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Podcast title Blogish.net
Website URL http://www.blogish.net/
Description Blogish.net things other people don't talk about
Updated Sun, 13 Oct 2019 12:59:01 +0000
Image Blogish.net
Category Technology
Society & Culture

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1. What is cosmic karma in simple words? Episode 09
http://www.blogish.net/podcast... download (audio/mpeg, 8.85Mb)

Description: On many occasions the word cosmic karma is used, many people know more or else what is karma but not so many know the meaning of cosmic karma. The idea is that our actions have karmic causalities. This means that what we do matter and we may get benefit or action may have downsides in our lives. [...]

2. Before no one dared to say anything. Now scientist found a way to travel faster than light! Episode 08
http://www.blogish.net/podcast... download (audio/mpeg, 8.94Mb)

Description: Times are changing and different things are being disclosed, although we are long away from full disclosures. Here and there one finds a piece of news about discoveries. It was not long ago, where no one dared to say anything about faster than light speed after all Einstein said that there is no speed faster than light’s speed. Well, thing changes. Now Scientist found a way to travel faster than light speed. [...]

3. What is the purpose of life and how to live a good life? Episode 07
http://www.blogish.net/podcast... download (audio/mpeg, 9.62Mb)

Description: During complete human history, there have always been questions about our existence. Some people spend the whole their life without asking these questions and some others feel that there must be something more. The first question is who am I? followed by why am I here? And then what is the meaning of life? Finally, everyone wants to know, where am I going to? To solve these questions philosophers have come with some rules and guidelines which are called ethics. Read the article and I will explain some of these to you. I promise it will not be boring. [...]

4. Baba Vanga and her predictions of future Episode 06
http://www.blogish.net/podcast... download (audio/mpeg, 10.79Mb)

Description: Baba Vanga a Bulgarian old blind lady, who could "see" the future has 80% accurate future predictions. She predicted 9/11 attack, the rise of ISIS and have warned about cataclysms in 2019. [...]

5. Government official confirms the existence of extra-terrestrials- Episode 05
http://www.blogish.net/podcast... download (audio/flac, 148.65Mb)

Description: Many times, we see people talking about extra-terrestrials and their existence. Often these are ordinary people. Of course, there are many other people with a big title like Ph.D. and Dr. who claim the existence of extra-terrestrials as well. In this article, I have collected some government official who confirms that UFOs and aliens are real. [...]

6. This is just impossible; we are still using fossil fuel to send a man to space! Episode 04
http://www.blogish.net/podcast... download (audio/mpeg, 142.82Mb)

Description: Have you ever wondered, why technologies are developing uneven? I mean this is just, this is just impossible; we are still using fossil fuel to send a man to space. Look around yourself and check the development of every other technology, we have gone so far in every other field, but we are still using combustion engine as transport means. [...]

7. Into eternity, A short philosophical story- Episode 03
http://www.blogish.net/podcast... download (audio/mpeg, 99.36Mb)

Description: The stars‏ were shining in the sky, the moon seemed to be very big. It was unusual to see the moon that big. It was shining very bright. There was no need for a flashlight or any other source of light to be able to see around. [...]

8. The relation between the Sphere of influence and Carlos Castaneda’s consciousness tentacles of the stomach-Episode 02
http://www.blogish.net/podcast... download (audio/mpeg, 146.46Mb)

Description: There are some other "facts" about the reality which people do not consider. Existence consists of different layers. The layers which we are familiar with is the material world and sphere of influence. This was revealed by Lacerta, but it was also described Carols Castaneda as "consciousness tentacles of the stomach". [...]

9. Did our sun turn white? Episode 01
http://www.blogish.net/podcast... download (audio/mpeg, 207.43Mb)

Description: Some people especially those who have not been around so long and by that, I mean, young people will consider the subject very funny and believe all this is nonsense. To be quite honest, I didn’t believe it to be true at first but as more, I looked around and researched, it appeared to be fact. [...]