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Podcast title The Power of Bold
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Description The Power of Bold is a podcast exploring risk-taking, entrepreneurship, and bold living. By studying the greats and speaking with world-class guests, you'll learn how to supercharge your career and accomplish your goals. Each episode will deliver actionable insights that you can apply to your own life.
Updated Fri, 13 Sep 2019 11:18:47 +0000
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1. Leah Gervais on Mastering Your Personal Brand
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 35.56Mb)


An entrepreneur's personal brand has only become more relevant in 2019. In this episode of The Power of Bold, Adam discusses personal branding with Leah Gervais. Leah is the founder of Urban 20 Something, the host of the Your Biggest Vision podcast, and your host's fiance. Topics discussed include:

02:50 - Leah's latest work with Urban 20 Something and Your Biggest Vision.

04:42 - Common transformations for those that become full-time entrepreneurs.

06:26 - The biggest roadblocks to entrepreneurial transformations.

09:53 - How to find the courage to take massive action.

10:58 - Creating your personal brand to escape competition.

16:24 - How we can discover who we truly are.

19:13 - Overcoming fear when sharing our stories with the world.

20:35 - Significant mistakes that entrepreneurs make when crafting their personal brands.

23:00 - Some of Leah's favorite personal brands today.

26:08 - The relation between a personal brand and social media.

29:12 - The importance of email marketing when building a personal brand.

34:11 - Future email marketing trends related to personal branding.

35:39 - One thing listeners can do today to improve their personal brands.

39:20 - Favorite books that Leah has recently read.

For show notes and a transcript of our interview with Leah Gervais, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.


2. Bruce Craven on Game of Thrones and Leadership
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 40.70Mb)


As we are in the thick of the final exhilarating season of Game of Thrones, we are delighted to share our discussion with Bruce Craven. Regardless of your interest in the series, Game of Thrones offers a wealth of insights on leadership—from Daenerys Targaryen's quest to "break the wheel" to Sansa Stark's evolution to a leader in Winterfell.

Bruce is the perfect person to discuss leadership lessons from Game of Thrones. He has spent decades studying the links between fiction and leadership, even designing his own course (appropriately titled Leadership Through Fiction) at Columbia University. Most recently, he published a book focused on Game of Thrones titled Win or Die: Leadership Secrets from Game of Thrones. In this episode, Bruce shared his thoughts on some of the seminal characters in the series, what we should emulate and avoid from those characters, and his thoughts on the final season of the show.

02:49 - How Bruce built a career bridging topics in fiction and leadership.

09:48 - Why Game of Thrones provides so many lessons about leadership and power.

12:59 - How Sansa Stark transformed from a "piece" to a "player."

17:34 - How we can make a similar transformation in our lives.

20:41 - Why Cersei Lannister, Petyr Baelish, and Samwell Tarly are some of the most adaptable people in Westeros.

25:59 - How we can all become more adaptable.

32:57 - How Daenerys Targaryen (and other incoming managers) can build goodwill with employees.

37:50 - Bruce's take on the most satisfying ending to Game of Thrones (from a leadership perspective).

41:10 - The best and worst leader on the show.

44:14 - One decision in the Game of Thrones universe that Bruce would redo.

For show notes and a transcript of our interview with Bruce Craven, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

3. Alan Manly, The Unlikely Entrepreneur
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 25.84Mb)


Alan Manly is an Australian entrepreneur who founded Group Colleges Australia, a private educational institution based in Sydney. Alan is also the author of The Unlikely Entrepreneur, a story of how Alan, armed with a ninth-grade education, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. Alan spoke with Adam about his trials and tribulations as an entrepreneur and how listeners can learn from his experience.

The conversation begins with Alan explaining how he became an entrepreneur (01:31 - 06:06) and how he analyzed the opportunity to leave a safe, corporate job to start a new venture (06:07 - 08:21). Alan explains whether he would have done anything differently on his journey (08:22 - 10:55), why he chose to focus on the education industry (10:56 - 13:02), and how entrepreneurs can determine the competitive advantage of their new venture (13:03 - 15:00). Alan proceeds to speak about extensive litigation that he faced as an entrepreneur (including his appearance before Australia's highest court) (15:01 - 21:14) and the lessons that listeners can take from his experiences in the legal world (21:15 - 24:35). The interview concludes with Alan sharing why entrepreneurs should be looking for other critical needs that your product or service fulfills for customers (24:36 - 28:49).

For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

4. Marc Trestman on Football, the NFL, and Risk-Taking
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 41.47Mb)


Marc Trestman has dedicated his life to football. Starting as a quarterback for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers, Marc has traveled across the football landscape. He has served as both assistant and head coaches at some of the most high-profile football franchises, like the Chicago Bears. As the head coach for the Montreal Alouettes and Toronto Argonauts, he won three Grey Cups (Canada's equivalent of the Super Bowl). Most recently, he was named the head coach and general manager of the XFL's Tampa Bay franchise. Marc joined Adam to discuss a wide range of topics, like his early coaching career, how he thinks about risk, and how the XFL fits into the competitive landscape.

The conversation begins with Marc sharing his early years with football, including his detour to law school (03:02 - 05:27) and his experience as a volunteer assistant with the University of Miami football team (05:28 - 07:39). He then shares how he navigated that gap between player and coach (07:40 - 10:01) and the sheer complexity of the quarterback position (10:02 - 13:00). From there, Marc further discusses the transition from player to coach (13:01 - 16:28), how he creates buy-in from players and staff (16:29 - 18:52), and he embraces both humility and joy as a football coach (18:53 - 22:05).

At this point, the conversation turns to Marc's thoughts on leadership (22:06 - 25:11), how he thinks about competition in such a competitive sport (25:12 - 27:25), the importance of time management (27:26 - 28:49) and how he thinks about innovation in play-calling (28:50 - 34:05). The interview concludes with Adam asking Marc about handling the pressure of being fired (34:06 - 37:09), strategies he uses to shift the momentum in a difficult season (37:10 - 38:52), Marc's new opportunity as the head coach and general manager of the XFL's Tampa Bay franchise (38:53 - 45:38) and the value of a life mission statement (45:39 - 48:36).

For show notes and a transcript of our interview with Marc Trestman, please visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

5. Lyn Graft on Entrepreneurial Storytelling
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 41.35Mb)


Lyn Graft is a serial entrepreneur who has founded eight companies. One constant in his career, however, is his passion for entrepreneurs' stories. Lyn has filmed over 500 entrepreneurs for television and video, including Michael Dell, Drew Houston, and Tony Robbins. Recently, he released a book titled Start with Story: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Using Story to Grow Your Business. In episode 42 of The Power of Bold, Lyn spoke with Adam about storytelling and how entrepreneurs can become better storytellers.

The conversation begins with Lyn sharing his personal story of how he became interested in sharing entrepreneurs' stories (3:16 - 11:11), including his experience filming three billionaire entrepreneurs in Texas (11:12 - 15:18). Lyn then discusses why he calls a good story the "Swiss Army knife of entrepreneurship," (15:19 - 18:38) and why humans are wired to hear stories (18:39 - 21:22).

From there, the conversation turns to Start with Story, including Lyn's thesis that storytelling equals experience plus business meaning (21:23 - 26:11) and the most important part of any story (26:12 - 28:33). Lyn then provides a case study of how a story can be formed to grab attention in a "boring" industry (28:34 - 32:44), why emotion is so critical to any story (32:45 - 36:00) and things to think about when crafting the challenge, change, and outcome aspects of your story (36:01 - 39:52). The conversation concludes with Lyn speaking about the delivery of your story (39:53 - 44:26), an underrated entrepreneur who is a fabulous storyteller (44:27 - 45:59), Lyn's contact information (46:00 - 46:55), and Adam's key takeaway from Start with Story (46:56 - 48:16).

For show notes and a transcript of our interview with Lyn Graft, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

6. Episode 41: Lessons From Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 29.19Mb)


We are all looking to become more persuasive and influential in our lives. But did you know that there's a way that we can leverage human nature to accomplish these goals? In episode 41 of The Power of Bold, Adam takes a break from guest interviews and shares his favorite insights from Robert Cialdini's classic book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Cialdini's book has sold millions of copies and is already being called a modern classic. Anyone can apply Cialdini's lessons in their day-to-day lives, regardless of their age, career experience, or career objectives.

The episode begins with Adam sharing news about a new course he has created (including a special gift for listeners) (01:55 - 03:21). From there, Adam discusses the staying power of Influence (03:22 - 05:38) and why anyone can learn from Cialdini's masterpiece (05:39 - 06:50). Adam then dives into why humans are so vulnerable to Cialdini's so-called "weapons of influence" (06:51 - 10:21). The discussion then turns to some of Adam's favorite weapons of influence. The first one is reciprocity, with Adam explaining its power (10:22 - 15:20) and ways that we can say no when someone is using reciprocity against us (15:21 - 16:57). Adam follows the same approach with two more fascinating weapons of influence: commitment and consistency (16:58 - 24:22) and authority (24:23 - 31:23). The episode concludes with Adam's thoughts on how we can leverage some of these weapons of influence in our professional careers (31:24 - 33:34).

For show notes and a transcript of this episode, please click here.

7. Episode 40: Ryan Berman on Pursuing Courageous Change
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 35.56Mb)


We all want to be more courageous in our professional and personal lives. But how do we actually go about it? To answer this question, we're excited to share our interview with Ryan Berman. Ryan is a serial entrepreneur, having started several companies like Courage Brands and Sock Problems. He is also the author of a new book titled Return on Courage: A Business Playbook for Courageous Change. Ryan joined Adam on the podcast to speak about his story and how we can become more courageous—no matter our goals.

The conversation starts with Ryan explaining his "negative blessing" in getting fired from a great job in the advertising world (01:50 - 06:43) and how he started learning and embracing his new life as an entrepreneur (06:44 - 10:09). He then provides advice for would-be entrepreneurs who want to take the leap, but are afraid to do so (10:10 - 14:55) and his process when he started his entrepreneurial journey (14:56 - 17:26). The discussion then turns to Return on Courage, specifically how he pitched courageous individuals to help him with his book (17:27 - 20:25), what "return on courage" is (20:26 - 23:51), and some companies that exemplify return on courage, including Domino's Pizza and Nike (23:52 - 28:28). Ryan then explains his five-step process (called "PRICE") to build up our Central Courage System (28:29 - 30:46), including how young listeners can help their organizations become more courageous (30:47 - 34:44). Ryan and Adam wrap up the conversation with a discussion about how we can help our companies confront their weaknesses or vulnerabilities (34:45 - 36:52), what we can think about when persuading someone to buy or product or service (36:53 - 38:46), and the one thing listeners should do right now to become more courageous (38:47 - 40:52).

For show notes and a transcript of this episode, click here

8. Episode 39: Fei Wu on Sharing Creators' Stories
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 41.11Mb)


Fei Wu is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and the founder of Feisworld LLC. She created Feisworld to help small businesses and individuals tell better stories, find new customers, and create new revenue streams. Fei shared her story and how listeners can begin creating products and launching them into the marketplace, whether those products are podcasts, blogs, vlogs, or something else.

The conversation begins with Fei Wu and Adam discussing Fei's early days as a creator (02:13 - 03:57), including her choice to create several schools for her friends (03:58 - 05:48). Fei then shares how she dealt with the unknown when moving from China to Maine as a 17-year-old (05:49 - 11:55) and how she knew that she wanted to become an entrepreneur (11:56 - 13:43). She then moves on to discuss her experience in corporate America, including her decision to flex her entrepreneurial muscles (13:44 - 17:42) and how listeners in corporate America can do the same (17:43 - 21:13). From there, Fei discusses the Feisworld podcast and Feisworld LLC, particularly its origins (21:14 - 24:42) and its mission (24:43 - 27:44).

The interview then transitions into a general discussion of creating a product, including the importance of iteration (27:45 - 32:28) and whether you should pay more attention to the market or your own creative vision (32:29 - 34:34). From there, Fei and Adam discuss podcasting; specifically, how podcasters can make a living without counting the downloads (34:35 - 39:48) and how podcasters can get their shows listed in China (39:49 - 42:08). The interview concludes with Fei discussing the most serendipitous thing that has occurred after creating Feisworld (42:09 - 43:40), one thing that listeners can immediately do to implement Fei's insights from the interview (43:41 - 46:15) and two of her favorite books for entrepreneurs (46:16 - 47:25).

For show notes and a transcript of this episode, please click here.

9. Episode 38: Becky Sheetz on Conquering the Business Battlefield
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 45.72Mb)


The Art of War is a classic book on military strategy. But did you know that you can apply the lessons from this classic text to start or scale a business? That's the thesis of Becky Sheetz, my guest for this episode. Becky is the co-founder of Sun Tzu Strategies and is the author of The Art of War for Small Business.

The episode begins with Becky describing her initial fascination with Sun Tzu and The Art of War (02:41 - 08:22) and why she thinks war may be a good metaphor for challenges both in your professional and personal lives (08:23 - 11:48). Becky and Adam then discuss the things that readers should know if they pick up The Art of War for the first time (11:49 - 13:50), why entrepreneurs should care about Sun Tzu (13:51 - 20:32) and why many have a minimal understanding of The Art of War (20:33 - 23:44). The interview then turns to The Art of War for Small Business, specifically discussing the passage that entrepreneurs should start with when reading The Art of War (23:45 - 25:10), why entrepreneurs should follow Sun Tzu's advice of understanding ourselves (25:11 - 32:31) and how much attention should be paid to the enemy (competitors) when starting your venture (32:32 - 38:31). The interview wraps up with Becky discussing how to find open ground in your market (38:32 - 40:11), how Marc Benioff successfully leveraged the lessons of deception from The Art of War (40:12 - 44:00), how we can leverage spies to understand competitors (44:01 - 48:12) and what listeners can do today to implement The Art of War in their business lives.

For show notes and a transcript of my interview with Becky Sheetz, click here.

10. Episode 37: Steve Glaveski on Becoming an Entrepreneur
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 46.00Mb)


Our guest for this episode is Steve Glaveski, an Australian entrepreneur who has founded several growing ventures, including Collective Campus, Lemonade Stand, and the Future Squared podcast. He is also the author of a new book titled Employee to Entrepreneur: How to Earn Your Freedom and Do Work That Matters. Whether you are actively thinking of making the switch from employee to entrepreneur or are mildly intrigued by the prospect of working for yourself, Steve has some unique insights on how you can enter the exciting world of startups.

The conversation starts with Steve Glaveski sharing his own entrepreneurial origin story, including how he left his safe job in the financial services industry to start Hotdesk, an Airbnb for office space (02:16 - 07:53). He then goes on to explain why he (and others like him) decided to pursue entrepreneurship rather than a simple job change (07:54 - 10:30) and why he decided to pursue the idea for Hotdesk (10:31 - 13:57). From there, Steve speaks about time management skills when juggling both a full-time job and a side hustle (13:58 - 18:48), the decision at Macquarie Bank that set himself up for success in his entrepreneurial career (18:49 - 22:35), and tips for those who are just about to quit their jobs to become entrepreneurs (22:36 - 25:43).

Steve then reflects on his entrepreneurial career, stating the mistakes he made when starting Hotdesk that he hasn't made in successive ventures (25:44 - 32:26) and how a small group of founders can quickly test startup ideas (32:27 - 41:22). The discussion concludes with Steve explaining how entrepreneurs can proceed when their minimum viable product leads to crickets (41:23 - 44:37), why hiring an external developer may be the right move for some entrepreneurs (44:38 - 51:02), and one thing that listeners can do now to start their transition from employee to entrepreneur (51:03 - 54:05). For show notes and a transcript of this interview, please click here.

11. Episode 36: Year-End Recap
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 89.82Mb)


Adam wraps up an excellent 2018 by providing a year-end recap of the podcast. As part of this recap, Adam shares excerpts of conversations with some of his most memorable guests from the last year. This episode is divided into two: the first half is focused on his guests' views on mindset and the second half is focused on his guests' views on certain skills that are critical to our success—regardless of our goals.

The year-end recap begins with Adam sharing some of his introductory thoughts on the end of the year (00:00 - 02:59). Adam then begins the discussion on mindset by sharing excerpts from his conversation with University of Michigan legend Greg Harden, including Greg's thoughts on the number one thing that holds people back in life (03:00 - 19:52). After Greg, Adam shares part of his conversation with Jeff Haden, author of The Motivation Myth (19:53 - 33:23). From there, Adam concludes the mindset portion of the episode by sharing parts of his discussion with Brandon Webb, former Navy SEAL and author of Mastering Fear (33:24 - 46:08) and Daron K. Roberts, a Harvard Law Grad who became an NFL coach (46:09 - 58:31).

The second half of the year-end recap is focused on skillset; namely, some of the skills that are necessary for professional success. To start, Adam focuses on decisionmaking by sharing part of his discussion with Annie Duke, a legendary poker player and author of Thinking in Bets (58:32 - 01:11:53). After Annie is a discussion of negotiation with Chris Voss, the former FBI lead international kidnapping negotiator and author of Never Split The Difference (01:11:54 - 01:23:38). Adam then wraps up the discussion of skillset by sharing his conversation on connecting with Ryan Paugh, the author of Superconnector (01:23:39 - 01:35:30) and his conversation on time management with Laura Vanderkam, author of Off The Clock (01:35:31 - 01:47:35). Adam then offers his final thoughts on the year and a special thank you to listeners (1:47:36 - 1:50:03). To view the show notes and transcript of this episode, click here.

12. Episode 35: Nick Morgan on Mastering Digital Communication
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 43.81Mb)


Nick Morgan is one of America's most renowned and respected communications experts. He has spent his professional life studying storytelling, body language, and how humans communicate with each other. He is the founder of Public Words, a communications consulting company, and has written several books on communication. His most recent book centers on digital communication and is titled Can You Hear Me? How to Connect with People in a Virtual World.

The conversation starts with Nick Morgan explaining some of the downfalls of digital communication compared to face-to-face communication (02:51 - 07:27). He then speaks about key flaws within video conferencing, including the fact that humans find it difficult to properly gauge emotions through a Skype video call, a Google Hangout, or through using the Portal, Facebook's new video conferencing device (07:28 - 17:18). Nick then discusses why we are distracted on conference calls (17:19 - 21:15) and how we can use social network tools like LinkedIn to build (or solidify) offline relationships (21:16 - 26:33), especially if you are an entrepreneur (26:34 - 31:20). From there, Nick speaks about some of the most common mistakes that people make with email (31:21 - 40:18) and how we can take control over our online image and brand (40:19 - 46:58). The conversation concludes with Nick sharing some of the most exciting technology to improve digital communication (46:59 - 49:14) and one actionable insight that listeners can take from the conversation (49:15 - 51:18). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, click here.

13. Episode 34: Adam Kreek, Olympic Gold Medalist and Adventurer
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 42.78Mb)


Adam Kreek isn't afraid to push his limits. He is a decorated, world-class rower who won Olympic gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He is an adventurer who teamed up with three friends to try completing the first ever row from Africa to North America. Now, he is a management consultant and executive coach who helps clients solve challenges in their professional and personal lives. In his conversation with Adam Pascarella, Adam Kreek discusses his life, athletic career, and ideas on concepts like risk and decisionmaking.

The interview begins with Adam's thoughts on risk (03:23 - 08:32) and why he embraces boldness, rather than insipidness, in his life (08:33 - 13:21). Adam then explains his initial interest in rowing (13:22 - 17:12) and how he analyzed his purpose when deciding to pursue rowing over other sports (17:13 - 21:42). From there, Adam discusses his experiences at the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics (21:43 - 27:54), including the lessons that he took from his failure in 2004 and success in 2008 (27:55 - 33:44). Adam then speaks about his row from Africa to North America, including how he and his team developed the idea (33:45 - 36:37), how he pitched the idea to friends and family (36:38 - 38:56), the beginning of the journey (38:57 - 43:16), and how he and his team survived after their boat capsized in the Bermuda Triangle (43:17 - 47:17). The episode concludes with Adam sharing one actionable insight that he acquired in his professional and personal life (47:18 - 49:59).

For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com

14. Episode 33: Kevin Eastman, Former NBA Assistant Coach
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 30.00Mb)


Kevin Eastman's professional life has focused on coaching and interacting with some of the best basketball players in the world. From being an assistant coach for the NBA's Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers to becoming VP of Basketball Operations for the Clippers, he has had plenty of opportunities to study how the greats act, behave and think. Looking back on his own life and the lives of the best basketball players, Kevin released a new book titled Why The Best Are The Best: 25 Words That Impact, Inspire, and Define Champions. In his conversation with Adam Pascarella, Kevin explains how we can use these 25 words to achieve our goals.

The conversation begins with Kevin Eastman sharing why sports provide so many life lessons and insights (02:57 - 05:20) and why we should be focusing on improving ourselves, rather than focusing on our competition (05:21 - 10:31). Kevin then speaks about how he overcame his internal fears to accept Doc Rivers's offer to become an assistant coach for the Celtics (10:32 - 14:31) and how he overcame early challenges in that role (14:32 - 18:54). Adam and Kevin then move on to discuss Kevin's book, including why "truth" is the most important word (18:55 - 24:00), how we can be more accepting of the truth (24:01 - 28:16), and why it is critical to master the fundamentals in pursuing our goals (28:17 - 33:12). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

15. Episode 32: Ryder Carroll, Creator of the Bullet Journal
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 39.01Mb)


Ryder Carroll is a digital product designer in New York City who created the Bullet Journal, a global phenomenon that helps users "track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future." Ryder stopped by to discuss the Bullet Journal, how he created it, and how it can improve our lives, as he outlines in his new book called The Bullet Journal Method. The episode begins with Ryder explaining why he created the Bullet Journal (02:26 - 06:16), including the roadblocks he was facing in other productivity systems (06:17 - 09:11) and how the Bullet Journal's flexibility helped him build bulletjournal.com (09:12 - 12:20). Ryder then discusses how he overcame his fears in sharing the Bullet Journal with others (12:21 - 19:26) and some of the most prominent things that he has learned about people's goals and dreams from creating the Bullet Journal (19:27 - 22:26). The discussion then turns to the Bullet Journal itself, including the key features of its analog nature (22:27 - 28:19), the importance of reflection (28:20 - 33:24), and how the Bullet Journal can help you if you are struggling with some goal (like starting a side hustle or business) (33:25 - 41:09). The episode concludes with Ryder explaining the importance of blocking off time for certain tasks (41:10 - 43:45) and one thing that listeners can do today to implement Ryder's insights and advice (43:46 - 45:18). For show notes and a transcript of this article, visit www.thepowerofbold.com

16. Episode 31: The Art of Cold Emailing
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 24.31Mb)


In episode thirty-one of the podcast, we take a detour and discuss the art of cold emailing. Adam Pascarella shares his own insights and experiences to show how cold emailing can help you get in touch with individuals outside of your social network. The episode begins with Adam speaking about the power of cold email in his entrepreneurial career (02:17 - 03:52) and why cold emailing can help you with your professional goals (3:53 - 08:34). He then speaks about some of the inherent disadvantages and advantages of cold email (08:35 - 12:04) and determining the best person to target with your cold email (12:05 - 15:09). From there, Adam speaks about crafting your cold email, including the importance of the subject line (15:10 - 17:00), why you should focus on providing value to your target (17:01 - 19:30), and other miscellaneous rules of thumb (19:31 - 23:45). Adam concludes the episode by discussing when to send your cold email and simple guidelines on following-up (23:46 - 27:25). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

17. Episode 30: Former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb on Mastering Fear
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 45.46Mb)


Adam speaks with Brandon Webb, a former Navy SEAL, entrepreneur, and author of Mastering Fear. The conversation begins with Brandon sharing his early adventures and fears, including his early fear of sharks (02:29 - 10:07). Brandon then speaks about his experience at Navy SEAL BUD/S training and how he overcame the challenges within, arguably, the toughest military training in the world (10:08 - 16:04). The discussion then turns to the fear that Brandon felt in his military career and his career in business (16:05 - 19:14) and how his experience helping a friend learn how to swim inspired him to write Mastering Fear (19:15 - 27:58). Adam and Brandon then discuss how we can overcome fear of the unknown—even when we realize our fears are unlikely to happen (27:59 - 32:33) and Brandon's five-leg action plan to confront fear, including the importance of decisions (32:34 - 35:30), following your gut (35:31 - 39:24), visualization (39:25 - 43:06), and letting go and taking action—even if you feel like you aren't ready (43:07 - 46:50). The interview concludes with a discussion of the importance of building a habit of taking action (46:51 - 48:36) and the one thing that listeners can do today to help them master their fears (48:37 - 53:31). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

18. Episode 29: Tim Alison, Founder of Screw The Naysayers Productions
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 41.15Mb)


In the twenty-ninth episode of the podcast, Adam speaks with Tim Alison, the founder and CEO of Screw The Naysayers Productions. Throughout their discussion, Adam and Tim speak about entrepreneurship and those naysayers who try to deter and distract you from achieving your goals. The conversation begins with Tim sharing his entrepreneurial origin story, including how he left his six-figure corporate job in Toronto to become an entrepreneur in a tiny Nova Scotian fishing village (02:23 - 08:48). Tim then discusses how he escaped the golden handcuffs syndrome when leaving his job and why recognizing and pursuing his deeper values made his move that much easier (08:49 - 17:34). From there, Tim shares how he dealt with the naysayers who seriously doubted his entrepreneurial plans (17:35 - 22:21), how he became interested in educational software (22:22 - 26:45), how his boldness opened up doors that he never expected (26:46 - 33:14) and how he recruited team members and built a multimillion-dollar business while living in a small town (33:15 - 36:99). Adam and Tim then discuss the naysayers themselves—including whether they provide any value (37:00 - 43:31)—and the one thing that listeners can immediately do if they are facing naysayers in their lives (43:32 - 48:18). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

19. Episode 28: Daron K. Roberts, Harvard Law Grad and Former NFL Coach
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 70.41Mb)


Adam interviews Daron K. Roberts, a graduate of Harvard Law School who decided to forego a traditional career in private practice to become an NFL coach. The interview begins with Daron speaking about his interest in politics and debate at a young age (02:14 - 05:54) and how he was able to become student body president at the University of Texas (05:55 - 11:11). Daron then shares his initial interest in law school and how he was eventually admitted to Harvard Law School (11:12 - 15:54). From there, Daron speaks about his experience at Harvard Law and his first summer jobs while in law school (15:55 - 21:01), why he decided to turn down prestigious job offers in the legal field to pursue his dream of becoming an NFL coach (21:02 - 23:52), and how we can bypass psychological roadblocks when contemplating a similar decision in our own lives (23:53 - 29:00). After this, Daron discusses his first NFL job with the Kansas City Chiefs, including how Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards gave him an opportunity with the team (29:01 - 31:27), how he sold himself to members of the Chiefs organization (31:28 - 37:51), and how he leveraged the power of visualization to fulfil his long-term coaching goals (37:52 - 41:31). The interview concludes with Daron discusses his other NFL coaching jobs (41:32 - 43:35), why he decided to found the Center for Sports Leadership and Innovation at the University of Texas (43:36 - 46:13) and one thing that he'd like people to take from his story (46:14 - 49:00). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

20. Episode 27: Storytelling Skills With Murray Nossel
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 44.33Mb)


Adam speaks with Dr. Murray Nossel, a storytelling expert, co-founder of Narativ, and author of Powered By Storytelling: Excavate, Craft, and Present Stories to Transform Business Communication. The interview begins with Murray sharing his origin story, how he became obsessed with storytelling, and why listening is so critical for effective storytelling (02:08 - 19:34). Adam and Murray then discuss Murray's career in film and on the stage, and the storytelling insights that we can gather from his experiences (19:35 - 22:08). The conversation then turns to how storytellers can connect with an audience (22:09 - 27:18), how comedians and other performers become master storytellers (27:19 - 32:27), and how we, as storytellers, can accept the audience for what it is (32:28 - 36:49). Adam then asks Murray to discuss how 20 and 30-year-old professionals can convince their managers to think differently about storytelling (36:50 - 40:58) and to share tips on how we can best craft our own stories (40:59 - 48:15). The conversation concludes with Murray sharing one thing that listeners can to today to become better storytellers (48:16 - 52:05). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

21. Episode 26: Leveraging the Creative Curve with Allen Gannett
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 39.75Mb)


Adam interviews Allen Gannett, founder and CEO of TrackMaven and author of The Creative Curve. The interview begins with Allen speaking about his own experience with creativity as a child (02:04 - 05:19) and the fallacy of waiting for a creative idea to strike (05:20 - 09:29). Allen then addresses individuals who think that they can never become creative (09:30 - 12:20) and how you can pitch creative ideas in a conservative industry (12:21 - 14:55). The discussion then turns to common fallacies about creativity (14:56 - 19:42), the importance of seeking familiar, yet novel ideas (19:43 - 21:21), and why purposeful practice is critical (21:22 - 26:38). Allen then discusses the Creative Curve itself (26:39 - 30:27) and how we can gauge where we are on the curve (30:28 - 34:52). The interview concludes with Allen discussing his four laws of the Creative Curve (34:53 - 43:04), how we can speed up the creative process (43:05 - 44:08), and his advice for people who want to start a passion project or side project (44:09 - 46:25). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

22. Episode 25: Time Management Guru Laura Vanderkam
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 40.26Mb)


Adam speaks with Laura Vanderkam, a time management and productivity expert and author of Off The Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done. The interview beings with Laura discussing her initial interest in time management (01:58 - 04:16) and what many people get wrong about time management (04:17 - 05:41). Laura then speaks about her experiment of spending years tracking her time and the insights that listeners can gather by taking only one or two weeks to track their time (05:42 - 12:54). Laura then speaks about the problem of "busyness" (12:55 - 15:59) and the importance of being mindful over our own schedules (16:00 - 17:29). After that, the discussion turns to why Laura uses Friday afternoons to plan out her schedule for the following week and how she goes about prioritizing certain tasks during that week (17:30 - 23:39). Laura then moves on to discuss how technology makes us feel like we have less time (23:40 - 30:23) and how we should build the life we want, which will ultimately save us time in the long run (30:24 - 33:13). To conclude the episode, Laura speaks about why we should "pay ourselves first" when allocating time for tasks (33:14 - 35:51), why mornings are the best time to get things done (35:52 - 38:13), the importance of adventure in creating long-lasting memories (38:14 - 43:00), how money can help us save time (43:01 - 46:43), and what listeners can do today to become better time managers (46:44 - 48:39). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

23. Episode 24: Alex Hutchinson on Achieving Maximum Performance
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 38.28Mb)


Adam Pascarella discusses endurance with Alex Hutchinson, a journalist for The New Yorker and Runner's World and author of Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance. The interview begins with Alex describing his initial interest in running (01:42 - 04:18) and how running allowed him to learn several important things about himself (04:19 - 06:17). Alex then contextualizes the suffering that we experience while running (06:18 - 13:00) and how belief and motivational self-talk can help us push past our perceived limits,  both in athletics and beyond athletics (13:01 - 22:56). The discussion then turns to Nike's Breaking2 effort to help elite athletes run a marathon in under two hours (22:57 - 31:40) and how runners will ultimately be able to break the two-hour marathon mark (31:41 - 36:48). The interview concludes with Alex explaining how we can expand our personal limits (36:49 - 43:44) and how he was able to get Malcolm Gladwell to write the foreword for his book (43:45 - 46:29). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

24. Episode 23: Jeff Haden on Motivation and How We Can Achieve Our Goals
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 50.74Mb)


Adam speaks with Jeff Haden, one of Inc.com's most popular columnists and author of The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up To Win. The conversation begins with Jeff sharing how he left his stable career in the manufacturing industry to become a ghostwriter (02:25 - 11:54). He shares how he picked up the skills to begin his writing career (11:55 - 13:24) and how he prefers following a professional versus a coach when learning a new skill (13:25 - 18:59). Jeff then describes the Motivation Myth (19:00 - 22:36) and why effort leads to success, which leads to motivation (22:37 - 25:05). He then shares what to do if you have many interests, but feel stuck (25:06 - 30:18) why broadcasting your goals to the world might not be the best idea (30:19 - 33:47), why you should set goals and then focus on your processes (33:48 - 40:46) and why we should say "I don't" instead of "I can't" when being tempted to divert from our processes (40:47 - 45:15). The interview concludes with Jeff sharing how you can leverage identity when you spend the first week and a half to two weeks working toward your goals (45:16 - 56:27) and what we can do today to start developing our own processes to achieve our goals (56:28 - 1:01:42). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

25. Episode 22: Ryan Paugh on Superconnectors and Building Stronger Business Relationships
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 37.24Mb)


Adam Pascarella discusses relationship building with Ryan Paugh, the co-founder and COO of The Community Company and co-author of Superconnector: Stop Networking and Start Building Business Relationships That Matter. The interview begins with Ryan discussing how he became an entrepreneur (02:07 -  08:10) and how he approaches networking and relationship building as an introvert (08:11 - 13:18). Ryan then speaks about some of the early mistakes he made when connecting with others (13:19 - 15:19) and how his experience meeting his co-author inspired some of the principles in Superconnector (15:20 - 19:33).  Ryan and Adam then discuss what makes a person a Superconnector (19:34 - 23:43) and why we must remain patient in order to build strong, long-lasting business relationships (23:44 - 28:22). Ryan then provides some advice on how you can build a robust community of professional connections (28:23 - 33:23) and how you should leverage the "Pyramid of Influence" to meet an A-list individual (33:24 - 38:30). The interview concludes with Ryan sharing his thoughts on following-up with new connections (38:31 - 42:17) and how he would approach his dream connection (42:18 - 45:00). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

26. Episode 21: How to Create a Thriving Podcast
http://thepowerofbold.libsyn.c... download (audio/mpeg, 23.77Mb)


In this 21st episode of the podcast, Adam discusses the necessary steps to build a thriving podcast. The episode begins by Adam offering a special gift for listeners of the podcast—his top 20 insights from our first 20 episodes (00:00 - 02:34). He then begins the heart of the episode by sharing why you should start a podcast and the specific benefits of starting a show (02:35 - 06:10). He then shifts the conversation to deciding on a topic for your show (06:11 - 10:40) and some of the tools you'll need to get started (10:41 - 14:03). From there, Adam discusses things to think about for your first couple of episodes (14:04 - 20:53) and concludes the episode by talking about marketing and growth strategies (20:54 - 27:36). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

27. Episode 20: Poker Legend Annie Duke on Making Smarter Decisions
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 40.81Mb)


Adam Pascarella interviews Annie Duke, a legendary professional poker player who recently released a book titled Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts. The episode begins with Annie discussing how she first became interested in decision making (03:12 – 05:49) and how she discovered its importance at the poker table (05:50 – 08:33). Annie then speaks about analyzing whether a decision is based on skill or luck (08:44 – 14:41) and her ideas on “resulting,” where people judge the quality of decisions based on the quality of outcomes (14:42 – 21:26). She then discusses situations where we can see resulting in our day-to-day lives (21:27 – 27:07) and how “thinking in bets” can help us become more objective decision makers when, for example, thinking about leaving our job to become an entrepreneur (27:08 – 34:24). The episode concludes with Annie speaking about the power of the “premortem” when making decisions (34:25 – 40:43) and steps we can take today to become better decision makers (40:44 – 47:31). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, please visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

28. Episode 19: Former FBI Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator Chris Voss
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 38.04Mb)


Adam Pascarella interviews Chris Voss, the former lead international kidnapping negotiator at the FBI and author of the bestselling book Never Split The Difference. The episode begins with Voss explaining how he joined the FBI and became the agency’s lead international kidnapping negotiator (02:07 – 08:10). Adam and Chris then discuss the importance of emotion in every negotiation (08:11 – 14:07) and why Oprah Winfrey is one of the world’s best negotiators (14:08 – 18:26). The discussion then turns to Chris’s book, specifically the similarities between hostage negotiations and office negotiations (18:27 – 22:42) and how emphasizing loss can have a tremendous impact on negotiations (22:43 –  30:21). Chris then discusses the power of “No” (30:22 – 33:29), why many people don’t like negotiating (33:30 – 36:32) and why “That’s right” and “How do you want me to do this?” are extremely powerful phrases in every negotiation (36:33 – 40:54). The episode concludes with Chris providing tips on how all of us can start becoming better negotiators today (40:55 – 45:56). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

29. Episode 18: World Champion of Public Speaking Manoj Vasudevan
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 37.03Mb)


In episode eighteen, Adam Pascarella interviews Manoj Vasudevan, the 2017 Toastmasters International World Champion of Public Speaking. The episode begins with Adam asking Manoj about how he first became interested in public speaking (2:42 – 6:30) and his overarching mental approach to public speaking (6:31 – 15:30). Then, Manoj speaks about how he became involved with Toastmasters (15:31 – 20:51) and his experiences with stand-up comedy (20:52 – 25:01). The discussion then turns to Manoj’s decision to enter speaking competitions (25:02 – 28:13) and his 2017 world championship of public speaking (28:14 – 36:51). The episode concludes with Manoj’s take on the importance of body language in public speaking (36:52 – 41:37) and additional resources to help us improve our public speaking skills (41:38 – 44:29). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

30. Episode 17: Book Review: Never Eat Alone
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 28.26Mb)


In episode seventeen of the podcast, Adam Pascarella reviews Keith Ferrazzi’s classic book Never Eat Alone. Adam begins the episode by giving his general impressions of the book (02:08 – 06:39) and some background on Keith Ferrazzi (06:40 – 09:03).  Then, Adam offers his top five insights from the book. He first discusses the importance of not keeping score in new relationships (09:04 – 14:25) and the importance of building your network before you need it (14:26 – 20:11). Adam then delves into the importance of following-up and pinging (20:12 – 25:08) and the value of holding dinner parties to strengthen relationships(25:09 – 29:02). After discussing the importance of being interesting (29:03 – 32:35), Adam offers his concluding thoughts on the book (32:36 – 34:03). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

31. Episode 16: Wharton Professor G. Richard Shell on Success and Happiness
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 48.61Mb)


Adam speaks with G. Richard Shell, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Adam and Professor Shell start by discussing Professor Shell’s path to the Wharton School (02:15 – 15:44), including his internal thoughts as he was going through his “Odyssey Years” (15:45 – 23:05). Professor Shell then speaks about whether (and to what extent) we can become more comfortable with risk (23:06 – 30:45) and how we can keep things in perspective when seeing “successful” people on social media (30:46 – 35:05). Among the other topics discussed are Professor Shell’s famous “Six Lives” exercise (35:06 – 39:27), how we can start developing our own definition of happiness (39:28 – 47:30), how Millennials can become more patient in their careers (47:31 – 52:48) and how Professor Shell thinks artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies will affect our definitions of “success” and “meaningful work” (52:49 – 56:31). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

32. Episode 15: Greg Harden, “Michigan’s Secret Weapon,” on Tom Brady and Other World-Class Athletes
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 50.97Mb)


Adam has a fascinating conversation with Greg Harden, coach to many renowned University of Michigan athletes like Tom Brady, Jalen Rose, Desmond Howard, and Michael Phelps.  Topics discussed include Greg’s childhood (04:01 – 08:39), his first experiences at Michigan and life after leaving college (08:40 – 12:21) and his return to Michigan, where he started becoming interested in social work and clinical therapy (12:22 – 16:46). Greg then speaks about how Bo Schembechler hired him to address the Michigan football team (16:47 – 24:33) and his consulting work with Michigan athletes and beyond, including his thoughts on the most prominent obstacle preventing individuals from achieving their goals (24:34 – 31:08). Greg then speaks about his work with Michigan and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (31:09 – 39:39) and Greg’s motto “Control the Controllables” (39:40 – 49:56). Greg concludes the interview by speaking about the biggest transformation that he’s seen in a student-athlete (49:57 – 58:07) and his answer to a hypothetical question about being stranded on a deserted island (58:08 – 1:02:15). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

33. Episode 14: Dylan Owen on Rap and Creativity
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 38.69Mb)


Adam interviews Dylan Owen, a renowned rap artist based in New York City. The interview begins with Dylan speaking about his childhood and how a love of rhyming transitioned into rap battles in school (01:57 – 09:43). He then discusses the genesis of A Living Inverse, his first rap EP (09:44 – 13:44), and how he initially promoted his new music (13:45 – 17:19). Dylan then speaks about his creative process, his decision to leave Cornell University and move to New York City, his journey as he continued releasing music, and when he became increasingly recognized for his work (17:20 – 30:38). The interview concludes with Dylan speaking about his upcoming album (30:39 – 37:32) and his thoughts on creativity in general and the music industry (37:33 – 47:03). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

34. Episode 13: Interview with Coss Marte, Drug Kingpin Turned Fitness Entrepreneur
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 39.45Mb)


Adam interviews Coss Marte, a former drug kingpin who founded ConBody, a fitness company based in New York City. Coss begins the interview by describing his early life in the Lower East Side and how he started dealing drugs (01:36 – 12:27). After speaking about life as a drug kingpin (12:28 – 15:55), he describes how he was caught by the FBI (15:56 – 22:56). Then, Coss talks about life in prison, how he lost 70 pounds in six months, and the most misconceptions people have about prison (22:57 – 31:35). After describing how he started ConBody (31:36 – 43:38), Coss concludes the interview by sharing similarities between his old and current life and his ultimate vision for the company (43:39 – 48:01). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

35. Episode 12: Exploring Creativity with Disney Imagineers
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 25.00Mb)


In the twelfth episode of the podcast, Adam reviews The Imagineering Way, a book by the Walt Disney Company Imagineers which explains the Imagineers’ creative processes and how all of us can become more creative. Adam begins the episode by explaining his interest in the Walt Disney Company, introducing the Walt Disney Imagineers, and delivering his overall impressions of the book (01:46 – 06:08). Then, Adam discusses the most notable insights from each of the six sections of the book, titled introduction (06:09 – 07:44), the sky’s the limit (07:45 – 11:51), growing a culture (11:52 – 15:56), unharnessing creativity (15:57 – 19:19), a thousand balls in the air (19:20 – 24:40), and adopting and adapting the Imagineering way (24:41 – 30:04). For show notes, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

36. Episode 11: Interview with Leah Gervais, Founder of Urban 20 Something
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 32.52Mb)


Adam interviews Leah Gervais, the founder of Urban20Something, a website focused on helping Millennials escape quarter-life traps. The interview begins with Leah speaking about her childhood in Durango, Colorado (01:17 – 05:21) and her experiences at New York University, including her initial interest in law school (05:22 – 10:20). Leah and Adam then speak about Leah’s decision to decline her acceptances (10:21 – 16:11) and live in Southeast Asia for several months (16:12 – 22:06), including how she found her dream job in New York City while living in Bangkok (22:07 – 25:58). Leah then speaks about her current ventures: Urban20Something (25:59 – 31:03) and a new program on personal branding called Urban20Someone (31:04 – 37:09). For show notes, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

37. Episode 10: Book Review: How to Win Friends and Influence People
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 32.44Mb)


In the tenth episode, Adam reviews Dale Carnegie’s classic self-help book How to Win Friends and Influence People. Adam begins the episode by explaining how he first discovered Dale Carnegie and his general impressions of the book (02:13 – 06:54). He then discusses why it’s so critical to constantly practice the principles that Carnegie describes in the book (06:55 – 10:43). From there, Adam dissects the four major sections of the book: fundamental techniques in handling people (10:44 – 19:01), six ways to make people like you (19:02 – 24:15), how to win people to your way of thinking (24:16 – 32:15), and being a leader: how to change people without giving offense or arousing resentment (32:16 – 38:25). For show notes, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

38. Episode 9: Book Review: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 24.51Mb)


Adam reviews How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. We begin the episode by describing how Adam discovered Scott Adams and his initial thoughts on the book (02:22 – 06:04). Adam then proceeds to speak about his top five insights from the book. First, we review Scott Adams’s preferences for systems over goals (06:05 – 10:42). Then we discuss the crucial difference between wanting and deciding (10:43 – 13:50) and the importance of maximizing energy when pursuing our dreams (13:51 – 18:54). We then discuss Adams’s methods to recognize our talents and how to know when to quit (18:55 – 24:44). We wrap up the episode by speaking about Adams’s formula for success and final insights from the book (24:45 – 29:25). For show notes, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

39. Episode 8: Tess Vigeland On Leaving Your Job With No Plan B
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 34.23Mb)


In the eighth episode of the podcast, Adam interviews Tess Vigeland, former anchor of NPR’s renowned show Marketplace and author of Leap: Leaving A Job With No Plan B To Find The Career And Life You Really Want. The interview beings with Vigeland discussing her current whereabouts since she left NPR and her early career (02:09 – 09:44), including an interview with Muhammad Ali (9:45 – 11:36) and coverage of the Tonya Harding figure skating scandal (11:37 – 12:59). She then proceeds to talk about achieving her dream to work at NPR, yet feeling dissatisfied (13:00 – 23:56). Then, she describes how she quit and the challenges she faced when leaving the job she loved (23:57 – 37:28). She concludes the interview by reflecting on anything she would have done differently (37:29 – 41:32). For show notes and a transcript of this episode, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

40. Episode 7: Book Review: Contagious
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 22.34Mb)


Adam begins the seventh episode by speaking about an experiment he has launched—a news startup called Suspend The Rules (02:02 – 03:55). He then introduces Contagious, a marketing book by Jonah Berger, who is a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (03:56 – 07:23). Adam analyzes Berger’s six “STEPPS” to make a product, service, or idea more susceptible to being shared via word of mouth. The podcast includes discussions of the importance of word of mouth marketing (07:24 – 09:16), social currency (09:17 – 12;47), triggers (12:48 – 15:39), emotion (15:40 – 17:50), the importance of publicity (17:51 – 20:44), practical value (20:45 – 22:25) and stories (22:26 – 24:30). Adam concludes the episode by offering some final insights about the book (24:31 – 26:37). Visit www.thepowerofbold.com for show notes.

41. Episode 6: Thinking of Startup Ideas
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 22.52Mb)


In this episode, Adam discusses how to develop startup ideas. The episode begins with Adam speaking about his initial interest in startups and the ever-present debate about whether startup ideas actually matter (02:05 – 05:15). He then discusses Paul Graham’s renowned essay “How To Get Startup Ideas” (05:16 – 10:31) and his personal additions to the “Graham framework” (10:32 – 16:13). Adam subsequently discusses how to vet your list of startup ideas (16:14 – 19:59) and provides additional insights into the idea generation process, including the importance of testing your ideas with potential customers (20:00 – 26:48). For show notes, please visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

42. Episode 5: Interview with Devin Martin, New York City Life Coach
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 33.81Mb)


Adam interviews Devin Martin, a renowned life coach in New York City. The interview begins with Devin speaking about his childhood (01:48 – 5:04), why he decided to drop out of college (5:05 – 9:02), and his various jobs after college, including his side hustles  (9:03 – 15:00). He then speaks about why he decided to escape New York City to live alone on a mountain for one year (15:01 – 22:44) and how he transferred into coaching full time (22:45 – 24:01). Then, Adam and Devin discuss the value of a life coach (24:02 –  26:37), how individuals can find the courage to leave their corporate jobs (26:38 – 33:27), and the power of meditation (33:28 – 39:32). Devin concludes the interview by speaking about the advice he would give to his 20-year-old self (39:33 – 40:57). For show notes, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

43. Episode 4: Lessons from Navy SEAL Training
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 41.18Mb)


Episode four of the podcast begins with Adam giving a quick recap of the first three episodes (00:29 – 02:19). He then spends the entirety of this episode reviewing Navy SEALS: Buds Class 234, a documentary on Navy SEAL training. After offering basic facts about Navy SEALs, their training, and some of the more interesting scenes from the documentary (02:20 – 12:36), Adam offers four insights from the documentary that we can apply to our careers (12:37 – 28:46). For show notes, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

44. Episode 3: Book Review: How to Get Rich
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 26.40Mb)


In episode three of the podcast, Adam recaps episodes one and two (00:00 – 04:07). The remainder of the episode is spent reviewing Felix Dennis’s book How to Get Rich. Adam introduces the book and speaks about Felix Dennis himself (04:08 – 08:10). He then explores the book’s lessons on building wealth, fighting fear, and the importance of execution (08:11 – 25:59). Adam then shares some advice on how to apply insights from the book to your own life (26:00 – 32:33). For show notes, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

45. Episode 2: Are Networking Events Worth It?
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 17.41Mb)


In episode two of the podcast, Adam recaps the first episode (00:00 – 02:21). He then speaks about the importance of networking and discusses whether networking events are worth your time (02:22 – 12:19). After analyzing the pros and cons, Adam shares some actionable insights if you do choose to attend a networking event (12:20 – 21:20). For show notes, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.

46. Episode 1: How to Break Out of a Slump
http://www.thepowerofbold.com/... download (audio/mpeg, 22.23Mb)


Welcome to The Power of Bold! Episode one of the podcast starts off with the goal of this podcast and why it was created (00:00 – 04:23). We then segue into further information about our host, Adam Pascarella (04:24 – 06:33). Adam then breaks down strategies to get out of a slump or a rut. Specifically, we first analyze the problem and the fact that many workers have feelings of career dissatisfaction (06:34 – 10:44). We look at three case studies to illustrate how certain individuals have broken out of slumps (10:45 – 16:55). From there, Adam provides some actionable insights on ways to identify if you’re in a slump, and if so, how to break out of it (16:56 – 27:18). For show notes, visit www.thepowerofbold.com.