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Podcast title Asia Tech Podcast New Episodes
Website URL http://www.atp.show
Description Asia Tech Podcast by Graham D Brown is Voice of the Asian tech ecosystem. Every week we publish a roundup of the key tech trends in Asia. We focus on the latest mega and meta trends that impact Asia from an investment and consumer perspective. More information @ our new website -> www.ATP.show
Updated Thu, 10 Oct 2019 05:26:03 +0000
Image Asia Tech Podcast by Graham Brown
Category Business

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1. 500: A Story of Scorpions, Spin Bikes and Billionaires | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 126.58Mb)

Description: Enjoy this special celebration for the 500th episode of Asia Tech Podcast. I share the highlights and memorable moments of my podcast journey including the time I ate a scorpion, talked to 2 billionaire entrepreneurs (Rod Drury and Tony Fernandes), and recorded episodes on a bike, in a rice field, at the airport and on the airplane. It’s been a wild adventure, thank you for your support and feedback. Here’s to 500 more episodes.

2. 499: Japanese high school girls, Chinese dating and audio innovation | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 79.88Mb)

Description: Young Asian Women have spent a long time on the outside of mainstream society looking in. That's why they are the first to break and re-make communications technologies... In the 90s it was mobile messaging. Today it's podcasting. 🎧 In today's Asia Tech Podcast, it's all about reading distant signals from outsiders. I'm joined by my Mandarin & Japanese speaking colleague Yi Jing Zhou to share insights from China and Japan that will impact the world. What you'll learn about in Episode 499 - - how Japanese high school girls showed the world how to use the mobile phone as a messenger - how young Chinese are using podcasts as a dating tool - how the rise of mobile phones in the 1999 and podcasting in the 2019 look remarkably similar Discussed - Spotify, Stitcher, Castbox, Lizhi.fm, Pokeberu, Dengon Diaru, Anime, Whatsapp, Facebook, Karaoke, Grab, Gojek, Airasia, Tinder, Pandora

3. 498: Howard Yu - Relentless Innovation from The Valley to Asia | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 101.25Mb)

Description: Howard Yu is the LEGO Professor of Management and Innovation at IMD Business School, and author of LEAP. In this conversation, we share top level insights from Howard’s talk at the Singapore Management Festival. We look at how companies innovate for hypergrowth, not just in the short term, but over generations. Howard shares case studies on innovative companies that may surprise you such as John Deere (an agricultural machinery manufacturer). We also take a look at success and failure in Asia’s hypercompetitive markets, the role of diversity in innovation, and the 3 steps organizational leaders can take to nurture more innovative cultures. It’s a conversation that looks under the hood of business success and failure, companies that include Amazon, AWS, Tencent, DBS, Kodak and GoJek.

4. 497: People are the product - How Platforms will compete | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 40.36Mb)

Description: I’m spending a couple of days with my client Xero down in Brisbane Australia this week for Xerocon. Xerocon is the manifestation of how a platform competes in this era of digital transformation. At the end of the day, it’s about people. Xero is an $8bn SAAS platform but it’s product isn’t really beautiful accounting software, it’s the whole experience - it’s this event, it’s every interaction with the people in the team and it’s their story. The physical software is just one tool in this bigger product suite. That’s the experience we as customers buy today.

5. 496: Digital Transformation and the New Customer Experience | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 130.21Mb)

Description: In this special edition of Asia Tech Podcast I share an inside look on what’s happening in the fast moving world of Customer Experience in Asia. Case studies featured include Alibaba Hema, PingAn Financial, Grab, Uber, Emirates and Airasia. The challenge facing brands in Asia is their competition won’t come from the next guy in category, but from a completely different sector. This asynchronous competition - players like Alibaba or Amazon - will be well resourced and able to wipe out incumbents and with them generations of legacy. We look at how Asia is positioned to accommodate Digital Transformation and who is leading in this space.

6. 495: Why China Matters | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 122.07Mb)

Description: This week on Asia Tech Podcast, Geoffrey Handley and Chris Grimshaw-Jones from Haitao Capital joins Graham D Brown to talk about the impact China has on the global economy. For the next 50 mins, they discuss the difference between Singles Day & Black Friday Sales and the 9-9-6 formula employed by Chinese companies.

7. 494: Podcasting for Community - Unlocking the $350 billion talent market | Asia tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 60.40Mb)

Description: In today’s Asia Tech Podcast I share insights on how brands can use podcasts to acquire and retain talent. While traditionally this may be seen as a recruitment or HR function, increasingly this will become how brands compete against each other into the next decade. By humanizing their brands through podcasting, companies like Grab, GoJek and SAP can create new revenue streams and reduce the cost of talent acquisition. If you’re interested in getting a copy of the report that I discuss in this podcast, email me Graham Brown gb@pitch.sg

8. 493: How Brands Can Use Podcasts to Reach Asia’s $30 Trillion Middle Class | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 101.57Mb)

Description: Spotify has spent $400m on acquiring a winning strategy in podcasting. Their acquisitions include Gimlet Media, Anchor and Parcast. While the industry has analysed this strategic direction in detail, nobody has broken this down for Asia. In Asia Tech Podcast 493, my colleague Prarthana Sibal joins me to look at the podcast opportunity in Asia. We unpack Asia’s $30 trillion middle class and frontrun the demographic trends that could make Asia a huge greenfield market. We discuss why young girls are avid consumers or true crime podcasts, why Asian brands have a substantial storytelling gap that won’t be filled by legacy or ad agencies, and how the podcast market in Asia could be potentially bigger than the rest of the world.

9. 492: AirAsia’s Digital Transformation: Can an airline trade at Netflix multiples?
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 86.31Mb)

Description: AirAsia is an interesting case study. On the one hand, it’s an airline. On the other, it sits in the middle of a hypercompetitive cauldron of opportunity. A 5 hour flight from HQ in Malaysia gives you access to 3.5 billion people, half the world’s population. Add to this the rising tide of Asia’s $30 trillion Middle Class. With 40 million people visiting the website every month and 100 million passengers flying, it’s possible to argue their valuations, based on data potential alone, should be seen in the same context as Netflix (135x) and Gojek (200x) rather than General Electric (16x) or General Motors (6x). The residing challenge for any airline is the fact that 99.9% of the time, its customers aren’t in a plane, and that most people still see them as an airline. Digital transformation takes good leadership and a compelling story; a story that reframes their value. How do you build an ecosystem around a platform when 90% of the value is created off payroll? How do you foster lean startup thinking within the walls of a corporation? In this podcast I’ll unpack the challenges and also where I think they are heading.

10. 491: NPR Case Study and the Value of Podcasting | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 89.63Mb)

Description: On this episode of The Asia Tech Podcast, host Graham Brown discusses the benefits of podcasting itself and the opportunities it offers forward-thinking companies. To do so, Graham ventures outside the region to examine the amazing success that the NPR (or National Public Radio) in the US has enjoyed after going into podcasting. He delves into why NPR’s radio listeners have actually increased after launching their podcast and what other businesses can learn from this. You’ll also learn which podcast Graham feels is the Gold Standard that others should seek to emulate, as well as why he feels storytelling is incredibly important and how it helps to create an emotional connection with the audience.

11. 490: Podcasts in Asia and the Power of Storytelling | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 80.35Mb)

Description: In this week’s episode, host Graham Brown looks at the importance of telling your company’s story. Brands covered include: AirAsia, Meituan, Xero, GoJek, Uber, Grab, Huawei, Tencent, Apple and Alibaba. We look at the growing role of podcasting in telling those brand stories effectively, and its wider role in Asia’s digital transformation. This podcast covers the importance of humanizing your brand and the reason storytelling is such a powerful method of creating and moulding a brand. We also hear how podcast scan communicate with a business’ target audience. He then explores why companies need to change the way they tell their story, moving away from traditional methods, such as advertising and PR.

12. 488: The Asian Century in Thailand | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 135.73Mb)

Description: Asia Tech Podcast heads to Bangkok to learn more about the Thai startup ecosystem. We hear from Thai startups at Tru Digital Park and spend some time with Gautam Ganguly walking around Ratchada Night Market (where Graham eats a scorpion!) Thailand’s rise is intertwined with the fate of the Chinese Middle Classes. Chinese tourists are growing in number, and Thailand is a destination of choice. How are these newly minted consumers shaping startups in Thailand and in what industries are they having the biggest impact?

13. 489: Echelon Asia Summit 2019 Part 1 | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 153.60Mb)

Description: Join us for Part 1 of our walk through the world of the Echelon Asia Summit 2019 in Singapore. We are joined by 5 people on Asia Tech Podcast today each representing a different voice from the Asian startup ecosystem. Mohan Belani -Co-Founder & CEO of E27. Sheldon - Founder of Renew. Anisa Hassan - Founder of Joompa. David Ward - Bambooloo and Bob Chua - BlinQ. More stories from Echelon coming soon…

14. 487: Welcome to a New Season of Podcast Sounds and Stories | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 75.60Mb)

Description: Welcome to a new season of sounds and stories coming to you on Asia Tech Podcast, The Podcast Show and other more shows. All our content here -> http://www.PitchMedia.Asia

15. 486: Hypercompetition & The $650bn Asian Travel Market | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 21.20Mb)

Description: The Asian travel market will grow another 53% to $650 billion in the next 5 years. Take a 5 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and you can access 3.5 billion people, or half the world's population. This episode is a follow up to my conversation with AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes here https://soundcloud.com/asiatechpodcast/tony-fernandes-group-ceo-of-airasia-asia-tech-podcast In these conditions of HYPERCOMPETITION, the future model of the travel industry will emerge. Grab, Gojek, Alibaba and AirAsia all are rapidly embracing Digital Transformation and organizing their teams around CUSTOMER not FUNCTIONAL competence. In this podcast, as a follow up to the Tony Fernandes Episode I share insights on Hypercompetition and the $650 billion Asian travel market. More: http://www.atp.show

16. 484: How We Recorded The Tony Fernandes Podcast | The Podcast Show
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 97.36Mb)

Description: Tony Fernandes is CEO of AirAsia and one of Asia’s most well known business leaders. Like many A-List Business celebrities, everyone wants a piece of him. That’s why getting Tony Fernandes on as a guest for Asia Tech Podcast wasn’t easy. It took 8 months of planning, numerous rescheduling (we even had our flights booked on one occasion) and a lot of patience. But, T-Day (Tony Day) finally came round and we packed our studio into cases and took a flight (AirAsia of course) to Kuala Lumpur to meet Tony himself. In this podcast we discuss what it took to finally land the podcast with Tony and the equipment we used. We’ve recorded over 200 podcasts together in studio and on the road for Asia Tech Podcast – so we’ve stress tested a lot equipment. If you’re curious about podcast tech then check our our Road Studio Cheat Sheet here->http://www.thepodcast.show/podcast-cheat-sheet/

17. 485: Tony Fernandes, Group CEO of AirAsia | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 91.90Mb)

Description: Tony Fernandes is the CEO of AirAsia and one of the most recognizable business leaders in the region. He is outspoken, a maverick and often treads (in his own words), “a fine line between brilliance and stupidity”. By his own admission, some of his business bets haven’t paid off - taking over a Formula One team and a football club. But others certainly have. His net worth is estimated at $745 million. Behind his success is a story of taking huge risks - he bought AirAsia for 1 Malaysian Ringgit when nobody else saw its potential value when only 6% of Malaysians were flying. To Tony, that meant 94% of the market was untapped. He soon turned it around, growing the airline from 2 to 200 planes and reporting a profit within a year. Many know of the AirAsia success story but what and who made it possible? In this podcast, Tony shares insights into his own backstory that continue to shape his business career today - from a Tupperware selling Mum “who could sell ice to eskimos” to a Dad who withheld praise on young Tony’s successes. Then there’s those maverick tendencies. When you get thrown in the deep end you either sink or learn to swim very fast. His scrappy nature goes way back to the day his father packed him off on a plane at Sebang airport. Unknown to Tony, he was heading to Heathrow airport to start a new life in boarding school in the UK - a teenager, alone in an unfamiliar world. Surviving these ordeals as a kid imbues any adult with a sense of confidence in business. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Tony also shares insights about his journey never before discussed in public media - from his first encounters in the UK - to how these experiences impacted his belief in the importance of talent and diversity within AirAsia.

18. 483: Pitchdeck Asia with Sam Gibb | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 109.62Mb)

Description: Sam Gibb joins us in the studio today to talk about angel investment and venture capital in Southeast Asia. Sam is a partner in Endeavour Ventures and has invested in a number of startups in Singapore. He shares advice on what startup founders should focus on to better connect with investors and what inspires him about working with startups.

19. 482: The Working Capitol - Pitchdeck Asia Startup Ecosystem Tour 2019 | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 54.96Mb)

Description: This time, the ATP Team visited the premises of one of the Top Co-working places of Singapore in the Forbes list - The Working Capitol. Host Graham Brown sat down for a conversation with Co-Founder Saranta Gattie, who takes us through the colourful history of their current address and also how she & her brother, the other co-founder, came about setting up this co-working space. The Working Capitol has a mix of startups using their space, right from unicorns, mid-size startups to solopreneurs, Saranta talks to us about how they coexist on the premises and benefits they derive out of this “boutique coworking” place they own. We learn about the various activities that are promoted at the space and also about the diverse startups based with them. Listen to the entire show to know more about The Working Capitol. We would love to hear back from you, do leave us a review on our shows and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to support us.

20. 481: Gregoire & Clement - UEX, End-to-end online health insurance platform | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 123.14Mb)

Description: Gregoire Rastoul & Clement Bouthelier, Co-founders of UEX, joined host Graham Brown in the ATP studio to talk about their company and startup journey till now. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud UEX is an online health insurance platform which acts as an end-to-end solutions provider for all stakeholders i.e. individuals, SMEs, insurance companies & insurance sales intermediaries. Over the 50 min course of the show, the duo talk about the problems in the insurance industry which they are trying to address and how they are differentiating themselves from competition. They share their personal "WHY", their motivation behind setting up this startup, are candid about the failures & mistakes they have made along the way and how they have used the lessons learnt through the mistakes positively in the business. Listen to the entire episode to know more about them, their startup and to hear stories about their hustle in building the company. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel & hit the like button to support us. We would love to hear back from you, do leave us a review on our channel.

21. 480: Pitchdeck Asia with Grace Sai | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 88.01Mb)

Description: In today's episode of Life's a Pitch, host Graham Brown visits Found8 to have a conversation with its Co-founder, Grace Sai. Being one of the pioneers in the co-working space here, she shares with us stories about the various shifts she has witnessed in Singapore's startup ecosystem over the past decade. During the 40 mins chat, Graham & Grace talk on a range of topics covering Startup capital investment trends in the SEA region, interesting changes in outlook towards profitability & sustainable growth, Found8's experiment with "Family Business Lab" as well as about their Startup VC fund, Found Ventures. Grace also gives tips on how she identifies promising startups and shares her thoughts on how she feels Pitchdeck Asia TV can help & add value to investors by bringing to the fore currently hidden talented entrepreneur stories, especially female founder stories from the region. Listen to the entire episode to know & learn more. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel & hit the like button to support us. We would love to hear back from you, do leave us a review about our shows on our channel.

22. 479: Pitchdeck Asia with Joseph Mocanu | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 102.26Mb)

Description: In today's episode of Life's a Pitch, we had Joseph Mocanu, Managing Partner-Verge HealthTech Fund & an Early Stage Healthcare Technology Investor, joining host Graham Brown in the ATP studio. He shares with us his journey as an investor, the lessons he learnt through his failures in investing and about his pet investing space of Healthcare Tech. Joseph also gives some tips on angel investing, on how to identify potential startups and the best time to speak to them as an investor. As one of the 6 Angel Investors part of the Pitchdeck Connect event in Mar 2019, Joseph also shares his feedback & thoughts about the event. Listen to the entire episode to know more. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel & hit the like button to support us. We would love to hear back from you, do leave us a review about our shows on our channel.

23. 478: Life's a Pitch Show with Robin Teurlings | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 119.72Mb)

Description: In our pilot episode of Life's a Pitch Show, we had Robin Teurlings, Co-Founder of The Startup Buddy, in the ATP studio joining host Graham Brown to have a conversation about their program and how it helps early stage startups & startup founders. Over the next 50 mins, they talk in depth on various issues early stage startup founders face, the solutions they provide and also how Pitchdeck Asia TV & The Startup Buddy compliment each other in terms of helping startups over the entire journey, right from initial idea generation to meeting investors for raising capital. We also get to hear anecdotes from Robin’s personal life regarding his entrepreneurial projects and investment experience at a very young age. Listen to the entire show to know more. We would love to hear back from you, do leave us a review on our shows and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to support us.

24. 477: SC Ventures - Pitchdeck Asia Startup Ecosystem Tour 2019 | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 110.43Mb)

Description: ATP tour visited the offices of SC Ventures in Standard Chartered Bank for the Pitchdeck Asia Startup Ecosystem tour to have a conversation with Hari Rajmohan, Marion Bernardi & Rene Michau. SC Ventures defines itself as a team working towards “rewiring the DNA in banking”. They invest in fintech startups and promote rapid testing & implementation of new business models. Over the next 50 mins, they talk about how with the backing of Standard Chartered Bank & a US$100 Million fund, SC Ventures is spearheading fintech projects across various verticals of the bank by partnering with many fintech startups and promoting innovation across multiple divisions within the bank. Listen to the entire episode to know more in depth about their work, on how startups get in touch with them to collaborate, their learnings, future plans and also get some insight into the type of startups with whom they work. We would love to hear back from you, do leave us a review on our shows and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to support us.

25. 476: Esports Asia TV - Lysander Lim, Host of The Knightley Show | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 133.74Mb)

Description: Lysander knew what he wanted to do in esports, and he has been relentless in chasing it. He founded and hosts The Knightley Show, aspiring to create a late night show for the gaming world. The show wrapped its first season and are now working towards their second. Lysander Xonora, as he is known in-game, has been involved with esports for the past six years. Before then, he gamed and enjoyed competitive gaming. After seeing that there are broken parts in the scene, specifically in Singapore, he dedicated his time and effort to try and come up with solutions. On this episode, Lysander shared his journey in building The Knightley Show, his views on the nature of esports in Singapore, and some nuggets on problems with viewership and money. If you like this episode and want us to keep doing what we do, support us through our Patreon page so we could continue bringing you quality content and amazing stories from passionate individuals in esports. http://patreon.com/esportsasia Share your thoughts on the episode down in the comments and don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel. Reach out to us on LinkedIn, and let's have a chat about this industry that we're all passionate about. Lysander Lim https://www.facebook.com/LysanderXonoraOfficial/ Andi Andana Bangsawan https://www.linkedin.com/in/andiandana Sabir Ansari https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabir-ansari-394063101

26. 475: Asheesh Chanda - Kristal.ai, AI powered Digital Wealth Manager | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 91.01Mb)

Description: Asheesh Chanda, founder of Kristal.ai, joins Graham Brown in the ATP studio to talk about his journey from the corporate banking and finance industry to startup life. Kristal.ai is an online Digital Wealth Manager which leverages AI to provide customized financial advisory solutions to the Mass affluent segment, a target segment mostly missed by Private banks & RoboAdvisory platforms. Currently present in 3 countries with plans to expand and raise Series A in Q3 2019. Listen to the entire episode to know more about Kristal.ai and learn about their products, plans for future. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to support us.

27. 474: Maryline Marquet - Healint, Online App for tracking migraine | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 112.07Mb)

Description: Maryline Marquet, COO - Healint, joined Graham Brown in the ATP studio to talk about their company. She takes us through her personal journey working across geographies, with corporates in the field of Finance & Pharmaceuticals and her motivation & transition into the startup world. We also learn how Healint is working towards helping a huge majority of people suffering from common ailment like migraine and their endeavor to alleviate the issues prevalent due to under-diagnosis & improper diagnosis of this very common health issue. Currently in the Series A stage, Healint has a fascinating growth path planned out for future. Listen to the entire episode to know more in depth about their product solution, the team behind the company and their culture. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the like button to support us.

28. 473: Esports Asia TV - Ivan Yeo, CEO and Co-Founder of EVOS Esports | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 142.12Mb)

Description: Ivan Yeo founded EVOS Esports back in 2016 and has developed the brand into one of the most easily recognized brands in the region. The team was the first to reach 1 million followers on Instagram, and compete in virtually every esports title there is. In this fun episode, Ivan shared a more critical approach on starting a team and highlights the importance of catering to the local needs of the region. He views Southeast Asia as very fragmented, but there is where he found an abundance of opportunities. Based in Singapore, he brought EVOS and set their foot on Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and most recently, Philippines. Ivan said EVOS is not a team focused on winning, and that they put a greater focus on their players' well-being. But this year might just be their year to win. If you like this episode and want us to keep doing what we do, support us through our Patreon page so we could continue bringing you quality content and amazing stories from passionate individuals in esports. http://patreon.com/esportsasia Share your thoughts on the episode down in the comments and don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel. Reach out to us on LinkedIn, and let's have a chat about this industry that we're all passionate about. Ivan Yeo https://sg.linkedin.com/in/ivan-yeo-b937431b Andi Andana Bangsawan https://www.linkedin.com/in/andiandana Sabir Ansari https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabir-ansari-394063101

29. 472: ImpacTech - Pitchdeck Asia Startup Ecosystem Tour 2019 | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 103.08Mb)

Description: ATP tour landed at the offices of ImpacTech for the Pitchdeck Asia Startup Ecosystem tour to have a conversation with founders Kineret Karin & Yoav Elgrichi. In conversation with Graham Brown, the Israeli duo talk about their journey through the past decades, working in corporates and then entering the startup life. They also talk about the differences in culture in Asia & Israel and how they adjusted to startup life in Asia. ImpacTech was founded in 2015, it is a leading startup accelerator empowering startups that create social and economical impact. They provide customized acceleration programs, workshops, mentorship, consulting services and various bespoke activities to startups & corporates. Over the 45 mins conversation, they talk about the startups that come to them, their cohorts, about some of the impactul ideas which have graduated through their cohorts. Listen to the entire episode to know more in depth about their work, their motivations, future plans and get some insight into the type of startups with whom they work. We would love to hear back from you, do leave us a review on our shows and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to support us.

30. 471: Shen Xiaoyin - reSET, Online app to help people in relationships | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 116.21Mb)

Description: Shen Xiaoyin, Founder of reSET, joined Graham Brown in the ATP studio to tell us about her journey and her motivations for turning from a life of corporate law to startups. reSET is an online app being designed to help people with their relationship management. They plan to raise their seed funding to enable them to expand and enter new market. Listen to the entire episode to know more about the team, know in depth about their work till now and future plans. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to support us. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

31. 469: Jitendra Shingrupe - Mover, E-Scooter ride sharing app | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 100.85Mb)

Description: Jitendra Shingrupe, founder of Mover, joined Graham Brown in studio to talk to us about his startup. Mover is an E-Scooter ride sharing app which looks to help consumers in their first/last mile travel with dockless E-scooters. Founded in Melbourne, Australia, the company has a presence in India and is looking to expand into Singapore and New Zealand markets. They are currently raising Seed capital for funding their expansion across these 4 geographies. Listen to the entire episode here to know more about the company, founder & his journey and their plans for the future. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to support us. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

32. 470: Joerg Zeugner - Really, Online platform for end-to-end property management | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 96.82Mb)

Description: Joerg Zeugner, Founder of Really, joined Graham Brown in the ATP studio to tell us about his journey from corporate life to startup life. Really is an online app looking to provide an end-to-end services for real estate property management by incorporating features to give complete transparency of process and stage as well as including an online marketplace for services. They are a seed stage startup and plan to raise their 2nd round of seed funding to top up their last raise so as to enable them to enter new market. Listen to the entire episode to know more about the team, know in depth about their solution and future plans. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to support us. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

33. 467: Graham Brown - Pitchdeck Asia, MTV of Startup Ecosystem | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 102.68Mb)

Description: In this special episode, we have Graham Brown along with his team in studio talking about Pitchdeck Asia's journey till now since its inception in 2018. The team talks about the pain points of startup founders which they are addressing and how they want to take their solution across to entire Asia. Pitchdeck Asia is a Media startup based out of Singapore aiming to be the MTV of Startup Ecosystem by giving voice to all startup founders and startup ecosystem players through their platform. Started & self-funded with pre-seed capital by founder Graham Brown, Pitchdeck Asia is now looking to raise Seed Capital to expand across geographies in SEA. Listen to the entire episode to know in depth about Pitchdeck Asia, the team and their future plans. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to support us. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

34. 468: Kai-Yin Lin - Takupa, Shared Parking App for Taipei City | Pitchdeck Asia TV
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 94.38Mb)

Description: Kai-Yin Lin, founder of Takupa, joins Graham Brown in the ATP studio to tell us about his Shared Parking App which their company has worked on and pilot launched for the Taipei city. Takupa is working in the space of mobility and logistics for heralding in solutions for smart city. They look to ease the problem of scarcity of parking spaces in Taipei city with their app. Currently raising their seed round to further develop their platform and reach, Kai-Yin Lin is constantly on the move. Listen to the entire episode to know the entire founder story, his reasons for starting Takupa, their motivations and work behind the app and the road map ahead. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to support us. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

35. 466: Esports Asia TV - Michael Patent, Founder of Culture Group Pte Ltd | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 140.72Mb)

Description: Michael Patent founded Culture Group to connect brands with communities, through understanding different cultures of different communities. Their recent work have helped brands try their hands on this very exciting industry; esports. Nike recently partnered with Riot Games for their League of Legends Pro League, and more non-endemic brands have shown interest in the past year. This trend will only continue. On this episode, Michael shared insights into what makes brands relatable for the young generation and how esports can help them win the hearts of the tight-knit communities. If you like this episode and want us to keep doing what we do, support us through our Patreon page so we could continue bringing you quality content and amazing stories from passionate individuals in esports. http://patreon.com/esportsasia Share your thoughts on the episode down in the comments and don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel. Reach out to us on LinkedIn, and let's have a chat about this industry that we're all passionate about. Michael Patent https://cn.linkedin.com/in/mpatent Andi Andana Bangsawan https://www.linkedin.com/in/andiandana Sabir Ansari https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabir-ansari-394063101

36. 464: Dhana Sekar Balakrishnan - ULA, B2B ride hailing app | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 86.67Mb)

Description: ULA is a B2B ride hailing app for Corporates and Travel & Hospitality industry companies. Founder Dhana Sekar Balakrishnan, set up this startup in Singapore in 2017 as an alternative to the currently available ride hailing apps for corporates & tourists keeping their requirements in mind. They are currently raising Seed capital to develop their platform and expand it to other SEA markets. Listen to the entire ULA journey here and learn more about their story and plans. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to support us. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

37. 465: The Co. - Pitchdeck Asia Startup Ecosystem Tour 2019 | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 63.00Mb)

Description: ATP tour landed in The Co. for the Pitchdeck Asia Startup Ecosystem tour to have a conversation with Nim Sivakumaran, Head of Co. Over the 30 mins podcast, Nim tells us his personal story leading up to his current role in The Co. He explains how The Co. is adding value to the Startup Ecosystem in SEA being one of the first players in the coworking space. Nim conveys that in spite of increasing competition & freebies offered by competition in coworking space, community building remains their priority and this focus has paid them rich dividends in building relations with their patrons. Listen to the entire episode to know more about The Co., their community building efforts with events & activities, the profile of people part of their community and also the broad changes taking place in coworking space industry. We would love to hear back from you, do leave us a review on our shows and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to support us. *Note- If you would like the ATP Tour to visit your Coworking space, reach out to us. We would love to hear from you. ATP Tour page: http://www.pitchdeck.asia/tour

38. 462: Raja Shah - JobMaze, AI powered talent matching platform | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 81.49Mb)

Description: JobMaze is an early stage startup developing an AI powered online talent matching platform. Founded by Raja Shah, the company is based out of Singapore and is currently seeking Seed funding for further development and launch of the product with plans to rapidly expand into markets like India, US etc. Listen to the entire show to know more about JobMaze and the team behind the product. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to support us. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

39. 463: Anik Islam & Aman Yadav - Josudo, Training future Esports professional | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 121.15Mb)

Description: Anik Islam & Aman Yadav, two of the founders of Josudo, join Graham Brown in the ATP studio to talk to us about their startup. Josudo is a unique platform built to provide complete end-to-end coaching to esports gamers through their e-courses online. It is a marketplace platform for professional and experienced gamers to provide training to new gamers. Josudo was founded in 2018 in Singapore and are currently raising US$1 Mn. in seed capital to further develop their platform. Listen to the entire show to know their personal story on how they came upon the idea to incorporate this startup, their journey till now and their plans for the future. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to support us. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

40. 460: Rajat Singhania - SocioRAC, Technology to manage digital data overload | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 91.70Mb)

Description: SocioRAC allows employees & individuals to integrate data from across different workflow applications used for Notes, appointment booking, setting reminders etc. onto a single online platform for ease of storage and instant & efficient access at any time. This HRTech solution company, founded by Rajat Singhania, is based out of India and is currently in Pre-Series A stage looking to raise up to US$ 1 Million. They plan to raise the capital either in Singapore or US and subsequently move their operations base to the raise country keeping their development base in India. Listen to the entire podcast to know more about SocioRAC, their product and plans for the future. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to support us. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

41. 461: Bob Chua - BlinQ, AR enabled e-commerce platform to delight luxury shoppers | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 133.81Mb)

Description: Bob Chua, Founder of BlinQ joined Graham Brown in the ATP studio to take us through his life journey, talk to us about his previous pursuits and shed light on his latest venture. BlinQ is a luxury fashion ecommerce platform which leverages AR technology to give the users the unique experience of virtually trying on what they are shopping in a virtual showroom set-up. It plans to be the end-to-end solutions provider for luxury fashion shoppers and have recently raised US$ 2 Million in Seed capital with plans to raise Series A in a few months time. The core team is based out of Malaysia and they are looking to expand their entire operations team to rapidly grow the business across geographies. Listen to the entire show to learn more about Bob, his life story and BlinQ. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to support us. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

42. 459: Priya Sengupta - LifeVitae, creating individual personal life stories | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 86.66Mb)

Description: Priya Sengupta, Founder for LifeVitae joins Graham Brown in the ATP studio to share her life story and take us through the journey of her startup LifeVitae which looks to disrupt a space carrying a process with 500+ years of legacy. Over the 40 mins conversation, Priya, who has vast experience in the Education, Research and Consulting fields, talks about how her interaction with students during her teaching stint cemented her belief in starting LifeVitae. She illuminates the multiple ways her solution will help students, startup founders, corporates, SMEs, university programs, etc. connect with their correct target audience or even a particular individual. Listen to the entire episode to know more about the solution, her challenges & requirements. And don't forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to support us. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

43. 458: Mannan Pacha & Harsh Vardhan Sharma - Absolute, Making Trust Tangible | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 98.30Mb)

Description: Absolute is a very early stage startup, founders Mannan Pacha & Harsh Vardhan Sharma join Graham Brown in the ATP studio to talk to us about the idea behind Absolute. During the 40 min conversation, we listen to some interesting tales of how these two young entrepreneurs are working on their product to provide solution to a range of different industries in solving couple of their most pertinent issues. We learn more about the two founders, how they met as being part of the cohort at Antler and sequence of events which led them to team up and start their company. Listen to the entire episode here and don't forget to subscribe and hit the like button. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

44. 457: Rayner Loi - Good For Food, Revolutionizing food wastage management | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 98.91Mb)

Description: Rayner Loi, founder of Good For Food, joins Graham Brown in the ATP studio to share his story about how he came about with the idea for his company and the path he took to start the business while still studying. He talks to us about his motivations, plans and also on how he brought on his co-founder into his team. Food Wastage is an enormous global problem and Good For Food wants to provide solutions to take action right at the root cause to avoid the waste. Listen to the entire episode to know more in depth about Good For Food, their solution, future plans and funding/partner needs. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

45. 456: Anisa Hassan - Joompa, Muslim-friendly dating app | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 102.23Mb)

Description: Joompa is the world’s first, Muslim-friendly dating app. Anisa Hassan, CEO of Joompa, joins Graham Brown to tell us about her app which she started along with 2 other co-founders, one of them being her husband. She has 15+ years of experience building a successful offline matchmaking business and wanted to bring that experience onto the online dating service to overcome the problems faced by users, especially muslims, with the currently available dating apps. Listen to her entire story to know her reasons behind getting into this business, her journey till now and her plans for the future. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

46. 454: Esports Asia TV - Terence Ting, CEO & Founder of Team Flash | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 143.11Mb)

Description: Announcing their partnership with Sports Hub Singapore for their training facility, Team Flash has been the centre of attention this past week. Terence Ting, CEO and owner of Team Flash sits down with host Andi to chat about the historic partnership, scouting talents, starting out as a professional esports athlete, starting an esports team, and the intricacies of sponsorship deals. On top of wearing the team owner hat, Terence cares deeply about the social problem that exists even now in esports. Competitive gaming is getting recognition, but there is still a long way to go. How can we move things faster? Tune in to hear what Terence have to say. If you like this episode and want us to keep doing what we do, support us through our Patreon page so we could continue bringing you quality content and amazing stories from passionate individuals in esports. http://patreon.com/esportsasia Share your thoughts on the episode down in the comments and don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel. Reach out to us on LinkedIn, and let's have a chat about this industry that we're all passionate about. Terence Ting https://www.linkedin.com/in/terence-ting/ Andi Andana Bangsawan https://www.linkedin.com/in/andiandana Sabir Ansari https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabir-ansari-394063101

47. 455: Cylon - Pitchdeck Asia Startup Ecosystem Tour 2019 | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 0.00Mb)

Description: ATP team visited Cylon Singapore office in One North as part of the Pitchdeck Asia Startup Ecosystem Tour and had a conversation with Anton Opperman (MD, Cylon Singapore) and Nicole De Silva (Program Manager, Cylon). Anton & Nicole tell us about their personal journey which has now led them to being part of Cylon. They give us an insight into their bootcamps for Startups and talk about the background of founders in terms of their work experience, age & geography. Cylon helps startups in the space of Cyber Security, a sector both Anton and Nicole describe as being very different from other sectors for startups. The requirements for succeeding in this sector need specialized inputs & experience from founders, accelerators, mentors. They also talk about how the field of Cyber Security is still nascent in Asia in comparison US or Europe with very few startups venturing into this space and much fewer number of investors in this space from Asia. They share interesting anecdotes about some of the companies who they have worked with in their cohort. Listen to the entire conversation here and don’t forget to like & subscribe to our channel if you are interested in our podcasts. We would also love to hear your thoughts about the shows, do leave us a review on our channel.

48. 452: Bas de Lange - Without Jamaar, Mobility App. Navipark | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 84.31Mb)

Description: *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud Bas de Lange, Founder of Navipark App & Without Jamaar, joins show host Graham Brown to talk about his journey as a young 21 year old entrepreneur. Navipark is a mobility app for drivers which helps them in finding parking spaces in cities. Bas tells us how he came about the idea of working on this app after being in Singapore and encountering this problem of finding convenient off-street parking spaces in the city. We learn how Navipark looks to not only solve the problem of finding parking space, but also act as a mobility space partner helping users reach their destination in a convenient manner while getting targeted communication from brands of their interest near their final destination. Listen to the entire podcast to know more about Navipark, their team and their current fundraising stage.

49. 453: Gerald Ang & Stephen Tracy - Milieu Insight, Real-time MR & Data Analytics | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 102.87Mb)

Description: Gerald Ang (CEO) and Stephen Tracy (COO) from Milieu Insight joined Graham Brown in the ATP studio to talk about their company and take us through their journey. During the conversation, Gerald and Stephen explain how their online mobile app for market research overcomes many of the issues faced by marketers when using the traditional market research approach. They also tell us how they ensure that the process is easy and rewarding for the responders by bypassing cumbersome data gathering procedures whilst maintaining the quality and authenticity of the data. Listen to the entire podcast here to know more about Milieu and their team. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

50. 450: How to Make Corporate Innovation Work | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 105.34Mb)

Description: Asia Tech Podcast was at LEVEL3 Singapore to talk to Adam Lyle (Executive Chairman Padang & Co., Head @LEVEL3 Singapore), David Ryan (Head of Commercial Excellence and Digital, Syngenta) and Sudipto Roy (Managing Director, Team Unilever AAR (Asia, Africa, Russia) @Mindshare). In this conversation, David Ryan and Sudipto Roy shared with us their experience, their work over the past few years and their reasons for coming to a busy hub like Singapore. They also talked about corporate innovation and how LEVEL3 is bringing the right people to the right place by creating an open space for innovation. We hear from our guests about innovation that takes place in spaces rather than departments. Listen to the entire conversation here and don’t forget to like & subscribe to our channel if you are interested in our podcasts. We would also love to hear your thoughts about the shows, do leave us a review on our channel.

51. 451: La French Tech Vietnam - Pitchdeck Asia Startup Ecosystem Tour 2019 | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 100.90Mb)

Description: Anais Victor from La French Tech-Vietnam came to the Asia Tech Podcast studio as part of our startup ecosystem tour. In her conversation with our show host, Graham Brown, she shared her story of why she moved from France to Vietnam and also the difficulties she faced there, being outside of her comfort zone in the initial stages. In this 45-minute conversation, Anais Victor spoke about the reasons she feels the tech startup scene is particularly interesting in Vietnam in spite of it being relatively new. As part of La French Tech Vietnam, she also shared how the startup ecosystem builders (i.e. accelerators, incubators, and co-working spaces) in Vietnam support the startup community and she also imparted much needed advice to people who are planning to go to Vietnam as entrepreneurs in the near future. Listen to the entire conversation here and don’t forget to like & subscribe to our channel if you are interested in our podcasts.

52. 449: AMA with Angel Investors Rina Neoh & Steven Liew | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 125.78Mb)

Description: Our this episode's featured guests Steven Liew & Rina Neoh are long time friends of our show host Graham Brown, with their relations going back to their time in Fukuoka, Japan. In this conversation, we hear from them about their time in Japan and their journey together as investors & friends. For this episode of Singapore Angel Investor's Ask Me Anything (AMA), the two ace investors talk about the important values they look for in startup founders and also tell us about their own personal areas of interest when it comes to investing in a startup. They share some of the dos and don’ts which a startup founder should follow when pitching to an investor. They also share their excitement with us about the upcoming PitchDeck Connect event on 20th March 2019 and tell us how they hope to benefit from this event which is bringing together Angel Investors and Startup founders in a unique, casual conversational environment. Listen to the entire conversation here and don’t forget to like & subscribe to our channel if you are interested in our podcasts. We would also love to hear your thoughts about the shows, do leave us a review on our channel.

53. 448: Vinnie Lauria - Managing Partner, Golden Gate Ventures | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 38.02Mb)

Description: In this conversation, Vinnie Lauria, Managing Partner of Golden Gate Ventures, shared with us his story on how he got into the investor's space as well as how Golden Gate Ventures came about. He first walked us through his individual entrepreneurial journey when he was in the US and then subsequently, his story on how he came into Asia. Golden Gate Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm investing across Southeast Asia, since 2011, it has invested in over 30 companies across more than 7 countries in Asia. We hear from Vinnie about his successes and failures from the 2 startups that he was involved in and what he learnt from his mistakes before coming into Asia. Listen to the entire conversation here and don’t forget to like & subscribe to our channel if you are interested in our podcasts. We would also love to hear your thoughts about the shows, do leave us a review on our channel.

54. 447: SPINOFF - Pitchdeck Asia Startup Ecosystem Tour 2019 | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 98.36Mb)

Description: Asia Tech Podcast visited SPINOFF at Singapore Polytechnic as part of our Pitchdeck Asia Startup Ecosystem tour and we had an interesting conversation with Neelesh Bhatia and Rafael Voltaire Alzate. In this conversation, Neelesh and Rafael took us through their individual journeys before joining SPINOFF. Being very passionate about education and student entrepreneurship, Neelesh and Rafael talk about how SPINOFF caters their programme for students. In SPINOFF, students work in multi-disciplinary teams and tackle problem statements that help them evaluate their business skills and commitment necessary to successfully operate an entrepreneurial venture. We learn about our guest's opinion on whether entrepreneurship can be taught to students and also get to know the type of startups working in SPINOFF. Listen to the entire conversation here and don’t forget to like & subscribe to our channel if you are interested in our podcasts. We would also love to hear your thoughts about the shows, do leave us a review on our channel.

55. 446: Esports Asia TV Show - Andi & Graham | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 105.34Mb)

Description: For the 10th episode of the Esports Asia Show, host Andi sits with Graham Brown, host of Asia Tech Podcast, to clear some of the misconceptions about Esports and talk about its future due to the benefits derived now that Esports is part of the SEA games. If you like this episode and want us to keep doing what we do, support us through our Patreon page so we could continue bringing you quality content and amazing stories from passionate individuals in esports. http://patreon.com/esportsasia Share your thoughts on the episode down in the comments and don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel. Reach out to us on LinkedIn, and let's have a chat about this industry that we're all passionate about. Graham Brown https://www.linkedin.com/in/grahamdbrown/?originalSubdomain=sg Andi Andana Bangsawan https://www.linkedin.com/in/andiandana Sabir Ansari https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabir-ansari-394063101

56. 445: Tuhina Singh - Propine, Digital Asset Custody | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 115.86Mb)

Description: Tuhina Singh, Founder & CEO of Propine, joins host Graham Brown in the ATP studio to take us through her interesting journey from corporate life to startup life and tell us the story behind setting up Propine along with her Co-founder Lian Zan Wong. Propine offers a storage facility for blockchain-based digital assets in a secure & seamless manner. In the podcast, Tuhina tells us about the problem they are trying to solve with their solution and also how they differentiate from competition. Tuhina also talks in depth about her passions and motivations that drive her, tells us about the work culture in Propine and describes what she looks for in potential candidates who want to work for the company. Listen to the entire episode to know more about Propine, their work, Tuhina and the team at Propine. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

57. 444: Startup-O - Pitchdeck Asia Startup Ecosystem Tour 2019 | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 80.46Mb)

Description: ATP Tour dropped in to Startup-O’s office in Singapore to hand over the trophy for their #1 spot on the Outstanding Contribution to the Asian Startup Ecosystem Award 2019 and have a conversation with founders Anuj Jain & Nitin Nath. Over the 40 mins conversation, Anuj & Nitin take us through their individual journey which brought them from India to Singapore. They talk to us about how they built Startup-O, their vision for the company and how they stepped in to overcome some of the prevalent problems in the startup ecosystem. Startup-O has achieved phenomenal growth over the 3 years since inception helping numerous startups who pass through their doors succeed in their journey. We hear from them about their selection process for startups and also why they feel Singapore is the ideal place for setting up a startup compared to other cities in Asia. Listen to the entire conversation here and don’t forget to like & subscribe to our channel if you are interested in our podcasts. We would also love to hear your thoughts about the shows, do leave us a review on our channel.

58. 443: Esports Asia TV Show - Mark Chew, Managing Director at Reddentes Sports | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 50.76Mb)

Description: Mark Chew, Managing Director at Reddentes Sports joins hosts Andi and Sabir for another exciting episode on the Esports Asia TV show. He and his company have brokered deals in broadcasting traditional sports games both in Singapore and Indonesia. In the recent months, he tried his hand in esports and successfully brought esports into the Indonesian national television channel, Kompas TV. He shared that the ratings for the esports segment have reached peaks that traditional sports and programs couldn't reach, and this speaks for the potential that esports brings to traditional media players. He was a DJ, plays Mobile Legends, and travels the globe weekly. Tune in to learn more about this awesome man, and his equally amazing stories. If you like this episode and want us to keep doing what we do, support us through our Patreon page so we could continue bringing you quality content and amazing stories from passionate individuals in esports. http://patreon.com/esportsasia Share your thoughts on the episode down in the comments and don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel. Reach out to us on LinkedIn, and let's have a chat about this industry that we're all passionate about. Mark Chew https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-chew-9088b453/ Andi Andana Bangsawan https://www.linkedin.com/in/andiandana Sabir Ansari https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabir-ansari-394063101

59. 442: LEVEL3 - Pitchdeck Asia Startup Ecosystem Tour 2019 | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 38.18Mb)

Description: Asia Tech Podcast kicked off its ATP Tour of Asian Startup Ecosystem with our 1st tour stop at LEVEL3, setting up our first Road Studio for a conversation with eminent guests Barbara Guerpillon (Director-Unilever Foundry SEAA), Adam Lyle (Executive Chairman-Padang & Co and Head-LEVEL3) & Derrick Chiang (CEO, Padang & Co). Over the 50 mins of conversation, we learn interesting facts like the reason for the name “Padang & Co”, how Unilever got started with it’s initiative to collaborate with Startups through its platform Unilever Foundry, developing LEVEL3 (a collaboration between Unilever Foundry and Padang & Co) as a coworking space for innovative startups & like-minded corporates. They tell us how this ecosystem is unique compared to other coworking spaces, creating a mutually beneficial environment for both startups & big corporations, with each getting access to other’s resources while learning from their strengths. Listen to the entire conversation here and don’t forget to like & subscribe to our channel if you are interested in our podcasts. We would love to hear back from you, leave us a review on our channel. LEVEL3 has also launched their podcast series with this episode. You can listen to their other episodes at - https://soundcloud.com/user-348955074

60. 441: Jules Hannaford - Host of Hong Kong Confidential Podcast | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 47.63Mb)

Description: “I have gotten to know somebody in one hour, it’s so amazing. And then to feel like hopefully I am putting something out there that is gonna make a difference to somebody out there.” - Jules Hannaford, Host of Hong Kong Confidential Podcast talks to Graham Brown about her podcast and connection she feels with all the varied guests covering varied topics which affect the community. She reveals to us her reasons for moving to Hong Kong from Australia and how her interest in listening to podcasts led to her starting her own podcast. Graham & Jules also discuss why they love the audio format of podcasts and how audio is more impactful and intimate than any other medium. Jules believes that it is not necessary for the topic she is discussing to be of profound impact to her personally as every episode and topic discussed has an impact and meaning for some section of the society and she shares with us few episodes to illustrate this point. With 75+ episodes under her belt, she has come a long way, she tells us about the changes she has gone through & the learning that she has gained on this podcasting journey. Listen to the entire conversation here and don’t forget to like & subscribe to our channel if you are interested in our podcasts. We would also love to hear your thoughts about the podcast, do leave us a review on our channel.

61. 440: RevvX - Pitchdeck Asia Startup Ecosystem Tour 2019 | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 91.74Mb)

Description: As part of ATP Tour of The Asian Startup Ecosystem, we have our first entry from India with Avinash Kaushik founder of RevvX Accelerator in Bangalore joining our host Graham Brown in a conversation telling us about his journey and their work in RevvX. They talk about how Bangalore has modelled itself into being the Silicon Valley of India and how after losing out talent to Bay Area, SFO in the earlier decades, it is now catching up because of the abundance of opportunities available for the numerous tech talent graduating every year in India. They talk about how RevvX is making a difference in the Tech Startup Ecosystem in India, helping their startups succeed. We learn about the interesting work being undertaken by their startups in diverse fields from HealthTech to SportsTech and also understand in depth the rapidly mushrooming startup ecosystem, community & culture in India. Listen to the entire conversation here and don’t forget to like & subscribe to our channel if you are interested in our podcasts. We would love to hear back from you, leave us a review on our channel.

62. 439: Antler - Pitchdeck Asia Startup Ecosystem Tour 2019 | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 133.22Mb)

Description: *Note- If you would like the ATP Tour to visit your Coworking space, reach out to us. We would love to hear from you. ATP Tour page: http://www.pitchdeck.asia/tour ATP tour lands at Antler’s office in Singapore to hand over the trophy for #6 spot in the Outstanding Contribution to the Asian Startup Ecosystem Award 2019 and have a conversation with Jussi Salovaara (Co-Founder & Managing Partner-Antler) & Tyler Norwood (Partner-Antler). They discuss about Antler, their personal stories and their journey from Finland & US respectively to here in Singapore. They tell us how Antler is a Startup Generator which is different from a Startup Accelerator. We learn how they train startup founders as individuals and help build their team of co-founders. Over the hour long conversation, we get an in depth understanding of their work, their perspective on startups & startup life. They showcase how Antler is building & supporting the startup ecosystem here in Singapore. Listen to the entire conversation here and don’t forget to like & subscribe to our channel if you are interested in our podcasts. We would love to hear back from you, leave us a review on our channel.

63. 438: La French Tech - Pitchdeck Asia Startup Ecosystem Tour 2019 | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 63.45Mb)

Description: *Note- If you would like the ATP Tour to visit your Coworking space, reach out to us. We would love to hear from you. ATP Tour page: http://www.pitchdeck.asia/tour Julien Condamines & Thibaut Briere from La French Tech drop in to Asia Tech Podcast Studio to accept the trophy for #4 spot on the Outstanding Contribution to the Asian Startup Ecosystem Award 2019. In conversation with our show host Graham Brown, they also tell us why La French Tech was set-up, its mission and how they are working towards helping & promoting startup founders & building a startup community across the globe. Listen to the entire conversation here and don’t forget to like & subscribe to our channel if you are interested in our podcasts. We would love to hear back from you, leave us a review on our channel.

64. 437: 5 different podcast conversation setups | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 16.58Mb)

Description: 437: 5 different podcast conversation setups | Asia Tech Podcast by Graham Brown

65. 436: Esports Show - Eugene Tay, Founder of No Use Talking (Bf.Nut) | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 134.50Mb)

Description: Andi is joined by Eugene Tay, Founder of No Use Talking (Bf.Nut). Eugene shares how NUT aims to gather the finest players in the country and to maintain the best standards in esports, so as to not only establish the players as a pioneer for the growth of esports in Singapore, but to also compete internationally at the highest possible level. If you like this episode and want us to keep doing what we do, support us through our Patreon page so we could continue bringing you quality content and amazing stories from passionate individuals in esports. http://patreon.com/esportsasia Share your thoughts on the episode down in the comments and don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel. Reach out to us on LinkedIn, and let's have a chat about this industry that we're all passionate about. Eugene Tay https://www.linkedin.com/in/eugene-tay/ Andi Andana Bangsawan https://www.linkedin.com/in/andiandana Sabir Ansari https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabir-ansari-394063101

66. 435: Nicolas Vanhove - Tutoroo, Find Private Language Tutors Nearby | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 130.83Mb)

Description: TUTOROO is a marketplace connecting students with qualified tutors nearby, thus effectively simplifying the process for both the students and tutors. It allows tutors to choose their hours and receive payments from students directly while letting students to search for tutors based on their location preferences. TUTOROO has students and teachers across locations like Hong Kong, Singapore, Brisbane, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Wellington, Christchurch, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

67. 434: Terry Chan – China and the E-commerce System | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 39.90Mb)

Description: Heading to Hong Kong to meet Terry Chan, the founder and chairman of the Hong Kong E-Commerce supply chain association. Managing over 20 years of operations with key brand names like DHL, Lazada, Alibaba, FedEx, Citilink and Yamato. In the next 35 minutes, we are gonna know what's happening in e-commerce; what's hot in Asia right now, Alibaba's 11/11 and that's 25 billion sales of delivery in a day.

68. 433: Marta Dowejko - Is Shenzhen The Next Silicon Valley? | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 31.30Mb)

Description: Marta Dowejko, research assistant professor at Hong Kong Baptist University joins us today. She was the lead of the global entrepreneurship monitor of Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Marta has published research articles on the ecosystems in Asia, Hong Kong and Greater China specifically. So for the next 30 minutes we're gonna learn about the Hong Kong tech ecosystem, more about the greater bay and Shenzhen, with data from her latest research and the investment rates in Shenzhen compared to the rest of the world.

69. 432: Esports Show - Prasad "StrykerX" Paramajothi | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 140.17Mb)

Description: Prasad Paramajothi, known as StrykerX in Counter-Strike, was the captain of team TitaNs. They were considered to be the best team in Southeast Asia, and as one of the best in the whole of Asia. He is working with Zowie and constantly travels to the US and Taiwan when he's not busy fragging in-game. Prasad joined our hosts Sabir and Andi on the Esports Show Asia to share his journey; on how he got in touch with esports, how he fell in love with the process and the grind of becoming the best, and he shared some details on a project he's working on. On this project, he is taking Singaporean Counter-Strike players to Poland to create a proper professional esports team. If you like this episode and want us to keep doing what we do, support us through our Patreon page so we could continue bringing you quality content and amazing stories from passionate individuals in esports. http://patreon.com/esportsasia Share your thoughts on the episode down in the comments and don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel.

70. 431: Bill Poorman & Nikolaj Groeneweg - Hosts of We Don't Mean To Dwell Podcast | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 106.81Mb)

Description: Bill Poorman & Nikolaj Groeneweg, hosts of We Don't Mean To Dwell podcast joins Graham in the Asia Tech Podcast studio. They share their journey on how they got into podcasting and share some interesting anecdotes through this journey giving us a peek on what goes on behind the scenes of their podcast.

71. 430: Esports Show - Nikhil Hathiramani, Founder & Editor in Chief of CSGO2ASIA | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 133.12Mb)

Description: Starting out in 1999, Nikhil Hathiramani ventured into the competitive world of Counter-Strike from the earliest versions. He is the founder and chief editor for CSGO2ASIA, the go-to platform for what's happening in the Counter-Strike scene in Asia. Together with a Counter-Strike legends, Harley 'dsn' Örvall, he started the Asian Pro League for CSGO, where players can participate in a player league and have a chance at showing what they're made of. He shared his story on how he started playing games, how he saw that playing Counter-Strike is what he wanted to do, and his account on witnessing the growth of the esports scene, specifically Counter-Strike in Asia. Share your thoughts on the episode down in the comments and don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel.

72. 428: The Asia Matters Show with Graham, Priyanka and Daniel | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 100.62Mb)

Description: Jack Ma says he isn’t about to retire from Alibaba but is planning a gradual succession Reports of Jack Ma’s impending retirement are greatly exaggerated, it seems. Ma, the co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba, has pushed back on claims that he is on the cusp of leaving the $420 billion Chinese e-commerce firm. Go-Jek said to be in talks to raise $2.7b in funding The Jakarta-based company plans to close the funding round in several weeks, the person said, asking not to be identified because the information is private. The start-up's existing backers include Tencent Holdings, Temasek Holdings and Warburg Pincus. Chinese Brands Rising: Strategic Imperatives in an Era of Increasing Consumer Confidence This article reviews the findings of Prophet’s 2018 Brand Relevance Index (BRI) survey, the only index designed to measure the importance of brands in consumers’ lives. In several ways, conclusions point towards more sophisticated Chinese shoppers with more faith in Chinese brands.

73. 429: Esports Show - Jesus Garbayo & Anik Islam, Co-founders of Josudo | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 137.33Mb)

Description: Every gamer wants to win. But improving on our own can get tricky, and a little help will go a long way. Esports coaching, much like traditional sports coaching, has been around even before the industry is recognised. It could have been a friend teaching you what to buy in League of Legends, or how to fire a weapon properly in CS:GO. Are you ready for the next level? We talked with Jesus Garbayo and Anik Islam, the co-founders of Josudo. They provide esports coaching services, and in this episode they shared how they came up with the idea, how they screen coaches, and what they think of what's happening in the esports industry. Share your thoughts on the episode down in the comments and don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel.

74. 427: The Blockchain Asia Show with Edgar Seah | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 113.39Mb)

Description: Edgar Seah, Regional Head of APAC, Hedera Hashgraph joins our hosts Gustavo and Michelle in this episode of The Blockchain Asia Show in the Asia Tech Podcast Studio. They discuss how Hashgraph has made giant strides in overcoming some of the shortcomings evident in current blockchain platforms. They also touch upon couple of interesting articles - 1. Saying Goodbye to the Blockchain Romantics - https://www.coindesk.com/saying-goodbye-to-the-blockchain-romantics 2. The Crypto Winter Wasn't The Real Story of 2018, and It Won't Be for 2019 Either - https://www.coindesk.com/the-crypto-winter-wasnt-the-real-story-of-2018-and-it-wont-be-for-2019-either ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Blockchain Asia Show is produced by The Podcast Agency and powered by Asia Tech Podcast. The Podcast Agency http://www.thepodcast.agency

75. 425: Edgar Seah - Hedera Hashgraph, The Trust Layer of The Internet | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 101.48Mb)

Description: “You do what you enjoy, what excites you and what you are passionate about and hopefully you will leave a mark.” - simple yet a powerful belief that drives Edgar Seah, Head of APAC @Hedera Hashgraph, to take up projects that he has till now. He comes onto our Pitchdeck Asia show to share his story and tell us more about the work being done by Hedera Hashgraph. Hedera Hashgraph, a blockchain enabled company is solving some of the inherent issues associated with some of the currently available platforms by providing a lightning fast, fair & secure platform which doesn’t require compute heavy proof-of-work. Listen to the entire episode here to know more about Hedera Hashgrah & Edgar. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the like button to show your support to us. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

76. 426: Padmanabhan Ramaswamy & Mritunjay Kumar - Founders of InsightzClub | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 87.12Mb)

Description: *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/soundcloud Its been a successful couple of years for the Founders of InsightzClub who join our host Neville McKenzie in the ATP studio to take us through their journey to setting up InsightzClub and the challenges they faced along the way. An interesting conversation about the feedback they receive and the manner they deal with them. They also talk about how they are using data & cutting edge technology to derive deep consumer insights for their clients. Listen to the entire episode here. Padmanabhan Ramaswamy will be speaking at MRMW 2019. MRMW is designed and crafted for the consumer insight and market research professionals to stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations. The theme for MRMW 2019 is “Powering the Future of Insight Automation”. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the like button to support our channel.

77. 424: Esports Show - Frank Sliwka, COO Asia of ESL - Turtle Entertainment | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 132.55Mb)

Description: Frank Sliwka has been involved in the gaming and esports industry for more than 20 years. He has continued, to this day, to elevate the esports scene, and it's individuals such as himself that enabled the industry to flourish and become what it is today. On this episode, Frank shared amazing stories on how he got people to acknowledge esports, and what it takes to attract outsiders to immerse themselves in the ultimate esports experience (one awesome story with his wife!). Esports will continue to grow, but it is in our hands to ensure that it does. Share your thoughts on the episode down in the comments and don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel. Reach out to us on LinkedIn, and let's have a chat about this industry that we're all passionate about.

78. 423: The Blockchain Asia Show with Vladimir Tomko | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 118.45Mb)

Description: The Blockchain Asia Show by Asia Tech Podcast is a regular podcast interview show hosted by Gustavo Liu and Michelle Wonderland . The Blockchain Asia Show is about decrypting the disruption - translating the technical world of Blockchain into real world impact. This week Gustavo and Michelle are joined in the studio with Vladimir Tomko, the Co-founder, CEO and Game producer of Blockchain Cuties, a blockchain based game.

79. 422: Esports show - Benjamin Ang, Managing Director of Genesis Motion Design | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 135.56Mb)

Description: Graphic design in esports? With the ever-increasing professionalisation of esports, viewers expect more out of their viewing experience. Graphic design has played a major part in elevating the esports viewership experience. Benjamin Ang, a motion designer and passionate gamer, is the managing director for Genesis Motion Design. The company got in touch with esports in the past year, producing amazing esports related videos leveraging motion design to engage the audience. Moving forward, graphics design will become even more relevant in the esports scene as a way to captivate and capture the diminishing attention span of the current generation. Benjamin shared his journey and perspective on where and how design fits in this exciting industry. Share your thoughts on the episode down in the comments and don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel. Reach out to us on LinkedIn, and let's have a chat about this industry that we're all passionate about. #Esports #Gaming #Podcasts #GraphicsDesign

80. 420: The Blockchain Asia Show with Gustavo, Michelle and Magda | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 109.53Mb)

Description: The Blockchain Asia Show by Asia Tech Podcast is a regular podcast interview show hosted by Gustavo Liu and Michelle Wonderland . The Blockchain Asia Show is about decrypting the disruption - translating the technical world of Blockchain into real world impact. Today's show will be hosted by Gustavo and Michelle, and they are joined by Magda Chelly from Responsible Cyber Madga Chelly https://www.linkedin.com/in/m49d4ch3lly/ ============================ Case study: Pepe, the CEO and co-founder of San Francisco-based identity blockchain startup UniquID, believes that blockchain technology, a digitized, decentralized, and tamper-proof ledger, could be a solution sooner than later. https://medium.com/dispatchlabs/as-facebook-destroys-privacy-heres-how-blockchain-can-protect-your-identity-8543c489cb65 | Asia Tech Podcast

81. 419: Building The Blockchain Ecosystem in Mongolia | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 128.01Mb)

Description: The Blockchain Asia Show by Asia Tech Podcast is a regular podcast interview show hosted by Gustavo Liu and Michelle Wonderland . The Blockchain Asia Show is about decrypting the disruption - translating the technical world of Blockchain into real world impact. This week Gantig Bayarmagnai, Co-Founder and COO of Karvuon joins us in the Asia Tech Podcast studio from Mongolia. He shares with us on how Mongolia's economy is developing and the Blockchain landscape in the country. | Asia Tech Podcast

82. 421: Ling Ling T. - Host of Leaders of Learning Podcast | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 87.37Mb)

Description: Ling Ling, host of Leaders of Learning Podcast joins Graham Brown in the Asia Tech Podcast studio to share her story and talk about her motivations for starting a Podcast. Ling Ling talks about the varied subjects she has been covering in her show, her thoughts behind curating the show and her guest selection process. She also tells us how the podcast has helped in her corporate training business.

83. 418: Jose He - Co-Founder of Bountie Technologies | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 85.17Mb)

Description: Bountie Technologies is a gaming technology company based in Singapore. We're empowering gamers in Asia to make a living while playing their favourite games through our platform, Bountie. Bountie is a decentralized platform that aims to reward all participants in the gaming ecosystem in a fair and equitable manner for their gaming efforts and skills. This extends not only to gamers themselves, but also to game referees, content creators, and shoutcasters. Bountie’s tournament platform will enable retail gamers to monetize their skills early and compete fairly in an industry that is facing issues with hacking, boosting and smurfing; and will prevent aspiring gamers from failing to take off due to the high barriers of entry in official tournaments. In addition, by aggregating gamers’ profiles on the blockchain, Bountie aims to build a “LinkedIn for Gamers” where strong relations can be formed, and which may facilitate the career progression for amateur gamers looking to turn professional. Join them as they sit down as a team and answer interesting questions that they would not have known about each other, in this special edition of why work here show | Asia Tech Podcast

84. 417: Esports show - Alan Chou, CEO of Meta.us | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 125.03Mb)

Description: Alan Chou, CEO of meta.us, formerly of Intel, Microsoft, and Blizzard, joins our hosts Sabir and Andi to share his stories on how he got into esports. We shared our perspectives on what challenges newer players face when climbing up the ranks. We talked about what is moving the esports industry, and what it will take for us to bring the industry forward. Share your thoughts on the episode down in the comments and don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel. You can reach out to us on LinkedIn to have a chat about this industry that we're all passionate about. | Asia Tech Podcast

85. 415: Esports show is GO!!! | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 166.84Mb)

Description: Pilot for the upcoming eSports show with Graham, Andi and Sabir. Some highlights: 15:05-18:46 eSports maybe the hottest item in the digital world right now but let’s spare a minute thinking about the lifestyle of the athletes who make it possible. Sure, they are raking in the big competition bucks but many had to face massive rejection from family and friends to get there in the first place. And then there’s the 14 hours of playing the games day in day out (of which 9-10 is a contractual obligation) just to qualify for the world championships. Andi and Sabir share their insights. 21:41-24:30 Tilting. What is this ESports phenomenon? Like other sports, ESports is quickly learning how important sports psychology impacts performance, and how Esports psychologists who work with specific teams can shape tournament outcomes. 50:55-54:21 Watching ESports live? You’d think that crowds wouldn’t get as excited about video games as they would about football or basketball. But the reality is, when you know the intricacies of the game, the skill required to pull off the moves, the crowd will go crazy. Andi and Sabir walk us through what it’s like to be a spectator in ESports. #esports #gamer #Counterstrike #Leagueoflegends | Asia Tech Podcast

86. 416: Sarah-Ann Yong - Host of ASB Podcast | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 109.59Mb)

Description: “I knew that I wanted to leave a legacy……” - Sarah-Ann Yong, host of ASB Podcast and a current full time student of Asia School of Business, talks to Graham Brown about her motivations behind starting the ASB Podcast. Sarah tells us in detail about her entire journey in the podcasting field, the guests she wants to feature on her show, about her learning curve and her growth as a podcaster from the 1st episode in August 2018 to now after crossing few months worth of episodes. A must listen conversation for all who are toying with the idea of starting their own podcast or for that matter any side hustle of their own. Get the entire podcast here and don’t forget to like & subscribe to our channel if you are interested in our podcasts. We would love to hear back from you, leave us a review on our channel.

87. 414: Elliott Zaagman - Co-host of the China Tech Investor podcast | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 117.78Mb)

Description: “Sometimes this idea of decorum or formality causes people to not actually call out the BS when you see it ….and that’s what we like to do.” - Elliot Zaagman, Host of China Tech Investor Podcast talks to Graham Brown about his podcast along with his friend and co-host James Hull. He takes us through his story, from being in the US to ending up in China. Graham and Elliot then delve into all things “China” and talk about the changes that are happening in the Chinese market and tech ecosystem. Listen to the entire podcast here and don’t forget to like & subscribe to our channel if you are interested in our podcasts. We would love to hear back from you, leave us a review on our channel.

88. 413: Edmund Lowell - Identity in the Blockchain Era | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 103.50Mb)

Description: Edmund Lowell, the founder of KYC chain. He talk's about that interesting intersect between the worlds of finance, technology, identity, privacy and the magic word blockchain. So stick around for 45 minutes because Edwin is going to take us on a world that starts with the Jason Bourne lifestyle of the location independent entrepreneur, all the way up to KYC compliance with large financial institutions rounding up with a view of society. | Asia Tech Podcast

89. 412: Jason Choi - Host Of Blockcrunch Podcast | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 119.53Mb)

Description: “The best way to learn is through conversations” - Jason Choi, host of Blockcrunch Podcast tells us about his motivations to start a podcast in Blockchain and Crypto space and why his conversations look to go deeper into the subject matter of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and #cryptotwitter. Jason and Graham also discuss on the podcasting scenario in US compared to Asia. Jason takes us behind the scenes of his podcast show telling us about his guests, how he selects them, the show formats he designs and the content distribution partnership model he has entered into for his podcast distribution. Listen to the entire episode to learn more about podcasting, especially in Asia, the different operational formats of podcasters. If you like the episode, don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and do share our content with anyone you feel might be interested in us. Cheers!!! | Asia Tech Podcast

90. 411: Kenny Koh - BlocBox | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 81.15Mb)

Description: BlocBox claims to be world's first company to use blockchain technology for Maritime & Aviation Safety. Their solution will solve challenges related of retrieval of blackbox data, transparency, predictions and ownership in the maritime & aviation industry. By using blockchain technology and leveraging the advancement in satellite communication, BlocBox solution will significantly decrease the response time in accessing and analyzing data in the event of a disaster. They are also working on solutions to help the Maritime industry reduce their carbon footprint. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

91. 410: Pitchdeck Asia's "Startup Most Likely to Succeed in 2019" winner revealed | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 53.41Mb)

Description: After 7237 votes cast across 14 categories among 400+ startups, the Asia Tech Podcast team reveals the Top 10 Startups Most Likely to Succeed in 2019 as picked by the polls. Also, a few honorable mentions of Startups who topped their segments or country list. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

92. 409: Tomas Mazetti - Moby Mart, The supermarket on wheels | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 30.54Mb)

Description: Tomas Mazetti, CEO and co-founder of Moby Mart, joins us today. He is going to talk about how they built Moby Mart, the robo-supermarket, what the philosophy was behind Moby Mart and what that means for the future. He also shares how that would change not just e-commerce and retail but the society as well. For the next 30 minutes, Tomas Mazetti is going to talk to us about those robo-supermarkets that you keep seeing on your social media feed. | Asia Tech Podcast

93. 408: Tom James - Blockchain, Logistics and Deep Space Mining | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 29.54Mb)

Description: The next 30 minutes, our guest will be Tom James, the Co-Founder of NR Capital in Singapore and London. We're going to talk about alternative finance, the BlockChain, Logisitics, Tracebility, Fintech. We're also going to go into the space of deep space, deep space mining, deep space commodities, and artificial intelligence. This is a lot to cover in the 25, 30 minutes. If you're interested in the cutting edge of technology and how that applies to finance, then stick around. My guest is Tom James, the Co-Founder of NR Capital, coming right up | Asia Tech Podcast

94. 407: Surasit Sachdev – How the All-You-Can Eat Model works | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 35.71Mb)

Description: Food Retail in Bangkok. What are the challenges in making and growing a successful and profitable food retail business. We are joined by Surasit Sachdev or Sit as he's better known, the co-founder of Hungry Hub. We're gonna hear about his entrepreneurial journey, how he has pivoted from a booking system to an all-you-can-eat marketing model and Bangkok's thriving restaurant market. | Asia Tech Podcast

95. 406: Jack Chu – How Does Blockchain Impact the Lives of Normal People? | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 31.86Mb)

Description: Jack Chu is the CEO of FundersToken and Lead of FST Network. He shares how FundersToken are making blockchain accessible.Even though the blockchain software stack is being built on honest and open source intentions, it is tough to standardize any kind of integrations on blockchain, especially for enterprise. So in the next 30 minutes we are going to learn about how Jack is working on adding some level of standardization on the blockchain. Moreover Jack shares with us some timelines about how blockchain will actually impact the lives of normal people, people who do not even know what blockchain is. | Asia Tech Podcast

96. 405: Matt Roberts - F1 in Asia, F1 Esports and How F1 Is Driven By Research And Data Analytics
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 118.17Mb)

Description: Matt Roberts, Global Research Director for Formula One joins Graham Brown on Asia Tech Podcast to share his story, his love for research and sports. He tells us how F1 uses the Terabytes of data generated by them in the decision making process across the entire sporting spectrum and how the world of data & research has evolved over the past 2 decades leading to a clear distinction between claim & reality owing to the superior quality of data generated now. Listen to the podcast to know more about what goes on behind the scenes for marketing & promotion of the sport and events at F1, his take on Esports and how F1 is embracing this upcoming phenomenon. | Asia Tech Podcast

97. 404: Bernard Leong - Host of Analyse Asia Podcast | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 111.75Mb)

Description: "One of the reasons why I did Analyse Asia is actually to learn to listen better and ask questions as I discovered I like to talk a lot..." - Bernard Leong, host of Analyse Asia tells us how starting his podcast has helped him learn these skills needed to grow in his corporate role. He discusses his rule for selecting guests onto his show, his ideas & planning that go into preparing for the podcast conversation with guests and about topics & themes he stays clear off to put his guests at ease. He also divulges his need to stay very tuned into the listenership stats and steps he takes to growth hack the audience base. Listen to the full show here and please do support us by liking/sharing our content with others if you enjoyed the episode. | Asia Tech Podcast

98. 403: Daniel Song - Host of Asia VC Cast Podcast | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 87.44Mb)

Description: "I was really jealous of people who could write really well, cos i'm a terrible writer and secondly being in a video, having the whole visual was overwhelming for me, but I realized podcast was the perfect niche spot for me" - Daniel Song, host of Asia VC Cast, the 1st ever VC podcast in Asia speaks about his journey, from being a venture capitalist to starting his own podcast show where he talks to other VCs and what changes the show has brought to his life. He elaborates on his till date experiences, his failures and future plans. Listen to the full show here and if you enjoy the content, please do support us by liking/sharing it with others.

99. 402: Gregory Prudhommeaux - Host of BACKSTAGE by NextStep Podcast | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 116.84Mb)

Description: "I was looking for it, trying to find another show and I didn't find it, so I said maybe I should do it" - a simple but powerful reason behind Gregory Prudhommeaux starting his French podcast Backstage by NextStep in China. In this conversation, Gregory talks about his work in China, how he got hooked on to podcasts and the role his wife played in starting his own. Gregory and Graham talk about "impostor syndrome" and what it means to them. Gregory also talks about few interesting guests and their stories he has had on his show. Listen to the full show here. Please do like/share our content with others if you have enjoyed the show.

100. 401: Tushar Aggarwal - Host of Decrypt Asia Podcast | Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 85.18Mb)

Description: Tushar Aggarwal, host of Decrypt Asia, a blockchain podcast joins Graham D Brown in the Asia Tech Podcast studio. In the show, Tushar shares his journey of how he became a podcast host and the opportunities it has opened up for him. He also talks about the lessons learned during his tough times and the importance of personal network. Tune in to the show to learn more.

101. 400: Graham Brown - Host of Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 142.59Mb)

Description: Graham D Brown, host of Asia Tech Podcast, shares his life & travel stories with Neville J. McKenzie, talking about the places he has lived in over the years. During the 1 hour chat, he tells us about his early career choices, his love for Japan and his startup experiences including why he set-up Asia Tech Podcast in Singapore.

102. 399: Regina Larko - Host of #impact Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 137.16Mb)

Description: "There are so many voices that are not heard, why go after the stories that have been told a million times already, by a million other media outlets" - Regina Larko, host of #impact podcast, has this to say to anyone who asks about why she brings on her show seemingly ordinary people whose work is having an impact in the the society. She tells us why she prefers the authenticity and imperfections of her show recordings which are done outside studios. We hear about her dreams as a child in Austria, on how she discovered podcasting and fell in love with it because of the way it connects people and allows listeners to slow down in this fast paced life. Listen to the full show here and if you enjoyed them, support us by liking/sharing us with others.

103. 398: Steve Stine – Host of Inside Asia Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 118.36Mb)

Description: "If I studied Asia, I needed to be in Asia" - Steve Stine, sums up his innate "need" rather than just a desire to be in China with this one line. We find out from Steve about the extraordinary circumstances which brought him to Asia, learn about his passion for journalism, writing, personal interviews and above all else his love for story telling. We also discuss his podcast "Inside Asia", how he chooses his guests and much more. Listen to the full podcast here and do like/share our content if you enjoyed the show.

104. 397: Tim Romero - Host of Disrupting Japan Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 120.79Mb)

Description: "Podcasting is a wonderfully intimate medium, you are literally whispering in people's ears" - Tim Romero talks to Graham D Brown about his struggles in starting an English language podcasting show in Japan and discloses how he navigated the cultural intricacies of Japan to get his guests to open up on his show, Disrupting Japan. Tim tells us about his outlook towards failure and how he deals with it. He opens up about the economics of Disrupting Japan and how he worked towards becoming Japan's first professional podcaster. Listen to the full episode here and support us by liking/sharing our content if you enjoyed them.

105. 393: Han Phay - Lumin(ai)re
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 109.67Mb)

Description: Lumin(ai)re is working towards integrating AI and Creatives in the advertising world. Their goal is to increase the process efficiency while retaining the human element. Their deep learning AI technology aims to bring out unique and compelling brand stories for their clients. Watch the show to know more about their journey. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

106. 395: Damien Cummings - Peoplewave
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 114.63Mb)

Description: "Success is not a great teacher, failure is" - Damien Cummings, founder of Peoplewave with a 20+ years long career as a corporate honcho in Global MNCs, tells us how a band of "broken" professionals have come together with the aim to fix the people management problem and essentially make the work place fair. Peoplewave's suit of software solutions converts employee performance into actionable data points that will change the face of HR from hiring to managing workplace talent. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

107. 394: Adrien Jorge - Propseller
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 114.50Mb)

Description: There are many startups focused on buyers in the property market, however, there is none focusing on property agents who are very important influencers in this market, Singapore alone has 30000+ active property agents who together take home an annual commission in excess of US $1 billion. Propseller is the first “search-to-engage” property agent marketplace in Asia looking to smoothen the decision of selecting a property agent basis select criterion. They believe that by bringing transparency to clients and at the same time getting new business opportunities to agents, they can change the face of real-estate. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud

108. 390: Pavel Bulowski - Meiro
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 121.79Mb)

Description: In the current business environment, there is a ton of data which all companies generate and store regarding their customer & client interactions over different touch points that the company many have with them. Meiro is a data company who is building Customer Data Platform (CDP)using AI that unifies this customer behavior data to provide cross-platform identification and real-time alerts to brands when new leads come in, old leads fall off or previous customers are exiting the brand. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

109. 389: Alan Schmoll - Zave
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 47.77Mb)

Description: Zave is building a technology-driven corporate services firm through which they want to redefine the way these services are offered to their clients. Their AI driven, cloud based platform aims to save client's time and money while providing them with more insight into the data in an easy and efficient manner so as to enable them to focus on growing their businesses and managing their assets. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

110. 391: Brett Henry – Host of TD Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 113.87Mb)

Description: Brett Henry, CEO of Travel Daily, a media company and host of TD podcast joins Graham D Brown in the Asia Tech Podcast studio. Tune in to the next 50 mins as Brett share's his journey from San Francisco to Singapore to Thailand. He also shares about how he realised he is not an angel investor and the moment he had made a choice to become an entrepreneur.

111. 392: Radu Palamariu – Host of Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 96.13Mb)

Description: Radu Palamariu host of Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics Podcast joins Graham D Brown in the Asia Tech Podcast studio. Over the next 40 minutes, Radu shares how in-spite of being in the field of HR he developed a passion for logistics and supply chain which lead to him starting his podcast show Leaders in Supply chain. He also shares his insights and the opportunities he had gained from his podcast journey.

112. 388: Balazs Molnar - Aliz
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 49.13Mb)

Description: Aliz is a Big Data and Machine Learning specialized Google partner with offices in Budapest and Singapore. We build and provide solutions which help companies gain valuable insights into their business, predict the future, and optimize processes. We help our customers around the world to save costs and fuel growth. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

113. 385: Hal Bosher – Frontier Market Pioneer, CEO of Yoma Bank Myanmar
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 42.52Mb)

Description: Canadian Hal Bosher is the CEO of Yoma Bank Myanmar, a true pioneer in all senses of the word. Hal has lived across different cultures and continents with stints in the US, Germany, the UK, the Indian Ocean and now more recently Myanmar, to name just a few countries. Having the ability to adapt to new and uncomfortable environments is a valuable skill – you learn to empathise with different kinds of people regardless of their backgrounds.That’s a powerful tool when tasked with the challenge of growing a retail bank in one of the fastest growing economies in the world. In this interview we dive into Myanmar to learn about the vibe that shapes everyday life, the adoption of technology and entrepreneurship. We also talk about the mindset required to not just survive, but thrive in frontier markets.

114. 387: Gustavo Liu – Host of The Blockchain Asia Show
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 39.58Mb)

Description: Born in Asia, raised in Latin America, educated in UK. In this podcast, Gustavo Liu, Co-Founder of The Hungry Lab, talks about his experience living in Taiwan, Paraguay, Brazil, UK & Singapore and his learnings from these diverse geographies. He shares how he transitioned from the banking universe to helping startups grow & raise funds. He also discusses with our show host Graham D Brown how his passion for Blockchain led to co-hosting Blockchain Asia Show on Asia Tech Podcast.

115. 386: Dr Steven Chua – $6 Billion Developer of Singapore Sentosa
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 28.55Mb)

Description: Dr. Steven Chua joins Asia Tech Podcast today to share insights on how he has helped shaped some of Asia’s largest hospitality projects. Most famous of which is the $6 billion development of Sentosa island in Singapore. Multi-billion dollar projects require constant communication. One of the most important skills in making these projects happen is the simple human skill of being able to sit down with stakeholders and share progress, communicate the challenges even when things aren’t working out to plan (there will always be some form of firefighting).

116. 383: Harith Bakri – Galaspace, Part 2
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 88.46Mb)

Description: Galaspace is community marketplace for people to list, book and share event spaces and event services. Founded by a young group of entrepreneurs, with some not yet out of their teen years, Galaspace has been continuously evolving over the last 1 year of existence and has also seen a churn in the founding team members. Harith talks to us about these changes, the new roles post these changes, improvements they are working on and how they are always looking forward to expanding. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

117. 384: Stuart Kerr – Rock Human Devices
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 52.69Mb)

Description: "Why can't medical devices be cool?" - is a question on the top of mind of all users who might be facing social awkwardness. Rock Human Devices aims to make medical devices super stylish whilst solving the underlying problem. They are currently working to alleviate the problem of bone conduction hearing loss among nearly 100 million people globally. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

118. 382: William Gilchrist - Busting the Myths and Overcoming the Stigma Associated with Sales
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 64.25Mb)

Description: William Gilchrist, founder of Konsyg & formerly of Google, along with our show host Graham D Brown showcase the power of storytelling for sales as well as all other functions of an organization. They talk about current differences & pros that American startups have over Asian startups and why Apple & Google still dominates the global tech space. William also shares with us his journey, discusses various aspects of sales whilst clearing some common misconceptions about sales profession.

119. 381: Blake Hawkins Tromanhauser – Janeous
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 109.75Mb)

Description: Janeous will provide companies the first fully integrated talent identification system designed to reduce the time Human Resource Departments spend looking for talent while increasing the number of quality interviews performed: resulting in better fitting candidates for in-person interviews. Janeous will provide job seeking professionals a platform to interview with top companies, while maintaining the dignity of their information: resulting in better fitting companies for in-person interviews. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

120. 379: Amrish Nair – Biorithm
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 96.42Mb)

Description: Founded by doctors & engineers, Biorithm is a medical signal processing company which has spun off from Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU) in late 2015. Their mission is to build affordable and accessible cutting-edge technologies which benefit the whole healthcare ecosystem through their personalized healthcare data analytics engine. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

121. 380: Jun Ting – AImazing
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 103.66Mb)

Description: AImazing helps businesses to capture and digitise daily receipt transactions from customers and process it for analysis.It provides a range of products and services for different stakeholders. These include loyalty programs, digital receipts and a payment network. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

122. 378: Graham Brown, Neville J McKenzie & Erik ten Have - Why You Should become a Podcaster
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 22.84Mb)

Description: Neville J McKenzie of Asia Biz Stories & Erik ten Have of Launch Indonesia join Graham D Brown as they discuss on who the general listeners of podcasts are, why do people and companies do podcasting and the available genre of podcasts. They also talk about the type of guest they prefer on their respective shows. To learn more, listen to the full episode.

123. 377: Lindy Ledohowski – EssayJack
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 41.25Mb)

Description: "You can always edit a bad page. You can't edit a blank page." - these words from writer Jodi Picoult could be used to describe the problem EssayJack is trying to solve. Lack of writing skills is a serious global problem, US businesses alone spend $3.2 billion in training their staff to write. A US Dept. of Education statistic states that more than 70% of Grade 12/Grade 8 students have just basic or below basic level writing skills. Listen to the podcast to know how Lindy & Team are trying to rectify this problem. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

124. 376: Jan-Arie Bijloos – BlueMeg
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 87.78Mb)

Description: BlueMeg is an independent corporate services provider, bridging the gap between tailored quality services and the new digital era. Corporate services supported by cutting edge technology to enhance clients’ experience at competitive and transparent pricing. BlueMeg’s team of industry professionals, are fully committed to providing custom-made solutions to a diverse client base from entrepreneurs, start-ups and SME’s to multinational corporations and institutional investors. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

125. 375: Nitin Gandhi – Shapecrunch
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 56.40Mb)

Description: Shapecrunch makes custom 3D printed insoles for people with foot problems such as Flat foot, Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetic foot etc through scan with our app, available on Playstore and app store. The technology is being used by several clinics in India, Singapore and US. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

126. 374: Daniel West – Panalyt
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 48.87Mb)

Description: With over 25 years of international HR experience at world-class companies and ultra-high-growth start-ups, including Morgan Stanley, Apple, Uber, and Alibaba, we have seen one consistent pain-point for both HR and business leadership: access to meaningful People data, analytics and insights. As HR pros, commercial leaders and developers we know the challenges and the needs of HR and the business. You want to see how your recruiting practices impact employee performance, how email and chat behaviour predicts turnover, the relationship between compensation and performance, benchmarked across the company, or your industry. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

127. 373: Paul Schulte – How are Alibaba, Grab & Blockchain Disrupting the Financial Sector in Asia?
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 39.32Mb)

Description: Paul Schulte of Schulte Research shares how the likes of Alibaba, Tencent, WeChat and Grab are disrupting the financial sector in the Asian market. He also highlights how these companies are utilising technological advancements, like blockchain to cause this disruption. So listen to this interview with Paul Schulte to find out how these mentioned companies have become significant players in the FinTech space.

128. 371: Julian Lee – Ambi Climate
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 41.89Mb)

Description: Ambi Labs is an IoT startup founded & headquartered in Hong Kong. Inspired by the concept of “Ambient Intelligence”, we believe that truly smart technology is intuitive and seamless – fading into the background and augmenting the user’s lifestyle. Our mission is to bridge the gap between outdated appliances and modern technology to make the modern home comfortable and energy efficient. Ambi Climate, is an AI-powered air conditioning add-on device that offers personalized comfort. Using built-in sensors and artificial intelligence technology, it detects and analyses the impact of multiple factors on your thermal comfort, such as temperature, humidity, weather and sunlight. It also learns your feedbacks and habits, and auto-adjusts your AC to deliver the perfect home environment. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

129. 372: Laurindo Garcia – Be Inclusive
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 70.37Mb)

Description: BE INCLUSIVE’s mission is to make the world a more inclusive place for all. Through an inclusivity certification scheme, they demonstrate how inclusivity improves your business bottomline. BE INCLUSIVE is more than a mere directory of businesses. They are building an ecosystem of consumers and businesses that embrace inclusive as the driving forward towards a better future for everyone. Their vision of the future is one where consumers living with disabilities in Manila have greater confidence visiting new restaurants or applying for new jobs. They see businesses in the Tokyo of the future having a greater capacity for innovation. They envisage the future cities of Asia thriving the face of environmental challenges. All made possible because previously excluded people and communities are embraced and participating fully in the economy and society as a whole. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

130. 370: Martin Daffner – China at the Cutting-Edge of Innovation
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 43.78Mb)

Description: Martin Daffner, the President and Founder of Innobrix shares about innovation in China, the 25 years of experience he has with brands such as Cisco, Avery Dennison, P&G and how to turn ideas into revenue. Also, he gives some insights about lean startups for China and how that fits into China for an innovation model. So coming up in the next 40 minutes, if you want to learn about the cutting-edge of innovation, listen to this interview with Martin Daffner of Innobrix.

131. 368: Alan Goh – NDR Medical
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 55.02Mb)

Description: NDR Medical Technology, a Singapore based company incorporated in 2014 by ex-A*Star research Scientist & Engineer with specialisation in Robotics and Imaging. With more than 20 years of industry experience. Awarded SPRING POC+POV and NTUitive SRIF to develop and commercialize an image-guided surgical robotic automated needle positioning system for minimally invasive surgery. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

132. 369: Annu Talreja – OxfordCaps
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 27.19Mb)

Description: Fed up of running around, talking to brokers, searching multiple websites and making too many phone calls for finding your home sweet home in Singapore? Frustrated by multiple bad roommate and housemate choices? The good news is you are not alone. We faced the same problems during our quest to find our new home and family in a new country, and that is why we founded #Oxfordcaps. #Oxfordcaps is an online community to help students connect and interact with other students – be it finding your perfect home or roommate, #Oxfordcaps is there for you. We curate residential and purpose-built student accommodation options through our web platform. Now you are empowered with an arsenal of information that you need in a new country; from accommodation listings (with videos of how each space looks like), lifestyle related content so you know what to do in Singapore, and a community of fellow students! The #OCarsenal will help you chill and concentrate on what really matters – your #studentlife! *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

133. 367: Vincent Maillard – Blonk Group
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 37.84Mb)

Description: We want to help the right talents and hiring managers find each other. Talents want dream jobs and Companies want top talents – Blonk is the place where they can find their match. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

134. 365: Mazen Kurdy – Stylemyle
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 20.55Mb)

Description: Stylemyle is the online platform that allows you to shop premium, contemporary luxury and emerging fashion designers. They are an online destination for premium, contemporary luxury and emerging fashion. Their curated marketplace is based on “discovery”​ from a highly selective curation of boutiques and designers from around the world.

135. 362: Nathaniel Yim – Janio
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 15.39Mb)

Description: Janio was formed in early 2018 when a group of young logisticians spotted a gap in the Southeast Asian ecosystem for simple, seamless logistics solutions. We set out to integrate the logistics chain by establishing strategic partnerships with a wide network of quality service providers, connecting our clients with our logistics partners through our proprietary data-driven platform. We are passionate about simplifying logistics to give our clients control over their supply chain. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

136. 364: Vaisagh Viswanathan – Impress
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 36.17Mb)

Description: Created to help your team automate the hiring process, engage qualified people sooner, and focus on what really matters – finding the right candidate faster. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

137. 361: Magnus Grimeland – CEO Antler, Navy Seal, Co-Founder Zalora, Rocket Internet
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 45.03Mb)

Description: Former co-founder or Global Fashion Group, Zalora and Rocket Internet Group, Magnus Grimeland, CEO of startup generator, knows how to scale startups. In this interview we talk about the key qualities Magnus looks for in a startup founder and the process they take startups through to validate the business model. We discuss the importance of challenging assumptions, stepping outside your comfort zone in everything from building your team to getting to the first sale. We also touch upon Magnus’s philosophy to business and life, his time as a Norwegian Navy Seal and his passion for extreme sports from ice climbing to Ironman triathlon.

138. 359: ATP This Week – 1st Oct 2018
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 58.84Mb)

Description: We are gonna review what's going on in the world of Asia Tech Podcast. Coming up, highlights from shows in the studio, including visits by Jiawen Ngeow from Mega X. We're gonna look at who was on ATP Stories this week. Some of the delights that we'll be sharing with you when we reach Hong Kong for the launch pad event, as well as the latest from the Grind, Asia Matters, the Blockchain Asia Show, C-Suite Exchange and Out And About in The City of Singapore with Start Up Weekend. That's all coming up in the next 25 minutes.

139. 358: Daniel Shen – Soqqle
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 38.87Mb)

Description: Soqqle looks to re-invent social relationships to encourage growth with existing and new networks. Coupled with new technologies like machine learning and Blockchain, a new framework to meet and learn is at our doorstep to improve the way we live, and the way we work. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

140. 360: Jiawen Ngeow – MegaX
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 32.22Mb)

Description: A breakout project under iFashion Group, MEGAX (MGX) are spendable blockchain-based tokens on a wide and growing retail network of more than 40,000 brands. The tokens are centered around a millennial movement, created by profitable, revenue generating retail companies – such as the guys who brought you Artbox Singapore. MGX successfully completed its ICO in November 2017, raising S$3.3mil. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

141. 357: Bárbara Ximénez Bruidegom – Shutta
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 62.30Mb)

Description: "Never miss a moment" - with this in mind, Shutta started out as a mobile photo-video app designed to allow users to extract still images from a video. With 2.5 million users worldwide, the app operates without any in-feed advertising. It generates revenue through brands by gamification of simple tasks & competitions which provide a unique platform and manner for its users to interact with participating brands. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

142. 356: ATP This Week – 24th Sep 2018
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 33.19Mb)

Description: Hello and Welcome to Asia Tech Podcast this week my name is Graham D Brown here in the Asia Tech Podcast studio in Singapore introducing a new show for you which is the headline show, Asia Tech Podcast this week, we will be introducing everything that's going on in the world of Asia Tech Podcast, everything in the Asian tech ecosystem, all the new shows, all the new events and all the new people. So what we do every week is this top headline show where we introduce all the other shows. Now if you are following on iTunes, you see the iTunes feed has changed, what we are doing now is the weekly show on the main Asia Tech Podcast feed, ATP.show feed and all the other shows that we have now we are putting that on individual feeds on iTunes, so you can find them there. Coming up in the next 30 minutes, a review and a preview if you like of all the different shows and events happening in Asia Tech Podcast world this week.

143. 310: Joshua Koh – The Commune Life, bringing people together in style and comfort
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 36.77Mb)

Description: Joshua Koh , CEO of Commune Lifestyle Pte Ltd, shares his personal journey of building up Commune from its inception, and how he managed to weather challenges to bring this home-grown brand into the region.

144. 309: Miranda Tan, Founder Robin 8 – On a mission to democratize KOL data via Blockchain
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 41.26Mb)

Description: [02:55] Nishtha describes Miranda Tan, CEO and Founder of Robin8, as an amazing role model for working woman as Miranda shares how she manages her role as an entrepreneur, a Mother and a wife. [05:59] Miranda shares why is it necessary to be direct sometimes as it clarifies what people expect from her. However, she also adds its necessary to be diplomatic, depending on the situation presented. [08:53] Miranda elaborates what an ICO is and further explains the ICO process. She also shares how her company, Robin8, was able to raise funds from it within 6 weeks [24:14] Miranda explains why it is good to fail early and explains the importance of learning from failures. [30:28] Miranda shares more about her company, Robin8, which is an influencer search engine powered by big data AI. She goes on to further elaborate why they have added blockchian to their search engine.

145. 313: Theresa Evenoff - Gift-It-Forward
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 15.47Mb)

Description: *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

146. 308: Robs Jobs, A Hassle-Free Job Portal for Indonesian Job Seekers
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 63.47Mb)

Description: [05:48] Rob Davies shares how he was mesmerised with Indonesia and its potential economy growth. Hence, all it took was two days for him to packs his bags from England and move over to Indonesia. [21:00] Coming from a telecommunications background, Rob decided that he wanted to do something new thus establishing Robs Jobs. He also shares the pain point for Indonesian job seekers and how Rob jobs is aiming to solve that issue. [34:00] Rob elaborates how he was able to find the right people for Robs Jobs, despite a significant rise in tech startups in Indonesia.

147. 307: Mohamed Hassan - Building a Global Product Design Team from Indonesia
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 84.23Mb)

Description: [05:12] Mohamed Hassan, Director of MARND studio, shares how it is not needed for a team to be in the same physical space anymore with the rise of digital media. [15:40] Working with a worldwide team, Hassan shares why recruiting talented individuals across the globe is a major pain point. [20:47] Having tried various methods, Hassan shares how SEO is a vital key to distinguish MARND from other bigger and well known design companies.

148. 306: Clare Chan - Creating Memories with Her Velvet Vase
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 43.32Mb)

Description: Podcast highlights: [03:07] At a time where Instagram was not established Clare Chan, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Her Velvet Vase, shares how she made her first dollar through blogs and built her customer base [13:00] Clare shares her initial struggles as a CEO and explains what are the characteristics needed for a CEO to run a successful business [30:05] Clare shares that she is shifting her business from online to offline, as she wants her customer's to immerse themselves into the Her Velvet Vase experience

149. 304: Erik Ten Have – Introduction to Launch Indonesia
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 33.26Mb)

Description: In this introductory episode of Launch Indonesia, our new host Erik ten Have shares his journey about coming to Indonesia to work for a Dutch startup telecom company. Being a very large and young market, Erik shares his thoughts as to what is interesting about Indonesia's startup ecosystem, especially for people from outside this region. He further elaborates why Indonesia is a mobile first country, GO-JEK's impact on Indonesia etc. Erik discusses what he aims to learn and share through Launch Indonesia, further elaborating that Indonesian startup companies are at a world class level thus this presents opportunity to break the stigma that surrounds the Indonesian startup eco-system.

150. 305: John Wise - Loci, Intellectual Property and Blockchain
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 40.87Mb)

Description: [02:50] John Wise, CEO of loci, elaborates how learning was traditionally was only available through books or teachers. which were trustworthy. However, internet has changed the landscape of learning. Everything is available online, hence this causes an information overload and most information untrustworthy. [13:02] Kyle shares the impact globalisation has made on the way businesses are created and how products are sold. John then explains how loci is going to expand it's services on a global scale [32:48] John shares how expensive and time consuming it is to file for a patent. Hence, loci nexus expedites the process for the right to file a patent and how it will be made available for the global market

151. 303: Simon Kemp - Facebook Ad clicks are down 20%, here's why.
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 48.53Mb)

Description: Podcast highlights: [06:17] Simon breaks down the figures of ad clicks on Facebook. Despite having a larger population, the median number of ad clicks for Indonesia was lesser compared to Singapore. [26:05] Simon explains why ROI on Facebook is determined by what we have set as an objective. He further elaborates that ROI cannot be measured in terms of reach, engagement, likes and shares. [45:02] Graham and Simon hypothesize about the different factors that can contribute to the 20% global decline of the Facebook ad clicks. Simon also shares how the World Cup has played a small part in this decline as it takes up a significant chunk of the free time that people spend on different platforms.

152. 302: Thibault Genaitay & Grace Yang - Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 43.76Mb)

Description: [00:30] Thibault Genaitay Thibault shares his amazing story as to how he switched careers from a comfortable corporate job and decided Le Wagon as the head of operations in china [02:00] Grace Yang shares what was the trigger that made her left her corporate job and why venturing into Le wagon had help her grow her skills in a creative aspect [12:00] Grace shares what she had learnt from her Le Wagon experience, further elaborating that Le Wagon boot camp gives her the motivation to create a marketplace and explains how different it is from other coding course she has attended [20:43] Thibault and Grace share their tips, drawing from their experiences, on how organisations can redesign and improve their capability building or learning programmes for their employees [30:38] Thibault shares that he spends plenty of his time reading, writing and researching, thus through that process he will be able to teach and provide entrepreneurs with the right tool kit to learn

153. 301: Jes Kaliebe Petersen – Overview of The Myanmar startup ecosystem
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 41.20Mb)

Description: [05:20] Phandeeyar - the Myanmar Innovation Lab - is interested in using technology to accelerate impact in Myanmar. The Accelerator programme has been running since 2016. Every year, a new cohort of 7 to 10 startups is onboarded. Workshops are held on tech and startups, alongside a co-working space and social impact programmes for people like civic techies and activists. [08:59] Chate Sat - a platform for freelancers - is one of the startup successes of Phandeeyar. It was founded by two sisters, who joined the accelerator in 2016. [18:10] Jes Kaliebe Petersen talks about his journey; starting off in Microsoft and how he found himself in Myanmar today. He first became a developer in e-commerce, and then co-founded a business in India. He then moved back to Denmark, to a Fintech company. In 2010, he left for Kabul, Afghanistan, to develop an SMS based social network. [34:55] The sense of community in Myanmar: The phenomenon of people rallying together around common causes, even those that they may not be directly involved with. People are approachable and easy to work with

154. 300: Edith Yeung - Investment and future of blockchain
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 77.63Mb)

Description: [14:58] You are investing a lot in China while many of your colleagues in the San Francisco area do not. How does this usually work? -- Each investor has a different style in terms how they want to attract companies. It tends to be easier if you're vertically focused on a particular market, for example blockchain. If you are a founder, it's necessary to find the people who are vertically focused on the products or markets you are interested in. You should know when you reach out who you want to be contacting regarding potential investments. [24:24] Turning now to the topic of blockchain, what is your vision of the future of blockchain? -- Multiple parts to this answer. Excited because it represents a change in how we think about the ownership of data. From a technology side, it's changed how people think about a lot of relationships. Obviously distributed ledger technology is not new, but what is new is the idea of tokenization. It helps creators and investors get the capital and resources they need right from the start. China and the Chinese government have been very supportive of blockchain as a technology. What they haven't been supportive of is all the cryptocurrency exchanges and initial coin offerings (ICOs). China is just a huge market that basically any company focused on establishing themselves there will have enough to attract investment. [44:25] Let's talk about women for a bit. How did it feel to be a female developer working in this space? -- First of all, we should encourage everyone, not just women to have a basic understanding of coding. This is going to be a building block for so many things in the future. Even if you don't end up being the person writing the code, you will be able to have meaningful conversations with people who do. In China, have met so many great women CEOs and investors. The important thing is to know what you're talking about. It's not about being a woman, it's about being good at what you do.

155. 299: Vincent Djen - Co-Founder FashionEx Shanghai
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 40.10Mb)

Description: [01:05] Vincent Djen, Co-founder of FashionEx Shanghai, shares more about his company, further explaining how it helps startups in the fashion industry grow by giving them insights and methodologies to avoid mistakes which helps them build solid business plan [19:50] Vincent shares how important research is before entering the Chinese market in terms fashion, further explaining how looking at the analytics of taobao and Tmall aids a startup analyse and compare how they rank in the fashion industry for China [30:50] Vincent elaborates more about his journey, sharing how he manages the RnD for his family bushiness and also manages his FashionEx by working more towards the business development side

156. 298: Benjamin Joffe - Founder HAX
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 161.90Mb)

Description: [11:15] If you look around Asia, what is the most exciting market you see going forward? -- Just because of it's scale, China is the place. There is no comparison to what China is doing in terms of the amount of resources being poured into innovation in China now. India is starting to rise. Indonesia is massive; but it is lacking in some of the basic infrastructure that make technical systems thrive. It's a massive problem to figure out how to offer services in a market and ecosystem that is completely different. [32:15] How do you choose the right companies to work with? -- In the end we don't know if we've chosen the right companies. Maybe there are some we've missed along the way. We tend to look for very classic things. Does the startup have the right team? Do they have the skills to build with? Are they coachable? What is their market potential? What is their technology potential? Then we look at their prototype. This tells us a lot about whether the team is capable. [54:13] For people listening who might be going through their own dark hour of doubt, what advice can you offer them? -- Keep your eyes open. Try to stay engaged and apply yourself. Don't just get interested in something and not do anything. You don't know where things might lead you. Don't worry too much about your status and just keep pursuing your interests. Ask for advice and don't be afraid to reach out. Also, help others help you. It's really important for founders to be visible and to be recognized as experts in their field. So be part of the public conversation.

157. 297: Simon Kemp – How Asia’s Middle Class Youth will Change the World
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 65.12Mb)

Description: [00:43] Simon Kemp, Founder & CEO Kepios, shares how he was stunned with a statistics shared by Graham of how China, despite not being featured in the FIfa world cup, sold more tickets to its citizens than England [20:00] SImon explains how music has evolved over the years, sharing examples from his younger days as to how limited the music options were compared to the current times where one can easily access apps like spotify to listen to different kinds of music from various cultures across the globe [53:33] Simon shares how Asia and its culture inspired him to build his businesses here, further explaining the impact travelling has made by exposing him to different cultures and influences, activating the ability to be innovative as well

158. 296: Jan Smejkal - Your China Guy
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 47.74Mb)

Description: [00:05] Welcome Jan Smejkal aka Your China Guy to Cross Border Kyle with host Kyle Ellicott [01:25] What is Jan aka Your China Guy up to? [02:45] Jan works with Startup Grind. How many chapters does it have now? [04:45] What has Jan seen happen with the "community" in China specific to Startup Grind which grew from 3 or 4 chapters to 25? How did he develop that community? [10:00] Where does Jan see the Shenzhen community today? What does he see happening in that community around startups and entrepreneurship? What's the pulse? [15:45] A quick sidestory of Kyle in Shenzhen [24:25] How did Jan come up with the name Your China Guy? [26:45] Where is China going? With the venture markets and startups taking off, where is this situation going? [31:10] Kyle advises you should give China a chance [38:00] The number of people traveling in and out of San Francisco alone globally is huge but there's a lot more activity happening in China [40:25] Jan's top 3 pieces of advice for first timers landing in China [45:45] Jan's favourite travel hack [47:00] Who is Jan's favourite China unicorn? [48:00] Where can someone find more about Startup Grind in China? Go to startupgrind.com/ [50:50] Find Jan on twitter.com/yourchinaguy or contact him through email at jan@startupgrind.com

159. 295: Olga Oleinikova - Founder Persollo
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 149.79Mb)

Description: [13:00] In your career of studying people, what are some things people in business should know and try to apply in their daily life? -- Consider whether you're dealing with customers on the one hand, or members of your team on the other. With customers, follow them. Don't develop solutions that don't respond to a need. Get inside their behavior and don't make them do something they don't want to do. With your team, always listen. Be open and receptive to what you see. [24:50] Let's talk about social media. What is your favorite social network and what do you think is the future of social media? -- Today social media is like a shopping mall. Younger people don't watch TV, but they are all on social. This means social media is the most effective way to reach your target audience. The problem for most companies is turning social media interest into sales. In terms of platforms, Facebook and Instagram are the two highest drivers of converting interest into sales. [59:00] How does one get on the Forbes' 30 Under 30 list? -- The key is focusing on what matters to you. Do your own thing and find your own path. If you have a path, people will see it and come on-board. Receiving this award brought us a lot of new clients. We received a lot of media and promotion from it as well. It was also a big validation.

160. 294: Ryan Pyle - From Toronto to Shanghai
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 46.98Mb)

Description: [00:40] Ryan shares his backstory on how he ended up in Shanghai, where he is today, to what his business is and what he's doing [24:40] How does Ryan go about the commercial aspect of his business? How does he go out there and work with partners to sell his programs and distribute content? [44:25] "Television is gonna come back. The whole Kardashian era and the whole reality-tv era is coming to a grinding halt." - Ryan

161. 293: Tiang Lim Foo – SeedPlus, Venture Capital, and Southeast Asia
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 118.00Mb)

Description: [06:56] People in the region seem to speak highly of the work you guys do at SeedPlus. You seem to check all the boxes for the ideal startup founder most VCs look for. -- Never referred to self as an entrepreneur. What entrepreneurs do is way, way harder than what we do as VCs. Having been in venture capital for a few years, have a greater appreciation for the dangers of stereotyping. Great founders can come from anywhere. Biases can lead to dangerous thinking and missing out on great opportunities. Empathy is probably one of the hardest skills to acquire as a VC. You need to have empathy with founders. Of course we are investing for financial gain; but at the same time we want to help build businesses that are good for human beings. An example of a company focusing on empathy is Amazon. Jeff Bezos has always been customer-first, customer-centric. This has not changed over the years. [14:53] When you're chatting with a founder, what do you look for? -- It's really about the team. At the seed stage there are a lot of unknowns. This means the founder and the team have a much bigger impact on overall outcome during this early period. We look for qualities like mental agility, understanding context, market fit, displays of leadership, and just like pure grit. It's a delicate balance. When you come across someone who has an opinion about how the world should work, even if it's not correct, this suggests it's possible to have a discussion around making ideas work. It's also relevant to consider the context in Asia. To have an opinion implies you're willing to go against the grain. Asia is more conformist than other cultures, and this is not always great for entrepreneurship. [45:29] A new generation of talent is wondering how they can be part of the Asian Century. What advice might you give? -- There's no better way than just being here. You can read and watch as much as you want, but it's not as good as seeing things for yourself. Singapore is a great gateway into the rest of Asia. It's good for families and it's safe and efficient here in Singapore. Immersion and acquiring a language are also fantastic ways to get acquainted with the region.

162. 291: Jianggan Li on Momentum Works, Tech Accelerators, and Opportunities in China
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 74.62Mb)

Description: [04:33] You describe Momentum Works as a tech accelerator. What do you do? -- Over the past two years we've changed our business model quite a bit. For many ventures, you can get a team together, get some investors, and start producing a product. The problems come next when you have to deal with customers, have to find the right people to help you expand, etc. At Momentum Works, we hunt startups. To be a successful accelerator, you can either be really knowledgeable about niche markets and products, or you act more like a pure VC where you basically just supply money. We do a bit of both. [32:55] Do you spend a lot of time traveling to and from China? -- In 2018 have traveled there at least once every six weeks, usually to either Beijing or Hangzhou. We have to otherwise you end up losing touch with the market. What's interesting is the degree to which there is a lot of second-generation wealth in China looking for places to invest. It's very common that once people get rich in China they begin to look for off-shore opportunities for their assets. Singapore is becoming more and more attractive in this regard. [41:30] As you continue to develop Momentum Works, what kinds of startups are you looking to have walk through your door? -- We are always open to talking to people. The people we like to work with are those who are passionate, but who also understand what's going on in the world. How is what they are doing similar to what others are doing in different markets? Having this sort of strategic openness to what's going on, to the bigger picture, really helps. It's really hard to tolerate people who lack logic in what they're doing. People are good at telling stories, but it takes logic to turn plans into reality.

163. 292: Casey Lau - Future of work, up-skilling and top 3 learnings to run impactful conferences
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 104.82Mb)

Description: [00:53] Let’s start with Casey’s In the making’, the man behind the growth of RISE Asia in the past 4 years as it's co-host and how he met and agree to join Paddy Cosgrave, the Founder of RISE, who also founded Web Summit for Europe and Collision for US - the brain behind this vision of disrupting tech conferences for scale and impact. [04:54] On disrupting conference/learning and development formats for the sake of the audience. Are you re thinking of how you design them? People are looking for engaging content. It’s no longer that you can throw someone on the stage and expect someone to listen to them. You have to have a whole experience. It’s like going to Disneyland. That’s what Paddy has created with the conferences. It is like Disneyland - you see the big attractions, but you also try out the crazy hot dog, the mickey waffles, take a roller coaster ride. Some times you don’t know where you end up, whom you meet. It is very spontaneous. A great example of “ENGINEERING SYNCHRONICITY” – using data science, using technology to run a conference/learning events). [09:35] Starting up vs. Startups? Starting up in a big Corporate or a tech company is a huge trend too. #Futureofwork [11:30] Conferences are a great way to stay competitive, upskill oneself - be it as a speaker or as an attendee or as an organiser. Let’s talk about the 3 major takeaways and learnings: 1. ***How to put together a conference 2. ***Speaking at Conference – How to pitch to sign up as a speaker and speak more effectively at public conferences/ public events 3. ***How to network more effectively 21: 58 Pitfalls or failures or Lessons to be shared. Any example? [28:23] Future of work. Role of network, the community outside of your own company, own startup? How would work differently tomorrow and the ways to keep up skilling yourself [31:00] Biggest asset of an accelerator is it’s network. The mentor network [03:39] Why RISE is different and unique? 1. We are able to bring an amazing speaker team from around the world to Asia/ HK. Like – founder of Tinder, founder of Didi coming this year (July 2018). We are able to mix lot of the European, American and Asian leaders together on stage and not easy to inter mingle otherwise. 2. It doesn’t end at 5 pm. It takes a breather and continues through the night – for what we call the NIGHT SUMMIT. So one can continue sharing what you’ve learnt during the day, meet investors, media, all kinds of tech people... Rise turns the entire city in a startup hub for 3 days. RISE 2018 (4th year) is happening on July 9-12.

164. 290: Geir Windsvoll – Live Streaming in Thailand
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 63.09Mb)

Description: [09:13] Geir shares his experience when in late 90s he tried taking the existing online services and combing with the community features and his various other experiments with internet. [24:10] Geir tells us the challenges he face in scaling live videos and how important it is for tech team to be ready for what is coming. He also tells about prototyping and how it lets a team test out and give them experience in the field they wanted. [36:30] 20-30 years back we have seen millions of young population in China, Japan and Thailand moving from countryside to large cities. Its interesting to see how social apps are bringing them close to the roots.

165. 289: Geoffrey Handley - Why China Matters
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 143.86Mb)

Description: [03:11] Being a talent spotter.Geoffrey Handley explains how China has a vast talent of emerging entrepreneurs, going on to share how a company of 25 he had visited for due diligence consisted of 8 PHDs and 10 Masters degree holders [39:33] Geoffrey Handley shares why was he blown away working with young entrepreneurs in china who have nothing to lose and explains how these young founders have a high drive to make their day better than the day before [53:20] Regardless of what role or industry a person is in, Geoffrey Handley thinks they should explore the China market and further explains why they would be losing out out if they don`t explore it

166. 288: Simon Kemp - The Growth of Entrepreneurship in Asia
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 119.18Mb)

Description: [14:30] Simon: it's interesting to consider how what you see defines the reality you believe in. An exposure to other entrepreneurs early in your life likely gives you the confidence you can do something similar. Digital has changed this so much because we are no longer confined to just looking at the people around us. You can see fascinating stories all over the social media platforms today. Graham: digital then is a great leveler, isn't it? Look at how women in China can see people around them using these digital platforms. They no longer see the model entrepreneur as someone who is older and male. [39:05] Simon: when it comes to scaling a business, it's really striking to see the barriers women face in getting access to funding. Graham: in some ways this isn't surprising given investors tend to back what they know, and what they know is men being successful in business. The challenge in Asia is generational. It will take a generation of entrepreneurs who exit with success and decide to go back in to fund the next crop of people. These will be the investors more likely to back women or non-traditional founders. [44:55] Simon: the theme emerging from our conversation today is there is definitely an energy around entrepreneurship in Asia. A lot of this is just waiting to be activated. What we need to do is find out how to create the cultures to allow this energy to flourish. Graham: it seems the best thing we can do is to tell people's stories. Help people access inspiration.

167. 287: Azman Jaafar – Advice for Angel Investors
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 13.61Mb)

Description: [04:13] Azman Jaafar, Deputy Managing Partner at NameRHTLaw Taylor Wessing, shares the profiles of Angel investors, further explaining how most Angel investors are 2nd generation entrepreneurs and how Angel investors take a bet on entrepreneurs with a business model that would change the world [10:28] Azman Jaafar explains what Angel investors should look out for when investing in a start-up, further elaborating if Angel investors should spend more time undertaking better due diligence than they would normally do [18:36] Azman Jaafar elaborates steps taken by Angel investors to invest a company, sharing how Angel investors have their own thresholds and how referral from friends may give them a sense security to invest in a company

168. 286: Ankit Prasad - Founder Bobble Keyboard
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 153.09Mb)

Description: [12:45] What is the Bobble keyboard? [28:00] Does Ankit think Asia is a bit more narcissistic in social media? Will places like Europe or Latin America also hop on that train or is it something unique or heavily used in Asia? Also, does Ankit feel that this social media trend will continue and if so, what's next after emojis? [49:15] Right now, so many companies out there are obsessed with data to feed future AI machines. In Ankit's view, what is the right way to use data?

169. 283: David Jou – Co-Founder & CEO of Pomelo Fashion
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 118.34Mb)

Description: [01:35] What is Pomelo Fashion? Where did it come from and what does it do differently in fashion and e-commerce? [21:50] Does Pomelo sell their own brand and goods or are there concessions wherein they have designer brands in there? What is their inventory like? [31:30] Pomelo's retail store also serves as a showroom for the goods and products. Is there a typical customer journey wherein one comes into the store, tries a product, goes home, checks it on their website and buys it?

170. 284: Renu Bhatia - SuperCharger, FinTech, and Blockchain
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 118.58Mb)

Description: [00:45] Tell us a little bit about SuperCharger, FinTech, blockchain, and what it is you do. -- Blockchain is very much in vogue at the moment. It's been a huge money-maker for some. From my perspective, see it as a nascent technology with the potential to be very transformative. In Hong Kong, there is a wide variety of uses particularly in healthcare, supply-side logistics, etc. If we could use blockchain to overcome inefficiencies, we could really create more growth in our economies. Or in the developing world, if we could find a way to put land titles into the blockchain, suddenly many people are in the economy and able to participate. This is a massive boost to social inclusion. [27:30] Turning now to blockchain, do you find yourself able here to keep from being overwhelmed? -- When you go and see a doctor, maybe they say you have a chest infection, or maybe they say it's pneumonia. The reaction you have will be different depending on how you understand these two things. It's the same with FinTech in the sense we're dealing with a new language for things that have been around for a long time. Of course there are differences; but what one needs to do is get away from the buzzwords. The fancy words people use obscure the underlying meanings. [35:50] Is there a particular sector or use for blockchain you focus your attention on? -- Not necessarily. Certainly medical records, land titles, but also in the art market where you can use blockchain to establish provenience. Or using it to solve the problem of blood diamonds, or the origin and safety of pharmaceutical drugs. All of these applications will require public-private partnerships to get around the real issues with data privacy, the basic infrastructure to make it all work, etc. Blockchain has the potential to help countries leapfrog in their development.

171. 281: Charles Reed Anderson – IoT in Asia
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 129.02Mb)

Description: [24:00] You're a recognized IoT expert. In your own day-to-day life, how wired up are you? Do you use these gadgets? -- Just bought first smartwatch. There are drawers full of things that were used once and never used again. One of the best devices for me though was the Muse headband, which is a product designed to track your brain waves. As they developed it though, they turned it into a guided meditation platform that works really well. [29:50] When you look around Asia now, what countries do you find interesting in terms of what's going on with IoT? -- One interesting thing is what's going on with co-called smart cities. Very few of them have gone from having an infrastructure-centric focus to a citizen-centric focus. Taipei seems to have done better than almost everyone else. They've already launched something like 130 proof of concepts all around the city. Maybe 75% of these will fail, but that means 25% will succeed and give other cities new ideas moving forward. Already Taipei has some cool autonomous bus projects. This year they're launching a shared scooter scheme. The next logical path you will see is where cities focus on making the smart city concept viable for businesses. Not everyone will be able to jump down the path like Taipei. [50:20] How would one compare IoT in Asia to the rest of the world right now? Is it even possible to do this? -- Asia is by far the biggest market for IoT in the future. There is a long tail there. It's a fascinating market and the level of innovation coming out of China right now is just amazing. Keep an eye on India over the next 24 months. Tata is coming out with systems at price points that will allow developing markets to get into the game. This is what we need to see.

172. 282: Deep Bajaj — Founder of PeeBuddy
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 62.99Mb)

Description: [01:30] For listeners who don't know, what is PeeBuddy about? -- PeeBuddy is India's first female urination device. One of the first issues we went after was the lack of friendly toilets for women in this part of the world. PeeBuddy is a device that allows women to stand and pee so they don't have to deal with unsanitary toilets. It also helps empower women who for medical reasons may not find it easy to go to toilet in a traditional way. [27:35] What was it like to be a man selling a female urination device? -- It was a combination of difficulties. Certainly being a man talking about a sensitive issue for women was hard. At one point the BBC did a story on the product in both English and Hindi. From the English story we received lots of complements from people who were very supportive; but from the Hindi we received a lot of very harsh criticism. The trolling was really bad. There were some really filthy comments directed towards us. These nasty comments always came from men. Women, in contrast, were more suggestive and supportive. Women would help us see things we might have missed. [41:25] Where do you see things going from here? -- We have other problems we want to try to solve. For example, menstrual cramps. It's not a good thing when young women are forced to take pain killers all the time. We want to scale PeeBuddy and really get the word out there. The work will never be complete.

173. 280: Jenny Pan - CarePod
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 100.14Mb)

Description: We've developed an entire solution to help people feel better about traveling with their pets. There are essentially two parts: 1) the physical solution and 2) the software side. The pod itself is basically a first class accommodation for pets, designed to help reduce the stress factors they face. We've tried to design something that increases airflow and ventilation while reducing the amount of visual and noise stress pets are exposed to. During flight pets are in the cargo hold, which is not accessible to passengers, and not designed for comfort. With the CarePod, we try to maintain a low-intensity environment for pets during the entire duration of travel. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

174. 279: Sudhanshu Tewari – Scaling a startup in Singapore
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 101.61Mb)

Description: [14:45] Recruiting and keeping talent in sales is very hard especially when you get beyond the entry level. Why would a company owner want to reward sales guys with iPads and things like that rather than just hard cash? [24:15] When startup founders expand, they spend their time educating markets whether that be merchant partners or consumers, which is a huge risk - that's a huge hidden cost that can sink a business. How does Rewardz do it? [28:00] Often, the best salespeople aren't very good at managing and the once who are good at managing aren't very good salespeople. When Sudhanshu recruits and builds his company around that, what does he look for?

175. 277: Wei Qing Jen - Vybes
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 85.89Mb)

Description: Vybes is a platform for millions of influencers to sell goods and services they create directly to their followers. We are disrupting the influencer market in a big way, allowing influencers to bypass brands and sell directly to their followers. *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

176. 278: Oscar Venhuis – The desk co-working space
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 67.00Mb)

Description: [20:42] What do you try to do differently than other co-working spaces? -- Co-working has become global now with the rise of players like WeWork in the US. We see co-working as still in its infancy. What we see is the difference between a business center and co-working. A business center is just about leasing space out. Co-working, however, is all about community. The logic is if you have a more diverse environment with different viewpoints you can collaborate better and get better outcomes. We are still at the very early phases here. [31:50] How does creating community work? How do you achieve this? -- There are two things you need in business. One is scale, the other is trust. What we try to do is not only connect our clients with each other but also to other businesses in the neighborhood. This creates a far bigger network, this is the scale. The way we build trust is through encouraging meetings and bringing people together and overcoming the barriers to contact. This happens offline, face-to-face. [41:30] Let's think now about co-working in Asia. Where are we going to be in 10 years time? -- The future of work is about flexibility. Younger generations want new environments. They no longer want to sit in stuffy offices anymore. There will be more flexibility in terms of where and when people work. Another trend is with so-called "glocalization," which is a response to globalization. People are starting to look more at their own neighborhoods and connecting to the people around them. The future will see far more interaction and sharing within local communities.

177. 276: Andrea Myles - The #ChinaGeek Quantifying China’s Appeal to the Next Generation of Talent
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 117.93Mb)

Description: [06:35] According to data from the Modern Language Association (MLA) in the United States, since 2016 the number of students at US universities studying Chinese in any form has gone down. How can we explain this given the relevance of China at the moment? -- In Australia the pattern is similar. Historical legacy is part of the reason, there is a shortage of qualified Mandarin teachers. This helps explain the lag in students studying Mandarin. So there are systemic factors at play too and not just purely political ones. [25:48] Tell us a bit about your day job focusing on millennials in China. What's that about? -- CEO and co-found of the China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP). We try to bridge the gap between Chinese and Australian innovators by running an incubator of sorts which puts 50 Chinese and 50 Australians into a 100 day learning program. We challenge them to build the next Uber, or the next Didi. We've had 300 people come through the program so far. It's really cool to see how diversity powers new insights. Each cohort is completely different; but you see commonalities in they all have a curious mindset and a desire to engage digitally. [40:00] In China right now how are young people approaching entrepreneurialism? -- It's important to remember there is not simply one type of Chinese millennial, and things differ a lot depending on geography, class, and even gender. Overall there is a shift where people no longer see government jobs as the ticket. There is still a long way to go before things really change, but you see signs it's beginning.

178. 273: Scott Montgomery – CEO of WellteQ
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 104.28Mb)

Description: [04:55] After you founded WellteQ, is that when you decided to move to Asia? -- Basically yes. In the early feedback we received, we understood we had a good idea but were lacking in the tech department. So we moved to Singapore with the goal of hiring from among the region's best tech minds. My background is not in technology, so we knew we had to go where we could find people to in-source and help us in this regard. Ultimately this led us to Singapore in 2014. [37:00] So then what are some of the challenges you've faced as you built the business? -- Getting talent is not easy, especially when you're operating in a large regional environment. Time pressures may force you to settle on people who are not quite right. Maybe this works out, but it often doesn't. Another big challenge is learning to differentiate between the opportunities you should really spend time on and what are the ones best to say no to. [42:45] Is the business you're doing now the same as what you set out to do four years ago? Or have you pivoted? -- Our overall goal remains the same. We want to connect millions of people to health improvement using technology. The tools we use are not necessarily what we thought we would be using when we started, yet here we are. The only sure thing with any business plan is that you're not going to adhere to it 100%.

179. 274: Stuart Kerr – Rock Human Devices
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 106.02Mb)

Description: [00:05] PIT - Stuart Kerr - Rock Human Devices - The Pitch [01:40] What is the point of The Pitch? [02:40] Stuart talks about Rock Human Devices, a Singapore-based company building tough, well-designed medical devices - starting with hearing loss [08:15] Stuart and Graham have a look at a functioning prototype of the hearing-aid glasses. How much does it cost to make one? Also, will the hearing-aid glasses be regulated and medically certified soon? [14:15] How did Stuart fund the making of the hearing-aid glass prototypes? What were the assumptions challenged when he did the trial with 25 people? [17:05] How light is the prototype? Also, why hasn't this been done already? [18:30] Stuart studied electronic engineering at Strathclyde and robotics in Japan, worked in Japan developing machines used in particle accelerators in CERN and SUPERKEKB, then worked for Singapore-based startup Pirate 3D in launching a 3D printer, then joined Dyson [22:10] What was Dyson really all about? Ultra-high performance first before aesthetics. Also, the backstory behind Dyson Supersonic hair dryer [27:35] Dyson develops core technology that solves very fundamental problems with how people interact with machines. So why wouldn't companies start with that thought - "this is the problem the customer has. What is the best way of solving it?" [33:00] When Stuart was prototyping the hearing aid glasses, how did he keep it lean? Did he consciously not go out and recruit or was he so busy doing the thing? [35:20] After receiving funding, what's next for Stuart and Rock Human Devices? What would be the value of that to another company? Can Rock Human Devices become the Dyson or Apple of the medical device world, or IPO? [37:35] Stuart says Rock Human Devices will eventually become a software company that has the hardware that the software runs on. Also, he talks about developing a prosthetic limb with machine learning [44:40] Contact Stuart on Linkedin here https://sg.linkedin.com/in/stuart-kerr-35a79449 *Note: If you are a Startup and want to tell your startup story on our Pitchdeck Asia show, Click here - http://www.pitchdeck.asia/pda-soundcloud*

180. 275: Sebastien Gaudin and William Bao Bean - CareVoice and Chinaccelerator
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 101.92Mb)

Description: [02:40] Let's put this very interesting podcast conversation in the context: William runs an accelerator. Sebastien runs a startup which was part of the accelerator program and now in scale up phase, and me as the podcast host, as well as, accelerator mentor.... [10:07] What's the difference between being a founder and entrepreneur? William Bao Bean , General Partner at SOSV, Managing Director at Chinaccelerator and MOX explains why founders have to be entrepreneurs. There can't be one without the other. Most normal people don't put all their eggs in one basket. They don't quit their jobs, use up all their savings to try and do something that has not been done before. Entrepreneurs take risks to try change the world and make a significant difference. They are trying to change the way things are being done. [11:33] Nishtha - "People often ask me if being an entrepreneur is in the DNA or can be learnt". William: "We are part of a long term study. HPDI. Shows how you make decisions. How you make trade offs. People are pre disposed to being risk takers. Opposite of that is like a CTO. We don't take too many risk mitigators in our start ups because working for a start up drives you nuts. We invest in people who are kind of crazy and we use the accelerator program to filter out the insane ones" [13:53] In the Making podcast is a great opportunity to say thank you to many who contributed to your journey and success and how they shaped you. We don't say enough thank you's. This is a great moment to share with the listeners... [23:05] What are the factors that contribute to a successful acceleration of a start up or acceleration of a new service/product? 1. EXPERIMENTATION. The first factor is being open to coaching and experimentation. Other factors include persistence. There might be a lot of failures but still you have to keep smashing your head against the wall over and over again. We try very hard to not tell our companies what to do. But we make a lot of suggestions on what to try. And people who are willing to jump off the cliff and try a bunch of new things, even if in the heart of their hearts they think it might not work, nonetheless they try are often the ones who succeed. 2. NOT GIVING UP. So it takes a certain type of personality to try lots and lots of different things over and over again that don't work, becuase in the end you are trying to solve a problem that hasn't been solved before or isnt being solved properly so you are trying to come up with a better solution. 3. THE RIGHT TEAM. Team is what we look at. It's not always about the product. The founder has to be passionate enough to make these first two factors work [27:09] In the making of any new innovation- product or service is about failures too. Any examples? Sebastien: The fact that i picked up the set of team that i did at start, was a failure. It didn't let us go through this iterations, adaptations and learn and develop fast enough. It took us 2 years to come to the DNA of where we are now. Ofcourse we learnt a lot in this period. But we lost time. Team was too young and not complimentary enough. William: My first startup was a pretty low point. I took my own money and couple of friends while i was still at Soft Bank. First mistake - doing a startup without being 100% focussed. Second mistake - the team combo. Third mistake - I was a bad CEO. [34:48] - Show finale. Rapid fire round between the host and the guests. What other professional other than your current would you like to attempt? What are you not good at? How do you manage anger? How do you manage stress? What's coming up next - In the Making for The Care Voice and Chinaccelerator What would you like to ask to the network of listeners and Asia Tech Podcast. Make the ask Working in a different country. Why should you consider working in a different country other than your home country? "Commit to the uncomfortable" - #NishHosts Show - IN THE MAKING

181. 271: Jasen Wang - Founder CEO Makeblock
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 121.87Mb)

Description: [00:55] Tell us more about Makeblock -- Makeblock is a company whose aim is to help people create. Often people have an idea but need help on the mechanical, software, or electronics side of things. What we do is provide a platform to unify these elements and help people create. [12:15] What advice would you offer people in terms of how to get started? What things do you think are necessary to be successful in this field? -- You have to have an interest in what you're doing. Running a business is very very hard, so having that interest is important. Another recommendation is think differently. Many people fail because they just try to copy what someone else is doing and don't bring new ideas and products to market. [51:30] If you can leave listeners with some wisdom, what would it be? -- Do things that help people remain in the physical world. Keep building and creating!

182. 272: Tony Mai - Founder of Compliy
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 107.92Mb)

Description: [01:45] Tony Mai founder of Compliy, elaborates how their AI powered regulatory interpretation platform helps manage financial regulatory change [09:08] What kind of skills are needed in a team? - Tony Mai explains the manpower needed to develop an usable AI product [12:06] Tony Mai shares how he started his journey of being a serial entrepreneur at the age of 19. What did he learn from yo Karaoke business? Tony shares his learning journey and business hacks

183. 270: Bob Gallagher — Appsynth
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 117.20Mb)

Description: [04:18] Earlier this year, you picked up an award in Singapore. Tell us a little bit about that. -- We picked up two awards from Campaign Asia-Pacific. Campaign Asia-Pacific is basically the de facto agency world magazine in the region. It was really good recognition for us. Now it's onward and upwards! [26:00] Do you see anything emerging in Thailand on the mobile front that will catch on in the rest of the world? -- On the consumption side, Thailand is leading in terms of time spent on mobile. We're talking 4-5 hours a day. There is also mobile payment via QR codes, which are very big here. We see the drive to a cashless society. These are things you would notice in Thailand, people scanning people's QR codes and transferring money for products and services very easily. [44:10] So now you're 8 years into the story of Appsynth. Where do things go from here? -- For us it's a careful balancing act in terms of having the people we need versus having a situation where work dries up and we can no longer support the number of people we have. Maybe we could expand to 100 people, be we'll have to see. We also want to look at growing regionally and also in Europe and the US. One effort we've engaged in is diversifying the nationalities of our employees. As we move forward we need to continue to figure out how to change our structure to support our growth.

184. 269: Andrew Romans - Blockchain, ICOs, and Venture Capital
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 74.53Mb)

Description: [00:40] Can you give us a quick introduction about yourself? -- Really an entrepreneur who found a way into venture capital and investing. At heart see myself as someone who founds and builds companies. More recently have become infected with the blockchain bug. [27:10] ICOs and tokenization represent a new tool in the entrepreneur's toolbox for how to fund a business while at the same time creating a fan base. It will be very important to see how these things are regulated going forward; however, right now it is possible to be fully compliant with the law, while at the same time developing your business and product in new and truly innovative ways with these technologies. Venture capital has traditionally been very illiquid. When VCs invest in companies, it might be up to seven years before they see a return on investment. With an ICO in contrast, the expectation is that in a matter of weeks coins will be trading on an active market and generating returns and cash flows for investors. It's a game changer for venture capital. [35:45] So this is basically a whole new economy? -- Yes. In fact, if any listeners run or know someone who runs an airline, give us a call. We can help you raise billions of dollars with a token offering. Any company with a loyalty program who does not tokenize moving forward is going to sink to the bottom of the ocean. Large companies will be the big winners here. If you think about it, companies like Costco are already doing something similar in driving a discount-based loyalty program. As soon as companies add liquidity through tokenization, the sky's the limit.

185. 267: Milan Stevanovich - The Detroit Chinese Business Association
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 55.47Mb)

Description: [09:00] What are you seeing on a day-to-day level happening there in Michigan in terms of startups and tech engagement? -- This is a bit of a complicated question. On the one hand there is a lot of resources going into autonomous driving technologies. Many firms in this space have R&D facilities in the state. Oakland County, where DCBA is located, is seeing lots of Chinese interest in the biotech space. This area of Michigan also boasts one of the largest Asian populations in the State. So there's a lot going on. [22:30] What sorts of things can the DCBA do for people trying to come in and get situated there? -- We do all of the economic seeding and gardening. We help make introductions to companies and other partners. We facilitate people meeting and talking to others with deep ties to the community. So Chinese investors who might want to come over can talk to other Chinese business leaders and find out about the community and the business environment in a very helpful way. [31:50] What are some tips and tricks you can provide listeners who might be preparing for or thinking about hosting a Chinese delegation? -- Clearly do some basic background research on who is coming and who you're likely to meet. There are some cultural things you want to know about formalized greetings, how Chinese delegations expect seating arrangements to work, for example. Know that when someone hands you a business card, you should actually look at it before putting it away.

186. 268: Fransiska Hadiwidjana - Founder CEO Prelo
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 68.07Mb)

Description: [00:05] ASH16 - Ashley Talks with Ashley Galina Dudarenok [00:10] Welcome Fransiska Hadiwidjana to Ashley Talks [01:00] Fransiska tells why she's so interested in STEM and how she went about achieving all these fantastic things [09:50] What does Fransiska have to say to people who say tech, math, physics - stuff she's interested in from early on - is not a "girl thing"? [12:50] How does Fransiska motivate herself to always stay curious? How can everyone keep being curious? [13:50] Who are some of Fransiska's inspirators, mentors, cheerleaders - people who she looks up to and who drive her forward? [14:40] Why programming? What's so fascinating about that and what has Fransiska learned along the way that kept her coming back to it? [16:00] Can anyone learn technology and what is the future of technology in a general sense? [17:45] Does Fransiska think that everyone will know programming? And if so, why shall ordinary people not professionally involved in that be on point? [19:00] Fransiska advises where people should start with regarding programming [20:30] Where does Fransiska think technology is gonna take us in the coming 5-10 years? [22:00] What role does Fransiska want to play in the future of humanity with regards to programming? [23:30] If Fransiska had $1 billion available to her and she could build anything in the world, what would this product/project be that she would like to realize? [24:30] What is Fransiska most excited about in terms of biotechnology right now? [26:10] How is Indonesia unique to the rest of the world? How is doing business in Indonesia different from the rest of Southeast Asia? [27:55] Does Fransiska think that Indonesia is the next miracle of China? [29:22] What does Fransiska think is the biggest threat to doing business in Indonesia? [30:25] Being a woman in Indonesia, Fransiska is an example to many. Does she feel that there are unique advantages/disadvantages for being a female founder, owner and CEO in Indonesia and her particular market? [32:00] What can people learn from Fransiska being strong and successful even as a "minority"? Fransiska's key lessons - believe in yourself and have the right mentors [34:05] How do you find the right mentors? [35:40] What does Fransiska think is the future of this shared economy, second-hand used products and e-commerce in general? [37:35] How soon are people gonna turn more into shared economy and reuse great goods? How soon is this shift going to happen? [39:00] 100 years from now, does Fransiska see people focusing on consumption or people being altruistic beings that are creating a better world for themselves and others? [40:20] How in this economy does marketing come in? [42:30] On recently being named Asia's 30 Under 30 by Forbes - has this transformed Fransiska's life so far and how does it feel to be a "30 Under 30 queen"? [43:30] Fransiska plugs Prelo as founder and CEO of the company

187. 266: Linda Vlassenrood - Lifestyle and Urban Planning in Shenzhen
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 122.65Mb)

Description: [00:05] Welcome Linda Vlassenrood to Asia Tech Podcast Stories [00:35] How did Shenzhen make an impression upon Linda? [04:10] Do people know about Shenzhen, a city of 20 million, outside of Asia? [07:55] What's it like for Linda as an architect looking at Shenzhen? What does the city get right? Is it a great place to live? [13:35] Top-down organization of the city, including the local government organizing singing contests - is it as bad as it sounds? [17:35] Linda talks about the little merit regarding the top-down approach - the tension between the power to just execute and at the same time, when the priorities are not right, it becomes "different" [22:15] To create better cities, does Linda think there is a need for a top-down approach? [28:05] When Linda looks at Shenzhen, does she see any elements of beauty which leave all "ugly" brutalist architecture behind? What are the buildings/features of the city that she's really impressed by? [35:55] 7 out of 10 of the tallest skyscrapers are in China - is having this tallest structures a "male thing?" [39:20] When people from Europe or America look at Shenzhen, what can they take away from it? [43:20] Beyond Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai, what's another city that we should watch out for? [47:35] With Shenzhen trying to reinvent itself as a creative city, would it price itself out of the market that they would shift a lot of the low-end manufacturing out into Zhuhai? [50:25] How does a student go and get a piece of the action in Shenzhen? What is the best way of getting into and discovering markets like Shenzhen? [52:20] Check out INTI - International New Town Institute

188. 265: Amy Blaschka - Co-founder of Park City Think Tank
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 80.73Mb)

Description: [00:05] ASH15 - Ashley Talks with Amy Blaschka hosted by Ashley Galina Dudarenok [00:55] Amy's story - how did Amy become a business owner, copywriter and brand strategist? [06:26] Is writing a skill that can be learnt by anyone? Amy's perspective on this [10:06] As videos become more popular, are copywriting and words becoming less relevant? Videos vs the written word [14:27] Amy's opinion of ghostwriters and the ghostwriting industry [18:36] More about ghostwriting, from having a template, the time it takes and how much it pays [24:03] Why hasn't Amy authored a book by herself yet? [25:03] Amy talks about her favourite social media platform LinkedIn and how it has transformed itself into a content creation platform [29:42] The importance of being perfectly imperfect and showing authenticity as well as vulnerability on social media [33:12] What program is Amy using to caption her videos? [36:01] Amy answers Ashley's question on whether there is a difference between the way men and women work [40:33] How to choose the best internal writer or copywriter? A good writer is also a good listener [44:30] What platforms can people access to look for writers? From LinkedIn to TripAdvisor [48:06] Amy suggests resources to become a better business writer - Grammarly.com, Hemmingway.com, HeadlineAnalyzer [52:03] What's the difference between a writer, a copy editor and a content editor? [53:50] To work with Amy, find her on LinkedIn, AmyBlaschka.com or write to her at Amy@AmyBlaschka.com

189. 264: Pieter Franken – Safecast, Shinsei Bank, MIT & Monex Group
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 129.06Mb)

Description: [02:10] You came to Japan to work for Panasonic Corp in 1989. What was Japan like back then? -- This was just after the real estate bubble started to burst. Prior to that Japan always felt like an endless party. In 1989 the hangover was starting. It was a special time. You find Japanese companies all have their own stories. They are not all the same. [28:00] You were actually involved in the aftermath of what was the largest corporate failure in Japanese history. Tell us a little bit about that. -- You're talking about The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, which went bankrupt in 1998. I joined the bank that emerged from this in 2000, Shinsei Bank. My interests were in rebuilding the bank from a technical / operational standpoint. At that time, Japanese banking technology in services was lagging. We really started to innovate to make Shinsei Bank a leader in banking tech. [43:23] When you look at FinTech innovation in Japan today, there seems to be a lot going on. How has this happened? Who is driving it? -- First, it's important to consider that FinTech is a very broad term, which at it's core means bringing into the world of finance new digital technologies, new companies, and new innovative concepts. In Japan now there is a realization the central places for finance in Asia are in Singapore and Hong Kong, they are not in Tokyo. There's a growing realization banks need to innovate more.

190. 263: Aaron Cheng, Sabrina Wang & Kyriakos Zannikos - The Singapore Entrepreneur Edition
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 51.21Mb)

Description: [18:48] Entrepreneurship is difficult. Dealing with the criticisms from people around you and sometimes those harshest voices are the ones in your own head. All entrepreneurs deal with uncertainty. How do you deal with it? Aaron: There's no real answer. Everyone takes a different path. You have to find something you're really passionate about. If it was easy, everyone would be an entrepreneur, but it's not easy. The most difficult thing is to get over the fear to start something new. [37:58] Your companies are not huge. You're not an Apple or an Amazon. How do you get people to want to come and work with you? Aaron: I do things the Singapore way, which is to say if you want to learn and work here then by all means come. If you don't want to work here, then don't come. Kyriakos: It's not that difficult to get good people. We don't necessarily want the people who just want to work for a big name. It has been easier than we first expected. In the end it requires a bit of luck and a bit of hustle. Sabrina: We treat everything like a pitch as if we're the next big thing. We are big believers in culture. We try to give our employees a vote and say in the direction we're going. But it's difficult to find people. We don't have the resources to pay a big bonus to attract talent, for example. The struggle is to get the right people. [49:20] What advice would you want to leave listeners with? Graham: For me it's surround yourself with the right people. You can't underestimate how important this is. Kyriakos: You have goal and you shared it with people. This is important. Share your idea, and not just to the people you feel comfortable with--tell the world! Not everyone will like it or think you're right, but share your idea. Sabrina: Rejections are normal. Maybe 99 people will say you're wrong, but all it takes is that one person to believe in you and what you're doing. Also, don't feel bad towards the people who reject you. Maybe the next time you meet they will come around. Aaron: Think for yourself. Believe in yourself. Do it!

191. 262: Emmanuel Crouy –CEO & Co-Founder of GrabJobs
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 110.38Mb)

Description: [09:20] Let's talk about GrabJobs. What is the problem you are trying to solve? -- We are trying to solve recruitment inefficiencies, particularly into mid-level tech jobs in Asia. We found the traditional model of recruitment is filled with lots of inefficiencies, lots of time spent opening CVs in email for example. So we saw opportunities to improve how recruitment is done. The result has been our app. [24:15] So can all of this be improved just by using your chatbot? -- Our goal is to improve every step in the recruitment process. The chatbot is just a first step. Another feature our app has is the ability to standardize CV formatting. Employers don't have to deal with all the various combinations of doc, docx, gdoc, pdf, etc. The app will put all the information into a standardized layout to speed comparisons across applicants. An additional feature we plan to rollout soon is interview self-scheduling. If during the interview with the chatbot an applicant scores above some target, the bot will automatically schedule that candidate for an interview.

192. 261: Introducing Rina Neoh and Abdul Malik from Platform E ~ The New Home of Asia Tech Podcast
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 25.52Mb)

Description: [00:05] ATP660 - Asia Matters with Graham D Brown [00:10] Welcome Rina Neoh and Abdul Malik of Platform E [00:55] What is Platform E and what is its big goal? [04:00] What was it that sold Platform E to Rina? [06:40] What does Rina want to build with Platform E? When she talks about potential, what's the vision and what's the big idea for the future? [07:40] What sort of people was Rina speaking to - considering she didn't have a traditional entrepreneurial career? [11:05] How would Abdul describe himself? And why did Abdul work for Platform E instead of a law firm or a government trade body? [16:55] Does Rina see her role as evolving the mindset of Singapore that it's been quite safe and now it needs a generation of people who have to take risks and think like startups? [20:10] What does Platform E need to do and who does it want to step up and reach out to them? How can people work with or help Platform e? [24:20] The individual or the entrepreneur is at the centre of everything Platform E does [26:55] Reach out and contact Platform E at www.platforme.asia

193. 260: Erik Walenza-Slabe - CEO of IoT ONE
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 129.97Mb)

Description: [12:12] There is clearly something special happening in Shanghai. What has been your personal experience with this? -- Like New York City or Silicon Valley, people from all over China are coming to Shanghai with the mentality of wanting to create something. There's a very welcoming environment where people are trying to figure out how to work together to make things. [36:00] Let's look at what's going on in the IoT space. What is coming out that excites you? -- In the industrial space in China there are a few big players who may not be globally competitive but who are competitive in China. What's going to take people by surprise are the companies coming up now. We don't know who will make it big, but this is where things will happen. [43:00] Do you get time to go out and walk the floor in Chinese factories? Do you get to see what's going on? -- Running a company means you don't have as much time to do this is you might like. What we see is that the potential for IoT has great potential in discrete manufacturing. This market is very interesting to us. Those medium-tier companies who don't have the resources necessary to retool as often as necessary but whose business model depends on them being nimble in their manufacturing.

194. 259: Sam Waldo - Co-Founder & CEO of Mantra Eyewear
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 145.34Mb)

Description: [00:51] What is your story? Why China? -- I studied Chinese at university, it seemed a very challenging thing to do. I came to China on a study-abroad and it was obvious China was the place to be. In 2010, I joined a non-profit called Teach for China (link to Chinese language website). What better way to plan for a long-term career in China than to start from the ground up? [25:15] How would you define modern Chinese consumers? -- Young Chinese consumers are slowly moving in a more socially-conscious direction. Things you already see are environmental awareness, health, and a desire for a cleaner, more simplistic lifestyle. This is completely brand new in China. One thing you see is companies who try to copy this model don't do too well because they lack the authenticity. This is really important if you are going to succeed in this space. [39:30] What has been your experience as a foreigner doing business in China? -- As a foreigner you have a ceiling. There are places you can't go and things you can't do. At the end of the day I'm not Chinese and I'm never going to be Chinese. This will always limit what you can achieve. But there are things you can tap into as a foreigner. Interestingly Chinese people have told us they trust our motives more because we are foreigners. There remains a strong suspicion that Chinese people doing charity work are trying to get rich and famous.

195. 257: Raj Sodhi - CEO of Guwoo
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 84.23Mb)

Description: [04:00] How would you describe the tech ecosystem in Shenzhen? -- There is a total desire among people to collaborate, to help each other, and to share. If people believe in your vision, they will be drawn to you and you will be able to find the people you need to build your business. [09:55] At Guwoo we wanted to develop a sophisticated user-experience that wasn't simply click a button to turn a page or say a keyword to wake up the robot. We wanted something that would provide the necessary outcome-based experience that could take students ahead to the next level in the classroom. [33:08] Where do you see the opportunities in education moving forward? Where can technology really make a difference? -- In China there is plenty of technology but not enough solutions. In the US, it's the opposite problem, there are lots of solutions but a lack of good technologies. How do we take these platforms and scale them massively? These are the challenges going forward.

196. 258: Nishtha Mehta – In the Making Introduction
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 80.23Mb)

Description: Nishtha Mehta joins Graham Brown in the introductory episode of In the Making podcast to share her ideas about this new show, the topics she wants to talk about and the qualities she is looking for in her guests. She talks about the importance of stepping up to start up new opportunities, whether it is a new role, a new job or a new enterprise. She believes that in our industry failure is an important part of "In the making" and people need to hear about it.

197. 256: Edward Tse - Founder & CEO of Gao Feng Advisory Company
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 111.59Mb)

Description: [00:05] FIA5 - Founders in Asia with Jodie Collins [00:50] Welcome Edward Tse - Founder & CEO of Gao Feng Advisory Company - to Founders in Asia [02:35] Edward got recruited by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to run their China business in Shanghai in 1992 - pioneering the consulting business which was nascent then in China [08:50] What were the things that Edward learned from working with Chinese entrepreneurs? [13:55] Was it from BGC that Edward moved to start Gao Feng Advisory Company? Also, what was the motivating factor for Edward to decide to start his own consulting firm? [20:25] At the core of it, what is the difference between the traditional way of thinking and the "China way" of thinking? [28:55] How does Edward see this "China way" of thinking gain traction in other markets across Asia? [31:10] Edward talks about his journey of starting his own consulting firm Gao Feng Advisory Company - what challenges have Edward faced and what are the lessons that he can share with other people? [37:25] What sort of channels does Edward use to distribute that thought leadership and get their brand out there? Also, does Edward identify as the brand? Is Edward effectively Gao Feng? [39:30] Edward offers tips for other founders on how they can continue to build their media presence [43:10] Has Edward thought of something which his company wants to go into that's outside of the management consulting sphere?

198. 254: Nabomita Mazumdar - TED Speaker, Ambassador to Ministry of Women & Child Development
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 78.64Mb)

Description: [09:36] Where do you find energy for your passions? -- Everyone needs something that can keep them awake at 2:00am. At the end of the day these communities are people in flesh and bone. Serving them is a wonderful thing. [14:48] Why do so many women have a complicated relationship to money in business? -- This is ironic because so many women have experiences as homemakers. Some of the best business skills you could hope for emerge from this work; but for some reason, when women become product-makers or entrepreneurs they become "too feminine" about money and almost shy to talk about numbers. [31:28] What is the future for workers who in a very short time may lose their jobs and livelihoods as a result of automation and technological change? -- Bots and robots are inevitable. The sorts of "cookie-cutter" jobs that were designed in the first place for machines and not humans will go back to the machines. These human workers are not yet ready to take on more specialized tasks. We need to change this.

199. 255: Graham Brown - Michael Bloomberg On-board for the Asian Century??
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 131.36Mb)

Description: Note: This podcast contains explicit language [00:05] ATP650 - Asia Matters with Graham D Brown [02:42] Michael R. Bloomberg, American businessman and philanthropist, wants to create a rival to the Davos-based World Economic Forum that will focus on Asia and the Asian Century. The inaugural session will take place this November, 2018 in Beijing. -- This is certainly a way to acknowledge China's lead in the global ecosystem. [07:50] Data from the #AsiaMatters Report published this year bolsters the case for Bloomberg's vision. Key takeaways include Asia is a US$27 trillion economy. This is 50% bigger than either the US or the EU. By 2030, the Asian middle classes are expected to grow to 3.2 billion people -- an enormous market potential! [12:09] The Asia Matters Report talks about four steps that will bring about the Asian Century. 1) The demographic advantage that allowed for low-cost manufacturing production. 2) Capital reinvestment that helped build the Asian middle class and a skills, talent, wealth, and innovation boom, which is now allowing for 3) an increasing innovation advantage (AI, autonomous vehicles, etc). Asia is taking the lead in innovation. Finally, 4) Asia will eventually become the global hegemon and the "default option" for business. [17:12] The Asia Matters Institute was created as a forum to help foster these connection. The goal was helping experts outside Asia find their counterparts in the region, and also to help people in Asia better find and communicate. If you are a speacalist with something to offer, get in touch! [19:56] Exciting news from Singapore as Asia Tech Podcast opens its own studio! Special thanks to the team at Platform E for making this possible! [22:18] Platform E is a co-working space, incubator, accelerator, and community. Shout-out to Rina Neoh and Abdul Malik! They get things done! [26:06] Thunder and lightening shenanigans! [26:25] On networking. There are two types of people: energy-takers and net energy-givers. Find the energy-givers and work with them! [31:05] Why podcasting is the future of personal branding. Conferences and traditional networking events almost never give you information beyond what's available on someone's website. Nothing "wow's" us at those things. Podcasting, on the other hand, brings out the human element. That's what people want! [38:08] Revealing your vulnerability and humanizing yourself to others is one of the most effective ways to get ahead. Show that you have the confidence to take the arrows of criticism. Blaze the trail! Give people the Oprah moment! People want to know about you! [43:10] The vision for Asia Tech Podcast is to create the platform for those human conversations...to give that voice to the Asian tech ecosystem. The new studio will really help to make live radio shows...to make real conversations! [52:28] For all the talk about the digital world being the future, you can't fake a real, human conversation. This is what makes podcasts. And this is what will make the Asian Century. There are countless stories waiting to be told! That's what we're going to do here on Asia Tech Podcast. [55:15] If this sounds like your passion, apply to be our intern. Come be a part of the Asian Century!

200. 253: Andrea Loubier – Building Mailbird from Bali
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 69.30Mb)

Description: [00:05] Welcome Andrea Loubier to Asia Tech Podcast Stories, hosted by Graham D Brown [00:37] Andrea talks about her current location of Canggu, Bali and the coworking scene in Bali [03:42] Why did Andrea choose Indonesia as a base? [06:47] Graham reminisces his experiences backpacking in Indonesia back in 1994 [10:11] All about Mailbird, an email management app created by Andrea [14:24] The different roles played by the three creators of Mailbird and the story of how the co-founders met [16:48] The turning point - when did Andrea know that it was time to pack her bags and move to Bali? [18:22] Why did Andrea choose Bali instead of the Silicon Valley as a place to start her company? [20:32] Graham shares an anecdote about a Google employee who commuted from Bend Oregon to San Franscisco to save costs [22:56] Cultural fit when hiring - if you don't limit your hiring pool to one location, you open up doors to amazing talent [24:53] The lack of a pervasive start-up culture in Bali and how that impacts Andrea's experience of running a business [26:16] Is the idyllic tropical island vibe dulling Andrea's aggressive entrepreneurial drive? [28:44] Andrea's experience of time management as a digital nomad [30:40] The scalability of a remote company and Andrea's transition plans to help with that [33:16] The customer happiness team at Mailbird and how it works [38:23] What kind of qualities does Andrea look for when recruiting new team members? From a cultural fit interview, skills test, final interview to a 3 month probationary period [42:00] The challenges of hiring remotely and how Andrea deals with them [44:35] If money is not a deciding factor, would Andrea still choose to have a remote and distributed team? [47:08] Find out more about Andrea on Googleplus, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or email her al@getmailbird.com

201. 252: Kyle Ellicott - Does America's Auto Future Lie in China?
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 94.28Mb)

Description: [00:05] KYL5 - Cross Border Kyle with Kyle Ellicott [00:15] Graham and Kyle last saw each other in Hong Kong where they got to go on a tour [03:05] Kyle spoke at the Startup Launchpad Conference by Global Sources. What did Kyle take away from having seen those Southeast Asian and Asian startups? [06:10] Was there a lot of hardware startups there? Yomee - The World's First Automatic Yogurt Maker. Kyle says "Lessons are being learned, companies are educating themselves on what works and what doesn't, and are starting to see what the market needs are versus just building to build" [09:35] How do Asian startups go on the "pitch" side of things? The Valley does very well on the story side. In Asia, there is an overemphasis on technology and not so much in the story but this has changed dramatically over the past year [14:15] Did Kyle see anything interesting on the AI and deep tech startups side of things? [17:05] Coming from "Motor City" Detroit, Michigan, Kyle touches on the innovations in the automotive industry of China - Shanghai Auto City [23:40] Michigan and Chinese Automotive industries working together - was there a scenario where it's too regulated to test some kind of tech in the US that they go to China and test it right out of the factory gate? [26:05] How did the guys in Michigan take it when people from China went there and talked about technology and China itself? [28:45] According to John Waraniak, Detroit has been so crushed that all of the traditional infrastructure was gone - did this have an effect on the Michigan people being open in the conversation with people from China? [31:45] An auto industry that's starting to grow and see the pathway for innovation and the need to work with startups and to work on a global scale like the case of Oakland County in Michigan taking 300 companies over to China [33:10] The governor of Michigan has made 8 trips to China which is the most of any previous governor - which other cities out there are doing this? [35:05] "Sometimes, something gets so broken that the only option is to start again" like the Michigan auto industry but you see this in Asia as well like Hong Kong and Vietnam [39:35] Be open-minded as a business owner, as an innovator, as an executive, or as a consumer today and in the future and incredible things will come in the future because of that [40:40] Check out crossborderkyle.com for podcast episodes and other unique content

202. 251: Avijit Sarkar - Founder of Regular.li
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 126.08Mb)

Description: [12:00] Avijit talks about his startup Regular.li - a time management app in the mobile devices of employees [30:25] In India, startup people are the new rockstars - people leaving safe jobs and becoming entrepreneurs now. The next step is the maturity of the market [36:15] In terms of having startup accelerators, where is India now? Also, startup founders now come straight out of college, go to an accelerator, get funding - they never had to go out and hustle. Does Avijit think this is positive?

203. 249: String Nguyen - Founder of StringStory Media
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 128.70Mb)

Description: [00:00] ASH12 - Ashley Talks with Ashley Galina Dudarenok and String Nguyen [01:00] Starting out on Meerkat, how did String Nguyen build content and community around her video content and eventually get 20,000 followers on Linkedin? [05:00] How do videos convert compared to other platforms? Before you get to conversion, you should build brand awareness? Is it okay to publish informal personal content on Linkedin or does it have to be slick and professional? [08:45] In video content creation, it's tortoise vs the hare. Personal branding is a marathon not a sprint. It's a full time job that you have to commit to for the long term [13:10] Growing your Linkedin followers to 20,000+ . There's a 30,000 limit on Linkedin followers, how do you get around it? How do you win a Linkedin "top voice" award? It's all about community and growth. [14:10] An insight about String's entrepreneurship and her journey. Where did it come from? [19:00] How do you become good at communication and ask great questions in videos and podcasts? [21:00] String's thoughts on Blockchain and ICOs, including who she follows on Twitter [30:00] How do education systems shape our thinking processes and entrepreneurship long term? [31:40] What are String's thought on Asia, innovation and entrepreneurship? [39:00] Why did String double down on video? What does it mean for SEO? What about sponsored video content? [44:30] Why did String delete SnapChat? What's the problem with SnapChat for content creators? How does the ROI of SnapChat compare with Linkedin? [52:00] Live Streaming and the future of Video. Ashley and String discuss Live Streaming in Asia, its impact on social media, micro influencers and new retail.

204. 250: Graham Brown & Simon Kemp -Trends in Social Media, Facebook Advertising and Influence
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 89.34Mb)

Description: [00:00] Welcome to Digital Lives Asia #4 with Graham D Brown and Simon Kemp. In this episode, Simon drops his latest data on global social media growth trends [06:40] With all the recent focus on the "delete facebook" movement, what's actually happening to Facebook data? Facebook users are up but teenagers are down [17:20] What's happening with Facebook advertising? Fan pages may be struggling to get attention but businesses have few alternatives to reach their consumers [27:50] Who's actually clicking these ads on Facebook? Some insight into Facebook ad campaigns and click behavior of Indonesians [35:00] What are the changes in the advertising landscape doing to shape traditional marketing demographics? We talk about Red Bull and why traditional social media demographics [47:40] Advertising is no longer a moniker of trust, so how do brands build trust? We discuss why giving away content and creating value is key to building trust and winning attention [53:20] What can we learn about 18 year olds and their motivations on Facebook? We discuss social listening and how brands are missing a trick learning what their audience really care about [56:00] We discuss differences in empathy with Uber and Grab in Southeast Asia

205. 247: Ria Lao – Founder & CEO of Groupstar
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 54.71Mb)

Description: [00:05] FIA4 - Founders in Asia with Ria Lao, founder and CEO of Groupstar, hosted by Jodie Collins [01:14] Ria talks about her background and how she ended up in Singapore [03:00] All about Groupstar and how it transforms communication within large companies using video solutions [06:30] The key question of when to pivot and what to focus on, the curse of the entrepreneur - everything is an opportunity [09:03] The importance of having a clear vision for your team and not just focusing on the product offering [12:02] As a founder, is the decision making backed by data points or gut feel? Ria's views on this [14:33] Where does Ria see the greatest opportunities across the region? [15:47] Ria addresses the perceived challenge of selling technology to less developed markets [17:52] Examples on how companies use Groupstar to turn internal information into videos [21:49] Ria shares the lessons she has learnt and the mistakes she has made throughout her journey as a founder [24:20] Is it necessary to have a co-founder when starting a business? Ria and Jodie share their thoughts [26:51] Ria dispels the myth that you need investor money up front to get started with a team [28:28] How various areas of expertise in startups are being handled by other markets abroad like in India or Philippines [30:23] Where in the region does Ria see the most exciting growth potential for her business? From Indonesia, Japan to Australia [32:03] The surprising demographic uptake of Groupstar, senior management are more interested in using it than the young millennials [34:02] Ria's number one tip for others who are interested in setting up a business in this region- don't quit your day job!

206. 248: Don Phan – The Asian Education Market
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 123.68Mb)

Description: [00:05] Welcome Don Phan to Asia Tech Podcast Stories, hosted by Graham D Brown [00:51] A bit of background about Don Phan and what he does [02:04] Catching up with Don on what has happened in his life since he was last on the show [05:20] How did Don decide to give up on one start up, his baby business, to shift to his other start up in education? [08:26] Don talks about the concept of 'founder market fit' and how to gauge that objectively [12:06] How does Don feel now in education compared to a year ago when he was working on his baby business? [15:52] All about Don's education company HillHouse and its role in the Asian education market [17:03] A comparison between how American and Asian families approach education for their children [20:41] Don shares anecdotes about expensive private education 'consultants' that can be currently found in Vietnam [23:05] The services offered by HillHouse from help with tests to assisting with applications including personal statements [25:16] Do education systems in Asia encourage students to develop their personal narrative? Don's thoughts on the Asian education system [26:34] The focus on collective learning found in the Japanese and Asian education system [28:08] How is Don building Hillhouse? Don's method of hiring English teachers for his company and how it distinguishes Hillhouse from other companies [32:30] A comparison between online teaching versus other forms of teaching [35:04] Will online education form the bulk of education for certain age groups in the future? [39:00] Is HillHouse more focused on the educational agenda of the future of learning or more focused on merely improving test skills? [41:12] Don's views on the future of online education in Asia and how it compares with the US [44:33] Young Asian parents in their 30s consider the educational gaps they themselves experienced when deciding on how to invest in their children's education [48:05] Will Asia, in some way or form, be a future leader in education? Don's opinion on the possible evolution of the Asian education system [49:40] Don explains the differences between US online education systems and Asian online education systems [53:41] Go to Hillhouse.us to check out Don's education company

207. 246: Dan Itsara – Glazziq the Bangkok Based Fashion Brand
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 121.55Mb)

Description: [00:05] Welcome Dan Itsara to Asia Tech Podcast Stories [01:25] Why did Dan decide to build Glazziq, an e-commerce brand for prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses? [03:10] Where did the Glazziq design get its influence from? Also, where did the idea of starting Glazziq come from? [08:10] Does Dan see his previous work experience for the US Air Force and NASA relevant to building an eyeglass company in the context of what he is doing? [14:55] Thai people are friendly, don't like confrontation and don't like saying there's a mistake - how does Dan culture that mindset into a group of people who may have been programmed in another way? [18:20] "Disagree and commit" - an example of Korean Airlines in the 1980s [22:05] A backstory on Dan as an American-Thai, growing up in Northern California and his rationale for going to Thailand [25:20] Did Thai people - or Dan himself - not know where he fitted in when he moved to Thailand? Also, did that put doubt in his mind? [28:00] Having experience living in cross-cultural worlds develops empathy - a powerful tool for retail and e-commerce [30:55] How did Dan grow Glazziq, an e-commerce/retail business, to operational positive within six months? [34:10] Is it difficult to standardize the process of making prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses? Also, the many mistakes Glazziq made in the process [38:55] How close is Dan to having the "ultimate dashboard" to simplify his business or is it a pipe dream to have? [42:45] Now that Glazziq is a growing business and operationally positive, does Dan have a clear idea on where he should be focusing? [45:20] As a mountain climber and an entrepreneur, what is Dan's take on the "never give up" advice? [49:35] "Amateurs practice until they can do it right but professionals practice until they can't do it wrong" [50:05] Dan's experience is a great case study on why it makes sense to not necessarily work for a startup straight out of the gate but to get training first in the corporate world or the military [52:15] Check out www.glazziq.com or find Dan at LinkedIn.com/DanItsara

208. 245: Case Engelen - CEO of Titoma
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 138.98Mb)

Description: [00:05] ASH11 - Ashley Talks with Ashley Galina Dudarenok [00:10] Welcome Case Engelen, CEO of Titoma, to Ashley Talks [00:35] Case shares his journey into Taiwan and Mainland China and founding Titoma - "time to market" [02:15] What is the difference between manufacturing in Taiwan and manufacturing in Mainland China? [07:25] Is Taiwan losing its competitive advantage against Mainland China? Is Case moving there from Taiwan? [11:10] Is Taiwan worse paid than Mainland China in the manufacturing world? Also, what are the pitfalls or dangers that manufacturing firms face now? [20:30] What are the differences between hardware, software, and firmware? And how fast can people manufacture devices in places like Shenzhen? [28:35] Does Case see a lot of factories, like traditional OEMs, start to market their own brands? Huawei as an example [32:00] A lot of people think China is still a nation of copycats and that any partner you work with is potentially gonna stab you in the back, take the product and sell it by him/herself - what is Case's take on that? [38:20] Would Case encourage people to go to platforms like Kickstarter with an idea in order to raise money in order to test the market and move ahead with it? [40:25] In terms of the manufacturing process itself, what is the technology that gives Case chills and excitement right now? [44:05] More manufacturing migrating away from Mainland China into Southeast Asia and the rest of the world like Africa - what does Case think about that? [50:45] What scares Case the most about China are the regulations which are often rather "fluid" but Ashley sees the situation getting a lot better [55:55] What book or movie does Case recommend that gave him critical insight into China, the world or manufacturing? [56:50] What does Case's company, Titoma, do? Get in touch at titoma.com

209. 244: Kineret Karin - Growing a Social Impact Accelerator
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 102.87Mb)

Description: [00:05] Welcome Kineret Karin to Asia Tech Podcast Stories, hosted by Graham D Brown [01:11] Kineret talks about ImpacTech, a Singapore based accelerator focused on startups that create a positive impact on the environment and the society [02:02] How ImpacTech has grown and evolved since Kineret's last appearance on the show in August last year [06:03] Are corporate accelerators the future? ImpacTech's collaborations with large coorporations like Shell and Singtel [08:23] Kineret shares the process behind ImpacTech's work with Shell [11:53] The first five start ups selected for the ImpacTech program with Shell - hydrogen batteries for electric scooters, smart meters for utilities, wireless charging for busses and cars, more cost effective solar panels, smart tent for the homeless and energy panels for different weathers [14:42] The learning curve working with engineering startups - Kineret's background is in the service industry [17:25] Shell's commitments to startups in this batch [19:07] Why are large corporates like Shell investing resources into startups? What is in it for them? [20:51] Are large corporates genuinely helping startups or just doing it for PR purposes? How can you tell? [22:55] Kineret's thoughts on the growth of accelerator companies and the startup accelerator model in Singapore [27:18] Singtel and ImpacTech's start up accelerator program "Future Makers" and what it involves [28:25] The challenge of identifying the right startups and Kineret's strategy to overcome this [30:47] The commitments between startups and Singtel for startups in the 4 month "Future Makers" program [32:30] Kineret's secret methods of distinguishing a good startup from the rest [34:12] The double bottom line - measuring the economics of na ImpacTech startup involves measuring the social impact created and the associated financial model associated [35:14] How does Kineret measure the potential social impact of a startup? [36:56] Kineret shares future plans for ImpacTech including expansions to Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan [40:16] What kind of start ups is ImpacTech interested in? [42:10] When would it be the best time for a start up to contact accelerator companies like ImpacTech? [44:29] Get in touch with Kineret through her LinkedIn or website

210. 243: Blake Larson, Expanding LaLaMove Across Asia
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 77.05Mb)

Description: [00:05] Welcome Blake Larson to Asia Tech Podcast Stories [00:40] What exactly is Lalamove? How do consumers use this mobile app? [02:45] In Bangkok, it costs $40 to move a parcel, which is the same price to hire a delivery driver for a day [05:10] Lalamoves addresses the challenge of redundant inventory [06:45] How does the trust aspect come into that? The number one thing Lalamove customers value the company for is its reliability [08:40] Can you train people - from the provinces, who may not have an education or who may not be fully literate - to be great at customer service? Lalamove created a system that incentivises the behaviour the company wants [12:15] Respect, income, and freedom - the three values Lalamove brings to their drivers. To what extent does driver-to-driver word-of-mouth help the company? Also, is it common for drivers who use Lalamove to use other platforms? One could be better off if it wasn't exclusive on both sides [16:00] A quick look at Lalamove's published numbers of where they are right now - US$160 M in funding, 126 cities in 7 countries [18:15] The dynamic on the ground is very different in each individual city - What is it like to do business in Ho Chi Minh for example? What's it like to be a foreign business coming into Vietnam and work with people who may not have a lot of experience working with foreigners? Empathy as an increasingly used approach to building a service business [23:45] As Lalamove's MD International, what does Blake do? Does he force himself to go out there? Also, the idea about the training program conceived by Lalamove to make their culture stronger - making sure that as they grow quickly, they actually keep their feet on the ground [28:30] How did Blake arrive at the day-to-day approach - his interpretation of strategy - as the right way to do it? Also, spending his first eight weeks for Rocket Internet in Hong Kong standing outside petrol stations handing out flyers to taxi drivers [31:05] What did Blake learn from doing his market research at the petrol station? People make the internet to be way sexier than it is and it as a good reminder of humility despite his MBA and corporate background [35:00] As a well-educated, successful and MBA-holding person who went well outside his comfort zone, what are Blake's formative experiences? Personal growth is so much more when the world becomes not about you and what you're trying to do and his love of feeling "small" [39:50] How does Blake constantly challenge himself considering his position in Lalamove, a high-profile company? The risk gets higher but it's even higher if you don't do anything [42:45] Coming from outside of Asia and working for a high-growth startup, is this kind of environment for everybody? What kind of people thrive in a place like Lalamove? The four values of the company - passion, grit, humility and execution [47:05] Blake's advice for people who would interview about joining a startup - go talk to whoever the users or potential customers of a company are [49:00] The story behind Blake making their new employees build their chairs, which symbolizes why Lalamove are the way they are as a company

211. 242: Graham Brown - Does the Korea Summit Mark the Beginning of the Asian Century?
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 111.22Mb)

Description: [00:05] ATP640 - Asia Matters with Graham D Brown [00:20] North Korean president Kim Jong-Un stepped across the parallel and shook hands with South Korean president Moon Jae-In - An image that defines the Asian Century about building bridges and not walls [03:55] The historic summit between the two Koreas - a long road ahead and it may fail but what if it worked? Its similar implications and parallels with the fall of the Berlin Wall - the beginning of globalisation [07:05] Growing up in an era where nuclear war was a real threat before the fall of the Berlin Wall blew away the old ways of thinking and shifted to looking at "The East" as opportunity [08:35] It takes somebody to break the mould and push the boundaries - British pop singer Jessie J winning a talent competition in China equivalent to American Idol, the Beatles breaking into the US, Jack Ma taking his Chinese company Alibaba to The West [14:50] Nobody cuts a red ribbon to open the Asian Century - defining history as a series of events like the Industrial Revolution, digital age, the British Century or American Century [20:30] Nobody ever names these eras when they're happening, like the Reformation - In Germany, Martin Luther nailed his "95 points" on the door of a Catholic church who sold repentance, made a lot of money from this and exercised a lot of power, kicking off ideas like self-development, that you could make your life better [27:05] What will the global media industry look like for kids growing up - what they think of as a music, movie industry is gonna be very different to what we understand [32:20] If your most innovative people are focussed on trying to find better ways to connect, you're building the future - when you have a generation of people growing up where the default is to build connectivity and bridges, then you have the beginning of a new era [36:40] Media conditioning us with wall-building narratives like the case of Fox News reinforcing its narrative towards Iran. But young people are malleable enough that these narratives don't stick - they will see an Asian region which builds bridges emotionally and physically [41:35] America exercised its soft power in 1915 like what China is doing right now in 2018 [43:00] Who brokered the meeting between the two Koreas? Chinese leader Xi Jinping - China, not USA, is brokering power in Asia, politically reinforcing what is happening economically in the world [45:10] The North and South Korean meeting is the image that would define the Asian Century - the point at which people's mindset shifted far enough that they thought the old way of looking at this old region was changed so far that it was broken

212. 241: Dan Waldschmidt – Edgy Conversations (Ashley Talks ASH10)
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 81.05Mb)

Description: [00:10] Welcome Dan Waldschmidt of Edgy Conversations - international best-selling author, business strategist, speaker and extreme athlete to Ashley Talks [01:00] What is the story of Dan? How did he arrive in Asia? The unfair advantage of being raised by strict parents who forced him to learn and be disciplined, reading 3,000 books and learning early on that he was good at growing businesses [06:20] You have to love to learn with so much information out there - people make the mistake of getting locked in, "I already know, I don't want your advice", which holds them back from learning. But if you learn, there's so much greatness for you and no limit to your capability [08:40] Business leaders don't set aside time to be quiet - take a step back and quietly look at what's really going on and also the unfortunate state of the human mind programmed to link several things together that should never be linked together - especially when you're having a bad day [13:55] The four behaviours of high achievers - 1) use extreme behavior, 2) disciplined activity, 3) giving more value than you take and 4) being human [16:45] Giving Value - how do you put out a strategy about giving first but still staying profitable and growing? The example of a major software manufacturer in Silicon Valley giving value that eventually led to $300M in new revenue and how to create the Theater of Success to give value [22:15] Being human - we're great at a lot of stuff, we're not robots, we make mistakes - but successful people hack that by using their flaws in humanity to help people achieve a high level of success - disrupting the "stiffness" of emails, resumes, by using curse words for people to get the sense that you meant it [26:10] Who influenced Dan? How has he become so positive and is he always like that? Having that belief that his life was destined for greatness because he was unwilling to quit. Also, Dan using ultra-running as a way to stay in his mind, to be positive and realistic, and continue [30:30] How did Dan start his blog? How impactful was it for his business and why does he keep going? Shifting his blogging from whatever he wanted to blog about into focusing on just one subject for a whole month to force himself to be disciplined and telling the story of Hollywood action star Sylvester Stallone in their blog [35:25] How do you know you're doing the right thing? - Staying grounded to core principles and "be, do, have" as a template for successful people. Also, what are you willing to do to get to where you want to be? Examples of Dan's friends moving to the natural gas-rich North Dakota and of another friend who postponed her wedding for one extra year [42:35] Why are there so few businessmen who are willing to go through those lengths? Because they don't need to. But you can create this need for change by having bigger goals than you're achieving right now or find yourself in a situation where you're forced to change [44:15] Working across so many countries and continents, does Dan see that people perceive business success, the way these people approach doing business, and taking things to the next level differently? Culturally, we all think of success differently, but we're all looking for this feeling of significance. That is universal [47:25] What are the companies that Dan is running right now? Who does he work with and what does he do? Concentrating his work now on people who wanna change the world and make it better. Check out danwaldschmidt.com [51:50] "You don't have to be reckless but you don't have to play it safe" - if you have this feeling that you're meant for more but don't know how to tap into that, lean into that feeling and raise your hand so we can guide you [53:15] You can get Dan's book at freeedgybook.com for free,

213. 240: Daniel Fraser – Building Smiling Albino Travel and Becoming a Thai TV Celebrity
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Description: [00:05] Welcome Daniel Fraser to Asia Tech Podcast Stories, hosted by Graham D Brown [00:53] Daniel's first time in Asia in 1995 in a student exhange with the Thai Royal Family [04:54] Graham's experience when he came to Asia in the summer of 1995 [07:17] Being neither expat nor tourist - how Daniel's first year in Thailand was a complete immersion in local Thai culture [10:23] The second coming. Why did Daniel come back to Asia in 1999? [13:49] Why did Daniel take the risk to build a business based on adventure travel and experience travel back in 1999? [17:10] Daniel's story of coming back to Thailand in 1999 and the first few years, from oddjobs to tourist visa runs [20:08] Thailand is now derisked compared to what it was. What was it like back then to start a business in Thailand as a foreigner? [23:33] How did Daniel deal with the 'dark entrepreneurial days', days when he felt like buying a flight ticket and going home? [26:08] The fear of failure as a powerful motivator and how publicly stating your intentions will help entrepreneurs [28:02] Daniel's experiences of being a 'white guy' entrepreneur in Thailand back in 1999, from being in a rare club to living locally [32:23] The tours initially offered by Daniel's adventure travel agency, from unexpectedly popular motorcycle tours to putting millionaires in little guesthouses in Northern Thailand [37:10] Travel is about bridging worlds. All of the tours offered in the early days of the business came directly from the life Daniel was living at that time [41:00] The new trend of luxury adventure travel and how it incorporates authentic local experiences [43:07] Daniel's stint on Thai TV, hosting a travel culture documentary series 'Long Rat Yim' in the Thai language [47:05] How did Thai people react to a white guy talking about their culture and their country on TV? [49:34] How Asian countries like Thailand are starting to see themselves from a global perspective [51:30] All about planning to be lucky and how actually going somewhere would create an energy to seek out opportunities [54:42] Daniel's advice for listeners thinking about coming to Asia. What does it take to be successful when leaving one world and starting in another? [59:00] Get in touch with Daniel through his travel company Smiling Albino, facebook Daniel B Fraser, or watch him on the Thai TV program 'Long Rat Yim' on Channel 3SD every Sunday evening at 4.30pm

214. 239: Julian Kwan – Investacrowd
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Description: [00:05] Welcome Julian Kwan to Asia Tech Podcast Founders in Asia with Jodie Collins [01:25] How did Julian Kwan get into Asia? A backstory on Julian backpacking in and around Asia, studying in Beijing, then working in Shanghai on different jobs before moving onto real estate development and renovating a prosthetics factory in Shanghai [06:35] Did Julian have any local partner to work with in the renovation of the prosthetics factory project? Turning it to a hotel, raising money from a big American entrepreneur, opening it, eventually signing up a couple of deals with real estate developers in China then expanding into other parts of Asia [08:50] Did Julian move to Sri Lanka permanently for a project there? The challenges Julian faced in doing business at Sri Lanka [12:00] How did Julian Kwan get started in Singapore? It's the best place to start a property tech business. Thinking where the investment comes from is critical [15:05] What is Investacrowd? A real-estate financing company, a tech platform where global investors can access high-quality commercial real-estate investments - a diversification tool [17:35] Did Julian develop the Investacrowd technology in Singapore? Expansion plans into adopting the blockchain technology and the shareholdings into the smart contracts instead of old paper contracts [20:50] How did Julian develop the idea behind Investacrowd? What was his inspiration for starting the business and how did Julian transition from idea to making it happen? [24:25] The huge sense of belief and 150% conviction that you need to have in starting a business. The dilemma startups face with an idea that's too early for the market (like real estate token exchanges) [28:20] Does Julian see ICTX (Investacrowd Token), an extension of the Investacrowd business, as a pivot away from what he is doing? [30:25] As the CEO, how does Julian balance out his team in terms of where their focus is on the existing business versus the new business? And how are the "old-world" real estate companies moving into the blockchain space? [35:55] Being a business founder now working in an area that is moving at an extremely fast pace, how does Julian manage that from a health and time perspective? [39:50] Asian companies don't support startups like Western companies do. Raising money from traditional sources is much harder in Asia than in The West - but is this situation changing in recent years? [42:35] Where are the most interesting markets for property technology in Asia? [44:30] Julian's tips for founders who are looking to move or are interested in Asia - find and go what's behind the curve; work in an accelerator or VC fund, see all the different things and come up with something of your own; understand the cost space; play the long game otherwise people won't work with you

215. 238: Startup Co Founders – Do You Need Them?
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Description: [00:05] STA3 - The Start with Dennis Poh and Gustavo Liu, hosted by Graham D Brown [01:20] Dennis and Gustavo take a guess at the average age of a start up founder [04:23] A MIT survey found that the average age of start up founders who started a high growth company is 45 years old [06:35] Why do we have this misconception that start up founders are young guys in shorts and sandals? [09:20] Gustavo shares a true story about ageism in the start up industry in Asia where older founders over 50 cannot gain investors without having younger co-founders [11:48] The risks of investing in a younger start up founder who has nothing to lose vs the risks of investing in a more experienced, older founder [15:15] Using Dave Duffield as an example who started his first business in his 40s, Gustavo offers his views on the 'sweet spot' in terms of age [17:20] Dennis and Gustavo share their thoughts on having co-founders and the importance of finding the right co-founder [21:21] Finding the right co-founder is like casually dating to find out what you like before committing [23:58] Gustavo's tips for starting a business with friends, from reestablishing the relationship to having the legal aspects put in place [26:57] Going alone vs being in a partnership, when does it make sense to run a business solo? [30:25] A collaboration between co-founders is like a marriage, including the difficult conversations on leveraging each other's strengths [33:52] Gustavo shares a story on how he had to advise a founder to fire his unproductive co-founder and offers advice on how to do so, for example by having a moderator [37:30] Three is the magic number- a collaboration of three co-founders (the hustler, the hacker and the hipster) are what investors are looking for [39:10] The imbalance in the roles between different co-founders where one person does more than the other and the importance of delegating tasks [41:13] Gustavo's advice on delegating effectively, have expectations put in place and look at each other's strengths and workloads [44:04] Graham's perspective on the feeling of being 'stuck' in decision making because of a co-founder [46:22] The money and equity aspect of having a co-founder and how you have to be comfortable letting your co-founder wear the pants in the relationship

216. 237: Horace Dediu – King of Apple Analysts on Asia’s Tech Future
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Description: [00:05] Welcome Horace Dediu to Asia Tech Podcast Stories, hosted by Graham D Brown [01:16] Horace's journey from being a data analyst at Nokia to creating Asymco, his own data analysis website [06:15] How did Horace earn the moniker 'King of the Apple Analyst'? Horace's journey to success [10:40] Did Horace experience the 'imposter syndrome' when he achieved sudden success and fame in the business world? [13:39] Horace's strategy to produce site content worth sharing - he explores both emotional and analytical angles when analysing data [16:28] Horace shares how he was criticised for oversimplifying when he published an article explaining Apple's cash situation on his website [19:02] Graham shares experiences of his Mobile Youth business in 2000 and how big companies like Nokia reacted to the idea of focusing on the younger generation [21:42] The paradox of focusing on where the money is- the profits are there but the innovation is absent [23:51] How Youtube trumps Netflix as the big player in the online video industry as short videos are more appealing to children [28:45] Horace frames the story of Asia in the context of innovation and growth, with comparisons to the American and European Industrial Revolution in the mid 19th century [35:03] The Wild West atmosphere of the transportation industry in Asia, with micromobility vehicles, new energy vehicles and shared vehicles (bike sharing) in China [37:31] The role of media in influencing the way the West reacts to China and its innovations [42:11] Germany was lagging behind in the automotive industry before World War Two because it lacked a production system [45:15] Does history repeat? The parallels between Germany's autooative industry lapse in the past and Asia's struggles in the present [48:44] The connotations of the brand 'Made in China' and how it might one day suggest high quality products [52:20] The 20th century was the US Century but now, the 21st Century today is the Asian Century [53:25] Everything has a precedent, nothing comes out of nowhere and 'amateurs copy, but real artists steal' [54:28] Find out more about Horace by following him on Twitter, visit his website asymco.com, and listen to his podcasts The Critical Path on 5by5.tv/criticalpath

217. 236: Asia Tech Podcast at Chinaccelerator with Oscar Ramos, Geoffrey Handley and Kapil Kane
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Description: [00:05] ATP630 - Asia Matters with Oscar Ramos, Geoffrey Handley and Kapil Kane hosted by Graham D Brown at Chinaccelerator Shanghai [01:08] Oscar Ramos's journey from Spain to Shanghai [02:32] What was Shenzhen and China like 11 years ago when Kapil Kane first arrived? [04:37] Oscar's experience of arriving in a pre-Olympic Beijing in 2007 and how the language barrier became a learning opportunity [07:00] The funny story of how Oscar left his suitcase at the airport on his first day in China - a good start! [08:44] Kapil's transition from Silicon Valley into China back in 2005 [13:45] Oscar Ramos talks about how engineers in China can get direct access to product creation. This is a competitive advantage that is difficult to get anywhere else in the world. [15:50] Does your perspective on technology change after moving to China? [17:49] Graham's observations about the special 'holiday' energy in the startup ecosystem in China. We recorded this podcast on a national holiday in China. Despite that, the offices at Chinaccelerator were packed. [20:32] What is it about China, Shanghai in particular, that can't be found elsewhere? [24:20] Geoffrey Handley joins the conversation ad shares a little from his own experience on what makes Shanghai special [27:30] Geoffrey's initial impression of China as a 13 year old [30:19] Oscar's views on how it is often easier to communicate with a person from a different country. We share more in common by virtue of the fact we've left our countries and we're entrepreneurs [31:25] The increasingly redundant question of 'where are you from?' [33:06] Only what you bring to the table matters. Leave your history, where you're from and your baggage behind. What are the tangible benefits of this mindset in the startup ecosystem? [34:58] A big shout out to from Graham to students Elliot, Shaun and Paritosh! Here are 3 NYU students who left the US for a semester and "showed up" in China to learn Mandarin and a little on how China works. [35:57] How can you get involved in Shanghai and China? Just get on the plane and turn up or is there a more systematic approach?

218. 234: Chirayu Wadke – Partner, SeedPlus on Leaving the Valley for Asia
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Description: [00:05] Welcome Chirayu Wadke to Asia Tech Podcast Stories! He's an Early Stage Technology Investor and Operator, and Partner at SeedPlus. [02:00] What's an un-VC? Chirayu Wadke talks traditional expectations for people in the investment game and how modern technology is changing all of that. [06:10] Chirayu Wadke and Graham discuss a recent visit to a watch-maker Geneva and the challenges of launching a new product in the modern world. [13:00] Apple is outselling every single Swiss watch brand out there. What should traditional Swiss Watch brands and startups learn from Apple? [18:45] Leaving Google in Silicon Valley and returning to Asia was not a difficult decision for Chirayu Wadke. [29:00] The reference customer has traditionally been a Western consumer, this dynamic is chancing [32:30] If you're in tech, consider moving your engineering teams to Asia. Proximity brings more empathy for the users and affects cost decisions. [37:45] If you're in Silicon Valley, there are many reasons why you should consider expanding to Asia. [42:45] We are moving further away from one central authority towards peer-to-peer type of business models. This movement benefits the lie of the land in Asia. [47:00] Discussing Smart Cities in Asia and their business potential. [53:30] What kind of advice does Chirayu Wadke have for those interested in moving their business to Asia? [55:40] Thanks for tuning in! Find out more about Chirayu Wadke and his work on www.seedplus.com or contact him directly at chirayu@seedplus.com.

219. 235: Fredrik Haren - Professional Keynote Speaker and Author
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Description: [00:05] ASH9 with Fredrik Haren - Ashley Talks with Ashley Galina Dudarenok [00:10] Welcome Fredrik Haren, author and professional speaker, to Ashley Talks [01:00] How did it all happen for Fredrik? Publishing his first book and starting an internet company in 1995, selling it in 1999 before the dot-com bust, deciding to write and speak about creativity since 2000, moving to Beijing in 2005, before settling in Singapore in 2008, the most global place on Earth [09:40] What are the most important or in-demand topics that people want Fredrik to talk about? The aspects of creativity and learning about the differences in creativity between developed and developing countries [12:50] "Humanity to the power of ideas" - Fredrik's inner theme which means believing in the potential of humanity and the power of ideas. If every human being reached their maximum potential and learn to share it, the world will be a better place [15:40] With the rise of AI, how does Fredrik see creativity as something that humanity still holds on to? Can these algorithms be more creative and do it better? [19:05] The use of technology to widen our world and connect all of mankind, and its effect to come 20 years from now [23:05] How can people go from a nationalistic to a global mentality and enjoy the huge advantage now of people like the digital nomads who understood the digital change 15, 20 years ago? Travel the world, connect with more people. read news from many different countries [24:45] What was the thing Fredrik learned that was really eye-opening or changed everything for him? Open up your brain to all ideas of doing something out there and select the best way instead of basing it on what you think historically, where you were born or what your passport is [30:45] The whole idea of growing is to widen your horizons, the human dream of wanting to have a good life for me, my family, the society and the world, and his living on an island leading to him becoming very aware that everything is connected [37:45] How does one start in the professional speaking industry? Who can become a professional speaker and who needs one? The professional speaking industry in Asia is in its infancy but it will be the biggest in 20 years [42:30] "A minute to learn, a lifetime to master". How can one be good at professional speaking? The ones who make it speak from the heart and to be able to speak from your heart, you need to know your "inner theme" [47:35] What would be Fredrik's advice to startup speakers? You need to find your own speaking essence by thinking about the 3 things people say to you after they hear you speak. Also, check out Fredrik's new book "Spread Your Message. See the world. How to Become a Global Keynote Speaker" [51:30] Find out more about Fredrik Haren at interesting.org, professionalspeaking.com and innertheme.com

220. 233: Anna Haotanto - CEO & Founder of The New Savvy
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Description: [00:05] Founders in Asia with Jodie Collins. Welcome Anna Haotanto, CEO and founder of The New Savvy, a financial investments and career platform for women [01:05] The New Savvy - empowering a hundred million women to achieve financial happiness [02:40] Anna's background - her vision of building a financial education for children and realising the lack of such a platform for women that was both engaging and relevant [06:50] We listen to how Anna Haotanto validated the idea for The New Savvy - a passion project to move women along the spectrum of financial management, to contribute to society [10:30] In building a business, passion is not enough, there should also be purpose to help others, a process and plan for what you want to achieve [14:35] Did Anna plan out the processes for the business up front or did these evolve over time? The importance of having clear documentation of processes helps other people to help you build the platform or business you want [17:05] The six-strong New Savvy team, plus working with freelancers and the possibility of a totally remote setup [23:40] How does Anna decide where she's going next? The challenges of expanding in Indonesia, a special place for Anna, and launching in Hong Kong [27:35] How did Anna scale The New Savvy from a financial perspective? Investors from Singapore and Australia who were on board with the mission of The New Savvy and Anna keeping them in the loop of how the business is doing [32:35] What is the business model from where The New Savvy's revenue comes from? Sponsorships, advertisements and content marketing [34:10] What is the thinking behind exploring Malaysia and the Philippines next? The high English literacy of the Philippines and the warm people of Malaysia, where Anna started her career as a banker [36:25] Overcoming the challenges of being a founder - a backstory on the hacking of The New Savvy website. Writing about the experience, learning coding, picking herself up and learning to heal, and having a support system [43:40] The encouraging community of Singapore and thinking about the purpose of The New Savvy as reason to not walk away from 2 1/2 years of work

221. 232: Vincent Woon – Selling Cloud Based Business Intelligence & Analytics
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Description: [00:05] Welcome Vincent Woon to Asia Tech Podcast Stories, hosted by Graham D Brown [01:38] All about Holistics Software, an online data management software for businesses [06:28] Why are some online data software like Google Analytics inherently difficult to use? [08:31] Vincent Woon's tips and tricks on building cloud base analytics software that is simple to use [11:50] Large organizations are challenged by daily data overload. Too much data leads to employees becoming unfocused [14:34] Is it realistic to have just one metric to focus on every day or will that remain a pipe dream? [16:45] The metrics measured in Holistics Software and how they impact day to day focus [19:58] The challenge is measuring metrics is keeping things simple - you can end up with too many input variables [25:13] Use promo code 'ATP2018' to try out Vincent's Holistic Software [26:12] The story of how Vincent met his two Vietnamese co-founders [27:30] How does Vietnam consistently produce high level software engineers? [29:40] Vincent's background from working for IBM and French software companies to striking out on his own becoming an entrepreneur [33:32] Why did Vincent build Holistics in a low risk manner by becoming an entrepreneur only after gaining real world experience? [36:35] Timing is never perfect when starting a business. Vincent Woon started Holistic Software at the same time he had just become a new father and had a full time job [42:30] What can sales teach you about building a software business? There is a big difference between sincere customers and those who are just being nice. Never count on a customer until the the money hits your bank account [47:00] "The best time for the customer is never." Vincent Woon's advice on selling software to clients [51:07] A true entrepreneur hustler has sales experience and every start up founder should seek out some form of sales experience [51:53] You can try out Holistics Software with promocode ATP2018 and go to LinkedIn to reach out to Vincent Woon, CEO and Co-founder of Holistics Software

222. 231: Amber Chook – Founder TEDX Roppongi – Female Entrepreneurship in Asia
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Description: [00:05] Welcome Amber Chook to Asia Tech Podcast Stories [01:00] Amber speaks three languages and is a badass - moving to Japan from China at 15 and studying English 14 hours a day to enter university in Tokyo [04:25] The isolation and culture shock in rural Mie-ken in Japan - expectation for girls to become housewives instead of going to university [09:55] Did Amber face any resistance in high school talking about girls going to university? You'll be surprised that even the teachers were against the ideas of girls going to university [11:40] Who did Amber think of as a female role model and who influenced her into thinking that going to university was not only possible but a good idea? [12:40] Why did Amber Chook start TEDX Roppongi in Tokyo? We listen to her background story, life at university, starting out on the career path at 19 and showing people that there is another way rather than just be part of the Japanese corporate machine [19:15] We discuss the reality of working for a big Japanese company. Japanese companies have a unique corporate environment that requires complete dedication and submission to the group. [21:10] "Thinking about thinking" as the first ever TEDX event presented in holograph - but why think about thinking? [22:45] Why don't Japanese women ask questions at work? The subtle pressure on women at big Japanese companies and society in general [29:25] What is power harassment? This is a common issue in some Asian companies. Unless overt sexual harassment, power harassment is coercion on the worker, forcing them to do overtime or to do something that they don't want to do, something that's obviously not part of their job description [32:05] Going back to the telecom boom of 90s Japan - Mari Matsunaga in DoCoMo as a female role model. She kicked ass but ultimately faded away because she lacked the support of her community to continue what she is doing [35:10] "If you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have power, then your job is to empower somebody else" - What does the Toni Morrison quote mean to Amber? [37:10] How does Amber measure the impact/success of TEDX Roppongi? The key is measuring the legacy of the event - how many people go on to create something after coming to TEDX Roppongi? [40:55] "Every negative experience we have, we can always go back and draw more strength from it" [44:20] Reach out to Amber Chook at facebook, LinkedIn and email

223. 230: David Henderson – Building a Multicultural Team Across Asian Time Zones
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Description: [00:05] Welcome David Henderson to Asia Tech Podcast Stories. Today Graham's talking with David Henderson, CEO and Co-Founder at DRVR. [02:00] We take a look at Myanmar - its people are moving fast and open to new technology [05:45] Myanmar is a very safe country with an interesting culture and warm people, says David Henderson. [09:15] What's it like trying to build a business across multiple Southeast Asian markets? What are the most important markets for an IoT business like Drvr? [13:45] Partnerships as a strategy - according to David Henderson, building up partnerships is crucial for expanding in Southeast Asia. [18:00] Asi is the place to be in the 21st century [21:30] David Henderson discusses building company culture over three different time zones – from sales department meetings to kickboxing. [25:00] What are some of the tangible benefits that come out of building partnerships in business? [28:30] Building up a culture of trust and rewarding people for pointing out issues is important. How does David make it happen? [33:15] David Henderson and Graham D Brown discuss recruiting. David's preferred method is giving potential interns and candidates a task of their own. [38:00] You will be more successful in communicating with potential clients if you have staff from different cultural backgrounds. [42:00] Diversity isn't just a warm fuzzy CSR thing. It has real business benefit. Studies show that multicultural and diverse teams perform better, which is one of the reasons why David Henderson wants his team to be as diverse as possible. [47:00] So how does David support diversity and include women in a technical environment where women are traditionally more disadvantaged? [51:45] Thank you for tuning in! Congratulations to David Henderson for the Telematics Update Award. To find out more about DRVR, visit www.drvr.co.

224. 229: Graham Brown & Simon Kemp - As Asian Brands go Global, are they Ready for Prime Time?
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Description: [00:05] Welcome to Digital Lives Asia with Simon Kemp and Graham D Brown. [02:30] Simon has a whole new set of data for us today! According to Simon, Taobao has just surpassed Amazon in terms of website visits. [07:00] Graham and Simon discuss the rise of Asian brands, especially in e-commerce. We look at Alibaba's Taobao and the latest data on them. Are they ready for the prime time? How do they compare to Amazon? [12:00] Lalamove - the company that will deliver anything locally. Is this the Asian solution that Asia needs? [14:00] Facebook usage has grown everywhere in the world over the past three months – despite the scandals. [16:30] Data shows that Chinese people don't seem to be as concerned about online security as westerners. [20:30] Interesting data: 48% of internet users in Asia-Pacific delete cookies, and 13% of Asia-Pacific internet users use a VPN – the second highest number right after the Middle East. [25:30] Did you know that there are as many English-learners in China as there are native English speakers in the US? There are 200-300 million Chinese learning English yet there are still more Americans learning Italian than Mandarin! [30:30] So why aren't westerners interested in learning Chinese? Are we still waiting for Asia to "catch up"? [36:00] Who else can remember France's Minitel? That shows how an idea is worth a lot less than its execution. Hear what Simon has to say about digital protectionism. [39:15] As human beings, we have learned everything we know by imitating others around us – how does the same principle apply in technology? [45:00] Li Ning Shoes and other Asian brands – what kind of difficulties do Asian brands face outside of Asia? We look at storytelling and how Asian brands have a lot of catching up to do with Western marketers. [51:00] How did Alibaba get its name? Hear Simon and Graham discuss the power of stories. [55:45] People behind companies like Alibaba, Amazon and Lalamove know what people want – and traveling is a great way of getting there. We look at how soft skills like empathy have a real business benefit [58:00] Thank you for tuning in to Digital Lives Asia with Simon Kemp and Graham D Brown! Make sure to check out Simon's Digital in 2018 Report (click to download).

225. 227: Virginia Tan - Co-Founder of Lean in China
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Description: [00:10] Today with Virginia Tan: co-founder of Lean in China, She Loves Tech, Teja Ventures [01:00] How did Virginia's journey with Lean in China, the first international Lean In circle outside of the US, start? A backstory on Virginia about growing up in Singapore, spending early parts of her career in Europe and the Middle East before quitting her job as a lawyer to the shock and disapproval of parents, moving to Beijing in 2013, meeting girls in a bar then Lean In China [03:35] What was the most influential and empowering factor in Lean In - the book by Sheryl Sandberg - that motivated Virginia to start the organisation? The trigger was in the book but it's the women she met in China that inspired her to start Lean In group [06:00] Why are there so many successful female entrepreneurs in China? China is one of the best places in the world for a woman to start her own business - we look at the reasons why [09:10] Do Chinese female entrepreneurs think differently? The combination of work ethic and the appetite for risk caused by the general environment benefits women (although it applies to the Chinese generally) [12:20] Working 9-9-6 (9am to 9pm, 6 days a week) in China - the legacy of the hard work ethic. If you are going to start a business you need to think big [13:50] In China, a lot more women are participating in technology than in The West- why is that? We look at Chinese pragmatism and their tendency to be early adopters of technology [17:05] Are women also active in finance? Foreign-owned companies in China say the percentage of senior female leadership in China is much higher than in other countries [18:25] The different relationship of Chinese women with money - China as an extremely pragmatic market and its women embracing that financial independence and economic empowerment [20:25] Is the future female? Will the rest of the world catch up and will there be more women returning to work and starting their business and going into tech and finance? [23:40] How can men support women in the workplace? This is never an easy subject as many men get scared off by gender politics. The participation of men as the game-changer in promoting gender equality [28:40] What advice would Virginia give to women who are looking for mentors? Virginia never looked for mentors but was fortunate enough that her clients, bosses and even friends were her greatest mentors [31:05] Who are the most important people in Virginia's life that push her to improve and get better? Her guy friends focus on her professional development while girl friends focus on her personal development [34:40] Success is relative but for Virginia, success is being able to pursue your dreams, having the freedom and autonomy to give your dreams a shot [36:30] How can you achieve your life goals? Know what your dreams are - a long and tiring search, the things you can live with and can't live without, then take that leap of faith and try despite the fear, but make sure you have a safety net [39:35] What books would Virginia recommend to anyone out there to read about female entrepreneurship or the way that women can contribute to the workforce or personal development? How Google Works, Alibaba's World to understand technology, Daring Greatly on emotional intelligence, Malcolm Gladwell books [42:25] www.leaninchina.com.cn, one of China's leading women's non-profits, education and training and data research, 120 communities across China and more than 100,000 members. www.shelovestech.org, the world's largest startup competition for women and technology entrepreneurs launching in May 8 and will be in 12 countries this year, including Hong Kong

226. 228: Shanghai Round Table with Kapil Kane, Jasper Gill, Vincent Djen, Carmen Wang and Nishtha Mehta
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 75.55Mb)

Description: [00:05] ATP620 - Asia Matters with Graham D Brown [00:35] Introducing XNode Shanghai - a physical coworking space in the startup accelerator with Jasper Gill who moved to Shanghai from Vancouver 2 1/2 years ago [02:20] Vincent Djen from Hong Kong, cofounder of FashionEx which helps fashion startups to learn to grow and scale their business in the massive fashion scene in Shanghai [04:15] Carmen Wnag from Nanjing - studying in US, Spain, Italy, India. We learn it's typical of her generation to go out to the world and absorb different cultures [06:50] What is it about China that you see a lot of female entrepreneurs? 50% of coders at Le Wagon Shanghai are females - ahead of Marseille, Lisbon, Barcelona. Females now are free to do what they want to do and choose to work or start their own company [09:40] What makes Shanghai special? We listen to insights from Kapil Kane, Jasper Gill, Vincent Djen, Carmen Wang and Nishtha Mehta. We learn about the "Shanghai hump"? They say that if you live in Shanghai for four years, you'll stay forever [12:30] We listen to the story of Vincent Djen and FashionEx. Does the world need a fashion tech accelerator? Vincent shares the stories of how fashion brands are using AI to help find customers. We also hear an interesting case study about 3D printing customised bras for women [15:35] What brought Carmen back to Shanghai after traveling around the world? We hear Carmen's story of working on augmented reality software for a US company [17:00] Where did Jasper's scaleup accelerator idea come from? A backstory on Jasper's earlier work in Shanghai and a further insight into how things move at a pace here [19:55] Shanghai is a maturing startup ecosystem so new accelerator models are emerging. We take a look into the world of XNode. XNode is a late stage accelerator, focused on scaling up startups. XNode mainly works with corporate like Intel [23:01] Why did Vincent choose XNode as his startup's partner and what keeps him in Shanghai after 12 years of living there? We learn about the opportunities in Shanghai and how in areas such as fashion, it's emerging to be one of the major metropolitan cities of the world [25:20] What do they wish to change in Shanghai? Jasper is bugged about people not moving to the right-hand side of the escalator while Carmen complains about the price of housing! [28:25] Everything just happens fluidly in Shanghai where it's so open and easy to talk to people - Jasper's first week in Shanghai and Carmen's idea with a mixed-reality dining experience [33:30] Is Shanghai indicative of the rest of China? We learn about the talent and people in Shanghai and how that sets its vibe apart from the rest of China [34:40] 35% of its population of Vancouver is of Chinese origin. Did this make it easier for Jasper (who is from Vancouver) to integrate with Shanghai? [37:45] How important is that "international element" in Shanghai? [38:40] Introducing Nishtha Mehta, lean innovation coach. We also talk about making the move from India to China. [41:05] What advice would our entrepreneurs give to people from The West who want to be part of the Shanghai scene? Empathy and tolerance go a long way. Volunteer and work for value exchange, come committed and for the long haul. Learn and localise fast, drop the ego. Stay hungry and foolish

227. 226: Jon Tanner – Talent Trends and the Future of Work in Asia
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 125.49Mb)

Description: [00:05] Welcome Jon Tanner to Asia Tech Podcast Stories [00:45] What are the big changes in the Asian talent market? [03:10] What are the reasons why people are coming to Asia now? San Francisco, New York and London are potentially both pricing themselves out of the market and offering less opportunity for the most talented of employees. [05:25] Bali Green School in Bali and Bali House in Canggu - mix, co-working, incubator, hospitality space. People are making some serious choices about their lives and careers today beyond their benefits package [06:45] The Asian talent Market is "equalising" says Jon Tanner. What does this mean? [10:25] Talented employees aren't focused on taking the highest-paying job in San Francisco anymore. A new generation of talent is seeking out something riskier, that makes Asia an interesting option [12:20] Silicon Valley leads with regard to stories about role models which inevitably attracts people to the West Coast but the gap with Asia is closing fast. Asia is slowly discovering its own role models [16:05] Could Jon see the situation where he could run Mitchell Lake from Bali and send his kids to Green School? We talk about the backstory of Steve Monroe coming into Ubud to found co-working space Hubud. Career paths are changing [19:30] Do large IT companies need to rethink how they work with talent? Are they sending departments out into coworking spaces such as Hubud for the right reasons? [24:00] Would this kind of remote work for a bank? What would the benefits of HSBC setting up in a coworking space be? [27:20] Why did Jon suggest to his clients the idea of coming across and working in the same coworking space? What's it actually like sharing a coworking space with clients? [29:20] Are coworking spaces the future model of work? Still an ongoing social experiment but it certainly benefits the movement of talent in Asia [33:30] Which IT companies does Jon admire with regards to digital transformation? We look at who is leading the way in decentralizing the workspace [36:25] The success or failure of digital transformation comes down to its mechanics: The backstory of Innovation Director of Intel China - Kapil Kane - and his battle in getting Intel to agree to build the accelerator outside their office. We also look at the Virgin group example [40:50] Talented employees want to build something, solve a problem, make a mark in some way - we refer to the case study of Chirayu Wadke from SeedPlus ex Google Silicon Valley talking about working on 10x projects [42:30] The sharing economy combined with changing attitudes towards the "stuff" of life means talented people who have choices aren't necessarily motivated by the things which our parents sought out like cars, job titles etc. [44:55] Jon's thoughts on frontier markets such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand [47:05] Does Jon see a lot of interest in recruitment coming from that Asia-to-Asia market? [49:40] Thoughts on Asia as frontrunning global trends in the curation of workplace culture and talent [54:00] Check out Jon Tanner at www.mitchellake.com

228. 224: Introducing Jodie Collins host of Founders in Asia
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 70.93Mb)

Description: Jodie Collins, Founder of Re/Digital joins Graham Brown in this conversation to kick off the new show from Asia Tech Podcast - Founders in Asia!! Jodie, who will be the host of this new show tells us about her story and Re/Digital. She takes us through her journey from Australia - China - Singapore and her motivations to make the move to Asia, learn Mandarin. She and Graham discuss the problems faced when moving to Asia, the changes they have to make and the changes in some personal perceptions. The new show is all about the people who have followed their vision and how they have scaled up.

229. 225: Kerry Brown – the World’s Most Powerful Nation Under Xi Jinping
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 119.17Mb)

Description: [00:05] Welcoming Kerry Brown - Professor of Chinese Studies and Director of Lao China Institute at King's College, London, and Author of Several Books. [01:15] What made Kerry Brown write his latest book, "The World According to Xi", and what's the message he's trying to tell the world about the president of China? [05:30] Talking about the "Man of Faith" - what are some of the most common misconceptions and stereotypes of Xi Jinping in the West? [11:00] Graham and Kerry Brown discuss Chinese Soft Power and contrasts in international politics. [18:30] What is the One Belt One Road Initiative and what does Xi Jinping have to do with it? [21:00] China is becoming more and more familiar to the rest of the world but according to Kerry Brown, there's still a long way to go. [25:30] We need an honest dialogue about China in the West as the country keeps globalizing. [29:00] In spite of of globalization, the number of students enrolled in Chinese language classes is dropping – what are some of Kerry Brown's thoughts on learning Chinese? [37:15] China is facing a huge challenge with soil, water and air quality after decades of hard industialization. [40:15] Did you know that Liverpool has one of the oldest Chinatowns in the world? Discussing Liverpool Shanghai Partnership. [42:30] So where do you begin if you want to start looking into China? The King's College Professor advises you to get on the plane! [50:00] Immersing yourself in a different culture can be scary. Visit one of the dozens of Chinatowns all over the world to get a taste of Chinese culture. [50:30] Want to learn more about Kerry Brown? Visit his website at www.kerry-brown.co.uk to find more! The Great Learning Starts Now.

230. 223: Where are the best and worst options for incorporating your business in Asia?
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 147.01Mb)

Description: [00:05] STA2 - ATP The Start with Graham D Brown, Dennis Poh and Gustavo Liu [00:05] Dennis Poh: answering the questions of clients about where they should set up their company in and what things they should take care of after incorporating the company [02:20] Gustavo Liu: former private banker and co-founder of The Hungry Lab, advisor to start-ups on financial aspects [04:25] What tends to go wrong when a Silicon Valley startup wants to incorporate a company in Asia? [07:40] Banking options for startups. The regulations are getting tougher. If you're thinking about where to set up your business, always factor in the banking options it's going to give you. [12:55] What makes Singapore a good jurisdiction to set up a company? Choice of the companies that you can incorporate, good business characteristics, good investor base [16:00] What happens when founders set up a business and raise capital but establish in a jurisdiction that investors won't touch? [19:50] The top 3 jurisdictions in Asia to consider from an investor's perspective: Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam [21:55] People still use a US company to run the business in Asia itself: why does that work? [25:15] It's better to pay a little tax somewhere than no tax nowhere: is this good advice? [27:45] What factors should startup founders think about when they're choosing a place to start a business? [30:50] Advice for startups based in Thailand with regards to banking options [33:35] If I lived in Thailand but my business was all over Asia, is it completely legitimate for me to go to Singapore and set up a business there? Better to be having a relationship with a bank and talk to them about what you intend to do before you jump in [39:50] Banks want your business but the last thing they want is some newspaper investigation like "why does this bank have 10,000 accounts for some gambling fund?" [42:00] Banks have the "high street" and "side street" methods for opening a bank account: having a good relationship with banks is so important and that means the banks understand more about you [44:45] Are there any sort of things that banks don't like to hear? What are the common mistakes startup founders make when incorporating their business? [47:05] What startup companies should look for is a banker who's already dealt with people like them before [51:40] Are there any kind of company incorporation structures in Asia which were once popular but have now become unpopular? New options that people might want to consider [53:45] Doing due diligence search on an individual is a lot easier than doing a search on the company itself, that's why some companies are favoring the register their companies in the owner's name [56:10] Why Hong Kong seems to have become less popular as an option in recent years with people now switching to Singapore [58:05] Going online to offshore services providers and buying a company in BVI for $500: where should startup founders start with this process? Speak to professionals in that certain jurisdiction [01:01:05] Advice from Gustavo on the banking side: there is no easy route, it's how much time you devote to understanding this as a business founder and talking to as many accountants and bankers. Understand who you are dealing with

231. 222: John Artman – China Tech Talk
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 80.76Mb)

Description: John Artman, Editor-in-Chief of TechNode and Co-Host of China Tech Talk Podcast joins Graham Brown in a conversation about his interesting life journey to China and the reasons which led him to move there. He talks about how moving around when you're young impacts future life, the kind of skills required to adapt to new places and new people in Asia. He talks about life in China and covers varied topics like people's objections to using technology, difference between WeChat & Whatsapp or between Chinese cities like Beijing & Shanghai. He even shares a 5-day itinerary for visiting must see places in China.

232. 220: Abraham Auzan – MedTech in Rural Indonesia
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 80.27Mb)

Description: [02:40] All about the medtech startup TeleCTG that provides pregnant women in remote areas with access to cardiotocography(CTG) services [20:50] Data centralization in maternal healthcare and integrating the data in the mobile app Sehati with the data in the hospital and medical center system [31:21] Abraham Auzan's advice for young entrepreneurs who are trying to initiate social change in Indonesia [33:48] Find out more and get in touch with Abraham via his LinkedIn profile or the TeleCTG website telectg.co.id

233. 221: Graham Brown - Asia’s $36 Trillion A2A Market
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 109.01Mb)

Description: [07:10] The A2A Metatrend - Asia to Asia trade. Asia now does more trade with itself than the rest of the world. The Asian Middle classes will be worth $36 trillion by 2030 [34:52] Why Asian brands have a massive advantage over Western competition. This is bad news for Amazon, especially in high growth markets such as Southeast Asia. [73:20] The rising power of the middle class in Asia and how it is going to shape the future of key sectors like automotive

234. 219: Owen Fitzpatrick – NLP for Storytelling, Branding and Leadership
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 145.65Mb)

Description: [06:45] What's NLP? Critics call it an evil cult, but Owen Fitzpatrick considers NLP a set of tools that can be used for both good and evil. [18:00] Owen Fitzpatrick's advice: Embrace what makes you different if you want to make a real impression. [28:30] If you want people to do business with you, you need to be able to tell stories and to take clients on a journey.

235. 218: Jean Pierre Sedaghat – The Southeast Asian Tech Ecosystem
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 121.44Mb)

Description: [27:02] What sort of startups are Chinese investors looking for in South East Asia? [33:13] The rapid growth of the middle class in Asia and its implications [46:40] Jean Pierre's advice for those who want to come to Asia - stop talking, start showing up [52:22] To find out more about Jean Pierre, go to his Linked In and Twitter to get in touch

236. 217: Prem Doowa – Sales is the Lifeblood of Every Startup
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 127.91Mb)

Description: [22:00] Importance of sales experience for entrepreneurs and why every Founder should enjoy making sales calls. [37:00] Overview of the Insurance market in Southeast Asia. How most insurance companies compete and what Frank does differently to win customers long term. [45:00] The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people that share the same quality. How to know when to give up and when to never give up.

237. 215: Nitin Sawhney – Reboot Life, Discover Asia
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 116.83Mb)

Description: [17:30] Remote workers are more productive and efficient, and less likely to change jobs than office workers - companies can save costs employing remote workers according to studies [32:25] The "I'll get around to traveling the world someday" thinking - challenging the dominant mode of thinking and take a leap of faith regarding the digital nomad lifestyle [40:05] What is Reboot Life's program? Can you live a life you don't even know you want right now? [50:15] Please check out Reboot Life at www.reboot-life.com

238. 216: Chris J “Mohawk” Reed – How to Crush it on Linkedin and become a Linkedin Power Profile
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 140.99Mb)

Description: [09:13] Why has Linkedin become so important for business owners? [32:14] The elusive LinkedIn Power Profile Award and how to get it [35:18] Chris J Reed's top tips for entrepreneurs on Linkedin to get engagement - get a headline, use a background picture, personalize your summary section

239. 214: Simon Kim – FASTx and The Startup Ecosystem in Tokyo
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 131.53Mb)

Description: [24:44] The population fundamentals of Japan and how demographic changes shape the startup ecosystem [36:29] Start up founders in Tokyo tend to get bank loans by default instead of seeking angel investors - does this present a challenge to Japan? [40:48] The city of Fukuoka and its top down approach to building an ecosystem. Is it sustainable long term? [55:26] Go to fastx.jp to out more about FASTx and sign up for the upcoming competition in April.To get in touch with Simon, email info@fastx.jp

240. 213: Gil Petersil – Build Your Business Mastermind for Success
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 93.24Mb)

Description: [08:21] Gil Petersil's recipe for success as an entrepreneur - the circles of people around you, having passion for what you do and open communication [19:45] Gil Petersil's lessons learned from meetings with Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Brian Tracy and Steven Seagal [61:45] The importance of having a mastermind group - case study launching a mastermind group with business marketing guru Jay Abraham to help local businesses scale globally

241. 212: Alex Medana - Blockchain, Identity and Financial Inclusion in Asia
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 83.45Mb)

Description: [24:50] Do we own our identity? Who owns "me"? What will the distribution of our identity on the blockchain mean for finance, contracts and our relationship with government? [28:11] Will intermediaries (bank loans, credit cards companies, credit agencies) exist in a world where block chain is the dominant form of wealth distribution? [37:33] Financial inclusion in Asia and how blockchain will affect access to new forms of payment or capital in rural areas

242. 210: Bhoopathi Rapolu – The Future of Work in Asia
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 107.71Mb)

Description: [16:43] Are there parallels between AI, the second machine age, and the Industrial Revolution in how the nature or work was fundamentally changed? [21:35] Singularity and the concept of work. How do we make ourselves irreplaceable? What kind of work would humans be doing if the machine can click the mouse? [32:50] Can a machine or algorithm write The Race for Work and do it better than Bhoopathi did? Can machines be creative in the same way as humans? What's left for humans if machines can do everything we do only better? [46:10] To find out more about about escaping automation, career transformation and thriving in the second machine age, get a copy of The Race for Work by Bhoopathi Rapolu

243. 209: Jame Dibiasio – Disruptive Fintech in Asia
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 138.25Mb)

Description: [32:51] Disruptive technologies like blockchain. What is it and what are the general trends in Asia? Are populations that lack access to traditional financial infrastructure the right markets for blockchain? [40:44] Asian countries like Vietnam, Indonesia and China clamping down on digital currencies. [51:48] What is there to look forward to in the next 20 years regarding Fintech in Asia? Where does Jame see Asia in terms of global finance in the future?

244. 208: Johan Nylander – Shenzhen Superstars
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 70.38Mb)

Description: [03:10] An introduction to the book Shenzhen Superstars by Johan Nylander and the story of Silicon Valley veteran Scotty Allen [17:10] Is the shift to Asia a real thing and will Shenzhen be the new New York? What's hype and what's reality in the emergence of one of the most exciting megacities in the world? [37:55] The Greater Bay Area: An introduction to the Pearl River Delta Integration Plan introduced by the Chinese Government. Is this megacity construction project going to be a game-changer felt globally?

245. 207: Kyle Ellicott - Asia’s Amazing Airports and the Launchpad Expo Hong Kong
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 53.24Mb)

Description: [09:00] When it comes to people-flow and experience, Asian airports are years ahead of their counterparts in The US and Europe. [26:00] How do you manage your schedule and make best use of your time when you go to a multi-day conference like Launchpad HK? [33:15] The challenge is on... We are roughly scheduled to podcast April 9th at Hong Kong Airport. Are we going to be in the mood? Is it logistically possible?

246. 205: Graham Brown - Are You Ready for the Asian Century?
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 81.60Mb)

Description: [06:20] The year 1915 in context - End of British century, start of the American century when the Old Powers financed The Great War, building "walls", while America financed connectivity that made them the world leader [34:00] The Asian century is about East AND West - the case of Santa Clara-based company Intel having their innovation accelerator in Shanghai China [48:25] The best ways for Silicon-Valley people to prepare for the Asian century - surround yourself with people who get it, stop talking, start showing up in Asia

247. 206: Michael Smith – 2 Years as a VC in Asia, What has he Learned?
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 74.39Mb)

Description: [03:08] Can a VC be an "Apprentice VC"? What is the learning curve for a general partner or fund manager within a VC? [31:55] Which investment areas and sectors specifically in South-East Asia are exciting right now for VCs? [38:15] Does the US need to start looking more seriously at what’s going on at the grass roots level across Asian ecosystems?

248. 204: Philippe Joly – Breaking into the Chinese Movie Industry as a French Actor
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 138.59Mb)

Description: [24:33] French actor in China, Philippe Joly, shares his experiences of working with famous actors Jackie Chan, John Cusack and Lau Ching Wan [44:24] What does the phenomenal growth online streaming platforms in China mean for actors and entertainment brands? Are Chinese consumers still willing to pay for subscription fees, licensed DVDs and movie tickets? [51:37] Advice for budding foreign actors wanting to break into the booming Chinese movie industry from a pro

249. 203: Linda Nguyen Schindler – LegalTech in Singapore
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 44.47Mb)

Description: [06:06] It’s important in any business to connect with your client with empathy. Sometimes you only get that by spending time with them. [25:10] What are some of the common mistakes of start-up founders when setting up businesses in Asia? [38:40] There appears to be more female entrepreneurs in Singapore than anywhere else in the world; what makes Singapore special for these ambitious individuals? .

250. 202: Bay McLaughlin – Why Silicon Valley Must Pivot to Asia
https://soundcloud.com/asiatec... download (audio/mpeg, 77.13Mb)

Description: [06:35] Ignore the Greater Bay at your peril! What makes the Chinese Greater Bay different? Why do entrepreneurs need to get up to speed with The Greater Bay? Will Valley entrepreneurs who don't pay attention miss out? [25:55] Brinc's 4 main AI investment themes: How I feel (medical and health technology to prevent foot amputations in diabetics), drone technology (optimizing palm oil plantation inefficiences in Malaysia and Indonesia), How I live (smart and safe cities) and how I move (transportation and drone technology) [50:05] Local governments in China have incentivised sponsorship programs for foreign entrepreneurs. Is it time for Western entrepreneurs to check them out?