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Podcast title Demystified
Website URL http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/
Description Ghost ships, lost cities, unsolved crimes and mysteries, ancient mythology, dissapeared explorers - if it’s a historical mystery, it’s going under the microscope. History has always been fascinating, but more fascinating than what we know is what we don’t; in this podcast Ashleigh Stiles looks into famous and obscure episodes of folklore, unexplained circumstances, and unsolved mysteries from around the world and throughout time. Taking a modern lens to these ancient puzzles, she uses all the evidence and findings to try and piece together what really happened, or as close a picture as we can get, to both entertain the listener, and inspire interest in these lesser-known chapters of the human experience. So sit back and listen along, and join us in pondering the great unsolved questions of history.
Category History
True Crime

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1. The Crossroads
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 30.78Mb)

Description: Death is a natural part of life. On a cosmic scale, it’s believed the universe will one day collapse in on itself, and be reborn in another big bang. On a smaller scale, we humans are born, live our lives, and then die. It’s a cycle so old and ubiquitous that many cultures have even enshrined it as a part of their mythology. So what happens when that cycle is reversed - when the dead come back to life?

2. A Scandal In The Court
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 24.56Mb)

Description: Ah, the court of a king. Nobles in all their finery, servants waiting on hand and foot; grand castles and splendid balls. But behind that facade of civility lies a dark underbelly of backstabbing and politics - so dark in fact that some would even turn to what they would consider sacrilege to get ahead. En amour comme à la guerre, tous les coups sont permis...

3. Night Fever
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 23.53Mb)

Description: There are many occurrences in history that may make you take a second look. Some things are worth a double take, they seem so strange that it makes it almost impossible to believe. Sometimes you've just got to put on your red shoes and dance the blues - but what about when a whole city of people spontaneously decides to do just that, for no discernible reason, to the extent that it’s considered a plague?

4. Cold and Hungry
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 24.56Mb)

Description: The winds whip down from the north, biting at the edge of the small cabin. An emaciated man sits at a table, the lone candle flickering. In the darkness, his stomach starts to growl. And in his mind, a demon starts to take hold. Or so they say - to some, it’s madness; to others however, the hunger isn’t just a metaphorical monster, it’s a literal one. And what happens when that age-old monster comes face-to-face with the modern world? Some hungers can never be satisfied...

5. Salt and Spray
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 22.84Mb)

Description: There are many places in the world that stand apart - literally. They’re isolated, completely cut off from the rest of the world. To some, that seems like heaven; no noisy neighbours, just peace and quiet. To others though, it’s a nightmare - you’ve heard hell is other people, but it’s often the other way around. And because of how far they are from civilisation, the rest of us are left to pick up where they left off when they don’t come back.

6. The Ninety Nine
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 36.14Mb)

Description: Everyone has a hero, whether we admit it or not. Someone we look up to, someone who we aspire to be like and emulate. Oftentimes they’re people who’ve indelably made their mark on human history - pioneers, the first of their kind. Sadly though, we don’t always get closure on their extraordinary tales - sometimes they fly straight off the page of the history book, and into the unknown, never to return.

7. The Big Bang
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 22.34Mb)

Description: Humans, in general, like explosions - they’re cool! Fireworks are a pivotal part of celebrations across many cultures. Sometimes, however, that event is out of our control; sometimes it flattens thousands of kilometers of forest without warning, an explosion over 1,000 times greater than the Hiroshima bomb, right out of nowhere then gone in a flash. Kaboom.

8. Northwest Orient, Flight 305
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 37.10Mb)

Description: Audacity is a word that gets tossed around a lot. We call people who wear something unusual ‘gutsy’ and someone who haggles in shops has ‘bravado’. So what do you call a man who uses what might have been a fake bomb to hijack a plane, then parachutes out, at night, in the rain, with the equivalent of a million dollars in ransom money, never to be seen again? I am serious.

9. Ciphers
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 28.58Mb)

Description: Humans like to think we can solve every mystery - that’s partly why I do this show! We have an obsession with patterns, codes, and strange symbols. Evolutionarily it meant seeing the tiger in the long grass, now it mostly means magic-eye books. But what happens when a mystery we think is solved, turns out not to be? When we go back on our original solution, for a new one? Again... and again... and again...

10. The Hidden City
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 22.25Mb)

Description: Writers will often borrow a concept from mythology for their work - there’s no copyright on a culture, even if it isn’t yours. But sometimes people take these things a little too far. Some people become so obsessed with these mysterious foreign ideas that they spend millions organising genuine expeditions to prove their veracity. After all, who doesn’t want to live forever?

11. Bird's Eye View
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 22.43Mb)

Description: Art is interesting - it tells us about the person who made it. Where they came from; what they’re interested in; how they see the world. Some art is grand in scale, so grand that you can’t help but stand back and marvel. Some art however is so grand that you need to stand *really* far back. At the top of a mountain, say. It’s all about perspective...

12. Nothing Beside Remains
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 25.06Mb)

Description: The greatest legends of ancient civilisations are steeped in the trappings that come with a story told and retold. Larger than life characters, brave heroes and evil villains, great battles and wars that never end, with the gods themselves personally invested. But in all these great stories, there’s always a kernel of truth - something that actually happened; or a city that really stood, and fell.

13. Run Through the Jungle
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 27.80Mb)

Description: Some people are driven by a singular purpose - creating, building, discovering, and much more. Those who are driven by the singular desire to explore are often those who we remember the most, but this legacy comes with a certain amount of danger. Because sometimes that drive to go out means you don’t come back.

14. Croatoan
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 30.07Mb)

Description: Keeping in contact is important - as someone who’s lived overseas from my family before, I can attest to that. It helps us keep track of those who mean the most to us, our friends and families. When we lose contact it can make us anxious; when we lose *all* contact, we’re simply left in bewilderment.

15. The Great White Nothing
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 32.04Mb)

Description: Civilisation is an interesting concept-we often see it as a bulwark against the wild. And with the advent of things like *glamping*, we like to think we can take it with us, to civilise those wilds. But nearly 180 years ago, when the greatest equipped and most advanced expedition in the history of an empire set out to do just that, we were proven wrong, with gruesome consequences.

16. Inscrutable
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 32.04Mb)

Description: In a small, dark cell deep within the walls of the bastille, a lone man sits in his cell, silently. Nobody knows his name. Nobody knows what he looks like. He’ll die and be buried in a pauper’s grave, with nobody to mourn him, and pass into history. But everyone has heard of him - he’s one of the most famous people in history that nobody knows.

17. Radio Silence
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 36.37Mb)

Description: We like to think we know what’s going on in our backyard - that things couldn’t just disappear from right under our noses. So, what happens when hundreds of people vanish into thin air, all under the nose of the world’s most formidable nations, and when millions of dollars turn up nothing?

18. Spirits In The Hold
http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/ download (audio/mp3, 37.38Mb)

Description: Some places, things, and people just seem to be naturally unlucky - some would say they’re ‘cursed’. When one ship sees three captains die whilst on board, and ruins the careers of everyone who touches it, people start to wonder. But what happens when a ship is found hundreds of miles from it’s last known location, totally unmanned with no signs of a struggle and no explanation for the whereabouts of the crew? A mystery for the ages is born.