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Podcast title Farmerama
Website URL http://farmerama.co
Description Farmerama Radio: a monthly podcast sharing the voices of smaller scale farmers in the UK and beyond. At Farmerama we are committed to positive ecological futures for the planet and believe that the farmers and growers of the world will determine this. So we make a monthly podcast which gives producers a voice and shares ideas in a fun and informative way – that way farmers can learn from other farmers. We want to rejuvenate the respect, confidence and vibrancy of smaller-scale farmers and rural communities. Plus, everyone can learn about the multitude of decisions producers make and how this affects all of our lives. It’s about the food we eat but also our health, flooding, animals, carbon storage, biodiversity and more
Updated Sun, 02 Jun 2019 21:16:19 +0000
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Category Society & Culture

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1. Short: Vandana Shiva
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 29.10Mb)

Description: Vandana Shiva is an is an Indian scholar, environmental activist and food sovereignty advocate. She’s spent much of her life in the defence and celebration of biodiversity and indigenous knowledge. This is a recording of a talk at the Farming the Future event, organised by the Roddick and A Team Foundations. A shorter version of this episode is featured in Episode 46 of Farmerama. Edited by Suzie McCarthy

2. 46: Vandana Shiva, Loans for enlightened Agriculture, mulching systems and talking no-til
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 45.53Mb)

Description: This month we hear from an inspirational woman who’s long been banging the drum for biodiversity and small-scale farmers around the world. Then on to a field mulching evangelist and finally, loans for enlightened agriculture. And we finish off with some discussion of how no-till on its own is not always rooted in a more ecological approach.

3. 45: Gardens of Sanctuary, the adventure of organic farming, and biodynamic wines
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 47.91Mb)

Description: This month we start off by hearing about the power of gardens to provide sanctuary to some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Then we head across the pond to Maine, where we tap into the knowledge of an organic farming legend and hear what has inspired him over his 50 years in farming. We hop over to Oregon to talk large scale biodynamic wine and we end with a few words of farewell from our resident market gardener. Thanks to Rebel Kitchen for supporting this episode

4. Shorts: Woody Tasch of Slow Money
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 22.74Mb)

Description: Woody Tasch is an environmentally responsible financier. He worked for over 30 years in finance, managing other people’s money but ten years ago he took a radical step and started the Slow Money movement.Slow Money walks a fine line between philanthropy and investment - the return on an investment is the regeneration of the soil and, ultimately, the the health of the local community and planet. This is a full length interview with Woody that we featured in Episode 44 Interview by Abby Rose and Editing by Suzie McCarthy for Farmerama https://twitter.com/woodytasch?lang=en https://twitter.com/SlowMoney https://www.facebook.com/SlowMoney https://www.instagram.com/slowmoneyinstitute/ https://slowmoney.org

5. 44: Radical roots, Slow Money, CSAs and Allies.
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 40.19Mb)

Description: This month we explore radical roots and cider apples with a farming couple in Oregon. We hear about a different type of investment, the Slow Money movement, where healthy soil is a good return for your money. We talk CSAs in Northern Ireland and we end with a call for allyship in the kitchen from a passionate chef. Thanks to Rebel Kitchen for supporting this episode.

6. 43: Children growers, travelling cow laboratory, silvopasture, and a taste of sustainable wine
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 32.16Mb)

Description: In February, we hear how easy it is to get very young children interested in growing food. From an old friend of the show, we learned a few grazing tips, including how to use animals to remineralise the land. We learn about the benefits and challenges of setting up a silvopasture system, and get to join in on a sustainable wine tasting session in Sicily. Thanks to Rebel Kitchen for supporting this episode.

7. Shorts: Jubliee Farm Brexit
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 5.18Mb)

Description: Jonny Hansen of Jubilee Farm talks to Conor Macauley, the BBCs Northern Ireland Agriculture & Environment Correspondent about the implications of a No-Deal Brexit Jubilee Farm is Northern Ireland's first Community-Supported Agriculture scheme.

8. Shorts: Harvest Barn Market Garden January
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 5.05Mb)

Description: Regular contributor Joel Rodker is creating a market garden from scratch and recording a diary for Farmerama as he goes. Here's is his report from January 2018

9. Shorts: Kathy Dice
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 12.90Mb)

Description: The Savanna Institute are laying the groundwork for widespread agroforestry in the Midwest. Over 100 farmers and researchers gathered to share learnings from different agroforestry and silvopasture operations. Kathy Dice and her partner own Red Fern Farm in Iowa. They were some of the pioneers of the agroforestry movement in the Midwest and their farm is now a successful u-pick perennial polyculture operation, where customers pick their own produce.

10. 42: No-cost agriculture in Zambia, Biofertilisers and a Regenerative farming journey
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 40.63Mb)

Description: This month we are at the 10th annual Oxford Real Farming Conference. First up we hear the inspirational story of 5000+ women who are now practising natural agriculture, or no-cost agriculture, on farms and smallholdings across Southern Zambia. Back in the UK we get the lowdown on biofertilisers that provide food for microbes, and we hear the ups and downs of a regenerative farming journey from a young farmer in Somerset. Thanks to our supporters Rebel Kitchen, for making this episode possible!

11. Shorts: Harvest Barn Market Garden December
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 15.18Mb)

Description: Regular contributor Joel Rodker is creating a market garden from scratch and recording a diary for Farmerama as he goes. Here's is his report from December 2018

12. 41: Turtle Island, banana bonanza, soil regeneration and market garden updates
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 46.43Mb)

Description: This month we hear from the people of Turtle Island who have created a Slow Food Indigenous association that represents a collective of over 500 nations on one continent. We head to Java, to celebrate the fantastic diversity of Indonesian bananas. In North Dakota we learn about the ecological potential of regenerative farming, and how farms can (and should) boost their local economies. We end up in the UK, with an end-of-year update from our regular marketing garden reporter. Thanks to our supporters Rebel Kitchen, for making this episode possible!

13. Shorts: Jubliee Farm Cooperative Alternatives
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 7.27Mb)

Description: Jonny Hansen of Jubilee Farm speaking to Tiziana O'Hara of Cooperative Alternatives, a the local cooperative enterprise agency supporting the farms share offer. Jubilee Farm is Northern Ireland's first Community-Supported Agriculture scheme.

14. Shorts: Jubilee Farm Political Economy
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 13.60Mb)

Description: In this short we hear Jonny Hansen from Jubilee Farm in Northern Ireland with an introduction to political economy in relation to food and farming. He’s in discussion with Professor John Barry from Queens University Belfast. Jubilee Farm is Northern Ireland's first Community-Supported Agriculture scheme.

15. 40: Grain Lab, Flour Ambassadors, and Students helping to fix the food system
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 73.36Mb)

Description: This month we’ve gone a little grain mad at UK Grain Lab. We learn about grain populations and heritage grains, innovative projects that connect millers, bakers and farmers and we chat to bakers around the world experimenting with more diverse flours. Then we jump across the Pennines to hear from students embedding sustainable food into student life. Thanks to our supporters Rebel Kitchen for making this episode possible.

16. Leah Penniman: Farming While Black
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 75.88Mb)

Description: Leah Penniman is a farmer, author, activist and all-round inspiration who we were lucky enough to interview for this special show. Her book, ‘Farming While Black’, published by Chelsea Green Publishing, is a multi-layered journey with practical tips for beginner farmers, afro-indigenous recipes, leadership advice, the story of building a farm and serving a community. But at its heart, this is a call to action, empowering people of colour to reclaim traditions and cultures that have been suppressed by colonialism and slavery. Thanks to Chelsea Green Publishing for supporting this episode. Image: onion harvest at Soul Fire Farm, credit: Leah Penniman

17. 39: Beginner farmer tips, Piglet to Plate and small-scale farmers feed the world
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 22.92Mb)

Description: This month, we’re full to the brim with small-scale farming heroines. We start with a super-inspiring farmer in New York State, who shares her top 3 tips for setting up a small-scale farm. We speak to female farmers on either side of the Atlantic about life and death, and what it means to raise and kill animals. And we end the show looking at the power of photography to share the stories of small-scale farmers around the world. Thanks to our supporters Rebel Kitchen for making this episode possible.

18. 38: Alice Waters, Terra Madre, Palestinian teenager, intercropping trials and cooperative farming
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 28.90Mb)

Description: This month we are connected to the voices of farmers and fishers around the world at Terra Madre in Turin. There we bump into a rather well-known chef and sustainable food activist who celebrates small-scale farming. We also hear from an extraordinary young Palestinian farmer, with her story of making olive oil against all odds in conflicted lands. Back in the UK, we talk nationwide farmer-led intercropping trials, and in Northern Ireland we hear from an expert in community share offers.

19. Shorts: Greg Judy on mob grazing tips and cow pats
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 13.52Mb)

Description: Greg Judy is an enthusiastic mob grazer based in Missouri. He talks to us about getting animals back on the land and building biodiversity in grasslands, including the importance of cow pats... all with the goal of increasing the long-term viability of your farm. We spoke to Greg at the Groundswell Show 2018.

20. 37: intergenerational tensions, compost tea revisited, agroforestry and Dutch innovation
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 26.03Mb)

Description: This month we start with some thoughts from one farmer about ways of resolving the inevitable tensions of family farming over different generations. Next, we hear from a Dorset farmer, with an update on the highs and lows of her compost tea trials on arable cropland. Moving on to Herefordshire, we discover the exciting potential benefits of agroforestry for disease prevention in apple orchards. And finally, we end up in the Netherlands, where we learn about an innovative business model that is being used to create farming communities! Thanks to our supporters Rebel Kitchen for making this episode possible. Thanks to the contribution this week from the Investing in regenerative Agriculture Podcast. More here: https://soundcloud.com/investinginregenerativeagriculture

21. Shorts: Ex Fuedo Stallaini
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 21.86Mb)

Description: In this short, we take a walk with Loredana. With her husband Roy, she runs Agriturismo Stallaini in the south east of Sicily. They prepare food for the guests all from within walking distance of the mine. Encounter lucid, vivid scents, smells, colours and be present in this ancient place. This podcast was made by Jo, with Lizzie Ostrom, and was originally published on the Life in Scents, a podcast about smell. http://www.agriturismostallaini.com/ https://www.acast.com/lifeinscents

22. Shorts: Harvest Barn Market Garden July and August
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 1.50Mb)

Description: Regular contributor Joel Rodker is creating a market garden from scratch and recording a diary for Farmerama as he goes. Here's is his report from June and July 2018

23. 36: Wondrous worms, cow pats, biodynamic vines and Free Range Families
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 27.15Mb)

Description: This month we hear all about wiggly worms and their wondrous work. We get some tips on cow pats and profitability from a Missouri-based mob grazer. Then we head over to California for thoughts on regenerative agriculture on a biodynamic vineyard, and finally we dip into the Free Range Families initiative at Jubilee Farm in Northern Ireland. Thanks to Rebel Kitchen for supporting this episode and to all of you for listening in!

24. Shorts: Charles Schembre on Carbon Farm Plans & Monitoring Soils
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 14.82Mb)

Description: Charles Schembre is Vineyard Conservation Co-ordinator at Napa County Resource Conservation District. His work sees him leading the implementation of California’s Healthy Soils Program, a scheme which compensates farmers for increasing their soil health – with the goal of sequestering carbon and increasing water retention. Charles also helped create the first ever carbon farm plans for 4 vineyards in Napa county, working with their partners the Carbon Cycle Institute. You can hear more about these carbon farm plans and details of how they monitor soil health and carbon sequestration in this month’s short.

25. Shorts: Harvest Barn market Garden June
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 6.10Mb)

Description: Regular contributor Joel Rodker is creating a market garden from scratch and recording a diary for Farmerama as he goes. In this report he lets us know what he's been up to during the month of June. Time have been tough but he's enjoying being outside and working in the English summer sun.

26. Shorts: Harvest Barn market garden May
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 3.33Mb)

Description: Regular contributor Joel Rodker is creating a market garden from scratch and recording a diary for Farmerama as he goes. Here's is his report from May 2018

27. Shorts: Tony Lovell, carbon-canny cattle rancher at Atlas of the Future event
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 15.00Mb)

Description: Hear from Tony Lovell in his talk at Atlas of the Futures recent Barcelona event on 'Fixing the Future'. Atlas of the Future reports, 'by giving the animals a more holistic hook, carbon-canny cattle rancher Tony Lovell, co-founder of SLM Australia Livestock Fund, has raised a whopping $100 million to help to regenerate the billions of hectares of damaged Australian grasslands – using soil management, biodiversity restoration and grazing techniques: “Cows and sheep are just cows and sheep. They are neither good nor bad. The piece most people are missing is how cattle are managed.”' Atlas of the Future is an online resource of hope, raising the profile of people working for a better future. Check out their recent interview with Dan Barber and the question we put to him about bringing regenerative soil practices to the table: https://atlasofthefuture.org/6-questions-for-a-food-futurehero-dan-barber/

28. 35: soil carbon, Greek traditional seeds, starting a market garden and educators in Indiana
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 28.29Mb)

Description: This month we begin in California, where they are paying farmers to sequester carbon, using practices proven to increase soil health. We head to the home of democracy to hear how Greek citizens are bringing seed saving back to the people. In Somerset we get some tips on starting a market garden and we end up back in the USA, this time deep in Indiana, to hear how one college is using the power of education to transform the landscape of the mid-west.

29. Shorts: PERKA
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 24.35Mb)

Description: In this Short Pavlos Georgiadis and Olly Moore are taken on a tour or PERKA. The group PERKA was created in the beginning of 2011 by people living in Thessaloniki, Greece, whose goal was the communal and in season cultivation of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs in a field or an appropriate space. The GROW Observatory is an EU-wide citizen science project helping people grow food and care for their soils using regenerative practices. They do so through massive experiments using low cost soil moisture sensors and online courses. GROW also uses people’s observations of soils to improve environmental monitoring by satellites. In so doing, the project helps with climate change adaptation. Farmerama are partnering with GROW to bring you interviews from the teams travels and investigations. www.growobservatory.org http://perka.org/node/226

30. Shorts: Jubilee Farm volunteer day
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 4.72Mb)

Description: Jonny Hanson is an environmentalist who’s involved in setting up Northern Ireland's first Community-Supported Agriculture scheme, at Jubilee Farm. We’re going to be following their progress over the coming months. Jonny reports from Jubilee Farm’s first community volunteer day and provides a perspective on farming that’s I think a first for us on Farmerama. This was originally published as part of episode 31 of Farmerama

31. Shorts: Peliti
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 11.75Mb)

Description: In this interview Pavlos and Olly from GROW Observatory learn about the Peliti seed saving initiative in Greece. The GROW Observatory is an EU-wide citizen science project helping people grow food and care for their soils using regenerative practices. They do so through massive experiments using low cost soil moisture sensors and online courses. GROW also uses people’s observations of soils to improve environmental monitoring by satellites. In so doing, the project helps with climate change adaptation.

32. Shorts: GROW Observatory farm tour summary
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 8.17Mb)

Description: The GROW Observatory is an EU-wide citizen science project helping people grow food and care for their soils using regenerative practices. They do so through massive experiments using low cost soil moisture sensors and online courses. GROW also uses people’s observations of soils to improve environmental monitoring by satellites. In so doing, the project helps with climate change adaptation. In this short, Pavlos Georgiadis and Olly Moore look back on their tour of 5 very different types of farm across Greece and reveal some of the other projects they will be visiting. Many of these visits can be heard on the Farmerama Soundcloud pages, collected on the GROW Observatory playlist.

33. Shorts: Rob Havard on herbal leys
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 3.67Mb)

Description: Hear from Pasture For Life farmer Rob Havard who was at the Future of UK Farming Conference. He tells us some clever tips on how to harvest your own seeds for planting herbal leys and how he has been experimenting with terminating herbal leys, working solely with his animals.

34. 34: 3D ocean farming, mental health, gene activation in plants & Chilean circle agriculture
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 26.19Mb)

Description: This month we hear from a self-confessed non-environmentalist about an ocean-based farming solution that might inadvertently be saving the environment as well as providing a simple, new and sensible option for people wanting to make a living from the sea. In Northern Ireland, we get stuck into the very important issue of mental health in farming. We get the lowdown on plants activating genes and how this relates to seed saving, and we end with a farmer in the remote South of Chile telling us about the importance of community and how we can contribute to what he calls ‘circle agriculture’.

35. Shorts: Harvest Barn Market Garden April
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 3.37Mb)

Description: Regular contributor Joel Rodker is creating a market garden from scratch and recording a diary for Farmerama as he goes. Here he reports from inside his new polytunnel.

36. Shorts: Hannes Lorensen
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 8.12Mb)

Description: In this interview Pavlos Georgiadis speaks to Hannes Lorensen, after the European rural sustainability gathering at Lake Plastiras, who talks about the problems with the sustainability of modern food production, and makes the case for the urban consumer needing to do more listen to and support farmers and grow connections. The GROW Observatory is an EU-wide citizen science project helping people grow food and care for their soils using regenerative practices. They do so through massive experiments using low cost soil moisture sensors and online courses. GROW also uses people’s observations of soils to improve environmental monitoring by satellites. In so doing, the project helps with climate change adaptation. Farmerama are partnering with GROW to bring you interviews from the teams travels and investigations. www.growobservatory.org

37. Shorts: GROW Observatory
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 18.09Mb)

Description: The GROW Observatory is an EU-wide citizen science project helping people grow food and care for their soils using regenerative practices. They do so through massive experiments using low cost soil moisture sensors and online courses. GROW also uses people’s observations of soils to improve environmental monitoring by satellites. In so doing, the project helps with climate change adaptation. In this spcial feature, Nikos Vrantsis speaks to Greek organic olive grower Pavlos Georgiadis, one of the initiators of the GROW Observatory, from one of the first GROW Places - Pavlos' own olive farm in Alexandroupoli. He explains how the project is able to provide benefit to growers, people passionate about soil and communities who will take part in the project. He also has some interesting things to say in support of the democratisation of knowledge for Soil Stewardship. www.growobservatory.org

38. 33: Kitchen Table talks, Jersey soils, trade deals, pig clubs and bee-lieving
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 48.24Mb)

Description: This month we have a political focus, but still manage to squeeze in talk of our fave topics, soil and microbes. First up, some personal stories from a ‘kitchen table talk’ on what good food means to the people in Scotland. A Jersey farmer tells us about trying out an innovative approach to growing the island’s favourite potato. We have an update on ‘Green Brexit’ and how global trade agreements affect farmers. We end with the launch of a ‘Pig Club’ and a catchy tune from the bee-lievers. 🐝 🐖🍭🍏

39. Shorts: Harvest Barn Market Garden update March
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 3.60Mb)

Description: Regular contributor Joel Rodker is creating a market garden from scratch and recording a diary for Farmerama as he goes. Here is his latest report, recorded in March 2017.

40. Shorts: Good Food Nation Bill
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 32.51Mb)

Description: If you live in Scotland – or even if you don’t – you might have heard that the Scottish Government will soon be introducing a “Good Food Nation Bill”. It’s set to be a wide-ranging piece of legislation, touching on health, sustainable production, food poverty, food culture, and a lot more besides. It has the potential to be radical and world-leading – or a huge missed opportunity. Katie spoke to Bella Crowe from Nourish Scotland about the Bill, the upcoming consultation, and the broader context for food in Scotland. Bella also explained the Scottish Food Coalition’s “Kitchen Table Talk” initiative: an effort to make sure the consultation is as broad and representative as possible. To find out more about the Good Food Nation Bill and the Kitchen Table talks, visit nourishscotland.org

41. 32: Post-fire update, Welsh new farmers policy, farming as practice & organic matter
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 33.08Mb)

Description: This month we get an update from Abby’s farm in Chile a year after the huge fires burned all their crops. We head to a farm in Wales to learn how planning legislation is opening doors for people wanting to produce, and live sustainably. Then we head to the US to hear how one farmer is taking a philosophical approach to sharing the practice of farming and connecting to the land. And finally, back on British soil to hear from a long-time soil scientist about organic matter. Plus if you listen to the very end you will hear a nice teaser about an exciting opportunity in Scotland.

42. Shorts: Sylvia Kay on land grabbing in Europe
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 16.77Mb)

Description: Nikos Vrantsis reports from Greece for Farmerama where he had the unexpected luck to meet Sylvia Kay, among a visionary crowd of growers, food communities and experts gathered for 2017’s European Rural Sustainability Gathering. Sylvia is a researcher and member of the environmental and agrarian justice team of the Transnational Institute (TNI). Her team is monitoring policies around key natural resources like land, forests, food, trying to empower growers and put local communities in the heart of decision-making when it comes to how their resources are governed. A main obstacle, to achieve this, is the global phenomenon of land grabbing. Nikos Vrantsis a greek journalist reporting on urban regeneration & living cities initiatives as well as on land land grabbing and land speculation issues. He is currently writing a series of stories on the phenomenal, textbook land grabbing case taking place in Warsaw.

43. 31: herbs, Christian perspectives on farming and aquaponics
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 25.38Mb)

Description: This month, we hear from herb growers and suppliers about the opportunities for growing herbs in the UK. We have the first of a series of reports from Jubilee Farm in Northern Ireland, offering a Christian perspective on agriculture and the environment. We take a visit to Humble by Nature, a tenant farm in the Welsh Wye Valley run by TV presenter Kate Humble we hear from an artisan pasta producer in Italy.

44. Shorts: Alice Bettany from Sacred Seeds Herbal Project
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 10.01Mb)

Description: the 2018 Oxford Real Farming Conference last month featured a panel on growing and selling herbs in the UK. It addressed a real need for suppliers of good quality Uk-grown herbs. In this Short, Abby Rosie spoke to Alice Bettany from the Sacred Seeds Herbal project, who was a participant in the panel. She runs a herb box-scheme based on a CSA model which is currently the only herbal box scheme in the UK. Alice talks to us about her work and her mission to bring back herbal medicine to the people. This short begins with a beautiful description of her own garden, topped to the brim with Medicinal herbs. Other panellists from the ORFC2018 panel on herbs can be heard in episode 31 of Farmerama. Image from Alice's instrgram @sacred_seeds

45. Shorts: Harvest Barn Market Garden update January
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 5.85Mb)

Description: Regular contributor Joel Rodker is creating a market garden from scratch and recording a diary for Farmerama as he goes. Here is his latest report from week 7, recorded in December 2017.

46. 30: Gove, agri-culture, Human Ecology, Sanfoin and Pollarding
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 35.01Mb)

Description: This month we bring you stories from the 9th Annual Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC). We embrace agri-culture with new poetry from the front-lines of farming. We get an introduction to human ecology and hear about innovations in urban food systems from a group in Glasgow. Out in the field, we celebrate the wonders of a little-known crop: Sanfoin. And we get the low-down on animals browsing for their favourite fodder.

47. 29: Biodynamic vines, Catalonian chickens & medicinal plants
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 27.73Mb)

Description: We visit one of the lesser-known wine-making regions – Wales – to get one perspective on biodynamic farming. Then we’re off to the hills of Catalonia to hear from a small-scale chicken farmer. And, finally, we take a dose of medicine just outside Seattle – in the form of herbs, human connections, and the land itself.

48. Shorts: WeFarm
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 20.88Mb)

Description: WeFarm is a free peer-to-peer service that enables farmers to share information via SMS, without the internet and without having to leave their farm. Farmers can ask questions on farming and receive crowd-sourced answers from other farmers around the world in minutes. In 2014, WeFarm was named one of the overall winners Google Impact Challenge. Amy Cooper spoke to Wefarm CEO Kenny Ewan for Farmerama at London Food Tech Week, 2017 Learn more about WeFarm https://wefarm.org/ See Amy’s TedX talk for Secret Seed Society: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=7nUPqnsp8T4

49. Shorts: Maria Partalidou on urban farms in Greece
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 3.32Mb)

Description: Rural Sociologist Maria Partalidou discusses Urban Farms in Greece. Maria spoke to Farmerama about the changing relationship between Urban and Rural communities in Greece in episode 28.

50. 28: Farming films, rural-urban connections in Greece and fungi to manage weeds
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 30.04Mb)

Description: We hear from two projects which are using film to share stories from the front-line of farming. We meet a sociologist who’s been studying the relationship between urban and rural communities in Greece. And we indulge in more fungi-love as we learn how it's possible to manage weeds simply by working with the microbial balance in the soil.

51. 27: Agroforestry with sheep & chickens, female farming voices & starting a market garden
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 26.94Mb)

Description: This month, we dip into the wonderful world of agroforestry: both the help on hand to support farmers planting/managing trees and the stories of two farmers who have been pleasantly surprised at the benefits trees bring to their farm. Abby has been in California and she reports from an event celebrating women’s leadership in farming. Finally we have the first in a series of dispatches from a young farmer who's setting up a new farm – from the ground up.

52. Shorts: David Montgomery
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 3.25Mb)

Description: David Montgomery talks to Abi Glencross for Farmerama about his new book "Growing a Revolution"

53. 26: Fungi above & below ground, our microbiome, chicken homes & vines in the UK
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 25.46Mb)

Description: Lots of fungi this month, both in the soils and for eating. We explore the parallels between the principles for healthy land and our own bodies. A young farmer introduces us to an experimental ‘pizza-shaped’ chicken enclosure and we hear how UK vineyards are working with the changing climates.

54. Shorts: Adam Kaye on Polenta
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 6.59Mb)

Description: Shorts: Adam Kaye on Polenta by Farmerama

55. 25: Soil carbon uncovered, chef-farmer connections, happy bees & homegrown veg
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 41.15Mb)

Description: This month we we hear from across the pond how close connections between farmers and cooks are giving birth to new dishes and revenue streams. We get to the bottom of carbon cycles and learn what it really takes to build humus. Bees buzz happily as they are allowed to express their characteristics in alternative beekeeping methods and finally you’re invited to get involved in a citizen science project that celebrates allotments and home-grown veg. Thanks to E5 Bakehouse for supporting this show, we love their commitment to working with farmers to grow heritage grains locally, mill them on-site and produce the best loaf of bread.

56. 24: Soil Health Principles, dung beetles, potato blight & native breed cheese
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 31.05Mb)

Description: Welcome to our two year anniversary edition of Farmerama supported by E5 Bakehouse, an East London bakery pushing the boundaries of baking to make the best bread. This month we get the low-down on 6 simple principles for soil health. We hear from small, smelly friends working away under the ground to support farmers, we hear the highs and lows of potato growers in The Netherlands and journey with a travelling cheesemaker on their research into native dairy breeds.

57. Shorts: Invertebrates
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 2.76Mb)

Description: In Episode 24 we spoke to Dr Sarah Beynon from Dr Beynon's Bug Farm in South Wales about how dung beatles are supporting Farmers and the huge economic benefits they can bring. In this Short she goes on to explain some of the other ways in which invertebrates are beneficial to a fully functioning farm.

58. National Organic Combinable Crops 2017
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 25.79Mb)

Description: The tenth National Organic Combinable Crops (NOCC) event was alive with farmers, traders, researchers, millers, processors and bakers exchanging ideas of how to work together to support ecological farming methods and grow and make healthy food. This is a special episode commissioned by Organic Farmers and Growers, one of the UK’s largest organic certification bodies, who organised NOCC. We hear discussions of new varieties: growing, milling and baking wheat populations and then organic and non-organic farmers experiment with relay cropping, compost teas and companion planting.

59. Shorts: Sea Buckthorn
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 6.55Mb)

Description: Find out a little more about the Sea Buckthorn grown by David Eagle which we featured in Episode 23.

60. 23: Indigenous Soils, regenerative farming in Malawi, Essex Sea Buckthorn & no-till Meet the Farmers
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 32.33Mb)

Description: This month we visit a project in Malawi started by local farmers to regenerate soils and bring food security back to local people. Then we are back in the garden of England talking to an Essex farmer about his experiments growing Sea Buckthorn and how he and his son are dealing with the ever encroaching sea chipping away at their farmland. We talk no-till and have the first of several reports from our visit to the Soil Hack gathering.

61. 22: Beauty, land, rewilding, upland sheep farming, spiritual ecology with Fiona Reynolds & Co
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 44.14Mb)

Description: This month we weave in and out of a conversation we had with Dame Fiona Reynolds, former Director-General of the National Trust. As Fiona shares about beauty, land, rewilding and much more, we hear from Welsh upland sheep farmer Rees Roberts and spiritual ecologist & artist Nessie Reid with what they think about these issues and ideas. Beauty may seem a little airy-fairy and disconnected from the realities of running a farming business. But please do hear us out to the end…this is about bringing power back to the people. Fiona’s recent book The Fight for Beauty is a call to arms for all of us to pay more attention to matters of the earth and oceans. We caught up with Fiona and she told us how she sees farming fits into the future of a Britain built on beauty.

62. Shorts: Blue Corn
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 2.67Mb)

Description: Shelley Spruit from Against the Grain Farm just outside Ottawa, talks to Abi Aspen from Future Farm Lab about the Blue Corn the grow in contrast with the more traditional GM grains favoured by their neighbours. Some additional content from our feature in the farm from episode 21

63. Shorts: Spoils
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 1.45Mb)

Description: Spoils, written at Romshed Farm in Kent, Feb 2017 by Pasture for Life poet in residence Adam Horovitz and recorded at the Oxford Real Farming conference 2017

64. 21: Care farming globally, cover crop porridge, small farmers activism, purple corn & PFLA Poetry
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 33.02Mb)

Description: This month we hear about an amazing variety of Care Farming projects from around the world, we catch up with a La Via Campesina member from Berlin and we speak to a chef about the unusual dish he put together for the recent Dan Barber food-waste restaurant in London. We hear from a Canadian farm going against the grain and putting purple corn on the map and we have a special treat – some poetry written at this year’s Oxford Real Farming Conference by Pasture for Life poet in residence – perfectly highlighting the culture in agri-culture.

65. 20: Halal & Tayyib meat, Open Food Network, growing veg in harsh conditions & human-scale CSA tools
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 29.93Mb)

Description: This month we celebrate the dawn of Spring as we bring you stories from many different communities across the UK: Abraham Organics gives us the low-down on halal and the meat they supply to the Muslim community in London. We hear how the Open Food Network works and one farmer tells us how they are using OFN to expand their business whilst reducing waste from surplus crops. We have some clever tips from Chagfood market garden about growing great veg on the wild exposed moors (and more generally growing great veg in the face of unpredictable British weather). And Plotgate CSA growers tell us about the human-scale tools they are crafting to support people caring for the land.

66. Field Report: Urban Food Fortnight
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 20.72Mb)

Description: This is a special field report for Farmerama, we dig into Urban Food Fortnight which descends on London from 9th - 25th of September. Urban Food Fortnight is London Food Link’s celebration of the fantastic amount of food being grown, made, cooked and saved in London and the amazing stories behind it. We teamed up with London Food Link to weave together tips, tricks and ideas from some of the people and projects involved: GrowUp Aquaponics farm, Dusty Knuckles Bakery, Plan Zheroes waste food savers and seasonal chef Oliver Rowe.

67. Field Report: Castello di Potentino
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 10.56Mb)

Description: From time to time we get in a story that’s deserves a bit more attention to than we are able give in our regular monthly episode. And here one of those. A field report from Farmeramra reporter Camilla Williamson at Castello di Potentino, a small-scale sustainable vineyard in Italy.

68. 19: Traditional methods & new tools, future growers, rewilding and Cambodian learnings
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 27.46Mb)

Description: As spring draws nearer we bring you Joel Salatin talking traditional methods and modern tools, with a great example from Angus, Scotland. We begin to unpick the world of rewilding which is something that has caused much debate and upset amongst farmers, conservationists and wildlife fans alike. Next up are a collection of despatches from the Soil Association Future Growers apprenticeship and finally we hear from Cambodian farmers and teachers about their experience of learning to grow organically thanks to the Green Shoots Foundation.

69. 18: productivity in small-scale farming, no-dig and street play as teaching tool
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 34.52Mb)

Description: We have a few stories from the Oxford Real Farming Conference to share with you this month, firstly market gardener Rebecca Laughton from the Landworkers Alliance tells us about her investigations into the productivity of small-scale producers. We get stuck into no-dig experiments with Charles Dowding, learning about soil biology and the intriguing results from his latest forking trials. And we hear from Ashwini Shannikodi about Street play as tool to tackle social problems in rural farming communities in India, as well as the importance of women in farming. Abby also reports from Chile where she is currently evacuated from her family’s farm, vidacycle, as some of the largest forest fires in Chile’s history surround them.

70. 17: A zero-waste food system, pigness of pigs and sustainable woodlands
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 34.18Mb)

Description: This is a special edition of Farmerama recorded with a guest host, eco-chef Doug, from Silo restaurant in Brighton. He tells us how his zero-waste philosophy has transformed what it means to serve food, and a local pig-farmer tells us what it’s like to work with a zero-waste chef. In Norfolk we learn all about the craft of managing ancient woodland sustainably and profitably, now and for many generations to come. Finally farming celebrity Joel Salatin tells us about respecting the pigness of the pig and what future technology he hopes to see.

71. 16: Agroforestry, small data, food sovereignty and people’s food policies
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 29.28Mb)

Description: Farmerama have learnt that farming’s best economic models mimic nature’s clever ways and make many things from the same piece of land. Farmer Stephen Briggs tells us about one of these clever models. He fills us in on his agroforestry setup or ‘3D farming’, where he grows organic apples and cereals on his 150 acres in Cambridgeshire. We also hear a few thoughts from Ben Raskin, head of horticulture at the Soil Association, who is just starting a new agroforestry project in Wiltshire at Helen Browning’s Organic Farm. Our co-host Abby shares a tool she initially created for her family’s farm to help them build a more resilient business using ‘small data’. Now other farmers are using it in the UK and Chile, in particular we hear from Davenport Vineyards about how they have used it to help their vineyard prosper. We finish with a bit of a food sovereignty focus – two reports from different ends of Britain both building people’s food policies: in Scotland we hear about the ‘Good Food Nation Bill’ and Dee Butterly, talks us through ‘The People’s Food Policy’ supported by The Landworker’s Alliance. In our divided world we wonder if food and farming could be a web that will connect us all.

72. 15: Dairy farming, transparent pricing, cheap soil testing, Wwoofing and the first Scottish Farmhack
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 25.20Mb)

Description: After last month’s words from farmers around the world, we are now back on British soil. We have stories from Perthshire to Devon but we start on the west coast, with Patrick Holden from the Sustainable Food Trust. Patrick tells us about how he makes the most of the by-products from his dairy farm, and what a positive effect transparent pricing could have on farmers. We hear about a great little trick for soil testing on the cheap, the TBI – And then we are in Shropshire to find out about some of the ups and downs of Woofing. Finally, we get a collection of dispatches from the first Scottish Farmhack, an experience that had many people excited to share ideas and build tools together.

73. 14: Terra Madre fishers, open-source tractor, holistic management, calves & eco-gastronomy
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 26.06Mb)

Description: We recorded Farmerama ‘live’ from Turin, Italy this month where thousands of small-scale farmers, shepherds, fishers, chefs and people committed to more resilient food systems from over 100 hundred countries around the world have come together to celebrate and share food and farming knowledge at the Slow Food Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, it's like the UN for food systems. In Turin an eco-gastronomer tells us about feeding all of our senses, a once-fisherman shares storytelling as an alternative to certification and we hear the united voices of farmers from around the globe coming together thanks to the Slow Food Network. Back home the holistic management framework gives one mob-grazer some clear goals at home and in the fields, a dairy farmer has a super simple calf-feeding technique for his herd and we hear about the Alabama-Cuban Oggun Tractor - an open-source, easily fixable tractor.

74. 13: Post-brexit perspectives, soil tests uncovered, practical farm advice & seed journeys
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 31.81Mb)

Description: We are at a crossroads in British food and farming history, so this month we begin to probe the post-Brexit discussion. We hear a few candid kitchen-table chats with different farm families. Some hidden truths about soil testing are revealed, and we learn about practical knowledge sharing platform Agricology, bridging the gap between science and what really happens on the farm. Plus one of the projects they feature: Fit for the Future Network, sharing experiences of renewable energy. And Heritage seeds head from Norway to the Middle East, returning to their homeland on an artistic voyage of discovery. This is the beginning, we all need to and sew the seeds of an agricultural policy that leads to a positive food and farming future in the UK.

75. 12: Post-brexit perspectives, soil tests uncovered, practical farm advice & seed journeys
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 24.04Mb)

Description: It’s July and we’ve now been following the nitty gritty of the smaller-scale farming world for one whole growing year. One revolution of this world around the sun. We’ve chanced upon and dug up so many stories and met inspirational farmers and growers as the podcast has spiralled into an adventure leading us to uncover different ideas, perspectives and techniques along the way. This month we are in Utah for a garlic special in the Wasatch mountains. Hannah hears from a Dagenham farm trainee abou...

76. 11: Organic Soil-less Growing?, landscape based eating, salad harvester, crowdfarming & more
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 27.99Mb)

Description: This episode we are brimming with innovations and new perspectives from all over the world. We enjoy crowd farming oranges in Valencia, WeFarm’s farmer-to-farmer knowledge sharing in Kenya and Peru and the community fuel of Food Assemblies around the country - all part of a panel discussion we chaired at the ReWork Future of Food Summit. Ben Raskin is back as he chats to Alan Schofield about an organic perspective on hydroponics, can soil-less growing be organic? Abby gets the low-down on a supe...

77. 10: Giddy goats, no-till, mob grazing & herbal leys plus young growers & food poetry
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 30.97Mb)

Description: Giddy goats, a no-till, mob grazing & herbal ley winning combo plus young entrepreneurial growers & food poetry

78. 09: SoilCity in Glasgow, Farmhack, urban farm updates, glasshouses, plus rural entrepreneurs
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 25.96Mb)

Description: SoilCity in Glasgow, Farmhack, urban farm updates, poetic landscapes and glasshouses, plus rural entrepreneurs

79. 08: Small-holders, business for urban gardens, cellular agriculture and organics in India
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 22.60Mb)

Description: The voice of small-holders, business tips for urban gardens, cellular agriculture and organics in Udaipur, India

80. 07: Seeds on film, secret sauces, woodchip composts, Care Farming plus cheeky outdoor winter salads
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 26.57Mb)

Description: Seeds on film, secret sauces, woodchip composts, Care Farming for health & finances, plus a few cheeky outdoor winter salads

81. 06: Oxford Real Farming Conference, health CSA, Field of Wheat, cover crops + no-till, & land songs
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 26.18Mb)

Description: Oxford Real Farming Conference, a positive health CSA, Field of Wheat uniting farmers & other folk, cover crops + no-till, & land songs

82. 05: Lettuce lawns, no-dig compost, blight-resistant potatoes, mobile polytunnels and festive guests
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 26.88Mb)

Description: We are in a festive mood this month. Spirits are high with some special guests making a late appearance. New reporter Hannah Shlotter chats lettuce lawns and compost with grower Alice Holden at one of London’s best known urban farms in Dagenham. CSA Network head Robert Simpson makes a comeback with his tips on polytunnels for goats. Ben Raskin brings us up to date on the newest varieties of blight resistant potatoes and we hear from a farmer without a farm.

83. 04: Female farmers, dairy protests, walled gardens, cows & natural wine in Italy
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 25.94Mb)

Description: Female farmers speak out, dairy protests, weed tangled walled gardens, we round up the cows & natural wine making in Italy

84. 03: Scottish Crofting, alternatives to certification, Irish seaweed & young farmers around the world
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 29.92Mb)

Description: Scottish Crofting, alternatives to certification, Irish seaweed farming and more from young farmers around the world

85. 02: Natural Agriculture, CSAs, urban salads and ex-addicts
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 25.85Mb)

Description: In the second episode of Farmerama, Nigel, Jo and Abby take a close look at Natural Agriculture after a visit to the Shumei farm near Yatesbury. They also investigate some of the ways farms are trying to get local communities more interested in growing and farming. There's a visit to a CSA farm near Swansea, a community garden in midlands, and an urban farm in Bristol.

86. 01: CSAs, water buffalo, seed politics and a chicken speak-easy
https://soundcloud.com/farmera... download (audio/mpeg, 29.74Mb)

Description: Farmerama Radio shares great stories from the smaller scale farming movement in the UK. We are out in the field digging out what's really going on. In Episode one we went to the annual CSA gathering to learn the ins and outs of community supported agriculture, Nigel visits a Devon Water buffalo farm and Zarah Rahman investigates the historical significance of seeds.