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Podcast title The Strong Women’s Club Women's Success Stories in Business and in Life
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Description Join the Strong Women’s Club where Edie Berg interviews very successful women who share the behind-the-scenes personal sides of their stories; women leaders whose life stories are fascinating, inspiring and will make you proud that you, too, are a member of The Strong Women’s Club. In the Strong Women’s Club, you will hear women talk about how they reached where they are today, and you will relate to their struggles, their small daily difficulties that sometimes feel insurmountable, and learn straight from one of our own members how they are able to reach their goals.
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Image The Strong Women’s Club Women's Success Stories in Business and in Life
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Link to this podcast The Strong Women’s Club Women's Success Stories in Business and in Life


1. S3EP17: How to have a profitable fitness business from the start!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 42.17Mb)


Dr. Laura Miranda tells us about how she started her urban training groups, and how she’s developed them into a product and global fitness business certification program. Dr. Laura Miranda DPT, MSPT is a NYC based doctor of physical therapy, certified personal trainer, and creator of PURSUIT, the outdoor fitness movement. By mission, she empowers people on their path toward becoming the best possible version of themselves. Learn about Dr. Laura on her website DrLauraMiranda.com StrongHealthyWoman.com and follow her on Facebook (@DrLauraMiranda), Instagram (@drlauramiranda), and Twitter (@drlauramiranda).

2. S3EP16: Corporate Wellness Programs with Lisa Kelly
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Lisa Kelly, President, Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc., has been cultivating healthy changes within workplaces and with personal clients for over 20 years. Through her online, fully-facilitated "Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Programs," Lisa's mission is to create an innovative and collaborative landscape for global workplace wellness that fosters employee-driven, results-oriented wellness solutions benefiting employers, employees, and communities at large. End of year offers for business coaching packages still available! Write to edie@thestrongwomensclub.com for more info. Can't wait to help you have the most amazing 2018 possible!!


3. S3EP15: How to grow your fitness business with a small staff
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Get Smart and Strong: End of 2017 offers on business coaching and strategy sessions for you to get better organized, more focus and more clarity for your amazing progress and success in 2018. Write to Edie at edie@thestrongwomensclub.com for details. Chris Freytag, Founder of Get Healthy U teaches us about building up an online fitness business, live-streaming fitness classes from her studio, and many tips as to how to stay relevant in the industry. You can find her at: https://gethealthyu.com https://www.gethealthyutv.com/


4. S3EP14: How to create a new fitness movement: Masala Bhangra
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 42.64Mb)


Sarina Jain is the creator and founder of Masala Bhangra. She is able to fuse her heritage and personal family history with fun Bollywood dance music and moves and passions of Bhangra. We talk about how to start a movement, how to get people excited about something they’ve never done before, how to scale a fitness business into a global phenomenon. Website: https://www.masalabhangraworkout.com


5. S3EP13: Leanne Shear from Uplift Studios
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 38.94Mb)


First, we talk all about our walking challenge! To combat the sitting is the new smoking research evidence, we are walking an extra 30 minutes every day. Join us!!

Check out the Strong Women’s Club Facebook Group for details. UPLIFT Studios in NYC is THE place to go for female empowerment, both physical and mental empowerment. UPLIFT was founded by Leanne Shear, when she started training women to run marathons as a side gig, while she was a full-time writer. A story was then written about Leanne, and the rest is history! In our conversation we talk about all aspects of a fitness business, plus their female society, and some of the struggles along the way. Leanne did a friends and family round of funding, invested in a property, had partners and a few hiccups, but is super-successful, looking for new locations and expansion possibilities. RESOURCES: Upliftstudios.com Sitting is bad for you research: http://annals.org/aim/article-abstract/2653704/patterns-sedentary-behavior-mortality-u-s-middle-aged-older-adults The SWC FB Group you must join now! https://www.facebook.com/groups/strongwomensclub/?ref=bookmarks


6. S3EP12: Fitness Business Franchise Fit 4 Mom Founder Lisa Druxman
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 25.21Mb)


Lisa Druxman, the founder of Fit4Mom, is on the Strong Women’s Club Podcast today. Lisa tells us about how she built her fitness business into the largest fitness program for moms in the United States. At the moment, they have over 300 franchises, with 1000 moms, participating in multiple locations.

We discuss who her first hires were and why she chose those people. And we talk about how each level and stage of business growth has its own skill set. www.fit4moms.com www.lisadruxman.com


7. S3EP11: Fitness Business Empire CEO of YogaFit Beth Shaw
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 22.70Mb)


Founder and President of YogaFit, Beth Shaw teaches about how she is able to grow her fitness business into a multinational empire. Beth talks about how she trusts when delegating and how flexibility and persistence are keys to success. YogaFit is coming to Israel December 6-12, 2017. If you would like to take those classes, or any other anywhere in the world, use the code: strong10 to get a great discount. Be sure to listen to the end of the program where Beth makes a professional opportunity offer that might be exactly the right thing for you. http://www.bethshaw.com/book-now/ http://www.yogalean.com www.yogafit.com https://www.facebook.com/YogaFitStudios/ https://www.yogafit.com/find-yoga-teacher-training/level-one-foundations-Tel-Aviv-2500/


8. S3EP10: How your fitness company can grow and change with you - Emily Cook Harris
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 34.90Mb)


Emily Cook Harris brings power, strength and confidence to the clients of EMPOWERED. Emily teaches us: How to grow your team and her screening process How to let your company grow and change with your own lifestyle How she morphed into having more remote personal fitness clients Emily founded EMPOWERED in 2010 with the mission of empowering those she trained to be strong, confident, and have the courage to pursue their dreams - using proceeds to support education so girls' around the world could have that same opportunity. Emily personally experienced how education had the power to unlock doors and wanted to pay that forward to the next generation. Empowered NYC (http://www.empowerednyc.com)


9. S3EP9: Founding, Growing and Selling a Fitness Continuing Education Company with Gwen Hyatt
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 33.54Mb)


Gwen Hyatt founded DSWFitness (Desert Southwest Fitness, Inc.), Center for Continuing Education in 1980 to provide continuing education for fitness, health, rehabilitation and clinical professionals. In 2013 Human Kinetics acquired DSWFitness! Now Gwen is a travel blogger, mountain bikes wherever and whenever she wants :) Gwen teaches us about how to be fluid in your career, how she was able to recognize opportunities, and how she scaled from an in-person business to have a huge online education business very similar to what a lot of people are building today. She was able to do it without the help of the internet, using direct mail and other things, so you’ll learn all about that in today’s episode.


10. 114: Getting Healthy Without Scales or Judgement with Amy Clover
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 22.08Mb)


Amy Clover from StrongInsideOut.com. Amy conquered anxiety and depression with fitness, but took it to an extreme with over-training and an eating disorder. We talk about her streams of revenue in Strong Inside-Out and how she teaches to reframe mindset.

11. 113: Starting a Fitness Business While Staying True to Yourself
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 28.31Mb)


Chavonne Hodges is an NYC-bred Advertising professional by day and certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor/ entrepreneur by night. Diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in college, Chavonne started exercising to combat her mental health disorder. As a co-creator and instructor of TrapAerobics, Chavonne strongly believes in the transformative powers of trap music and exercise. Her love of music, fitness, and natural, good vibes inspired by her to start GrillzandGranola, her fitness/lifestyle brand, which has worked with various creative collectives, non-profits and companies like Facebook NY and Tumblr. This episode is particularly interesting if you are starting your own fitness company and you aren’t quite sure how to go about it. Female entrepreneurs who love something special and different, this is for you. Building a personal brand relies on you being you. Go do it! You can find Chavonne at: https://www.grillzandgranola.com https://afterclass.classpass.com/4-inspiring-female-fitness-entrepreneurs-to-watch/ http://clickcliquenyc.tumblr.com

12. 112: Founder of First Rape Crisis Center Janet Yassen
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Janet Yassen is a psychotherapist, a feminist, a civil rights activist, and one of the founders of the first rape crisis centers in Boston in 1973. If you knew you wanted to start an important center, how would you go about it? Would you do it like Janet did?

We talk about gender-based violence, about how group settings are extremely important, how she works to help people get in control of their minds, bodies and spirits.

Janet talks about how we need to face our own powerlessness often, and how it is possible to accomplish.

13. 111: Jewish Feminism, Women’s Sexual Health and Yom Kippur Rant
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 49.55Mb)


Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus is the President of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance and the Founder of MAZE Women’s Sexual Health. After I rant about the injustice and disappointment I experience on Yom Kippur in Jerusalem this year, you get to hear the interview with Bat Sheva, where we cover her work as a leader of JOFA and as a Medical Sex Therapist at MAZE. Dr. Marcus tells us some amazing stories of how her work has helped women. We talk about Orthodox Judaism and sexual satisfaction all in the same sentence and program, which is for sure a winning way to go! Drop me a line, say hi, let me know who you are. I’d love to meet you! Be healthy and strong, Edie MAZE (http://www.mazewomenshealth.com/about-us/our-team/) Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance (https://www.jofa.org/Who_We_Are/Leadership_and_Staff) The Joy of Text Podcast (http://jpmedia.co/podcasts/joy-of-text/)

14. 110: Emotional Well-Being in Five Simple Steps
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 35.37Mb)


Shira Taylor Gura has developed a way to help you get through day-to-day situations that might make you anxious, fearful or angry, among other things.

Shira runs workshops and retreats, and is also the author of “The STUCK Method: Five Simple Steps to Emotional Well-Being”. You can learn more about Shira and the STUCK Method here: http://thestuckmethod.com

Today’s podcast is taken directly from the Facebook Live interview I did in my office with Shira. If you’re interested in seeing that video, click here: The Strong Women's Club Facebook Page Let me know who you are and what you think! Be well and strong, Edie

15. 109: Shanah Tovah! Tips for Hosting Big Dinner Parties and Lessons from a Reconstructionist Rabbi
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 34.99Mb)


Shana Tova!! Rabbi Deborah Waxman teaches us about adopting “Yes, And” in Judaism Sweet and Happy New Year! For the podcast this week, I talk about how I organize large dinner parties at home and the tools I use to delegate to my guests some of the cooking to make things easier. They don’t always like it… I reflect on spirituality and what it means for me, and how my daughter, Maya, influences me. And together we learn from Rabbi Deborah Waxman, who is the head of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College and the Jewish Reconstructionist Communities. Rabbi Waxman is the first woman to hold these positions simultaneously. We learn what Recontructionist Judaism is and the items that Deborah feels need urgent attention. And we get our own private lesson for the new year. You can learn more at: www.jewishrecon.org www.ritualwell.org Thank you to the Strong Women who listen to the podcast! Have a healthy and strong year! L’Hitraot

16. 108: Author of a memoir about hoarding, matches made in heaven and not turning into your mother
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 31.40Mb)


The author of “White Walls: A Memoir About Motherhood, Daughterhood, and the Mess In Between” (http://amzn.to/2xuukfk), Judy humorously writes about her life as the daughter of a mom who was a hoarder and mentally ill; how she met her husband, who has a surprising story; and about being a mother herself. Judy is an author and comedienne, joining the two in her writing and her stage appearances, and here on this podcast! You can find out more about Judy at http://judybatalion.com

17. 107: Female Founders and Entrepreneurs Around the World. Are their characteristics and experiences more similar or more dissimilar?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 32.35Mb)


Taciana Mello and Fernanda Moura from Brazil are interviewing women around the world (hey… I do that too!) about women’s empowerment, women founders and women entrepreneurs. They’re filming a documentary, gathering advice and stories from experienced female founders about their hardships, struggles and triumphs. After they interviewed me here at WeWork Herzliya, I invited them to be on the podcast to tell their own stories. Today, we get a behind-the-scenes look into their 13 months of travel (so far), the women they’ve met and the countries they’ve been to. How do you pack for such a long trip when most of your luggage is full of video equipment? Taciana and Fernanda tell us what they’re carrying. What is the worse experience they’ve had on the road so far? Listen to the show and find out! Thank you, Taciana and Fernanda! It was great fun meeting and an honor to be part of this important project. The Girls on the Road (https://www.facebook.com/thegirlsontheroad/)

18. 106: Sally Becker is Saving Children in Mosul
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 46.95Mb)


Sally Becker is back on the podcast, talking about her current work and latest missions to Mosul. Sally’s charity Road to Peace really needs your help to pay for medical supplies for severely malnourished children in the war zone.

Sally tells about the most difficult mission she’s ever been on, the dangers she and the doctor accompanying her, Dr. Marino Andolina, face when there, and the extreme hardships the people suffer there from ISIS attacks. If you visit Sally’s website: RoadtoPeace.org.uk (https://www.roadtopeace.org.uk) you will see photographs and videos of the children she has already helped to receive medical help in the US, and those for whom the help is too late. CNN and the BBC have covered her work, which you can also see on her website. I know it sounds as if I’m pushing for donations. That’s because I am. This is a cause where all of the funds you send go directly to the needy people. No middle man. If you are inspired by her work, send Sally an email on the contact page on her website and let her know you appreciate her. I appreciate you for caring. Be well and safe everybody.

19. 105: Corporate to Entrepreneur: Career Navigation and Transitioning
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 46.76Mb)


In today’s conversation, Karp Randel founders Robbie Karb and Jane Randel tell us about how and why they became partners, how their previous careers at Liz Claiborne LLC gave them the experience they need, and how they continue to work to make social change from inside corporations. Jane is a co-founder in #NoMore, raising awareness about and fighting domestic violence and sexual assault. She is also an advisor to the NFL and NASCAR regarding issues relating to domestic violence. Robbie is on the executive board of Human Rights First, an independent advocacy organization that works to ensure that the U.S. is a global leader in human rights. She is also on the Board of Educational Alliance, an established settlement house serving the needs of the multi-generational lower Manhattan population by providing direct services around education, jobs, and overall wellbeing. RESOURCES Karp Randel  http://karprandel.com/ Jane Randel on the Huffington Post  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/jane-randel No More https://nomore.org

20. 104: Benefits of a Being in a Mastermind
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I met Shelli Warren in my own personal mastermind group. We are now friends, mentor each other when needed, rely on each other, and will jump to help the other figure out a sticky spot in her business, or wherever. On today’s episode, we talk about benefits of the mastermind. Here are a few: • Practical goal setting and follow through • Support • Friendship, even global friendships • Learn to own your strengths • Accountability • Propels you into a higher level of performance • High level profit planning • Investing in a mastermind allows you to take full advantage of it, you devote your time and efforts to succeeding • Brainstorming on your business, get creative! • Find out where your weak points are, get ideas and advice on how to strengthen them • Reach goals that were previously unattainable! We also hear about Shelli’s career, and how she can help you with your own ENCORE CAREER. Thank you, Shelli! It was great to talk to you on the podcast! RESOURCES www.bizchix.com www.sheconnex.com https://blog.linkedin.com/2016/04/12/will-this-year_s-college-grads-job-hop-more-than-previous-grads https://www.experience.com/alumnus/article?article_id=article_1247505066959&channel_id=career_management&source_page=additional_article


21. 103: All About Masterminds
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 18.32Mb)


I run mastermind groups, both in-person and virtually, or on-line, and I think it’s time we talked more in depth about what the benefits are, why you should definitely join a mastermind, and what goes on inside a mastermind group. We discuss the different types of masterminds, the structure, the size, the time spent at a mastermind, how often you should meet, and if it’s necessary to pay for a mastermind for it to be effective. I talk about the following benefits of joining a mastermind group, which include: • Getting and giving support: usually professional support, but sometimes you might need some personal support and you’ll get it from your mastermind cohorts. You will learn about your own business by supporting others • Accountability: Don’t underestimate the power of peer pressure, when it’s used wisely. You won’t want to let your group down by not fulfilling the goals you promised you’d meet. That accountability will move you forwards in a few months more than you’ve progressed in a year. I promise! • Goal setting: we set reach goals each week, then meet them. We also learn to set goals that are right for us, something that we weren’t already planning on doing that week. If you don’t meet your goals, we’ll figure out why. • New outlook on your business: your mastermind buddies will not be in the same field as you. You’ll benefit from their experiences, different to your own. And getting new eyes on your work will spark your occasionally dormant creativity. • Your network will grow: you now, through proxy, have access to your mastermind’s network, globally. Your network just got a whole lot bigger. Use it! • Friendship: Very quickly you will care about the other women in your group. It just happens. You are thinking about how to help them, they have helped you unconditionally, you’ve seen them struggle, they found solutions to your problems. These friendships stick even after the mastermind is over. Listen to the podcast to hear about structure, time frames, very big and very accessible mastermind groups that you can join. Or form one yourself! Share this episode with a friend or two. They’ll thank you for it! RESOURCES https://www.forbes.com/sites/chicceo/2013/10/21/7-reasons-to-join-a-mastermind-group/#583a6725deb2 https://growtheverywhere.com/improvement/what-is-a-mastermind-group/ http://www.thesuccessalliance.com/what-is-a-mastermind-group/


22. 101: How to Use Storytelling in Business and Who are the Druze?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 41.66Mb)


This week in Israel there was a terror attack where two Israeli policemen were killed. Both policemen were Druze, so I’m going to tell you about who the Druze are. The Druze are not Muslims, though the religion is an outgrowth of Islam that originated in the 10th century in Egypt. It also has elements of Judaism and Christianity, influences of Greek philosophy and Asiatic thought. Due to having relatively progressive ideas for the time, such as the abolition of slavery and the separation of church and state, they were considered to be outliers and unorthodox, and were persecuted, so they became very secretive with their religion, which is still true to this day. Even to many Druze themselves, the religion is secret and mysterious. Only special clergy called Uqqal, can study and learn all of its aspects. Basically, their rules are: they believe in one god, they have to reject all non-Druze tenets, and they must be very loyal to the Druze community. You cannot convert to become a Druze. And if you marry somebody who is not Druze, then you are also no longer Druze. They believe in reincarnation, so that they believe that everybody that is alive today is a reincarnation of somebody from when the religion was revealed. The Druze don’t have a country, but they do have a flag. They live mainly in Israel, Lebanon and Syria, and they are very loyal to the countries that they live in. In Israel, the Druze men serve in the Israeli army (whereas the Arabs, or Palestinians, do not serve in the Israeli army). The Druze in Israel are highly respected and integrated within several political parties, even though there are only about 150,000 Druze in Israel. The names of the two policemen murdered this week are: Advanced Staff Sgt. Maj. Hayil Satawi, 30, who was married with a 3-week-old son; and Advanced Staff Sgt. Maj. Kamil Shnaan, 22, May their memories be blessed. Now we’ll tell a different kind of story: A story about a storyteller who tells story. Noa Baum tells her own story in a wonderful way, She uses storytelling as an artform, as a powerful tool in education,and in business. Noa talks about how we can use storytelling in our businesses and as leaders, to make a bigger impact and have people follow your lead. Resources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Druze http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/03/21/5-facts-about-israeli-druze-a-unique-religious-and-ethnic-group http://www.everyculture.com/multi/Bu-Dr/Druze.html http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/history-and-overview-of-the-israeli-druze www.noabaum.com

23. 102: Are the vitamins you take the right vitamins?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 26.24Mb)


Dr. Romy Block and Dr. Arielle Levitan are the founders of VousVitamins and the coauthors of The Vitamin Solution: Two Doctors Clear the Confusion about Vitamins and Your Health, in which they provide a common-sense, medically sound approach to using vitamins to improve your diet, exercise plan, and overall health. Romy and Arielle look critically at the vitamin industry and commonly sold off the shelf products. They scrutinize ingredients and in clear, accessible, language, explain which vitamins and supplements can be helpful, which can be harmful, and which are altogether unnecessary; explore health topics including migraine, hair loss, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, hot flashes, and more; and address preventive care, providing insights on topics such as screening tests, weight loss, and preserving memory. On the show, we discuss their reasons for going into the vitamin business, what’s different about VousVitamins, and how they manage to get so much done every day. Resources https://www.vousvitamin.com The Vitamin Solution: Two Doctors Clear the Confusion about Vitamins and Your Health (http://amzn.to/2eFD1eu)

24. #SWC29: How to Plan for Plan B
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 5.45Mb)


What happens when things don’t go as planned? If there’s one thing you can always count on, is things not going as you’ve counted on them to be! So what do you do when there are conflicts and crisis? Problems and Perils? Do you have a Plan B in place? What is your backup plan, or are you hoping to figure it out as you go along? Nope! That’s not us! Not you and not me! We are ready! As ready as possible!! Ok ok, so what does this even mean? What counts as a crisis? Anything that brings on a drastic downturn in sales, in image, in the ability to earn a living, and mainly, things that we have not predicted happening when they happen and we are not prepared for them; they’ve taken you by surprise; And you had better react quickly, or the damage will be greater and greater. It could be a sudden change in political situation: sanctions, terrorist activity It could be that there’s a virus stopping you from accessing your own information on the computer It could be that your competitor came out with an amazing product, similar, but better than yours It could be that you fired somebody now they’re out to get you on social media It could be a natural disaster: earthquake, hurricane, snow storm, stuff like that It could be that you put out a faulty product and you have to recall it and explain it to the world. Or one of your employees does something unforgivable What if your distributor has one of these things happen to them? What are you going to do?? How do you get ready? Have a team in place, know who they are, what their roles are, have them trained properly. Don’t forget about your core beliefs, your mission statement, especially at the time of crisis: this will guide you, give you all the answers you need when you need them. Try to predict the unpredictable: figure out what’s most likely to happen and how you respond, once it’s happened. See what’s happened to others in the past and how they dealt with it; learn from their mistakes and their triumphs. Insurance: Do you have insurance? Go get it! Make sure that you’re insured well, whatever that may mean for your business. But don’t ignore insurance, however boring and confusing it may be Do you need backup equipment? Buy it. Make sure your plan is clear and is simple: It should be clear as to when a crisis happens, and when it’s behind you, and you’re back to business as usual. Try to make these points measurable. And your fix-it plan, make it simple. So that everybody understands who goes where and when. Keep your Plan B up to date: take a look at it at least once a year. You’ll be surprised as what’s changed in that short period of time. Be sure you set a good example: Let your employees know you are with them, support them, and they are with you. Make sure to keep your relationship with your team solid and reliable. They must know you have their back. Budget: Be sure to have rainy day funds ready for when you need them, because you will. Prioritize: What comes first? What doesn’t need attention at all? RESOURCES https://www.mindtools.com https://quickbooks.intuit.com/r/business-planning/what-is-a-contingency-plan-and-why-does-your-business-need-one/ https://mikeclayton.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/top-ten-things-to-build-into-your-project-contingency-plan/ https://www.theworkathomewoman.com/biz-contingency-plan/


25. 100: Personal and Professional Updates in Celebration of the 100th Episode!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 22.58Mb)


A live, uncut podcast about what we’ve accomplished over the past 50 episodes, what went well, what can be improved and what I loved.I also talk about plans for the upcoming year, share what’s going on behind the scenes at The Strong Women’s Club, and give you a personal update as to what is going on with my family. I hope you enjoy it! Subscribe to the podcast, share it with a friend. You’ll be making a difference! Thank you so much for joining me in this labor of love. I appreciate you.

26. #SWC28 : How to be a great leader, in a nutshell
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 6.78Mb)


Last week I mentioned two leadership styles: Transformational and Transactional, but there are many different ways to define leadership personalities. There is the definition by Lewin, which includes: Autocratic, Democratic and Laissez-faire. There is the Blake-Mouton Managerial Grid (See on Amazon), which mixes a people-oriented style with a task-oriented style, depending on the job at hand. There is the Path-Goal Theory, which weighs the ability of the employee with the ambiguity of the task at hand, then decides which approach to use. A book called Primal Leadership (See on Amazon) by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee talked about Six Emotional Leadership Styles: Visionary, Coaching, Affiliative, Democratic, Pacesetting and Commanding, and how each style might affect the emotions of your team members. And there is Authentic Leadership: people who inspire trust, are open about the problems they come across, don’t ignore or hide them, and have a high level of integrity and are consistent. Where do you fit in? How do you lead? How do you influence, inspire, motivate, stimulate and individualise? In an effort to simplify and to condense: Here are four things that you can do to begin to be an authentic transformational leader. This is how you start: Set an example: high standards, ethical choices, excellence in character You will develop and communicate and exciting and ambitious vision for your group, and encourage their development towards that end You will stimulate their intellect: Foster open discussions about the vision and how you’ll get there You will care about your team: genuine concern Thank you for joining me, Edie P.S. Next week we will talk about what to do where there are problems... Resources Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman, et al (http://amzn.to/2sTCuMg) - Affiliate link https://umesorld.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/ethics-character-and-authentic-transformational-leadership-behavior-1999-bass-and-steidlmeier.pdf https://www.mindtools.com/community/pages/article/newLDR_84.php http://www.wright.edu/~scott.williams/LeaderLetter/character.htm Blake-Mouton Managerial Grid (http://amzn.to/2sTCuMg) - Affiliate link

27. 099: Jewish Fiction Author Dr. Nora Gold
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 30.73Mb)


Dr. Nora Gold is not afraid of writing about anti-Israelism on campus, a very sensitive subject which she wrote about in her novel entitled “Fields of Exile”. Dr. Gold also wrote “Marrow and Other Stories” which was praised by Alice Munro, and her latest novel is “The Dead Man”, which also has a deep connection to Israel. Although a tenured professor of Social Work, Nora chose to leave academia to follow her calling as a fiction writer. Dr. Gold is also the creator and editor of Jewish Fiction.net, an online journal that publishes Jewish-themed fiction from around the world. We talk about how Nora chooses her subject matter and how she was able to be brave enough to leave a secure position to become an author. You can find out more about Dr. Gold at www.noragold.com


28. #SWC27: Transformational Leadership vs Transactional Leadership Styles
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In this 5-minute podcast episode, Edie Berg talks about two different leadership styles: Transformational Leadership and Transactional Leadership, and how entrepreneurs starting small business will be better off when adopting the Transformational Leadership style. Resources used for this episode: http://online.stu.edu/transformational-leadership/ https://www.mindtools.com/community/pages/article/transformational-leadership.php https://www.mindtools.com/community/pages/article/transformational-leadership-infographic.php https://hbr.org/2017/05/what-the-best-transformational-leaders-do

29. 098: Why You Should Get Off the Grid and Explosive Creativity
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Although consistency in business is the secret to all success, so is creativity and knowing yourself and also not getting burnt out. So when I traveled to Costa Rica on my off-the-grid one week vacation, I decided to also have a break from podcasting, and let myself cut loose of everything. For a full week, no internet, no electricity and no hot water. What does being off the grid mean? Technically, it means no outside infrastructural support.

So my husband and I were deep in the Costa Rican jungle, living in a tree house, hiking, watching the monkeys, insects, birds and other animals, while just staring out over the tree canopy to the ocean. We also read a lot, hiked in the jungle and along the beach, saw many exotic animals and butterflies, which particularly made my hubby smile. But why is it so important to have this type of getaway? Isn’t it enough to go on vacation, change your routine, and see someplace new?

I don’t think so. I think it’s vital to go somewhere where you have no access to internet, or TV, or your emails. Where nobody can call you, and you can’t call them. Really just cut away for a few days.

The effect isn’t immediate. It takes time for your mind and body to adjust to the new pace, to be able to open your inner doors of creativity and thoughts. Once you’re there, you’ll know it. You’ll feel excited and invigorated, with no external stimulations. You’ll feel satisfied and curious, all at once. On today’s podcast I talk about my latest off-the-grid getaway to the Osa Peninsula and how I felt when I got back to my office.

I talk about preventing burnout, recharging, explosive creativity and reconnecting with my partner.

Giving myself the gift of no hot water, no internet, no lights for a week. Priceless.

30. 097: Get Your Breast Density Checked
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Andrea Wolf shares her story about testing positive for the BRCA1 mutation at age 22 and having prophylactic mastectomies at age 30. Andrea’s mother and grandmother both had breast cancer, and Andrea is able to use her personal and familial story to drive her work at the Brem Foundation. The Brem Foundation, named after Andrea’s mother, Dr. Rachel Brem, is a nonprofit organization committed to breast cancer prevention through early detection. Today’s podcast is about Andrea’s story, how and when to screen, what to expect if you decide to have prophylactic surgery, what breast density is and more. Resources: Brem Foundation: www.bremfoundation.org

31. 096: How to Prevent Burn-Out In Yourself and Your Team Members
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Are you one of those people who love the thought of working from home, but when you try you get too distracted? Are you feeling burnt out from your day-to-day stress, but there seems to be no end in sight? Dr. Michal Biron is the Head of the MBA program at the University of Haifa, and her research centers around these questions, plus other daily predicaments that career women face. In this episode you will learn: How to battle burn-out in your team and in yourself How to setup a home office that you can actually work in How gender inequality affects the pay levels of both dominant and pleasant women, but each type of woman deals with this differently Michal’s articles have appeared in the Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Human Relations, and International Journal of Human Resource Management, among others.

32. 095: Goal-setting Principles for Effective Team Management
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If you want to be a great manager, you need to get the job done efficiently and done well.

But how do you inspire your team members and employees to work harmoniously together, trust each other, set the right goals, and be fulfilled enough to stay with you and not move on to their next challenge? Today’s guest has spent the better part of her career researching these questions, and we discuss the answers on the podcast. Israel Prize Winner Professor Miriam Erez is the Chair of the Knowledge Center for Innovation in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion in Israel. Dr. Erez’s research has evolved around three major topics:Innovation Cross-cultural behaviour Work motivation On the podcast you will learn: That you must create an environment that spurs creativity How to quickly develop a trusting atmosphere That you must promote ownership and accountability How to provide the motivation to innovate What type of feedback is effective and not detrimental What shared leadership is How you must lead people from different cultures differently How team participation in goal setting is crucial in some cultures and weak in others


33. 094: Opportunity Knocked: What Would You Do?
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What was initially the spontaneous question of “What can I do with my old bras?” led to the creation of Support the Girls. By chance, Dana’s inquiry led to her thirst of knowledge to learn that bras and feminine hygiene products are rarely donated to those most in need: homeless women and girls.

To date, Support the Girls has donated over 90,000 bras and over 401,000 feminine hygiene products to women across the world. Dana has spearheaded the initiative, and led the charge to the creation of Support the Girls affiliates throughout the United States. The movement has tremendous momentum, and Dana’s efforts have been showcased in The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Yahoo News, The Today Show, Kveller, NationSwell, and many more.

Dana knew how to take advantage of a surprising opportunity and turn it into a global social enterprise.

Takeaways and resources from this episode:

Keep an open mind and an open heart for new opportunities that can change your life Luck comes to those who work hard

You can be an expert in a field that one year ago you knew nothing about

Dana’s company: http://www.accessibilitypartners.com

Support the Girls: http://isupportthegirls.org

34. 093: Jean Trounstine: Author of: Boy With A Knife: A Story of Murder, Remorse, and a Prisoner’s Fight for Justice
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Jean Trounstine is an activist and author whose 6th book is Boy With A Knife: A Story of Murder, Remorse, and a Prisoner’s Fight for Justice (IG Publishing April, 2016). It explores the true crime story of Karter Kane Reed and the injustice of sentencing juveniles to adult prisons.

Jean worked at Framingham Women’s Prison for ten years where she directed eight plays with prisoners. Her book about that work, Shakespeare Behind Bars: The Power of Drama in a Women’s Prison has been featured on NPR, and now on this program too!

In addition, she has spoken around the world on women in prison, co-founded the women’s branch of Changing Lives Through Literature, an award-winning alternative sentencing program featured in The New York Times and on The Today Show, and co-authored two books about the program.


35. #SWC26: Are You a Role Model?
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Are you a role model?

Who is your role model?

What are the characteristics you are looking for in your role model?

These are the traits I hope to have to be an inspiring and effective role model to others: Confidence Not afraid to speak up for what you think is right Fearless Unapologetic Driven Independent Knowledge Hardworking Intelligent Strong Ambition Respectful Be yourself Presence Focus Vision Resourceful People can identify with her Somebody you can learn from Be able to take on new challenges Inspire others to follow their dreams Wise women Inclusive Unembarrassed Not self-conscious Doesn’t care about what others think of her Those that help you progress to the path you want Understanding

36. #SWC25: The Silver Platter by Natan Alterman
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The Silver Platter by Natan Alterman In today’s episode, I talk about the stark transition between Yom Ha’Zicharon and Yom Ha’Atzmaut.

I discuss the meaning and origin of the popular expression in Hebrew: Magash Hakesef.

The following is the original poem by Natan Alterman. The Silver Platter And the land grows still, the red eye of the sky slowly dimming over smoking frontiers As the nation arises, Torn at heart but breathing, To receive its miracle, the only miracle As the ceremony draws near, it will rise, standing erect in the moonlight in terror and joy When across from it will step out a youth and a lass and slowly march toward the nation Dressed in battle gear, dirty, Shoes heavy with grime, they ascend the path quietly To change garb, to wipe their brow They have not yet found time. Still bone weary from days and from nights in the field Full of endless fatigue and unrested, Yet the dew of their youth. Is still seen on their head Thus they stand at attention, giving no sign of life or death Then a nation in tears and amazement will ask: "Who are you?" And they will answer quietly, "We Are the silver platter on which the Jewish state was given." Thus they will say and fall back in shadows And the rest will be told In the chronicles of Israel Resources: Rani Jaeger from the Shalom Hartman Institute Donniel Hartman Barbra Streisand singing Hatikva for Israel’s 30th birthday in 1978 

37. 092: The Business of Women
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Today’s podcast centers around women’s business. And businesses for women’s products, AKA FemTech.

Growth strategy consultant, marketing expert, sought-after public speaker and Vagipreneur, Rachel Braun Scherl is a trusted authority on leadership, entrepreneurship and female health. Over the course of her career, Rachel has driven growth for her clients as well as her own businesses. As co-owner and principal of SPARK Solutions for Growth, a consulting firm advising businesses on strategic growth and partnerships, product development and marketing, Rachel has built an international client base that includes multiple divisions of Johnson & Johnson, Allergan, Pfizer, Merck, Bayer and Deloitte. Edie also explains about Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel, how Israeli’s actively remember those who were murdered and honor those who survived. Plus→ The Strong Jewish Women’s Summit is going strong!

You can still register, at any time. If you are reading this before April 28 then you can even enjoy 10 interviews completely free of charge.

The link to the summit is here: www.thestrongjewishwomenssummit.com

38. 091: Defiant: A Broken Body is Not a Broken Person
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Do you ever wonder how you’d behave in extreme situations? If you were training for the olympics as a cross country skier, got smashed by a truck, were diagnosed as a paraplegic, were in rehab for six months, what would you do? I can tell you that I’m pretty confident that I wouldn’t become an aerobatic flight instructor as soon as I was discharged. That is, however, what Janine Shepherd did, and she is my guest on the podcast today. Janine has written a memoir about her incredible years after the accident; how she became a flight instructor, how she was told that she wouldn’t be able to have children, but yet she did; some of the more intimate details of what her doctors told her, how she was treated, and how she overcame. The book is called Defiant: A Broken Body is Not a Broken Person Through powerful and emotive storytelling, there is something for everyone in Janine’s message of hope. DEFIANT topics include the following: Why some people don’t give up and can succeed against all odds. Struggling to rehabilitate with permanent disabilities, Janine rekindled her defiant spirit in a dramatically improbable way. Seeing a small plane fly overhead one day, she declared, “That’s it! If I can’t walk, I’ll fly!” How to come back from a major loss. It’s not about whether or not you will face adversity, it’s how you approach it. Once she let go of “Janine, the athlete,” which was how she had always defined herself, Janine was able to create a completely new life. Her ultimate goal: become a pilot, even though she’d never flown a small airplane and was disabled. Little goals kept her going along the way. A broken body is not a broken person. Janine’s mantra: You are not your body, and you have the choice to create new dreams. Be defined not by what you've lost, but instead by who you are and what you can become. What to do when things don’t go as planned. Janine’s real strength didn’t come from her body. This realization changed everything. She was no longer tied to a set path, and was free to explore life's infinite possibilities. Janine’s recipe for healthy defiant living. Janine learns about how to not just survive, but to flourish in the face of adversity. Challenges and change are not to be dreaded, but actually welcomed as opportunities to thrive in unexpected ways. The concept of disability. Janine inspires those coping with physical disabilities and other challenges to believe in the power of potential. Her accomplishments (and mindset) far outweigh any disability. Janine Shepherd is an inspirational speaker.

She was awarded the Order of Australia, the nation’s highest honor, for her service to the community, her inspiration and her work in raising awareness of spinal cord research. She is a contributor to Deepak Chopra’s workshops and has been featured on 60 Minutes, This is Your Life and CNN’s Turning Points with Dr. Sanjay Gupta. You can see Janine's TEDx Talk from her website: janineshepherd.com


39. #SWC24: Yay! I Have a Hater!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 7.44Mb)


Come to the Strong Jewish Women’s Summit (www.thestrongjewishwomenssummit.com) This week I tell you a story about my new hater, what she wrote to me, and how I dealt with it. We leave the story in the middle, the end has not come to be yet. I’m in suspense too. Working hard on the Strong Jewish Women’s Summit. We talk about producing a large event, and some of what goes into it. Come to the event! Let’s make this happen together! Happy Passover 2017


40. 090: First Female Rabbi in Britain: Jackie Tabick
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Rabbi Dr Jackie Tabick became Britain’s first female rabbi in 1975. She worked for many years at West London Synagogue with Rabbi Hugo Gryn and then at North West Surrey Synagogue in Weybridge. She is now Convenor of the Reform Beit Din and is very involved in interfaith work being co-President of the World Congress of Faiths. She received her PhD in 2014 and the subject of her thesis was outcomes of conversion to Judaism 1952 to 2002.

41. 089: Who Summit?
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Who is the Strong Jewish Women’s Summit for, who should attend, and who is speaking on the summit?

This summit is for you:

If you believe in women’s leadership

If you believe Jewish women can be part of a non-political sisterhood of women that completely supports each other

If you love to hear biographies and stories from real people that are like you, with similar backgrounds and history

If you’d like to get concrete information, and have it at your fingertips so that you’ll have an intelligent answer ready when somebody flippantly says to you that women have exactly the same opportunities as men; or why does it matter, a good leader is a good leader, regardless if they’re male or female; or either you’re born a leader, or you aren’t, it isn’t something you can learn… yada yada yada

If you believe that we as Jewish women have the responsibility to hold our communities together, to learn from each other, and to get closer to each other Who is speaking on the Strong Jewish Women’s Summit?

We have an amazing line-up of extremely strong women who will inspire you, who are forward-thinkers, who you will learn from and will want to hear more of!

These are some of the speakers:

Professor Mina Teicher: speaking about international women’s leadership. Dr. Teicher is the former Chief Scientist of Israel, and now is the Vice-President of the International Women’s Forum

Lori Palatnik: Founding Director of the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project. Lori speaks about how to start a movement you really believe in, with many practical tips

Devora Mason: the Manager of the Innovation Lab at the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem, Devora speaks about designing your career path to suit your own needs

Dr. Judith Rosenbaum: The Executive Director of the Jewish Women’s Archive speaks about the history of Jewish women and feminism, and how it’s relevant to us all today

Dr. Yael Schuster: Founder of StellarNova, talks about her startup that centers around girls and STEM, why and how she developed it

Dr. Rahel Berkovits: Rav Rahel teaches us about women and halacha, and our participation and obligations in rituals Jenny Belotserkovsky and Michal Tavrovsky: Founders of the JFE (Jews For Entrepreneurship), we discuss the importance of networking, of connections in the Jewish world, of how they built their accelerator, and more

Carol Schwartz: Founding Chair of the Women’s Leadership Institute Australia, we discuss the need to advocate for gender equality, women’s leadership, governance, social enterprise, business and finance issues

Miriam Lottner: Creator and founder of Reveal Cards, public speaker, and business consultant. Miriam takes us through how to go from idea to product, some bumps along the way, and how to deal with them well

Rivka Malka Perlman: Rivka Malka addresses both the spiritual side and the practical side of you to get you further in your business and life. She tells us of the near-death experience that changed her life

Sue Zimmerman: Sue is a social media expert who uses her business acument to blow up social media campaigns. Her niche is Instagram, but her knowledge is marketing. She teaches us the importance of using social media wisely

Plus many more!!

Join us at www.thestrongjewishwomenssummit.com

See you there!!

42. 088: How to Attend the Strong Jewish Women's Virtual Summit
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 16.25Mb)


We talk about the differences between an in-person conference and attending an online summit, advantages and disadvantages.

We talk about the front and back end of the summit website and membership site.

Listen to the podcast to get all of the details.

Next week, we’ll reveal some of the guests that will be on the Strong Jewish Women’s Summit.

L’Hitraot !

43. #SWC23: Nora Ephron: Strong Jewish Woman in History
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Nora Ephron died of leukemia in June of 2012 at the age of 71.

Which was quite a surprise, to even some of her close friends.

An early demise is nearly always a tragedy, it was with Nora Ephron.

Confident and funny, sharp-witted; she could clearly see through the muck to find clever essence of any important and not-so-important situation. Nora Ephron was a writer, born to a family of playwrighters and screenwriters. Born in NY, brought up in LA, she went back to NYC to be a journalist.

When Nora first started her career, she applied to write at Newsweek, who rejected her because she was a woman.

Nora was then a researcher at Newsweek for a while but quickly left to be a writer at the New York Post, just before there were a number of lawsuits against the magazine centering around gender discrimination in March of 1970.

Nora Ephron went on to be a clear feminist and thinker. She was able to label things so that they were suddenly transparent and obvious. “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim” —1996 Wellesley College commencement address, Nora Ephron RESOURCES: http://www.makers.com/nora-ephron http://www.makers.com/moments/leaving-newsweek-magazine http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/video/nora-ephron-farewell-legend-16657600 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVCfFBlKpN8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Oqo_fFCkps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPWifn-yNN8

44. 087: Producing an Online Summit - The Why
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 13.44Mb)


The Strong Jewish Women’s Summit will be launched in the next few days. It is a free, online conference for you to attend from home, on your own time. Why? Why do I feel the need to put so much time and effort into this? I want to bring strength to women to move towards fulfilling their potential in the way best for them. The Strong Jewish Women’s Summit provides intimate conversations and lessons on why women’s leadership is crucial for the world, how you can and should be part of that leadership force, and also gives you practical lessons on how to take your idea and turn it into your business. The reasons come from two directions: Women must be in control of their own lives, of their own careers, of their finances, their families, and their futures. Women cannot be brought up to believe that they are smart and capable, but not when it comes to building a meaningful career of substance and purpose. Women must know that they are in charge of themselves. They are in charge of how much money they make, just like men are. They are in charge of where they go to university, what they study there, which job they take, and which they refuse. Women choose how much time they take off for maternity leave, if they’re lucky. They choose which partner to build their lives with, if at all. Again, if they’re lucky. We need to make these choices in an intelligent thought process, and not just let fate and circumstance dictate our futures. This is the essence of leadership as I see it. The essence of leadership is that we lead ourselves. We women are in charge of keeping world peace. That’s the truth. We need to begin by bringing together our own community. Our own sisterhood of Jewish women, where each individual makes her own choices as to how she wishes to celebrate her Judaism, but is part of a collective where the whole is much greater than the sum of it’s parts. Where the community is non-political and non-judgemental. Where we work together, join forces, to strengthen each woman in her own journey. We are far too divided and it’s time to put an end to it. We are much better united. On today’s podcast you’ll hear a little of my personal story about why I do what I do. More importantly, think strongly about why you do what you do, and if you also want to be a Strong Jewish Leader.

Get a lot more information at www.thestrongjewishwomenssummit.com

Can’t wait to see you there! Edie

45. #SWC22: Lauren Bacall: Strong Jewish Woman in History
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Did you know that Lauren Bacall was Jewish?

Her mother was from Romania, and her father’s family was from an area that was in what is now Belarus.

She was born in the Bronx in 1924.

Her parents divorced when she was 6 years old, and her mother raised her as a single mother.

She spent a lot of time with her very warm extended family, her mom’s family the Weinsteins, in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

The name Bacal is a form of Weinstein in Romanian, apparently, though it’s not clear to me how. Her mother changed their name to Bacal after her divorce. The name Lauren was given to her by the director of her first movie, Howard Hawks. Lauren Bacall’s name was originally Betty Joan Perske,.

Two interesting things about her name are: She always preferred to be called Betty, rather than Lauren, even well into her stardome

She liked to say that she and Shimon Peres, the Prime Minister and President of Israel, were cousins, because her maiden name was Perske, and Peres is a form of Perski, and their families were both from the same area, then, part of the Russian Empire. So Betty Bacal studied acting and was a fashion model, 5’ 81/2” tall and gorgeous, in Greenwich Village. She was on the cover of Bazaar Magazine when she was discovered and asked to audition for a part in Hollywood. When she was only 19 years old she was in her first movie “To Have and Have Not” which was a huge success, she became a star right from the start.

There she met, acted with, and fell in love with Humphrey Bogart, who she married, and had two children with.

Here is a clip from that movie, To Have and Have Not, and she is speaking to Bogart. This could very well be her most famous line: Bogart died of cancer, sadly. She would eventually get remarried to actor Jason Robards, and have a third child, then divorce.

Her deep voice was cultivated, so that she would always leave you knowing that she was in control, never flustered.

Her famous look, with her head and eyes turned was originally used because she was nervous and her chin shook, so she held her head that way to prevent it. That became her signature look. Lauren Bacall was always cast in roles that were of women whose strong will complemented, rather than detracted from, their sexual attraction. She showed how female confidence is extremely attractive. She and Bogart became one of the most famous couples in Hollywood. After Bogart died, she said that she didn’t want to become a professional widow in Hollywood, so she moved back to New York, and starred in many theater productions.

She won two Tony Awards.

She became socially and politically aware, famous for and proud of her liberal views. Although she did not bring her children up as Jewish, she was proud of being Jewish. She mentioned in an interview that she was sorry that she did not speak up about it early in her career, but she was very young, dealing with instant success, and it was not a priority for her at the time.

Let’s hear another clip from Lauren Betty Bacall, from an interview in 1995 for the BBC program, the Late Show: Face to Face.

Lauren Bacall died of a stroke in New York when she was almost 90 years old. Thank you, Lauren, for choosing roles which portray strong, confident women. BBC - The Late Show Face to Face: Lauren Bacall 1995 Wikipedia Jewish Women's Archives Lauren's Best Lines 

46. 086: Ruth Messinger Tikun Olam by Asking: What Can I Do To Help?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 24.75Mb)


Ruth W. Messinger is the former President of the American Jewish World Service (AJWS) and their current Global Ambassador. A lifelong activist, Ruth works to provide the aide that is needed all over the world, to the poorest countries globally. They promote human rights, launch campaigns against genocide, reform international food aid, stop violence against women and LGBT people, and much more.

Ruth was named one of the 10 most inspiring women religious leaders of 2012 by The Huffington Post; the 6th most influential Jew in the world by The Jerusalem Post; and was listed annually on The Forward’s “Forward 50” for nearly a decade.

You can find the American Jewish World Service at www.ajws.org

47. #SWC21: Golda Meir: Strong Jewish Women in History
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 11.83Mb)


She was born Golda Mabovitch in 1898 in Kiev, which is now in the Ukraine, but then it was part of the Russian Empire. In her autobiography, Golda tells about her father boarding their home up, during the pogroms in 1905 in Kiev, where over 100 Jews were murdered. In 1906 her family moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

She was a natural leader, famous for having raised money to pay for textbooks for her whole school when she was only 11 years old. She knew how to speak from her heart. She ran away from home when she was 15 years old because her parents wanted her to leave school and get a job. She went to Denver, where her sister Sheyna lived. There she learned about Zionism. She met Morris Myerson there, and they married, on the condition that they would move to Israel, which they did, in 1921 to Kibbutz Merhavia. They moved to Jerusalem in 1924 and had two children, Menahem and Sarah.

In Jerusalem, Golda Meir became politically active, by representing the Histadrut Trade Union and also serving as a delegate to the World Zionist Organization. This area, at the time, was under the control of Great Britain, as prescribed by the sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916. This was a secret agreement from 1916 between the French and the British, which the Russians agreed to, that split up the region of what is now Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Armenia, and Israel.

The British White Paper of 1939 went so far to allow the Arab official of the area to determine the rate of Jewish Immigration, including during the Second World War. Golda Meir fought hard against these policies at the time. When it was decided that the Jews would be given a homeland in the area of Palestine, it was clear that there would be a war.

Golda knew English, so she knew how to speak to the American Jews. She went on a fundraising trip, and came back with 50M dollars! They were able then to buy weapons from Czechoslovakia, which enabled them to defend themselves during the war of independence. In 1948, Israel declared its independence and Golda Meir’s signature is on that declaration.

She was elected to the Israeli parliament, and when the fighting with the Arabs started, David Ben-Gurion sent her, dressed up in disguise as an Arab, on a secret mission, to plead with King Abdullah I not to enter into a war against Israel.

He declined.

On May 10, 1948, four days before the official establishment of Israel, Meir traveled to Amman, Jordan, disguised as an Arab woman for a secret meeting with King Abdullah I of Transjordan at which she urged him not to join the other Arab countries in attacking the Jews. Abdullah asked her not to hurry to proclaim a state. Meir replied: "We've been waiting for 2,000 years. Is that hurrying?"

The war expanded to include Egypt, Transjordan, Iraq, and Syria, all against Israel. The result, as we know, is that Israel preserved her independence. Golda was named the Minister of Labor, then the Foreign Minister. Carrying the first Israeli-issued passport, Meir was appointed Israel's ambassador to the Soviet Union.

In 1955, on Ben-Gurion's instructions, she stood for the position of mayor of Tel Aviv. She lost by the two votes of the religious bloc who withheld their support because she was a woman.

Golda Meir gave a speech to the UN in 1962 urging Arabs to agree to full disarmament. Here is part of the introduction: [audio clip on podcast] When Golda Meir was 68 years old, even though she wanted to leave the world of politics, she was convinced to stay on as the head of the Mapai party, which she was able to merge with two other parties into the Israel Labor Party. After Prime Minister Levi Eshkol suddenly died in 1969, she put off her retirement again and agreed to serve out the remainder of his term. Then her party won the elections, and she got a further four years as prime minister.

During her time as prime minister, she met with Henry Kissinger, she agreed for “security versus sovereignty,” where Israel would accept that Egypt has all of Sinai, while Egypt would accept Israeli presence in some of the Sinai strategic positions. At the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team and a German police guard were murdered. Golda Meir then ok'd what is known as Operation Wrath of God, which was an undercover operation carried out by the Mossad, to kill the people responsible for the massacre, who were from the PLO and the Black September.

Now, let’s talk about the lead up to the Yom Kippur War. The Israeli intelligence couldn’t say for sure if an attack was being planned by the surrounding Arab nations, but on Oct 5, 1973, Meir did receive notice that the Syrian forces were massing on the Golan Heights. Her advisers said that they would still have enough time, if needed, to gather the Israeli troops up to fight, but the general feeling in the country was there would not be an attack after the results of the Six-Day War. So although a resolution was passed giving Golda the OK to gather all of the troops together just in case, she didn’t do it early enough.

Soon, it was clear that there would be war. Golda met with Moshe Dayan who was Minister of Defense, and with General David Elazar. Dayan said there would not be war, so to only gather up the air force and two divisions. General Elazar said that Israel should mobilize all of her troops, plus launch a preemptive strike. Golda Meir did not launch a strike but did gather the troops. She was afraid to lose the US backing, which would certainly be lost if Israel was seen to be the first attacker. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger later made a famous statement, that if Israel had launched a preemptive strike, she would not have received “so much as a nail.”

After the Yom Kippur War, Meir and her party were plagued with questions over the lack of preparation for the war. She resigned in April of 1974, succeeded by Yitzhak Rabin as prime minister. She died at the age of 80 from cancer in 1978. The women I talk about are our teachers. Our mentors. Our examples of how we can behave today, how we can be strong women, know ourselves, give of ourselves, and make the world a better place. We are making history now! Every day!

So do something great!

Memorable! Make history!! Thank you to the Jewish Virtual Library, plus other sites I used as resources for today’s show.

You can always see the links to our resources in the show notes, which are on the website at http://www.thestrongwomensclub.com/.

And: please share this podcast with three of your friends,

Tell them about it, show them how to subscribe and listen.

Thank you!! http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/golda-meir https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golda_Meir http://www.biography.com/people/golda-meir-9404859#synopsis

48. 085: 15 Traits of Unabashedly Successful Women: Part Two
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We are continuing with the second half of the 15 Traits of Unabashedly Successful Women!

Remember, you can find the original post, written by me, for Success.com, on the website SUCCESS.com. You can also just keep listening here, and see if you agree with these points or if you don’t agree with them, or if you’d like to add something…. If you would like to comment, you can on the Facebook page of the Strong Women’s Club.

You can also, which would be extremely kind and thoughtful of you, go over to iTunes and leave a little rating and review.

Just press pause, leave a review of one quick sentence on iTunes then come back here and hear why you, too, are a successful woman, and will be and can be a successful woman!!

I’ll wait……

You’re back ---- ha ha ha----- Ok, let’s jump in where we left off last week. #8 Successful women remain grateful: This means that they, we, aren’t afraid to give credit where credit is due. They don’t take things for granted, such as their current position. They are aware of the hard work it has taken to get there, and they’re grateful for their success. And thank you to all the people who’ve helped along the way! #9: Unabashedly successful women work hard and persistently: Nobody gets to where they are, if they’re successful, without working hard. Including Tim Ferriss and his four -hour work week, which of course is not four hours, Tim is the first to say it. This sounds obvious, but it’s worth a mention. Doing well takes hard work. Again and again and again. As we say in our house: No Shit, Sherlock. But still. #10: They don’t sweat the small stuff: Successful people are good at separating the valuable from the worthless. The wheat from the chaff. They know how to pick their battles.

I recently heard the most wonderful and inspiring Ruth Bader Ginsburg on a podcast called What It Takes, where she says the best advice she ever received was from her future mother in law, before her marriage to Marty. And it was: occasionally, it’s a good idea, to be deaf.

That’s true in a marriage. It’s true at work. It’s true in all relationships.

So don’t sweat the small stuff. Be deaf to it. Move on. #11 They choose their battles wisely: This is a direct continuation of the previous point. Hot shot successful women don’t make a big deal over every little thing. But, if there’s a real problem, you can be sure it will be swiftly taken care of. #12. They do what they believe in: So this is a really important point. It’s crucial. I mean, how can you keep up doing all that hard work, be persistent, known what’s important and what isn’t, if you don’t believe in what you’re doing. You can’t. Plain and simple. You must have a purpose to your work. You must have a meaning. There has to be substance and values behind your work. This is the fuel. This enables us to keep going when it’s hard. And it will be hard. #13 They have confidence! Ta DA!!! Yes!!! Successful women believe in themselves!! And it is beautiful!!!! The most beautiful thing is confidence!! #14 Unabashedly successful women have a vision for the future: Successful women see a new and better world in the future and work towards achieving those changes. They are in it for the long haul. #15!!! They feel successful, but never done! There’s always more, always better, always further to reach. These women are seemingly tireless, ultimately devoted and constantly curious! So, ladies, nobody is superwoman. We are all made of flesh and blood. However, if you want to be super-successful, take into account these points, see which of them you have got under control, which could use a little work, and which others you’d add to the list! This was part two of our success series. Who knows, maybe there will be part three. Let me know! If you like it, then there will be! Please leave a rating and review. Somebody told me that if you don’t ask, people won’t know, so I’m asking: Please share this podcast with your friends. I mean properly share it: take their phones, show them where to subscribe from. You can subscribe on iTunes, directly from my website, on Google Play if you’re on Android, or on Stitcher… Plenty of places. So help them get some great free content right on their phones, and help me grow the program. So that’s three friends you can share it with this week. Now even. Do it!

Thanks everybody for listening, ciao for now, and l’hitraot!!

49. #SWC20 Regina Jonas: First Ever Female Rabbi
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Today’s show is about Rabbi Regina Jonas.

Try to imagine being the first person in the world to do something.

Anything. What would that be? The reason why I ask you to try and find a place in your mind that puts you in front of everybody else and says, everybody else, in the world, is wrong, and I am right!!

That includes not only the people I don’t know, on the other side of the world, that

I’ve never met, don’t necessarily respect, but even the people that I respect the most. Even my mother, even my father. They’re wrong too, and I am right. The first female rabbi in the world was Rabbi Regina Jonas from Berlin, Germany. This story is interesting on a few different levels.

One is what I’m talking about now.

Regina was a teacher, and then she went on to study at the Academy for the Science of Judaism. She graduated, and her position then was an Academic Teacher of Religion.

Not a rabbi, but that’s not what she wanted. Regina, our heroine! Wanted to be a rabbi.

So she went ahead and wrote a thesis, which is a requirement if you want to be ordained. The subject of her thesis was: “Can a Woman be a Rabbi According to Halachic Sources?” Her conclusion, based on biblical, Talmudic, and rabbinical sources was: Yes, and therefore, she should have been ordained!!

Clever, but not enough.

The professors there refused to ordain her.

Regina then applied to Rabbi Leo Baeck, the spiritual leader of the German Jewry at the time, who was her teacher also.

He refused.

But our Regina Jonas was persistent! Not taking no for an answer!

A more liberal rabbi, Max Dienemann, in Offenbach, who was the head of the Liberal Rabbis Association ordained Regina Jonas on December 27, 1935!! YOOHOO!!! The next part of Regina’s story is very sad.

Of course, Germany in the 1930’s was the rise of the Third Reich.

Many Rabbis of Germany fled, left, which enabled Regina, funnily enough, to finally be able to have her congregation, because up to that point, she didn’t.

But not for long. She was forced to a labor factory, then in 1942 arrested and deported to Theresienstadt.

In the concentration camp, she continued her rabbinical work.

She was there for two years before being deported to Auschwitz, and murdered in December of 1944 at the age of 42 years old. How do we know about her story?

We didn’t!

It was widely thought that the first ordained female rabbi was Sally Jane Priesand from the US in 1972.

After the fall of the Berlin wall, Regina Jonas’s files were found in an obscure archive in East Berlin. She had left there a few of her papers, two photographs of herself.

That’s it.

A short documentary film was made to record the trip to Germany to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Regina Jonas’s death.

Gail Reimer directed it, it’s called “In The Footsteps of Regina Jonas.” Here’s a short clip from the ceremony at Theresienstadt, during that commemoration trip. Thank you to The Jewish Women’s Archive which you can find at JWA.org. And to the Yad Vashem website. And to HaGalil.com Music Credits: Deliberate Thought by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/?keywords=deliberate+thought Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Sunday's Child by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license Artist: http://audionautix.com/ B - Somber Ballads by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license Artist: http://incompetech.com/

50. 084: 15 Traits of Unabashedly Successful Women: Part One
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Hi everybody, I’m Edie Berg, thank you so much for joining me today! Today’s episode is #84 of the longer version podcast, and next week’s episode is #85 -- amazing how it works that way, hey? So for these two episodes, I’ll be doing solo episodes, and let’s see how we go. A few reasons for this: 1. I like doing them! It’s fun just to talk into the mic: it’s kind of freeing for me! 2. I don’t have to worry about having a guest. So this is also true for the quickie history podcasts, the #SWC’s, that I don’t have a live guest whom I ask questions. In the quickie podcast I talk about a strong Jewish woman in history, and it’s only about 5 minutes long. So even if you hate history, you can probably swallow these podcasts, plus I try to make them interesting with sound bites from the past, which are really fun to hear. 3. I feel the need to start talking about issues that I’m thinking about, and start teaching! So you probably know that I’m working on a big leadership conference that I’m producing, coming up at the end of March. It’s a ton of work. In that conference we’ll concentrate on leadership, gender equality, entrepreneurial skills, and Jewish daily life. So I figure it’s a good idea to start teaching some of those, or all of those, topics here too. So today, I’m taking kind of a cool short cut. Cool for me, that is. Last summer, or rather, for the whole second half of last year, I decided it was important to write for large online publications. I still think that’s true, and I’ll be going back to that more once the summit is over for this time. One of the article I wrote was for Success.com, and it has been shared on Facebook over 49,000 times which really is a lot of times!! So although I find that rather surprising, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share the article here. Now the article is a listicle, which is an article based around a list, duh. I used that format, not because I particularly love it, but because Success.com particularly loves it! The title of the article is “15 Traits of Unabashedly Successful Women.” I’m going to talk about all 15 traits that I wrote, but not all today. I’ll do half today, and half next week, so it won’t be too much for you, or for me, all in one episode! So let’s get going!! I learned from interviewing super-successful women each week for well over a year, and that’s where I gathered this info from. It isn’t a scientific research article. More things that I’ve learned, and now I’m passing them on to you, my lovely listeners, whom I appreciate so much!! Number one: Unabashedly successful women play to their strengths! So before you can play to your strengths, you have to know yourself pretty well, or really well, know and accept that you aren’t good at everything, but you are really great at some things. Do those, and delegate the rest! For example: you love to talk on podcasts, but you don’t love the social media aspect of running an online business? Get somebody else to do it! They’ll thank you for it, they’ll do it a lot faster than you, and certainly better than you. Plus, you’ll have more time freed up from not doing what you don’t love to dedicate to other tasks that need to be addressed. So that was successful women play to their strengths. Number two: They have ambition. These women do not dream about being the best in their section or in their department. Their eyes are set on being the best in the state or country, at least. Most want to change the world! So think big, then think bigger! Am I teaching leadership? NO! I’m building a movement of career-minded women who want to change the world for themselves and for the following generations! Number three: They stay positive. Successful women, actually, successful people, which will include men, even though I tend to talk about the standpoint of the woman, because that’s what I understand best; successful women know how to deal with disappointment in a way that keeps them from getting down and staying down. They know the future will be bright for them. And they know it from inside themselves, not needing constant encouragement from outside sources. So get it into your head, and believe it, keep it there, that you will be a success! You already are a success! And tomorrow will be even greater, even brighter! Number four: They’re organized. Ok, so not every person is born organized. But the successful ones behave this way: when I approach them to do the podcast, they say yes or no, but they answer quickly. If it’s a yes, then they check their calendars, book a date, then do the interview. Not a lot of reschedules, no extra emails. They decide what they want to do, when they want to do it, and then they just do it. Simple and organized. No big deal. Number five trait of unabashedly successful women: They’re constantly learning. These women do not stay static. They are continuously improving themselves, use mentors and coaches to accelerate their improvement. This is important, as are all the other traits on this list. But you not only need to keep up with the game, you need to get ahead of it, and you need to even invent it. But if you stay on the same level, then you really aren’t. You really are going backwards. And backwards is not a good thing. At every stage of your career, every stage of your life, be sure to be a constant learner. Otherwise, life is just too damn boring. That’s a known fact :) Number six! (I kind of feel like I’m emceeing the Price is Right, or Let’s make a Deal, which would be kind of cool….) So number six is that they have a strong support system. Most of the women who are really successful have a very supportive partner or family member. They know that they have somebody to lean on when they need it. Warren Buffet has said that this was his most important business decision of his whole life - choosing who to marry. So, this is not to say, and please don’t get angry with me, and tell me that there are a lot of fabulously successful single people. I know. I do. But that doesn’t mean that who you choose to spend most of your life with isn’t a very important decision, that if you get right, that helps!! It just does! You have to admit that’s true. Number seven (and the last for today just because that’s how I’ve chosen to split 15 into two): They know that failure and success go together. You know that. What’s clever is if you expect it, and aren’t afraid of the failure. That takes all of the sting out and that will enable you to readjust, regather quickly, get your ducks in a row, as the girls in my Mastermind like to say, and go for whatever it is again! Stronger now and better now!! So don’t be surprised by failure: Be prepared, think out possible scenarios, worst-case events, be ready! Be bummed when it happens, then move on! Ok, So those were the first 7 of the 15 traits of unabashedly successful women. If you want, you can jump ahead to next week, go to Success.com where you can read the whole article. You won’t find it on my site, the stuff you write for large publications like that is all original content, so it’s not something I republished or anything like that. Or you can just wait for next week’s Strong Women’s Club podcast episode, which I hope you do! Now I have a request for you- actually, it’s a couple of requests: One, please go to iTunes now, yes right now. Even if you’re on the treadmill, then stop for just a second, turn your run into intervals, and jump on over to iTunes and leave a nice rating and review. Then, while you’re there, please share this episode with three of your friends, who you think might enjoy it! Only three, not the whole PTA, or whatever. Just copy the link right off of the iTunes page there, and paste it onto a WhatsApp group of friends, or onto your FB page, or LinkedIn, or wherever, and share it! That would be really helpful. This podcast has to grow faster. So I truly appreciate it. Truly. Tag me, if you want, and I’d love to thank you. That’s thanking you for your thank you, but that’s ok. It’s nice to be nice to each other. Have a great week everybody, keep working, keep being strong and getting stronger. Ciao for now! L’Hitraot!

51. #SWC19: Strong Jewish Women in History: Betty Friedan: The Feminist Mystique
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Hi everybody, I'm Edie Berg. Thank you so much for joining me here today and this is a quick podcast about a strong Jewish woman in history. Voice 1: Well, now, what is a feminist? Betty Friedan: Feminist? Well, we all have our definition about it, and I say feminism is pluralism, too, that it takes a different form in a different time in different situations. But my definition of feminism is that it is the movement of women to full equality, to true equality, to have their own voice and their own participation in the mainstream of society and it is an explication and an affirmation of values that come from female experience in every discipline and every profession and every part of society, an affirmation of the principles and values that have so far been limited to female experience by men. EB: That was Betty Friedan, a strong Jewish woman who is credited with sparking the beginning of the second wave of feminism in the United States. She wrote many books, the first being "The Feminine Mystique." Betty had surveyed her former college classmates for their 15th-year reunion. And after talking to them, she realized that many of these women, even though they had very comfortable conditions, they lived in nice homes and everything, were unhappy as housewives. And she discovered that most of these women wanted more in their lives than taking care of their husbands and their children in their homes. "The Feminine Mystique," that thing, that title, means it was the illusion made by media that showed that women were happy as housewives, or unhappy in their careers as working women. Betty Friedan, in fact, had to experience that same dissatisfaction in her own life. Here's Betty talking about true equality: BF: True equality, we already have a sense of a more complex definition. And we're not even yet that close to simple economic equality in the job place as well because women are still in this country only 62 cents on the dollar... EB: In the book, she discusses how the first wave of feminism fought and secured really important women's rights such as education and the right to vote. Betty Friedan is credited with sparking the beginning of the second wave of feminism in the US. In 1966, Betty Friedan cofounded and was elected as the first president of the National Organization for Women, or NOW. The main goal of NOW was to bring women into the mainstream of American society in full, equal partnership with men. Pretty simple. She called for the drastic rethinking of what it means to be feminine. And that is the main idea behind the book and the concept of feminine mystique. In 1970, Betty Friedan organized the Women's Strike for Equality, which was a huge success, a big march which was a forerunner of the big women's march that we just had in the beginning of 2017. Betty was a very strong supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment to the constitution, which of course passed congress by a huge landslide. There's a quote from Betty's memoir, in Life So Far, where she says, "The truth is, that I've always been a bad-tempered bitch. But some people say that I have mellowed some. I don't know." When Betty was asked if she thought she would see, in her lifetime, true equality between the genders, this was her answer: BF: And I think that in our lifetime, we might see it, but that means that the young women that are saying "I'm not a feminist, but..." have got to start saying "I am a feminist, AND..." EB: A quote from The Feminine Mystique, is the only way for a woman, as for a man, to find herself, to know herself as a person, is by creative work of her own. Most of the information for today's episode was taken from an interview from the Public Affairs Roundtable way back in 1985, plus from Wikipedia of Betty Friedan and the Feminine Mystique, and from the Jewish Women's Archive as usual. Thank you for joining me today, if you like these podcasts please jump onto iTunes and leave a rating and review. It's an awesome way to say thank you and it doesn't take much time, plus if you listen to the podcast make sure that you subscribe. And also share it with three other people that you think would also love it. Maybe your daughter or your friend from the gym who's running next to you on that treadmill, or maybe a friend at work who's complaining about the long commute or somebody who says that she's in the car all the time, driving kids around. Share it with them, that would be a great gift to me and make a big difference to the podcast as well. I really, really appreciate it. Have a wonderful week, the next podcast this week is Starting a Success Series, so stay tuned for that. Ciao for now and L’hitraot!


52. 083: I interview Bex Kvasnik and she interviews me! Behind the scenes of the podcast
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Today’s podcast gives you a small, behind the scenes look into podcasting, my personal history, plus I interview Bex Kvasnik and she interviews me!

Bex Kvasnik has two podcasts of her own about Jewish issues: Not So Kosher and Jewbalations.

You can find both of these podcasts, plus others she has on her network, on her website which is www.Backroomstewdios.com

Let me know what you think of this format. Do you like it?

Then please leave a review on iTunes, which will help us get found by other listeners. It’s a great way to say thank you, and is appreciated.


53. #SWC18 : Strong Jewish Women in History: Lise Meitner - Physicist who discovered fission
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Today I’ll tell you about a Jewish woman who did NOT get the Nobel prize. But first, I’ll tell you who the Jewish women are that DID get the Nobel prize. There are eight amazing women on this list: 1947 Gerty Cori - Physiology or Medicine-USA-: For their discovery of the source of the catalytic conversion of glycogen 1966 Nelly Sachs - Literature - Sweden-: for her outstanding lyrical and dramatic writing, which interprets Israel’s destiny with touching strength 1977 Rosalyn Sussman Yalow - Physiology or Medicine-USA-: For the development of radioimmunoassays of peptide hormones 1986 Rita Levi-Montalcini (together with Stanley Cohen) Physiology or Medicine - Italy-: For their discoveries of growth factors 1988 Gertrude Elion: Physiology or Medicine-USA-: for their discoveries of important principles for drug treatment 1992- Nadine Gordimer - Literature-South Africa: - who through her magnificent epic writing has, in the words of Alfred Nobel, been of very great benefit to humanity 2004 Elfriede Jelinek - Literature-Austria: for her musical flow of voices and counter-voices in novels and plays that with extraordinary linguistic zeal reveal the absurdity fo society’s cliches and their subjugating power 2009 Ada Yonath - Chemistry-Israel- for the studies of the structure and function of the ribosome So, I know the suspense is killing you, and you are dying to know who is the woman who did NOT get a Nobel Prize. So other than you and me who are also women who might be Jewish and didn’t get a Nobel prize, (unless Ada Yonath or Elfriede Jelinek are listening, then this doesn’t apply to you).

Another Jewish woman who did not get the Nobel Prize, though she deserved it, and her lab partner did get it and didn’t credit her for their discoveries, is: Lise Meitner Lise Meitner was a physicist, born 1878, died in 1968, just shy of her 90th birthday. Lise was born to a Jewish family in Vienna, and they were secular Jews. Her dad, once he noticed that Lise was adept at math, he got her a private tutor, insisting that his daughters get the same education as his sons! And in fact, three of her sisters also got their Ph.D.'s Go dad!!

She wasn’t allowed into the high school, which was only for boys, so she concentrated on getting straight into university, which she did, being the first woman to be admitted to the University of Vienna’s physics. There she met Max Planck, the father of the quantum theory, who invited Lise to Berlin for her post-doc. Although for five years she wasn’t allowed to go into the lab, because she was a woman, and women’s hair was a danger because it might catch on fire, so they weren’t allowed into the lab, she worked on research on radioactive processes. She wasn’t paid for her work there.

The same year, 1907, that she moved to work in Berlin, she was introduced to Otto Hahn, a chemist her age, who became her research partner on radioactivity for 30 years, in experimental work discovering new radioactive elements and unraveling their complex physical properties. Lise worked on the physics, Otto on the chemistry. But only Otto was officially allowed to work and be paid because Lise was a woman. Max Planck also invited another scientist to Berlin that year, and that was Albert Einstein, and the three of them, and a few others hung out together a lot during that time. Lise Meitner published papers of her research then, alone, and together with Otto Hahn. They showed that radioactive recoil could be used to produce elements with very high purity. Around that time, in 1908, Lise Meitner converted to Christianity, as did two of her sisters. With the rise of the Third Reich, in 1933 Jewish Academics were stripped of their professorial positions. After the Anschluss, the international physics community secretly planned Lise’s escape from Berlin. She was helped to the Netherlands, then to Sweden via Denmark. In their letters from that time, between Otto and Lise, Otto asks Lise about a strange bursting that happened to uranium, which formed barium, as a result of his continuing Lise’s work. He wrote a paper, excluding Lise from the research, her research, describing the bursting.

She then worked on the question, figured out that if mass cannot be lost, then the nucleus would be split in two, and would yield tremendous energy. She then wrote a series of articles on the nuclear fission of uranium. She, together with her nephew, Otto Frisch, were the first ever to use the term fission, describing how a nucleus could be split and transformed into another element. Lise Meitner disassociated herself from any use of this theoretical knowledge to produce weapons of mass destruction.

It was creative; it was intellectual excellence.

Hahn published Meitner’s work without ever mentioning her, and in 1944 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for this work. Further along in her life, Lise Meitner received many prizes and honorary Ph.D.’s, and after her death, she even had an element named after her: meitnerium, but she never got a Nobel Prize. Thank you to The Curious Wavefunction, Brainpickings.org, and the Jewish Women’s Archive for most of the information in today’s podcast. Thank you for joining me today for this quick podcast about strong Jewish women in history.

Have a great week everybody,

Ciao for now, L’hitraot

54. 082: First Female Jewish Theologian Rabbi Rachel Adler
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Rabbi Rachel Adler tells us her story about being raised in a reformed household , deciding to become Orthodox, learning Jewish texts and becoming frustrated, and how she became a groundbreaking Jewish theologian, and ultimately received the National Jewish Book Award for Jewish Thought for her book Engendering Judaism. Dr. Adler has written many important papers about Judaism and feminism, and continues to do so.

She is the David Ellenson Professor of Modern Jewish Thought and Feminist Studies at Hebrew Union College of Los Angeles

Her essay "The Jew Who Wasn't There," first published in 1971, is generally considered the first piece of Jewish feminist theology.

55. #SWC No. 17: Strong Jewish Women in History - Joan Rivers
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Welcome to #SWC, a quickie, 5-minute story about an amazing Jewish woman in history!

Thank you for joining me! This week I attended an online summit, where they asked for three women we were inspired by and why. I wrote: Maya Angelou: because of her talent, her beauty, her message, her words. She was the ultimate strong, smart, woman. But she isn’t Jewish, so we won’t talk about her today. The second woman was Sarah Blakely, the founder of Spanx: what I learn from her is to hustle, hustle, hustle; to believe in yourself despite others not believing in you and to do it all with grace. But, although Sarah is Jewish, she is also alive, and this podcast is about dead Jewish women. So hopefully I’ll be able to get Sarah to come on to the podcast, and I’ll interview her, in real life, and not just read about her. And the third woman I wrote on that list was Joan Rivers: a woman who broke taboos and was not afraid to speak when others expected her to be soft and quiet and docile. I started looking for her quotes and clips and I got to watching Fashion Police, which used to be my number one favorite show on TV, which I don’t watch at all now (unless there’s an amazing series, then I spend most of my time NOT watching it, until I can’t hold out anymore, and I binge a few episodes… Like "The Americans", for example.. ) Her story is not a simple one, but one of breaking new ground for women. With a huge personality, a lot of love behind her persona, and a life that wasn’t always clear or easy.

It’s hard to summarize Joan Rivers into a short blog post or podcast.

And I know she may not be in consensus, as to if you think she’s somebody to admire and be inspired by. But I did, and I am and continue to be inspired by her. Her ultimate chutzpah, the way she could take your breath away with her humor again and again and again. Her ambition was second to none.

One of the things I learned on the summit I attended, which was given by Gloria Feldt and Mary Legakis Engel, was Carpe the Chaos! Meaning, if you want to make a difference, sometimes it’s the difference you’re making that will be the balagan, but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

In Joan River’s case, she spoke about gender discrimination all the time, about LGBT issues, about injustices, about abortion rights, about women coming out from under their husband’s rule, way back in the 60’s, when she first became famous on the Johnny Carson Show. So here’s a clip from 1974, which is clean. I’ve watched hours of her now, supposedly researching today’s show, but really just loving every bit of her. In those hours of research, this is 10 seconds of clean audio, so enjoy! Let me try and tell you a little about her, some things you may know, and others you may not: Joan was born Joan Molinsky in New York in 1933, to parents who immigrated to the US from Russia. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Barnard College. She performed her comedy in many many small clubs for about 7 years, before she got her break on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. She became a regular feature on the show, as well as the Ed Sullivan show, before becoming the permanent host when Johnny was away, and she always credited Johnny Carson with her success. She did not have an easy career, and she was never conceited about her success, quite the opposite. She was an incredibly hard worker, with a crazy work ethic and ambition. Joan Rivers was married for six months to her first husband, and they divorced and did not have kids together. Her second husband was also her producer, Edgar Rosenberg, and together they had Melissa Rivers, their only child. They were married for 22 years, and unfortunately, Edgar Rosenberg committed suicide. Joan Rivers wrote 12 books, had a line of jewelry and clothing on QVC, was in many movies, TV shows, and on Broadway theater. She was nominated for multiple awards; she has a Grammy and a Daytime Grammy award. Sadly, Joan Rivers died from complications of surgery on her vocal chords, at the age of 81. Howard Stern, delivering the eulogy, described Joan Rivers as "brassy in public [and] classy in private”.

56. #SWC No. 16: Strong Jewish Women in History - Emma Lazarus
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This week has been a historic week for women and all of the women’s movements. As you might know, this podcast is nonpolitical, so I won’t talk about the new President, Mr. Trump. I won’t talk about the inauguration either. But it is impossible to ignore the millions of women who marched as a protestor even more, as a response to President Trump’s words, actions and his derogatory innuendos towards women and their rights. I believe that the women’s march was a lot more than a protest. It was a beginning.

A strong, powerful action that regardless of your political belief women came together. That we are not going backward in time. We are not going to put up with the rubbish we put up with for the last decades and centuries or forever. We will not be ignored. We will not be groped. We will not be objectified and we will not be patronized.

In the spirit of freedom and the end of inequality, and in the spirit of hope that the march has brought back, I’d like to highlight, in today’s podcast, Emma Lazarus. Emma was a Jewish woman, best known for her poem “The New Colossus” which is engraved at the base of the Statue of Liberty. She was born in 1839 and she died when she was only 38 years old. But her first book of poems and translations was published when she was only 17 years old. She was just a child, a girl.

She grew up as part of the elite society in New York City. Her father was wealthy. He was a sugar refiner and they were very well regarded. Mainly because they were not new immigrants from Eastern Europe, but rather they could trace their heritage back to being amongst the first settlers in that area of the United States.

Emma was always aware of being an outsider, of being different. She was also conscious of the antisemitism that bubbled not very far under the surface both in New York and overseas.

Emma Lazarus was not religious at all. She was very happy in her secular life, but she was open about being Jewish, standing up for Jewish rights and civil equality. Her writing was always well received; she was popular in mainstream publications. But she always advocated that immigrants take on the culture of their new country. And reflect the beauty of where they are now and not continually try to adapt their work, writing and their beliefs from the old country and old belief systems. She was very vocal about writing against anti-Semitism and taking a stand against the pogroms in Russia and writing about antisemitism that was going on in the U.S.

Emma Lazarus even wrote in Jewish publications about a new homeland in Palestine. She is credited with being one of the first people to have this vision well before Zionism was even a word and well before Herzl came along. She was a pioneer in those thoughts. She wrote “The New Colossus” in 1883 but that was placed at the base of the Statue of Liberty in 1903 well after she died, 16 years later.

I want to thank the Jewish Women’s Archive, as usual, for most of this information. To end today’s short tribute to this Jewish women’s activist, I’d like to read a short excerpt from her book “Epistle to the Hebrews” where she emphasizes that it doesn’t matter if you, yourself, are doing well if others in the world are suffering. If you don’t’ know, like me, I didn’t know what the word epistle means, epistle means a letter. That’s good to know, so if you ever need to write an epistle instead of a text message, you’ll know what that means.

This is an excerpt from Emma Lazarus’ book “Epistle to the Hebrews.” “In defiance of the hostile construction that may be put upon my words, I do not hesitate to say that our national defect is that we are not "tribal" enough; we have not sufficient solidarity to perceive that when the life and property of a Jew in the uttermost provinces of the Caucuses are attacked, the dignity of a Jew in free America is humiliated. We who are prosperous and independent have not sufficient homogeneity to champion on the ground of a common creed, common stock, a common history, a common heritage of misfortune, the rights of the lowest and poorest Jew-peddler who flees, for life and liberty of thought, from Slavonic mobs. Until we are all free, we are none of us free. But lest we should justify the taunts of our opponents, lest we should become "tribal" and narrow and Judaic rather than humane and cosmopolitan like the anti-Semites of Germany and Jew-baiters of Russia, we ignore and repudiate our unhappy brethren as having no part or share in their misfortunes- until the cup of anguish is held also to our own lips.”

Have a good week everybody. Please take strength and hope from the women’s march and go do good in your world.


57. 081: Women Explorers and Scientists
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Yael Jekogian is the Managing Director of Wings Worldquest, whose mission is to advance women explorers in the field by giving unrestricted grants, connecting women explorers by building community, and providing an outreach educational program for women scientists and explorers to share their work and inspire the next generation of intrepid explorers and global problem-solvers. Yael is a civil engineer who specialized in environmental engineering prior to leading WINGS.

We talk about sexism in the workplace, female scientists, bringing up girls and fundraising for a cause you believe in. WINGS Worldquest

58. #SWC No. 15: Strong Jewish Women in History: Gertrude Berg
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Welcome to #SWC, a quickie, 5-minute story about an amazing Jewish woman in history!

Thank you for joining me!

Today we have Gertrude Berg!

Yup, she was a Berg, and I’m a Berg, at least through marriage, so that’s as good a way as any to choose somebody to highlight! Gertrude Berg was an actress, a screenwriter, and a producer, born in 1899. She was responsible for the TV program The Goldbergs, which started as a radio play. The Goldbergs became one of TV’s most popular sitcoms of the time, beginning in 1949, post-WWII. Gertrude was able to bring a Jewish family into everybody’s TV sets, into their homes, and by doing this, she was able to show Jewish people in a positive light. She’s funny, very stereotypical. You know that ignorance is dangerous, and Gertrude Berg was changing this about the Jewish American, the Jewish Immigrants from Europe to the US, by teaching the US public, in a funny way, about the Jewish immigrants. I’ll tell you why I was attracted to Gertrude, other than her name: Gertrude wasn’t just the actress; she was the business woman behind the production. And a genius marketer.

The program starts and ends with her facing the camera, and naturally talking about the product she’s advertising, in this case, Sanka coffee, as if it’s part of the program. Now that’s exactly what podcasters do, and why they have such phenomenal success when advertising products. The presenter is believable! You trust them, know them, and like them.

So if the Molly Goldberg on the show, or Gertrude Berg in real life, recommends a product to you while talking to you face to face, in the most personal way, then you’ll buy what she’s selling!

So, I thought a fun thing to do would be for you to be able to hear Molly Goldberg talking about Sanka at the end of her show, The Goldbergs.  Isn’t it great to hear how she speaks? How she so naturally talks about a product, as if you and she are best friends, and she is doing you a favor by telling you about it, and how you’d be silly to miss out.

She certainly has a lot of shtick !!

Gertrude Berg went on to win a Tony award in 1959 for her performance in "A Majority of One",

She died in September of 1966, which coincidentally is the month I was born. How's that for bringing the story back around :) Thank you to the Jewish Woman’s Archive for a lot of this information.

Thanks for joining me, this was fun, even though it took a really long time to make this week.

Have a great, and strong, week everybody! Caio for now, lehitraot! Links: The Goldbergs on YouTube JWA.org

59. 080: Jewish Women's Archive
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Judith Rosenbaum is the Executive Director of The Jewish Women’s Archive. In the podcast today we talk about JWA, and how they are highlighting and preserving the current and past history of Jewish Women and the larger stories that surround them.

In the podcast you’ll hear: • How stories are often a way to connect to your Jewish identity beyond the synagogue • How it is important to be able to explore feminism inside of the Jewish religion in a comfortable way • How history is unfolding every day and that we are a part of it • How we can learn a lot from each other • How we can connect to feminism while respecting religious practices • How to learn to shape conversation in your community and be a thought leader And more…. Resources mentioned on today’s show: • Jewish Women’s Archive The JWA podcast: Can We Talk BRCA Gene: The National Cancer Institute The Strong Jewish Women’s Summit is coming up soon!! Stay tuned for details!!

60. #SWC No. 14: Jewish Women in History - Ida Rosenthal Founder of Maidenform
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Today we’re doing something different!

I am interviewing a dead person!

That’s right!

I’ve been thinking of this idea for a long time but wasn’t sure how to incorporate it into the Strong Women's Club, and maybe here is the best place! So I’m going to to a series of quickie podcasts, where I talk about dead Jewish women.


What that means is that we’ll be exploring, in the short form, the history of Jewish women leaders.

Let’s get to it; we don’t have much time! For the Strong Women’s Club podcast this week, which will be released this Wednesday, I interview Judith Rosenbaum, who is the executive director of the Jewish Women’s Archive.

So I’ve spent some time on that site, which I have grown to appreciate, as a vast repository of information that is all interesting and exciting and relevant to the work that I’m doing!

On there, this week, is a highlight of Ida Cohen Rosenthal, because Jan 9th, which is today, the day I’m recording this episode, was Ida’s birthday, way back in 1886, in Russia.

So let’s talk about Ida, and how she changed our lives!

Do you know who she was?

Ida Cohen Rosenthal was one of the founders of Maidenform, who invented the bra!! So let me tell you how they got the idea, and how, even though she invented the bra, Ida was a true feminist. An entrepreneur! A Strong Jewish woman and a leader in her time. Her name is Ida Kaganovich, and she immigrated to New York in 1905, where she Americanized her name to Cohen, so she became Ida Cohen.

She then met and married William Rosenthal, a good Jewish boy, but because she was not willing to go and work for anybody else, she bought a sewing machine and decided to become a seamstress.

After ten whole years of being a seamstress, she and her husband, William, together with Enid Bissett opened a custom dress shop.

This was in the 1920’s.

So back then, the popular fashion was the flapper dress. And flapper dresses were only suited to women with very flat chests, and the poor women would wrap their boobs up, to make them look flattered. Make them look like boys or “boy form” Ida was not having any of that. She wasn’t going to flatten her boobs for anybody. So she invented the bra, where the boobs were held in cups, had straps over the shoulder and fastened in the back! Making you look like a girl, or “Maiden Form,” hence the history of the name.

In the beginning, they were giving away the brassieres for free, to go under the dresses. But women began to ask for them so much, that they quickly closed the dress shop, and changed the name of the business to Maidenform! William was in charge of the designs, and he invented the different cup sizes and maternity bras. Ida got the patent for adjustable shoulder straps.

But Ida was in charge of the business side of things. And she was a genius marketer. She came up with the ad line “ I dreamed I was...whatever… in a Maidenform Bra”.

That advertising campaign was used for 20 years successfully!!

So even after Enid retired and William died, and Ida became the president of the company, Maidenform continued to grow and prosper. Sadly, Ida had a stroke, then died in 1973.

But Maidenform is still run and owned by the Rosenthal family, their daughter, Beatrice, was the president, and also their granddaughter Elizabeth Coleman. Ok!!

So this has been the first of bringing to you Jewish women leaders in history. I wanted to have women call in their brags, and learn to say great things about themselves, and inspire others, but it wasn’t as easy as it sounds, and it doesn’t sound all that easy. Plus, regarding the tools and tips: Many people are already doing that, and doing it well. I want to have episodes that are special to me, to the Strong Women's Club, and to strong Jewish women. So let’s give this a go! See what you think… please let me know! The best way would be to go to iTunes and leave a real, honest, rating and review. Look up The Strong Women’s Club on iTunes, or my name, and it will come up in your search results. Plus some interviews I’ve done on other podcasts, they will also show up there. I appreciate it a lot! Keep your eyes and ears open for more news on the summit… the website for the Strong Jewish Women’s Summit is coming up soon and you’ll be able to get lots of info. Ok, so thank you for joining me in my quest for the perfect short podcast.

Today was fun, talking about dead Jewish women is going to be a blast, Looking forward to next week!

For now, have a great day, continue to be strong! Lehitraot!

61. 079: Founder of 657 Oslo Co-Working Space
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Anniken Fjelberg is the founding partner and co-owner of 657 Oslo, Norway’s largest co-working space for the creative industries, as well as communications agency Superblaise, and the disruptive UT: student agency.

Anniken works actively as a board member and in advisory boards both in the corporate world as well as in the startup ecosystem in Norway. She’s a fierce believer in paying it forward, and does so by being an emerging angel investor and a passionate mentor for entrepreneurs, startups, and students. Anniken recently took part in building the new community #pointnineniners, and through this movement she looks to empower women to choose the investor- and entrepreneurial paths – which are oftentimes interrelated as shown in her own career.

We get a sneak-peak into a female entrepreneur’s life in Norway. Did you know that men have to take at least one month’s paternity leave, and that women get another 11 months’ paid leave ?!?

Great to learn from people in other countries, and bring the best back to our homes.

Have a great 2017 everybody, Edie

62. 078: Jewish Women Leaders in Jerusalem
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Today we have women representing different aspects of the Boca Raton Jewish community.

And they are, in order of appearance on the podcast: • Lottie Nilsen: Director of Community Development for the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach Country; and manager of the Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation’s scholarships and grants • Shayndel Plotkin: Executive Director of Liumi, and the leader of this trip • Helena Levine: Head of School at the Donna Klein Jewish Academy, in Boca Raton, Florida • Aliza Bar Chaim: Psychologist and mental health specialist • Linda Behmoiras: Publisher and Founder of the Boca Raton Observer • Maryanne Altschule: Social worker and psychotherapist Topics discusses in this episode: • How women want to make a change in the world and in their communities • How emotional health is vital • How good relationships need to be taught and modeled • How women want to liase between business, philanthropy, and their passions • How women must feel empowered to do well • How we are working to build bridges and partnerships with women all over the world. • How most women tend to go through the same things in their lives Resources mentioned in today’s episode: • JWRPLiumi Israel

The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach CountyDonna Klein Jewish AcademyThe Boca Raton Observer The Wexner Heritage Program • The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning 


63. #SWC No. 13: Strong Jewish Women and Changes Around Here
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This week we don’t have a brag for you. But don’t be disappointed, be the one to submit the next brag and give us all the motivation each and every go-getter woman wants. Just leave us a voicemail, it’s simple and easy: click the black button on the right that says, ‘leave a voicemail’. In a quick message, tell us who you are and what you recently did that deserves that virtual high five. Be proud and share! Lately, I’ve been hinting a lot about new things I’m up to, so it’s about time I told you all face to face, or at least ear to face, or ear to mouth, or rather mouth to ear, or whatever!.... The Strong Women’s Club is making a change. As you know, if you’ve been listening to this program for a while, I live in Israel, and yes, I am Jewish.I’ve lived all over the world, but Israel has been home for over 25 years. How I made that decision is a long story which I'll tell on another podcast episode, but what’s important to share here, is that it was my choice. It is a crazy country. And I love every moment of living here. So yes, I am a Jewish woman living in Israel. And after focusing my podcast on strong women around the world, I want to talk more about Israel and the strong women building this country. From the financial world to startups and social activists, my goal is to provide you with even more content, Facebook live videos, videos highlighting these women and their businesses, missions, and goals. I also want to focus on strong Jewish women around the world. I want to learn about each of you, your strengths, how you succeeded despite challenges, your journey and where you are going next. And when I say Jewish women, I mean all of you-- secular, orthodox, whatever label or non-label you are. Your voice will give us strength. This is a chance to learn, gain wisdom, build a community and support each other, wherever you are. And while we are building each other up, I will continue to boast about my homeland and her achievements. I want you to hear about Israel, from me, a Jewish secular strong and empowered woman. If that wasn’t a big enough change for you, here’s another one that I hope you will join me in! I am producing a virtual online conference for Jewish women, called, (drum roll please): The Strong Jewish Women’s Summit. We are just at the beginning of our journey, building the team of women that will help me create the conference, finding the perfect speakers and sponsors who believe in our message and mission. We are building the website now, and hope to share it with you next week. The conference will be in the first quarter of 2017. So when the page goes up, you should sign up and share with your friends around the world. The conference is free and will give you the opportunity to network, find your motivation, personal growth, watch and hear from dozens of empowered strong Jewish women from all over the world and different careers and backgrounds. Are you someone that wants to speak, be interviewed or share her success story? No travel required, it’s all online. And if you have an idea for the conference, a recommendation, or want to take part, supporting our mission or participating, write me at edie@thestrongwomensclub.com. For those of you interested in sponsoring, we have a variety of sponsorship opportunities.

This is a great chance to get in front of thousands of Jewish women and make your advertising mark while supporting us. We are stronger together!

64. 077: Take Action! Make a declaration! Be outrageous with it!
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Elisa Parker is a talk radio host, a speaker and a visionary for women.

Elisa is the co-founder, president & host of the award winning program, See Jane Do. She is also the co-founder & director of the Passion into Action Women’s Conference, WonderLove, TEDx Grass Valley, Raising Jane and the See Jane Do Media Lounge. Elisa is very insightful, with many pearls of wisdom, some of which are: Collaborate with other women Take action! Make a declaration to the world and be outrageous with it!

Look at your strengths and talents, and find out what lights you up!

Be curious

Never disregard the potential that you have

If you don’t ask, the answer is always “No”..... You can find Elisa and the what she’s working on at http://www.seejanedo.com

65. #SWC No. 12: Keep It Simple!
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This is a quick, short and practical podcast with your brags, plus tips and tools to help you be inspired, know that you are not alone, and to set and reach your goals, however big or small they may be! Today’s awesome brag is from Lori Jill Isenstadt who has a lot to be proud of! Lori’s company is called All About Breastfeeding, which you can find at www.aabreastfeeding.com So please check out her website, if you know somebody who just had a baby, or is about to give birth, Lori would be the right person to refer them to . Now on to today’s tip: keep it simple!! I love tech! I love new apps, I love new software, I love software updates, new hardware, new phones, new computers, all of it! I don’t get everything when it comes out, but mainly because then we wouldn’t have anything to eat at home, I’d have spent all my money on the latest Parrot Drone, or amazing earphones, or gorgeous new iMacs, or whatever. I also like to research everything I use very thoroughly. If I need new project management software, for example, like I do now, then I’ll read and practise on the three leading tools so that I can make an informed choice based on my true needs, and not on only on somebody elses recommendation, which is a good starting point, but their needs are not identical to my needs, so I really only rely on myself for things like that. But, and here is where keeping things simple comes into play: I will always choose only the most practical and simple solution for what me and my team need. The best example of this is the Google suite of products. I’m talking about Google Docs, Google sheets, and Google calendars, mainly. On my computer I have both Microsoft Excel and Apple’s numbers. I also have Microsoft Word, plus a great, but really complicated writing software program called Scrivener. But I don’t use any of these. I always use a Google sheet, or a Google Doc, so that I can easily share them with my team, we can all edit them in real time, if we want, the docs or sheets are saved automatically, and I can access them quickly from any computer anywhere, including my wonderful mobile phone, which is my lovely best friend.

What can be smarter or more simple than that?

So it’s true, they may not have all of the features that their counterparts have, but I’m not doing extra heavy weight spreadsheets, and I’m not writing a novel either. I’m running a small business, and my home for that matter, and keeping it simple keeps me sane and organized.

Organization is the key here. Some of us are born organized, and for others it’s a struggle that takes lots of extra effort. On your team, you will have both types of people, both types of personalities.

So for them, and for you, keep things simple!! That’s it for now! Thank you so much for joining me for #SWC Have a really awesome week!

66. 076: Dramatic and Inspiring Weight Loss Story
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Simone Anderson has an amazingly inspirational story. She underwent gastric sleeve stomach surgery and lost over 90 kg/200lbs in 11 months then went on to have a number of plastic surgery operations in order to remove lose skin and has fantastic YouTube videos documenting her progress and journey. Simone chooses to share her story widely over the internet so that others will know exactly what is involved when undergoing gastric sleeve surgery. She never let cyber bullies get the better of her, although they tried. Listen to Simone Anderson’s story and you will hear grace and determination that is truly inspiring.

67. 075: Save Money and Join the Zero Waste Home Movement
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How much waste does your family produce each day?

I guarantee you it’s more than Bea Johnson’s family produces in an entire year! Bea Johnson has launched a global movement and continues to inspire a growing community to live simply and take a stance against needless waste with the application of her 5R's: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot. She shatters misconceptions, proving that zero waste can not only be "stylish", but also lead to significant health benefits, and time and money savings.

Bea is the author of Zero Waste Home , a book that teaches you how to start reducing the amoung of waste you produce, and how to save money along the way.

You can find out more about Bea on her website: Zero Waste Home 

68. #SWC No. 11: Why Should You Buy and Sell at Consignment Stores plus Shelli Warren's
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Hi, everybody. I'm Edie Berg and this is a quick, short, and practical podcast with your brags plus tips and tools to help you be inspired, know that you're not alone and to set and reach your goals, however big or small they may be. Today's brag is from a wonderful woman. Her name is Shelli Warren and we are in our Mastermind together. Here's Shelli's brag. Hi, Edie. It's Shelli Warren and I'm checking in all the way from Canada. I love connecting with you in our Mastermind group with Natalie and the other girls. I'm learning so much from you guys and I love listening to your podcast. I find the caliber of guests that you feature to be simply outstanding. Thank you for the invite to share a brag and so here's mine. As you know, one of the ways that I connect with my membership is I host a monthly live cocktail hour where I put a fabulous woman on the hot seat and I do a live interview with her and we talk about her journey to success. So the premise is to expand our reach, make new connections and go at a much deeper level in terms of connecting with one another. A group of women who follow me from a city east of me reached out and asked me to come and host a series in their city so I did and it was a great turnout. It was a really fun night, it was a really cool location and I'm just more and more thrilled to be able to connect with my members in person. So I'm pumped about that and to see where else it's going to go. Thanks so much! Have a fabulous week, keep up the good work in your podcast. I love it! Thanks, Shelli for taking the time to record your brag. As you can hear, Shelli and I are friends through our wonderful Mastermind group. Shelli actually holds live events which she calls "Feminars" and you can find more about her on her website which is called sheconnex.com. She spells "connects" with an "x", so that's sheconnex.com. As you can hear from Shelli's brag, she's been able to expand her reach, helping women outside of her immediate area so check out what Shelli has to offer on her website. Maybe you'll also be interested in working with her. Today's tip is directly related to this week's podcast interview with Bea Johnson. As you may have heard on the show, Bea recommends reusing almost everything including clothes which is something that I've been doing for a long time. Here in Israel, we don't really have thrift shops but there is a second-hand consignment store next to my house in Cfar Shmeriyahu where I live, and I shop there for clothes and shoes for myself and also for my daughter, sometimes. It's a little store, you need to kind of sift through everything that's there and I know that if I'm going to shop at her store, I'm going to be there for an hour, at least, more like an hour and a half. That kind of keeps me away for a long time because generally, I don't have time to spend shopping like that but every so often I do, especially if I know that I have an event coming up. For example, New Year's Eve is coming up around the corner so I want to buy something kind of shiny and sparkly to wear which is not exactly how I usually dress but New Year's Eve is almost like a costume, so I like to wear things with sequins, really play it up a little bit, look a little Las Vegas-y. I even have a fake fur coat that I like to wear so it's time for me to go to the second-hand store. If I don't buy something for New Year's Eve, I don't find anything that I like, then it's also a win because I didn't spend any money. This is a consignment shop so I also drop clothes off there. I take everything that we don't need anymore and I just drop it off so the owner donates probably 95% of what I bring and 5% she'll sell and I'll get 50% of the proceeds of what she sold. I take that money, I never take cash back, I always put that back onto my account and sometimes I can go shopping there and buy one or two things and get them for free, it's like magic. It's a wonderful win-win situation, win-win-win because she also donates all the stuff that I bring in so that works out super well. Around the Holiday time, what's really good about these kinds of things is that you can also buy gifts there. I don't buy second-hand clothes as a gift, usually but I do buy small things of silver. Usually, she has in the store window, maybe a silver serving spoon or something that holds butter that's made out of silver or a sugar dish. Little tongs I bought once, they're gorgeous, for sugar cubes. Beautiful little gifts, unique items, obviously not new so I tell the person I give it to, I say, "Look, I got it at the second-hand store, at the consignment shop." I'm not embarrassed to say it, I'm actually kind of proud of it. So look around in your area for a consignment store and you can buy really unique gifts. I bought once a crystal bottle for liqueur for a friend who likes to make their own cherry liqueur. It was the perfect gift, nothing I could have bought in any store. So have a look at that, you'll save money, you'll get kudos for being creative and you'll be saving the environment as Bea Johnson says. Check out your consignment stores in your area. That's my tip for the week. It will save you money and it's kind of fun to do too, you might get a deal that you hadn't expected. So go have an awesome week, everybody and go be strong!

69. 074: Co-founder of LOLA Jordana Kier
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Jordana is the co-founder of the direct-to-consumer subscription-based feminine care company, LOLA, and has been listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List for 2016. They are offering our listeners a deep discount of 60% if you use the code STRONGWOMEN on checkout. Visit their site at www.mylola.com

70. #SWC No. 10: Build Relationships
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This is a quick, short, and practical podcast with your brags, plus tips and tools to help you be inspired and know that you are not alone, and to set and reach your goals, however big or small they may be.

Today’s brag comes all the way from Australia from Katie Wyatt, so let’s listen. "Hi Edie, it’s Katie Wyatt here, I’m from the podcast Empire By Design, and I love what you’re doing with The Strong Women’s Club and I just wanted to leave a brag this morning. So, I’ve done a lot of work over the last year trying to get myself on other podcasts as well as creating my own. My brag this week is I have landed an interview on one of the biggest podcasts in my country, which if you can’t tell by the accent, is Australia! I’m totally pumped about it. So, there’s my brag, it’s a small one, but a big one for me. Thanks!! Keep up the good work! " Thank you, Katie, awesome brag!

The best feeling there is is to set a goal, even if it’s a small goal, and reach it. What a high!

So thank you for sharing it, and thank you for that gorgeous accent that you have, I love it. It always seems like Aussies have more fun, just by the way they speak, right? And I know because I lived in Australia for eight years, and they do have a lot of fun. Let’s go on to the next tip for the week, which is to build relationships.

I went to a conference today held by Geektime, and as you can imagine, it was a tech conference.

I love tech and my husband is part of an early stage company that won the startup pitch contest, so that was really exciting!

I sat in on a lecture that was a panel of journalists, from Wired, AP, Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg. The questions they were asked were all about how to pitch a journalist. They all said they get 500 e-mails a day, and even more if an event is coming up. They can’t possibly read all of those emails. What did their answers have in common?

They all said that it’s important to build a real relationship with them in some way. So that means that you need to meet them at conferences, you need to follow them on their social media, you need to interact with them there, you need to notice what they’re writing about, show that you’re interested and that you’re knowledgeable. They did have differences in how they liked to receive incoming pitches.

One journalist said, he doesn’t read any of his emails. What he wants is for you to somehow find his cell phone number and for you to call him on his telephone. So that would be important to know, if you wanted to be in the Wall Street Journal, and you were wondering why you can’t get in, this is because you have to know that journalist well enough to know that he wants you to call him on his cell phone and that he wants to go and have a coffee with you! He wants to get to know you well, relatively speaking.

Another person said no way! I don’t want anyone to call me, I want an email, and I want it to be a short email. I want it to have bullet points, with all of the relevant information in the first couple of sentences. He doesn’t even really want sentences, he wants bullet points that state why the story is important to him and why he should talk about your company.

Another journalist said that she wants you to compliment her on her work. What she meant was that she wants you to prove to her that you know her well and that you’ve read what she’s written, you can discuss it, that you are familiar with her, you know what her column talks about and what the publication needs. And she does like to be complimented on her work.

So pay attention to what you are pitching, be concise, know what the journalists are looking for, know what the publication is interested in. Wired and Bloomberg, two different things. Bloomberg wants numbers, Wired wants stories. Be familiar with what they want, build a relationship with a journalist before you ask them to write about you and your company. Thank you again to Katie Wyatt, from Empire By Design. Thank you all for listening, and I look forward to hearing your brag!

Let us know what you’re proud of , you’ll get a big boost of confidence for doing it, and you’ll also help other women at the same time! So have a great week and go be strong! "

71. 073: Jeanne Sullivan: Venture Capitalist and Speaker
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Jeanne Sullivan is passionate about delivering ideas, information, and inspiration to entrepreneurs, especially women (and a few good men); and is a fierce advocate for entrepreneurs and changing the prohibition rules in the Cannabis industry. She says it should be regulated, like alcohol.

Jeanne is a co-founder of StarVest Partners, a venture capital firm in NYC and long time tech investor.

Jeanne says: • You have to learn how to deal with bosses and superiors of different types • You must step up with excellence • Speak up with your coworkers • Don’t be nasty, be sassy! • We must have women role models • You are enough!!! Jean’s TedX talk: Master the Minefield – Dealing with Bullies, Bozos and Buffoons 

72. #SWC No. 9: Power Poses! and Freya Casey's Brag
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Welcome to #SWC no. 9!

This is a quick, short, and practical podcast with your brags. Plus tips and tools to help you be inspired to know that you are not alone and to set and reach your goals, however big or small they may be. And today we have Freya Casey with her awesome brag! Let’s listen. "Hi Edie, this is Freya Casey from www.freyas-singing-tips.com. First of all, let me say how much I’ve been enjoying your podcast. I’ve been listening to you for months and I’m so enjoying it. I’m getting so much motivation because I know there are other women out there who believe in their dreams, who have a vision, who want to make their lives better. Even while having a family that you can do it. The brag that I have today is that I have been putting a lot of work into my YouTube Channel for the past year and a half, and my work has started to pay off! My work has started to pay off!

In retrospect, it seems like it just happened. I know how much work and time I have put in. The editing, the video shooting, the interaction with the community and building relationships. I want to encourage everybody to go for their dreams. And it’s like raising kids. It’s like, while you do it is seems so hard, but after you get through, it’s just like, it’s such a great feeling just to know that you have done it. So everybody, just keep on holding on to your vision and just keep doing what you do everyday. Thank you Edie so much. You’re an inspiration and I’m looking forward to listening to more episodes. Bye! " Thank you to Freya for showing us that success does not happen overnight. Even though it looks like it might be easy to achieve, getting a lot of subscribers on YouTube is very hard work. It’s hard work for you, and it’s hard work for everybody else that looks like they may have been an instant success when we see them on YouTube. Freya shows us that hard work and sweat is what goes in to getting all of those subscribers. Congratulations to Freya for reaching 10,000 subscribers! That is a milestone that is brag worthy!! Now onto today’s tip.

Today’s tip is to use power poses.

In our mastermind this week, one of the women had to prepare to be on a podcast as a guest. She is not used to speaking online or having her voice heard at all. She was quite nervous about it. So the group gave her a lot of ideas and tips about what to do ahead of time. One of those tips is power poses, which is a fantastic thing to do. I have done them before, and it works. You may have seen Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk about using power poses. If you have not, then go to listen to it. Her story is very inspiring. You spell her name: Cuddy. What is a power pose? It’s when you hold your body in a high power position for a short time. And that can help you summon up an extra surge of power and an extra sense of well-being when it’s needed. If you hold a power pose for as little as two minutes, it will stimulate an increase of testosterone, which is the hormone that helps get more power and dominance in the animal world. The poses also lower the level of cortisol, which is the stress hormone. Amy Cuddy proved this in her experiments. The results, this hormonal shift, can lead to an increase of real feelings of power and a greater tolerance for risk. Amy Cuddy says that you really can fake it until you make it!

What are the power poses? For example, you need to take up more space. So as you stand up, be really, really tall and hold your arms up out to the sides very, very wide. You can try it, do it right now. This is what we did during the middle of the mastermind. Get up everybody right now, stand up and push out your chest. Hold your arms out wide and keep them up there. Push your arms out, your fingers out, all the way to the tips. Hold and be strong! Take up more space! Push your head up tall. Hold it for two minutes. Just do it.

If that doesn’t work for you, there is another one I want to teach you. Which is doing the same thing, standing up, you need to be tall, you need to make yourself bigger, and put your fists on your hips. Like Wonder Woman. Like Wonder Woman style. Push your chest out and be that dominant, alpha female. Do it. Hold it for a couple of minutes. Not too long, but not too short either. And really embody that bigger, stronger woman. When should you use power poses? Whenever you feel like you need them. If you’re going to a job interview, you use it then, for example. Do it ahead of time. Even in the car park. Don’t worry about people looking at you. This is important for you, so it doesn’t matter. If you are going to be on a podcast, if you are going to speak in front of a group of people, no matter the size, and you want to gather up for yourself more energy or more strength. Then just strike up a pose, a power pose. Make yourself bigger, make yourself stronger. It’s not just a body position; it’s changing the hormones inside your body. And it will have a lasting effect that will get you through that initial stage of whatever it is that you need to do. You will make a better first impression. You want it to be a strong one. You don’t want to be weak. You don’t want to be timid. You need to be confident and strong. Strike up a power pose! Just go and do it. Let me know when you felt like you could use a power pose.

Let me know when you did use a power pose and if it made any difference to you. I’m sure it will. I want to hear your stories.

So thank you so much for joining me today.

Thank you to Freya Casey for her awesome brag and congratulations on your 10,000 YouTube subscribers!

Now go be strong!!


73. 072: Forensic Pathologist Dr. Judy Melenik
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Dr. Judy Melinek is a forensic pathologist.

Together with her husband, TJ Mitchel, she wrote a book about her first two years entitled: Working Stiff: 2 years, 262 Bodies, and the Making of a Medical Examiner. Judy was born in Jerusalem and emigrated to New York City at the age of 5, when her father was selected for a residency in psychiatry at the Albert Einstein Medical Center; she attended high school at an Orthodox yeshiva, where her mother headed the Hebrew language and literature department. After graduating from Harvard and UCLA medical school, she switched from a residency in surgery to forensic pathology when the former proved so exhausting that she once fainted at the end of a 36-hour shift. Her new field quickly fascinated Melinek, and the journals she kept during her training are what she and Mitchell eventually rewrote into what would become “Working Stiff.” The book documents in detail how, just two months into her residency in New York, Melinek became one of 30 doctors charged with trying to identify remains of victims of the worst terrorist attack on American soil. Over the course of many months, bodies arrived by ambulance, sometimes by the truckloads, in about 20,000 fragments, some only as small as a tooth. Jewish values always have informed Melenik’s work. “Because of Judaism’s incredible respect for the dead, I realize how important it is that what I do has meaning, and that we’re not just doing autopsies to defile the body, even though some people accuse us of that,” she said. “We do our work with an incredible purpose — and an incredible amount of respect.”

Judy Melenik’s website: http://www.pathologyexpert.com/ Judy’s book: Working Stiff 


74. #SWC No. 8 Accountability Partners
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Today we are talking about accountability partners. What an accountability partner is, why you might choose to have one, what your role is as an accountability partner and why you need one right now. If you're an entrepreneur or business person, you always have goals. You always want to move forwards, of course, but you work by yourself it isn’t easy to keep on track.

You might have a to-do list in your head (of course you have a list), and a calendar, all kinds of ways to keep yourself accountable. These are not the same as talking to a real person.

Somebody who is not a partner in your business. Who should be your accountability partner?

Your accountability partner wants you to reach your goals, and you want them to reach theirs.

They must be trustworthy, first of all. They need to understand what you want. For this to happen, you need to explain to them what you want out of this partnership, in detail, and vice versa. They should not be judgmental. You don't want to have anybody looking down their nose or giving you strange comments every time you don't accomplish what you set for yourself. You want to move forwards with a friend and to be able to keep your commitment to your goals. Choose somebody who you like and trust. You must set clear expectations. Tell them how you’d like them to react if you don't accomplish last week's goals. Do you want them to get on your case, get mad, keep a scorecard or give you gold stars? I have an accountability partner. She is a friend, and we talk to each other once every two weeks. We get up to date with what we've been doing, and we talk to each other about our goals in the next couple of weeks. We don't have gold stars; we don't get mad at each other, we are not judgmental, and we don't want to let each other down. She is somebody who I respect, and I want her to respect me. If I consistently don't reach my goals for the following week, then I'm kind of a loser, right? I'm failing in my eyes and I'm failing in her eyes, and I don't want that.

We also use each other for idea sharing, brainstorming, and getting creative. I give her ideas; she gives me ideas. We give motivational support to each other. I admire her work, and I think she also admires mine, and it's enjoyable to talk to each other. And you know, she's my cheerleader! She’ll tell me what a great job I’m doing, and I do the same for her. We lift each other up! If we get a little overwhelmed with our work, we're just so tired, and it's too much with families and holidays and cooking and everything else that happens in our lives, then we give each other some slack. We may have set a goal, not reached it and we're feeling down on ourselves. And she'll say to me, "it's okay, it's absolutely fine. Of course you didn't reach it. How could you? You had five big meals to do in the last two weeks. There's no way you could've done all the extra work as well."

That makes me feel a lot better than before I spoke to her.

But if she sees that I'm kind of getting a little bit lazy, then she'll say, "You really could have done that, let's find out why you didn't." And we talk about that - why did I not reach a goal or why did she not. Now let's talk about scheduling. It's best for you to have something steady and in your calendar every week or two, or every period that you choose, something organized.

We do it about every two weeks, and that works well for us. Every week is too much - we have so many things going on already, and I have my Mastermind of course so I don't do it every week but every two weeks works out well for both of us. We like to do a Skype call, but you could just do a regular phone call, or you could even just text each other and check in. Anything that works for you. It could be emails. We like to get onto Skype calls because we just like to be with each other, like to have fun talking to each other, so that works out best for us. Make sure you have it organized.


75. 071: Israeli Bronze Medal Winner Paralympic Rower Moran Samuel
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Moran Samuel is the type of person you can listen to forever. She is a powerful speaker, funny and inspirational. I know that you’ll love this episode.

Moran is a champion ParaRower. She got the Bronze medal for Israel in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio; the Gold medal from the Rowing World Championships in 2015; Silver in the World Championship in 2014; and came in 5th in the London Paralympic Games.

Moran is also a Pediatric Physical Therapist and the mother to a little boy. Moran tells the story of how she became suddenly paralyzed, how her determination and outlook prevents her from being handicapped, and how the world would be a better place if it was accessible to all.

76. #SWC No. 7 Brook's Brag and Cheap Virtual Assistants FancyHands
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Welcome to #SWC No 7! This is a quick, short and practical podcast with tips and tools to help you set and reach your goals, however big or small they may be. And brags! Today we have a brag from Brooke Davenport, and this is what Brooke has to say: “Hello, my name's Brooke and my brag for today is I have stepped outside of my comfort zone. With prompting from Edie, I have agreed to be a guest on a podcast with someone in my industry. This is totally outside of my comfort zone, I am not one to get on a live recording and do a brag, so this is kind of cool. I'm definitely not someone that would ever have planned to get on a podcast and be a guest for a 30 to 40-minute show. But because of Edie, she encouraged me to do so. I am in a private Mastermind group with Edie. Absolutely love and look forward to every single weekly session that we do, and Edie, I just want to thank you, I want to thank you for helping me step outside of my comfort zone, and for putting on this wonderful podcast, The Strong Women's Club. So thank you to all and have a wonderful day!” Thank you, Brooke, for saying such nice things!

I also love our Mastermind, and you're right to be proud and a little nervous to be on your first podcast. Though I know that you're scared now, but it's a little bit more like stage fright.

I know that you know that you have a lot to say about your business and it's not as hard as you think. Also hearing yourself record is a bit strange to start out with, but you get used to that quickly. And I can't wait to hear you on that podcast! If anybody else wants to check out Brooke's website and her business and find out more about her, Brooke's website is Blinds and More (www.blinds-more.com) Today’s Tip I want to talk about a website which is an online service called Fancy Hands. Fancy Hands provides you with virtual assistants or personal assistant services. It's very inexpensive and very, very fast. What you do is you pay Fancy Hands a monthly fee, and you get a certain number of requests for that fee. Each request is considered about 20 minutes work. So I think I pay for six requests a month and it costs me $30 a month, so that's $5.00 per request, if I'm not wrong. And if you don't use your requests in a certain month, it's accrued to the following month, so they're not lost. You can access FancyHands from their website dashboard on your computer, or you can use it on an app on your smartphone, you can call them, or send them an SMS, it's very very convenient. You can do very simple things, or you can do things that are a little bit more complicated. For example, you could ask somebody to make a reservation at a restaurant for you; or you could set up a conference call through them, and they give you those services.


I use them a lot for two things:

One is I transcribe these short #SWC episodes, they do it for me. It's only one request, and they do it really quickly. I’ll finish recording it now, in the evening, send it off to them, and they'll have it back for me by the time I wake up in the morning! It's fantastic. The other thing I use it for is for doing market research. For example, I might want to find out about women's leadership conferences. So I'll put in a request that will say, "Please research the 20 women's leadership conferences for 2016 and 2017”. I might set up a Google doc for that, or a Google sheet with the headings, or just tell them what headings to put in the Google sheet, and send it off. And then, if it will take more than one request to complete ( a request like that would take more than 20 minutes), either I say to them in the initial request to go ahead and use as many as you like, or they automatically will write back and say, "Thank you, I've started this project, but it's going to take more than one request. I think it will take 3-4 requests". Then you have to agree, or not. The only real minus that I see with this service is that you don't get to choose your assistant, and you can't have the same assistant every time. It's whoever answers the email. First come, first serve. So sometimes the work is done better than other times, but usually, I'm very happy with the service. Lately, I've been using FancyHands a lot, especially for market research.


Here is a link to Fancy Hands: it is an affiliate link, which means two things:

You get 50% off your first month

I will get a couple of extra requests, I think, if you use that. To try FancyHands and get 50% off the first month click here

So, check them out, see if you like them, let me know. And that's it for today. So have an awesome week, thanks again to Brooke Davenport for coming onto the program, and go, be strong!


77. 070: Growing Your Idea Into a Business
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Mica May is the founder of May Designs and mother of three (including a son with down syndrome.)

Mica founded and is growing a multi-million dollar design and technology company, having started in the customizable notebook business. In this episode you will learn: That it’s important not to be afraid to fail. Fail often and fail quick. You should ask a lot of questions, especially about why something can't’ happen Delight your team and your customers We ask what does success mean for you? What is your best leadership style? Tell a story about your product, make everyday life more magical How having fun as part of your brand can be crucial Mica’s webiste: www.maydesigns.com

78. #SWC No. 6 90-Day Goal Setting
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Thank you so much for joining me today. This is a quick, short and practical podcast with tips and tools to help you set and reach your goals, however big or small they may be. We're in October now, coming up towards the end of the year and we can look at this time of the year in two different ways. One is that the year is slowing down, we're coming up to the holiday season, Thanksgiving and vacations; people will be away, and you kind of wait to start new projects until the beginning of the year, until January or February. That's one way of looking at things. The second way of looking at this time of the year is to do something different, and this is what I'm hoping that you're going to choose. This is what I'm doing now in my own mastermind. I set a 90-day goal which ends at mid-January, and I'm working hard on it, I'm not stopping. I will, of course, stop for holiday time but I'm not going to be stopping and lazing around with my goals because I don't want to miss the end of the year. I don't want to wake up and think, "Oh, 2016 just flew past and I didn't get anything done." I don't want to be disappointed as I have been in past years. So, what I'm thinking for you is I want you to rock these next 90 days. Set a mid-January goal so that it'll take you right over the holiday season, right into the New Year. You'll be able to continue that momentum, and you'll be proud of what you have accomplished. So split up the next 90 days as I always say into chunks, months, so even though we're mid-October now, you can go to mid-November, mid-December, mid-January. Write this down. It's crucial to write these things down. Split them into chunks of months and then split those months into weeks and make sure you set a weekly goal. It's important to write them down, and the other thing that's important is for you to talk to somebody else about it. Don't just do it in your own head and kind of try to figure things out. Talk to a friend or talk to your partner or talk to a coach and see if these goals are challenging and realistic. You don't want them to be small because there's no point of that. They shouldn't be too big, if you continuously don't reach your goals it's disappointing and defeating, and you might just give up. That's exactly the opposite of what I'd like to happen. So, please set up a 90-day plan for yourself. You don't need a whole mastermind for this. It can just be you and a friend and a partner or your coach and write them down, set the end date for mid-January. Get yourself through the holiday season with some energy, and you'll be amazed at the level of productivity that you'll get, and you'll be able to start that New Year with having some inertia, having some positive momentum which is what we want to keep doing. So that's it for this week. There are no brags this week. It is turning out to be a little bit harder than I originally thought for women to get on to the program and put themselves out there and record a one minute brag. So if you think you've got in you and you've been wanting to do it, please step up. Come on over to the website at www.thestrongwomensclub.com, press on that black button on the right that says, "Leave voicemail" and record a one-minute thing that you're proud of, something small that happened that you can share with the rest of us. You will inspire other women, and you will get your own boost of self-confidence; plus you'll be able to share it with other people. So please come on over and share your brags. I can't wait to hear them, and you can also prove to other women that it's not as hard or scary as it seems. The other thing is with your 90-day plans. You can share them with me at my email, or you can share them in the Facebook group. My email is edie@thestrongwomensclub.com, and the Facebook group is also The Strong Women's Club. Come and share them, let us know what you're working on. If you're having trouble figuring it out, ask us. Maybe somebody in the group would have a good suggestion for you. So thank you so much for listening. Have an awesome week. Please send in your brag and go, be strong!

79. 069: The Mom Leading the Ice Bucket Challenge
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When Nancy Frates’ son, Pete, was diagnosed with ALS in 2012, she was confused. Pete was a 27-year-old athlete and the only people she’d ever known with this disease were elderly already. Ever since that life-changing moment, she and her family have found their sense of purpose in working tirelessly to raise awareness about ALS and to stimulate funding for research.

Pete Frates inspired the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which quickly became a viral fundraising phenomenon.

Nancy talks to us about her family, the ways her own life has changed, and how the Ice Bucket Challenge was able to raise well over 200 million dollars.

Relevant links and resources: Nancy Frates’ TED Talk The ALS Association Pete Frates’ website:  https://petefrates.com

80. #SWC No. 5 Canva and Jan Bowen's Brag
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Welcome to #SWC #5.

This is a quick short and practical podcast with brags, tips, and tools to help you set and reach your goals, however, big and small they may be. Today's tool tip is Canva. I know most of you have probably already heard of Canva, but in case you haven't, I thought it would be an injustice if I didn't tell you about it. I use Canva all the time. It's free, simple graphic design software. You can do all of the graphics for your blogs, social media, invitations, and presentations.

You can upload your pictures, or you can use some that they have there for a tiny free.

What's also cool now is they have an app so you can do it all from you iPhone. It's not as convenient as doing it on your desktop or your laptop, but it is possible to do some last minute changes, or if you forgot something on your graphic, you could do it on your phone. You don't have to go back to your office and use your computer.

Their website is Canva.com.

All of the things that I endorse and tell you about on the program are things that I use a lot.

I can't teach you how to use Canva in this 5-minute podcast, but you don't need a lesson, you can try and do it on your own. If you do want some help you can scroll down to the bottom of their webpage, there's a section there called Tutorials where you can learn shortcuts, how to build a branding kit, how to combine colors well, how to use the right font for your message, and a lot more. I do love Canva, and I think that you'll be able to use it well so go ahead and try it out if you haven't already. Your Strong Women’s Brag! Jan Bowen is today's bragger! And I just saw on the Women in Tech snapchat channel; they're also doing something that's called Lady Brag. So this is a great trend that we are on, and I don't know if we started it but we're definitely doing it. Let's hear Jan Bowen, she tells us all about putting herself out there even if you feel a little bit uncomfortable about it, so let's hear it. And then you go and be strong! "Hi, my name is Jan Bowen, and my big win is that I stretched myself by recording a course that I wrote. It was filmed last week; the course is on intuition which is something I've lived my life according to, but I never taught formally. And I went out on a limb and put together a formal course on it. It was filmed, and the response so far has been phenomenal. I have several sponsors approaching me to host it and I'm submitting various outlines to decide what my best option is in going forward for it. And I couldn't' be happier with the results. So thanks for this forum in being able to talk a little bit about how we put ourselves out there. I love what you do and what you've pulled together as a community. So thanks!"

81. 068: What makes a person authentic? and Can you change a person's mind?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 24.03Mb)


Sheena Iyengar is a PhD in social psychology, a Professor at the Columbia Business School (since 1998), a former MIT School of Management faculty member, an author (The Art of Choosing), a TED speaker and more. She researches choice and decision-making and looks into three main ideas choosing, connecting and creating. Sheena is interested in who we are and how we construct ourselves – what choices we make and how we create an authentic being. Her experiments on social network analyses explores the way people build their social circle and how do we make choices about who will be our friends. Dr. Iyengar is fascinated by the power of choice, the power of connections, and the power of creativity and these are the three things she cares most about. In this episode we talk about: • How we present ourselves and how do we choose the people in our circles? • Structure (who you are lumped with at school, work etc.) plays a big role in how we build our social circles. Structures that we are forced into aren’t the best places to meet new friends. • At networking events people prefer to hang out with people they already know which is kind of contra productive. • People need to feel an authentic connection to bond. These kinds of scenarios can be reproduced but they feel artificial. • Can you change people’s choices? • What makes a person authentic? What does this even mean? • The correlation between self-disclosure and authenticity and how to getting the balance correct. • How the present electoral race in the USA reflects decision making and what people base their choices on. • Why her blindness is not an issue in her research or life and how she figures ways to end her limitations. • Her present research interests on the connection between authenticity and innovation. Resources mentioned on the podcast: • Sheena’s book: The Art of Choosing TED The Art of Choosing • Dr. Sheena Iyengar’s website: https://sheenaiyengar.com

82. #SWC No. 4
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 4.43Mb)


This is a quick, short, and practical podcast with tips and tools to help you set and reach your goals, however big or small they may be. And today we have a brag! This is the first brag, hopefully of many, and I'm so excited to have it here for you today. I am so proud of the woman who got up and had the nerve and just said something great about themselves, and I'm honored that you took the time to do it. A couple of other women have also done it, I'm just going to wait until next week to play the next one. I'll play one every week. Today's brag is from a wonderful woman in England, and her name is Ruth Smart, she is such a rockstar. So let’s hear her brag, and then we'll talk about it. “Hi, this is Ruth Smart. Earlier on today I stood up in a meeting at a political conference and asked a question of our Governor Minister, which was a really scary experience, and I probably made a complete mess of it, but I'm really pleased that I put my hand up and asked the question.” Thank you so much to Ruth Smart for sending in the first ever #SWC brag! I know some of you have been in similar situations, and I know that I have been, so why do you think it is so hard to get the nerve up to stand up in front of a room of people and simply ask a question or make a statement? It's really difficult to do. I guess we're afraid that people are looking at us, and we don't want to look silly. We don't want to say something that's not intelligent. Or what will people even think of us? Or why are they even looking at us? If you really break it down to see if that's true, when we look at other people standing up and asking simple questions or making a statement, and that is not what we're thinking about them. We respond to them in a relevant way, according to what they're saying. I always think of the other side of things. Think of what good will come if you do stand up and you do ask the question or make the simple statement. Others will agree with you or they will disagree with you, and then we have a situation where we have a conversation and you are the thought leader! You are the person who initiated, and people will start turning to you to further discuss it. It's such a simple thing to do. It's a little bit hard, but it's also very worthwhile.

A perfect brag for this week! I'm not going to add any more for this week. I want these episodes to be very very short, and I'm sure with time they will have a more polished format, but for now this is going to be good enough.

I just want to get it out there. It doesn't have to be perfect. I want to present these ideas and give a platform for you, for you to be able to be able to say things that you're proud of and get the confidence. And you are really going to inspire other women, as I'm sure that Ruth has with her simple statement of what she did this week. I'm very proud of her. I really want to hear what you have done lately and what you can brag about. So, go on over to the website at thestrongwomensclub.com. There's a black button on the right, it say's "Leave Voicemail", all you have to do is click on it. It's very simple. You have a little bit of time; I think it's up to about 90 seconds for you to record your win. You could listen to yourself afterwards to make sure it sounds like you want it to sound, but don't obsess over it, just record it and send it in and I'll play it just like we did with Ruth Smart's. Have a wonderful week everybody. This has really made my week. Thank you again, Ruth, you really are inspiring other women to do great things just with that one small gesture. Thank you again, and go and be strong.

83. 067: Women's Sexual Empowerment
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Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus is a frequent speaker about women’s sexual empowerment, couples communication, healthy relationships and body image. Dr. Jenn has an online course about desire, designed for women in long-term relationships.

In today’s podcast, the subject matter is sex. We mention some body parts and sexual acts, all in a respectful and informative way. If you do not want to hear an episode about sex, then skip over this one.


What you’ll hear in the podcast:

How to talk to your older teens about sex

How people prefer not to be in awkward situations, over discussing important subjects

How women managers are more collaborative, men are more likely to take ownership of a group

How critical thinking skills also apply to situations where sex is involved

How shame in sex makes us shut down. There is nothing positive about shame and guilt.

Links and resources: Dr. Jenn’s website: http://www.drjennsden.com Dr. Jenn’s talk on Youtube: Sex & the Price of Masculinity - A Personal Story about Consent Violation Dr. Jen’’s TEDx talk on Sexuality and Shame Dr. Jenn’s Youtube channel: In the Den with Dr. Jenn Dr. Jenn’s e-book: Am I Normal? A Woman’s Guide to Female Sexuality 

84. #SWC No. 3
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 4.57Mb)


Welcome to #SWC Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Thank you so much for joining me on #SWC. This is a quick, short and practical podcast with tips and tools to help you set and reach your goals, however, big or small they may be. Remember to record your brag!

Click on the button that says Send Voicemail. Record a short story, something that you're proud of. Let's get used to saying how great we are!

So go ahead and do it!

I'll play it back on the show. You'll inspire other women with your story. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask We all know, and studies support, what's obvious: women are not promoted, nor are they paid, as much as men. That's a fact. A little while ago I read a book called "Women Don't Ask" by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever, and they talk about this exact subject.

So read it, buy it. You need to take action to get ahead. Put yourself out there and ask. Here are 5 points that will help you get there: Tell yourself why you deserve what you're asking for. Mindset is everything here so get your facts in line. Do some research about the market, about your peers, about your own track record. Get those numbers ready, be prepared. Write down where you met and exceeded your goals. Where you earned more for the company, or you saved the company’s resources, you got more clients, or you made more sales. Whatever it is, know your numbers. Have those ready. Know that getting a raise or getting this promotion will mean that somebody else will not. Whether you like it or not this is a competition, and you're in it to win it. You are not working in a vacuum. You are better than your counterparts, so don't be afraid of stating the facts. However, never ever throw your colleagues under a bus. Don't badmouth. There's no need for it. Don't blame them. But you could be potentially asked in that conversation why you and not somebody else. So know the answer to that question ahead of time. Expect pushback. Put yourself in your boss's shoes and think about what you would say in their position to somebody asking for a raise or promotion. Again, be prepared. Practice as if you are going to a job interview. Practice in front of somebody else. If you can't find somebody else, practice in front of your cat or your plant. Just practice a few times and this will help you not forget also what you want to say. You know even, along the lines of forgetting, it's legitimate to take in a piece of paper with notes on it for you to look at and be sure you don't forget something important. That's also perfectly fine. But go ahead and practice. How are you going to feel if you don't ask? Are you going to resent your workplace? Are you going to resent the other people that did ask and did get what they wanted? If you really believe that you're worth more than what you're getting, go ask for it. Your job satisfaction depends on it. If you don't ask, you will never get. Nobody is going to volunteer to give you more money just from the good of their hearts. Not usually. Go ask! Thank you for joining me on #SWC and remember: GO BE STRONG!


85. 066: TV Democratic Analyst and Speaking Mentor
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 26.26Mb)


Carol Cox is a Democratic Party TV analyst in Florida.  She also helps women create their signature talks and to brand themselves.

In this episode you will learn: How you must have the right network and a great platform How women must become role models for other women How you need to speak a lot to get good results How you need to personalize your talks according to your audience How women in office advocate for women’s issues and legislation How your brand is not what you say it is, it’s what others perceive Links mentioned in the podcast: Carol’s site: Speaking Your Brand Gift for The Strong Women’s Club listeners! 


86. #SWC No. 2
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 4.58Mb)


Bring on your brag!

Click on the black button here on the right side of the page. Record a short story of something you’re proud of, something brag-worthy, no matter how small.

We need to get used to thinking how great we are!

So think of something that you’ve done that you’re proud of.

Maybe getting the kids to school on time every day this week.

Maybe you had houseguests at the same time.

Maybe you handed in your first assignment for the PhD you’re working on. Anything big or small, let’s hear your brags! I’ll play them on the following #SWC episode. You will inspire other women with your wins!

Now for today’s tool tip!

Today’s tool is something that I have used for a long time, and I have recommended to the Strong Women’s Club private Facebook group. The tool is called Workflowy, and their tag line is: Organize Your Brain (wouldn’t that be awesome?)

To try Workflowy, click here

Workflowy is a super-simple web app, and also an app on your smart phone which sync automatically. You don’t have to do anything, so if you’re working on your phone it will turn up on your computer and vice versa. Magic!

What it is Workflowy? It’s a bulleted list that you can use any way you wish. It’s telescopic, meaning you can go deeper and deeper into each bullet. You can turn any bullet into a new page and then that page would go even deeper in that list. It’s a very simple program, no bells and whistles. The page is white, it’s clear, and it’s free. On the first page you could write general titles, for example: blog posts, groceries, or vacation planning. Then under each bullet you can indent.

Each Bullet can also become a whole new page. You can then cross them off, you can share them, or delete. Very simple, very straight forward. I’ve started organizing everything on Workflowy.

Try Workflowy, click here

If you click on the links here, you get an extra 250 bullets for free, and so do I ☺

Thanks very much everybody for listening.

Don’t forget to record your brags!!

I think we are all going to love hearing each other and being inspired by each other’s small wins. And we will get to hear your voices, and meet you. Introduce yourself and tell your brag. It’s quick and easy. Don’t obsess about it just do it.

Have a really great day everybody and stay strong! Edie

87. 065: Ann Mahoney - Olivia on The Walking Dead
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Ann Mahoney, who you know as Olivia in The Walking Dead, is an actress, director, author, teacher and mom. Ann knew from a very young age that acting will be her career, and has worked and studied hard to reach her present status. Ann has written and spoken against how women are usually portrayed in media, which we also discuss in today’s show. Ann also gives us a few tips on how to deal with nervousness before giving presentations or getting on stage, and how it’s important to keep your sense of wonder despite rejections and disappointments. Ann is in a new TV series playing Gladys Presley starting in March 2017, and is also in a new movie entitled Same Kind of Different As Me, which also stars Renee Zellweger and John Voight.

Links and resources mentioned: Ann Mahoney’s website The Walking Dead: Season 7 - starts October 23rd  Million Dollar Quartet Country - new TV series coming in March 2017  Same Kind of Different As Me - New movie coming in February 2017  Socialwerk Picture It Embrace 

88. 064: Think Big and Take Courageous Action
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Tzameret Fuerst inspires audiences globally with her unique entrepreneurial journey in Africa, sharing how she was able to take a big idea and transform it into a global commercial and impactful reality, despite multiple roadblocks along the way. In every challenge that Tzameret has accepted, she has faced it in a massive way to have huge impact.


In the podcast you will learn: About Tzameret’s work and about the strategic mindset that powers it to be able to be scaled on a global level.

About how thinking small and thinking big take exactly the same amount of time, so go ahead and reach for the stars!

How you should dream big, and surround yourself with people who enable you to do it.

How being in your 40’s can be totally awesome!

How being an entrepreneur is hard, really hard, and you need to stick with it.

How you should concentrate on what you’re good at. Tzameret is the Co-Founder and former CEO of Circ MedTech, developers of PrePex, a device that is helping the fight against AIDS in Africa, with a non-surgical procedure for adult male circumcision that markedly reduces the chances of contracting HIV.

Links mentioned in the podcast: Tzameret presenting before a live audience of 13,000 in Washington DC Tzameret’s TEDx talk about loneliness among the elderlyTzameret Fuerst on LinkedIn PrePex


89. 063: Obstacle Course and Extreme Racing Champion
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 25.21Mb)


Margaret Schlachter was the first female professional athlete in the sport of obstacle course racing when she turned pro in 2012. She tells us how she started, and what made her continue even though she couldn’t finish her first race due to extreme hypothermia. Margaret’s website Dirt In Your Skirt was the first online space for women in obstacle racing. She has written for and been featured in Self, Shape, Trailrunner Magazine and many other media outlets as an expert in the sport of Obstacle & Extreme Racing. Margaret is now Editor-in-Chief for Mud Run Guide.com, the largest website in the world for obstacle racing. She hosts a weekly podcast called Dirt in Your Skirt - The Podcast, works with a select group of clients and continues to provide consultations and consulting to athletes and race organizations. Resources mentioned in this episode: Margaret’s book: Obstacle Race Training: How to Beat Any Course, Compete Like a Champion and Change Your Life Alan Watts: The Way of Zen Tough Mudder Margaret’s website: DirtInYourSkirt.com MudRunGuide.com

Rate and Review: If you have a couple of minutes, it would be really nice of you to leave an honest rating and review on iTunes. It will help other women like you to find the program and for it to get noticed a little more.

90. #SWC No. 1
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We have something new on the Strong Woman's Club, it's called #SWC, and today is the first episode! They are going to be small mini episodes between our regular episodes with guest interviews.

I will be talking about tools and tips,things that I would like to teach and things I feel that are important to talk about. The impetuous for starting this week is that I have an important birthday, important to me. I'll be 50 and I never thought it was going to affect me in any way, but it is.

I want to share with you a few things. One is that I have organized for myself a big birthday party and I am going to tell you why.

Mainly, it is because I love celebrations, but this time I feel like it's a good reason to celebrate.

I feel good, I am really healthy, and my children are all doing very well.

I am in love with my husband.

I am starting to do a lot of things that are exciting to me and I have this bubbling enthusiasm not very deep under the surface, and I want to dance about it!

I want to have fun!

Another reason is that two years ago when it was my husband Eyal’s 50th birthday, we couldn't celebrate. We couldn't celebrate because there was a war in Israel that summer and there was really nothing to celebrate about. And we didn't, we just didn't. Now it is a whole different year, whole different time, and everybody feels good and why not? I heard on another podcast a couple of days ago where they said, "the good ole days are now". That is so true!

They are now, so when you look back on the good ole days, why look back? Why not enjoy it right now? Pay attention to how we are feeling. I like to appreciate what I have and I do really have a lot. So I am having a big party at the house. It's just drinking and dancing and not much food. A lot of friends, probably close to 70 or 80 or 90 people, I don't even know. I unintentionally put a public event invitation on Facebook, so hopefully I will get a lot of friends coming and not a ton of people that I don't know. I don't really care, I just want to have lots and lots of dancing. It’s a 60's party, everyone is going to come dressed up as hippies and I am kind of excited, as you can tell. So this is what's new in the podcast. It's not usually going to be about me, it's going to be tools and things that I can teach you. Today's message is to enjoy life. Appreciate the good parts, make a big deal about the small things that are good. I wanted to say, "live life to the fullest," but that's kind of big and grandiose. The message is more, "pay attention to the beautiful moments." I often say that to my kids. That this life is not a dress rehearsal, this is the real thing, that time is not going to come back. Use it well, appreciate it and learn from it. Do it now, do something now. If you have a chance to do it, just go ahead and do it. Don't over think things, enjoy! One of the things that I appreciate very much is you, my friends who listen to the podcast. I also appreciate the work that the women who are my guests do, and that I get the honor of having them here, highlighting the work that they do and being able to talk to them.

So, I want to say thank you to my listeners and to my guests and let you know that I really truly appreciate you. I hope you enjoy these mini versions of the podcast. I am going to try and do them weekly, but if not, I will do them as often as I can. They are called #SWC, and will be tips and tricks and tools. Or something like that. I haven't polished the name yet, but it doesn't matter. It will be small pearls of wisdom from me and hopefully will be useful, something that you can use. Thank you again, this podcast would be nothing without my guests and without my listeners, and without my editors, and I really do appreciate you. So everybody have a really great day, all of us, and stay strong! Edie

91. 062: National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)
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Crystal Arredondo is the Immediate Past Chairwoman for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and currently chairs the NAWBO Institute for Entrepreneurial Development.

NAWBO is the leading non-partisan, non-profit association for women business owners founded in 1975. In its 41 year history, Crystal was the first woman under 40 to lead the organization.

Crystal also has her own business in Dallas called MPACT Financial Group, which was ranked as one of the fastest growing private companies by Inc500 in 2013 and Inc5000 in 2016.

Links mentioned on the program: Crystal’s financial planning company MPACT National Association of Women Business Owners 2016 National Women’s Business Conference Rate and Review:

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I really appreciate it!

Thanks a lot, have a great day, And stay strong!

92. 061: The Suitcase Entrepreneur
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 21.78Mb)


Natalie Sisson is a Freedomist, a word she invented to describe how she does business to support the lifestyle she wants. Natalie has lived in 69 places up till now, exploring, playing Ultimate Frisbee, surfing, going to conferences and taking her very successful business with her.

Natalie teaches others how to choose their own Freedom Lifestyle and then how to go get it!

In this episode you’ll hear about: • The virtue of being organized, detailed and knowing your intentions (setting priorities and seeing them through by being clear). • What the ‘nomad’ lifestyle can offer and the challenges being an opportunity for growth. • Asking what you want from life – really, why not ask? • The Freedom Plan – learn from Natalie, in a comprehensive program, how you can apply her ideas to your own life and get some of what she has and you deserve. • Working on your mindset, your business model and lifestyle (what do you want for yourself?) Links mentioned: • Freedom labs Wherever I Lay My Hat LyricsNatalie's TEDx Talk 

Where to find Natalie: • Suitcase Entrepreneur (Natalie’s website) • Natalie’s Twitter 

93. 060: Healing Minds and Societies of Trauma
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 23.72Mb)


Justine Hardy is a trauma psychologist and author, having worked in South Asia for more than 25 years. Justine shares with us her journey, taking us to Kashmir’s war zone, England and the United States – all places where she has treated people in need. She established Healing Kashmir, a center that helps people in this war torn area deal with their trauma, fear and anxiety. In the UK, Justine works in hospitals with patients immediately after they have a failed suicide attempt.

The story she tells is not easy but it is uplifting and leaves you feeling that there is hope and ways to heal.

In this episode we talk about: • The stigma of mental health and suicide and the help available • Her own PTSD experience from being long periods in Kashmir and how she learned to understand what she was experiencing and knowing she could deal with it • The role of women as the keepers of ‘normal life’ and how they are the holders of the “fabric of society” despite their own traumas • How we can function even when we suffer from anxiety or live in high anxiety conditions • Shifting from the curative approach to the preventive approach where we can understand our own minds and how to deal with changes in our feelings and moods • How we need to know that love of ourselves and others is the way to happiness Links mentioned: Healing Kashmir Justine’s Website

94. 059: Rio 2016 Paralympics Here She Comes!!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 35.24Mb)


Patricia Walsh will be competing in the first ever Paralympic Triathlon!

Patricia tells the story of her blindness and accomplishments on this week’s podcast. She explains how through sport she was able to get out of a deep depression, continue to university and competitive running. Patricia had multiple mountains to overcome, including her parent’s divorce, isolation in her blindness and being told that she must give up on her intellectual dreams.

You’ll hear the surprising details of how she ran marathons without a partner, learned to swim at a very late age despite having panic attacks and how her fist attempt at a triathlon was a half-ironman!

Patricia is a sought-after public speaker and author, and gives seminars on motivation, overcoming obstacles and creating a winning mindset.

Good luck Patricia at the 2016 Rio Olympics!! We are rooting for you!!


Links mentioned in this podcast: • Patricia’s website  • Patricia’s book: Blind Ambition: How to Envision Your Limitless Potential and Achieve the Success You WantTriathlon Summer Paralympics Rio 2016 US Association for Blind Athletes –Two Are Better Than One -Patricia’s TalkPatricia Walsh Ironman Triathlete: Operation NiceJessica Jones Meyers (Patricia’s Triathlete Partner)

95. 058: A life-changing Experience Leads to WWII, Taking Chances and Serving a Bigger Cause
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 31.12Mb)


Therese Hughes had a kidney transplant 19 years ago and it changed her life. Therese is a photographer and a writer from California. Her exhibition is entitled “In a Heartbeat”, where she shows photographs and tells the stories of American women veterans from WWII up until today. In the podcast you will hear: How Therese’s family never spoke about her mom being in the US Navy How Therese discovered her own family history after both of her parents passed How Therese celebrates two birthdays: the day she was born and the day she got her kidney transplant How she now sees the world differently How women in the military don’t have a voice, never received honors, are not recognized How women who might look unremarkable have remarkable lives and stories to tell Why women chose to serve their country If, given another chance, would these women do it again?? Women in the military see themselves as peacekeepers. Therese Hughes is celebrating these women with her exhibition and book.

Resources mentioned in today’s podcast: You can find Therese, learn more about her work and write to her on her Facebook community page:

Military Women: WWII to Present Project Therese Agnes Hughes’s LinkedIn page Navy Times The United State of Women African American Women from the Six Triple A Battalion Women in International Security Ceremonial Entrance to Arlington National Cemetery - The site for the Women's Memorial In a Heartbeat: Military Women: WWII to Present Project Therese Hughe’s Blog Thank you for listening, Have a really great day, And Stay Strong! Edie


96. 057: Women's Audio Mission: Empowering Women Through Sound
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 25.94Mb)


Noelle Duncan is a recording artist, songwriter, and performer. She has also worked at Women’s Audio Mission for 5 years and before that as a marketing professional and copywriter for various nonprofit organizations such as Women Impacting Public Policy and Aorta Magazine. Noelle started interning at WAM in 2010 and was hired in 2011 and is now a Development and Communications Associate and instructor in electronic music production at WAM.

“In a field where women are chronically under-represented (less than 5%), WAM seeks to "change the face of sound" by providing hands-on training, experience, career counseling and job placement to women and girls in media technology for music, radio, film, television and the internet.”

In this episode you will learn: • That Noelle is a music producer/song writer in her own right and loves teaching women to use technology. She loves empowering women/girls with tech. music knowledge. • WAM (est. 2003) is a one of a kind nonprofit project that gives women the tools to learn and work in a male dominated industry • Also the only built and run by women recording studio in the world • Have an online audio training option - on Sound Channel with over 7,000 students from 93 countries (all gender). This course is also part of several College sound curriculums. • Community events include adults and youth programs are free and serve over 850 girls in the Bay area yearly, funded by philanthropy and corporate sponsors. • They have a project for girls to create their own podcasts - to really talk about things that matter to them, they have the ability, using technology, to reach a global audience - and WAM gives them the tools to do this. • Also host community events such as the Local Sirens: Women in Music Festival, a free, quarterly performance series featuring incredible local women musicians and performers in neighborhood venues. • Annually they go to the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention which is 95% men – they are the only women’s organization there. • There is a link between the ways women are socialized around technology and to fear it – this is a barrier to gaining skills to produce content. • There are also economic barriers to accessing creative technology tools.

Noelle’s advice to young women: Be persistent and don’t be afraid of technology! It is a tool to get your ideas across.


Resources mentioned in the show: Women’s Audio Mission Sound Channel Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention

Thank you so much for listening, Have a really great day, And Stay Strong!!

97. 056: Why Are Mastermind Groups Effective?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 32.21Mb)


Dr. Judith Coche, owner and founder of the Coche Center in Philadelphia. She is a nationally recognized expert on intimate relationships and has been on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Oprah, talking about her work. In our conversation Judith talks about how: --Women combine logic with intuition --It’s very hard not to change when you’re in a group --People can be committed to making changes in their lives, but have trouble doing it alone --Groups create support and provide a foundation so that people can live optimal lives --To love is the greatest human need --Good self-care is the key so we need to take care of ourselves first Plus a lot more!

Links and resources mentioned in the podcast: -Can This Marriage Be Saved, cover story of New York Times Magazine, by Laurie Abraham  --Coche Center --The Power of Love: Judith’s TEDx talk  --Judith’s books 

Be sure to take care of yourself first! Your homework for this week is to do something you don’t usually do to take care of yourself. And then tell me what you did! Tell me here: Twitter @edieberg Email: edie@thestrongwomensclub.com Snapchat: edieberg Can’t wait to hear all about it! Thank you for listening, Have a really great day, And stay strong!!

98. 055: Blair Braverman: Dogsled Racer and Author
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 29.45Mb)


Blair Braverman left her home and family in California to find her life in the north. She's a talented author, adventurer, dogsled racer, and a fulfiller of her own dreams. Blair fought and won struggles to succeed in a male-dominated world, but it wasn't always easy.

Blair's website: BlairBraverman.com, where you can read excerpts of the stories she's written.

Blair's new book: Welcome to the Goddam Ice Cube comes out July 2016, published by Ecco/HarperCollins.

Read it! And welcome to the world Buffy and her brothers and sisters!

99. 054: Women's Voices Now: Fostering International Dialogue on Women's Rights Through Film
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 28.26Mb)


Heidi Basch-Harod is the Executive Director of Women’s Voices Now, which promotes the free expression of women’s struggles for civil, economic, political and gender rights worldwide. WVN accomplishes this by providing free online platforms for film, art, writing, and social-media activism. Watch the short movies for free on the website at WomensVoicesNow.org.

Heidi knew she wanted to be an activist ever since she was 10 years old and heard her grandfather’s stories and advice after having survived the holocaust. Heidi has gathered women’s stories and experiences from all over the world, and is devoting her work to giving these women a platform and a voice.

100. 053: Candid and personal discussion about gender equality and how millennials see their future
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 29.58Mb)


When the opportunity arose to have a real conversation with my daughter, Maya, and record it for the Strong Women's Club I grabbed it! Wouldn't you??

We talk about her work in the Israeli army, growing up with three brothers, how our divorce affected her, gender equality and more.

What does it mean for her, and others her age, to be a strong woman? Do they even need to think about it, or can they take being treated equally for granted?

101. 052: How to Get Out of Debt, and Stay Out
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 26.29Mb)


Lauren is a mom of four and a recovering spender who - with her husband - figured out how to get out of $40,000 of debt. They sold their house, Lauren waitressed and became an extreme couponer. She then started blogging about her experiences. Lauren and Mark now mentor others to take control of their finances. Lauren has appeared on Dr. Oz, The Today Show and other national TV shows.

102. 051: Religious Freedom and Strong Convictions
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 24.29Mb)


Anat Hoffman is the Executive Director of the Israel Religious Action Center and is the director and a founding member of Women of the Wall. Anat works 24/7 to bring equality and religious freedom to Judaism in Israel, particularly fighting for women's equality and for the freedom of Jewish expression and practice in Israel, where there is no separation of religion and state.

Anat talks about her life growing up in her brother's shade and how that contributed to her becoming the activist that she is.

She also shares her advice for when choosing a life partner.

You can contact Anat at womenofthewall.org

Let me know what you think of this episode and the subjects Anat brings up. You can join the discussion on our Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SWCmembersonly

See you there! Have a truly awesome day, and stay strong! Edie


103. 050: Who is Edie Berg?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 33.22Mb)


Today’s episode I talk to myself … a lot!

No special guest stars this week, only me, talking about what I’ve done so far, hardships and hiccups in the past, and plans for this show in the next year.

I tell you about my past experiences, the motivation behind the podcast, why I choose to empower women and motivate them to reach their dreams. This is a wonderful new adventure for me that carries with it a heavy importance and a mission.

The mission is to teach women and show them through real life stories that it is never too late to fulfill their dreams. This podcast is not fluff or abstract or cliché’s. I talk to real women who have worked hard, had bumps and lumps along the way, and are sharing their stories with us so that we can learn from them. Today's episode is personal and a little revealing, but not TMI, I hope. And as I talk to you my thoughts become clearer and my message stronger. Let me know what you think about today's episode.

You are the reason I do the podcast and I truly appreciate you, the wonderful women in this club! Check out the mastermind program. The prices are still really low. See if it's something you would find beneficial to get to the place you want to me in 3 months time. The website is http://www.thestrongwomensclub.com/mastermind. Thank you so much for listening, Have a really great day, and stay strong!! Edie

104. 049: Would You Donate Your Kidney to a Stranger?
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This week’s guest is Lori Palatnik, who is a public speaker, a blogger, a teacher and an author of a number of books, the latest is entitled “Turn your husband into your soulmate”. Lori and a group of other women established the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project which you can find at www.jwrp.org. Lori talks about becoming orthodox, establishing the JWRP and donating her kidney to somebody she didn’t know before the donation process began. Today’s episode marks the end of the recent series of Strong Women in Israel. Join the Strong Women’s Club at http://www.thestrongwomensclub.com/. I’m excited to meet you there! Have a really great day and stay strong! Edie

105. 048: IWF: Connecting Women Around the World to Build Better Global Leadership
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The International Women’s Forum Cornerstone Conference was in Tel-Aviv this week, May 2016. As a member of the media, I was able to listen to lectures, interview prominent women, soak up the positive energy that was buzzing throughout and talk to the organizers and one of the sponsors. IWF understands the power of the group, the mentoring and teaching. One of its main missions is to cultivate young women leaders, as well as exchange ideas, learn and inspire and build leadership. In this episode you will hear:

How women can be confident without apology How we can be leaders without belittling How we can brag about our accomplishments without ego How we can push limits and erase boundaries There are five short interviews in today’s episode: Crosby Cromwell: Director of External Affairs and Partnerships at IWF Dr. Mina Teicher: Professor of Mathematics and Neural Computation, ex-Chief Scientist of Israel Dr. Cady Coleman: NASA Astronaut Claudia Patton: Chief Talent Officer at Edelman Asma Chaabi: Moroccan Parliamentarian, first Moroccan female mayor, artist Mich Atagana: Head of Communications and Public Affairs for Google South Africa Ziva Patir: Previously the Director General of the Standards Institution of Israel, currently co-CEO at Patir Consultants The podcast is very different this week to its usual format. I look forward to hearing your feedback. What do you think? Let me know on Facebook or at edie@thestrongwomensclub.com Have a great day and stay strong! Edie

106. 047: Laughing through breast cancer
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Ibtisam Erekat and Ruth Ebenstein met at a support group for Muslim, Jewish and Christian women with breast cancer. They became best friends despite both being devoutly religious and living on opposite sides of the green line. Their story is unusual and inspiring. If you want to learn more about them or have them speak at your event or school, you can find them at www.laughthroughbreastcancer.com.

When we are open to meeting people who we might not understand, who are different to us, who we don't necessarily agree with politically but have so much in common with it cannot be ignored, then we are open to learning and listening, and our hearts can open where our heads may be shut off.

I hope you enjoy this interview, it's important.

107. 046: Branding a country
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Joanna Landau talks about the process she used when, a bit late in the game, she changed her professional direction.

Joanna is the founder of Vibe Israel, a company that is rebranding Israel, with positive emphasis on Israel’s creative energies. You can check it out at www.vibeisrael.com. If you are also thinking of what your dream job would be, and how you could possibly use the skills you have now while changing your direction, then this episode has a lot of practical tips for you.

Remember to check out the details of our mastermind program at www.thestrongwomensclub.com/mastermind Thank you for listening to the show, Have a really great day, And stay strong!! Edie

108. 045: It takes mental resilience to win! Strong Women in Israel!
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All about mental toughness today!

Continuing with my series on Strong Women in Israel, Yael Arad is on the show! Israel’s first olympic medalist, Yael talks about how mental resilience helped her break through the 7th-place barrier and go on to win a silver medal at the Barcelona olympics in judo and then the gold medal at the European Championships the year after that, as well as many other medals in her long judo career.

We also talk about mental toughness in general, elaborating on these points: Make connections Take care of yourself Accept that change is part of living Move towards your goals Take decisive actions The website has had a facelift! Check out the new site at the old address: http://www.thestrongwomensclub.com/

And have a look at the mastermind program. The introductory sale is still on, but only for the month of May,

So be sure not to miss it!

Have a really great day, and stay strong! Edie

109. 044: Want to see more women speakers at conferences? Make it happen!
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Hana Rado is not just talking about women needing to be at least 50% of speakers at conferences and of every panel, she is making it super-easy for organizers to find female speakers. Hana, with 11 other women, founded Supersonas.com, where you can choose from over 1000 highly-qualified women to speak at your event, whatever the topic. Supersonas is global, with the first branch outside of Israel in New York.

Hana is energetic and inspirational, and her advice to young women: Surround yourself with people who fill you with positive energy and believe in you!!

110. 043: Smart Women are Financially Literate
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 20.62Mb)


Today’s interview was conducted in a hotel lobby, face to face, so there is quite a bit of background noise. Still, I find it’s a lot more fun to interview people this way, as opposed to over Skype, so I’ll keep doing in person interviews whenever I get the opportunity.

Barbara Stewart, CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) researches and writes about women and finance. She speaks globally about issues relating to women, money and financial literacy.

Barbara has written many useful and easy to understand articles which you can find on her website www.BarbaraStewart.ca. Barbara's advice is to work with your strengths, be deliberate about going for the things that interest you and try to talk more about your accomplishments to others.

Thank you, Barbara, for taking the time out of your schedule to talk to The Strong Women’s Club!

111. 042: Medicine Meets Mindfulness
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Dr. Romie talks about her life-changing illness and surgery and how she changed her entire way of thinking and treating patients. She uses mindfulness and integrative medicine in her clinic and is spreading the word all around the country. Mainly, Dr. Romie says we are not alone and that we should all recognize our BSC (Bat Shit Crazy) and learn how to deal with it. You can find her at DrRomie.com We are continuing with our introductory offer for the Mastermind program. Visit our website for all the information you need and to apply at www.thestrongwomensclub.com/mastermind Thank you for listening,

Have a really great day, And stay strong! Edie

112. 041: Prof Meg Urry President of the American Astronomical Society
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Professor Meg Urry is the President of the American Astronomical Society, and was the Chair of the Physics Department at Yale from 2007 to 2013. Professor Urry also actively works at increasing the number of women in the physical sciences.

We learn from Prof. Urry how sometimes it’s good to work stage-to-stage, step-by-step, towards your goals. She also talks about how being pregnant can be empowering! And… Check out The Strong Women’s Mastermind! Joining one of these groups will be no less than life-changing for anybody who is committed to the journey. Plus, you’ll have a group of women you can lean on and trust from all over the world.

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113. 040: Turn your struggle into strength!
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Brittney Hogan built her business Virago Fitness one tank top at a time after her newlywed husband was killed as a marine in Afghanistan. Fitness saved her from her depression and drinking. Now Brittney's mission is to promote the use of fitness to cope with life's uncontrollable changes and inspire post-traumatic growth.

Check out her site at www.virago-fitness.com

And we have masterminds!!!

Read a bit more about our program at www.thestrongwomensclub.com/mastermind

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114. 039: Dr Alyson McGregor: Sex and Gender differences in medicine
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We have Strong Women’s Masterminds!! Listen to the end of today’s show to get more details. And you can go to http://www.thestrongwomensclub.com/mastermind to get more information.

Today’s guest is Dr. Alyson McGregor, and Associate Professor at Brown University, who teaches us about the difference between the terms sex and gender, and how they need to be handled differently in emergency rooms and in treating women in general. Alyson is an Acute Care specialist. You can see her and learn more about the differences when treating men and women in her TED talk entitled: “Why Medicine Often Has Dangerous Side Effects for Women”.

Join us on our FaceBook group, in our Strong Women’s Mastermind, and on the website http://www.thestrongwomensclub.com

Have a really great day, And Stay Strong! Edie

115. 038: Hilla Ovil Brenner: Strong Women in Israel
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Strong Women in Israel! In this episode Hilla Ovil Brenner talks about how: • It’s important not to stay out of the game too long • You should network with women who have the same mindset as you • She founded Google Campus TLV for Moms • Things will take longer than you think, so don’t get discouraged • Investors need you just as much as you need them! Thank you so much for listening and being part of the Strong Women’s Club! Check us out at http://www.thestrongwomensclub.com/ Have a really great day and stay strong!! Edie

116. 037: Lina Khalifa: Strong Women in Sport
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Lina Khalifeh is from Jordan, and she is the Founder of SheFighter " A Self-Defense Studio for women in the Middle East". She has started her studio because of the high rate of violence against women in society and the region. She found the one real solution to violence against women is training women Self-Defense in order to protect themselves. Lina has won first place at Women in Business that was held at the United Nations in Geneva, and she was mentioned by President Barack Obama during his speech at the White House in 2015. Lina’s website: www.shefighter.com Come on over to http://www.thestrongwomensclub.com/ , get your free copy of “Strong Women Say”, and stay up to date with what we’re talking about. Have a great day, and Stay Strong!! Edie

117. 036: Christmas Abbot: Strong Women in Sport
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Christmas Abbott has broken down numerous barriers as one of the first women in NASCAR, a spearhead in the fitness community, a fearlessly authentic model, a National Best Selling author, and an inspirational figure to all. You can find out more about her at www.christmasabbott.com Come on over to http://www.thestrongwomensclub.com/ and sign up to get your freebie, and join our club!

Can’t wait to meet you,

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118. 035: Rabbi Susan Silverman: Strong Women in Israel
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Rabbi Susan Silverman is an activist, teacher, and an author. Susan is one of the brave women involved in WOW: Women of the Wall, where she was famously arrested.

Susan has five children, three daughters, two sons. Both sons were adopted from Ethiopia.

Susan has three sisters, two of which are famous comediennes, Laura and Sarah. Susan’s husband, Yosef Abramowitz is also very well known here in Israel as a human rights activist, a three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and a global social entrepreneur who was the first to commercially harvest solar energy in Israel In this episode you will hear Susan speak about her work with the African refugees in Israel, about her home life growing up, and about how she thinks you should just adopt.

The links mentioned in today’s show: The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) Hotline for Refugees and Migrants Jerusalem African Community Center (JACC) Just Adopt Book: Casting Lots: Creating a Family in a Beautiful, Broken World STUCK by Both Ends Burning Thank you for listening today, I very much appreciate you! Join the Club at http://www.thestrongwomensclub.com/ Have a great day, And Stay Strong!!

119. 034: Strong Women in Science: Dr. Afaf Meleis
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Today’s guest on the podcast: Dr. Afaf Meleis, internationally renowned nurse scientist and medical sociologist. She talks to us about some of her major life decisions and how they have enabled her to have such a large impact on the world.

Dr. Meleis’s writings and research have had an impact on advancing nursing knowledge in global health and women’s health. Much of her life’s work has been dedicated to uncovering the experiences and the voices of vulnerable women.

Afaf Meleis knew from a young age that she wanted to change and improve the world, and her journey has been driven by this throughout her life, both personally and professionally. If you are able to adopt one message from today’s podcast it should be:

Allow for serendipity in your life, so that you can take advantage of opportunities that occur. Thank you for listening today!

Come sign up to be a member of The Strong Women’s Club at http://www.thestrongwomensclub.com/

Have a great day and stay strong! Edie

120. 033: Stay Safe, Live Healthy and Eat Well with Food Allergies
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Sonia Hunt is the President of Neyya, a new wearables technology company based out of San Francisco, CA.

Sonia is also the Executive Producer of a digital lifestyle brand that is focused on helping people with dietary restrictions, food issues and food allergies to ‘Stay Safe, Live Healthy and Eat Well’.

You can see Sonia’s TEDx talk here: Stay Safe, Live Healthy and Eat Well with Food Allergies

The beautiful wearable smart ring is here: http://www.myneyya.com

And Sonia’s personal website is here: http://soniahunt.com

Thanks for being part of The Strong Women’s Club! Come see what else we have at http://www.thestrongwomensclub.com/

Have a great day, and stay strong!

121. 032: Strong Women in Science: Cosmologist Prof. Renee Hlozek
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Renée Hlozek is a Cosmologist. She is a Professor of Astronomy at the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Toronto. Her research focuses on theoretical cosmology and statistical methods in cosmology. Renee is a TED Senior Fellow. Here is a link to Renee’s TEDx talk: Cosmology: Discovering the Unknown Our conversation centers around Renee’s work, what scientists actually look like, and troubles many women have in male-dominated workplaces. You can find Renee Hlozek at http://reneehlozek.moonfruit.com

122. 031: Strong Women in Science: Felicity Aston: Explorer, Author, Scientist
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 35.41Mb)


Felicity Aston is the first and only woman in the world to ski across Antarctica alone. And now she wants to invite you to go on an expedition to the North Pole in 2017! Need more info? It’s all in the podcast, plus: • How to be mentally strong • How being stubborn is a great characteristic • How you should make daily progress, no matter how small Come join the discussion in our Facebook Group!! Have a great day, And Stay Strong! Edie

www.felicityaston.com https://twitter.com/felicity_aston http://www.felicityaston.co.uk

123. 030: Strong Women in Science: Dr. Sheila Ochugboju, Senior TED Fellow
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 45.17Mb)


Dr. Sheila Ochugboju was born to a community of strong women in Nigeria. In this episode you will hear: • How you must embrace any opportunity you are give fully!! • How you should not fear your own power! • How you do not have to be an expert to do high-level things! From the ages 5-9 Sheila was raised by the community, while her parents were overseas studying and working. Sheila then joined her mother in England… HUGE culture shock!! But, she did, and did it fabulously! Sheila studied Biochemistry in London University, completed her Ph.D research at age 25 and went on to study Baculoviruses as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Oxford University. Sheila launched TEDx Nairobi, is a senior TED fellow, and is now a science communicator, and works for the United Nations Settlements Programme – UN-Habitat, coordinating the Global State Of Urban Youth Report (GSUYR). You can find Sheila’s TED Fellow bio here: http://www.ted.com/profiles/133411/fellow Sheila at the Training Center in Communication here: http://www.tcc-africa.org/tcc/index.php/61-dr-sheila-kaka-ochugboju

124. 029: Saving children in the Balkan war, and now Syrian refugees. Everybody can make a significant difference.
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 39.35Mb)


Sally Becker saved many children’s lives in the Balkan war. That’s the short story, which she tells humbly and inspiringly on today’s show. Sally Says: “You never know what you’re capable of until you give yourself a chance” Sally writes about her experiences in her book: Sunflowers and Snipers: Saving Children in the Balkan War. Sally is an artist and writer, lives in the south east of England with her daughter. Her work rescuing innocent victims of war has been recognised with many awards, including: • The Unsung Heroes Award • The Ross McWhirter Award for Bravery • The Variety Club Award • Woman of the Year, Blue Drop Group Sicily Sally is a Goodwill Ambassador for Children of Peace, a non-partisan charity dedicated to building friendship, trust and reconciliation between Israeli and Palestinian children. Sally featured in the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, carrying the Olympic Flag with a host of other dignitaries. Sally’s websites: www.sallybecker.co.uk www.roadtopeace.org.uk

125. 028: If you have curly hair, should you be a news anchor??
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 22.45Mb)


Shannon Moss is a well-known journalist,and was a TV news anchor in Maine for 6 years, and in TV in Maine for 15 years. Shannon is involved in all sorts of projects, she is now the owner of Code Gratitude, a company dedicated to showing appreciation to those who serve us every day by offering special deals and discounts from local businesses. CodeGratitude.com connects supportive businesses with the men and women in Law enforcement, Fire, EMS and Military. You can find Shannon at: CodeGratitude.com If you enjoyed today’s episode, come on over to http://www.thestrongwomensclub.com/, and join our Strong Women’s Club! Thank you again, Have a great day, and Stay Strong! Edie

126. 027: Miss New York US Iman Oubou is breaking stereotypes
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Iman Oubou is the current Miss New York US, an entrepreneur, a scientist, and a leader for young ambitious women.

Iman teaches us about changing our stereotypical thoughts, about how women can and should support each other. Iman’s advice to other women is: “Don’t forget who you are”


“Find your own purpose, and stick with it!” Iman Oubou’s website: www.entrepreneursenvogue.com Come on over to http://www.thestrongwomensclub.com/ and join The Strong Women’s Club! Thanks a lot! Have a really great day, And Stay Strong!! Edie

127. 026: Dr. Kathleen Yep: professor, feminist, thought leader
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 28.64Mb)


Dr Kathleen Yep is a professor of Asian American studies, with a strong base in feminist philosophies. In this episode you’ll hear: How stories matter, they come in many forms, and can have impact in many different ways How your small stories can have relevance for others How you should be bold, and be humble, at the same time How you need to learn to speak up for yourself and believe in your own project Thank you for listening to The Strong Women’s Club podcast! I really appreciate it! So now would be a really good time for you to head on over to our website at www.thestrongwomensclub.com and sign up to get 12 Smart Quotes from the Strong Women of 2015! Have a great day and stay strong! Edie www.thestrongwomensclub.com

128. 025: RI State Representative Lauren Carson
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 23.29Mb)


Lauren Carson is a straight-shooting, unapologetic, says-it-as-it-is, woman, and I’m honored to have been able to speak to her briefly this week.

Lauren is serving her first term as State Representative for Newport, RI House District 75.

Prior she was a multiple small business owner.

Now, Lauren is concentrating her efforts on the economic impact of flooding and sea rise, particularly in the district she represents, Newport, Rhode Island. In this episode you’ll hear: • How age is immaterial. It is never too late to do what you believe in! • How everyone needs a mentor • How you can learn from teaching and more….

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129. 024: CrossFit Athlete Margaux Alvarez
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 31.49Mb)


Margaux Alvarez placed 9th in last year’s Crossfit Games. And Team USA just won the 2015 Reebok Crossfit Invitational in Madrid, Spain! She has only been crossfitting since 2011, and I had a lot of practical questions to ask her! In this episode you will hear: • How many hours per day Margaux trains • That her coach, Alex, is her husband, and how they keep it together • The huge amount of food Margaux needs to consume every day • How she keeps her motivation high • What she does to prevent injuries And a lot more! Margaux’s training website for you is: http://prepareandexecute.com Thank you to Margaux for being a featured member of The Strong Women’s Club! If you haven’t already, please sign up on the website for blog posts, updates, and your freebie thank you gift: 12 quotes from super strong women on how to be successful! You can get that at http://www.thestrongwomensclub.com/ Thanks a lot, Have a great day, And Stay Strong! Edie

130. 023: Sold her start-up, huge exit, doing it all again. Would you?
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 27.29Mb)


Nellie Akalp is the founder & CEO of CorpNet.com, an online legal document filing service, where she helps entrepreneurs start, grow and maintain a business. Her last company was acquired by Intuit in 2005. Nellie is a contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur and Mashable and is a regular guest expert on the Fox Small Business Center. She was named a Top 100 Small Business Influencer in 2012, 2013, and 2014 by Small Business Trends.

In this episode of The Strong Women’s Club podcast you’ll hear: • How you must do what you love • How if you are passionate about something, and you are solving a problem, you should start there, then work backwards • How Nellie writes and talks about the panic attack that saved her business Nellie made it to the top, and has started again. Would you do that??

Let me know! Now’s the right time to head on over to the website at: www.thestrongwomensclub.com. In the big pink pox leave your name and email, and I’ll be able to send you your thank you gift and you’ll also get your invitation to our exclusive Facebook group. See you there!

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131. 022: Merav Oren sold her start-up at 26 years old, and then started to work
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 26.40Mb)


Merav Oren is today’s featured member of The Strong Women’s Club podcast! Merav is a serial entrepreneur, having sold her first business to McCann Erickson at the age of 26! In this episode you’ll hear:

How being an entrepreneur is lonely How you must believe in yourself, and How you have to do what’s good for you! Merav has two main projects she is currently working on: WMN : a cowork space and ecosystem for young startups that have a woman at the lead Culiz.Market : Culinary experiences for foodies Please sign up for our mailing list, and get your thank you gift: www.thestrongwomensclub.com Have a great day, And Stay Strong! Edie

132. 021: Gen X, Boomers, and Gen Y, Oh my!
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 58.23Mb)


Lee Caraher from DoubleForte.com is today’s featured member on the Strong Women’s Club podcast. Lee’s book is: Millennials & Management: The Essential Guide to Making It Work at Work Lee's website: www.doubleforte.com In this episode you’ll hear: • How to have great inter-generational offices • How it’s best to say the truth, and over communicate • How money is important, but it’s not the only currency that’s important • How to use communication skills that you use at work in the home also • How there are specific words you should not use when speaking to people you work with Thank you for listening to The Strong Women’s Club podcast! I really appreciate it! Now’s the time to head on over to the website, and join the mailing list, and get your thank you gift!

You’ll also get an invitation to join our exclusive Strong Women’s Club facebook group Have a great day and stay strong! Edie www.thestrongwomensclub.com

133. 020: Improving your relationship with money
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 29.77Mb)


Today’s featured member is Joan Sotkin from www.prosperityplace.com. Joan’s book is: Build Your Money Muscles: Nine Simple Exercises for Improving Your Relationship with Money Joan is a financial advisor, gives a LOT of practical advice on the podcast about how to be on top of taking care of your finances. She is also very connected to her mystical side, and the combination of practical and metaphysical lead to a really fun conversation! In this episode you’ll hear: • How emotions are the creative force behind our financial issues • How we need to teach kids to be financially literate • How all people feel more complete when we feel more connected to each other • How we need to be proactive when taking care of our money Thank you for listening to The Strong Women’s Club podcast! I really appreciate it! For this project to be able to reach more people, I could really use your help in getting the word out.

I’d love for you to go to iTunes, subscribe to the show, and leave an honest rating and review, which helps the show get exposure, and in turn will help more women and men find the show. It will only take a minute or two, and it really will help a lot! Thank you for that!! Have a great day and stay strong! Edie www.thestrongwomensclub.com

134. 019: You can beat bulimia, depression and self-sabotage. Lisa Lieberman-Wang teaches how.
http://traffic.libsyn.com/thes... download (audio/mpeg, 29.85Mb)


Lisa Lieberman-Wang is the founder and CEO of F.I.N.E. (F’d up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional) to F.A.B. (Fabulous, Awesome and Beautiful). For more than 20 years, Lisa has helped thousands of people overcome lifelong emotional challenges of depression, anxiety, stress, self-sabotage, emotional eating, shopping, sexual abuse and codependency.

Lisa’s personal story is one of emotional abuse, as well as being physically attacked more than once. She had an eating disorder, was in mental institutions, and had a very rough road.

Lisa tells us all about her journey, how she recovered, and her current work in today’s episode. In this episode of The Strong Women’s Club you will learn how: There’s no such thing as perfect

When you hurt yourself you’re also hurting those that love you You can program yourself for success Thank you for listening to The Strong Women’s Club podcast! I really appreciate it! For this project to be able to reach more people, I could really use your help in getting the word out. I’d love for you to go to iTunes, subscribe to the show, and leave an honest rating and review, which helps the show get exposure, and in turn will help more women and men find the show. It will only take a minute or two, and it really will help a lot! Thank you for that!! Have a great day and stay strong! Edie


135. 018: It's all about your frame of mind!
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Kim Ades has built a large coaching platform and process which centers around daily journaling. She also has 5 children ! In this episode you will learn how:

Successful business people have a high degree of emotional resilience Emotion comes from a way of thinking, and not necessarily from what’s actually occurring

You can apply this to your home life as well

Demonstrating how you manage yourself well, and role modelling influences your children

We need to identify the beliefs that are standing in the way of a person’s success Plus many more insights Kim’s website is: www.frameofmindcoaching.com For this project to be able to reach more people, I could really use your help in getting the word out. I’d love for you to leave an honest rating and review in iTunes, which helps the show get exposure, and in turn will help more women and men find the show. It will only take a minute or two, and it really will help a lot! Thank you for that!!

Have a great day and stay strong! Edie


136. 017: Do fashion sense and scientific acumen correlate?
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Rebecca Rachmany is the founder and CEO of Gangly SIster, which is creating digital comics, video and apps that encourage and inspire girls to pursue career paths in tech and entrepreneurship. Purple and Nine is launching this week!! October 15, 2015 In this episode you’ll hear: • How the gender gap is still a real thing • How if you see something, you can be it! • How the best thing you can do for yourself is get educated • How we need to change people’s subconscious ideas about what people can do • How there is no correlation between fashion sense and scientific acumen • How you don’t have to fit into one category, you can be popular and be nice • How you need to set the rules around your work day that work for you • How in business, the reward for solving a problem is a bigger problem! • How a balanced life may cause things to take longer • How when you ant to develop a business or a skill, see what value you can add, and add more value than somebody else is adding You can find Purple and Nine at : http://www.ganglysister.com You can join the Strong Women’s Club by signing up at www.thestrongwomensclub.com I look forward to seeing you over at the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SWCmembersonly/

137. 016: Starting a life with $5 and a lump of clay
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Julie Austin is the CEO of the consulting firm Creative Innovation Group, and is the author of “The Money Garden: How to plant the seeds for a lifetime of income”.

Julie is the inventor of Swiggies, and is also an innovation speaker for large corporations. She was been featured on many television programs and written publications and radio shows. In this episode you will hear: • How you should never ever put all of your eggs in one basket • How you should create something that you are extremely passionate about • How it doesn’t matter where you start You can find Julie at: www.creativeinnovationgroup.com www.speakersponsor.com www.indiesponsor.com www.createforcash.com www.abbottandklein.com www.funjobfairs.com www.swiggies.com Resources mentioned on the podcast: • James Altucher’s blog: http://www.jamesaltucher.com • Julie’s book: The Money Garden: How to plant the seeds for a lifetime of income

138. 015: It's never too late to start!
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Dr. Leslie Bernstein might be the most inspiring person you’ll ever hear speak, and we are lucky to have her here in The Strong Women’s Club. In this episode you will get to hear Leslie’s advice, her positive energy, her motivational manner. Important quotes from Leslie: • It is never too late to do something you really want to do • You can’t be successful if you don’t try! • You can Make Serendipity Happen! • Take advantage of opportunities and make them work for you Leslie started her career in her late 30’s. She is 75 years old now, works stronger than anybody you’ll ever meet, and has recently been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Mentoring Award, and also the Ron Ross Award. Dr. Leslie Bernstein is an award-winning pioneer in breast cancer research, and has proven that exercise helps women lower their risk for the disease. Leslie was involved in developing the California Teachers Cohort study, researching more that 133,000 women. A video of Leslie explaining some of her work: https://youtu.be/Nt6ojJ8hFzE You can read more about Dr. Leslie Bernstein’s career and work here: http://www.cityofhope.org/researcher-spotlight-leslie-bernstein http://www.nypcancerprevention.com/archive_newsletter/issue/11/cancer_prevention/feature/spotlight-bernstein.shtml

139. 014: Powerful, no-nonsense approach to life and business
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Pamela Zipperer-Davis has established two successful companies, both of which she is the founder and CEO: ⁃ ZD Management, Inc., a healthcare consulting and management company ⁃ Millennium Radiology, Inc. (MRI), a comprehensive diagnostic and interventional radiology company She also has a family with three sons, now grown. Pamela has a very straight-forward approach to her life and how she manages her business. In this episode of The Strong Women’s Club, you will hear: • How you can travel extensively with work, and still be a hands-on mother • How you must build a strong and caring network of friends who you can trust and lean on, and who can lean on you also • How Education is the Key - Click to tweet • How “You can’t help someone else if you aren’t self-actualized” - Abraham Maslow - Click to tweet Pamela is also the immediate past chairperson of Xavier University’s Women of Excellence. Want to be part of our members-only Facebook group? Join the discussion, give and get support and friendship here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SWCmembersonly/ Looking forward to meeting you there soon!

140. 013: Saving girls from sex-trafficking, with Jenny Williamson
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Jenny Williamson is a powerhouse! Jenny teaches how to have the Courage to Be You, which is exactly how she has built her own life! Jenny is the Founder and CEO of Courage Worldwide, an international, non-profit organization that builds homes for children rescued out of sex trafficking around the world. Jenny led this organization from an all-volunteer one with no income, to a $2,000,000 organization with thirty five paid employees, over fifteen hundred active volunteers and two long term residential care facilities. In this episode you will learn: • How you just need to take the first step towards your dreams • How with your actions you are modeling for your children; and your family will become your biggest cheerleaders • How every person is created on purpose for a purpose! • How you need to know your strengths, and then use them • How you need to know who you are, and then like yourself! Do you have the courage to be you? You can find Jenny Williamson here: Jenny’s book: Do You Have the Courage to be You? Jenny’s websites: www.jennytwilliamson.com www.courageworldwide.org Have a great day and stay strong! Thanks for listening, Edie www.thestrongwomensclub.com

141. 012: Storytelling, Corporate Style!
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Donna Griffit, Corporate Storyteller,has worked globally for over a decade with Fortune 500 companies, Start-Ups and investors in a wide variety of industries. She has consulted and trained clients in over 30 countries, helping them create, edit and deliver verbal and written presentations, pitches and messages. Donna has the ability to magically spin raw data into compelling stories that captivate audiences and drive to results. Through her guidance clients have raised hundreds of millions of dollars. Donna is Co-Founder and CEO of www.invisu.me – a tool that helps startups create their pitch to investors and get the meetings they want!

142. 011: Women Taking the Lead
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Jodi Flynn teaches women to be leaders! She is the owner of Luma Coaching, where she coaches large groups, smaller masterminds and individuals. 

Jodi is also the person behind the website: www.womentakingthelead.com

143. 010: Yale professor becomes Science Evangelist with a Mission!
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Why don't woodpeckers get concussions? Ask Ainissa!

Dr Ainissa Ramirez is the Science Evangelist! Her mission is to get everybody excited about science!

Although Ainissa had a prestigious career in academia, she decided to leave all that and take her show to the road, by writing compelling books and articles that peak your curiosity, speaking all over national television and radio, and talking at TED.

Ainissa is launching her new 2-minute podcast soon, called Science Underground.

She is a master at making mundane subjects exciting, and knows how to write headline titles like nobody else I know. You can find Dr. Ainissa Ramirez at: www.ainissaramirez.com Her TED talk: Magical metals, how shape memory alloys work Deflate-gate with Ainissa on Fox News: Deflate-Gate

144. 009: CEO of Hunter and Bard
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Shira Abel is the CEO of her digital marketing company Hunter and Bard, located in silicon valley. Shira and her husband made the decision that although they both have full-time jobs, Shira would be the main provider for her family, after their son was born with special needs.

This led Shira on an unexpected career path and to where she is today, with a very impressive list of tech companies as her clients. Shira also makes time to do a lot of volunteering overseas, teaching entrepreneurial skills to groups in developing countries. Resources mentioned in this episode include: • TED: Amy Cuddy: Fake it till you make it • www.slack.com • Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg • Women Don't Ask by Linda Babcock You can find Shira Abel at: http://www.hunterandbard.com

145. 008: Starting a Green Sustainability Revolution
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Barbra Batshalom is the CEO and Founder of her two companies: The Sustainable Performance Institute: Provides companies with assessment, education, consulting and certification regarding their sustainability practices and promises. BuildingEase: the first global trade exchange for (green) construction products making B2B ecommerce easy for the building industry.

In this talk, you’ll hear: • How Barbra is improving the world by institutionalizing sustainability • How she is “future-proofing” with smart economic decisions, energy and water efficiency, health and community resiliency • How she had a small idea, took action in her lunch hour, and built a company from it • How it’s vital to know your strengths and your weaknesses - Michael Hyatt expands on this in his teachings • How support from your partner and community is essential

146. 007: Professor of Opthalmology Dr. Anat Loewenstein
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Our featured member for this week is Dr Anat Loewenstein. Anat Loewenstein is Professor of Ophthalmology and Director of the Department of Ophthalmology, Tel Aviv Medical Center. She is the Vice Dean at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel. Anat is also the Head of the Ethical Committee of the Israel Ministry of Health. She sits on many boards, has hundreds of publications and presentations, among other positions she holds. Anat is a frequently invited lecturer. It is really an honor to have her as a member of The Strong Women’s Club! In this episode, you will hear: • How busy is a frame of mind • How there is always time for more, time management is essential • How later in your career you have the luxury of choosing how you spend your time • How your extended family and a supportive partner can enable a skyrocketing career • How Anat’s mother’s expectations of her helped to form her career • How she chose what she is good at, and used her natural talents • How if you really work hard, you can achieve what you want • How perseverance is the key • Do things immediately! and then be ready for the next thing • How setting realistic goals is essential • How children absorb what you do, even if you don’t overtly push them • How the busier you are, the more hours in the day you have • How Anat has inbox = zero! • How strict routines enable freedom • How she loves helping people with her work, and finds it very rewarding • How everybody has times when they feel overwhelmed • How there is never a perfect time in your career to start a family, you just need to start Anat’s advice: don’t give up, set a real and achievable target, come to peace with it, then fight to achieve it. And: How at every moment, you need to do your absolute best! Useful links and resources mentioned: • How to Fascinate by Sally Hogshead • Anat Loewenstein on LinkedIn • Tel-Aviv Medical School • Opthalmology Dept at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

147. 006: Successful in multiple careers, after immigrating to the US from China after university
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Pei was born in China, and studied to be a dentist while there. She was strongly influenced by her mother, who is a cardiologist. Pei’s mother was able to advance and support the family by moving to Japan to learn and save money, and ultimately she also encouraged Pei to do the same in America.

Pei successfully immigrated to the US, by herself. She completed her dental fellowship with the help of a caring mentor, and went on to build a successful endodontic practice. 

However, despite Pei’s success, she felt like she wasn’t growing enough, and turned to the online world, together with her husband Joel. Their company is called Relaunch, which provides an effective way to help people to find their voices, and they coach podcasters, speakers and authors.

In this episode you will learn: • How sometimes a loving family asks you to move away, knowing it will be the best for you • How learning a new language is a struggle, but essential • How it’s ok to look for new challenges and beginnings, while still keeping a strong holding in your previous profession • How women are influenced by their mothers and their grandmothers, even if subconsciously • How it is possible and admirable to be able to reinvent yourself You can find Pei at: Website: Facebook: Twitter:@drPeiKang Linkedin Google+

148. 005: Supportive partner and family enables power lawyer super woman!
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Tami Firon is one of the top lawyers in Israel, her firm is in the top 10 in the country, and she specializes in large real estate projects, including Construction Projects, Property Development and International Investments, Project Finance & Infrastructure Development. She has three teenagers, and she is one of those women who you wonder how she does it all, stays sane, and has a beautiful family as well! In this episode you will learn: • How often your very first client choices can dictate what you do for the rest of your life • How a supportive partner and an extended family can enable women to thrive • How Tami’s days have more than 24 hours • How her family still manages to eat dinner together almost every night • How in order to be super successful, you have to work a lot • How it’s most important to like what you do!! You can see Tami’s law firm here: http://www.firon.co.il

149. 004: Mother of 7 and CEO of her own successful company
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Miriam Schwab likes to call herself the Friendly CEO of Illuminea, which is one of Israel’s leading WordPress development agencies.  Miriam has 7 kids (!) and is CEO of her own company. How does she do it? In this episode, you’ll learn: • How it is actually possible to run a successful company and organize Wordcamps and have a big blog and a huge family • How the WordPress community has grown and contributed to what the internet looks like today • How being independent can mean working more than full-time hours • How big companies can be completely virtual • How good early education can positively influence you throughout your life • How you can weave your job around your family's routine • How women should choose lucrative areas to go into, and make sure you think carefully about what you are going to study • How money is not a dirty word • How there is never a right or a wrong time to have children. It is impossible to plan everything • How being an entrepreneur is critical to be able to make a good living and have a flexible schedule for your family • How mothers need to make sure that their daughters have all of the tools and support they need to be able to make intelligent choices You can find Miriam at: www.illuminea.com She tweets at: @miriamschwab The fascinating Tim Ferris interview with Matt Mullenweg is here: fourhourworkweek.com

150. 003: Ramona Pierson, CEO of Declara
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Today’s featured member on the Strong Women’s Club podcast is Ramona Pierson! Ramona is the co-founder and CEO of Declara, whose mandate is to change how the world learns.


At the age of 22, Ramona Pierson was hit by a drunk driver while running and spent 18 months in a coma and 11 years blind. She relearned everything from breathing and seeing to walking and smiling. From this experience arose the drive to build companies where personalized learning and relearning were the center of all products.


Ramona is a neuroscientist and entrepreneur, having created The Source in 2005; and founded SynapticMash, which was acquired by Promethean World. She entered UC Berkeley at the age of 16, and was recruited at the age of 18 by the Marine Corps for her brilliance in mathematics and uncanny grasp of data and algorithms.


In this episode of the Strong Women’s Club you’ll hear:

How we need to do more than talking, and start acting How Declara is creating a disruptive approach to learning and getting ready for web 3.0 How people are trying to invent the future How Declara strives to surface knowledge and drive the collective intelligence further out into the community How all of us can teach something, and all of us can learn something How learning should be open and free for everybody How Ramona’s accident has formed everything she has done since then How people can learn by doing, and be able to articulate their learning preferences How Ramona recommends the book DRIVE How people need to be autonomous learners and innovators. How Ramona’s complex childhood taught her to be self-reliant, and how to experiment with knowledge How Ramona was leatherneck of the year! And could do 100 pull-ups! How her daily schedule includes waking up at 3:00am How being blind freed her from her fear of heights, and rock-climbing gives her a sense of freedom How being sent to a senior citizens home at the age of 24 was the best rehabilitation for her How you need to have a sense of humor, never quit, and have others that believe in you How we are our worse critics How gamification is a powerful tool in helping people to gain skills How regaining her sight was one of the hardest things to do How life is about change, and being able to shift and adapt How vision can get in the way of seeing How Declara helps people to learn from people How women entrepreneurs must be proactive How you must seek out a mentor How we need to empower women by purchasing products that are developed and created by women, invest and grow women’s economy and education How this will make a better world for both men and women


You can contact Ramona Pierson at: https://declara.com or info@declara.com.


You can also see Ramona Pierson’s TED talk here, and read about Ramona Pierson in this Bloomberg article


Thank you so much to Ramona for taking the time to be on The Strong Women’s Club podcast!


And thank you for listening!


You can hear more interviews with successful women on The Strong Women’s Club podcast at www.thestrongwomensclub.com

151. 002: Shark Tank success plus family plus a full time job! Ashley Drake from The Natural Grip
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 Today’s featured guest is Ashley Drake, she is the CEO of the Natural Grip; And, she was on the Shark Tank and landed a great deal with Robert Herjevac; And, she is a captain in the US Army, working full-time in Louisville; And, she has a little girl; And, she works with her husband at the Natural Grip!! In this episode you will hear: • How the army can teach you to be a great leader while paying your tuition • How moms always know best! • How life brings unexpected turns • How a supportive spouse makes all the difference • How working through lunch gives you flexibility • How obligation and responsibility to your company takes away deliberation and doubt  • How passion is important, but the “why” is what fuels it • How work never stops. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it’s great • How Ashley’s fearlessness made Shark Tank an obvious next step • How calculated risks are great, but they can’t replace security • How you can start a business with no money. At all.  • How proof of concept is ultra-important • How Shark Tank works • How female entrepreneurs need to be aware of their leadership style • How nothing replaces hard work

You can find Ashley and The Natural Grip at www.thenaturalgrip.com

Thanks again to Ashley for being a member of The Strong Women’s Club and coming on the podcast!

Please head on over to iTunes and review The Strong Women’s Club podcast. I’m super interested in getting your feedback and hearing your opinions. Thanks to you for listening!

152. 001: Turning personal tragedy into purposeful life's work with Susie Dvoskin
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For this first episode of The Strong Women’s Club podcast, I chose to interview Susie Dvoskin, who has make it her life's work to empower women and to prove to them that they can do whatever they really want to do.

Susie and her husband, Danny, organize the Israel Women’s Triathlon in Memory of Tamar Dvoskin, their daughter, who was killed in a hit and run accident when she was cycling and training for a triathlon, 19 years ago. 

In this episode you will hear: How Susie teaches her motto “Every Woman is a Winner”, and how she uses that to bring women to accomplish what they thought they never could How it’s ok for women to put themselves first, and make space to participate in serious athletic events, and how they can build support around themselves in order to succeed. How reverse discrimination is necessary, to give women a protected environment where they can flourish How positive energy is circular: if you give it, it goes to those around you, and comes backt to you. How it’s ok to ask for help, and that asking for help doesn’t mean that you’re weak. How Susie deals with her cancer, saying that she is “healthy with cancer”. How teaching synagogue skills to women empowers them to take on roles that have been traditionally male dominated. How a 50 year-old woman took what she accomplished in the triathlon, and got her PhD.

You will mainly be inspired by Susie’s energy and glow, which you can hear as she speaks.

You can find Susie at: www.women-tri.com www.kol-kore.org