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Podcast title Spend Culture Stories Podcast
Website URL http://blog.procurify.com/?utm...
Description Hosted by Dani Hao & Nicole Kinney, Sponsored by Procurify Spend Culture Stories features fearless finance, operations and procurement leaders who are changing the sphere of finance from the front lines. In this podcast, we get an unfiltered view into the Spend Cultures of the fastest growing and most innovative organizations in the world. Spend Culture Stories is a female-hosted and produced podcast and is proud to have a diverse range of guests and speakers.
Updated Thu, 10 Jan 2019 00:00:45 +0000
Image Spend Culture Stories Podcast
Category Business

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1. A COO/CFO's Advice on Scaling Your Nonprofit's Purchasing Process - Rob DiBacco(NEW 2019!!)
https://soundcloud.com/spendcu... download (audio/mpeg, 23.28Mb)

Description: Serial traveller. The “problem fixer”. Generalist. Constant Learner. Rob Dibacco is the COO/CFO of The Arizona Charter School Association. Learn how Rob manages the financial operations of a non-profit organization, how to implement a purchasing process for educational institutions, and how to scale spend management sustainably.

2. Why This CFO Entrusts Every Employee With Their Own Credit Card - Lindsey Head
https://soundcloud.com/spendcu... download (audio/mpeg, 31.67Mb)

Description: Lindsey Head is the CFO of J Public Relations - and she has figured out her way to financially manage an efficient and lean PR agency. Rather than asserting controls or pushing a budget onto the operations itself, Lindsey truly believes that giving her employees the power to make decisions from the bottom up is the culture she wants to promote as a CFO - a proactive spend culture.

3. What Jack Welch Taught This CFO About Leadership - Michael Dinkins
https://soundcloud.com/spendcu... download (audio/mpeg, 29.86Mb)

Description: In the seventies and eighties, GE was the training grounds for overachievers who would go on to head other companies and challenge the status quo. It was Jack Welch who famously said, “I’m desperate to get myself people who are smarter than me…I’m desperately trying to get people with energy. I call them the 4 E’s: Energy, ability to energize people, to execute, get it done, and have edge. And I want passion. I want them to care more.” Welch had the uncanny ability to identify high performers and groom and cultivate them into future leaders. One of these leaders is Michael Dinkins — our guest today, who also happens to be one of the most visible faces in the community of Corporate Finance.

4. What This VP Finance Says About Breaking Workplace Silos - Peter Gebert
https://soundcloud.com/spendcu... download (audio/mpeg, 20.84Mb)

Description: Peter Gebert is an unusual Finance leader. Right from his beginnings as an accountant working at mining sites in the Arctic Circle, to his astonishing successes leading Finance departments for billion-dollar tech and biotech companies in the Valley, Peter has shown a healthy contempt for workplace silos. His career as a leader in Finance is replete with examples of breaking out of the confines of spreadsheets and financial reports, and actually working side-by-side with every department in the company to steer companies into new and path-breaking directions.