BIG HEX’s” completion.  Topics incl: * The issue with the team they were working with before finding the right personnel. * The problems with the first molding * Reaction to Kids Reviewing Big Hex on Youtube * Having the manufacturer guide you on the Financial and Quality Side * THE RELIEF of releasing BIG HEX after a year then manufacturing 4 more toys later. * Customer Lifetime Value  * The Workflow of the Process, From it’s beginning to it’s end * Don't ignore the packaging! * Having the contract written in Chinese and English * Preproduction Development * The Chinese way of business Comparing to North America * Negotiation; the most intense process * Revising the production * Proceeding with the 2nd batch * Hiring a QC Team

8. Ep 93 - Original Design Management 2 Year Retrospective w ProdigyGame Part 1
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 50.45Mb)

Description: This week on the Podcast, We have the 1st of 3 episodes with Bryan Paratian who was Lead Hardware Developer of ProdigyGame, An Educational Technology Company, which so happened to be the company that baptized Rico as his first Clients. Here they revisit their initial experiences that came with challenges they had to endure in order to have an Original Design Successfully Manufactured. Topics incl: * Changing Roles at ProdigyGame * Using Stress Sensors to Evaluate Gaming Experience * Hiring Freelance 3d artist on Behance * Sourcing from Alibaba * Finding the right suppliers * Data Science to help with analysis * Deciding to get help from Rico * Screening  a company online is not enough * What SFA brought to the table * MOLDING Failed

9. Ep 92 - Exporting in China since 19 with Felipe Arias @ Park Hyatt
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 28.70Mb)

Description: In This Video Cast Episode, Rico sits down with Felipe Arias, who mainly deals with Fashion and started his entrepreneurship in China since he was 19. Here he goes in depth about Fast Fashion, sourcing from different Regions and the tricks of the trade in the Fashion world. Topics incl: * Felipe's Beginning as an Young Entrepreneur * The learning process provided by China * The Mom's Influence on his Entrepreneur Blood * Fashion is not Something that you go to school and learn about. "Identifying the End Consumer" * Knowing the Regional Taste for Women * Early Mistakes and the Recovery after * Patience is a trait you need to run a business. * Building a team in China: Providing a good working environment * Being prepared for whats coming * Be Updated with the Technology of production

10. Ep 91 - Marketing in China & FBA with Mark Ramos
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 66.29Mb)

Description: Welcoming in our Podcast is Mark Ramos,  A Veteran FBA Amazon and Internet marketer. Here he chats with Rico, who he will be collaborating with in Future Projects. Talks about his experience living in Guangzhou before it emerged to what it is now and how he loves being the guy behind the scenes organizing business seminars and networking events. Topics incl: * Coming to China * The Emergence of Internet Marketing * Guangzhou, China in 2006 * Introducing the concept of Internet Marketing to Chinese Clients and Factories at the Beginning * China's Control of the Internet * Maintaining Success * Selling in Amazon Then vs Now; Amazon Explosion on 2016 * "Finding your focus as an entrepreneur" * Having a Chinese business partner and The strategy of presenting to clients as a foreigner * Consulting; Being in the country and present to the Factories is a benefit when sourcing * Networking in the Seminars * Build a Brand and an Audience First * Online Courses: Are they necessary for your business growth? * Black Cat Tactics that Chinese sellers employ * Having membership and maintaining monthly continuity * Future Plans for his Business in China * Bringing back Cross Border Summit in Guanzhou * Being Behind the Scenes * 10 years in Guangzhou, Observation of Influx of Entrepreneurship

11. Ep 90 - A "Non-Digital Nomad Family" in SEA w/ Michael Michelini
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 55.16Mb)

Description: In this Episode Rico caught up with Michael Michelini, who you know from ChinaBusiness Cast, Global From Asia and the Organizer of Cross Border Summit. A Dadpreneur, He now lives in Chiangmai and he shares the experience of living in a more relaxed environment compared to China’s Hustle and Bustle Life, Letting Go of China Business Cast and Transitioning to life in Chiangmai especially now that his children made an impact with his priorities and approach to life. Enjoy the episode. Topics incl: * Selling China Business Cast * Finding a Replacement and Listeners Reaction * Life in Chiangmai, Level of Entrepreneurship compared to China * Family Life  * Meet Ups in Chiangmai * Manila Vs Chiangmai * Education, A priority and a Factor in Choosing where you live * Cross Border Summit Columbia * Shenzen * Doing the Youtube, Podcast and Blogging

12. Ep 89 - Finding Your Business Passion in China w Carl Nickel
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 34.45Mb)

Description: In this Video Cast, Rico welcomes back Carl Nickel, An Entrepreneur who has gone through challenges with his Business Opportunities while in China. He continues his persistence and advices to find what you are passionate about so that you may always have the motivation to continue finding success despite the hurdles and obstacles you have to endure to get to the top. Topics incl: * Teaching English in China * Working in an Oil Company * Why you should Do what you are passionate about * Managing Waste technology * Doing Business with Taiwan's President * Investors and gathering the team * Group Disbanding and investors pulling out * Joining his Dad's business upon coming back * Working 14 hours 7 days a week a way of life in China

13. Ep 88 - Manila and Wildball During Chinese New Year
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 49.08Mb)

Description: In this episode, Rico checks in with Chinamike to talk about their yearly goals, for the business or personal growth. Discussion was made about the success and failures for 2018 then after they shared what they aim to reach this 2019. Topics incl: Summary of Rico's year and 2018 goals * Profitable year High Revenue but high expenses * Being in debt and getting out of it * Getting sued by an ex employee 1st goal Maximizing work with a small team (Failed) 2nd goal: Releasing an episode a week on podcast  and  youtube Videos (Success)  500 subs & 1k Youtube subs in 6months (failed) 3rd goal - muscle up and  14% Body Fat (Success) Grade: B Summary of Mike's year and 2018 goals Reading books (Failed) Reaching the Timeline of the sales goal with the lifestyle brand (Failed) Being more social! (SUCCESS) 2019 GOALS Rico's 2019 Goals 1. 20% increase of sales revenue 7% increase of profit : Controlling the expenses 2. Social Media Goals/ youtube video goals 3. Get an intern 4. Youtube ads to result in 5 figure revenue 5. Revamping the website 6. Organizing Meet Ups  7. Batman goals : Stay in the Philippines concurrently; and learn MMA Mike's 2019 Goals  1. Audio Books 2. Getting to Africa 3. Meditation, Wellness retreat 4. Getting quality Interviews on the podcast 5. Social up! 6. Running a successful meetup.

14. Ep 87 - 2018 Goals vs 2019 Goals
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 38.76Mb)

Description: In this episode, Rico checks in with Chinamike to talk about their yearly goals, for the business or personal growth. Discussion was made about the success and failures for 2018 then after they shared what they aim to reach this 2019. Topics incl: Summary of Rico's year and 2018 goals * Profitable year High Revenue but high expenses * Being in debt and getting out of it * Getting sued by an ex employee 1st goal Maximizing work with a small team (Failed) 2nd goal: Releasing an episode a week on podcast  and  youtube Videos (Success)  500 subs & 1k Youtube subs in 6months (failed) 3rd goal - muscle up and  14% Body Fat (Success) Grade: B Summary of Mike's year and 2018 goals Reading books (Failed) Reaching the Timeline of the sales goal with the lifestyle brand (Failed) Being more social! (SUCCESS) 2019 GOALS Rico's 2019 Goals 1. 20% increase of sales revenue 7% increase of profit : Controlling the expenses 2. Social Media Goals/ youtube video goals 3. Get an intern 4. Youtube ads to result in 5 figure revenue 5. Revamping the website 6. Organizing Meet Ups  7. Batman goals : Stay in the Philippines concurrently; and learn MMA Mike's 2019 Goals  1. Audio Books 2. Getting to Africa 3. Meditation, Wellness retreat 4. Getting quality Interviews on the podcast 5. Social up! 6. Running a successful meetup.

15. Ep 86 - Building A Global Mastermind From Manila with Noel Naguiat CEO @The Refined
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 49.67Mb)

Description: While in Manila, Rico discovered a gentleman's club that defines him, The Refined is a members only lounge that provides a gentleman's lifestyle experience. Rico sits down with the owner, another Toronto Boy, Noelle Naguiat who was very gracious enough to share his experiences in entrepreneurship and the birth of his "Mancave". Topics Includes: * Coming Back to Manila * Advantages leaving in the Philippines compared to North American countries * Beginning with Mankind then opening Refined after * What didn't work at Mankind then corrected at Refined * Finding the right Investors  * Making Connections * Mastermind groups * Finding Focus * Early Mistakes with the Refined * Paying for The "Experience" of Refined * Being present as an owner 

16. Ep 85 - 3rd Year in China Lessons & Transitioning Out of China
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 84.73Mb)

Description: For this week, Rico and Harrison connected at the Refined, Manila to talk about the lessons they learned after 3 years in China. They give their very own perspectives about how different individuals particularly expats decide to stay or while some others like themselves eventually leave even if they have their businesses connected in China. Topics Includes: * Transitioning from living in to leaving China  * "Lifestlye creep" * Price hike in China * Why some guys stay longer *  "Health Issues" a reason for leaving * Business lesson learned by the 3rd year in China * The advantages of being in China while doing FBA Amazon Retailing * Anxieties about transitioning out. * Present tools such as podcasts and youtube channels to help expats in China. * Finding the right Supplier for your Amazon business * "analysis paralysis" - Figure the first step and then go on from there. * Guru Courses are unnecessary expenses

17. Ep 84 -Systemizing A Consulting Business in Asia Year 2
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 49.44Mb)

Description: In this episode, let's listen to Rico and Noam Once again where they talk about how to further systemized a consulting business in their respective areas, to make it easier for them to manage the company. Topics Includes: * The Ups and Downs of running a company * Hiring process * Language Barrier Between Clients and Chinese Employees * How much can you systemize  * Reaching Unrealistic Goals * Focusing on your own work * Amazon investments on Technology * People vs Apps that can help ease your business effectively

18. Ep 83 - Importance of Homebase & Riding The Entrepreneurship Hockey Stick
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 38.38Mb)

Description: A "hockey stick" chart is a line chart in which a sharp increase occurs suddenly after a short period of quiescence. The line connecting the data points resembles a hockey stick.  This week, we bring you one of the last throwback episodes from the series of Rico and Noam's recorded Podcast 2 years ago (2017). Their conversation circled around the benefits or importance of having a home base for your business and the pressures of maintaining a company's rapid growth . Topics Includes: * What it means to be Riding a "Hockey Stick" * Why having a Home Base for your business is Essential * Being Consistent is the fundamental key * Operating around your Schedule * Systemizing will lessen the stress * Your City Surroundings can motivate your drive * Handling a rapid expansion * Fast Growth Company needs to look at their quarters like a normal company would look at their year. * Keeping your feet on the ground despite having quick success  * "Pessimistically Optimistic" 

19. Ep 82 - China Then and China Now
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 59.84Mb)

Description: For this week’s episode, Rico and ChinaMike or now known as ChiangMike, Hangs out yet again to share each other’s observations of China’s rapid development through their respective duration of time spent living in the country. Topics Includes: * The Sourcing Table Meet Ups * The Changes in China from 2008 to it’s Present * The Government has tighten up * The Decreasing Quality of Food as the Cost of living Increases. * Nantong, A City that’s much cheaper then it’s neigbouring Cities. * Old School Sourcing vs Present Day Sourcing * China being the first to develop the apps * Pollution is getting better * More Businesses being established. * The Challenges retaining workers/ and dealing with the minimum wage hike * How Different this generation of workers compared to it's predecessors

20. Ep 81 - How to Meet High Level Contacts in Hong Kong
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 39.71Mb)

Description: A back to back episode with Alan Scanlan at the Pullman Hotel in HK. Let's talk about building connections in Hong Kong. One of the places where you can meet some of the most successful people. Let's find out some tips on how you can meet those people so you can do business more effectively. Topics Includes: * The advantages of Moving and Living in HK,  * Making a lot of connections in HK * Supportive Expat Community  * Joining Networking events such as Invest HK* * Banking in China * Email Inbox Organization * Working on weekends and holidays * Living in mainland China vs HK * Handling distractions while trying to focus on Work Goals * Dealings of a Boss: Making it Work for your staff as well

21. Ep 80 - Building an 8 Figure Family Dynasty From Ireland to China
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 36.02Mb)

Description: This week's episode is another video cast episode Featuring Alan Scanlan, who runs a Family Sourcing Business that was started in the 1970s by his Father. They talk about the history of how his dad coming from Ireland came about sourcing in HK and how he turned it into an 8 figure dynasty for more than 4 decades now. Topics Includes: * Difficulties during the first 5 years * Tipperary Crystals * History of the Family Sourcing Business * Manufacturing and Importing from everything irish such as the Shamrock * Coming to Hong kong  * Allied imports and allied international * Doing business with Mark and Spencers  * Coming into the business as a young man * How he found Rico * Sourcing for Whiskey Bottles * Newlands Sourcing

22. Ep 79 - Managing Clients
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 74.19Mb)

Description: In this Episode, Rico and Noam Discuss how they respectively manage clients and what lengths they have to do to maintain them. Topics Includes: * The difficulties of maintaining a Routine! * Approaching from the Clients perspective * What's your Brand Story * Making your decisions base on your core values * Just be honest with your clients; Never give bad news without a solution * Clients who negotiate for cheap price * Selling Service vs Selling Finish Products * Taking on Enough Projects that you can Handle * Getting clients is just like "Dating" * For every negative there's a positive  * Systemizing your Business: SOPS SOPS SOPS * It's good to have friends in your industry even if they are your competitors

23. Ep 78 - The Growing pains of Consulting Businesses
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 113.43Mb)

Description: This week, we welcome back Noam Lightstone to the Podcast who is one of Rico's Core Friends from way back during college in Canada. In this episode they exchange each other's Growing Pains that comes with running a Consulting Business, their shared values and how it is being a Young Entrepreneur. Topics Includes: * Micro Expenses * Big Sin City vs Small Transitioning City * Does Systemizing your business really give you more free time? * Making the right Hire and managing your staff. * Having someone who can get task done aside from yourself * S.O.Ps * Strategizing and moving your staff like chess pieces * Wearing different "Hats" within your company * Challenges of working with an unreliable Company or Client * Giving Trust to your employee as part of encouraging growth. * Can there be balance when starting a business and having a relationship? * "You can have it all you want but not all at once"

24. Ep 77 - What The SFA Team (2016) Thought of Rico
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 45.85Mb)

Description: Here is another Back log Episode to Start 2019, Recorded Back in 2016, Rico puts his Staff namely; CiCi, Immigen and Sunny on the interrogation chair to get their feedback on how it is to be working for Source Find Asia and having Rico as their Boss and Mentor. Topics Includes: * How it is working for SFA. * The difference working for a Foreigner and a Chinese Boss * Views on talking to Manufacturing Factories * Communicating with the customers using emails vs wechat app * Manufacturer's frustrations on SFA not sourcing specialized products.

25. Ep 76 - A Globally Sourced YT Channel with Mr Mafan of the MAFAN Crew
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 87.37Mb)

Description: This is not a “MAFAN” episode! Here Rico chats with Mr Mafan Himself over drinks. Aka Luigui Mangasha, an expat in China for the last 8 years, shares with us his experience working in Beijing then moving to Shenzen and as well as talking about his brainchild The Mafan Crew, a youtube channel he created for the Multi-cultured Expats living in China. Topics Includes: * Mafan crew's purpose  * What mafan means * Luigi Mangasha channel * Being Aware in China: watching out for spit! * Learning to be patient and accepting in China * Shenzen Vs Beijing * Networking through WeChat app * Learn to sell yourself * Why a Chinese would hire a Foreigner? * Competition improves a company * Misconceptions of foreigners on the business side of things. * Challenges working as a the lone foreigner  * Designing toys as the next business move * Starting out the youtube channel * Vloggers. * "Make yourself different" * Youtube is Practically Illegal in China * MR MAFAN! * Youtubers in China WeChat Group * Advice to "young Youtuber" Rico * "Keep it real and believe in yourself" * "Gratefulness is the greatest virtue of a man"

26. Ep 75 - Second year in China Lessons
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 111.70Mb)

Description: This week’s episode, We coincide the Youtube Video Channel and the Made in China Podcast to release a VideoCast. Rico captured this moment Interviewing Harrison Bevins, an Amazon FBA Reseller, who you can recall from previous Made In China Episodes; Lessons learned in China year 1 and the Reply all episode. Here they revisit their conversation on lessons they learned in China year 1, and a year since after they both discuss the continuing process and challenges of having and handling their business in China. Topics Includes: * The Adjustments made, From living in Taiwan to Mainland China * Discovering making money online, Drop shipping * Reply All Episode * Selling the drop shipping store through Flippa.com * Amazon FBA, Why FBA and Lessons Learnt while selling the Company * Product Photos from Rico's Source Find asia * Communicating in China. "WeChat App" * Biggest Lesson learned 2nd year in China * Rollercoaster of emotions comes with doing business * The Importance of having a community of like minded people surrounding you.

27. Ep 74 - Black Panther in China Movie Review Part 2
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 48.20Mb)

Description: This week we continue to listen to Rico and Nick’s Critique on Black Panther and other topics about the MCU Characters and it’s Rival, DC Comics. Topics Includes: * Marvel VS DC * Bucky's Story * Captain America's the ladies Man and The Ironman Scandal * Asian Superhero? * Marvel's renting their superheroes to other movie studios * Captain Canada and Deadpool * Marvel movies inspiring the real life superheroes of the future * Rating Top 3 Marvel Movies

28. Ep 73 - Black Panther in China Movie Review Part 1
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 58.71Mb)

Description: Enough Business talk! This week we are releasing an old Podcast that didn't get released until now. Nick Nerov joins Rico in this 2 parts podcasts to review Marvel's Black Panther that was released on China's Movie Theatres. They became movie critics in this episode and give their own observations and perspectives as well as sharing each of their favorite experiences of the movie. Topics Includes: * Marvel Superhero Characters are still new to the Chinese Audience * Rico is being compared to Obama * Chinese's peception of a black man * Unassuming Africa's rich economic countries * Nick's and Rico's Favorite part of the movie * Rooting and being emotional for the Villain * Immigration issue parallelism  * Superb Fight Scenes * Favorite supporting actor/ actress * Intrigued by Wakanda * Strong Females, Gender Equality properly portrayed in the movie

29. Ep 72 - Working for a Foreigner in China
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 14.40Mb)

Description: For this week we are reposting a quick episode from the youtube channel where Rico interviews his project manager Immigen and ask her questions on how she feels working for a foreign company in China Topics Includes: * What her role is as a project manager * Comparing working for a foreign company to a chinese company * What she thinks about the company from when it started to what it is now * The future of the sfa company * Organizing a client's company * Being systemized is a necessity

30. EP 71 - The China Business Cast Podcast Episode feat. Rico
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 38.61Mb)

Description: Here's a repost from Michael Michelini's podcast China Business Cast where Rico switch sides from Interviewer to the Interviewee. They touch on topics regarding Original Design Manufacturing from its process and the steps. Topics Includes: * What it takes to run a company * Critical to have a clear and detailed communication with your employees or suppliers” * “Molding” * The importance of coming to china to meet your manufaturer/ supplier * The Process - step 1 come to china: DFM (design for manufacture) Step 2 : Create a Sample Step 3 : Full Mass Production

31. Ep 70 - Crowdfunding for Sex Toys, Lovach
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 60.70Mb)

Description: Warning!!! This conversation contains Explicit topics!!! NSFW! It's a first in this Podcast where sex is part of the topic which was heavily discussed between Rico and Leony Tan. Leony, who works for a company who specializes in sex toys called Lovach, Introduces Molly and gives a brief description and the benefits regards to the product as well as sharing more in depth issues about the sex toy industry, indiegogo crowd funding campaigns and the common challenges they experience when manufacturing products with chinese factories. Topics Includes: * Starting out as a teacher in China. * "Focus on something you can control" * Product Features: 2 point stimulation * Benefits of sex toys in today's world and how it helps long distance relationships * Flaws from other products: Invading privacy and unregulated toys, “be careful what you put up in your @$%! * The Lovach Team and their roles * The steps to manufacturing the product * Issues with factory : best to get an industrial designer * indiegogo launching * Marketing Plans * Expectations on the campaign * Next product after "Molly"

32. Ep 69 - Evolving your Business with Mark O' Connell Part 2
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 46.84Mb)

Description: In this sequel, Mark continues to share his experience importing from China and dealing with the Australia’s government’s strict customs policies. Later on the conversation, he gives positive details why he chose and continues to work with Rico. Topics incl: * Customs Issues; “Tags on Bags” * What it means to be a Sourcefindasia Client. * Transparency needed between the client and supplier * Why he LOVES Working with Rico.

33. Ep 68 - Evolving your Business with Mark O' Connell Part 1
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 57.09Mb)

Description: Over the years, Technological Advancement has progressed rapidly and has affected everyone including how you run your business system, from sharing files using floppy disks to sending files on the email. In this part 1 of 2 episodes, We have Mark O' Connell who has had a printing business since the 90s to share his overview of the transition to the digital age and how he had to adapt his business according to times. Topics incl: * Starting the business during the 90s and to how it is now. * His Definition of an Entrepreneur * How digital changed his Printing Business "Innovating through the times" * From trading to Sourcing * Language barrier - Dealing with the chinese trading companies * "You make your own luck" * Shipping and Border Control

34. Ep 67 - Over $1 Million in 45 days - The Bento Bag Indiegogo Campaign w/ Kish
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 58.72Mb)

Description: A Fascinating story we have in this podcast episode, Rico gets to Interview good friend, Kish, Who along with his wife founded Nomad Lane. He graciously shared their success stories and how they were able to gather $1,000,000.00 in 45 days through crowdfunding with their indiegogo campaign and the challenges and strategies they had to endure along the way. Topics incl: * Start in E-Commerce * Each partner's role using their respective skills and training  * Enter China Community * CrowdFunding * The Fast Company Article and how it made an impact. * Maximize Maximize Maximize * “Try to be something to Someone” * Canton Fair * Tips and Advices based from Experiences o Being Cautious o Do not Deviate from the Campaign o Have a solid foundation with a supplier o Plan well to meet Deliveries o Having A Good Support System

35. Ep 66 -Importing into China with David Sheu Bears Nutrition
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 130.14Mb)

Description: We are Back! In this Episode, Rico Chats with David Sheu, CEO and Co-founder of Bears Nutrition. Here they touch on topics mainly about Importing into China. Topics incl: * Importing into instead of manufacturing in China * Business in China is like the wild west * Exotic food in China; "Kentucky Fried Snake" * History of Bears Nutrition and transitioning to the Chinese market * Challenges faced and the need to Develop Relationships, Trust and Lots of Networking. * Bears Nutrition Launch * Explaining its Distribution system; Warehousing. 

36. Ep 65 - The “Rent a Foreigner” Industry in China
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 33.73Mb)

Description: In this episode, which was taken from the Sourcefind asia youtube channel, Rico Sits down with his buddies Nick and Ben, to talk about how Ben got into the famous Chinese "acting" (Rent A Foreigner) industry. Topics incl: * Acting for chinese business presentations * how ben got into the acting industry * getting repeat Gigs * Knowing the "Real Market Price" * Loving and Adpating with China 

37. Ep 64 - How to find Meet-Ups in China?
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 35.45Mb)

Description: In this episode, Chinamike and Rico connected to discuss about China's Meet ups in general. The good and advantages for sourcing entrepreneurs who are hoping to get educated or even grow their own personal network in the industry. Topics incl: * Access to Information is Key * The importance of having Meet Ups * Digital Nomads in Chiangmai Vs China * After meet up-meetups * What would make an interesting and fun meetup * Digital Nomads Summit * TUNI TALKS

38. Ep 63 - Review of Reply All Podcast #124 The Magic Store (Amazon FBA)
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 37.77Mb)

Description: Episode 63 covers the Interview of Harrison Bevin in one of Rico's favorite Podcast "Reply All by Gimlet". They share their reactions and expanded even further on Topics regarding the ugly side of Amazon's imperfect system that most consumers aren't aware about. Topics incl: * Being interviewed at Reply All  * Drop Shipping * The dark side of Amazon  * Hi-Jacking * Price wars * The Cons of Being an Amazon Reseller * What Amazon can do to Improve and protect their sellers and consumers.

39. Introducing the Canton Fair Pre-Accelerator 2018
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 10.01Mb)

Description: Click here for more info:  Canton Fair Pre-Accelerator 2018.  Coming to China to source private label products around the Canton Fair?!? Well, don't you fret, cause our main man Rico will show you the way! Introducing the Canton Fair Pre-Accelerator 2018. You would not want to miss this!!

40. Ep 62 - Leveraging Your Network (Guanxi) For China Business w/ Michael Michelini
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 57.82Mb)

Description: Welcoming back to the Made In China Podcats is Michael Michelini, The most "popular" guy Rico knows in China. A fellow podcaster, Digital Entrepreneur and Event Organizer specifically the "Cross Border- Summit". Here he chats about strategies on how to use the network you build, to help you with your businesses. Topics incl: * "Enter China" Community * Transitioning to organizing events * Building your network * Bringing the locals and foreigners together * Cross border summit  * Challenges of going global 

41. EP 61 - (Bonus Ep) Rico's Guest Interview at Global From Asia Podcast
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 37.59Mb)

Description: BONUS!! BONUS!! It's time  for our protagonist to shine, Rico was invited and interviewed by Michael Michelini, a business partner with "Enter China Community" on his Global From Asia Podcast. Here he talks about himself and how he ended up in China and reveals his own stories about learning and growing about the crowdfunding and sourcing business. Topics incl: * Rico's Background and how he ended coming to China * Getting into Source Find Asia * Passion for Podcasting * How to achieve the best resulting Quality product from factories * Dealing with manufacturing mistakes; late orders and bad quailty. * Negotiating as a Team! * Motivations and Meditating

42. Ep 60 - One Month in China: FBA, Canton Fair Sourcing w/ Ahmed Part 2
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 52.10Mb)

Description: This episode is the 2nd part of a 2 hour conversation between Rico and his buddy Ahmad Abuleil, A globetrotter, E-Commerce Entrepreneur and current resident of Houston, Texas. He shares his experiences and observations from his first visit to China. A one month trip aimed at sourcing products at the Canton Fair, researching country's potential import markets, as well as immersing himself in the middle kingdom's customs Topics incl: * What Ahmad love and hate about China * TEA and Chinese's business pratices * Recommendations before coming over to the Country * Networking in Guangzhou * China's banned websites and Internet issues

43. Ep 59 - One Month in China: FBA, Canton Fair Sourcing w/ Ahmed Part 1
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 62.41Mb)

Description: This episode is the 1st part of a 2 hour conversation between Rico and his buddy Ahmad Abuleil, A globetrotter, E-Commerce Entrepreneur and current resident of Houston, Texas. He shares his experiences and observations from his first visit to China. A one month trip aimed at sourcing products at the Canton Fair, researching country's potential import markets, as well as immersing himself in the middle kingdom's customs Topics incl: * First Impressions of China * The importance of WeChat app * Tips on Canton Fair - Business Card Etiquette - Ideal attire * The Benefits of doing Squats

44. Ep 58 - (Bonus Ep) #ThisisChina The Trilogy
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 30.07Mb)

Description: The Trilogy to the #ThisIsChina #T.I.C series. In this bonus episode, Rico and ChinaMike continue talking about random stories and funny situations they experience in China while adapting to the social culture and it's business practices. Topics incl: * Chinese tourists in Chiang Mai * Factory Tales * Rico watches Chinese Movies

45. Ep 57 - Opening a Restaurant in China w/ MiCasa's Mazen Dabbousi
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 43.39Mb)

Description: In this episode, Rico and ChinaMike interview restaurateur Mazen Daboussi a foreigner who opened a restaurant business in Guangzhou, China without any local partners. He shares his experiences, challenges and successes in operating a Mexican Fusion Resto in an old city whose locals have young pallets - slowly embracing International cuisine. Topics incl: * The history of how Mazen founded MiCasa * How Guangzhou cuisine has progressed through the years. * Training and motivating long-term employees in China. * How to compromise personal taste to fit the local market. * Registering a business in China.

46. Ep 56 - ChinaMike WildBall Update & Cirque Du Soleil
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 29.60Mb)

Description: In this episode, Rico and ChinaMike talk about their current projects. Mainly Mike's progress with China basketball tours and plans to bring Chinese players to the US.  Rico's developing, "Manufacturing accelerator program" - bringing people from the US and other countries to China to work out of his office sourcing their own products. Topics incl: * ChinaMike WildBall Tours Update * Cirque Du Soleil * NCAA players in China * Chinese basketball players in the US * Chiang Mai Life * Rico's Manufacturing Accelerator Program test run * Dealing with corporate clients

47. Ep 55 - 2017 Goals vs 2018 Goals
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 37.78Mb)

Description: In this episode, Rico and ChinaMike review goals from 2017 and set new goals for 2018. How did they do in 2017? What do they expect from 2018? Take a listen! Topics incl: * Mike's goals 2017 - Grade "Solid C" :) * Mike's goals for 2018: 1. Become more social. 2. Lifestyle branch online sales. 3. Reading/listening to more books and audiobooks * An awesome AD - Design for manufacturing service * Rico's 2017 goals - Grade: A * Rico's 2018 for goals: 1. Revenue goals. 2. Video and Podcast episode every week. 3. 1k Youtube subscribers. 4. Muscle Up!

48. Ep 54 - Initial Communication - How to Build Relationships with Suppliers
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 21.21Mb)

Description: Originally a SFA Youtube Channel video, in this episode Nick Nerov speaks with Rico and ChinaMike about the essential steps involved when building a lasting relationship with Chinese supplier from the initial research phase. Topics Incl. * Insider vs outsider supplier research and the 4 best online resources   * How to start and timeline progression   * Best and worst case scenarios   * ODM vs OEM Process   * What is the best mindset a person can have to do business in China

49. Ep 53 - The Whiskey Episode: Importing to China
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 53.88Mb)

Description: In this episode, Rico meets Ray Chan from Guangzhou Golden Technology, one of the biggest Chinese whiskey import companies. Two passionate whiskey fans, discuss their favorite brands, best whiskey on the market and insanely expensive vintages. Topics Incl: * Karuizawa whiskey ($150.000 per bottle) * Taiwanese whiskey, Kavalan - one of the top 3 whiskeys in the world * How fake alcohol is made in China * Jack Maa and Macallan * Which Hollywood blockbuster made whiskey popular in China * How to tell the difference between good and bad whiskey

50. Ep 52 - Traveling in Yangshuo County, Guanxi
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 21.28Mb)

Description: In this episode Rico and Nick travel to Yangshou, a scenic mountain town with a lot of history. Yangshuo lies to the southeast of Guilin and in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Since being introduced by 'Lonely Planet' in 1980, it greets an increasing number of visitors annually. Topics Incl: * "Bangers and Mash" * Smelly blankets and other bus adventures. * Prices in Yangshou * Rico Approved food places

51. Ep 51 - Advantages of Investing Time in China Now w/ Nick Nerov
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 31.79Mb)

Description: On a train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, Nick Nerov, a rapidly expanding Amazon FBA player - shares him experiences globe trotting and explains his decision to move to China to kick his FBA business into 5th gear. Topics Inc. * The benefits of investing (time) in China in 2018 * Doing business in China just takes longer, be patient * How being on the ground makes your a priority to suppliers * Some of the "fuckery" that goes on behind the scenes * Learning from people A few steps ahead of you

52. Ep 50 - Rico & ChinaMike's Top 5 Episodes
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 43.90Mb)

Description: Happy 2018 & Happy Anniversary Made in China Podcast! Episode 50! This time you will have a chance to hear Rico’s and ChinaMike’s choices for their top 5 episodes of the Made in China Podcast (Rico cheated with "honorable mentions"). You will hear what was the most fun for them, from whom they learned a lot and how their have guests affected their business and lives. Enjoy!

53. Ep 49 - Rico & Noam Catch Up
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 27.70Mb)

Description: Rico and Noam strike again! In this episode, two old friends recap the period since their last podcast. They talk about business, vacations, health and life in Thailand/China. Topics Incl: *Rico & Noam's Company Updates *When You Should Get A China Business Licence *Revenue Growth *Post-vacation Productivity *The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster Ride

54. Ep 48 - Breaking Into The Chinese Marketing World w/ Matthew Brennan
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 59.49Mb)

Description: In this episode Rico is interviewing Matthew Brennan, experienced marketing expert, WeChat guru and all around awesome guy! Topics Incl: * Who is Matthew and why he is so awesome. * How Online Marketing in China is so far ahead of the West. * WeChat Marketing Basics * Beginnings and first clients * Launching the China Tech Talk Podcast * His Process to Producing content.

55. Ep 47 - Registering a Company in Mainland China - Should You Do It
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 24.32Mb)

Description: In this weeks episode, Rico does an in-depth analysis of the processes required in registering your company in China. He talks pros and cons and reveals a few pro tips to make your business life in China much easier. Topics inc. * How and where to register your company.   * When to open office in Mainland China vs Hong Kong.   * Tips on taxes and banking.   * Personnel (positions you need)    * Registration costs (including bank balance requirements)

56. Ep 46 - Our Marketing Intern/Aspriring Entrepreneur - Marcello
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 28.90Mb)

Description: In this episode Rico interviews his marketing intern Marcello Di Pierro, aspiring entrepenur and future marketing expert. Topics Incl: * Why China?   * How did he came across Rico?   * "Oh Fuck it! I`m going to China!"   * First weeks in the office   * The power of video   * Plans for the future   * What changes moving to another country brings

57. Ep 45 - Rico & Noam Ruminations
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 58.78Mb)

Description: In this episode Rico and one of his best friends Noam Lightstone - Author, Entrepreneur, Digital nomad, ruminate about personal growth, philosophy and mindset. Topics incl. * Becoming Batman   * The Tao of the morning routine.   * How to do more extra work and have fun with it.   * How to achieve good balance in life   * Automations and emotions   * Getting Jacked Bro!

58. Ep 44 - Finding Your Why w/ Nick Ramil Founder @ Enterchina.co Part 2
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 50.75Mb)

Description: Second part of our interview with Nick Ramil, founder of Enter China and founding team member of Brinc.io Topics incl: * Why Rico stepped down from Enter China   * How to start networking in China   * 4 pillars of entrepreneurship mindset   * Reading people as a life skill   * "To do Lists and MUST Do Lists"   * Visualisation and Affirmation techniques   * Journaling and Role Models

59. Ep 43 - Finding Your Why w/ Nick Ramil Founder @ Enterchina.co Part 1
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 40.20Mb)

Description: In this two part interview Rico talks with Nick Ramil founder of Enter China and founding team member of Brinc.io. Nick is one of Rico's China business mentors and one of the main reasons why he moved to China. Topics Incl: * Who is Nick Ramil and why he is so awesome?   * The Elevator Life and Enter China community.   * Why Rico stepped down as a partner in Enter China?   * Helping people and giving back through entrepreneurship.   * Why run an IoT business in Hong Kong?   * Focus on optimizing your main business before diversifying revenue.

60. Ep 42 - Building a CrossFit Empire w/Gus Mello (@helefitness.com)
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 17.72Mb)

Description: In this episode, Rico chats with CrossFit trainer/entrepreneur Gus Mello, co-founder of HELE Fitness in Hawaii while sitting on the 91st floor of the Park Hyatt in Shanghai (hope you like the deep house in the background). Topics Include: * Traveling to 5 different cities in China in 10 Days   * Being an SFA client   * How to look like a dude?   * The CrossFit Equipment Business Philosophy   * Why come to China when you have people there?

61. Ep 41 - (Bonus) 4S1F39 Four Seas One Family Podcast - Rico Interview
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 46.91Mb)

Description: "Lower your expectations so you can get results that you want in China," is one of the most memorable quotes from Rico's first ever turn as a podcast interviewee.  In this special episode (originally posted by the Four Seas One Family Podcast) you'll get to learn a bit more about the personal elements throughout Rico's life - that led him to leave the comforts of Canada and head to China:  Topics Incl: * Rico's preference of PS3 over exploration on his first trip to Guangzhou   * How entrepreneurship is part of his DNA   * The differences between "American" Chinese Food & ACTUAL Chinese food

62. Ep 40 - Making $15k A Month PROFIT through Amazon FBA w/ Nick Nerov
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 58.22Mb)

Description: In this episode Nick Nerov, a big time Amazon FBA player making 5 figures a month in profit (USD) selling on the platform - will share pearls of wisdom with Rico and his listeners. These two good friends will share advice, laughs and experience. Topics Incl: * The Spirit of the Entrepreneur   * First steps to get on Amazon.   * Bro-Hands...   * What do when the FBA goldrush ends   * The nuts and bolts of business growth   * Importance of good suppliers   * Praising Rico!!!   * Rico EXPOSED!!!

63. Ep 39 - (Bonus Ep) #ThisisChina The Sequel
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 21.63Mb)

Description: The sequel to the #ThisIsChina #T.I.C. series. In this episode, find out what kind of adventures you'd find yourself in while traveling to mountain villages in China. How NOT to order beer in when a small town bar up in North China how Chinese culture always seems to have a new surprise for Rico and ChinaMike.  Topics Incl: * When you`re 6 ft tall in the middle of a Chinese village. * How to say no to cigarettes and keep saying no, again and again and again. * Ordering Heineken's and getting...well, something else.

64. Ep 38 - Do Contracts Matter in China? w/ Andy Church, Insight Quality
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 55.05Mb)

Description: This episode was inspired by an article I wrote for Enter China called "Do Contracts Matter in China?" I actually interviewed Andy Church (a 15 year China vet) for that article but, ultimately felt that he had so much more to knowledge to share than what ended up in the article. Topics Incl: * When you should have contracts in place   * What info should be listed in the contracts   * What can go wrong   * How enforceable the contracts are   * The common mistakes buyers make when it comes to contracts in China.

65. Ep 37 - Over $10K in 14 Days on Kickstarter, Heather Shuster Returns
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 39.09Mb)

Description: In this historical episode, Rico spoke with Heather Shuster (the podcast's first ever return guest) about her successful and ongoing (as of April 6th, 2017) OLLI Fair Trade Rubber Flip-Flip Kickstarter campaign.   Topics Incl: * The importance of pre-campaign prep work.   * How they secured her first $3k in sales prior to the campaign.   * One clever hack OLLI is using to speed up her shipping process.   * How Holly Shuster's duck face game fairs on Instagram   * Now that she's got the money, what's up next for her business?

66. Ep 36 - 2016 Goals vs 2017 Goals
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 21.27Mb)

Description: In this episode ChinaMike & Rico dig deep to share their successes, FAILURES from 2016, what they learnt and their goals for 2017. Goals Incl: * Content Schedule! (Yes, the podcast will be more consistent!)   * Financial Targets   * Cohesion Between Multiple Businesses   * Ambitious Fitness Goals   * Potential Internships

67. Ep 35 - Leveraging High Paying Jobs in China While Starting a Business (w/ Nick Lenczewski)
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 39.55Mb)

Description: In this episode we interviewed Nick Lenczewski (Len-chess-key)  the author of Ultimate China Guide: How to Teach English, Travel, Learn Chinese & Find Work in China. He writes books and makes movies to help people discover the incredible life that living and traveling in China brings. Made in China Podcast listeners can download the first 30 pages of Ultimate China Guide for free here. Topics Incl: * Eating Chicken Feet at  7 / 11   * Going from 0 words to being a medical translator of Mandarin to English   * How he found and now helps foreigners find non-teaching jobs in China   * Opening his own English teaching school in China   * Dating and being treated like a celebrity in China   * Getting a Chinese Driver's License 

68. Ep 34 - (Bonus Episode) #ThisIsChina
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 13.56Mb)

Description: A short episode where Rico and Mike remind us of that good old #T.I.C., "This Is China." The guys discuss some of the off the wall situations they find themselves in living and working in the Middle Country (Zhong Guo). Stay tuned for: * Sights and sounds of a Chinese gym * The Smokehouse aka the office bathroom * Donnie Does China

69. Ep 33 - First Year in China Lessons
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 35.72Mb)

Description: In our first episode of 2017 (which was recorded in 2016), Rico sat down with Harrison Bevins - whom you might remember from Ep 19 Inside Rico's Private Mastermind  - to discuss what life lessons you might learn in your first year in the wild wild East. Topics Incl: * Getting over cold stares and being shoved in and out of elevators   * The strategies we used to settle into life in China   * Living in Taipei for comfort vs Guangzhou for hustle   * Why no one concurs China in a year

70. Ep 32 - What We Find SCARIEST About Scaling A Business
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 25.25Mb)

Description: What happens as your business grows to the next level? Rico and ChinaMike talk about what to look out for as business expands and how to manage the growth. Topics Include: * Scaling a business   * Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)   * Working for Abercrombie & Fitch  * Avoiding negative output when hiring staff

71. Ep 31 - Meeting Two New Friends A Week w/ Heather Shuster olliworld.com
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 44.72Mb)

Description: In one of my (Rico) favourite episodes I sat down with Co-Founder of Olli and Enter China member Heather Shuster (also known as Indiana Jones in the community) about her journey sourcing from Sri Lanka and manufacturing fair trade rubber footwear in China: Topics Incl: * Her journey to China   * Why she chose to go out searching rubber plantations in Sri Lanka   * Being called "Mr. Shuster"   * Making the decision to meet two new friends a week for self-improvement

72. Ep 30 - International Business Payments Using Bitcoin? w/ Neil Woodfine COO @ Remitsy.com
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 59.13Mb)

Description: In this episode we had the pleasure of talking to Neil Woodfine COO of Remitsy. His Fintech startup processes international payment into China (at the moment) through Bitcoin. Which allows for faster and cheaper transactions than your typical international wire transfer. Topics Incl: * What Bitcoin and Blockchain tech is and how it's going to affect the future.   * How you can save money on international payments through Remitsy's service.   * Why YOUR banks are trying to adopt the blockchain technology ASAP.   * How convoluted the traditional SWIFT network (wire transfer) system is.   * The biggest misconceptions behind Bitcoin, Blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies in general.

73. Ep 29 - Quality Control 101 in China Manufacturing w/ Renaud Anjoran (SofEast.com)
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 56.43Mb)

Description: After a bit of a hiatus we're back with a strong episode! We spoke to Renaud Anjoran owner operator of SofEast.com a quality control inspection company in Southern China. Topics Incl: * The most common misconceptions about quality control   * Can you trust your supplier's internal QC department?   * What the hell are Acceptable Quality Control Limit Levels?   * Prevention methods for quality control

74. Ep 28 - Footwear Design, Dealing with China Remotely & High Volume (w/ Ryan Flynn)
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 39.21Mb)

Description: This week's episode was a first! We got the chance to interview a fan of the podcast, he reached to us via email, Rico met him for drinks in the Guangzhou IFC Tower and now he's guest on the show. His name is Ryan Flynn, he's a designer in NYC, who works for a multi-national sportswear brand as their Design Director - specifically in their athletic footwear department.  Topics Discussed Incl: * When working with Chinese trading companies is actually the best option for you   * What happens when your factory switches out materials on you   * Dealing with China remotely   * Ensuring you get the best out of your designs when certain materials are expensive   * How he gets high volume orders done with insane time contraints

75. Ep 27 - How to Avoid the Dreaded "China Day"
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 15.94Mb)

Description: In this short episode ChinaMike & Rico talked about the routines and methods they use to avoid the dreaded "China Day." If you don't know what a "China Day" is, well listen to the episode and found out... Topics Inc. * Setting Up A Routine   * Perspective on the Culture Around You   * Cultivating a Positive Mindset   * Doing Your Research   * Making Local Friend   * Utilizing Local Resources

76. Ep 26 - (Bonus Episode) Goals
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 15.62Mb)

Description: In this short bonus episode Rico & ChinaMike talked about entrepreneurs and what the importance of setting goals, is to them. Topics Incl: * One goal they succeeded and one goal they failed at last year and why.   * What they've learned about goal setting through trial and error   * Balancing realism and optimism   * How announcing your goals publicly holds you accountable

77. Ep 25 - Dating in China at 30 - With Chilli (Part 2)
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 51.13Mb)

Description: Rico had the opportunity to interview Chilli, his ex manager from his English teaching days on being female, 30 and single in China.  This is part 2 of a 3 part episode. We went in deep on marriage on this week! Topics Incl: * Why it's normal for the husband to give his entire salary to his wife   * Chili's friends telling her to date a "hot foreigner" because her English is so good!   * The disadvantages of dating or marrying a someone   * Picking sides between your significant other and your parents   * What you owe your parents if they help you buy a house?

78. Ep 24 - A 6 Month of Review of The Podcast
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 13.65Mb)

Description: In this short but sweet episode ChinaMike and Rico broke down their favourite Made in China Podcast episodes from the first 6 months of podcast (at the time of the recording). All podcast episodes mentioned are listed in the resources.

79. Ep 23 - EC Success Stories - Over $400K Raised, 2 Kickstarter Campaigns (with Winson Tam)
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 55.81Mb)

Description: ChinaMike, Rico & Winson Tam Skyped in from Chicago, Guangzhou & Shenzhen to talk about Winson's insane Ruggie Kickstarter and his previous All Season Sweats campaign which have raised over $400,000 CAD. Topics Include: * Why you should drop a product even after a successful campaign   * How to launch a bootstrapped campaign by offering a % of the raised funds   * Why the "Law of Attraction" isn't just some woo woo bullsh*t   * How Winson leveraged a hometown relationship to get featured on MAJOR news outlets like The Huffington Post   * The 2 must read books for your basic marketing knowledge when outsourcing your campaign

80. Ep 22 - (Bonus Episode) The Canton Fair - How To Maximize Your Visit
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 22.98Mb)

Description: In another short and packed bonus episode ChinaMike & Rico broke down some gems and a few hacks to help you maximize your Canton Fair visit. Tips include: * How to easily register, avoid lining up with 1,000s of people and get your badge   * Accommodation tips you won't find from a Google search   * Some of the best places to eat and meet foreigners and locals   * Why you shouldn't take a quote you get at the fair at face value   * The best ways to come across as sourcing pro when communicating with suppliers   * What type of suppliers to expect and which phase is best for you

81. Ep 21 - Dating in China at 30 - With Chilli (Part 1)
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 48.46Mb)

Description: Rico had the opportunity to interview Chilli, his ex manager from his English teaching days on being female, 30 and single in China.  This is part 1 of a 3 part episode. Topics Incl: * The pressure being the an only child in China puts on you to appease your parents   * How society perceives a woman who's 30 and single as mentally disturbed   * Jennifer Aniston...   * Short term benefits vs long term negatives of buckling to the pressure   * Why Chilli goes against the grain

82. Ep 20 - (Bonus Episode) 7 Lessons Learned About Living in China
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 17.17Mb)

Description: In this short bonus episode Rico and ChinaMike broke down lessons they've learned about living in China. Topics Discussed Incl: * How damn difficult it is to live a healthy life   * Why you can get distracted or complacent   * People are just people   * Just try it!   * Persistence is key   * The USA is not the shit (people are just people)   * Always bring headphones

83. Ep 19 - Inside Rico's Private Weekly Mastermind/Accountability Group "NO.X 3.0" (No Excuses)
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 45.31Mb)

Description: This week Rico takes you into one of his private weekly mastermind/accountability meetings aptly named NO.X (No Excuses).  These weekly meetings are designed to keep members accountable for defining and completing weekly goals with a view of reaching your more ambitious long-term goals one step at a time. Topics in the meeting incl: * The two automation apps that will absolutely change your life and business   * Learning how to read 2 books a week almost effortlessly   * Spending $15 on Facebook ads to achieve 1000s of viewers   * The mechanics of an online business aimed at Chinese consumers   * Setting up LinkedIn and Facebook Sales Funnels

84. Ep 18 - Serial Tech Entrepreneur, Author and China Business Expert Michael Michelini
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 85.92Mb)

Description: Another epic! Rico interviewed Michael Michelini a serial tech entrepreneur/author/american Internet dude - based in Shenzhen, China. Michael's list of achievements include consulting for companies like Cisco Systems, Tencent and AllRecipes.com to name a few, running 2 successful podcasts (China Business Cast & Global From Asia) and co-founding multiple tech startups over his 9 years in China. Topics covered in this episode incl: * Shenzhen vs Silicon Valley   * His involvement in bringing the first Startup Weekend Event to Shenzhen   * Why the average budding entrepreneur may get rejected by an HK Bank in recent times   * His moment of rebellion against the judges at 36 Kr (Chinese Techcrunch) and how he got the crowd on his side   * Why being too much of a friend can hurt your relationships with your staff in China   * Balancing multiple businesses while being married with 2 young kids   * How try as they might, governments can’t restrict global entrepreneurship and digital nomads because of the internet

85. Ep 17 - A Podcast About Our Favourite Podcasts
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 42.42Mb)

Description: In our least formal episode yet! Rico and ChinaMike chopped it up about their favourite podcasts and why you should listen to them. Podcasts have been extremely beneficial in the lives of our hosts and continue to simultaneously be their main forms of entertainment and education. Episode talking points include: * Being one of the key factors that brought them together to form Source Find Asia   * How The Joe Rogan Experience helped ChinaMike get through rough periods in China   * Why ChinaMike has beef with Neal Brennan   * The podcast that gave Rico vital business strategies he implemented into SFA   * How podcasts can keep an entrepreneur motivated during their journey

86. Ep 16 - Crucial Things You Need to Know When Forming a Startup in China - Nathan Jansen 1421.Consulting
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 41.75Mb)

Description: In this episode Rico sat down with long time China friend Nathan Jansen from 1421 Consulting.  Nathan dropped knowledge bombs on topics such as: * The most commonly formed business entities in China (i.e. WOFE, Representative Office, Joint Venture etc) and the advantages/disadvantages of each one   * What the hands down best city to register your company in China is right now   * The biggest misconceptions people have about registering a company in Mainland   * What the minimum registered capital is to form your startup in the Mainland China and what registered capital is exactly   * Why registering your company in Hong Kong first, will save you TIME & MONEY  * If the Chinese company registration laws are becoming less or more strict and why

87. Ep 15 - Wildball, How ChinaMike Makes Bank with Basketball in China
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 34.20Mb)

Description: In the episode we focus on ChinaMike's love and history playing semi-pro ball in China, also known as "Wildball." He waxed lyrical on topics such as: * Not knowing people were getting paid off of his playing time, while he played for fun   * The key differences between basketball in the Wild Wild East & the U.S.  * How to identify sleazy agents that will sell you a dream and give you a nightmare   * Which basketball players from the West succeed, which players fail and why   * What happens when someone who's never been outside of the US, finds themselves playing in front of 10,000 screaming fans, in the most remote villages of China

88. Ep 14 - Author, Amazon FBA Expert, Electronics Sourcing Guru - Manuel Becvar from ImportDojo.com
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 53.29Mb)

Description: One of best interviews we've done thus far on the podcast. Manuel Becvar is a renaissance man based out of Hong Kong & Bangkok, with over 10 years of experience sourcing electronics in China and two successful companies. He took us to school on topics such as: * Why he never took the leap from Hong Kong to mainland China   * The sourcing skills he's mastered through his electronics trading company Mandarin-Gear and translating those into a successful Amazon FBA Coaching venture called ImportDojo   * If Amazon will try to kill the competition and take all the knowledge/skills learnt from it's sellers   * When an FBA seller should consider shipping via Air vs Sea   * His FBA launch process and favourite marketing tactics   * What the main differences are between Alibaba & Global Sources  * The importance of networking and giving value without expecting anything return

89. Ep 13 - 100% Funded in 48 Hours Kickstarter - Wood MacBook Skins with Bambooti.be
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 38.09Mb)

Description: Rico Skyped with the Bambooti.be Boys, Pieter Van Moll & Freek Gielen, about their 200% funded Kickstarter campaign. Their campaign ends in 2 days and their slogan is simple and catchy, "A Wooden Back For Your Mac" but the unique selling point isn't doesn't end there. Topics Include. * The strategy that got them 100% funded within 2 days of launching the campaign   * Why they chose to manufacture in the UK rather than China   * How Freek used his design skills to make a MacBook everyone adores   * One of THE BEST ways to get influencers, tastemakers & major publications to pay attention to your campaign  * How they plan on scaling their business via a drop shipping business model

90. Ep 12 - Hiring, Firing & Managing a Team in China
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 32.80Mb)

Description: ChinaMike & Rico, took a break from the holiday festivities to break down how they've hired, fired and managed employees in a foreign country. They touched on: * The best ways to attract star employees that suit your business   * Why having a "higher education" isn't always a positive sign in the recruitment process   * If the younger Chinese generation is beginning to admire the "startup culture"   * Whether or not you have to micro-manage all your employees   * ChinaMike's horror story on what can go wrong when you give too much trust and what red flags to look out for   * The importance systemizing and automation, when managing a company in China   * The apps and strategies that the Source Find Asia team uses to automate and work remotely 

91. Ep 11 - (Bonus Episode) What It's Like to Teach & Study English in China - With Vivi Chow
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 21.96Mb)

Description: Ever wondered what it's like to teach English in China? Or what the perspective was from a Chinese student's side? In this short bonus episode you can hear it all directly from a Guangzhou, China native named Vivi Chow - whom Rico used to teach. Topics incl: * Some of the main reasons why Chinese people study English   * What Vivi thinks about the amount of "unqualified" foreigners teaching English in China   * The main characteristics Chinese students like in their foreign English teachers   * How good & how bad Rico was when he was teaching English

92. Ep 10 - Starting an Amazon FBA Business & How Being in China Will Save Your Butt (With Zam Tual)
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 47.75Mb)

Description: Rico sat down with Zam Tual, a successful Amazon FBA Seller, to break down the benefits of being based in China while setting up your Amazon FBA business. Topics covered incl: * Zam's process of identifying the best selling products on FBA   * The must have apps for any FBA seller   * His first product failures and how he's launched 2 highly profitable products since   * The  #1 FREE resource that will teach you how to build, launch and sustain a successful FBA business   * What level of customization he's doing and how it takes his product quality to the next level   * The future of FBA and how to stay relevant in a saturated market   * How being in or having connections in China has saved Zam's ass on numerous occasions

93. Ep 9 - Ask ChinaMike & Rico Session #1 - Sourcing in China Q&A
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 49.64Mb)

Description: In this episode we answer your questions regarding everything from sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and trading. Be prepared for some knowledge bombs as Rico and Mike get on a trans-Pacific call to address some of the following: * Getting your Chinese factory to provide you a warranty, particularly for electronic products * The best way to communicate with your supplier after they’ve done something wrong * How to go about structuring your pricing if you’re getting started in sourcing business * Dealing with traders vs. manufacturers and how much more the traders actually mark up the products * The 3 cardinal rules you need to know before you start importing to, or from, Asia

94. Ep 8 - The Hands Down Best Way to Validate Your Business Ideas (with Ryan Mulvihill)
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 62.31Mb)

Description: Tune in as we interview Ryan Mulvihill, an online entrepreneur who’s recently successfully launched his first book “Startup Idea Action Plan", which is currently beating some of the bestsellers such as Elon Musk’s biography and The Lean Startup! Here’s what to expect:   * How to take the principles taught in courses like The Foundation and apply them to any kind of business   * Why validating your product via B2B is so much easier than via B2C   * The number one (silly) thing that stops most people from validating their business ideas   * The foolproof method of getting your business idea validated before you make any significant time and money investments (this is also the cheapest method possible)   * How to get your first 20-30 customers literally out of thin air   * How to use Ryan’s techniques for physical product validation (do this before you decide to source and design a product in China)   * How Ryan’s friends have avoided spending thousands of dollars on products that wouldn’t have much of a success   * The best ways to get over the fear of cold calling   * How to warm up your leads and keep them engaged (yes, it can be automated)   * Why sounding like an asshole will get you past gatekeepers on the phone

95. 5 Fundamental Tips for Effective Communication with Chinese Suppliers on Alibaba
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Description: So you, an entrepreneur, a purchasing agent, or an amazon seller – whoever you are, you want to make sure you do all the right things when talking to your potential Chinese suppliers. You want to establish an effective communication – the key to any successful sourcing project. At this point it doesn’t matter whether you are doing product development and using a crowdfunding platform like kickstarter, or you’re just looking for another variation of a popular product. The tips we’ve enlisted here apply universally to whatever it is that you want to source in China.

96. Ep 7 - How to Break Into A Chinese Network and Build Relationships (with Russell Smith)
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 63.29Mb)

Description: In this episode we interview Russell Smith, a long-term expat in China who currently designs websites and does online marketing for Chinese manufacturers. Here’s what’s on tap: * How he got started in China and why sourcing is not for everyone * How he transitioned into providing services to Chinese companies * The staggering differences between forming Chinese vs. Western business relationships * How Russell managed to break into a network of hundreds factory owners and how he’s built his reputation with them from scratch * The one brunch with his Chinese contacts that resulted in landing 3 contracts simultaneously

97. Ep 6 - 5 Things To Know When Manufacturing Your Product in China
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 35.78Mb)

Description: This time the script is flipped and it’s Mike & Rico who are being interviewed by fellow entrepreneurial friends Carl Nickel and Gary Hones, all based in Guangzhou, China. Tune in for a lot of knowledge bombs on sourcing: * The essential things you need to find out before ever attempting to source a product * How to significantly cut down on time explaining the design to a factory * Testing your products before your suppliers actually produces them * The number one thing that will mitigate risks related to your order  

98. Ep 5 - (Bonus Episode) Q&A Session with Rico - Your Questions Answered
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 34.51Mb)

Description: Time for some exciting announcements and having your questions answered! In this episode: * My recent meetup with the most successful person under 30 that I know personally (mind = blown) * How to get started in China without an idea * The things that every newbie needs to know when visiting factories for the first time * How to contact factories directly and avoid dealing with trading agents and middlemen * The types of products you shouldn’t source if you’re new to the game

99. Ep 4 - Mastery of The Mind Best Selling Author & Digital Nomad - Noam Lightstone
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 53.44Mb)

Description: In this episode we interview a digital nomad, best-selling author and creator of the blog Light Way of Thinking, Noam Lightstone. Including topics like: * How he realized he couldn’t work for anybody after graduating in Biomedical Mechanical Engineering with a Master’s degree * His impressions after visiting China and why that country is not for everyone * The process of moving from Canada to Saigon, Vietnam and landing a job

100. Ep 3 - You’ve Raised 411% of Your Goal on Indiegogo... Now What?
http://sourcefindasia.com/made... download (audio/mpeg, 44.26Mb)

Description: China has been THE place for crowdfunding entrepreneurs designing and manufacturing their products. This time we get Luke Francis of Morveau Watches to sit on the hot chair and pick his brains about the whole process of creating, launching and successfully funding an Indiegogo campaign as well as what followed after that. Tune in to hear about: * How he solely created a very successful campaign despite never having it done before * How he maximized the funding and passed the goal of $20,000 all the way to over $85,000 * How Richard Branson inspired him to get out of his cushy 9-5 job * The unexpected challenge of communicating with 600 backers * Saving thousands of dollars in the process by outsourcing jobs on Upwork