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Podcast title The Urban Loop
Website URL https://www.theurbanloop.com
Description The Urban Loop podcast brings you interviews with professionals in the Smart City field to share stories about their journey to where they are today and the larger real-world impact of their work. Guests include technologists, urban researchers, leaders of city government, and impactful changemakers, to name a few. Find out more at www.theurbanloop.com or follow us on Twitter @the_urban_loop
Updated Mon, 03 Jun 2019 03:04:57 +0000
Image The Urban Loop
Category Technology
Government & Organizations

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1. 10: Jordan Davis - Director, Smart Columbus
http://theurbanloop.libsyn.com... download (audio/mpeg, 74.13Mb)


In Episode 10, the final for Season 1, I’m joined by Jordan Davis. Jordan is the Director of Smart Columbus where she leads the City and the Columbus Partnership in bringing together the right partners and kickstarting pilot programs that help the city advance towards the grand vision of a connected city. Smart Columbus was born out of the very first USDOT Smart City Challenge and the City has been leading the country by example in setting the right foot forward in the creation of a smart city.

In this conversation, we dive into…

How large-scale systems thinking is integral to projects of this size and vision Smart Columbus OS and the foundations of Smart Columbus Successful pilot programs that were deployed, including the very first autonomous shuttle by May Mobility As always, advice on how to learn more about and begin working in the smart city space

Jordan is a guest I’ve been very excited about and waiting to talk to for a very long time now, and this interview on her work and the progress Columbus has made was truly an inspiration to say the least!

Thank you all for sticking with me over the past few months, this has been an incredible journey. After listening to this interview, please visit www.theurbanloop.com or find us on Twitter @the_urban_loop to fill out a short survey on your thoughts so far! Season 2 is on it’s way!

Jordan can be reached at the following: LinkedIn, Twitter,

Smart Columbus: Website, Twitter

Enjoy the show!

See more at https://www.theurbanloop.com/ep-10-jordan-davis/

2. 09: Nigel Jacob - Co-Founder, Office of New Urban Mechanics
http://theurbanloop.libsyn.com... download (audio/mpeg, 83.86Mb)


Nigel Jacob is the Co-Founder of the Office of New Urban Mechanics, a civic innovation incubator and R&D lab within the City of Boston. Nigel’s work is dedicated to making urban life better through human-centered design and innovative applications of technology. The Office works with universities, startups, and other city departments to design innovative ideas around education, transportation, housing, and city research.

Nigel is currently a board member for organizations like Code for America and coUrbanize. Overall, his work has led to him being named the Public Official of the Year in 2011 and a White House Champion of Change in 2012.

In this conversation, we dive into…

How an R&D lab within the city government can lead to rapid innovation and growth The  impact that human-centered design can have on government services Nigel’s background as a software engineer and how he transitioned his career into urban technology

It was truly a privilege to have the chance to talk to and learn from Nigel. I hope you feel the same - Enjoy the show!


Nigel can be reached at: Twitter, LinkedIn

See more at https://www.theurbanloop.com/ep-9-nigel-jacob/

3. 08: Janna Smith - Transportation Tech PM, City of Los Angeles
http://theurbanloop.libsyn.com... download (audio/mpeg, 79.67Mb)


Janna Smith is the Transportation Technology Project Manager for the City of Los Angeles. Janna works at the crossroads of technology and policy, leading efforts around data sharing and Smart City pilot programs in implementing LADOT’s Transportation Technology Strategy.


In this conversation, we dive into…

How LA is betting on Data, Mobility, and Infrastructure as a service Best practices surrounding on collecting and maintaining transportation data How to best separate the signal from the noise as an elected official or a technologist


Janna brings deep knowledge and experience to leverage the best in technologists and policy makers.

This was a great conversation, I hope you learn a bit and enjoy the chat!


Janna can be reached at the following: Twitter, LADOT


Enjoy the show!


See more at https://www.theurbanloop.com/ep-8-janna-smith/

4. 07: Danielle DuMerer - CIO, City of Chicago
http://theurbanloop.libsyn.com... download (audio/mpeg, 65.29Mb)


Danielle DuMerer is the CIO & Commisioner of the City of Chicago, where she helps the City leverage data and technology to improve city service delivery and oversees the implementation of large-scale smart city initiatives.

In this conversation, Danielle gives us insight into...

Improving the efficacy and accessibility of gov’t services How Chicago operates their incredible Open Data platform and collaborates with the city’s active civic tech community, in the form of Chi Hack Night and the Chicago Design System The Array of Things program, which is Chicago’s massive Internet of Things sensor deployment

It’s amazing to see how Danielle is helping Chicago lead in civic technology while ensuring that all advancements remain accessible to every single one of the city’s residents. This was a great conversation, I hope you learn a bit and enjoy the chat!

Danielle can be reached at the following: LinkedIn, Twitter

Enjoy the show!

See more at https://www.theurbanloop.com/ep-7-danielle-dumerer/

5. 06: Kathleen Baireuther - Sr. Mgr, Ford Mobility City Solutions
http://theurbanloop.libsyn.com... download (audio/mpeg, 87.07Mb)


Kathleen Baireuther is a Sr. Mgr in Ford Mobility’s City Solutions, where she works closely with cities to identify significant mobility pain points and translate those into practical, real-world projects. Kathleen’s expertise in mobility and energy across both the public and private sector helped provide a lot of insight into challenges we’re facing around new technology, new business models, and new systems.


In this conversation, we dive into…

How to test ideas and run pilot programs successfully in the context of cities What do new business models in the mobility space look like What accessibility and equity mean with new mobility Where the data to enable smart mobility comes from and how it’s organized


Kathleen can be reached at the following:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathleen-baireuther-91300b3/


Enjoy the show!


See more at https://www.theurbanloop.com/ep-6-kathleen-baireuther/

6. 05: Jon Allan - Director, Office of the Great Lakes
http://theurbanloop.libsyn.com... download (audio/mpeg, 89.15Mb)


Jon Allan is the Director of the Office of the Great Lakes, where he has led the efforts to protect, restore, and sustain the Great Lakes watershed since 2012. Before that, he was deeply involved with Environmental Policy at Consumers Energy, one of Michigan’s largest utilities. Over the course of his career, Jon has led negotiations on several landmark legislation and agreements, including the Great Lakes Compact and the Michigan Water Strategy.

Jon’s expertise around aquatic systems and his drive to make a difference in natural resource governance are truly remarkable. In this conversation, we dive into the intersection and integration between ecological, economic, social and cultural value related to natural resources.

Jon can be reached at the following:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonal/

Office of the Great Lakes: https://www.michigan.gov/ogl/


Enjoy the show!

See more at www.theurbanloop.com/ep-5-jon-allan/

7. 04: Dr. Edward Glaeser - Author, Triumph of the City
http://theurbanloop.libsyn.com... download (audio/mpeg, 53.41Mb)


Dr. Glaeser is a Professor of Economics at Harvard University and is one of the world’s foremost authorities in urban economics. His contributions to the field have been nothing short of tremendous, having published deeply insightful works around the issues of affordable housing, city growth, and the role that cities play in transmitting ideas.

His book, The Triumph of the City, does a wonderful job in making his research available and accessible to the general audience. What he does uniquely is to make the argument that much of what is thought of as "obvious" for urban public policy is not truly beneficial. The city brings people together for close contact and can succeed if and only if the city is built around the power of people, human contact, creativity, and collaboration. His TED Talk on this topic is a neat summary of the book’s driving points.

Dr. Glaeser also teaches a free course on EDX, called CitiesX, with over 180 videos, giving students a far-ranging look at the past, present, and future of cities by exploring both policy and economic frameworks.

We talked lots about housing policy, preventing urban sprawl, how cities should encourage new development, and ultimately the environmental and economic ramifications of it all. Towards the end, Dr. Glaeser gives some fantastic, motivating advice to all students considering a career in the field of urban economics or urban development.

Dr. Glaeser can be reached at the following:

Website: scholar.harvard.edu/glaeser

Triumph of the City: amazon.com/Triumph-City-Greatest-Invention-Healthier/dp/0143120549

CitiesX Course: edx.org/course/cities-x-past-present-future-urban-life-3

Ted Talk: youtube.com/watch?v=ILDwnzQNlGc


Enjoy the show!

See more at theurbanloop.com/ep-4-dr-edward-glaeser/

8. 03: Kristin Musulin – Senior Editor at Smart Cities Dive
http://theurbanloop.libsyn.com... download (audio/mpeg, 85.34Mb)


Kristin Musulin is a Senior Editor at Smart Cities Dive, a publication under the larger umbrella of Industry Dive. This publication strives to provide industry leaders with insights and information of the latest happenings in their field.

This was a fascinating conversation. Kristin has had the chance to see a wide variety of trends shape up over the years and shared her insights and learnings with us. We talked lots about journalism, electric scooters, and how tech companies can responsibly work with the government.

Kristin can be reached at the following:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kristin-musulin-84b0238a/

Twitter: twitter.com/kristinmusulin


See more at https://www.theurbanloop.com/ep-3-kristin-musulin/

9. 02: John Tolva – Founder of Cityfi, former CTO of Chicago
http://theurbanloop.libsyn.com... download (audio/mpeg, 89.37Mb)


John Tolva has worn many hats over the course of his life. He is the founder of Cityfi, a strategic urban consultancy. He works at the intersection of technology and public policy, bridging the gap that He also leads the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance and was previously the Chief Technology Officer of the City of Chicago.

John is incredibly knowledgeable about the role that technology plays within a public institution and offered some valuable insight in how both technologists and public officials can experiment with and integrate technology into daily operations. We talked a lot about how his work in Chicago and now in Colorado has influenced his views on how technology can best be leveraged for the greatest public impact.

John can be reached at the following:
Website: ascentstage.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jntolva/
Twitter: twitter.com/johntolva

Enjoy the show!

See more at https://www.theurbanloop.com/ep-2-john-tolva/

10. 01: Introduction
http://theurbanloop.libsyn.com... download (audio/mpeg, 6.24Mb)


Introduction to the show, the host, and what you can expect from The Urban Loop Podcast.