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Podcast title Debt and Tax Solutions' Podcast
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Description Our podcast aims to educate consumers about debt relief. There are many debt relief programs available for people who are in huge amounts of debt. Some people may think there's no hope for their situation only to find out that they're not alone - millions of Americans are currently suffering from debt. The good news is, there's light at the end of the tunnel. You can continue waiting for your debt to pile up or, you can talk to a reputable debt counselor to find a solution to your debt problem and finally put an end to it for good. Our podcast will help you learn about debt relief and its related topic. Listen and stay tuned for weekly updates for info about debt settlement, debt consolidation and how to ultimately get out of debt for good.
Updated Sun, 30 Jun 2019 16:18:15 +0000
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1. Debt Negotiation
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Debt negotiation is a program designed to help people who are drowning in debt and are mulling bankruptcy. In this episode, we will discuss how CuraDebt's unique debt negotiation process works, how this program benefits their clients, and most importantly, you will learn if a debt negotiation program is a right option for you to resolve your debt problem. For more information on CuraDebt's debt negotiation program, visit:

For more information on CuraDebt's debt negotiation program, visit:




2. Tax Debt Solutions
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The IRS has various ways to collect tax debt because they are one of the most powerful government agencies. They have collection rights no other private entity has. That is why if you have IRS tax debt, it is very important to take care of it first before anything else. Worse comes to worst, they may put a levy on your assets, garnish your wage or even seize your properties! What's good to know is that there are options available for the common taxpayer. However, it is very important that the best possible solution is applied to your unique financial situation. Unless you are a tax expert, it is much easier to leave the cross examination to the a professional. One who is knowledgeable with IRS tax laws will be able to apply all that is necessary to give you your best option for a solution that's most favorable to you. For more information:

More about tax debt solutions:




3. Debt Settlement Program
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Debt settlement also known as debt negotiation, arbitration, or debt forgiveness) is a program that is designed to help you save as much money as possible, as quickly as possible, based on your unique financial situation. CuraDebt has an in-house performance based debt settlement program. This means that if you qualify for this program, you will only pay fees to CuraDebt as each one of your accounts is resolved and you ACCEPT the resolution. The program also has integrated creditor defense to maximize the capture of creditor violations which could result in better settlements and/or cash rewards for clients.

Read about debt settlement programs here:




4. Debt Management and the Importance Of Paying Back A Reduced Amount Over Paying Off Debts In Full
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Debt Management is designed to help you pay back your creditors, you will still be paying back everything owed but at a lower interest rates that the creditors agree to. Instead of having to make several payments to several creditors, all your accounts are grouped together into one monthly payment. This program is very strict as if you happen to be late or miss a payment, the creditors are able to kick you out from the program and revert back to high interest rates or prevent you from obtaining new lines of credit and possibly add negative impact to your credit score. If you are no longer able to maintain high monthly credit card payments Debt Management may not be the option for you. With Debt Management payments tend to remain the same or in some cases can possibly go up, remember that Debt management is to help you save money on interest paid over the life of the debt not to save you money on your monthly payments.

Read about debt relief here:




5. How to Avoid The Credit Card Debt Trap
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Are you aware that making minimum payments on your credit card debt contributes to not helping you make any headway towards paying your debts? In most cases, most of the minimum payment goes towards interest rates. Please listen to this podcast to find out how you can avoid falling victim to credit card debt and if already dealing with credit card debt, find out what your options are and how you can become debt free. Here are some of the negative impacts making minimum payments. It will take much longer to pay off your debts. You will pay huge amounts of money just on interest rates. Credit score can be negatively impacted. Being stuck in the cycle of “Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul”, paying on your credit cards just to resort to using them due to high minimum payments each month.