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Podcast title Disrupt Podcast with Anthony Delgado
Website URL http://disrupt.digital/
Description Disrupt is a podcast for hackers, creators, tech executives, startup entrepreneurs, angel investors, software developers and enthusiasts who believe that technology, innovation and entrepreneurship can help change the world. Inside of the videos, interviews, podcasts and articles on Disrupt, you’ll find compelling stories from tech executives, founders and thought leaders about how they’re harnessing the power and potential of the digital revolution to grow their teams, their companies, and their careers. Disrupt captures the ideas, passions, and personalities of technology thought leaders who are actively shaping the role of technology in business. Our aim is to build a network and help connect executives, across a diverse array of industries, in the technology leadership space.
Updated Fri, 14 Jun 2019 22:09:19 +0000
Image Disrupt Podcast with Anthony Delgado
Category Technology

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Link to this podcast Disrupt Podcast with Anthony Delgado


1. Integrity vs Morality
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mp4, 3.51Mb)


This is a snippet of a 10AM conference call with the Disrupt team about the difference between Integrity and Morality in an organization. 

2. Gusten Sundqvist - Entreprnrs
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 68.85Mb)

On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we got the chance to sit down with Gusten Sundqvist the founder of Entreprnrs a new startup that teaches people entrepreneurship online. Gusten has a passion for helping Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs Scale Ethically Through Authentic Personal Branding & Storytelling. 




3. Jason Malki - StrtupBoost
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 30.79Mb)


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we got the chance to sit down with Jason Malki the founder of StrtupBoost. StrtupBoost is a 30,000 strong community of Entrepreneurial and Established Company executives who come together for startup presentations, investor nights, business development networking and learning. We discuss how Jason has fostered the tech ecosystem here in New York City and built a community of entrepreneurs, investors and doers who put silicon alley on the map. 

Jason Malki launched StrtupBoost in 2014 which is a 30,000+ member startup event series and ecosystem that hosts 25+ tech events per year including mixers, panels, investor nights, and expos in New York City. He is also the Founder of BizDecks which provides deck design and investor relations services for startups. Jason recently launched www.BizDecks.co a consulting company that helps founder craft the perfect pitch deck and get in front of the right investors.  

Follow StrtupBoost: 




Connect with Jason: 




4. Laura Egocheaga - Divbe Tech
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 37.88Mb)


Laura Egocheaga is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Divbe Tech, a Growth Hacking digital agency servicing eCommerce & Brick and Mortar clients across the United States.

Laura started learning her craft while still in high school and running her first business which was a branch of affiliate marketing as a side hustle. After making her first $20k in 6 months she knew there was something bigger to this thing called "The Internet"... Now she is the owner & operator of a digital marketing agency that provides their clients with "customers on demad" system.

Laura is also one of the most sought after Facebook Ads Expert alive today. She is a crypto/blockchain enthusiast, author, and an early investor in crypto such as BTC, ETH, XRP and XLM.




5. Daniel Fainman - Larecoin wants to end student debt
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 18.42Mb)


We got the chance to catch up with Daniel Fainman, the CEO and Founder of Larecoin, a tuition token that aims to eradicate student debt. We talk about their upcoming ICO and Airdrop, why college debt is a problem and how they plain to solve it. Larecoin is currently doing a free $10 AirDrop of their coin to anyone who signs up! 👨‍🎓


Signup at https://larecoin.com/ 

Watch the video interview here: https://youtu.be/fR_Cr6QdHj0 


Follow Daniel Fainman on Twitter: 


Follow Daniel Fainman on LinkedIn: 




Angel List: 


6. Sabah Ali - How to Write a Best Selling Book in 30 days
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 91.85Mb)


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we got the chance to sit down with Sabah Ali to talk about how she wrote and published a best selling book in less than 30 days!






7. Jason Fishman - How to raise $75 Million in Crypto funding
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mp4, 19.58Mb)


Jason Fishman has 10+ years experience as a “New Media Enthusiast”, who genuinely enjoys planning, activating, and managing scalable marketing strategies across the full-spectrum of verticals and goals. He is an expert in digital channels including Search Engines, Social Media Platforms, Programmatic Ad Exchanges, Influencer Networks, Email Automation, Content Marketing, and Partnerships. He has held leadership roles at all sides of the marketing table: Agency, Brand, and Vendor, which explains his ability to structure unique opportunities for DNA clients. 

Jason managed the Product Marketing Division of a major Mobile Ad Network who exclusively represented ad inventory for 1,500+ Print Publishers Tablet apps and worked with many Top 100 Advertisers. Leveraging traffic algorithms, Jason now takes this knowledge and applies it to scale brands with effective marketing tactics.

Since launching DNA in 2014, Jason and the team have worked with over 200 brands and deliver industry-leading results across eCommerce, Lead Generation and Digital Funding campaigns. DNA worked with over 40 Reg CF, Reg A, Reg D, and International ICO campaigns that have produced over $75m in funding.



8. Mir Fontane - How Music Impacts the Next Generation
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 18.20Mb)


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we got the chance to sit down with music artist Mir Fontane at the BWC Conference in Atlantic City, NJ. Jamir “Mir Fontane” Daaliya is a rapper from Camden, NJ who was nominated for the 10th spot of the 2017 XXL Freshman Class. He dropped his critically acclaimed debut album, “Camden” in June 2017, via 300 Entertainment. We discuss how we can use music to positively impact the the next generation. 


Watch the video interview here: https://youtu.be/4BY9oq2mt90 

Follow Mir Fontane on IG https://www.instagram.com/mirfontane/ 




9. Ayesha Sehra - Instagram Fitness Influencer
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 34.16Mb)


Ayesha Sehra is a Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Personal Development Coach & Social Media Influencer on a mission to inspire the masses through her Lead With Love movement. Lead with Love is a movement catered to Millennials, all about cultivating a growth mindset in life!
My hopes with this movement is to inspire others to live their best lives, move past any limiting beliefs , unlock their full potential and create a ripple effect of positivity and love amongst us all! Especially with social media these days and societal pressures, i want to create a tribe where everyone can go after their dreams and feel supported throughout this crazy journey called life! We are all in this together and it makes the journey way more fulfilling with a community of individuals supporting your growth along the way!








10. Lenora Porter - # Women in Tech
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 107.29Mb)


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we got the chance to sit down with Lenora Porter, Product Designer at IDT to talk about how she broke into tech without a computer science degree!

"I am just a woman in tech breaking stereotypes and taking names. 

Without a technical background, I hustled my way into tech and redefined what it means to be a multi-passionate creative in a world of technology. I've blended my passion for art, technology, and psychology into a lucrative career called Product Design. During the day, I translate business requirements into beautiful app design. By night, I'm inspiring others through my Instagram design tutorials (@lenora.porter), Facebook Groups focused on design (Product Design | UI | UX | Web and Black Women in UX Design), and hosting local meetups (@dev.noir). My creative contributions can be seen if you take a look at apps from top companies like Levis, Magic Leap, Under Armour, Virgin Hotels, Cleveland Clinic, Sephora, Kate Spade, and BCBG just to name a few. Currently, I am a Product Designer leading the way for IDT Corporation’s mobile design team.

My mission is to inspire other women and minorities to take a fearless leap into the world of tech. Tech doesn’t thrive on software engineers alone, it needs those sympathetic, art-focused individuals to keep things above water. With natural talent, determination, and resilience, I believe anyone can transform the world one app at a time through design." 






11. Jeremy Adams - Co-Founder of Unicorn Innovations
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mp4, 12.92Mb)


Being one of Forbes' & Influencive.com's Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30, Jeremy C. Adams is not timid to climb the ladder of ultimate success. Armed with an impressive background in sales & digital marketing, at 22 years old, Jeremy went on to become the founder of Prestige Food Trucks, along with launching many other successful businesses including one with Kevin Harrington, a past investor from Shark Tank. Today Jeremy is focused on an exciting new venture with his close friend, Maxwell Finn, called Unicorn Innovations. Unicorn focuses on scaling customer acquisition for large brands all across the world!


Connect with Jeremy Adams: 


12. Hamdan Azhar - Zap.org
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 9.40Mb)


Hamdan Azhar is the Chief Data Scientist at Zap.org a platform allows users to create, publish and subscribe to smart contract and Decentralized Application compatible data feeds all on the Blockchain.  Hamdan Azhar is an American data scientist, journalist, and activist. He is a founding member of the Bitcoin Center, a former data scientist at Facebook, and a visiting professor of data science at the City University of New York.     


Watch the video of this interview on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0yKG_JJ568 

Connect with Hamdan Azhar: 





13. Nick Thomson - VIVA Network
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 29.75Mb)

Nick Thomson is an entrepreneur, blockchain visionary and the CEO of Viva Network, a new blockchain company that is aiming to disrupt the mortgage industry.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Nick at the Blockchain World Conference in Atlantic City, NJ. We discuss how his new blockchain technology, the Viva Network can be used to Finance your home, invest in mortgages or trade tokenized mortgage bonds. 


Connect with Nick Thomson on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nick-thomson-50888581/

ViVa Website: https://www.vivanetwork.org/ 


Anthony Delgado on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-delgado/ 

Anthony Delgado on Twitter  twitter.com/xanthonydelgado

Anthony Delgado on Instagram  www.instagram.com/anthonydelgado.me/ 

Anthony Delgado on YouTube www.youtube.com/channel/UCjQvzhTTTI4MS7zoG1gkvCw   

Disrupt on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-delgado/ 

Disrupt on Twitter  twitter.com/disruptpodcast 

Disrupt on Instagram  www.instagram.com/disruptu 

Disrupt on YouTube www.youtube.com/channel/UCGjKvj2LQRcy3nY9txF0Mmw

14. Lena Elkins - Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Tel Aviv
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 26.48Mb)


On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we interview Lena Elkins, CEO, Lena Elkins Coaching about how she traveled from San Fransisco to Tel Aviv, Israel and ended up fostering the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country. 

Lena is a Millennial Business + Marketing Coach based in San Francisco and Tel Aviv. Lena runs the popular Facebook group, Millennial Go-Getters, and has been featured in various publications for her work in the entrepreneurial space. 

Facebook Group: bit.ly/2sXqr0D
Website: lenaelkins.com
Email: lena@lenaelkins.com

15. Arian Ney - Why I Deleted My 300K Instagram Account
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 51.01Mb)


Arian Ney is an impact driven entrepreneur, who has collectively motivated and inspired thousands of people to be a better version of themselves. He is an expert in the field of Social Media and works with some of the most prestigious brands in the world such as LVMH, Montblanc, La Mer, etc. He has been featured in numerous podcasts and articles including Buzzfeed and Entrepreneur Magazine. 

In this episode of the Disrupt Podcast Arian tells us why he deleted his Instagram Account at 300K, lessons learned from being mentored by Gerard Adams, what life was like traveling the world and starting is company, social media hacking, social anxiety and much more. 




16. Stephanie Saenz - Scope Marketing Group
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mp4, 16.09Mb)


Marketer | Analytical | Passion for Digital Space|
Creates winning products and marketing campaigns

Stephanie Saenz is a Social Media & Digital Marketing powerhouse who has won awards and has gone viral for her social media & digital marketing work.

Her clientele is chock full of fun and exciting personalities, including small businesses, fortune 500 companies, franchises/multi location businesses, and online marketing influencers.

Stephanie also now teaches at speaking engagements, online interviews, & Courses and leads businesses and agencies of all sizes to understand how to use social media & digital marketing in a more strategic way to maximize ROI.
Any upcoming projects / products that you would like use to ask you about? : Going to launch a course for Agency and Business Owners to learn how to market correctly in the digital world
Where can people find you? ( Website / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn ):
Facebook's Small Business Marketing Know-How Group or

Stephanie Saenz LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephanie-k-saenz/  

17. Paul Getter – The Internet Marketing Nerd
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mp4, 18.70Mb)

Just 9 short years ago, Paul Getter was broke, struggling, and trying to make ends meet delivering phone books out of the back of his 1996 Dodge Caravan...
Paul started learning about the power of internet marketing, and within just a few short years become one of the most sought after marketing experts in the world, spending MILLIONS per month online for his clients. 

18. Nick Spanos - Bringing Bitcoin to Wall Street
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 25.07Mb)


Nick Spanos is an early American computer programmer, inventor, and serial entrepreneur. found the Bitcoin Center NYC on the financial district of New York City, across from Wall Street. Nick Spanos later co-founded Zap.Org a platform allows users to create, publish and subscribe to smart contract and decentralized apps.Nick has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, Bitcoinist and on the Netflix documentary Banking on Bitcoin. We had an amazing time catching up with Nick at the Blockchain World Conference in Atlantic City, NJ. 



Nick Spanos on LinkedIn


 Nick Spanos on Twitter


19. Sofia Stolberg - Piloto 151
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 45.02Mb)


Sofia Stolberg is an Entrepreneur, Innovator, Community Builder and the CEO and Founder of Piloto 151, the first co-working space in Puerto Rico and essentially the "WeWork" of the island. Sofia talks about how they helped foster the startup and entrepreneur ecosystem in Puerto Rico, how they are teaching the residents of the island software development with Code Trotters and how they are getting more females into coding with Women Tech Over. We also discuss some of the effects that the hurricane had on the tech community. Piloto 151 was one of the first office spaces on the island with wifi up after the hurricane. Sofia shares with us the struggles of creating the tech ecosystem 5 years ago, how the island has progressed since then and what the future holds for tech in Puerto Rico. You are not going to want to miss this episode. 

Follow Sofia on Twitter at @sofiastolberg

Follow Sofia on LinkedIn at  /in/sofiastolberg/

www.piloto151.com / www.codetrotters.com / www.womentechover.com


20. Justin Wu - Hackapreneur
http://disruptpodcast.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 49.73Mb)


Justin Wu is a serial entrepreneur, growth hacker, digital marketer, social media influencer, crypto enthusiast and blockchain thought leader. On this episode of the Disrupt Podcast we caught up with Justin at the Blockchain World Conference in Atlantic City, NJ. We discuss the future of the industry, the impacts of new regulations, how he got started doing digital marketing on eBay selling trading cards at the age of 12, to building an agency, to investing into apps and what he leadered from both his success and his failures. You are not going to want to miss this episode. Enjoy. 


Justin Wu on LinkedIn


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Justin Wu on Instagram 


Justin Wu on YouTube



Anthony Delgado on LinkedIn


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Anthony Delgado on YouTube



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