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Podcast title Here's An Idea!
Website URL http://explosm.net/podcasts/he...
Description The creators and writers of Cyanide & Happiness have one hour to pitch, write and record a new, original script for an animated short, or face dire consequences.
Category Comedy
TV & Film

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1. 70: The Mouth Is The Fingers Of The Face
download (audio/mp3, 134.62Mb)

Description: Shaving accidents! Ed Sheeran body pillows! Dave sucks at French! Mindhumper?! YES! All of that, plus a build up of sexual whale energy. The Boys™ also dig into classic literature this week in an effort to stave off whatever Roy’s grand scheme is.

2. 69: The Sexcophagus
download (audio/mp3, 149.48Mb)

Description: The Sex Number™ is upon us, and The Boys™ are horny as hell! This week: Which boys name their dicks? Where were you when the chicken sandwich wars started? Do you ACTUALLY 69? Did Dave’s Sex Ed. teacher, Sexual Edward, cross the line? What if your knees had nipples? Can you pleasure someone with your nose? And, finally, what’s the deal with Mormons and “soaking?” Please do not listen to this episode while driving, because the desire to FUCK will definitely make you crash your car into oil tanker. You’ve been warned.

3. 68: That Boy Ain't Never Gonna Do NOTHIN'!
download (audio/mp3, 153.59Mb)

Description: This week The Boys™ are taking it back, WAY BACK to the earliest days of flash animation, and telling tales of how they (minus Joel) got started in their chosen field as cartoon boys. They also explore the origins of an animation legend who overcame an abusive upbringing to create an animation empire, and eventually become a spider robot.

4. 67: Uncle Jeb’s Fuckable Pies
download (audio/mp3, 145.07Mb)

Description: This week The Boys™ transform themselves into morning radio shock jocks, take Neil DeGrasse Tyson down a peg, upgrade Roy’s robo-anatomy, and get amorous with some piping hot pastries.

5. 66: The Passion of The Boys
download (audio/mp3, 140.47Mb)

Description: As the title implies, this is a very passionate episode. There’s Dave’s passion for lifting, Kris’s passion for dinosaurs and Joel’s passion for being passionate. There’s also every boy’s passion for shit-talking Rob when he’s away. Mrs. Explosm returns and demands IDEAS™ from THE BOYS™ in the form of video game pitches. She wants that Playstation 4 money, BABYYYYYY!!!

6. 65: An Ouroboros Of Orb Bros
download (audio/mp3, 172.10Mb)

Description: Dave and Joel do their best to educate Roy on the wasted potential of male nipples, the Cosby Matrix, the relative heights of various boys (especially Rob), and the origins of the Celtic Knot. It’s a duplicitous and dubious affair.

7. 64: What Makes Boys Cry?
download (audio/mp3, 189.34Mb)

Description: Roy is here. To celebrate his arrival, The Boys™ talk about recent adventures at the Rooster and Hen Convention™ and The Annual Video Convention™, as well as Junior, Benjamin Button, Cars 3 and other movies that make boys cry.

8. 63: Gooey Paul
download (audio/mp3, 134.19Mb)

Description: It’s a two-boy pod this week! With Dave and Kris at The Annual Video Convention™, Rob and Joel do their best to figure out… what actually goes on at The Annual Video Convention™. SPOILERS: They DO NOT figure it out. They also discuss professional Minecraft YouTuber tours and how Aerosmith can stay relevant in the age of TikTok. ADDITIONAL SPOILERS: They can’t.

9. 62: We Call Him The Ham Tank
download (audio/mp3, 166.66Mb)

Description: This week The Boys™ are practicing their airplane accents, learning how to do impressions with mouth marbles, and celebrating the shit out of the 4th of July. There’s also military dogs, Hitler’s Ham Tanks and exploding hotdogs! If that doesn’t sound like a podcast, what does? WHAT DOES?!

10. 61: How Hitler Stole X-Mas
download (audio/mp3, 163.18Mb)

Description: I hope you like BIG CHANGES™, Podophiles, because BIG CHANGES™ are a’coming, courtesy of Ms. Explosm. Before we get into that, we’ve got: Rob Schneider’s organs, school dances, Zach Efron is the Ubermensch, FMK Nic Cage/Ghostrider, which of The Boys™ can secretly breakdance, and how to hide your dance boner!

11. 60: Pizza Day!
download (audio/mp3, 140.23Mb)

Description: The Boys™, sans Joel, can barely contain their glee at the thought of a Mrs. Explosm-free day! Whatever will they do with their time? Why, discuss such topics as Joel's weird knees, volcano envy, penis roulette, Smokey Joe's barbecue and Lion King cloud powers of course!

12. 59: That’s New Cum, You Dumb Bitch!
download (audio/mp3, 177.01Mb)

Description: I hope you came ready to learn, Podophiles, but this episode is educational AF. We’ve got everything you need to know about face tattoos, Kevin McAllister: Party Monster and Pete & Pete. Plus The Boys™ Invent a great new derogatory term for Americans, a new slogan for the Dallas Pride Festival and a new, all-purpose catchphrase! Finally, they’ll teach you how any group of little boys is a little gay, how porn should be nicer to ladies and what happens when a blind, deaf bank robber, well... robs a bank.

13. 58: The Regular Hole with Dave and Joel (Talk To Wall)
download (audio/mp3, 146.89Mb)

Description: Once again, Dave and Joel find themselves alone in a hole. But this hole doesn’t contain emails or noise. No, it contains nothing but their own dark, contemplative thoughts. Thoughts like: What’s up with bad neighbors? Is this behavior normal, or just Dave? Can we get our aggression in check? Why does Dave think he grew up in Game of Thrones? How do we deal with babies on flights? Vigo The Carpathian or Vigo The Channing Tatum? And, finally, is it true? DOES this man have no dick? Settle down and get comfy, cuz it’s time to TALK TO WALL.

14. 57: Show Me The Bones, Tiny Man
download (audio/mp3, 132.72Mb)

Description: Podophiles it’s time to reinvent the concept of modern cinema, starting with film adaptations of Dick Dock vs. Dig Dug, Darren Aronofsky’s Dr. Mario, George Foreman Grill: The Movie, The Yaoi Babadook, and that Schwarzenegger archeology-adventure classic, Diggin’ Up My Great Great Great Grandpa’s Bones. Let’s do lunch to work out the deets. Have your people call my people, then my people will fax me in my limo which they are not allowed in.

15. 56: Where’s The Butthole? With Chris Pine
download (audio/mp3, 157.87Mb)

Description: Pop quiz, hotshot! Which fighting video game character would you fuck? What do you do if a friend sends you porn they think you would like? Are your MSN and Hotmail accounts still active? Is Chris Pine a butthole-seeking homunculoid? What movies took place in the distant future of 2019? What was Mr. DNA really up to?! Ok, pass your papers to your neighbor and we’ll grade them as a class.

16. 55: Mormons Are So Horny For (Having) Kids
download (audio/mp3, 95.37Mb)

Description: Podophiles, this episode is almost entirely about sex cults. Joining them, forming them, escaping them… you’re going to learn A LOT in this one, but how you apply that knowledge is up to you, your sister wives, their legions of children and the big man himself: Shaq.

17. 54: Oregon Closes At 8pm
download (audio/mp3, 61.43Mb)

Description: CAUTION: This episode contains boys who do everything together, dick holsters, secret boners, jizz relays, porn preferences and locker room talk on The Oregon Trail. Please do not ingest this episode if you are pregnant, or might become pregnant, or have ever been pregnant, or have ever met a baby.

18. 53: Mouth Closed, Moose Ears Open
download (audio/mp3, 66.21Mb)

Description: This week, The Boys™ try out their season 2 personas, and talk about which food they’d fornicate with, while Dumb God delivers his Dumb Commandments, Hollywood goes wild for “Gravity Too,” and Kris gives a recap of big date with Mrs. E. Finally, Game of Thrones is a soap opera, Dave gets American gifts and Obama’s impressive endowment is discussed.

19. 52: A Blind Date With Destiny
download (audio/mp3, 54.26Mb)

Description: In this VERY special episode, you get to be a fly on the wall as Kris and Mrs. Explosm go on their first date! That’s right, The Boys™ have pulled the ultimate prank on their other Boy™, Kris, and their otherworldly boss, Mrs. E., and set the two of them up on a blind date! Mrs. E. subjects Kris to the ultimate torture: Her company, AND making him write solo scripts!

20. 51: The Email Hole with Dave and Joel… AND ROB?!?!
download (audio/mp3, 98.11Mb)

Description: This is highly irregular, but an additional Boy™ has entered the ring for this Email Hole and he refuses to be silent and let the professionals do their jobs. It’s Rob! Why!? Because he was there! The Boys™ answer your questions about Pagliacci, Studio Poopy Grill, Royal Rangers and everyone’s favorite phone aficionado, Android Pete. Strap in and say our classic catchphrase, “Cowabunga, I’m Bart!”

21. The Best Ideas Of Season 1 - Part 2
download (audio/mp3, 122.63Mb)

Description: This is it, Podophiles! YOUR favorite “scripts” of season 1, numbers 5 through 1! Put on your counting caps and lace up your laughing boots, because The Boys™ are about to take you on a memory voyage to hilarity town. Bring dry socks too, ‘cause it’s gonna get wet! Ya know, WITH LAUGH TEARS!

22. The Best Ideas Of Season 1 - Part 1
download (audio/mp3, 123.85Mb)

Description: The Podophiles voted for their favorite episodes of Season 1, and the Boys™ are contractually obligated to reminisce about them while feigning enthusiasm! Count along and downward from 10 to 6 as we reach into the old memory bucket and pull out whatever sort of bucket meats one would expect to find in a bucket!

23. Season 1 Epilogue/Performance Review
download (audio/mp3, 88.83Mb)

Description: This season 1 wrap up episode is about 2 things: 1) Hot Convos and 2) Twink Meat. Dave delights The Boys™ with tales of flat Earthers and the Great Dragon Ocean in The Sky, Kris terrifies with his tales of John MacAffe’s shit hammock, and Joel prepares to set Mrs. Explosm up with a MYSTERY MAN (it’s Kris). Start a milk fight with Aerosmith, it’s time to epi this logue!

24. 50: The Golden Anniversary Spectacular
download (audio/mp3, 125.86Mb)

Description: In this 50th Episode GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY celebration of friendship, creative comradery, shared suffering and Stockholm Syndrome, The Boys™ reflect on the last year with cheers, jeers and beers full of tears. Mrs. Explosm has a special surprise for The Boys™ that takes them on a stroll down Suppressed Memory Lane.

25. 49: The Make-A-Death-Wish Foundation
download (audio/mp3, 108.82Mb)

Description: The Boys™ are back (in town) to discuss sneaky air vent pranks, sleep paralysis ASMR, rappin’ in the suburbs, the POG incident, plugging volcanoes and garbage wrestlers. Settle down and have a long talk with your own body, or your own Illuminati, because it’s about to go down in a skull-shaped mountain, brother.

26. 48: Aww Chimp Chimp, Motherf*cker
download (audio/mp3, 100.07Mb)

Description: Aww Chimp Chimp, God Damn! The Boys™ try their best, but they spend most of the episode talking about chimps ripping the testicles off of their scientist masters. Other topics arise, like the Nintendo DS game “Lil’ Tuckin’ Momma,” but they just keep steering it back towards monkey ball ripping. Sorry? Later, there's a trio of Catholic school girls trying to be super cool and that part has almost nothing to do with monkeys mutilating genitals.

27. 47: Yappy Toads, Crinkly Birds and Fast Slugs
download (audio/mp3, 82.85Mb)

Description: This week The Boys™ touch on how to eliminate The Royal Family (JK JK don’t put us on a list), rad mountain lion attacks, dick swords, getting sexy things confiscated, and the various exotic fauna of Ballycastle, Ireland. Spit your teeth into the bucket, it’s career day!

28. 46: Batman: Nipples Of Destiny - The Broadway Musical
download (audio/mp3, 98.61Mb)

Description: This week The Boys™ get so excited about Pig Nips and Steamed Milk Tits that they almost prolapse a bone! Kris proposes adding swords to UFC while the other boys pledge Virgin House and drink Gatorade out of a dick-shaped bottle. Also there’s A FULL ON MUSICAL! ABOUT BATMAN! ABOUT HIS BAT-NIPPLES, I MEAN!

29. 45: A Drunk Dad In A Wetsuit
download (audio/mp3, 75.34Mb)

Description: These are dark times and The Boys are trying to focus on GOOD NEWS! Stuff like drunks dads, washed up dead whales, trees eating your sh*t for nourishment, North Korea buying your sh*t for… some reason, and dressing up your d*ck and balls as a pot o’ gold. GOOD NEWS!!!

30. 44: Pasta Brain, Galaxy Brain
download (audio/mp3, 98.41Mb)

Description: Do you fall asleep to the soothing sounds of Alex Jones? Do you meow like a baby? Do you support mandatory blackface for all babies? Would you harass a substitute surgeon? If you answered “yes” to all, one or none of these questions, we have an exciting opportunity for you! It’s listening to this episode.

31. 43: Doubled Over In A Gimp Trunk with Chris Sabat
download (audio/mp3, 88.92Mb)

Description: In this episode Dave and Joel learn that Chris Sabat was discovered ordering a chili dog, they check in with PooPoo and The Potty Boys on ‘Bidet Talk,’ Mark Zuckerburg breaks the Beast’s spell, IKEA Thunderdome plans are made and Chris Sabat does ZERO accents.

32. 42: WeeWee Queen And The Napalm Kids
download (audio/mp3, 87.04Mb)

Description: The boys are faced with a serious mystery… I mean a serious MR. E… or do I mean a serious MRS. E? You’re going to have to listen to get to the bottom of this confusing conundrum that may or may not partially take place on the moon.

33. 41: The Email Hole - Sneaky Time Edition
download (audio/mp3, 172.08Mb)

Description: It’s the Email Hole with Dave and Joel! Those boys get into that most taboo of subjects: SNEAKY TIME! Yes, the time time between around 1am and 4 am when no one’s awake, no laws apply and calories don’t count. Tiptoe downstairs and rifle through your fridge in the wee hours, because it’s about to get sneaky as all Hell!

34. 40: I Want To Ask 13 Questions About Your Child’s Penis
download (audio/mp3, 76.44Mb)

Description: I Want To Ask 13 Questions About Your Child’s Penis -- I’m not going to lie to you. A large portion of this episode is about the size, shape, color and various other attributes of Dave’s newborn son’s penis. It’s not gross or inappropriate. Think of it like a medical textbook. The boys also try to figure out which Rob-clone to kill, Kris’s new catchphrase for 2019 and the plot to Linkin Park Rangers.

35. 39: We’re Going To Weaponize This Robot Baby
download (audio/mp3, 92.83Mb)

Description: Let’s get something straight. If you came here to listen to The Boys talk about mommy Facebook, Paul McCartney, a junebug superhero, Dave’s new baby, breast milk coffee, cheeky British underwear shows and late night TV dildo shopping, then you’re going to be pleasantly surprised. Everyone else, is OUT. OF. LUCK.

36. 38: My Dad Met God & We Have To Crash Into The Sun
download (audio/mp3, 82.29Mb)

Description: The boys blast off into the new year with this space race of an episode. It’s got Batman’s Butler, TSA talk, f*ckable beach bugs, flavored condoms, Jeffrey Dahmer’s Hot Pockets™, Husband Pranks!, Space Whales… Jesus™, this episode might just have it all.

37. 37: Peep Peep, It’s The Fish Train
download (audio/mp3, 80.19Mb)

Description: This week, the Boys explore the oldest of old school hip hop, Sam Neil’s interstellar space-hell sex romp and subsequent missing eyes. Rob proposes parenting children via “The Wheel Of Fate,” and everyone weighs in on marriage prostitution (it’s legal in Nevada). Gouge your eyes out with a Wiimote and pray Santa replaces them with coal. It’s an Xmas podcast miracle!

38. 36: The Birthday Hole With Dave And Joel
download (audio/mp3, 93.59Mb)

Description: It’s wee little Davey’s birthday, so he gets an hour that all about him, all about his fears, all about what he wants for his birthday, all about his mum, and all about his giant daddy that gives him egg. I hope you’ve been practicing your bass gallops, because Iron Maiden needs an emergency bass player, STAT!

39. 35: The Email Hole - Maximum Shred Edition
download (audio/mp3, 86.39Mb)

Description: Are you ready to have your faces melted by electric sex guitar wizard magic?! NO?! Well, what about a couple of goobers dicking around on two banged up acoustic guitars while answering your emails? Cuz we got that second thing in spades! Dave and Joel strap on their axes and let the meedley squeedly tasty rock jams fly in this first ever all (or mostly) musical episode of Here's An Idea!

40. 34: They Wanna Watch Freaks Do Freaky Shit
download (audio/mp3, 88.97Mb)

Description: The boys find out who made it on the Worst Mom’s List 2018, Rob discovers a terrifyingly sexxy fact about elephant breasts, Joel pontificates on having gay thoughts in the jungle and Dave proposes new terminology for people who… do something with cows… it’s hard to understand. Get ready to make that Nestle Quick money (baby). It’s wine time!

41. 33: Dan, Dan, The Damned Meat Boat Man
download (audio/mp3, 90.35Mb)

Description: The boys really outdo themselves on this one. This episode has it all: Dirty Pony Express Letters, Dick Wanted Pics, Naughty Nose Powder, Racist Cartoon Opinions, Mastodon Facts, a brief mention of a Renaissance Faire, Wedge Salads… I mean, what else could you possibly want. Travel down the River Styx in a scary man’s mouth, it’s time to find out who’s a good boy and who’s a Hell boy!

42. 32: Ranch Dressing, Vodka and House Rules Monopoly
download (audio/mp3, 83.76Mb)

Description: Well, it’s “No [insert whatever] November” again and you know what that means? A month of depriving yourself of whatever semblance of pleasure this barren hellscape reality still offers! The boys spending all month abstaining from doing their jobs, and instead talk about hats, shirts, the teachings of Old Father Mountain and Wyoming schools. Grab your hat and/or shirt, it’s time to answer important questions about the ideal temperature of farts!

43. 31: The Email Hole With Dave And Joel
download (audio/mp3, 106.33Mb)

Description: The Podophiles are emailing the boys faster than the boys can ignore them! Mrs. Explosm demands they reach Inbox Zero before the hour is done. If this episode isn’t funny, it’s YOU’RE fault. If it’s great, it’s because we spun gold out of your terrible ideas.

44. 30: Yummy Yummy, Gimme Money!
download (audio/mp3, 96.98Mb)

Description: The Boys are back together [SPOILERS] and Kris is doing smells! They talk about adding F-words to Star Wars, the lying and scheming of Big Essential Oil, yard showering, bee sex and the health benefits of used milk. Pay the price of admission to see The Great Pyramid Scheme of Giza, it’s time to make that enchanted crystal money (baby)!

45. 29: The Darkest Art Is Pissing In Your Own Shoes
download (audio/mp3, 91.27Mb)

Description: What’s the craziest thing your middle school principal ever dared you to do? Did he dare you to put a bee up your butt? US TOO! Samesies! The Explosm boys cover this buzzing topic and others such as: Snake church, the dangers of literacy, Mormon secrets and whether man evolved from the feet up or the head down. Do a spell on your own shoes and fill a tub with pee. It’s magic time!

46. 28: The Miner and The Minor
download (audio/mp3, 99.60Mb)

Description: There’s no way around it. No matter how many Bradley Cooper brand Smart Drugs™ he does, Dave has bean-brains. Soldiering on, The Boys talk about sneaking around your own house like a creep in the night, how everything they teach you in school is bullshit and treasured TV personalities. Grab your pickaxe and your walkman, cuz we’re doin’ a flashback to the 80s, when men were prospectors and the age of consent was 10.

47. 27: Yum Yum Yum, No No No
download (audio/mp3, 75.15Mb)

Description: What happens if a doctor gets sick? NO ONE KNOWS! But The Boys are getting to the bottom of it. They’re also discussing horrible American accents (like Boston), the trials and tribulations of Elon Musk, AND they play everyone’s favorite game: What Do You Know About Sonic The Hedgehog? Grab your magic scarves and strand yourself on a desert island. It’s time to convince hungry strangers not to eat you!

48. 26: Hopkins vs. Lizard Tits
download (audio/mp3, 95.29Mb)

Description: The boys discuss how hard you’d have to work out to S your own D, while dealing with the fact that Joel has replaced himself with a soundboard that only speaks 9 phrases. Play chest-checkers and king your nipples, it’s Catholic Lizard Illuminati and talking frogs all the way down!

49. 25: Impressica These Jessicas
download (audio/mp3, 86.79Mb)

Description: The Boys spend some time figuring out what other pedophile-based inventions Elon Musk has crafted in his sinister workshop, how a baby might be customized in the womb via CRISPR and the economics of the Mushroom Kingdom. This episode is basically a college level education FOR FREE!

50. 24: The Lost Episode
download (audio/mp3, 80.90Mb)

Description: Take a trip back to when the boys were merely lads, and Mr. and Ms. Explosm weren’t even a glint in the boys’ eyes. Listen to the original, never-aired pilot episode for a podcast that might have been called Lap Reactions! Cuck Chat With The Beta Boys! Talkie Time With Dem Boys, Those American Boys: Talkin’ It Up, Farms, Firearms and Lucky Charms, Sausage Talk with The Explosm Talkie Boys, The Cuckabunch with The Explosm Boys! The Nipple Boys Podcast, The Nibblecast, The Nepal-cast, The Nibblercast, or The Catfish Nip Boys. Joel is one saying racist stuff this time, which is weird (because Joel’s not Rob).

51. 23: The 10 Steps To Make A Baby
download (audio/mp3, 96.51Mb)

Description: The boys rejoice as Rob returns from the (supposed) dead and tells the tale of his dark days as a pigeon whose dad is a bus. Dave lauds the heroic farting security guard, Joel follows up with our Canadian Podophiles re: The Dick Trolley Problem, and Kris pops out of his pants (and shirt, and shorts) while trying to seduce Ms. Explosm. Don’t let anyone piss on your shoe umbrellas! It’s time to learn how, where and why babies are made!

52. 22: The Helsinki Hospital Disaster
download (audio/mp3, 98.80Mb)

Description: The boys are down one boy, but that isn’t stopping them from getting down in the jizzy dirt and answering the hard questions: Is Rob dead? Is Courtney Love a sea witch? Have Dave’s parents done it more than once? What would the middle set of genitals look like? Glue on your Keith Urban soul patch, rack up that Johnny Debt (baby) and toss yourself on the baby blood pile!

53. 21: Please Don’t Use Your Fingers In The Guacamole
download (audio/mp3, 82.01Mb)

Description: Finally free of Mr. Explosm, the boys expect to have a half day/pizza day day talking about penises, and sex machines and trains. Instead, they talk about those things AND have to deal with a totally unexpected new foe?! Round up your bad boy gang, do some crimes and say some swears! It’s time for family togetherness!

54. 20: The Time Clam
download (audio/mp3, 86.62Mb)

Description: Which Explosm Boy is the most racist? It’s Rob. Who is Henrietta Cumbangs? She’s a He-Man traffic cone. What’s the correct answer to the Five Guys Trolley Problem? WHO CARES?! Dave is back and he brings revelatory news about Mr. Explosm that will change the boys’ lives FOREVER!

55. 19: A Horse Costume With Two Horses In It
download (audio/mp3, 91.68Mb)

Description: Where were you when the world realized Calvin & Hobbes was racist? Where were you when The Pinko Commie Horse Of Hate turned heal? Where were The Boys™ when Mr. Explosm failed to make an appearance and struck an uneasy terror in the hearts of all? Locked in their windowless writing room like always! When the cat’s away, the mice are too paranoid to play!

56. 18: I'm So Mouth Horny For Peanutbutter
download (audio/mp3, 49.21Mb)

Description: A power struggle erupts between the boys as Joel says "Knife to see you," and the rest of the boys say, "No more, Mr. Knife Guy!" Don your mid-to-late 90's trench coats, study your blade and think foxily as you prepare to make that Johnny Depp money, BABY!

57. 17: Chef Boy R. Doom!
download (audio/mp3, 46.02Mb)

Description: The boys make a soulless cash grab in an attempt to GET. DEM. SPONSORS! I’m talking mattresses, audiobooks, boxes of food that you have to cook before the next one shows up, and I’m DEFINITELY talking mattresses (again)! The boys also discuss how they would kiss each other, which horror tropes give them the spoops, and how to woo a lady with tricks. Settle in and chomp down on a big, hot, hard spaghet!

58. 16: An Eternal Game of Racquetball
download (audio/mp3, 42.41Mb)

Description: The boys witness their first miracle as Kris returns from the Kingdom of Heaven to toil on this Earthly plain and experience more Earthly pain. They also get to the bottom of why suicide isn’t used by more criminals to gain ghost powers a la 1995’s Casper. As you listen, ask yourself, “How would YOU cook and eat Chad Kroeger?”

59. 15: Alright, Jesus Good Boys
download (audio/mp3, 37.73Mb)

Description: The Boys argue about who would survive the longest in the wilderness, while Mr Explosm modifies his boy-shocking electrodes to give Rob special feelings in his bathing suit area. Listen carefully for this week’s secret phrases “A recursive dogshit food-loop,” and “I’m up to my ankles in your cum,” for a chance to win a special prize.

60. 14: Wouldn’t That Be Weird?
download (audio/mp3, 38.58Mb)

Description: The Boys are feeling at least 33% surly (and rising) as Mr. Explosm finds a shocking new way to punish them. Rob, Dave and Joel reminisce over a missing Kris, and eulogize their fallen friend in a retelling of their shared origin story at San Diego Comic-Con. Wouldn’t THAT be weird? Turns out, yes. It would.

61. 13: Hello Daddy, Don’t Go Away, We’re Santa’s Elves, It's Christmas Day!
download (audio/mp3, 33.59Mb)

Description: It’s an Explosm Boy Sleepover, and you’re invited… TO SAVE THEM FROM CERTAIN DEATH! Or at least from Mr. Explosm getting too chummy, and thinking he’s one of the gang. Hover precariously over your bidet, and assault your father with laddish hijinks as we salute those who fought gallantly in The Butthole Wars!

62. 12: I'm Covered In Horse Blood!
download (audio/mp3, 33.73Mb)

Description: Mr. Explosm sends the boys on a vacation, then insinuates himself into their bro-down. An attempt to turn the tables on Mr. Explosm goes EXTREMELY WELL, and we learn the timeless art of Belgian Grass-Fed Fish Fucking. Join the boys at an undisclosed location for cheeky Nando’s, and (most importantly) FRIENDSHIP!

63. 11: I Call My Sword “The Uncircumcised Christ”
download (audio/mp3, 33.36Mb)

Description: The boys offer Mr. Explosm their first fantasy epic. It has friendship, it has sacrifice, is has A-List celebrities like Ben Affleck, and Liam Neeson, it’s timeless, AND it’s vaguely familiar but, legally distinct from certain Hobbit-based film franchises. Unclench your cheeks, unsheath your sword, and embrace your destiny!

64. 10: A Hamburger Is A Flat Circle
download (audio/mp3, 34.22Mb)

Description: Mr. Explosm, despite already owning a popular comedy enterprise, finally discovers a love for comedy. Unfortunately this doesn’t supplant his love of torture. The boys have to grill up a tasty McScript before they get beaten in their bean baskets. The time for Real Talk™ is over. The time for McTalk™ is now!

65. 09: British Scumyard Hero Queso Snails
download (audio/mp3, 33.48Mb)

Description: Mr. Explosm takes the day off, but Death certainly doesn’t take a holiday. The danger is real, as the boys discover which ninja weapons are suitable for British eyes only. Rob, Dave, Kris, and Joel let their minds go into the gutter, and their bodies flow into the sewer in this week’s sordid tale of invertebrate violence.

66. 08: Ectojism
download (audio/mp3, 39.69Mb)

Description: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson declined to appear on this podcast, so we did the next best thing, and worked him into this week’s script. If bustin’ makes you feel good, this episode will likely make you feel bad, or at least confused. Who will be the ghost with the most, when Rob, Kris, Dave and Joel try to please Mr. Explosm with a spooky-ooky s-s-s-s-SCRIPT?!

67. 07: It's A Shitshow, Cousin Tit
download (audio/mp3, 29.18Mb)

Description: The pipes at Explosm are backed up, but the pipes in Rob are the opposite. While he sits one out, Kris, Dave and Joel shit one out… a script that is. There’s a monster at the end of this podcast. Actually, there are two. AND there’s Mr. Explosm. That’s at least three monsters for the price of free! Please enjoy our shittiest episode, if you dare.

68. 06: More Men Than She Needs
download (audio/mp3, 39.99Mb)

Description: The Explosm Boys are tested like never before, as friendships and loyalties are called into question. Alliances are formed, and pacts are made that threaten to render asunder the very foundation of Explosm. It all comes to a head at a Wyoming truck stop, as things often do.

69. 05: The Dick Is Always In The Way Of The Heart
download (audio/mp3, 35.12Mb)

Description: Rob, Dave, Kris and Joel are UNDER PRESSURE (but not too much), as Mr. Explosm seems to have fallen prey to the lure of the Devil’s Weed on this four-est of four twenties. The boys wonder if Sir Adolf was a happy Hitler on his birthday, and how the voice of Mario got his start.

70. 04: What’s In The Birthday Box?
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Description: Dave, Kris and Joel are sans Rob and sans enough time to satisfy Mr. Explosm’s need for a funny script that doesn’t offend the dark overlords at Olive Garden. Boys become men, and men become old men lurking in the shadows of sex shops, doling out advice to boys.

71. 03: Unlimited Bread Slacks
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Description: Kris, Dave and Joel are aghast as Rob dares to bear his bare knees, and Real Talk is required to get to the bottom of the middle of his man-legs. Oxygen is scarce due to a suspicious fire, but the boys know where to find a little extra.

72. 02: Chicken Checkin'
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Description: Rob, Kris and Joel try to pick up the pieces of their lives after the events of the previous episode. Dave is MIA, as Mr. Explosm raises the stakes on this week's writing deadline. The feather's fly as the boys scramble to meet his demands!

73. 01: A Porpoise with a Purpose
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Description: Kris, Rob, Dave, and Joel sit down for a relaxing writing session but things go completely to hell thanks to an unexpected guest.