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Podcast title The Hero Up Podcast with Jim Simcoe
Website URL http://www.JimSimcoe.com
Description The Hero Up Podcast is a show dedicated to helping you discover the hero within yourself. You’ll learn how to build confidence and self-esteem, conquer fear and find fulfillment in life. Learn how to lead with your heart and find your purpose in life. The simple fact is that you’re already a hero- you just don’t know it yet. This show is dedicated to helping you release your inner hero. It’s a refreshing take on personal development, success and motivation. This show is like Breakfast Club meets Spartan Race at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert by the beach.You’ll meet everyday heroes doing incredible things. Like a sexologist. A best selling author. A Nike performance coach. A relationship guru and many more. You’ll also learn from historic icons like Marcus Aurelius, Tupac, The Doors, etc. You’ll also see what superstars like Tom Brady, Serena Williams, Richard Branson and Oprah all have in common and how you can apply it in your life. Past episodes include: How to Live Fearlessly, How to Empower Yourself, How to Make Your Sex Life Fantastic, How to Create a Heart-Centered Life, How to Write a Book, How to Start a Business You Love and How to Run a Half Marathon, How to Deal With Social Anxiety, etc. Your host, Jim Simcoe, is the author of ‘Hero Up: Unleash Your Inner Hero and Make Life Epic’. He’s a sexual abuse survivor, father, husband and fish taco fanatic. He’s also a product of the 80s so expect a lot of Top Gun references and day-glo tank-tops.
Updated Fri, 02 Aug 2019 11:15:36 +0000
Image The Hero Up Podcast with Jim Simcoe
Category Health & Fitness

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Link to this podcast The Hero Up Podcast with Jim Simcoe


1. How to be Happy (even when you're stressed out)
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 38.38Mb)

Want 11 keys to true happiness? Check out the show today and learn how to be truly happy even when you’re stressed out of your mind.  Anyone can be happy when things are going well:)   In today’s podcast Blake and I talk about how to be happy when things aren’t necessarily going your way.  
We cover simple lessons (how to start your day, get connected with people who love you) and some out-of-the-box solutions like understanding the difference between stress and worry; being invisible in a crowd (uncommon, yet very effective) and the two factors to combine for ultimate happiness.

2. How to Master Public Speaking
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 38.51Mb)

The ability to give a great speech or presentation is the arguably the single-most important skill you can master for your career.  So why do people ‘f’ it up so badly?  Probably because they didn’t listen to this podcast:)
Most people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of dying . If you’re one of those people then this show is for you.  
Today Blake and I talk about how to master public speaking; everything from preparing correctly to handling anxiety beforehand. 
We give you concrete tips on how give the best speech/presentation/toast to your audience and how to deliver your message with the most impact.
In this episode you’ll learn: the power of story telling; how to plan for any speech/presentation; what mistakes other speakers make and how to avoid them and how to absolutely crush any speech (even if you hate speaking in public).
We dispel common myths (speakers are born, not made) and give you actionable advice (know the crowd, practice, create a story) to help you prepare for any speech.

http://simcoe.libsyn.com/answe... download (audio/mpeg, 36.07Mb)


On the show today we answer the top 20 health and fitness questions from our listeners (and by ‘we’ I mean largely, Blake:). These range from “whats the most effective diet?” ; “What is your go-to healthy dinner?”; What’s a simple workout I can do anywhere?”, etc.  These questions were largely inspired by you, our beloved listeners so thanks for the input!  Check it out, we think you’ll be surprised by some of the answers. 

4. 8 Ways to Create a Positive Self-Image
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/8-way... download (audio/mpeg, 37.46Mb)

It is virtually impossible to achieve success & happiness in life without a positive self-image. Today on our show we talk about how to create a positive self image and why it’s so crucial to your happiness.  
We talk about the common problems people with low self-image have as well as what successful people do to create a positive self-image.  We then give you 8 tools for you to use to create a positive self-image. Check out the show and as always let us know what you think on the site: HeroUpPodcast.com. Much love..Jim 

5. How to Deal with Social Anxiety
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 36.53Mb)


Social anxiety is something almost all of us face (even extroverts) on a regular basis. So today we’re talking about how to deal with it and how to handle social situations of any kind.  Blake and I will give you some tools to combat social anxiety and make any social situation easier.  And for what it’s worth- if you suffer from social anxiety, you’re not alone. We ALL do. Check out the show today and learn how to deal with it.

6. Lessons From the Movie 'Free Solo'
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/lesso... download (audio/mpeg, 28.08Mb)


Today Blake and I talk about the lessons we learned from watching the movie Free Solo. Free Solo is about professional rock climber Alex Honnold who climbs El Captain without any safety ropes.  It’s an amazing feat where a simple slip or fall could cost Alex his life.  We talk about the incredible mental fortitude it takes to climb 3500 feet straight to the sky without ropes. There a lot of lessons for all of us in this story and Blake and I talk about many things we learned from this movie.  This episode is even more interesting considering Blake is a climber and has experience being ‘on the rock’ so to speak.

7. How to Run a 30-Day Vitality Challenge For Yourself (and why you should)
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 37.21Mb)


On today’s podcast Blake and I talk about creating a 30-day vitality challenge for yourself and why you should do it.  We feel that doing a 30-day challenge can be hugely beneficial in numerous ways and we lay out a simple strategy to get it done.  This idea was largely based (ahem, completely stolen) from the recent Vitality Challenge that Blake (and his partner Eric D.)  created and ran at their gym Stratum Fitness. 

On the show we talk about the benefits of that challenge, some of the unexpected positive results and how Blake and Eric came up with the idea.  We also talk about how to create your own challenge and give you a template to follow to do on for yourself.

Disclaimer: I’ve never done a 30-day challenge and was blown away by how powerful this was for me personally.  It changed a ton in my life and I was amazed by how easy it was to follow and how many unforeseen benefits I experienced (better sleep, better mood, more energy, etc)

8. The Hero Up Guide to Happiness
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/the-h... download (audio/mpeg, 60.50Mb)


Tackling a huge topic today:  The pursuit happiness. Blake and I discuss the 18 keys to living a happier life.

These are simple, straightforward tactics you can use right away to make your life happier. We talk about: What makes happy people happy? What can you do right now to be happier?

Check out the show and let us know what you think.

See below for the list:

– Adopt a growth vs fixed mindset

– Choose success over perfection

– Express gratitude

– Avoid overthinking

– Avoid comparing yourself to others

– Be kind

– Handle stress like a badass

– Focus on your health

– Figure out how to forgive

– Strengthen your strengths

– Be optimistic

– Get in the ‘zone’ (action meets awareness)

– Enjoy the ‘little’ things in life

– Do work you love (“Do Good, Make Money”)

– Help Others

– Find meaning in what you do (or do something else)

– Slow your role

– Get out of shitty relationships

9. Life Lessons From 2018- What You Can Learn To Make 2019 Fantastic
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 23.49Mb)


Today Blake and I recap the lessons we learned in 2018 covering all the good, the bad, the ugly and the truly amazing over the past 12 months. 

We talk about our personal highlights, our biggest challenges & struggles and what we learned this year. 

Some of what we cover: the significance of health; how to deal better with fear, frustration & anger; what we each appreciated about the year; what we learned, etc.

Check it out to see if our  experiences mirror yours in any way and hopefully you can learn from our examples.

This is the last podcast of 2018 for us. I cannot thank my co-host, Blake Eugene Bender enough for hanging out with me these past episodes.  

And for those of you who listen and dig our show, I’m eternally grateful.  You guys f’ing rock…

10. Life Lessons From Movies
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/life-... download (audio/mpeg, 52.21Mb)


This episode is a pretty hilarious take on movies and the life lessons we can all learn from them. 

Blake and I chat about lessons  from movies like Good Will Hunting, Creed/Rocky, Avatar, Gran Tourino, Forrest Gump, Remember The Titans and SuperBad. 

You’ll learn some unexpected lessons like: Being blissfully unaware of your God-given faults; the ‘Train for Greatness’ concept; Doing the Right Thing No matter What and why being the underdog is so f’ing cool. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

11. Life Lessons from TV Shows
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/life-... download (audio/mpeg, 36.03Mb)


Life lessons are everywhere, sometimes you just need to know where to look.  Today Blake and I talk about TV shows (yes TV!) that are jam packed with life lessons.  We both love Friday Night Lights & the Office so we pick out some great examples and talk about what they each taught us.  I think you’ll get a kick out of the pod today, check it out and let us know what you think.

12. How to Harness your Inner Power
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 45.17Mb)


On the pod today our illustrious friend Blake talks about how to harness your inner power.  This is a big topic and one I’m glad we’re finally discussing.  The ability to tap into your own power is quite..(wait for it).. powerful. In all seriousness we both realized that we’re all way more powerful than we think and most of our blocks are self-imposed.  By changing our ideals and views of ourselves we can break through those barriers.  Anyway, check out the pod and let us know what you think.

13. Finish 2018 Strong and Survive the Holidays
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/finis... download (audio/mpeg, 39.42Mb)


Today Blake and I talk about how to finish 2018 strong. We talk about how to deal with typical holiday stressors and how to enjoy this time period without going totally  insane:)  Check out our pre-show notes below and let us know what you think of the show by leaving a review in iTunes. Thanks!

14. Keys to Personal Leadership (Part II)
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/keys-... download (audio/mpeg, 36.29Mb)


Today Blake and I continue the personal leadership topic we started last week.  We dive into creating a personal leadership plan, a personal mission statement & setting goals.  By the the end of this you should be able to create a personal mission statement, set clear life goals and create an action plan.

15. Keys to Personal Leadership (Part I)
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/keys-... download (audio/mpeg, 48.74Mb)


Working on your personal leadership skills is one of the best things you can do in life. Today Blake and I talk about developing your personal leadership skills in a simple yet effective way.    This is a pretty big topic so it’ll be broken into 2 different podcasts. Check it out.

16. How to Maximize Your Health and Fitness
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 53.73Mb)


Today our co-host Blake answers rapid fire questions around all aspects of heath & diet including:

What do you believe to be true about fitness that most people don’t? Is there a right way to lose fat/weight? What’s the best diet to follow? (trick question) Are cheat days ok? What is the cost/benefit analysis of cheat days? How to master the ‘pain cave’ of training? How do you consistently push yourself further than most? What are the most common mistakes you see from your gym clients?  (I was very surprised with this answer) Explain the mindset of focused training? Health advice for your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, etc…

Hearing Blake answer a multitude of questions about health, fitness, diet was both illuminating and inspiring.  He gives very practical and easy-to-follow advice for anyone. He talks about the pillars of good heath including good sleep, managing stress, etc. We talk about the value of ‘mindless’ training (not what you’d expect); the power of daily sunlight and how afraid Blake is of spiders:)

Regardless where you are in your health journey, there’s plenty of stuff for you to take away from this episode. I hope you enjoy it!

17. Keys to A Fantastic Relationship
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/keys-... download (audio/mpeg, 56.40Mb)


Two married guys (me and Blake) sit on a sidewalk outside a gym and talk about how to make relationships fantastic. We talk about mistakes we made, what we’ve learned and how to improve your relationship in every area. This is by far the funniest, most laughter-filled podcast we’ve recorded so hope you dig it.

You’ll learn about Blake breaking microwaves and whether his wife thinks Matthew McConaughey or Lance Armstrong is fitter:). You’ll also learn the importance of choosing values over interests, enjoying mutual quality time and the concept of seeking to understand not necessarily agree.

You’ll also learn the two most important questions to ask to improve your relationship.

We also do a rapid-fire Q&A at the end covering important topics like: Who’s your celebrity crush? Who would play you in a movie about your life? What super-power would you give your wife if you could? It’s pretty awesome…

18. Overcoming Adversity & Surviving Sexual Abuse
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/overc... download (audio/mpeg, 37.06Mb)


Today Blake and I share very personal experiences of adversity in our lives and how we overcame them. Blake relates his story of struggling in school and the challenges of getting cut from the soccer team and having to figure out how to re-define himself.

I talk about being sexually abused for several years by my uncle as a teenager. We talk about how I didn’t care if I got hit by a bus at the time (and almost wished I would) and how I made it through everything*.  That experience shaped my life in so many negative ways until I had the strength to deal with it.

The adversity that Blake and I went through was completely different but had many commonalities (loss of identity, shame, fear of the unknown, etc).  We talk though these and came up with 10 ways to overcome adversity.

This may be the best podcast I’ve recorded. It’s definitely the only one where I’ve cried or gotten so personal. It’s also the one I’m most proud of so I hope you enjoy it.

*If you’ve ever been sexually or emotionally abused I hope this episode helps you. It’s the most difficult topic I’ve ever discussed publicly but I truly believe it’s something that needs to be discussed. Stats show that one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before they turn 18 years old. That needs to stop.

**If you’re a victim of sexual abuse, check out the links below OR contact me directly. I’m more than happy to help you in any way I can.



19. Five Keys To Build Confidence and Raise Your Self-Esteem
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/five-... download (audio/mpeg, 33.58Mb)


Confidence and self-esteem is the fuel of our lives. When you’re low on it, bad things happen. You feel crappy, anxious and miss great opportunities and often paralyzed by fear.

Conversely, when you’re confident and believe in yourself, life is simply easier and more enjoyable. You’re able to live the life you want without judging yourself or beating yourself up constantly.

So consider confidence as fuel for living.

Today on the show Blake and I talk about the keys to confidence and self-esteem. How to get it, keep it and recover it when you lose it.  You’ll learn the power of writing a personal manifesto, choosing success over perfection and how to power through tough times.

20. How To Make Every Day F*cking Awesome
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 39.61Mb)

Welcome to another totally unscripted, unplanned and unfiltered podcast featuring dance maniac/gym owner/fitness expert, Blake Bender*. 
Today the question is simple:  How you make every day f*cking awesome?
Blake and I discuss:
- The five things to make every day awesome
- The power of "More Of/Less Of" lists
- How to start your morning off right (him- podcasts, me- 80s music)
- Finding purpose, fulfillment and compassion daily.
We recorded this on the sidewalk outside the gym today so please excuse any minor background noise.
*Blake will also be joining me as a co-host for a series of upcoming episodes that I think you'll dig.   More on that soon, until then
check it out & please leave a comment or rating on iTunes if you feel  so moved. 

21. Find Purpose, Take Action and Run Your Own Damn Life
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/find-... download (audio/mpeg, 44.36Mb)


The Hero Up Podcast is Back! 

On today's show we talk about how to find your purpose in life and the important difference between taking action (good) and being reactive (bad).  

You'll learn why its better to build your own solution instead of waiting for someone else/something else to solve your problem.

Check out the show and stop searching for answers and start creating them yourself.

22. How To Start Your Morning So You Can Win Your Day
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 14.45Mb)

In this podcast we cover the best things to do to get your day off to great start.  
Stop being rushed, skipping breakfast and running out the house with your hair on fire- learn the easy ways to get your day off to a great start.
See the tools and things I use every day to get my day off to a strong start.
Recorded on a Tuesday morning at the beach in Cardiff, CA.

23. Unscripted: Music as Medicine. How to Use Music Therapy in Your Life
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/unscr... download (audio/x-m4a, 11.07Mb)


In this unscripted episode we talk about the power of music and how to use music therapy in your life.  You'll hear about the hidden meanings in songs you probably know and you may never look at Ozzy Osborne the same way again.

Music has the power to heal, to inspire, to lift you up and to make life even more fulfilling.  You'll hear about 9 songs by 9 different bands and the life lessons they contain.

This episode is part of the Unscripted series where I record with no agenda and talk about a topic I think you guys will dig.  This episode was recorded at 10pm from my driveway sitting in my wife's Highlander. I hope you dig it.

The Songs

1. 'Behind The Sun' - Red Hot Chili Peppers

2. 'Is This Love?' - Bob Marley

3. 'Get By' - Talib Kweli

4. 'Glycerine' - Bush

5. 'Jungle Love' - Steve Miller Band

6. 'Simple Man' - Lynyrd Skynyrd

7. 'Crazy Train' - Ozzy Osborne

8. 'Roadhouse Blues' - The Doors

9. 'Voodoo Child' - Stevie Ray Vaughan/ Jimi Hendrix


24. UNSCRIPTED- Finding My Soul In The Process of Buying Gum
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/unscr... download (audio/mpeg, 40.86Mb)


A funny thing happened on the way to buying gum before crossfit: I found my soul. This podcast is about that moment and the moments we have as human beings when we realize who we are and what we're capable of.  

In this episode I talk about how to get through tough times, how to recognize the unintentional support all around you and how you are uniquely qualified to handle your sh*t.

This episode is all about turning hopelessness and stress into power, peace and love. This is an unscripted episode so I hope you dig it. 


25. How To Crush it in 2018
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/x-m4a, 51.83Mb)


If you're anything like me you're probably glad 2017 is over:) That was a hard year all-around, right?

I hope 2018 is the best year of your life and way better than 2017.  With that in mind I recorded this podcast for you with 10 keys to make this year totally epic. Yes, people still say 'epic'.

Everything is in here: how to set goals, why you should say 'no' more often and the beauty of writing a personal manifesto.  I also talk about how to come up with a mantra for the year (and why that's so important) and how to take advantage of the concept of 'Sprint or Sleep'.

Also covered:

- Be Opportunistic but not stupid

- Focus on success, not perfection

- How getting your love life on track makes everything easier

- Some books to check out like Daily Rituals (you're not as crazy as these guys); It takes a Tribe (how to start a business the right way); etc.


26. How to Start a Business You Love
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 51.68Mb)


How did two childhood best friends start a successful business with little money, no experience, no customers in the notoriously competitive industry? Check out the show today for an enlightening interview with Blake Bender and Eric DePaula of Stratum Fitness. You’ll learn how being clear on your vision and purpose dramatically increases your chance of success in any endeavor.

Blake and Eric are a real-world example of figuring out what you love and building a successful business around it.

What struck me most about talking to Eric and Blake is that they’ve grown their business tremendously by being hyper-focused on the needs of their clients and have been unafraid to take action- even when they didn’t know exactly what to do.

If you’ve ever wondered how to start a business, this podcast is for you. And if you currently have a business that you want to expand then this podcast is for you too.

Check out the show and you’ll learn:

* How these two childhood best friends created a successful business by staying true to their vision and values
* Why ‘business experience’ isn’t as important as you probably think
* How to start a business and make it successful
* How to take action in the face of uncertainty

A few other notes:
1. This is the first podcast that we actually video recorded as well. Check out the video link here and please enjoy how we kept swapping two mics between the three of us.
2. I have been friends with Blake and Eric for a while and can honestly say their friendship and business partnership is a truly cool thing to witness.
3. Much love to anyone from the Stratum community who checks out this podcast. I hope you dig the insight and backstory of how our gym came about.


* StratumFitness.com

* Instagram: @stratumfitness

* HeroUpSummit.com


27. How to Live Fearlessly in All Aspects of Your Life
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 42.10Mb)


Peter Scott IV is a master of fearless living. He joins us on the show today to talk about how to understand your fears and how to deal with them. Peter shares his story of being an investment banker in Chicago (overweight and overworked) and how one simple moment transformed his life forever.
Most self-help B.S. tells you to ignore your fears or figure out a way to beat them down. Personally, I’ve never believed in that and Peter is one of the few people I’ve ever met who share a similar philosophy on fear. Fear can be really good for you and often a pathway to major growth. What I enjoyed most about interviewing Peter is his perspective that we all have a relationship with fear and it’s something we can learn from.

Check out the show and you’ll learn:

* Why fear can be so good for you
* The steps to confront and combat your fears
* How to understand your relationship with fear
* How to channel your fears into positive action



* The Fearless Mindset Book

* Designafearlesslife.com

* Instagram: @peterscottiv


28. How to Live Mindfully- Real World Solutions for Busy People
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 43.89Mb)


Tom Kelly is a spiritual badass, plain and simple. His story of going from a partying surfer in Santa Barbera to a 26 years living in an ashram as a monk is a true love story. He is that rare person who is 100% dedicated to his life’s purpose and makes no apologies of chasing a life of mindfulness, happiness and love. Tom’s life of mindful living as a monk, as a surfer and a yogini is truly inspiring. Tom was also one of the most popular speakers at the Hero Up Summit this past November in San Diego as well. His infectious personality and straight forward approach to happiness (without the ‘woo-woo’) locks you in as soon as you hear him talk.

Check it out and you’ll learn:

* How to live mindfully every day
* How one book changed his life (even when he wasn’t ready)
* How to recognize and appreciate the ‘divine conspiracies’ in your life right now
* The power of the red stickers…


29. How to Get Your Groove Back and Empower Yourself through Yoga
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 48.62Mb)


The time to get your groove back and get life back on track is right now. No more waiting, no more wondering what to do. Today on the show you’ll meet Bronwyn Ison, a woman who’s risen from multiple challenges to create a thriving life/business for her and her daughters. Her story is truly inspirational and her common sense approach to success is one that we can all easily adopt. She’s also one of the featured speakers at the Hero Up Summit coming up this November in San Diego.

Check it out and you’ll learn:

- How “staying on the mat” played a crucial part in her achieving her goals
- How to avoid seemingly harmless excuses to keep you from going after what you want
- How to live with fear and take action anyway
- How to recover from setbacks

Bronwyn is a woman who walks her talk and it was a pleasure to interview her. She is one the most empowered and confident women I’ve ever met and her story is both inspiring and empowering. Regardless of where you are in life, I think you’ll appreciate the interview with her.


Hero Up Summit


30. The Gen X Guide to Optimal Health - Three Keys to Healthy Living
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/the-g... download (audio/mpeg, 55.46Mb)


If you’re over 35 and interested in optimizing your health, this podcast is for you. Today I talk to Tricia Moore about the keys to health if you’re over 35. Face it, once you’re in your 30s the rules change in terms of health. Sleep, recovery, pliability, and mobility all become paramount.

On the show you’ll learn:

- The biggest health mistakes most people make and how to avoid them
- How to make sugar cravings go away
- Why you may need to eat more to lose body fat
- The difference between mobility, pliability and activation and why you need all three
- How to avoid over-training, boredom, and burnout
- The easiest way to start working out
- Why what you do away from the gym is 10x more important than what you do in it

Recording Behind the Scenes
- Tricia showed up in a cupcake shirt for a podcast about health:) When I asked her why she said her husband did the laundry in their house and he was gone so she didn’t have much to wear.
- Ozzie (her dog) sat in her lap the entire show and didn’t make a sound. Pretty cool little dude.
- We spent a good deal of time talking about my love of Toblerone.
- We talked about how much social pressure social media puts on people to eat cool looking but crappy food.

31. Sex Talk- How to make your sex life fantastic (NSFW)
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/sex-t... download (audio/mpeg, 51.10Mb)


Do you want a better sex and more connection and intimacy with your partner? Are you also uncomfortable talking about sex and wouldn’t know where to start? If so then this podcast is for you. In today’s episode I interview sexologist Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus, Ph.D. Dr. Jenn travels the world giving presentations about sex and intimacy and is a foremost expert in the field. She’s also one of the coolest people I know and brings a lighthearted, non-judgemental and fun perspective to a traditionally taboo subject.

We talk about how to improve your relationship through mindful sex and the right way to start the conversation about sex. Also, since we cover a lot of ‘adult’ topics and there is some swearing I wouldn’t listen to this on speaker:)

We talk about:

- The most common sex and intimacy problems couples face and how to fix them
- The way to start a conversation about sex with your partner and why you should
- What healthy happy couples do right and how to copy them
- What to do right now to improve your relationship

You’ll also learn:

- The two best books to read to make your relationship better
- How to talk about sex with your partner
- How much sex is healthy?
- Tools for couples to make their relationship stronger

Check it out and as always if you dig the show please leave a review. Thanks..Jim


- Hero Up Summit - Dr. Jenn is a featured speaker

- Five Love Languages - Gary Chapman

- Come As You Are - Emily Nagoski


Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus’s Info:


Dr. Jenns Den - YouTube Channel

32. Living Intentionally Through Faith, Confidence & the Perfect Cup of Coffee
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/livin... download (audio/mpeg, 45.63Mb)


You don’t have to be a Buddhist monk to live intentionally.  

And examples of people living intentionally are all around us if we we open our eyes to them.

Such is the case with Alex Longoria, a General Manager at Philz Coffee in Encinitas. I’ve know Alex a few months now from going into Philz and getting my green tea (with extra mint) every day.  We’ve always chatted about sports, the weather or whatever and he always seemed in a genuinely good mood. One day I asked him what he liked most about working there. 

I was blown away by his response.  

He said he loved working at Philz because it gave him a chance to positively impact dozens of people’s lives every single day. He had an opportunity to make someone’s life better with every order based on how he treated them.  It wasn’t just what he said, it was the way he said it.  You could tell he truly meant it and he was 100% focused on making his customers as happy as possible.

So I invited him on the podcast to talk about living intentionally. We talk about mindfulness and why loving what you do daily is so important.  We also talk about Philz Coffee and GoodOnYa and how they’ve managed to create a thriving business by focusing on employee & customer happiness first and profit second. 

Here’s what you’ll learn on the podcast: 

What you should never do in a coffee shop (you’ll be surprised) Why faith and confidence are the biggest keys to an epic life How intentional living translates into love Why watching make-up tutorials could be the best relationship advice to follow if you’re a guy Why I hate hockey and how we both define ‘hipsters’

Check it out and I hope you enjoy the episode.


Philz Coffee Jacob Jaber CEO - Philz GoodOnYa Cafe

33. The New Modern Day Man- Starting Your Hero Journey
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/the-n... download (audio/mpeg, 38.19Mb)

The roles of manhood have changed. 
Guys all over the world are shattering common definitions of what it means to be a man.  It’s ok to share your feelings, be vulnerable and create your own story.  It takes brave men to re-define the traditional roles of manhood and today we’re lucky to have one on our show. Our guest today, Jared Little, is the perfect embodiment of the new modern day man. 
He is: 
A two-time NCAA Division One National Champion lacrosse player (Virginia) A former pastor who was called to ministry early in life A man who chooses to stay home raising his kids while his wife pursues a corporate career An entrepreneur, coach, writer, father, and husband
Jared is a true modern day man in the sense that he’s actively creating the life he wants while being a family man and entrepreneur.  He’s chosen to buck convention and not allow society to dictate how he lives and what he believes.  
I’ve interviewed tons of people on this podcast and what stands out about Jared is his unwavering commitment to his beliefs.  He believes what he believes, lives his life that way and doesn’t really worry or care what anyone else thinks.  I believe there are great lessons you can learn from him so I think you’ll really dig listening to Jared today.
Surround yourself with good people Be vulnerable with your insecurities Find time for yourself (reflect & hang out) Read every day, at least 10 pages Take care of/know your wife & kids Let things die to be able to move on Be unafraid of bucking traditional views of manhood “Nobody is going to fight for you. You have to fight for yourself” Input = Output
KingdomCandidates.com Order of Man, Ryan Michler podcast episode The New Gold Standard

34. Advice for Entrepreneurs & the Power of Focus- Lessons from Millionaire John Crestani
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/advic... download (audio/mpeg, 43.24Mb)


“The world needs to accelerate towards an economy based on passionate self-employment”-  John Crestani

John Crestani is an internationally-renowned expert in internet marketing who joins us on the show today to talk about how to create a life of passion & purpose. John helps people to follow their passion & reveal their inner strengths to become successful entrepreneurs.

Some of the things we talk about:

His view on passion and self-employment. How to recognize and utilize upcoming trends in our world How to take a control of your time The traits every entrepreneur needs to be successful The importance of positivity in business and life The role of energy in every part of your life The magical “yes+ and” positivity formula

His top-three lessons every entrepreneur needs to hear

Look at your patterns- how do you react to certain scenarios. When you get a lot of money what happens next? Focus – Every business works, people who make a ton of money are the one who focus. They don’t jump around. The importance of knowing your end goal.


John Crestani John Ceratin YouTube Channel

35. Surviving Sexual Abuse: How To Break Through Pain and Hopelessness and Create a Life of Love and Happiness
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/survi... download (audio/mpeg, 24.47Mb)

This is my story of sexual abuse and how I overcame what happened to me when I was a kid. 
It’s raw, unedited and in many ways still very painful to tell. You’ll probably be able to tell in the audio times when I was having a hard time getting words out. I apologize for the delivery but the message is important.
I choose to record it today because Chester Bennington from the band Linkin Park committed suicide yesterday.  They are a favorite of mine and I’ve been listening to them for a long time. He had often spoken about being sexually abused as a kid and his story was eerily similar to mine. When I heard he passed it really shook me. It spurred me to record this  podcast- one that I’ve wanted to for a very long time but couldn’t bring myself to do until today.
My sincerest hope in recording this podcast is that it helps one person. I hope the vast majority of you turn it off in the beginning because it just doesn’t apply to your life.  For those of you that it does I hope that by telling you my story it helps in some way.  The episode is broken down into:
My story - what happened, when & where and what I felt and lost as a result What didn’t work for me- how I tried to manage it (unsuccessfully) What DID work for it- the steps and actions I took to recover Adice for you if you’ve had a similar experience or someone close to you has
I hope this podcast is helpful.
*This podcast is dedicated to my Mom, my Dad and Tom. Thank you for always being there and for the love and support you’ve given me unequivocally everyday of my life.

36. Get Empowered - Advice for Women from Nike Master Trainer Betina Gozo
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/get-e... download (audio/mpeg, 21.09Mb)

“It’s one thing to say you can do something. It’s another to believe that you can. The most important thing is the moment you take the first step. After that, all you need is the will power within you to see it through the end, regardless of your limitations.” – Betina
Betina Gozo is a Nike Master Trainer, musician, and the finalist for Women’s Health Magazine’s Next Fitness Star competition. Vote for her here. She stopped by the podcast today to talk about the emotional benefits of working out, empowering women and what it’s like to work at Nike World Headquarters.  She also talks about being in a cover band and why Billy Jean is one of her favorite songs to play. 
Like me, she’s Filipino and was raised by a single Mom who taught her all about hard work and dedication. She was super cool to talk to so I know you’ll dig listening to the podcast.
Some of what you’ll learn listening to Betina:
Common fears she sees in women and how to deal with them The 5 emotional benefits of working out  Advice on how to get started  The importance of accumulating small wins The single most important thing to do to get started What to focus on in training (and life)
Women Health Next Fitness Star - Vote for Betina Here BetinaGozo.com Traincanvas.com

37. Life Lessons From a Rockstar - Interview with Jeff Robbins
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/life-... download (audio/mpeg, 46.56Mb)

Jeff Robbins former lead singer of the band Orbit joins us today to talk about life as a rock star and tech CEO.  He talks about being on the Lalapalooza tour, what he learned on the road and what it’s like having a Top 10 Hit. You’ll hear about the similarities between being in a rock band and running a startup and why small vans beat tour buses every time.
You’ll hear about how Jeff was an early tech leader and who he gets his best advice from (hint: his Mom).  You’ll also hear about my band experience and how most of what I learned about concurring fear, creating loyalty and love came from being in my own band. 
I will also send a free t-shirt to the 1st person who emails me with the correct answer to this question: What song did my band open with every time we played?
1.Know when you’re being an a**hole (and learn how to stop)
2.Stay true to your vision and question the status quo
3.Be ok with who you are
4.Tell people your faults up front
5.Be ok with failure
6.Be willing to buck conventional wisdom
7.Always be an artist
8.Life is an exercise in authenticity
9.Discipline is remembering what you want (Moms great advice)
10.Life is like sailing, constant process of adjusting (tack, jibe). Cannot be planned out from the dock
11.Life is a learning a process, mastering life is a process of learning as you go
12.“Write great songs”- is the core of what you’re doing awesome?
13.Clean house sooner than later, business is business
14.Understand the dynamics of your environment

38. The Beauty of Starting Over - How to Get Your Life Back on Track
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/the-b... download (audio/mpeg, 46.47Mb)

Have you ever wanted to start over and hit the reset button in your life? Maybe your career/relationship/health/friendships are not going the way you want and you’re ready to get back on track. If so, then this podcast is for you.  Starting over and getting back on track can be easier than you think.  In this episode we discuss 27 simple ways to start over and get your life back on track.  We’ll cover everything from writing a personal manifesto to getting your morning right to ‘theme’ living. Look, no matter your age the time to start over and get back on track is right now. check out the episode and learn how.

39. How to Write a Book (even if you suck at writing)
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 36.00Mb)


If you’ve ever wondered how to write a book then today’s podcast is for you. The truth is we are all writers with a story to tell. Yes, even you (I see you shaking your head). Writing a book is pretty cool. Publishing that book is even cooler.

On the show today I’m going to give you all the tips & tools to go from ‘person’ to ‘published author’. I wrote & published a book in 6 months and so can you.

In this podcast I cover the 7 steps to write a book, the tools I used, what methods worked well and which didn’t. You’ll also hear about my love affair with index cards, how to do a book outline and why it’s easier than ever to self-publish. 

Writing a book can be a fantastically empowering experience. Check out the podcast and learn how to write a book (even if you failed high school English:)

40. How to Run a Half Marathon (and why you should do it)
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 47.53Mb)

You can train and run a half-marathon. You may think you can’t but I believe you can.  On today’s podcast you’ll hear how I was able to train and run a half marathon successfully despite a multitude of injuries (past & present) and despite utilizing a training program that was largely devoid of running.  
You’ll learn from Tricia Moore, my coach, on how you can train and run a half marathon successfully no matter what physical shape you’re in, past injuries you have, etc. She lays out the foundation for training as well as her beliefs on why running a race can be so empowering for anyone.
I’m living proof of someone who’s not designed to run: I’m slow & have messed up knees & back from sports; 47 years old; a few extra lbs and a general dislike of running:) Yet I run races for the insane sense of accomplishment at the end. I run for the runner’s high, I run for the freedom and I run to feel better about myself.  You can too.
So if you have any interest in building self-confidence & creating a life where you are the superhero, then listen to this podcast. Tricia breaks down the steps to go from couch to race.  Honestly it’s probably easier than you think and it’s totally worth it.
Because signing up for and completing a half marathon is not only within your reach, it’s also one of the best things you can do for yourself. Check out the show..

41. How to Build Money Confidence and Take Ownership of Your Finances
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (application/octet-stream, 22.14Mb)

If you’re anything like me the topic of managing money makes your stomach tighten and teeth clench.  Maybe you break out into a cold sweat when someone says ‘retirement planning’? I can happily deliver a speech in front of 10,000 people without getting nervous but ask me about budgeting and I might pass out:)
Which is why today we have the pleasure of having wealth advisor Mike Muniz on our show. He’s here to talk about all aspects of financial planning and wealth creation/wealth preservation. Mike is good friend of mine and I’ve always been impressed by how intelligent and well-spoken he is. I think you’ll enjoy listening to him.
Building money confidence is a topic I’ve wanted to tackle for a while but could never find the right guest*. I wanted someone you & I can relate to, someone who can give us all some much needed real-world advice. Mike is our guy.
Mike talks about:
The best money moves to make at any age How his wealthiest clients built their wealth (great exercise in reverse-engineering for all of us) The biggest mistakes most people make and how to avoid them
*I recorded another episode with a financial planner a while ago and never published it.  Quite frankly, it wasn’t any good. The advice was bad/boring and my questions sucked so I trashed it.  Very glad I did, Mike’s advice is wa

42. 34 Life Lessons to Make Your Life Epic Right Now
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/34-li... download (audio/mpeg, 49.41Mb)

Check out the podcast today to hear about 34 unconventional ways to make this the best year of your life.  These aren’t the typical life lessons like ‘work hard’ or ‘be positive’ either.  Those are great but today we dig into ideas to make you happier, have a better relationship, make more money, be more appreciated & effective at work. You’ll learn how to build confidence, choose success over perfection and why being opportunistic can be a bad idea (and what to do instead).
Check it out and get the tools to make your life even better, even more epic right away. 
The lessons in short:
Ask the two best relationship questions ever (“What do you need most in our relationship? What do you want least in our relationship?”) Know your partners Love Language. Read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman Schedule weekly sex dates Be loyal to your partner and your word Choose being happy over being right Focus on your strengths Build confidence through small wins Create a personal highlight reel Build beliefs around successes, don’t make big decisions when things suck Choose to be the Captain Career - Solve a problem or provide value Be directional not opportunistic Focus on results Take calculated risks Learn how to email like an adult Find a meditation practice Forgive yourself Feed the right wolf Ignore the noise, focus on the signal Turn trauma into triumph Pursue success, not perfection Judge actions, not words Embrace the underdog role Say ‘F*ck it’ more Don’t suffer fools Be early everywhere Have no more than 3 great friends Treat kids like people Automate your daily rituals Be frugal with the unimportant Find your ‘Why' Replace your broken beliefs Write a personal manifesto Burn old bridges

43. How to Live a Happier Life by Writing a Personal Manifesto
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 23.95Mb)

If you want to live a happier life and learn how to be happy then you should to write a personal manifesto.  A personal manifesto is something that you can use to self-regulate your life, guide your actions and bring clarity to the craziness of every day.  A personal manifesto helps you determine what you want, what you don’t want and how you choose to direct your own life.  It gives you the power whether you’re a recent grad or starting over in life.
In this podcast we talk about how to write a personal manifesto and what to include.  I also go through my personal manifesto and the different sections that you should include.
Check out the images to see each page of my personal manifesto and feel free to steal some ideas/copy it

44. How To Feel Better About Yourself Almost Immediately
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/x-m4a, 11.50Mb)


(*This podcast was recorded during the 2016 holiday season but released in January 2017 due to a technical snafu.  That said, the lessons we talk about apply even after the holidays.)

We are all filled with self-doubt. Sometimes it’s an occasional thing and sometimes it’s a constant in our lives. And that sucks.

Today’s episode deals with self-doubt and the penchant we have as human beings to be critical of ourselves and how to combat it.

It’s clear that confidence is one of the single biggest predicators of happiness and success in our lives. The more confident we are, the more successful & happier we usually are.

And if you want to learn how to build confidence you have to get self-doubt out of your life.

In this episode I talk about a fascinating thing that happened to me at crossfit and how one person was able to change my perspective and stop my negative self-talk in it’s tracks.

You’ll also hear some tips about surviving the holidays which can be applied any time of the year.

Links from the show:

Unni Notebook - this is the one i use now and love it. Great paper, soft cover, ink doesn't bleed through.  If you’re a notebook geek like me this puppy is awesome

Tools of Titans - I’ve highlighted or outlined so much of Tim Ferris’ new book it looks like my 9th grade history book. UNLIKE my 9th grade history book, this book is packed with tons of advice and tips that make it well worth the read.  The Schwarzenegger and Dilbert Comic parts are fantastic.

Daily Rituals - Ever write a best seller naked on top of refrigerator? Tom Wolfe has. Jean-Paul Satre drank a quart of wine a day and paired it with coffee and handfuls of barbiturates to help him write.  This book is laugh out loud funny and overall astonishing.  If you think you’re weird in any way, pick this book up.  You will not be disappointed.

Crossfit Society - This is the crossfit place I’ve been going to for the last 2 years.  Lots of lessons learned, lots of great friendships made. If you’re anywhere in SoCal it’s worth checking out.

45. How to Build Confidence: Interview with David de las Morenas, Founder of HowToBeast.com
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/-how-... download (audio/mpeg, 44.59Mb)


On the podcast today learn how to build confidence & get fit with David de las Morenas, Founder of HowtoBeast.com.

David is is an awesome guy doing great work helping people build confidence & get fit in the process. On the show he talks about his background and how he built his own confidence by packing on 40+ lbs of muscle in 2 years. 

One of the coolest things about interviewing David is that he was so willing to be honest and transparent about his own struggles. He’s not the perfect guy who was both totally confident with 6 pack abs. He’s had the same struggles we’ve all had and he’s refreshingly open and honest about them. 

Listen in and you’ll learn:

How getting fit (he calls it ‘getting jacked’) is one of the easiest ways to build confidnece His transformation from a bored software engineer to successful online entrepreneur The most common fitness myths he sees and what to do about them Why he’s passionate about helping others increase their confidence and lead happier lives

His keys to an epic life including:

Listening to your gut & do things that sound exciting Go easier on yourself, don’t try to be perfect

We also talk about porn addiction, the New England Patriots, living in Spain and why road rage doesn’t bother him any more. All in all, this was one of my favorite interviews. David is really cool and I think you’re going to enjoy the show.

Links Mentioned:

HowToBeast.com David’s books: Mindset Mastery; Calm, Cool, Collected; Confidence Hacks Elliot Hulse You Tube Channel My book: Hero Up: Unleash Your Inner Hero and Make Life Epic David on Facebook David on Instagram

46. Advice for Men: Interview with Ryan Michler, Founder of Order Of Man
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/advic... download (audio/mpeg, 40.21Mb)


Blown away.

That’s exactly how I felt after having Ryan Michler as a guest on the podcast today. He’s the Founder of OrderofMan.com and his perspective on manhood and being a real man is both refreshing and inspiring.

Ryan is a husband, father, entrepreneur & war hero who lives in Utah with is family.

On the podcast we talk about what it’s like to be a man today and how men can both improve and enjoy their lives.  We talk about his journey from being a disillusioned financial planner to launching OrderofMan.com, a site that’s creating a brotherhood of men everywhere.

Talking to Ryan was incredibly inspiring and I think you’ll really dig what he had to say.

You’ll learn about The Uprising, a fantastic new men’s retreat that Ryan just launched this year.  It sounds like a blast, like Boy Scouts meets military training with fireside talks every night.

Ryan also talks about his core beliefs about being a man including: being a protector, being a provider and presiding (being a good leader).

So check out the podcast, I really think you’ll enjoy what Ryan had to say.

Where to find Ryan online:


Facebook Group

47. Heart-Centered Lifestyle Design with Amber Zuckswert
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/heart... download (audio/mpeg, 43.11Mb)



To put it plainly, Amber Zuckswert is dope as f*ck.*

She’s one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever had the pleasure to have on the show. She’s the embodiment of someone who’s created a heart-centered life of purpose and fullfullment while living in the jungles and beautiful beaches of Costa Rica.

Amber is the Founder of Epic Living Retreats (www.epicself.com) a wellness retreat center in Costa Rica. She is a pilates & yoag instructor, holistic plant-based nutritionist, modern/ballet dancer and all-around very cool person.

In the show today Amber talks about her life starting out in Santa Cruz, California to currently running a retreat center in Costa Rica. We get to hear about her lifelong passion for dancing and how she purposefully built a lifestyle around her passions and her commitment to service.

Amber is a great example of someone who’s designed her life around her purpose. She’s consciously chosen to live a heart-centered life where her work and the way she lives has purpose and intention behind everything she does.

Check out the show, I think you’ll dig it!

*and check out her Instagram, it’s well worth your time…

48. 11 Essential Life Lessons
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/11-es... download (audio/mpeg, 42.91Mb)


There are 11 not-so-common, yet very essential life lessons that are the key to a happy and successful life. In this episode of the Make Life Epic Podcast I talk about the lessons, their application and give you some examples from my own life.

My examples are either awesome (Success, I heeded the lesson!) or massive failures (I completely disregarded the lesson).  Either way I hope you learn from my examples or at least get a laugh out of them.  Trust me, my failures have been pretty amusing including dating a lesbian for 2 years when I lived in LA, convinced I could make her become attracted to me (embarrassing exercise in futility). That's just one of many, so enjoy..


49. Coaching Entrepreneurs and Being a Sexy Boss
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/coach... download (audio/mpeg, 50.50Mb)


Episode 43 of the Make Life Epic Podcast features Heather Havenwood – Marketing & Sales coach, and Author of the best-selling book ‘Sexy Boss ™’

Heather was a blast to interview, tons of energy and shared some great insights for entreprenuers everywhere.

You’ll hear Heather’s insightful take on entrepreneurship and her journey from bankruptcy to business hero.

You’ll see how she became the Sexy Boss in her own life and why mature-selfishness is so important.

I really enjoyed interviewing Heather and I think you’ll like what she had to say!

50. Achieve Optimal Health & Performance - Interview with Mike Cahill, CSCS
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/achie... download (audio/mpeg, 85.04Mb)


Episode 42 of the Make Life Epic Podcast features Mike Cahill –Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, United States Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach and coach at CrossFit Society

On today’s show we talk about Mike’s transformation from an overweight kid to Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

You’ll hear why sleep is so important and why you should stick to foods that don’t have an ingredient list (apple anyone?).

We also talk about why ‘dieting’ doesn’t work and why eating fat is actually really good for you.

Personally I learned a ton from Mike and think you’ll really dig his insights on health, nutrition and athletic performance.

Mike’s Certifications:

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist United States Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach Crossfit Level 1 Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting

51. Living Purposefully with Steve Rodgers
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/livin... download (audio/mpeg, 30.88Mb)


Episode 41 of the Make Life Epic Podcast features Steve Rodgers - Author, Business & Life Coach

Steve talks about his transformational journey from being a seasoned Real Estate professional (former CEO of Prudential California Realty) to starting his own venture to help people make the most of their lives.

You will get to hear about filling your ‘Hole in the Soul’ and being committed to making a change in your life and of others.

He is one of the few coaches I’ve ever spoken with that truly walks his talk. I really enjoyed speaking with him and learned a ton. I think you’ll dig this episode.

52. How to deal with social anxiety
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 48.73Mb)


Dealing with social anxiety is something many of us face on a regular basis.  Hell, I'm a pretty extroverted guy and I deal with it often as well.  

Today we talk about social anxiety and how best to deal with it with my friend Jen Copyak.  She shares some great insights into how to combat social anxiety and how as a naturally introverted person she's been able to deal with social anxiety.

Very cool interview and I'm really grateful she was as open and honest about her challenges in this area as she was.

53. Sex Talk: Interview with Sexologist Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/sex-t... download (audio/mpeg, 41.25Mb)


Let’s talk about sex!

Today on our show I talk to nationally recognized sociologist and sexologist, Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus.

She  is a frequent speaker about sexual empowerment, healthy relationships, body image, erotic play, sexual health, and mindful sex. She has presented two TEDx Talks, is a writer on sex and relationships, and a recurring intimacy expert on the San Diego morning news. Dr. Jenn is also an active philanthropist and leader within the Women Give San Diego donor’s circle. She has over a million hits on her In the Den with Dr. Jenn YouTube video series.

Dr. Jenn was a blast to interview and I think you’ll really like this episode. You’ll see how a self-professed “good Catholic Girl” from Pennsylvania became the foremost expert in mindful sex.   

See below for a few of the questions I asked her.  Luckily, she talks as fast as I do so we we able to go off on several tangents without making the show run too long.


What’s your background? Where did you grow up/who was your favorite high school teacher and why? Tell us about your work- who do you work with & what do you help them with, etc?  What are the biggest misconceptions about sex we all have? What are the biggest problems/issues you help people with? What are the biggest keys to a great sex life? Any specific advice for guys? What is your ‘why’?  Why do you do what you do? What inspires you? What would you tell the 25 year old version of yourself? You are an incredibly strong, powerful woman, what life advice would you give to other women?


54. Lead with your heart
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/lead-... download (audio/mpeg, 18.87Mb)


An epic life of righteous awesomeness starts by leading with your heart.

In this unplanned, totally unscripted podcast I cover the 5 key steps to lead with your heart. I recorded this just as I was about to leave my office one night a few days after I was in a hit & run car accident (which taught me a lot). I wasn't hurt but the woman who hit me still took off and it left me with these lessons.

The lessons:

Understanding your true best self Recognizing if you’re in your head or your heart Be willing to buck convention Start every decision from your heart Be cool with failure if your motivation is pure

Check it out and let me know what you think…

55. Do what you love
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/do-wh... download (audio/mpeg, 27.18Mb)


Today's podcast features an interview with Jennifer Taylor, author of Love, Incorporated. Jennifer talks about her unique story and how she's been able to help people really connect to their true life's purpose.  She's really cool and I think you'll dig what she had to say so check it out.

[apologize for the tiny echo during the recording, my mic was acting funky]

56. 15 Ways to Create a Life Plan
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/15-wa... download (audio/mpeg, 26.12Mb)


If you're wondering what the heck to do with your life and want to figure out your pose than this episode is for you. You'll learn the 15 most effective ways to figure out that Rubik's Cube of a problem we call "life".

We cover everything from how to do a future self-design to determining your 'Why' to the benefits of a walk-about.

You'll see the difference between your talents and skills and which one to focus on. 

So check it out and start figuring out how to create a life plan.

57. How to Become a Better Man
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 38.44Mb)


Learn how to overcome the unique challenges of being a guy in 2016 and see how to become a better version of yourself.  Being a 'man' today isn't easy- you need to be strong (yet able to share your feelings); be successful (yet have meaning & purpose in your career); look like Brad Pitt & be ripped like Jesus.

See how to cut through all the BS and focus on the six keys of true manhood: Confidence, Loyalty, Honesty, Strength, Relationship Mastery, Assessment.

Check out the podcast and get actionable advice that you can put into practice today. It's time to be a real man...

58. Life as a Bestselling Author: The Mark Haskell Smith Interview
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/life-... download (audio/mpeg, 41.11Mb)

Today’s podcast is with the greatest author since Ernest Hemingway, Mark Haskell Smith.  A bold statement I know but he is that good. His latest book "Naked At Lunch: A Reluctant Nudist’s Adventures In The Clothing-Optional World” is a fantastic and enlightening treatment of the hidden (metaphorically) world of nudists. What makes Mark so unique and his books so incredible is his approach and outlook on life.  He is the epitome of someone living an epic life.
In this revealing podcast we cover: the dangers of hiking in the Swiss alps nude; why no one is ever offended by cottage cheese (and why that's a bad); why replacing envy with gratitude leads to happiness; the beauty of pickles & Twitter and  why simple pleasures are underrated.  A successful playwright and author, Mark gives advice about doing your own thing and how to become a unique artist, no matter what you do. 
Mark’s been a hero of mine for a while so interviewing him was the 1st time I’ve ever been nervous on the podcast.  Luckily, Mark is as good of a guy as he is an author.  He’s honest, genuine, funny as shit and just a blast to talk with.  Plus he laughed at my jokes which is always nice.  Check it out and if you haven’t read any of his books, I recommend them highly.  Check out his site: www.MarkHaskellSmith.com

59. Advice for Couples - 11 Ways to Make your Relationship Fantastic
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/advic... download (audio/mpeg, 21.70Mb)


Make your relationship better with these 11 tips for couples. See how to painlessly resolve typical relationship problems, communicate correctly & improve your love life.  Relationships can be easy and awesome if you’re willing to do the work and you have the right tools. Check out the podcast and see how to turn your relationship around and make it awesome again.

60. 39 Unconventional Ways to Make 2016 Epic
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/39-un... download (audio/mpeg, 46.58Mb)


Happy New Year!  As it is the 3rd of January you've probably heard a lot of podcasts talking about how to make this year "the best year ever!" or "how to keep your new years resolutions".  Well this isn't one of them.

This podcast gives you 39 very conventional ways to make this year epic, no resolutions required. Everything from swearing more to choosing success over perfection to the books to read to make laugh, cry and be better at life, love & business.  You'll see why the Spark Planner rocks, Hydro Flask is the best/only water bottle you need and why Dollar Shave Club razors are the best in the world. You'll learn about 30-day awesome person challenges on Facebook, why dogs are so important and why finding a twenty in your jeans is the key to life.

For the complete list and links mentioned in the show check out:  www.makelifeepic.com/39

61. CrossFit Awesomeness with Blake Bender & Eric DePaula of CrossFit Society
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/cross... download (audio/mpeg, 49.46Mb)

In the podcast today I interview two gods of crossfit, Blake Bender & Eric DePaula, owners of Crossfit Society in Solana Beach, CA.  If you’ve listened to any other of my podcasts you probably already know that I love crossfit (and not just because it’s another excuse to wear tank-tops).  In fact, one of the single greatest changes in my life this past past year has been crossfit. I love it so I asked Eric and Blake to come on the show and tell you all about it.
In this episode you’ll learn about the biggest benefits of crossfit (probably not what you think). Blake & Eric also dispel some common myths of crossfit and talk about their unique approach to crossfit coaching.  I’ve been going for over a year and I can honestly say I’ve never been stronger and have never gotten injured, largely due to their coaching. 
Eric & Blake have been friends since they were 5 years old so interviewing them was a lot of fun.  They’re genuinely good guys and they even helped me pronounce “militaristic” during the show since I forgot how to talk for a minute:)
So check it out to hear who swore first (wasn’t me for once), who Eric’s childhood sports hero was (complete surprise) and who got them both into crossfit first.
Some of the questions I asked them
Why did you start a crossfit gym? Why do you do what you do? What are the 3 biggest benefits of doing crossfit? What are the unique benefits for women doing crossfit? How are you different (better) than other crossfit gyms out there? What are the biggest myths about crossfit? What do you like best about running this business? What are the biggest challenges? What’s it like being in business with your best friend? Who are your heroes and why? In your opinion what are the 3 biggest keys to making life epic? 
Show Notes
The competition we talked about in the beginning of the show was held 12/12 at the gym a week after we recorded this. A total of nine teams doing 3 different events.  At the end, I was completely exhausted but stoked to have been able to finish. I cut off Eric about 100 times because I was pretty enthused about what were talking about.  He’s too nice of a guy to say anything about it so I’m apologizing here.

62. Epic Soul Shifts - The Heather Lindemenn Interview
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/epic-... download (audio/mpeg, 43.25Mb)


You know when you think of a particular friend and you just can't stop smiling?  The one who inspires you and makes you feel awesome?

Heather Lindemenn is that person for me.  She can't help but be inspiring and empowering even as she's swearing like a drunken sailor.

Check out my interview with her to learn more about:

Empowering yourself by coming home to your soul How she quit high school and just went straight to college and kicked ass (still not sure how she pulled this off) How to be comfortable in your own skin and love yourself

This was one of my most enjoyable interviews. Heather and I plan on bringing you some fun stuff together in the future as well so stay tuned.

For more about Heather, check out www.HeatherLindemenn.com




63. 5 Keys to an Epic Life
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/5-key... download (audio/mpeg, 30.55Mb)


In writing a book about creating an Epic Life I've found that there are 5 key components to making your life epic: Vision, Confidence, Balance, Relationships & Legacy. In today's podcast I go through each briefly and give you some insights on how to put these concepts into use in your own life.


64. Connecting Passion to Purpose - The Eliel Cycling story
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/conne... download (audio/mpeg, 38.10Mb)


In today's podcast I interview my friend, Derek Wiback about his experience running a start-up cycling company.  Derek epitomizes the phase "Do what you love" and he serves as a great example of someone connecting their passion to their purpose.

Listen in to hear how to connect your passion to your life's purpose and how to make a career out of it. You'll learn how to develop a team, have a healthy business partnership and how to connect your values with your career.

Derek Wiback is one of the founders of Eliel Cycling. He lives in Encinitas, Ca with his wife and two daughters (sound familiar?).  For more about his company, check out:


65. Creating healthy relationships
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/creat... download (audio/mpeg, 44.14Mb)


In this podcast I interview two of my good friends, Cookie and Daveed about how they created and maintain their healthy relationship.  I have always been struck by how vibrant and positive they both are and how happy they always seem in their relationship.

So I got them on the show and asked them a ton of questions about their relationship, including:

What do you love most about the other person? How do they support you? What advice would you give to someone in a new relationship? What advice would you give to someone dating? What are the 3 keys to a strong relationship?

I also had them do a rapid-fire quiz about each other that turned out to be pretty funny and insightful.

And much love to La Croix seltzer water which I drink every day and what we all drank during the recording.  Love that stuff...

66. Spend money on experiences, not things
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/spend... download (audio/mpeg, 12.06Mb)


A big part of creating an Epic life is knowing how to spend your money.  I am a firm believer in spending money on experiences and not things.

On this podcast I talk about why spending money on experiences is so important.  I also talk about the Red Hot Chili Peppers, why they are my favorite band and why I'm dropping $1000 to see them this Sunday.

67. How to Crush your 20's
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 26.03Mb)


If you really want to crush your 20s then check out this podcast. Today I let Ryan Simcoe and Jeremy Bare (two twenty year olds) take over the show and interview me. I went through my 20s a long time ago so it's pretty interesting to answer their questions about life, career, purpose, dating/relationships, etc. 

This is a completely unscripted Q&A as I didn't know any of the questions they were going to ask. Some of their questions included:

1. How do you find life's purpose and fullfilment if you don't know what career you want to pursue? 2. How do you have an awesome relationship?  What mistakes did you make in your 20s? What's the most important thing to learn in college? (Hint: it has nothing to do with school). 

Ryan is my brother from Boston and it was a pleasure having him and Jeremy on the show.


68. How to apply Arnold Schwarzenegger's 6 rules of success
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/how-t... download (audio/mpeg, 17.68Mb)


Check out Ahhhhnold's wisdom (really) on life and 6 rules to live by. 

We take a look at each rule and apply it to life even if you're not professional bodybuilder/governor/ action movie actor.  The Terminator's rules:

Trust yourself Break some rules Don't be afriad to fail Ignore the naysayers Work your ass off Give something back

Listen in to hear how to apply these rules to your life and see why cauliflower is surprisingly like failure.

Check it out..


69. Be the underdog
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/be-th... download (audio/mpeg, 20.97Mb)


If you've ever been the underdog then this podcast for you. You'll learn why being the underdog is actually an advantage and how to leverage it.

You'll see what a 45 year old average hoopster, Luke Skywalker and Julian Edelman (from the New England Patriots) all have in common.

You'll hear 4 key steps to embracing your role as the underdgo and how to use it to use it to your advantage in any situation.


70. Love your Crazy
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/love-... download (audio/mpeg, 5.64Mb)


Is your life overwhelming?  Too much to do and too  little time?  Do you feel totally out of whack compared to the people who look so cool, calm and collected?

If so, than you are totally normal and just like the rest of us.  Here's the thing, though, instead of freaking out about the overwhelm, how about embracing it?

Check out this very short podcast on embracing your crazy life.  Enjoy!

71. F*ck Fear
http://simcoe.libsyn.com/fck-f... download (audio/mpeg, 23.78Mb)


Fear sucks.  If you're anything like me you have fears in your life.  Some are realistic and some are silly.  I recently overcame a major fear in my life (afraid of going anywhere at altitude) and it was fantastic. For years I've been afraid to travel anyhere above 1000 feet above sea level.  A silly fear a realize, but it was a fear nontheless.

In this podcast I talk about my fear and what I did to overcome it.  In fact, I recorded this at alitude which for me, was an amazing feat in and of itself.

We are have fears and we all need tools to manage them and 'dial back the crazy' as I call it.  This podcast will give you the tools to help manage your fears. 

Because at the end of the day, fear blows.  So check it out and f*ck fear.


72. How to build trust in your relationship
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 30.72Mb)


Creating a trusting relationship isn't easy.  It takes hard work, commitment and mutual respect.  Listen in to learn more about the common relationship trust pitfalls and how to avoid them. See how to increase the trust in your relationship and why opening a 'trust bank' is a good idea.


73. Win Big by Taking Risks and Being Bold
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 16.55Mb)



If you want to win big, you have to take chances and be bold. You can't be on the sidelines, you have to be in the game and be willing to risk it all. This is a very personal story about how being being bold one time (at 5:30am) led to having the best family I could have ever imagined.

74. How to Be a Rock Star in Life
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 14.44Mb)


You can be a rockstar in life if you're willing to work at it and follow these 5 key steps.  Tune in and learn about the power of the 'grind', how to obsess about success (in a healthy way) and see why Nickelback and Kid Rock inspired this podcast*. 

*Wow, it hurts just typing that...


75. 6 Ways to Build Stronger Friendships
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 27.72Mb)


See how great friendships are based on 6 key areas including: shared experiences, loyalty, showing up, etc.  You'll see what to do when you face a fork in the road with a friend and how to give incredible actionable advice (even if you're not a therapist). 

Better still, you'll learn how to judge real friends from fake friends and why your best friends will always back you up no matter what.


76. How to Build Mental Toughness
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 20.78Mb)

Description: Are you mentally tough?  Would you like to be cool, calm and collected in any situation?  Check out this podcast to learn about the five keys to mental toughness. You'll learn why mental toughness is a skill that anyone can build regardless of intelligence or education.  Tune in and get on the path to mental toughness right away.


77. What women want (advice for clueless guys everywhere)
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 46.19Mb)


This one is awesome. Today we welcome Jen Copyak, Superwoman extraordinaire to the podcast. She's a strong independent woman, wife and mom who's here to help us (men) understand the female brain. She'll explain what women want from their relationships, why confidence is sexy and how blueberries are better than jewelry.

Personally, I learned a ton from this podcast so I think you'll dig it.


78. How to believe in yourself
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 34.27Mb)


If you've ever doubted yourself than this podcast is for you.  See  why believing in yourself is a core component of an epic life. Learn the 8 simple steps to believing in yourself more and learn why you are stronger than you think.  You'll hear why 'being comfortable with being uncomfortable' and ignoring other people's highlight reels are crucial to your success in this area.  Tune in and improve your self-belief today.


79. Tools for Epic Leadership
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 24.23Mb)


Do you want to master the art of personal leadership without all the typical self-help "rah-rah". If so, check out this podcast on personal leadership. You'll see how being your own "guru" and mastering the #1 key to personla leadership will make you happier, more successful and improve your entire life. You'll learn about the Four Agreeements and see how it can change your life through it's simple message. Check out this episode and learn more about how to be an epic leader.


80. Ultimate Guide to Epic Fitness
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 26.83Mb)



Do you hate going to the gym?  Are you too busy or too tired to exercise daily?  If so, then this podcast is for you.  See how to make working out fun again and learn how to fit it into any schedule.

You'll see how a married guy with two kids and a full time career still manages to workout 5-6 times per week. You'll see the tips about how to schedule your workouts, what to do, and how to seamlessly incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

81. Relationship advice for woman (from a man)
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 31.70Mb)



Women, this is your chance to get inside guys heads and see what's going on.  Here are 15 things we want you to know  but don't necessarily want to tell you. Everything from why confidence is sexy, communication is like furniture instructions and what we love about you most. You'll see what we think about committment and how to tell if a guy is really into you. Check it out and unlock the mysteries of the often misunderstood "man brain".

82. Get on the path to an Epic Life
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 13.84Mb)

Description: There are 10 main parts to an epic life, check out this podcast to learn about them and see how you're doing in each area.  From health, career, money, values, sex life, love and friendships, tune in and see how your life stacks up right now and what to do about it.


83. How to give an Epic Speech
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 23.58Mb)


Successful public speaking comes down to preparation, confidence, relaxation and telling stories.  Check out this podcast to learn how to give a fantastic speech that will blow your audience away even if you hate public speaking.  Learn from Jim Simcoe, a nationally recognized speaker and author, about all of the inside tips and tools to be a great speaker. You'll learn how to prep a speech, how to instantly relax and how to connect with your audience immediately.


84. 3 life lessons from the Red Hot Chili Peppers
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 18.17Mb)

Description: What does a 45 year old joe everyman have in common with millionaire rockstars covered in tattoos?  Hear from a devoted fan (me) and find out. You'll hear about the three life lessons the Red Hot Chili Peppers taught me and how you can apply these to your life.  You'll also hear why staying true to three values can lead anyone to a happier, more successful life.


85. How to be an awesome parent
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 34.80Mb)


Our special guest for this podcast is my oldest daughter, Kaya.  She's nine years old and she gives us the straight dope on parental advice, being a kid today and what kids needs from their parents.  Pretty fun podcast, very stoked to have her as my first guest on the show!


86. How to launch an Epic startup in 30 days
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 46.21Mb)



Build a mission-driven business that gives you freedom, wealth and happiness.  No experience necessary, just follow the steps outlined in this podcast. This hour long podcast is a summary of the Epic Business Builder Program I created for new entrepreneurs. 

You'll learn how to develop the right vision, easily write an effective business plan, raise money from investors and identify your best customers.  You'll learn from my mistakes and get firsthand experience on how to build a business with zero budget and little experience. If I can do it, you can too.

87. How to master love, sex and relationships
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 51.55Mb)



Life is so much easier and enjoyable when you have a great relationship and you're having fantastic sex on a regular basis.  (I'm pretty sure Socrates or Plato said that). This podcast is all about giving you ideas and tools to help you in your relationship and your sex life. You'd be amazed at how a few simple tweaks can change everything.  I know it did for me in my relationship.

I'm not a relationship expert (far from it) so I've tried to only provide ideas that have worked for me in my relationship. Everything from what doesn't work to how less effort can lead to better results and why having 'nothing in common' is a good thing.

You'll hear why emptying the dishwasher, scheduled sex dates and knowing when forplay actually starts are keys to a strong sex life. Check it out... 

88. 5 Steps to Inner Peace
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 25.84Mb)


Unless you're Superman or Wonder Woman, you've probably faced trauma in your life.  It can be one of the major things holding you back from having a truly epic life. In this podcast I give you 5 effective tools to deal with past trauma based on my personal experience. The time to put the trauma behind you is now so check out these 5 tools to do it.


89. Tools, tips and tricks for daily awesomeness
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 43.39Mb)


Hack your day with these 57 tips, tricks, products and services.  See how I use them to gain more free time, have less aggravation and be prepared for just about anything that comes up. You'll learn why I never shop for razors, why myPrius trunk is my best friend and how the President Obama method of fashion will change your life.


90. The Art of Confidence
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 10.78Mb)



Gaining confidence is in many ways the key to an epic life.  Listen and learn how a high school speech changed everything.  You'll see how confidence begets confidence and how to rally around yourself to make it all happen.



91. Make life epic
http://traffic.libsyn.com/simc... download (audio/mpeg, 15.20Mb)


In this episode we talk baout how to create an epic life no matter where you are rigth now.  Jim Simcoe sets the stage by defining an epic life and giving some background into what makes life epic for all of us.

About your host: Jim Simcoe is a 45 year old married guy living in San Diego who loves fish tacos, listens unashamedly to 80s music, surfs and plays hoop regularly and is committed to creating an epic life.  Jim gave up a cushy Corporate America job to run a social venture building green homes. He works his ass off but loves it and always looks forward to Mondays. 

He lives with his wife and two daughters, two dogs and two cats and is constantly waiting for the girls to be ready and get in the damn car. (yes, he swears too).

So check out the podcast and see how to create a life filled with happiness, love, health, fantastic sex, wealth and more. See how to live a happier, meaningful life; empower yourself to be awesome and crush it in everything you do. 



Tune in and check the first episode.