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Podcast title Eternal Leadership
Website URL http://eternalleadership.libsy...
Description There comes a point in life where one desires to live a life of significance. The Eternal Leadership podcast brings you expert thought leaders on life, business, relationships and faith to provide clarity and solutions to the complex issues leaders face every day!
Updated Wed, 20 Nov 2019 03:08:55 +0000
Image Eternal Leadership
Category Business
Religion & Spirituality

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1. Why Self-Awareness is Key to Becoming a Great Leader / Jeremie Kubicek
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 25.14Mb)


Here in this podcast, JEREMIE KUBICEK, an author of several books about leadership, confidently expounds on the importance of leadership that “transforms” a business in the context of knowing a specific culture and how it impacts the potentials of a business in producing good leaders.   Jeremie Kubicek # 293

This podcast is also rich in giving practical tips to the listeners and inspires one to know the value of self-awareness to succeed as a leader.  Jeremie also talks about the differences of leaders who merely “perform” to achieve individual successes, versus leaders who know the value of improving relationships. Jeremie stresses that leaders must help others to achieve their goals so they can be leaders themselves. 

2. Discover The Joy Of Saying Yes To God | Vivian Mabuni #292
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 34.00Mb)


Here in this podcast, Vivian Mabuni, an Eastern Asian American author shares about her experiences as a cancer survivor and how her life has changed since she became a Bible-reader and a Christian follower.
An inspirational podcast from the guest speaker and author- Mabuni shares her previous background as a traditional Buddhist in Colorado and how she redefined her beliefs from being a practicing Buddhist. It was a phase when which she found detachment as a young teen until she became active in faith as a Christian.
Her challenges and ordeals as a cancer survivor and how she joyfully survived the loneliness of having to leave the place she grew up with as a teen to move to Hongkong. The podcast was reflective of how she progressed from being a passive believer of a specific culture to an emphatic follower of Christ where her beliefs are strengthened through Bible readings. Vivian Mabuni #292

3. Creating a Coaching Culture / Peter Atherton #291
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 35.33Mb)


4. John Ramstead Halftime Webinar #290
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 40.48Mb)


In this Halftime webinar, John remembers how he was able to thoroughly share the meaning of living in a struggling life, meeting a significant stumbling block, and surpassing such hindrances to living a better experience. Life may not have been easy for him at first, but his determination to move forward brought him to where he is today.

5. Achieving Peace of Mind | Janelle Bruland # 289
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 29.70Mb)


Peace amidst the workplace or even amidst a chaotic environment may be an ironic situation. Janelle Bruland, on the other hand, as the guest for today emphasized that it may not come handy, but it is not impossible. In this podcast episode, we will be entertained, enlightened, and inspired to come up with an environment that radiates peace and harmony. Learning from her example and her real-life experiences, this podcast is going to bring us to places and concepts that we’ve never been to before. Janelle Bruland #289

6. Making Culture An Empowering Force | Horst Schultze #288
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 32.98Mb)


Culture varies from one place of another. In the same manner, culture is carried out by people and is lived out by people. The ability of an individual to make use of culture as an empowering force to deal with people within an organization is necessary to carry out a smooth and empowering culture. This inspires people in general, leading to collective success and growth. Horst Schultze started his narration by laying out how he started in the business of hotels and how, through acceptance of cultural differences and dealing with different people, he had managed to be a successful one.

7. Sharpen A Guidebook for Business Ownership / Drew Hiss #287
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.59Mb)


Sharpen-A Guideb / Drew Hiss #287

8. Resolving Conflicts About Generational Issue | Jessica Stolling
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 33.08Mb)


Jessica's journey in being an author and a motivational speaker is rooted in her personal experiences as a keen observer and as someone who is genuine concern about the connections of people. Specifically, those that are coming from different generations. She led a life filled with joy and enthusiasm with a vision that in the future, all generations will be profoundly and sincerely connected. Let us learn from her wisdom in this article. -Jessica Stolling #286

9. Creating An Authentic Story Of My Life| Steve Laswell
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.18Mb)


After being eliminated in his position as a station manager for 18 months, Steve Laswell felt he was pushed out of the nest and sat numb in the passenger’s seat driving nowhere. But that moment forced him out of his comfort zone. He began to seek out what might be in his future. He reflected on his life’s journey, talked to his wife, family, and others he respected and prayed. He embraced his passion: the development of people. So after completing an executive coaching certification program, Next Level Executive Coaching,LLC was launched, his very own company. Steve Laswell believed that there are clues and touches in our story that if we pay attention to it the story will instruct us and connect us and lead us right into the future, just as what happened to his life. Steve Laswell #285

10. Connecting With Your True Identity | Kelly Baader
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 37.01Mb)


From a little girl born of a mistress - abandoned and abused - to one of the highest paid females in the hospitality industry fighting for a seat in the boardroom - to an entrepreneurial mentor who impacts lives globally. Kelly Baader is a world-renowned digital sales and marketing strategist, certified business coach, Christian CEO podcast, best seller of the book in Amazon “A Little Girl Called Grace”, founder of the Christian CEO University, keynote speaker and a mentor to emerging entrepreneurs. Her journey was not an overnight success but God helped her made a decision to move out of the darkness and just followed Him step-by-step, moment by moment, and see God’s goodness in the process. Kelly Baader #284

11. Creating an Environment where People can Lead Themselves | Horst Schulze
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 29.87Mb)


Before becoming the founding president and COO of Ritz-Carlton, Horst Schulze was a young boy who grew up in Germany with a vision and a dream of working with the finest hotels all over Europe. Horst Schulze worked from being a busboy dishwasher to becoming a legendary hotelier renowned for creating a culture of service with varied expertise in business growth and trends, corporate culture, leadership etc. Ritz Carlton grew into a global leader because of Horst Schulze’s belief that there’s a lot of people who has some big dreams and passions, and creating something extraordinary is absolutely possible.  Horst Schulze #283

12. Vulnerability as a strength for servant leaders | Lyle Tard
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 26.10Mb)


Lyle Tard had a lot of struggles growing up because he believed that his life wasn’t worthy. He suffered domestic abuse as a teenager and had a difficult time finding the meaning of life, love, and even his own identity. He tried to escape and left for the Airforce but actually found the turning point in his life that served as a catalyst for him to know about God. He got connected with Jesus and he realized that he is somebody to Him. He realized that God was birthing a leader in him of a different type of perspective. God has continuously done that for him just by provisions and by the people that God allowed him to meet. He believed that we have to hold on to the moments where God was able to show Himself through someone else. Lyle Tard # 282

13. Finding your true identity | Linda Davis
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 29.40Mb)


Linda brings over 25 years of leadership experience and 12+ years of full-time executive and leadership coaching to her clients. Linda has coached aspiring executives, new leaders and high-potential women across hardware, technology, healthcare, non-profit and other industries. In today’s podcast, Linda focuses on how to help women develop confidence and negotiate courageously in the corporate world. She wants to help not just the women, but also men on how they can find their true identity in a world where everybody expects you to be someone you’re not. While she shares with us her struggles and the challenges she encountered in looking for her true identity, she was grateful that she found God at the center of her life. Linda Davis #281

14. Passion For Leadership | Ty Bennett
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 26.04Mb)


Ty Bennett is a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and entrepreneur in the world of leadership skills. He does a lot of speaking, training, coaching, hosting a podcast, writing books, and on-going consultations for different companies. Big companies have trusted Ty Bennett to come in and work with people to change their culture on how people lead to build teams to communicate better. Ty founded The Leadership Inc. Institute which partners with companies to enhance their leadership development. He has been featured in the Top 40 Under 40 and recently as one of the 10 Coolest Entrepreneurs in Utah - Ty Bennett #280

15. Uniquely You Discovering the Authentic Version of You | Ron Kitchens
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 29.60Mb)


Ron’s journey in becoming the person that he is today took a lot of tons of struggles and difficulties. Since childhood, losing his father at the age of four and going through a lot of experiences in trying to surpass fears and anxiety, he managed to be a successful individual. His life is a manifestation of hard-earned success through the discovery of his unique self. Let us get to learn from his sharing through today’s podcast.  Ron Kitchens #279

16. Living a Life with No Regrets | Moke Mooney #278
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.38Mb)


Today’s podcast guest is a distinguished individual in the field of business and leadership. His expertise in the past decades has shaped him into the best version of himself, always ready to extend help to those who are in need. In this episode, he highly emphasized the importance of preparation. May we learn from his wisdom and sharing, and hopefully, begin to live our lives the way he did. Mike Mooney  #278

17. Jeff Blanton | A Jailbreak Story Chasing Life’s Purpose towards Success # 277
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 36.26Mb)


A life worth-living as manifested by purpose and success. That is what our today’s podcast guest, Jeff Blanton is advocating. In as much as we would like to live a balanced life, we most of the time stumble and feel that we are not enough. In the same manner, we feel that there is much to do and we are only given limited time to do it. In his sharing, let us learn how to live a life with purpose while living it happily towards success. Jeff Blanton # 277

18. Turning Brokenness into Wholeness | Greg Yates # 276
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 33.96Mb)


Greg Yates’ life as the guest for today’s podcast episode brings light to the journey of brokenness into breaking through, from success to swamps, to success once more. in his life experiences and narration, we will undeniably learn a lot from it and hopefully, reflect on how we could also turn our lives into a successful and triumphant one. #276

19. God's Purpose Behind Your Problems | Michele Williams # 275
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 35.58Mb)


The podcast for today’s episode features the incredible story of Michele Williams on how she was able to overcome two of the most pivotal moments in her life and how she was able to inspire and help other people through her experiences. Michele Williams is a certified profit-first professional who focuses on creative business, financial health and profit-builder companies. She manages her own business and at the same time work with her clients to understand the impact of the choices they make and what it means for financial or business success. Michele Williams # 275

20. Game Changing Nearness with Father | Terry Tyson #274
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 53.20Mb)


Terry Tyson, as the guest for today’s podcast, is a great opportunity to learn from his wisdom and expertise. As he shares with us the power of God Almighty in his life, may we also realize that God is also wonderfully and joyfully working on our own respective lives? The people we deal with along with the steps we take together are all designed by God, making us realize that He is just there, at all times. #274 Terry Tyson

21. Following God's Direction | Jerry Nichols #273
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 39.71Mb)


The podcast episode for today features Jerry Nichols, an entrepreneur and at the same time, a servant of God in a variety of ways. Walking the talk, he managed to inspire a lot of people wherever he goes. May we learn from his experiences, expertise, and everything that he has to share. He will talk about how much the Holy Spirit directed his life and how he created a lot of fruitful blessings based on that opportunity. Jerry Nichols # 273

22. Creating Destiny for Humanity | Dale Mast #271
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 33.88Mb)


Dale Mast has been an inspiration to a lot of people. His leadership skills, along with his ability to be an instrument for others to become leaders too is admirable. His unique sets of skills is indeed a blessing to people he meets, and he continues to live a life filled with grace. Let us learn from today’s podcast with the utmost enthusiasm as we listen to his fruitful sharing.

23. Conquering Failures in Life | Warwick Fairfax #272
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 25.22Mb)


Today’s episode features Warwick Fairfax, a man of struggles and triumph. Growing up in a very successful media business and going through a series of failure, he was able to emerge victorious and courageous after a lot of difficulties. His faith and his unfailing dedication to work and service made him the kind of man that he is today. Let us together learn from his experiences through today’s podcast. Warwick Fairfax #272

24. How To Create A Thriving Family Legacy | Jeff Rogers #270
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 45.23Mb)


Jeff Rogers is an established author, inspirational speaker, and an international personality in the world of business and legacy. Through his sharing of experiences, this podcast episode has been very lively, informative, and inspirational. The Eternal leadership podcast is very blessed to have him as a guest for today’s episode. Let us get to know him by listening to all the great things that he has to share. #271

25. Taking on the Servant Leadership | Steve Biondo #269
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 40.07Mb)


The guest for today’s podcast is a living testimony of goodness. With all his efforts, he tries his best to fulfill the role of being a president of a non-profit organization, the Tim Tebow Foundation. To be the light for those who are in the dark days, the dedication that this man had shown is exemplary and is very inspiring to everyone. Let us learn from his sharing as he tries to make it clear to us what it takes to be truly human. #269

26. Find Your Authentic Personality | Dale Wilsher #268
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 27.90Mb)


An incredible woman filled with positive energy that is what Dale Wilsher is all about. In today’s podcast episode, let us all together learn with her as we journey on an exciting and at the same time, meaningful quest for authentic personality. Aside from being a coach and a motivational speaker, Dale dedicated her life to serving other people for a greater purpose. As we discover the points presented by her, may we pause, ponder, and reflect on our own lives to be fully immersed on this journey. #268

27. Creating a Perfect Plan for Oneself | Don Barden #267
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 35.02Mb)


The guest for today’s podcast episode is an international figure who has been conducting different forums of sharing in almost all walks of life. As an economist, he managed to create a striking balance between living a perfect life while following a perfect plan. “The Perfect Plan” as his book has been an earth-shattering innovation in the world of business and of the economy. Let us learn from his wisdom as he shares different points to ponder in this podcast interview.

28. The 5 Languages of Appreciation | Dr. Paul White #266
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 30.58Mb)


Just like the relationship we have with our spouse, the working relationship we have with our team members and colleagues also needs to be nurtured and taken care of.


Most of us spend 40% of our time at the office and many of us are as committed to our work like how we are to our marriage. It’s but right to ensure that we and the people we work with are mentally and emotionally well.

29. Being an ambassador of God in the business world | Etienne Hardre # 265
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 42.14Mb)


As entrepreneurs, how are we going to represent Jesus in the market place where we are most likely going to see things from a secular business perspective?

Join us today in another insightful and relatable discussion with a previous guest who inspired us to discover our inner potential, believe in ourselves, and become a great individual despite our brokenness. Let’s journey with him and witness how he patiently listens and obediently follows God’s calling.

30. A Simple and Practical Guide to Money | Justin Knapp #263
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 45.11Mb)


Justine Knapp, the CEO of The Space Together has focused his entire life looking for his purpose to accomplish his ambition of working with people. His destiny seems to unfold in front of him as he grew up and he realized that all the things that happened to him were a part of a divine plan that God prepared for him. At first, everything started to him as a joke of finding one’s purpose through God. But as time passes by, he came to think of the limitless possibilities that God has in store for him. Get to know his journey and be inspired by how we could all be a living manifestation of God’s plan and intervention.

31. Building A Business With The M.I.T. Method | Mike McCausland
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 26.26Mb)


Disciplined Entrepreneurship is a book by Bill Aulet (the Managing Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship at MIT) that breaks down the necessary processes into an integrated, comprehensive, and proven 24-step framework that any industrious person can learn and apply. 


Eternal Leadership guest, Mike McCausland is one of only 33 people licensed by MIT to teach their Disciplined Entrepreneurship (D.E.) course. Hear today how Mike got to MIT, how that course changed the direction of his life, and how The Leadership Institute For Entrepreneurs (http://lifestartups.com) is aiming to change how Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs approach building businesses and do missions.


Whether you’re a first-time or repeat entrepreneur, Disciplined Entrepreneurship gives you the tools you need to improve your odds of making a product people want.


If you use the coupon code ETERNAL during checkout, you’ll get 25% off Disciplined Entrepreneurship or Identity Driven Entrepreneurship … or use the code ETERNALCOMBO to get 35% off, if you buy them both!

Go to: https://www.lifestartups.com/courses/

to learn more!


Go here to check out the May 2019 Conference: https://www.events.leadershipinstituteforentrepreneurs.com/may-conference-2019/

Go here to check out the in-person courses before the conference: 

Disciplined Entrepreneurship: https://www.events.leadershipinstituteforentrepreneurs.com/de-events/

Identity Driven Entrepreneurship: https://www.events.leadershipinstituteforentrepreneurs.com/ide-events/


32. The Only Way To Solve A Problem Without Creating A Mess | Mike McCausland | ENCORE
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 13.77Mb)


From nuclear power plants to humanitarian work in over 130 countries, James 1:27 was Mike McCausland's call from God to make a difference in the lives of others. He quickly learned that helping people can sometimes hurt them. Listen to this summarized encore episode of Eternal Leadership Episode #79: http://eternalleadership.com/079/


Tomorrow, we'll hear an update from Mike.

33. A Simple and Practical Guide to Money | Darryl Lyons #264
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 26.70Mb)


Darryl Lyons emphasized the idea of having a strong background about financial matters, most importantly, matters concerning money management. At a younger age, he realized the value of money management and dedicated his life to educating people on how to also do the same. Let us learn from his experience and let us begin to think like him in a variety of ways to be successful in our respective fields.

What you will learn:

• Identify how to train your mind in making decisions
• Learning flexibility in terms of changed plans along the way
• Creating a plan considering your plan and the plan of God
• Making a legacy in the lives of others
• Creating a growth centered on faith, hope, and discipline


To learn more go here for the Show Notes: http://eternalleadership.com/264-2/

To learn more about this week's sponsor Blinkist: http://eternalleadership.com/blink

34. Changing Your Paradigm About Aging | Steve & John
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 13.22Mb)


Aging is a topic that Steve has become passionate about in the last couple of years. On this special episode, Steve & John have a short conversation about some of the coming technologies that are going to allow us to age better, have more vitality & health longer, and possibly live longer than any generation since the days of Genesis.


If you like this kind of short conversation episode and want to hear more of these, please let Steve & John know:




35. How to Set and Pursue A Worthwhile Goal | Biagio "Bill" Sciacca #263
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 21.41Mb)


The guest for today’s podcast episode has been an inspiration to a lot of people because of his ability to produce talks and speeches which are not only intellectually-rooted but are also motivating. He is Biagio Sciacca or also known as Bill to his friends. He also manages to run businesses which he is passionate about, and with all of those, he leads to be humble and inspiring to the best of his capacity. Indeed, this article is something that we can learn a lot from. With his background of philosophy and economics, the combined system of these branches of knowledge had made him as the person that he is right now.

To learn more go here for the Show Notes: http://eternalleadership.com/262-2/


To learn more about this week's sponsor Blinkist: http://eternalleadership.com/blink

36. 261 Rob Shallenberger | Becoming Your Best
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 29.09Mb)


Becoming Your Best

37. 260 Vicki Finney | Building A Business Partnership with God
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 26.36Mb)


How often do we hear people pray for business, for business owners and market leaders, and pray for a business partnership with God?

38. 259 Steve Meyer Answer the Call
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 31.71Mb)


Answer the Call

39. 258 Gregory Gray | How You Can Build A Better Business Today
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 22.67Mb)


How You Can Build A Better Business Today

40. 257 Catherine Toon | Listen to the voice within
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 31.37Mb)


Listen to the voice within

41. 256 Jim Palmer | Just say yes
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 31.54Mb)

Description: You can take risks and still enjoy life!


42. 255 Ryan McCarty | How To Build A Company that has A Heart of Charity
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.50Mb)


Creating a coalition of profitability to drive your business to greater success. 

CLICK HERE for resources on our conversation with Ryan.

43. 253 Tyler Reagin | The Life Giving Leader
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 31.70Mb)


The Life Giving Leader

44. 252 Omekongo Dibinga |Finding Common Ground in Uncommon Time
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 31.57Mb)


Finding Common Ground in Uncommon Time

45. 251 Sam and Vicki Ingrassia A Simple | Path to Spiritual Intimacy for Couples
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 37.03Mb)


A Simple Path to Spiritual Intimacy for Couples

46. 250 Alan Platt | Being the Presence of Christ in Your Community
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 50.93Mb)


How to Bring Faith, Love, and Hope to Our Communities

47. 249 Rick Miller | Power Is Not What You Think
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 27.81Mb)


Power Is Not What You Think

48. 248 Sarah Beckman Loving Your Neighbor In A Time of Trial
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 36.50Mb)


Loving Your Neighbor In A Time of Trial

49. 247 Art Barter | How to Implement Servant Leadership
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 36.24Mb)


How to Inspire and Equip Those We Influence

Click HERE for details of our conversation with Art.

50. 246 James Kramer | Mobilizing Christians to Operate as a Unified Force
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 26.31Mb)


How Can One Person Disciple a Nation?

51. 245 Dan Schawbel | Back To Human
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.92Mb)


How Strong Are Your Relationships at Work?

52. 244 Os Hillman | Reclaiming the 7 Mountains of Culture
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 27.08Mb)


Build Your Influence by Solving Problems

53. 243 Scott Beebe | 5 Elements Of Creating A Family Vision.
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 32.14Mb)


5 Elements Of Creating A Family Vision.

54. 242 Rachel Marie Martin | The Brave Art of Motherhood
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 24.40Mb)


Fight Fear, Gain Confidence, and Find Yourself Again

55. 241 Robert McFarland | What Employees Want the Boss to Know
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 22.09Mb)


How to Be the Best Boss that You Can Be

56. 240 Dr. James Kelley | The Crucible's Gift
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 26.10Mb)


How to Thrive in Adversity

57. 239 Scott Carter | You Got This!
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 31.73Mb)


How to Prepare for a Successful Retirement

58. 237 Phillip Van Hooser | Leaders Ought to Know
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 22.65Mb)


How To Lead, Equip, and Launch Others

59. 238 Michael & Kathryn Redman | Half a Bubble Out
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 35.42Mb)


Walking into a Place of Healing and Forgiving

60. 236 Rich Marshall | God @ Rest: Keys to Finding Peace of Mind
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 16.05Mb)


How to Find God in the Middle of the Struggle

61. 235 Natalie Jones | Parent Compass
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 21.10Mb)


Finding Hope When Things Are Spinning Out of Control

62. 234 John Ramstead and Steve Reiter | 7-Year Anniversary Of The Accident Show
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 27.37Mb)


Discovering Who the Person God Made You to Be... Despite the Lack of Clarity

63. 233 Luke Laffin | Go Face Yourself
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 25.21Mb)


Discover Real Healing by Facing Your World, Your Humanity, and Yourself

64. 232 Judy Hoberman | Walking on The Glass Floor
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.05Mb)


How to Empower Professional Women

65. 231 Mitch Matthews [ Dream Job Redefined
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 29.65Mb)


How to Identify, Move Towards, and Reach Your Worthwhile Dreams

66. 230 Jessica Honegger [ Imperfect Courage
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 27.53Mb)


Connecting Our Passions to Our Purpose by Leaving Comfort and Going Scared

67. 229 Patrick McBane [ Communication Shift
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 29.94Mb)


How to Move from Expectation to Agreement in Two Simple Steps

68. 228 Nicki Lewellen [ How To Make Monday
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.88Mb)


From Unfulfilled to Engaged and Happy

69. 227 Michael Gale [ Digital Transformation And Why
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 22.74Mb)


Bring Your Organization into the Digital-first Age

70. 226 Jim & Martha [ Business As Your Mission Field
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 26.49Mb)


Connecting Our Faith with the Work That We Do Everyday

71. 225 Phil Jones [ Exactly What To Say
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 30.98Mb)


The Magic Words for Influence and Impact

72. 224 Liz Roney | How To Beat Imposter Syndrome
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 27.43Mb)


How To Beat Imposter Syndrome

73. 223 Tim Payne [ From Combat To Joy - A Warriors Journey
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 26.99Mb)


How to Bounce Back from Seemingly Hopeless Setbacks

74. 222 Elizabeth Saunders [ Divine Time Management
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 29.64Mb)


How to Get Out of "Survival Mode" to Live Your Authentic Life with Jesus

75. 221 Frederick Sievert [ HowTo Move TroughTragedy
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.72Mb)

Description: How to Help Yourself and Others During Challenging Times

76. 220 Cort Dial | From Heretics to Heroes
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 30.41Mb)


How to Lead a Business, a Cause, or a Movement

77. 219 Danita Bye | Proven Strategies for Building Your Next-Gen Leader
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 20.39Mb)


Why Millennials Matter

78. 218 Nick Vujicic | Be The Hands and Feet
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 26.33Mb)


How We Can Be a Miracle in Other People's Lives

79. 217 Chris Field | Disrupting For Massive Good
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 29.71Mb)


How to Step Out of Our Box to Make  a Difference

80. 216 Casey Cease
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 34.19Mb)


The F Word that Can Set You Free... Forgiveness

CLICK HERE for the resources from our conversation with Casey.

81. 215 Kristen Ivy | Parenting Demystified
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.40Mb)


Leading the Next Generation... Starting with Our Own Kids

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Kristen.

82. 214 Dr. Joe Martin | How To Become A "Real Man" in this World
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.29Mb)


From Rags to Riches to Ruin to Redemption

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Joe.

83. 213 Steven Musick | Life After Heaven
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.44Mb)


Experience the Kingdom of Heaven Here on Earth

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Steven.

84. 212 Shae Bynes | Stop Grinding Your Way to Success
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 35.15Mb)


How Partnering with God Can Take Your Business Where Grinding Can't

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Shae.

85. 211 Hans Finzel | Are You a Natural Born Leader or a Reluctant Leader?
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 31.15Mb)


Knowing Who You Are As A Leader 

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Hans.

86. Steve on God@Work on God.TV
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 15.91Mb)


On Monday, Steve was featured by Rich Marshall (Ep. 84) on his new TV show God@Work on God.TV.

Check out the video here.

Please consider supporting God.TV here.

Reach out to Steve here: steve@eternalleadership.com


87. 210 Dorie Clark | The Best Gift You Can Give to Yourself and to the World
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 24.49Mb)


How to Get Paid What You Are Worth

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Dorie.

88. 209 Roy A. Clark | Become a Person Who Empowers Other People
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 31.36Mb)


How to Develop Trusting Relationships

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Roy.

89. 208 Lisa Grimes and Paula Brown Stafford | How To Juggle The Balls Of Priorities in Business and In Life
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 24.04Mb)


How To Stay True To Who You Are to Obtain Success, Balance and Fulfillment. 


CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Lisa and Paula. 

90. Mike Huckabee on Unleashing Your Leadership
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 24.18Mb)


Unleashing Your Leadership is a new podcast from our dear friends at Pinnacle Forum.  They were so instrumental in their early support and assistance with our Eternal Leadership launch almost 4 years ago, we want to help them get the word out.

Please help us by Subscribing, Rating/Reviewing and spreading the word.

Website: http://UnleashingYourLeadership.com

Subscribe on: Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Stitcher, RSS Feed

91. 207 Coaches Corner with John Ramstead and Sandra Crawford Williamson
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 15.81Mb)


92. 206 Gary Schneeberger | Build a PR Strategy To Make News That Matters
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 37.36Mb)


How to Make Public Relations Work for You and Your Business

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Gary. 

93. 205 Diane Paddison | The Impact of Mentorship in Your Professional Success
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 30.76Mb)

Description: How to Develop a Great Mentor-Mentee Relationship

 CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Diane.

94. 204 Chris Mefford | How to Create an Amazing Team
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 34.26Mb)


CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Chris. 

95. 203 Kare Anderson | How to Handle Conflict and the People Who Are Causing It
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 29.81Mb)


How the Mutuality Mindset Helps Us Work with Others Towards Something Meaningful

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Kare. 


96. 202 Chuck Blakeman | The Number One Attribute of Successful People
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 40.60Mb)


Find Your Big Why to Impact the World Around You

"If what we teach on how to relate with other people is inconsistent with how we would relate to our family, then there's something wrong with it." - Chuck Blakeman

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Chuck.

97. 201 Garris Elkins | Is the Church Even Relevant in Today's Society?
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 33.44Mb)


How Do We Operate in the World As Believers with People Who Have Completely Different Belief Systems?

CLICK HERE for resources from or conversation with Garris.

98. 200 Kevin Knebl | The 3 Steps to Success
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 42.14Mb)


The Only Two Things We Can Control As We Follow the 3 Steps to Success

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Kevin.

99. 199 Tina Griffin | How Pop Culture Is Glamorizing Harmful Behaviors... And What We Can Do About It
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 37.00Mb)


How to Protect Our Children from the Negative Influence of Media

In this episode, Tina passionately shared her insider knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes of Hollywood's projects. She also revealed how some celebrities are doing a balancing act between what they do onscreen and how they are the complete opposite when they are at home with their kids.

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Tina.



100. 198 Sandra Crawford Williamson | Don't Go Through This Alone
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 16.85Mb)


What's in Store for You in Season 3 of the Eternal Leadership Podcast


101. 197 Guy Rodgers and David Sauter | How to Become a Beacon of Light to the World
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 26.68Mb)


Become the Right Kind of Influence Despite the Seemingly Bad Circumstances Around Us

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Allen.

102. 196 Allen Arnold | Are You Acting Out of Love... Or Out of Fear?
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.21Mb)


A Better Way to Live, Love and Create

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Allen.

103. 195 Wade Myers | What They Don't Teach at Harvard Business School
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 31.56Mb)


Leadership and Mental Tougness Lessons from a Gulf War Veteran

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Wade.

104. 194 Scott Beebe | The 2 Most Important Non-Negotiables in Running a Small Business
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 23.92Mb)

Craft Your Company's Vision and Manage Your Team Effectively.
CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Scott.

105. 193 K.M. Weiland | Helping Writers Become Authors
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 24.80Mb)


The fundamentals of writing.

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Katy.

106. 192 Chris Schafer | Leadership Lessons From the Special Forces
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 26.18Mb)


Culture, trust, relationship and communication military mindset.

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Chris.

107. 191 Gene Blanton | The Power of Leadership
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.87Mb)


Time-honored principles and disciplines of leadership.

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Gene.

108. 190 Kris Boesch | Culture Works
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.92Mb)


How to create happiness in the workplace.

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Kris.

109. 189 Jay Fiset | Mastermind to Millions
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 31.34Mb)


Master your life and turn your mission into millions.

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Jay.

110. 188 Dave Yarnes | The Three Circle Strategy: An Introduction For A Fulfilling Life
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 36.67Mb)


Position yourself to live a fulfilling and successful life - spiritually, financially, and personally!

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Dave.

111. 187 Robb Holman | Lead The Way: Leading From The Inside Out
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 29.46Mb)


An Inspirational Guide On How To Enjoy The Journey of Leadership.

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Robb.

112. 186 Ford Taylor | Relactional Leadership
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 30.97Mb)


The key to transforming your life and leadership.

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Ford.

113. 185 Ted Lowe | Your Best Us
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 25.30Mb)


A phenomenal and great marriage

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Ted.

114. 184 Dr. Phil Carson | Functional Medicine
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 30.20Mb)


Traditional medicine to natural medicine

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Dr. Phil.

115. 183 Os Hillman | 10 Golden Rules For Business Success
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 26.44Mb)


CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Os.

116. 182 John David Mann | The Recipe
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 26.95Mb)


A story of loss, love, and the ingredients of greatness

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with John. 

117. 181 Bobby Albert | The Power of Values Driven Leadership
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 26.11Mb)


Enhancing relationships and driving for results

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Bobby.

118. 180 Jeff McManus | Growing Weeders Into Leaders
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 24.32Mb)


Cultivating a culture of trust and leadership among people

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Jeff.

119. 179 Russ Perry | Overcome Addiction And Succeed As An Entrepreneur
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 30.02Mb)


Find a support and never go through it alone

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Russ.

120. 178 Dr. Juli Slattery | Discover God's Design For Intimacy And Sexuality
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 17.24Mb)


Pursue healing from sexual brokenness.

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Dr. Juli.

121. 177 Jeff Haanen | The Powerful Impact of Faith and Work
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 22.56Mb)


Reaching more people by serving God through our work.

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Jeff

122. 176 Luke Laffin | Reclaiming Your Core: Restoring the Foundations of Faith
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 31.60Mb)


Get in touch with your God-based identity.

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Luke.

123. 175 Peter Dean | Bully-proof Your Workplace
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.14Mb)


How to solve bullying in the workplace

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Peter. 

124. 174 Kim Avery | Saturating Your Business With Prayer
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 23.78Mb)


Have a prayer strategy for your business' success

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Kim.

125. 173 Gregory Centineo | Understanding The Transformative Concept Of Leadership
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 33.56Mb)


Brave your fears and achieve the impossible.

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Greg.

126. 172 Sharon Spano | Radical Abundance: The Secret To A Meaningful Prosperous Life
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 23.66Mb)


Adapting a new paradigm for time and money.

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Sharon.

127. 171 Dean Niewolny | Trade Up: Do you crave work that matters?
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 20.95Mb)


How to move from just making money to making a difference

CLICK HERE for resources from out interview with Dean

128. 170 Stacey Brown Randall | The Key To Generating Referrals Without Asking
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 24.62Mb)


Planning your sticky client experience

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Stacey.

129. 169 Rod Rohm | How To Develop A Discipleship Culture
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 24.24Mb)


A call to discipleship in the corporate world

CLICK HERE for resources mentioned in our conversation with rob. 

130. 168 Steve Lawton | Head First: A Crash Course On Positivity
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 25.75Mb)


Choosing optimism in the midst of adversity.

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Steve.

131. 167 Michael Bungay | The Coaching Habits
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 29.85Mb)


Doing great work by teaching people and helping them grow.

CLICK HERE to get resources from our conversation with Michael.

132. 166 Lee Colan | Five Coaching Habits of Excellent Leaders
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 22.24Mb)


Utilizing simple tools in facing the challenges of leading people.

CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Lee.

133. 165 Stacey Hanke | Influence Redefined
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 14.14Mb)


Become an Effective Influential Leader

CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Stacey.

134. 164 Adam Bradley | Creating The Leaders Of The Next Generation
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.66Mb)


Teaching the Youth to become Leaders

CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Adam.

135. 163 Mark Goblowsky | Finding Strength Through The Struggle
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 22.06Mb)


Hope is the key to conquering adversity. 

CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Lee.


136. 162 Lee Caraher | How to Inspire Lifetime Loyalty from Your Employees
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 27.26Mb)


Motivate, collaborate with, and manage the millennial generation.

CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Lee.

137. 161 Bryan Chrisman | The Secret Benefit of Giving
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 24.28Mb)


Fi How to become a joyful generous giver.

CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Bryan.

138. 160 Os Hillman | The Joseph Calling: 6 Stages To Discover, Navigate And Fulfill Your Purpose
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.56Mb)


Find your purpose through your Joseph experience.

CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Os.

139. 159 Peter Atherton | How to Create A Massive Impact
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 22.99Mb)


How To Be Successful At Work And In Your Ministry

CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Peter.

140. 158 Brian Holmes | The Four Cornerstones Of Strategic Living
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 24.24Mb)


Desire your personal healing to become great at what you are doing

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Brian. 

141. 157 Major General Daniel York | Finding Peace from the Hidden Battle
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 30.47Mb)


Go through the process of healing while hurting...

CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Daniel.

142. 156 Jim Brangenberg | Is The Workplace A Mission Field
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 27.10Mb)


Bringing Humanity Back Into The Workplace!

Click here for resources from our interview with Jim.

143. 155 Lolly Daskal | The Leadership Gap
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 24.10Mb)


What Gets Between You and Your Greatness. Leveraging the gaps to get to your greatness.

CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Lolly

144. 154 Richard Rierson | Leading Starts With One’s Self
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 14.36Mb)


Discover a more satisfying approach to leadership.

CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Richard.

145. 153 Cash Matthews | Money Matters-Finally Getting It Right!
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 31.53Mb)


CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Cash.

146. 152 Tommy Spaulding | How To Be A Heart Led Leader
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 25.75Mb)


A counter-intuitive approach that will have massive impact!

CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Tommy.

147. 151 Dr. Bill Manduca | Finding God's Will For Your Career
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.59Mb)


A career as a Naval officer, professional engineer, and a doctor of strategic leadership prepared Bill to make a HUGE step out on faith.  Listen in to hear how Bill navigated through one of the biggest challenges of his life.


For the resources from the podcast the link is http://eternalleadership.com/151

148. 150 Tracy Goodwin | The Power of Your Voice
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 27.43Mb)


How Captivate the Room and Empowering People with Your Voice

CLICK HERE for resources for our interview with Tracy.

149. 149 Jay Coughlan | Five Bold Choices That Will Change Your Life
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.73Mb)


Jay is a CEO and a mentor to aspiring business leaders, but before he became successful, he experienced the worst nightmare of his life. In 1998, Jay was critically injured and his Dad died when the car he was driving collided with a train while Jay was driving drunk. The consequences of that fateful day were numerous and overwhelming: physical pain following several operations, fear of losing his job and family, and the anxiety of being put in prison. What brought him to his knees was actually the catalyst for a whole new life with God at the center.

150. 148 Dr. Michael Marx | Blaze A New Trail
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.10Mb)


Experience the adventure of your full potential.

Click HERE for the resources from our interview with Michael.

151. 147 Dave Sanderson | The KEY To Leading In Uncertain Times!
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 23.94Mb)



Click HERE for the resources from our interview with David.

152. 146 Pat McDaniel | 5 Step Process to Better Decisions
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 110.83Mb)


Learn the steps to make better AND more successful decisions. 

Click HERE for the resources from our interview with Pat

153. 145 Bettina Langerfeldt | Awaken The Entrepreneur Within
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 30.47Mb)



Click HERE for the resources from our interview with Bettina.

154. 144 Joshua Spodek | Leadership Step by Step
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 31.25Mb)


Learning through life's failures and using them to help yourself and others!

Click HERE for the resources from our interview with Joshua.

155. 143 Mandy Arioto | Finding Direction In The Midst Of Ordinary
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 20.51Mb)


Starry-Eyed: Seeing Grace in the Unfolding Constellation of Life and Motherhood

Click here for the resources from our interview with Mandy

156. 142 Jeff Rogers | The Key To Leaving A Lasting Legacy
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 30.83Mb)


When God created us, He made us stewards of all His creation. Stewardship has been our mission since then and where else do we start but in our own family. In today’s podcast, Jeff Rogers, founder and chairman of Stewardship Legacy Coaching and Stewardship Advisor Group, will share his thoughts and expertise in building a family legacy that lasts.

Click here for the resources from our interview with Jeff

157. 141 Etienne Hardre | Moving To Greatness
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 24.16Mb)


Use your past not to limit you but instead, inspire you!

Click Here for the great resources from our interview with Etienne.

158. 140 Dr.Sharon Livingston | Finding Faith In The Valley
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 26.21Mb)



Click Here for the great resources from our interview with Sharon.

159. 139 Kathy Fettke | Create Real Wealth
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 25.21Mb)


Have the money and freedom to live life on your own terms!

Click Here for the great resources from our interview with Kathy.

160. 138 Chris McIntire | Massive impact on thousands: A case study in living Beyond Influence
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 30.44Mb)


Lots to learn in this real life case study on living beyond influence!

Click Here for the great resources from our interview with Chris.

161. 137 Waldo Waldman | Find Your Wingman
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 33.95Mb)


Know who you are and realize when you need to say, "I need help."

Click Here for the great resources from our interview with Waldo.

162. 136 Randy Kenworthy | Succeed By Narrowing Your Focus
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 33.80Mb)


Focus your energy in marketing to a very specific market and get the results you've always wanted. 

Click Here for the great resources from our interview with Randy.

163. 135 Jeff Spadafora | The Joy Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Peace, Purpose, and Balance
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 36.20Mb)


Get the balance between your energy and growth in both being and doing dimensions of your life. 

Click Here for the great resources from our interview with Jeff


164. 134 John Ramstead | The Gospel Driven Entrepreneur
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 16.52Mb)


Find your purpose, pursue your calling, activate your legacy!

165. 134 John Ramstead | The Gospel Driven Entrepreneur
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (, 0.00Mb)


Find your purpose, pursue your calling, activate your legacy!

166. 133 Jason Treu | Build Your Social Wealth
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 29.00Mb)


Develop extraordinary relationships by transforming the way we live, love, lead and network!

CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Jason.

167. 132 Jim Palmer | Create Your Dream Business
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.04Mb)


Act now and stop waiting for things to get easier!

Please CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Jim.

168. 131 PJ Jonas | Blessed with Success
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 22.84Mb)


Follow Your Dreams!

Please CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with PJ.

169. 130 Leon Fontaine | The Spirit Contemporary Life
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 31.81Mb)


Allowing the holy spirit to heal and restore and lead us to the truth.

Please CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Leon.

170. 129 Craig Ballantyne | Slow Down to Speed Up
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 27.59Mb)


How healthy habits can accelerate your path to success!

Please CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Craig.

171. 128 Dr. James Dobson | Life After the Valley Part 2
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 14.52Mb)


Dr. James Dobson interviews John Ramstead on Family Talk Part 2

172. 127 Dr. James Dobson | Life After The Valley Part 1
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 14.13Mb)


Dr. James Dobson interviews John Ramstead on Family Talk Part 1

173. 126 | 3 Keys To Discover Your Core Values
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 9.42Mb)


3 Keys to discover how God wired you

Please CLICK HERE for the download from this episode!

174. 125 John Ramstead | 4 MIndsets Every Leader Must Master
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 9.32Mb)


The first step on breaking into a living life fully alive

175. 124 Brad Lomenick | The Now And Next Of Leadership
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 36.33Mb)


Your team is going to demand and expect a level of truth, honesty and authenticity in you - Brad Lomenick

Click Here for the resources from our interview with Brad

176. 123 Guy Rodgers | Understanding God's Wisdom in Our Lives
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 32.06Mb)


Develop A Personal Relationship with God

CLICK HERE for the resources from our interview with Guy.

177. 122 Tom Helling | Find Your Quiet Place and Obey God's Call
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 23.61Mb)

Description: Obeying Him When You Feel Unqualified


CLICK HERE for resources from our interview with Tom

178. 121 Pamela Winderweedle-Hillman | The Healing Power of Forgiveness
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 25.66Mb)


“It’s not really what happens to you in life, it’s what you do with what happens to you.”  Pamela Winderweedle-Hillman

Click here for the resources from our interview with Pamela

179. 120 Lance Wallnau | Passion Towards Purpose
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 37.24Mb)


 Understand your passions and you will understand your purpose.  When you know your purpose you'll know what to do!

CLICK HERE for the resources from our interview with Lance.

180. 119 Stan Bullis| Building Extraordinary Cultures in Business
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 38.09Mb)


Be in an environment where your heart and mind are connected.

CLICK HERE for the resources from our interview with Stan.


181. 118 Steve Fedyski | | Your Identity: The Key To Success
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 25.94Mb)


Don't let your accomplishments become your identity.

CLICK HERE for the resources from our interview with John.

182. 117 John Ramstead | Beyond Influence - Ignite Your Life and Legacy
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 40.59Mb)


Create the life you were meant to live.

CLICK HERE for the resources from our interview with John.

183. 116 Ford Taylor | Remove Constraints and Empower Yourself to Lead
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 37.71Mb)


Are you a transformation leader?

CLICK HERE for the resources from our interview with Ford.

184. 115 Alex Charfen | 5 Characteristics of The Entrepreneurial Personality Type
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 41.81Mb)


Discover the power of your personality

CLICK HERE for the resources from our interview with Alex

185. 114 Mark Willis | Climbing to your highest self
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 37.88Mb)


Listen to the CEO and founder of Keller Williams share the secret to his success

CLICK HERE for the resources from our episode with Mark

186. 113 Kevin Knebl | High-Tech/High-Touch Relationships
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 44.98Mb)


Building With The Pay-It-Forward Business Model

187. 112 T Harv Eker | The Success MIndset
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 35.68Mb)


Discover The Exact Strategies, Beliefs And Habits To Create Your First Million Dollar Or More Business

T Harv talked about


It’s not called ‘giving back’ because I didn’t take anything in the first place. Hear his struggle and how he used to have to decide between $5 of gas in his tank or eating. If you aren’t doing what you want to do and you’re not where you want to be, there’s something you don’t know. Three things involved to create wealth:
The right vehicle The right knowledge (generalized knowledge, specific knowledge) The right you (mindset, attitude, belief, habits & character)
Determine how good you are at what you do by your paycheck. That’s your scorecard. Hear why T Harv thinks ‘Rich is a really good idea!’ 4 words that’ll change your life.  “Thank You For Sharing” Your mind is a survival mechanism. It’s not designed to make you happy, it’s designed to protect you and look for things that are wrong. Observe each thought as it comes and determine if it is supportive or non-supportive thought. His thoughts on “Power Thinking” You have the ability to delete or install ANY thought that comes to your mind NORMAL IS BORING!

 Everyone listening or reading, T Harv has generously donated one of his best-selling books on wealth creation and is offering a webinar on how to Discover The 6 Proven Principles That Make The Difference Between Getting Rich And Staying Middle Class Or Broke

This is for the book: http://bit.ly/spgs-harv-book

And this is for the webinar: http://bit.ly/spgs-harv-webinar


188. 111 Bob Tiede | Great Leaders Ask Questions
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 17.34Mb)

Description: Would you like to increase your leadership effectiveness x 10?

Click here to get Bob's book!  

That is exactly what my friend Bob Tiede shares on this episode.  He put together this essential free resources of 100 of his favorite “Leading With Questions” questions.

This book highlights more than 100 questions to ask yourself, your team, your boss, your friends and family to help you connect with others more deeply and profoundly.

Bob has a passion for equipping and inspiring leaders and you will find this book to accelerate your leadership journey!

“We thought we had the answers, it was the questions we had wrong.”  Bono, Musician and Philanthropist 

Here is an excerpt from Bob's book which you can download HERE


Do your staff/peers/leaders ever make statements that you suspect may not actually be true? World War II General George S. Patton was known for his quip:

“How do you know that?”

This is a profoundly simple and effective method for sorting out opinion from fact.


Chariots of Fire was the winner of the 1981 Oscar for Best Picture. In the movie, Erik Liddell says, “I believe that God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast and when I run I feel his pleasure.” With this as context here is one of my most favorite questions:

“What are you doing when you feel God’s pleasure?”


What are five simple questions you can ask your staff regarding how you could become a more effective leader? Simply ask:

“What do I need to start doing?”
“What do I need to stop doing?”
“What do I need to do more of?”
“What do I need to do less of?”
“What do I need to continue to do?”


Jesus, the master communicator, went about sharing stories and asking questions. The four Gospels record 173 questions that Jesus asked. You can read all 173 questions by clicking “HERE”  

Might we do well to follow his example? Why do you suppose Jesus asked so many questions? I ask a lot of questions because I don’t know the answers, but that certainly was not true for Jesus! Might it be that he understood that asking was a much better way to engage your audience than telling?

Do you remember how the story of the Good Samaritan ends? Jesus could have said: “So therefore the Samaritan was his neighbor.” But instead he asked, “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?”

Two of my favorite questions that Jesus asked are found in Mark, chapter 8.  Jesus and his disciples went on to the villages around Caesarea Philippi. On the way he asked them,

“Who do people say I am?”

They replied, “Some say John the Baptist;
others say Elijah; and still others, one of the prophets.”

“But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”

Peter answered, “You are the Messiah.”

I have the same two questions for you:

“Who do people today say that Jesus is?”

“But what about you? Who do you say Jesus is?”

If you are not sure or would like to know more about who Jesus is, I would be delighted to send you one of my favorite books, “More Than A Carpenter” by Josh McDowell, my former colleague of 24 years. Please email me at bob.tiede@cru.org with your mailing address and your book will soon be on its way – with my compliments (offer available U.S. only).


In their book, “Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go,”  my friends, Beverly Kaye and Julie Winkle Giulioni, suggest that closure is overrated. Don’t feel the pressure to wrap up every conversation with a bow. Try this instead:

End your next meeting or conversation with a question.

Explain that there’s no time for a discussion, but that you have one more question that you want to close with. Then, the next time you are with that person, ask if they remember the question. You’ll be surprised that they not only remember the question, but they’ll also have quite a few answers for you.


If you are in involved in fundraising, would you like meetings with potential donors to be more conversational and less presentational?
Here are six questions from my friend Kent Stroman, author of “Asking about Asking: Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraising:”

“How did you learn to give?”
“What would you like your gifts to accomplish?”
“How do you decide which projects to support with your own time and money?”
“What are your top three charitable interests this year?”
“What gift did you make that has brought you the most joy?”
“Could you ever see yourself becominginvolved with our mission?”

You have just read a short excerpt from “Great Leaders Ask Questions: a Fortune 100 List”.  If you like what you just read you will want to download and read this entire FREE e-book!



Hi, I’m Bob Tiede. I am passionate about helping leaders shift their paradigm from the pressure of having to have all the right answers to simply having a few of the right questions.

In 2006, while browsing in a bookstore, I came across Leading With Questions by Michael Marquardt. I only had to peruse a few pages before declaring, “This is a keeper.”

The ideas in Leading With Questions changed forever how I looked at leadership, and provided the vision for this website.

What you can expect find on Leading With Questions:

Curated wisdom from leaders around the globe Ideas to help you multiply your effectiveness times ten Leadership book recommendations Interviews with thought-leaders, authors, and pastors

At Leading With Questions, you are invited to join the growing league of leaders who are shifting their focus from having all the answers to asking the right questions.

Bob has been on the staff of Cru for 44 years. He currently serves on the U.S. Leadership Development Team and is passionate about seeing leaders grow and multiply their effectiveness. Bob and his wife, Sherry, live in Plano, TX and are blessed with 4 incredible children and 6 remarkable grandchildren.

189. 110 Peter Greer | 40/40 Vision - Clarifying Your Mission
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 25.03Mb)


Click here for the great resources from our interview with Peter

190. 109 Steven Furtick | (Un) Qualified: How God Uses Broken People To Do Big Things
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 31.40Mb)

Description: Let God use your mess for your benefit!

Click Here for the resoruces from our interview with Steven

In this episode, we interview Pastor Steven Furtick.  He used to think the answer to his failures was to fix them, that the solution to his weaknesses was to replace them with strengths. He believed that his character and competency qualified or disqualified him. That is until an online critic caught his attention and made him start asking questions.

In (Un)Qualified: How God Uses Broken People to Do Big Things, Furtick teaches about the discoveries he’s made while wrestling with questions about self-acceptance and self-improvement. He shares the answers he’s found in scripture that have helped him reconcile who he is compared to who he is meant to be.

[su_quote cite="Steven Furtick, lead pastor and founder of Elevation Church in Charlotte, N.C."](Un)Qualified is about finding and embracing who you are in light of who God is. It’s a book about coming to terms with the good, the bad, and the unmentionable in your life and learning how to let God use your mess for your benefit. [/su_quote]

Drawing from the Bible, Furtick uses the story of Jacob to address issues of identity, fear, weakness, comparison, and change. In his witty, high-energy and insightful style, Furtick equips the reader to understand what it truly means for a follower of Christ to be qualified.

“As I’ve wrestled with my own questions, I’ve found myself changing,” says Furtick. “I’ve learned some things about weakness that I never understood before. I’ve come to see God and myself differently, and it’s changing the way I parent, the way I pastor, and the way I approach God.”

(Un)Qualified is an ideal resource for those struggling with the gap between their present reality and their hope for the future. It offers encouragement and inspiration to readers to see themselves as God sees them. After all, as Furtick teaches, “God can’t bless who you pretend to be.”

Resources Get Steven's book: (Un)Qualified: How God Uses Broken People to Do Big Things I Am Unqualified website - Great resources and bible study you will love Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StevenFurtick Twitter: @stevenfurtick Bio


Pastor Steven Furtick is the founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, N.C., named by Outreach magazine as one of the fastest growing churches in the nation with 20,000 weekly attendees across multiple locations.

Furtick grew up in Moncks Corner, S.C., where, at age 16, he felt God’s call to start an innovative church in a metropolitan city. This vision became a reality in 2006 when Furtick, along with his wife, Holly, and seven other families, moved to Charlotte and launched Elevation Church. In 10 years, the church has given away over $20 million to local outreach organizations, opened 13 locations, released eight worship albums, launched a daily television program, and continues to reach thousands of people with the hope-filled message of the Gospel.

In his fourth book, (Un)Qualified: How God Uses Broken People To Do Big Things (March 1, 2016, Multnomah Books), Furtick confronts the question of what it means to be deemed “qualified”—whether in ministry, vocation, or life. He untangles the difference of being qualified by God’s definition versus the world’s definition.

“I have to admit, this hasn’t been an easy book to write. It’s not that the topic is particularly controversial. It’s been hard to write because it’s messy,” says Furtick.

“If you’ve ever been frustrated by your failures or exasperated by your weaknesses, this book is for you,” he continues. “But let me warn you, I’m not going to tell you 15 ways to fix yourself in 15 minutes a day. I want to do something that is, I hope, a lot more valuable. I want to be real.”

Furtick is also the author of the New York Times best-sellers Crash the Chatterbox  (Multnomah Books, 2014) and Greater (Multnomah Books, 2012). His debut book Sun Stand Still (Multnomah Books, 2010) calls Christians to activate their faith and be inspired to ask God for the impossible. In addition, he created the DVD and study guide Seven Mile Miracle (Feb. 2013) about the last words of Christ.

Furtick has had the privilege to speak to global audiences at such conferences and churches around the world as the Catalyst Conference, Hillsong Conference and the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit.

Furtick received a B.A. in communications from North Greenville University and a Master of Divinity from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Holly, have two sons and a daughter.

For further information, visit www.stevenfurtick.com, www.iamunqualified.com or www.waterbrookmultnomah.com.

191. 108 Rory Vaden | Procrastinate On Purpoe
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 24.18Mb)


Learn the secrets to multiply your time.

Click Here for the great resources from our interview with Rory

192. 107 Coaches Corner with John Murphy - LinkedIn Top 10 Executive Coach
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 23.49Mb)


A bold new look at authentic leadership

Click Here for the resources from our interview with John

193. 106 Michael Port | Is Your Desire Greater Than Your Fear?
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 25.02Mb)


Michael is the master of thinking big and creating the future that you were meant for.

Click here for the resources from our interview with Michael

194. 105 Brad Lomenick | Master Leadership, Be Humble, Become A Change Maker
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.75Mb)

Description: Be Humble, Stay Hungry, Always Hustle

A mentor of mine handed me a book titled The Catalyst Leader, 8 Essentials for Becoming a Change Maker.  There are few books on leadership that are as equipping and this is one.

Click here for the resources from our interview with Brad

You will love this interview with Brad Lomenick, an author and the founder of Catalyst, and a legendary expert on leadership.

As we started talking about his life story and insight on what creates powerful leaders that I realized just how wise he is.

I loved hearing Brad’s wisdom on leadership, especially the relationship between confidence and humility.

Whether you’re leading a company or seeking to take a leadership role in your relationships, you’re going to get massive value out of Brad’s perspective.

Brad has just published H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle and you need to put this on your reading list!

What you will learn How to influence influencers The importance of leaders never feeling like they’ve “arrived” How to redefine yourself and step fully into your calling The most important habit you can have The breakdown of how identity, calling, assignment work together to define who you are Resources H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle  The Catalyst Leader, 8 Essentials for Becoming a Change Maker Catalyst Conference Follow Brad Website Twitter Facebook Bio

It’s a bit weird writing about yourself, so the best way to get the scoop on me is to check out my facebook page or follow me on Twitter. I promise to add value! In a nutshell, I’m an Oklahoma boy now residing in the South. I am a passionate follower of Christ, and had the privilege of leading and directing a movement of young leaders called Catalyst for the last 12 years. We see our role as equipping, inspiring, and releasing the next generation of young Christian leaders, and do this throughevents, resources, consulting, content and connecting a community of like-minded Catalysts all over the world. I appreciate the chance to continually connect with and collaborate alongside leaders.

I have now moved into a strategic advisor role with Catalyst, along with several other organizations.

My first book, The Catalyst Leader, released in April 2013, and will be releasing a follow up book in September of 2015 entitled H3 Leadership.

I love Oklahoma Sooners football, and consider myself a strong candidate for the senior golf tour at some point. I would prefer to start most mornings in a duck blind if possible, and if not hunting, you’ll find me on the ski slopes or on a plane. If given the option, I would love to have my own hunting show or maybe even sub in for Piers Morgan on CNN.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve spent a significant amount of time convening leaders. Prior to running Catalyst, I spent 5 years involved in the growth of the nationally acclaimed Life@Work Magazine and did management consulting with Cornerstone Group. Before that, after graduating from the University of Oklahoma, I rode horses for a living on a ranch in the Colorado mountains for several years.

I write about leadership, the next generation, creativity, innovation, social media, teamwork, personal growth, generational issues, execution, and a few other topics. You can hear all kinds of conversations with great leaders I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing like Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, Francis Chan, Tony Dungy, Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, Marcus Buckingham, Dave Ramsey, Bill Hybels and others through the Catalyst Podcast, which is FREE and available on itunes or on the Catalyst website.

I typically post 4-5 times a week. To stay connected, you can subscribe to receive blog updates via email or RSS Feed.

For a little more insight on me, here are ten questions, well, with me….

First Car? 1980 Monte Carlo (green and gray upholstery interior) Where did you grow up? Bristow, OK (home of the Purple Pirates!). Just outside of Tulsa. All time Favorite Movie? Lonesome Dove Favorite Snack Indulgence: Chips and Salsa All Time Favorite Quote: tough one, but I love this- “Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words.”  – St. Francis of Assisi Ever been skydiving? No. Do you want to? No. Dream Vacation: either golfing in Scotland and Ireland, or duck/dove/goose hunting in Argentina. If I could pick a different first name, what would it be? Lom. That way I would be Lom Lomenick. What do I like best about leading Catalyst? The free t-shirts and swag. Seriously, it’s the thousands of leaders around the US and the world that we have the amazing opportunity to impact, equip and inspire to be a Catalyst in their communities. That is an amazing honor. And we take it very seriously, and hold it with a great sense of stewardship. What three people would you want to have dinner with tonight? Billy Graham, Bono, and Nelson Mandela.

Bonus Question: What 3 golfers make up your foursome on your trip to Scotland (dreaming here): Jack Nicklaus, Michael Jordan and Bono. And I would invite Charles Barkley just for the humor!

195. 104 Diane Gardner | Why Didn't My CPA Tell Me That?
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 20.25Mb)


Superhero Tax Coach, Diane Gardner, shares powerful strategies to increase your bottom line


Click Here to get the resources from our interview with Diane

196. 103 Joe Calloway | Magnetic - The Art Of Attracting Business
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 23.28Mb)


What makes a booming business “boom”? Positive word of mouth.

Click Here for the resources from our interview with Joe

From market leading Fortune 500 corporate giants to the neighborhood pancake restaurant with a line out the door, it’s strength of reputation that creates momentum and drives business growth.

Magnetic: The Art Of Attracting Business is about how to build your business based on a customer-centric strategy. This strategy uses the power of simplicity, focus, and customer experience to attract customers, keep those customers for life, and create a never-ending stream of new customers. Learn how to simplify the way you think about your business so that everyone in your organization shares a common focus on creating consistent customer experiences that generate customer satisfaction and grow the business.

“Personal recommendations – word-of-mouth – are the number one driver of purchase decisions.” – Forbes Magazine

This session gives you simple, powerful, actionable strategies that you can implement immediately. These are ideas that fire people up and motivate them to go back and take immediate action to improve performance and results with customers.

You will learn and take back…

How to get clarity on maximizing customer satisfaction. How to use a fundamental business attraction strategy throughout the entire organization. How to simplify how you think about your business and avoid over-complicating things. How to avoid the trap of “wow” distractions and focus on what truly matters most to customers. How to “filter” your choices and activities so that you always achieve maximum positive impact with customers. How to use simple, powerful “tie-breakers” to make all the difference in performance and results.

197. 102 Darren Shearer | The Power Of A Marketplace Christian
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 21.07Mb)


Straightforward advice on how to be an impact player!

Click here for the resources from our interview with Darren

198. 101 Matt Heard | 3 Keys To Live A FULL Life
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 23.62Mb)


Life holds so much more than we even know, so much to experience.  If you are seeking a full life this episode if just for you.

Click Here for the resources from our interview with Matt

199. 100 Lance Wallnau | Boldly Pursue Your Calling With Courage
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 27.36Mb)

Description: Celebrate our 100th episode with special guest Lance Wallnau

Click Here for the special resources from our interview with Lance

Wow, we did this together.  Thank you to everyone who has been part of Eternal Leadership.  You are an incredible audience and we have all learned meaningful lessons from our 100 guests.  We have explored how to connect with who God is, how to find your identity, get clarity on your calling and purpose and have heard incredible life journeys and testimonies from all walks of life.

Today, we explore how to take everything we have learned so far and put it into action in our lives. Lance shares what is going on in the times that we live in, how God is moving, and how to boldly move forward into the life you were meant to create!

[su_quote cite="Lance Wallnau" url="http://lancewallnau.com/"]There is a fresh installment of God's plan for your life that is wanting to become manifest.  Therefore, you don't have to try to create something, you have to cooperate with what wants to emerge[/su_quote]

A special thank you to Lance for his friendship to all of us and his mentorship.  He has graciously offered his BEST training on how to equip yourself to take those first small steps that will lead you to massive impact!  Here is the link to  Lance's training.

We are putting together a special training event with Lance on how to make convergence happen in your life.  Stay tuned for details on this!  Sign up for our Newsletter to be included in this special event ------->

What you will learn from our 100th episode The secret to knowing what to do and how to move into your calling What the force multipliers in our lives that will give you a 100 fold return How do you show up in this moment and how does it match the person you want to be If you had NO constraints what could you create in your life, if anything imaginable was possible, what would it take to create massive change How to define what being fruitful looks like! - Identity - Calling - Purpose Our work is our ministry and our vocation The 3 phases of being STUCK and how to get UNSTUCK How to get all of your arrows aligned in one direction that leads to convergence A prayer that will change your life

[su_quote cite="Lance Wallnau" url="http://lancewallnau.com/"] Lord, You know my calling, You know my situation better than I do.  I surrender everything about me and my business to You. I ask you to bring into my life those people that need to be here to help me do what You called me to do and I ask you to create natural and grace ways for those who don’t belong here to find their place some place else.[/su_quote]

Resources Lance Wallnau's website: http://lancewallnau.com/ Lance's special for our audience: Be a Killer Sheep Reformer Lance's Blog that we personally read and recommend Follow Lance on Periscope @LanceWallnau - I personally tune in every night and it is outstanding!! Lance Learning Facebook Page Follow Lance on Twitter Lance's messages ... one that we both LOVE is Doing Business Supernaturally 101 and DBS 201. Bio

Dr. Lance Wallnau is a catalytic thought leader. An internationally recognized speaker and business consultant, he is one of the premiere speakers on the subject of cultural transformation and the seven mountains. He delivers his message of transformation with relevance, wit, and intensity.

Lance has shared platforms with best-selling authors Ken Blanchard and John Maxwell, and lectured at universities from Harvard and M.I.T. to the London School of Theology.  Merging a thirty-year background consulting in business and the non-profit sector, Lance’s intuition inspires visions of tomorrow with the clarity of today—connecting ideas to action. His students represent a tapestry spanning nations and spheres: from CEO’s and HBO comedians, to professors and pastors, to one of Donald Trump’s winners of The Apprentice. Lance is dedicated to the task of meeting with principal leaders in key sectors to bring transformation to nations.

He currently directs the Lance Learning Group, a strategic teaching and consulting company based in Dallas, Texas with affiliate offices opening up in Europe and the Philippines. Lance sees patterns in the chaos and brings strategic focus for maximized outcomes. He believes that unprecedented economic, political, and social shaking will create extraordinary opportunities for leaders willing to climb to the top of their mountain, leverage the platform God has given them, and advance kingdom interests.

Academic attainments include a Doctorate in Ministry with a specialization in Marketplace from Phoenix University of Theology, and M.A. from South Western Theological Seminary where he also taught an as an adjunct professor. Wallnau serves actively on the Board of Directors for several progressive organizations.

Dr. Wallnau’s teachings help people to find clarity in their assignment, develop mastery in their field, step into convergence, and function within their passion. A frequent television guest and conference keynote speaker, today Lance has influenced thousands of leaders around the world.

200. 099 Thomas Gay | High Touch In A High Tech World (CEO of Refer.com)
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 25.33Mb)


Now, more than ever, relationships are key!

Click here for the resources from our interview with Tom

201. 098 Darryl Lyons | A Faith-Based Approach For The Ambitious Entrepreneur
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 30.02Mb)

Description: You know the what and the why.... What next?

Click Here for the resources from our interview with Darryl

As entrepreneurs we experience an extreme amount of worry, pressure, and confusion. It is a matter of time before we feel the stress and anxiety of being in business. It doesn’t have to be this way.

In this episode we bring Darryl Lyons on to discuss the principles in his outstanding book Small Business Big Pressure. Darryl shares his wisdom and knowledge which will help you if you are a 20 year veteran or the soon-to-be entrepreneur. When the business owner aligns all facets of his company with God, something special happens.

In the context of aligning with God’s will, with Small Business Big Pressure you will be able: How to build a mission and vision statement How to accomplish personal and professional goals Understand how to read and use financial statements Understand how to properly hire, train, and fire employees How to build a company identity and inspire the team

Not only will this book give you solid principles, it teaches you from a real tested-in-the trenches entrepreneur how to put these principles in practice today! You will be compelled to keep the book close by through your entire career as a unique reference source and a source of inspiration!

“There’s a whole group of people out there that are hungry for God. I want us to have confidence and go out there and be ourselves in Him and just say, “Look, we’re Christians and I’m not going to apologize for it. And you’ll find out how many people will stand beside you in that journey.” –Darryl Lyons

You Will Learn How to be still in the Lord The difference between a Christian culture and a Christian company Practical steps to develop an extraordinary culture The chief responsibility of a leader How to live in moment-by-moment dependence on God How to abide in Christ in every phase of your business Resources

Small Business, Big Pressure: A Faith-Based Approach to Guide the Ambitious Entrepreneur by Darryl Lyons

30 Small Business Startup Mistakes - FREE download for you as a special gift from Darryl

Small Business, Big Pressure website 

Darryl's Blog - These are great articles you will want to read and share

C12 Group - Christian CEO Roundtable


CEO and co-founder of the PAX Financial Group, Darryl Lyons has been a licensed professional in the financial services industry since 1999. A lifelong Texan, Darryl began his career in the financial sector just one day removed from earning his bachelor’s degree in corporate financial management and accounting at St. Mary’s University. Throughout his career, he has won awards for recruiting and development from Fortune 100 companies. In January 2007, he chose to begin and develop his independent practice.He joined Andres Gutierrez and Joseph Schuetze to form the PAX Financial Group. “We have such a strong team,” Darryl says.“It is based on a system of trust and respect.I am honored to have the people around me who help me accomplish very challenging tasks.Without their support, I couldn’t meet the needs of my clients.” Darryl also served as the Chairman for Brooks Development Authority. Shortly after his service, Mayor Julian Castro, named a park “The Darryl W Lyons Park” in honor of his service. Darryl is a successful small business entrepreneur and co-founder of Radio Show “Financial Mythbusters”. He was named to the 2010 San Antonio Business Journal’s “40 Under 40 Rising Stars,” which honors people making a difference in the business community.

202. 097 Terence Chatmon | Your Most Valuable Asset
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 30.94Mb)


The CEO of the Fellowship of Christian Companies International (FCCI) shares how to serve God in the Marketplace.


203. 096 Nora A'Bell | Are You Ready To Discover The Greatness Within?
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 23.91Mb)

Description: Discover Your Unique Value

All of us were created with a Unique Contribution.  Something that contributes to our world in a positive way and fulfills our need for meaning, purpose and value.

Click Here for the great resources from our interview with Nora


You were created for a reason. You have a purpose and a greatness that the world desperately needs now. Whatever your story, your challenges, or your circumstances, they have all played a part in creating who you are and your purpose for being here.

In this episode, we talk with a great friend, Nora A'Bell who shares that we all have a unique value and how to find it.  You will love this conversation and definitely want to find out more after hearing what Nora has to share

But here’s the truth of the situation:
The world is deprived of our greatest gifts because most people don't know what their greatest gifts really are. As a result...

• Our businesses struggle...
• Our relationships flounder...
• Our churches are disjointed and ineffective...
• And we become weak and ineffective.

Isn’t it time to turn that around?
Regardless of our past and present struggles, or future goals and ambitions, all of us want to live lives of purpose. We want to feel personally fulfilled, create satisfying relationships, engage in meaningful work, and leave a legacy.

The possibility of that reality is only possible when we discover our own Unique Contribution and learn to use it in our work and in the service of others.

The possibility of that reality is only possible when we understand the Unique Contribution of others and encourage them to use it in their work and in the service of others.

In other words, the possibility of that reality is only possible when we learn to"Shine As One".

Are you ready to rediscover the greatness within? Resources RevenueTribe - You, Rediscovered Unique Contribution Workshops Shine As One Blog Email Nora



I've spent my entire career helping people see the greatness within and then promoting and connecting them to opportunities to use that greatness in a powerful way. My gift - my own Unique Contribution - is helping others be seen and heard, and awaken them to their own greatness. And now, here we are.

Before I tell you about me, let me tell you a few things about you.

You are not random. You were created for a reason. You have a purpose and a greatness that the world desperately needs now. Whatever your story, your challenges, or your circumstances, they have all played a part in creating who you are and your purpose for being here.

How do I know?

For starters, I spent 10 years in Advertising and Marketing. I was a successful sales manager for Yellow Pages and a sales rep for two different radio stations and a magazine. Some of my greatest work in advertising, marketing and sales was when I was allowed the opportunity to discover what made a business truly unique and then translate that into media that helped them to stand out in the marketplace.

For 4 years, I created business groups for the commercial real estate and corporate event industries to help them discover ways in which they could work together to reach a broader market and to increase revenue. For 3 years after that, I devoted my time to creating communities of business owners who worked together to build businesses that allowed them to increase revenue and live the life they love.

So, helping others discover their unique contribution and work together to achieve their goals and dreams is not exactly a new thing for me.

This work - Unique Contribution workshops - is just the next expansion of what I've been doing my whole life. I do it because it's my Unique Contribution. I do it because it has proven, time and time again, to improve people's lives, businesses, ministries, relationships and communities. That's how it works. That's how it can work for you, too.

Whether you want to achieve more in your business with less struggle, infuse your primary relationship with passion and happiness, make a greater impact with your ministry, or achieve a new level of personal fulfillment, the Unique Contribution workshops will open your heart, mind and opportunities for a more meaningful, purposeful life.

If that sounds good to you, I hope you'll join me. Check out the resources below and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions not answered on this site. I always love hearing from you!

Vision & Mission

My Vision is to Shine As One.

My Mission is to empower others to rediscover their Unique Contribution, as well as, know the Unique Contribution of others so ultimately, they can "Shine As One" and make a greater impact for the kingdom of God here on earth.

My Highest Values...

My deepest desire is to glorify God through my life and my work.

John 17:13 Now this is eternal life, that they may know you, the one true God and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.

I endeavor to stay hungry and humble; hungry for continuous growth, knowledge and transformation, and humbled by the knowledge of how big this work is and how grateful I am to play a small in it.

I am committed to being authentic, vulnerable and trustworthy with my words and actions. I am who I am in my personal and professional life alike. What you see is what you get.

I am committed to keeping love and generosity at the heart of my work regardless of how my business may change and evolve.

I value efficiency and purpose. I believe I will be responsible for using the gift God gave me and am very serious about bringing it to as many individuals, couples and organizations as possible.

204. 095 Coaches Corner with Geo Roberts
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 27.85Mb)


The goal of coaching is to accelerate a leader's development.  Coaching speeds learning time, enabling leaders to make significant leaps in learning and behavior change in a matter of months rather than years.

Try Refer.Com free for 14 days.  It is the software we use!!

Click Here for the resources from our interview with Geo

Our goal is to add value to you by addressing the questions you have submitted.  Please comment below so we can include your question on the next episode! 

Leadership and executive coach, Geo Roberts answers questions from our audience What is the role of a leader? How do I connect/develop/nurture the relationships with those I’m leading? How do I influence my company’s culture to one that honors Christ? Resources


Lead Through Coaching Program:  http://www.georoberts.com/leadthroughcoaching/



Born in Kansas USA, Geo spent 15 years in the USAF, 11 of those years as a fighter pilot and instructor trainer.  This inspired Geo’s passion for helping others achieve their potential. He has designed and delivered coaching training and leadership development programs for over 35 years attended by 1000's of people worldwide, and particularly in Europe He is an inspirational coach who has a passionate belief in the ability we have as people to make the permanent changes in attitudes and behaviors that lead to lasting performance improvement.  This means he is able to get even the most intransigent of attitudes to shift from boardroom to coal face level.  

Geo has coached CEO's, individuals and teams across a wide range of local, national and international organizations such as Visa, Orange, Baxter Healthcare, PGA European Tour, Domino Printed Images Fuji, Marks and Spencer, Avon Rubber, Environ, MJMapp and John Lewis. His book, IMPACT! How to Make a Positive Difference, is an autobiographical workbook and manual to help inspire and motivate people from all ages and backgrounds to make the changes necessary to lead rich and fulfilling lives.


205. 094 Steve Haynes | How Your Workplace Can Be Your Mission Field
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Equipping a new generation of entrepreneurs

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206. 093 Greg McKeown | Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit Of Less
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In my mastermind group, I was recently sharing that I was stretched too thin and felt like I was entirely too busy but not productive.  

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I felt that my agenda was not my own and I was at the of other people and my calendar.  A friend of mine recommended the book Essentialism which I downloaded after the meeting on audible and started listening to on the way home.

“You cannot overestimate the unimportance of practically everything.”
― Greg McKeown

This book was the answer and has opened up a whole new life for me and is one of the first things I have every client I work with read.  The author Greg McKeown is a best seller in the New York Times, WSJ and Amazon.  I reached out to him for an interview and to my absolute delight he said he’s love to.

This is one of my favorite interviews I have ever done.  Not only are the concepts in Essentialism life changing but Greg is a Christian and he shares how the concepts and principles in the book came from his faith.

“We often think of choice as a thing. But a choice is not a thing. Our options may be things, but a choice—a choice is an action. It is not just something we have but something we do.”
― Greg McKeown

The Way of the Essentialist isn’t about getting more done in less time. It’s about getting only the right things done.  It is not  a time management strategy, or a productivity technique. It is a systematic discipline for discerning what is absolutely essential, then eliminating everything that is not, so we can make the highest possible contribution towards the things that really matter.

By forcing us to apply a more selective criteria for what is Essential, the disciplined pursuit of less empowers us to reclaim control of our own choices about where to spend our precious time and energy – instead of giving others the implicit permission to choose for us.

Essentialism is not one more thing – it’s a whole new way of doing everything. A must-read for any leader, manager, or individual who wants to learn who to do less, but better, in every area of their lives, Essentialism  is a movement whose time has come.

“the pursuit of success can be a catalyst for failure. Put another way, success can distract us from focusing on the essential things that produce success in the first place.”
― Greg McKeown


Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Disciplined Pursuit of Less – Article for Harvard by Greg McKeown

Greg’s blog

Twitter: @GregoryMcKeown


Greg McKeown has dedicated his career to discovering why some people break through to the next level—and others don’t. The definitive treatment of this issue is addressed in McKeown’s latest project: the instant New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.  As well as frequently being the #1 Time Management book on Amazon, this book challenges core assumptions about achievement to get to the essence of what really drives success. McKeown is the CEO of THIS Inc, a company whose mission is to assist people and companies to spend 80 percent of their time on the vital few rather than the trivial many. Clients include Adobe, Apple, Google, Facebook, Pixar, Salesforce.com, Symantec, Twitter, VMware and Yahoo!. His writing has appeared or been covered by Fast Company, Fortune, HuffPost, Politico, and Inc. Magazine. He is among the most popular bloggers for the Harvard Business Review and LinkedIn’s Influencers group: averaging a million views a month. McKeown has been interviewed on numerous television and radio shows including NPR’s All Things Considered and NBC’s Press: Here. Entrepreneur Magazine voted his interview at Stanford University the #1 Must-See Video on Business, Creativity and Success.

207. 092 Jeff Gott | Who Else Wants Clarity of Purpose and Joy?
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Jeff Gott was working his way up the corporate ladder as a consultant at Accenture and there's where God got ahold of him.  It first took him to the mission field, then to an executive position at a major Christian publisher and now working to facilitate Kingdom generosity at WaterStone.  On this edition of Eternal Leadership, listen to how God weaved all those seasons together to bring Jeff to a place of ever deepening faith and peace.  Get encouragement for transition seasons that you or friends are going through!

Show Notes

208. 091 Dr. John Townsend | Finding Success in a Culture of Entitlement
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In today's episode, best-selling author, leadership expert, business coach and psychologist, Dr. John Townsend, joins us to discuss his latest book The Entitlement Cure.

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Dr. Townsend talks about how this attitude affects our behavior and relationships as well as how to confront others who are struggling with entitlement.

Here are my key takeaways from our interview The Hard Way cures entitlement Entitlement hurts ourselves and others Entitlement is a rejection of reality To change, we must want to change Anything worth doing requires discipline Positive change often starts with saying "I was wrong."

209. 090 How To Create Outer Wealth & Inner Significance | Bill Watkins & Robert Mallon
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210. 089 Tina Marie Griffin | A Counter Culture Way To Raise Great Kids
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Description: Protect your family and yourself against the lies of the media

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“Hollywood promotes a lie in the fact that there are no consequences. Consequences are a huge thing that Hollywood is not addressing and that’s what’s killing our younger kids, from STD’s to suicide to all the things going on. if we would have positive entertainment coming out of Hollywood, I know the state of our youth today would be one hundred fold better than where it is today.” - Tina Marie Griffin

It is impossible to turn on the television or the radio without seeing or hearing messages that go against everything we stand for as Christians. We are bombarded with glamorous images of premarital sex, drug abuse and alcoholism, and well as suicide and other self-destructive behavior. As parents, it is a daily battle to fight off the influences of Hollywood, the music industry and social media.  How do we intentionally help our children to navigate this culture and cling to Christ to find their identity?

Join us today as we hear from former actress turned speaker and blogger,  Tina Marie Griffin. Tina’s background in Hollywood and the entertainment industry has given her a unique view into the real lives of celebrities, the double standards that some of them live by, and the pressures that surround them at all sides. Tina has seen first hand that what we see and hear is not the truth. Consequences are very real and it is imperative that we expose the real truth to our youth so that they can become leaders who can make a difference in our culture.

What you will learn: Tina’s background and the conversations that she has had with celebrities. How parents sometimes feed the very problems they want to avoid. That God will bless you for living differently. If you’re persecuted by the world, you’re doing the right thing. How God led Tina into Hollywood to learn about the “inside” story and how she could help parents equip their kids to make wise choices. The guilt and pressures that actors/actresses face every day. The importance of finding identity in Christ. Next steps to protect your family and yourself against the lies of the media. How to make your children your priority and model a life that bears fruit. The importance of being obedient to God.

“The biggest thing you can do is to be obedient to what God’s calling you to do no matter the cost, to keep investing in your kids because you are training them up to change the world. You only have such a short amount of time to make a huge impact.” - Tina Marie Griffin


The Counter Culture Mom - Tina Marie Griffin's website and great resources for our audience


Tina Marie Griffin grew up on a farm in WI and went to Hollywood to work as an actress at a young age. For a decade, she worked on numerous TV shows and movies. While working in LA, she wanted to learn as much as she could about the entertainment industry and she got a job as an assistant to a major casting director at Universal Studios to learn the inside scoop of the movie making business.What she learned became the reason Tina has been speaking to teens and parents for the past 11 years.  In addition to sharing this message in schools, parent events, conferences and camps, Tina has opened for Third Day, Jeremy Camp, Jeff Deyo, Rotterdam November, The Museum, Chris August & Skillet.  She is currently a member of Next Generation Alliance, a network of crusaders started by the Luis Palau ministry. Tina has four active children, Jacob, Levi, Eden & Stella, and knows first-hand the importance of creating a media-safe environment for her family.  Being married to a co-visionary, her husband Luke has been the exact knight she needed.  The Griffin gang resides in Missouri where they like to camp, cook and homeschool together!

211. 088 Aaron Walker | Live a Successful AND Significant Life
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Description: A MasterMind Group Will Accelerate Your Results

Aaron Walker is a great leader and an even better human being.  I’m very fortunate to be in his mastermind group and call him a friend.  He truly looks out for others and has some interesting giveaways to all of YOU… The  listeners of The Eternal Leadership Podcast.

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For 19 years and counting, Aaron has taken classes from and has been coached personally by his friend, financial guru, Dave Ramsey. Spiritual mentors David Landrith and Bob Warren have impacted his spiritual life beyond measure. Two other disciplined mastermind groups, 48 Days led by friend Dan Miller and The Torch have played a role in his understanding of how to live a significant, successful life. Aaron incorporates education and learning opportunities into his daily routine, remaining informed of the latest tools and trends available.

[su_quote cite="Aaron Walker" url="http://www.viewfromthetop.com/"]You should fear missing an opportunity more than you fear failure.[/su_quote]

Businessman and Life Coach, Aaron T. Walker, has inspired many through his leadership, mentorship, and consistent pursuit of excellence. He enjoys helping others and believes experience is a great teacher. 35 years of entrepreneurship and marriage have given Aaron a wealth of experience. Aaron continues to reach new heights and broaden his perspective of the terrain by examining his experiences and growing from them.

[su_quote cite="Aaron Walker" url="http://www.viewfromthetop.com/"]I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew what I didn’t want to do at an early age[/su_quote]

What you will learn When considering true success, it’s important to aim for significance. A healthy balance between life and work isn’t some far-fetched myth. How to find the true calling Christ has for each of you That being in a Master Mind group can radically accelerate your success Having an impact on others pays more dividends than self-absorption. Resources Go To: www.Viewfromthetop.com/EternalLeadership See what Dave Ramsey has said about Aaron: Dave Ramsey Follow Aaron on Twitter: @VFTCoach Bio

Businessman and Life Coach, Aaron T. Walker, has inspired many through his leadership, mentorship, and consistent pursuit of excellence. He enjoys helping others and believes experience is a great teacher. 35 years of entrepreneurship and marriage have given Aaron a wealth of experience. Aaron continues to reach new heights and broaden his perspective of the terrain by examining his experiences and growing from them.

For 19 years and counting, Aaron has taken classes from and has been coached personally by his friend, financial guru, Dave Ramsey. Spiritual mentors David Landrith and Bob Warren have impacted his spiritual life beyond measure. Two other disciplined mastermind groups, 48 Days led by friend Dan Miller and The Torch have played a role in his understanding of how to live a significant, successful life. Aaron incorporates education and learning opportunities into his daily routine, remaining informed of the latest tools and trends available.

It only took a few years as a partner with David Patton Construction LLC for Aaron to help take the business from doing one to two projects per year to a multi-million dollar company, voted number one builder for three consecutive years by Nashville’s House & Home & Garden Magazine’s People’s Choice Awards. He sold his retail business to Cash America USA, a Fortune 500 company. In addition to being the owner of eight lucrative businesses, Aaron participates in civic endeavors.

Through his participation in personal accountability groups, Aaron mentors 11 individuals weekly now and has for over five years. The Eagles Group, a collection of Nashville’s most respected leaders met weekly for over a decade. At his local church, Aaron is an active member, team leader, Deacon, and teacher.

Aaron values his time spent with family and friends. Sharing the past 35 years with his lovely wife Robin has been nothing short of spectacular. His two fantastic daughters and champion sons-in-law have given Aaron & Robin four beautiful grandchildren. When time allows, Aaron enjoys hunting, fishing, golf, and is an avid reader. A graduate of George Washington University (Economics), Johnson lives in Portland, Oregon. He considers himself a full-time student of books and a bad chess player in good practice.

212. 087 Chris McCluskey | Who Else Wants To Accelerate Their Results?
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Description: If you are looking at a life change, get rid of a Plan B and develop a mindset where there isn’t a back door.

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Knock and keep on knocking and it will be opened. Now, will you step through and will you be faithful? Will you stay the course not if, but WHEN the challenges come? And we don’t get spooked so badly when those challenges come. You just modify plan A and find a way around, over or under.  Keep pressing to get through to the fullness of what you feel God has really called you.Chris McCluskey

As you’ve listened to our Eternal Leadership Podcast, you have no doubt heard numerous references to Christian Coaching. You may have looked into it yourself, whether to learn more about it or to hire a Christian Coach to help you bring the best out your business. It’s a movement that our guest believes will be fundamental to churches and businesses worldwide as Christians seek to integrate their faith with the marketplace.

Join us today as we hear from the “Father of Christian Coaching”, Chris McCluskey. Chris is the founder and president of the Professional Christian Coaching Institute. His journey from Christian psychotherapy into coaching was a call from God that required him to take a leap of faith and answer some hard questions. Christ will share his story and give a clear understanding of the definition of Christian Coaching and what it can do for individuals and our culture. You won’t want to miss this insightful episode.

What you will learn: How Christian Coaching is different from Christian Counseling Coaching looks toward the future while counseling deals with the past. Why the wave of Christian Coaching has been so successful. The difference between the “outside in” model and the “inside out” model. If you are looking at a life change, get rid of a Plan B and develop a mindset where there isn’t a back door. What is the future of Christian Coaching? How well-known Christian leaders in business are integrating Christian coaching into the marketplace. The importance of looking for the answers to our questions inside of us, through the Holy Spirit. Where to find more information on Christian Coaching and how you can influence people by bringing out the best in them.


I think what I had was a front row seat to the dismantling of the family. Here I was being so close to other people’s battlefields that eventually you become shell shocked. You can’t believe the amount of pain and trauma that families were facing. The Lord introduced me to this new field called life coaching. It was about vision, it was about growth. It wasn’t about brokenness and healing in the past. It was about what could be, what’s possible, and I saw the immediate connections with our faith and worldview and God’s calling on our lives. And the rest is history.Chris McCluskey
Resources: Professional Christian Coaching Institute How to become a Certified Christian Life Coach Christian Life Coaching Book: Christian Coaching: Helping Others Turn Potential Into Reality by Dr. Gary Collins Book: When Two Become One Chris & Rachel McCluskey Bio

Chris McCluskey is a visionary leader who pioneered thew world of Christian Coaching. in 1998, Christ transitioned entirely out of his ownership of the largest Christian psychotherapy practice in Tampa Bay into full-time coaching as a solo practitioner in his new business, Coaching for Christian Living, Inc. He is the founder of Professional Christian Coaching Institute. Chris has presented at more than 50 national and international conferences. He and his wife, Rachel, are best-selling authors of the highly-acclaimed marriage book When Two Become One. They are frequent guests on popular Christian radio and television shows. Chris and Rachel operate Professional Christian Coaching Institute and Coaching for Christian Living from their ranch in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in south-central Missouri where they homeschool their seven children. Chris’ passions include music, the performing arts, and nature, but most of all his family.

213. 086 Bruce Van Horn | The One Key To Running The Race Well
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214. 085 Kim Avery | God, Why Is This So Hard?
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Build a foundation on bedrock and every structure will stand during the storms

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215. 084 Rich Marshall | How to become an EPIC Leader
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Description: The marketplace is one of the best places for ministry

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“I tell people it’s really inappropriate for you to walk into your marketplace and say ‘hey, God has called me to minister to you.’ So don’t ever say anything about it. Let it happen on His schedule and off work time mostly, because otherwise you’re going to be known as that Bible thumper. So, let’s back up and get a view of what ministry in the marketplace is. It’s totally different than ministry in the church, and if we can understand that, and making ethical decisions is one of those things, just doing the right thing. And I think God’s call to purity in business is one of His highest calls.”- Rich Marshall

If you are a believer, God has called you to minister to those around you right where you are. You don’t have to be a pastor or work in a Christian ministry, you just have to ask God to use you in a way that honors Him each and every day. Your business can be your ministry, even if you don’t, or can’t, talk about Jesus openly.

Join us today as we talk with Rich Marshall, one of the pioneers of the modern marketplace ministry movement. Rich will share some wonderful examples of how God has used business professionals to change their companies, one life at a time. His E.P.I.C. system, Ethics, Principals, Integrity, and Character, is a proven, God-ordained way to have a lasting influence on your workplace.

What you will learn: The importance of Revelation 1:6 “And hath made us kings and priests unto God the Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. If you’re called of God, you’re called to serve Him right where you are. Ministry in the work place doesn’t always mean starting a prayer meeting or Bible study at work. It means living with integrity and purity and praying about people and business transactions. The importance of starting your day with asking the Lord to use you. One person can change the workplace if you are the presence of Christ. The business world does not have to be evil and sinful. The importance of patience. Change won’t necessarily happen overnight. How to strike balance in brining God into the workplace without being a Bible thumper. You may not always know what lives will be touched, but they will.

“You might wonder how i got involved in corporate training. It’s because everything i learned in corporate training I learned from the Bible.” - Rich Marshall


Books: God at Work volume 1 & God at Work volume 2 by Rich Marshall

Book: There’s No Such Thing as “Business” Ethics: There’s Only One Rule for Making Decisions by John Maxwell.


Rich Marshall is an international speaker and trainer. Rich brings over 40 years of in depth knowledge and hands on experience in pastoring, church planting and now business consulting and counseling within both the private sector and the non-profit sector of businesses. Rich and Wilma Marshall founded ROI, an inspirational and equipping ministry to the business community.

216. Extra - Being Faithful In The Small Things - Os Hillman
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Encouragement if you are going through the pit

217. 083 Os Hillman | Keys To Becoming A Kingdom Entrepreneur
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Description: Whatever You Do, Work at it With All Your Heart

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“I believe that God has given each of us a mandate to solve a problem. And when we begin to solve problems, we begin to have influence. Because culture doesn't care who solves their problem, they just want their problem solved. So I believe that influence is a result of a fruit of our call, not a goal.”- Os Hillman

Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”  Whether you work in the secular world, or whether you work for a ministry, everything you do with a motive to serve God is part of living out your faith. Work is ministry, regardless of your job.

On today’s podcast, we will talk with Os Hillman, president of Marketplace Leaders. Os went through a very difficult period in his business and personal life, but God used that time to bring good out of a painful situation. This experience has given him a unique perspective on how to help others who are going through similar circumstances. He also learned that it’s important to take our relationship with God into every aspect of our lives, including our business endeavors.

What You Will Learn:

There does not have to be an iron curtain between the business world and the spiritual world. Understanding God’s view of work. How to apply the Bible to your field of professional work. The Strategy of the 7 Mountains How you can have an influence. The 4 attributes of a Christian in the marketplace. The importance of being faithful to the small things.

“It's not a reigning over people, it's using the spiritual authority of the Holy Spirit to be able to pray things in to existence. To be able to be his witnesses in the Earth. To be able to share the gospel, to be able to solve problems. That's what I mean by authority, not to dominate another person, but to represent Heaven on Earth.”- Os  Hillman





Book: The Upside of Adversity by Os Hillman

Extra Audio: A Story of being faithful told by Os Hillman


Os Hillman is president of Marketplace Leaders, an organization whose purpose is to help men and women discover and fulfill God’s complete purpose through their work and to view their work as ministry. He is an internationally recognized speaker on the subject of faith at work and the author of 14 books and a daily devotional called TGIF Today God is First. Os has been featured on CNBC, NBC, LA Times, New York Times and other national media. He is also president of Aslan, Inc. Os serves on the National Day of Prayer Committee and is national board member of The Jesus Alliance.

218. 082 Bob Biehl | Stop Setting Goals
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There is a difference between a leaders goals and priorities

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“People know who they are, but other people try to force them to be what they're not. As a result, they're miserable. They're unhappy. They're frustrated. They're often angry. And I'll tell you what our role is, I believe is to free the person to be who they are. And if they say I'm not a goal setter, don't force them to set goals. If they say I'm a problem solver, well, let them solve problems.”-Bobb Biehl

Are you a goal-oriented person, a problem-oriented a person, or an opportunity-oriented person? As a leader, do you know how to tell the difference in these types of personalities among your team and how to help these personalities work together? Would you be willing to stop setting goals?

Join us as we talk with Bobb Biehl, an executive mentor who has consulted personally with over 500 senior executives. Bobb will share his strategies for strengthening leaders and executives, helping them find clarity in their lives and their organizations. In a world where everything seems to be goal driven, you will get an eye-opening perspective on how to relax and maximize the strengths of those around you.

What you will learn:

3 areas that leaders can be strengthened: clarity of focus, gathering the right team, and learning how to handle money. How to overcome anxiety and doubts about leadership. The difference between situational confidence, life confidence, and God confidence. The difference between goals and priorities. 4 Levels of Thinking

“Well, a lot of people feel, or teach, even, that without goals, you can't get anywhere. That's nonsense. A lot of people feel like to be a leader, you have to have goals. That's nonsense as well. They feel like, well, you can lead something, but you can't be a president, or a senior pastor, or an executive director, without having goals.”-Bobb Biehl



Book: Stop Setting Goals If You Would Rather Solve Problems by Bobb Biehl


Bobb Biehl  is an executive mentor and has consulted with over 500 senior executives since 1976. He has created over 50 tools in the area of personal and organizational development. Prior to starting Masterplanning Group in 1976, he was on the executive team of World Vision International. He has been on boards of directors for Jesus People International, Focus on the Family and a publicly traded corporation. Bobb married Cheryl in 1964. They live in Scottsdale, Arizona and have 2 adult children, 2 grand-children and 4 great grand-children.

219. 081 Seth Williams | Extraordinary leaders have this one trait in common
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Extraordinary leaders have the ability to understand how their emotions affect their behavior and and how those emotions have impact on other people around them. 

Click here for the resources from our interview with Seth

220. 080 Garris Elkins | Develop margin even if you don't have time
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Description: Find a Way to be Unproductive

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“I’ve found that there are not many margin spaces in the life of a leader where you’re not required to be productive. And so, you’ve gotta have a place where you’re not productive so that you can end up releasing what God gives you in the future.”-Garris Elkins

Pastor and author, Garris Elkins has a heart for the next generation. Garris, like many new pastors, had struggles and difficulties he wanted to quickly overcome. It was through these experiences that he realized how to discover the goodness in places that may seem “hopeless” and that God wants us to embrace those failures as we move forward with hope.

Join us as we talk with Garris about his journey to becoming a writer and his desire to encourage leaders. In his book, The Leadership Rock, Garris has collected the good, the bad and the ugly of leadership. His goal is to share stories to let people know that leadership is not always the mountaintop it appears, but that the true lessons are often learned in the valleys.

What you will learn: How to see struggles as a place to find hope Why it’s important to love just that one person, even “Gladys the drunk” Not everything is supposed to look successful to be successful. How to be content with God, even when results don’t follow. Why focusing on the numbers game can often lead to depression. The importance of studying the history of the clientele you are working with. How to create margin and learn the importance of being unproductive.

“God never leads us forward by judgement. He always calls us forward through hope.” -Garris Elkins


www.garriselkins.com for more information, YouTube videos, and Garris’ blog

The Leadership Rock by Garris Elkins

The Garris Elkins YouTube Channel


Garris Elkins has been called by God to raise up a prophetic generation who will speak to the cultures of our world with the empowered voice of Heaven. Garris’ ministry seeks to align people with their God-defined destiny through teaching, writing and prophetic ministry. Garris and his wife, Jan, live in Southern Oregon. They enjoy walking in the hills that surround their home and lingering over a good espresso.

221. 079 Mike McCausland | The only way to solve a problem without creating a mess
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Description: He Who Solves the Problem, Owns the Solution

Click Here for the resources from our interview with Mike


“I never realized how hard it was to help somebody and actually not hurt them. And a lot of people are out there doing things that they really believe because they have a good intention to help, are helping people, but the reality is it’s actually doing more harm than good.” -Mike McCausland

Michael McCausland, Founder and Executive Director of Sustainable Communities Worldwide, tells a story about a village in Africa where the women were walking 3 hours round trip to get water for their village. A non-profit group came into this community and thought it would be helpful to build a well in the village so the women would not have to walk so far for a needed resource. It was a surprise to everyone when the community started to fall apart. Why? Because those women were solving many of the village issues during their time of walking and talking. The desire to solve a problem ended up causing unintended consequences.

On today’s episode, we will hear about Mike’s journey from a career in nuclear power plants to humanitarian work in over 130 countries. James 1:27 was his call from God to make a difference in the lives of others and he quickly learned that helping people can sometimes hurt them. Sustainable Communities Worldwide shows villages and leaders around the world how to come up with their own solutions. Many of these same principles can also be accomplished in corporate settings.

What you will learn: As a consultant, you never try to solve the problem. Instead, you help figure out the solution to the problem.  “He who solves the problem, owns the solution” What happens to a culture who has been trained to seek others to solve their problems. The importance of community resiliency. The importance of cause and effect relationships. How entrepreneurs are creating business in other countries. Transferring the concept of ownership to the workforce.


When you begin to create that dependency, people don’t try to fix their own problems. It stifles innovation. It destroys dignity, and hope, and creativity. We’ve all been given a gift by God, and we’ve been given resources by God for our own solutions, but we don’t look for them when other people give us free stuff, and we just begin to look to others for our solutions and that’s happening all over the world.Mike McCausland

FOUNDER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of Sustainable Communities World Wide. Since 1993 Michael has been working in the international aid arena. In 2001, he was a Founder of HISG, a non-profit established to bring business practices to humanitarian aid and development. The lessons they learned about building local capacity to break the crisis of dependency led to the launch of Sustainable Communities Worldwide.


Sustainable Communities Worldwide

email address: mmccausland@scworldwide.org

222. 078 Jeff Goins | What If You Knew Your Life Purpose?
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What If You Knew Your Life Purpose?

Click Here for the resources from our interview with Jeff

223. 077 Cheryl Scanlan | The Refiner's Fire
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All things work together for His Good

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“Where is the pressure coming from right now? Is it pressure to perform? To make the numbers? To please? Is it a compulsion? I am compelled. Or am I pressured? I believe the compulsion comes from the spirit. The pressure comes from the world.” - Cheryl Scanlan

As a former executive of a multi-million dollar firm in New York City, Cheryl Scanlan has a strong sense of business. This professional background, her love of God and her desire to see others develop their leadership skills as Christians, led her into Christian coaching in 2004 after a life-threatening experience.

On this episode of Eternal Leadership, we will hear Cheryl’s journey and how her deep faith in God’s promises has sustained her through a difficult battle with Lyme Disease. She has an amazing appreciation for the life God has given her and she wants to make it count by speaking into the lives of others and encouraging their God-given abilities.

What you will learn: What is your responsibility? How to operate from a place of humility. How to understand where pressure is coming from. The importance of giving yourself permission to feel small. How to discern the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit. The importance of taking risks and making mistakes. Don’t hide the gifts and talents that God has given you.

“The reality is that unless we are starving for Christ, and what he has to give us, we're not going to receive it. We have to be ravenous”-Cheryl Scanlan


Way Of Life Coaching

The Professional Christian Coaching Institute


Cheryl Scanlan, MCC, CMCC, BCC is president of Way of Life Coaching, LLC (WOL), a full-service coaching company that is focused on both the professional and personal development of its clients and is creator of the Promised Land Living Process. She is a Leadership Development Coach and Facilitator and a professional speaker on time management and work/life balance. She also coaches a color guard. Cheryl and her husband, Tom, have two sons. 

224. 076 Jared Easley | Starve The Doubts
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Description: Being Successful as a Normal Person

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“If you wanna be successful, there's a couple things you need to do in life. You need to treat others the way that they want to be treated. Always be yourself. And then you need to starve the doubts. And what I found over time is there's some really good takeaways from that and in the way you treat people and finding your authentic voice and authentic self.”- Jared Easley

Just a few years ago, Jared Easley was a project manager for his company, living in Florida with his wife and daughter. He was doing the right things, following the rules, and going above and beyond for his clients. The day came when the CFO called Jared into his office to give him the news that he had been let go due to cutbacks. While this was a disappointing time for Jared, he used that point in his life to develop his own entrepreneurial ideas and offer encouragement to others.

Join us on this edition of Eternal Leadership as we talk with Jared about the success of his podcast, Starve the Doubts. Jared describes himself as a “normal guy” and questioned what he had to give. He discovered that it’s okay if you don’t have a big story or a wealth of expertise. Sometimes, just having conversations with people who do have a lot of wisdom can be an encouragement to others.

What you will learn: A life of significance begins with your relationship with God. How to navigate the doubts in your life and fulfill the potential that God has for your life. That it’s okay if everything is not aligned perfectly. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. The true meaning of success and real wealth. The importance of surrounding yourself with people with similar goals and passions.

“I'm reminded constantly that God gives us our daily bread and that being rich is not defined by money. And it's so easy to get caught in that and I get caught in it, but I realize that true wealth, or what it means to really be rich, is found in your relationships.”-Jared Easley


Starve The Doubts


In the past couple of years, Jared Easley has started a podcast, Starve the Doubts, written a book, and co-founded the world's largest International Podcasting Conference. He has been featured on Entrepreneur.com & the Huffington Post.

225. 075 Scott Boyer | A New Business Model For Kingdom Impact
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Description: Changing Business As Usual To Change The World

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“There's something we could do to use a for-profit company in the United States as the financial engine but work with a not-for-profit to provide support to under resourced patients around the world.”-Scott Boyer

Scott Boyer spent 27 years working in the pharmaceutical business and was familiar with the sales of products in all areas of the world. It was during this time that he realized that the wealthiest countries had the most significant sales, but the “rest of the world”, the ROW countries, where the majority of the people live, didn’t have access to life-changing medications or treatment.

Join us as we talk with Scott about his vision for helping people living with epilepsy in under-resourced areas of the world. Through the ROW Foundation, which he founded in 2014, Scott has united the for-profit sector with the not-for-profit sector to make a difference in the lives of those who otherwise could not get medical care.

What you will learn: How to make a difference using what you already know. How to discern when the time is right to take a risk. How to step out in faith in a way that just might change the world. How you can support the ROW Foundation

“I want to do whatever I can to give it back, to build this model to help under-resourced people. And basically spread love, be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and help those less fortunate around the world that, honestly, could be treated very easily with inexpensive medications.” -Scott Boyer

Resources: The Halftime Institute ROW Pharmaceuticals ROW's Third World Initiatives Bio:

Scott Boyer has almost three decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has led the sales and marketing efforts for numerous branded drugs for Abbott and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Scott has a passion for creating a pharmaceutical model that provides medications to all patients. His education includes a B.S. in Business Administration and Management from Morningside College.

226. 074 Gary Wood | A Powerful Model For The Clarity You Seek
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Description: A 5 Step Approach For Clarity That Will Accelerate Outcomes

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“What do I need to get to that particular outcome? What needs to happen? What could possibly hold me back from getting there? What attitudes might be in the way? What might externally affect me?  All of those things that make up the foundation of good decision making, I need all of those pieces in place. That's clarity.” - Gary Wood

Are you a Christian business leader who has burned out or is on the verge of burn out? Do you know what outcomes you want to achieve but don’t know how to make them happen? Have you found yourself at a plateau and can’t figure out how to move forward?

Join us as we talk with Gary Wood, a master certified Christian Coach. Gary and his wife left their careers, stepped out on faith, and followed God’s leading. He now helps business leaders, executives and professionals beat burn out or avoid it completely by helping them find clarity. Gary will share God’s model for clarity and how to find meaning and purpose.

What you will learn: How God’s model of clarity can be applied to our business and personal lives. How to identify problems and zero in on the one area that will make the most difference. The close connection between clarity and outcomes. How to determine what direction you are moving. The importance of taking ownership. How to gain momentum and move forward.

All of the methodologies you have learned and the tools you have can be incorporated into the clarity model.

“If I'm building a bridge across a river, I have to know exactly where I am starting and where I wanna get to before I can even determine what that bridge is gonna look like and what I build it out of and what's gonna allow me to do this the most efficiently.”- Gary Wood





Gary Wood, PCC, CMCC, BCC has decades of experience and expertise in business, non-profit and ministry environments. Over that time he has played a respected role in training, developing and building into the lives of hundreds of leaders who make significant contributions worldwide.

Since 1998, through his professional coaching firm, G.E. Wood & Associates, Gary has worked with an international clientele of executives, leaders and professionals across a broad range of personal, professional and organizational concerns.

He is frequently retained to help individuals deal with burnout and by corporate, government, small business, nonprofit and ministry leaders to get clarity and find solutions to problems that are impacting progress on causes, projects and programs of importance.

Gary is the immediate Past President and Director of Christian Coaches Network, a support and credentialing organization for professional Christian coaches, many of whom were trained at PCCI.

Gary is a designated Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation, a Board Certified Coach through the Center for Credentialing and Education, and a Certified Master Christian Coach through Christian Coaches Network.

Gary works from his office in the beautiful Muskoka region of Ontario, Canada. He is married to Alice who he fell for in Grade 8.

227. 073 Chad Hall | The Power Of NO
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Description: Leaders That Work In Their God-Given Strengths Are High Impact

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“I really believe God intended work to be a part of a thriving life. A life in which we flourish and experience well-being. It's so important that we work. It's just meaningful. But like anything else we can overdo it, we can do it in some misguided ways and what God intended as a good becomes a harmful aspect of life.” - Chad Hall

Chad Hall felt called to the ministry at the young age of 19 years old. He started off as an associate pastor, became a pastor, and later became a staff member in the Baptist denomination. It was here that he stumbled upon the career of Christian coaching and drawing out other people’s expertise.

On this episode, Chad will discuss strategies on how to be an effective coach. God is not only working in the church, but He is working in the business community and other non-profits. Being a ministry leader often does and should extend behind the church doors into our professional lives. Our outreach is through our “water cooler” conversations, our attitudes in team meetings, and the way we care for our co-workers.

What you will learn: The difference between coaching, training and consulting That one of the most important leadership skills is the ability to say “no” The core issues that challenge the ability to say “no” How to balance your own confidence without edging God out The importance of being a humble leader How to look at your life like a story. What chapter are you in?

“Sometimes we think that work can only be important if I can share Christ and get someone saved. And that's great. I mean, certainly love to see that, workplace evangelism. But I think we also need to be equipped with a vision for how our work really connects to what God's doing in the world.” - Chad Hall


Coach Approach Ministries

Western Seminary

Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby

Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller


Chad Hall has been coaching leaders in ministry and business since 2002 and currently serves on faculty and as Director of Coaching at Western Seminary in Portland, OR.  He has applied coaching first as a denominational leader with the Baptist State Convention of NC and later as an internal coach with software leader SAS Institute.  He has also served as a pastor and church planter.  His publications include Coaching for Christian Leaders: A Practical Guide (2007, Chalice Press) and Faith Coaching: A Conversational Approach to Helping Others Move Forward in Faith (Coach Approach Ministries, 2009).  He has also written frequently for Leadership Journal.  He lives with his wife Holly and three children in Hickory, NC.

228. 072 Sandra Crawford Williamson | Why Are Working Women Unplugging From Their Churches?
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Description: How To Help Them Stay And Thrive! 

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“There are a lot of professional woman out there that are very, very involved in their local church and they don’t feel included or utilized or acknowledged in any way for their specific gifts within the church.” Sandra Crawford Williamson

As a professional, single woman who didn’t marry until she was 36, Sandra Crawford Williamson encountered 7 churches in 12 years in which she couldn’t find a spot to engage and use her God-given talents. She couldn’t participate in many of the women’s events and felt unseen or “camouflaged”. 

71% of women with children under 18 years old are working outside the home. Many of them want to be connected and want to be involved with their local church, but they are having a hard time finding their “place”. Sandra sheds light on the unique needs and talents of professional women and how they can become more engaged in their local church.  

Join us as we have Sandra back on the podcast.  Her first episode 'What 9/11 Taught Me' is one of our most popular episodes. Sandra is the co-founder of 4word Women and she shares about her journey and her desire to help professional Christian women achieve their God-given potential. 

What you will learn 4 reasons that working women unplug from their local church. 1. The examples from the pulpit don’t pertain to them. 2. They don’t feel appreciated or utilized. 3. They feel lonely because they don’t fit into one of the “buckets”. 4. The women’s events don’t fit into their schedule. How to tap into the resources and talents of these professional women. How to find times for gatherings and events that fit into their schedule. How professional women can be best reached on a typical Sunday morning.

“So there’s a lot of women out there whose gifts are in the work force and whether they choose to be married or to be a mother or not, these women are just as engaged in church as the women that have chosen to use their gifts full time in their home.” - Sandra Crawford Williamson


4WordWomen - Connecting, leading, and supporting professional women to achieve their potential

Work, Love, and Pray” and the companion Work, Love, Pray Study Guide by Diane Paddison & Sandra Crawford Williamson

Why Are Working Women Starting To Unplug From Their Churches?

An article by Sandra that is one of the most read articles from The Institute of Faith, Work and Economics and needs to be read by EVERY Pastor and Christian leader in the country Bio

Sandra is a seasoned executive, Wall Street industry expert, author, and public speaker who was most recently Chief Marketing Officer for a $3 billion advertising agency. She also serves as COO for 4word, a nonprofit that serves workplace women.

After being in NYC on 9/11, surviving cancer and other personal loss, Sandra’s authentic, nothing held back story of perseverance and hope is inspiring to all. Sandra also brings over 20 years of general management, marketing, and sales experience, and is founder and CEO of Crawford Consulting. She also serves as a global industry expert for Coleman Research Group in most things digital, marketing, sales, mobile, and social media.

In addition to her MBA, Sandra has been media trained, was invited into the global CMO Club, and has hundreds of hours of on-camera work to her credit. She is a MENSA member, serves regularly in her community, and enjoys anything international. Sandra has a heart for people, especially professionals trying to juggle it all, since she was married later in life and is now a proud wife and mother of three wonderful children nine years old and younger.

229. 071 Dave Sanderson | Leaders Are Last - Surviving The 'Miracle On The Hudson'
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Description: “Why I Chose to Be the LastPassenger Off of the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ Airplane”

Click Here for the resources from our interview with Dave

“I think God needed to have leaders on that plane who not only believed in His mission but also really had to be there to help and support other people, and be a proof statement for other people that good things do happen when people do the right thing.” –Dave Sanderson

Dave Sanderson was not supposed to be on the now infamous US Airways Flight 1549. Yet, the miracles that happened that day and the choices that he made changed his priorities forever. He is now convinced that the downed airliner in the icy Hudson was exactly where he was supposed to be.

Dave Sanderson traveled 100 days a year on the job. He worked hard to make sure his family was well provided for. He wanted to be an achiever. In this episode, he shares how he has turned everything upside down and made giving back and contribution his number one priorities.

“You’ve got 155 people on a plane that didn’t know each other, who didn’t care about each other, all of a sudden pull together to do something that has never been done before. That’s one of the really key things that came out of this is the power of when you have a mission in life and have a commonality of that mission, you can achieve anything.” –Dave Sanderson

You Will Learn: How to succeed by doing the right things How to harness the power of a shared mission How to make the right choices in times of crisis How to add value to others—and ENJOY the process! Don’t just survive; Thrive! Resources:

Dave Sanderson Speaks Website

Dave speaks around the world and will help you create a culture of servant leadership that yields results

Brace For Impact by Dave Sanderson

What Passengers of Flight 1549 Want Others to Know About Second Chances: “Brace for impact.” Three simple words that proclaimed to all 150 passengers on board US Airways Flight 1549 on that cold, crisp New York afternoon of January 15, 2009, that their plane was about to go down in the icy Hudson River. Three simple words that churned up their fear that the next two minutes would be their final moments on earth and spurred their most heartfelt, spontaneous prayers. We all know about the stunning tale of survival against all odds that followed. But there is a different, more meaningful, and more timely story that has yet to be fully told. What happened to these passengers when they went home to their families, their homes, their jobs, and everything else familiar but somehow not the same? What has been the real impact, not of a disastrous crash but of a gift of a ‘new’ life? What can any of us learn from the honest and open sharing of ordinary people who came back from the brink of death? Brace for Impact answers these questions and more by taking you inside the hearts, minds, and souls of twenty-five passengers and first responders and what life is like after near death Bio




Dave Sanderson is an inspirational survivor, speaker and author. His thoughts on leadership have made him a nationally sought-out speaker. When US Airways Flight 1549, or “The Miracle on the Hudson,” ditched into the Hudson River on January 15, 2009, Dave Sanderson knew he was exactly where he was supposed to be.

The last passenger off the back of the plane on that fateful day, he was largely responsible for the well-being and safety of others, risking his own life in frigid water to help other passengers off the plane.

Despite the hazards to himself, Sanderson thought only of helping others, and emerged from the wreckage with a mission: to encourage others to do the right thing. In this stirring presentation, Sanderson shares the story of Flight 1549, revealing the inner strength it took to make it through the day, and how teamwork, leadership, and state management can help overcome any obstacle.

230. 070 Joel Boggess | Action Brings Clarity
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Description: Your Voice Needs To Be Heard

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"What's the most essential thing I could be doing. Right now to be able to move things forward, unfortunately that's a question that often goes unanswered." - Joel Boggess

Joel and his wife Pei have one of the best podcasts on leadership and reaching your dreams called ReLaunch.  As we started this podcast they both became close friends and equipped me on how to follow my dreams.  Here is what Joel shared with me - "If you believe God wants you to prosper in different areas of your life, including your bank account, Then you're going to do whatever it takes to make that come to fruition."

Joel has interviewed hundreds of successful leaders and entrepreneurs.  In this episode he shares what he has learned over the course of long career in radio and now in podcasting.  You won't want to miss this one!  Thank you Joel for who you are and for sharing such deep wisdom and experience with our audience!

"The decision to succeed comes before the plan. So my advice would be make sure you make a solid decision first, and that requires a little bit of effort and a lot of faith." - Joel Boggess


What you will learn How to successfully make a pivot towards your dreams What is the mindset of those that relaunch successfully How to create a team around you to find the next big thing in your life That it takes faith to have the courage to follow your heart The 4 Key steps to make a transition in your life Resources ReLaunch Show Podcast - This is in my personal playlist.  Please stop by and leave Joel a review on iTunes! How to launch a #1 podcast by Joel Boggess This is the course I took from Joel as we launched Eternal Leadership Bio

Media coach, Radio Host and #1 Bestselling Author

Joel Boggess is the host of the “ReLaunch” show, and the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book – Finding your Voice.

Joel is passionate about sharing fresh ideas, success tips and inspirations through real life stories. He is a “natural” with broadcasting, and he enjoys teaching podcast and radio show hosts on how to book great guests and have engaging interviews.

Joel’s vision: by May 2017, after 3 years of “ReLaunch”, he would have helped 200,000 LISTENERS to LEARN TO BELIEVE THEMSELVES AGAIN.

231. 069 Dean Miles | Coaches Corner - Great Leaders Start As Great Followers
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Description: Leadership Principles Don't Change But Styles Do

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“You have to first be an excellent follower, before you'll ever be an excellent leader, and I'm really thinking that, that's more true every time I see it happen in front of my face.” - Dean Miles

Samuel Johnson once said, “People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.” We KNOW how to be good business leaders, managers, spouses, parents, and followers of Christ, we just often don’t DO what we know.

Join us as we talk with Dean Miles, founder and president of Bridgepoint Coaching and Strategy Group. Dean’s past experience working with the Drug Enforcement Administration paired with his sales and business experience has helped him learn about body language, management, and how we react when faced with the truth. His goal is not to heap more instruction, but to remind people of what they already know to be true.

What you will learn How to create a culture that attracts and retains younger people. How to transfer leadership skills to the next generation. How to maintain balance and juggle the different roles in your life. The difference between leadership style and leadership principles. Those that follow best become the best leaders. How to have mutual purpose and mutual respect when working with a group of people. How to take the negative connotations away from being a great follower.

“There is a difference between leadership styles and leadership principles. Principles are timeless. Leadership styles, however, have an expiration date.” - Dean Miles



Bridgepoint Coaching & Strategy Group



Dean is the founder and president of Bridgepoint Coaching & Strategy Group. Since 1996, he has been coaching and facilitating programs for groups and individuals around the country on many organizational, interpersonal and personal topics. With his extensive coaching and training background, Dean has partnered with executives, managers, and front-line employees. Dean's experience in the fields of manufacturing, mining, aerospace, financial services, health care, oil and gas, rail services and non-profits demonstrates his ability to quickly adapt to the unique needs of each industry. Dean has been described as staggeringly perceptive.

232. 068 Joel Louis | Is Life Balance a Myth?
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Description: An Extraordinary Life Is Not An Either/Or Proposition

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“Some people will remember the day you were born, some people will remember the day you died, but most are gonna remember that dash, right, that mark in between those two dates. And what is it that you want people to remember?” – Joel Louis

As busy entrepreneurs and business people, it is often a daily struggle to find balance in life. It is vital to stay connected to God, your spouse, your children, and other important people in your life. How do you keep those plates spinning and still find joy in your life?

In today’s episode, we will hear from entrepreneur, Joel Louis who has a show called the Startup Dad Headquarters Podcast. He is a husband, a father, works full time, and is an entrepreneur. Joel will share the importance of being intentional in every aspect of your life. Pursuing your dreams, using your talents, and staying connected with your family doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition if you know how to prioritize.

What you will learn: How to connect with the calling in your life How to embrace the gifts and talents that God has given you How to find joy right where you are Why saying “yes” to one thing means you have to say “no” to something else

“What’s the most important thing in your business, in your life right now? Focus on that and then when you get the chance, come back and pick up the pieces from that other stuff that you let go by. But we can’t balance everything. It’s a balancing act and we gotta just make sure we’re prioritizing the most important things in our lives, and then when we get some extra time, swing back around.”– Joel Louis


Start Up Dad Headquarters – Outstanding podcast that is on my personal playlist!


Hi, I’m Joel Louis founder of Startup Dad Headquarters (HQ). I’m on a mission to help extraordinary Father’s of today who are / want to be fully engaged in every aspect of their children lives and who are also trying to figure out how to purse their dreams of entrepreneurship in order to leave a legacy behind.

Our vision at Startup Dad HQ is to inspire and enable one small business launch every single day by father’s all over the world.

On, Father’s Day, 2014 I launched Startup Dad HQ, a business interview show / podcast, focused on the intersection between The Evolution of Dads and Entrepreneurship. Each interview takes us through the journey, of our guest,. They share their failures, bumps and bruises and their rise to the top as they navigated through the complexities of Fatherhood, Entrepreneurship and Life.

Startup Dad HQ also features webinars and live interactive workshops with content experts in all areas of Fatherhood and Entrepreneurship.

“Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” Wolfgang von Goethe

What matters most to me and everything that I do is for my family. I am married to a gorgeous NICU nurse and we have three beautiful daughters under the age of 6. I know in no time they will be off to college so my time with them, right now!, means more than anything.

Who am I? Well I like to think of myself as a Fortune 100 Corporate Dad gone ROGUE! After nearly 14 years as a highly successful manager at Intel Corporation I decided, enough was enough, it was time to stop working on someone else’s dream and start working on my own. It took me almost a year and a half of self exploration and lots of sleepless nights to pinpoint my true passions but when the dust settled it was clear! I wanted to build a platform that focused on the extraordinary Father’s of today who are fully engaged in every aspect of their children lives and have also managed to purse their dreams of entrepreneurship in order to leave a legacy behind.

233. 067 Andy Mason | Forgiving The Church
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“Every other thing that we've done in business typically ends up being divorced from church because they don't understand what I'm doing and I get frustrated and feel trapped. And God's saying it's not the right model.” - Andy Mason


Are you a successful business person who is searching for your place in your local church? Are you delegated to meetings or “passing the bucket” because the church leadership doesn’t know what to do with you and your talents? Do you have a dream but you don’t know how to make it real?


Join Andy Mason, director of Heaven in Business, as he shares his personal journey from New Zealand to Redding, California.  He learned that business practices and the institutional church don’t have to be divorced, they can work hand in hand. You don’t have to have a Christian company to have a company that follows Jesus. Honoring God, others, and yourself in your business will often yield unexpected results!


What you will learn:


Courage: sometimes God says “go” while other around you say “stop”

How to honor others by first honoring yourself

Why conflict and misunderstanding can be catalysts for positive results

Why forgiveness is absolutely necessary



“I feel like one key piece that we need to do is as business people, that you need to forgive institutional church … for misunderstanding you. And if you've been told that you've got a second class anointing or that you're not anointed and it leaves you confused and powerless, the solution is not to divorce yourself from institutional church.  The solution is forgiveness.” - Andy Mason

234. 066 Amy Everette | Transformation
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Description: Kingdom Leaders Can Change The Culture Of An Entire City

Click Here to get the resources from our interview with Amy

“In many of these communities, the marketplace was completely transformed. As in some communities going from impoverished, alcohol ridden tormented communities to prosperous, marketplace oriented communities Where the people thrive, because the whole economy has been turned upside down.” - Amy Everette

What would happen if a small group of people got together in your community to pray for revival and transformation? What if CEOs and business professionals lived out their faith on a daily basis, not only in their personal lives, but also in daily interactions with those around them, expanding the Kingdom of God in every aspect of their business?

In this episode, Amy Everette, co-founder of Marketplace ROCK, will share about transforming revival and what God can do in a community with dedicated individuals who are willing to come together and live a lifestyle that reflects their relationship with Christ. This core group, or catalysts, are the people live out their faith on behalf of the community so that God’s presence is welcomed and His impact can expand exponentially.

What you will learn: The power of a core catalyst group of Christians who are willing to humble themselves on behalf of their community Specific example of how communities like Modesto, CA and Manchester, KY were changed by this example How you can create transformation and change the spiritual climate in your own community

“It’s critical that people recognize their role in the Kingdom doesn’t stop as they leave the church or as they leave their house. It continues into the workplace, into the marketplace.” - Amy Everette


Market Place ROCK Website


As co-owner and Chief Prayer Officer of Marketplace ROCK, Amy Everette is dedicated to seeing people, businesses and whole industries transformed for the Kingdom of God, empowered to positively impact the world. She is a marketplace and ministry leader with a heart and passion for bringing God’s people together AS ONE, in the spirit, through prayer (John 17). Her business, ministry and personal life are interwoven with prayer and a desire to see people healed physically, spiritually and emotionally… setting them free to fulfill their destiny in God’s Kingdom.

In addition to her spiritual strength, Amy calls on 26+ years of experience in management consulting, call center operations, relationship management technology and sales/management skills training bringing a wealth of knowledge and guidance to business people in all industries. This experience is backed by an undergraduate business degree in marketing and an MBA.

235. 065 Alan Pratt | Why It Really Is Better To Give Than Receive
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Description: Those who serve others derive significant benefits not available to recipients

Click Here for the resources from our interview with Alan

“How can we in turn take that wisdom in, and then give it right back out?” – Alan Pratt

Alan Pratt grew up as a native to the Seattle, Washington area. While growing up in a wonderful, loving home, his family were not believers. Alan did not come to have a relationship with Christ until he was 37 years old. After spending most of his career in the banking business working for the U.S. Treasury Department, and then the banking industry, God got a hold of him. He was stripped of his financial security, and forced to rely solely on God’s provision.

Alan then went out and opened his own advisory company that enables his clients to protect their wealth while helping others at the same time. His philosophy is: “What can I give away today? Whether it be time, money, or advice. Giving is always better than receiving.”

In today’s episode you will hear from a man who is truly a servant leader. He gives whatever and whenever he can and helps others to do the same. His motto is to never say no to any opportunity, no matter what it may be.

“We tend to think about circumstances more than we should.” – Alan Pratt

You Will Learn How to be a Kingdom Ambassador What non-financial elements of wealth are Questions you need to ask yourself How to create your own personal board of directors The five areas of wealth The Discovery Process How to be present with God daily Character traits of a leader Resources

Pratt Legacy Advisors


Alan Pratt, CEP, CAP is a family legacy advisor specializing in philanthropy and family wealth preservation. He brings a unique blend of personal experience and technical knowledge to the estate planning process. Alan helps families understand, in plain English, their options for preserving wealth in a way that honors their underlying values. Alan’s company, Pratt Legacy Advisors practices a unique form of estate planning that goes far beyond strategic wealth distribution. Alan believes that a meaningful estate plan comes from knowing your values, living your values, and planning from your values.

His firm has created Legacy Planning from the Heart™, a process to help you integrate your life experiences with your estate plan, while maintaining ongoing communication within your family. He holds trust, listening, and life-long relationships as core values in everything he undertakes and shares from his own personal experiences.

Alan is in demand as a speaker at regional, national, and international conferences dealing with family relationships, wealth preservation, and stewardship. He is recognized as a leader in Advanced Life Insurance designs, which is often used as a strategy to responsibly transition family wealth.

He earned his Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy designation in 2006 and currently serves as the Chief Ambassador for The International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy (AIP). In 2007, he became a founding member of the Seattle Philanthropic Advisors Network (SPAN) and currently serves on the Board as Vice President. He is an active member of the National Institute of Certified Estate Planners, Washington Planned Giving Council, and the Seattle Chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Alan serves on the Advisory Board of the Chief Seattle Council–Boy Scouts of America and the Seattle Christian Community Foundation. Alan and his wife, Helen, were married in 1984 and have 3 children. You can reach Alan by email at alan@prattla.com or by phone at 425-455-0999.

236. 064 Jamie Gilbert | Defeating The Lions In Your Life
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Jamie Gilbert grew up playing soccer in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  It consumed every aspect of his life and he fell in love with the sport.   Growing up in a Christian household, which loved unconditionally, helped Jamie through some tough moments in college and overseas. 

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“God wants to get you where He wants you to go more than you want to get where He wants you to go.” – Jamie Gilbert


After going professional in soccer and suffering setbacks due to injuries, he went on to author a book, coach, and mentor others on their journey in discovering “what went well” in their journey.


“I’m trying to help them understand that their worth comes from who they are, not what they do.” – Jamie GIlbert


You Will Learn

•How to disciple in reverse

•What two things are people craving

•How comparing yourself to others affects you

•What the most important thing about your sport or your business is

•How to work on your mindset

•How to define the growth mindset

•How to ask questions to accelerate your ability to get results

•What your worth comes from


Burn Your Goals, The Counter Cultural Approach to Achieving Your Greatest Potential by Jamie Gilbert


 What Went Well Journal PDF

In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson      

Mindset by Carol Dweck



Jamie is passionate about helping you find your purpose and mission, and equipping you for the journey.


237. Mini Episode - I Am A Child Of The King - Affirmation
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In Paul's episode he shared a powerful affirmation that I now listen to daily.  We wanted you to have this as it blessed us in a very meaningful way!

238. 063 Paul McGinnis | God Said "Go!" So I Did!
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239. 062 Dondi Scumaci | Designed For Success
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Build A Bridge To Your Future

Dondi Scumaci was a successful Vice President of a bank and in the banking industry for many years when she felt that God was pushing her out of her comfort zone. She left her secure, comfortable position and became a consultant (unemployed). She felt God was calling her to mentor, speak, and write to help others in their journey to always be new.

“You came to the planet fully loaded with gifts and talents. They’re yours. God gave them to you. But they did not come batteries included. You’ve gotta open your gifts.” - Dondi Scumaci

Taking a risk, and a huge leap of faith, enabled her to help others become who they envisioned they always could be in the workplace, and in life through innovative, strategic leadership.

“If you can vest yourself in someone, who knows what they’re gonna go do?” – Dondi Scumaci


You Will Learn How to find your gifts How to integrate your gifts How to handle adversity and bring God into the process How to help people move forward How to be intentional with your strengths How to socialize your plan The process for changing how you are seen (your brand) How to do a diagnostic on your brand How to be prepared for any situation Resources Career Moves by Dondi Scumaci Ready, Set…Grow! by Dondi Scumaci Designed for Success by Dondi Scumaci www.dondiscumaci.com Bio

Dondi Scumaci is an international speaker, known for high-energy presentations that produce dramatic results. Scumaci’s keynotes and workshops are designed to deliver solid, actionable disciplines for employees, executives and entrepreneurs. Scumaci is a sought-after consultant for strategic design sessions, leadership retreats, professional conferences, and keynote presentations. Her dynamic presentations have made a proven, lasting impact on corporations across the United States, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia and Africa.

240. 061 Brian Watson | Making A Difference Where You Are
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The More You Give The More You Will Receive

Brain Watson grew up in the Western Slopes of Colorado loving anything to do with the outdoors. He came from a family of entrepreneurs and real estate construction was a part of that. When going to college, he chose real estate as his career path and after 7 years as a nationwide broker, he started his own company, North Star Commercial Partners.

He has always wanted to make an impact and communicate with individuals that may not normally know about faith, and that is what North Star has allowed him to do.

“When I was young, my parents told me that, “You’re a blessed person if you can have an impact in one life. And you might be fortunate to have an impact in many lives, thousands of lives, but focus on the one.”” –Brian Watson

With North Star he is able to buy vacant real estate and create jobs and opportunities for people. He has always had the philosophy that the more you give across the table, the more you will receive. He is a part of many non-profits and has started his own foundation in order to do just that.

“I think giving, like anything in life, is a learned trait.” -Brian Watson

You Will Learn How to make a positive impact in the community you are in, in the lives you are touching right now How to have a life well lived How to apply your business skills to give your time and treasure to non-profits How to equip the current and next generation of leaders How to give from a cheerful place The process of giving How to bring your faith and your heart into day to day interactions Resources


Opportunity Coalition Podcast


Brian Watson is the Founder and CEO of the privately held commercial real estate investment organization, Northstar Commercial Partners.

After graduating from Olathe High School on the Western Slope of Colorado, Mr. Watson received a Bachelor of Science degree in Real Estate from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Mr. Watson then joined Cushman & Wakefield of Colorado, Inc. (C&W), an international commercial real estate firm. During his seven-year tenure at this firm, Mr. Watson had the distinction of being the youngest broker in company history to qualify for a Directorship title, which was a direct result of his consistent high production and comprehensive understanding of commercial real estate. Though Mr. Watson performed tenant representation, he primarily focused on landlord representation for the majority of his career at C&W. He represented clients such as Lend Lease Real Estate, CarrAmerica Realty LP, P&O Investments/Denver Technological Center, Mission Viejo Companies, Shea Properties, Terrabrook, ERE/Yarmouth and acted as agent for two major Colorado office parks, Highlands Ranch and Stonegate. Mr. Watson also received C&W's prestigious Service Excellence Award for his superior ability to handle complex, high value transactions. Mr. Watson's extensive education and experience in the real estate industry has been instrumental to the success of Northstar Commercial Partners.

Mr. Watson has positioned Northstar as one of the primary acquirers of vacant and/or value-add properties in markets throughout the United States.  The company focuses on buying these assets from lenders, corporations, and other owners, improving these assets and placing them back into productivity to create jobs and opportunities in their local communities.

Mr. Watson currently serves as the President of the Leadership Program of the Rockies 2015 Class; a Board Member of the Colorado Commission on Family Medicine for the 6th Congressional District of Colorado appointed by the Governor of Colorado; a Leadership Council Member for the Colorado NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business); a member of The Leadership Program of the Rockies Class of 2015; a member of The Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry (CACI), which is the Colorado State Chamber of Commerce; and a member of the Chairman’s Roundtable while serving on the Energy and Environment Council and the Governmental Affairs Council; an A-List Member of CXO (a private collaborative executive organization of influence that connects C-level executives and owners of companies throughout the world); and is Founder and CEO of the Opportunity Coalition, which promotes collaboration among the people of Colorado and new business startups to create quality jobs throughout Colorado. Mr. Watson has also served as a Board Member and active supporter of TAPS (the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) for those who have lost loved ones in U.S. Military Service; the Chairman of the Finance Committee for the Colorado Republican Party; a Member of the Board of Governors and President's Council for Opportunity International (one of the world's largest microfinance lenders providing loans to individual entrepreneurs in the developing world); an Executive Committee Member of the International Board of Directors for Mercy Ships (the world's largest non-profit medical hospital on a traveling ship, which performs over 60,000 annual life changing surgeries for free in Africa); a Republican delegate for his County, Congressional, and State political assemblies; a Board Member and President of Brokers Benefiting Kids (a Denver based non-profit that raises financial support for multiple children's charities in Colorado); a Member of the Metro Denver Executive Club; a Member of the Legacy Political organization; a Member of the Citywide Banks Advisory Board; a Member of the Republican Business Advisory Council; Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Alliance for Choice in Education (ACE Scholarships - a Denver based non-profit that provides educational scholarships and school choice programs for low-income kids grades K-12); Chairman of The Board of Directors and a mentor for Save Our Youth (a Denver-based inner city youth mentoring program); and a Member and President of the Downtowner's Toastmasters Club.

Mr. Watson is a supporter of his local Christian church, resides in Greenwood Village, Colorado with his wife and two children, and has another child in college. He is passionate about creating opportunity for all citizens of Colorado and the United States, and works to enhance the business, political, and educational environments in each.

241. 060 General Jerry Boykin | The Courage To Lead
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“But many of those who were my most severe critics. Ultimately became allies. Now one of two things had to happen for that to happen. Either they had to reach a crisis in their life where what I represented, the faith that I represented, became important to them, or they had to be around long enough to realize that I was serious about it.” - General Jerry Boykin

In 1978, General Jerry Boykin was told that he would never make it as a member of the Delta Force because he relied too much on God. 37 years later, he is a decorated war veteran with a rich history of how his faith helped him through some very difficult situations.

While it was challenging for him to stand up for his beliefs then, nearly 4 decades ago, he realizes that it is even harder to say “I am a Christian” in today’s society.

In today’s episode, General Boykin emphasizes the need for courage in every aspect of our lives. To be effective leaders, it is important to stand for what we believe and be a warrior in God’s kingdom so that we can make an impact on our sphere of influence, whether it be 5 people, or thousands of people. You will be encouraged by General Boykin’s vision for our future.

“Even in today's environment, if you stick to your guns, if you stay true to what you believe, it's only a matter of time until many of those who criticize you are gonna actually come to you and pull you aside and say I need prayer. I've got a crisis in my life.”- General Jerry Boykin

What you will learn: How to stand for your Christian values in every aspect of your life. The importance of being informed. Why you should get involved in the political process. Why the truth is more important than being politically correct. Resources Bio


242. 059 Coaches Corner with John Garfield
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John Ramstea & John Garfield coach on developing an authentic relationship with God and how to identify the dreams and desires of your heart and bring them to reality.

Here is a link to all of the resources from this episode

243. 058 Darryl Lyons | A Faith Based Guide for Entrepreneurs!
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Darryl authored the book Small Business, Big Pressure that caught the attention of Dave Ramsey.  Click Here for all of the resources from our interview with Darryl

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Small Business, Big Pressure

Darryl Lyons began his career in the financial world at the age of seventeen and started his own business at a young age. Coming from a family that struggled financially and carrying a debt load that was equal to his income, Darryl had an overwhelming fear of failure and an attitude of “I’m going to work my way out of this.”

He soon realized, however, that he needed to trust God with every area of his life and stop trying to work apart from Him in order to experience not only success, but also freedom from fear and worry.

“Nearly everyone is living in fear and worry. The only solution to this…is abiding in [Jesus…] You can find other alternatives that might pacify, whether it’s a funny comedy show or substances, but it only pacifies. The only source for overcoming fear and worry is moment-by-moment dependence on Him in everything that we do in our lives.” --Darryl Lyons

As Darryl achieved success and received recognition in his community of San Antonio, other entrepreneurs began calling him for advice. He decided to hold workshops to teach what entrepreneurs needed to know. As his classes repeatedly filled up, he looked at the contents he had put together and realized that he had the makings of a book. “Small Business, Big Pressure” will teach you to step out in faith as an entrepreneur and stand up as a leader.

“There’s a whole group of people out there that are hungry for God. I want us to have confidence and go out there and be ourselves in Him and just say, “Look, we’re Christians and I’m not going to apologize for it. And you’ll find out how many people will stand beside you in that journey.” –Darryl Lyons

You Will Learn Why work ethic is not the most important factor in your success The vital importance of giving God your “first fruits” How living without fear will attract customers and retain employees How to give up trying to control every situation and “let God be God” How to live in moment-by-moment dependence on God How to abide in Christ in every phase of your business Resources

Small Business, Big Pressure: A Faith-Based Approach to Guide the Ambitious Entrepreneur by Darryl Lyons

30 Small Business Startup Mistakes - FREE download for you as a special gift from Darryl

Small Business, Big Pressure website 


CEO and co-founder of the PAX Financial Group, Darryl Lyons has been a licensed professional in the financial services industry since 1999. A lifelong Texan, Darryl began his career in the financial sector just one day removed from earning his bachelor’s degree in corporate financial management and accounting at St. Mary’s University. Throughout his career, he has won awards for recruiting and development from Fortune 100 companies. In January 2007, he chose to begin and develop his independent practice.He joined Andres Gutierrez and Joseph Schuetze to form the PAX Financial Group. “We have such a strong team,” Darryl says.“It is based on a system of trust and respect.I am honored to have the people around me who help me accomplish very challenging tasks.Without their support, I couldn’t meet the needs of my clients.” Darryl also served as the Chairman for Brooks Development Authority. Shortly after his service, Mayor Julian Castro, named a park “The Darryl W Lyons Park” in honor of his service. Darryl is a successful small business entrepreneur and co-founder of Radio Show “Financial Mythbusters”. He was named to the 2010 San Antonio Business Journal’s “40 Under 40 Rising Stars,” which honors people making a difference in the business community.

244. 057 Jeff Rogers | Our Vocation Should Be Our Calling
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Description: Our Calling Is Who We Are

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“Our calling is to use that which God has given us, but our vocation is then where we apply it.” --Jeff Rogers

Jeff Rogers had a burning question: Why don’t Christians serve each other well in the marketplace? He found that the simple answer was “they don’t know each other.” He realized that he needed to connect Christians if they were to be able to encourage one another in their calling.

In 2001, he launched kiros.org; suddenly there was a tremendously successful network where businesspeople could find others in their vocations talking about how to integrate faith into the marketplace. Kiros.org also provides a much-needed forum for accountability and balance.

In this podcast, Jeff shares how you can apply your faith in the workplace pragmatically, outside of just “being nice” to people. He teaches the vital shift from “What do you do?” to “Who are you? Tell me your story.” He exposes the pitfall of striving to make your business successful by just working harder, at the expense of time to reflect and pray on God’s will and direction.

“Jesus had a ministry of interruption, or a ministry of availability…it was this open door policy where [one] allows enough margin every day for God to show up through people and experiences. If you book your day so solidly that you have no margin, where is God going to show up? –Jeff Rogers

You Will Learn How every role you have, personally and professionally, can be a ministry How to find significance as you seek success How to connect with your calling How to surround yourself with an accountability team How to deliver necessary truths to your team in a manner in which they can receive it How to allow enough margin in each day so God can “show up” Resources One Accord Partners  Kiros - An organization that equips Christian business people in making a deeper connection between faith and work. Kingdoms in Conflict by Charles Colson EdSilvoso.com - Incredible resources for market place ministry! Anne Graham Lotz - Mayday! Mayday! A distress call for prayer! Youth Transition Network - Helping your high school student keep their faith in college Bio

Originally from Edmonds, WA, Jeff graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Finance and Marketing. He has been involved in both sales and management development for over 25 years and is Founder of OneAccord.

His work history includes the strategic selection, development and training of a sales force that began as 56 people and grew to 340, a 36% annual growth rate. His recruiting and sales team development experience is based on personally interviewing more than 10,000 individuals and directing over 1,500 recruiting meetings across all of Canada, Western US, and Mexico. This expansion included the development of new markets and strategies. Expertise includes increasing sales revenue, employee retention, building scalable management systems and the integration of key teams within an organization.

Within the sales organization he personally managed, sales rose at an 88% average annual growth rate. He has taught every aspect of selling: prospecting, presentation, closing, and answering objections. Jeff conducted more than 500 sales seminars teaching audiences of up to 1,100 people.

While building a growing organization, he had nearly 100 direct reports in management positions working in diverse markets and cultures. Retention within his organization improved from a 55% annual rate to over 90%. Competing with approximately 3,400 sales representatives, the organization achieved the highest worldwide per person sales, including the all time company sales record holder.

Recognition in management includes Sales Manager Of The Year: 1986, 1988, 1992, 1993, 1996 and The Excellence Award for overall management performance – the only back to back winner in the 145 year corporate history.

Jeff is involved in coaching basketball and soccer, enjoys skiing and fishing, and is founder and President of Kiros.

245. 056 Cheryl Bachelder | Lead Like Jesus
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Cheryl shares meaningful leadership lessons and how she turned around a public company


Click here for the resources from Cheryl's interview

246. 055 Richard Rierson | To Lead Others, Learn to Lead Yourself First
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"You cannot grow others unless you grow yourself.  I think a lot of times we think, well, I've gotta get these people to follow me and that leads to a lot of external factors or a lot of tactics of trying to fix somebody or fix the situation or fix the team. But the reality is if we spent 80% of our time or more on ourselves and getting our inside right, then we give people around us the freedom to do the same." - Richard Rierson

In this episode we have a very special guest.  Richard Rierson started out as a US Marine Corps pilot.  The leadership lessons he learned in the Marine Corps led to an amazing business career and now his work as a leadership coach and business consultant.

Richard is a student of leadership as well as a practitioner.   He is a life long learner and has applied his lessons from the Marine Corps and business to every aspect of his life, faith and relationships.  Richard's continual quest to influence and impact lives in a positive way has led him into what he is doing now and this interview will bless you as Richard shares his experience.

Richard started the Dose of Leadership podcast and has interviewed more than 200 CEOs, thought leaders, executives like Dana Perino, the former White House Press Secretary, Simon Sinek, Barbara Corcoran from The Shark Tank and I could go on.

What You Will Learn Leadership has nothing to do with position or title How to lead from a place of clarity in times of uncertainty What the meaning of 'Leaders Eat Last' is Keys to take your leadership to the next level The #1 way to gain influence with someone That working on yourself is 80% of becoming a great leader How to overcome the beliefs that are limiting your leadership You can lead from the front, middle, or bottom of an organization Resources

The Dose Of Leadership Podcast

Coaching with Richard Rierson


Richard is a husband, father of four daughters, prior Marine Corps officer, commercial pilot, leadership speaker, trainer, coach, and entrepreneur with a passion for the pursuit of truth & common sense leadership.

Richard specializes in helping professionals and organizations develop an authentic leadership presence, crush limiting beliefs, & overcome mediocrity; creating a more purpose driven life full of time & economic freedom.

Richard is a change management and leadership expert. Richard's philosophy of inspiring "everyone to think and act like a leader" is based on timeless natural principles; and from his experiences as a Marine Corps pilot, professional executive, husband of 22 years, and father of four daughters.

If you're goal is to inspire your team, organization, or community, give Richard a call for your next event. Every work shop, seminar, and keynote Richard produces is custom-designed to inspire and equip everyone to maximize their leadership capacity.

247. 054 Dean Patino | Keys To Igniting Your Life
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Click here for the resources from our interview with Dean 

248. 053 Dorie Clark | Develop A Breakthrough Idea
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Click Here for the resources from our interview with Dorie


Stand Out And Live A Full Life

"It's part of your unique gift as a human being that you see things differently than other people and it's almost an obligation, one could argue, if you are going to live your life fully you need to step up and share your talents and share your vision!" - Dorie Clark

Would you like to make a bigger impact on the world? My friend Dorie Clark - who’s a professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, a contributor to Forbes and the Harvard Business Review, and a former presidential campaign spokeswoman – interviewed more than 50 top thought leaders to understand how they developed their breakthrough ideas and built a following around them.

In her new book Stand Out, she’s distilled their wisdom down and created a framework so that regular men and women can follow those same principles to gain more career security, become respected in their company and in their field, and have a greater impact on the world. It's worth it for the great stories alone! If you have an idea or a business you’d like to see gain traction – or you know you’d like to develop one, but aren’t quite sure yet what it is – this book is for you. You can order it here, and also download her free 42-page Stand Out self-assessment workbook. I hope you’ll enjoy Dorie’s work as much as I do!

What You Will Learn How to make an impact right where you are! (Hint - you don't need to be rich & famous!!) How to turbo charge your life no matter where you are! That you don't need to be an expert to create an idea that creates huge impact How to inspire others to listen and take action How to identify that ONE idea that will set you apart How to develop a following around your idea! Resources



Dorie Clark is a marketing strategy consultant, professional speaker, and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, TIME, Entrepreneur, and the World Economic Forum blog. Recognized as a “branding expert” by the Associated Press, Fortune, and Inc. magazine, she is the author of Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future (Harvard Business Review Press, 2013), which has been translated into Russian, Chinese, Arabic, French, Polish, and Thai. Her most recent book, Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It, was released by Portfolio/Penguin in April 2015.

Clark consults and speaks for a diverse range of clients, including Google, the World Bank, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, the Ford Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Yale University, the Mount Sinai Medical Center, and the National Park Service.

Clark, a former presidential campaign spokeswoman, is an adjunct professor of business administration at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and a Visiting Professor for IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. She has taught marketing and communications at Tufts University, Suffolk University, Emerson College, HEC-Paris, Babson College, the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler School of Business, and Smith College Executive Education. She has been named to the Huffington Post’s “100 Must Follow on Twitter” list for 2013 and 2014, and to the #Nifty50 list of top women on Twitter. She was also named one of Inc. magazine’s “100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference,” and recognized in Forbes as one of “25 Professional Networking Experts to Watch in 2015.”

She has guest lectured at universities including Harvard Business School, the Harvard Kennedy School, Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, the University of California-Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, Georgetown, NYU, the MIT Sloan School of Management, and the University of Michigan. Her work has been published in the Harvard Business Review Guide to Getting the Right Job and the Harvard Business Review Guide to Networking, and she is quoted frequently in the worldwide media, including NPR, the BBC, and MSNBC.

A former New England Press Association award-winning journalist, Clark is also the director of the environmental documentary film, The Work of 1000. She currently serves as co-chair of the Board of Visitors of Fenway Health and is a member of the Board of Overseers for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

At age 14, Clark entered Mary Baldwin College’s Program for the Exceptionally Gifted. At 18, she graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Smith College, and two years later received a Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School. Follow her on Twitter@dorieclark.

Why I Do What I Do

I grew up in a very small town in North Carolina – pre-Internet era – and felt incredibly frustrated with the lack of opportunities and like-minded people. I left home early to head to college, so I could get a jumpstart on doing the things I cared about, like getting a masters degree in theology and becoming a political reporter, presidential campaign spokesperson, nonprofit executive director, and documentary filmmaker.

In 2006, I launched my marketing strategy consulting business, and eventually started writing, speaking professionally, and teaching for business schools. I’m passionate about helping others take control of their professional lives and make an impact on the world, and have written two books – Reinventing You and the Stand Out – to help make that a reality.

If you’d like to stay in touch and receive my best material electronically, please feel free to join more than 14,000 people with impeccable taste and subscribe to her e-newsletter.

249. 052 Stephen De Silva | A Paradigm Shift For Prosperity
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Severing the Destructive Roots that Are Holding You Back

“[Instead of] a victim paradigm in my head that things happen to me, or life happens to me, I realized…that I need to happen to life.” –Stephen De Silva

In this episode, you will hear about Stephen’s journey from success in business and ministry to complete burnout and a near breakdown. Don’t mistake your role for your purpose! You will learn how God healed him and showed him how to truly prosper in all areas of his life—and how YOU can too!

“Marketplace people, we work hard; we exhaust ourselves and we don’t understand the idea of rest and what Christ means when He says, ‘I am your rest.’” –Stephen De Silva

You Will Learn How true prosperity is the condition of your soul, not your wallet How to experience financial breakthroughs and healing How to identify and grow into whatever God has in store for you How RESTING can actually INCREASE your prosperity How to identify and cut out “roots” in your life that are producing “bad fruit” Resources

Prosperous Soul Website

Money and the Prosperous Soul” by Stephen De Silva

Heaven In Business Conference

Bethel Church


Stephen K. De Silva, the founder of Prosperous Soul ministries, has committed his life to breaking the spirits of poverty and mammon and releasing people into their God-given destiny. Stephen is an exciting and engaging storyteller. An authentic writer and speaker, he teaches not from grandiose ideas or theories but from his own real life experiences. Through the different ministries and structures he has developed, he is changing the world from message he lives out everyday. Stephen is the Chief Financial Officer of Bethel Church in Redding, California. As a Certified Public Accountant since 1989, Stephen has worked in both public and private practice, with specialties in small business consulting, personal finances, ministerial income taxation and non-profit organization administration. Stephen’s professional experience includes quality peer review services, independent auditing and income tax preparation for individuals and corporations. In 1996, he left public accounting to work for Bethel Church of Redding and open a private boutique accounting practice. Stephen sold his income tax practice in 2008 to dedicate all his energies to the opportunities and challenges raised by the exponential growth experienced by Bethel Church under Bill Johnson, and Kris Vallotton. In 1997, Stephen began teaching a small group of friends on the principles of supernatural stewardship. This ministry has grown into what is now known as Prosperous Soul, based on the Bible verse in 3 John 1:2. His unique voice on stewardship and money is a regular part of Bethel Church’s adult education, and in seminar form in locations around the globe. “My heart is to be a gift. I give away whatever God has shown me for the sake of Christ and the Church. I want to see Christians return to relevance in the eyes of the world, by becoming stewards of God’s secrets (2Cor 4:1), in our personal finances and the marketplace”. Stephen enjoys life with his wife, Dawna De Silva, founder and co-leader of the international healing and deliverance ministry called Bethel Sozo. Stephen and Dawna have two sons: Timothy (17) and Cory (21). Cory is a rising singer/songwriter, having just released his debut album, Someday When I’m Young.

250. 051 Don Ankenbrandt | Discover Your Place In God's Story
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We will be giving away a free copy of The 210 Project.  Register Here to enter!

3 Keys To Find Your Life Mission

"What He has done is created you beautifully, you are his masterpiece.  You have enormous value, not only to God but to the world.  You have got to understand who you are and how you are gifted to see where you fit." - Don Ankenbrandt

After going through the Halftime Institute and finding his calling, Don Ankenbrandt was so inspired he pulled together a team to write the 210 Project.

The 210 Project is designed to help you answer the two most pressing questions to help you find your place in God’s story.

Why am I here?

What does God really want me to do with my life?

All of us long for the answer to these questions and it can only be found when we connect to the One who made us and when we discover where we fit in His Story. Even if we know that God has not left us out of his plan, we struggle to know… The 210 Project answers these questions through a practical and engaging process that helps you discover your unique spiritual DNA.

The 210 Project consist of a book to read and a series of powerful online activities that bring clarity and understanding to your life’s purpose.

Walk this path and your life will never be the same!

"When you find your place of fitting you naturally come alive!" - Don Ankenbrandt


Start with the 210 Project website

The 210 Project consists of a book and very insightful online tools to help you in the journey.  

The book focuses on three key areas

Identity Good Works Life Mission

The online resources will help you with

Discovering your unique spiritual DNA Documenting God's path for your life Listening to the small still voice of God

There is also a workbook to bring small groups through this.  We did this with our men's forum and the results were transformational!



Inspired by Bob Buford’s Halftime, Don Ankenbrandt left the business world and joined Young Life, where he served as both Metro and Regional Director for 13 years. In 2007, he founded Alliance Ministries with the purpose of coaching men and women to discover their Kingdom calling and to provide them with connections to ministry opportunities. Don has served on the leadership council for Halftime, training other Halftime affiliates around the world. Don and his wife Susie live in Birmingham, AL, and have three grown children, DJ, Jamie and Jake.

251. 050 Lessons Learned From Interviewing 50 Top Thought Leaders
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252. 049 Lance Wallnau | Doing Business Supernaturally
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2000 years ago a carpenter from Galilee went about His father's business doing the supernatural everywhere He went, but for Him, it was natural.

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253. 048 John Garfield | Releasing Kings
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"When you stand up there and tell people that God is smart enough and wise enough to wire you to naturally pursue His desires, when you reach a certain level of maturity, it's like waves of inner healing go across the room." - John Garfield

In this interview with John Garfield you’ll learn that marketplace ministry is the passion that starts when God connects your job, business, ministry, and life purpose into one package. Entrepreneurs (like you) in your workplace or your home business bring a creative health to cash flow, co-workers and customers.

Marketplace ministry begins with your dream or hobby; a desire that God put in your heart – an entrepreneurial spirit that replaces that paycheck-to-paycheck mentality with a new optimism, financial health, and a new ability to make others successful.  this is a riveting story of freedom from a poverty mentality.  John shares how to connect with the favor God already has on your life.

John shares that we’re called to literally bless the nations. Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace is the title of John's book – it’s also learning to move into your ministry and your dreams. You’ll have a scriptural basis for the expansion of the Kingdom of God into all areas of society.

Releasing Kings paints a picture of Kings who are naturally competitive, creative, and decisive, who are being used to fulfill the Great Commission. God is beginning another reformation by using an entrepreneurial people in marketplace ministry to fill the whole Earth with His Glory and you're invited!  

"People are no longer content to just sit in church and fulfill the vision of that local church. The positive way to look at it is people are finding the kingdom and and they're going out into the culture and they're changing the world." - John Garfield

What You'll Learn The marketplace is an exciting new frontier for ministry and business You will understand how enterprising business leaders are impacting generations by passing their financial and spiritual heritages on to others How to connect with the desires of your heart in a practical way Discover new opportunities that are opening for mentoring others and sharing the secrets and benefits of Christ centered business. Find PASSION for your CAREER (and Your life!) You’ll connect your vocation, ministry, and your life purpose for the very first time. Resources Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace Releasing Kings Website Download the Releasing Kings Heart Plan

254. 047 Sandra Crawford Williamson | What 9/11 Taught Me
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255. 046 Frank Gustafson | Key Ingredients To Great Success
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When Frank sold his last company and moved back to Texas in early 2013, He was looking for a new adventure. Frank has spent the last 30+ years in leadership, management, executive leadership and as an entrepreneur.

During these 30 years there wasn’t much he didn’t do. He spent time in all phases of business. He worked a TON of hours and made a great living. That living made a great life for his family. They had ups and downs, fat years and lean years (monetarily and physically).

In the eyes of the world he seemed to get lucky each time he made a new move. Some of his moves were calculated and some of them were based on a gut feel.

Frank believes that life is made up of BoldMoves. These do not have to be daring feats of heroism. They can be normal every-day decisions, that can and will impact the future in a great and meaningful way.

"Do you realize that 86% of working Americans today are either disengaged or actively disengaged in their work? That’s what the Gallup organization findings reveal. That is unimaginable." - Frank Gustafson

These problems MUST be resolved, or we stay stuck, and stuck sux! That’s what OneBoldMove is all about. Determine your calling, discover a new course, design your next move, demystify your passion, develop a new mindset, all it takes is OneBoldMove.

"I had a guy that was working for me that ran my, the whole back end of my business and when I saw his resume initially, it said Sergeant in the Marines. Well, I knew something about this young man that most people didn't know. I know that he was trained to be a leader and I know that he was trained to train other leaders." - Frank Gustafson

Frank's passion is equipping leaders to reach new heights and helping military personnel experience success as they transition to civilian life.  You will love this interview with my friend Frank!

What you will learn What it means to live in integrity How to discover your calling, your passion, and your God given talents How to succeed in business without draining your soul The key to fulfillment at work The 11 Core Leadership Principles of the US Marine Corp and how they will make you a better leader Why your next hire should be a US military veteran! Resources OneBoldMove.com Military Transition Coaching Executive & Leadership Coaching Leadership Training 11 Marine Corps Leadership Principles that you can use with your team... starting today! Podcast Lead Like A Marine The Leaders Bookshelf

256. 045 Tommy Spaulding | Develop Relationships That Rock!
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257. 044 Steve Reiter | Out Of The Wilderness
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Description: A Journey From Works To Sonship

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In this episode my friend and co-host shares his journey.  Steve started out in Wisconsin and felt called to work in broadcasting.  You will hear an incredible journey of how Steve went through many trials and tribulations in his life.  Each one was used by God to shape who he was for the next season.

Have you ever had those times in your life where you felt that you were "all in" and the works you were doing should be rewarded by both the world and by God?  Steve shares how he got to a point of total burnout and realized that everything he thought should be working was broken.  You will hear how Steve walked through a very difficult time and found a path that led him to peace!

A trip to Darfur and seeing the peace in the eyes of a widow who had endured indescribable evil reset everything in Steve's world.  He shares a key insight that will inspire you in your own life and open new possibilities in your faith.  God used this experience to equip him in an upcoming trial.  Today, Steve is walking in a deep personal relationship with Jesus and you will be encouraged by his journey.


What you will learn The power of authentic mentorship The danger of being out of balance as a workaholic How to trust God in adversity Why working to please God doesn't equal a relationship with Him How to connect your passion to your calling Keys to dealing with difficult situations

258. 043 Coaches Corner with Leadership Coach Lori Schofer
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Description: Coaches Corner

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The goal of coaching is to accelerate a leader's development.  Coaching speeds learning time, enabling leaders to make significant leaps in learning and behavior change in a matter of months rather than years.


Our goal is to add value to you by addressing the questions you have submitted.  Please comment below so we can include your question on the next episode!

  Leadership and leadership coach, Lori Schofer, answers questions from our audience How do you handle a difficult conversation with a business partner? What are ways to maintain balance between work, family and faith? Feeling out of balance can cause a lot of stress. what do you think the reason behind the reason of that feeling is? Resources

Level Up Now Coaching 

Professional Christian Coaching Institute - A great resource for leaders and coaches

Emotional Intelligence - Daniel Goleman

Crucial Conversations - Kerry Patterson


Lori Schofer is a Speaker, Blogger, and Founder of Level UP Now Coaching, a professional coaching business. She spent 20 years in corporate achieving AVP. Lori interrupted her career for 12 years to raise a family. She returned to corporate and then followed God’s leading to start her own coaching business.

Started my career entering the corporate world at supervisory level. I jumped in leading others and was very successful doing that. I began climbing the corporate ladder. Did well - achieved AVP.

I wanted to start a family. I wanted it all – the family and the corporate career. So I tried it for a while and God brought me to the place where I knew I had to make a decision. Together my husband and I decided I would leave my job. It was hard for me to give up something I worked so hard for on one hand and yet it was so rewarding because my heart was with my baby son. And I could not let someone else raise him, no matter what the cost to me. There was a cost – I was the primary bread winner at that point.

The next 12 years I dedicated to raising my family – three beautiful children. God provided for us as only He could. And there were years where we wondered how we would make it through financially. We were raising our family in faith.

Then the kids got older and life began changing again. I felt God leading me back into the corporate world. I started back part-time and then full-time. I had a lot of rebuilding to do. Much had changed in the 12 years I was gone – technology for one. I had a large learning curve to get over. Dealing with adults who were sharp thinkers and carry on intelligent conversations verses speaking simple to the kids all day and reading Dr. Seuss. Balancing life was now much more challenging. Something was always out of balance. I learned greater dependence on Him through it all.

The big obstacle with returning to work was wanting it all again – my career to soar and my children to soar. I was old enough to know the “having it all” was a myth, speaking from a female perspective here of course. There just is not enough time or energy to give to having it all. Thus my great awakening to following Him more began. With it came the release of my career and my children to Him. As scary as that was it was a peaceful place. There’s no better place to be than with God directing my life.

After adjusting to corporate life again God directed me to start my own coaching business. At this point in my life it was a beyond a half-time adjustment and more like a fourth quarter adjustment, which made it seem even crazier. I’ve learned when God directs I follow no matter how crazy the timing seems.

I started Level UP Now Coaching and I coach leaders and those in corporate careers. Coaching was what God made me for and when I coach “I feel His pleasure” to quote Eric Liddell from Chariots of Fire. It’s knowing what He made me for that helps me now with the new challenges of being an entrepreneur.

259. 042 Andy Mason | A Dream So Big It Scares You
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Description: For all of the links for this episode CLICK HERE

“If your dreams don’t scare you, then they’re not big enough. Dream bigger! The world is waiting to see what your God is really like—so dream big.” -Andy Mason

Andy Mason has become an expert at helping others identify their God-given dreams, and just as importantly, take the practical steps necessary in turning those dreams into reality. What would you do if nothing was impossible? What would you do if you were ten times more courageous? What things would you like to change in the world? What are some fun things you would like to do? What are the big things you want to do?

Andy has helped countless people realize their dreams and begin a positive “ripple effect” in their cities, their nations, and their world. He has helped employers build strong teams and have an impact on their employees’ lives far greater and farther-reaching than the bottom line. In this podcast and his resources, he details how you too can achieve dreams that exceed even your lifetime.

“Our Father is the creative entrepreneur/founder of the universe. How are we representing Him in life? Are we encouraging people, causing them to come alive, or are we sucking the energy and life out of the planet by holding up placards of what people are doing wrong? It’s time for us to stand up and let our lights shine and be the salt and light of the earth.” -Andy Mason


What You Will Learn How to discover or reawaken the dreams God has placed in your heart Why it is vital to have an accountability partner to stay on track How to understand the eternal perspective of your dreams How to unlock your employees’ full potential and impact How your business can have the reputation of “if you work for those guys, your dreams come true!”



Heaven in Business Facebook Community – Join 3800 raving fans!

iDreamCulture – Helping you re-discover the dreams and desires of your heart

Heaven in Business Conference, Redding, CA, Sept 8-11, 2015

God With You at Work” and “Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life” by Andy Mason

The Dream Manager” by Matthew Kelly



Andy Mason comes from New Zealand and has 15+ years experience helping individuals and organizations discover and align with purpose, then develop practical steps to make dreams a reality. He has worked for a national consultancy firm and leading financial institution as well as investing in international community development. Andy is the director of Heaven in Business and recently authored God With You at Work.

Andy and his wife, Janine are the directors of Dream Culture – a movement catalyzing people to discover and live their dreams. Together they authored Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life.

Andy and Janine live with their four children in Redding, CA, where Andy is part of the staff of Bethel Church.

260. 041 Diane Paddison | Achieve Your God-Given Potential
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Description: Click Here for the blog post and resources from this episode

“Our real vision…is that we will help women—through God’s hand leading us—see that their faith should be a part of every minute of every day, that their relationships should be their priority, and that their work is a place God has called them to be.” –Diane Paddison

At the age of sixteen, Diane Paddison was leading crews of eighty people on her family’s Oregon farm. As an adult, she was often the sole woman in Fortune 500 and 1000 boardrooms. Diane realized the crucial importance of a mentor early on, and now pays it forward mentoring countless women through her website 4wordwomen.org and her book, “Work, Love and Pray.”

Through trials of her own, Diane learned how to pray fervently, stay grounded in God’s Word and surround herself with a support system of women who were fellow believers. She also went through the “Half Time” system, where she realized that God had prepared her with her experiences professionally and relationally, with a firm foundation of faith. She met Bob Buford, who encouraged her to write her book and catapulted her to start her ministry to “connect, lead and support professional women to reach their God-given potential.”

“Try to find companies where your values and priorities align. And then try to find roles where your strengths align with that role.” –Diane Paddison

What You Will Learn: The importance of a mentor and how to find your own mentor How to focus your goals in these three areas: professional, relational and spiritual goals The keys to putting fear behind you and overcoming hardships How to discern God’s will for your life and reach your full potential How to discover where your energy comes from and what you are passionate about Resources: 4wordwomen.orgWork, Love and Pray” and companion study guide by Diane Paddison “Half Time” by Bob Buford Christianity Today Bio

Diane Paddison, 4word Founder and President, is a Harvard MBA graduate, former global executive of two Fortune 500 companies and one Fortune 1000 company, and serves as an independent director for two corporations and four not-for-profits.

But her life’s passion is mentoring professional women.

The leading advocate for the professional Christian women community, Paddison published Work, Love, Pray in 2011 while laying the foundation for 4word. The book cast a vision for women of faith who represent a growing share of the fulltime workforce, yet are underserved in resources compared to the men around them. Featuring 15 women leaders who found personal and business success while keeping faith at their core, Work, Love, Pray affirms and challenges women who feel uniquely called to the workplace.

Diane’s heart for encouraging professional women took root in her early in her commercial real estate career, an industry where few women held mid-level roles, and were virtually absent in senior leadership. Crossing lines of tradition, Diane approached the top company executive – a man – to express her professional goals and ask for mentoring. He agreed, and since then, Diane has been purposeful in supporting women around her with the lessons she learned.

Mentorship is a lifestyle: even when traveling to a regional office on business, she often reserves a lunch hour to gather women company-wide to foster relationships. She led the development of the CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) “Bridging the C-Suite Gap” mentoring program, credited with the advancement of many participants to senior executive ranks since it launched.

Diane Paddison speaks on life/work balance, mentoring/sponsorship, and impactful leadership at events across the country. She authors weekly posts at 4wordwomen.org, and is a featured columnist for Today’s Christian Women – a Christianity Today digital magazine. Diane serves on the board for the Harvard Business School Christian Fellowship Alumni Association. Diane and her husband, Chris, have four children and live in Dallas, Texas.


261. 040 Bob Burg | Ultimate Success
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Description: Be A Go Giver

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“Let’s look at the leader who is very focused on bringing value to those he or she serves. They are looking not just to have a bunch of followers who are going to be lackeys who do what they say, they are looking to empower people.” –Bob Burg

In this podcast, Bob shares the many valuable resources he has used to become an internationally acclaimed author, speaker and leader. He describes how he learned that, by shifting from an “I” focus to an “others” focus, he has achieved success in every aspect of his life.

“If someone believes their job is to go out there and make the sale, then it’s all about them. If they believe their job is to go out and create the environment where that person willingly buys because they know it is in their best interest to do so, then it is all about the other person. And that’s exactly where the focus should be.” –Bob Burg


What You Will Learn: What it means to be a “go-giver” How to adapt others’ wisdom into our lives yet still remain authentically ourselves How consistently providing value to others is not only nice, but financially profitable How to recognize if we are sabotaging our success with an unconscious belief that we are not worthy to receive, only give Resources: Bob Burg's websiteThe Go-Giver;” “Go-Givers Sell More;” “Endless Referrals;” “The Art of Persuasion;” “It’s Not About You: A Little Story About What Matters Most in Business” and “Adversaries into Allies,” all by Bob Burg “How to Master the Art of Selling” by Tom Hopkins “The E-Myth” by Michael Gerber “The Go-Getter” by Peter Kynd “Becoming A Category of One” and “Be the Best at What Matters Most” by Joe Calloway “EntreLeadership” by Dave Ramsey “Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive” by Harvey Mackay “Give and Take” by Adam Grant “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz



Bob Burg shares information on topics vital to the success of today’s businessperson. He speaks for corporations and associations internationally, including fortune 500 companies, franchises, and numerous direct sales organizations.

Bob regularly addresses audiences ranging in size from 50 to 16,000 — sharing the platform with notables including today’s top thought leaders, broadcast personalities, Olympic athletes and political leaders including a former United States President.

Although for years he was best known for his book Endless Referrals, over the past few years it’s his business parable, The Go-Giver (coauthored with John David Mann) that has captured the imagination of his readers.

The Go-Giver shot to #6 on The Wall Street Journal’s Business Bestsellers list just three weeks after its release and reached #9 on BusinessWeek. Since its release it has consistently stayed in the top 25 on Business Book Best Seller List. It’s an international bestseller and has been translated into 21 languages. It is Bob’s fourth book to sell over 250,000 copies.

Bob believes his newest book, Adversaries Into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion is by far his most important work yet.

Drawing on his own experiences and the stories of other influential people, he offers five simple principles of what he calls Ultimate Influence™ — the ability to move people to your side in a way that leaves everyone feeling great about the outcome… and about themselves!

Bob is an advocate, supporter and defender of the Free Enterprise system, believing that the amount of money one makes is directly proportional to how many people they serve.

262. 039 Eric Lind | Restoration & Redemption
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This is the link to the blog post from the show, a transcript and the resources. http://www.eternalleadership.com/039

263. 038 Becca Greenwood | Breaking Through Strongholds
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For the full post and great resources CLICK HERE


“Where are we limiting ourselves? What are the lies that we have embraced because of our life circumstances or things that have happened that would keep us or hold us back from the fullness of identity that the Lord has for us?” –Rebecca Greenwood


From an early age, Rebecca Greenwood struggled with strongholds in her life: anger, depression and multiple fears. She feared authority figures, displeasing others, heights, the dark…even while she was a church youth leader and member of the worship team.


Through a process that she describes in this podcast, Rebecca learned how to break free from these strongholds through uncovering their root causes and allowing God to heal them.  She shares how you can find freedom and lasting peace through this process, and help others to do the same.


“We will want in our personal lives to see God's kingdom extended wherever He has placed us…We can be totally bold and humble all at the same time.”-Rebecca Greenwood


You will learn:


How to identify the areas in your life where you are limiting yourself

How to uncover your own strongholds and their root causes

How to replace the lies about yourself that you have been believing with truths about who you were really created to be


How to retrain and renew your mind


Rebecca is co-founder and president of Christian Harvest International and Strategic Prayer Action Network (SPAN).


From the time she was young girl, Rebecca felt a drawing of the Lord that she would be used by Him. Her mother used to tell Rebecca she was blessed and her father loved to sing a son entitled Far Away Places to she and her sister when they were small girls. Little did her parents know they were speaking her destiny into her heart and mind even from the time she was a young child.


In a prayer time in 1990 she felt a strong presence of the Spirit in which she was overcome. During this time the Lord showed her a vision of thousands and thousands of souls from many nations. He challenged her saying, Becca, will you be accountable for the souls I have assigned to you? Will you reach them for Me? Her heart captivated by this experience, she seriously responded to the mandate of the Lord to the nations. Since this Kingdom encounter, her passion has been seeing the lands of the world impacted for the Glory of God and reaching people with the gospel and setting the captive free. Her heart cry has become, Lord give me the nations. . As a result, prophecy, prophetic intercession, transformational spiritual warfare prayer, spiritual mapping, deliverance and teaching the word of God extensively in the many lands of the earth are the main thrusts of Christian Harvest.


Over the past 22 years, she has participated and led in spiritual warfare prayer journeys to 25 countries such as Egypt, Nepal, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, Spain, China, and to many cities and locations throughout the United States in which measurable breakthrough of transformation have been realized.


Having a heart for lost souls, Rebecca has seen many saved and set free. She ministers in transparency from her personal experiences of overcoming fear, depression and rebellion into freedom. She is committed to equipping in scriptural truths on how to live an overcoming life of purpose, fulfillment and destiny. And to equip people and churches to have a Jesus captivated and authoritative prayer life in which change and transformation are realized.


While she loves to travel the world and partner with the Lord in touching people's lives, Rebecca's favorite and most cherished times are with her husband Greg and their three beautiful daughters: Kendall, Rebecca and Katie. They reside in Colorado Springs, CO and are members of Freedom Church.


Rebecca has been a guest on TBN, Its Supernatural, God Knows and the Harvest Show. She has written for publications such as Charisma, Pray! Magazine and Spirit-Led Woman. She graduated with a Doctorate of Practical Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute where she also serves as a core faculty member.


She is the author of six books:


•   Authority to Tread: An Intercessors Guide to Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare

•   Breaking the Bonds of Evil: How to Set People Free from Demonic Oppression

•   The Power of a Godly Mother (ebook)

•   Destined to Rule: Spiritual Strategies for Advancing the Kingdom of God

•   Let Our Children Go: Steps to Free Your Child from Evil Influence and Demonic Harassment

•   Your Kingdom Come: Encouraged to Intercede

•   And was invited to partner with C. Peter Wagner in contributing to an Understanding Spiritual Warfare: Four Views. An academic book discussing four theological views of spiritual warfare which will be used in seminaries throughout the United States.





264. Mini Episode | 5 Imperatives Of A Great Leader
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Learn the characteristics of leadership that will equip the next generation and make you better


265. 037 Lloyd Reeb | Success To Significance
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Description: The Keys To Creating An Impact That Outlives You!

Here is a link to this great interview: http://www.eternalleadership.com/037

“The biggest mistake successful men and women do at midlife, when they're on a quest for renewal, is that they jump to the solution too quickly. They don't take the time to get clear on who they are: their strengths, their passions and their calling. They jump to, “Where could I serve?” And they take board roles or they leave their platform in corporate America or sell their company, whether they're sure if they really need it or not.” - Lloyd Reeb

Lloyd Reeb started his career as a successful real estate developer when he was only a teenager. He borrowed the money from his father to purchase his first piece of land, and paid him back with interest. Upon graduating from college, Lloyd began building subdivisions. He experienced great financial success through his thriving business. Eventually, however, some important questions began nagging him.

“But there was a point when I began to wonder, is this really all there is? Do I just continue to build buildings for the rest of my life and grow my net worth? Or is there some other purpose that I was put on this planet? Is there maybe something I'm missing? - Lloyd Reeb

In his book, “Success to Significance,” Lloyd describes how to discover where your deepest passions intersect with your greatest abilities and harness them to help change the world. He unfolds a blueprint that has helped thousands of men and women redefine success and infuse their lives with eternal significance.

I think there are a lot of us that get caught into a sort of course in our career and in our pursuit of success without stopping and asking the question, “If my life turned out perfectly, what would the elements be?”

It's different than asking, “If my life were perfect you know, 5 years from now, what would it look like?” That's more of a tactical question. This was a long-term question. I spent a lot of time answering that one question. When I got clear on that, then it put my business in a different perspective.


What You Will Learn: How to discover your strengths and your true calling How to reorient your direction in life from success to significance How to use your talents and resources in ways that produce something that outlasts you How to find balance between the metrics in your life, such as performance, identity and relationships Why bailing from corporate America or selling your company may NOT be the best strategy to pursue your purpose  





266. 036 Kevin Adams | How To Weather The Storms
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This link will bring you to all of the great resources from the show http://www.eternalleadership.com/036

267. Mini Episode | The Power Of A Vision
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Listen to our most popular episodes at http://eternalleadership.com/media/podcast/eternal-leadership-podcast/

268. 035 Coaches Corner with Russell Verhey - Leadership Coach
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The goal of coaching is to accelerate a leader's development.  Coaching speeds learning time, enabling leaders to make significant leaps in learning and behavior change in a matter of months rather than years.

Our goal is to add value to you by addressing the questions you have submitted.  Please comment below so we can include your question on the next episode!

Leadership and executive coach, Russell Verhey answers questions from our audience As a leader I often feel lonely, how do I develop authentic relationships along the journey? What does it take to cultivate a culture of trust with my team and peers, especially if I have been betrayed before? How assess the level of trust in my organization? How do I connect to my values and what is important to me? What does it take to keep stress from allowing me to reach my full potential? Resources


269. 034 Marilyn Tam | Finding Your Purpose
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Finding Your Life Purpose



Making A Difference Right Where You Are (or where you are now)


“When we have a purpose, we can endure almost anything. When we have the faith in something greater, what we have to go through is bearable because we are here for a reason.” –Marilyn Tam

Marilyn Tam was born in Hong Kong into a Chinese family that did not want her because she was a girl.  She was abused physically and verbally. She was told over and over again that she was worthless.  She was given away to her aunt and uncle, who in turn gave her back when they had a child of their own. But her grandfather and her Heavenly Father had planted seeds of belief deep down in her soul. She chose to flip the negative messages she had been given from “I am worthless” to “I can do anything!” She changed her perspective from feeling sorry for herself to a life mission of helping others make their lives better.

Marilyn’s determination and vision earned her highly impactful positions in the corporate world, such as President of Reebok Apparel Products and Retail Group and CEO of Aveda.  She has authored the best-selling books “The Happiness Choice” and “Living the Life of Your Dreams,” and she hosts the weekly radio show, “The Happiness Choice.”  

More importantly, however, Marilyn used these positions of influence to make great humanitarian impacts. She helped establish labor standards for para workers around the globe.  She worked with the native South Americans who live along the Amazon to grow back indigenous plants previously destroyed during deforestation.  She reaches countless listeners and readers every day, inspiring and mentoring them to make a difference in their worlds.

“I understood that I don’t have to look for this big grandiose way of making a difference; I can make a difference wherever I am, whatever I am doing.”  –Marilyn Tam


What you will learn:

-How to evaluate the effectiveness of our reference points

-How to make our mission statement into an actionable point

-How to recognize your own life purpose

-How to reframe your situation when obstacles come your way

270. 033 Michael Scott | Producer of the movie Do You Believe?
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 17.14Mb)


"The Cross brought us to our knees but should bring us to our feet as well!" - Michael Scott

Here is the link to this episode and great resources http://www.eternalleadership.com/033

This is an inspiring interview with Michael Scott who followed his passion, created a company around it and has made a significant impact on millions of lives.  Michael shares the highs and lows of his journey and what he learned at each step that moved him forward and closer to God.

Michael was the producer of the hit movie of God's Not Dead.  PureFlix just released their next movie that is one of the best movies I have seen in years.  If you are reading this GO see this movie!  It is outstanding.  Bring a friend, a group, anyone that is a believer or not as their life will be impacted.  

Here is a summary of the movie:

A dozen different souls—all moving in different directions, all longing for something more. As their lives unexpectedly intersect, they each are about to discover there is power in the Cross of Christ … even if they don't believe it. Yet.

When a local pastor is shaken to the core by the visible faith of an old street-corner preacher, he is reminded that true belief always requires action. His response ignites a faith-fueled journey that powerfully impacts everyone it touches in ways that only God could orchestrate.

This stirring new film from the creators of God's Not Dead is in theaters now. More than a movie, it's a question we all must answer in our lifetimes: DO YOU BELIEVE?

"I don’t think we can do the greatest things until we take small steps. This could be as simple as coming to a movie like this with a friend that is lost or struggling." - Michael Scott

271. 032 Doug Napier | Faith in the Workplace
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As an attorney with 40 litigators on staff at ADF Doug engaged daily in allowing business leaders to freely practice our second amendment rights.  In this episode Doug shares practical strategies and where the landmines are when we bring our faith into the marketplace.


272. 031 Lance Wallnau | Unite Your Purpose With Your Plan - Part 2
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For all of the resources from this episode go to http://www.eternalleadership.com/031

Your design is perfect for your purpose. Potential is determined by the design of something. The bird can potentially fly, the fish can potentially swim and you? Your potential is intricately woven into your design and your design is crafted according to your — PURPOSE. You come packaged with all the gifts, talents, aptitudes and abilities necessary to engage your life purpose.

As a believer, you have something extra. Remember the verse.. “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me?”

( Phil 4:13) Paul was speaking about the peculiar demands and hardships he engaged in his calling. He could have said, “I can do all things (my purpose) through Christ (the anointing) that strengthens me!” You are designed to flow with a certain anointing or divine enabling that comes from heaven.

273. 030 Lance Wallnau | Unite Your Purpose With Your Plan - Part 1
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 26.84Mb)


For all of the resources from this episode go to http://www.eternalleadership.com/030

Your design is perfect for your purpose. Potential is determined by the design of something. The bird can potentially fly, the fish can potentially swim and you? Your potential is intricately woven into your design and your design is crafted according to your — PURPOSE. You come packaged with all the gifts, talents, aptitudes and abilities necessary to engage your life purpose.

As a believer, you have something extra. Remember the verse.. “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me?”

( Phil 4:13) Paul was speaking about the peculiar demands and hardships he engaged in his calling. He could have said, “I can do all things (my purpose) through Christ (the anointing) that strengthens me!” You are designed to flow with a certain anointing or divine enabling that comes from heaven.

274. 029 Rory Vaden | Take The Stairs
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Click here to get all of the resources and links from this great interview with Rory Vaden and learn more strategies from his new book Procrastinate On Purpose http://www.eternalleadership.com/029

275. 028 Stephen McGhee | Limitless Leadership
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Get all of the details and great resources from Stephen at http://www.eternalleadership.com/028

276. 027 Ken Blanchard | Refire Your LIfe & Leadership!
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Ken Blanchard, renown leadership expert, author and founder of Lead Like Jesus shares practical advice to retire your life

Here is the link to all of the great resources from the episode:


277. 026 Michele Cushatt | Undone
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 14.64Mb)


Michele Cushatt speaks on making peace with an unexpected life.


Here the episode here and find all of the links to Michele's incredible new book Undone



278. 025 Coaches Corner with Dr. Michael Marx
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Description: Coaches Corner

Here is a link to this episode and all of the great resources http://www.eternalleadership.com/025

The goal of coaching is to accelerate a leader’s development.  Coaching speeds learning time, enabling leaders to make significant leaps in learning and behavior change in a matter of months rather than years.

Our goal is to add value to you by addressing the questions you have submitted.  Please comment below so we can include your question on the next episode!

279. 024 Michael Franzese | Godfather to "God The Father"
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Learn more about Michael Franzese

Schedule a screening of this incredible movie THIS IS A TRUE STORY ABOUT MAFIA, MONEY, LOVE, LOYALTY AND GOD ...

I first met Michael Franzese through Pinnacle Forum where he is a partner with me.  His story of redemption and forgiveness is one of the most powerful I have ever heard, and will give you renewed hope in the One who came to give life, and give it more abundantly!  

Michael's story is now a major motion picture that is a must see!

God The Father...takes us on the untold personal journey of Michael Franzese, a young and charismatic Capo in the Colombo Crime family during the 1980‘s-90‘s and whose notorious father, Sonny Franzese was also a renowned Underboss. Following in his father’s footsteps in the mid-1980s, Fortune Magazine named Franzese as number #18 on its list of the "Fifty Most Wealthy and Powerful Mafia Bosses".

According to a Federal report, Franzese made more money for a crime family than anyone since Chicago Outfit boss, Al Capone.  A revelation that Michael’s own father went along with a contract hit on his life; Michael’s love for his wife and children; and the realization his own life was heading the same way as every other mob guy that came before him...straight to ST. JOHNS Cemetery in NYC, Michael took the decision to leave the ‘Life’.

An act previously thought impossible...Michael Franzese publicly walked away from the Colombo family and organized crime. During his time in prison, Michael discovered the Bible. Devouring its contents, Michael found parallels between the Good Book’s teachings and his experiences in the ‘Life’ which translated into Michael developing his own unique religious perspective and faith. It is a faith that is directly responsible for his still being alive today.

God The Father...utilizes every cinematic ingredient available to tell Michael Franzese’s remarkable journey from a ‘made man’ to a man of God. From choreographed dance sequences, traditional interviews, stock footage, visceral re-enactments and sophisticated animation sequences...specifically designed to show the more violent aspects of mob life, in a subtle and intelligent way. This film is the first time the Michael Franzese story has ever been told cinematically and with such originality and power.


Learn more about Michael Franzese

Schedule a screening of this incredible movie

280. 023 Fran LaMattina | Emotional Intelligence Traits of Effective Leaders
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Description: The 5 factors that are crucial for emotionally intelligent leadership

What makes a great leader?

We all know, or have heard stories of, highly skilled people in business who have been promoted to a leadership position only to fail.  We also know of others that while seemingly average get promoted to a leadership position and have excelled!  What is the difference?

"There was a study done at Stanford, their business council, on what's the number one skill that people need to be successful in life.  This council said that it was self-awareness" - Fran LaMattina

In this episode Fran shares what emotional intelligence (EI) is, how it is a learned skill, and its application to leadership.  Daniel Goleman in his article  on 'What Makes A Leader' in the Harvard Business Review states that the higher the rank of a person considered to be a star performer, the more emotional intelligence capabilities showed up as the reason for his or her effectiveness.

These are the components of EI that Fran will walk you through:

Self-Awareness Self-Regulation Motivation Empathy Social Skill Resources Fran's email fran@strategiesforgreatness.com Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ  Daniel Goleman Professional Christian Coaching Institute Bio

281. 022 Daniel Henderson | The Deeper Life
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Satisfying The 8 Vital Longings of Your Soul

 We often think of living a deeper life. In this incredible interview with Daniel Henderson, author of The Deeper Life, he shares how to truly discover the answers to life's core questions and live them out in your thoughts, words, and actions.  This is a book that needs to be on your must read list!

"So many of us base our identity on things that change.  The one thing that never changes is the rock-solid truth of who God is and what he says to be true about him." - Daniel Henderson

An acclaimed teacher on spiritual renewal, Daniel Henderson shares the principles and practices that are vital to a transformed life. He explains the longings that resonate in our souls--longings such as wanting to know God more fully, to know ourselves better, to spend our time on things that matter--and shows how to systematically apply them to daily decisions and even long-term goals. As countless believers have already discovered, this gospel-oriented, Spirit-empowered approach will touch every part of your life and change the trajectory of your journey.

Be known as a person of relevant faith . . .
Escape the fog of daily distractions . . .
Live a more intentional, integrated life!

You Will Learn

Daniel shares questions that really matter and will help satisfy the ultimate longings of the soul to know God and live an eternally significant life.

The 8 Vital Longings of Your Soul

Who is God? (Theology) Who Am I? (Identity) Why Am I Here? (Purpose) What Really Matters? (Values) What Should I Do? (Priorities) How Should I Do It? (Goals) When Should I Do It? (Time) How Will I Finish? (Legacy) Resources

Strategic Renewal

Mission - We exist to ignite the heart of the Church through personal renewal, congregational revival and leadership restoration for the glory of Jesus Christ. The Deeper Life, Satisfying the 8 Vital Longings of Your Soul The Deeper Life Group Study Daniel's E-Devotional Bio

As a Senior Pastor for over two decades, Daniel Henderson brought prayer-based revitalization to several mega-churches. Today he is dedicating his full-time efforts to help congregations across the country experience renewal and turn-around as he speaks to thousands each year at conferences and prayer events. He is President of Strategic Renewal, which exists to ignite personal renewal, congregational revival, and leadership restoration for Christ’s glory.


Daniel Henderson is a pastor, preacher, renewal catalyst, leadership coach, author, husband, father, grandfather and (most importantly) a passionate Christ-follower. He was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and received his academic degrees from Liberty University and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, Virginia. He loves the Lord, his wife, his children, and the local church with a passion.

After spending 25 years in rewarding full-time pastoral ministry, Daniel is now giving more of his full-time efforts to Strategic Renewal. He also serves part-time as the Pastor of Prayer at Mission Hills Church in Littleton, CO and as an adjunct professor at Liberty University in the areas of prayer and pastoral leadership. He has most recently been Senior Pastor of Grace Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota for three and a half years, and Senior Pastor at Arcade Church in Sacramento, California for 11 years prior to that, where a profound movement of congregational prayer was birthed. He has also served as Senior Pastor of Los Gatos Christian Church in the San Jose area for four years. His pastoral and leadership experience also includes ministry as Associate Pastor to Dr. John MacArthur at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California and church planting in the Pacific Northwest.

Daniel's first book, The 7 Most Important Questions You'll Ever Answer, was translated into 12 languages and has been recently re-released by Baker Publishing under the new title The Deeper Life - Satisfying the 8 Vital Longings of the Soul. In 2004, Fresh Encounters was released, focusing on Daniel's journey in the area of worship-based prayer. His more recent books include Think Before You Look: Avoiding the Consequences of Secret Temptation (2005), PRAYzing! Creative Prayer Experiences from A to Z (2007),The 29:59 Plan - Revisioned (2008, with Peter Lord), The Church That Prays Together: Inside the Prayer Life of 10 Dynamic Churches (2008, with Elmer Towns), and Transforming Prayer - How Everything Changes When You Seek God's Face (2011). He also served as a contributing writer to Innovate Church: 8 Innovative Ways to Lead and Grow the Church(2008) and Giving Ourselves to Prayer: An Acts 6:4 Primer for Ministry (2008).

Daniel's articles have appeared in publications like Leadership Journal, Pray! Magazine, and ChurchLeaders.com.

Daniel has been married to Rosemary (Brewer) for over 33 years and they live just south of Denver, Colorado. Together they have raised their three children, Justin, Jordan, and Heather Rose. They are the grandparents of Annie Renee', Taylor Grace, Norah Jane and James Eagle.

Fun Facts:

Life Verse: Generally 2 Corinthians 5:9. Most recently Galatians 1:24 Most Interesting Place Ever Lived: Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico (just outside the booming metropolis of Truth or Consequences) Most Interesting Places Ever Visited: Fordell Castle; Scotland (historic home of the Henderson Clan) The Holy Land Petra, Jordan Bali, Indonesia Singapore The Catacombs Ministry Passion: Pastor-led, local-church oriented movements of Christ-exalting, worship-based prayer, leading to full-scale revival, supernatural evangelism, and cultural transformation. Key goals for the future: To enjoy the rest of his life with his (one-and-only) wife of his youth To support the dreams God places in the hearts of his children To continue to write articles and books To travel extensively in his later years, ministering to missionaries and pastors Travel experience: 42 countries (ministering in 29), 49 states (Alaska is still to be conquered) Most Embarrassing Moment: Wouldn't you like to know??? Affliations: Strategic Renewal - Founder, President The 6:4 Fellowship - National Director Mission Hills Church (Littleton, CO) - Pastor of Prayer Liberty University - Adj. Professor of Renewal and Church Leadership The National Association of Evangelicals - Board Member Spirit FM Radio - Chaplain National Prayer Committee Member The Power Team - Pastoral Advisor

282. 021 Dennis Trittin | Raising Up Next Gen Leaders
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Description: Building A New Generation of Inspired Leaders

We are facing an epic leadership and life skills crisis in our younger generation with every area of society playing a role.

Dennis Trittin will share how we as:

Parents Educators Employers Mentors Faith leaders Can reverse this course to build a new generation of inspired leaders.

Dennis founded LifeSmart Publishing with the mission to inspire, equip, and empower the next generation to pursue lives of purpose, integrity, and impact. 

His vision is that every child would be inspired and equipped to reach his or her full potential and positively impact the world. 

Our society today is producing a generation of young adults largely unprepared to negotiate life, develop and maintain healthy life-long relationships, demonstrate honorable and effective leadership, build stable households, and succeed in an increasingly competitive workforce. Testimonials from school counselors and employers confirm we have a life skills crisis on our hands.  In this episode Dennis shares the meaningful work he is doing to address each of these issues

In this episode you will learn: What life skills are essential to teach the next generation Practical strategies to develop leadership skills for millennials How to build positive relationship capital with teens A simple idea that will change our culture  Resources DennisTrittin.com LifeSmart Publishing Parenting For The Launch - Book What I Wish I Knew At 18 - Book What I Wish I Knew at 18 Leadership and Life Skills Course - Curriculum  Bio

Dennis is a successful author, publisher, educator, speaker, and money manager committed to helping young people reach their full potential. As founder and CEO of LifeSmart Publishing and the author of What I Wish I Knew at 18: Life Lessons for the Road Ahead and co-author of Parenting for the Launch: Raising Teens to Succeed in the Real World, Dennis combines his world-class leadership experience with passionate advocacy for the next generation. With acclaimed resources and speaking engagements on the topics of leadership, life skills, and parenting, Dennis inspires and equips young people and the adults and institutions guiding them.

Prior to his encore career, Dennis was a senior executive for 28 years with Russell Investments. As Director of Research and Strategy, Dennis evaluated thousands of investment leaders worldwide, giving him a unique perspective to share the strategies and practices of successful people. He also helped grow the firm’s assets from $1 billion to $220 billion through portfolio management and sales support.

Dennis has also served as board chair and life skills instructor at an area private school and as a deacon at his church. He is a regular advisor to a number of non-profit organizations and is a passionate advocate of the Pinnacle Forum!

Dennis holds a B.B.A. degree from the University of Wisconsin and an M.B.A. from the University of Washington, where he was Valedictorian. He also is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Dennis and Jeanne, his wife of 32 years, have two grown children and make their home in Gig Harbor, Washington. In addition to family management and volunteer causes, Dennis enjoys golf, the company of friends, following the markets, writing, traveling, and visiting their condo in Door County, Wisconsin. He’s also an avid Seahawks and Packers fan!

283. 020 Mark Sanborn | The Most Important Question
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 21.41Mb)

Description: What it Takes to Be Extraordinary in All You Do

We often accomplish more by doing less. Activity is the anesthesia of the modern person. When we stay insanely busy we think we are accomplishing something but we are just staying insanely busy. Ask yourself, what’s important and am I accomplishing it!

"We all have same number of hours and minutes in a day. It’s what we do with those that determine if we have an ordinary or extraordinary life." - Mark Sanborn

Mark Sanborn was recently named to the Top Leadership Experts to Follow in 2015.  His best selling book The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary reveals a clear path to an extraordinary life

How do you define extraordinary? It is something that stands out. Ordinary is unremarkable. We don’t remember the ordinary. Sameness is a bad business and life strategy.

Savor what you are able to create and do. Mark explains that we are in one of three places in our lives

Stuck Struggling Successful – We run the risk of becoming stuck, just stuck at a higher level.

When stuck you need a push and a plan. You need to do the work yourselves but we can encourage others and find encouragement for ourselves.

Your plan should define what success looks like but we often lack clarity on the outcome we want.  We assume that people without clarity haven’t taken time to define what they want. It could be the case that you just don’t know what you want. You might need to do more things, try more things and it would give you perspective.

Don’t get into a state where you don’t move forward until you have perfect clarity.

Sometimes people are afraid to aspire to more. Successful people are not afraid to aspire higher. It’s about aiming a little higher so you get more than you would have gotten.

Live life fully!  Try a lot of things and be intentional about what success looks like.


Leadership resources from Mark Sanborn

Leadership Blog Leadership Lessons Newsletter Have Mark speak to you company to deliver an impactful message that will create results Books - I have read all of these and recommend them for anyone in a leadership role! You Don't Need a Title to Be a Leader: How Anyone, Anywhere, Can Make a Positive Difference The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary Fred 2.0: New Ideas on How to Keep Delivering Extraordinary Results The Encore Effect: How to Achieve Remarkable Performance in Anything You Do Bio Leadership Speaker Mark Sanborn Developing Leaders in Business and in Life

Mark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE, is president of Sanborn & Associates, Inc., an idea studio dedicated to developing leaders in business and in life. Mark is an international bestselling author and noted expert on leadership, team building, customer service and change.

Mark Sanborn graduated cum laude from The Ohio State University. In addition to his work as a business educator and author, Mark continues to be an active leadership practitioner. Most recently he served as the president of the National Speakers Association.

Mark holds the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA) and is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame. He was recently honored with the Cavett Award, the highest honor the NSA bestows on its members, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the speaking profession. Mark is also a member of the exclusive Speakers Roundtable, made up of 20 of the top speakers in America.

Mark is the author of eight books, including the bestseller The Fred Factor: How Passion In Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary which has sold more than 1.6 million copies internationally. His other books include You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader: How Anyone, Anywhere Can Make a Positive Difference, Teambuilt: Making Teamwork Work, The Encore Effect: How to Achieve Remarkable Performance in Anything You Do and his most recent book, Up, Down or Sideways: How to Succeed When Times are Good, Bad or In Between. His latest book is Fred 2.0: New Ideas on How to Keep Delivering Extraordinary Results which was released March 2013.

He has created and appeared in 20 videos and numerous audio training programs. His video series Team Building: How to Motivate and Manage People made it to the #2 spot for bestselling educational video series in the U.S.

Mark’s list of over 2400 clients includes Costco, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, FedEx, Harley-Davidson, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, KPMG, Morton’s of Chicago, New York Life, RE/MAX, ServiceMaster, ESPN, GM, IBM, Avnet, Sandvik and John Deere.

“We each know how good we have become,” Mark says, “but none of us knows how good we can be. One of the most exciting opportunities we get each day is to pursue our potential.” Mark Sanborn challenges his audiences with this message and provides insights for extraordinary living.


284. 019 Dean Niewolny | CEO of Halftime - Find your Passion, Find your Calling
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 23.10Mb)

Description: To get a copy of the bestselling book Halftime for free go to http://www.eternalleadership.com/halftime

 “The appetite for significance is at an all time high, yet most people have no idea where or how to identify their gifts and talent—and to connect to their passions. And that’s my love for Halftime. Nothing satisfies more than to help a man or woman say, ‘This is what God has for me to do.’”   — Dean Niewolny, Halftime Institute CEO


You are probably going to live a whole adult lifetime that wasn’t available to your parents and grandparents.

Their life expectancy at birth was 50 years. We have two lifetimes now. Life I is what occurs before halftime, and Life II comes afterwards. Most people have a pretty good plan for Life I, but few can see their way forward into Life II.

Halftime is the in-between season that occurs at about age 45, plus or minus a few years. It’s the time first described in the book, Halftime – the season of “now what?” In our time, halftime really marks the end of Life I and the beginning of this whole new second adult season that we’ve identified as Life II or the second half. Halftime used to be the beginning of the end. Now it is the beginning of a whole new beginning: a season that for many has turned out to be the richest and most meaning-filled season of all.

Peter Drucker once told Bob Buford, “The strongest insight you had in Halftime was that there is more than one lifetime.”

Life II takes most people by surprise. Most people are unprepared and they are searching for meaning in mid-life.

The Halftime Institute is the leading authority on creating a second half defined by joy, impact and balance.  We’ve served thousands of men and women from varied backgrounds. We also serve organizations like Kingdom Advisors, Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and World Presidents Organization (WPO).

"God has a plan for each and every one of us and He wants us to live in this sweet spot." - Dean Niewolny

 You will learn How to find your passion How to find your Ephesians 2:10 calling The steps to discover how God wired you and the incredible potential that unlocks How to find perfect clarity on the life you want to create for yourself How God sees success and what that means for you Resources Checkout Dean's Articles: Is There Not A Cause . . . For Me? Unwrapped Halftime Institute
Click here for a free copy of this incredible book

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Halftime Institute!

If you are at the place where you would like to move from success to significance click here to get a copy of this book for free.

This book is one of the most transformational books I have ever read - John Ramstead

Video Library about Halftime

Halftime Mission & Vision

Become a member of Halftime



Dean Niewolny spent 23 years in executive roles with three of Wall Street’s largest financial firms, finishing his career in the financial sector as market manager for Wells Fargo Advisors in Chicago, where he oversaw a $100mm market. While in Chicago, he and his wife, Lisa, traveled many times to Africa and, seeing the abject needs of widows and orphans, made life changes that enabled them to get involved, such as helping to complete an orphan home and a Hospice home in Durbin, South Africa.

In 2010, Dean traded his marketplace career for Halftime to help more people who, like him, wanted to expand their own “first half” success and skills into passion and purpose for meeting human needs and making a significant difference. Dean joined Halftime as managing director and in 2011 became chief executive officer. He speaks at events around the world, encouraging business leaders to channel first-half achievement into a second half defined by joy, impact and balance.

Having grown up playing sports—eventually in college and semi-professional baseball—Dean still enjoys coaching youth sports, especially his son’s little league teams. He and Lisa have two children and live in Southlake, Texas.


285. 018 Coaches Corner with Stephen McGhee - Executive Coach
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 19.81Mb)


286. 017 Jerry Anderson | Principles That Create Global Influence
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 25.67Mb)


"It's amazing how the human mind works.  If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. You’ve got to be careful what you put in your mind, because you’ll soon be there.” –Jerry Anderson


 In this episode, Jerry Anderson shares how he discovered the key to turning multiple business failures into phenomenal success was this: character development.  He changed his mentality with clients from “I hope they buy” to “I need to help them be successful.”  He adds, “Sometimes I cared about their business more than they did!” 


 Jerry saw immediate results from his change in perspective and he realized that he could help others achieve the same results in their lives.  He started round table groups to mentor businesspeople in the areas of character and values.  His teaching spread to other parts of the world; suddenly, he was helping transform governments and cultures!  Jerry can help you start your own round table group, or change the values and attitudes in your workplace or business.  He has even started to bring these values-based programs to schools; grades have gone up and bullying has dramatically decreased.


 “When I’m doing the right things, the right things happen and I don’t have to create them.  I just show up.” –Jerry Anderson


 You will learn


How to develop your own character to transform your business

How to discern what should and should not be going into your brain


How to be open and available for incredible opportunities

How to bring positive values back to your own sphere of influence






287. 016 Judy Robinett | How to Be a Power Connector
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 23.67Mb)

Description: There is deep value in creating meaningful relationships.

It is through building relationships that we can truly be servant leaders and add value to others. Our guest Judy Robinett shares how she went from a shy small-town girl to the pinnacles of the business world by doing just that. Judy shares practical steps on what it means to give before you get!

Judy Robinett shares how to build a network based on serving others. This is a critical factor for success in business, ministry and in life.

She grew up in a small town in Idaho of less than 300 people, so she has had to put in the time, effort and energy to build her network.  In addition, Judy had to overcome her shyness and emotional scars from years of being bullied in school.  Judy shares the turning point that created a shift in how she viewed relationships that changed the trajectory of her life.

The key is knowing the value of relationships and how to connect with people to build and solidify those relationships. She says it boils down to a few things; one of those is being in the right room.  You have to connect and bond with people who share your same values and passions and are willing to help; and you have to know the right rooms to find them in.

Regardless of where you are in your life, Judy says we all have the following to offer others:

Your ability to listen and be a friend. Your willingness to put aside your own troubles and give them the gift of your time. Just talking it over with a trusted friend, solutions can be found to many problems. Listening to someone allows them to know, like and trust you. And when someone knows you and likes you and trusts you, they are far more likely to help you with your problems and to connect you with their sphere of influence. What you will Learn A Biblical model for networking How to find and connect with the people you need in your network The three golden questions and when to ask them – These are powerful! How to be authentic in asking your network for help What it takes to leverage your network to add value to others Resources


Judy Robinett’s web site

How To Be a Power Connector, by Judy Robinett

Judy on Twitter



Judy Robinett is the author of How to Be a Power Connector: The 5+50+150 Rule (McGraw-Hill, May 2014), a book that provides instant, effective strategies for meeting the people you need to know and bonding with them fast to further your goals and theirs. Robinett is a business thought leader who is known as “the woman with the titanium digital Rolodex.” She has been profiled in Fast Company, Forbes, Venture Beat, Huffington Post, and Bloomberg Businessweek as a sterling example of the new breed of “super connectors” who use their experience and networks to accelerate growth and enhance profitability.
In her more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and corporate leader, Robinett has served as the CEO of both public and private companies and in management positions at Fortune 500 companies. She has been on the advisory boards of Illuminate Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm based in Menlo Park, California; Pereg Ventures, a venture capital firm based in New York; Springboard Enterprises based in Washington, DC; and Women Innovate Mobile (WIM) accelerators based in New York.
She was a managing director of Golden Seeds Angel Network (the third most active angel investment group and one of the largest in the U.S.); the CEO of publicly traded Medical Discoveries; and she served on the faculty of Goldman Sachs’s 10,000 Small Businesses program.
She was a member of the Department of Commerce team that defined performance criteria for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Performance Excellence in Healthcare, for which she received an award from President Bill Clinton.
Robinett has given hundreds of speeches worldwide for audiences at MIT, BIO, BIO-Europe, CalPoly, AT&T, Westinghouse, and the Department of Energy.
She is the coauthor of a chapter in Crowdfunding for Dummies by Sherwood Neiss, Jason W. Best, and Zak Cassady-Dorion (Wiley, 2013).

288. 015 Ford Taylor - Transformational Leadership
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 29.70Mb)


289. 014 Coaches Corner with Michael Pfau - Leadership Coach
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 19.95Mb)


290. 013 Jeff Spadafora - From Smoldering Discontent to Lasting Joy!
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 28.64Mb)

Description: Click here for a copy of the book Halftime for FREE
A Halftime Journey From Success to Significance

 “There was this giant dissonance between the life I was living, which was joyless, and this pathway of joy so clearly outlined in the Bible. And I said, “How am I going to bridge this gap? How am I going to reconcile this?”-Jeff Spadafora

So many people “have been brainwashed into thinking that the key to happiness is to make as much money as you can as fast as you can,” begins Jeff Spadafora in this inspiring and enlightening message of how to integrate your career with your God-given gifts and purpose.

He relates how we mistakenly tend toward a “binary vision” of thinking that we can only choose the marketplace or the mission field, when in fact there are multiple ways that we can remain in our current platform and still be fully obedient to God’s plan for us. We can “bloom” right where we are currently planted!

 “Live an integrated life, where your Tuesday afternoon board meeting self is the exact same self as on Sunday morning at 10 a.m. when you’re tearing up hearing the Gospel.” –Jeff Spadafora

 You will learn How to determine God’s plan for your life How to become self-aware through your skills and passions How to “unlearn” the expectations others have placed on you How to have the courage to become who you were created to be How to experience real and lasting joy and peace! Resources Checkout Jeff’s Articles: THE “COWBOY” APPROACH TO YOUR SECOND HALF JUST DOESN’T WORK WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MY LIFE? I LOST MY HEART A JOURNEY AN ANCIENT HALFTIMER DOWNLOAD JEFF’S BIO HERE Halftime Institute
Click here for a free copy of this incredible book

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Halftime Institute!

If you are at the place where you would like to move from success to significance click here to get a copy of this book for free.

This book is one of the most transformational books I have ever read - John Ramstead

Video Library about Halftime Halftime Mission & Vision Become a member of Halftime



Jeff Spadafora is the Director of Global Coaching Services and Product Development for The Halftime Institute.

He spent 20 years as a leadership and executive development consultant for Fortune 1000 companies such as Ford Motor Company, Sears & Roebuck, Compuware, Domino’s Pizza, Visteon, Northern Trust Bank, Helene Curtis, and Sky Chefs.In 2005, Jeff was inspired by Bob Buford’s book Halftime and began his journey of discovering God’s true purpose for his second half. As he worked with his Halftime coach, it became clear that his calling is to help other people discover their calling.

He has coached over 130 men and women through the Halftime Journey and continues to make this a primary part of his ministry. As the leader of The Halftime Institute’s global coaching staff, he is also responsible for recruiting, training, and managing Halftime Certified coaches throughout the world.

In addition to being the lead designer of the Halftime curriculum and one of the primary facilitators of workshops for groups of people embarking on the Halftime journey, Jeff also writes and speaks globally about the issues of life purpose, joy, and kingdom impact.

He lives in Evergreen Colorado with his wife Michelle and 3 teenage children.  He enjoys fishing, hunting, skiing, mountain biking and everything else the great outdoors of Colorado has to offer.

“Too many people focus the better part of their lives on the wrong things: the company’s agenda, other peoples’ ideas of success . . . money. Over time, this leads to frustration and emptiness. True freedom comes as a people discover their God-given design and pour themselves into service for others.”  –Jeff Spadafora

291. 012 Andy Mason - Transform Your Business by Building Champions
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 27.95Mb)


Register for the Heavan in Business Conference Here

To See the World Transformed We Have to Focus on Building Champions

“I had some cracks in my foundation, [thinking] that my identity is in external success and performance and not that success is based in Christ in me - the hope of glory.” –Andy Mason

What do you do when everything you thought you trusted in changes?

Andy left behind his house, salary, career, friends, and everything he knew to follow God’s direction to move to a new land. He suddenly found himself without a blueprint for success.

Feeling like he was wandering in the desert, Andy realized that he had to learn how to allow God to speak louder than his own internal voice of doubt. He needed to change his mindset as a Christian from the performance mindset he had in business to one of dependence and waiting on God.

Andy always felt that it was he that was reaching up and holding on to God with all of his might. When Andy saw the painting you see pictured here, he had a profound revelation:

God was holding on to him and would never let go!

This changed his view of God as well as Andy’s ability to trust Him.

“Instead of focusing on fixing the broken, to see the world transformed we have to focus on building champions.” –Andy Mason

What you will learn Where to look when you don’t feel God’s presence How to replace a performance mindset with a relationship mindset How to find cracks in your foundation and fix them What tools to use when you find yourself in the midst of your own desert period How to build champions Resources

Bethel Church

Heaven in Business Facebook Community - Join 3800 raving fans!

iDreamCulture - Helping you re-discover the dreams and desires of your heart

Heaven in Business Conference - Click here for more info

January 27-30, 2015 in Redding CA

God with you at work is more than an idea worth sharing; it’s a highly profitable business plan worth living. A culture of honor is the fundamental building block to establishing that plan as a culture. Honor elevates the status of people. It brings out their best and results in an environment where people and profits thrive.

This three day conference will inspire and equip you with keys to build a culture of honor in your place of work. You will get to hear real-life stories from real-life business people, be activated to access more of God in local business, receive personal ministry and leave with tools to create a personal and work environment where all people prosper.


Andy and Janine Mason are from the beautiful east coast of New Zealand. Together, with their four elementary-aged children and ten suitcases, they arrived in Redding, California, in August of 2008.

Andy and Janine developed and currently lead the Dream Culture program at Bethel Church. This has spread into programs and classes in Bethel Christian School and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. They have also helped catalyze Dream Cultures in other churches, businesses and community centers.

Andy has a background ranging from relationship management and consultancy, to international community development. He has established a micro-finance project, orphan program and leadership development program in eastern Uganda. He was also involved for ten years in the leadership team of a local New Zealand church. At the core was his desire to help people discover purpose and resource them in whatever way possible to get there.

In addition to being a wonderful mother to four children, Janine brings strength in strategic planning and a high value for relational unity. With her background in people development, adult training and project management, she helps people unlock their dreams and develop practical steps to see the impossible happen.

292. 011 Ken Eldred - Silicon Valley Entrepreneur of the Year on Perfect Alignment
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 25.61Mb)


Ken Eldred

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur of the Year


 - Integrated Life http://goo.gl/OOtI8c

 - God is At Work http://goo.gl/7UVxrP

What if we could resolve the exhausting struggle between work, family, and spiritual life? What if we recognized a deep connection between faith and business? What if biblical values weren’t roadblocks but actually the source of successful business? What if the real goal of business were more noble than maximizing profit? What if we could see our everyday work as having spiritual value? What if we could approach it as ministry? What if it were our calling, a calling as high as that of a pastor or missionary? What if God cared deeply about our work and wanted to be involved? And what if we could even partner with him in our business?

Many of us believe the key to resolving the tension between work and faith lies in a more balanced life. Pursuing balance is important, Eldred explains, but that noble effort still leaves us with compartmentalized lives. We still sense that all those prime hours of our day have little or no spiritual significance.

293. 010 Tim Brown - Jumping Into The Parade and Victory over Depression
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 27.12Mb)

Description: The Power of Second Chances  Depression

It is something that many struggle with and find it hard to get help for.  When you are depressed, you can feel so stuck that the future feels hopeless.  In this interview Tim shares practical steps on how to make those small steps forward that will bring back hope in your life. 

"Tomorrow is a new day, a day of second chances--and it is up to us to go ignite that!" - Tim Brown

Leaders typically find it hard to admit weakness, be vulnerable and ask for help.  Tim shares his inner journey through hell back to a life of joy and fulfillment.  After the financial crash of 2008 Tim lost over $55 million in assets as he watched forces beyond his control decimate the company he had built.  Tim's identity came from his role as a CEO, his view of his competence and how he was seen by his peers.  He had been so focused on his identity and business that his marriage fell apart as well.  Feeling that he had lost everything there were two distinct points where Tim considered just ending it all.  This journey that Tim went through has become an incredible book that I know will help millions.

"The magic about jumping into the Parade is that you can lead from the back, the front or the middle.  Just jump in and live your life to the fullest." - Tim Brown

What you will learn How to live life from the inside out How to heal from the inside out The power of  living in your integrity and being authentic To let go of the past and live fully in the present That no matter how things appear, it will get better One simple tool that will bring joy back in your life Resources

A Personal Journey to a Joyful and Fulfilling Life

Contact Tim Brown

Book Tim to speak at your next event

Stephen McGhee - Tim's leadership coach 

Jumping Into The Parade

This book delivers a message of hope and a victory story from someone who faced their edge. The content in the book deals delivers inspiration, the power of reframing and perspective, thoughts of suicide, over coming depression, living from the inside out, serving others, spiritual connection and navigating a mid-life crisis. It provides a roadmap, for lack of a better term, on helping people become joyful by living their lives authentically


Tim Brown is a devoted father, businessman and community leader. He is the founder of Three Creative, a leadership organization that aims to provide the motivation for each of us to focus on faith, family and friends at our core by delivering a simple message: for true success, you must live and lead from the inside out.

Previously, he was the president of Concord Energy Holdings, a Colorado-based integrated commodity logistics and oilfield services company. Prior to Concord, he was the Founder and CEO of Radius Media Holdings, a position he held for more than 11 years. Radius Media provided a broad stratum of marketing platforms that ranged from radio broadcasting, including 12 locations in Colorado, 18 owned-and-operated live events in the Colorado resort communities, a large-format printing company and a sponsorship marketing agency. Clients included CBS Outdoor, The City and County of Denver’s Theatres and Arenas and multiple national advertising agencies.

Brown began his career more than 20 years ago in sales management in the high tech and telecommunications industry. During the course of a decade, he worked with both established and start-up companies in Denver, Chicago and Sydney, Australia including Cisco Systems, Alteon Web Systems (Nortel Networks), American Power Conversion and Xircom. His passion was finding new ways to genuinely serve his customers, build strong internal teams and focus on long-term, meaningful relationships in the workplace and in the community.

Brown earned a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University with a focus on political science and continues to support the University through business and personal endeavors.

Brown understands the importance of community involvement and is committed both personally and professionally to helping others experience the freedom we receive by living and leading from the inside out. He has shared his passion by delivering keynote presentations at international franchisee conferences, MasterMind Groups, YPO events and industry conferences, as well as during public CSU forum discussions. He continues to share his message with groups, large and small, and has created a corporate training program designed to inspire, motivate and improve the working and personal lives of employees, managers and executive teams by teaching them how to Jump into their own Parade.

During the past decade, Brown was instrumental in helping The Colorado Meth Project, Man Therapy, Denver Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, and other non-profit organizations through his past board involvement with a large family foundation. He now serves as a board member for the Denver Council of Boy Scouts of America, Colorado Uplift, and Lead Like Jesus. He is also an active member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of YPO International. He is also a member of Restoration Community Church in Denver.

A former half-IRONMAN triathlete, he now spends his spare time with a focus on his faith, family and friends. You can often find him on the baseball fields with his son, riding his cruiser bike through his hometown of Denver, hiking the mountains of Colorado, taking photographs, throwing the ball to Blue Dog Brown the Black Labrador, trying to keep up on the ski slopes with his son, reading whatever he can get his hands on, listening to music (the radio, of course) and traveling to new places to experience different cultures

294. 009 Dan Meylan - A Business Plan For Kingdom Impact
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 24.15Mb)


Dan Meylan talks about how to strengthen the fabric of your business and make a significant Kingdom impact through business. Through this Dan started Weavers with a goal of equipping 10,000 leaders to develop significant Kingdom businesses.

A big part of being effective in his journey is through the Christian leadership organization Pinnacle Forum

295. 008 Cliff Ravenscraft - Find Your Calling and Achieve Your Dreams
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 24.53Mb)

Description: Would you like to impact millions!

“I want to have an impact in so many people’s lives…that when I die, there’s not a building big enough to hold all of the people that want to come from all over the world.” –Cliff Ravenscraft

In this episode, Cliff Ravenscraft shares how he discovered his true calling in life. He reveals how he had exchanged his relationship with God for a relationship with the institution of the church, information about God and a moral code of conduct. At a crossroads in his life, he chose to “divorce” these relationships and embrace God’s love instead. This enabled him to begin living in accordance with his favorite Scripture, 1 Peter 3:15: “…Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…”

He now wakes up every day and says, “God, show me how limitless your love is for me…even if I continually sin, show me that you still love me.” It is with this love that he is able to love and inspire and encourage others, reaching ( how many?) listeners (daily/monthly.)

“The motto I live by: Always preach the gospel, and sometimes use words.” –Cliff Ravenscraft 

You will learn  How to live the life God is calling you to How to break our relationships with rules and institutions and return to our Heavenly Father How to use your line of work to serve and love others How to help others become who they were created to be How to cast off shame and guilt and live a life full of joy Resources

The Podcast Answer Man - Michael Hyatt referred me to Cliff to start my podcast

Cliff's Podcast - This is at the top of my list to listen to each week!

I have been asked a number of questions on how to podcast and how I got started.  Cliff is absolutely the best.  I took his Podcasting A to Z course and went from zero to successful launch by the end of this great course.  It is one of the best investments I have ever made!!



296. 007 Coaches Corner with Jeff Spadafora from the Halftime Institute
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 16.26Mb)

Description: Success to Significance

Click here to get Halftime – From Success to Significance FREE.  We’ll even pay the shipping!

Coaches Corner

Our goal is to add value to you by addressing the questions you have submitted.  Please comment below so we can include your question on the next episode!The goal of coaching is to accelerate a leader’s development.  Coaching speeds learning time, enabling leaders to make significant leaps in learning and behavior change in a matter of months rather than years.

“Too many people focus the better part of their lives on the wrong things: the company’s agenda, other peoples’ ideas of success . . . money. Over time, this leads to frustration and emptiness. True freedom comes as a people discover their God-given design and pour themselves into service for others.”  –Jeff Spadafora


Halftime Institute


Click here to get Halftime – From Success to Significance FREE.  We’ll even pay the shipping!

Why are we doing this?  This is one of the most impactful books I have ever read.  It changed the direction of my life and I know you will find huge value in it.

 Uncover the key questions and challenges facing everyone during this unique season of life

 Learn how to create capacity to catch a new vision for a life of joy, Kingdom impact and balance

 Discover how to transition from success to significance!


Halftime Institute 

Become a member of the Halftime Institute and accelerate your journey

Get your copy of Halftime shipped to you for free

Meet your coach

Jeff Spadafora is the Director of Global Coaching Services and Product Development for The Halftime Institute. He spent 20 years as a leadership and executive development consultant for Fortune 1000 companies such as Ford Motor Company, Sears & Roebuck, Compuware, Domino’s Pizza, Visteon, Northern Trust Bank, Helene Curtis, and Sky Chefs.

In 2005, Jeff was inspired by Bob Buford’s book Halftime and began his journey of discovering God’s true purpose for the second half of his life. As he worked with his Halftime coach, it became clear that his calling was to help other people discover their calling.

He has coached over 130 men and women through the Halftime Journey and continues to make this a primary part of his ministry. As the leader of The Halftime Institute’s global coaching staff, he is also responsible for recruiting, training, and managing Halftime Certified coaches throughout the world.

In addition to being the lead designer of the Halftime curriculum and one of the primary facilitators of workshops for groups of people embarking on the Halftime journey, Jeff also writes and speaks globally about the issues of life purpose, joy, and kingdom impact.

He lives in Evergreen Colorado with his wife Michelle and 3 teenage children.  He enjoys fishing, hunting, skiing, mountain biking and everything else the great outdoors of Colorado has to offer.

297. 006 Kevin Knebl - How to Create Massive Success
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 23.45Mb)

Description: True Success Through Nurturing Relationships

“People of integrity expect to believed and when they are not, they let time prove them right.” – Kevin Knebl

In this episode, world-renowned businessman, speaker and author Kevin Knebl shares the key to his incredible success. Kevin has the heart of a true servant leader. In each of his relationships, Kevin takes a sincere interest in others and what is important to them. God has given him a deep desire to connect with others; his success has been a natural outcome of that desire.

“I realized that if I created and nurtured relationships, I’d never worry about business. There would be an endless pipeline of referrals, there would be more business than I could handle, and that’s absolutely what God has manifested in my life.” –Kevin Knebl

Kevin lives each day fully in the present moment. He trusts God completely for his success and his future. Listen as he teaches you specific steps to do the same in your life.

You will learn Why you should focus on your attitude and work ethic instead of just the “harvest” How to cultivate skillful questioning and active listening in your interactions with others The difference between manipulation and influence—and use the latter to serve others Daily habits to slow down and live in the present Trusting God in the big and little things is the true secret to success Resources

Kevin's Website - I read this blog regularly

Sign up for Kevin's newsletter

Contact Kevin - He would love to hear from you

Kevin's LinkedIn page

Kevin's Facebook page

298. 005 Peter Wagner - Christianity or Business, Must I Choose?
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 20.61Mb)


People of the church and people in the business world often have a difficult time relating to one another. Furthermore, a businessperson who is also a Christian may often encounter roadblocks to walking out his or her faith in the marketplace, often coming from those in his or her very own church!

Dr. Peter Wagner explores the history of this disparity and the possible solutions to closing the gap between the traditional church values and the business culture. He discusses the need for mentorship from those who do understand “the rules” in both cultures and can help bring them together.

 “The leaders of the nuclear church understand only one rulebook…furthermore, many of them think that the rulebook of the extended church is wrong.” –Peter Wagner


In this episode, you will learn:  The history of the church movements in the workplace and where they went wrong How you already have your own ripe mission field in your workplace and the keyword is service How we as Christians need to reject the old paradigm that business success and a godly ministry cannot go hand-in-hand How to be “kingdom-minded” in all that we do and help others do the same Resources

Wagner Leadership Institute

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts – Peter Wagner

Ed Solvoso’s book “Anointed for Business”

299. 004 Amy Everette - One Thing for Powerful Business Breakthroughs
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 16.58Mb)


Business leadership can be a lonely place.  Amy Everette shares how she has experience incredible breakthroughs and miracles through one simple change in her business.  Prayer

As co-owner and Chief Prayer Officer of Marketplace ROCK, Amy Everette is dedicated to seeing people, businesses and whole industries transformed for the Kingdom of God, empowered to positively impact the world. She is a marketplace and ministry leader with a heart and passion for bringing God’s people together AS ONE, in the spirit, through prayer (John 17). Her business, ministry and personal life are interwoven with prayer and a desire to see people healed physically, spiritually and emotionally… setting them free to fulfill their destiny in God’s Kingdom.

In addition to her spiritual strength, Amy calls on 26+ years of experience in management consulting, call center operations, relationship management technology and sales/management skills training bringing a wealth of knowledge and guidance to business people in all industries. This experience is backed by an undergraduate business degree in marketing and an MBA.

300. 003 Steve Haynes - National Security Advisor to Four Presidents and Founder of Faith@Work
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 30.52Mb)


Steve's journey of faith and how he was able to lean in to God during the hardest of times will inspire you. Read more about Steve's journey at EternalLeadership.com

After a tour as a special forces tunnel rat in Vietnam, Steve Haynes had a remarkable business career.  At the height of this he received a call.

The call was from the White House where he became the National Security Advisor to Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama.  

Steve felt a calling to take his experience and minister to those in the workplace.  He left government to join The Navigators and started the Faith@Work ministry that serves over 55,000 business people every week.


301. 002 John Ramstead - How to Develop an Extraordinary Life
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 30.83Mb)


John has been married for 25 years to his best friend and has three incredible boys.  It has been three years since a near fatal accident has changed the trajectory of his life.  Without the incredible support of God, his family and amazing friends he wouldn’t be the person he is today.

As he recovered he sought direction on why God saved him and what He now wants John to do.  God gave John a new calling: take the life He’s given him and pour it into other leaders to equip and inspire them to work in His Kingdom.

John's twenty-five years as a Navy fighter pilot, entrepreneur, Fortune 500 management team member and board chair has led him to serve others towards extraordinary lives, businesses and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Join the conversation at Eternal Leadership


302. 001 Matt Heard - Living a Life of True Significance
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 27.60Mb)


Matt Heard shares a transformational journey with us.  Matt was the senior Pastor of Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs the last 12 years.

He resigned last year to write an incredible book titled 'Live with a capital L'.  I John 10:10 Jesus states " I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."  Matt shares in a compelling way how to live a full life that we all long for.

303. 000 Introduction to the Eternal Leadership Broadcast
http://eternalleadership.libsy... download (audio/mpeg, 11.51Mb)


There comes a point in life where one desires to live a life that is filled with significance.  If you are on the journey of living life to become all that you were created to be, this is the podcast for you.  

Eternal Leadership, with John Ramstead and Steve Reiter, will equip you to achieve success personally, professionally and spiritually.  This show provides expert input to bring clarity to the complex issues you face every day.

Subscribe and join our community to find guidance, coaching, mentorship and discipleship.