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Podcast title Live Different Podcast: Business | Travel | Health | Performance
Website URL http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/r...
Description Listen to inspiring conversations about cutting edge mental and physical techniques to help you live beyond the status quo. This podcast will motivate you to grow your business, get in better shape, perform at your peak, and most importantly have more fun. Matt Wilson is the co-founder of the popular blog Under30CEO and the travel company Under30Experiences.
Updated Sat, 16 Nov 2019 21:00:01 +0000
Image Live Different Podcast: Business | Travel | Health | Performance
Category Business
Health & Fitness
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1. #170 Emotional Mastery: Understand Yourself Better & Boost Your Relationships with Carla Blumenthal
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 57.00Mb)


Carla Blumenthal coaches thoughtful, conscientious men who are looking to achieve greater success, more freedom, and build extraordinary relationships. She has coached a vast range of clients, from marketing execs and C-suite techs in New York and Silicon Valley, to entertainers, real estate investors, consultants, managers, architects, and small business owners.

Through their work together, many of her clients have landed new jobs, started their own businesses, and met their romantic partners—all while feeling more fulfilled and balanced at the same time. Carla’s signature method involves working from the inside out and leveraging insights from the latest Emotional Intelligence and High Performance Coaching researches.

Carla has been a guest on podcasts like “Your Biggest Vision Show,” “Best Real Estate Advice Ever,” and the “Investor Mindset.” She has also given a TEDx talk, has been featured in Forbes, and presented at TEDWomen. She lives with her husband in the Greater New York area.


This week’s episode talks about the two parts of intention and what unintentionality is, why it’s important to love the NOs and not take things personally, and what people always fall short on.

Carla also shares how she helps people manage their emotions within relationships, what helped her open up her world, and why she focuses on emotional intelligence in her life and coaching.

On setting goals, Carla has this to say, “Inventorying and auditing is a process that I think is so critical because you can really assess what’s happening, what’s working, what’s not working, what would feel good to set that goal.”

2. #169 Rewrite the Rules: Take Action to Live Life on Your Own Terms with Alex Starr
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 59.37Mb)


Alex Starr is a former AmeriCorps volunteer, a Wildland firefighter, founder of Rewrite the Rules, and the host of the top rated Rewrite the Rules with Alex Starr podcast. The Environmental Science and Business Management graduate is also a wilderness first responder and has had several volunteer experiences under his belt. Not only that, he was also the recipient of the Bronze Congressional Medal of Service Award as well as the Gold Presidential Award.

In 2012, Alex decided he needed a break from college and take a different route. He ended up travelling the country as part of a volunteer group, backpacked through South America, and fought wildfires across the west.

His podcast, Rewrite the Rules with Alex Starr interviews a vast range of guests including authors, CEOs, Navy SEALS, and even former gang members. From the interviews, he hopes to help people explore and work on key facets of their lives that can use some rewriting—career, relationships, mindset, future, etc.—so they’ll be able to live their best lives on their own terms.


This week’s episode talks about what he finds engaging about travelling, how people can gain better perspective when they are caught up in their problems, and what his podcast is all about.

Alex also shares what prompted him to live life on his own terms, what he tells himself to quiet his ego, and what his budget style is.

On how people can gain better perspective when they are so caught up in their own problems, Alex shares this advice, “Write everything. There is no practice that is more effective and cheap than getting a piece of paper and pen.”

3. #168 Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: Relationship Skills for Today’s Complex World with John Gray
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 70.20Mb)


John Gray is a relationship counselor, author, lecturer and family therapist. He is a member of the American Counseling Association and the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors. Prior to his career as a personal relationship counsellor and author, he was the personal assistant to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for nine years.

In 1992, he wrote the bestselling book “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.” The book also formed the central theme of all his other career activities and subsequent books. “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” sold more than 15 million copies and was hailed one of the “highest ranked work of non-fiction” in the 90s according to a report published by CNN.

The book has been published in over 40 languages and has led to weekend seminars, infomercials, videotapes and audiotapes, a TV sitcom and even a contract with 20th Century Fox.

John also writes a USA-syndicated column with over 30 million readers. His piece appears in New York Daily News, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Denver Post, San Antonio Express-News, and New York Newsday. He has also made countless media appearances including Larry King Live, Oprah, and The Phil Donahue Show. John has also been profiled on People, Forbes, and Newsweek magazines.


This week’s episode talks about how men and women can be more mindful of their hormone levels, how to understand gender differences, and the modern obstacles to women having normally produced estrogen.

John also discusses the link between testosterone and meditation, how one can be less judgmental towards how others think, and the biggest estrogen producer there is.

On how estrogen is produced, John has this to say, “Estrogen is produced when you feel dependent. This is like a big revelation. A lot of research went into this. When women feel dependent on someone for something that they can’t get themselves, estrogen levels go up. That’s what estrogen is about.”

4. #167 Our Beliefs Create Our Reality: Meditation and Psychedelics with Brandon Epstein
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 53.98Mb)


Brandon Epstein is a fitness model, peak performance coach, and former college football player turned serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of The BE Mindset and the co-founder of Jump Rope Dudes. He is also the creator of the BE app, an app designed to help people live their lives in the present moment. The guided meditation is designed to program one’s mind to spend more time in the present moment resulting to a feeling of satisfaction, peace, and joy.

Jump Rope Dudes is the largest online fitness brand in the world exclusively dedicated to jump rope exercise. After losing a combined 130 pounds on each of their fitness journeys, Brandon and co-founder Dan Witmer have shared what they have learned and has helped countless people around the world transform their bodies (and their lives) through rope jumping. Their YouTube channel now has a total of 500k plus followers.

Jump Rope Dudes has been featured in several publications including the Wall Street Journal and GQ. They have also collaborated with Roc Nation to introduce new music to their followers via jump rope workouts. Other brands they have worked with include Crossrope, Audible, and MeUndies.

The Episode

This week’s episode talks about Brandon's experience with Bufo Alvarius, how perceptions can become beliefs, and the two ways you can reprogram your beliefs.

Brandon also shares what his latest psychedelic journey was like, the importance of having a stable meditation foundation before trying psychedelics, and how people can build a solid foundation so they can reassemble their subconscious.

On the power of belief, Brandon has this to say, “I believe that the way we feel, the way we behave, what we are attracted to, what we are attracting all stem from our beliefs.”

5. #166 No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work w/ Liz Fosslien
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 64.13Mb)


Elisabeth Fosslien is an author, illustrator, and head of content at Humu. She illustrated and co-authored the bestselling Wall Street Journal book “No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work.” The groundbreaking nonfiction is also hailed as a hilarious guide to effectively expressing emotions at the office, finding that seemingly elusive fulfilment, and defining work-life balance on one’s own terms.

Her book also takes an affectionate look at how emotions can have a profound impact on key aspects of one’s professional life. It also serves as a meticulously researched guide to un-repressing emotions at work, demystifying digital interactions and co-worker communication styles, and finding constructive channels even for negative emotions like anxiety and jealousy.

Aside from “writing and drawing” emotion, Liz also works as a consultant on experience design projects and product design for companies like SYPartners, Ernst & Young, and Salesforce. She also regularly runs scientifically-backed and interactive workshops on creating a culture of belonging, navigating different work styles, helping remote workers avoid burnout, and effectively harnessing emotions as a leader.

Elisabeth has also spoken and delivered keynote presentations at numerous organisations and conferences including Google, LinkedIn, SXSW, Viacom, Dropbox, The American Gas Association, First Round Capital, HackMIT, and The Wing.

Her work has also been featured by The Economist, TIME, NPR, and the New York Times. She has also led community and product projects at Genius and ran statistical analyses at Analysis Group. The coffee lover starts her day by eating yogurt and reading abstracts. She lives in Berkeley, California and is a fan of ghouls and mathematical art.


This week’s episode talks about her definition of a burnout, the difference between introverts and extroverts, and the importance of communication in the workplace.

Elisabeth also shares the top 3 signs of burnout as well as the different levels, one of the biggest things she talked about in her book, and what an ambivert is.

On dealing with a bad day at work, Elisabeth offers the following advice, “First is to try and understand what’s driving that negative emotion.”

6. #165 Take Control of your Toxicity & Genetics: Western Medicine Meets Functional Practice with Dr. Ann Shippy, M.D.
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 70.06Mb)


Ann Shippy, M.D. is a former IBM engineer turned functional doctor. She made the transition from engineer to doctor while searching for better solutions to her own health ailments. The physician, scientist, engineer, author, and mom is board certified in internal medicine and certified in functional medicine. Based in Austin, Texas, she employs a functional approach to a vast range of health concerns including autoimmunity, digestive issues, and toxicity from exposure to heavy metals and mold.

Dr. Ann uses innovative testing, research and genetic information, and cutting-edge science to address the root causes of health issues as opposed to just treating the symptoms of illnesses. She also approaches each patient as a whole person and establishes a therapeutic partnership with them to attain the highest standard of health.

A graduate of the University of Texas Medical School, the former IBM engineer’s diligent and results-oriented approach to functional medicine is rooted in experience, data, and expertise. She also shares with her patients the science, solutions, and tools so they can achieve the exceptional health they truly deserve.

Dr. Ann is also the author of 2 books: Mold Toxicity Workbook: Assess Your Environment & Create a Recovery Plan and Shippy Paleo Essentials: A Medical Blueprint for Health. The Mold Toxicity Workbook is a workbook that provides a solid foundation for identifying mold toxicity and medically proven solutions for the problem. Shippy Paleo Essentials on the other hand tackles the Paleo diet in detail and how to best implement it to get the results you are looking for.


This week’s episode talks about the human system and epigenetics, the importance of healing time and genetic testing, and what volatile organic compounds are.

Dr. Ann also shares what she does to mitigate herself from toxicity, what infrared therapy is, and the types of tests she recommends.

On taking care of one’s health, Dr. Ann has this to say, “Do the work early so you don’t end up with something later.”

7. #164 The Secret to Building Gamechanging Habits with Maneesh Sethi of Pavlok
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 51.29Mb)


Maneesh Singh Sethi is an Internet entrepreneur and bestselling author. He is also the editor-and-chief of Hack the System and the CEO of Pavlok. He has already authored 4 books and has worked in diverse fields like marketing, information technology, and psychology.

In his blog, Hack the System, he provides consummate guides to hacking productivity, languages, habit, exercise, and business. The chairman and chief executive officer of Behavioral Technology Group, Inc. is also best known as the genius behind the behavior modification wristband Pavlok.

Designed with habit research and the latest science, Pavlok is a behavioural training device that makes use of aversive conditioning. Aversive conditioning is primarily behavior training that uses negative association and stimuli in order to reaffirm a particular action as undesirable.

Maneesh has been travelling the world since 2008 and has founded several companies. The Stanford University graduate has also lectured at conferences and universities around the world. Through his personal coaching and online marketing master class, he has successfully guided countless students to become expert lifestyle designers.

Maneesh has been featured on Zenhabit, Four Hour Workweek Blog, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, and many others. His passions include film, writing, and music.

The Episode

This week’s episode talks about what Pavlok is and how it works, how negative reinforcement can be a good thing in the long term, and the power of making bets.

Maneesh also shares how they used the negative plus positive reinforcement loop, the formula that creates consistent explosive growth in both yourself and your business, and what his ultimate life goal is.

On creating successful habit change, Maneesh has this to say, “To make a habit change, there’s only one variable which matters and that’s consistency, it’s number of days in a row in which you do a behavior.”

8. #163 Find the World’s Best Flight Deals Handpicked by Experts with Scott Keyes of Scott’s Cheap Flights
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 64.36Mb)


Scott Keyes is the founder and CEO of Scott’s Cheap Flights. In 2013, he found a flight deal he just can’t pass out on—a $130 roundtrip from New York City to Milan. When he returned home, his friends and colleagues asked him to let them know the next time he finds a great deal. In a nutshell, that’s how Scott’s Cheap Flights came about.

Scott’s Cheap Flights aims to enable people to travel and see and experience the world. Unlike automated flight deals and alerts sent out by way of affiliated links, they leverage their team of human flight experts and innovative software to provide meticulously-vetted and high quality deals that are worth their members’ time and money.

To date, Scott’s Cheap Flights has around 1.6 million members (and growing each day!). The total amount of airfare their deals have helped members save is already at a whopping $100 million! Scott’s Cheap Flights is ran by a remote team with members situated in many parts of the world. Undoubtedly, they are making people's travel dreams attainable, one deal at a time!

So far, Scott has visited a total of 46 countries. He lists Oaxaca, Mexico as his favourite destination. He runs Scott’s Cheap Flights with co-founder and COO, Brian Kidwell.


This week’s episode talks about how Scott’s Cheap Flights work, the key things people who want to find cheap flights should do, and the premise of what he does today.

Scott also shares what the 24-hour rule is, the holy grail of the cheap flights world, and the cheapest time to book a flight.

On finding the best flight deals, Scott has this to say, “The better the deal is, the shorter it’s going to last. So finding about them early and being able to book early is really really key.”

9. #162 Ego Hacking, Building Trust, and Building a Global Travel Community with Casey Fenton Co-founder of CouchSurfing
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 59.11Mb)


Casey Fenton is the founder of the largest trust experiment of all time—CouchSurfing. CouchSurfing is a hospitality and social networking service that gives its 15 million members access to offer hospitality and lodging, arrange homestays, and join events like the “Couch Crashes.”

CouchSurfing was first conceived in 1999, when Casey was just 21 years old. On April 2, 2003, CouchSurfing International Inc. was formed and was listed as a New Hampshire nonprofit organisation. The CouchSurfing site was launched on June 12, 2004 with the help of Sebastien Le Tuan, Leonardo Silveira, and CouchSurfing co-founder, Dan Hoffer. Casey was also the executive director of CouchSurfing until 2012. He also served as founding chairman of the board.

Casey, who has dedicated his life to understanding how to build cooperative trust systems is also the CEO and founder of Upstock, a privately held company which he founded in 2015. Based in San Francisco, California, the company helps businesses accomplish big goals by helping employees believe and think like entrepreneurs. The company also combines true and vetted elements of $1M+ Fortune 1000 equity plans.

The keynote and TEDx speaker has also worked as director of Internet strategy for Tony Knowles, the governor of Alaska. From 2002 to 2004, he also worked as legislative aide for the Alaska State House Minority Leader. After exiting as CEO of CouchSurfing, Casey became part of multiple startups like Wonder App and Upstock.


This week’s episode talks about the reason Casey chose the term couch surfing and how the whole idea for the project came about, what led him to the path of hacking his ego, and what diversity mindset is.

Casey also shares why he thinks diversity is important to survival, his take on trust, and how to do self-talk right.

As far as the biggest ego hack there is, Casey has this to say, “For social cohesion, people become what you tell them they are.”

10. #161 Live Your Dream: Become a Travel Blogger with Samantha & Ryan Looney from Our Travel Passport
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 75.71Mb)


Ryan and Samantha Looney are avid travelers and the brilliant couple behind “Our Travel Passport.” Samantha also functions as the brand’s creative director while Ryan is the director of marketing and cinematographer. Shortly after they got married, Ryan and Samantha began traveling the world and fell in love with it. From their earlier travels, they realized they want to make travel a priority and would like to share their trips and experiences with their friends and loved ones back home. Essentially, that’s how “Our Travel Passport” came to be.

After traveling to more than 20 countries together, Samantha and Ryan turned “Our Travel Passport” into a content creation firm that produces video and photo content in exotic destinations the world over. They also conduct online workshops for those who would like to create epic videos, take amazing travel photos, and scale their social media platforms.

The couple also uses their blog, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media channels to motivate and inspire others to see the world, appreciate different cultures, and spend more time on travel adventures with family and friends.


This week’s episode talks about the strategies Ryan and Samantha used to reach out to potential clients, how they were able to establish trust with their audience, and what they did to get people to connect and engage with them.

Ryan and Samantha also shares the reason why they chose to focus on videography and photography, what their mission is, and what their recommendations are to those who would like to travel and still stay on top of their finances.

For those who would like to travel, Samantha has this to say, “It’s not scary going out into the world and it’s actually you know, you create a better environment and earth and world for everyone when you are exploring and meeting new people and having new experiences.”

11. #160 Scaling Up for Millennial Entrepreneurs: Find Money, Grow Fast, & Manage Your Emotions with Verne Harnish
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 50.48Mb)


Verne Harnish is the founder of the distinguished Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), a prestigious organization with more than 14, 000 members worldwide. For fifteen years now, he also chairs “Birthing of Giants,” a leadership program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as well as the MIT / WEO Advanced Business Program for entrepreneurs over 40. Verne is also the founder and chief executive officer of Gazelles, Inc. He also serves as principal and co-founder of Gazelles Growth Institute. Verne also collaborates with Bloomberg LIVE for the bi-annual ScaleUp Summits.

Apart from spending the past three decades helping numerous companies scale up, Verne has also authored several bestselling books. Also known as the “Growth Guy,” Verne is also a venture columnist for FORTUNE magazine. His bestselling book “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits: What You Must Do to Increase the Value of Your Growing Firm,” has been translated into 9 languages. He also authored “The Greatest Business Decision of All Time: How Apple, Ford, IBM, Zappos, and Others Made Radical Choices that Changed the Core of Business.” His latest book, “Scaling Up: How Few Companies Make It . . . and Why the Rest Don’t (Rockefeller Habits 2.0),” has garnered 8 major international book awards. It also bagged the prestigious International Book Award for Best General Business book.

Verne serves on several boards and is currently chairman of The Riordan Clinic as well as Geoversity. The brilliant entrepreneur, author, and private investor plays tennis and piano during his spare time. He also enjoys magic and is even a card-carrying member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.


This week’s episode talks about the importance of having a general direction, why you need to be clear about your big hairy audacious goals, and why your business shouldn’t go a day without cash.

Verne also shares what drove him to write his book "Mastering the Rockefeller Habits: What You Must Do to Increase the Value of Your Growing Firm," his recommendations for those who would like to buy a company, and his advice to entrepreneurs who would like to manage their emotions better.

For those who would like to start a business, Verne has this to say, “I would not start a company. If anyone’s interested in being in business for themselves, I would buy a company cause I gotta tell you from zero to one, it’s really hard.”

12. #159 Don’t Panic! Being a Digital Nomad Isn’t Sustainable with Eli David of Become Nomad
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 48.01Mb)


Eli David is an economist, entrepreneur, certified public accountant, and an MBA graduate with work experiences in firms like BDO and KPMG. Originally from Haifa, Israel, the perpetual traveler and digital nomad has been on the move since early 2011, changing locations every two months. In 2010, Eli co-founded LingoLearn, an online language school which aims to make online language learning fun and effective.

Eli also runs a blog called BecomeNomad.com where he provides helpful resources and insights for nomads on the road. Through his website, he also provides the much needed inspiration to those who are considering giving the nomadic lifestyle a try. Over the years, Eli has created a set of “rules” that gives him the freedom to work on his business, explore his surroundings, and connect with the locals. At the same time, Eli also runs the Become Nomad Podcast where he explains the nomadic lifestyle. Through the podcast, he also provides helpful insights and resources to help people become more balanced travelers and nomads.

The transient lifestyle he lives also provided Eli with the perfect opportunity to build his new venture Startup Blink. Startup Blink is considered the most comprehensive ecosystem map and research center in the world. The venture which he runs with his Zurich-based co-founder also provides startup ecosystem developers with analysis, promotion, and mapping modules for their region. Startup Blink is currently managing more than 90 active local startup chapters and boasts of over 50, 000 members the world over. The website also has tens of thousands of online visitors monthly.


This week’s episode talks about the start-up scene in Israel, what the best back ups are, and how he’s able to move around frequently and stays productive.

Eli also shares what the most inspiring part of his story is, why it pays to know what you want, and why he thinks the digital nomad lifestyle is not sustainable.

For those who would like to give the nomadic lifestyle a try, Eli has this to say, “One of the most important things if you are embarking on a lifestyle like this is to also listen to yourself and when you get signals that it’s no longer the thing that makes you happy, then stop.”

13. #158 Start with Nothing and Go Anywhere with Jason Moore of Zero to Travel
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 41.15Mb)


Jason Moore fits the definition of “travel influencer” to a tee. The founder, travel ambassador, and host of the Zero To Travel Podcast has spent more than a decade traversing the United States and working on jobs that are travel-related. His podcast has become massively popular that it has been downloaded more than 4.5 million times in 195 countries around the world. The podcast has also garnered a staggering 300+ five star reviews on iTunes. Jason also started the online community Location Indie with his business partner Travis Sherry to help people around the world build a lifestyle that’s location-independent.

Zero To Travel is a multi-media travel publishing company that creates best-selling audio courses, educational products, and books. Zero To Travel published the amazing travel book “International House Sitting: How to Travel the World and Stay Anywhere for FREE.” The book is the definitive guide on the exciting world of house sitting written by two professional house sitters and authors Nat Smith and Jodie Burnham. Jason also published a book under Zero To Travel called “Breaking Into Event Marketing: Travel the Road Like a Rockstar. The book is packed with hardcore information on how to break into event marketing.

Zero To Travel also runs an online community called Location Indie designed to help people travel the world within their means regardless of their experience or situation. As co-founder of Location Indie, Jason’s primary aim is to build a global community of location independent entrepreneurs and heart-centered digital nomads so they can help one another excel in two fields they are passionate about—travel and business. While originally from the United States, Jason now lives with his wife and children in Oslo, Norway.


This week’s episode talks about how to have a good conversation with fellow travelers, how to really engage with people and form real connections, and why it pays to go on a trip by yourself when you’re practicing how to effectively connect with people.

Jason also shares what he would tell people who would like to travel more often, what to him are the best ways to connect with people, and what he thinks one of the most important habits people can develop is.

On connecting with fellow travelers, Jason has this to say, “I think it’s just about asking questions, being genuinely curious, and listening. Those are really the 3 basic things.”

14. #157 Make $100K+ in Passive Income and Travel Like a Boss with Johnny FD
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 53.10Mb)


Johnny FD is a very successful location independent entrepreneur who left a well compensated job in California and moved to Thailand to follow his passions. He first worked as a scuba diver and later on became a professional Muay Thai fighter. In 2013, he started his first ever online venture, a book which he published on Amazon Kindle. He was also able to successfully replace his 9 - 5 income by starting a drop shipping store. After selling his drop shipping store for $60, 000, he invested the money into growing a passive income.

Since then, Johnny has sold 3 more stores and has generated over a million dollars in income from his online businesses. The successful digital nomad has also been travelling the world (he has visited over 50 countries so far) and has been earning over six figures ($150, 000 or more) each year from his online ventures.

Even while always on the move, Johnny is still actively investing and creating new streams of passive income. He chronicles and shares his experiences as a digital nomad and online entrepreneur on his blog JohnnyFD.com as well as on his podcast “Travel Like a Boss Podcast.” In his latest book Life Changes Quick, Johnny shared how he started his online business, how he got in the best shape of his life, and how to succeed in all aspects of life, among many others.

Johnny also gives back by teaching others how to create their own income, monetise their online brand, and become their own boss through his course Income Boss. He also hosts the annual Nomad Summit conference. Thanks to his success as a digital nomad and entrepreneur, Johnny has been featured on the Business Insider, Entrepreneur, BBC, The Balance, Fast Company, and other publications.


This week’s episode talks about how Johnny was able to afford living in Southeast Asia while working from his laptop, how he forms real and deep friendships despite being independent and constantly on the move, and what he recommends in terms of personal development.

Johnny also shares his recommendations for those who are looking to make the big move, what passive income is and what it takes to set one up, and his advice for people who would like to live a lifestyle similar to his.

On being a digital nomad, Johnny FD has this to say, “To be honest, I think the best life for a digital nomad is to not get too comfortable in one place yet balancing not travelling too often.”

15. #156 SuperWellness: Become Your Own Best Healer; the Revolutionary New Formula for Creating True Vibrant Health
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 68.12Mb)


Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan is a transformational retreat leader, speaker, high performance coach, and the author of the #1 bestselling book on Amazon, “SuperWellness.” Dr. Chan is also a globally recognised holistic Chinese medicine doctor. Dr. Chan’s academic background includes a 4-year graduate degree from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a doctoral degree from Five Branches University, in Endocrinology and Neuromuscular Medicine.

On top of that, she also has a degree in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. Dr. Chan is also one of only 300 certified high performance coaches in the world with more than 15 plus years experience as a holistic medicine doctor specialising in sports performance.

After a series of meditation-induced mystical experiences in 2003 that forever changed her perception of human possibilities, she has devoted her life to helping unlock the secret to the human potential. Dr. Chan’s work integrates modern science, medicine, spirituality, and ancient wisdom together.

In 2015, she created the first ever Pranic Festival, a conference that explores the frontiers of human possibilities. Through her programs and seminars, Dr. Chan helps visionary pioneers master their energy and life so they can serve and lead at the highest levels. Since 2015, she’s been running her popular podcast “The Dr. E Show” where she features world-class guests to discuss science and spirituality, health and wellness, conscious living, and quantum biology.


This week’s episode talks about what Chinese medicine is and how it differs from Western medicine, the importance of mindfulness and checking in on one’s self consistently, and the importance of setting one’s intentions and physiology to meet the challenges of each day.

Dr. Chan also shares how to synchronise one’s circadian rhythm, what grounding is and its health benefits, and the importance of working on proper breathing and hydration.

On the benefits of creating vibrant health, Dr. Chan has this to say, “Just by taking beautiful care of your health, your physiology, literally just minding your own business, living your life in the most healthy, harmonious way possible, naturally as a side effect of that you’re gonna emanate a more peaceful, coherent, healthy energy into the community and that to me is the most powerful social activism.”

16. #155 See the Bigger Picture: From Allergies to Gut Microbiome to The Truth About Heaven with Dr. Leo Galland
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 66.32Mb)


Dr. Leo Galland is a board-certified internist, author, and a recognized world leader in integrative and functional medicine. He also specializes in the treatment and evaluation of complex chronic disorders. A graduate of Harvard University and New York University School of Medicine, his trailblazing vision created a new and bold approach toward healing for thousands of doctors worldwide. A pioneer in studying the impact of intestinal permeability and intestinal microbes on health and disease, Dr. Galland has also garnered international recognition for developing breakthrough therapies to treat allergic, inflammatory, autoimmune, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Aside from being listed in America’s Top Doctors and Leading Physicians of the World, Dr. Galland was also awarded the Linus Pauling Award for his remarkable contributions in the field of medicine. The elected fellow of the American College of Nutrition and the American College of Physicians has also been the recipient of other prestigious awards including the Seelig Magnesium Award, the Harold Harper Award in Preventive Medicine, and the Clinician Award from the National Nutritional Foods Association.

In 2017, Marquis Who’s Who presented Dr. Galland with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award for his noteworthy accomplishments, visibility, and prominence in the medical field. Recognized internationally as a medical innovator and pioneer, Dr. Galland is also considered a global leader in the application of nutritional science to clinical medicine. In 1985, he developed and introduced Person-Centered Diagnosis, a breakthrough and award-winning model for clinical practice that has influenced thousands of health practitioners the world over.

Dr. Galland is also a prolific author and has published several books including “Already Here: A Doctor Discovers the Truth About Heaven,” “The Fat Resistance Diet,” “Superimmunity for Kids,” “The Heartburn and Indigestion Solution,” and "The Allergy Solution: The Surprising Hidden Truth about Why You are Sick and How to Get Well" which he co-wrote with his son Jonathan Galland.


This week’s episode talks about the vital role the gut plays and the two gradients in the gut, what people can do to optimise their microbiome, and the key part of maintaining the gut’s health.

Dr. Galland also shares what probiotics and prebiotics are and the roles they play, the connection between the gut and the brain and how it affects people’s happiness, and the experience that ultimately changed his understanding of the universe.

On taking care of the gut, Dr. Galland has this to say, “If you think about the gut as an ecological system, then in an ecological system what’s important is diversity, biodiversity. That is a really key part of maintaining the health of the gut.”

17. #154 Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation with Dan Schawbel
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 48.12Mb)


Dan Schawbel is a millennial TV personality, serial entrepreneur, and global keynote speaker. The career workplace expert and startup advisor is also a New York Times bestselling author. To date, he has already written 3 bestselling books: Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success, Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation, and Me 2.0 4 Steps to Building Your Future. Dan is also the host of the 5 Questions with Dan Schawbel podcast where he interviews world-class individuals like Condoleeza Rice, Richard Branson, Jay Shetty, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Dan is also a partner and research director at Future Workplace. Future Workplace acquired Dan’s company WorkplaceTrends.com in 2016. WorkplaceTrends.com is the world’s largest workplace research aggregator and boasts of over 450 sources. Dan is also the managing partner at Millennial Branding. Millennial Branding is a Gen Y consulting and research firm and has worked with global companies like Oracle, Red Bull, American Express, Deutsche Bank, and NBC Universal, among many others.

Through Millennial Branding and Future Workplace, Dan was able to publish 40 revolutionary research studies after surveying a staggering 90, 000 people from 20 countries. Dan and his extensive work has also been featured in more than 700 media outlets including NBC, CNN, Men’s Health, The New York Times, and USA Today.

His bestselling book Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation was chosen “book of the month” by The Financial Times. His New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling book Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success was named by Chicago Tribune as the #1 career book for 2013. The #1 international bestseller Me 2.0 4 Steps to Building Your Future was also hailed by the New York Post as the #1 career book of 2009.


This week’s episode talks about what work connectivity context is, the different ways people can keep team engagements high, and the best way to build a more socialized workplace.

Dan also shares his thoughts on how people can stand out as professionals, why he thinks video is king, and how people can build their credibility.

On how great leaders can create connection in the age of isolation, Dan has this to say, “We need to use technology as a bridge to form stronger bonds with the people that we work with, our family, and friends and not let it be a barrier between us and them.”

18. #153 Lesson on Community from Main Street with Pamela Slim
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 63.80Mb)


Pamela Slim is an award-winning author, speaker, community builder, and small business strategist. She was also the former corporate director of training and development at Barclays Global Investors. She spent her first decade as consultant to global companies like Charles Schwab, Chevron, and Hewlett-Packard, where she trained and worked with thousands of managers, executives, and employees.

In 2005, she started one of the top career and business blogs online—Escape from Cubicle Nation. Through the years, she has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start successful businesses. Her book, “Escape from Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur,” was released in 2009 and was awarded by 800 CEO Read as the “Best Small Business/Entrepreneur Book.” Together with author Susan Cain, she also built and launched the Quiet Revolution and the Quiet Leadership Institute.

Pamela’s first book, “Escape from Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur,” provides readers not just with the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship but with everything they need to know about starting a business, including the emotional issues involved in the process. Her new bestselling book “Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together,” provides guidance on how to find connections, sell a story, and reinvent and relaunch a brand.

In 2016, Pamela launched the Main Street Learning Lab. Located in Mesa, Arizona, Main Street Learning Lab is a community-based think tank focusing on business economic acceleration. The collaborative and innovative project supports small business owners who want to succeed, as well as the incubators, organizations, and companies who are helping them.

A passionate martial artist, Pamela practiced the Afro-Brazilian Capoeira for more than a decade while in San Francisco. She also once served as executive director of the non-profit martial arts organisation Omulu Capoeira Group. Pamela received her black belt in July of 2013 and studied mixed martial arts in Arizona under Edward Kelly Fiori.

This week’s episode talks about the changes Pamela is seeing on Main Street, the different ways people can make sustainable businesses, and her advice to people who are not feeling inspired where they are.

Pamela also shares her thoughts on the “empire” model, the importance of tuning in more, and what her community is all about.

On connecting with other people, Pamela has this to say, “In so many ways, in having this really rich soup of people that come from different backgrounds and perspectives, it just really amps up your creative thinking and very specifically can lead to a lot more business opportunities.”

19. #152 Stop Worrying About Your Passion, Practice Awareness, and Mindfully Manage Emotions with Chelsea Dinsmore of Live Your Legend
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 63.23Mb)


Chelsea Dinsmore is the owner and Chief of Community Happiness at Live Your Legend (LYL), a global community that helps people do meaningful work, make a living off something they love and are passionate about, and use their talents and strengths to give back to the world. 

Live Your Legend focuses on the creation of in-person connections with like-minded living legends. The career and connection platform also aims to inspire and educate people so they can live their lives with purpose and find fulfilment and meaning in all they do. To date, they host in person meet ups monthly in over 260 cities across 65 countries. 

Live Your Legend was founded by Chelsea’s late husband Scott Dinsmore. As Live Your Legend’s Chief Experimenter, he not only provided practical career tools, he also connected people worldwide and placed community at the center of their success. While the writer, traveler, entrepreneur, and TED speaker sadly passed away while on a year-long trek around the world, his legacy lives on through Chelsea and his strong community of doers and dreamers.


This week’s episode talks about the power of mindfulness and how it can help people design a life that suits them, why passion alone is not enough, and why writing and journaling is so powerful.

Chelsea also shares her thoughts on external versus internal validation, what writing does for her, and how she got over her self-doubt.

On mindfulness, Chelsea has this to say, “It’s not necessarily about sitting there and not thinking. It’s about managing your thoughts in a better way.”

20. #151 Be Contrarian and Build a Second Brain with Getting Things Done and Evernote Expert Tiago Forte
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 62.71Mb)


Tiago Forte is an internationally recognised productivity expert, author, speaker, researcher, and teacher obsessed with the future of work. He is also the founder of Forte Labs, a productivity training and media firm based in San Francisco. At Forte Labs, he helps people significantly improve their productivity through techniques, principles, and tools of design thinking.

Tiago is also the editor-in-chief of Praxis, a members-only online publication that focuses on the future of productivity. He has also created online courses on the learning platform skillshare.com which won him an Innovation in Education award. For his efforts on re-inventing work for the digital age, he has been featured on Inc., CB Insights, and The New York Times. Also a prolific author, Tiago has already written 5 books—The Mesa Method, Extend Your Mind, Design Your Work, Storm of Tweets, and Beyond the Orange Curtain.

Drawing on his background in design and technology, Tiago helps people and organisations elevate their performance, reframe their relationship with work, and transform their productivity. He also conducts workshops on topics that deal with the future of work such as habit formation, design thinking, productivity, and personal knowledge management (PKM). His online course Building a Second Brain teaches people how to save everything they have learned, act on their creative ideas, and organise their digital life.



This week’s episode talks about the concept behind the full-stack freelancer model, what personal knowledge management (PKM) is, and the 3 stages people move through in their use of technology.

Tiago also shares what productivity is for him, how he makes working sessions inherently pleasurable, and how he strengthens his self-efficacy.

On work and productivity, Tiago has this to say, “Instead of just accepting human nature and the nature of work as fixed, we can design the very way we structure our work to fit how we wanna work and how we wanna live.”


21. #150 Build Your Six Figure Side Hustle + Keep Your Job with Case Kenny of New Mindset, Who Dis?
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 66.60Mb)


Case Kenny is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of PRSUIT.com, a daily email newsletter he started way back in 2014. Aside from providing his readers with “perspective that inspires” through the daily emails he sends out, Case also motivates others by providing transparent, long-form, and substantive content aimed to help people become the badass humans they are capable of becoming. Thanks to his brilliant, thought-provoking, and inspiring content, he was able to build a massive social media following (163k followers on Instagram) and an even bigger readership (400, 000 to 700, 000 per month) over the years.


Always looking for new ways to challenge himself, he started the iTunes top ranked podcast New Mindset, Who Dis in June of 2018. Through the podcast, Case shares short, real, and relatable conversations from wellness and self-help down to mindsets. He also imparts personal and practical insights to help his listeners live purposeful, passionate, and happy lives.

The brilliant writer, successful entrepreneur, and prolific podcaster writes everyday and records his podcast twice a week. A University of Notre Dame graduate, Case also speaks Mandarin, Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic. He is also regularly featured in publications like The Chicago Tribune, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc., Forbes, Made Magazine, and many others.


This week’s episode talks about the idea behind the podcast New Mindset Who Dis, what vesting is, and why sales is a powerful thing.

Case also shares what his workflow is like, how he manages his time and how he gets sponsors, and why he thinks there’s so much power in perspective.

On the power of mindset, Case has this to say, “Your mindset is so powerful that once you adjust your mindset, your actions follow, your happiness follows, and your fulfilment follows.”


22. #149 How to Be Interesting. Craft a Better Story with Marsha Shandur of Yes Yes Marsha
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 49.16Mb)


Marsha Shandur is a story coach, networking mentor, and memory scavenger at Yes Yes Marsha. She helps leaders and entrepreneurs by teaching them how to make instant and powerful emotional connections with collaborators and dream clients. Marsha is also the host of the podcast Marsha Meets . . . On the show, she has interviewed brilliant comedians like Rufus Hound, Greg Davies, Stewart Lee, and Russell Kane. The show has been hailed twice as one of the world’s Top Ten Best Comedy Podcasts by The Guardian.

Marsha is also the co-author of the book Off The Mic: The World’s Best Stand Up Comedians Get Serious About Comedy. The book talks about the mechanics of stand-up comedy and features interviews with 43 comedians including Lewis Black, Marc Maron, Sarah Millican, and Eddie Izzard. The book was nominated for a Chortle Award and The Independent considered it “Fascinating—part textbook, part therapist’s notebook.”

Marsha’s Master’s degree in Psychology coupled by her more than a decade experience as producer and radio presenter gave her a good and thorough understanding of how connections are made. She now runs True Stories Told Live, Toronto’s biggest storytelling show and has told her story in Toronto, London, and in front of 3, 000 people at Portland’s World Domination Summit.


This week’s episode talks about content mapping and why it’s important, what the primacy and recency effects are, and the neurology of storytelling and how it works.

Marsha also shares why it pays to practice when it comes to storytelling, her thoughts on brevity when telling a story, and what networking is and why it has a less than desirable connotation.

When it comes to storytelling, Gretchen has this to say, “People seem to think that storytelling is the skill that you have or you don’t. And it’s not. It’s a learned set of rules.”

23. #148 Outer Order, Inner Calm: Declutter and Organize to Make More Room for Happiness with Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 50.81Mb)


Gretchen Rubin is one of today’s most thought-provoking and influential observers of human nature and happiness. She has been known for her gift of distilling and conveying complex concepts with clarity and humor and making it accessible to a wider audience. Dubbed as “the queen of the self-help memoir” by the New York Times, she lists being interviewed by Oprah, having dinner with Daniel Kahneman, and walking arm-in-arm with the Dalai Lama as some her writing career’s highlights.

Gretchen is the author of several books, including the New York Time bestsellers Better Than Before, The Four Tendencies, and the Happiness Project. Thanks to her enormous readership, her books have been translated in more than thirty languages and has sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide. As if not enough, her book The Happiness Project was on the bestseller list for two years!

In her work, Gretchen draws inspiration from the wisdom of the ages, cutting-edge science, lessons from pop culture, and from her very own experiences to explore how people can live happier, healthier, and more creative and productive lives. In her new book Outer Order, Inner Calm, Gretchen shares 150 straightforward and concrete clutter-clearing ideas her readers can pick from so they can create a serene and more orderly environment—one that will help them live the lives they yearn for.


This week’s episode talks about the one minute rule and how it can dramatically change one’s day, what the concept of “acting the way we feel” is all about, and why we need to pay attention to our bodies.

Gretchen also shares how she got the idea for the Happiness Project, why the Buddhist approach does not resonate with her, and what her new book Outer Order, Inner Calm is all about.

When it comes to happiness, Gretchen has this to say, “My own approach is to deepen attachment and to try to create and really raise the stakes. That’s where I feel happiness comes.”

24. #147 Stress Less, Accomplish More. Meditation for CEOs, Navy SEALS, & Everyday People with Emily Fletcher of Ziva Meditation
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 56.00Mb)


Emily Fletcher is an author and a leading expert in high performance meditation. She is also the creator of Ziva and the Ziva Technique—a powerful trifecta of mindfulness, meditation, and manifesting. The technique has several proven benefits including improved immune function, increased productivity, decreased stress and anxiety, deeper sleep, and extraordinary performance.

After founding Ziva in 2011 and opening an NYC studio, she also created the world’s first online meditation training. To date, she has helped over 15, 000 students meditate including Grammy, Emmy, Tony, and Oscar winners, Fortune 500 CEOs, NBA players, entrepreneurs, and even busy parents.

Hailed as one of the top 100 women in wellness to watch, she has also spoken on meditation for performance at numerous global corporations including Barclays Bank, Google, and Viacom. In her book Stress Less Accomplish More, Emily shared how to use mindfulness, meditation, and manifesting to improve health, clarity, personal and professional performance, and even sleep.


This week’s episode talks about the “I’ll be happy when” syndrome, what happens when one meditates, and why it’s important to soften the grip on one’s desires.

Emily also discusses the difference between mindfulness and meditation, how to gauge if one’s meditation practice is working, and how one can start manifesting.

Emily highlights the significance of meditation by saying, “We meditate to get good at life, not to get good at meditation.”

25. #146 Supercharge Your Productivity with GTD’s David Allen, Getting Things Done
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 56.38Mb)


David Allen is a productivity consultant hailed as the leading authority in the fields of personal and organizational productivity. He is also the founder of the David Allen Company, an executive coaching organization that uses his “Getting Things Done” (GTD) methodology. Getting Things Done is a work-life management system that has helped countless organisations and individuals bring order to chaos.

After spending decades doing in-the-field research and practicing his productivity methods, David wrote the book Getting Things Done. The international best seller was published in over 28 languages and was heralded by TIME magazine as “the defining self-help business book of its time.” He released a new version of the book in 2015, complete with new updates, insights, and discoveries on the GTD methodology.

The brilliance of the GTD method has earned it an almost cult-like following, with Wired calling it “a new cult for the info age.” His ideas has also been popularized on the Howard Stern Show as well as on blogs like LifeHacker, 43 Folders, and The Simple Dollar.


This week’s episode talks about the concept of outcome thinking, the importance of doing a weekly review, and the key habits people should implement in their lives.

David also shares his thoughts on minimalism and essentialism, his framework for saying no, and the type of technology he uses that helps him implement his GTD methodology.

For those who want to minimize stress and maximize productivity, David offers the following advice, “Getting things out of your head is the first major thing that people need to do.”


26. #145 Receive $1000/month via Universal Basic Income with Andrew Yang US Presidential Candidate
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 58.08Mb)


Andrew Yang is a serial entrepreneur, author, and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. In 2011, he founded the non-profit Venture for America, with the mission “to create economic opportunity in American cities by mobilizing the next generation of entrepreneurs and equipping them with the skills and resources they need to create jobs.”

Andrew who began his career as a corporate attorney also wrote the books Smart People Should Build Things and The War on Normal People. In the latter, he detailed the massive employment crisis that’s already underway and how the shift can affect tens of millions of Americans. He also laid out what he believes is a roadmap to a better future and it starts with the Freedom Dividend, a Universal Basic Income of $1000 a month for every American adult aged 18 to 64.

Because of his extensive work and contribution, Yang was named as a Champion of Change by the Obama White House in 2012. In 2015, the Obama White House again acknowledged him as a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE) alongside Steve Case, Tony Burch, Daymond John, and many others.


This week’s episode talks about what Universal Basic Income is and how it actually affects people, how the policy can encourage innovation among young people, and how Universal Basic Income broadens the definition of work.

Andrew also shares how VAT tax brings in money to the American government, what a political revolution is and why it’s actually feasible, and the reason he’s running for president.

For people who are skeptical about the value Universal Basic Income offers, Andrew has this to say, “This is very pro-work. That’s the biggest thing that people get wrong.”

27. #144 Boost Your Mood, Immunity, Cut Sugar, and Drink More Water with Essential Oils Expert Dr. Mariza Snyder
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 70.50Mb)


Dr. Mariza Snyder is an educator, functional practitioner, wellness advocate, and Amazon best selling author. She has already written 6 books, including the bestseller The DASH Diet Cookbook. Her latest book, The Essential Oils Hormone Solution focuses on balancing hormones through the power of essential oils.

Passionate about helping women create a life they would love to live, Dr. Snyder has spent 10 years lecturing at conferences, hospitals, corporations, and wellness centers on nutrition, detoxification, hormone health, and essential oils. Dr. Snyder also hosts the Essentially You Podcast, a show designed to empower women so they can become the CEO of their health.

Dr. Snyder has already helped thousands of women sleep better, lower cortisol levels, reclaim their lost energy, and even even get the body they have always wanted. Because of her extensive work, she has been featured on MindBodyGreen, Huffington Post, and Fox News as well as on Shape, Self, and Women’s Health magazines.


This week’s episode talks about essential oils and how they actually help balance the hormones, adaptogens and the science behind them, and the different ways to boost immunity.

Dr. Snyder also shares the easiest ways to use essential oils for mood, sleep and emotional well-being, how to gauge if you’re drinking too much water, and why sugar of any form is detrimental to the body.

For people who want to reclaim their health, Dr. Snyder offers this one piece of advice, “They are the CEO of their own health care. We have the ability to take back our health.”

28. #143 Mindful Hustle: Navigate Life with More Awareness for Peak Performance with Ash Kumra
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 57.95Mb)


Ash Kumra is a global speaker, meditation coach, community builder, and national radio show host. After being recognized as “an entrepreneur making an impact” by White House twice, he was awarded the EMPACT 100 award in 2010. Ash also worked on Startup America, an initiative backed by the White House that helped launch entrepreneurship programs across California.

Driven by his passion to change the world for the better, Ash co-founded YOUNGRY, an entrepreneurship movement for millennials, women, and inclusive entrepreneurs. Aside from giving entrepreneurs access to the best mentors, YOUNGRY also uses events, content, and mentorships so entrepreneurs can profit, hustle, and inspire others.

Ash also helps entrepreneurs thrive and become more purpose driven through meditation, peak performance, and mindfulness. He has spoken and shared his message to over 10, 000 people across the globe. He has also interviewed over 500 luminaries including Dr. Drew, FitBody Boot Camp CEO Bedros Keulian, and Dr. Oz.


This week’s episode talks about using meditation to connect with one’s purpose, being mindful of the judgement one places on situations, and what one can learn from situations that keep repeating themselves.

Ash also shares what mindfulness is for him, how people can live fun and productive lives while being mindful, and how to let things go when you’re being too hard on yourself.

For those who want to develop mindfulness, Ash offers this advice, “Before you really understand what is mindfulness, really master this concept of self-awareness.”

29. #142 Language Hacking, Being a Budget Minded Traveler and Becoming an FT Adventure Travel Blogger with Traveling Jackie Nourse
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 58.67Mb)


Jackie Nourse is a serial expat, linguist (5 languages and counting!), and four-time study alum. She is also the host of the hit podcast JUMP with Traveling Jackie and the founder of the award-winning blog, The Budget-Minded Traveler. Through the Budget-Minded Traveler platform, Jackie provides comprehensive online courses that teaches helpful and practical tips so others can travel the way she does.

Having mastered the art of traveling and living on a budget has allowed Jackie to continue traveling on a consistent basis. Nowadays, she hosts retreats and adventure trips for her audience, blogs about her life and adventure travels at Traveling Jackie, and leads mentorship programs for women.

Fueled by an insatiable wanderlust, Jackie is passionate about helping and encouraging others (particularly US citizens) to get out and see the world in a realistic, rewarding, affordable, and sustainable manner.


This week’s episode talks about ways to effectively (and easily) learn a new language, understanding blogging as a business, and establishing one’s brand and name.

Jackie also shares how she discovered the adventure travel scene, what people get when they flex their courage muscles and put themselves out there, and how she deals with loneliness.

For those who want to learn a new language, Jackie offers the following insight, “Listening is the key to fluency.”

30. #141 Unlocking Creativity: How to Solve Any Problem and Make the Best Decisions by Shifting Creative Mindsets with Michael Roberto
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 45.20Mb)


Michael A. Roberto is the Trustee Professor of Management at Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island. He is also Bryant University’s Center for Program Innovation Director after serving on the faculty at Harvard Business School for 6 years. As a testament to his brilliance, Professor Roberto has been hailed winner of the Outstanding MBA Teaching Award at Bryant University nine times. He also won Harvard’s Allyn Young Prize for Teaching twice.

Professor Roberto’s research, consulting, and teaching focuses primarily on leadership, with emphasis on teams and decision-making. He has published two books, including the bestseller, Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes for An Answer.

His new book, Unlocking Creativity, tackles the six organizational mindsets that block creativity. In essence, his new book aims to clear the fog around creativity and equip leaders with the right insight so they can develop supportive cultures and mindsets where creativity can thrive.


This week’s episode talks about creativity, the concepts that get in the way of creativity, and how people can prepare themselves to become more internationally-minded in terms of business.

Professor Roberto also shares how creativity can be sparked in the classroom setting, what he likes to read to get his creativity going, and how you can figure out if an idea is the right one.

For those who want to hone their creativity, Professor Roberto offers the following advice, “The creative process is not a linear one. It’s kinda non-linear. And one of the best things you can do is go out and try something. Test and experiment and then learn and adapt.”

31. #140 Hack Your Subconscious and Eradicate Limiting Beliefs with CEO & Ironman Athlete Karen Brown
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 65.29Mb)


Karen Brown is a business psychology coach and the CEO of Velocity Leadership Consulting, an executive coaching company that offers transformational and business psychology coaching to CEOs, managers, and executives to help them achieve greater results in both their business and professional lives.

Aside from being a sought-after leadership coach, Karen is also a motivational speaker, best selling author, and ultra-athlete. After struggling with her own fears and unlimited beliefs, she pursued and finished the IRONMAN World Championship—a race deemed the toughest in the world!

Karen chronicled how she accomplished her dream of joining the IRONMAN World Championship in her book “Unlimiting Your Beliefs: 7 Keys to Greater Success in Your Personal and Professional Life.” The book is hailed as an authoritative roadmap where she details the keys that can help anyone enjoy greater success and realize their dreams and goals.


This week’s episode talks about limiting beliefs, how limiting beliefs hold people back from pursuing their dreams, and tapping into the power of the subconscious mind.

Karen also shares how she prepared for the IRONMAN World Championship race physically, mentally, and spiritually, what she learned after she uncovered her behavioural patterns, and what happened when she learned to lean on a power greater than herself.

For those who want to tap into their full potential and crush their limiting beliefs, Karen offers the following advice, “When you think you’re at your limit, you are really only at 60 percent of your capacity. You have 40 percent more within you.”

32. #139 Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People with Vanessa Van Edwards
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 36.24Mb)


Vanessa Van Edwards is a behavioral investigator, a published best selling author, and the brains behind the innovative human research lab The Science of People. The Penguin author and tea lover is also a monthly columnist for the Huffington Post and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Aside from designing breakthrough research experiments to help decipher the code of human behavior, she also conducts revolutionary courses and workshops that teach people how to succeed both in business and in life by understanding people’s hidden dynamics.

Her latest bestselling book Captivate has been dubbed by Apple as one of the most anticipated books of the year. She also looks forward to writing and illustrating her very own children’s book in the near future.


This week’s episode talks about the art of building rapport, why the element of surprise is so underrated, and how a little word switch can make a world of difference.

Vanessa also shares how you can be perceived as warm by other people, how you can encourage people to show off their best selves, and the difference between a pet project and a pest project.

For those who want to forge better relationships with others, Vanessa offers the following advice, “Everyone has their own unique brand of charisma and not everyone has to be a bubbly extrovert to be liked.”

33. #138 7 Figure Business Method: Breaking $1 Million as a Digital Nomad with Matt Wilson and Chris Reynolds
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 51.95Mb)


Chris Reynolds of The Business Method podcast interviewed Matt in this episode. Chris is the founder of TheBusinessMethod.com and Get Shit Done events. His podcast, The Business Method, focuses on interviewing successful entrepreneurs and high-caliber individuals on how to minimize work time, build successful businesses, improve productivity, and live happier and more fulfilling lives.

Matt Wilson is an adventurer and the CEO and co-founder of Under30Experiences, a travel company for people ages 21 to 35. He is also the host of the Live Different Podcast on health, travel, business, and performance. Matt has interviewed many interesting people from the likes of NBA superstar Kareem Abdul Jabbar to the president of Starbucks.

Matt is also part of the invite-only Young Entrepreneurs’ Council (YEC) and is a shareholder of the Green Bay Packers. He has completed the Crossfit Level 1 Coaching Course and hosts fitness and yoga retreats in his spare time.


In this week’s episode, Matt shares how his business came about, the challenges he encountered while building his business, and the valuable lessons he learned along the way.

Matt also discusses how he built his business organically, the importance of building communities, and how he makes himself the best person he can possibly be.

Matt also shares his future plans for the company, how he pays things forward, and how he intends to scale his business.


Get the full shownotes on the Under30Experiences Blog.

34. #137 Spirituality Gone Too Far: Psychedelic Dangers & Cryptocurrency Fame with Michael Jacobs aka Shill Nye The Crypto Guy
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 51.82Mb)


Michael Jacobs also known as NYE is an avid speaker, world explorer, content creator, and digital marketing specialist in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Since 2017, he’s been trading in the cryptocurrency space while running his company Elevated District at the same time.

Elevated District helps blockchain and cryptocurrency companies with their digital needs by building, implementing, and managing customised social media strategies. He also helps stimulate organic community growth and social brand awareness by building relationships and working directly with top influencers in the crypto space.

NYE also travels the world to talk about the importance of transparency in the cryptocurrency arena. He has spoken in several countries including Amsterdam, Dubai, Thailand, China, and Bali.


This week’s episode focuses on cryptocurrency basics, running a business, and rebuilding one’s life.

NYE also shares how he rebuilt his life and created a new identity, how he keeps his energy tight, and the dangers of taking spirituality a bit too far.

NYE also discuss the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the difference between currency and money, and his advice when it comes to speculative investments.


Get the full shownotes on the Under30Experiences Blog.

35. #136 How Arthur Frommer Built a World Famous Travel Guidebook Brand with Pauline and Arthur Frommer
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 34.46Mb)



Arthur B. Frommer is a renowned travel writer, consumer advocate, and publisher. He is also the founder of the Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine as well as the Frommer’s series of travel guides. A lawyer by profession, he graduated with honors from Yale Law School and has published numerous books for budget-conscious travelers. Since the 1950s until now, Arthur remains one of the leading and most trusted authorities on budget travel.

Pauline Frommer is Arthur’s only daughter and the founding editor of Frommers.com. She is also an award-winning travel writer and the current publisher of Frommers.com. Pauline is also a radio talk show host and the current editorial director of the Frommers Guidebooks.

This week’s episode focuses on the golden age of cheap travel, what modest traveling was like many decades prior, and how the travel industry has evolved over the years.

Arthur and Pauline discusses how they built their travel guidebook business, the pleasures of traveling modestly and how it can be done, and how they make sure their readers get a rich picture of the options available for them in a particular destination.

Pauline and Arthur also emphasized that “Inexpensive travel usually beats expensive travel in terms of pleasure.”

Get the full shownotes on the Under30Experiences Blog.

36. #135 See the World, Travel Sustainably, and Make Money as a Travel Blogger with Gary Arndt
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 45.37Mb)



Gary Arndt is a remarkable photographer and a travel enthusiast. He was hailed the Society of American Travel Writers Photographer of the Year in 2014 as well as the North American Travel Journalists Association Photographer of the Year for 2013 and 2015. He was also a 3 time Lowell Thomas Award Winner. Equally as impressive is his travel experience. For starters, he has visited all 7 continents, has been to a total of 200 countries/territories, all 50 US States, and over 315 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

This week’s episode focuses on Gary’s perspective on traveling, finding places that are off the beaten path, and the role social media plays in today’s travel industry.

Gary also discusses what it was like when he first started traveling, how he picks places to visit, and the value he finds in traveling.

Gary shares the following insight with aspiring travel bloggers, “People need to realize that you are traveling in space, not time. And the way the world is in the 21st century, don’t expect to go back to the 18th century.”

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37. #134 Move to Latin America, Start a Business, and Live the Gringo Lifestyle with Expat Files John Mueller
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 67.10Mb)


John Mueller is “the King of the Expat Broadcasters” with the longest continuous running expat radio show/podcast in the world. His shows have been downloaded more than 5 million times, with over 150 videos posted on THE EXPAT FILES You Tube channel. He's an expert on gringo life in Latin America, with 27 years of experience!

Learn more: thenewexpat.com

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38. #133 Fly for Free: Travel Hacking, Credit Card Rewards, & Airline Miles with Erik Paquet of Abroaders
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 64.16Mb)


Erik Paquet founded Abroaders with the mission to help other travelers have the freedom to roam the globe at a tiny fraction of the normal cost. Erik began learning about earning and using points in 2008 when he got his first ever signup bonus of 75,000 American miles. Since then, he has earned and redeemed more than 2.5 million frequent flyer miles.

When he isn’t working, Erik is usually out exploring, meeting new people and trying to learn something new. For him, “the highlight of travel is the people you connect with, and the experiences they can open up if you keep an open perspective.”

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39. #132 This Week in Travel, Go Beyond the Beach with Amateur Travel Host Chris Christensen
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 47.60Mb)


Chris Christensen is the host of the Amateur Traveler podcast and an avid traveler. The Amateur Traveler is an online travel show that focuses primarily on travel destinations and the best places to travel to. It covers everything from knowing what to put on your Chicago dog when you go to the Windy City to swimming with whales in Tonga. It includes both a weekly audio podcast, twice monthly video podcast and a blog.

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40. #131 Be an Inclusive Leader, Public Speaker, and Grow a Global Business with Tayo Rockson
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 63.63Mb)


Tayo Rockson is a speaker, consultant, strategist, and media personality who runs UYD Management - a strategic leadership and consulting firm that helps corporations improve their bottom line by incorporating diversity, inclusion, hiring, retention and social justice strategies. He has spent over 20 years living and working in 4 continents and so is considered an authority in communicating effectively across cultures. He hosts the number 1 cross-cultural podcast in the world in the world and his podcast was recently ranked as the number 2 business podcast in the world by Entrepreneur and CIO.



Tayo shares his experience growing up as a third culture kid, his journey to podcasting and entrepreneurship, and tips to effectively communicate across cultures.


After a near death experience, Tayo started making big changes in his life and feeling alive for the first time. He shares tips on connecting with your audience to be an effective speaker.


Tayo leaves listeners with the advice, “Educate. Don’t perpetuate. Communicate.”


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41. #130 Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It with Brandon Voss
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 52.13Mb)


Brandon Voss has established assessment procedures for new clients that take their needs, situations, and corporate culture into account so Black Swan’s approach can be customized to each client.

Brandon is the thought leader at Black Swan regarding negotiator types. He has made it his to mission teach clients how to identify the basic types of negotiators and has developed a methodology for dealing with each type in the most successful way.

Brandon’s background is in sales. He has done retail sales for Macy’s and business-to-business sales for Verizon. Based on his extensive experience with various selling approaches he has been instrumental in adapting the FBI hostage negotiation techniques to the business world. Realizing that the timetable is different in the business world than in high-stakes hostage situations, he created the “Short Game” – a needs assessment procedure that helps in the critical discovery process phase of negotiation.

In addition to training clients, Brandon has guest lectured at USC Marshall School of Business, Georgetown McDonough School of Business and organizations like Policy Innovators in Education.


This week’s episode is all about business negotiation strategies, the key to empathy, and ways to build trust instantly.


Brandon discusses the differences between haggling and negotiation, negotiation techniques that can be applied to relationships, and practical tips for day to day life.


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Brandon leaves listeners with the advice, “Don’t treat people how you want to be treated. Treat them how they deserve to be treated.”

42. #129 Travel and Meditate to Increase Productivity and Relieve Stress with Daniel DiPiazza
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 56.04Mb)


Daniel DiPiazza is the founder of Rich20Something and author of Rich20Something: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business, and Score the Life You Want. He built the company up from humble beginnings blogging away in his basement. His honest and incredible writing abilities caused his blog to “break the internet” exploding him into the spotlight getting him features in outlets such as Time Magazine, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Yahoo! Business. He has successfully started three consecutive freelance businesses and scaled them to over six-figures in revenue with ZERO startup capital. He makes sure the day-to-day at Rich20 is going smoothly, focuses on partnerships, strategy, and growth. Fun fact, he’s a Chipotle fanatic and loves Jiu-Jitsu.

Matt and Daniel discuss kundalini and meditation, as well as escaping a traditional life and  switching gears for new creative projects.

Daniel shares what it means to feel uncomfortable as an entrepreneur, how to have a lifetime of constant discovery, and tips to expand your comfort zone.

He discusses his recent transcendental experiences, ways to face problems in a new way, and how to alleviate stress.

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43. #128 From Broke to Top Crossfit Athlete and Entrepreneur with Ryan Fischer
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 60.08Mb)


Ryan Fischer's entire life has always been about fitness. At the age of 12 he was a world ranked BMX racer. In high-school he ran track at just about every distance, played lacrosse, and football at the varsity level since his freshman year. As he grew up Ryan got into skeleton and boblsed and qualified for the US Olympic Team Trials for both sports. And currently he has finished top 5 in the CrossFit Regionals for the past 3 years. He even finished top 20 in the world in the CrossFit Open for the past 3 years also. Today Ryan opens up about his journey from living on a stranger's couch for 5 months to becoming an entrepreneur and top ranking Crossfit athlete.

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44. #127 Sexy Brain: Detox, Heal Your Hormones and Gain Kitchen Counter Consciousness with Dr. Lindsey Berkson
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 66.79Mb)



Dr. Lindsey Berkson has been a peer-review published researcher , a best-selling author with many thousands of books sold, an educator teaching physicians as well as the public, and a formulator and inventor of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals..

She is a leader in nutritional gastroenterology with her original book Healthy Digestion the Natural Way being presented used to train physicians by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the largest training body of integrative MDs reaching 120 countries. This book was one of the first books to highlight the role of the gut in the body, mind, spirit and medicine realms.

Dr. Berkson is a thought leader in nutritional protocols for clinical practice. Her many books on hormones introduces nutritional endocrinology and that hormones, lean on nutrients, which then lean on digestion and all three levels have to be working optimally for hormonal signaling to be healthy.

Get the full shownotes on the Under30Experiences Blog and visit Dr. Lindsey's website here

45. #126 Getting Things Done: Work Less, Be Free, Feel Zen with GTD Productivity Expert David Allan
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 34.95Mb)


David Allen is widely recognized as the world's leading expert on personal and organizational productivity. His thirty-year pioneering research and coaching to corporate managers and CEOs of some of America's most prestigious corporations and institutions has earned him Forbes' recognition as one of the top five executive coaches in the U.S. and Business 2.0 magazine's inclusion in their 2006 list of the "50 Who Matter Now." Time Magazine called his flagship book, "Getting Things Done", "the definitive business self-help book of the decade." Fast Company Magazine called David "one of the world's most influential thinkers" in the arena of personal productivity, for his outstanding programs and writing on time and stress management, the power of aligned focus and vision, and his groundbreaking methodologies in management and executive peak performance.


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46. #126 Meditation, Kundalini, & Psychedelic Exploration with Daniel DiPiazza after Dr. Joe Dispenza's Workshop
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (, 0.00Mb)



Daniel is the founder of Rich20Something and author of Rich20Something: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business, and Score the Life You Want. He built the company up from humble beginnings blogging away in his basement. His honest and incredible writing abilities caused his blog to “break the internet” exploding him into the spotlight getting him features in outlets such as Time Magazine, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Yahoo! Business. He has successfully started three consecutive freelance businesses and scaled them to over six-figures in revenue with ZERO startup capital. He makes sure the day-to-day at Rich20 is going smoothly, focuses on partnerships, strategy, and growth. Fun fact, he’s a Chipotle fanatic and loves Jiu-Jitsu. 


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47. #125 Change Your Mind, Change Your Body, Change Your Life with Kelly Noonan Gores
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/k... download (audio/mpeg, 50.75Mb)


Kelly Noonan Gores had spent 20 years in front of the camera before deciding to turn her attention to filmmaking. In 2012, Gores launched Elevative Entertainment, an independent production company based in Beverly Hills, and transitioned into a career of writing and producing. However, Gores’ time in front of the camera continued as she starred in and was the executive producer for the award winning films Beneath (2013) and Take a Seat (2011). Gores also produced the feature film Tooken (2015), a spoof of the Taken Franchise.


She considers her latest project HEAL, her greatest passion and life’s work as it shares the powerful message that it is never too late for the body to heal. A combination of the books “Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton and “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani, inspired and taught Gores that we are not victims of genes and biology but through our thoughts and beliefs we can recover and heal. As a seeker of truth, Gores and her team have a passion for creative, consciousness raising projects.


After taking a class at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, Gores learned how food affects our health and how no one way diet, toxin release method, etc. works for every person in the same way. Gores’ inspiration for the documentary HEAL stems from a collection of attending classes and conferences, reading and sharing her knowledge with others. Gores is a Los Angeles native, soccer player and has been practicing yoga and meditation for 8 years.

Kelly shares how our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions affect our physical health and biology. She talks about some of the common big changes that terminally ill patients implemented to see significant changes in their health and life.

She discusses our divinity, ways to find your truth, and how we come from love and go back to love.

Kelly leaves listeners with the advice, "Find what you love and do more of it."

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48. #124 The Future of Happiness: Supercharge Your Goals and Find Fulfillment with Josh Lewis
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/g... download (audio/mpeg, 53.64Mb)


Josh Lewis is a coach and personal trainer, who teaches an all-encompassing course on "The Future of Happiness".  

Josh's brand has gone from the Garage Gym to Co-Movement where his team of 5 coaches have worked with hundreds of clients and have grown an amazing community.

Josh is also the Co-Founder of Fit Kids Fit Future, a Health and Physical Education Curriculum company who's curriculum is in over 60 schools, 5 U.S. states, and Australia.

You can find out more about Josh's Co-Movement Immersion Program in Costa Rica at https://www.co-movement.com/immersions

49. #123 Be Authentic, Unmistakable, and Reclaim Your Creativity with Srinivas Rao
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 47.11Mb)


Srinivas Rao is the host and founder of the popular podcast, the Unmistakable Creative, where he's interviewed over five hundred creative people. Former guests on the show include Seth Godin, Elle Luna, Tim Ferriss, Gretchen Rubin, Simon Sinek, Adam Grant, and Danielle LaPorte. His self-published book The Art of Being Unmistakable was a Wall Street Journal bestseller.


Today’s episode of the Live Different Podcast is all about getting fulfillment out of the creative process, making your own opportunities, and not being afraid to make mistakes.


Srini shares how to develop your authenticity, connect with your voice, and have goals within your plan.


He leaves listeners with the advice, “Momentum is the byproduct of doing something on a consistent basis. It's not the byproduct of standing still.”


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50. #122 Achieve Super Credibility, Be Authentic and Build a Celebrity Brand with Greg Rollett
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 48.42Mb)


Greg Rollett is an Emmy Award-winning producer, bestselling author and media expert who works with experts, thought leaders and entrepreneurs all over the world. He utilizes the power of new media, direct response and personality-driven marketing to attract more clients and to create more freedom in the businesses and lives of his clients.


Rollett is the founder of Ambitious.com, a leading online education platform for entrepreneurs and is the host of the online TV show, The Ambitious Life. Rollett has also hosted numerous TV shows including the reality show Ambitious Adventures, where Rollett traveled the country in search of today's best young entrepreneurs making a significant impact in their community.


He has co-authored bestselling books with Jack Canfield, Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, James Malinchak, Robert Allen, Ryan Lee and many other leading experts from around the world.


Greg shares advice on how to get out of a rut, tips for knowing the game of success, as well as ways to grow your business by unconventional networking and taking risks.


He also discusses why different is better than better, ways to establish super credibility, and the benefits of being more yourself.


Greg leaves listeners with the advice, "Be more yourself. It's way harder to do than it sounds."


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51. #121 Get Smarter, Enhance Your Mind-Body Connection and Crush Your Bucket List with Evan DeMarco
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 61.43Mb)


Evan DeMarco is a sports medicine and nutrition expert, published author, public speaker and frequent guest on television, radio, and digital platforms. He is a successful entrepreneur whose interest in diet, health and supplements began as an athlete and consumer determined to improve an industry that was going through massive transformation.


Evan shares tips on creating an achievable bucket list and working towards it, how to make work a support system for your life, and ways to solve the equation of your life.


Evan discusses his health and wellness journey, the ins and outs of omegas and CBD oil, and mind body connection.


He leaves listeners with the advice, “Create a lifestyle that you can be happy about. Set a realistic goal of something you want to achieve in your life. Do something every day that scares you.”


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52. #120 How We Scaled Under30Experiences the Travel Company for Young People
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 63.31Mb)


This week we are doing something a little bit different. Raj Nathan from RajNATION Innovation is interviewing our very own Matt Wilson about Under30Experiences.


Matt Wilson is Adventurer and Co-founder of the travel company Under30Experiences. In just a few short years U30X has grown to 15+ countries worldwide and 30+ local communities throughout the USA and Canada.

Matt is also the Co-Founder of Under30CEO (Acquired 2016) and the Host of the Live Different Podcast and has 40+ Five Star iTunes Ratings on Business, Travel, Health and Performance. He brings a unique, uncensored approach to his interviews and writing. His work is published on Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, Reuters, and is part of the invite-only Young Entrepreneurs' Council (YEC) comprised of the world's most successful entrepreneurs 40 and younger.

Matt is a shareholder of the Green Bay Packers. He hosts yoga and fitness retreats in his free time and completed the Crossfit Level 1 Coaching Course. He buys all his food from an organic farm in the jungle of Costa Rica where he lives.


In this week’s episode, Matt Wilson shares the secret to growing communities, entrepreneurial lessons, and tips to create discipline.


He shares tips on strengthening your mental game, ways to create ambassadors and grow your brand organically, and the importance of being humble.


Matt shares tips on bringing your community together for the common good and how to really care about your community, all while scaling your company.


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53. #119 Wealth Can't Wait: Avoid the 7 Wealth Traps and Complete a Life Audit Today with David Osborn
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 48.52Mb)


David Osborn has built one of the top real estate brokerages in the world with more than 4,300 agents and annual sales volume exceeding $8 billion. A serial entrepreneur and best-selling author, David has founded over 50 companies—at least 30 of these are ongoing profitable concerns. David is also an educator who teaches audiences how to live abundant lives through goal setting, hiring great talent, and developing multiple streams of income. David is the proud father of two wonderful daughters and a son, and lives in Austin, Texas with his beloved wife, Traci, who is a mom and artist.


Today’s episode is all about entrepreneurship, setting goals in several categories, and using wealth as a tool.


David shares what it means to choose to become wealthy, differences between listening versus problem solving, and the value of learning how to learn.

David talks about the importance of scheduling, reading, and journaling, as well as his miracle morning routine.


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54. #118 Hacking Empathy, Kindness, and Compassion to Make the World a Happier Place with Dr. Jeremy Goldberg
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 46.74Mb)


Jeremy Goldberg is the founder of Long Distance Love Bombs.  Jeremy is a TEDx speaker trying to make kindness cool. He is also a PhD scholar who spent the past five years studying the science of human behavior, specifically how attitudes affect action and how we can communicate to inspire greater and lasting change. Jeremy is a compassion-cultivating, day-making change agent, a kind heart, and someone who believes in you.


Today’s episode is all about why balance is bullsh*t, getting clear on what you want to be, and the importance of scheduled play.


Jeremy shares how to find beauty in the mundane, how often to evaluate your inner self, and ways to design our environment in the best way possible.


He leaves listeners with the advice, “Accept total personal responsibility for the way your life is going. It’s a very confronting thing but it’s a very powerful thing. You are in control of how you respond and how you choose to do the things that you do in your life. That eliminates blame and excuses.”


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55. #117 Travel As Transformation: Conquer the Limits of Culture to Discover Your Own Identity with Gregory Diehl
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 65.34Mb)


Gregory Diehl has understood the importance of universal ideas from a young age. Though he was raised in California, he soon embarked on a journey of global quest for learning, self-discovery, entrepreneurship, and inquiry. Since then, Gregory has lived and worked in 48 countries and continues to use his experiences to help others along the path of self-fulfillment through exploration. He helps entrepreneurs prepare complex value messages across many mediums, and offers unconventional lifestyle coaching and brand identity consultancy for impassioned individuals. In his free time, gregory kidnaps felinse from streets around the world and bathes them in his sink before passing them along to strangers.


Today’s episode is all about personal evolution, reverse culture shock, and loneliness when traveling.


Gregory shares how he learned which relationships in his life were truly meaningful, how to get multiple passports/residencies, and how to create sustainable happiness.


He leaves listeners with the advice about stepping out of your comfort zone, “Learn to ignore that part of you that insists on panicking when that happens.”


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56. #116 How AJ and Gary Built the VaynerMedia Legacy and Now VaynerSports with AJ Vaynerchuk
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 45.78Mb)


AJ Vaynerchuk is the co-founder of the athlete representation firm VaynerSports. He is also the former COO of VaynerMedia, a social-media-first digital agency, and a founding partner of the venture capital fund VaynerRSE. Born into an entrepreneurial family, he started displaying a sense for business from a young age. He is also involved with a number of other commercial projects.


AJ shares his experience growing VaynerMedia to an epic level of success and managing a company of several hundred employees with his brother Gary, his decision to leave VaynerMedia to focus on his health and start VaynerSports, and his struggles with Chron’s disease.


AJ discusses his thoughts on hiring and firing quickly, the most important aspects of company culture, and why he and Gary aren’t afraid to fail.


AJ leaves listeners with the advice, “As long as you learn from a mistake or failure, it’s a win.”


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57. #115 Travel Abroad, Start a Business, and Try to Save the World with Bethany Tran
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 50.61Mb)


Bethany Tran is the founder of The Root Collective and Weft + Warp Brand Strategy. Bethany is a social entrepreneur who is trying to make the world a better place with a business that matters. The Root Collective is changing the world for the better by offering handmade shoes that provide jobs for people that need them. Bethany is a passionate communicator and believes firmly that business can (and should) be used to change the world. When she's not running her two businesses, she can be found reading fluff fiction, making kombucha, and snuggling with any dog she can get her hands on. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband, two resident dogs, 11 chickens, and has a steady stream of foster pups at any given time.


Our episode today is all about travel, running a business when you have no idea what you are doing, and figuring things out as you go.


We discuss how essential curiosity is, ways to manage expectations (including your own), and looking at the world’s largest problems as the greatest opportunities.


Bethany leaves listeners with this advice: “There are so many problems that need solving. If you see something that needs solving, and no one else is doing it, it’s on you and that’s a really good thing. Fear is an absolute liar. Tell fear to shut up.”


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58. #114 Upgrade Your Brain, Upgrade Your Life with Dr. Brant Cortright
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 71.93Mb)


Brant Cortright, Ph.D., is the author of The Neurogenesis Diet and Lifestyle: Upgrade Your Brain, Upgrade Your Life and a brain health coach. He is a Professor of psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. As a licensed clinical psychologist he maintains a private practice in San Francisco that focuses on an integral/holistic and neuroscience-informed approach to brain health and depth psychotherapy. He specializes in depression, stress and anxiety, career and meaning, as well as relationship and intimacy issues.

He has authored two previous books, Integral Psychology and Psychotherapy and Spirit (both published by SUNY Press.) He speaks and gives workshops around the US, Europe and Asia.


Our episode today is all about creating a lifestyle that creates new brain cells and gets people away from depression by holistic means.


We discuss psychedelic usage, finding a therapist to help treat depression, and meditation and heart opening.


Brant leaves us with the advice, “It's never too early to have a lifestyle that is anti-Alzheimer’s and pro-brain health. Alzheimer’s is a lifestyle disease and is almost entirely avoidable.”


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59. #113 Live a More Ambitious Life With Tips from Four Leading Business Experts
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 65.65Mb)


Jaime Tardy is the creator of the Eventual Millionaire Podcast.  She has interviewed over 150 millionaires and become an expert on building systems in your business to free up two of our most finite resources, money and time.

Tim Sykes is a penny stock trader, entrepreneur, and full time teacher who has generated millions of dollars through his investment strategies. Dozens of Tim’s students are now earning six figures/year and he’s also created several millionaire students. Tim is using his wealth to build 1000 schools around the world in an effort to bring education to those who need it most.

Brent Beshore is the founder of Adventur.es where he invests in early and late stage companies. Brent is an expert on evaluating small businesses and people.

Greg Rollett is a best selling author, marketing expert and the founder of ambitious.com, a platform created to share lifestyles and personalities of young people who are taking life into their own hands.

Our episode today is all about business. We are sharing some of our favorite clips from entrepreneurs, teachers, podcasters, and other business experts on topics like making millions, evaluating yourself, and creating habits for success

We went back into the archives and dug up a few excellent episodes that highlight some business performance tips and we put them all together for you in today’s episode!

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60. #112 The Creative Curve: How to Develop the Right Idea, at the Right Time with Allen Gannett
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 45.12Mb)


Allen Gannett is the founder and CEO of TrackMaven, a marketing insights platform whose clients have included Microsoft, Marriott, Saks Fifth Avenue, Home Depot, Aetna, Honda, and GE. He has been on the “30 Under 30” lists for both Inc. and Forbes. He is the author of The Creative Curve: How to Develop the Right Idea, at the Right Time. He is a contributor for FastCompany.com where he writes on the intersection of technology and human nature. Previously, he was a co-founder and General Partner of Acceleprise Ventures, the leading SaaS startup accelerator. He was also once a very pitiful runner-up on Wheel of Fortune.


Our episode today is all about strengthening the creative muscle, ways to allow space for creativity, and how to handle fear in the face of creativity,


Allen shares his personal tips and strategies for developing creativity, the relationship of consumption to creativity, and how to surround yourself with doers.


Allen leaves listeners with the advice, “None of this stuff is crazy. All of this stuff takes determination, focus, and a willingness to make yourself uncomfortable.”


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61. #111 Be the Hero of Your Own Story with Tips from 5 Leading Performance Experts
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 92.55Mb)


Gary Arndt, Craig Ballantyne, Daniele Bolelli, Jason Wachob, and Colin Wright are all featured on this week’s Live Different Podcast episode on performance.


Gary Arndt (@everythingeverywhere) is a self taught photographer who went on to become Travel Photographer of the Year, one of the world’s top travel bloggers, and a podcast host for CBS. Gary has gone on to visit over 170 countries around the world and all 7 continents. Craig Ballantyne has been the Editor of Early To Rise since 2011 and his other projects include being a strength & conditioning coach in Toronto, the author of Turbulence Training, a contributing author to Men’s Health magazine, a member of the Training Advisory Board for Maximum Fitness and Oxygen magazines, and the author of The Perfect Day Formula. Daniele Bolelli is a University Professor, MMA Fighter, Author, and one of the most badass practical philosophers on the planet. His latest book “Not Afraid: On Fear, Heartbreak, Raising a Baby Girl, and Cage Fighting” is a hero’s journey that will inspire and guide anyone seeking to forge their own path, without the dogmatic side of philosophy that Daniele abhors. He also has a lecture series on Taoism and of course his signature podcast The Drunken Taoist. Jason Wachob(@JasonWachob) is co-founder and CEO of Mindbodygreen an independent media brand with over 10 million monthly unique visitors, 30+ employees. Mindbodygreen is one of the leading lifestyle media brands dedicated to wellness and has been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and Vogue. Jason is the author of the new book “Wellth: How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Resume”.   Colin Wright is an author, speaker and full time traveler. He’s written over a dozen books, spread out across both fiction and nonfiction including two I've loved: My Exile Lifestyle and Iceland, India, Interstate. He has also co-founded Asymmetrical Press a publishing company founded with the purpose of focusing on amazing, perspective-changing work instead of the exclusivity of traditional publishing companies.


Our episode today is all about performance. We are sharing some of our favorite clips from entrepreneurs, authors, podcasters, and other performance experts on topics like overcoming fear, creating your perfect day, and how to build a life that you love.


We went back into the archives and dug up a few excellent episodes that highlight some amazing performance tips and we put them all together for you in today’s episode!


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62. #110 Learn to Meditate 8x Faster + Make $160 Million with Bill Harris
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 53.18Mb)


Bill Harris is the author of The New Science of Super Awareness.

Bill is a Zen Monk and the founder of Centerpointe Research Institute who has developed a technology that helps people feel the effects of meditation roughly 8x faster!

The Holosync Meditation Program has had dramatic effects on the lives of people who have used his techniques, and now its your turn!

If you want to learn how to meditate with 8x the effectiveness you can get a FREE copy of his book The New Science of Super Awareness and try a free demo of the track that allows you to hack your own neurology to become a more productive, happier, and calmer person.

And finally, if you’d like more information about how this can benefit your life, check out our conversation with Bill below!

63. #109 Optimize Your Mind, Body & Spirit with Tips from Six Leading Health & Wellness Experts
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 81.67Mb)


Leo Babauta, Juli Bauer Roth, Joy Parrish, Dr. Sharad Paul, Diana Stobo and Under30Experiences’ very own Luz García come together for this special compilation episode.


Leo Babauta is a writer from Guam, who was once deeply in debt, overweight, and a smoker. Within a few short years, he completely eliminated his debt, lost 65 pounds, quit smoking and started Zen Habits which was named Top 25 Blogs by Time Magazine (twice!). Leo is the author of a best selling productivity e-book and today more than 200K subscribers read Leo’s work on Zen Habits where he discusses in greater detail many of the topics we cover in this episode. Juli Bauer Roth of PaleOMG.com is a New York Times Best Selling Author. Juli is the author of Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook and her recipes and healthy living tips have spread like wildfire on the internet.   Joy Parrish is the co-host of Girls Gone WOD Podcast. She got into the world of podcasting to talk about her passion for crossfit and the crossfit community. She loves running, CrossFit, yoga, food, fashion, music, podcasts, and listening to audio books. Joy is also a licensed professional mental health manager and has been a fitness instructor for 13 years. Dr Sharad Paul, author of the book The Genetics of Health, has lived across the world over the years. In addition to being an author, he is also an evolutionary biologist and holds a Masters in Medical Law and Ethics/Master of Philosophy from the University of Glasgow. He is currently completing a Doctor of Philosophy based on his groundbreaking research into the best skin lines for cutaneous surgery. Diana Stobo is the award-winning author of the healthy lifestyle book Get Naked Fast! A Guide to Stripping Away the Foods that Weigh You Down to Lose Weight Fast. The book serves as a guide that Diana wrote from her own personal experience healing herself from illness, losing 100+ pounds, and changing her life. Diana helps others heal themselves through her books and her center “The Retreat” in Costa Rica. Luz Garcia is a 1,500 hour registered yoga teacher and Chilean native. To put that in perspective, a certified Yoga teacher only needs 200 hours. She teaches an energetic Vinyasa Flow using props and alignment cues to take your yoga to the next level. She has 14 years of yoga studies that consist of Yoga Works Method, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Shala Method, Restorative, and Prenatal. She is also a certified reflexologist, colon hydro therapist, and aromatherapist.  Luz is Under30Experiences’ yoga teacher and leads retreats in Bali and Costa Rica!


Our episode today is all about health and wellness. We are sharing some of our favorite clips from athletes, authorities in nutrition, and other health and wellness experts on topics like how make healthy food taste good, optimizing your nutrition and exercise based on your genes, and a variety of suggestions for finding a counselor.


We went back into the archives and dug up a few excellent episodes that highlight some special health and wellness journeys and pieces of advice and we put them all together for you in today’s episode!


You will hear from authors, podcasters, bloggers, and more in this week’s episode of the Live Different Podcast.


Get the full show notes on the Under30Experiences Blog.

64. #108 Travel The World with Expert Digital Nomad & Travel Hacking Tips
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/mpeg, 56.56Mb)


Chris Guillebeau, Jordan Harbinger, Jodi Ettenberg, Sarah Knight, Joe Di Stefano and our very own Matt Wilson come together for this week's compilation episode on travel.


Chris Guillebeau is a New York Times Bestselling Author and he shares strategies to start your Side Hustle and ways to make money on the side and travel. Chris is a writer, traveler, entrepreneur, and the author of the new book Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days.

Jordan Harbinger has always had an affinity for Social Influence, Interpersonal Dynamics and Social Engineering, helping private companies test the security of their communications systems and working with law enforcement agencies before he was even old enough to drive. Jordan has spent several years abroad in Europe and the developing world, including South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and speaks several languages. He also hosts the Jordan Harbinger Show, one of the top personal development and business podcasts on the air today.

Sarah Knight is the internationally bestselling author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck,” which has been translated into eighteen languages and counting and has hit bestseller lists all over the world. She has also written “How to Get Your Shit Together” and her latest book “You Do You” was released in November 2017.

Jodi Ettenberg founded Legal Nomads in April 2008 to document her long form travel writing and photography, after working as a lawyer for several years. In subsequent years, the site has won multiple awards and her business has expanded to include a book about food, celiac translation cards, public speaking, consulting work in social media and branding, and an eCommerce store featuring hand-drawn maps of food.

Joe Di Stefano, CSCS, RKC – “Joe D.I.” as he is referred, is an international speaker, fitness expert, entrepreneur and coach. Joe is the Director of Sport at Spartan Race, the world’s leading obstacle racing organization. He is also the Founder of RUNGA, an off-the-grid experience designed to educate people on health and fitness, and connect them with their full potential.

Matt Wilson is Adventurer and Co-founder of the travel company Under30Experiences. In just a few short years U30X has grown to 15+ countries worldwide and 30+ local communities throughout the USA and Canada. Matt is also the Co-Founder of Under30CEO (Acquired 2016) and the Host of the Live Different Podcast and has 40+ Five Star iTunes Ratings on Business, Travel, Health and Performance. He brings a unique, uncensored approach to his interviews and writing. His work is published on Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, Reuters, and is part of the invite-only Young Entrepreneurs' Council (YEC) comprised of the world's most successful entrepreneurs 40 and younger.



Our episode today is all about travel... We are sharing some of our favorite clips from digital nomads, world travelers, and other travel experts on topics like how to avoid kidnapping, what it’s like to move from New York City to the Dominican Republic, and learning experiences from visiting every country in the world.


We went back into the archives and dug up a few excellent episodes that highlight some special travel stories and pieces of advice and we put them all together for you in today’s episode!


You will hear from authors, world travelers, bloggers, and more in this week’s episode of the Live Different podcast.

65. #107 Profit First: Transform Your Business into a Money-making Machine with Mike Michalowicz
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/p... download (audio/x-m4a, 75.22Mb)


Mike Michalowicz (pronounced mi-‘kal-o-wits) had founded and sold two multi-million dollar companies by his 35th birthday. Confident that he had the formula to success, he became an angel investor…and proceeded to lose his entire fortune.


Then he started all over again, driven to find better ways to grow healthy, strong companies. Among other innovative strategies, Mike created the “Profit First Formula”, a way for businesses to ensure profitability from their very next deposit forward.


Mike is now running his third million dollar venture, is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal; is the former MSNBC business make-over expert; is a popular keynote speaker on innovative entrepreneurial topics; and is the author of Profit First, Surge, The Pumpkin Plan and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, which BusinessWeek deemed “the entrepreneur’s cult classic.”



Our episode today is all about creating profit in your company by implementing the profit first system. Mike explains the action steps needed to start setting aside profit immediately.


Mike also shares why profit is necessary and important, and how to put a system in place so that we aren’t spending more money as more money comes in.


Mike leaves listeners with the advice, “Set up that one bank account. Do it today. Go to your bank, get one account set up for profit. Start allocating 1% of what flows into your accounts towards profit.”


Get the full show notes on the Under30Experiences Blog.

66. #106 Vivid Vision: Align Your Life and Business Around a Vision of the Future with Cameron Herold
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/x-m4a, 61.02Mb)


Cameron Herold is known around the world as THE CEO WHISPERER.


He is the mastermind behind hundreds of companies’ exponential growth. Cameron's built a dynamic consultancy- his current clients include a ‘Big 4’ wireless carrier and a monarchy. What do his clients say they like most about him? He isn’t a theory guy- they like that Cameron speaks only from experience. He earned his reputation as the business growth guru by guiding his clients to double their profit and double their revenue in just three years or less.


Cameron was an entrepreneur from day 1. At age 21, he had 14 employees. By 35, he’d help build his first TWO $100 MILLION DOLLAR companies. By the age of 42, Cameron engineered 1-800-GOT-JUNK?’s spectacular growth from $2 Million to $106 Million in revenue, and 3100 employees— and he did that in just six years. His companies landed over 5,200 media placements in that same six years, including coverage on Oprah.


Not only does Cameron know how to grow businesses, but his delivery from the stage is second to none— the current publisher of Forbes magazine, Rich Karlgaard, stated “Cameron Herold is THE BEST SPEAKER I’ve ever heard…he hits grand slams”.


When Cameron steps off the stage, he doesn’t stop teaching. He is the author of the global best selling business book DOUBLE DOUBLE- in its 7th printing and in multiple translations around the world, MEETINGS SUCK, MORNING MIRACLE, and most recently VIVID VISION.


Cameron is a top rated international speaker and has been paid to speak in 26 countries. He is also the top-rated lecturer at EO/MIT’s Entrepreneurial Masters Program and a powerful and effective speaker at Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer leadership events around the world.


Our episode today is all about aligning your life and business by creating a specific plan and reverse engineering it to take actionable steps towards that plan.


Cameron also shares tips on minimizing distractions, creating a decision filter, and dreaming about the future.


Cameron leaves listeners with advice on creating a vivid vision, “Go offsite for half a day with a notepad and pen and without technology. Mind map and dream. Write down your ideas of what you want the future to look like. Don’t worry about the how.”


Get the full show notes on the Under30Experiences Blog

67. #105 Vote with Your Dollars, Be a Discerning Shopper, and Live the Life You Want with Emily Sexton
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/v... download (audio/x-m4a, 79.68Mb)


Emily Sexton brings her ‘win them over’ know-how, delightful enthusiasm and every day wit to encourage American consumers to use their purchasing power for good. From Wall Street to the streets with no name, you can now find Emily traveling in developing nations to find gorgeous new goods for her Downtown Raleigh Boutique + online shop, The Flourish Market.  She is an overly obsessed dog mom, an unlikely Crossfitter, and a monthly contributor to The Huffington Post.


Our episode today is all about voting with your dollars, what fair trade really means, and how to be a discerning shopper.


Emily also shares travel advice, how to define the life you want, and how to create that life for yourself.


Get the full shownotes on the Under30Experiences Blog.


Emily leaves listeners with the advice, “The more you reach out, the more encouragement you will find on your journey.”

68. #104 Break the Busy Habit, Find Your Big Why, and Sell Yourself Authentically with Rajiv Nathan
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/x-m4a, 88.08Mb)


Rajiv Nathan’s background is STORYTELLING. Through RajNATION Innovation, he leverages artistry and performance to help startups not suck at telling THEIR story so they can pitch investors and acquire customers.

Rajiv is always out to build the most compelling and authentic narratives possible. He also brings expression through stories as a rapper, yoga instructor, and host of the Discover Your Inner Awesome podcast.


Our episode today is all about building habits and practices into your own life, finding what is most important to you and getting more of that in your day to day, and how to get yourself out of the occasional funk.


He shares advice on becoming less reactive in the day to day, how to structure your routine so you don’t start your day by checking emails in bed and how to create a wellness baseline.


He leaves listeners with the advice, “The idea is people are going to want to talk to you if they feel you are on the same wavelength. You can do this by having really valuable conversations with them around a topic you both care about. It is way harder to keep a front then to just be who you are.”


View the full article on the Under30Experiences Blog.

69. #103 Travel the World, Find Your Niche, and Build Your Brand with Legal Nomad Jodi Ettenberg
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/x-m4a, 81.42Mb)


Jodi Ettenberg founded Legal Nomads in April 2008 to document her longform travel writing and photography. In subsequent years, the site has won multiple awards and her business has expanded to include a book about food, celiac translation cards, public speaking, consulting work in social media and branding, and an eCommerce store featuring hand-drawn maps of food.


Our episode today is all about finding authentic experiences through travel and connections with others. Jodi has had quite the journey from corporate attorney to food travel blogger.


Jodi shares advice on how to never be bored, finding your lens to view the world and your travels, and tips to get started with meditation.


Jodi leaves listeners with the advice, “Every place has things that make it interesting. Explore your own backyard.”


Get the full article on the Under30Experiences Blog.

70. #102 Everyone Has a Plan Until Sh!t Hits the Fan with Tofe Evans
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/x-m4a, 86.01Mb)


Tofe Evans is constantly reinventing himself to advocate how anyone can rise above and be the best versions of themselves. The journey Tofe has been on these past few years have not only shaped his character but his endurance career literally saved his life... For the ones that are screaming to get out of that deadly deep dark rabbit hole known as ‘adversity’, you’re in good hands. Here is someone who knows this field exceptionally well with his fair share of the destructive toxin.


And where you may not think you'll come out of this dismal state, Tofe will guide you in the right direction with his lived experience and concept of Practical Resilience. That is the mental framework designed to have you able to withstand crisis and subsequently, increase your emotional intelligence so you can bounce back after every fall. This framework is explained through a simple, yet powerful formula that Tofe has worked countless hours on with psychologists, neuroscientists, behavioural scientists, and mental health experts.


There will be a time in your life where you face a crisis; a recession, a death in the family, a bad business deal, or even a life-threatening situation. So how do we deal with these high-stressful moments? That’s where you will learn about Practical Resilience to guide you mentally out of these adversarial and dismal situations. Tofe is a thought leader on resilience not on hacking the body to get you the set of abs you’ve always wanted. He's here so you have the mental artillery to hold yourself together in case of a traumatic crisis. When everyone focuses on having a six pack body they forget that having a six pack mind is more important.


Brace your seats because you’re about to embark a wild ride - a culmination of despair, mental health struggles, hardships, endurance, and more importantly, resilience.


Our episode today is all about how to go from depression and anxiety to a state of gratitude, through kindness and helping others.


Tofe shares advice on opening up, empathy, and pushing through mental obstacles. Tofe describes his journey from his lowest point to being an endurance athlete and author on tour. He is all about breaking down the stigma of mental health.


He leaves listeners with the advice, “Adaptability and resilience are key. Focus on what you can control.”

71. #101 Superconnector: Stop Networking and Start Building Business Relationships that Matter with Ryan Paugh
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/x-m4a, 74.88Mb)


Ryan Paugh has been at the forefront of building highly curated, technology-enabled communities for ambitious professionals. He first co-founded Brazen Careerist, a career-management site for high-achieving young professionals and ambitious college students, where he led the company’s community development efforts. Brazen Careerist was recognized as one of the top social networks for Gen Y entrepreneurs by Mashable.

Ryan then went on to co-found Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) in 2010 with Scott Gerber, an invite-only organization for top entrepreneurs 40 and under that Entrepreneur noted “has quickly become one of the most elite organizations of its kind.” He saw YEC as a unique opportunity to apply the expertise he developed at Brazen Careerist to help fellow entrepreneurs access the resources, technology and most important, people they need to succeed. YEC’s members now generate billions of dollars in revenue and have created tens of thousands of jobs.

Today, Ryan and his team are building on their vision of the future of professional organizations with The Community Company, a company poised to launch dozens of vetted communities engineered to help ambitious professionals grow their network and expand business opportunities. It’s a mission Ryan identifies with; after graduating from Penn State University and launching his own entrepreneurial career, he knows firsthand the value of a trusted community.

Called “a cult legend in the online-community building world” by Mashable, Ryan is now focused on creating a strong membership experience and positive business outcomes for thousands of successful executives, thought leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs across the country.

Our episode today is all about super connectors, creating meaningful beneficial relationships and habitual generosity.

Ryan shares advice on networking, relationship building, and helping others. Ryan offers questions you can ask yourself to figure out where you thrive and where you don’t, so that you can invest your time where you thrive.

He leaves listeners with the advice, ““If you want to meet great people, build new relationships. Share your ideas. Make sure all that good stuff you are thinking about makes its way out into the public eye.”

Read more on the Under30Experiences Blog.

72. #100 Be Over Prepared, Avoid Kidnapping, and Build Your Network with Jordan Harbinger
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/x-m4a, 85.91Mb)


Jordan Harbinger has always had an affinity for Social Influence, Interpersonal Dynamics and Social Engineering, helping private companies test the security of their communications systems and working with law enforcement agencies before he was even old enough to drive.

Jordan has spent several years abroad in Europe and the developing world, including South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and speaks several languages. He has also worked for various governments and NGOs overseas, traveled through war-zones and been kidnapped -twice. He’ll tell you; the only reason he’s still alive and kicking is because of his ability to talk his way into (and out of), just about any type of situation.

Our episode today is all about social dynamics, how to trust your intuition over your logical mind, and building mutually beneficial relationships wherever you go.

He shares advice on safely traveling and living abroad, as well the story of how he escaped a kidnapping in Mexico City. Jordan offers tips on creating a valuable network around you.

He leaves listeners with the advice, “You have to have good relationships and a network in place. That’s the one thing that no one can take from you. You need to build them before it’s too late.”

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73. #99 NBA Champion Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Shares Lessons Learned from Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/9... download (audio/x-m4a, 32.88Mb)


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, a six-time NBA champion and the league’s only 6x MVP. He is one of a handful of influential and respected black men in America who has a national platform as a regular contributing columnist for newspapers and magazines around the world, such as The Guardian and The Hollywood Reporter where he shares his thoughts on some of the most socially relevant and politically controversial topics facing our nation today. After 50 years as an athlete and activist, he offers his perspectives as a nationally recognized speaker who regularly appears on the lecture circuit.

Currently, Abdul-Jabbar serves as the chairman of his Skyhook Foundation whose mission is to “Give Kids a Shot That Can’t be Blocked” by bringing educational STEM opportunities to underserved communities through innovative outdoor environmental learning. A NY Times best-selling author, he has written 14 books, including two recent memoirs: Becoming Kareem for young readers, and Coach Wooden and Me about his lifelong friendship with famed UCLA coach John Wooden.

His Emmy Award-winning HBO Sports documentary, Kareem: Minority of One, debuted as HBO’s most watched and highest rated sports documentary of all time.

In 2017 Abdul-Jabbar, an avid numismatic coin collector, was appointed as the first African-American to the CCAC (Citizens Coin Advisory Council) in its 100-year history, where he helps decide on all coins that are to be minted in The United States.

Before leaving office President Barack Obama awarded Abdul-Jabbar The Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor.

Our episode today is all about lessons Kareem has learned throughout his life, including takeaways from his famous friends Muhammad Ali, Coach John Wooden, and Bruce Lee.

He shares advice about his journey for finding great mentors and coaches, as well as insights about speaking out, humility, and discovering who you are. He suggests starting by reading and learning more about your interests.

He leaves listeners with the advice, “The most important thing to understand is knowledge is power. Someone who is informed is taking the right steps to achieving their goals.”

74. #98 Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business, and Score the Life you Want with Daniel DiPiazza
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/9... download (audio/x-m4a, 75.76Mb)


Daniel is the founder of Rich20Something and author of Rich20Something: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business, and Score the Life You Want. He built the company up from humble beginnings blogging away in his basement.

His honest and incredible writing abilities caused his blog to “break the internet” exploding him into the spotlight getting him features in outlets such as Time Magazine, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Yahoo! Business.

He has successfully started three consecutive freelance businesses and scaled them to over six-figures in revenue with ZERO startup capital. He makes sure the day-to-day at Rich20 is going smoothly, focuses on partnerships, strategy, and growth. Fun fact, he’s a Chipotle fanatic and loves Jiu-Jitsu.


Our episode today is all about how to block out the noise on social media, tips on taking a stand regardless of what other people say, and suggestions for respectfully disagreeing with other people without ruining relationships.

Daniel shares his journey from working in a restaurant to being a creative entrepreneur and author. He explains that courage is a muscle that you can strengthen by trying new things. Doing things outside of your comfort zone will help you to develop confidence in yourself and you can use the confidence inside to push forward to new goals.

Daniel leaves listeners with the advice, “The way you start is by taking your time back and deciding what is important to you. Have a non-negotiable hour for yourself daily. Start with meditation. It’s forced self-reflection. As you develop the ability to do nothing, you’ll have clarity.”

Get the full show notes on the Under30Experiences Blog.

75. #97 Leave the Corporate World, Become More, and Achieve Real Success with Zander Fryer
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/9... download (audio/x-m4a, 82.20Mb)


Zander Fryer is a former IT Sales Executive with a quota of $120 million. He left the corporate world behind to become a certified success coach with his company Sh*t You Don’t Learn in College, specializing in transformational work. He’s also a health and wellness entrepreneur educating on prevention and his spirit animal is a French Bulldog.


Our episode today is all about finding fulfillment in your life, starting with your work. Regardless of whether you feel called to entrepreneurship or just want to have a more meaningful job working for someone else, it all starts with getting really clear on who you are and what you want.

Zander shares how despite having a job that from the outside looked very successful, he did not feel fulfilled and felt called to become a coach and teach others.

The biggest hurdle standing in most people’s way is fear of leaving their comfort zone. All the resources you need are out there. Enlisting the help of an accountability buddy, mentor, and/or coach can help you to make the leap.

Zander leaves listeners with the advice, “Just do it. Just get started. You’ll never have the clarity you want until you just start doing something.”

Get the full shownotes on the Under30Experiences blog.

76. #96 Be Intentional and Breathe Your Way to Better Health with Joe Di Stefano
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/9... download (audio/x-m4a, 83.97Mb)


Joe Di Stefano, CSCS, RKC – “Joe D.I.” as he is referred, is an international speaker, fitness expert, entrepreneur and coach. Joe is the Director of Sport at Spartan Race, the world’s leading obstacle racing organization. He is also the Founder of RUNGA, an off-the-grid experience designed to educate people on health and fitness, and connect them with their full potential.

Joe has coached athletes from mainstream competitive sports for 15 years and for Obstacle Course Racing exclusively for the last seven. He has instructed more than 100 seminars in over 10 different countries within topics such as OCR, kettlebells, breathing and mobility. Joe’s work has been featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Outside and SELF Magazine.

Our episode today is all about quality breathing and its effects on overall health. We can go three weeks without food, but we can only go three minutes without breath, yet breathing is something that many people don’t think twice about.

Joe also discusses why international travel and running are bad for you, and how intent and belief are the key to health.

Joe leaves listeners with advice on focusing on breathing as a beginner. “The place to start is controlling your breath and respecting the power that it has. It can really truly change your entire outlook and make a lot of the other things a lot easier.” He suggests laying on the floor with your legs on a chair and blowing up balloons, to focus on that quality exhale and inhale.

Get the full story on the Under30Experiences Blog.

77. #95 Exercise Your Comfort Zone Muscle and Make a Positive Impact
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/9... download (audio/x-m4a, 85.55Mb)


Sean Sechrist from The Unbeaten Path is interviewing Matt Wilson this week!

We’ll get plenty of insight into some of Matt’s favorite topics including entrepreneurship, biohacking, travel, meditation, comfort zones, and much more.

Sean, the interviewer this week, is the creator and host of the Unbeaten Path podcast. The show debuted as a top business podcast in iTunes (top 50 business/top 20 careers).

Matt Wilson is the regular host of the Live Different podcast and co-founder of Under30Experiences, a travel company and community for millennials.


We kick off the episode by talking about Matt’s love of the outdoors and start to entrepreneurship as a child growing up in upstate New York.

Today Matt is the CEO and Co-Founder of Under30Experiences, a travel company for people ages 21-35. Matt shares some of his secrets to success, like how discipline and setting his own priorities allowed him to create and run a business while traveling the world. He shares some ways you can get out of your comfort zone, which will allow you to live life to the fullest and be able to say that you did it all.

Learn about the journey of how Under30Experiences started from one retreat style trip to dozens of locations, hundreds of trips around the world, and serving thousands of millennials.

Matt leaves listeners with the advice, “Connect with other people and help them along that path. That’s how we make the world a better place. Otherwise, we are all in it for our own self-interests, but we can't take that stuff with us. If you can leave an impact,  a legacy, and touch other people in a way they can pay forward, that is very fulfilling.”

Read the whole article on the Under30Experiences Blog.

78. #94 Be Who You Are And Use What You've Got with Sarah Knight
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/9... download (audio/x-m4a, 78.20Mb)


Sarah Knight is the internationally bestselling author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck,” which has been translated into eighteen languages and counting and has hit bestseller lists all over the world. She has also written “How to Get Your Shit Together” and her latest book “You Do You” was released in November 2017.

A former Senior Editor for Simon & Schuster in New York, Sarah decided to make some big changes in her life. After careful planning, she quit her job and she and her husband built a home in the Dominican Republic where they have lived since 2015.

Upon moving to the DR, she began working as a freelance editor. She was then inspired by Marie Kondo’s famous decluttering book to write a mental decluttering self-help book with her newly uncovered creative energy.

Our episode today is all about how to stop apologizing and explaining yourself by using the not sorry method. Sarah gives advice on how to quit making excuses or justifying why you can’t do something and polite but true ways to say no without elaboration.

Sarah shares how to protect yourself and set boundaries to prevent ending up in a situation that will drain your f*ck budget (time, money, and/or energy.) She discusses using mental decluttering techniques to efficiently have the life you want.

Sarah leaves listeners with the advice, “Everybody dies. Your life is getting shorter every single day. This doesn't last forever, so do what you want now. Make the big life changes.”

79. #93 Be Mindful and Make a Positive Impact in the World with Victoria Cohen
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/9... download (audio/x-m4a, 90.22Mb)


Victoria Cohen is an engineer turned marketer turned yoga instructor/blogger/activist. Her blog Almonds and Asana is part journey and part guide for being a more active citizen of the world through her two favorite pastimes: cooking and yoga.

In a past life she worked at PepsiCo and attended Southern Methodist University. She’s also the co-host of the Discover Your Inner Awesome podcast with Rajiv Nathan.

Our episode today is all about using small changes to make a difference in the things you care about. Whether you have strong political beliefs or are concerned about global warming, Victoria makes suggestions on ways to reframe your thinking and use your day to day choices to make a difference.

Victoria shares her journey from the corporate world to becoming a yoga teacher. She talks about the moment she realized things had to change. We discuss using our purchases as a means of voting for what we support, and she suggests various small ways listeners can become activists for causes they are passionate about.

Victoria leaves listeners with the advice, “Do it. Volunteer or donate. Make those small impactful changes by the food you choose or the products you choose to buy.”

Get the full show notes on the Under30Experiences blog.

80. #92 Increase Cognitive Function and Self Love with Mansal Denton
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/9... download (audio/x-m4a, 97.80Mb)


Mansal Denton is the founder of Nootropedia, an unbiased and accessible online nootropics resource to help you improve your cognitive abilities. Nootropics are substances that enhance mental functions, such as memory.

He previously co-founded and grew Pure Nootropics into one of the 3 largest nootropics commodity ecommerce sites and exited after 15 months with buyout.

In his spare time, he enjoys exploring the world of personal development, travel, meditation, and acro yoga.

Our episode this week is all about how we can enhance our own brains, improve cognitive function, and live all around better lives.

Mansal experienced an amazing journey from being arrested for stealing documents from a museum, to being in jail for three and a half years, writing a book, starting multiple businesses, and learning to love himself along the way.

We discuss lifestyle choices and supplements that lead to demonstrated improved cognitive functioning. He shares about a recent ayahuasca ceremony and tips for experiencing both the DMT and non-DMT versions of ayahuasca safely.

Mansal leaves listeners with the recommendation to “Get grounded in the fact that whoever you are, whatever you are, you are perfect the way that you are. Love yourself the way that you are.”

Read the whole article on the Under30Experiences Blog: https://www.under30experiences.com/category/live-different-podcast 

81. #91 Establish Your Self Awareness and Mindful Identity with Amanda Goolsby
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/9... download (audio/x-m4a, 77.29Mb)


Amanda Goolsby is an executive coach, business consultant, fitness professional and world traveler. She was one of the original staff at the fitness brand Orange Theory, the fastest growing franchise in history. After growing with Orange Theory for 5.5 years, going from overseeing one million dollars in revenue to over twenty million in revenue, she has started a new chapter of her life helping driven high achieving leaders reach aligned success through coaching.

Our episode this week is all about figuring out who you are and what’s important to you. Amanda experienced an amazing journey from a debilitating accident, to selling drugs, to a spontaneous move from Portland to Phoenix, to working her way up the ladder running an extremely popular fitness business and finally starting her own coaching business a few months ago.

We discuss how her trips to Costa Rica and Malawi were a huge turning point for her, and how travel has continued to be important to her over the years. She also shares some of her biohacking tricks to prevent jet lag on long international journeys.

Amanda details her journaling practices to separate identity from ego, and her end of year reflection exercises. She discusses how getting to know herself has taught her how to avoid burnout by balancing relaxation, breaks, hard work, and fitness.

Read the full article on the Under30Experiences blog.

82. #90 Optimize Your Internal Environment Through Genetic Wellness With Dr Sharad Paul
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/9... download (audio/x-m4a, 83.16Mb)


Dr Sharad Paul, author of the book “The Genetics of Health,” has lived across the world over the years. In addition to being an author, he is also an evolutionary biologist and holds a Masters in Medical Law and Ethics /Master of Philosophy from the University of Glasgow. He is currently completing a Doctor of Philosophy based on his groundbreaking research into the best skin lines for cutaneous surgery.

His Skin Surgery Clinic has one of the largest series of skin cancer patients worldwide, with over 100,000 consultations and 45,000 operations since the clinic opened in 1996. He initially trained in general and plastic surgery and is currently a Fellow of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia, and is also a Distinguished Fellow of the Royal NZ College of General Practitioners.

Our episode this week is all about the role of genetics in health, specifically discussing wellness measures we can take based on testing our genetic background. We discuss the roles Omega 3 and Vitamin D play in health, the evolutionary basis for race as it relates to Vitamin D absorption, and how we can optimize our internal environment by carefully selecting what we put into our bodies.


Dr Paul shares some general wellness measures that can be fine-tuned after genetic testing. His number one piece of advice is to eat unprocessed foods low in salt and sugar, move for flexibility and endurance, and live socially and positively.

Read the full article here: 

83. #89 Be Authentic, Mission Driven, and Unafraid of Failure with David Simnick
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/8... download (audio/x-m4a, 87.71Mb)


David Simnick is the CEO and Co-founder of Soapbox Soaps. He had the idea for Soapbox when he was working as a subcontractor for the United States Agency for International Development and then began making soap on the side. Soapbox had their first big break selling with WholeFoods and currently sells their personal care products in major retailers across the US (Walgreens, Target, Rite Aid, Meyer, Kroger, and Walmart to name a few). They have been featured on the Today Show, MSNBC, Entrepreneur magazine, and Forbes.

David has even given a TEDx talk entitled “Great Leaders Need Authenticity.” Soapbox was founded on a mission to save lives and make a difference in the world. They produce quality personal care products without harmful ingredients, participate in soap recycling programs with hotels to reduce personal care products in landfills, and give away one bar of soap to the less fortunate per every product sold.

Our episode this week is all about how personal care products are so much more than just a way to stay clean. We discuss the involvement of soap with disease, school attendance, and landfill waste.

With a lot of humility and very very small beginnings, David googled how to make soap and made his first batch in his kitchen at American University. From there, Soapbox Soaps has grown tremendously and even went through a major rebranding recently. They pride themselves on not including any ingredients that are thought to be harmful, toxic, or carcinogenic.

Did you know soap works in a similar way to how oil and water separate? When soap gets in contact with water, it picks up the particles on the top layer of your skin and that’s what’s washed off.

In this episode, we discuss how importing personal care items can upset local economies, and steps organizations can take to provide these items by working with local NGOs instead. We talk about working together with hotels to recycle soap and prevent it from accumulating in landfills. David elaborates on the multiple factors that play into creating an affordable and accessible product, as well the relationship between why a customer makes a personal care purchase and the branding displayed on products.

David fills us in on the development of Soapbox Soaps, some of the struggles they have faced, and what they are working towards. He also gives advice for budding entrepreneurs from his own experience.

84. #88 Advocate for Your Health, Take Risks, and See Your Life as an Experiment w. Jennifer DeSimone
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/8... download (audio/x-m4a, 76.35Mb)


Jen DeSimone is Under30Experiences’ Chief of Community and a certified life coach.

Jen’s passion is to support people living their most radiant lives. As the Chief of Community for U30X and a lifestyle coach, Jen is able to support her passions and live a fulfilled lifestyle. She is also a strong advocate for the importance of taking risks in your life.

We kick off the conversation speaking about our relationship with food and how to feel empowered eating foods catered to your body.

Jen speaks about her health journey and how she approaches food choices as an opportunity to play as adults.

She also opens up about being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and how it impacted her to make a change in her meal choices.

In this episode we really dive in the topics of health, choices, diets, and how to begin crafting a diet that’s right for you.

Nobody is going to care more to take time to learn about your body than you, so invest the time to find the content that speaks to you and peaks your curiosity.

85. #87 Create a Thriving Identity Through The Power of Travel
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/8... download (audio/x-m4a, 68.52Mb)


Dave Nelson from Milestone Mind is interviewing Matt this week.

We’ll get plenty of insight into some of Matt’s favorite topics including self-improvement, travel, identity, health, sustaining success, and much more.

Dave, the interviewer this week, is the CEO and founder of Milestone Mind. Milestone Mind is a professional coaching organization that helps highly motivated people think through how to get to the next level. Dave was also featured in episode #70 of the Live Different podcast.

Matt Wilson is the regular host of the Live Different podcast and co-founder of Under30Experiences a travel company and community for millennials.

We kick off the episode by talking about fulfillment and how Matt lives a more fulfilled life by seeking improvement every single day, taking baby steps, and paying his experiences forward.

Today, Matt pays his experiences forward with Under30Experiences and we discuss how you can find your own authentic narrative to sustain your own success. Surrounding yourself with the right people who will encourage you to seek improvement and stick to the path is essential.

Learn about the journey of how Under30Experiences started from one retreat style trip to dozens of locations, hundreds of trips around the world, and serving thousands of millennials.

Finally, create a new identity through the power of travel because identity is where everything starts. Behaviors, values, traits, even environments all help foster your identity. By traveling you can re-engineer your identity in a good and healthy way that allows you to thrive.

86. #86 Develop a Limitless Mindset Through Keystone Habits w. Cody McLain
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/8... download (audio/x-m4a, 74.89Mb)


Cody McLain is the founder of SupportNinja. He started his first business at 15 years old and has since built and sold four companies that have grossed millions in revenue.

Cody has been featured in several notable publications including Forbes, Mashable, and Entrepreneur.

Today, he blogs regularly on his website CodyMcLain.com. He’s also the Executive Chairman at SupportNinja, a service dedicated to helping entrepreneurs become more efficient and scale their businesses.

We sit down with Cody to chat about how he started his successful entrepreneurship journey, developing a limitless mindset, and creating habits that help will you succeed.

Cody grew up in adverse circumstances but instead of burying himself in sorrows, he decided to start building businesses.

We discuss the importance of starting with a few small wins in order to create a growth mindset. Cody shares the small wins and habits that guide him towards limitless potential.

We also talk about how creating keystone habits that prioritize your mind and body. Cody walks us through some important takeaways on habit formation and the necessary steps to make good habits stick through intentional commitment.

87. #85 Live Longer, Happier and Healthier Through The Power of Community w. David Spinks
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/d... download (audio/x-m4a, 77.12Mb)


David Spinks is the Founder and CEO of CMX Media. CMX is an association for community managers that provides events, membership, and training for teams and companies on how to launch and scale communities.

He started CMX Summit and CMX Hub after he noticed that the thousands of community builders in the world weren’t talking to one another. Ultimately, David seeks to help and empower communities through his work with CMX Media.

Our episode this week is all about how community can help us live happier, healthier, and longer lives. We discuss how to find our community, and even how we can create our own tribe.

For all of human history, community has played a vital role in our safety and sense of purpose. Over the years, quality connection has been replaced by quantity - leading us down the path of a thousand connections, but has simultaneously left us feeling alone.

In this episode we talk about how finding community in the 21st century can be challenging, but is imperative to our wellbeing. David gives us actionable advice on how looking for opportunities to help others can help us find our tribe, and reap in the benefits of having a support system around us.

Community has the power to extend our lives, and David is in the business of forming quality communities.

Listen to this episode and live a longer happier life with quality community.

88. #84 Fail Frequently. Learn to Build Your Perfect Day and Persevere w. Chris Hughes
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/c... download (audio/x-m4a, 97.63Mb)


Chris Hughes is an internet entrepreneur, world traveler, surfer, author, and CPA (Cost per acquisition) expert. Chris has been able to make a living as an internet entrepreneur while traveling the world, but it did not come easy.

He’s become a successful business owner by using “brute perseverance and force” to get to where he wanted to be.

It took Chris 6 years of experimenting and failing before he was able to make a sustainable living online. Today he lives life as a digital nomad, traveling the world, and surfing on his free time. In order to sustain his location independent lifestyle, Chris has had to experiment and fail consistently until he was able to attain what he wanted.

Chris takes us through the journey of quitting his job, moving to a foreign country, being completely clueless in what he was doing, making his first $800 in one day, and finally making a living online.

We wrap up the episode by talking about how to form our perfect day and the importance of getting clear on what we’re working towards in life.

89. #83 Make Millions, Travel the World, and Give Back with Multi-Millionaire Tim Sykes
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/8... download (audio/x-m4a, 87.23Mb)


Tim Sykes is a penny stock trader, entrepreneur, and full time teacher who has generated millions of dollars through his investment strategies.

Dozens of Tim’s students are now earning six figures/year and he’s also created several millionaire students.

Tim is in a field that is oversaturated with people who misinform and lie. Therefore, he seeks to be a truthful expert in his field and his results speak for themselves.

Today Tim is using his wealth to build 1000 schools around the world in an effort to bring education to those who need it most.

In this episode, we discuss how he’s using the internet to bring exposure to his charity work as well as his business.

Tim has made a lot of money by being the true expert in his specific field. There is a lot of money that can be made from being an expert, and all that’s required is patience.

We also talk travel and how traveling to 114 countries has influenced Tim’s perspective on what’s meaningful in life.


We live in an amazing time where you can do anything that you want, all over the world, from anywhere in the world, but most people don’t take advantage of it. Tim drops some knowledge on how we can begin taking steps towards taking advantage of these incredible gifts.

90. #82 Become the Architect of Your Environment w. Leo Babauta of Zen Habits
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/8... download (audio/x-m4a, 99.84Mb)


Leo Babauta is a writer from Guam, who was once deeply in debt, overweight, and a smoker. Within a few short years, he completely eliminated his debt, lost 65 pounds, quit smoking and started Zen Habits which was named Top 25 Blogs by Time Magazine (twice!).

Leo has a wide range of accomplishments from writing a best selling productivity e-book, to creating a habit membership program that helps thousands of people change their habits.

Today, more than 200K subscribers read Leo’s work on Zen Habits where he discusses in greater detail many of the topics we cover in this episode.

We speak about a wide range of topics from overcoming bad habits and urges, to practicing non judgmentalness. Each of the topics we discuss have made a positive impact in Leo’s life and he shares these lessons brilliantly throughout our conversation.

Learn how to let go and even embrace discomfort, strangeness, and resistance through this conversation with Leo Babauta of Zen Habits.

91. #81 Challenge Yourself: 4 Ways to Find Flow and Crush Your Comfort Zone
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/8... download (audio/x-m4a, 32.06Mb)


I, Matt Wilson, was officially homeless.  

Tamarindo, Costa Rica July 2012

My apartment in New York was packed up, my stuff was thrown out, donated, or put in various friend’s attics.  I was free.

I had nothing but my Marmot climbing pack on my back. Minimalism had been achieved.  

Now it was time to see some shit.

My plane landed in the eco-capital of the world-- Costa Rica, where 5% of all the world’s biodiversity lives.  

Did I break out my bucket hat and birdwatching pants and head into the jungle?  

Nope, I went to the most gringo town Costa Rica has to offer and took up surfing.

Goal #1: Learn a new skill

While I wasn’t exactly on an eco-lodge in the jungle growing my own food, hear me out… Tamarindo’s mix of surfing, partying, and people patient enough to listen to my broken Spanish was just what I needed.

Little did I know, surfing would actually be a great way to get in touch with nature and even develop a little more understanding of the zen philosophy I had been studying.

If you are looking to get rid of bad habits, or negative patterns in your life, finding a new hobby or a new skill is a great way to focus your efforts in a new direction.  It’s why they give alcoholics the same advice when they put down the bottle; they are in need of a new best friend.

Speaking of new friends, developing new skills are a great way to meet people who you actually have something in common with.  And yes, this works for romantic encounters as well.  Surfing never worked out for me (it’s all dudes), but yoga has been a great decision (it’s all chicks).  Figure out what you are into and get involved in a community of like-minded people.

Goal #2: Do something physically challenging

Travel has a magical way to pull you into the present moment as your senses are immediately overwhelmed with new sights, sounds, smells, etc… surfing, and any extreme sport for that matter, can do the same.  

I love strenuous physical activities because when you do things that are physically and mentally exhausting like climbing Dead Woman’s Pass or Rainbow Mountain at high altitudes in Peru, there’s no chance your mind is wandering.

Some days the waves were so big I could barely even paddle out.  By the time I even got out there was I was too fatigued to try and catch a wave.  This is the place where you really start learning to be present; when you are questioning your life choices.

When a huge wave is about to crush you, you aren’t thinking about your inbox or to-do list.  

If you are interested in this subject, I recommend the book The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance.  

Goal #3: Do Something Mentally Challenging

The waves in Tamarindo can be fucking huge.

Intimidated or not, I had no choice but to paddle out into the lineup, learn the rules of the road, and try to catch my share of waves amongst the overly-aggressive locals. Learning a new skill, and one that can be extremely dangerous, was the perfect way to get myself out of my comfort zone and shock my system.  I was literally developing new neural pathways by learning to do new things with my body.

Everyone says do something that scares you.  It sounds cliche, but when I see people who are afraid of heights do things like zip-line in Costa Rica, or go paragliding in Lima, people have breakthroughs.  If you can jump out of a plane, you can also quit your job, end that toxic relationship, or start that business you’ve been hesitating to do.

Exercise your courage muscle!!   

Goal #4: Do Something in Conjunction with the Planet

Most of us are just so damn disconnected these days.  It’s said that if you live in Hong Kong, you can go the entire year without actually touching your bare feet to the ground.  We now live in not-so-healthy, climate-controlled environments, where it’s possible never to get sunshine, fresh air, or water that is truly clean as I described in my previous post on nature.  Get yourself in the water and immediately you are getting exercise, absorbing nutrients from the salt water, producing Vitamin D by getting in the sun, and taking in beneficial ions and electrons from the sea.  The health benefits are immense.  

You don’t have to go surfing, you can pick something else as your gateway to nature, but for me, it’s pretty cool when you start to think about waves and tides…

You literally sit out there and wait for the earth to move, so you can ride it.  Talk about being in conjunction with the planet.  

And to think the tides are dramatically affected by the moon...That’s some interstellar shit right there.

Even when I paddle out and don’t catch a single wave, the meditative effect of watching wave after wave come in rhythmically while listening to the sound of the ocean, puts me into a good mood for hours after I get out of the water.

Find something that helps you go with the flow.  You won’t regret it. 

92. #80 Think Globally & Act Locally w. Joe Knoernschild Co-Founder of Hurley & Billabong
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/8... download (audio/x-m4a, 115.75Mb)


Joe Knoernschild is the co-founder of multi-national apparel giants Hurley and Billabong. He started the companies when he was just 26 years old and on the episode we chat about his love for surfing and adventure. We quickly learn that both surfing and adventure run deep in his DNA.

Joe walks us through his story about how he went from making and selling surfboards, to making millions in sales, and eventually teaming up with Nike.

An important lesson Joe leaves us with is the importance of thinking globally but acting locally.

Join us on this episode where we discuss the connection between surfing and spirituality, travel stories from around the world, and much more.

93. #79 Finding Balance in Nature: How to Design the Life You Want
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/x-m4a, 41.44Mb)


“Matt Wilson, you want energy before Mountain Hut?” Siggi said to me in his thick Icelandic accent.  

Hvolsvollur, Iceland March 2012

“Sure Siggi,” I said.  “I’m pretty hungry.”  

Siggi dug into his mom’s refrigerator and pulled out a heaping plate of leftovers.  Mashed potatoes, gravy, and a tender red meat I’d never had before…

“Siggi, this is delicious, what is this?” I asked.

He glanced down at my plate to make sure I was done…

“It’s horse, of course!” he said with a chuckle…

Welcome to Iceland

We were on our way to Siggi’s Mountain Hut deep in the interior of Iceland.  I wish I could describe this place, but it’s hard to put it to words.  

Most people say Iceland looks like the surface of the moon.  Black lava rocks, dense rolling fog coming in off the North Atlantic, and permanently ominous skies.  Just driving down the road, you’ll find waterfall after waterfall coming off the fjords.  Dive deeper into the interior and you’ll find hidden canyons and geothermal steam rising from the ground.  All of this, painted on a backdrop of volcanic glaciers waiting to erupt.  

Siggi and I loaded up his Superjeep and took off down a dirt road.  I know Superjeeps aren’t the most eco-friendly thing in the world, but if you are on the Icelandic Rescue Team like Siggi is, they seem pretty necessary for getting to the top of glaciers and volcanoes.  

Siggi is all about tradition.  He loves to tell stories of Icelandic Sagas that happened literally in his backyard.  His favorite is about Gunnar Hamundarson who lived in the 10th century and could jump his own body length in full armor, back to front.  Icelanders also believe in elves and trolls Siggi tells me.  

Up we climbed to the top of Hekla volcano.  It was getting late, but it didn’t seem to matter to Siggi.  He’d been to the top of this snow capped glacier more times than he could count.  Somehow I was supposed to be reassured knowing that it hadn’t erupted since 2000.  If molten lava did start busting through the icecap causing massive floods that would destroy the valley below us in mere minutes, there was nobody that I’d have more confidence in getting us out alive than Siggi.      

It was almost 11pm now, and we were getting to the top.  Siggi pulled out his favorite Chivas Regal whiskey and two cigars to celebrate as he does atop every mountain he summits.  Looking out at Eykjavikfokull in the distance, time seemed to stop.  That sunset was a game changer for me.  

Under30Experiences was born.

“Damn, I need to do more of this,” I started telling Siggi.  

Sunsets, hiking, and the great outdoors were what I was raised on… how the hell did I get so disconnected?  How did I become so caught up in a superficial world?  

“Why do Americans work so much?” Siggi came back with.  “That’s not all there is to life.”  


Where am I supposed to go with this article now?  If you aren’t sold by the romanticism of the above, I should probably give up.  

When it comes to designing the life you want, there needs to be a balance.  Yes, I understand technology keeps us connected around the clock, but seriously, put that shit away sometimes.

Maybe you are allergic to nature. (Read the hygiene hypothesis.)  Maybe you don’t like to get dirty as one of my biggest diva friends once told me.  If so, start small.  Find a little green space somewhere in your crowded city and try your best to enjoy it.  Get some sun on your face, take off your shoes and put your feet directly on the ground.  I promise you there are major health benefits like Vitamin D and grounding that I’ll get into in future posts.

This series is about what worked for me in my personal evolution and how you can find your own path.  The answers to my stressors are not going to be the same as yours.  I might have needed a dramatic shock like climbing active volcanoes in Iceland to get me out of my rut.  You might need something else.

Whatever you do, I urge you to get out of your comfort zone.  It sounds cliche, but do something that scares you, even if it’s something as small as attending one of our meetups where you don’t know anyone.  Maybe signing up for a $645 trip to Costa Rica is out of reach for you right now and that’s okay too.

At the end of the day, evolving as a modern human often means going back to the roots of our ancient ancestors before Instagram Addiction was a thing.  Find some silence, fresh air, clean water, and natural beauty around you.  I promise it will open you up to the natural beauty within yourself.  

94. #78 Discover Your Transformative Superpower w. Luz Garcia
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/7... download (audio/x-m4a, 87.95Mb)


Luz Garcia is a 1,500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with 14 years of yoga studies that have consisted of Yoga Works Method, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Shala Method, Restorative, and Prenatal.

Luz is driven by the philosophy that we are students forever and we need to continue learning every day. This philosophy has fueled her to perfect her craft.  

Luz battled against depression and anxiety when she was younger. Through yoga she was able to heal and better understand herself. She literally credits yoga as being a lifesaver for her.

We nerd out about everything yoga, walk through the basics, as well as dive into the more advanced concepts.

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi, or just thinking about getting started, this episode will help you recognize how practice on the mat can translate over to real life situations.

Finally, we speak about how combining travel and yoga will help you discover a transformative superpower to conquer fear and resistance.

95. #77 Becoming a Digital Nomad
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/x-m4a, 61.86Mb)


Matt Wilson

Iceland March 2012: Becoming a Digital Nomad

“Velkomin á Íslandi” I heard as I pried my eyes open getting off the red eye flight.

Beautiful blonde Icelandic women with farm working physiques bullied their way gracefully to the overhead compartment.   

My mountain guide met me at the terminal.  “Hello I am Siggurdur Bjarni Svienson.” (spelling) he said with a long pause.  “But you can call me Siggi he said, with a slight sense of dry Icelandic humor.”  

The sun was barely up.  A thick mist of dense clouds rolled in from the North Atlantic.  The ground was black, covered with sharp lava rock. Not a tree in sight.

Where the fuck am I? I wondered.

I started to feel bad that humans even attempted to live here.

We wound our way down the Icelandic coastline to the capital city of Reykjavik where 230,000 of the 330,000 inhabitants of this bleak terrain decided to call home.

Siggi dropped me at my hostel and said he’d return that evening.

I was on my own.


Becoming a Digital Nomad 

What was the first thing I did on my trip to Iceland that Sunday morning at 8 am?  

Answered emails.

I shit you not.

I was addicted.

This is incredibly embarrassing thinking back at it.  Do you know how many people in that inbox truly did not matter?

At the time my Co-founder Jared O’Toole and I were running a successful media site for young entrepreneurs called Under30CEO.com.  It was near the peak of our traffic numbers, at over 500,000 unique visitors per month… we had boatloads of fans from India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and of course all over the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

God, we thought we were important.

Note: if you want to see hilarious pictures of Jared and I on jumbotrons in Time Square, ringing the closing bell at NASDAQ, or being invited to yap about the importance of small business on Fox Business, take a look at the article announcing that Under30CEO was acquired.


How to Travel the World and Never Really Have a Chance to Enjoy It 

Okay, I’m joking.  But not really.

Everyone wants to be a digital nomad these days… but not so long ago, co-working spaces like WeWork were not a thing, hostels didn’t have conference rooms, and you could’ve actually found a seat at a coffee shop in Austin, Texas.

The reality is, being a digital nomad is fucking awesome.  It’s why it seems that all the cool kids are doing it.

And therein, lies the problem: the cool kids.

Yup, I am sad to say I was one of them.

Addicted to email.  Caffeine.  And worst of all, stress.

The rest of this post is going to be devoted to strategies on…


How to break free from your desk, travel the world, and not stress yourself out

I’ll be honest, when I hear someone describe themselves a “digital nomad” I usually cringe.  Call me a seasoned gringo, but the “cool kids club” is exactly why I packed up and left New York.  I’m not trying to hang out with a bunch of stressed out people talking about marketing, complaining about the wifi here in Costa Rica.

If you really want to enjoy the “pura vida” as we say, you’ll first have to get a handle on your travel schedule.  The first rule of thumb is don’t overdo it.

In upcoming posts, you’ll hear me talk about how stressed out I was my first time to Bali, traveling around the island until I found a Starbucks because I had to hit a deadline.  Backpacking and hitting deadlines really doesn’t work.  You shouldn’t try to travel South America while taking on new web design projects.  You need to find somewhere you like and develop a routine so you can be in a higher state of flow, complete you work, and then go have fun.


Choose your City

As a general rule, cities have better wifi than rural locations.  This is bad news for me, as I prefer mountain hideaways and surf towns.  These places also have worse 3G and 4G cell service, which you’ll need as backup when the wifi goes down.  If you want some cities that are close to natural wonders, think Medellin, Colombia, or Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Nomad List is an incredible resource for comparing cost of living and intel on how good the wifi is.


Choose your Dwelling

This for me is one of the most fun parts of living in places where the dollar goes far.  I’ve lived in $300/month local spots in Costa Rica to massive villas with a pool and security.  My current setup is a private four bedroom house in the jungle, and luckily for me, the lower level has a private entrance which I can Airbnb when I want.  During tourist season I can easily pay my rent with the money earned on Airbnb and when friends, family, or business associates come to visit, they have plenty of space.  

Costa Rica is far from cheap however.  Friends who live in Thailand or Bali can afford places that are absolutely palatial.  

I realize now that I’m making joining the digital nomad “cool kids club” sound a little too easy.  I want you to know that it’s often a pain in the ass to find places to live as a digital nomad.  Remember, in the developing world, a quick google search for “apartamentos Costa Rica” won’t help much.  

Some quick tips:

Find local expat groups like “Expatriates in Nicaragua” or “Gringos in Medellin” where there are often listings Make a local connection.  In Cusco, we found the Under30Experiences’ staff house through the brother of the owner of the hotel where we stay.  All the listings online where long term leases only. Ask around.  In Bali, Luz, my girlfriend and Under30Experiences’ Yoga Teacher, found an amazing place to stay right next to the Yoga Barn for just $20 night just by asking her driver. Avoid tourist areas, as people make more money on nightly rentals than they do renting their apartment per month.  Prices of monthly apartments in places like Barcelona become inflated.


Pay Attention to Quality of Life

If your job is to work from a computer you need to think about how you can best get into flow state without the interruptions.  Remember-- you want to get your work done and then go explore, and get to know a place.  You won’t want to stay in a hostel for very long as they usually aren’t conducive to work.  There are exceptions like Selina’s across Panama, Colombia, and Costa Rica that offer built in co-working spaces.

When I did a stint in Barcelona, I found a place with a kitchen, connected to a gym, down the street from a great grocery store, with great internet, and lots of cafe’s with wifi nearby just in case I needed a backup place to work.  These are the things that make me productive.  

Other things that digital nomads’ love that are usually affordable and make them more productive include maid service, access to transportation and again, co-working. In Paris I lived a block from the metro and could walk to one of their Anti-cafe concepts where I paid by the hour for co-working.



The longer you stay in a place, the better you will understand where to get the best internet connection.  Here in Costa Rica, I struggled with the wifi for years until I got it figured out.  Once I discovered that I could have a 4G Personal Hotspot through my cell phone service with Movistar my life changed.  When the wifi is down, I simply put on my hotspot.

Since I’ve been living here for a while, I know to immediately call a technician when the wifi is down.  It helps I’m fluent in Spanish now. Me trying to get the wifi working in French put me back down to tourist status.  

I even have friends who have two internet service providers at their house in Costa Rica just in case one goes down.  Make friends with the wait staff at your favorite cafes so they will reset the router for you.  Select a workspace next door to a restaurant with good wifi.  The Under30Experiences Costa Rica Office always has a backup… thank you Sancho’s!

When selecting a place to set up shop, check out Nomad List’s internet rankings before you go, and once you get to a place use Speedtest.net to see at how many MBPS you are working with.  For a general workday including Skype audio calls and podcast recordings 5-10 MBPS works fine for me.


Bring on the Fun

At the end of the day it all comes down to designing the life you want.  I know it’s tempting to try to try and see the entire worldl, but you’ll need to get the backpacking and moving around out of your system until you are exhausted.  Then, go back to a place you really loved and spend more time there.  My initial strategy of traveling every five days was disastrous.  I worked Monday - Friday, packed up, and then traveled to my next destination over the weekend.  This led me to quick burnout as I describe in this throwback “Confessions of a 26 year old Entrepreneur.”


Finally, I went back to the place that had the most to offer me.  I wanted to learn Spanish, surf, practice yoga, and live in nature.  Select a place that’s right for you during this point in your life.  Realize that life on the road is lonely, so settling into a place will help you make connections and become part of a community.  I happen to love small town life, where I know everyone at my local bar.  Other people can’t stand it.  

Choose what’s right for you and make sure you find yourself in a place where you can continue to learn and grow as a human.

That’s the point of travel.

96. #76 Get Naked Fast! Eliminate Toxic Foods and Heal Your Body w. Diana Stobo
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/7... download (audio/x-m4a, 93.97Mb)


Diana Stobo is the award-winning author of the healthy lifestyle book Get Naked Fast! A Guide to Stripping Away the Foods that Weigh You Down to Lose Weight Fast. The book serves as a guide that Diana wrote from her own personal experience healing herself from illness, losing 100+ pounds, and changing her life.

Diana is an expert on Naked Nourishment and juicing. She is also living proof that a healthy diet can help you lose weight, gain energy, heal your body, and help you to look and feel younger and more vibrant.

Diana helps others heal themselves through her books, 10-day detox program The Naked Challenge, public presentations, and private coaching.


The Episode

In this episode she walks us through the ups and downs in her health and wellness journey and how you can apply the lessons she’s learned into your own life. Diana opens up about some health scares in her personal life and how she was able to overcome each of them through diet changes.


Diana doesn’t support dogmatic diets, but has always been a proponent of experimenting and listening to your body to understand what to avoid. She talk about diets in terms of “knowing the no’s” not “no-no’s”.


This episode will share how to get started taking positive steps towards eliminating toxic foods from your life. We discuss the role coffee, proteins, and even tequila can play in your diet as long as you’re not abusing it.


Topics Covered

Diana’s health and wellness story Overcoming health obstacles The process of healing The benefits of crystals The importance of what you put in your body and what you put on your body Battling cancer through diet First steps for the elimination diet “Knowing the no’s” How much protein do you actually need? The role your blood type plays in your health and wellness Don’t fall into the dogma -- listen to your body Probiotics and the importance of gut health


Quotes from the Episode

“The only time your body works against you is when you go against what your body is asking for”

“When you eliminate the foods that are causing your body inflammation, you automatically start the process of healing”

“60% of what you put on your body is absorbed”

“Your body is the only thing that will give you the information you need”

“Everything begins from the gut, 85% of all disease begins from the gut”

“Your personality, mental health, hormones, are all connected to what you put in your body.”

“What you don’t put in your body is just as important as what you do put in your body, eliminate the foods that weigh you down, and fill it with good plant based food.”



Get Naked Fast! A Guide to Stripping Away the Foods that Weigh You Down to Lose Weight Fast


The Naked Challenge - 10 Day Detox

Diana Stobo Lifestyle Retreat in Costa Rica

23 and Me


97. #75 Minimalism - How to Travel the World Four Hour Work Week Style
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/7... download (audio/x-m4a, 44.79Mb)

Matt Wilson
Wish you could make money and travel the world? 
It starts with focusing on the things that are really important to you.
In today's experimental Live Different Podcast, my focus is minimalism.  This is a beginning of a series I will be releasing on Mondays to give you guys a look into what I've learned traveling the world over the past five years.
You can find the article to accompany this podcast on Under30Experiences.com/blog or view the podcast recording on https://www.youtube.com/user/MattWilsonTravel
Have some feedback on the new series?  Send me a note matt (at) under30experiences.com
Good luck on your journey of minimalism!! 

98. #74 Make Side Money and Travel the World with Chris Guillebeau
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/m... download (audio/x-m4a, 62.45Mb)


Chris Guillebeau is a New York Times’ Bestselling Author who shares strategies to start your Side Hustle to learn how you can make money on the side and travel.

Chris is the author of the new book Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days.

Five years ago, I remember staying in a hostel on the beach in Nicaragua for $7/night reading Chris’ original book The Art of Non-Conformity.  This is a book that made a dramatic impact on my life and inspired me to build Under30Experiences into what it is today.  If you haven’t heard about Chris’ World Domination Summit, it’s a community I highly recommend getting involved with.  

Chris and I talk about what it’s like to see every country in the world and how creating such a massive quest for himself allowed him to get to know himself better, which almost always leads to great confidence and levels of success.

I have the opportunity to ask Chris how he began to find his voice, especially as an introvert, and what other shy people can do to get out of their comfort zones.  

If you are wondering what’s next in your life or how you can start to earn money on the side, I highly suggest listening in to Chris’ advice.  I truly enjoyed this conversation and knowing that not everyone has to take the same path to success and starting a side business should be easy and fun.

Listen until the end to find out Chris’ favorite book, country, meal, and worst side hustle he ever started himself.

99. #73 You Are Not Alone: Mindfulness, Therapy, and Crossfit w. Joy Parrish LPC of Girls Gone WOD
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/7... download (audio/x-m4a, 84.87Mb)



Joy Parish is co-host of Girls Gone WOD Podcast and a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Joy and I talk about her journey creating a massively successful podcast. We also talk therapy, Crossfit, issues facing modern day society, and everything in between.  I ask her questions about what it’s like to be a therapist and in this very casual conversation between friends, she drops some amazing pieces of advice on mindfulness and listening to yourself.

I do my best in this episode to understand competition and weight training from a female perspective and talk about the importance about having someone to talk to.

The Girls Gone WOD podcast is a great resource for people to understand they aren’t alone out there and as you can tell from this episode, it’s always a fun listen.

P.S. Did you know Girls Gone WOD is going to Iceland with CustomExperiences?! 

100. #72 Screw Being Safe and Happy: Break The Mold w. Rajiv Nathan
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/7... download (audio/x-m4a, 124.23Mb)


Rajiv Nathan is a Indian-American rapper, yoga teacher, pitch consultant, and storyteller… not necessarily in that order.

Growing confidence in becoming yourself, growing your influence, confidence, and doing what you really want to pursue in life.

Raj and I start off with some deep conversation about becoming the people we want to be, and his journey through adversity, pursuing his passions in a world where Indian Americans became doctors, not rappers.

We also have the college vs. no college debate, and I ask him whether he got more benefit out of his university education or from his yoga teacher training, or last startup venture that didn’t work out.

I encourage all readers and listeners to live long lives and careers, be multi-passionate and pursue many things you love.

“It’s not enough to do good, it must be done well.”

101. #71 Do Something with Your Voice featuring Daniel DiPiazza from Rich20Something
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/7... download (audio/x-m4a, 103.68Mb)


Daniel DiPiazza comes on the show for a fun chat about topics ranging from brain health, to becoming a best-selling author. 

We talk about my latest exploration in optimal brain wave states, meditation, and neurofeedback.  Matt goes on a rant about eating enough fats, veganism, and Daniel talks about the high price of living in Los Angeles, why he decided to drive a Mercedes Benz, and why he wants to move to Barcelona.

Daniel drop some sage knowledge from Alan Watts and how to be comfortable with who you are versus doing things simply because you want to be better than other people.  Do things for you and nobody else.

Matt and Daniel also talk about how it’s way better to have a small group of dedicated customers instead of a big following on social media.

102. #70 Fitting in is Bullsh*t: Recognize Who You Are and Break the Mold w. Dave Nelson of Milestone Mind
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/7... download (audio/x-m4a, 97.70Mb)


Dave Nelson, Founder and Coach of Milestone Mind joins us on the podcast today.

Do you want to live life authentic to who you are?

Do you think that fitting in is bullshit?  Do you wish you could feed your rebel soul?

Listen in to how Dave has overcome so many challenges in his life to become confident in the person he is today.  Dave is a certified Warrior Mind, Mental Strength Coach and has a lot to offer on how to recognize when change speaks to you.

Dave has a “process minded philosophy” to live and is great at creating systems to allow you to find something in life bigger than you.

We also talk about one of my favorite topics and that’s breaking out of the victim mindset and go over strategies to stop blaming yourself and people around you.

We leave you with the mantra “How is this currently serving me?”

103. #69 Do The Thing: Lose Weight, Unleash Mental Capabilities, and Have More Fun w. Zen Dude Fitness
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/6... download (audio/x-m4a, 77.88Mb)


Zen Dudes, Brandon Epstein and Dan Witmer are fresh off their retreat to Costa Rica and are here to raise this planet’s collective consciousness.

These guys want you to have more fun and live the life you want. Lucky for you, they explain how to do it in this week’s episode of the Live Different Podcast.

Their tag line “do the thing” means that you have permission to ask yourself “what’s my vision for myself” and go out there and make it happen.

Brandon and Dan were former college football lineman who lost a ton of weight and along the way, optimized their mental and spiritual health to levels they never could have imagined.

Who do you want to be?

In this episode we talk about their trip with Custom Experiences to Costa Rica, their upcoming Zen Dude Retreat to Bali, how they grew their YouTube channel to over 100,000 subscribers and a ton of other strategies and tactics to live your best life.

You can get their 7 Day Beginner Jump Rope Series, their 4 week Jump Rope Challenge, or nerd our about how to increase mitochondrial function using a whole body vibration plate or jumping rope.

Go out there and get on your conquest today!!

104. #68 Grow Your Influence, Network, and Reach Through Online Content w. John Hall
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/6... download (audio/x-m4a, 75.31Mb)


John Hall, CEO of Influence and Co, and author of the new book, Top of Mind: Use Content to Unleash Your Influence and Engage Those Who Matter to You joins us on the podcast today.

We talk about how every person and brand can have an online content strategy and how to do it the right way.

John is an expert on building credibility, authority positioning, and humanizing businesses in the online world.  

John and his company’s strategies have personally helped me do things like: write for Forbes, be flown to judge Startup Weekend with a panel of esteemed judges, grow my following on LinkedIn and help get the right people talking about Under30Experiences.

John is a huge believer in taking time off to think, reflect, and surrounding yourself with the right people.  He’s also been Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year and has led his company to Forbes’ America’s Most Promising Companies list…. Listen up!

105. #67 Do More Than Get Paid: Love Your Work w. Nathan Chan of Foundr Magazine
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/6... download (audio/x-m4a, 90.53Mb)

Nathan Chan of Foundr Magazine told me he found what he was born to do.
Nathan and I chat about travel and how it helped break him out of his comfort zone into a path of self discovery and growth. 
Just a few short years later, Nathan has a multi-million dollar operation and has interviewed people like Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, Daymond John, Arianna Huffington, Tony Robbins, and Barbara Corcoran.  
Foundr Magazine has amassed over 1,000,000 Instagram Followers and has an incredible community in their Foundr Club.

106. #66 Become So Good That People Are Afraid to Lose You w. Tom Bilyeu of Impact Theory
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/6... download (audio/x-m4a, 82.54Mb)


Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition, creator of Inside Quest, & CEO of Impact Theory.

In just five years, Tom helped grow Quest Nutrition into the second fastest growing private company in America. According to Inc. 5000, the company grew by 57,000% in the first three years alone.

His podcast has hosted guests like Tim Ferriss, Michael Strahan, Wyclef Jean, and Gary Vaynerchuk to name a few.

Tom is personally driven to expand people’s vision of mind and body wellness.

Through hard work and sweat equity he learned the skills that made him invaluable in any role he pursued.

In this episode Tom shares those skills and mindsets so you can apply them in your life today.


107. #65 How to Win Business and Influence People w. Tim Sanders
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/6... download (audio/x-m4a, 76.33Mb)


Tim Sanders, New York Times’ bestselling author and former Yahoo! Executive tells me, “Learning power is earning power.”

Are you one of those people who just isn't interested in sales?  In this episode, Tim deconstructs the secret to sales success. 

Tim’s latest book Dealstorming, “Translates years of experience coaching sales teams into a creativity technique”

Tim advises millennials against chasing “shiny new object syndrome” and gives tips for everyone to stay focused. One of his most important tips is staying aware of the information our mind consumes in the same way we watch the food our body consumes. 

We delve into how to solve the root cause of our problems, not the symptoms. 

He also discusses how we can become disciplined towards pursuing the right type of of curiosity.

Feed your mind good stuff today with my friend Tim Sanders.

108. #64 Why Developing Relationships is More Important than Just Working Hard w. Jordan Harbinger of The Art of Charm
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/6... download (audio/x-m4a, 76.20Mb)


Jordan Harbinger is the host of The Art of Charm, a top 50 podcast, with over 3 million monthly downloads, and growing.

The Art of Charm helps it's listeners develop deep relationships so that people know, like, and trust you. The show combines human performance skills and psychology to deliver effective and actionable advice.

In this episode, Jordan teaches us how to cultivate the skills that will help us develop stronger long-term relationships in both our personal and professional lives. 

He shares how he was able to use intentional practice to reinvent himself from a shy and reserved guy to a networking and relationship expert.

We also delve into the importance of setting up systems, creating positive momentum, and why you should always give generously without the expectation of anything in return. 

Along with networking advice, we chat about the tools and tactics of how to be your most productive self.  If you’ve ever said, “this day just got away from me” this episode is for you. By the end of the show you’ll know how to maximize the hours of your day to produce the highest yield.


This podcast is sponsored by the travel company Under30Experiences

109. #63 Retire at 30, Travel the World, or Write for a Living w. Laura Shin of Forbes
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/6... download (audio/x-m4a, 89.26Mb)


Laura Shin is a writer for Forbes where she focuses on personal finance and teaches people to master the art and business of freelance writing at IdeasWordsEmpires.com.

Laura gives actionable advice on becoming a better writer and how to make money from it.  She is also captivated by financial turnaround stories and has written countless articles for Forbes on people who retired early and have traveled the world. 
Some of Laura's favorite examples of people living the dream are Mr. Money Mustache who retired at age 30 and the Go Curry Cracker couple who retired in their 30's to travel the world.
I ask Laura everything from money hacks, to writing tips, to how she landed gigs at Forbes as a sponsor for her podcast on cryptocurrency
In our rapid-fire session, I ask her about her favorite places to travel, write, and where she practices yoga in New York.

110. #62 Confidence, Accountability and Building Your Lifestyle Advisory Board w. The Professional Wingman Thomas Edwards
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/6... download (audio/x-m4a, 80.55Mb)

Thomas Edwards is the real-life "Hitch" and goes by the name "The Professional Wingman".  But this episode is not about dating and how to be a pickup artist... 
You are about to hear amazing insight on how you can grow confident in yourself and build the life you want.  Thomas was one of my closest friends when we lived in New York and chatting about these strategies regularly, helped me grow tremendously as a person.
Wingman introduces the concept of having a "Lifestyle Advisory Board" and talks about who his dream team of mentors would be.  Think: Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Tony Robbins, etc...
We also nerd out on concepts from Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, and Brene Brown's The Power of Vulnerability. 
Thomas' better half, Laurie Davis the eFlirt Expert, helps women become empowered to find love. 

You can check out Thomas' Fearless Dating Program or hit him up for coaching @ThomasHEdwards on Twitter.

111. #61 What's the Point of Money? Lifestyle Design + Minimalism w. Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/6... download (audio/x-m4a, 92.99Mb)

Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle has had his blog readers vote on what country he'll move to, every few months for the past seven years!
Colin is one of the pioneers of being a digital nomad and one of the original Gen-Y bloggers.  He was a huge inspiration for us to start Under30CEO.com and a very early contributor to the site.
Colin and I share travel stories about everywhere from Iceland to Wichita, Kansas.  We talk about minimalism, which both of us practice, and he even sets me straight about the point of having money.
Colin is the host of the Let's Know Things podcast where he does a fantastic job adding context to the news.  Colin is the author of a dozen books including two I've loved: My Exile Lifestyle and Iceland, India, Interstate

112. #60 Pivot: Strategies to Plot Your Next Big Move While Avoiding Insanity
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/6... download (audio/x-m4a, 51.19Mb)


Jenny Blake is the author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One. Jenny has been blogging at Life After College since 2005, quit her job at Google, and has spoken at places like MIT, Yale, and KPMG.... we've been internet friends since the launch of Under30CEO as two of the original millennial bloggers on the internet.

And if you think Jenny sounds like a workaholic, you're wrong.  Jenny doesn't check email after 6 pm, is an accomplished yogi, and takes off every January to live abroad in places like Bali, Indonesia or Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Jenny and I get into career moves yes, but also into where this intersects with mind, body, and spirit.  You won't want to miss her actionable strategies on plotting your next big career move.

113. #59 Stop Masturbating and Start Creating w. Matt Wilson, Under30Experiences
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/5... download (audio/x-m4a, 87.34Mb)

Josh Salvo of ReddyYetti.com interviews me this week!
In a very candid conversation, I open up and tell my story of escaping the glitz and glamor of the NYC Startup Scene and headed to Iceland with my backcountry skis on what has become an adventure of a lifetime.
I share stories, tips, and advice like how: 
I lived in a luxury apartment on the 39th floor in Manhattan and traded it to pay $450/month in Costa Rica with no hot water I had dinner with Steve Wozniak Co-founder of Apple when I was 20. Found a way to meet Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Robert Kiyosaki, and all of the world famous mentors I admire. Spent the summer traveling across four continents doing shit I love.
Most of my time on the podcast I talk about cutting edge health and fitness techniques, how people can escape stress & anxiety, or travel the world without being a millionaire, but today I got asked to dig in about business strategy.
Of course, I work in lessons I've heard from Zen Masters or books I've read like "Let My People Go Surfing" by Yvon Chouinard.  One of the most valuable lessons I share is how you can build relationships with virtual mentors.  I regularly reach out to all my favorite authors, podcasters, and people who inspire me.
This episode is packed with lots of adventure for the outdoor audience at ReddyYetti and of course your weekly dose of geeky personal development. 

114. #58 Failure to Breakthrough: Find Meaning and Build Your Life with Adam Smiley Poswolsky
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/5... download (audio/x-m4a, 64.48Mb)

Adam Smiley Poswolsky is a speaker at Fortune 500 companies, has written for Fast Company, Time, Forbes, and his latest book "The Quarterlife Breakthrough: Invent Your Own Path, Find Meaningful Work, And Build A Life That Matters" was endorsed by the Founder of Zappos Tony Hsieh.  
Smiley has a passion for community and shares his strategies for surrounding yourself with great people all day long.  I ask Smiley how he coaches people through career changes, gets people to find what drives them, and how to make big asks.  
In this episode you learn networking strategies for finding your next position and find out how Smiley landed writing gigs like Time Magazine and became a paid speaker all over the world.
If you are looking to make a breakthrough that pays your bills and makes you feel like you are contributing to a positive change in the world, this episode is for you.

115. #57 Become an International Success and Keep Your Values with Howard Behar Former President of Starbucks
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/5... download (audio/x-m4a, 75.31Mb)


Howard Behar, Former Starbucks President, joins us to explain how you can become wildly successful while being true to yourself and who you really are.


Howard was part of the leadership team known as H2O with CEO Howard Shutlz and COO Orin Smith who built Starbucks into one of the most admired countries in the world.  Behar was a key part of the team growing the company from 28 stores to over 15,000 worldwide.


Howard is the author of two books: The Magic Cup: A Business Parable About a Leader, a Team, and the Power of Putting People and Values First and It's Not About the Coffee: Lessons on Putting People First from a Life at Starbucks


Look for tips on developing your own guiding principles, becoming more authentic, living a life with intention, and taking care of yourself emotionally and physically. This of course is all coupled with some old school business advice from a seasoned veteran.

116. #56 Deconstructing Meditation: Improve Performance + Build Relationships w/ Robert James Collier of Practical Idealist
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/5... download (audio/x-m4a, 135.59Mb)


Robert Collier is the founder of Practical Idealist, a blog full of practical ideas designed to achieve worthy ideals like traveling the world while working full time.

He is also the founder of Entrepreneurs Dinner who’s mission is to flip traditional networking on its head.

Entrepreneurs dinner is founded on the premise of prioritizing:

High character over high net worth Giving over getting The importance of your environment

In today’s episode we talk about gaining more mental energy to be able to handle yourself better in all aspects of your life.

Learn about the best gift that you can provide for another person, and the only thing that will live beyond you. -- Hint: it’s not your money or your business.

Robert also chats about how meditation has changed his life in countless areas like increasing mental capacity, observing emotions, and unlocking all the doors to his mind. Ultimately, he provides a no BS explanation for how meditation can change your life for the better.

If you enjoyed this episode, and would like to support the show please leave us a review here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/live-different-podcast-business/id994018952?mt=2

117. #55: Mental Stretch Marks, Confidence, and Performance Enhancing Marijuana with Daniel DiPiazza of Rich20Something
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/5... download (audio/x-m4a, 102.62Mb)

Daniel DiPiazza of Rich20Something joins us to talk about doing great work you and how to overcome self doubt.  This is the message you need to level up your confidence.
Daniel is one of my closest friends, so in this casual conversation we talk about what to do when things get harder in life.  We cover everything from meditation, to using motivation from the death of his grandmother to write his second book, to his use of medical marijuana as a performance enhancer.
After we talk about book suggestions, supplements, workouts and diet in our speed round, Daniel drops some sage advice about being patient and staying bored if you want to create your best work.
We get to hear Daniel’s story of escaping Atlanta and buying a Benz in Santa Monica.  (Mixtape coming soon!) 
For a living, Daniel helps young people bridge the gap between their education to actually marketing those skills.  If you are a graphic designer, writer, yoga teacher, trainer or anything in between, the Rich20Something Community is an awesome place to learn how to actually make money doing those things.
Daniel is also the proud new acquirer of Under30CEO.com.
If you enjoyed this episode, and would like to support the show please leave us a review here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/live-different-podcast-business/id994018952?mt=2 

118. #54: Obsessive Comparison Disorder, Mindfulness, and Getting Unstuck with Paul Angone of All Groan Up
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/5... download (audio/x-m4a, 79.22Mb)

Paul Angone of All Groan Up: Searching for Self, Faith, and a Freaking Job! and 101 Secrets for your Twenties joins us to tell you why you should “go to hell!”… and back of course.
Paul is an expert in helping young people discover their secret sauce where purpose, passion, and career collide and talks about his eight-year journey on getting his first book published and escaping a life which he disliked.  
We have a fun conversation with a lot of laughs and Paul tells me why he stopped comparing himself to others which he calls OCD (Obsessive Comparison Disorder).  
If you are looking for the confidence to overcome the challenges most millennials face, Paul is your guy.  I even tell him why he should start being more confident when it comes to call himself an entrepreneur and that we all need to start thinking for ourselves and forging our own path.
The old paradigm of “go to school, get a job, and stay there for 30 years” is over and to borrow a line from Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Dad, Poor Dad, we all need to “mind our own business.”
Paul also talks about the influence of the book Into the Wild on his path and we touch the subject of Michael E. Gerber’s E-myth, one of my favorite books on entrepreneurship.
You can check out Paul’s online course and community on how to find your signature sauce here. 

119. #53 Stop Being Ordinary: Learn to Read a Book a Day and Quit Drinking w/ James Swanwick
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/5... download (audio/x-m4a, 90.83Mb)

James Swanwick, Former Sportscenter Anchor, joins us to take your life from average to awesome.
James teaches us how stop drinking alcohol to perform better and fills us in on his technique for reading a book per day. These two habits have allowed him to use the law of attraction to bring an incredible level of people into his life.
There are some amazing book recommendations in this episode and James tell us that a “good plan today, is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.” 
James is also the host of the James Swanwick Show who’s previous guests have included Robert Greene, Keith Ferrazzi, Ryan Holiday, Tai Lopez, Rich Roll, Mark Divine, Jonathan Haidt, Bo Eason, Tucker Max, Rob Woolf, Peter Sage and more.
He’s also interviewed  Hollywood stars including Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey, Russell Crowe, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Michael Douglas, Jamie Foxx, and Lindsay Lohan.
Swanwick is the founder of the 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge and Swannies Blue Blocking glasses. 

120. #52 Blue Zones. Live Longer, Be Happier, and Optimize Your Environment w/ Tony Buettner
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/5... download (audio/x-m4a, 82.06Mb)

Dan Buettner, National Geographic Explorer, and his brother Tony join us on the podcast today.
“Nine to five is the new cancer,” Tony tells me in this week’s episode.
Hear that and other lessons from their quest to find the places where people live to be over 100 years of age, disease free, and happy. 
Where are the happiest and healthiest places in the world, and what can we learn from them? 
How can you optimize your environment, work place, office, place of worship, and community so you can live long and prosper?
Did you know that only 20% of longevity is about your genes while the other 80% of living long comes from environmental factors?  
Listen in today to improve your quality of life and hear why eating a Mediterranean Diet full of olive oil, red wine, and fresh fruits and vegetables will reverse stress, and extend your lifespan because of newly discovered chemical compounds called “polyphenols.”  
We also discuss topics from one of the Buettner’s latest books: Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way

121. #51 The Human Journey: Embrace Your Calling and Use Travel as a Way to Catalyze Transformation w/ Nathaniel Boyle of The Travelers Podcast
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/5... download (audio/x-m4a, 86.21Mb)

Nathaniel Boyle is Host of The Travelers Podcast which has been downloaded over 400,000 times, was named by The White House as one of the Top 100 Influencers in Travel and the Founder of the travel community Holocene.
"Is your paycheck paying your emotional bills?” this week’s guest asks me...
Are you listening to your call to fully embrace the human journey?  Do you need motivation to push yourself outside of your comfort zone?  
Start being comfortable with being uncomfortable and learn the following formula: 
Curiosity + Creativity = Transformation
Not only is this a great philosophical conversation, but you’ll learn how Nathaniel Boyle quit his fast paced startup job, bought an around the world ticket, and started his journey on the island of Fiji, on his way to becoming a podcaster, freelancer, and entrepreneur.

122. #50 How to Stay Healthy and Fit While Traveling with Donny Gallegos
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/5... download (audio/x-m4a, 93.75Mb)


Donny Gallegos, Our Head Coach and Fitness Trainer, joins us for a wealth of information on everything health and fitness related. 

Fitness and nutrition hacks discuss include: optimizing sleep, what to eat on the road, how to stay hydrated, and workout routines to do while traveling. 
Donny and I geek out on cutting edge science and technology including: sleep trackers, supplements, grounding mats, the Bulletproof Diet, ketosis, intermittent fasting, blue light blockers, with equipment, apps and devices to help with all of this.  
Huge shoutouts in this episode to Dave Asprey and the team at Bulletproof, as well as Brute Force Training. 
Other shoutouts and resources for more information on the strategies discussed include: Zen Dude Fitness, Tim Ferriss, Dom D'Agositino, Found My Fitness Podcast, and Wellness Gangsters. 
Join Donny and I on our upcoming fitness retreat to Costa Rica November 16-20, 2016
Listen to Donny's last podcast episode here: Workout Less and Get in Better Shape
Follow Donny on Instagram: @Donald_oh_

123. #49 Grand Adventures: Dream Big, Plan Quick, Go Explore with Alastair Humphreys
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/x-m4a, 66.81Mb)

Alistair Humphreys, National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year joins us to talk about getting out of your comfort zone and encouraging people to do something they’ve never done.
Alastair is the author of 9 books, a motivational speaker, has cycled around the world, rowed across the Atlantic, and walked across India. 
But Alastair tells me, “Adventure is only a state of mind.”  His concept of microadventures is an excellent way to balance your life even if you can’t escape to India by foot. A microadventure is an adventure that is close to home, cheap, simple, short, and yet very effective.

124. #48 Become an Author: It Will Get You Laid with Tucker Max
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/4... download (audio/x-m4a, 71.23Mb)

Tucker Max joins us to talk about selling 2 million copies of “I Hope They Sell Beer in Hell” and then cleaning up his act to teach men how to behave and eventually share their wisdom with the world.
Tucker is now the CEO of Book in a Box and we go into detail about his latest 
The Book in a Box Method: The New Way to Quickly and Easily Write Your Book (Even If You are not a Writer)
Tucker speaks openly and honestly about his four year journey through psychotherapy, meditation, hacking guilt and shame, and why we mistreat men in our society.  Be prepared for a transformation story.  Yes, Tucker Max quotes the Buddha!! 
He also gives a ton of advice for finding the perfect mate and for people who want to write a book but don’t know where to start.
If you can’t afford Tucker’s $20,000 fee to help you with your book, you are in luck.  The kindle download of his Book in a Box Method is only $2.99 and all the templates for publishing are included to help get you on your way. 

125. #47 Learn to Build a Life Not a Resume with Jason Wachob of Mindbodygreen
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/4... download (audio/x-m4a, 59.37Mb)

Jason Wachob is co-founder of Mindbodygreen an independent media brand with over 10million monthly unique visitors, 30+ employees, and the author of the new book “Wellth: How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Resume”.
Wellth is a new and more valuable life currency: a life exemplified by abundance, happiness, purpose, health and joy.
A former Wall Street trader turned yogi and I talk about the 39 things he learned in his 39 years of life, how to stop practicing violence, and what taking a holistic look at your mind and body looks like.
We also nerd out on some cutting edge discoveries in science that are guaranteed to help your performance including neuroplasticity, the gut micro-biome, epigenetic, and telomeres.
Did you know you could actually re-wire your brain, change your genes, or that there are millions of germs in your stomach that affect your mind?  Plus, Jason drops some amazing tips on achieving balance and why it’s okay to eat gluten (sometimes).

126. #46 Travel to Change the World with Jeff Greenwald
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/4... download (audio/x-m4a, 70.20Mb)

Jeff Greenwald, Thte world's first travel blogger joins us to tell us how we can use tourism to make the world a better place.
“I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.” – Albert Einstein
Jeff has been traveling the world since the 1970's and has written for National Geographic Adventurer, The New York Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle.  He is the founder of ethicaltraveler.org.
In a worldly conversation we jump around the globe talking about Nepal, Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica, and even his hometown of Oakland.
Jeff is a professional storyteller and an amazing role model of someone who travels the world in a truly sustainable way.

127. #45 Overcome Fear and Be The Hero of Your Own Story with Daniele Bolelli, The Drunken Taoist
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/4... download (audio/x-m4a, 76.06Mb)


Daniele Bolelli is a University Professor, MMA Fighter, Author, and one of the most badass practical philosophers on the planet.

A Dalai Lama you can get drunk with? In a special 1 year anniversary edition of the Live Different Podcast this is exactly how our guest has been described.

His latest book “Not Afraid: On Fear, Heartbreak, Raising a Baby Girl, and Cage Fighting” is a hero’s journey that will inspire and guide anyone seeking to forge their own path, without the dogmatic side of philosophy that Daniele abhors.

Daniele’s work has had a tremendous impact on my life, including his lecture series on Taoism and of course his signature podcast The Drunken Taoist.

Listen in as Bolelli explains why the term “guru” and “master” makes him want to puke, how to create your own religion, and why it’s okay to visit both wine shops and whorehouses.

128. #44: How to Travel Around the World for $1500 w/ Wandering Earl
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/4... download (audio/x-m4a, 61.02Mb)

Wandering Earl has been traveling the world since 1999 and started with just $1500 in his pocket.  Now he's one of the biggest travel bloggers in the world, is a successful affiliate marketer, and started his own tour company.  
Being a digital nomad isn't easy.  How does one afford a life of constant travel? 
Listen in for tips on blogging, writing, being authentic, creating good travel habits, and making money online.  Wandering Earl also shares some crazy stories like the time he got kidnapped in Bangladesh.  

129. #43 Stop Being Average and Start Being Your Sexy Self with The Blonde Gypsy
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/4... download (audio/x-m4a, 72.74Mb)

Larissa, The Blonde Gypsy and I sit down to talk about differentiating yourself and staying true to who you are in today's fast paced world.
Copying others will never make you truly successful.
If you are thinking of starting a blog, a business, or doing anything in life, I recommend you listen in to iPhone Photographer, Travel Blogger and connoisseur of all things sexy, the Blonde Gypsy.

130. #42 How to Test Your Limits w/ Polar Explorer Eric Larsen
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/4... download (audio/x-m4a, 71.30Mb)


 Eric Larsen, Polar Explorer, drops some serious knowledge on what it's like to push through pain, do something that nobody has ever done before, and live a life of fulfillment.

Have you ever pushed yourself to your max?  Do you know what truly performing at your peak is all about? 

Today I interview a guy who has gone to the ends of Earth to find out just that.

Eric's expeditions have led him to summit Mount Everest and make it to both the North and South Poles.

Hear the secrets to discipline, not giving up, finding your true calling, and making history!

131. #41 Truly Live Life to the Fullest: Travel and Connect w/ Andy Ung, a Tribute to Seng Ngo
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/4... download (audio/x-m4a, 67.60Mb)

Andy Ung and I pay tribute to Seng Ngo today.
Searching for meaning?  Need to go on an epic quest? Want to go beyond the superficial in your life?  
This episode is a tribute to my friend Seng.  On a journey to South America from Mexico to Chile, my friends Seng and Andy stopped through Costa Rica to talk about their social blogging platform Sonderfly. 

Sonderfly is a social blogging platform that the guys were creating on this trip to tell stories of the people they met and inspirations of self-discovery about the world.

Just 36 hours after the recording of this episode on their way to Panama, Seng was swept out to sea by a rip-tide, never to be returned home.
This is a deep, soulful conversation between Andy and I, where we talk about what it really means to live a fulfilling life, how travel allows you to see past the superficial, and how we should spend more time doing things we love.

132. #40 Quit Your Job + Build a Successful Business with Sean Ogle
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/4... download (audio/x-m4a, 76.65Mb)

Sean Ogle, digital nomad and location rebel, has built two successful business, created an incredible community of lifestyle entrepreneurs and traveled the world since quitting his job in 2009.
Trigger habits.  Do you know how to use them?
Sean and I talk about why people fail and how to hold yourself accountable.
We learn Sean's secrets to rituals, discipline and creating positive work habits from an all around regular dude who doesn't even like to work that much...
"I found out what I like to do and built my businesses around that".  

133. #39 Sell Your Company and Become Best in the World with Gary Arndt
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/e... download (audio/x-m4a, 88.09Mb)

Gary Arndt cashed out and island hopped through the South Pacific following his passion and then went on to become one of the world's top travel bloggers as well as Travel Photographer of the Year and a podcast host for CBS.
Gary has gone on to visit over 170 countries and all 7 continents.  
I had the amazing opportunity to pick Gary's brain about what he's learned about the world, business, blogging, and stepping up our Instagram game.  
His big takeaway?  Do something interesting and do something unique.  
If you find yourself just copying what other successful people are doing, you'll never find the blueprint for success you are looking for.

134. #38 Motivate Yourself & Love Life with Ultra Marathon Runner Tony The Fridge
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/3... download (audio/x-m4a, 122.36Mb)

Tony The Fridge is not afraid to tell the world that they can beat cancer and depression. He ran 30 marathoms in 30 days with a refrigerator on his back.
Listen in as Tony shares some incredibly personal anecdotes from his childhood abuse, battle with depression, and suicide attempt that led to his quest to run across America with a refrigerator on his back.
Tony also tells me off for asking about "fitness hacks" because he insists there is no easy way out.
"Make your life a movie," Tony tells me, and "do what you were meant to do." 
"Find a purpose that is bigger than you and find out who you are," Tony continues... 
This is a truly inspirational interview and one that you will not want to miss whether you are seeking motivation to get out of bed every morning, start that project, or go on your epic quest.
Want to get involved and help Tony fight cancer? http://www.justgiving.com/tonythefridge
Books and Movies mentioned:
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

135. #37 The Perfect Day Formula with Craig Ballantyne from Early To Rise
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/3... download (audio/x-m4a, 70.24Mb)

Craig Ballantyne says more structure = more freedom on this week's podcast!
Our interview about The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life is filled with actionable steps on how you can develop your own personal commandments using Craig's 5 Pillars of Success.
Want to learn to say no more?  How about starting a "Not To Do" list?
And yes, there is even a ton of valuable information on sleep-- one of our favorite topics, using the 10-3-2-1 rule. 
Books mentioned:
The Perfect Day Formula by Craig Ballantyne
On Writing by Stephen King 
and... a link to the best information I've ever heard about sleep from our friends at Barbell Shrugged

136. #36 Sustainable Happiness: A Blueprint with Brandon Epstein of Zen Dude Fitness
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/3... download (audio/x-m4a, 79.73Mb)

Brandon Epstein from Zen Dude Fitness gives us his formula to create "identity statements" and condition your psychology.  Brandon's visualization exercises help re-wire your brain through the concept of neuroplasticity.  
The art of happiness is one that few people understand but today we share with you actionable items for how to work towards it.
Brandon doesn't talk like a neuroscientist however... we actually talk much more about how things feel, trusting our intuition and even about psychedelics used in a medicinal, therapeutic way.  
Do you have to live the Four Hour Work Week and live abroad in Colombia running your own business like Brandon and Tim Ferriss do? 
Listen in for the answer to this and many more.  Show notes can be found on the newly redesigned Under30CEO.com.
Learn how to find freedom in your life and make your friends jealous with the Under30Experiences Escape Manual.
Join us on a trip to France, Iceland, Machu Picchu, or Costa Rica through our travel company through young people Under30Experiences.

137. #35 Level Up Your Life with Steve Kamb from NerdFitness
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/3... download (audio/x-m4a, 76.10Mb)

Steve Kamb from NerdFitness tells us about his transformation to super nerd to superhero... Instead of reading Harry Potter for the 19th time Steve took a deep look at his behavioral psychology and learned how to turn into a badass adrenaline junkie.
Steve has lectured at Google, Facebook, and Vanderbilt University and is the author of the new book Level Up Your Life.
Hear about how Steve traveled to Monte Carlo, Machu Picchu, the Great Barrier Reef and the Great Wall of China like Tim Ferriss in the Four Hour Work Week... and then went on to build NerdFitness.com.  
Listen in for productivity hacks, life hacks, biohacks, and everything in between.

138. #34 Dominate Your Goals to Achieve Freedom with Jason Bay of Gen Y Success
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/3... download (audio/x-m4a, 69.86Mb)

Jason Bay is a marketing consultant through Gen Y Success, and today's podcast guest.
Want to start a business?  Be an entrepreneur?  Achieve the freedom that everyone desires?
But are you sure entrepreneurship is for you?  Are you pursuing your dreams for the right reasons? 
Today I talk to Jason Bay about his journey, quitting his job, failing at his first business, starting a podcast, and pursuing freedom.  Now Jason helps others take that leap and grow their business.
Jason gives away his Success Toolkit full of apps and tools that his 80+ podcast guests have recommended to become more successful.
Today's show is sponsored by Under30Experiences the travel company for young people.
Get the Under30Experiences Escape Manual today!

139. #33 Travel Hacking + What Travel Teaches You w/ Jared O'Toole
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/3... download (audio/x-m4a, 72.29Mb)

Jared O'Toole my co-founder of Under30Experiences and Under30CEO joins us in this episode from Costa Rica to chat working from anywhere, becoming a digital nomad, and trying to live the Four Hour Work Week.
There is an iguana fight on my roof, we talk minimalism, travel hacking, mileage programs, credit card awards points, lifestyle design, and freedom businesses. 
This is a conversation between two friends and business partners that is worth the listen.
For everyone asking about my meditation program, here is what I use to be a healthier, more productive, more calm human...  
Get a FREE copy of the book The New Science of Super Awareness and the meditation track I use every morning at http://bit.ly.superawareness
This episode is sponsored by Under30Experiences the travel community for 21-35 year olds!  Join us in Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, or Mexico this winter for a tropical escape :) 
Finally, get a copy of the FREE Under30Experiences Escape Manual

140. #32 Learn to Meditate 8x Faster + Make $160 Million with Bill Harris
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/3... download (audio/mpeg, 104.04Mb)


Bill Harris is the author of The New Science of Super Awareness and today's podcast guest.

Want to meditate like a Zen Monk but don't know where to start?

Want to hack your sleep, emotions, and learn the neuroscience of how to be more calm, productive and happy? 

Bill is a zen monk and founder of Centerpointe Research Institute who has developed a technology that helps people feel the effects of meditation roughly 8x faster.

I was thrilled to interview Bill because I've been using his Holosync Meditation Program every single day for the last 7 months and it has had dramatic effects on my life.  I learned about Holosync on Bulletproof Radio and from heavy hitters like Elliott Hulse.

Bill and his team have been kind enough to offer a free copy of his book The New Science of Super Awareness and a demo of his Holosync Meditation track.

Not only has Bill helped millions of people take greater control of their lives through meditation, but he's also made an astonishing $160million through his company Centrepointe Research Institute.

Be sure to check out Bill's giveaways here.

Podcast sponsored by our travel company for young people Under30Experiences!

141. #31 Workout Less + Get in Better Shape with Donny Gallegos
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/w... download (audio/mpeg, 110.21Mb)


Donny Gallegos, our trainer and Head Coach for Under30Experiences Fitness Trips is today's podcast guest.

Finding time to workout is VERY HARD.

I've done business is 15 different countries this year and simply haven't seen the inside of the gym...

But somehow I'm in the best shape of my life.

You will learn: 

How to apply the Minimum Effective Dose (MED) of exercise How to recover faster Must have products to relieve stress in your body How to raise your threshold for pain

Also don't forget about our Yoga Retreat April 19-24!

This episode sponsored by Under30Experiences our small group travel company.

Get the Under30Experiences Escape Manual today!

142. #30 Your Performance is Suffering: Here Is Why with Daniel DiPiazza
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/3... download (audio/mpeg, 131.75Mb)

Daniel DiPiazza from Rich20Something.com and I talk about the struggle to keep up and what you can do about it. 
Do you know what is robbing your creativity and productivity? 
Are you constantly trying to keep up with "work" but can never actually get ahead?
This is a no bullshit conversation about the struggles of the 21st Century. 
If you are running a business and are constantly bombarded by emails, text messages, and social media notifications this episode of the Live Different Podcast is for you. 
Sponsor: Under30Experiences the group travel company for young adults!
Show notes: Under30CEO.com
Community updates: 
Join our Yoga Retreat to Costa Rica April 19-24
Workout on our Fitness Trip April 27-May 1

143. #29 The 5 Regrets of Dying, Living a Legacy and Deep Thoughts with Dan Andrews
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/2... download (audio/mpeg, 110.12Mb)


Dan Andrews from the Well Rounded Success Community joins us to discuss some deep stuff.  Not only do we dive deep, but he also gives us actionable tips on how to live your best life including health, finances, relationships, and community.  

Do you think about what people will say at your funeral? Do you work too hard? Do you wish you kept in better contact with your friends?


The 5 Regrets of Dying by

The Well Rounded Success Formula

U30X Explore Peru Machu Picchu (where Dan and I met!)

Our sponsor: Under30Experiences the travel company for young people! 

144. #28 Embrace Your Weirdness, Be Happier and Do Sh*t You Love with Martin McGovern
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/2... download (audio/x-m4a, 83.72Mb)

Martin McGovern from Idea Lemon and I chat today.  Martin helps people embrace their weirdness, find their voice, and get attention for their side project.
It sucks being weird doesn't it?
What? You aren't weird?
Ohhh, you mean you are just pretending not to be weird so others like you... 
We attack issues that everyone can relate to... 
Trying to be happier.  Finding friends who support you.  Being made fun of for not drinking.  And feigning interest in things just to be accepted.
Look, this isn't high school.  We cut through the bullshit and give you actionable things to do to live a happier more fulfilled life.
See the show notes on Under30CEO.com and check out the travel company for young people Under30Experiences.

145. #27 Stuck in a creative rut? Get into the Flow State today with Marcella Chamorro
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/2... download (audio/x-m4a, 85.08Mb)


Marcella Chamorro, who's expertise is in helping people have more peace of mind allowing them to experience more creative flow, is today's guest.

Do you wish you had a more creative life?  Are you looking for that thunderbolt of inspiration to hit you?

I've followed Marcella's blog The Perpetual Vacation for years, follow her podcast called Process and even got to experience paradise in her home country of Nicaragua.  It's an awesome conversation and I'm really looking forward to having you get to know us better...

Get it today on Under30CEO.com or listen direct to your phone on iTunes.

This episode is sponsored by our travel company for young people Under30Experiences.

146. #26 Get Known in Your Industry Faster and Work Less with Ryan O'Connell
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/2... download (audio/x-m4a, 64.27Mb)


Ryan O'Connell of Influence and Co. snd I talk today to teach you how to get more recognition for your work in less time.  And yes, of course we talk about that pesky work life balance question.  

Don't you wish everyone already knew who you were, so you didn't have to work so hard promoting yourself?

Imagine your work was published in just the right place at the right time, so you could go do the things important to you...

Listen in as we talk about finding an accountability partner, a great network of people you can rely on, and yes, maybe even a sexual partner or two! 

Get it today on Under30CEO.com or listen direct to your phone on iTunes.

This episode is sponsored by our travel company for young people Under30Experiences and the super food cocktail to keep you healthy Athletic Greens... get 50% off your first order!

147. #25 Disobey your Parents, Quit your Job and Breakup with your Bitch Boyfriend
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/-... download (audio/x-m4a, 84.60Mb)


Jason Bay from the Gen Y Success Podcast and I cut right through the bullshit and say all the crazy stuff that people NEED to hear.

Do you ever wish you had the confidence to do the things you really wish you would?

Do you wish you could ever just grow that proverbial set of balls you wish you had?

Do you wish you could finally learn to listen to yourself instead of your teachers / friends / parents / government?

As you probably know, I live in the jungle, own a kick-ass travel business, and do whatever the hell I want most of the time... But it wasn't always that easy!!

You should listen if you:

1) Want to disobey your parents FINALLY
2) Dream of surrounding yourself with good people
3) Feel like saying f*ck it and quit your job sometimes
4) Could use a kick in the ass to end a bad relationship
5) Wish you were crazy enough to make major life changes!

Get it today on Under30CEO.com or listen direct to your phone on iTunes.

... and remember, normal is the enemy and being fine sucks!

This episode is sponsored by our travel company for young people Under30Experiences and the super food cocktail to keep you healthy Athletic Greens... get 50% off your first order!

148. #24: Escape Your Quarterlife Crisis and Find Happiness, Habits and Hustle with John Schnettgoecke
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/x-m4a, 57.97Mb)


John Schnettgoecke started traveling through Central America, and in a freak accident wound up having to write parts of his book in a hospital bed.

Ever wish you could quit your job, travel, write, start a business, and work on the shit that's actually important to you...? You're not alone!

I highly suggest you read his book that launches today: Pura Vida, A Thinkers Guide To Living, 15 Must Answer Questions on Happiness, Habits and Hustle for Mixed Up Millennials

This podcast is sponsored by the travel company for young people Under30Experiences!
You can also get 50% off your first order of our super food cocktail Athletic Greens!



149. #23: Transform Physically and Mentally For a More Fulfilled Life with Dan Witmer
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/2... download (audio/x-m4a, 58.66Mb)


Daniel Witmer, founder of Bass Jump and co-founder of Zen Dude Fitness, quit his corporate job in search of fulfillment. He realized we cannot help others unless we ourselves feel good and ready.

In this week's podcast we dive into Daniel's choice to leave New York City and his life in the pursuit of a greater purpose. We talk about what inspired this bold move, how he found his passion for fitness, and what questions he asked himself that guided him, that you must start asking yourself today.

Show notes found on Under30CEO

Today's podcast is sponsored by Under30Experiences, our travel company for young people. 

*Our travel company Under30Experiences, has partnered with Zen Dude Fitness to run an incredible fitness trip in Costa Rica! Join us in this upcoming March 2016!*

150. #22: Be Healthy, Happy and Super Human with Chris Ashenden of Athletic Greens
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/2... download (audio/x-m4a, 63.93Mb)


Chris "The Kiwi" Ashenden, founder of Athletic Greens, is on the podcast to talk health, happiness, and building a lifestyle business. Chris is a world traveler and "international citizen" whose health products have won recognition from legends like Tim Ferriss

He takes us through the culture of his lifestyle business, and how we all can become super human through simple actionable adjustments in our everyday lives. 

*As a special gift to our podcast listeners get 50% off your first order of Athletic Greens!*

Show notes found on Under30CEO

Today's podcast is sponsored by Under30Experiences, our travel company for young people. 

151. #21: How To Live a More Ambitious Life with Greg Rollett
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/2... download (audio/x-m4a, 59.93Mb)


Greg Rollett, a best selling author, marketing expert and the founder of ambitious.com, a platform created to share lifestyles and personalities of young people who are taking life into their own hands is today's guest. 

Greg takes us through "the perfect day" exercise, simple advice for people who feel like they are always playing catch up, and tangible steps you can take today to start living a more ambitious life. 

If you want to live differently, the first step is to act differently. 

Show notes found on Under30CEO

Today's podcast is sponsored by Under30Experiences, our travel company for young people. 

152. #20: Creating a Positive Relationship with Money So You're Ready To Make More with Danielle Madden
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/2... download (audio/x-m4a, 48.88Mb)


Do you have a good relationship with your money or is your money managing you?

In this week's podcast we talk to Danielle Madden, a financial advisor who helps people get clarity, confidence and freedom in their finances. Danielle and I talk about the most important first steps if you're looking to open your own business and then deep dive into the psychological aspects that really hold people back from making more.

This episode leaves the technical behind and deep dives into what few talk about when it comes to finance: emotion and your energy around money. In order to be ready for more, you need to be confident in what you have.

*Special Offer: Danielle is offering a free 30 minute Financial Clarity Session to all Under30CEO readers! To gain clarity on where you're at, where you want to be and how to get there click here.

Show notes found on Under30CEO

Today's podcast is sponsored by Under30Experiences, our travel company for young people. 


153. #19: The Power of Consistency + Creating Massive Success with Daniel DiPiazza of Rich20Something
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/x-m4a, 64.78Mb)


Daniel DiPiazza, founder of Rich20Something, was able to grow his Instagram following to over 100,000 followers in a few months and secure a book deal, all while on a nationwide tour fighting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! 

What makes you ordinary vs. extraordinary? 

We're talking about hustle, success and standing out in this podcast episode.

We dive into the power of consistency and much more, including unique habits and tools you can implement today!

Show notes found on Under30CEO

Today's podcast is sponsored by Under30Experiences, our travel company for young people. 

154. #18: How to Evaluate Yourself and the People Around You with Brent Beshore
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/x-m4a, 48.40Mb)


Brent Beshore is this week's guest and , founder of Adventur.es, a Midwest-based private equity firm focused on "Main Street" businesses throughout North America. 

As an expert on evaluating small businesses and people he talks about the top 3 things he looks for when evaluating an entrepreneur and how he even evaluates himself.  

We are constantly evaluating others, but have you ever stopped to evaluate yourself? 

Show notes found on Under30CEO

Today's podcast is sponsored by Under30Experiences, our travel company for young people

155. #17: Using Your Experiences To Create Success with Melody Hossaini
http://under30ceo.libsyn.com/1... download (audio/x-m4a, 59.21Mb)


Melody Hossaini is the founder of InspirEngage International, and encourages people to view life as a series of experiences, each one making you stronger and unique. A war refugee, re-defining the label "disadvantaged", and becoming one of the most influential women in Europe. 

Listen in as we talk about some of the most difficult issues that plague our society today - racism, sexism, and the will to move forward. Melody talks her experience with racist encounters, while also answering some vulnerable questions I ask regarding being a woman in a predominantly male dominated environment.

The key to success in all this? Delusion. She explains how a little bit of delusion and the courage to say YES is all you need. 

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156. #16: Do What Gives You Goosebumps with Rajiv Nathan of Idea Lemon
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Rajiv Nathan, co-founder of Idea Lemon and I chat Discovering your inner awesome, spending time vs. investing time and doing what gives you goosebumps.

Rajiv is also a rapper in Chicago by the name of Fenetik, and has embarked on an epic roadtrip for Idea Lemon in partnership with Under30Experiences this week. How does he stay focused? In this episode he introduces a method he calls "The Burner Method" to help us stay productive and aligned. 

So listen in, we hope it gives you goosbumps. 


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157. #15: Creating Systems to Successfully Follow Your Passion with Liz Presson
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Liz Presson, founder of Pursuit and Working Remote.ly, encountered personal systems, figuring out a definition of freedom, and feeling "work guilt" when beginning her journey of following her passion. 

Liz  shares her story of taking the leap and how going solely on passion didn't work out as planned. Following your passion sounds  like fun, but there is so much more that goes into choosing a less conventional life.

In this week's podcast, we dive into what you really need to know in order to successfully follow your bliss and live the life you've always wanted. 

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158. #14: How To Be Productive While Traveling with Jared O'Toole
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Jared O'Toole and I chat being healthy, resilient, and productive while traveling the world and running a business, which can be difficult if not impossible.

Altitude sickness, missed flights, allergic reactions... there is so much that can happen while traveling.  In fact, it all happened to me this month. In this week's podcast my co-founder Jared O'Toole and I are reunited in Dublin, Ireland and share some personal travel stories, as well as tips on how to stay healthy when you're always on the road. 

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159. #13: Controlling Your Thoughts + Finding Your True North with Michael Jacobs
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Michael Jacobs, author, artist and founder of Jedi Jewelry is this week's guest. We'll show you how to observe thoughts, notice emotions and ultimately make better decisions led by intuition.

The hero's journey, stepping into new paradigms, finding your true self in order to make the greatest impact on the planet. This is a journey that very few people go on, but that can lead to massive realizations about ourselves and what we believe. 

You'll even gain some insight into how Michael has personally mentored me and helped create massive change in my personal life. 

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160. #12: The Adventure Project, Doing Meaningful Work + Attracting Others with Becky Straw
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Becky Straw, CEO of The Adventure Project, and I talk about big goals making great stories.  Becky has the goal of erradicating poverty in the developing world and giving basic human rights like access to drinking water to all.

Becky also kindly reminds me that we met because I was hitting on her intern years back... 

This is a fun conversation about some serious topics.  Gain a new perspective and world view on a multitude of issues, hear travel stories, and find empowering takeaways about what true hustle is really about.

Epsiode sponsored by our travel company Under30Experiences.

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161. #11: Debunking "Finding Your Passion" + Emotional Intelligence with Carla Blumenthal
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Carla Blumenthal and I go through a crash course in emotions and how to become more aware of them, resulting in increased efficiency, thus helping you reach your potential. 

Facing fear, stress, and anxiety is a normal part of life in the 21st century, but nobody ever does it.  

Do you wish you could get over whatever is holding you back? 

Carla is the founder of Tea + Purpose where they inspire authentic, action oriented conversations over tea.  She is also a consultant and coach working with organizations and individuals who want to become more emotionally intelligent and work better together.

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162. #10: Eating Paleo, Confidence + Growing a Huge Blog with Juli Bauer of PaleOMG
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Juli Bauer is the New York Times Best Selling Author of PaleOMG.com.  

Juli is the author of Juli Bauer's Paleo Cookbook and her recipes and healthy living tips have spread like wildfire on the internet.  You can be one of her 300K+ Facebook Friends here!

Juli shares her story of joining the Crossfit community, eating healthier, growing her confidence, and growing a massive following to become a new York Times Best Seller.

Eat better, push yourself and kick more ass in life and business!

Want to join Juli in Costa Rica this winter? Check out the PaleOMG Retreat to Costa Rica.  

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163. #9: Habits of Millionaires and Having Your Perfect Day with Jaime Tardy
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Jaime Tardy is the host of the Eventual Millionaire Podcast and has interviewed 150+ millionaires.  Creating systems and using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to build habits like the millionaires do.  We talk about what the most successful people on the planet do, how to maximize your time, and explain the "Perfect Day Exercise" to get you on your way to making more money.  Jaime drops some awesome millionaire productivity hacks and talks about how she has achieved a work-life balance by hiring a personal assistant.  

Check out Jaime at http://eventualmillionaire.com.  

164. #8: Making Travel a Priority, Taking the Leap, and Finding World Class Mentors with Carrie Rich
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Carrie Rich CEO of the Global Good Fund and I discuss it all, from having her unborn baby blessed in Africa to scoring a meeting with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus.  Carrie is a friend of mine who is working to develop young leaders and invest money into their projects with the potential to change the world.  Carrie has traveled the world extensively seeking out opportunities to tackle the world's greatest social issues with the belief that an individual can truly change the world.  

More info about the Global Good Fund and their fellowship, mentorship, and investment programs can be found at http://globalgoodfund.org.  

165. #7: Motivation, Pareto's Law, Being Vulnerable, and Getting the World Moving with Adam Griffin
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Adam Griffin is an entrepreneur and coach at the fitness company Bodeefit.  Adam is a friend of mine who's app has over 350k downloads giving you the workout of the day (WOD) done only with body weight.  His book "Guy at the Bar" focuses on living a purpose driven life and is inspiration to dream big because life is short.  Adam's work has been published in Huffington Post, Men's Fitness, Men's Journal, and of course Under30CEO.  

Reverse engineer your life to find more fulfillment and be more impact driven.  We even get into the details of understanding the psychology behind internal versus external movtivation.  

Adam and I are running a fitness retreat to Costa Rica November 5-9, 2015. http://bodeefit.under30experiences.com

166. #6: Becoming Insanely Successful by Helping Others, IPOs, and Legacy with Scott Gerber
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Scott Gerber is the co-founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC).  Scott has built a massive network of founders and built an amazing community around the YEC.  He regularly appears on national media outlets, is syndicated to almost every major business publication in North America, and has built a massive marketing and sales funnel for his organization.  Scott and I talk about what he cares about most: legacy, family, and helping others.

167. Bonus ep: Confidence, Risk Taking, + Working for Mark Cuban with Tim Sanders
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Tim Sanders is the Author of Today We Are Rich and what it's like to crash the internet during the Victoria's Secret Fashion show with Mark Cuban.  This is a short bonus episode of originally published on Under30CEO.com and one of my favorite entrepreneur interviews I've ever conducted.  I routinely come back to this motivational talk that Tim gives me and get inspired. How to raise your brain's capacity by 300%, make quick decisions, trust your gut, and build a startup that has a kick ass culture. 

168. #5: Travel Hacking, Finding Cheap Flights, Living the Four Hour Work Week and Shamanic Journeys with Jamie Zeller
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Jamie Zeller is a travel hacking friend of mine who sits down to tell me all of his secrets about traveling the world, finding cheap airfare and how he runs his business from the beach. Travel Hacking Pocket Guide Author and RackYourBoard.com Founder talks about how to travel the world on a budget. We talk about how travel has been transformational for him, his experiences getting out his comfort zone, and the details of a recent shamanic ayahuasca journey in the jungle.

169. #4: How to Be Unconventional and Justify it with Rajiv Nathan & Martin McGovern
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Martin McGovern, Rajiv Nathan and I talk about going down the unconventional path and discovering all that is possible in life. Discover your Inner Awesome is a podcast that helps people create kick ass side projects that get you noticied. Even what to say at those family dinners when your family asks why you aren't married, have kids, and a mortgage.  All recorded on an island with no cars in Belize. 

170. #3: How to Be a Freak of Nature with Daniel DiPiazza
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Daniel DiPiazza, Founder of Rich20Something.com, talks about creating amazing habits and breaking out of your comfort zone.  This conversation between two entrepreneurial friends gets into: building a kick ass blog and gaining subscribers, traveling to Costa Rica, MMA fighting, bodybuilding, and yes, even masturbation.

171. #2: Zen Fitness: Re-Wiring Your Brain + Body for Maximum Results with Brandon Epstein
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Brandon Epstein is the host of the Entrepreneur Fitness Podcast and we are leading a retreat together at ZenFitness.Under30Experiences.com. A convo about moving to Colombia turns crazy.... What being a well-rounded fit person actually means, and into some deep stuff about finding your purpose, neuroplasticity, meditation, collective consciousness and integral theory. 

172. #1: How to Screw Up and Still Succeed
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Jared O'Toole co-founder of Under30CEO and Under30Experiences talks candidly about screwups, breakups, and starting a travel company. World travels, failed startups, breaking free of your comfort zone.