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Podcast title When Life Hands You Lennons
Website URL https://www.lennoncihak.com/
Description Imagine trying to build a career in your dream field without connections. Imagine working hard and sharing your work, but it’s not getting in front of the right people. When Life Hands You Lennons will help you change that. It’s the podcast that spotlights the talent within the music business while getting it in front of the right people, especially you. Thus far into my career I’ve been able to build up a myriad of contacts and knowledge within the music business, including artists, musicians, publicists, label owners, business owners, distributors/aggregators, managers, and more. When Life Hands You Lennons is about sharing that knowledge, the connections, and their expertise with you. When I was going to college, networking was hammered (figuratively speaking, of course) into my brain. The importance of networking is vital in most industries, but it’s most certainly crucial in the music business. The opportunities that I’ve been presented with have been because of the people I’ve been able to connect with in my career. While I continue to make those connections, take advantage of the opportunities I’m presented with, and go full-speed ahead, I want to share that knowledge with you. Therefore, you can avoid the mistakes that I’ve made thus far into my career. If you’re looking to further your career and knowledge within the music business, then you’ve tuned in to the right show.
Updated Sat, 19 Jan 2019 20:35:49 -0500
Image When Life Hands You Lennons
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1. 012: Brandon Jackson - Learning the music business and marketing is just as important for artists
http://whenlifehandsyoulennons... download (audio/mpeg, 58.04Mb)

Description: Artists these days focus so heavily on their craft that they forget about the business and marketing side of the music business. Understanding the basic copyright law, marketing trends, and varying aspects of the business can provide you with a leg up.

2. 011: Alannah Brow - Touring with Mumford & Sons, working music festivals, being a multi-instrumentalist
http://whenlifehandsyoulennons... download (audio/mpeg, 57.46Mb)

Description: Alannah Brow got her start in the music industry back in 2013 with the Vans Warped Tour. Since then, she's worked Riot Fest Denver, WPRK Fox Fest, Rock on the Range, Welcome to Rockville, and many more. In addition, she's worked with artists like Bebe Rexha, CHVRCHES, Paramore, The Fray, Falling in Reverse, and a plethora more.

3. 010: Chris Goyzueta - Making it by working with Harry Connick Jr., Hasan Minhaj; working as a promoter at AEG Presents
http://whenlifehandsyoulennons... download (audio/mpeg, 44.11Mb)

Description: Chris Goyzueta is a teacher, concert promoter, podcast host, and artist manager. He was born in Germany and immigrated over to the United States when he was 12. His passion for putting together shows for people to enjoy is what Chris is all about. Having worked on concerts with artists and entertainers like Harry Connick Jr. and Hasan Minhaj, Goyzueta has a few decades of experience under his belt.

4. 009: Veit Renn - Producing for Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, developing artists, and the evolving music industry
http://whenlifehandsyoulennons... download (audio/mpeg, 69.83Mb)

Description: Veit Renn's professional music career spans more than a few decades. Having worked with some of the most sought after mix and mastering engineers, producers, and even artists in the industry, Veit's technical know how and musical knowledge span much farther than most.

5. 008: Valeska Freire - How to prepare yourself before you begin working with a filmmaker on a project
http://whenlifehandsyoulennons... download (audio/mpeg, 62.49Mb)

Description: Valeska Freire is a filmmaker originally from Venezuela. She resides in Orlando, Florida where she owns and operates a film company called Magic Haus Films. Her myriad of talents have allowed her to work on a myriad of projects, including series, short films, and promotional videos.

6. 007: Davey Jay - Navigating through the songwriting process and staying out of (legal) trouble
http://whenlifehandsyoulennons... download (audio/mpeg, 86.01Mb)

Description: Davey Jay is an intellectual property and entertainment lawyer based in Orlando, Florida. She's currently the chair of the Entertainment and Sports section of the Florida Bar exam. She has worked on deals with major clients, including HBO, Warner/Chappell, Discovery, Telemundo, Sony, Columbia, and Sub Pop. She's also represented Oscar- and Grammy-wining artists.

7. 006: Monika "Monique" Mason - The evolution of radio and its role within the music industry
http://whenlifehandsyoulennons... download (audio/mpeg, 66.68Mb)

Description: Monika "Monique" Mason has 15+ years in the music industry. Her career started in radio and quickly branched out into artist management, event promotions, organization, and teaching.

8. B1: Pitching your music to journalists and seeing results
http://whenlifehandsyoulennons... download (audio/mpeg, 28.32Mb)

Description: Have you ever wondered how you can get published on Billboard, Rolling Stone, Pidgeons and Planes, or any other major music publication? Have you wondered how to capture their attention. This first ever bonus episode goes into detail about how to garner the attention of those industry professionals.

9. 005: Julian Velez - Working with Google, VH1, Discovery Channel; going viral on Facebook; and having videos played in Times Square
http://whenlifehandsyoulennons... download (audio/mpeg, 54.93Mb)

Description: Julian Velez is hands down one of the hardest working, humble, and talented people I personally and professionally know. His unmatched work ethic has led him to work on projects with Google, Discovery Channel, Dr Pepper, VH1, Coors Light, and many more.

10. 004: Matt Lillywhite - Targeting your audience and utilizing unique digital marketing strategies in the music industry
http://whenlifehandsyoulennons... download (audio/mpeg, 47.52Mb)

Description: Matt Lillywhite is one of the youngest music industry masterminds working hard behind the scenes. He's worked with several countries' governments, met with some of the music industry's most prolific names, and taken an incredibly tactical approach to digital marketing for electronic music.

11. 003: Tammy Austin - Maintaining your mental health within the music industry and recognizing when someone needs help
http://whenlifehandsyoulennons... download (audio/mpeg, 25.00Mb)

Description: Mental health has reared its ugly head within many of our lives. It has affected those that don't deserve it and has caused many of those we love to leave forever, including Chester Bennington, Avicii (Tim Bergling), Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, and more. It's an ugly illness and it often feels like there's simply nowhere else to go. That's not true.

12. 002: How to remain productive and creative during your darkest and non-creative times
http://whenlifehandsyoulennons... download (audio/mpeg, 26.68Mb)

Description: Anxiety, depression, and darkness creeps up and gets the best of us at sometimes the worst times. There are ways, thankfully, to help combat those demons and stay productive, even if we're not feelin' it.

13. 001: Why moving away from home is beneficial, creatively important, and why it worked for me
http://whenlifehandsyoulennons... download (audio/mpeg, 25.13Mb)

Description: Moving far away can be very nerve-racking for some. For me, I knew that it was what I had to do if I wanted to follow and pursue my dreams within the music business. In this episode I talk about why moving away was so important for me, my career, and my future.

14. Introduction to When Life Hands You Lennons
http://whenlifehandsyoulennons... download (audio/mpeg, 2.61Mb)

Description: A little bit about myself, the show, and what I plan on doing with this show.